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         The National Midnight Star, Number 1079

                 Thursday, 30 March 1995
Today's Topics:
                     worst rush song
               Fave bass lines / car wrecks
          SRO involvement with Van Halen tour??
     Re: 03/24/95 - The National Midnight Star #1075
                   Torontonian females
                   Video searching....
            you know you're a Rush fan when...
                      Row The Boats
                     Re: filler songs
                     Some audio hints
                     No Opening Acts!
                    Bravo, Mr. Collier
                Shane on TNMS (first post)
             Double Agent lyrics & other stuf
                    Gopal's Experience
                 Here's another new band
              *** READ!  NMS Rush Gift! ***
     Re: 03/27/95 - The National Midnight Star #1077
                      red barchetta
           What one of the boyz has been up to
                Fish and musical tolerance
                       guitar solos
                   Rush Fan Career Info
     Re: 03/24/95 - The National Midnight Star #1075
                  Rush songs - my edits
                      Rush "wrecks"
                  Re: Alphabetical Rush
                   Rush tribute request
                   Fascism: Peart/Rand
                     Free Will Lyrics
                   Geddy's bass playing
                       guitar solos
              Re: Digest #1072 Part 4 of 12

Date:        Mon, 27 Mar 95 15:35:03 EST
From: Steven Horwitz 
Subject: worst rush song

Finally somebody mentioned the ONLY Rush song that I will take pains
to skip on the disc player - "I Think I'm Going Bald."  Now if you
could see a picture of me, you would draw some fairly obvious
conclusions about why I so dislike that song.  However, I hated it
even when I had (more) hair.  There's just no question that it is their
absolute worst song.  The only other one close is "War Paint" from
Presto, but even that I won't skip when I play it.  Just thinking
about ITIGB gives me the willies...

One other thing:  for all of you college students who are drifting off
in class until the prof mentions something vaguely tangental to Rush,
you should think about two things.  First, that prof may be a Rush fan
too and the Rush content may be more subtle than your drifting mind
can pick up.  Second, what do you think WE'RE thinking about while we
sit and watch you guys take tests?!  You don't know how much I would
kill to take my walkman with me when I give 3 hour finals!  The problem
is that even using the phones, it would be too loud for wimpy students!
I love it when I have to turn down the radio when students come in
for office hours!

The Professor

"Wheels within wheels in a spiral array,
A pattern so grand and complex,
Time after time we lose sight of the way
Our causes can't see their effects"


Date: Mon, 27 Mar 1995 13:55:40 +0600 (CST)
From: Chris Pardua 
Subject: Fave bass lines / car wrecks

To the thread in #1077 re: bass lines:

My top five (no order):
Jacob's Ladder
Digital Man
Chain Lightning
In The End (ATWAS version)

Re: car wrecks and such (same digest):

I've never been in a wreck listening to Rush, but I got stopped for
speeding.  You guessed it, to Red Barchetta.  Turns out the cop was
friends with my boss (which is where I was headed, I was late for work),
and he let me off with a warning.  I was doing 75 in a 35...lucky me.


Chris Pardua			    "It's always funny until someone gets hurt,			     And then, it's just hilarious."
							-- Faith No More


Subject: SRO involvement with Van Halen tour??
Date: Mon, 27 Mar 95 15:08:09 CST

Last weekend, MTV had a special on the new Van Halen tour. It was mostly
performance, but also had some interview segments. Anyway, as the credits were
running at the end, I noticed both Ray Danniels and Kim Garner from SRO listed
under "Thanks To". Does anyone have any idea how they were involved with this?



Date: Mon, 27 Mar 1995 16:21:32 -0500 (EST)
From: Carl Joseph Poposki 
Subject: Re: 03/24/95 - The National Midnight Star #1075

Just a quick response to someone's question of Alex's best guitar work:
	The best ones that I can think of off the top of my head
are...the solos from Mission, The Manhattan Project, YYZ, 2112, and
everything about Xanadu and La Villa.  Also, a cool acoustic tune is
Broon's Bane (this tune, btw, even sounds good when I play it on piano).
	Just my thoughts and opinions...feel free to respond through
personal e-mail.

Carl Joseph Poposki 
University of Michigan-School of Music          RRRRRR   UU  UU SSSSSS HH  HH
					        RR   RR  UU  UU SS     HH  HH
"To you-is it movemnt or is it action?          RR   RR  UU  UU SS     HH  HH
 Is it contact or just reaction?                RRRRRR   UU  UU SSSSSS HHHHHH
 And you-revolution or just resistance?         RR   RR  UU  UU     SS HH  HH
 Is it living, or just existence?               RR    RR UU  UU     SS HH  HH
 Yeah, you-it takes a little more persistence   RR    RR UUUUUU SSSSSS HH  HH
 To get up and go the distance..."
			-Neil Peart
            //Lions - Tigers - Pistons - Red Wings - Wolverines\\


Date: Mon, 27 Mar 95 16:23 EST
From: (Piero Marinelli)
Subject: Torontonian females

  I'm a recent subscriber to TNMS and also hail from the Mighty Toronto in the 
Great White North!
  I'm looking for female Rush fans in the Toronto area to corresond with.
Leave me mail, if interested at



Date: Mon, 27 Mar 95 15:38:15 PST
Subject: Video searching....

I'm trying to locate "Through the Camera Eye".  I know it has been discontinued
in print but someone has a copy.  If you do, give me some info where i can
purchase it or what you would like to trade for it.

"A slave to the drive of obsession..." - NP


Date: Mon, 27 Mar 1995 17:24:58 -0500
Subject: you know you're a Rush fan when...

> had the scary inside cover picture from 2112 blown up and put it on
your bedroom wall next to your full size man and star blacklight banner.


Date: Mon, 27 Mar 1995 17:30:34 -0500
Subject: Row The Boats

 I picked up the same video for $20 at a CD convention and I must say I'm
quite pleased with it. I do agree though that the effects,especially the
slo-mo, do reek of Jarlesburg and Gouda.-RAK


Date: Mon, 27 Mar 1995 19:01:49 -0500
From: (Robert G. Buice, Jr.)
Subject: Re: filler songs

>I don't know how anyone can think that Rush would even think of
>writing a song just to finish off an album!

Actually I heard Geddy say in an interview that New World Man was written
while in the studio just to fill out the album.  He thought that's why it
was so interesting that it was one of their biggest commercial successes.

Robert G. Buice, Jr                          email:
Analytical Spectroscopy Group
College of Pharmacy
University of Kentucky                                    (606) 257-2570
            PGP Key:


Date: Mon, 27 Mar 1995 19:46:15 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Some audio hints

Fellow Rush Fans,
	The time to stop lurking is upon me as I noticed a couple of
comments concerning audio equipment/set-up which I believe I can
	1).  Turntables-- A woman wrote in about the difficulty of
finding turntables now since most companies no longer manufacture them.
Pioneer makes a good belt-driven turntable for about $150.00, less if
you avoid shopping at some expensive audio dealer.  Check out the
catalogue from Crutchfield Corp. which, while not the cheapest mail-
order company, has an excellent service department and competitive
prices.  Bang & Olafson (sp?) still make very high quality turntables
but they are also very expensive.
	However, since you are in school, I would recomend going down
to the music department and seeing if they have decent equipment.  You
may be able to reserve time in a lab in order to copy your vinyl albums
(redundant, I know;-) onto cassette.  You might even find a friendly
audiophile in the department who will help you set EQ and bias to get
the best possible recording.  If that doesn't pan out try your college
radio station-- someone there might be able to help.
	2).  A gentleman recently posted about his favorite Rush
listening set-up being "between two speakers in a darkened room."  He
then went on to say that he has recently purchased a pair of big Polk
speakers.  Congratulations!  I too recently bought a pair of Polks to
replace my little bookshelf Polks.  I would caution you, however, to
read the literature that comes with the speakers regarding proper
speaker placement.  If you are sitting between them, with the speakers
facing each other, you are not allowing the stereo to create a sound-
stage.  In other words most of the stereo imaging is gone.  On the
other hand, if you have tried different configurations and found the
one you like the best, use it!  A personal listening environment is
a subjective thing, the only goal is to please yourself:-).
	By the way, as to my personal favorite way to listen to Rush--
the word "continuously" comes to mind!  Actually I also enjoy the
darkened room.  When I turn the lights down and play ESL or ASOH, I
can almost recreate the feeling of a live show--minus 10-12 thousand
fellow fans.
	I apologize for the length of this post so I will include the
obligatory first-post bio some other time.
	Back to the Books,
P.S.  Any Rush fan/audio enthusiasts out there?  Feel free to e-mail
me privately with anything about equipment, set-up, reviews, etc.  I
have a small library of material on audio components and such.


Date: Mon, 27 Mar 1995 20:08:01 -0500
Subject: No Opening Acts!

In TNMS 1077 Peter Stewart wrote:
>Rush should consider doing a tour similar to Yes.  No opener just three solid
hours of Rush.  This would allow for some of the less well known material to be
played and really give the fans their money's worth.

I could not agree with you more!  They have too many awesome songs to limit
themselves to 2:10-15 a night.  I've also thought that they should form a
pool of songs from which to play on any given evening (a la the Dead).  It
would be even *more* fun for those of us who like to see them in different
cities :-)



Date: Mon, 27 Mar 1995 20:28:16 -0500 (EST)
From: "Lisa R. Weinberg" 
Subject: Bravo, Mr. Collier

To Will Collier:

Thank you for a thought-provoking, well-written post on Neil, Tolkien and
The Necromancer.  I enjoyed reading what you wrote and you touched on
what I have been thinking about for a long time--since the album cover of
COS is the Necromancer and Sauron had been the Necromancer in The Hobbit,
it seems obvious to me that I'm looking at Sauron when I gaze at the
cover of COS.  To me, this is significant because I have never seen a
picture of what that evil dude looks like.  Sauron never appeared in any
of the Tolkien movies, nor have I seen an illustration of him in any LOTR
calendars that I have seen each year in book stores.  Do you know of any
pictures of Mr. Sauron out there?  I always thought he was so evil that
he was left to the readers' imaginations.

And BTW, ladies and gentlemen of the jury: why did Rush name their third
album Caress of Steel?  This is the one music/lyric question I would ask
Rush if I ever met them.  Of course, if this question is answered by
somebody in TNMS, my veracity to meet them would certainly not be

For those who have complained about the opening bands, here's some food
for thought--Rush used to be an opening band too.  They learned enough
when they were an opening act to give this same opportunity to other
bands once they headlined a show.

I believe Rush has some control in who opens for them.  If this
is the case, you are booing more than just that band.

My approach to the opening band is to sit back and watch.  That opening
band is where Rush used to be.  Relax and enjoy the show.  If not,
read the tourbook.

Chasing something new to believe in.

Derek J. Barker


Date: Mon, 27 Mar 1995 20:39:30 -0500
Subject: Shane on TNMS (first post)

How's it going fellow Rushlings? I've been reading TNMS for a couple of years
now, but since this is a first post, here's the info: 17, male, student at
Livingston HS (thus the AOL accnt) but will have an .edu soon.  I was first
introduced to the guys 5 years ago by a friend (David Soko --had to give him
credit!) with the album MP.  At first I was amazed by the musicianship and
talent but I didn't quite catch on for a few months.  Shortly after I got
ASOH and RTB, and eventually all of em. I've seen 3 of their concerts, 1 RTB,
and 2 CP, all at the Meadowlands in NYC.  Also have about a dozen t-shirts,
many boots, all the MFSL releases, & ofcourse the bible(Visions). Instruments
played: euphonium, baritone horn, bass guitar. Other musical likes (in no
order): Prog Rock, i.e. Echolyn (check out their new album _As The World_),
Marillion/Fish, Van Der Graaf Generator, Gentle Giant, Yes, Asia, Dream
Theater, Tangerine Dream, and Pendragon. Also, I don't favor either the "new"
or "old" Rush, it just depends on what mood I'm in. Thats about it in a
nutshell.  Glad to be on here, thank you for your time :)

Shane Vitarana
Livingston, NJ

"Let your heart be the anchor and the beat of your song" --NP
(my yearbook quote :))


Date: Mon, 27 Mar 1995 20:39:34 -0500
Subject: Double Agent lyrics & other stuf

About the recent analysis of the lyrics to DA, shouldn't it be obvious that
the holy cross is a reference to Christianity since the song is based on the
poem _Gerontion_ by T.S Elliot in which he mentions "Christ the Tiger" ?? See
the relation ?

Anyways, on to another matter. We are discussing genocide and the holocaust
in history class and I'm gonna bring in Witch Hunt and hand out a copy of the
lyrics to everyone. Cool idea huh? I tell ya guys how it went on the next
issue. Actually this is the 3rd time I'm playing a Rush song in a class that r
elated to what we were studying.  Once we were studying the concept of free
will in English when we were reading Slaughter House Five by Vonnegut and I
brought in Free Will (duh), and once brought Circumstances to French class
because we learned the phrase "Plus ce la meme chose" heh.. The teachers
loved it, especially my English teacher (I further told her about their Ayn
Rand influences and stuff, she was impressed :))

Also, about that "Gub" thing. Could that also be the word that is used in TCE
when someone says "Hello, Good morning Guv" in the middle of the song? I
always thought it was "Guv" but it could even be "gub." Is that a
possibility, no?

Ciao fellow Rushlings,

"Sometimes our big splashes are just ripples in the pool." --NP


Date: Mon, 27 Mar 1995 22:14:07 -0600 (CST)
From: Kathy Dittrich 
Subject: Gopal's Experience

I just want to take this opportunity to publicly condemn the attitude
portrayed in the Rush story I have just read. Using the wheelchair
section (even to see Rush) when you do not truly have need of it is
horribly rude, insensitive, crass, and hateful. Sorry if I sound a little
overboard, but one of the nicest people (and biggest Rush fans) that I
know happens to use a wheelchair. It seems like we are always
encountering blocked parking spaces, insanely steep staircases (with no
ramps nearby) and other obstacles.

You have good taste in music, Gopal, but as far as your manners go:




Date: Tue, 28 Mar 1995 01:18:53 -0500 (EST)
From: John Michael Santore 
Subject: Here's another new band

Been reading a lot of stuff on here on other bands people like, and
all that kinda stuff.  Figured I'd suggest a band named
'echolyn'.  They have a new album out entitled 'as the world'.  I
think it'd be very accessible to Rush fans.

They are fast approaching the mighty Rush as my favorite band.  Seen
them 8 times, Seen rush 10.  Check them out live if you get the

Definitely worth the money for the disc, and if you like Rush, odds
are you'd like echolyn.

Hell, dare I say that IMO, this disc is better than most of Rush's
stuff.  (with the exception of Hemispheres, PeW, MP, Signals, and HYF)

Check em out!

		-John Santore

P.S. No I'm not affiliated with them


Date: Mon, 27 Mar 95 20:22:49 HST
From: puanani@wana.pbrc.Hawaii.Edu (Puanani Akaka)
Subject: *** READ!  NMS Rush Gift! ***

      *** ***  NMS 20TH ANNIVERSARY  GIFT TO RUSH   ***  ***

          ***    MAY 1 DEADLINE  MAY 1 DEADLINE     ***

Listen up, gang!  WE ARE *STILL* accepting contributions for the NMS
by raising money for charity (to be given in ours and Rush's name)! If
you'd like to make a CONTRIBUTION, send a check or money order to:

			A. Alex Mustard
			P.O. Box 9309
			Stanford, CA 94309-9309

Make them out to A. Alex Mustard.  We will be taking monetary contributions
* UNTIL MAY 1 *, so if you still would like to donate something to a

                HOSPICE FOR AIDS PATIENTS (Geddy's suggestion!!!)

Send your donation in now!!!  ANY amount is fine!  Send $0.50!  Send $100!
Send your mother-in-law!  REMEMBER, this is all going to a good cause!
So send your donation in today!!!

(sorry, we are no longer taking shirt orders or book submissions...)

puanani akaka

Again -- a continuing and heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who has
contributed!  Your generosity and support are greatly appreciated!!!


Date: Tue, 28 Mar 1995 05:12:17 -0500 (EST)
From: Robertson  Alistair Iain 
Subject: Re: 03/27/95 - The National Midnight Star #1077

Re: Neil, Tolkien, and The Necromancer

I always thought that the "three weary travellers" were Neil, Alex,
Geddy.  Rush is originally from "Willowdale", a suburb of Toronto.
Another one of their tongue in cheek jests???

Toronto refernces are also found in La Villa -- "Danforth and Pape"

Anyways just my thoughts.


Date:        Tue, 28 Mar 95 09:36:18 EST
From: Steven Horwitz 
Subject: red barchetta

True story:

I live in a rural area of upstate NY with lots of what I call "Red
Barchetta" roads - a lane and a half wide, no markings, no cops etc..
While taking a ride into the Adirondack foothills yesterday (clear
skies, cool etc.) I happened to have "Red Barchetta" on the tape deck.
As I turned onto a particular favorite stretch of road, the middle
section was on (heaven so far).  After the guitar solo, I noticed that
there was a big old pickup truck coming up on me from behind.  Given
what was playing on the tape deck, there was just no way I was going
to let it pass me.  So I sped up to about 70 or so.  Just as Geddy is
getting to the "desperate plan," I realized that I was just coming to
a very sharp turn in the road that I love to take as fast as my old
85 Lynx can handle.  Sure enough, while it wasn't a "one lane bridge"
I took it much faster than I should have, and *much* faster than the
big pickup could and wound up leaving it in the dust (at least for
awhile!).  Can't beat that for a nice afternoon's drive...

YKYARFW... you not only air drum to Red Barchetta, but after the
verse ending with "his dearest dream," you flip an imaginary drumstick
in the air and catch it on the beat as Neil does in the ESL video.

Another thought... the Boyz have never (to my knowledge) done any covers
of other bands' material in concert.  Perhaps we can start a list of
songs we'd like to see Rush cover live.  Here's a few to start:

"The Real Me"  (The Who)
"Fool in the Rain" (Led Zeppelin)
"No Reply at All" (Genesis)
"Hearts" (Yes)
"Funeral for a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding" (Elton John)

Obviously these reflect some personal musical tastes, but I'd be
interested to hear what others would like to hear.

The Professor

"Can I have 10,000 marbles please?" -  Flounder


Date: Tue, 28 Mar 1995 11:13:07 +0200 (IST)
Subject: What one of the boyz has been up to

Greetings fellow listeners and admirers of all that is Rush,
	My first post in a long while.  I've simply been lurking in the
wings.  Anyway, I just had to post when I came across this.  I think this
will clear up alot about when the next album will be out, and what the
boyz have been up to.
	I was recently poking around the SatchelSports page on the WWW
(great sports page, if you're looking for one).  Well, they posted the
opening day rosters for the replacement "baseball" teams, and being bored
I decide to poke through them and see what aging baseball "stars" and
collection of never-will-be-stars, we will have the pleasure of seeing
this year at our favorite major league ball parks.  Lo and behold, listed
as an outfielder for the Toronto Blue Jays, Geddy Lee.  I almost fell out
of my chair.
	Well, this clears up what at least one of the boys has been up to
lately.  And I assume this means that the boyz aren't working on a new
album and won't be until this strike is over.  (It could be a long time
before the next album).  We always knew that Geddy wanted to be a
baseball player, and I guess his singing of "O Canada," at the all-star
game coupled with his talent was enough to get him a shot.
	As many of you probably know, The Blue Jays will not be playing
home games in Toronto, due to the labor laws of the country prohibiting
the use of "scabs."  I believe they have decided that they will be
playing their games at their Spring Training facility in Florida.
	So, let's root for Geddy Lee.  I imagine he'll be more of a
Subj:  #2(2) 03/30/95 - The National Midnight Star #1079
Date:  Thu, Mar 30, 1995 4:01 PM CST

Mail Split By Gateway

------- cut here --------
singles hitter than a power hitter.  Watch for a little speed.  I expect
his defense will be decent.  Lets just hope he protects those hands.
I'll periodically post stats to the list to keep you all informed.  At
least one good thing is coming out of this strike.

*                          Philip C. Ovadia		                  *
*                                         *
*                ORQ temporarily under construction-Sorry                 *
****************************GO PENN STATE**********************************

PS-Happy April Fool's Day


Date: Tue, 28 Mar 1995 11:57:46 -0500
Subject: Fish and musical tolerance

In 1077 Brian sez:

Anyway, I am one of those
>fans that has no tolerance for  those that do not appreciate the
>talent displayed by this band.  I hold Neil's Lyrics in the highest
>regard (second ONLY to Fish's from Marillion, I believe others here
>know what I am speaking about),

        I certainly agree with your praise of Fish from Marillion for his
lyrics.  I'm thinking especially of Clutching at Straws, an album that
deals with a rock star's long (and ultimately futile) battle with
alcoholism, each song examining a different time in his life; the lyrics
are incredible.
        However, I'm not crazy about your avowed intolerance of others'
musical taste (or, in your opinion, lack of taste).  While I'll be the
first to support Rush as the best stuff I've ever heard, I realize that not
everyone feels the same way.  It baffles me, but I'm sure a die-hard Stones
fan is baffled by my lack of appreciation of their music.  I certainly
don't feel superior to non-Rush fans; if you do, I would suggest to you
that you just don't get it (believe it or not that was not an intentional
Rush-quote, just a happy conincidence).
        I'm sorry if all that sounds a little heavy, but the words "no
tolerance" don't sit well with me.

         "Everybody got to elevate from the norm."  -NP
         "I like mine with lettuce and tomato." -JB


Date: Tue, 28 Mar 1995 13:05 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: guitar solos

     To the kind gentleman you was enquiring about guitar solos that are
     cool. Frankly, a multitude come to mind, but the following came first:
     Red Sector A
     Red Tide
     Twilight Zone
     Middletown Dreams
     Grand Designs
     Analogue Kid
     No One at the Bridge
     La Villa...
     Camera Eye
        to name but a few.
     Keep listening. -jordan


Date: Tue, 28 Mar 1995 14:05:09 -0400
From: (Richard Armstrong)
Subject: Rush Fan Career Info

Greeting and Salutations!

After reading our beloved newsletter and posting a few times, I have a question
to ask of all of you.  It seems to me that we have a diverse crowd here from
very different walks of life.  I am interested in trying to ascertain what
all of us have in common besides our love for the guys.

Sooo,   this is my proposition.  I am willing to undertake the task of gathering
and classifying statistical information pertaining to the users of this list.
This was originally driven out of my desire to understand how many of you
were software engineers and how many pump gas, but I am willing to look at
more than that.

If anyone is interested, send me E-mail,,  with the word "Jobs"
in the subject, that has the following information:


I will collect the responses for a few weeks and then report the results back.
All information will be for statistical purposes only and the messages will be
deleted as-soon-as the score has been tallied.

Remember,  mail to  with the word "Jobs" in the subject and the
data presented above....

Rush-mgr : if you think this is a waste of time, feel free to kill it and let me
know, though I do not believe it is...



 -   Richard Armstrong                            ISX Corporation
 -   Marietta, Georgia                            (404)-612-1722   Voice
 -                                (404)-612-1822   Fax
" Throw off those chains of reason
      And your prison disappears."  -NP


Date: 	Tue, 28 Mar 1995 14:31:06 -0500
From: (Gerard Decatrel)
Subject: Re: 03/24/95 - The National Midnight Star #1075

> From: Sabina Becker - JOUD/F94 
> Subject: Hatchet, ax and saw
> Somebody said that the "powerless" are the "oppressors" in The Trees; I
> see it differently.  For me, that song is about the necessity of facing
> pain in the name of fair play.  You may not like being kept equal by what
> seems like arbitrary and ruthless means, but were you any better when you
> hogged the light like the oaks did to the maples?  A forest becomes a
> dark and gloomy place if only one species of tree is allowed to
> flourish.  It also becomes one-sided and ecologically unbalanced.  A wise
> forester knows when to do some trimming.  Just a thought.

absolutely not!!!!!!

I was not sure if this song was pro- or anti- socialist until I went to a RUSH
concert and during the "trees were all kept equal . . . " part, they showed a
clear-cut forest.  The trees were all equal because they were all reduced to
dead little stumps.  zero equals zero.  (maybe at the concerts in Canada the
thought police forced them to replace the stumps with idyllic perfectly pruned

The song is *not* about taking a little pain for the sake of equality.  It's
about what happens when a group tries to attain equality by destructive and
coercive means.  Especially when they attempts to subvert nature.  GOD made the
oaks taller than the maples and who are we to take away from the oaks what GOD
gave them in this world.

This is probably stretching the analogy, but it's something to think about:
 The maples could have occupied a different part of the forest that they would
own outright and where they would not have to compete with oaks for light.  Too
bad that doesn't jive with the modern fallacy of "unity" in all things.


Date: Tue, 28 Mar 1995 13:36:34 -0700 (MST)
Subject: Rush songs - my edits (Steve & Sharon Birce) wrote:

>But they are all Rush songs, and so I accept each one the way
>it is-I don't wish they had done them any differently.

Yes, but...

Why did they fade Lock & Key out?!?!?  The song was just building towards
an incredible conclusive drum-kickin' outro!

And why DIDN'T they fade Dreamline out?!?!?  Every time I hear the end of
the song I want it to repeat on "They travel on the road to adventure."  I'm
always disappointed when they do the whole chorus all over again.




Date: Tue, 28 Mar 1995 14:01:55 -0700 (MST)
Subject: Rush "wrecks"

Thomas Beaudoin  wrote:

>While driving down Route 128 outside of Boston, I almost ran off
>the road while playing steering-wheel drums to Red Barchetta cranked
>entirely too loud for the health of my eardrums.  I have seriously almost
>gotten in wrecks while listening to Rush music in my car. Any other
>similar tales?

Well, this doesn't involve a car, but once I tried shaving while listening
to Chemistry.

The horror!  |-O

Never again!



Date: Tue, 28 Mar 1995 15:19:56 CST
Subject: Re: Alphabetical Rush

     This is to Michael Jund and any other interested parties out there.
Right around the time that tickets for the CP tour went on sale (Milwaukee
and Madison shows), one of the Milwaukee radio stations had a Rush special
on it one Sunday afternoon.  It was a Rush A-Z.  Imagine that.  Having
a radio station play nothing but straight Rush for twelve hours non-stop.
It was heaven!  The only bad part is I had to go to work for four hours
at the local McDonald's.  But I didn't miss hardly any of it.  I had a lot
of blank tapes, and my dad was kind enough to record it for me.  It was
worth it since I didn't have all of the tapes yet and I got to hear what a
lot of the songs I hadn't yet heard sounded like.  I also recorded off of there
Not Fade Away.  Yes, they actually played it.  Earlier we were in the car (this
is when I discovered that the A-Z was on) and they played You Can't Fight It.
The DJ must not have looked closely at the title since it was played with the
C songs and not the Y's.  Then again, the DJ that was on later in the evening
got corrected constantly.  He said You Bet Your Life would be the last song
played, and he had to change it to YYZ.  Plus he said Pert.  I bet he got a
LOT of calls over that one.  For all interested parties, the radio station
was LAZER 103.

I just have to add a few more of these YKYARFW:

you know how to spell Zivojinovich.

you know how to say Zivojinovich.

you listen to the drum parts on the muzac at work and have fun picturing how
Neil could play them in his sleep.

you think Geddy's voice is one of the most beautiful voices you've ever heard,
and can't understand why other people trash it.

You seriously consider using Alexandria as a middle name for a girl, and toy
with the idea of Alexander Neil for a boy.

you try to drum Double Agent on tabletops and all you can get is your high
school fight song, which a fourth grader could drum without any trouble.

     Oh, well, enough of my rambling.  I'd like to add more of these, but
I can't think of amy more.  I'm sure that two seconds after I send this, though,
I'll think of at least 20 more.


"Just one spark of decency against the starless night
 One glow of hope and dignity, a child can follow the light
 No matter what they say..."
                                Neil Peart, "Everyday Glory"


Date: Tue, 28 Mar 1995 15:26:19 -0600
From: (Tom Keekley)
Subject: Rush tribute request


Are there any drummers or bassists (+ keys) in the MPLS area wanting to jam
Rush tunes and possibly perform??



Date: Tue, 28 Mar 1995 16:50:12 -0500
Subject: Fascism: Peart/Rand

For those of you familiar with the infamous J. Kordosh crucifixion piece in
_Creem_ on Neil Peart, he suggests at one point that Ayn Rand -- and by
extension, Neil -- are fascists.

Additionally, in the '84 _Modern Drummer_ cover story on Neil,
interviewer Scott Fish comments, "In Harry Shapiro's book called
 _A - Z of Rock Drummers_, he alluded to many of your lyrics as being

What am I missing here?  If we define fascism as "a political
philosophy, movement, or regime that exalts nation and often
race above the individual and that stands for a centralized
autocratic govt headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic
and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition"
(Webster), then what the hell are Kordosh and Shapiro talking about?

I'm only the most cursory of Rand students, but isn't she
completely about *individualism*? I mean, isn't that one of
the major threads running through her works?

Are these people so superficial that they miss the point of
2112 and think that Neil is espousing the Priests' point of
 view? I find this very difficult to believe.  I mean, Kordosh
seems to be a reasonably intelligent individual. To what do
we attribute such a gigantic oversight?  And Neil doesn't
really correct the error outright in either case.

What am I missing??


Date: Tue, 28 Mar 1995 20:25:05 -0500
Subject: Free Will Lyrics

The FAQ does not resolve this issue to my satisfaction, so
please suffer me to open "the olde Free Will lyric thread" again:

We all know that Ged sings, "If you choose not to decide, you
 still have made a choice."   We also know that the lyric sheet
                 If you still choose not to decide
                 You cannot have made a choice

I'm puzzled by the comment from Neil printed in the FAQ, [from Backstage Club
Dec. '85] in which he states that the lyric sheet
 is correct. I'm also puzzled by the FAQ-creator's comments --
"So what?" and "Lighten up!".  Neither response gets to the heart
of the matter which is the vast difference in meaning between what
 is printed and what was recorded.

To me, the question remains, if the lyric sheet is correct, as
Neil seems to assert, why was such a substantial change in meaning allowed to
go down on tape?


Date: Tue, 28 Mar 95 20:47:11 EWT
From: Bassman 
Subject: Geddy's bass playing

  well, here we go again, bagging on Geddy's playing. I am a bass player
studying at Indiana University and I am into many style of music, which is
cool, however, Geddy was also one of My first influences. His bass lines and
style are what make him unique. As for saying someone like Flea is better,
please! Do you know that Flea cannot even read music. Granted, I love the Chili
Peppers I think they are awesome, especially live. But anyway, Geddy's style
is part of what makes Rush Rush. I hold a number of players at an equal plane.
meaning they all have influenced me in some way.  Jaco, Stanley, Stu Hamm (which
whoever wrote the Geddy bashing mail left out) as well as Marcus Miller, and
many others.  At any rate, Geddy is someone you and I cannot touch in terms of
his style.  I think that if I ever make as much money as Rush had, I believe
I will play like shit just to make people wonder how I made it. Geddy probably
doesn't care how he plays just as long as he is playing.  There are some
crackers to chew on for fellow bassists.  Rock on!!!  ;)

        Hold you fire

 Dan Krekeler


Date:        Tue, 28 Mar 95 21:55:11 EST
From: Steven Horwitz 
Subject: guitar solos

In the thread on great Lifeson solos, I haven't seen mention of some
of my favorites.  I think what unites all of these is that they are
ones where Alex makes his guitar sound like a violin, esp. by using
slower more dramatic sequences (if I could play guitar, I'd be more
technical).  For example:

All time favorites:
Natural Science, Red Barchetta, The Camera Eye, Between the Wheels
(perhaps the best of the best), Mission, and the ultimate rock jam
the Presentation section of 2112.  Notice that LVS is absent mainly
because it's impossible to pick out one section as more brilliant
than the rest.

I saw the HYF tour in Washington DC and when they played LVS it was
a total surprise and the closest I've come to believing in God.

The Professor

"Two weeks overdue?  You'd be out a buck forty at the library"
   -  Woody Boyd


Date: 28 Mar 95 22:34:55 EST
From: Joseph.Nagraj@Dartmouth.EDU (Joseph Nagraj)
Subject: Re: Digest #1072 Part 4 of 12

ah, yes to yes

Just wanted to jump in on two separate issues involving interpreting
Neil's lyrics...

Keith Smerak describes "The Trees" as a parable about the stronger
oppressing the weaker.  I think it's the exact opposite.  My reading
of the song is that the Maples (the weaker) oppress the Oaks (the
stronger).  That oppression is made possible by the strength in
numbers reflected by the Maples' "union."  In fact, many critics of
Rush have interpreted this song as "union-bashing."  It probably is.
More relevantly, it is one of the clearest statements of Neil's
individualism and is a song that reflects the Rand influence as well.
The productive are always at the mercy of the unproductive in a society
where the unproductive can use an unconstrained state to gang up and
expropriate the productive.

BTW, for the last 5 years I've used lyrics from "The Trees"
juxtaposed against John Lennon's "Imagine" as the basis for an essay
question on my final exam in my Comparative Economic Systems course.

As for Cary Lasher's question about 2112.  I've always interpreted the
ending the first way (the good guys win).  On the assumption that the
song reflects Neil's general optimism, a happy ending is the only way
to make sense of the main character's obvious suicide ("my life blood
spills over") in "Soliloquy."  That suicide is a symbol of how unbear-
able life is under the Federation, and leads to the return of the "men"
of old.  More evidence for that reading... why would the Priests say
they have "assumed" control?  They already *have* control!  It can only
be someone else who *assumes* control, no?  That interpretation is also
consistent with Rand's original story where, near the end, the main
character (who lives) says:  "For the battle they [the men of old] lost
can never be lost.  For that which they died to save can never perish."
This implies the eventual victory of the good guys.  Though Neil has
claimed no conscious link as he was writing, the stories remain close
enough to justify paralleling them this way, IMHO.

Incidentally, I know several people who knew Rand personally when she
was alive.  I have never asked if she was aware of Rush's music.  My
guess is that she wasn't, and if she was, she would have hated it -
at least the music!  In Barbara Branden's biography of Rand "My Life
with Ayn Rand," she has a chapter tracking famous people who have been
influence by Rand, which includes a mention of Neil (as well as Simon
LeBon of Duran Duran, oh well...).

The Professor

"Wheels within wheels in a spiral array
A pattern so grand and complex
Time after time we lose sight of the way
Our Causes can't see their effects"


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