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         The National Midnight Star, Number 1086

                 Wednesday, 19 April 1995
Today's Topics:
                     Ged/Alex lyrics
                     European touring
                babysitting Neils daughter
                   Counterparts videos
           Great, but how do you PRONOUNCE it?
                The Trees....YKYAARFW....
               Oaks, Maples, and Noble Law
                   Christians and Rush
               Rush moments in other songs
                  Second Favorite Bands
                    New album info...
              Re:  #1082 (
                   Misunderstood lyrics
                   A Farewell to Rumors
               Technique, trees, and others
                Evil American Express!!!!
               Neil Peart's political views
                     Caress of Steel
                   Favorite Bass Lines
                     the trees..ugh!
                        First post
              The Trees and Subdivisions....
                        Bass Lines
                Running through the "isms"
        Rocinante's final flight...Another example
                  Prog. Rock Definitions
                 ESL live video/laserdisc
                  Geddy's Pick Question
                        'Da Tweez
                        Dos Passos
                   warm memory chips...
           "Bridge of Sighs" and "Necromancer"
                     Rush radio shows
                         etc. ...
     Rush News. Latest as of 7pm (BST) 7th April '95.

Date: Thu, 06 Apr 1995 15:20 CDT
Subject: Ged/Alex lyrics

Hi all -

In NMS #1080, Chris said:

>       But just think if Geddy and Alex still had input, we may have been
>       subjected to some of the following classic lines:
>       Closer To The Heart--
>       And the men who hold high places, must be the ones who start
>        Well hey now baby, let's get Closer to the Heart.  Oooh yeah, oooh,
>        yeah.

Adds a whole new dimension to the song, eh?  Or is this just the live
version?  8-)

This post really makes you wonder what would have happened if Neil hadn't
have accepted the
job.  I'm sure Alex and Geddy didn't know he could write lyrics when they
auditioned him:

Alex:  This guy must own every drum in Canada.  I'm not hauling this crap
around, no way!
Geddy:  Whoa!  This guy's pretty cool, eh?
Alex:   Huh?
Geddy:  You're in, hoser.
Alex:    OK, but we're gonna' need a bigger truck!  And I'm not hauling
this crap around, no way!

Geddy:  Well, we've spent the past 3 weeks rehearsing this music.  The
session starts in 5 minutes, and I don't have any words written.  Guess
I'll just make something up.
                 It worked great last time!  C'mon Alex, grab that 6 pack
Neil:       I just finished this book by Ayn Rand, and wrote a poem about
it.  Want to use it for the scratch vocal until you come up with something?
Geddy:  Sure.  Thanks Neil.  What's this word?
Neil:        Anthem.
Geddy:   Oh, yeah, right.  Hey Alex, this is pretty good!  Whaddaya think?
Alex:       I'm hungry!  I want a snowdog with ketchup and mustard!
Geddy:  !  Take off, eh!
Neil:       Snowdog...... mmmmmm.  That gives me an idea......

And the rest is history.  8-)

|  John Walker		|
|  Email:	|
|  Voice:  (214) 447-8321	|
|  Fax:      (214) 447-8071	|


Date: Thu, 6 Apr 1995 22:41:00 +0100
From: Svante Pettersson 
Subject: European touring

Hello there!

To all you Rush-fans who think it's hard to wait for the next album
imagine being a swedish fan. I have been enjoying Rush's music since 1984
and not once have they visited scandinavia. (As far as I know anyway. It
would be pretty embarrassing if I missed them:))

Does anybody know why? I'm sure there's enough fans here in scandinavia
that would pay "Big Money"(whoops!:)) to see them. There's probably even
those with huge amounts of money who have travelled to north america to
get a chance to watch the guys "in action". However, I am not one of
those with that possibility.



Svante Pettersson			    "The world isn't flat.
Kajplats 305			             It's actually +6 dBa at 5.7 kHz."
//				         -FSCFRA 1994


From: (Craig G. Veary)
Subject: babysitting Neils daughter
Date: Thu, 6 Apr 1995 16:16:17 -0500 (CDT)

Well hello there fellow Rush fans...This is my first post so bear with me...

Anyways I have an interesting story regarding Neil and his babysitter...
Well, I used to live in Winnipeg (Canada) and my family had gained some
friends there..well one group of friends moved to Toronto...Anyways we
visited them two christmasses ago and this is what I heard..
Neil lived in their subdivision for a couple of years and our friends
daughter had babysat for his daughter a while back...however she did'nt
know this till after the fact. It sounded to me that she thought Neil was
a total jerk (when he was at home) and he changed their name to protect
their identity...Well needless to say I was tres tres interested so I
asked to see the house that Neil lived in... It was nice! lots of Huge
trees around(like the reference..ugh) I grilled her for every detail but
she wasnt much help so we drove on... A few blocks away from Neils former
home was a antique/crafts shop called....."A Show of Hands" I AM NOT KIDDING
 well I was bugging..I NEEDED to see that shop but it was x-mas so it was
closed... oh well...
So all you people out there can discuss this story if you wish or just
brush it off...its up to you...but Im not lying.
(side note..Im moving and got lots of posters and stuff if anyones
interested send an E-mail to

 -"Its HOT......sweltering"-Ged

                                                 l Craig G. Veary
                                                 m Illinois State University
                                                 i (a.k.a. Dodi Hochez)


From: (Gina Petroski)
Date: Thu,  6 Apr 95 16:45:52 EDT
Subject: Counterparts videos

Hi All!
I hope I don't make people too jealous, but I'm going to be seeing Rush
live. In my own house.  For Counterparts.  My buddy Rich (No pun intended!!)
got hold of the Spectrum shows from last year on video, and he copied them for
 me. I don't have a vcr at school, but as soon as I see them,I'll let everyone
know how they are.  I am so psyched because I miss seeing them live, but
this is the next best thing.
My friend Brian is also copying Burning for Buddy for me and I'm equally excited
about hearing this.  I told him about it after reading all the posts here
and finding out he's a huge BR fan.  He would like to thank everybody for
all the info on it.  He loves it.
I think someone asked about a Lindy Young in a previous issue. He's Nancy
Young's brother. IF you don't know who she is, she's also known as Mrs.
Geddy Lee. Lindy was also in Rush for a very abbreviated time in the '60's
or early seventies,playing keyboards.  DON'T YOU WISH ALL YOUR BROTHER'S

btw-If you're a fan of Stanley Clarke, check out the two Animal Logic cd's.
That was Stewart Copeland's project from the late '80's.  Ok, so this isn't
the same caliber of music as we're used to, but they can write damn good
songs and they're all accomplished musicians.  Deborah Holland (Allen?)
sange and wrote most of the songs, with Stanley on bass and Stewart on
drums.  The music is pop-y, but I still like it.
Sorry for the length-
Kira "I only buy my gas at the GETTY station..." :)


Date: Thu, 06 Apr 1995 16:24:03 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Great, but how do you PRONOUNCE it?

Greetings all,

I've noticed a lot of talk lately about YYZ and how it is actually YYZed.
My one remaining question, though, is this pronounced?  Is it a
short e (as in bread) or a long e (as in need).  I'm going to guess it's a
long e, but I'm not sure.  I just want to get my pronunciation correct.
You all know how much we hate it when we hear "Peart" mispronounced!!

   [ Short e, "zed" rhymes with "bread".                       : rush-mgr ]

OYKYARFW:  (The "O" meaning, of course, obligatory)

If someone asks you what album _song_ is on, you can tell them not only the
album, but the track number AND playing time...They usually give you
strange looks after this.  Trust me, I've tried it!

BTW, I was walking through a building on campus the other day and saw a
sign that said "Society of Mirrors."  It was an ad for some art and
literature discussion group.  I think I'll go to one of their meetings and
tell them the title of their sign was wrong.  YKYARFW you know what the
sign should have said!!!

Craig V. Stanley                                 "We are the priests
Departments of Computer Science & Music           Of the temples of syrinx.
Butler University                                 Our great computers
Indianapolis, IN                                  Fill the hallowed halls."
                                                            -Neil Peart,
Internet:                               "2112"


Date: Thu, 06 Apr 1995 16:35:53 -0600 (CST)
From: K 
Subject: The Trees....YKYAARFW....

Hey gang,

It's been quite some time since my last post.  Just thought I would add
a few comments.

I agree with Robert in #1081 about the Trees.  It is about (in my
opinion) how people tend to ignore the greater problems in life and get
too wrapped up in little "selfish" problems.  They forget how squabling
about these problems can affect the people around the
creatures of the forest, who fled.

   [ Yeah, where *did* those squirrels run off to?          : rush-mgr ]

YKYAARFW...when you get a package in the mail that has the RUSH sticker
on it and every time open it hoping for a souvenir.

Thank you, Good Night...



From: (dave mccormick)
Subject: ykyarfw
Date: Thu, 06 Apr 1995 06:32:04 -0400

YKYSARFW: You rename your program manager Xanadu.
          You download the great 2112 cover from gopher,
          spend an hour shrinking it down,converting it
          to bmp format to use as your wallpaper.(which
          goes great with your Overture wav.)


Date: Thu, 6 Apr 1995 17:58:03 -0500
From: (Chris Patterson)
Subject: Animation

I, too, went to see the tribute band "Animation" a week ago, and I wanted
to share my opinions with everyone.

I was completely blown away by them--I guess because I came in with rather
low expectations. I was expecting at least 4 members, probably 5,
performing a set of the older classics plus maybe stuff off of MP, all the
while "glossing over" the really hard parts of the music (especially the

Boy, was I wrong! Three (only!) extremely talented musicians who are also
very big Rush fans put on a show that no TNMS reader in the Chicago area
should miss!

The lead singer (a guy) had no trouble whatsoever hitting the high notes
(even in older stuff like By-tor and Anthem). And the He
performed a drum solo that I'm sure Neil would be proud of. What struck me
the most about it was just that it was so *different* from the tired
"Rhythm Method", but just as impressive. (Don't get me wrong--I like "The
Rhythm Method", but I wish Neil would update it more often in concert.) And
he does it without needing to spin his drum kit!

Here's the set list, as far as I can remember (after awhile, my mind was in
a daze...thanks to for reminding me
about the first few tunes):

>  By-Tor and the Snow Dog (through the first long instrumental section)
>  Tom Sawyer
>  Anthem
>  By-Tor and the Snow Dog (the second long instrumental section)
   Witch Hunt
   The Spirit of Radio

(Somewhere in here they took a break. What was cool about that was instead
of darting off behind stage or something, these guys just hopped off the
stage and BS'd with all the other Rush fans there for awhile and had a
beer. Oh, yeah--they were also giving away bumper stickers and other stuff,
and selling t-shirts for $5.)

   The Trees
   Jacob's Ladder
   Red Barchetta
   2112 (all of it!)
   Show Don't Tell
   Natural Science

When they went into Jacob's Ladder, I just stood there in total amazement. :o
They really nailed it!

I met another TNMSer there (Hey Dave!) who has the most patient and
understanding non-Rush-fan girlfriend I've ever seen! ;)

Finally, after raving about them all this time, I suppose I should say that
I am in NO way affiliated with the band. I just thought they were WAY
cool--"the next best thing to being there." Call 708/776-RUSH to find out
their upcoming shows.

Check 'em out!

Chris Patterson                               Phone: (708) 304-7367
Sr. Software Engineer                         Fax:   (708) 304-7704
Loral Medical Imaging Systems, Inc.           Email:
2501 N. Barrington Rd.
Hoffman Estates, IL 60195


Date: Thu, 06 Apr 1995 18:07:56 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Oaks, Maples, and Noble Law

Howdy, Fellow Rush-nuts!

	The Dinosaur raises his head from the murky tar pits, and boy is he
really pissed! I take great issue with the comments made by Sabina Becker 
in themost recent issue of TNMS.

	'Bina, 'Bina, 'Bina... methinks thou dost protest too much! Having never
met you, I am willing to give you the benefit of the doubt and believe that you
are a nice person who is just a little misguided. Your vitriolic commentary on
whiny old white men was just a little too much.

	Before I begin, let me say that I for one acknowledge that entirely too
much discrimination does indeed exist in our society, whether it be of the
racial or gender variety. However, I personally do not oppress or discriminate
against anyone. I do not own slaves; never have and never will. My wife (who is
a "Maple" like you) has never felt, or will never feel compelled to be
subservient to my every whim and fancy. She is truly my equal as far as I'm
concerned. So why do you feel compelled to label all white males as whiny Oaks
who oppress Maples while screaming "Oppression" themselves?

	I truly wish every single person in our society had an equal opportunity
to lead productive, rewarding, and happy lives. However, we simply do not live
in a perfect world. The vast majority of us white Oaks do not oppress any Maple,
be they Female, African-American, Homosexual, or Hindu. I personally was *born*
white and male. I did not ask for any divine intervention at any point during
my creation. All Oaks and Maples cannot help the way they're made. The true
oppression occurs when Oaks and Maples see themselves as different. At one time,
they were simply all trees. Then one day, someone pointed out the difference
between Oaks and Maples. Maples became "minorities." (Please note that I am not
laying blame on Oaks or Maples.) By some quirk of nature or random event, Oaks
were made larger than Maples. The Maples, in turn, began to notice that the
Oaks were living a better life (at least, that was their perception).

	Well, the Maples weren't going to stand for this, but they felt they
were not in a position to change things. Enter the Government. Government's job
is to pass laws and ordinances which make the Oaks more like the Maples. The
only problem with Government is that it tends to over-react. The easiest way to
make Oaks and Maples similar is to level them all.

	Now, remember that most Oaks were simply happy to be alive. Their intent
was not to oppress anyone. They were simply made the way they were. Imagine the
Oaks' consternation when they learned they were going to be leveled in the name
of equality. They didn't do anything to deserve it! The Maples were so blind to
the fact that they have the power over their own lives effect change that
Government felt compelled to intervene. In upsetting the balance, the Maples not
only alienated all the forest creatures, but got whacked with the Oaks as well!

	Who wins? Not the Oaks. Not the Maples. Not the forest creatures. Not
the Government. NOBODY. Get it?

	As a parting shot, let me say this: At one time the Oaks and Maples were
simply all Trees. It wasn't until differences were noted that they became Oaks
and Maples. The same is true of people. "Minorities" did not exist until someone
noticed there were differences. In a truly equal society, there are no
minorities. I personally do not discriminate against anyone because I don't
recognize that any minorities exist.

	The moral to this story? (1) This is not a perfect world. (2) You have
the power within yourself to effect change once you quit looking at yourself as
a minority. (3) Live and let live, but if you really, truly feel you're being
oppressed, find the power within to change it. Don't expect Government to be a
champion of your cause. (4) Accept those things you cannot change.

	'Nuf said. Sorry so long, but I personally get tired of hearing anyone
scream "Oppression!"-- Maple or Oak. Life's too short to worry about bovine

Dino (The Rock'n'Roll Dinosaur)

"Each of us, a cell of awareness
Imperfect and incomplete
Genetic blends with uncertain ends
On a fortune hunt that's far too fleet."



Date: Thu, 06 Apr 1995 18:30:36 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Christians and Rush

Rushies Everywhere:

	Dino here for his third entry within the same 24-hour period. My
comments in this entry are regarding Christians and Rush.

	IMHO, there is no earthly reason why Christians cannot be Rush fans. I
really am bothered by people who are so fanatical in their beliefs that they are
blinded by their fanaticism. It may be true that some of Neil's beliefs (as
possibly indicated by his lyrics) don't jive very well with Judeo-Christian
philosophy, but that doesn't mean you have to *agree* with those beliefs.

	There are many Christians who feel the only way to serve God is to
separate themselves from all things earthly. I have no problem with this, but I
do have a problem when these same people feel that *all* humans should be
like-minded. There are more important issues in this life than music, among them
feeding the hungry, healing the sick, clothing the naked, etc. If Christians
would spend more of their time addressing these issues, there would be no time
for worrying about something as trivial as music.

	I personally consider myself a Christian. I was brought up in the Church
of Christ, one of the more fundamental Protestant denominations in existence. I
would like to think that I am confident enough in my own beliefs that anything
Neil or anyone else could put down in lyrics is not going to carry me away from
serving God. The Bible teaches that anything you personally consider as wrong is
indeed wrong-- for you. But that does not mean you have the right to force your
values on another Christian. Christians are all at different levels of develop-
ment. If you feel music is wrong, don't listen to it. However, another
Christian may not feel that music is wrong, and to them is is not as long as
they don't replace the worship of God with the worship of music. It's really
that simple.

	There are too many really important issues in this world that need to be
addressed. I must admit that I, too, like many Christians fail to meet our
obligation of addressing these truly important issues. I'm afraid music is not
high on the priority list.

Dino (The Rock'n'Roll Dinosaur)

"Each of us, a cell of awareness
Imperfect and incomplete
Genetic blends with uncertain ends
On a fortune hunt that's far too fleet."



Date: Thu, 06 Apr 1995 20:10:58 EST
Subject: Rush moments in other songs

Interesting thread...

	Well, I believe it is the song Black Gold by Soul Asylum.  It seems to
me it has some definite Fly By Night (the song) chords.  And in reference to, I did notice the similarity of Bridge of Sighs and The
Necromancer - it's decieving to hear on the radio.  Talk about a bummer...

	On a different note, has anyone gained and even greater appreciation for
Neil's lyrics after taking a Philosophy class.  WOW!  I'm a college freshman
and I'm taking an Intro to Phil. course.  Almost everyday our topic puts a Rush
line or entire song into my head.  It's fun to be a fan, isn't it? :)

 -Chris at York College


Date: Thu, 06 Apr 1995 15:42:54 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Second Favorite Bands

Yo Fellow Rush Freaks!

	Dino again. To continue the "second favorite band" thread, I decided to
give my response, but I must admit it all depends on whether you're talking
about *current* bands or *all-time* bands. If you're talking about all-time
bands, then I'd have to say that RUSH is my second favorite band. My all-time
list would go down as such:

	1. The Beatles
	2. Rush
	3. Led Zeppelin
	4. Pink Floyd
	5. The Eagles
	6. Queen
	7. Grand Funk Railroad
	8. The Who
	9. Yes
	10. AC/DC

If you include individual artists, I'd have to put Cat Stevens right up there
with The Beatles. I also have a more than cursory interest in the following
bands/artists (although not in any particular order, and I probably left a few
out):  Lynyrd Skynyrd, the Doors, Bachman-Turner Overdrive, Doobie Brothers,
Moody Blues, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, the Supremes, Emerson Lake and Palmer,
Kansas, Rolling Stones, Mott the Hoople, David Bowie, Procol Harum, Humble Pie,
Heart, Foghat, Blue Oyster Cult, Boston, Aerosmith, Bad Company, Styx, ZZ Top,
Head East, Journey, Mountain, Canned Heat, Electric Light Orchestra, the Police,
King Crimson, Fleetwood Mac, Missing Persons, Eric Clapton, Cream, Derik and the
Subj:   #2(3) 04/19/95 - The National Midnight Star #1086
Date:   Wed, Apr 19, 1995 3:56 PM CST

Mail Split By Gateway

------- cut here --------
Dominoes, U2, Ultravox, the Cars, John Cougar Mellencamp, Steppenwolf, Jim
Croce, James Taylor, James Gang, Allman Brothers Band, Elton John, Guess Who,
Three Dog Night, Little Feat, Edgar Winter Group, Alice Cooper, and Zebra.

	Now... if you're talking about *current* bands, I don't think I can even
come up with a Top Ten list, as I don't think music as a whole is near as good
as it used to be (please don't start sending flaming arrows!). But, after Rush
some of the bands I really like are: Black Crowes, Crash Test Dummies, Big Head
Todd and the Monsters, Collective Soul, and Masters of Reality. Otherwise, I'd
just as soon flip on the local all-70s station (except for that god-awful Disco

	I bet the originator of this thread now wishes s/he never came up with
the idea! Sorry so long, but I just couldn't resist the temptation.

	Later Rushies!

Dino (The Rock'n'Roll Dinosaur)

"Each of us, a cell of awareness
Imperfect and incomplete
Genetic blends with uncertain ends
On a fortune hunt that's far too fleet."

GO HOGS GO !!! (WE'RE #2, WE'RE #2, WE'RE #2 !!!)


Date: Thu, 06 Apr 1995 20:19:15 EST
Subject: New album info...

Hello all,

	I posted this a few times before but it seems some have missed it and
some new readers are questioning.

	WELL, actually, they should be writing as we speak.  I found out on the
27th of Feb. that they'd begin writing in a month from then.  They'd release
the album in fall (most likely winter) and then they'd decide how they want to
go about putting out live material.

    [ Not quite, see the last post in today's digest.             : rush-mgr ]

	Gotta go...

 -Chris at York College


Subject: Re:  #1082 (
From: (yeah..)
Date: Thu, 06 Apr 95 20:10:27 EDT


I noticed Mr. Edie was a ubiquitous bass fan, and if you are a fan
of Weather Report (there are people I like better than J. Zawinul)
and other fusion/"third stream" bands as well as Rush, you might
also want to take a look at Emerson, Lake, and Palmer.  I got into
ELP about the same time I got into Rush, and Greg Lake seems to be quite
a bassist himself, get yourself the "Atlantic Years" collection
and listen to "Tank".

ELP has QUITE A FEW similarities with Rush, a big one being their
respectve keyboardists' choice of equipment.  Both Ged and Keith
Emerson were pioneers of the Moog synth, Emerson used a Moog Modular
for a long time (he's got many stories to tell about it) and Ged
uses the more modern Moog Poly and Minimoog.

Oh well.  Check em out.

(my $0.02)

A tired mind becomes a     |
shape-shifter. Everybody   |  The Four Dynamics of Life:
needs a mood-lifter,       |  1. Urge of individual self-survival..
Everybody needs reverse    |  2. Survival through prorecreation.
polarity.                  |  3. Survival of the group.
 -Neil Peart, Rush.         |  4. Survival of mankind.


Date: Thu, 06 Apr 1995 20:29:28 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Misunderstood lyrics

Greetings all,

One of my favorite threads has recently reappeared on the NMS, that of people's
misinterpretations of the lyrics based on Geddy's singing before they saw
the lyric sheets.

Someone mentioned hearing them sing about apple pie in "Circumstances," which
reminded me of a misinterpretation I had of a song on the first album, I think
it's "Here Again."  In one part Geddy sings "Is a-never gonna, ever gonna
change again," (this is from memory).  Anyway, for the longest time I thought
the beginning of that quote was "Is an apple doughnut..." :)  Didn't make too
much sense, but hey, Geddy was writing the lyrics back then... :)

Andy Acunzo


Date: Thu, 6 Apr 1995 20:29:54 -0400
Subject: A Farewell to Rumors

Hello Fellow NMSers,
Since this is my first post, I would just like to say that during the
year that I've been receiving TNMS I have thoroughly enjoyed the
thought provoking ideas and comments that have been reflected
in the digest.
Enough of my blabbering, let's get down to business.
Today, April 6, 1995, I placed a phone call to SRO/Anthem Entertainment
in order to find out just what is going on with the boys in the band.
After hearing and reading rumors about new discs, unplugged discs,
live discs, discs full of cover songs, and even a rumor about Rush
doing a children's educational album, I felt that it was time to find out
about the truth.
The lady at SRO was very polite, and answered every question that I
had. The main points of the conversation are as follows:
 1. There will be no new album (sadly) before 1996.
 2. There will be no change of schedule, and there is no possibility
 of an interim or early release.
 3. There is material being written, but again, there are no firm plans
 for a 1995 release.
 4. There is no information on what the band is doing in the meantime.
 5. Alex is not bartending.
 6. There are no solo projects, productions, or guest spots planned.
 7. After repeated calls from fans other than myself, the band is
 considering setting up some type of internet site. It would probably
 be a source for news and data/picture files.
 8. It is not known if it will be a web site, or an ftp site. The boys are
 simply tossing the idea around. There is no set schedule for setting
 it up either.
 9. The two main reasons to set up an information system are 1. The
 band hates rumors. If anyone should be providing information on the
 band, it should be the band itself. (Sorry Rush Mgr) 2. They feel that
 they are an innovative band, and they should just have some type of
 service set up.

That's all folks. As I said previously the lady at SRO was very polite,
and I did not want to take up any more of her time. Besides, now we
all know all that we need to know. With that I'll say adios.

Each of us a cell of awareness, imperfect and incomplete - Peart

Fight the good fight every moment, every minute every day - Emmett


From: Harig_Chris/
Date: Thu, 6 Apr 95 21:13:06 -0400
Subject: Technique, trees, and others
Hello everyone,

Let's slow down a bit and stop jumping down eachothers throats.  Bashing
the technique, style, and mastery of certain artists is like flogging a
dead horse.  Recently, we've all read some pretty good arguments for and
against Geddy's playing which has dragged in the other guys.  But do we
really need to argue?  Maybe calling one of them a "god" is a bit
drastic, but it doesn't mean we have to crap all over their style also.
Sure, we all know that there are a million unsung musicians out there
that stand on equal plane or even above our boys in Rush.  This is the
case in every proffession, but music affords a little room to move

Geddy may not be the bastion of technique, but this does not mean he
shrinks in comparison.  The same goes for the other guys.  You cannot
pull someone out of there area of expertise and tell them to fit in just
anywhere.  I agree with the fellow who bosts of session work.. This is
one of the best ways to learn and accomplish great strides in learning.
I know this because I have been playing drums with a strong jazz
influence for about 12 years and good enough for Zildjian to give me
some cymbals.  I also here tons of music, as I am a D.J. and music
ctitic for about the past four years.  My point is that although you
don't have the best technique doesn't drop you down the ladder.  Just
because your not a steve rodby and paul wertico rhythm section or phil
maggini and stu nevitt, doesn't mean they are better.  I was ctriticized
for my untraditional matched-grip sticking when playing jazz, but it
allowed me to do crossovers on the timpani.  I had poor technique but
competent ability.  Look at Matt Cameron, the guy is a wizard on the
kit, but people sometimes laugh at his "keith Moon" style of play, this
doesn't drop him.  Yes Vinnie C. does some great work, but he is such a
different drummer than Neil, and Neil has mastered his field.  I'm not
saying this just because we all love Neil, to be honest, I always
thought he was too mathemetical and out of the pocket, so I listened to
Carl Palmer and Stewart Copeland.  It wasn't until later that I realized
the mastery with Neil,  it was the music.  You can have all the
technique in the world and still compose nothing music.  Rush has the
knack for orchestating good pieces in their genre; very good pieces that
move all of us.  That is where the wizardry behind the instruments
exists.  I'm tired of everyone saying who is better than who.  That's
what you do when your in junior high.

Most of us are in college, have graduated from college, or embarking on
their college career.  That means we are all well educated.  At least I
hope so, or my $20,000 a year Furman University tuition hurts.  My point
is that we should keep our discussion educated.  We are an elite group
of fans, in a way.  Be proud that you belong to such a cool group.  Do
we really need to keep beating the whole trees, etc.. issues.  Remember,
a magician only shows you so much, that's what makes it magic.
Lyricists are the same way, and Neil creates magic.  Don't dig so far,
you may be missing the point.  Enjoy the subtleties in the humor of The
Trees. Remember also it is possible for an individual to come up with
ideas that may have been published by some prominent writer.  Neil may
be tipped by the things he reads but there is always some separation
when he or anyone writes.

I have recently reviewed the new Echolyn CD, and it is wonderful.
Everyone seems to miss the Emerson Lake and Palmer influence. (another
wonderful band)

For all you music lovers, check out ECHOES on NPR(yes I'm 22 and listen
to NPR)  it is great if you like that ethereal stuff.  Yes, you can be a
Rush fan and still listen to jazz, new age and even thrive off of
TOOL-the best new band around.(well I've actually been following them
for about five years now)

I do not apologize for the length of this post.  I love this forum and
feel the need to talk to you all because I respect your views. After
all, we are all Rush fans and wouldn't be speeking if this band didn't

Chris Harig
harig_chris/     please e-mail me if anyone wants to
                                  send me the BMG catalogue numbers.


Date: Thu, 6 Apr 1995 21:09:45 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Evil American Express!!!!

I was just reading apost about someone waiting in line since 3:00 am for
Tickets and ending up with 20th row for 6 people!!! Pretty good!!  I only
wish my luck was as good.  Before the Toront Cp tour, me and a friend of
mine decided to camp out the night before (we got there at midnight and
*still* were only second in line!).  Well, considering that we were
second in line, you'd expect that we got great tickets, right? WRONG!!
We found out that because of some deal with American Express, where
cardholders get some special mumbo jumbo privileges, THE ENTIRE FLOOR
SECTION WAS SOLD OUT!!!!!  How's that for justice.  Please note that I'm
not slagging anyone out there for owning an american express, but some of
us:a)cannot afford one
   b)do not want one
   c)do not have the credit to get one (I'm 19 goddamit!)
Is that any reason that a fan should be denied good seats? Fuck that!
Well, anyway, if it happens again, I guess I'll just have to fall prey
and use a friend's card or something. Anyone have any similar experiences?


P.S.  The story doesn't have such a bad ending.  When we got to the show,
we bought floor seats off a scalper(I know, I know, that doesn't help
either) and sold ours at a major loss...but it was definitely worth it!

"Rotate the pod please, Hal"-2001


Date: Thu, 06 Apr 1995 21:50:56 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Neil Peart's political views

Well, greetings fellow Rush fans. This is my first NMS posting, and it
is great to be out here. I must brag a little...I am a resident of
Neil's hometown of St. Catharines, ON, Canada. I graduated from
Neil's highschool, Lakeport S.S. Anybody want to know what Neil looked
like circa 1969?? Not to pretty, I tell ya'. But hey, those were the

Anyways, I would like to comment and set Neil's political views straight.
First off, according to a 1981 interview, Neil IS not a "right winger",
and despises anything right wing or fascist. In a 1994 article in Spin,
Neil describes his political views as LEFT WING libertarian. Some of
his major social/political concerns are equality of opportunity for all,
(regardless of race, sex, etc); a strong belief in gun control; and
a strong commitment to the environment; as well as a belief in major
funding for AIDS related projects. JFK is one of his mentors. Hope that
clears the rumors and speculation, and sets the facts straight. (Rush
Limbaugh better look out, because here comes Neil Peart!)


Date: 06 Apr 95 22:05:28 EDT
From: Mike Horwitz <>
Subject: Caress of Steel

Concerning the title Caress of Steel.......and I hate to bring up the Rand
again, but maybe it is related to the themes of architecture and the
magnificence of
skyscrapers in the Fountainhead. This was about the time that Neil was
by her writing.

aren't my posts much shorter than my brother's?  :-)   Hi Steven.


Ignorance and prejudice and fear walk hand in hand.


Date: Thu, 06 Apr 95 18:35:13 PST
From: "Jund, Michael" 
Subject: Favorite Bass Lines

     Hello fellow Rushters,

     Without a doubt my favorite Rush song that brings out the best in
     Geddy's bass is Marathon.  Not only does the bass sound awesome but
     Alex's guitar work seems to go perfectly.

     A close runner up is Afterimage.

     Thanks for caring,

     Michael Jund


From: SMERAK@cgart.Trenton.EDU
Date:         6 Apr 95 21:29:36 EST
Subject:      the trees..ugh!

What's happening all,
I believe it was me who started this whole discussion on The Trees
when referring to Peart's writing style.  At this point its kind of
funny to see everyone disagreeing with each other for the most
part...saying "oh no!, this is what was meant..." and "the trees is
really about..." etc, etc.  It proves that art is quite subjective,
and although the author probably had something in mind when writing
it, it means different things to different people.  It would be
really amazingif a bunch of people looked at an abstract painting,
and all said it was the same thing.  It doesn't happen that way, and
it's better that it doesn't-it's part of individualism.  To sum it up:
we're all right.  It's cool to tell everyone what you think a
particular song is about, but please refrain from attacking others.
Let's move on to something else...

"and God's name is smack for some!" - AinChains


Date: Thu, 6 Apr 1995 22:42:53 -0400 (EDT)
From: scott a neathamer 
Subject: First post

 I've had my subscription to TNMS for about a month and decided it's
finally time for my first post.  I'm sure there's going to be absolutely
no order to this (just typing my thoughts down as they come).
	I started listening to Rush about the summer of '92.  I knew
nothing about Rock music except what I heard on the radio, while riding
in the car with my brother.  My best friend was a drummer and naturally
was into Rush. He got my brother interested in them, who in turn, got me
into them.  That entire summer I spent every free minute listening to all
20 Rush album's my brother had.  As most of you probably did, I totally
fell in love with them (infatuation my psychatrist says!!). At the time
though, knowing nothing about modern music, I thought my brother , friend
and I were the only three Rush fans in the world. Boy, was I wrong.

A few random RUSH thoughts

	--With all the talk of Alex's best solo's I don't think anyone
has mentioned Open Secrets, I think it's one of his better
	--Anything from HYF will do as one of Geddy's better bass lines
	--Thanks to those of you who talked about Power Windows being
such a great album. I had never given it much attention for whatever
reason. Grand Designs and Marathon are now amung my favorites!
	--Do you think that maybe, Alex, Geddy, and Neil sit down each
night to read TNMS, and laugh  at how everything they have ever said,
written, or placed on an album insert is over-anylized and critiqued
	--Two days ago I traded a Candlebox CD my freind had got me, for
Roll The Bones. "I can't believe you'd trade Candlebox for Rush", he said
to me. Funny, I was thinking the same thing!
	--Rush kicks everyboby's a_s
	--I hope Alex forever stays in front of the keyboards where
he belongs
	--I recently joined BMG, and every Rush album I don't currenly
own, is on the way
	--Neil Peart could sit on my face and I'd still love him (don't
get the wrong idea)

		"You can raise objections
		 I will be the judge, and the jury"

The Hammer


Date: Thu, 6 Apr 1995 20:58:51 -0700 (PDT)
From: Arvid Hokanson 
Subject: The Trees and Subdivisions....

	Fellow Rushians,

The whole thing with the tress got mt to thinking.  Maybe the Trees were
fighting over who was cooler or bigger or better or whatever, and then
suddenly someone who wanted to build a SUBDIVISION came along and
flattened all the trees.  The guy who did it was "FINDING HIS WAY BACK
HOME(I know it is in thw wrong tense) and saw the TREES to cut down.
Anyway just a little idea that popped into my head.

				-Arvid Hokanson


Date: Thu, 6 Apr 95 23:06 MDT
From: (Chris Knopf)
Subject: Bass Lines

Hello again!

*Now* we're talking about one of my fave subjects...  Geddy's playing!  As a
has-been wanna-be bassist, I've spent years trying to learn from Geddy's
mastery of the instrument.  Some of you have posted brief lists of your
favorites, all of which I agree with... but I think ya forgot a few!

My all time #1 favorite:  Digital Man
Tied for second:          Red Lenses (especially as the song fades!)
Tied for second:          the entire second side of PoW (I have it on vinyl)
Tied for second:          Analog Kid
Tied for second:          Cinderella Man
Tied for second:          La Villa
Tied for second:          Marathon
Tied for second:          (insert any other Rush tune here).

One other thing, a little off the subject... now that I've finally gotten my
own SLIP account and was able to subscribe to this list (rather than being
politely asked to just d/l the issues from CompuServe), I finally got a copy
of The FAQ...  and I found it absolutely riveting reading!  And after
browsing the most recent issue tonight, it's clear to me that alot of people
who post here have not read it, since their questions are all answered in
The FAQ.  Read it, you all!  Hell, *I* may go back and read it again!

>...just another rational romantic mystic cynical idealist...
 -- Skug
***                 Skug @                ***
"I'm not suffering from insanity... I kinda enjoy it!"


Date: Fri, 7 Apr 1995 02:00:45 -0400
Subject: Running through the "isms"

Just a few thoughts on the ongoing (endless) objectivism, fascism, and
libertarianism threads . . .

I think some distinction needs to be brought out regarding lower-case
libertarianism vs. the Libertarian political party.  Like "democrat,"
"libertarian" is a rather sweeping term, and an individual's use of the term
does not necessarily (or even often) infer membership or sympathy with the
party of the same name.  William F. Buckley (a Republican if there ever was
one) sub-titled his last book "Memoirs of a Libertarian Journalist."  Another
conservative writer (and a damn funny one), P.J. O'Rourke is often described
as libertarian, but he too is a self-confirmed Republican.

As I understand the current usage (and please, spare me the Webster's
definition--if the dictionary meaning was applied, the American Democratic
and British Labour Parties could be accurately described as "conservative,"
as both seek to prolong the status quo of the welfare state, large
centralized government, confiscatory taxation, etc.), "libertarian" refers to
one who thinks the government should leave individuals the hell alone--just
deliver the mail, defend the borders, and mind your own business, in other
words.  (Which reminds me of a great O'Rourke quote:  "The two basic rules of
a free society are:  (1) Mind your own business, and (2) keep your hands to
yourself.  Hillary, mind your own business, Bill, keep your hands to yourself
>. . .")

When Neil calls himself a "left-wing libertarian," I would think he means
more-or-less the above by libertarian (he has long since described himself as
capitalist, and virulently anti-socialist).  By "left-wing," I think he is
referring to matters of censorship and tolerance.  Neil has, unfortunately,
been terrorized by morons who can't look past an album cover in their haste
to point out imagined "Satanism."  As a card-carrying Republican, rock-ribbed
conservative, and proud Limbaugh listener, I have no trouble in saying that I
find such people despicable.  They should, to quote the mighty Shatner, "Get
a Life!"  I can't say that I blame Neil for having a bad attitude about them.

As far as "tolerance" goes, I have to say that a small-l libertarian would
certainly believe in such a thing.  A legitimate conservative would say on
racial issues that equality under the law is mandatory, equality of
opportunity is paramount, but legislating equality of *result* is a fool's

Unfortunately, the right has been continually branded as "racist" by the
left, and particularly in Europe, the right is often labelled "fascist" (with
the rationale being, I suppose, if you're not a Marxist, you must be a
fascist).  As Neil said once (about reporters who continually hit him with
Ayn Rand questions), "it was an easy label to fix on, and people are lazy, so
>. . ."  Rather than have a real debate on most issues, some lefties seem to
prefer name calling to squelch opposition (a tactic as old as Lenin).  Too

As far as gay issues are concerned, Dave Sim quoted Buffalo Bill recently:
 "As long as they don't do it in the street and scare the horses, it's fine
with me."  Quite an apt statement of lower-case libertarian sentiments, if I
do say so myself...

(Oh, as far as Objectivism is concerned, *please*, 2112 was nearly 20 years
ago.  Neil has been saying for years that Rand does not encompass his
philosophies.  Let's give it a rest, eh?)

Hmm, well, that one got out of hand, didn't it?  Good day.

 --Will Collier


Date: Tue, 04 Apr 1995 15:58:22 -0500 (EST)
From: Alex Lifeson 
Subject: IRC

	I don't know if there is a Rush or progressive rock channel on IRC, but
a few freinds of mine and I usually get on #majesty.  We call it the prog rock
channel, so it's just about everything that's prog rock.  So, if anyone is in
that area at night, like 7-8, then come join!!! See you there!!!
						briaN M eichorN


From: "Rowe,Francis E., CIV CZW 5058" 
Subject: Rocinante's final flight...Another example
Date: Fri, 07 Apr 95 09:19:00 EDT

Subj:   #3(3) 04/19/95 - The National Midnight Star #1086
Date:   Wed, Apr 19, 1995 3:56 PM CST

Mail Split By Gateway

------- cut here --------
in TNMS #1082,  Ed Blonski mentioned the literary device used by Neil to
bring one character into another's story, and wondered who else has used
this. I only know one example, but it's a masterpiece. Robert Heinlein wrote
an SF story in the late 70s titled "The Number of the Beast". In it, the
intrepid adventurers discover a multitude of parallel (and not-so-parallel)
universes, most (or all) of which are the product of some writer's
imagination. Awesome story, check it out!


Date: Fri, 7 Apr 1995 09:35:46 -0500
Subject: Prog. Rock Definitions

>Seriously though Here's a definition by example RUSH, YES, ELP (Emerson,
>Lake, and Palmer)
>To further ramble on it is ROCK and ROLL that involves complicated
>drumming, sometimes the use of different time signatures other than 4/4,
>borrowing of stuff from Classical and Baroque Music.
>"Progressive Rock is like a box of chocolates"
> -F. Gump

        I've always taken a broader definition of progressive rock (by
personal preference).  I consider rock to be progressive if it is
exploratory; thus, any band that explores new techniques, styles, or sounds
is, to me, a progressive band. Obvious examples are Yes and ELP, for the
reasons mentioned above.  Another less obvious example, IMHO, is U2; ever
since the Joshua Tree, everything they've released has been different.
They constantly expand their musical boundaries.  To me, that's

         "There's no bread, let 'em eat cake." -NP
         "I would rather starve than eat your bread."  -EV
         "I like mine with lettuce and tomato." -JB


From: (Patrik Nordin - HFB S)
Subject: ESL live video/laserdisc
Date: Fri, 7 Apr 1995 16:25:07 +0200 (MET DST)


I'm a 24-yr old Swedish student and a Rush-fan.

Recently (last ed. of NMS #108?) there was some talk about ESL on laser disc.
Now, I don't own a laserdisc-player but I do own a VHS... so could anyone
PLEEEASE give some kind of address to where I could purchase the ESL video or
ESL laser disc? That would make me grateful beyond belief.

Waiting for that email...! :-)   PATRIK

Patrik Nordin

ps. Caress rules


Date: Fri, 07 Apr 1995 11:00:01 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Geddy's Pick Question

I saw a post in TNMS #1083 asking if Geddy used a pick....
Well in a Guitar Player interview from May of '86 I recall Geddy saying
something to the efect that he doesn't like picks and never really learned
how to use them properly but a few years ago Guitar Player or some other
guitar oriented magazine had a poster of famous guitarist picks and Ged's
was on there so I'm not too sure.  I have never seen him use a pick in
concert or in video's but I am not an authority, but y'know I think
I would have done a bit of research before shelling out 37 bucks.
Until next time.....


Date: Fri, 07 Apr 95 11:28:01 -0400
Subject: 'Da Tweez

There is unrest in NMS
Which is troubled by some weaz'
Who can't seem to stop from talking
'Bout the lyrics to The Trees!

Enuffs Enuff Already!



Date: Fri, 7 Apr 1995 9:11:36 -0700 (MST)
Subject: Dos Passos wrote:

>>        Why is it that everyone, when discussing Neil's literary influences,
>>fixates only on Rand? What about Rod Serling (Neil dedicated an album to him,
>>and named a song after one of his television series) or John Dos Passos
>>(who wrote a book titled _The Grand Design_ and one titled _The Big Money_
>>and had sections called "The Camera Eye" in his USA series)

>        Really? I didn't know that (which could be because I've never read
>any Dos Passos, yet).  Has anyone out there read any of these?  I'd be
>interested in hearing comparisons.

I've read some Dos Passos (the U.S.A. trilogy--which contains The Big Money--
Manhattan Transfer, One Man's Initiation, Great Days and part of Three
Soldiers).  Comparison-wise, he couldn't be farther from Rand.  He was a
socialist, for one thing, and wrote in the kind of Naturalist, slice-of-life
style Rand abhorred.  I like Dos Passos because he has a vividly poetic flair
for imagery, and at his best his language has an electric vitality
and tension that we can see in some of Neil's lyrics, like the chorus to
The Spirit of Radio or the first verse of The Enemy Within.



Date: Fri, 7 Apr 1995 12:07:11 -0500
Subject: warm memory chips...

Hey Rush heads!
        reading some of the posts reminded me of some things that i hadnt
thought of in years...first:
I remembered that my exit..stage left LP! has a defect...i bought it when it
first came out and it has on sides three and four..the same label...which is
kinda funny cause you have to look at the grooves on the record to figure
out which side has freewill...and which side has broons bane!...did this
happen to anyone else or do i really have something special here....(of
course its all worn out from excessive playing)...
the other thing i remembered was:
back during the presto tour..i got to see them in houston...i was sitting on
the first balcony to the left hand side as you face the band..and i saw
something that really bothered me at the time...
there next to the stage..hidden in the darkness..was a synthesiser
setup..with several monitors..and someone standing by the
the boyz at that time had a small synth for alex and a small syth for
geddy..and a pedal that would say "thats nice" my question is...WHO IS
THIS PHANTOM THAT I SAW??? was he playing keyboards in the
he controlling lights through a midi it HUGH SYME..filling the
keyboards :) that question bothered me for weeks after the show..and i wish
i hadnt remembered it..:(   can anyone share some available light on this


"the mob moves like demons possessed"


Date: Fri, 07 Apr 1995 11:21:42 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: "Bridge of Sighs" and "Necromancer"

Hail, Hail, Rush Psychos!

	Dino here yet again. In response to Matt's question concerning "Bridge
of Sighs": now that you mention it, there *does* seem to be a slight similarity
between the "Bridge of Sighs" and "The Necromancer: Into the Darkness."
However, "Bridge of Sighs" (from the album of the same title, by Robin Trower,
who was at one time a member of Procol Harum) was written about the same time as
Rush's Caress of Steel, so I doubt either artist stole anything from the other
(I can't remember the exact year "Bridge of Sighs" came out since I don't have
the album with me, but I do know it was the mid-70s). Anyway, I would strongly
urge our younger Rush fans out there to check out Robin Trower's "Bridge of
Sighs" album. IMHO, it is an outstanding album. Very rhythm-and-blues oriented
with a somewhat "spacey" atmosphere. The "Robin Trower Live" album is also very

	Later, fellow Rushies!


"Each of us, a cell of awareness
Imperfect and incomplte
Genetic blends with uncertain ends
On a fortune hunt that's far too fleet."



Date: Fri, 07 Apr 95 10:37:00 PST
From: "Jund, Michael" 
Subject: Rush radio shows

     Hey You Guys (and gals),

     Well...I have finished my countdown playing of all 116 Rush songs and
     now I need ideas for how I can group songs together for the next 5
     weeks worth of shows.

     Thank you for the ideas in the past:  Pye Dubois co-written songs
                                           Literary references.

     Yesterday I came up with another one.  I want to do a show playing all
     the songs that Alex sings on.  However, I am afraid that my list is
     incomplete.  Please e-mail me a list of all the songs Alex sings on so
     I can compare it to mine so I don't leave any songs out.

     Michael Jund


Date: Fri, 7 Apr 1995 13:40:50 -0400
Subject: etc. ...

Hello all...

     First off I would like to add to the bass thread.  I play a few
instruments and one happens to be bass.  My favorite Rush bass line would
have to be durring "The Necromancer" at about 5:30 into the song.  I cannot
say why.  It's not flash, or technical, it just groves and has a really
creative feel to it.

     In spirit of the listening favorites...  I love to listen to Rush when
driving and doing computer work, but...    My absolute favorite things are
playing along on bass or guitar (I am not all that great of a drummer and
therefore can't play Peart!) or, in my bedroom, alone, nothing but Rush in
the air and just appricate the lyrics, the music, the orchastration, the
production, there is just so much to enjoy and listen to that I need to give
absolute and total lone consentration to enjoy it all!!!

     Lastly...My second favorite band (not all that popular among other Rush
fans although "Working Man" sounds way to much like an almost influence solo
and all) is Black Sabbath.  If you were familiar with Tony Iommi's guitar
style, you'd be able to see that "Working Man's" solo and main riff are
similar to Iommi.  I have friends (loose use of the term) who do not like
Rush that like that one song (especially the solo) because it sounds so much
like Sabbath.  Well, that's enough of that!!

     -Kevin (Charon)


Date: Fri, 7 Apr 95 19:35 BST-1
From: (Stewart Gilray)
Subject: Rush News. Latest as of 7pm (BST) 7th April '95.

Rush are having the whole of 1995 off.

This is the official news from SRO/Anthem.

3 reasons.

1, The new album is going to be produced by Peter Collins again.
Unfortunalty Peter has signed a contract with another band. This contract
is due for completion in November, at which point Peter will take time
off until February '96 when he will meet up with Rush to record the new

2, Geddy is taking the complete year off so that, when the new album is
done and the tour is going to start he will have spent 2 and half years
with his daughter (her first 2 and half years).

3, Alex IS doing a solo project and is in the middle of writting some
stuff, he has already recorded a song with Mr. Bach from Skid Row so we
may see something in the fall from good 'ole Alex.




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