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         The National Midnight Star, Number 1083

                  Thursday, 6 April 1995
Today's Topics:
                      Rush mix tapes
              To Lee-rush doing cover songs.
                      bass lines...
                     more bass lines
     RE: 04/03/95 - The National Midnight Star #1081
                 Big Money Video (VHS)???
                 Boot location needed....
     RE: 04/03/95 - The National Midnight Star #1081
                     Sir Comestancis
     RE: 04/03/95 - The National Midnight Star #1081
                   Vinyl and Laserdiscs
                 A kind hearted Rush fan
                    A couple of things
How to identify trees from a far far way away. #1, The Larch.
                  [rush-mgr]  who, what?
               Does Geddy ever use a pick?!
                   Go climb a TREE!!!!
                     Van Halen List?
                       opening acts
                Oops!!!  Sorry rush-mgr...
                      More TREES...
                    The trees (again)
               Rocinante's final flight...
                     Rush memorabilia
                   CTTH, Superconductor
                      This and That
                   Misunderstood lyrics
               Rush moments in other songs
                   tour info and binary
                        The Trees
                     Sense of HUMOR.

Date: Tue, 04 Apr 1995 18:19:33 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Rush mix tapes


I just want to comment on a thing I've done which I thought was bizarre (well,
it is), and was surprised to see a few other people mention doing the same
thing.  I'm referring to making alphabetical Rush mix tapes.

About a year ago I must have been bored or something and started compiling an
alphabetical list of all the songs on the studio albums and their lengths.
Then I made a tape of the first 90 min. worth.  I left it in my car, listening
to it periodically for a few months.  I've since done this a few more times and
I'm up to the middle of the alphabet I think.  Aside from being some great road
tapes, I found a couple of things from this:

1) It's really interesting hearing some of the less listened to songs out of
context.  It can give a song its own identity, rather than being "one of the
not-so-great songs on album X."  Sometimes it gives you a new appreciation,
sometimes you come away saying, "that song still sucks." :)

2) Since I've used a cheap type I tape and recorded over it each time, the
treble isn't so hot, but the bass is more prominent than I ever hear on my CD
player at home.  Suddenly bass lines I never noticed jump out of songs from
_Presto_, etc. (I've always found that album very tinny sounding - check out
the cowbell at the beginning of Superconductor - what a wretched (sp) sound!).

3) You get slapped in the face with the diversity that is Rush, with such song
sequences as "High Water" followed by "I Think I'm Going Bald." :)

Anyway, I just wanted to share that.  I highly recommend making strange Rush
mix tapes on cheap cassettes for road food. :)

Good day,
Andy Acunzo


Date: Tue, 4 Apr 1995 16:29:24 +0700
From: (Michael Richardson)
Subject: To Lee-rush doing cover songs.

        NO, I'm not going to put you over the flame!  I do, however think
that it is fun sometimes to imagine one of your favorite bands doing songs
by other bands.  Nobody's petitioning the guys to play other people's songs
live.  I don't think that RUSH are the best band ever, but I admire the
hell out of every thing that I've heard them play.  The other bands listed
by the other guy like the who, genesis, and zeppelin are also among my
favorite bands.  How about this..........
        RUSH plays...
                'owner of a lonely heart' by yes
                'low spark of high heeled boys' by traffic
                'watcher of the skies' by genesis.
We're not saying that they should play covers live, but just imagine.........
                                        -michael richardson
                                         university of texas at austin


Date: Tue, 04 Apr 1995 18:20:12 -0500 (EST)
Subject: bass lines...

I feel a certain social obligation to cast my two cents (of course, they're
CANADIAN currency) in reference to this thread...

Here are mi faves...

1.  Working Man-- when it goes berzerk toward the end and does lots of
		  instrumental things that make Rush fans everywhere jump.
2.  Turn The Page-- this is self explanatory, if you've heard it
3.  Double Agent-- bass and Geddy's voice... and that makes music.


"He's got a road map of Jupiter..."


Date:        Tue, 04 Apr 95 19:25:52 EST
From: Steven Horwitz 
Subject: more bass lines

 Some quickie favorite bass lines:

(In no particular order)
Alien Shore (love the quick bass over the slow lyrics)
Turn the Page (If this isn't on your list, you're deaf)
Free Will (you have to listen for it in the bridge, but what rewards!)
Hemispheres - Prelude  (from the individual notes to the jam)
The Camera Eye  (great "lead" bass in the jam at the end)

Best ever, however, might be the jam in the ESL video version of
By-Tor and the Snow Dog.  Those of you who have it know what I'm
talking about.

Also: sorry that someone thought the idea of Rush covering other
people's music was so offensive.  Personally, I would love to hear
what 3 talented guys could do with other people's music, both in terms
of their musicianship and their interpretive skills.  Oh well.

The Professor

"Wheels within wheels in a spiral array / A pattern so grand and complex
Time after time we lose sight of the way/our causes can't see their effe


Date: Tue, 04 Apr 1995 18:27:43 CST
Subject: RE: 04/03/95 - The National Midnight Star #1081

In response to Joe's ( remark about Neil being stuck up:


Date: Tue,  4 Apr 95 14:28:47 PDT
Subject: Big Money Video (VHS)???

Remember those big yellow volumes that used to live in CD shops that
listed every album/single/group in the world?  Well, anyways, I'm in
Disc Jockey the other day and they've got this thing on line now.  So
I'm playing around with it and decide to enter "Rush" (of course).  It
then generated a list of all Rush releases.  One of the listings,
however, caught my eye -

The Big Money [VIDEO]
No Longer Made
870 717


Any ideas?  Or have they just got the title wrong and they're actually
referring to another video?

   [ This is probably the Video CD they made a while ago that's now out
     of print.                                                : rush-mgr ]


Date: Tue, 04 Apr 1995 19:51:53 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Boot location needed....

Good day eh,
	I have gotten ahold of a foot object.  (sorry rush-mrg about the
mention of b--ts in the ol' subject header)  It is called Rush Live Vol.1
The Cd was made in Australia and comes with no dates or locations.  I was
hopeing that someone out there in Rush land had this one and knew more about it
than I do.  Here is the track listing....
1 Spirit of Radio
2 The Enemy Within
3 New World Man
4 Distant Early Warning
5 Red Sector A
6 Closer to the Heart
7 2112 Overture/Temple of the Syrinx
8 Tom Sawyer
9 Vital Signs
10 Finding My Way

It is excellent sound quality and even some odd track listens in that who wrote
them.  An example would be Closer to the Heart, written by Lee, Lifeson, Peart,
and Talbot?! And the other would be Tom Sawyer by Lee, Lifeson, Peart, and
Dubois?!  Best I can figure is that someone wanted thier buddies names next to
the trio and plugged them in.  Any info on this Cd would be appreciated!


Brought to you by:---------->   Phillip Romans     |     -UNIX account- |
      U2-Led Zeppelin-Pink Floyd-They Might Be Giants-Rush-Tchaikovsky
 - - - - - - - - - -M-a-g-i-c- -t-h-e- -a-d-d-i-c-t-i-o-n- - - - - - - - - - -


Date: Tue, 04 Apr 1995 20:26:24 E
Subject: RE: 04/03/95 - The National Midnight Star #1081

This is for Kira who wrote about how she hears Rush in Monster Magnet.  I love
Rush, don't get me wrong, but Monster Magnet sounds nothing like Rush.  If any
one group has influenced Monster Magnet, it would be either early Pink Floyd
(there is some psychedelia in MM's music) or a more raw version of KISS without
the cheezy lyrics.  Just thought I would throw in my .02



Date: Tue, 4 Apr 1995 20:27:21 -0400 (EDT)
From: Tom Beaudoin 
Subject: Sir Comestancis

Inspired by the latest NMS, I offer a parody of Circumstances...

Sir Comestancis

A knight alone
Where is that throne?
Thank heavens I'm old enough to use the toilet alone!
I feel the knots
In my stomach spots
I'm into vertigo!

Sometimes after this eating
Like a lamb my tummy's bleating
My medieval roommate
Thought that it would be great
To make me find some Solo Seating!

[music intro to chorus]

It's insane!  I took my chances
On apple pie
Tricked by Sir Comestancis
In the woods
I shouldn't trust him
The more I was fed, I should have used my head

[music link to verse]

Now I've found the prime location
To toss that rotten pastry
About to heave, the apples want to leave
Gee, they sure weren't very tasty

In my dyspeptic confusion
I want to give that guy a contusion...

[music intro to chorus]

It's not the same
When it comes back out
My mouth and my snout!
Apple pie recycled!
Makes me gag
And so I vow revenge
The more he will laugh,
I'll jab him with my staff.

It's insane! I took my chances
On apple pie
Tricked by Sir Comestancis
In the woods
I'll never trust him
The next time we meet
I'll vomit right at his feet.

Thank you!  Thank you very much.

Tom Beaudoin


Date: Tue, 04 Apr 1995 20:39:19 E
Subject: RE: 04/03/95 - The National Midnight Star #1081

Rahul, I saw your comment about drummers who can destroy Neil.  I am not sure
such a beast exists.  I think Neil is in the same catagory as those guys..oh,
and I am a drummer, so don't slag me.  I think Neil is simply the tightest
drummer I have ever heard.  His palying on Tom Sawyer is brilliant.  I think
his musical ability is eqaul to those others you mentioned (All are excellent).
When you get up into that stratified air of precussionists, it is hard to say
who is better...they are all so good.  I think Neil doesn't get as much respect
in the Jazz community as he should just because he plays what is essentially
rock music.  I think his technique is near perfect and he plays with such
precision that you think it is a machine.  Just my 2 cents.

(Please pardon the spelling, my delete button is broken)



Date: Tue, 4 Apr 1995 20:42:19 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Vinyl and Laserdiscs

Hey all!

I just have a couple of questions for some of you knowledgeable people
out there.  Since I am 19 and of the CD generation, my Rush collection is guessed it: CD's!!  Well, I want to collect all of their albums
on vinyl. I already own Archives and a picture disc of Hemispheres.  My
question is, which albums are double or triple fold-outs, which have
posters included, etc.  A while ago, someone posted saying that he picked
up ESL (I think) only to find out that it was a later reprint which
omitted some of the original artwork.  Why the hell would record companies
butcher Rush albums like that? The fools!  Also, there was a thread a few
months back relating to people's ESL laser discs "rotting" and thereby
losing their video quality.  The only place that I have been able to find
Rush laserdiscs is on the net at CDNow! and they have some Japanese
import "reissue" of the laserdisc for $75.  Does this mean that it's the
"new and improved" version of ESL or is it an evil bootleg.  Please
help!  You can e-mail me directly or you could always post and let us all
know what the scoop is on these pressing questions!

                                              Faithfully in Rush,

                                                   Paul Mates

"Rotate the pod please, Hal."-2001


From: "Randy Marquis" 
Date:          Tue, 4 Apr 1995 21:14:41 EST
Subject:       A kind hearted Rush fan

Hello fellow Rushiods,

    Since we've been having story hour on some of the recent NMS's,
I'd like to throw my .02 in.

    Rush came to the Worcester Centrum (in MA) for the Cp tour.  That
you know.  What many don't know, was that this was in the dead of a
New England winter.  In other words, darn cold!
    Nonetheless, myself and two of my hearty friends decided to be
the first in line at the local Record Town, which houses a
Ticketmaster branch.  We wanted great seats, and neither rain, nor
snow, nor sleet (you get the idea) was going to keep us away.
    Tickets went on sale at 10:00am on a Saturday morning.  We met at
my friend's (Tim) dorm at WPI at midnight, figuring on grabbing 5
hours of sleep, and then making the short drive to the mall.  Tim's
roomate had other ideas.  He walked in at about 3:00am, and upon
discovering the 3 of us (who were, thankfully, still wide awake),
made a bolt for the door to try to beat us to the first spot in line.
Since he had to grab a friend of his, we beat him to the car, and
took off, with him right behind us.  Well, I thank a higher power for
the red light that trapped Tim's roomate behind us, and we cruised
into the deserted parking lot, first in line for our beloved seats.
    Now just one problem.  We had a SEVEN hour wait until the doors
opened, and it was VERY COLD.  We persevered in the cold (a.k.a. at
the door) until a security guard made Tim's roomate confess that we
were indeed first.  We piled back into the car to warm our entirely
numb bodies.
    All most all was solved, except that Tim was set to pick up his
girlfriend at 8:00am.  We knew that it if all of us left, no way
would we keep our spot at the front of the line.  My other friend
(Jeff) and I agreed to stay.  We thought about trying to seek shelter
in Tim's roomate's car, but he was still sore at us for beating him
there.  Luckily, one other die-hard had showed up and we gained
refuge in this kind hearted Rush fan's car (thus the title).
    Anyway, all's well that end's well, as we got 20th row seats (not
bad for a group of 6), and had a great time at the concert.  All in
all, 30 hours of no sleep and the threat of frostbite did not keep
the Rush heads from from getting great seats.  And I wonder why
people think I'm a bit whacked in the brain.

    I guess the moral of the story is:  I really hope Rush shows up
in the summer next time!

Thanks for reading my ramble,


P.S.  Would I do it again?  I read the NMS don't I. . .


Date: Tue, 4 Apr 1995 21:55:03 -0400 (EDT)
From: Paul Greenberg 


      I have been a subscriber for about a month and for awhile I was unable
to think of something unique that I could write about relating to the band.
However, I recalled an event that happened 3 years ago, one month after
attending a Roll The Bones concert. I was at Six Flags-Great Adventure
with a group of friends and I noticed a few people were dressed up as the
Looney Tune cartoon characters. On that day, I was wearing my Roll The
Bones shirt and someone who was dressed up as Sylvester the Cat came up to
me. At first I thought this person wanted to shake my hand but I realized
that has was pointing to my shirt and giving me the thumbs up sign. I feel
 that no matter where you go there are strong die-hard rush fans everywhere.
    What I find unique about being a Rush fan is that there is a strong
following, a following that is as strong as the Greatful Dead. If I was
wearing a Pearl Jam or Van Halen shirt, I could not imagine somebody coming
up to me telling me that I had good taste in music. I would probably be
seen as a regular individual.



From: "Randy Marquis" 
Date:          Tue, 4 Apr 1995 23:20:42 EST
Subject:       A couple of things

My fellow Rushoids,

    Boy, I sure have been posting a lot lately.  What can I say, I
always got to get my .02 in!

    To Chris Pardua:  Nope, looks like this time I'm wrong.  Bruford
did indeed play drums on "Seconds Out," one track called "Cinema
Show."  Goes to show you what I get for not checking my sources. . .

    I want to make a suggestion for future Rush mixes.  Dig out your
old concert playlists and put the studio recordings onto your tapes.
Even mix in a few live cuts (like "YYZ" from "Exit. . .Stage Left"
for Peart's drum solo).  I did this for the "Counterparts" tour,
because I had just gotten into Rush, and wanted an easy way to learn
some lyrics, and familiarize myself with songs they'd be playing
(most taken from the "Chronicles" comp.).  But it will work for even
the most devoted Rush junkie.  This way, the band has already made
some tough choices for you. . .




Date: Tue, 04 Apr 1995 23:23:06 -0400 (EDT)
From: Charles J McDonald 
Subject: How to identify trees from a far far way away. #1, The Larch.

No, this is not my first post
     but it's been awhile. . .

I always thought that the Oaks and Maples in "The Trees" was an allusion
   (or would it be an alligory) to racial background. Kind of a Black/White
   equality thing.   I mean, Maple is a dark colored wood and oak is fairly
   light colored and the song was written at a time when prejudice ran
   somewhat rampant. (Like it doesn't now?) Well, we've made much progress.)

So am I completly unorigional?

	Oy. . .

  ("Look in, to the eye of the storm     |Charles J McDonald         )
  ( Look out, for the force without form |Chemistry Department       )
  ( Look around, to the sight and sound  |Mount Pleasant High School )
  ( Look in, look out, look around"      |Providence, Rhode Island   )


Date: Wed, 5 Apr 1995 00:18:48 -0400
Subject: [rush-mgr]  who, what?

>(*) New nickname for the rush mgr: Cygnus, God of Balance - hey, he keeps
>the perfect balance of heart and mind in the sphere of NMS  (corny,
>I know)  Thanks for the great job!
>   [ "he"?					: rush-mgr ]

Excuse me, but just what are you getting at here, rush-mgr?  I've only been
around for a short time, so I don't know anything about you ... or does
anyone?  Maybe your real name is Neil Peart.  Or maybe you are Alex's wife,
or Geddy's son, or ... maybe you're a UNIX system :)      The important thing
is, you're providing a great means of entertainment for many people.

   [ I'm actually my friend's iguana.. :-)                        : rush-mgr ]


BTW, I've been kind of curious, how many subscribers are there to TNMS now?

   [ Officially, around 3700. Unofficially (including redistribution lists
     and local newsgroups) I'm sure it's well over 4000.           : rush-mgr ]


From: (Rit Jackson)
Date:         4 Apr 95 14:48:50
Subject:      Does Geddy ever use a pick?!

     I guess it's standard for first-timers to introduce themselves,
so here goes - I'll keep it brief...  My name is Matt Claflin and I
attend The College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, V.A...
There...  Anyway, I have a very important question that I NEED someone
to answer for me...  You see, last weekend, I bought a bass pick from
a really close friend - he claims that it was Geddy's pick, which was
thrown into the crowd during the Counterparts tour...  Apparently,
the girl that caught it, who was infatuated with my friend, gave it
to him...  Naturally, I HAD to have it, so I gave him $37 for it...
There's no way that he'd ever rip me off - I know that for sure - but
someone mentioned in a previous post that Geddy doesn't use a pick to
play his bass...  Can anybody out there make me feel better and tell
me that he does in fact use one for SOME songs...  Thanks...


Date: Wed, 5 Apr 1995 01:31:07 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Janss L. Adams" 
Subject: Go climb a TREE!!!!

Greetings all-
I want to comment on the overanlyzing of lyrics to The Trees. People have
been going back and forth about domination vs. submission and Oaks being
taller than Maples or vice versa...etc. Come on- Neil was probably on
drugs when he wrote the damn song...probably on acid or something and
sawa some trees attacking each other. This struggle to know the true,
exact meaning/origin is pointless and leads right back to "individual
interpretation"- which is what songs/art/etc should be judged by. Someone
in a recent issue of TNMS interpreted parts of A Ghost of a Chance to
adhere to his/her religious beliefs. That's fine- whatever helps that
person sleep better is OK with me. I don't interpret the song that way,
but who cares? Individual interpretation is great- It's what makes one
Christian believe and practice tolerance/non-violence and another
Christian feel justifed in murdering abortion doctors. -You get my meaning-

"Why are we here? Because we're here. Roll the bones!!!!"

"Why is E. Van Halen washed up? B/c he is. Roll the bones!!!!"

"Why did Hitler kill Jews? B/c he did. Roll the Bones!!!!"

"Why ask why? Got me. Roll the bones"
          "Now it is dark."



Date: Wed, 05 Apr 1995 13:21:50 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Van Halen List?

Subj:   #2(2) 04/06/95 - The National Midnight Star #1083
Date:   Thu, Apr 6, 1995 5:29 PM CST

Mail Split By Gateway

------- cut here --------
  I know this has no RUSH content but could someone please Email me the details
on the Van Halen mailing list?

"No matter where you go, There you are." - Buckaroo Bonsai
Dan Marlowe


Date: Wed, 05 Apr 95 08:27:32 EST
From: "patrick widener" 
Subject: opening acts

     On the opening acts discussion:

     Macauley-Schenker (sp?) Group.  You wanna talk about bad opening acts,
     there's a bad opening act.  Those guys sucked BIG rocks, the kind you
     find at the bottom of ponds in parks with moss and fish crap all over

     Anyway, on more directly Rush-related content:

     I picked up (in Staunton VA, of all places) a "rare live recording" of
     Rush called Closer to Our Heart.  This was a single disc taken from
     the 3/9/94 show at Madison Square Garden, NYC.  I suspect this is a
     condensed version of the Closer To Our Heart 2-disc recording
     mentioned in Meg's list of rarities.  Audience recording, pretty good
     sound quality; you can hear individual audience voices at several

     Track listing (in case anyone cares):

     1.  Intro/Dreamline
     2.  The Spirit of Radio
     3.  The Analogue (sic) Kid
     4.  Cold Fire
     5.  Time Stand Still
     6.  Nobody's Hero
     7.  Roll The Bones
     8.  Animate
     9.  Stick It Out
     10. Double Agent
     11. Limelight
     12. Mystic Rhythms
     13. Closer to your house (well, you know what I mean)
     14. Show Don't Tell

     Here's hoping Rush decides to do Grand Designs on the next tour.  And
     Open Secrets.  And I Think I'm Going Bald.  (might as well wish for
     the Sir Gawain & the Green Knight/Tough Break medley, eh?)

     "I'm Patrick Widener, you're listening to Radio Free Lerxstwood,
     "...this is The Spirit of Radio."
     --  me and Geddy on the air

     patrick widener
     "'CORONATION,' Starscream?  This is BAD COMEDY!"  - Galvatron


From: "Colin Wright" 
Date:          Wed, 5 Apr 1995 09:30:11 EST
Subject:       Oops!!!  Sorry rush-mgr...

My apologies to rush-mgr.  I just assumed that you were a "he",
and you know what happens when someone
ASSumes (old joke, I know.  And, no, I'm not calling you an ass!)

Just that old sexist, male-chauvinist side of me peeking through!

Guess this just adds to the whole argument about female Rush fans -
Yes, they're out there!!!!

I can hear Ren Hoek now calling me an "eediot!!!"

Again, my apologies, and keep up the great work!
The college you're attending has a major in Natural Science - and you
make it YOUR curriculum!!! (yes, I did)


From: (George Rogic)
Subject: More TREES...
Date: Wed, 5 Apr 1995 10:06:50 -0400 (EDT)

Hey All:

My slant on THE TREES debate is this...

See, it starts out with this acoustic guitar bit, kind of classical
sounding. Add a little vocal verse in there and then BOOM! It it kicks in...
The music starts to jam and goes from verse to chorus, etc. It then
practically stops, save for a little Mini-Moog doodling and wood block
playing (kind of sounds like a woodpecker going at it, doesn't it?) Then a
couple of power chords... Geddy gets a little bass solo-esque moment then
Alex rips into his solo. Then a beautiful interplay ensues between all three
members with Alex getting little staccato fills in between the ruckus. Back
to a verse and the song ends... With birds tweeting...

That's the way I see it... \:^)


"Pretty, pretty Doctor Smith..."
 -That goofy green lady from 'Lost In Space'


Date: Wed, 5 Apr 1995 10:15:35 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Eric J. Mcclanahan" 
Subject: The trees (again)

	You want to know what I think about the story to this
song?(te-he)  I think that the trees were having this awful dispute over
who should have more, less or equal sunlight, when some mall/parking lot
contractor/builder came in and interupted the whole thing without even a
batted eyelash!  At least thats the way it happens in real life, no need
to kepp things uniform if we are going to cut it down anyways.



Date: Wed, 5 Apr 95 14:38:39 UT
From: Peter Chestna 
Subject: Rush memorabilia

I have decided that it is time to part with a few of the things in my

The following two items are open for bidding:

1. First
Single - Not Fade Away/You Can't Fight It
	Mint condition, has rare red
promo stamp
	To my knowledge only about 150 were ever made.
2. Neil Peart
Tama Tapestry - 6 feet high and 3 feet across
	This was available around
moving pictures time.  You got it free for
	buying a five piece drum kit.
Needless to say, I didn't get mine for
	free.  The tapestry is of Neil
floating on a raft on a lake playing his 	drums.  Truly AWESOME!!!

will be open bidding on these items until one of two things happen:
1. I get
a bid that I like.
2. I get tired of waiting for a good bid and choose to
sit on the items a few more years.

I know some of you won't understand how
a Rush fan could part with such cool stuff, but I have had them and enjoyed
them for several years and now that I have a child, other things have taken
priority over collecting.  These things, along with a TON of other stuff has
been collecting dust for some time now and I think maybe someone else should
enjoy them.  I got the biggest thrill out of finding these two items, each of
which took me several years to locate and purchase, and maybe now someone
else can have the thrill of owning these pieces of Rush history.

I am
still one of the biggest Rush fans you could ever meet, but now the Music is
the only important thing to me, that and the fact that I once owned  the
above named items!!!

Good luck to all!



Date: Wed, 05 Apr 1995 08:58:45 -0600
From: Mindy White 
Subject:  rush-mgr

Just a brief note that may be a repeat, since I spent about four (!!)
weeks not getting e-mail from the internet once:

Hail to the NMS and the rush manager!  I've seen other musical artist
"digests" out there (who shall remain nameless). Those unmoderated
digests get so junky, that they are useless!!

Also, perhaps there's something (a lot) to be said about the content of
the NMS as it relates to the caliber of those who are Rush fans.

Back to the rush-mgr:

>(*) New nickname for the rush mgr: Cygnus, God of Balance - hey, he
>keeps the perfect balance of heart and mind in the sphere of NMS
>(corny, I know)  Thanks for the great job!

>   [ "he"?							: rush-mgr ]

Well, aren't you?  (or are you Megan, or are you more than one?)
Will you tell us a little about yourself?

   [ We are more than one, and would rather remain (somewhat) anonymous
     and impartial. If you *really* want to know, drop me a line.  : rush-mgr ]


"You can't get something for nothing
You can't get your freedom for free."


Date:     Wed, 5 Apr 95 11:30:25 EDT
From: Bryan Pascuzzi (ACISD) 
Subject:  CTTH, Superconductor

>...ASOH, wherein lies the single most bitchen performance of "Closer to
>the Heart" that I have ever run across.....

I can't agree with you more!  I haven't heard many people talk about how
good this version really is.  Imagine if they only played it live according
to the studio version!   Another song I rarely hear people talk about that
has the most awesome kick to it is "Superconductor".  I can hardly refrain
from breaking things whenever I hear this.

As for other musical interests besides Rush, I've noticed more than a few
mention that they actually like Duran Duran.  This was the most surprising
of them all and I won't be afraid to admit that I like them too.
I was also devastated when Living Colour broke up.  I would also appreciate
any information anyone might have about other projects that Skillings, Glover
(besides VH1), etc. might be working on in the future.

> seems like Rush gets hardly any airplay (in Boston).  ..maybe if
>I'm lucky one song a day.  anyway how bout you guys? or gals?

Here in Baltimore, MD, 98 Rock is pretty good about it, although they don't
play many "obscure" Rush.  One day last week I heard 4 in one day and couldn't
believe it--Fly By Night, Subdivisions, Tom Sawyer (of course), and one that
they NEVER play - Time Stand Still.  I think they've been playing them more
because they've acquired a new DJ from Canada.  I think he actually is friends
with Rush.  His radio name is "The Bird" or is it "Byrd"?  Anyone ever hear
of him?  He seems to have a lot of celebrity connections.

Until next time....
Can't wait til the O's go back to the Skydome to sweep up the place again!
Sorry, had to say it...

" when the weather started to break, I started to smell certain things,
and it started to feel like it was baseball time."
 -Cal Ripken, Jr.
Welcome Back!!


Date: Wed, 5 Apr 1995 11:32:21 -0500
Subject: This and That

>This also is not the first time Neil has been flat out wrong.  I remember one
>letter to the Backstage Club asking what the "lyrics" were to La Villa on
>Exit...Stage Left.  Well, Neil proceded to berate this poor guy in his
>response because "The lyrics are described in the album sleeve.  So I guess
>you didn't actually BUY the album, huh?"  (I'm paraphrasing Neil here, but
>that's pretty close).  However, Neil misses one minor point.  Those "lyrics"
>are not printed on the cassette tape sleeve.

        Not only that, but if you ever try to follow Geddy with the lyrics
printed in the liner notes, you'll realize that they're almost certainly a
joke.  I don't think he actually .*says* anything there.

>Does anyone else get the impression (from radio or print interviews) that
>Neil is just a little stuck up?  I mean, granted, I probably would be too if
>I was considered the best drummer in rock, but still...I love the guy as a
>musician, but I don't think I'd care for him much in real life.

        I've heard that as well, and I do get that impression from
interviews I've read, although I've always put it down to intensity and
focus; when you feel strongly about whatever it is you're discussing, it's
easy to come off sounding arrogant.

>Date: Fri, 31 Mar 1995 09:41:56 EST
>From: "Scott J. Epstein 212/679-7300 X7274" 
>Subject: Serling, Dos Passos, Eliot
>        Why is it that everyone, when discussing Neil's literary influences,
>fixates only on Rand? What about Rod Serling (Neil dedicated an album to him,
>and named a song after one of his television series) or John Dos Passos
>(who wrote a book titled _The Grand Design_ and one titled _The Big Money_
>and had sections called "The Camera Eye" in his USA series)

        Really? I didn't know that (which could be because I've never read
any Dos Passos, yet).  Has anyone out there read any of these?  I'd be
interested in hearing comparisons.

>(*) New nickname for the rush mgr: Cygnus, God of Balance - hey, he keeps
>the perfect balance of heart and mind in the sphere of NMS  (corny,
>I know)  Thanks for the great job!
>   [ "he"?                                                      : rush-mgr ]

        Touche! We are not worhty.

         "There's no bread, let 'em eat cake." -NP
         "I would rather starve than eat your bread."  -EV
         "I like mine with lettuce and tomato." -JB


Date: Wed, 5 Apr 95 11:44:09 EDT
From: (James Thomas)
Subject: Misunderstood lyrics

I thought the guy who thought Ged was singing "Like apple pie, tricked by
circumstances" was hilarious!  It reminded me of when a friend of mine
thought that he was singing "Bye bye bye bye! Tricked by Circumstances!"
This same guy thought that in Freewill he was singing "I will choose a
bathysphere, I will choose freewill!"  Thanks for reminding me!  Any more
miscontrued lyrics out there?

 - jwt 8)


Date: Wed, 5 Apr 1995 9:23:31 -0700 (MST)
Subject: Rush moments in other songs

As Kira said,

>He doesn't understand how you can
>hear Rush in a song.  Maybe they've never heard of Rush, but I tend to hear
>Rush in a lot of music.  Then again, most of the time its in a band with
>four or five members, if not more, so I think we should give the boyz credit
>for only having three! (Amen!)

This brings up something I've been meaning to ask.  Every once in a while I
hear this song on the radio called "Bridge of Sighs" or something like that.
Has anyone else heard this song?  If so, do you agree with me that it sounds
EXACTLY like The Necromancer, Into the Darkness?  Is it an unbelievable rip-
off, or what?

Also, a few months ago there was a hit single called "Backwater" (or something
like that...the chorus began "Some things - will never change").  The bridge
had a guitar lick that was so Permanent Waves-y I thought I was listening to
Entre Nous.

Any other Rush influence sightings?



Date: Wed, 05 Apr 1995 13:01:00 -0500 (EST)
Subject: tour info and binary

Does anyone know of an upcoming tour/album?  Just curious...
Also, is there a meaning to the binary sequence(s) inside the insert on the
Counterparts album?
any ideas welcome...


Date: Wed, 5 Apr 1995 10:10:12 -0700 (MST)
Subject: The Trees

Here's perhaps another take on The Trees issue...It strikes me that the song
is rather more Neitzschian than Randian.

Rand's view is that the "second-handers" of society, believing themselves
oppressed by the creators, become parasites to the detriment of both.  So
far so good--it fits the song.  But Rand held this situation to be the
unfortunate consequence of a bad system, and that under a system of laissez-
faire capitalism, NO ONE WOULD OPPRESS ANYONE.  That doesn't seem to fit
the song's imagery, in which the Oaks, BY THEIR NATURE, deprive the Maples
of light.

The imagery does, however, fit Nietzsche's world view, in which the world
is made up of noble men and ignoble men, who are that way by nature, and
in which the ignoble men are consumed with a "ressentiment" or undying
envious hatred toward their betters.  Neitzsche decried the modern trend
toward democracy and equality, called the French Revolution the greatest
slave revolt in history, and desired a world in which the noble men were,
precisely, FREE TO OPPRESS.

We know that Neil has read a lot of Neitzsche, and was especially influenced
by him around the time of Hemispheres.  It would also explain why he has been
so notoriously close-mouthed about this song since: it certainly does NOT
fit with the ideals he now embraces, namely Libertarianism and (on CP) the
notion that the humblest of us can be noble in their own way.



Date: Wed, 5 Apr 1995 11:25:57 -0600 (MDT)
From: Arbon Reimer 
Subject: Sense of HUMOR.

I felt I must respond to this seeming lack of a sense of humor on the
part of a few of the  (oops)
the readers of TNMS's part.  The quote that made me rage was when someone
described Neil Peart as saying "So you didn't buy the album, huh?" I
think **HE WAS TRYING TO BE FUNNY!!!!***   That garbage about
radioactivity at the end of ASOH video was a JOKE...  Their liner notes
are full of JOKES and HUMOROUS REFERENCES... c'mon people.... don't take
everything the boyz say to be serious and the Truth.  They could be full
of shit just like we all can be.
                                              Arbon Reimer

PS    flame me *PERSONALLY* through email at

"Some world views are spacious.... and some are merely spaced"  -Peart


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