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Subject: 04/13/98 - The National Midnight Star #2009

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         The National Midnight Star, Number 2009

                   Monday, 13 Apr 1998

Today's Topics:
                     Rush Fan Search
                      Three at Last
               Re: Beneath, Between, Behind
                  "Live" album set list
                New(ly purchased) albums!!
                     Rush & Pearl Jam
            Rush in Music Appreciation Class?
           Oh, geez, it's that wierd guy again.
                 Rush and Matchbox cars!
            welcome back!/*my* story of kings
     Re: 04/08/98 - The National Midnight Star #2006
         prophets/profits-a big difference/Magic
                  Rush lyrics in Spanish
     Re: 04/08/98 - The National Midnight Star #2006
                  Re KTJ/ Story Of Kings
                     What da-ya mean!
                     Cozy Powell dies
            Virtuality/Tribute/desert island 5
                      Rush festival
                     Victor followup
                        Core Music
                      GUP guitar...
            Best drum sound in non Rush albums
               psst! The real NMS is back!
              hooked on rush/lyrics or music
                    The Spirit of Rush
  "Hi, I'm new!" and Geddy Lee's Amazing Changing Voice
                        First time
                    Ghost of a Post...
                  Time to come clean...
                 Reverse the golden rule?

From: "Linda Brown" 
Date: Wed, 8 Apr 1998 15:08:27 -0000
Subject: Rush Fan Search

	Several issues back, I believe, someone posted, they were searching for
information leading to the whereabouts of a Rush fan named Steven Kay. 
Here is an e-mail address my husband, Jerry 'Broon Jr. Brown had on file. 
Give this a try, good luck finding him!


From: Jim Smith 
Date: Wed, 08 Apr 98 12:43:00 PDT
Subject: Three at Last

Even though I saw the post date of April 1and was fairly certain that 
neither Presto or Carve Away the Stone had ever been played live I have to 
confess I wanted to believe that Three at Last was true.  I even called a 
friend and we discussed the possibility.  Joke though it was, I really liked 
the set list, especially Camera Eye.  My justification for it's presence was 
that maybe they took Camera Eye off the tapes from ESL and mixed it better. 
 Similar justifications were give to other songs that were longshots for the 
coming album.  Maybe the real thing will be even better, eh?

To those who have recording/mixing experience, one question I have is that 
the rumors indicate tapes from 15+ years ago being used along with tapes 
from T4E and possibly other more recent tours.  Is it possible to mix these 
all together and get a balanced cohesive sound or will it more likely be 
split between old and new material because the two can't be matched up 



From: Brett Gentzel 
Date: Wed, 08 Apr 1998 15:55:01 -0400
Subject: Re: Beneath, Between, Behind

Richard wrote--
>        A score = 20 years
>        10 score years = 10 X 20 = 200 years
>        200 years ago from 1975 (when the song was written) would be 1775.
>        It's funny how I missed that entirely for the last 17 years.....
>        Though obviously topical in 1975, the lyrics to "Beneath,
>Between and Behind" are very mature..... especially for a budding
>author/drummer we all love..... I agree...."Beneath, Between and Behind"
>is ignored too much.

Also, by using "ten score years ago," most likely Neil's making a
reference to good ol' Abe's Gettysburg Address.



From: (Ryan  N Waggoner)
Date: Wed, 8 Apr 1998 15:03:35 -0500
Subject: "Live" album set list

>While I hope the info provided turns out to be true, I'm positive that
>Rush did not perform CATS live last tour.  Maybe it was just a Rush

Sure they did!!  You shoulda seen Geddy with that tail!  And, Alex with
those ears!  (Andrew Lloyd Webber was NOT pleased with Neil's reworkings
of the drum parts, though.)


"You don't get something for nothing.
You can't have freedom for free."
Neil Peart -- 1976 ("Something For Nothing")


From: (Ryan  N Waggoner)
Date: Wed, 8 Apr 1998 15:10:07 -0500
Subject: New(ly purchased) albums!!

If you remember, a while ago, I asked for advice on what album to buy
next.  Well, I couldn't decide on one, so I bought 2 this week:  Caress
Of Steel, and 2112.  I'm probably going to get some hate mail for this,
but I *only* like "2112" (all six parts), and "Something For Nothing"
(sorry, but the studio APTB sucks when you're used to hearin' the killer
live version!).  On the complete other side of the universe, I'm not a
huge fan of "Necromancer" or TFOL.  I mean, like all other Rush, the
stuff I'm not gettin' into is good stuff...I just can't get into this. 
(Oh, was about a year before I could ever force myself to not
stop MP at Limelight.)


"You don't get something for nothing.
You can't have freedom for free."
Neil Peart -- 1976 ("Something For Nothing")

PS.  If you haven't yet, go out -- pick up some Spacehog.  It's worth the
cash.  Trust me.  (It's no Rush, but then again, what is?)


From: (Ryan  N Waggoner)
Date: Wed, 8 Apr 1998 16:17:43 -0500
Subject: 2112

I was just doin' some thinkin', and I came up with some pretty
interesting stuff (that I'm sure a lot of other people have come up

"Attention all planets of the Solar Federation."  <---  7 word phrase,
repeated 3 times.
"We have assumed control."  <---  4 word phrase, repeated 3 times.
7x3 = 21
4x3 = 12

Also, check this out:  the 2112 disc I bought (not a Remaster) -- liner
notes: Printed in U.S.A.;  Back cover: Printed in U.S.A.;  CD itself:
Made In W. Germany By Polygram.  The CD looks nothing like any of my
other non-Remasters.  And the track listing on the CD:

[1] 2112 - I. Overture - II. The temples of Syrinx 
III. Discovery - IV. Presentation - V. Oracle: The dream
IV. [sic] Soliloquy - VII. Grand finalle

>...and all the other tracks are listed.  But, I thought it was
interesting that 2112 has 2 part fours!  Only Rush could pull off
somethin' like that!  :)


"You don't get something for nothing.
You can't have freedom for free."
Neil Peart -- 1976 ("Something For Nothing")


From: (Chuck Flowers)
Date: Wed, 08 Apr 1998 18:19:44 EDT
Subject: imagine

Wang Dang Sweet Poontang.  What would y'all think if Rush wrote a song
with a title like this?

c money


From: Bobby and Korie Allen 
Date: Wed, 08 Apr 1998 17:32:06 -0500
Subject: Rush & Pearl Jam

Ward Bond says that "Go" from PJ's Vs. is note for note w/ "Stick it Out". I
think not. "Go" is an obvious variation on "Even Flow", from "Ten". Of
course, Alex was heavily influenced by the grunge movement, and it shows
throughout Counterparts (he cites PJ as a current favorite of his). This
isn't a flame or a criticism, but every artist steals, including Rush. I
doubt that one "copied" the other, but you can hear Alex's influences in his
playing, as well as the influence Rush has had on bands like Soundgarden,
Metallica, and Pearl Jam. Thanks for NMS, it's nice to have open discussion
about Rush and music in general. 

   Bobby Allen


From: Art Brown 
Date: Wed, 8 Apr 1998 20:08:21 -0400
Subject: Rush in Music Appreciation Class?

My wife teaches music appreciation and music theory at a local college. When
it's near the end of the semester, she has a party and lets her students
bring in their favorite CDs. Well, this semester after hearing lots of
"alternative", hip-hop, and country - a student finally brought in Rush. T4E
to be exact. When my wife said she had seen Rush in concert (with me), the
kid nearly flipped (mainly because my wife is a classical music extremist).
I think this student should get an "A". :) My faith in the future is now
renewed. Now if I could only convince my wife to include Rush in the 20th
century music section of her class.

About the April Fool's joke. Congrats! You got me. In the excitement of
seeing the release date, I marked July 14 on my calendar. Then I noticed the
suspicious nature of the post. No 2112, no Bravado, Presto? what the? ---
then it hit me. @#*@! April Fool! Good joke.You win. I'm laughing.

Take care,



From: Jhawks2 
Date: Wed, 8 Apr 1998 20:50:49 EDT
Subject: Oh, geez, it's that wierd guy again.

Here are my top ten titles for Rush's new live album:

10.  Rush's New Live Album
9.   Why are we here?  Why ask why?  Try Bud Dry
8.   Counter Parts, Kitchen Sinks, and Ergonomically Designed Closet Spaces
7.   There's My Thing!
6.   You Can Call Him Al
5.   Rush, Featuring Geddy's Nose
4.   Neil Peart does not have Cancer!
3.   We're Better than you Other Guys
2.   Test our Ecko Cookingware

and the number one reason was submitted by my invisible friend Herbie....


Don't ask me where he got that idea.  I have to humor him every once in a
while. --Armen

(Jayhawks are in the doghouse right now)


From: (Mark J. Lanzilla)
Date: Wed, 8 Apr 1998 20:52:59 -0400
Subject: Rush and Matchbox cars!

hi all!!!  just a small discovery upon my part=====while i was browsing
around the toy dept. of my local Wally World...(a.k.a. Walmart), i
discovered that Matchbox toys had released a Ferrari 456 GT with the
words "RUSH" stamped on the hood and doors!!!
the model code is #17....the car itself is purple,mareked with the word
RUSH,Team Matchbox...and the number 12!---AS IN 2112??
Well.....for those who care,i have gobbled up a few spares which if
interested just e-mail me!
this is no joke!


From: Scott McDow 
Date: Wed, 08 Apr 1998 21:44:05 -0400
Subject: welcome back!/*my* story of kings

Hallo All!

Nice to see the nms again today! I hope you enjoyed your
sabbatical rush-mgr. (I have this visual of the Holy Bitch
lounging on a couch in the back of a 74 cargo van cruisin
to venues like a deadhead :-)).

   [ Not quite. I have own version of a red barchetta though... :-)
    (it's just a tad cheaper than the real thing!)             : rush-mgr ]

My first rush (meaningful) experience.
(for what it's worth).
1981 high school sophomore cross country camp. Me and
about five other guys were hanging around the one room
cabin listening to music and Paul put a tape in the jambox. I
was told it was the new Rush live album. I had heard a couple
tunes before on the radio but not enough to get sucked in.
Paul apparently had been a fan for a while. He would chime
in with the meaning/story behind some of the tunes. I can
recall being awestruck by The Trees, Xanadu and La Villa.
After the first full run-through I was ready to listen to ESL
again, but instead Paul threw in 2112. I had been reading
sci-fi/fantasy for about three years, so I went over the edge
following along with the story. Needless to say I quickly
purchased my own cassette versions as soon as I got home!

Tie this to the (my) reaction to Signals thread...

Signals worked great for me. I was still very impressionable,
being a new fan at the time, and I took the forefront of
synths just fine. I was the perfect age for Subdivisions/Analog
Kid to hit home.
I became troubled when P/G came out...
Dave said in tnms 2006:
>Then GuP came out and I nearly got sick. "Where's the
>guitar", I kept asking myself? There was so much synth, it
>seemed incredible!
Yup. Me too!
Jake said in tnms 2006:
>That's when my journey into darkness began and Rush
>was knocked off the pedestal they had occupied for so
I still listened to pre P/G albums but spend most of my time
interested in other prog/classic rock. Then came the Metallica
/Megadeth phase (still in the Mega phase). One day I was on
the way home from work and a cut from the new Rush album,
Counterparts, was played. After Neil's opening *slam(s)* my
eyeballs about popped out! Anyway, CP brought me back to
Rushdom. ASOH brought me into what I had missed in the
past nine years. Nowadays I listen to the P/G-T4E albums
more than anything else.

Well you asked for my intro to Rush and you got the whole
history. Sorry for the length.

later all.



From: (Hang Lee)
Date: Wed, 8 Apr 1998 21:46:18 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: 04/08/98 - The National Midnight Star #2006

Hello Rush fans. I'm back and all fired up!! anyway, in response to the man
who wrote specifically about older fans reaction to newer songs, let me say
this: GUp will remain in my heart as the pinnacle of all rush materials.
Without it, Rush would have broken up and we would have the longevity  of
one of the great bands together. It was rumoured in 1983 that Rush would
break up. Well, GUP broyght alex back into the limelught (Kids Gloves live
was a spectacle of Alex's musicianship), Neil's revolving drum set (and
quite a remarkable drum solo in between Red Lenses). and Lee's voice tamed
( well some of you can debate that). the albums I most disdained were
presto (Hey, where's the bass?), and Roll the Bones (same as above). The
song-writing on presto is superb though. Anyway, I enjoyed trhe last two
cds, TFE,  the most balanced and CP, being heavily bass and precussion
emphasis. Oh yes, in my opinion, Alex did an excellent job on both



From: Scott McDow 
Date: Wed, 08 Apr 1998 22:11:22 -0400
Subject: prophets/profits-a big difference/Magic

Nick so kindly pointed out (thanks Nick):

>It's actually "words of the profits".

Yes. Of course I knew this but missed it somehow.
Kinda like my Joan of Ark(d'Arc) last week. I
should know better. The use of "profits" really is key
to the whole theme of the song!

>After all these years, I finally get to exchange a bit
>of karma over that.  ;)

You cast a "karma sink" spell on me AAAAARRGH!!

Hey, anybody here play Magic? Is there an online version
of Magic? If so I'd be interested. I suck (at the game) but
like to play!

later all!



From: Scott McDow 
Date: Wed, 08 Apr 1998 22:26:18 -0400
Subject: dinosaurs

Dave observed (at least "thinks" he saw)

>On the T4E tour, i saw (during the YYZ/Cygnus X-1
>encore i believe) i saw a dinosaur handpuppet holding
>what i thought...
>If anyone knows anything about it or if someone esle
>would like to confirm what i saw, it would be much

I think I remember seeing video on the screen behind the
band with the dinosaur thing too. I took it as the boys
playing a "joke" on themselves. With help from the crew
of course. I remember this from the second leg but not the
first, and near the end of the show.




From: Martin Urionaguena 
Date: Thu, 09 Apr 1998 07:05:27 -0300
Subject: Rush lyrics in Spanish

Hey! I received 4 answers so far, of people who has accepted to join a
group of us for translating all the lyrics to Spanish !

Any other else wants to join us??

See ya'

"Rush. They must have been one hell of a band."
            Geoff Barton (2112 Tourbook)


          Buenos Aires, Argentina


From: mark irwin 
Date: Thu, 09 Apr 1998 23:38:33 +0000
Subject: HUH?!

i can't believe anyone would even consider replacing Alex. you should be
ashamed of yourselves.


From: mark irwin 
Date: Thu, 09 Apr 1998 23:44:00 +0000
Subject: Re: 04/08/98 - The National Midnight Star #2006

As far as getting used to new material, the only albums I did not
instantly like were HYF and RTB. They were both a little too slow and
mid-tempo for my taste at the time. Now, I think I am a little slow to
listen to RTB(still!) and CP. I like both albums, but I'm not convinced
that it's "the coolest thing ever". Check back in a year or two!
Mark Irwin
Alex still is and always will be the guitar player in the greatest band
ever. No more speculation. Period. Cause he's reeeeaaaalllyy damn good.


Date: Thu, 9 Apr 1998 09:51:54 +0100
Subject: Re KTJ/ Story Of Kings

Greetings from Cool Britannia, as I agather the UK has been renamed. Re the
missing tracks from the first album question, Not Fade Away was to be on
the album but got pulled, I think, when they went in to re-mix or re-record
the album with Terry Brown after the first recordings didn't work out. I
also think it was replaced by Finding My Way. I can only assume the other
missing track was You Can't Fight It which was the b-side to Not Fade Away
when it was a single, before the album.

Both tracks are available on the Superconductor bootleg.

Two questions,
1. On the Superconductor boot there is an acoustic track recorded from a
live show which is meant to be Rush. I'm sure it isn't. Anyone know who it is?

   [ Hm, I thought Superconductor was one of the boots I had on the nms web
     site, guess I just borrowed it to listen to. If I'm not mistaken, I 
     *think* that's the track of Tommy Shaw playing guitar (originally stuck
     on the end of the 4/1/81 Chicago show)                    : rush-mgr ]

2.  Closer to the Heart is credited to Peart/ Talbot for the lyrics (unless
I dreamt this) Who is/was Talbot?



From: "Patrick Lyon" 
Date: Thu, 09 Apr 1998 09:06:51 EDT
Subject: Dinosaurs!!!

Hey Rush Freaks...

Someone asked about the dinosaurs sightings at the T4E shows.  Yes, 
indeed there were 3 "other" dinosaurs on stage at various times during 
the show.  Whilst at Darien Lake in Buffalo, I had 7th row floor, and 
saw everything on stage.  The dinosaurs were representing each of the 
band members:  1 was holding drum sticks, one had a bigger nose than the 
others!!, and one evil one(Lerxt) had a cigarette dangling out of its 
mouth.  The crew members were behind a stack? and making them dance and 
interact with one another.  The antics going on were absolutely 
hilarious...  Take care Rush Freaks!!!



Date: Thu, 9 Apr 1998 08:43:50 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Nugent-Victor

Ted Nugent does in fact sing. On the album that made Old Ted, with 
Stranglehold, he shares vocal duties with Derek St. Holmes. Derek plays some 
mean guitar also. You can here a little Derek lead on Ted's live album. In 
the song, "Great White Buffalo" Ted gives Derek some spotlight. GWB Ted 
sings in, and this is a great live album.

Derek sings in one of the more popular songs, "Hey Baby".         

As far as Victor, Alex amde a truly creative album. Most people would never 
even believe it was from the guitarist of Rush. Thats what he wanted, to 
sound like a band! Thats why he did not call it the "Alex Lifeson Project".

Those who do not have Victor, go buy it. Alex had free reign on guitar and 
uses 12 million overdubs (Alomost). Dark mood to the work? Yes, very much so. 
Once you get used to that, the music is great. There are a couple of lighter 
songs on theirr as well. 

The instrumentals alone are worth the purchase of the CD. Alex shows far more 
songwriting ability than I ever thought he had. He produced the whole damn 
thing. I look forward to Lifeson doing more solo work. Alex team up with Ty 
Tabor of Kings-X!

                      Steve Lucier -


From: (Craig Brennan)
Date: Thu, 9 Apr 1998 11:50:30 -0400
Subject: What da-ya mean!

>They've come a long way since opening for Ned's Atomic Shit-I mean Dustbin
>in San Diego a >few years ago...

> - rush-mgr

Hmmm...I love Ned's Atomic Dustbin

To make this an official RUSH post I think the live album should be called
"In A Hurry"



From: "Enrico Salvini, the Muffin Man" 
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 1998 00:34:40 +0200
Subject: Cozy Powell dies

>From the BBC website:

>Music industry colleagues and fans have paid tribute to
>the rock drummer, Cozy Powell, who has died aged 50. 
>The drummer, whose real name was Colin Powell, was
>killed in a car crash. 
>According to reports, his Saab 9000 crashed into central
>reservation barriers on the M4 outside Bristol. 
>Cozy Powell was a legend in rock circles - his career
>reading like a roll-call of Seventies supergroups. 
>The drummer was a member of Black Sabbath,
>Rainbow, Whitesnake, the Michael Schenker Group and
>the ELP spin-off Emerson, Lake & Powell. 

And the hard-rock world is a bit emptier now...    :(((((((

More info at


"The two most common elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity" -


From: "Timmeren S. Van " 
Date: Thu, 9 Apr 1998 19:24:03 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Virtuality/Tribute/desert island 5

Just some random thoughts, 
   I was listening to TFE just today and was reminded of some talk of the
"cheesiness" of Virtuality.  While there are no arguments from this corner
I was reminded of Neil Peart's discussion of the song (on the premier I
believe?) where he says the song wasn't necessarily written as a praise of
the internet but was rather a critical look at it.  Anyone else remember
him saying this?  It definitely changed how I had viewed the song up to
that point.  
     A while ago "Working Man" was being talked about.  Personally I like
it and listen to it when I feel in the mood for a different flavor of
Rush.  One thing that bugs me about it is that the bass isn't as biting as
Geddy's is.  On bass solos where I'm expecting Geddy to rip into the solo
like he owns the song I just here it sort of whimper in.  Anybody else
notice this?  Maybe it's just me being a bass player (string bass;
classical).  Of course, I usually have a hard time even listening to the
guitar parts because I always instinctively key in on the bass parts.  I
have to make a conscious effort to not listen to the bass parts.  Just one
more reason I like Rush I guess.  
     On the stranded on Galapagos topic:  anyone remember the "Desert
Island 5" thread?  Now there was a thread that lasted quite a while.  My
one album would have to be TFE (right now but that can easily change). 
     On another note.  Michael Hannaman had this to say: 

>         First off, anyone who can possibly stand up for 'I Think I'm Going
> Bald' has some serious personal issues to deal with.  I have tried and tried
> and TRIED to give that song a fair listening to, and I simply can't.  My

Actually, I like ITIGB.  Granted, it's a little rough and dated but I like
the general feel of the song.  The lyrics bring up a kind of nostalgia for
the college days (only last year but a long year ago) and days of more
     Anyway, that's enough random thoughts for one day.

Steven Van Timmeren
"beetle man"

P.S.  Does anyone here know the story behind the leaving of the
Professor, Kohler, etc.?  I remember hearing about them leaving but I
never heard the details.  Please email me privately if you have any


From: greg cormier 
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 98 8:02:10 EDT
Subject: Rush festival

   With the summertime lurking just around the corner I am reminded of the 
the great outdoor concerts that will be making their way around.For me I'll 
take an outdoor concert over an indoor one anytime.On the second leg of the 
T4E tour I was fortunate enough to catch Rush at Great Woods in Mansfield,
Mass.The show was so much better than the Fleet Center show on the first 
leg.Even though it was almost the same set list for both shows the music 
just seemed to move me more being aired in the great wide open.Usually 
during the summer there are a few festival type shows where several bands 
play during a day long concert.I've been thinking about what if Rush where 
to play in one of these festivals and what other bands would I like to see 
share the bill.I realise that this will not be possible this summer but it 
was something to dream about anyway.For me right now some of the acts I 
would like to see playing with Rush would be Dream Theater,Collective Soul,
Live,Radiohead,Matchbox 30.This would be a good mix of established bands 
and up and comers that share a similar musical style.Most importantly of 
course Rush would be the headliner and have the final say as to who they 
play with.Anyone else have any thoughts on this fantasy festival ? What 
would be your lineup ?


From: HerrWitt 
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 1998 14:57:22 EDT
Subject: Victor followup

Album name I'd like to see:

Hiegh Ho, Hiegh Ho, A Wanking We Will Go

Alex should let 'er rip, shread, etc.  Kinda like Satch, only more tasteful
and all the tunes don't sound the same.

In the spirit of the title, George Michael can be a vocalist, and Pee Wee
Herman can play bongos or his thingy.  An instrumental can be "Don't Touch
Your Thing in Public."

Oh, the possibilities...



From: XxxDIOxxXX 
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 1998 15:23:34 EDT
Subject: Core Music

I've been asking around for information on the following subject and have yet
to get any definite responses.  Perhaps one of you fellow RUSHians out there
could answer my question.  As noted on the albums, CORE MUSIC is the name they
have chosen for their copyright.  Is this something that Neil thought of, and
does it have any specific meaning?  I was told that perhaps it really RUSH's
songwriting copyright, but rather it belongs to a publishing company.  I have
never heard this subject addressed before, yet hopefully someone has an idea
where it has derived from.

DIONYSUS.......aka DIO
I bring love to give you solace,
In the darkness of the night, 
In the heart's eternal light.  
You need only trust your feelings, 
Only love can steer you right.  ~~Neil Peart


From: Chad Mitchell 
Date: Sat, 11 Apr 1998 00:14:32 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: GUP guitar...

>Then GuP came out and I nearly got sick. "Where's the guitar", I
>kept asking myself? There was so much synth, it seemed incredible!
>Alex's guitar was a constant ringing sound that was well washed
>into the background.

It's not that the guitar isn't there, it's just in such a different place
than we were used to.  While I love Signals as much as any other Rush album,
I find it to be real "muddy", with Alex constantly competing with the
keyboards for sonic space.  GUP attacked that particular probby by
separating them.  I still get cold chills from those "shattering glass"
accent chords that Alex sprinkles all over that album!  I've been trying to
find the right combo of effects and EQ to reproduce that sound for years,
with only moderate success.

Anyway, enough from me.
Chad Mitchell

"Doctors get to bury their mistakes, Architects can only advise their client
to plant vines."
						-Frank Lloyd Wright
NOW PLAYING:  Marillion - HiE Remaster. Disc 2


From: Martin Urionaguena 
Date: Sat, 11 Apr 1998 04:31:19 -0300
Subject: Best drum sound in non Rush albums

IMHO, these are the best non Rush cds considering the drum sound:

Motley Crue - Motley Crue (the 1st with the new singer)(killer bass drum)
Counting Crows - Counting Crows
Queensryche - Hear in the now frontier (killer hi-hats !!)
Dream Theater - Falling into infinity (killer everything!)
Stone temple pilots - Core (wow!)
Toto - Tambu (killer floor toms !!)
Keith Richards - Main offender (killer snare drum !!)
Candlebox - Candlebox

Which ones are your favorites?

"Rush. They must have been one hell of a band."
            Geoff Barton (2112 Tourbook)


          Buenos Aires, Argentina


From: (Kevin Esmeier)
Date: Wed, 08 Apr 1998 20:31:16 -0400
Subject: psst! The real NMS is back!

psst.  little secret here for you NMSers...I use a very powerful mail
program that has complex filters that detect secret societies in mailing
lists and sends the messages

The last NMS [#2006] was the first one in two weeks that didn't get

Throughly enjoyable to see, and I am glad everyone is enjoying the 'My
first Rush song' thread I started.

Congrats!  The NMS is out of the playpen (for now).  Also, thanks to the
Rush mgr for responsibly removing that nasty flame I wrote to someone.
I lost control (yes, it happens to the best of us).  I am glad you
ASSUMED CONTROL.  It's great to have the real NMS back!


From: "Todd Smith" 
Date: Sat, 11 Apr 1998 19:31:29 PDT
Subject: hooked on rush/lyrics or music

The song that hooked me on Rush was TEST FOR ECHO. This is the first 
Rush song I heard. But I didn't get interested in old Rush till I heard 
TOM SAWYER on the Radio. I was impressed!


From: Giz Du 
Date: Sun, 12 Apr 1998 23:48:12 EDT
Subject: The Spirit of Rush

     So there I am watching Matchbox 20 perform many simple songs on MTV.
Simple story-telling lyrics, with no tough guitars, no real challenging solos,
and a pointless bassist dancing around on stage.  And I watch the drummer play
with a click in both ears, and see the singer try to dance.  And see fans
standing around for the mere chance of being on cable.  And it hits me.  Rush.
Boom.  And I understand my dream.
     Rush is more than three guys that enjoy making music.  That has been
established.  But what needs work, is what they are all about.  Maybe to the
members, Rush is simply a band, but to me it stands for more.  
      Rush.  When I think of Rush's music, I think of full music.  That is the
best way I can describe it.  Full.  The chords, the bass the drums, the
keyboards, and the lyrics.  Full.  Rush music hits deep to the soul, not just
the head.  Their lyrics make you think and the music makes you understand.
They are the only band that is willing to take on the problems of the world.
Correct me if I am wrong, but most other bands prefer to dwell on their own
problems.  Neil obviously has more in him than measure counting brain cells.  
      The band is very straight forward.  They don't dress up in "cool"
outfits.  They don't smoke while playing (if you know...) and they
certainly don't try to please their fans.  What I mean by that:  they don't
make music that people will like.  They make music they like, and if you don't
like it...too bad.  They have never worked their music around others, and that
is something I admire. 
     Rush is ever-changing.  What the fuck is "classic Rush"?  What the hell
is "the good ones"?  The Spirit of Rush (to me) is 3 guys who are ever-
exploring.  3 guys who want to make new music, not just a takeoff of their
last song.  I mean that most bands these days sound the same.  Their songs are
minor changes of their other songs.  But tell me.  When you listen to "Half
the World" and then to "Dog Years"  does it occur to you that these are on the
same CD?  Does it occur to you that most bands don't do two songs this
different in their whole 3 album career?  "Classic Rush" is "the good ones".
Every riff, every lick, every sample they put out is "Classic Rush". 
    To me Rush is more than just three guys that like to play.  Rush is three
friends that have stuck together for the better part of their life, to work
hard on great music.  Trying to display the screwed up limbo world we are
living in.  Rush is amazingly tough music.  Tough time signatures.  And
seemingly impossible drums.  To me Rush is a situation I would love to be in.
I can only dream of being in a band with perfect chemistry.  I can only dream
of being in a band that compares to Rush.
                            Peter Kinnecom
P.S. To all the drummers out their that say they like Rush because "they got
one hell of a drummer"-fuck off.  Listen to the music for the music.  Buy
Pearts Videos for drumming.  Rush doesn't make music to show off one section
of their band.  Each song is one big effect in itself, and to get that effect
you can't be concentrating on the drums.  Now excuse me if it sounds like I am
saying that you shouldn't try to learn Neils drum lines, because I am not.  I
am trying to say that if you like Rush's music, and like drumming, learn the
lines, but if you call yourself a Rush fan because you only try to learn
Pearts music--now--fuck off.  Thank you:)


From: "Joseph Ornelas" 
Date: Sun, 12 Apr 1998 21:20:14 -0700
Subject: "Hi, I'm new!" and Geddy Lee's Amazing Changing Voice

Hey all, this is Joseph... a pretty new Rush fan, no more than a year.  I
suppose I could indulge and explain *how* I became a fan, but from what I
understand, "Moving Pictures" basically is explanation enough.

On to new business.  I recently got adventurous (I am wary of music prior to
1980.  I should've known better, with Rush at least) and bought Fly By Night.
I'm wondering if anyone else notices: during "the other part" of Fly By Night
("...The change of a season, is enough of a reason...") Geddy Lee's voice
becomes kind of warbled and unclear, but the music continues with the same
clarity as the rest of the song.  Is this some horrible glitch in my CD?  Does
Lee have a cold?  Is there some meaning here I'm missing completely (like, he's
talking over an airport PA system (according to the "Prologue," there *is* an

Now, simply an observation: in Spirit of Radio, Lee's voice again takes on an
interesting quality, though less lengthy, after the line "...Not so coldly
charted, it's really just a question," he (though you all probably know this)
sings, "Of your honesty, yeah, your honesty."  Is it just me, or does he sound
like an entirely different person for the second half of that line?  Or is this
just my uninitiated ears failing me (which I find highly likely.  Everything
Rush seems to combine into something more complex than some fields of science)?

Joseph Ornelas
 ----- -------


From: "Pierre Tessier" 
Date:          Mon, 13 Apr 1998 09:41:38 EST
Subject: First time


 Just joinded this list and I would like to introduce myself to you.

 33 years young guy
 Big music lover (all kinds except that country western, yes jazz,
classical, metal)
 Favorite bands are

 1. Rush
 2. Dream Theater
 3. Marillion (Fish / Hogart)
 3. Genesis (Gabriel / Collins old stuff only please)
 4. Saga
 5. Yes
 6. that is enough for now I'll cut to the chase...

    As you can tell I am not easilly satisfied, I prefer music
where the musicians push themselves technically and lyrically to the
edge and beyond..

When did you get hooked on Rush you aks...

  Well I used to hear the trees on the radio when it came out, I
liked it but was not hooked, later that year with our band (yes I am a
drummer) we were playing at our friends house (we were playing AC\DC,
some led zep, Ted Nujent etc). After practice my friend put on
La Villa Strangiato, and the rest is history.
When as a drummer you think you are good by playing AC\DC then you sit
down and listen to a song like La Villa Strangiato, Mystic Rythms,
2112 (hey I could go on here for a while),  it is a humbling
experiance!!!!!!! let me tell you.

Been a big fan ever since, have all the albums except GUP, will buy
it on a rainy day tend to do that.

The beauty of Rush is

3 guys united bye the love of music, pushing themselves to the limit
and creating timeless art and influencing new talent such as Dream
Theater (big Rush fans).

I dont want to brag here, but I think Ottawa Canada was the only
place where they played 2112 from A to Z and I was there. If not I am
sure you will set me straight.

Bye for now


From: "Chad Werner" 
Date: Mon, 13 Apr 1998  8:52 -0600
Subject: Ghost of a Post...

     Anyone out there REALLY like "Ghost of a Chance" like me? I can't 
     remember if it was played on the Roll The Bones tour. I seem to 
     remember a boot of mine containing the song, but I'm at work so I 
     can't check. I would really like to see it included on the upcoming 
     live set (containing "Necromancer" & "Carve Away the Stone" according 
     to one April Fools prankster). Also, I've always thought "Ghost" would 
     lend itself quite nicely to an extended version live (a la "Bravado" 
     which WILL be on the live set. Trust me. Rush doesn't change a song 
     live very often, but when they do...). We'll have to see about it at 
     any rate.
     What's that? You want a story? Well, how about the story of my trip to 
     see the Roll The Bones show in Milwaukee? Short form: I was going to 
     school in Green Bay WI (a bigger hellhole, I cannot imagine.) & had to 
     drive through the biggest, shittiest snow/icestorm of all time.... of 
     anywhere on Earth I'm pretty sure. We almost died on the way down, but 
     it was worth it. Oh, and it was on my birthday as well. Kind of nice. 
     Except for the "almost died" part. 
     If anyone would like to part with a Roll The Bones tourbook, e-mail me 
     privately. Maybe we can swing something. No biggie. 


From: Robert Dittrich 
Date: Mon, 13 Apr 1998 13:14:49 -0500
Subject: Time to come clean...

Okay, okay, I had a lot of fun with this but it's gone far enough. 

"Three At Last" was an April Fool's joke.

14 July being Tuesday (when new releases come out in the US)
 - also it's Bastille Day.

"Three At Last" - I originally wanted to call it "Gription Paste" but thought 
that might be a little over the top. Three At Last - finally, three discs. 
Three At Last being a pun on Free At Last - hence the fourth free disc.

The track list was a combination of what I think will be included and what I 
*wish* they would include.

I'd like to thank everyone for having a sense of humor about this.

Robert Dittrich
"Who is John Galt?"


From: "Aaron Calder" 
Date: Mon, 13 Apr 1998 12:33:52 MDT7MST
Subject: Reverse the golden rule?

Hello fellow rush-nuts,

I am puzzled as to the meanings of the following lyrics from Kid 

Anger wear a crown of thorns
Reverse the golden rule

What does Neil mean by reversing the golden rule?  Is a crown of 
thorns a reference to Jesus Christ? The previous question was not 
asked to start a religion thread so don't start threading 
religiously!  I am merely a Rush fan questing for understanding of 
the deeper meanings of Neil's lyrics. 

Any enlightenment would be greatly appreciated,

Aaron Calder


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