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Subject: 03/30/98 - The National Midnight Star #2001

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         The National Midnight Star, Number 2001

                   Monday, 30 Mar 1998

Today's Topics:
             Re: Rush sighting on the NMS...
               re: A Show of Fans magazine
                    The Ultimate lyric
                     Medal of Honor.
                      Grand Designs
          Geddy's basses, let the flames begin!
           Victor II/contracts/various comments
    Ayn Rand/Julien is Neil? - Secret Society CHUDWAH
     Re: Flamethrower on standby; A Real Rush Thread
     Re: 03/27/98 - The National Midnight Star #1998
                      Smell the Fuzz
                       Just curious
                     Re:non-rush fans
                  Dear NMS subscribers..
               My Favorite Rush Album Cover
                     Wed with Ged :)
               Pink Floyd box set for sale
                Moving Picture Album Cover
                      Re: initiates
                   Lyrics ; TNMS #1998
              Hello!  Is anybody out there?
                      boot replicas
                   Re: non-Rush fans...
               Geddy's basses a correction
                 Ben Folds Five and Rush
                 Favorite sound on album
                    next studio effort
                    Re: live requests
       Spirit of Radio & Tom Sawyer- the same song?
                 Converting non-Rush fans
                          Re: Re
            Very cool Rush wedding song story
                Songs with lyrical meaning
                        First Time

From: "Marco A." 
Date: Fri, 27 Mar 1998 23:44:47 -0300
Subject: Re: Rush sighting on the NMS...

>How was that done?  How does one manipulate what the recipient of an email
>sees in the "from" window?    Is this just some bunghole with the same

    Just configure your user profile at the options (service or whatever)
menu of your email client proggie, DUDE!


    Unfortunatelly, there is no way of certifying someones' identity thru
email... At least not without using PGP key generator or something like


        Marco Mendonca


From: mark irwin 
Date: Sat, 28 Mar 1998 20:05:15 +0000
Subject: re: A Show of Fans magazine

ASOF! It's a great magazine. Comes out quarterly. However, Steve
Streeter, the publisher, has run into some tough financial times and
ASOF #18 has not come out yet due to lack of funds. Send money to ASOF
if you can. It's a worthwhile magazine. Last issue was an interview with
Neil and Alex does an occasional column called ask Big Al. Check em'
Mark Irwin


From: Dustin Clingman 
Date: Sat, 07 Mar 1998 10:36:33 -0500
Subject: The Ultimate lyric

I would like to hear about the most influential Rush lyric from you
guys. It seems to me that one song or line in a song sends each of us a
shot of lightning and from then on we are hooked forever. I'll go first.
The line that really caught me was from Subdivisions......"Some will
sell their dreams for small desires or lose the race to rats,Get caught
in ticking traps and start to dream of somewhere to relax their restless
flight" When I heard that line I became so inspire to not waste my life
and make something of it. I'm human and still working on that


From: Ike Pigott 
Date: Fri, 27 Mar 1998 22:39:35 -0600
Subject: Medal of Honor.

General Scott....

You deserve a freakin' Medal of Honor, man... the "agression will not
stand" post was nothing short of brilliant.

I don't know if it's coincidence or not (gotta love the Holy Bitch) but
it seems like every anti-KAR-vs-SecSoc post is sandwiched in between two
KAR listings.

I do fear that KAR may have to go underground one day soon... I'd hate
for some bullshit wannabe fan to misinterpret our attempts at humor, and
actually bump into Neil one day...  GOD that would suck..!  He'd retire
for sure.

Ike Pigott
"just a fool on television getting paid to play the fool."


From: Grand Designs 
Date: Fri, 27 Mar 1998 23:37:42 -0800
Subject: Grand Designs

For those who have recently tried to access the Grand Designs Rush Site,
but had problems either getting there or experienced other types of

Xoom (the web page provider) is currently moving their servers and doing
some other maintanance work, so just hang in there... they say they're
almost finished.

Hope you enjoy the sites new format, too.

Against the run of the mill
Static as it seems
We break the surface tension
With our wild kinetic dreams...

Visit the Grand Designs Rush Site at:


From: Billy Knapp 
Date: Sat, 28 Mar 1998 00:41:59 -0800
Subject: Geddy's basses, let the flames begin!

John Tyler, Please dont take this as a flame, not!  Get your facts 
straight.  Steinberger for Grace Under Pressure and Wal for Power 
Windows. The Wal bass has a bolt on neck, or at least the one on my 
right has a bolt on neck.  You got the humbucking part right.
have a nice day.

Bill Knapp


From: (Puanani Akaka)
Date: Sat, 28 Mar 1998 01:43:36 -1000
Subject: Victor II/contracts/various comments

Hi gang -- 

I finally got my message from the One!  ^Brown cow now how!^ 

o Victor II -- welp, I'm glad Alex is starting work on Victor again.
	I'm sure we'll be seeing more of Bill Bell (pookey), also.
	I wonder if he'll use Edwin again, or ask Sebastian Bach to
	do the lead vocals, since he did them for the demos.  Will he
	have another pre-determined theme again?  Will he be
	encumbered by effects?  Will Dalbello make another appearance?
	Will Adrian steal his father's work and release his own solo
	lp named 'Hugo'?  Will he include the recipes for the drinks
	this time around???  8^)

Actually, Alex's return to Victor and Geddy's project search, to me,
indicates their own restlessness and uncertainty about Rush's future.
Obviously one cannot gauge when Neil will feel up to working again. 
And since they have a seemingly large block of time of Rush
inactivity, it seems logical to go *do* something.  I have no doubt
we'll see another studio album -- it's more a case of WHEN, not IF. 
[ And of course, much bowing and scraping to the Holy Bitch for
providing us with the info.  :) ]  

o  Which brings up Point Numero deux -- from the info. Bob Roper (he
	of SRO/Anthem) had mentioned when Cp came out, Rush's contract
	with Atlantic called for a 3-lp deal, starting with the next
	album -- that being _Test for Echo_.  Does anyone know if this
	live set completes the 2nd lp for that contract??? 

o I saw a poster advert on a storefront window the other day that
	read: JOHN GALT corporation.  I wondered if I should call and
	ask, 'Who is John Galt?'  8^)  

o Was not Manu Katche supposed to be on the Burning For Buddy disks???

o Ok, real fast, my list of drummers:
	* Manu Katche -- sensitive, complex, feel, beautiful to listen to.
	* Neil -- power, complex, energetic
	* Mark Brzezicki -- Manu and Neil in one...
	* Phil Collins -- GREAT dynamics.  Neil could learn from that.
	* Russ Kunkel -- Feel and sound, funky-ish, to me
	* Steve Gadd -- feel, grace, complex, memorable arrangements
	* Chad Gracey -- simple, but tasteful
	* Richie Hayward -- damned if I can figure out what he's doing
	* Copeland, Morgenstien, Alan White, Smitty, etc.... (sigh)

ok, time for bed.....  *yawn*  *stretch* 

puanani, BIWW  (Bitchette In Waiting Wannabe)  


From: "" 
Date: Sat, 28 Mar 1998 07:12:07 +0000
Subject: Ayn Rand/Julien is Neil? - Secret Society CHUDWAH

First - 

The Ayn Rand reference on the Oscars was in the category of 
Documentary.  One of the nominees did their film on Ayn Rand.  Sorry, 
it lost.  Looked like it was in B/W.

Second - 

Neil would waste his time as Julien?  I think not.  I am setting the 
rules in my e-mail program to DELETE any NMS messages w/postings from 
Julien in them.  Sure, I will miss the whole list, but the majority 
of it is dedicated to this pathetic CHUDWAH anyway....

See ya, wouldn't wanna be ya.  Wonder how long it will take for this 
CHUDWAH to die.....

"If I could wave my magic wand, I'd set everybody free..."


From: "" 
Date: Sat, 28 Mar 1998 07:12:06 +0000
Subject: Re: Flamethrower on standby; A Real Rush Thread

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT  In reference to Chris Sadler's message:

It is true.  I e-mailed Chris to express solidarity for his 
request to keep this mailing list ON TOPIC.  

The flamethrower is on standby, however, I am losing my patience.  If 
this crap (wedding songs, faves other than Rush, *JULIEN's 
secret CHUDWAH society, blah blah blah) continues, it's gonna get 

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming....

Why not have a thread on what the very first Rush song you ever heard 
was?  That first song that got you hooked on them for the rest of 
your life?

Mine was Bastille Day from ATWAS.  On 8-Track.  Got it by mistake 
from Columbia House or RCA club or something.  That was 1979.


If All The World's A Stage....who's in the audience?


From: Robert Walcheske 
Date: Sat, 28 Mar 1998 08:55:52 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Re: 03/27/98 - The National Midnight Star #1998

To Greg Cormier: 

Regarding A Show Of Fans, they have ran into some financial difficulty and
are desperately trying to keep their website open for all Rush fans.
Steve and Mandy Streeter would greatly appreciate it if you (and any other
fans) contribute with small donations so the site won't get closed down by
the company that is hosting their site.  The same goes with the magazine,



From: Jody Ferguson 
Date: Sat, 28 Mar 1998 10:08:03 -0500
Subject: Smell the Fuzz

I tried to send this before, but I guess it got lost.  My first time
since '92 posting here (if I did then).

I don't suggest getting the Smell the Fuzz CD if you are only getting it
for the Alex track.  The track is "Strip and Go Naked" from Victor.  If
you like the rest of the musicians, or are getting it for completion's
sake, go for it.  But you would be much better off getting Victor if you
don't already have it.  I assume you do.

Corgan's track sounds like some of his whiny crap without the whiny
vocals, but the Thayil track and the one with the guys from White Zombie
and Danzig are pretty good.  Only listened to it a couple of times so
far.  So many other more interesting things to hear than a (excluding
Alex, Kim, John Christ and Yuenger) guitar wank fest.  This, of course,
is my unedumucated opinion.



From: "Chris Walker" 
Date: Sat, 28 Mar 1998 12:58:36 -0500
Subject: Just curious

Hello all,

Rob Savoury made a comment in TNMS #1999 about Rush being addictive.  It got
me thinking and I was wondering if this ever happens to anyone else.

Whenever I'm getting ready to go out on the weekend, I usually turn off the
TV and turn on the stereo.  What I play usually depends on where I'm going.
Rock if I'm gonna go catch a live band, a top 40 radio station if I'm going
clubbing, etc.  Well (and this has happened a lot), I found that if I put
ANY Rush CD in the player, 9 times out of 10 I'll wind up going through at
least 5 or 6 more and end up staying at home and falling asleep on the couch
at around three in the morning.  It's kinda cool because I save a ton of
money that I would have spent on $7 Rum Runners.  So you see, it's not only
cool to listen to Rush, it's also economical.

Take care,

P.S. I've started my own Super Secret Rush Lodge.  I'm the Grand High
Exhalted Poopa and it has the three essential Bs that make a lodge
successful: Bowling, Beauty contests and Beer.  As a matter of fact, it's so
secret I'm the only member, so don't even think about asking to join.
Whoops, I guess it's not a secret anymore.  Damn.
"I am so hungry, I have got to eat." - The Cat
"Rimmer's dad died." - Lister
"I'd prefer chicken." - The Cat


From: Jen 
Date: Fri, 27 Mar 1998 09:15:39 -0330 (NST)
Subject: Re:non-rush fans

 This is a reply to

  > From: Rob Savoury 

I totally agree with what your saying.  Not only is Rush's music, in depth,
well thought out and beautifully delivere, its just damn good music.  I get
very tired of people complaining about Geddy's voice and how "soft" Rush
seems.  I wish for once people would just listen to the music and stop
focusing on the little things about a band that are insignificant.  I just
tell people when I talk to them, "if Rush is such a pothetic band, why have
they been around for well over 30 years and have 20+ albums, with a
consistant fan following to this day"?  People always have a hard time
responding to that.  But I'm just replying to them in defense of Rush.  Its
very hard to show a person who doesn't comprehend talent, knowledge of music
and heart how to enjoy Rush.  My philosiphy is, show people Rush but dont
force it.  I for one fell in love with Rush while going to sleep in my
freinds basement apt listning to "The Trees".  Its very hard for people to
look past the surface, I mean after all, isn't that one of Rush's biggest
statements?  "Conform or be cast out", Rush stands for all those who do not
conform.  The write and play their music and we, the fans, listen and love
them for it.  Just keep that in mind whenever you get someone as simple
minded as your work collegue.  Tell her to "listen" to the message and the
way the music "flows" next time.  Anyway I have rambled long enough..


The Non Conformist


From: Slim Jim 
Date: Sat, 28 Mar 1998 21:12:52 +0000
Subject: Dear NMS subscribers..

In particular those of you who have been complaining about Julien
Daigle.  I'd much rather read Julien's posts than know what your
ten favourite non-Rush albums are.



From: "Gary and Rhonda" 
Date: Sat, 28 Mar 1998 18:24:05 -0600
Subject: My Favorite Rush Album Cover

It's got to be "Grace Under Pressure"

Great cover---Great Cd----Great Band....


Gary Garceau  (


From: UberMar 
Date: Sat, 28 Mar 1998 22:08:17 EST
Subject: Wed with Ged :)

Wed with Ged. Who first started this wedding song
thread? Mar was it you?
Nope, I am just heartily defending it.
Wed with Ged, hee hee.
and when you are in the hospital recovering from surgery, what rush would you
want to listen to?  We could call the thread "Hurt with Peart" (Heal with
Mar's getting punchy.
hell I opted for 2112 Overture
to be substituted for the Wedding March at the Church.
(complete with the "Hey's" from the Congregation!)
Really?  That is awesome.  I have to steal that....Grandma punching the air,
Me likie. How do u like that one, c-money?
Have fun at your wedding and make sure to tell us about it!
Ug.  Give me a few years....might just get nuts and invite Pittsburgh area
NMSers....*someone* has to appreciate the tunes.

"Julien is Stupid"


From: UberMar 
Date: Sat, 28 Mar 1998 22:14:11 EST
Subject: Non-fans

Does anybody else have similar stories involving non-RUSH fans,who either
made very wrong asumptions about the band or were converted to fans as 
result your influence?
My personal favorite - waybackwhen I worked with this guy who was actually
pretty cool, in spite of the following statement:
"Neil Peart can't keep time"
What does one say?   After sputtering for a few seconds....I say:  "Def
Leppard's one-armed drummer can KEEP TIME.  *I* can keep time.  Peart can do a
lot more than that."
He wasn't quite so cool after that.


"Julien is Stupid"
Just keeping ya posted.


From: Donnon Murray 
Date: Sun, 29 Mar 1998 01:38:23 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Photos

I am a photgrapher with high quality front row shots from the T4E tour, 
Meadowlands New Jersey,Dec.96 and Stone Ridge Va. June 97 specifically.
Any one interested contact Donnon at


From: "Russell Gillett" 
Date: Sat, 28 Mar 1998 22:45:34 PST
Subject: Pink Floyd box set for sale

Hello. Sorry about the lack of Rush content, but I think I've got an 
offer here for some of you Floyd fans out there.

I am selling the Pink Floyd box set "Shine On". It contains all the 
cds (A Saucerful Of Secrets, Meddle, The Dark Side Of The Moon, Wish You 
Were Here, Animals, The Wall (Both disks), A Momentary Lapse Of Reason & 
The Early Singles), the book & the postcards. 

Ok, here's the inside skinny: This set brand new costs between $120 & 
$150 in stores. My price: $80 or a best offer. The disks all play 
perfectly. (I don't sell bad or damaged shit!) If anyone is interested, 
please mail me at DO NOT SEND OFFERS TO THE NMS! I 
want to hear from you directly & I will accept cash or a money order. NO 
CHECKS! I've had too many problems with them in the past. Hope to hear 
some responces soon.


Russ "2112" Gillett


From: Donnon Murray 
Date: Sun, 29 Mar 1998 02:18:27 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Moving Picture Album Cover

I'd like to put in my 2 cents and expand upon what has already been said
in reply to the guy that asked about the Moving Pictures album cover.
My understanding is that it's a play on the term "moving pictures" with
multiple levels.
1.) The movers are "moving" the pictures.
2.) They are emotionally "moving" pictures, hence the people crying.
3.) On the back cover, the scene is being filmed, "moving pictures" being
an obscure term for motion pictures or movies.
4.) On the inner sleeve, the band photos show the the boys captured in
motion, as they are "moving".
5.) The actual pictures that are being moved are symbols that have been
moving through time
	a.) The man in star logo remained a symbol for Rush and their
            of individualism throughout their career
	b.) The dogs playing poker, a cultural icon that has moved through
	c.) The image of Joan d'Arc being burned at the stake is an image	
that has moved through time and serves as an allusion to "Witch Hunt"
as well.
Any other takes? Have I missed anything?

p.s. I too would love to know what the p/g album cover means. I heard a
while ago that it alludes  to another piece of art but i don't know



From: (Brian M Donlin)
Date: Sun, 29 Mar 1998 05:02:47 EST
Subject: Re: initiates

>Yowzah!  I'd love to help Jen.  Unfortunately Julien is the only one who
>can "initiate" new recruits.<<

Who says??!!?!? To hell with Julien and his secret society!! Jen, talk to
me and I'll recruit you!!

   Hey man, I've got my dog tags (RUSH that is).

If everyone wants to go to Heaven, why are we so afraid to die??

"A spirit with a vision, is a dream with a mission." ~ N. Peart, Rush


From: (Brian M Donlin)
Date: Sun, 29 Mar 1998 05:02:48 EST
Subject: Lyrics ; TNMS #1998

>1.Subdivisions- We all can relate to our growing up with this song.
I can't.  I grew up in the inner city<

Hey, I grew up in the suburbs and always thought it was  indirectly
pointed at the generalization of maturity. My brother loves this song,
the ONLY Rush song he likes. He's 34, 8 years older than I. It hits each
listener differently.
BTW, have I mentioned how EASY the keyboards are to this song?
"A spirit with a vision, is a dream with a mission." ~ N. Peart, Rush


From: "Michael Humphrey" 
Date: Sun, 29 Mar 1998 20:20:11 -0800
Subject: Hello!  Is anybody out there?


This is old Mike from Michigan testing for echoes if anyone out their =
would like to join me (a bass player) in covering some Rush tunes =
sometime.  E-mail me privately if interested.

Well, see ya later!


Date: Sun, 30 Mar 1997 06:45:48 -0700
Subject: boot replicas

just thought i would tell you all about a site i found that does replicas
of rush boots. its at i got a
replica of critical mass and 3 majicians there. the packaging replication
was really good. it was idetical to the packaging ive seen for 3
magicians. ive never seen the packaging for critical mass except on the
web. the cdr copys are good to.just thought id put this up incase there
are any other rush boot colectors out there who are tired of not being
able to find the boots they want. 


From: "Michael Z. Williamson" 
Date: Sat, 28 Mar 1998 21:06:50 -0800
Subject: metaphors

>David Perkinson said:
>      The drum sound is so dry it's like someone threw a wet
>blanket over Neil while he was recording.

Wow!  way to mix a metaphor--almost as bad as "Only their thirst for
freedom let's them hunger for revenge."

>        On top of all that, the songs _are_ pretty bizarre.  I mean,
>By-Tor and the Snowdog (my fav, BTW) was pushing the envelope a bit, but
>then The Necromancer (10 or 11 minute fantasy epic) followed by a 20
>minute fantasy epic?  Jeez, they were kinda pushing their luck with 
>fans' attention spans, eh?  I don't mean that _I_ think these songs are 
>weird, but when I imagine myself hearing this album in 1975 after a 
>masterpiece like Fly By Night, I don't know if I would have stayed on 
>the bandwagon.

Maybe most Rush fans have a longer attention span than you, sir.  No
slight intended.  Compared to most other prog-rock bands, the length of
Rush' songs and the esoteric subject matter is hardly unexpected, and I
certainly appreciated them.  I believe the album's original trouble
stemmed from poor mixing and a cover screw-up.  

>it basically failed.  In fact, the myriad of ways in which it is kind of
>unlikable make it more interesting to me, and contribute to what a 
>unique work it is.

Unlikeable would be your opinion, many of us think it rocks, and its
eventual success is an indication that millions of people DO like it.



From: "Noel Linback" 
Date: Sun, 29 Mar 1998 19:00:25 PST
Subject: Re: non-Rush fans...

>From: Rob Savoury 
>Date: Fri, 27 Mar 1998 09:15:39 -0330 (NST)
>Subject: Re:non-rush fans

>I have been noticing for a long time,as many of you have im sure,that 
>the general population(that is those who do not like RUSH)have a 
>serious bias against the band.

    I too have noticed this, sad as it is this seems to be the life we 
are forced to walk.  Like religious fanatics we are outcasts, shunned by 
non-Rush society.  Oh well, who gives a damn.
    Anyway, On the same thread, my ex-girlfriend couldn't stand Rush.  
It was the saddest thing.  I'd try to put on an album and she'd flip 
out.  I'd ask why she didn't like them and she'd say "because they suck"  
so I broke up with her. (Not actually for not liking Rush, but her 
flawed line of reasoning did end up contributing) Anyhow, I have 
recently met a lovely girl who likes Rush and things are cool.  The 
point is who cares!  There are plenty of Rush fans out there who you can 
relate with and vice-versa.  Love you all.  If you're in Boston check 
out "Miracle Orchestra" with "The Slip" at the House Of Blues on 


From: John Tyler 
Date: Sun, 29 Mar 1998 23:59:38 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Geddy's basses a correction

Hi all,

After a quick look at a magazine that had a recent interview with Geddy
about his gear, I have to say that I stand corrected.  Geddy was playing
Steinbergers at that Time.  He started using the Wal in 1985 on Power
Windows, after Peter Collins let him use one that he owned.  Grace under
Presure was released in 1983, I missed the boat by 2 years.  

Geddy said the following about the Steinberger.

"It was physically eisier for me getting in and around my keyboards using
the smaller bass."  "But the sound just wasn't good enough; it was too

He still thinks that he plays the Wal basses the best, but that the Fenders
have the sound that he wants for the music that Rush is playing now.  

On a closing note Geddy stated in the interview that he would use other
basses in the studio, so until he says exactly what he used it could be a
toss up.  Geddy has used Fender Precision and Jazz basses.  Richenbacher
4001, Steinberger L-2, and Wal (Model?) Basses.  Of course that we have to
assume that he's played just about everything and owns a lot more than just
these basses.

Yours in gear,

John A. Tyler


From: Baba Ghannoush 
Date: Mon, 30 Mar 1998 01:42:57 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Ben Folds Five and Rush

Has anyone notice a certain similarity of neighborhoods between the video
for "Brick" by Ben Folds Five and "Subdivisions" by Rush?  Sure, one
neighborhood is most likely in California and the other is in Ontario, but
both fit the prefab motif to a T.
	The video was directed by a Kevin Bray, but I don't know if it was
he or the band who are fans of Rush or it was an uncanny coincidence.

and the world so hard to understand
is the world you can't live without
							Smashing Pumpkins


From: Eric Hansen 
Date: Fri, 27 Mar 1998 17:27:26 -0700
Subject: Madrigal

I suggested Madrigal for a wedding song but no one resounded with a "ditto".  
Am I the only one that thinks that song is the only "obvious" love song Rush 
has done?  Or, did I have too many free samples of the yield at the last 
KAR meeting?  I remember Geddy during an interview in '87 say when the went 
to record "Time Stand Still" they hadn't done any love songs before and 
because of this they wanted a female voice to accent it (or something to that 
effect), but I don't really think of that song as a love song anyway.

"In vain to search for order
In vain to search for truth
But these things can still be given
Your love has shown me proof"

"Recite 'em some lyrics, dude!" - Bill S. Preston, esq.


From: greg cormier 
Date: Mon, 30 Mar 98 7:33:28 EST
Subject: Favorite sound on album

   This may be an old thread but if you had to pick a Rush album that had 
the best sound for each instrument(guitar,bass,drums,percussion,
keyboard)what would they be ?

Here are my picks :

Guitar- 2112  (like the aggresive playing)
Bass- Power Windows (great riffs throughout)
Drums- Moving PIctures (best produced drum sound to date)
Percussion- AFWTK (Xanadu !!)

While we're at it what would be your favorite sound effect in a Rush song ?

The grumbling heard in By-Tor would be my favorite effect.Anyone know how 
do they generate that sound ?


From: greg cormier 
Date: Mon, 30 Mar 98 7:58:10 EST
Subject: next studio effort

  Remaining hopeful that we'll all see a new studio effort from the boys 
what direction do you think the band will take ? The past few albums have 
features less and less keyboards and a more straight ahead approach.While I 
enjoy this sound a lot I think I'd perfer to have a little more depth in 
the music like PW or HYF.This would translate into more keyboards and may 
be considered a step backwards for the band but I don't think they ever 
sounded any better than those two efforts.Some may not like the lyrics that 
much but IMHO musicaly they've nmever sounded any better.
  I realise that the band doesn't want to produce a duplicate sound and are 
always trying to put out a new sound and direction with each studio release 
but for my listening pleasure the sound they achieved in both  PW and HYF 
are the best to date.What do others think about the bands direction on any 
new releases that may be forthcoming and what is your favorite sounding 
album musicaly ? 


From: Rob Savoury 
Date: Mon, 30 Mar 1998 10:56:04 -0330 (NST)
Subject: Re: live requests

If you could make one request for a RUSH live show what would it be?

If I could pick just one tune,I think it would be countdown,I have been 
wearing out signals lately and to hear that tune(or "losing it" ) live
would be amazing.Countdown builds so well,and has a lot of emotion,I
really think it would kick ass live.I am curious about what other people
would more question....Was either countdown or losing it
played on the signals tour?....If so ,how did they come off live?


From: Troy R Shirangi 
Date: Mon, 30 Mar 1998 09:40:27 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Spirit of Radio & Tom Sawyer- the same song?

Hello Rush Freaks.  Those of you who are into music theory might
appreciate this.  I think it's safe to say that Tom Saywer and The Spirit
of Radio are Rush's more popular songs.  When you analyze the two songs
on a theoretical basis you'll find a very common element... they're both
in E Mixolydian!  Both songs were generated by the same key and mode.  I
thought that was interesting.  Bye.


From: Suze Jackson-Lequire 
Date: Mon, 30 Mar 1998 07:00:57 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Converting non-Rush fans


I used to work as a phone support technician for a computer company
that will remain nameless.  We had a "cube farm" where four of us had
desks inside a large cubicle.  Two days after starting, I brought in
my Rush photo (the same one as the "Milk" ad but unretouched) to hang
over my desk.  The person who sat "behind" me saw it and went
ballistic!  It turned out he was a born-again Christian who was
CONVINCED that the boys were athiests and preached against
God/Jesus/etc.  I did my best to dissuade him, but he would not budge
in his beliefs.  I also would not budge in taking down my photo--up it
stayed, along with the cast of "Forever Knight", which also drove him
nuts.  ("Athiests!  Vampires!  AARGH!")

My motto is live and let live... but don't piss me off!

The best thing was, I got one of my other cube-mates to start
listening... in fact gave her all my Rush tapes that I had the CDs of.
 Too bad we lost touch after I left that job...

Suze Jackson-Lequire

"Someday we'll look back on all this and plow into a parked car."


From: Gregor Prahl 
Date: Mon, 30 Mar 1998 10:28:10 -0500
Subject: Re: Re

Opened the NMS #1999 today, and was a bit surprised to see so many replies
in the content (more than ever). Obviously, new threads are becoming rare...
Don't flame me, but I don't have a new thread either.

Dr. Paul Smith wrote (in NMS #1998)
>This "not Rush musicians we like listening to" thread can be reduced to a
few basics. We all listen to Genesis, Yes, ELP, King Crimson etc., plus
Pearl Jam
What can I say - not true. I don't listen to any of these bands (except
Pearl Jam), because I simply can't stand them. I guess RUSH is my only
flirt with 'Prog-Rock'. My favorite list would include
a) Helmet b) Kraftwerk c) Beach Boys d) Stereolab e) Pink Floyd (well, can
propably be called Prog-Rock) f) Chemical Brothers g) Cowboy Junkies, plus
lots more; which brings me to the next point.
Two Rush sightings (you judge if they qualify):
  On the Cowboy Junkies LP 'Pale Sun Crescent Moon' they have a whole song
('First Recollection') based on two lines from that William Faulkner-Novel
'Absalom, Absalom' that inspired Neil to use those words in DEW. Plus, the
Cowboy Junkies are from Toronto as well. (The album is from 1993, I think).
At least an interesting connection.
  I recently watched MTV Europe at a friends place, as I don't get it
myself, and during one of those 'we show more pictures than you can
see'-clips to promote MTV they also showed a (very little) bit of the
'Stick It Out'-Video (I think this was it), showing this guy tied to a
chair and struggling to get free. What a surprise! Take MTV, who doesn't
like RUSH, plus Europe, which isn't RUSH-land either, and still they have
it in their promo-Spot. Pretty neat, I think.

So much from me

#no wise signature#


From: Suze Jackson-Lequire 
Date: Mon, 30 Mar 1998 07:41:39 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Remasters

Over the weekend, I splurged a little on myself and bought the
remastered "Retrospectives" CDs.  I could only find two, spanning
1974-1987.  Are there any more?  

The coolest thing is that I heard a song that I hadn't
before--unfortunately, I didn't bring the CDs to work with me!  But I
believe it was off their first album, which I've never heard.  Was
*that* cool!  I'm an artist and was painting while listening to the
CDs, and my brush stopped in mid-stroke when I realized that I didn't
instantly recognize those opening chords.   

What a weekend--got to fly in a small plane for the first time (Piper
Warror--what a COOL plane!), heard a "new" Rush song, *and* my
painting came out great 

Suze Jackson-Lequire

"Someday we'll look back on all this and plow into a parked car."


From: Fred Kessler 
Date: Mon, 30 Mar 1998 10:54:02 -0600
Subject: Very cool Rush wedding song story

Hey all,

I wanted to share a different story about Rush being
played at a wedding.  The wedding just happened to 
be mine and it occurred August 3, 1996.

My wife is German, so we decided to get hitched over 
there in Germany.  She is from a pretty small town up
about an hour from the Holland border.  Anyway,  there
is this little medieval chapel up on this hill set back in the 
woods a bit that overlooks the town.  Very cool chapel,
by the way.  It has stone walls that are 3 feet thick.  They
also have one of those pipe organs, although a small one,
since the church only has 4 pews and holds about 70 people
if you really jam it.

So,  I'm about to get married, my wife-to-be is waiting 
outside to come in.  Now over here, when the bride is walking
up to the altar, they start playing "Here Comes the Bride", but
they don't even know that song exists over there, so what
normally happens is that the bride and groom go to some 
musician in the town and pick out some appropriate music 
to play.  I did not know this.  She knew I did not know this.
She took it upon herself to go to a musician friend of her 
parents, who is a Professor of music over there somewhere.
She brought with her a copy of my Roll the Bones CD, and 
told this guy that she wanted him to play Bravado at our wedding 
on the pipe organ.

And you know what?  He did.  Right while she was walking
up to the altar to marry me.  You know what else?  I am 
ashamed to say this, but I did not even notice.  I guess
I was just nervous.  The only person that noticed was my
brother, Joe, but when he was listening to it, he was just 
like "Naaaaaaa!  Couldn't be!!" 

Fortunately I have some video footage of this so I believe
it actually happened.

The cool thing about it was that at the time she really did
not like Rush, but it was the song Bravado that started 
changing her mind.

Another pretty cool thing about it is that this professor guy
learned to like the CD so much while he was learning the 
song that he kept my CD.  Although I had to buy another
Roll the Bones CD, it was a small price to pay for letting 
somebody else in on the band.

So this just goes to show you that Rush is appropriate at
weddings, and that women do like Rush.



From: "dean stahl" 
Date: Mon, 30 Mar 1998 10:24:09 PST
Subject: Songs with lyrical meaning

Hi all!  I'm brand new to the list but have been a Rush fan for over 12 
years.  I have thought that the song 'Prime Mover' was very powerful in 
its statements about journeys and the image of the person behind the 
scenes as far as 'everything' goes.

This is waht keeps me up at night!!  :)


Date: Mon, 30 Mar 1998 14:57:12 -0600
Subject: First Time

Hi Rush Fans:

This is my first post. There are a couple of things I would like to tell
everyone. First, It is great that we as fans of the greatest band to ever lay a
note to vinyl, have a place to discuss Rush. I have seen however a lot of
irrelevant material posted here. This is a medium to communicate to others how
the words and music of rush move us in various ways. It is not a place to
discuss Metallica, Dream Theater, The secret Society of Rush (Julien, You are
an idiot!), or anything that adds to my time of sifting through meaningless
chatter to find the interesting threads.
     I have seen Rush in concert 17 times in various places and consider them
as having influence on what I have become today. No, I haven't tattooed a
pentagram on my forehead or anything like that, but I recognize the differences
in cultures, perceptions, and inner beings as brought to light in the songs
Subdivisions, The Trees, Closer to the Heart, Hemispheres, etc. I think you
know where I am headed here. Rush should be taken for what it is and nothing
more. (Julien!!!)
A band for the ages that has through its music and lyrics been able to
establish a deeper connection to someone than the typical bubble gum, gone in a
year, follow the leader style band that seems to be prevalent today.

Rush On....


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