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Subject: 04/13/98 - The National Midnight Star #2008

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         The National Midnight Star, Number 2008

                   Monday, 13 Apr 1998

Today's Topics:
               2112 vinyl question/Repeats
                    Rush at the races!
Re: Rush announces track list and title of new live album!!
     Re: 04/03/98 - The National Midnight Star #2005
                        2112 cover
                        Re: Victor
                    ALIEN SHORE SOLVED
                   Half The World Video
                      Victor review
                   Suprise ! Suprise !
                     Rush's keyboards
                       rush dreams
                   Counterparts and Vs.
            The Case for an Instrumental Album
               Some teachers like Rush too
             Double Agent prerecorded vocals
                      unknown photo
                        One Album?
       Who is sexier? (Not what you are thinking.)
             We've got Mars on the horizon...
                   Rachel Barton HELP!
   Boot review: "Wonders of the World" by Moose Records
                  Live album setlist???
                     Canadian survey
                     The Masked Rider
                 scrawny brits, part two
                      sigs and wash
                     Best album cover
             Sorry, I must be humor impaired
              missing the meaning of lyrics
                  Grace Under Pressure 
                    Re:  Terrible Ted

From: UberMar 
Date: Sun, 5 Apr 1998 18:05:09 EDT
Subject: 2112 vinyl question/Repeats

I was at a used music store the other day, and went through 30 (arrgh) bins of
old vinyl perusing for Rush, as usual. (three for five bucks, why not?)
The guy laughed at me every time I squawked with excitement, finding another.
I got two copies of Signals
One Grace Under Pressure
and also two copies of 2112.  My question, though, is this:  One of the 2112's
is sort of a fold-out with lyrics, and one is not.  Anyone know why?   I
Also at another place I bought La Villa Strangiato...It is great.  I had only
heard it before on tape.
What Rush song makes you hit the repeat button on your CD player cuz you
just gotta hear again?


"Live for yourself
There's no one else
More worth living for!"


From: "The Clayton's" 
Date: Sun, 05 Apr 1998 18:46:42 -0500
Subject: Rush at the races!

Hey!  I went to see the Busch cars race at the Texas Motor Speedway
yesterday with my brother (also somewhat Rush fan).  Well, didn't the
#12 car start 21st (21 21 on the pole).  Also, later in the race, the
#66 car (Phillips 66, Ellipt Saddler) was in 6tyh place!! Oh no!  6 66
on the pole.  I think it is a sign.  Maybe Rush really is Rednecks Under
Satan's Hand!  I'm scared.

Really, I'm scared if anyone thinks that was serious.  It was a joke,

By the way, I think Ted Nugent can wail an awesome tune if he has a mind
to!  And hunt a mean bear with a bow and arrow!  Go Ted!  Was that a

Later y'all, Lara


From: Jason Dolinger 
Date: Sun, 05 Apr 1998 18:52:54 -0500
Subject: Re: Rush announces track list and title of new live album!!

Sorry Dude,
	Don't I wish you were right though.  First of all, Presto and Carve Away
the stone were never played live. I would highly doubt they have any
versions of The Necromancer or Here Again.  There's just no way.  Finally
Rush has often said that they do not have any b-sides lying around.  They
only write songs that will get put on an album.  I don't think they've been
lying all these years.  Just exactly were did you get this info?
	Hopefully this will not be the beginning of a string of posts with
everyone saying they know what the setlist is.  (No offense or anything).


Jason Dolinger
Northwestern University
Computing and Information Systems '00


Date: Sun, 5 Apr 1998 22:24:00 -0700
Subject: Re: 04/03/98 - The National Midnight Star #2005


WILL "RUSH"????????




From: "Palo, Christopher John" 
Date:        Sun, 05 Apr 1998 22:12:58 CST
Subject: 2112 cover

Dear fellow Rushians,

Greetings and salutations!  Ok, let's get to the point.  From my
perspective, the red star on the 2112 cover is the same as the one used
by communist nations (i.e. Soviet Union, REd China, etc.) and hence it
is appropriate because of communism's desire to crush individuatlity and
free thinking which the Priests try to do.  I apologize if someone had
already made this clear and if you already knew it.  Flame me if you
will.  And one last thing: (I'm sorry but your name escapes me) To you
who wrote a list of your top 10 non-Neil authored works, I commend you
on your choices, especially the Bible.  You present an interesting take
on it, which is currently being debated in scholastic circles, but why
do you refuse to hear any comments either supporting or contradicting
your position?  Do you hold your position so weakly that you cannot
withstand a debate?  We debate subjects on TNMS which, though not
necessarily as controverial, drive us to seek the clarity of our
arguments and find Truth (I hope I'm not sounding like Julien!!!). I,
for one, would enjoy such a debate on the subject, but this is not the
place in which to carry it out.

Take care everyone!


Simpsons' Quote of the Day "Kids, kids, kids!  You tried your best and
you failed miserably.  The lesson is: never try."--Homer


From: "Palo, Christopher John" 
Date:        Mon, 06 Apr 1998 03:04:26 CST
Subject: Re: Victor

Dear fellow Rushians,

Hi again!  I bought Victor several months ago and though I know many of
you have reservations about it, I find it to be a most refreshing and
new concept and sound in recent years (aside from Rush).  Yet even I
will have to admit that I was disturbed by "Don't Care" and "Promise"
with their scratching vocals and harsh guitars and harsh lyrics. But I
see a greater development at work.  I don't think Alex is given enough
credit for his song-writing abilities.  To me, his solo song-writing is
a great way to dissect his individual contributions to the song-writing
process he shares with Geddy.  Lyrically the album is harsh.  But, Alex
hasn't written lyrics for Rush since *2112* in "Lessons" (I believe that
is accurate.  Let me know if I am wrong) and maybe he just had a lot of
repressed feelings he never got to express and is doing it here.  As for
the loud guitars, I particulary enjoy it.  Maybe that's because I am a
metal head who appreciates the stylings of Ozzy, Metallica, AC/DC, etc.
I feel that the album also reveals a bit of his sense of humor, i.e.
"Shut up, Shuttin' up".  I personally like the instrumentals, but my
only complaint is the title track itself.  The poem "Victor" doesn't
seem to lend itself to well to musical interpretation.  Just my personal
take on "Victor".  The main point is that I really enjoy it and I hope
that Alex does a great sophomore follow up!  Take care.



From: Rushme000 
Date: Mon, 6 Apr 1998 06:46:14 EDT

ok i dont know wether this has been solved on the nms or not but i will let
the unknown be known.the beginning voice in alien shore is saying"out of my
nose".it was supposedly a tech on the recording of cp whose voice this
was.when i met alex and ged and neil on the cp tour i asked alex what the hell
it was that was said.he then told me.i have had many conversation{that went
nowhere} over this to see what people really thought it me folks
this is it.put your ears close to the stero speaker and you will hear is
the guy holding his nose saying it.alien shore the beginning has been lets get down to real bussiness....what the hell is being said in
the middle of it????hahahahahahahah.

til next time......

douglas maher

"Thats Nice"


rush mgr a little something attached for you of me for any doubt here.


From: Dan 
Date: Mon, 6 Apr 1998 06:57:07 -0500
Subject: Half The World Video

>From: William Garrett Holbert 
>Date: Thu, 02 Apr 1998 02:42:49 +0000
>Subject: HALF THE WORLD VIDEO QUESTION......????????
>Being the METICULOUS RUSH FAN... here is a question I would like from
>all of you rush fans out there??
>Why does the Butcher chop off his finger on purpose in the HALF THE
>WORLD video.
>Check at 1:42 of the video.. If you dont belive me, download the video
>from the NMS web page
>then they show the newly disparted finger in the next shot....

They probably just got carried away with the word HALF, so they showed HALF
of a finger!  =)


"rising falling at force ten
we twist the world and ride the wind" - Neil Peart/Pye Dubois


From: greg cormier 
Date: Mon, 6 Apr 98 7:52:47 EDT
Subject: Victor review

   There has been a lot of talk lately on Alex's solo release "Victor". 
Most people seem to have trouble getting into the music and lyrical style 
of Alex.The most important thing to do when listening to "Victor" is to 
disassociate it from anything that Rush has ever done.Next one must 
understand the mood of the songs on "Victor".It is a dark mood indeed so 
you must be open to that and take what the music has to offer.Alex really 
opens up on a lot of the tracks,especially the instrumentals.It will most 
likely take several listens to appreciate what Alex is presenting in the 
music.My opinion is that if you are someone who enjoys Alex's wide open 
busy sound on the guitar then Victor is for you.


From: greg cormier 
Date: Mon, 6 Apr 98 8:03:27 EDT
Subject: Suprise ! Suprise !

  This past weekend I received my introductory shipment from BMG.I had 
selected 7 of the Rush remasters to get me started.The shipment had 5 of 
the 7 selections and noted that it was only a partial shipment.The price 
came to $12.49 which was the S & H charges. After opening the CD's and 
reviewing the artwork I noticed that I now had the lyrics and some 
additional pictures on the first 3 studio releases instead of just a single 
sheet with the album's cover.On One of my selections, AFTK, I noticed that 
"What you're Doing" was the concluding track which had been omitted from 
the original CD release.On Hemispheres there was an additional folded mini 
poster included with the regular insert book.The weird thing is that when 
folded you have a plain black sheet which was sitting on top of the regular 
inser book.When I looked at it I was puzzled for a  minute.Then after 
opening it I was relieved to see the original artwork on the book plus an 
additional unexpected suprise in the fold out mini poster.
   So far I have seen two previously omitted songs appear on the 
remasters."A Passage to Bangkok" on Exit Stage Left and now What You're 
Doing" on AFTK.For the price that I am paying this is a worthwhile 
investment for me and I recommend others to acquire the remasters should 
the opportunity present itself. 


From: "Anderson, Chris " 
Date: Mon, 6 Apr 1998 10:07:25 -0400 
Subject: Rush's keyboards

Hanstones said-

>Many of you have stated that HYF has the most keyboard usage of any Rush 
album.  To my ears, P/G has the most usage by far.   Afterimage, Red Sector A, 
The Enemy Within and The Body Electric seem dominated by keyboards (and I 
love them), whereas most of HYF uses keys as accents.  Am I the only one that 
thinks this?<  

I agree very much so and I KNOW Geddy would also!  I read an interview with 
Geddy way back in '90 where he comments on keyboard usage in Rush throughout
the '80's.  He said the keyboards came into albums such as MPs, SIGNALS, GUP as
mostly "sound-thickening and rhythmical devices."  He goes on to say that on PW
and on HYF that the keyboards were used more as "events' which could translate 
to "accents."
He also said that the keyboards were added for texture and color which I
think really came through very clearly on HYF.

I still really wish they could use more of the sound on "Half The World"
or just acoustic elements in general.......some critics would then stop 
putting down Rush's use of synthesizers and pedals....BUT anyway,

Rush's keys ARE great though and I think the keyboards are more
appropriately used (for Rush's songs) than in most cases where certain 
"RIck Wakeman" sounds are found on Yes albums.

Gedd's a good keyboardist in his own right.

Chris A.


From: "Pamela Pyles" 
Date: Mon, 06 Apr 1998 07:56:09 PDT

I was watching VH1's "100 Greatest Artists" shows last week and...I was 
more than a little disappointed that Rush was not one of them.  I was 
disappointed but not surprised.  I mean, they don't get much credit for 
their talent.  However, I refuse to believe that there are at least 100 
artists that are more influential than Rush.  Anyone else out there 
watch it? 



From: "Chesley Bryan" 
Date: Mon, 6 Apr 1998 10:03:16 -0500
Subject: rush dreams

I had a dream last night that I was hanging out with Neil. He said he was
moving to Texas.
I wonder if the boys have dreams about me?

Chesley Bryan


From: xwgdj@TTACS.TTU.EDU
Date: Mon, 06 Apr 1998 11:06:37 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Counterparts and Vs.

In response to the Go and Stick it Out comparison, I believe that Vs. and
Counterparts were released on the exact same day.  In fact my old college
roomates went to the record store at midnight to buy copies of both
albums for all three of us.  I find the comparisons of these two songs as
well as Rear View Mirror and New World Man very interesting.  RVM is one
of my favorite Pearl Jam songs, now I guess I know why.

In My CD PLayer
Rush - CP
I Mother Earth - Scenery and Fish
Rage Against the Machine - Evil Empire


From: Tim Rockstad 
Date: Mon, 6 Apr 1998 09:20:22 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: The Case for an Instrumental Album

Notes from the Underjordisk:
The Case for an Instrumental Album.

The Rush album following the new "live and whatever else it will be"
should be strictly instrumental and titled "2000 - Stop Yammering." 
This would coincide on a historical basis with Frank Zappa's classic
"Shut Up and Play Your Guitar."  In other words, Geddy, "Stop
Yammering," Neil, "Stop Yammering," and Alex, well, "Shut Up Shuttin'

With Neil facing the toughest crisis of his life I can't imagine him
wanting to write lyrics, exposing his feelings to us like a Celine
Dion histrionic.  However, I don't see him giving up the drums in an
way, shape or form.

I know a lot of people who like the way Rush sounds, but not when
Geddy is singing, now or in the higher register days.

I think the band as a whole could put out their "chef d'oeuvre" if
they stopped their yammering for JUST ONE album.  It would give them
more exposure than they've ever had before, something we Rush fans are
always wanting but never admitting.

The thing is, they are capable of a great album with diverse styles of
music from jazz to ambient, but only if they put their mind more into
their music than into the production.  I seriously think this has got
to be a turning point in their career.  It's true that they've got a
loyal throng in us lads and lasses but they don't generally sell
outside of the cult. 

Those gnostics who know 2112 as "Twenty-one Twelve" would also know
2000 as "Twenty-triple Aught."  Those on the radio and the "new fans"
would be calling it "Two-thousand - Stop Yammering."  Heh, Heh.  The
triple aughts would be Geddy, Alex and Neil giving the critics ample
room to hurl cowchips at the "three zeros"  in fine tradition with
"three blind mice" ala A Show of Hands.

Neil can show his best Buddy Rich or better yet, Max Roach with Geddy
on stand-up bass (any record of him doing this?) sounding like Charlie
Haden and Alex doing his best Wes Montgomery.  They could then turn
around and do some more northerly music like Bjork.  It would be a
real test to see if Neil could pull off some tape loops and rhythms: 
for instance, the anthem of "Xanadu" at a different speed and the band
creating an instrumental around it.  Remember, Rush has sampled
themselves before (i.e. Hemispheres).

I would personally like them to do some post-rock lounge with "special
guests," Combustible Edison (remember Aimee Mann, also from the Boston
area?).  Can you imagine a vibraphone counterpoint duet with Geddy and
Aaron Oppenheimer with Neil on traps?  (Has anyone heard Jaymz Bee's
version of "Closer to the Heart?)

Hugh Syme could design a cover in the "Living Sound" tradition with
the three of them on the cover, FOR ONCE (they've got big egos you
know), all in short hair (wigs can be worn) and in suits (Alex in high
waters).  Behind them would be the NBC "Living Color" peacock with
three feathers.  This would be a symbiotic relationship with NBC
getting free advertising and Rush's first ticket to Leno and SNL.  If
on SNL, then also on the cover of the Rolling Stone with the headline:
 "The Three Priests.  Aw, Feathers, We Give Up."  Strewn around the
foreground of the cover would be newspapers with key words on them
like "cancer", "satanists", and "over-indulgent" that only a true Rush
fan could appreciate.  It would also be a tip of the hat to the
Permanent Waves cover, 50's with its "Dewey Defeats Truman" headline
that never happened and that hairdo that was unheard of in 1980.

For us old folks, it would be a chance to hear a 20 minute piece
again.  Are they up to it?  They've strictly been writing songs since
circa PW and the instrumentals as of late show it.  Tighten up your
strings and skins boys, this will be hard work.  But we know what
their capable of.

The back cover would have a picture of two-thousand rabid Rush fans,
drooling at the mouth, but with our mouths shut.  No proselytizing. 
Let the music do the talking.  In 2000, stop yammering. 


From: "Gary and Rhonda" 
Date: Mon, 6 Apr 1998 11:43:33 -0500
Subject: Some teachers like Rush too

Here is a story I'd like to share with you all.
Back in 1986, when I was a senior in high school I was having some trouble
in this literature class.
It was a required class that you needed to graduate, so for some of us
seniors that were having troubles she offered extra credit options. 
One of them was to write down your 10 favorite poems and what they mean to
So the ones I chose were: Marathon, Middletown Dreams, The Manhatten
Project, '2112', Anthem, Witch Hunt, Limelight, The Weapon, Losing It, 
and The Trees.

The day after I handed them in Mrs H asked me to stay after class to
discuss my extra credit poems.  To my surprise she too was a Rush fan and we 
got into a long discussion about what a great writer Neil Peart is and how 
the music fits into the lyrics so well, we must of talked Rush for 3 hours.

On the last grading day she handed back all the extra credit and on my
paper I got a 99 out of 100, on the bottom of my page she wrote something 
like you would have gotten 100 but you failed to include "Hemispheres"(haha)..

I graduated

Gary Garceau


From: CHRIS 9991 
Date: Mon, 6 Apr 1998 13:13:26 EDT
Subject: Double Agent prerecorded vocals

Some of you have been talking about the prerecorded vocals in Double
Agent. Well, when I saw them in Atlanta, the verse parts were prerecorded,
but Geddy made no attempt to lip sync. He stood away from the mike and
just jammed. It was quite obvious that the vocal with prerecorded.

I was wondering why did they do that? We've seen Geddy sing all kinds of
vocals over all kinds of bass lines. So why is Double Agent so different?
Maybe its more difficult to play bass and speak rather than sing. Or maybe
it's hard for Geddy to reproduce that same low, spooky tone live in concert.

Anyone else have a theory?

And what is the deal with the Spanish lyrics?! That post took up 388 lines!
At 12k it was about 25% of that whole issue! I think the rush-mgr needs to
set a limit on the size of a single post. Lets be fair to each other and
not hog up too much space.

Quote of the day: "At least my mother's not on the cover of crack
                                 whore magazine!"

Later dudes,
Chris Cosentino


From: Scott Finkel 
Date: Mon, 06 Apr 1998 10:14:06 -0700
Subject: unknown photo

Hello there,

I recently acquired a black and white photo of the Boyz playing live
somewhere, and for some reason, I feel compelled to try and figure out
which tour it was taken from. So I'll describe it. 

Alex is wearing a white shirt with black dots on it, a thin tie loosly
tied, and what looks like converse shoes. His hair is straight (duh) but is
long (for him), covering his ears and his entire forehead. Geddy has fairly
big and long hair, not in a pony tail, and is playing a traditional-looking
bass (as opposed to the little square one he played with no tuning things
on the end) Both Alex and Ged are facing forward, looking straight ahead
and fairly uninspired. Ged is wearing his shades, an 80's looking shirt and
white mocassins. Neil is looking off to his left and I can't tell if he has
the mustace because a mike is blocking that part of his face. The drums
have the man in the star on them (but that doesn't mean this pic is from
the 2112 tour, does it?) and there is a set of tubes behind his head
(chimes?) on top of which rest a bunch of little cymbals.

My guess is Hemispheres or Permanent Waves, but I don't know how long Neil
used the man-in-the-star drumkit for. Could be as late as GUP I suppose,
judging by their clothes....


I was listening to HYF in my truck last friday night on my way to a party,
and I found myself hearing the music like after the 6th or so hearing of
it, you know, when it totally gels for the first time and you just ROCK OUT
to it...Totally awesome. I almost blew my speakers up.

I love this band!


From: "Bryan Y. Monroe" 
Date: Mon, 06 Apr 1998 21:54:28 -0500
Subject: One Album?


	I'm sure I'll catch some heat for this, but if I were a tortoise on
(Galapagos), and could have only one album to listen to; the answer is
quite simple. Everyone else has mentioned some wonderful records, but for
me the album of choice is clearly Chronicals! HA! I know your probably
saying "but thats a 2 C.D. set", so what, it was one release.  


From: Javier Reyes 
Date: Mon, 06 Apr 1998 14:49:26 -0500
Subject: Who is sexier? (Not what you are thinking.)


Any sex-fanatics in the house.

Yeah, whatever.

Which RUSH songs are the sexiest?

My favorite:

Virtuality (great lyrics)

What do you think?



From: (Kevin M. Corr)
Date: Mon, 06 Apr 1998 15:54:48 -0400
Subject: We've got Mars on the horizon...

>...says the National Midnight Star.  (It's true!)

Okay, I gotta know, what exactly is the National Midnight Star, really?!
And don't tell me to look in the FAQ, because all it offers is a coy
"You don't watch enough Canadian T.V."  Yeah, well, so sue me.

    [ Hm... well NMS takes its name from "red lenses" (go back and listen
      to the song if you missed it). "red lenses" gets the name from a show
      in Canada called SCTV, similar to old episodes of Saturday Night Live.
      NMS was the local tabloid on the show (a la "National Enquirer")
                                                                 : rush-mgr ]

As for Mr. Dittrich, who supposedly has the inside info on the upcoming
live album -- that song list is a dream, but I don't think the fellas
ever played "Carve Away the Stone" live, so I'm a little bit skeptical.
And 'THREE AT LAST' sounds more like the name of a bad b**t.  <>

When/if there is another studio album, I expect it'll be much darker in
tone, lyrically and musically.  One has to figure that the pain of
Neil's loss will be reflected in his songwriting.  That, along with
however VICTOR-esque Alex will be feeling at the time.  I suppose it'll
fall on Geddy's narrow shoulders to lighten things up a little...

/2ush on,

/\/ e v i k

"*ping!*"   -- Cygnus X-1, Book II: Hemispheres 


From: John Pullman 
Date: Mon, 06 Apr 1998 18:50:16 -0400
Subject: Rachel Barton HELP!

Good Day eh!,

  I am in dire need of assistance.  I've tried CDNow and Borders Books
and Music and have not been able to locate the Rachel Barton CD that
other NMSers have been talking about.

  Please privately email how I can go about locating this disc.  Any and
all aid is greatly appreciated.

Take Care,


From: Michael Bahr 
Date: Mon, 06 Apr 1998 19:16:57 -0700
Subject: Boot review: "Wonders of the World" by Moose Records

Well, lo and behold what should arrive in my box today but the Moose
Records boot release "Wonders of the World"! I'll begin with the vital
stats before I launch into my review. Before I begin please understand
that Prism and Moose have no relation whatsoever... I had nothing to do
with this release at all, and I am not advertising for people to get it
from me because I won't ever be producing any. You'll have to find the
Moose Records webpage (if any). This review is completely neutral in

Source show: Fresno, CA Selland Arena 11/28/76. ("ATWAS tour")
	Soundboard or audience (widely disputed). Sounds like SB.

	1. Bastille Day 4.44
	2. Anthem 5.02
	3. 2112 16.07
	4. Lakeside Park 4.55
	5. Working Man/FMW/Drums 14.33
	6. Fly By Night/In the Mood 5.28
	Total 51.01 (50.59 on liner, 51.01 from my CD reader)

	First off, the sound quality. Put bluntly, it sounds very good. Older
tapes usually suck, and this is a distinct exception. It's a bit tinny
at times but never anything detrimentory... the sound is, by and large,
excellent, most comparable to that on the Ladyland '74 boot. There's a
very nice run of low frequencies throughout for those of you with THX
5.1 systems who want to rattle the floor.

	The show quality is where this boot shines. Rush collecting veterans
know how the band sounds when they're on auto-pilot, so to speak. No
such show here... this performance is just furious! Geddy sounds like he
hadn't had so much fun in years, adding accents and such all over the
place. Neil overplays like a regular Mike Portnoy, so Peart disciples
will like this boot as well. Alex is there, it seems to be a fairly
routine show for him early on, but he starts adding accents near the

	The packaging is fairly well made. Liners are full color and feature
pics of the band from the proper time period. You'll especially notice
the "Caress of Steel" tour drum-heads on Neil's kit. There is copious
info on the contents, presented very clearly. The disc itself was on
gold/green media with a label. Beware if you have a magazine changer or
an auto-feed car stereo.. otherwise you're certainly safe. Whether the
labels will always be used is up to the manufacturer.

	Finally, the show is complete, to the best of my knowledge, as this was
a festival headlining gig performance and Rush had less than an hour
time limit.

	To buy it or not to buy it? You could do a lot worse than this bootleg.
I'm happy to own it... you probably will be too. Give it a spin and see
what you think.

	(Chris, want to jump in with the contact info here?)

  Mike Bahr - Prism Records
  d u r n i k @ g o o d n e t . c o m


From: "Brian T. Peterson" 
Date: Tue, 07 Apr 1998 01:46:24 -0600
Subject: Live album setlist???


A recent post on the NMS caught my eye. It was in regards to the
upcoming live album. When I saw the title of the post, I immediately
became excited. But, there is no way that this could be the "track list
of the new live album," as I'm sure many of you have already noted. This
was the post. I have some comments following it:

   [ Post deleted, I'm sure we all remember what it said.        : rush-mgr ]

Okay Robert, sounds cool, but are you sure this is accurate? After all,
Rush did not perform "Carve Away the Stone" at any concert. I am certain
of that one. I don't think Rush ever performed the song "Presto" either.
Considering that the only song Rush played from Presto during the
Counterparts tour was "Show Don't Tell" and that they didn't play
anything off of Presto in the T4E tour, I highly doubt that they would
include four songs for the new live album. Where is "Nobody's Hero?" I
would bet money that "Nobody's Hero" would be on there. Also, except for
Dreamline, the order of the tracklisting alone doesn't make any sense.
The fear trilogy sure would be a pleasant surprise though. But, three
discs, and possibly four? Are you sure? I'm not trying to be rude here,
Robert, but I think you need to double check with your source . . . "who
should know!"

   [ As was posted earlier, it was an April Fool's joke...      : rush-mgr ]

Long live Rush,
"We travel in the dark of the new moon"


From: "Brian T. Peterson" 
Date: Tue, 07 Apr 1998 02:11:15 -0600
Subject: GUP/HYF

Hanstones writes:

> Many of you have stated that HYF has the most keyboard usage of any Rush 
> album.  To my ears, P/G has the most usage by far.   Afterimage, Red Sector A,
> The Enemy Within and The Body Electric seem dominated by keyboards (and I 
> love them), whereas most of HYF uses keys as accents.  Am I the only one that 
> thinks this?  

No, I agree with you. GUP is definitely more dominated with keyboards
than is HYF.  Geddy plays keyboards the whole way through on Red Sector
A. Keyboards play a lead role throughout the entire GUP album. The Enemy
Within, by the way, is one of my favorite songs. (I sure wish Rush would
play the Fear trilogy again!) Just as you said, HYF uses keys as
accents. I like the keyboards.

(I, too, think Hanstones has some of the best posts on the NMS.)

Cheers from the biggest city in Montana,
"We travel in the dark of the new moon"


From: greg cormier 
Date: Tue, 7 Apr 98 7:19:14 EDT
Subject: Canadian survey

    I ran accross a Canadian survey of the top 100 albums and top 100 songs 
all time for canadian music.Rush had 3 albums in the top 100 .Moving 
Pictureas at #15, 2112 at #43, AFTK at #85.Rush has only 1 song in the top 
100, Tom Sawyer at # 12.Even in a Canadian survey Rush doesn't garner much 
acclaim.It just isn't meant for the band.That's what makes all of us fans 
so important to the band.We carry the torch for their right to claim.This 
makes us all very fortunate individuals indeed !
  for those interested in seeing the survey go to the following web site:,the survey is part of the chart magazine section not the 
main page that first comes up. 


From: Dirk van Maanen 
Date: Tue, 07 Apr 1998 14:08:13 -0700
Subject: The Masked Rider


I ordered The Masked Rider on the 17th of februar, and finally,
Amazon delivered on april the 3rd. As I started reading, I was
wondering what the book will be like, and wondered if I would
have bought this book if it wasn't by the hand of Neil. As
English isn't my native tongue, I was also worried by the English
"the proffessor" would use. But to my relief, it was a pleasant
reading excercise, with lot's of humour, sarcasme, and sometimes
I could even identify myselfe with Neil, and found out that Neil
and I are lot alike. (so we probably couldn't get along with each-
other, hahaha...)
For those Rushfans who doesn't have it : BUY IT ! You'll LOVE it ! ! !
And to Neil: THANK YOU ! MORE ! Please give us more reading by
your hand ! ! ! !


"Neil hates Elsa!" - me


From: bkholbert 
Date: Tue, 07 Apr 1998 08:48:17 -0400

Come and see the new and exciting RUSH file of the week.  
It has just been loaded.

You will need real audio to hear it!!!!

You wont believe your EARS!!!!!

follow the following link


From: "Michael Z. Williamson" 
Date: Mon, 06 Apr 1998 12:47:43 -0700
Subject: scrawny brits, part two

Neil Bonfield  said:

"Michael Z. Williamson"  wrote:

>> 3)  I've met Andy (when he played Mabel's in Champaign), he's an
>> egotistical jerk.  If Neil is as some describe him, they'd be at each
>> other's throats in minutes.  A scrawny little Brit like Andy against a
>> burly, weight-lifting, drumming, biking maniac like Neil?

>Am I to take it that you think most 'Brits' are scrawny and little,

yes, generally

> and Andy is just one of them?? 


>Still, better than being an obese, loud mouthed
>YANK with attitude problems. 8)

Actually, _I'M_ a scrawny (albeit tall) Brit--6', 150 lbs.  Born in
Birkenhead, grew up in Aberdeenshire and Toronto and Columbos, OH.

>And what's wrong with a little egotism - like the man said, "it ain't
>braggin' if you already done it", and Andy has certainly proven himself
>over the years. Though I agree he should stay away from the Rush camp!

Agreed, but when 2AM rolled around, there were about 10 fans waiting
patiently to meet Andy, and he wouldn't sign autographs, talk, or even
acknowledge us.  He walked by, nose in the air, and pretended we didn't
exist.  Probably trying to salve his ego from being less regarded than
Sting, but a crappy way to do it.  

The concert did kick ass. 

    [ Um, let's bring this back to Rush content shall we?       : rush-mgr ]

"If guns cause crime, why do you never hear of a deranged lunatic
blowing fifty people away at a gun show?"--Mad Mike


From: Carlos Arturo Gonzalez Cobo 
Date: Tue, 7 Apr 1998 12:50:40 -0500 (GMT)
Subject: Translation

Hi SOSers,

Sorry for this message: Martin, tu direccion no me funciona. Quisiera
ayudarte con lo de la traduccion. Escribime a o a traves
de la lista indicandome los albumes que quisieras que te tradujera. 

nahizan at
Save the evolution ..... use your mind along with your heart


From: "Michael Z. Williamson" 
Date: Mon, 06 Apr 1998 13:02:44 -0700
Subject: sigs and wash

Super George Reimers   said:

> Actually, Al hasn't touched a Signature in years, and Gilmour uses
> Fender Strats and Takamine acoustics. If you don't believe me, check
> out the videos to PULSE and Delicate sound of Thunder.

correct, now.  But Gilmour playted a Signature in the 80's and so did
Al.  They both played Washburns--Dave on his solo work, among others.

The reason they don't play Signature's anymore is because Sig is out of

"It takes a minimum of redesign to turn a crucifix into a pogo
stick."--Mad Mike


From: Suze Jackson-Lequire 
Date: Tue, 7 Apr 1998 13:07:04 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Best album cover

My vote goes to RTB.  The year that came out, I was living in the
hills of WV (just outside Wheeling for you natives; Sherrard, to be
exact). I saw the T-shirt before I even knew the CD had been released,
and went ballistic! ("There's a new Rush album out and I DIDN'T KNOW
IT?!")  I couldn't find it locally, so I had to drive an hour to a
large mall in Ohio (don't remember exactly where/which one) and bought
it that same day.  
Not too much later, I recall reading somewhere (Newspaper?  Magazine? 
Book?  Don't recall) that someone said that the world was going to
hell in a handbasket because they had seen "a young boy wearing a
shirt where a kid is kicking a skull like a ball". 
YEAH!  :-D

To this day I don't have the T-shirt, though I did go to that
concert... but someday! :-)
Suze Jackson-Lequire

"Someday we'll look back on all this and plow into a parked car."


From: Jason Dolinger 
Date: Wed, 08 Apr 1998 01:26:06 -0500
Subject: Sorry, I must be humor impaired

Dammit, Robert, I'm sorry.  I replied to this post critizing your
information.  It never even occured to me that you sent this on April
Fool's Day!  

>From: Robert Dittrich 
>Date: Wed, 1 Apr 1998 16:53:48 -0600
>Subject: Rush announces track list and title of new live album!!
>A friend of mine (who should know) sent me the following info:
>New Album 
>Release date: 14 July 1998
>Title: "Three At Last"
>Produced By: RUSH and Terry Brown   (!)

Jason Dolinger
Northwestern University
Computing and Information Systems '00


From: "=?iso-8859-1?q?R=D6NNQVIST,?= GREGER" 
Date: Wed, 8 Apr 1998 11:58 +0200
Subject: Hammerfall

For all of you that are into speed / hard rock in the 80's tradition,
like Judas Priest, Helloween...check out the swedish group HammerFall's
album "Glory To The Brave". One of the best hard rock albums from the 90's.

Greger Ronnqvist


From: "Ariel S. -" 
Date: Wed, 08 Apr 1998 18:21:16 +0300
Subject: missing the meaning of lyrics

Hi everybody.
Usually I'm a read-only subscriber, but this message touched my heart:
>     After seeing some of Rush's songs transposed in the Argentinean tounge ,
> for our fellow Rush fans south of the border,it made me wonder if some fans 
> were missing the meaning behind these songs due to the language barrier.

As a Spanish speaker, i think i can answer your question (if my English
is good enough...) I think that the fact that you can't share the same
language of the band is not an obstacle to get into the music an become
a Rush fan. I remember my school years (a LONG time ago) when i 
discovered the band, with my few words of English. Believe me, it was a
challenge to translate the songs, not only word by word, but the whole
message. I'm not sure if I success completely , but i felt closer and
closer to the band. Today I still have lot of Neil lyrics in my head,
and more that a time i really feel them as they were written in my own
tongue. Just know Geddy is singing for me "The Pass" and the lyrics just
come into me regardless of the language. 


PS: where have you seen songs translated to "Argentinean tounge"??


From: sara olson 
Date: Wed, 08 Apr 1998 10:33:57 +0000
Subject: Grace Under Pressure 

Since GUP was released, I have often wondered about what seems to be the
eye of an owl around the top center of the album-maybe from the cover of
FBN.   Is it my imagination, or what?
I never heard it mentioned on TNMS or in any faq or interview since
" How y'all doin' out there?.....this'is a song about a car....this is
called R-r-red Bar-r-rchet-ta..."   
Thank you very kindley- GOOD NITE!


Date: Wed, 8 Apr 1998 09:19:47 -0700
Subject: Re:  Terrible Ted

     Subject: terrible ted
     >>"Bryan Y. Monroe" said:
     >>        Anyway, my original intent was to address somone's topic of 
     >>"greastest metal voices, screams" et cetra, well here is something 
     >>to chew on, no particular order: 
     >>1. Obviously Gary, oops! I mean Geddy Lee
     >>2. Uncle Ted Nugent
     >ummm, Uncle Teddy doesn't sing.  He plays guitar.  He has singers the
     >same way Eddy VH does.
     >>Activating De-Lurk Mode<<
     Ummmm, sorry Mike.  Ted Nugent certainly does utilize other singers, 
     but contrary to your post, he does happen to sing on several of HIS 
     albums.  He does not sing every single song and not at all on the Damn 
     Yankee albums.  He doesn't have the prettiest voice, but he does have 
     an awesome scream!  I suggest reading the credits.
     >>Re-activating Lurk-Mode<<


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