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Subject: 04/01/98 - The National Midnight Star #2003

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         The National Midnight Star, Number 2003

                 Wednesday, 01 Apr 1998

Today's Topics:
                     Caress of Steel
      Caress of Steel (my second Rush album to hear)
                      moving Lyrics
          The Ged Lip-synching Thing (plus more)
                  re: next studio effort
                  Most influential lyric
                     Re: Light bulbs
                    influential lyrics
                       Rush at work
                    Smell the Fuzz...
               The Whole Steinberger Thing
                   "Persiana Americana"
                    Influential Lyrics
                    Ged's Steinberger
                      Douglas R.I.F.
            unknown - rush sighting - unknown
               Re:  Victor/SMELL THE *FUZZ*
                 bootlegs and trading..? 
                   Rush and Annihilator
                       Rush Lyrics
                      Losing It Live
                     The Rush SecSoc
            Influential lyrics and discussion
                 Best Screamers & Change
                       New Threads
              Re: The objectivist of detroit
               Deep Jack Hesse
      Re: Ged Synching/Yodelling in Toronto t4e show
                    a little more p/g
                  RUSH LYRICS IN SPANISH

From: "David M. Campbell" 
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 08:31:06 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Caress of Steel

To further add to the wonder of Caress of Steel...

This album has my all time favorite Rush song on it..."Lakeside Park."
For this reason alone, it is a great album!  

Dave Campbell


From: "Anderson, Chris " 
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 08:53:25 -0500
Subject: Caress of Steel (my second Rush album to hear)

Hello people, i'm new on this Rush newslist!  I'd like to start out by saying 
that I first got into Rush in the fall of 1989 (I was like a sophomore in 
high school then).  I read an interview with Geddy Lee in "Guitar" magazine 
and I heard "Red Sector A" on the radio.  (I thought Geddy sounded a little 
bit high-pitched the first time but he's a very cool vocalist nevertheless!!)
Anyway, I bought Grace under Pressure because of the interview and hearing 
"Red Sector A." THEN, I saw Caress of Steel, got curious, and bought it also!

I loved "Bastille Day" instantly.  It was really cool to hear the undeniable 
contrast between the "1975 sound" and the "1984 sound!!"  I was mezmorized 
by the variety, the power, and the creativeness.  Caress of Steel became my 
favorite album (in my whole collection at the time).  To me, there was so 
much mystery about that album and Rush in general.  Truly, Caress of Steel is 
underrated.  I agree with another poster that Caress of Steel was slightly 
ahead of its time.  The only problem I had with the album was the "strangeness" 
of the narrator in "The Necromancer."  I had just never heard anything like 
that before.  BUT, as I got into "Lamneth" and the meaning behind the songs - 
the album totally drew me into Rush.  Next was 2112 then Fly By Night......and
then on from there!  COS is up there on my list!

Great band, great music WITH INTEGRITY!

>...Glad I bought GuP way back in '89....




From: "Wilson, Daniel" 
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 10:11:21 -0500
Subject: moving Lyrics

Out of all of the lyrics produced by Rush, this one strikes me the
hardest (no explanation)

"The Most Endangered Species : The Honest Man"

(BTW I used that very same Subdivisions "Rat Race" quote in a college
English paper, Prof. loved it!)

Danny Wilson


From: "Daniel Ware" 
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 08:25:15 -0700
Subject: Victor

Hey gang..
Finally got Victor yesterday, via the BMG music club.. Have given it a once
over, and find myself straining to get into it. Anyone else have this
problem? I don't know what it is.. Maybe screaming guitars just aren't my
thing anymore. GOD, NO, I'M GROWING UP!!! Or maybe it's something else.. Any
thoughts or comments???
Cheers from New Mexico..


Date: Tue, 31 Mar 98 10:41:15 -0500
Subject: The Ged Lip-synching Thing (plus more)

     If memory serves (which is by no means a guarantee these days...), 
     Geddy was not lip-synching to Double Agent, but rather was being ready 
     to "step in" if something bad happened to the sampled voice.
     On the first night of the tour (Pensacola??), the sampled voice didn't 
     kick in as planned, so Geddy was forced to speak the part himself. My 
     guess is he spent the next several shows anticipating a repeat 
     performance. When I saw them in LA 11 days later, he clearly stepped 
     up to the mike ready to start with "...on the edge of sleep...", but 
     the sample worked fine. He simply smiled, walked away from the mike, 
     and kept playing.
     Kind of like after being rear-ended by another car, and then 
     anticipating that *every* car coming up behind you will hit you. Or 
     after finding a bug in your salad, and thinking *every* salad you buy 
     after that will have a bug in it.
     Since I'm here, I may as well chime in on a couple of other recent 
     - Secret Society - sigh...
     - Rush at your Wedding - if you can get a way with it, cool. My 
     question, however, is this...if you have a band at your wedding, do 
     you have *them* play the Rush song(s), or spin a CD??
     - VH1's 100 Greatest Artists of All-Time - No surprise that Rush isn't 
     included. The title should really be "VH1's 100 Greatest Artists of 
     All-Time That Fit Into Our Format". Rush does not fit into their 
     format, so they ain't on their list.
     - Dave 
     P.S. Any Rush fans in Ireland? I'll be in Limerick next week (4/6-10), 
     probably alone, and would love to throw down a pint or two of Guinness 
     with someone. Email me privately.


From: "Anderson, Chris " 
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 11:17:17 -0500
Subject: re: next studio effort

Original note from Greg Cormier

> Remaining hopeful that we'll all see a new studio effort from the boys 
> what direction do you think the band will take ? The past few albums have 
> features less and less keyboards and a more straight ahead approach.While I 
> enjoy this sound a lot I think I'd perfer to have a little more depth in 
> the music like PW or HYF.This would translate into more keyboards and may 
> be considered a step backwards for the band but I don't think they ever 
> sounded any better than those two efforts.Some may not like the lyrics that 
> much but IMHO musicaly they've nmever sounded any better.
>   I realise that the band doesn't want to produce a duplicate sound and are 
> always trying to put out a new sound and direction with each studio release 
> but for my listening pleasure the sound they achieved in both  PW and HYF 
> are the best to date.What do others think about the bands direction on any 
> new releases that may be forthcoming and what is your favorite sounding 
> album musicaly ? 


I tend to think that Rush is going to look for more new sounds (for
their music) on the next studio
release.  As I'm sure you noticed, if you heard "Victor", Alex was
pretty darn heavy on most
of the album - I see this as his aggressive side truly speaking out.
Maybe he's doing this to balance what 's coming from
Rush down the road.  I think Rush is going to go into a more
"traditional" kind of "Dave Matthewish."  Now, I don't mean they'll
sound like Dave Matthews - it's just that they might
get away from keys further and maybe take a look at acoustic instruments
mixed with electric instruments.
Really though, wouldn't a lot of songs on HYF fit a more "analog-wood"
sound than some of the keyboards
and electric guitar?  Rush really needs to push more emotion anyway (in
the music) and I think some of "Half The World"'s
sound pointed toward this direction.  Rush needs to step away from all
of their previous "sounds" and gain
a totally new vision while still retaining their instinct for great
rhythym, rhyme,and musicianship.
Looking back on Peart's stepping back as a drummer and re-examining his
approach to drumming - he turned a
little less worried about the technnical and turned to something more
"feel" oriented.  Rush might try to do this as they whole; they need to
do this to reach MORE people on an emotional level.  I guess I really
felt like Presto was where that might have happened........Presto is
great - its a very ambient-tone-filled album - Rush needs to look at
that direction again but with more acoustic guitars and mandolins.....!
I must say though, a 3pc. setup limits some acoustic/electric

Of course, they would have to retain some hard edge - but it won't be
heavy like CP.....  their next studio effot will be
their finest!!!!

The upcoming live album and this hiatus would provide a great
opportunity for this (or any) kind of experimentation.  The live album
was always the "new beginning" point in the past for Rush.


ps.  The "Secret Sociey" stuff cracks me up........really, it does!


From: "Mark D. Plasse" 
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 12:18:34 -0500
Subject: Most influential lyric

The most influential Rush lyric? Right now, I'm taking great comfort in
the final words of "Hemispheres". 

	"We can walk our road together if our goals are all the same. We
can run alone and free if we pursue a different aim. Let the truth of
love be lighted. Let the Love of truth shine clear. Sensibility, armed
with sense and liberty, with the heart and mind united in a single,
perfect sphere."

	These words have helped me get through some tough things
recently, and I know that I'm not the only one. There, that's my 1.8



From: "Kris Marentette" 
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 12:26 -0800

Are there any fellow Rush fans out there who have these Syrinx Productions CD
boots and would be willing to scan the cover art and liner notes and send the
colour images to me?  This would be appreciated



From: "Timmeren S. Van " 
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 11:44:07 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Re: Light bulbs

> How many mail list subscribers does it take to change a light bulb?

Did anyone else find this incredibly funny? I laughed quite a while.
Sometimes it's good to just sit back and laugh at ourselves.  As far as
Rush content, I remember the Juno Awards being mentioned a while ago.  Was
there anything Rush related on them?  

Steven Van Timmeren
"beetle man"


From: Kirk Jones 
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 13:36:18 -0500
Subject: Collectables

At a recent record show in Denver, CO., I picked up the following items.
 Let me know if I got ripped off, or found a deal :

T4E Concert Video from Corestates Center, Philly, PA.
          November, 1996                                                
Red Barchettta/Subdivisions 7'' vinyl picture disc, used    $20.00
Run From The Fans cd boot, used                                     $25.00
The Story Of Kings cd Interview disc, sealed                    $ 8.00
The Big Money/Territories/Red Sector A 12'' vinyl, used    $15.00
The Big Money/Territories/CTTH/TSOR double 7'' vinyl singles, used $15.00

RUSH stuff not bought :
Cygnus X Story 2cd boot, used $45.00
Rush 'n' Roulette  random play 12' vinyl, used                 $100.00
Counterparts promo poster (lock, stock, barrel)                    DNA

I also got some good deals on Metallica, Marillion, and Blondie vinyl.

Usually these shows don't have much RUSH stuff, so I was pretty pleased.

later, ktj


From: Scott Finkel 
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 10:42:53 -0800
Subject: influential lyrics

>> In NMS # 2000 Dustin Clingman said "I would like to hear about the most 
>> influential Rush Luric from you guys".

For me, truth be told, the most powerful stuff about Rush is not the lyrics
at all--its the music. Just about every song I like/love has some lyrical
portion that I can't stand. (overstated)

por ejemplo: 

 -- raw power of Alien Shore is marred by, "To you and me, sex is not a

 -- general musical prowess of Virtuality, and "net boy, net girl" and "put
your message in a modem, and throw it in the cybersea" (gack)

 -- Neurotica "Time is a spiral, space is a curve, I know you get dizzy,
but try not to lose your nerve" followed by - (chorus.) (double gack)

 -- [many more examples omitted due to lack of time to go look them up]

Awesome musical songs that don't get killed by the lyrics:

 -- Cut To The Chase:  "Its the motor of the western world--spinning off to
every extreme"

 -- Heresy

 -- Bravado (almost got killed by the cliche of paying the price but not
counting the cost)

I could go on and on, but part of the problem with the NMS these days is
the length of the posts, IMO. Suffice it to say that I can provide many
more examples of songs that are just ass-kicking musically, but have some
lyric I can't stand, so I don't listen to them as much, or they don't make
my mix-cds. I think the next Rush album should be all-instrumental.
(kidding!) I'm sure many of you run into the same phenomenon, so I'll sign
off for now. 

Peace, Bran, and Rush,



From: (Michael_P_Kane)
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 12:52:11 -0600
Subject: Rush at work

New receptionist began work this week at our company:  Sharon Rush

"Why are we here?  Because we're here!"


From: "Sewer Urchin" 
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 13:34:50 EST
Subject: Smell the Fuzz...

  Corgan's track sounds like more of
>>>his whiny wank to me.
>Pardon me for asking, maybe I missed something, but do you know what the
>fuck you're talking about?  Corgan, on Victor?? The "Lifeson Track"??
>What the hell?  Last I checked, Lifeson was ALL of victor, and Billy
>Corgan, or any other corgan for that matter, was nowhere near that album.


Hey Retard!! He was talking about 
"Guitars That Rule the World Vol. 2  Smell the Fuzz/The Superstar Guitar 
Album"  from MetalBlade Records.  

    So you did miss something.  So next time someone says something that 
you're not sure is right why don't you think for a few seconds and 
simply ask what is being talked about rather than cursing and getting 
bent out of shape and thinking that you're some omniscient god.


From: "Super Dave" 
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 14:12:20 EST
Subject: The Whole Steinberger Thing

I've always liked the look of Ned Steinberger's designs (i.e. the XL-2 
and the Spector basses that Ned helped to design). I have a Hohner B2A 
4-string with active EQ and a genuine Steinberger detuner. It is made 
out of regular wood and not graphite which makes it even easier to play 
than the original $2,000+ version. It can be played standing, sitting 
and even upside down (don't ask!) with great ease. I think it just may 
be the best $500 bass on the market. It's got a superfast fretboard and 
very nice glossy finish. While it's not the original one that Geddy 
played during the GUP tour, it looks pretty much the same and feels very 
similar to the XL-2. In my opinion, if it wasn't for the fact that the 
Hohner is made in Korea and from wood, it would be the same!


From: "Héctor R. Cruz" 
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 14:39:33 -0600
Subject: "Persiana Americana"

   Martin Urionaguena, about your Top 10 non-Rush albums:

   What?? No Soda Stereo?? ;)

			The Third World Man


From: Jim Hartnett 
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 14:44:47 -0600
Subject: Influential Lyrics

	In NMS # 2000 Dustin Clingman said "I would like to hear about
the most influential Rush Lyric from you guys". The most influential
lyrics to me were those of "Something for Nothing". 2112 was the first
Rush album I had heard back when I was a pot- abusing, daydreaming
teeneger. I tended to let life happen to me. The lyrics to "Something
for Nothing" opened my eyes and gave me a sence of empowerment that I
had not known before. The words charged me with giving direction to my
life. Well,, that,, and I WAS growing up. While many factors have shaped
the life I now know, Neil's words affirmed that I could do anything.
Jimi Hartnett


From: Dainis Garuts 
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 12:52:13 -0800
Subject: Ged's Steinberger

> >The drawback is that you have to
> >stand while playing it.

> In a way you are right Nick, Geddy does use his Steinberger on the GUP
> album and tour. However, in "The Body Electric" and "The Enemy Within"
> videos, he is seen playing his Ric.

>Great Scott, you're right.  The studio tracks were
>most certainly recorded with his Steinberger though.
>I don't remember why Geddy used his Rick in the videos,
>though I do remember that there was some reason he did.

I remember hearing or reading Geddy's comments about that bass somewhere
(might have been on the tour guide). I distinctly remember him mentioning
that he liked using it because the lack of a headstock made it easier to
use around mic stands and other equipment.



From: "Sergio Escalona" 
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 98 16:58:39 PST
Subject: Douglas R.I.F.

Rushme000  stumbled on his keyboard the following:
> Subject: sergio R.I.F.

Man, you got me there.  What does R.I.F. stand for?

> sergio........did i ever insult you??do you work for SRO?

No, and no.

> dude get a life with the personal attacks.sro has been Rush's home
> for ever and test for echo came out and counterparts and no website.

There was a little something in Atlantic's site for T4E.  I don't know
about CP.  You see, Van Halen (not SRO) has designated a web site
( and a magazine (The Inside) as ther "Official" site and
mag.  Both the web site and the mag were, and still are, adminitered by
dedicated fans (not by SRO) and they now are offically recognized by the
band (not by SRO).  Additionally, the same guy (not SRO) who runs the
official site is working together with WB's site.

> im well aware of the van halen 3 cd.i own it and if you READ my last
> post you would have known that.all im saying is sro blows.Rush
> hasnt been marketed in the right way in years,van halen 3 has been
> to the hilt.what do u have to say about that??

It is mho, that Rush (not SRO) doesn't care about being heavily marketed. 
They even seem to have tried to avoid it.

> i think favortisim.ray danniels is married to alex van halens
> sister,hmmmmmmm what does that tell you.get the facts first

LOL!  Sorry to burst your bubble man, but YOU get *THESE* facts first! --->
The Van Halens do not have a sister; it was Alex Van Halen married with
Ray's sister, Kelly.  They are divorced now though.  Alex VH has a new girl
friend (VH III's art director/sleev designer).

> ...reading is fundamental.

I gotta agree with you here pal; I only wish you did the same ;-) "A fact's
fact from Nome to Rome".

Ok Douglas, I didn't really mean to insult you; I'm sorry if I did. 
However, I'm gonna re-write your post line by line correctly and then you
figure out the mistakes Ok?  Here we go...

   [ Deleted, this is not necessary.                      : rush-mgr ]

Sorry for the long post.


From: "B.S.S." 
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 17:38:06 -0800
Subject: unknown - rush sighting - unknown

As I said I am unsure about the meaning of this ..
Anyhoo I was tooling through Orlando the other day on the way to the
airport when as usual the traffic was stopped on I-4 (those of you who
live here know what I mean)Anyway next to me on a white 18 wheeler was a
sign on the door that said "under lease to Anthem Ent., Toronto Canada.."
Underneath in plain black block style letters it said RUSH. I got behing
this truck and it did have Toronto license plates so I am not sure just
what I saw. I know there is/was a Anthem in California but the toronto
stuff sealed it for me.
Any Ideas????
P.S. If youre ever in Daytona Beach 95.7 The HOG Plays rush
constitently, and accomadate most special requests. There web page also
has a whole bunch of rush links, many of which I had never seen before.
However 96.5 whtq in Orlando really sucks for rush content, won't even
play requests. 
So next time you come see Mickey spend a day in Daytona and check out
the hog.

Disclaimer-- I am not affiliated with either station, just happen to
think they are kick-ass

See ya


From: Jody Ferguson 
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 15:58:44 -0500
Subject: Re:  Victor/SMELL THE *FUZZ*

> wrote:

> >>Pardon me for asking, maybe I missed something, but do you >>know what the
> >>fuck you're talking about?  Corgan, on Victor?? The "Lifeson >>Track"??
> >>What the hell?  Last I checked, Lifeson was ALL of victor, and >>Billy
> Corgan, or any other corgan for that matter, was >>nowhere near that album.

Well...  Yes you did miss something.  And...  Yes, I *do* know what the fuck I'm
talking about.  But obviously you, and maybe some others, don't know.  I fully
accept this as my fault.

If you look in the subject line of the post I submitted (erroneously thinking it
didn' t go through the first time you will see that it reads SMELL THE FUZZ.
This is in reference to a previous post from someone (Mar, I think) who was 
going to buy a compilation CD of guitarists that included Alex Lifeson among 
others, including (yeeeesss) Billy Corgan.  And yes, there is a Lifeson 
track...and there is a Corgan track.   I reposted it with more details in the 
next issue.

Knowing how BMG lists things, (very vaguely) I felt that since I have both 
discs, I would risk entering the fields of flame to submit what I know about 
the Smell the Fuzz disc.

I just wanted them to know that it was not a rare Alex track, but one that was
easily had on Victor.

I deeply apologize, but I have not been on NMS since my navy days back in 
'92.  I have no friggin' idea how to quote people's posts, so I guess I was 
stupidly hoping everyone would know what the FUCK I was talking about.  I 
guess at least one person didn't.  I had to manually quote bcirillo's part by 
quoting the whole damn issue and deleting all but the above quote.  I hope 
you feel special.

> >>I should know, check out my webpage...

No thanks.  I yield to your superior knowledge on the exploits of King Lerxst.
Please tell me this, though:  Is he Julien Daigle?



Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 17:10:18, -0500
Subject: bootlegs and trading..? 

Hello all,

I am fairly new to trading tapes and videos, only from the RUSH point of view.
I trade other bands also.  But i was wondering if there are any radio broadcast
bootlegs out there?  If so, how can i get'em or trade for them.  I have some 
RUSH material i picked up over the years.  Check out my page.  You need to have
microsoft 3.0 or higher (i think) to see it.
Thanks for any help i can get from you loyal RUSH fans :)

Thanks a ton



From: "=?ISO-8859-2?Q?Vladislav_G=E1lis?=" 
Date: Mon, 1 Jun 1998 01:56:01 +0200
Subject: Rush and Annihilator

Hi, guys and gals,

I know this is not gonna please some of you oldtimers, but here I was today, 
writing on my computer and listening to... er... not Rush this time, but, 
well... Annihilator (93) (spare me from thy wrath if you please). Anyway, I 
found that they (or should I write just HIM, the one and only Jeff Waters 
plus some of his disposables) must have had a fair share of Rush music in 
their CD players for some time... This is not precise, but I see (hear) 
certain resemblance in the sense of melody, the structure of the songs and a 
bit of "artfulness" in them. (Or is it just the nationality?) Well, may I 
hope anyone else has ever remotely felt the same?



Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 17:58:36 -0600
Subject: Rush Lyrics

Rush Fans:

     Rush has amassed quite a collection of meaningful lyrics throughout their
existence. Here are some of the most meaningful to me.

"Summer's going fast, its growing colder, children growing up old friends
growing older."

"I have memory and awareness, but I have no shape or form, a disembodied
spirit, I am dead and yet unborn, I have passed into Olympus, as told in tales
of old, to the city of immortals, marble white, and pure as gold."

"And the men who hold high places should be the ones who start, to mold a new
reality, closer to the heart."

"A thousand ten cent wonders, who could ask for more, a pocket full of silver,
and a key to heavens door."

"Cities full of hatred fear and lies. Withered hearts and cruel tormented eyes.
Scheming demons dressed in kingly guise, beating down the multitudes and
scoffing at the wise"

That is just a few that come to mind. I am doing this from memory so they may
not be totally accurate. Lord knows you can be flamed for your inaccuracies

"Apollo was astonished, Dionysus thought me mad."



From: langford 
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 17:58:17 -0600
Subject: Losing It Live


	Joe Morisseau wrote the other day that Rush has never played 
"Losing It" live. Though I didn't see or hear it, I read the 
review in the Milwaukee Journal, during the Signals Tour, that Losing It 
was the highlight of the show. 

	Did anybody go to this show?


From: Julien Daigle 
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 20:12:20 -0400
Subject: The Rush SecSoc

Welcome to the Rush Secret Society.

God created everything, and so therefore he knows everything, including
Rush. Our beloved band is a part of the creation, and many of us feel
that they tend to inspire divine feelings.

In this sense they are special and unique, and so we seek to protect
them and encourage their existence and survival. Being a Rush fan means
that we ask our band to remain prosperous.

Extreme fans will endure even after the band has ended. But for the
average and beginning fan, the albums are what keep the band alive
during these "tough times."

Rush to the albums,



From: "Krista Kokko" 
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 17:07:17 -0800
Subject: Influential lyrics and discussion

I was introduced to Rush by massive, instantaneous immersion. I was 14 and
my first date took me to see the Moving Pictures concert in Portland. My
first anything concert and absolutely awesome! My birthday was a week later
and my Dad gave me the album. I couldn't figure out why as his musical world
had stopped with the Ventures and he couldn't stand my music.

Anyways, I memorized every word and note on that LP. But what really did it
for me was Camera Eye, especially this

"I feel the sense of possibilities,
I feel the wrench of hard realities.
The focus is sharp in the city."

I had just been through most of a school year riding city transit clear
across Portland to go to a magnet high school.  And been getting an eyeful
education in the process. I had started that year an innocent and ended with
a much broader understanding of many beautiful and uncomfortable things.
Camera Eye said - and didn't say! - very succinctly all the feelings,
imagery, and undefinable understandings that I saw and heard my own self.

The music and lyrics can be picked apart all you want. I choose to think
that as sensitive artists Neil, Alex, and Geddy work hard to show us an
expressive snapshot of their focused viewpoint of constantly shifting,
constantly complex ideas and issues in each song. That is impossible to do
at best for a great many of us, the best of us can do it with a simplicity
of intelligent style.

One more thing, coming from a long time subscriber. On the NMS webpage there
are two statements regarding this list that may be of useful review.

  It's designed to promote the discussions of RUSH and their music, and
their impact on music and ourselves. Typical topics discussed are the latest
album, the latest tour, discussions of lyrics (both new and old), etc.

  Personal flames are not tolerated.

        To enjoy life as a rational free spirit!
        To be unique, understanding the form in the fabric of being.
        To create an awareness within of that which is aswirl without.
        To find the still and quiet places.

        This is who I am        Krista Kokko


From: Ken Redding & Anne Nanos 
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 17:19:36 -0800
Subject: Best Screamers & Change

Let's not forget, Burke Shelley, lead screamer of Budgie...

I must concur with others in regarding Rob Halford as being a great
screamer.  Check out Dreamer/Deceiver on 'Sad Wings of Destiny'.  The
hairs on the back of my neck still stand on end when I listen to this

Change:   A lot of postings lately about change, RUSH 'breaking new
ground', old RUSH vs new RUSH.  I don't even know why this is an issue.
The only constant in this life (besides death & taxes) is change.  In
consideration of what a lot of NMSers have been posting lately it appear
that a lot of people don't subscribe to this notion and expect RUSH to
pump out the same music, album after album after album, and are
inevitably disappointed when they don't.  Look at your own lives and
tell me you've stayed in the same place, read the same books, gone to
the same schools & ate the same food etc. etc. ad nauseum .... for
however many years you've been on the planet.  Now having answered that,
how can you expect RUSH not to change.
'But change is'.

The beauty of RUSH is change.  One cannot go throught this life (unless
incarcerated or neurotic) without some degree of change.  Yes, some
periods of RUSH music may 'speak' to you more than others.  However, it
is unrealistic to expect each new RUSH album to impact you in the same
way as any of their previous releases. That is, unless your own
development mirrors that of Geddy, Alex & Neil and all at the same
time.   This may be disappointing to some.... but hey, that's life.

I look forward to each new RUSH release with the same anticipation I did
20 some odd years ago (when I first got hooked), because I never quite
know what to expect.  The only given is that each new release will be
definitively RUSH and different from their last outing.  Yes, I can
expect interesting music and interesting lyrics but I don't have a clue
as to how the lyrics and music will be presented.
My $0.02.


Ken Redding
Vancouver BC


From: Chris Sadlers 
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 20:37:16 +0000
Subject: New Threads

I figured that since I am partly responsible for most of these threads I
should contribute to them. 
Most Inspirational songs: In absolutely no particular order:
1 Everyday Glory
2 Spirit of Radio
3 Driven
4 Hold Your Fire
5 Closer to the Heart
6 Circumstances
7 Red Barchetta
8 Subdivisions
9 2112
10 The Trees

I do not actually have a favorite CD but I really like Hemispheres, T4E,
2112, Counterparts, CoS, ect.

I have to put my 2.1263 cents in and say that CoS is one of my favorite

Most inspirational lyric: AND THE MEEK SHALL INHERIT THE EARTH 
I don't know why but it is. And yes I know neil didn't actaully come up
with it.
The entire choros of Everyday Glory is awsome too!

I belive the first rush song I ever heard was the intro to Show of
Hands. I started on rush around 7 or 8 and I am 14 now. In that time I
have bought every CD and been to 3 concerts. I feel funny going to
school wearing a Rush shirt from T4E and no one knows who they are
(Although I have recruited a few :-)

Favorite Drummers other then Neil

The army of flame throwers seems to be getting larger and larger at the
non-rush crap. Try to Hold Your Fire for a bit but soon it will be WOOPH
 ___     *****
 |  *****0*** WOOPH!! 
       */ \*

**And the meek shall inherit the earth** -NP 2112 Overture


From: Harry Johnson 
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 20:49:03 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: The objectivist of detroit

>>>>> "Lang" == Lang   writes:

    Lang> My list of top ten chemical compounds:
    Lang> 1. Sodium Hydroxide
    Lang> 2. Oxygen Dihydride

WOW!  Be very careful with this stuff!  It can be fatal if inhaled,
and cause severe burns in its vapor phase.  It runs rampant in
cancerous tumors, and, in fact, I understand that Iraq is stockpiling
this dangerous chemical.

Chemicals are dangerous things and should not be taken lightly.


PS. You might want to add ethanol to your list of favorites.  8^)

"Seems to me it's chemistry ..." - Neil Peart, RUSH  (A real stretch
for RUSH content).
Avant!			 Harry C. Johnson IV
1101 Slater Rd		  Software Engineer       Phone: (919)941-6726
RTP, NC 27703                                     FAX: (919)941-6700


From: UberMar 
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 21:00:17 EST
Subject: Deep Jack Hesse

Jack Hesse wrote in #2002:
Non-Rush content?  I don't think there is any such thing on this list.  We
are all to some degree Rush fans, and this is our digest.  We discuss what is
important to us or interesting to us, as it relates to Rush or Rush-related
interests.  I find it very interesting to see what other Rush fans have to
say about different things (which beat on different strings!) such as
favorite non-Rush music, opinions about philosophy and religion, and stuff
like that.  Seriously, if this list was ONLY Rush news and fanmail, it would
be very boring (to me, anyway).  Can you imagine digest after digest of stuff
like "When's the live album coming out?" or "I like Tom Sawyer!" everyday? 
The spectrum of Rush fans and their ideas (and being able to share mine!!!)
are what make this an interesting read for me.  And we must remember not to
take this so seriously!  Rush is a BAND, dammit! :)
Wow.  I don't think this could have been expressed better.  Where there IS
Rush news, we see it here first.  When there just *isn't*, our minds tend to
I like Tom Sawyer!!
Btw, that was the first Rush tune I ever heard - hooked ever since.



From: James MacLachlan 
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 22:07:55 -0800
Subject: Re: Ged Synching/Yodelling in Toronto t4e show

Hey folks:

Just wanted to say that there is a BIG difference between lip-synching
and using sampled bits to overlap your voice, especially in a band like
Rush with only one singer. (Can Alex really sing???..heh) During Resist,
Ged was OBVIOUSLY trigering sampled vocal overlaps to what he was
singing. The point being, he WAS the main vocalist in the "yodeling"
part of Resist, and he NEVER tried to trick anybody into thinking



From: Scott McDow 
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 22:10:49 -0500
Subject: a little more p/g

hallo all

The p/g album cover has always been a little mystifying to me so I'm glad
I caught most of the recent discussion on this subject. Today I started to
look a little closer at this work of art and noticed a couple things I wanted to
post about. On the left side of the picture, in the mountains, there is a crack
and what appears to be the fingertips of a pair of hands in the crack.  (to me)
It appears that the hands are prying the rock apart (more pressure), causing
piece's of it to come flying off, revealing an eye. Some pieces have already
hit the calm waters (grace) and disturbed it. The mountain on the far right of
the picture resembles volcanic action (graceful mountains under pressure?).
All this while a graceful figure looks on.

That being said I'm curious to hear anybody's thoughts on how the p/g title
relates to the lyrical (or musical if any care to go that far) content of 
the album, *or* the era it was released. (neil's relation to the economic times)

any takers?

later all



From: Martin Urionaguena 
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 21:31:58 -0300

Hi, last year, when I had almost 25 song lyrics translated to Spanish,
suddenly...crash!!! my hard disk went to hell !!!  :(
And I've been in a hell of work since those I only could
re-translate these ones, so far...

These are for those who may be interested in understand what Neil wanted to
express in their songs !! You know what? since I've been doing this work, I
became a CRAZY-FULL-HYPER-EXTRA fan of the Neil's lyrics. You -the english
speaking people- may perhaps don't understand that feeling, because since
the beginning of your lives, you were able to understand those lyrics, but,
for many of us, especially the ones who don't understand so well that
language, it becomes frustrating to listen to that beatiful music, and
"JUST IMAGINE" how interesting that lyrics would be...

So, "for you the blind, who never couldn't read...", that's for you...

P.S.:  Any of you interested in helping me with any other songs?? Imagine
if we could form a group of voluntiers, and translate maybe 10 songs each
one, it would be a HELL OF WORK, and a gift for M A N Y !!!! people

Let's share some ideas, ok?

See ya'


Countdown (Cuenta regresiva)

(Dedicada en agradecimiento a los astronautas YOUNG y CRIPPEN y a toda la
gente de la NASA por su inspiracion y cooperacion)

Iluminacion con anticipacion
Arribamos al sitio de lanzamiento
El cielo esta aun oscuro, se acerca el atardecer
En la costa de Florida

Helicopteros en circulos, acechan la noche
Con errantes haces de reflectores
Este dia es magico, pues la super ciencia
Se mezcla con el brillante material de los suenios

La luz fluye en la brumosa distancia
La estrella de este show extraterrestre
Vapores ventosos, como la respiracion
De un blanco y durmiente dragon

Altavoces crujiendo, voces tensas
Se reanuda la cuenta final
Todos los sistemas chequeados, T menos nueve
Mientras el sol y el espectaculo comienzan a montarse

El aire esta cargado, una masa humeda inmovil
La multitud y las camaras
Pasan los autos llenos de espectadores
Excitacion tan densa, que podrias cortarla con un cuchillo
Alta tecnologia, en el mismo limite de la vida

La tierra debajo nuestro comienza a temblar
Con un esparcimiento de nubes bajas y negras
Un tronante rugido sacude el aire
Como si el mundo entero explotara

Ardiente explosion de fuego dorado
Mientras lentamente deja atras el suelo
Caen lagrimas con una vigorosa fuerza
El aire se sacude con un sonido aterrador

Como una columna de nubes, el humo se mantiene
Alto en el aire
En fascinacion - con los ojos del mundo
Nosotros observamos... 


Chemistry  (Quimica)

Seniales transmitidas
Mensaje recibido
Reaccion haciendo impacto

Telepatia elemental
Intercambio de energia
Reaccion haciendo contacto

Un ojo en mi
Reaccion quemando mas caliente
Dos en uno
Reflejo en el agua
H en O
No fluyen sin el otro
Oh, pero como
Hacen ellos contacto
Uno con el otro ?
Electricidad ? Biologia ?
Me parece a mi que es quimica

Emocion transmitida
Emocion recibida
Musica en lo abstracto
Enfasis elemental
Un cambio de sinergia
Musica haciendo contacto

Uno, dos, tres
Sumar sin restar
Sonido en sonido
Reaccion multiplicada

H en O
No fluyen sin el otro
Oh, pero como
Hacen ellos contacto
Uno con el otro ?
Electricidad ? Biologia ?
Me parece a mi que es quimica...


Digital man  (Hombre digital)

Su mundo esta bajo observacion
Nosotros monitoreamos su estacion
Bajo rostros y lugares
Donde el traza sus puntos de vista

El utiliza restos de conversaciones
Radio y radiaciones
De bailarines y romanticos
Con respuestas pero sin pistas

El amaria pasar la noche en Zion
El ha pasado mucho tiempo en Babilonia
Le gustarian una alas de amante para volar
A una isla tropical en Avalon

Su mundo esta bajo anestesia
Subdividido y sintetico
Su confianza esta en los gigantes
Y en la ciencia del momento

El utiliza restos de informacion
Es adepto a la adaptacion
Por que para reparadores y extranios
El cambio constante esta aqui para quedarse

El tiene un campo de fuerza y un plan flexible
El tiene una cita con el destino en un sedan negro
El juega rapido y hacia adelante lo mas que puede
Pero el no necesitara una cama
El es un hombre digital...

Losing it  (Perdiendolo) (Mi cancion preferida !!!!)

La bailarina desacelera su frenetico paso
Con dolor y desesperacion
Sus miembros doloridos y su cara avejentada
Se apagan con su transpiracion
Tensos como un cable sus pulmones arden
Con la pausa justa
Fluyen en su memoria
Los ecos de viejos aplausos

Ella abandona cojeando el cuarto
Y cierra la puerta de su dormitorio

El escritor observa con ojos vidriosos
Enfrenta la pagina vacia
Su barba es blanca, su cara, arrugada
Y golpeada por lagrimas de ira

Treinta anios atras, como fluirian las palabras
Con pasion y precision
Pero ahora su mente es obscura  y atontada
Por la enfermedad y la indecision
>...y el mira a traves de la puerta de la cocina
Donde el sol no brillara nunca mas...

Algunos nacen para mover el mundo
Para vivir sus fantasias
Pero la mayoria de nosotros tan solo soniamos
Con lo que deseariamos ser...
Mas triste aun es ver morir algo, que nunca haberlo conocido

Para ustedes - los ciegos, quienes alguna vez pudieron ver,
Las campanas suenan para ustedes...


New world man  (Hombre del nuevo mundo)

El es un rebelde y un fugitivo
El es una senial tornandose verde
Es un joven romantico sin cansancio
Que quiere hacer funcionar la gran maquina

El tiene un problema con sus venenos
Pero sabes que encontrara la cura
El esta limpiando sus sistemas
Para mantener su naturaleza pura

Aprendiendo a superar el ritmo del hombre de viejo mundo
Aprendiendo a captar el calor del hombre del tercer mundo

El tiene que cometer sus propios errores
Y aprender a solucionar el desorden que hace
El es lo suficientemente viejo para saber lo que es bueno
Pero demasiado joven al no elegirlo
Es lo suficientemente noble para ganarse el mundo
Pero lo suficientemente debil para perderlo
El es el hombre del nuevo mundo...

El es un receptor de radio
Sintonizado con fabricas y huertos
El es un escritor y arreglador
Y un joven ninio portando armas

El tiene problemas con sus poderes
Con las armas que patrullan
El tiene que caminar por una delgada linea
Y mantener su auto-control

Tratando de satisfacer al hombre del viejo mundo
Tratando de pavimentar el camino al hombre del tercer mundo

El no esta preocupado por el ayer
El sabe que el cambio constante es aqui y ahora
El es lo suficientemente noble para saber lo que es bueno
Pero demasiado debil al no elegirlo
Es lo suficientemente sabio para ganarse el mundo
Pero lo suficientemente tonto para perderlo
El es el hombre del nuevo mundo...


Show me , don't tell me  (Demuestramelo, no me lo digas)

Cuantas veces lo oyes ?
Ya lleva todo el dia
Todos saben todo
Nunca nadie esta errado
Hasta que es tarde

En quien puedes creer ?
Es dificil jugar con seguridad
Pero aparte de algunos pocos buenos amigos
No tenemos fe en nada
Hasta que es tarde

Demuestramelo, no me lo digas
Se ha resuelto el caso
Demuestramelo, no me lo digas
Ya escuche todo antes
Demuestramelo, no me lo digas
No me importa lo que digas
Demuestramelo, no me lo digas

Puedes mezclar percepciones
La realidad no aparecera
Puedes levantar objeciones
Yo sere el juez
Y el jurado

Lo dejare librado a vuestra consideracion
Mirando desde el estrado
Le dare al jurado directivas
Basadas en la evidencia
Yo , el jurado

Demuestramelo, no me lo digas
Hey, orden en la corte
Demuestramelo, no me lo digas
Tratemos de hacer esto breve
Demuestramelo, no me lo digas
Suficiente con sus demandas
Demuestramelo, no me lo digas
Que el testigo suba al estrado
Demuestramelo, no me lo digas

Demuestramelo, no me lo digas
Hey, orden en la corte
Demuestramelo, no me lo digas
Tratemos de hacer esto breve
Demuestramelo, no me lo digas
No me importa lo que digas
Demuestramelo, no me lo digas
Veamos la prueba A...


The analog kid  (El Ninio Analogo)

una tarde calida y ventosa de agosto
tiene a los arboles en constante movimiento
con un toque de hojas plateadas
al moverlos con la brisa

el ninio yace en el cesped con una navaja
apretada entre sus dientes
una vaga sensacion lo patea
en su joven e incansable corazon
y una indescriptible y brillante vision
lo pone listo para partir

me mueves
con tus edificios y tus ojos
maderas de otonio y cielos de invierno
me mueves
mar abierto y luces de la ciudad
calles atestadas y alturas vertiginosas
me llamas

una ninia de ojos castanios, con piernas bronceadas
baila en los limites de sus suenios
y su voz suena en sus oidos
como la musica de las esferas

el ninio yace en el cesped, inmovil
mirando al cielo
su madre empieza a llamarlo
mientras un halcon pasa planeando
el ninio baja su gorra de beisbol
y cubre sus ojos

demasiadas manos a la vez
demasiados sentimientos
demasiadas cosas en mi mente
cuando me voy, no lo se
que estoy esperando encontrar
cuando me voy, no lo se
que estare dejando atras...


The weapon  (El arma)

No tenemos nada a que temer - excepto al miedo mismo
No al dolor o a la falla, no a la fatal tragedia
No a las piezas defectuosas en esta maquinaria loca
No a los contactos rotos en la quimica emocional

Con un punio de acero en un guante de terciopelo
Estamos escudados en el arma
En el juego glorioso del tren del poder
Hasta que el reino haya sido acabado

Y las cosas a las que tememos
Son un arma para ser usada en nuestra contra...

El no esta preocupado por tu juzgamiento
El conoce horrores peores que tu infierno
El esta un tanto preocupado por morir
Pero esta mucho mas preocupado por tus mentiras

Y las cosas que el teme
Son un arma para ser usada en su contra

Puede alguna parte de la vida ser mas larga que la vida misma ?
Aun el amor debe ser limitado por el tiempo
Y aquellos que nos tiran para abajo, deberian escalar
Vale mas algun asesino que su crimen ?

Como una espada de acero en un punio de seda
Nosotros no vemos de que estan hechos ellos
Ellos gritan acerca del amor, pero cuando la presion toma impulso
Ellos viven por las cosas de las que estan preocupados
Y el conocimiento al que temen
Es un arma para ser usada contra ellos...


"Rush. They must have been one hell of a band."
            Geoff Barton (2112 Tourbook)


          Buenos Aires, Argentina


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