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Subject: 03/25/98 - The National Midnight Star #1995

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         The National Midnight Star, Number 1995

                 Wednesday, 25 Mar 1998

Today's Topics:
                  This Ain't a Thread..
                    best song lyricaly
     Re:mp3/cd writer question(s)/fav website thread?
                   The Spirit of Violin
                    Favorite Drummers
               Re: Peart vs Rutsey--Top 100
                        Rush on M2
                Favorite band members-NRC
      Why not? Here is my 2 cents on top 10 Non-Rush
          dealing with another "anti-opinionist"
                       Laser shows
        If the critics hate it, its got to be good!
                   Favorite album cover
                     Lyrics sightings
                     The Rush SecSoc
               one more Van Halen 3 comment
                    SecSoc beliefs...
                     The English Pub
             story of kings- still in print!
                      A Celebration
                        fire, fire
                 stay away from the light
                     The Rush SecSoc
          What makes a band great as musicians?
            2 or 3 semi-rush-related subjects
                 In defense of Julien...
            Baba's 10 Essential Albums To Own
       mpeg(again)/chris walker-chris walker/rumors
              Speaking of non-RUSH contents
                  This weeks Audio File
                    Favorite musicians
                Rush Songs for a WEDDING?

Date: Mon, 23 Mar 98 07:18:09 GMT
Subject: This Ain't a Thread..

     I've pushed Helmet on this list before. I simply love Helmet. They are 
     extremely talented in my opinion & the drummer has openly expressed 
     his admiration for Peart. My point is this: I was just listening to 
     their newish record, "Aftertaste" & the production is just fantastic. 
     Helmet makes a hell of a lot of noise & for a producer to be able to 
     harness it, well, that is a task. All the instrumentation gets its due 
     time in the spotlight. It's one of the best put together albums I've 
     heard in a long long time. Dave Sardy of Barkmarket produced it & I 
     wish there was some way to convince him to do Rush's next record. I 
     wish there were some way to convince Rush to seek him out, but it 
     probably won't happen. Oh well...


From: greg cormier 
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 98 8:24:12 EST
Subject: best song lyricaly

   I know the majority of us love each and every Rush song for it's 
brillance in music and lyrics.
A lot is posted about a favorite solo or Instrumental  etc.. but not as 
much emphasis is put on the lyrics.How about your top ten Rush songs in 
terms of the lyrics. 

Here are my top ten songs for their lyrical content:

1.Subdivisions- We all can relate to our growing up with this song.
2.The Pass- A beautiful reminder that life has both it's ups and downs.
3.Afterimage- You can feel the personal hurt of losing a close friend.
4.Tai Shan- I can picture being there walking up those endless steps.
5.Territories- I wish the politicans and warmongers could relate to this 
6.Manhattan Project- This could of been Oppenheimer speaking here.
7.Witch Hunt- You can really feel the anger and bigotry vividly.
8.Test For Echo- A good summation of the 90's menatlity.
9.Lakeside Park- Everyones perfect escape and dsire to return to the 
carefree day's of old.
10.Spirit Of Radio- The very basis of the bands stand to do it their way 
and not worry about the charts.

This is my opinion today and definitely subject to change.Picking ten out 
of the 100 + songs is no easy task.What do others feel about Rush's lyrics 
and which ones make your top ten ?


From: "Noel Linback" 
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 1998 06:15:17 PST
Subject: Re:mp3/cd writer question(s)/fav website thread?

You could easily write MP3's to CD in form a CD player could player 
could read if you get a program that writes red book (CD audio)format.
I know there is aprogram available for mac that does this so I assume 
there is a comprable program for PC.


From: Dennis Pupello II 
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 1998 13:01:29 -0500
Subject: The Spirit of Violin

As I write this I'm listening to violin phenom Rachel Barton's terrific
rendition of The Spirit of Radio.  Have to say, the arrangement is awesome.

The track comes off her recent cd release Stringendo: Storming the Citadel.
 While the album only contains violin and cello (95% of the former), the
versions of hard rock songs such as Back in Black, Sunday Bloody Sunday,
Heartbreaker and Stairway to Heaven are really cool.

Some people would probably be put off by the fact that basically one
instrument is doing all these songs, but to my ears it's a refreshing
change.  It's really nice to hear a virtuoso tackle these tunes.

I ordered the cd off the Internet for $17.50 including shipping.  Well
worth the money imo if you can handle the strings only approach to hard
rock classics.

And no, I don't get anything from the plug :}   Just like the music.


Dennis Pupello II
Webmaster / Technology Division
City of Brooksville, Florida
city web:
city email:
personal web:
personal email:


From: "The High Commander" 
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 1998 10:35:43 PST
Subject: Favorite Drummers

What?  No-one mentioned the kid from Hansen?

*sarcasm mode off*
"I'm too tired to come up with a nifty signature." -- Me


From: Geoff Bosco 
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 1998 14:03:53 -0500
Subject: Re: Peart vs Rutsey--Top 100

I agree With every thing That Rob said in his post except that Neil "is
also proboly (with the possible exeption of John Bonham) the greatest
rock drummer ever." I think that there is no possible exception, He is
the greatest rock drummer ever. What makes him the best is that he
combines the firey intense playing of guys like Bonham and Keith Moon
with the taste fullness and control of a jazz drummer and he does better
than anyone else.

Also VH1 is doing a speacial on the Top 100 musical artists of all time
and I was wondering if anyone knows if Rush are on it. It is my belief
that if they're not in the top five then they dont belong on the entire
list. I would rather that they would not be on the list rather than them
placing say at 50 right before Motley Crue or some other stupid band
like that. That being the case it would still be neat to see them get at
least some recognition.



Date: Mon, 23 Mar 1998 22:36:01
Subject: Rush on M2

Heya! There has been talk about Rush on MTV. Well.....Primestar recently 
added M2 (in January). Its the sequel to MTV....its all videos. The 
commercials are just for outside advertising. Anyway....they have new 
bands come on and then they pick their fav. vids. They had a new band that 
picked DEW so I saw it finally. :) The bassist said that his main influence on 
bass was Geddy and that he almost met Geddy in 97 on the tour, but there 
was some sort of mix up. It was really weird to see Rush on TV....nice to see 
them in action. :D Later, Cat


Date: Mon, 23 Mar 1998 20:37:43
Subject: Covers

>Date: Fri, 20 Mar 98 13:02:05 GMT 
>Subject: No subject given 
>   What songs would I like to hear Rush cover? What a great thread! 
>   Here's a list! 
>   1. "Somebody's Watching Me" - Rockwell 
>   2. "Material Girl" - Madonna 
>   3. "Who's Johnny?" - El Debarge 
>   4. "Darling Nikki" - Prince 
>   5. "Our Lips are Sealed" - Go Gos 
>   6. "Just Another Victim" - Helmet/House of Pain 
>   7. "Bootzilla" - Bootsy Collins 
>   8. "Incense & Peppermints" - Strawberry Alarm Clock 
>   9. "Big Bottom" - Spinal Tap 
>   10. "The Positive Aspect of Negative Thinking" - Bad Religion 

    I know you weren't serious, but I still wanted to talk about it. Darling 
Nikki would be awesome. Being a Prince fan, I chuckled at that one. Can U 
imagine that last scream Geddy style? Prince & Geddy are two of the better 
screamers around. The originial ends with "Your darling little Prince is 
gonna grind-ind-ind-ind-ind-taww-taww-taww-awwww-awww-awww". I would like to 
hear that one covered. lol Later, Cat


Date: Mon, 23 Mar 1998 15:50:33 -0500
Subject: Favorite band members-NRC

I'll just state that my favorite flute player would have to be Ian
Anderson of Jethro Tull :-)Sorry for the lack of Rush content,but they
lack a flute player! Oh BTW he plays a mean acoustic and
(occasionally)electric guitar,mandolin,bass guitar,the list is virtually


From: BY-TOR 
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 1998 15:51:08 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Why not? Here is my 2 cents on top 10 Non-Rush

Here's my 2 cents on my top 10 Non Rush music.
In no particular order...

* Scorpions - All of it, from Uli Roth to Matthias Jabs era(s) - MINUS the
  new album...that was terrible.

* Michael Schenker Group - Early albums - MSG, Michael Schenker Group,
  Assault Attack, Built to Destroy, and the McCauley era of MSG and Save

* Honeymoon Suite - All four albums - Does anyone remember these guys??

* Led Zeppelin - All of them

* Pink Floyd - All of them in their own fashion - but Momentary Lapse of
  Reason sticks out.

* Queensryche - All of them with a tie between Mindcrime and Froniters(new

* UFO - Just w/ Michael

* Van Halen - 5150

* White Wolf - Call of the Wild - Anyone else remember these guys?

* Stabbing Westward - All

Fav Rush : Hold Your Fire / Moving Pictures

Thanks for listening -
"Was it love, or was it the idea of being in love?
Or was it the hand of fate, that seemed to fit just like a glove?
The moment slipped by and soon the seeds were sown.
The year grew late and neither one wanted to remain alone."
                                        -Pink Floyd "One Slip"


From: Grand Designs 
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 1998 16:04:34 -0800
Subject: dealing with another "anti-opinionist"

"Sergio Escalona"  wrote:

> What a stupid thing to say Mr.... uh... I didn't catch *your* name!?.  The
> same thing could be said about Rush by a Van Halen fan: "Hey Geddy, Alex &
> Neil... it's been over since ... let it go!"
> Sheeeezzzz! Very stupid thing to say... uh... whatever the f@#k you are!  
> what's with the mask anyway?!?

"...and he likes to be known as the angry young man..." ... Billy Joel

I shouldn't dignify this with a response, but what the hell...

>>> That was a stupid thing to say!

Why? Because you don't agree with me? No one said you _had_ to! It's my
opinion. Opinions... _you've_ heard of those, haven't you?

>>> The same thing could be said about Rush by a Van Halen fan"

yup, that's right, it could. So? Let them. It doesn't bother _me_. What
are you gonna do? You gonna flame them too?

>>> What's with the mask?

Figure it out.

> Very stupid thing to say... uh... whatever the f@#k you are!

I won't tell you _what_ I am, but I will tell you _what I am not_ ......

I'm not an angry young man.

P.S: I stand behind my opinion. Van Halen has lost a lot since OU812...

   [ Let's please cut down on the flaming.                   : rush-mgr ]

Deal with it!

Against the run of the mill
Static as it seems
We break the surface tension
With our wild kinetic dreams...

Visit the Grand Designs Rush Site at:


Date: Mon, 23 Mar 1998 20:31:10
Subject: Drummers

heya! I've only been a fan for about a year.....before hearing Neil, I had 
considered Shelia E to be the best drummer I knew of....oooops! :D Anyway...
its VERY hard to judge drummers accross musical styles. Plus, you gotta take 
other things into account. For example, Shelia doesn't play as hard or as 
fast as Neil, but Shelia is like 5'4 and she might be 110 pounds. Neil 
obviously is bigger. :D I just don't think that you can compare musicians....
I are comparing rock drummers that play completely different 
kinds of music. Later, Cat


From: greg cormier 
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 98 17:01:08 EST
Subject: Laser shows

    With all the posts lately about laser shows I will add my .02 cents 
worth.I saw a laser show back in 1992 shortly after RTB came out.The show 
was at the Boston Science Museum's planetarium.They played a mix of songs 
and the sound system was very loud but not distorted.The laser effects were 
pretty decent and kept your interest for the most part but it was the sound 
system and it's overall volume level that I remembered long after the show 
had ended.The show itself lasted for about an hour or maybe a little longer 
The price of admission was around $10 as best as I can remember so overall 
not a bad deal and perfect to see in between tours or when there's a lull 
in the band's activity such as now.I would highly recommend it to any true 
Rush fan.    


From: Eric Hansen 
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 1998 15:21:47 -0700
Subject: If the critics hate it, its got to be good!

While the critics are knocking the new Van Halen album, I'd like to give my 
very positive endorsement.  I may be going out on a limb here, but either the 
critics are idiots or I have bad taste in music (since I'm on this list, I 
think critics are f----d in the head).

When I first heard it, I though to myself "this guy sounds a lot like Sammy."  
He does, but after listening for awhile, you get used to it.  This album is 
INTENSE.  It blows away Balance.  The band has definitely broken down their 
paradigms and explored new avenues.  There are only a couple of songs that 
are immediately recognizable as Van Halen.  Many parts of the album send 
chills down my spine, and the depth of the songs are incredible.  I played 
the song "Once" for my wife and within 30 seconds she said it was a "beautiful" 
song.  Strong praise coming from her.

I got on the Warner Bros. Van Halen web site this weekend and perused their 
message board.  I had to laugh because there were many messages slamming 
the "new" Van Halen, pleading to bring back Sammy, and descriptions of 
"musical masturbation" on Eddie's part.  Translation: "hard to recognize the 
real thing, it comes along once in a while."

I came into work this morning (Monday) and told the guy I borrowed it from it 
was their best album since OU812 and he sold it to me for $10.  He is a die 
hard Van Halen fan (not anymore, eh?).  Another guy said Eddie got mystical, 
but I disagree.  This is music you can LISTEN to by yourself, not just at 

If you are thinking of buying it, wait a few weeks for all the old-Van Halen 
fans to trade them in at your local used CD store.


P.S.. Eddie grew his hair back!


From: "Ken Hebb" 
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 1998 17:11:24 -0600
Subject: Favorite album cover

I'm partial to counterparts myself. Something in the bolt and nut
But, hey. what do I know?


Date: Mon, 23 Mar 1998 17:51:42 -0500 (GMT-0500)
Subject: POLL

Here's my favorites musicians : 

GUITAR : Joe Satriani,John Petrucci,Alex Scholnick,Marty Friedman,Steve Vai
         Eddie Van Halen,Nuno Bettencourt,Steve Ray Vaughan,Eric Clapton.

BASS : Geddy,John Myung,Billy Sheenan,Stuart Hamm,Les Claypool,John 
       Patitucci,Frank Bello,Steve Harris,Flea.

DRUMS : Neil,Mike Portnoy,Lars Ulrich,Deen Castronovo,Charlie Benante,  
        Alex Van Halen,Scott Rockenfield,John Bonham,

VOICE : Geoff Tate,Zachary Stevens,James La Brie,Michael Kiske,Sebastian
        Bach,Edie Vedder,Mike Patton,Chris Cornell.

That's enough. When come to mind more names, i'll let you know.



From: "Byron" 
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 1998 16:44:06 -0700
Subject: Lyrics sightings

>Those who have played the game Warcraft II should know
>of one of the cheat commands which is sure to be the result of the
>programer's love of RUSH.  For those who who want to learn of another great
>presence, though indeed obscure, the words are this: "glittering prizes".
>This is the cheat command in the game to award you vast sums of riches.
>If you don't know the game, go get it.  It is excellent.

But wait, there's more!  If I remember correctly, "hatchet axe and saw" is
the cheat code that gives you a ton of wood.  If I can find a list of the
Warcraft 2 cheat codes, I'll post the Rush-inspiried ones.



From: Julien Daigle 
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 1998 20:10:15 -0400
Subject: The Rush SecSoc

Welcome to the Rush Secret Society.

Here in this divine domain, you can dream about how you'd like to
transcend your love for Rush into a more physical reality. For instance,
apart from the desire to become them, you might want to consider being
their loved one or even their soulmate.

We are about an unconditional love for this most extraordinary band. If
you'd count all the blessings the Rush Spirit has given you, you'd come
up with more then what you bargained for. 

One must ask himself what the purpose of his Rush Dreams are. All SecSoc
members function on the basis of a dreamline of permanent Rush waves. In
all our brilliant minds is etched the instructions for Rush-like

All rise,



From: Hanstones 
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 1998 19:07:56 EST
Subject: one more Van Halen 3 comment

Anybody else thats heard VH3, does the sequence the band plays during "Ballot
or the Bullet" remind you of a similar sequence in Led Zeppelin's "Nobody's
Fault but Mine"?

Back to your regularly scheduled program.. (sorry about the lack of Rush
content, putting my Rushian hat back on)



From: mrfranklin@CCGATE.HAC.COM
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 98 13:43:11 PST8
Subject: SecSoc beliefs...

I am confused oh wise elders.  For Julien hath written...

On the long and seemingly never-ending journey of life, one must
occasionally ask himself what the purpose could be. And as with Rush,
SecSoc members also believe in agnosticism and humanitarianism. 

I must protest on of the above tenets of our SecSoc.  We, members of SecSoc, 
neither believe in agnosticism nor do we not believe in agnosticism.  We 
acknowledge, however, that we do not deny that agnosticism may or may not be 
true.  Of course, we are free to believe the above statement or not.  

So, on that note, I beg you, rethink who you are and begin to believe in
yourselves. Each and every SecSoc individual has the power to choose the
clear path to Rush fulfillment.

Believe in myself?  Individual power? NO NO NO NO NO I Won't I Can't I Won't I 
Can't!!!!  If I had that stuff, why would I need the Rush SecSoc?!?!?!  I need 
to be told what to think, what to do, what to wear.  If I had those things 
you're talking about, why I would have to assume personal responsibility, lead a
normal existence, maybe find a nice girl, get married, a house in the 'burbs.  
The SecSoc appeals to me so I don't have to think and can remain a drooling, 
lifeless, goobernatorial mass of flabby humanoid matter.

SecSoc Forever!!!!


For KAR people only....

"The blind duck quacks the loudest."


From: Neil Peart 
Date: 	Mon, 23 Mar 1998 19:32:10 -0500
Subject: The English Pub

A few months ago, I was taking a break from my daily bike ride in a
local pub when a rather odd gentlemen came up to me.  As there were no
empty seats around, and I'm generally a nice guy, I told him to go ahead
and have a seat.  After a few moments of small talk, he got this really
weird expression on his face, like he'd seen a ghost.  At that point I
thought he might know who I was.  He proceeded to get up from the table,
and said something to the effect of "Hey man, no matter what anyone may
think of you, you've got to take the time to let it heal.  And when
you're ready, then come back."  Despite his obvious anxiety at talking
to me, I could tell that he really cared, even though he did not
understand.  His words meant a great deal to me after hearing so many
people saying "go back to North America and work with Alex and Ged."  I
wish that everyone could understand what he and I shared, an
understanding that nothing he could do, save for that one comment, could
help me overcome my loss.


P.S. -- Alex, you lost it in issue #1994, when "Julien Daigle" referred
to the readers as "you rushians."  I'm betting that the true leader of
the KAR, if I ever get around to making one, would consider himself or
herself to be a Rushian.

Obligatory KAR command -- "We have been figured out, let us disband and
await the true coming of the one."  I'll be sure to make it really clear
folks.  Something to effect of, "Hi, I'm Neil Peart and I want to form a
Secret Society called Kinder Acts of Randym.


From: Joe Lynch 
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 1998 17:17:17 -0800
Subject: story of kings- still in print!

>Is "The Story of Kings" CD out of print?  I keep seeing people offer to
>sell it.  Haven't been in a record sore in months.

Yes, it's still in print in the U.S. Anyone who orders from Valley Media,
the company I work for, can get it for you.

Most of the major online music retailers order from us, so you can try
them, too.
Joe Lynch
Valley Media, Inc.
(the One Stop Formerly Known as Valley Records)
(530) 661-7810


From: Jonathan and Heather Lane 
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 1998 22:10:19 -0330
Subject: A Celebration

Hi Folks,
I picked up the FBN remaster the other day and just opening the case inspired 
me to write. First of all it contained something that my Lp and cassette did 
not. LINER NOTES. I nearly fell off the chair. I'd didn't even think there 
were any for that album. I marveled at the hand printed lyrics with little 
drawings on each one, set against the knobs of a mixing board. The title 
track even features a prologue that isn't sung in the song. And pictures of 
Liam, Jim, Ian, Howard and Broon. I was all giddy(like a school girl)! In the 
credits I learned that the cover painting was done by Eraldo Carugati and not 
our old faithful Hugh. This cover is also a darker print than my vinyl copy. 
It's a little more mysterious.  So then I popped it in the cd player and it 
sounded so fresh, so raw, so Rush. It had been quite awhile since I listened 
to it so it was an extra treat to hear it so clear and free of pops and tape 
hiss. Needless to say, I cranked it. I got chills listening to these great 
tracks from what I consider to be the first 'real' Rush album (with the 
presence of 'Father Neil' and all). The other one has spirit but this one 
breaks the ground that makes the boys what they are today. For instance the 
multi-part Bytor with it's strange 'beast sound'(what is that anyway?),Fantasy 
lyrics and the extensive battle section. [In fact, I learned something else 
from the lyric sheet. The Battle is broken into four different sections 
(haven't figured out where each one starts and stops yet)]. Also, the slide 
guitar solo on Making Memories ( Alex's only one to date, I think) plus Ged 
playing Classical on Rivendell amongst many more examples serve as signs 
of the further greatness and experimentation to follow. Too bad Neil didn't 
have a glockenspeil back then for In the End in the part where he's hitting 
the bell of the cymbals.  FBN has the most diverse writing credits of any 
Rush album, too. I won't list it here but only three of the eight tracks give 
the standard writing arrangement.  A bit of irony in one of the lyrics, "got 
my sights on the stars, won't get that far but I'll try anyway," by Lee.

Oh no. The bandwidth police are on my tail. Anyways, thanks for letting me 
share my little "Rush moment" of an incredible and enduring album. This is 
what I consider to be the Rush Spirit.

Keep on 'Rush'ing,

Jon Lane


From: Fred Pinto 
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 98 17:45:50 -0700
Subject: fire, fire

someone said:
> Whoa, dude. Deep breaths. Count to 10 or something. The Rush Secret Society
> is not for everyone, but neither is iced-cappacino.

then someone else said:
True, but nobody is relentlessly throwing iced-cappachino in our faces
Just a thought...
and to that i say:
not to defend this rush secret society nonsense, but i have three words 
for you.
"PAGE f*ckin' DOWN"
is it really so difficult to read the subject line, determine if the 
topic is of any interest to you, and skip the junk posts a la julien's 
jack-ass society????
just a thought...


From: (scott chase)
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 1998 20:51:34 -0500
Subject: stay away from the light

Fellow Rushians:

The line has been drawn in the sand. The battlefield is abuzz with the
sounds of heavy machinery. I have been elected as spokesperson for the
KAR resistance. Please, we implore you, beware of Julien Daigle and his
Secret Society. The allure is great, but it is a dangerous thing. He is
a master of deceit. I've been down the road of illusion myself. Steer
way clear. As was said on Poltergeist "Carole-Ann (I think I got the
name right) stay away from the light." Hahahahsha! Just kidding. I hope
Julien is.

                                     Private Scott
                                   (they busted me down in
rank for sneaking away with                                    beer)
P.S.-I think I'm going AWOL tonite. I've got a tunnel dug....


From: Julien Daigle 
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 1998 21:55:15 -0400
Subject: The Rush SecSoc

Welcome to the Rush Secret Society.

Some are now beginning to realize the importance of constant
Rush-related thinking. We must all join our forces to form the single
coherent Rush unit in accordance with the Rush Spirit.

The time will one day come when all our efforts will be toward this
goal. Some will not endure, some will change hearts, but the true ones
will remain loyal and ever-loving to the incredible band that inspired
them so profoundly.

It's a choice we have to make in our everyday lives. It can sometimes be
tempting to march to the beat of an anti-Rush vibe, but we must not give
in, for life is too short.

Brothers in arms,



From: Justin Busch 
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 1998 17:48:59 PST
Subject: What makes a band great as musicians?

Since many people on TNMS spend a lot of time talking
about who the best drummers/guitarists/bassists are in
rock, whether they're as good as their jazz counterparts,
etc., let me throw some questions in to ask why.

Speaking for myself, I'm a saxophonist and trained
largely in concert band-type material. When I listen to
Rush, or any other rock group, I can appreciate the
lyrics, I can appreciate their sense of ensemble, but I
know I don't hear the same things that someone who plays
those instruments would. I know without technical
knowledge that Neil, Alex and Geddy are miles better than
the local bar bands, but:

What does a bassist look for that lets him say Geddy is
better than Les Claypool? What do guitarists look for in
comparing Eddie Van Halen to Alex? How does a drummer
distinguish between the talents of a Lars Ulrich and
Neil? I think we can all agree that these are all fine
rock musicians, so what are the finer points that
separate the greats from the merely good?

As a final plea, when people start answering, PLEASE
don't flame each others' responses. Save it for Julien.

Justin Busch


From: "Palo, Christopher John" 
Date:        Mon, 23 Mar 1998 20:57:19 CST
Subject: 2 or 3 semi-rush-related subjects

Dear fellow Rushians,

Greetings and salutations!  I have a few things that I just want to get
out in the open.  First, I am not a drummer, but I work with drummers,
yet I do not understand why jazz drummers keep time with the ride cymbal
and rock/blues drummers keep time with the snare.  Is this just the WAY
it is done or is it for more practical reasons?  I would really like to
know.  Second, as a bass player, I have to voice some of my favorites
other than Geddy.  I am shocked that for the few mentions of favorite
bass players on this newsletter, no one (to my knowledge) has made any
reference to John Deacon of Queen.  I admit that I am a big fan, but
that is not my only reason for thinking of him so highly.  His bass
lines are some of the most melodic you can find in rock so that he is
not merely just a member of the rhythm section.  It is true that he is
hard to hear on Queen albums, but if you listen closely, you will be
pleasantly surprised.  I also have to put forward Flea of RHCP. He
totally wails with his bass!  ANd third, with regards to the person who
is arguing with his girlfriend over which Rush song is played most on
the radio, I agree that it is Spirit of Radio (then Tom Sawyer).  My
radio station at home 98.9 The Rock plays this more frequently even
though the station has pretty much sold out to alternativism.  Well,
later.  Latin awaits.


Date: Mon, 23 Mar 1998 20:37:43
Subject: Covers

>Date: Fri, 20 Mar 98 13:02:05 GMT
>Subject: No subject given
>     What songs would I like to hear Rush cover? What a great thread!
>     Here's a list!
>     1. "Somebody's Watching Me" - Rockwell
>     2. "Material Girl" - Madonna
>     3. "Who's Johnny?" - El Debarge
>     4. "Darling Nikki" - Prince
>     5. "Our Lips are Sealed" - Go Gos
>     6. "Just Another Victim" - Helmet/House of Pain
>     7. "Bootzilla" - Bootsy Collins
>     8. "Incense & Peppermints" - Strawberry Alarm Clock
>     9. "Big Bottom" - Spinal Tap
>     10. "The Positive Aspect of Negative Thinking" - Bad Religion
>     Ok, so those were all jokes (actually, I'd kill to here the boys do
>     some Spinal Tap). But, here's one I REALLY think they could do some
>     interesting things with: "Salsbury Hill" by Peter Gabriel. What a
>     GREAT song! i the only one who things the guys from This is Spinal Tap remind
me a lot of Rush in the 70s? The hair and all that...the clothes and a
little bit of the music too...been a while since i seen the movie, but i can
remember thinking "Woah...looks like Rush!"

It goes all the way to 11 :)



From: Caroline in the City 
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 98 22:21:35 -0500
Subject: In defense of Julien...

Hello fellow Rush freaks!

I've been reading all the Julien Daigle flames for the past few weeks, 
and I just have to say this: have any of you flamers stopped to think 
that maybe he posts what he does to see what inane responses he'll get? 

And now for some actual Rush content...though I'm sure most of you have 
noticed this already! I was listening to Counterparts a few days ago, and 
I started REALLY concentrating on Geddy's bassline in "Alien Shore". I 
usually concentrate on Alex, but OH MY GOD! Geddy is brilliant on that 
song! If you haven't listened specifically to his bassline in that song, 
do it. It's bordering on mystical!

And to answer the person inquiring about ages of Rush fans, I'm 22!

Caroline Wise

Now playing: "Harold of the Rocks", PRIMUS

"If a tree falls in the forest and no one's around, and
 it hits a mime, does anyone care?" --THE FAR SIDE, Gary Larson


From: Baba Ghannoush 
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 1998 23:37:06 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Baba's 10 Essential Albums To Own

Here's 2pence on this whole essential album topic.  These are albums
which have had a MASSIVE impact on me.

1. Rush 'Permanent Waves' - One of the best albums EVER.  If you are
looking for perfect rock songs, look no further.  You get loud stuff,
soft stuff, changing time signatures, guitar, bass, dums, synths, short
sons, long songs...  You should use this album to convert people to Rush.

2. Rush 'Hemispheres' - This album is great as well.  It is the perfect
midpoint between '2112' and 'Moving Pictures'- a great experience of

3. Pearl Jam 'Ten' - What can I say... INSTANT CLASSIC.  Take 5 people who
had only played together as a unit for a few weeks, if that, and record 11
great songs with very warm analog production.  No wonder why Rush loves
these guys.

4. Metallica 'Master of Puppets' - Who says that heavy metal can't be
musically good?  Plenty of long songs on here- "Master of Puppets",
"Disposable Heroes", and the instrumental "Orion"- and great guitar
interaction throughout.  Also another case of warm analog production. 
Shame that this was bassist Cliff Burton's last one.

5. Queensryche 'Operation: mindcrime'  - This is the stuff that led me to
Rush and quality rock music.  I liked the fact that there was a storyline
and the fact that each band member shined in his area (why doesn't anyone
here recognize Scott Rockenfield as a great drummer?)

6. Live 'Throwing Copper' - This is another instant classic; not a bad
song on this effort.  Great instrumental playmanship and production.
Plus, the songs on here rocked when they were performed live when I saw

7. Smashing Pumpkins 'Siamese Dream' - While it is essentially Billy
Corgan's solo record, there are just some really awesomely composed songs
(like "Mayonaise").  The drumming is really cool too (despite his drug
problems, Jimmy Chamberlin is a damn good drummer)

8. Dream Theater 'Awake' - This is definitely pushing the limits of CD
length, but it is clear throughout that Dream Theater worked hard to
create this album.  Though at times their influences are thinly disguised,
they are not contrived about their music.

9. Genesis '...And then There Were Three'  - OK, this is the
start of the pop era for this band, but it is a very well developed
effort.  The word that to describe this album's sound is

10. The Who 'Live At Leeds'  -  This album
proves once and for all that the Keith Moon era Who contributed a great
deal to Rock music, setting new levels of songcraft and stage performance.

I do admit that I have an honorable mention: Tool 'Aenima.' Definitely not
for the tame.  However, this album is a work of art, although in a Giger
sort of way.  It's one of the most substantial albums to come out in the
past two years. 

Cheers to those who have any of these albums on their list.  To the rest
of you: do check them out one way or another, you might be pleasantly

and the world so hard to understand
is the world you can't live without
							Smashing Pumpkins


From: Scott McDow 
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 1998 23:26:17 -0500
Subject: mpeg(again)/chris walker-chris walker/rumors

hallo all,

Joseph A. Klouda said in issue 1986 :
>I am in the process of creating the Ultimate Rush Compilation.  In
>doing so I am making virtually all of the songs into high quality
>Mpeg3's. I will soon be the proud owner of a CD Burner.  This
>translates to 648 meg of rush mpegs on a cd(650MB minus about 2
>meg for playlists (by album) and roughly 144 songs on 1 Disc)...

unfortunately two issues later he was(still):
>an unemployed Senior about to graduate from college.
Sorry to hear that. I'm having trouble coming up with the needed funds
myself. My new question about mp3's to cdr is, how can one put 144
different songs on one cd and expect to actually listen to them on a
traditional cd player?

I say this because "Humberto de la Pantalones" (chris walker) wrote:
>There are a few pieces of software out there for converting MP3
>back to WAV format (CDR drives use WAV when writing discs).
I thought I understood that a mp3 audio files is somehow compressed
(the mp3 player uncompresses the file and plays it almost
If it needs to be converted to a wav file wouldn't the wav file be larger
than the mp3 file? Also can you install a wav file to a cdr or do you
"record" like traditional disk to cassette manner?

chris wal   er..  "Humberto de la Pantalones" also inquired:
>Is anyone else disturbed deeply by the existence of 2 Chris Walkers
>on this list? Maybe it's because I'm one of them, ...
Not really disturbed deeply.  My brother in law's name is also Chris
Walker. Imagine my surprise when I saw that my brother in law is on
the tnms list and he's not even a rush fan.  BTW did you find a job in
Virginia, Chris? I hope so, the last we talked you were thinking of
moving back to Michigan to look for work. Don't even think about
staying with your sister and me (unless you keep massive amounts of
beer stocked in the fridge)!
Humberto if you're not my brother in law then disregard that last
paragraph. : )

This was asked of rumors / Neil's health:
> [ It's just a rumor, he's fine. What *I'd* like to know is where does
>     this rumor keep coming from???                             : rush-mgr ]
I think I read about it in the National Enquirer (or some other
media in print), in between the story of the alien baby with elephant
tusks and some freak whose name was Jerome or Julien, something
like that! : (

I'm getting punchy must be past my bedtime.



Date: Tue, 24 Mar 1998 00:07:04, -0500
Subject: Speaking of non-RUSH contents

Whoever you are that knocked everybody for putting up lists,  it seems like outta the four 
or five big discussions, at least a couple are non RUSH related, yes that 
means a lot of people are discussing other things besides RUSH.  But you know 
what,,, so what.
It's called the first ammendmant.  If the RUSH manager didnt want it there, he 
would take it out.  But thats my opinion and my flame to you, but in good 
humor of course :)



From: bkholbert 
Date: Tue, 24 Mar 1998 00:04:12 -0500
Subject: This weeks Audio File

Come and see the new and exciting RUSH file of the week.  
It has just been loaded.

You will need real audio to hear it!!!!

You wont believe your EARS!!!!!

follow the following link

This week is from the TFE Tour.....  


Date: Tue, 24 Mar 1998 00:14:38, -0500
Subject: Favorite musicians

Ok here's a list in no particular order of my favorite musicians in 
there prospective areas

Drums; Neil Peart, Carl Palmer, Cozy Powell, Deen Castonova, Mike 

Keys; Keith Emerson, Geoff Downes, Rick Wakeman, Jonathan Cain, Geddy 
(when he's not pressing the sequencer trigger)

Bass: The Geddster,John Wetton, Greg Lake, Chris Squier,

Guitar: Alex Lifeson, Eddie VanHalen,Neil Schon, Steve Howe,Zack Whyld

That should do it for that.  But i know i am missing some, but oh well.



From: "" 
Date: Tue, 24 Mar 1998 00:49:57 +0000
Subject: Rush Songs for a WEDDING?

Okay, I have seen some bizarre stuff in this list, but this tops it.
When I started with this list, there were occasional 'Rush' sightings 
which now border on the ridiculous (I was writing out bills and guess 
what check number I was on - 2112! - stupid stuff like that).  5000+ 
people do not care or need to know that you were on check #2112 or 
that someone said the word "presto" in conversation.

You would have to be INSANE to attempt to push Rush off on a wedding 
audience - THE FEAR TRILOGY?!?!?  Honestly - I am sure this is a 
feeble attempt at a joke about songs that relate to a nervous grooms 
feelings - but really, this mother takes long enough to load into my 
mailbox, let alone read - can we stop this crap?

Why not something RELEVANT?  With the mass of material Rush has 
released, you could throw a rock in any direction and hit a Rush 
reference.  OOOOOH, guess what happened to me today?  I drove through 
a...SUBDIVISION!   WOOOOO!  Gotta tell the list.....

"The more that things change, the more they stay the same..."


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