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Subject: 04/28/98 - The National Midnight Star #2019

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         The National Midnight Star, Number 2019

                  Tuesday, 28 Apr 1998

Today's Topics:
             Progressive albums--> the '80s.
         Welcome to the 1998 Syrinx Awards (long)
                      BMG Music Club
                 The NMS 2112 question !
            Subject: a rush sighting of sorts
      Laser Rush in Seattle...and working in the lab
                       Disco Rush?
             Prog., personal relevance, etc.
                  King Crimson and Rush
                    Defense and Covers
       AUSTIN, TX Tribute Band - May 2nd Show!!!!!
      Attention all newbies to the Rush Federation!
                 That preacher fellow...
           Pittsburgh Radio Station Played 2112
           Update on the Power Windows web site
                  A pound of obscure...
                      Tragically Hip
                      Review copies
        The Actor Who Should Play Neil In A Movie
      Rush in Ottawa Canada July 4th 1997 Last Show
                   re: riverside what??
                        front row
                        2112 Star
     Re: 04/27/98 - The National Midnight Star #2018
                  Take Off on Chronicles
                       Re: stooges
                  Rush on Pop Up Videos
                 Re: Maple Leaf Gardens 
                  Re: Maple Leaf Gardens
     Rush-related tattoos and a stupid Rush quote...
          Geddy Lee Limitid Edition Fender Jazz
                   Can't Wait 'til 2000

From: Brett Gentzel 
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 1998 15:40:46 -0400
Subject: Progressive albums--> the '80s.

some dude wrote (sorry, I don't remember who it was):

>I agree with the idea that Rush's real progressive albums are from the
>1976-1980ish era.  However, I think a lot of people over look the redefininf
>progressive-rock stance Rush kept in the 1980's!  Many big progressive acts
>ceased to be progressive around the 1976-1980 period (except for King Crimson
>rebounding with Discipline in '81)!!!!  Does anyone else agree?

I agree completely, thought I don't think that you can really compare
the giants...

>For example: Yes - they went and put out "Tormato" (yuck) and "Drama" (very
>Rush-like despite)...slowly giviing in to pop....they then hit paydirt (in
>terms of giving in to pop) with "90125" (yuck).  Genesis had gone to "Abacab"
>and "Mama"

I think the main difference between Rush, and Yes and Genesis, is that
the latter two bands had line-up changes, while Rush didn't.  When
Genesis lost Gabriel, it lost its primary creative ("progressive")
force, imho.  What Yes lost wasn't as significant as what it gained:
Trevor Rabin.  I refer to 90125 and Big Gen Yes as the Trevor Rabin
Band.  Not as a deragatory term (well, maybe a little bit :-), but
because the band basically handed ALL creative control of the music over
to him.  Trevor can write hits.  Hence, "Owner of a Lonely Heart."

>Around "90125"'s time, Rush had "Signals" and "Grace Under Pressure" out as
>new material....  These albums (MV included) are progressive in a lyrical
>sense, I believe, but probably not musically real progressive....except for
>maybe Tom Sawyer and The Camera Eye...
>  in the 70's sense of the word (lots of changes in mood and time signatures).

I think what ALL the bands were experiencing was a need to change.  You
could argue that they changed for artistic reasons, for monetary
reasons, whatever, but all the bands definitely changed their sound over
these years.  (even Discipline, while still prog, begins a new "era" of
Crimson -- again, imho -- of that "pointialistic" type of music).

>Go to have POWIND and HYF.  These albums
>are very much "redefined" progressive with a splash of pop thrown
>in musically and lyrically.

Right on... I find these records a good mix of prog, poppy yet emotional
lyrics, and the experience of having written and recorded music for
10-15 years.  I guess the main thing missing from PoW and HYF is song

Great post!!



From: Erik DePoy 
Date: Sat, 25 Apr 1998 08:30:12 +0400
Subject: Welcome to the 1998 Syrinx Awards (long)

(The Spirit of Radio bursts forth from the house speakers, the TNMS
crowd goes wild)



	As promised back in October, I've been gathering nominations for Syrinx
Awards. These are awarded to members of TNMS who have come through for
the list and its members by way of things such as extraordinary acts of
Rush-kindness, super web-sites, detailed and informative posts, or
supplying us with hot, late-breaking news. What makes Syrinx Awards
special is the fact that they are awarded by members of the list for
members of the list. In this sense they are a means by which the list
recognizes a few of its shining stars and encourages others to emulate
them. By doing so, they heighten the experience for the rest of us.  
	And an experience it has been. In the two-and-a-half years I've been
subscribed, I've not only had an outlet to the latest breaking news
about the band, I've also made a number of e-friends, done some nice
tape trades, visited some great websites, and shared my thoughts on many
Rush-related topics. Thanks to everyone, I look forward to the next
years of reading the TNMS and your company.
	This wouldn't have been possible however without the sterling efforts
of our beloved Rush-mgr, who of course receives the inaugural Syrinx
Award. Without her tireless work, TNMS wouldn't be sitting in our
mailboxes on a regular basis. I can't imagine how much work she must put
into it. Moreover, imagine running not one but *two* lists. In any
event, she is a hero to us all. Thank you Rush-mgr! (long enthusiastic
applause, chants of HO-LY BITCH! HO-LY BITCH! HO-LY BITCH!)
	The second Syrinx Award, oddly enough, goes to yours truly. I'm not
sure I deserve it, but I'll take it anyway %^)  Honestly, I got the idea
for the Syrinx Awards from the Pink Floyd mailing list Echoes. Their
award (the Pinky) is something coveted by its members as a sign of
distinction and has led to a number of really super interpretive posts
and research into the band and their music. I think the Syrinx Awards
have given rise to similar results, although with a special TNMS flavor.
I'm also glad nominations were treated with respect and didn't become
the subject of goofy posts and/or flames. Thanks to all for embracing
the idea of the Syrinx Awards wholeheartedly. (more applause) And now
for some entertainment...

(the camera focuses on stage left as the New York-based Rush tribute
band Power Windows jams out to Limbo)

	Syrinx Award number three goes to none other than Jordan Finkelstein
(aka jman2112). Jordan regaled us last July with a multi-part chronicle
of his trip to Toronto to see Rush at the Molson Amphitheater. Jordan's
detailed account of visiting Toronto and going to the shows was a
pleasure to read. Jordan's posts reminded me of the kind of
writing Neil has done, and probably belong in some kind of Rush/TNMS
scrapbook if one is ever put together. What I remember most about Jordan
however was just how clearly his emotions came through in the posts. In
particular I remember how he distributed his collection of Rush
pins to TNMS members for free in honor of the shows he had just seen.
Now *that* was cool Jordan, thanks a lot. (much more applause)

	Number four goes to....Puanani Akaka! Whoo-hoo!!! (I've always wanted
to write that). Although Puanani is one of TNMS's more frequent and
interesting contributors, she was nominated for her brush with royalty,
i.e. her call upon the court of H.R.M King Lerxt backstage at a TFE show
in San Diego. We are all bright green with envy. I mean, come on, how
many TNMS members have ever met the band backstage? Probably something
like 0.01%. Getting backstage to meet Rush must have been one of the
coolest experiences imaginable. Not only did she also get to meet Dirk,
King Lerxt bestowed upon her a symbol of his unestimable bounty, one of
Pratt's drumsticks. Long live the King!! (repeated chants which
eventually fade into wild applause and Whoo-hoos)

	Syrinx Award number five goes to Rob Miceli. Rob went to great lengths
to set up TNMS members with tickets to the Toronto TFE shows and among
other things, hosted a post-concert bash which by all accounts was a
great success. Rob also frequents The Orbit Room and has found the nerve
to strike up a couple of conversations with the King himself. His
posts regarding these brushes with greatness have made for some of last
year's best reading. If this weren't enough, Rob has come through with
late-breaking Rush news and is our man-on-the-scene in the capital of
the Rush empire. Keep up the great work! (standing ovation led by those
who attended the post-concert bash)

	The last, but certainly not the least of the Syrinx Awards, goes to
Eric Hansen (aka Hanstones). If he hadn't been nominated for his web
site Power Windows, he probably should have for his recent post
interpreting Beneath, Between, and Behind (nice one!). Hanstones
consistently contributes provocative and thoughtful posts, and TNMS is a
better place for his efforts. Everyone who has web access go visit his
web page and others like it (such as the Rush Desktop Theme Park or
Grand Designs) and show your appreciation by signing their guestbooks.
These guys have put a lot of time and effort into making their web sites
nice counterparts to the TNMS website. 

(Power Windows returns for an encore: "THANK YOU!! Thank you very
much... Ho-Ho!" as we hear the first plaintive notes of La Villa

	I thought about giving out things to the recipients of the first six
Syrinx Awards but came upon an even better idea. Quite aside from the
logistical problem of finding prizes and sending them out by mail
(the postal system here in the Moscow suburbs is stone-age), I came up
with a neat idea. Since Rush-mgr informed us that the TNMS homepage has
to move to a new server, I decided to donate $50 to help pay for the
server space. That way I can give myself, the Syrinx Award recipients,
and the rest of us each a gift- more issues of TNMS and access to the
homepage. Come to think of it, donating money for server space and/or
hardware to keep TNMS up and running is something we all might think
about doing once in a while. As we all know, you don't get something for
nothing, even if it seems TNMS is free (sorry, couldn't resist that
one). Rush-mgr, please let me know by private email how I can get that
donation to you.

	Hope you enjoyed this first edition of the Syrinx Awards, I've enjoyed
hosting it. The next ceremony is six months from now, in October.
Hopefully we'll have something in the shape of Victor II and/or a new
live album to drool over by then. 

	Take care,

	Erik DePoy
	Lyubertsy, Russia


From: "Julie Rudd" 
Date:          Sat, 25 Apr 1998 09:10:08 GMT
Subject: BMG Music Club

I've seen this mentioned a couple of times now and would be 
interested in getting the address.  I take it, it's an American 
company?  Does anyone know if they would deliver to UK addresses or 
if there is a UK equivalent?  (Not Britannia - they're rubbish).

Thank you,


From: Dirk van Maanen 
Date: Sat, 25 Apr 1998 11:47:20 -0700
Subject: The NMS 2112 question !

>   [ And give all the addresses to a spam factory? Don't think so...
>     not sure what I plan on doing with #2112 yet...          : rush-mgr ]

Why don't you try to interview the

   [ Hah, I don't *think* so...                                : rush-mgr ]



From: (Brian M Donlin)
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 1998 19:48:03 EDT
Subject: Subject: a rush sighting of sorts

Grand Designs wrote:
>> but during his "bit" he motioned
to someone at the side of the stage and said "Yeah, crank it up! Spirit
of Radio!" (I think someone in the band played a few notes of it or
someone was playing a radio nearby)  He then proceeded to do a poor
imitation of Geddy's voice singing the lyrics "...crackle with the
energy". Then he told the same person to crank it up higher, and for the
guy to play Freewill, because he "knew the words to that one"<<

It was actually  him remembering smoking pot over his friends house many
years ago and his friends mom was getting high too. She put in a CD and
started singing. 
"A spirit with a vision, is a dream with a mission." ~ N. Peart, Rush

     If the world as we know it ceased to exist, how would we know?


From: "Cosmo Kramer" 
Date: Sat, 25 Apr 1998 09:12:54 PDT
Subject: Laser Rush in Seattle...and working in the lab

Has anyone been to see Laser Rush in Seattle?  Is it worth going to, or 
is it cheesy?  I'm just looking for something new and interesting to do 
some weekend.

And now for something completely different...

How many of you students out there can study to Rush?  How about at work 
  how many of you can listen to Rush and concentrate on what you're 
doing?  I find that whenever I have Rush playing, my attention usually 
drifts away from what I'm doing and I start humming along, or even 
singing along (much to the annoyance of my coworkers) and all focus on 
the task at hand is lost.  So I don't get much done but I have a great 
time not doing it!  :)



From: "Cosmo Kramer" 
Date: Sat, 25 Apr 1998 09:19:12 PDT
Subject: Disco Rush?

Ok, so we've all heard Rush to Country (Cold Fire), they've done Rap 
(RTB).  It's only a matter of time before we hear, Disco Rush.  

Alex starts playing a "wakka wakka" riff on the guitar while Geddy warms 
up the crowd in a low voice, "aawwwoooohhh, baby...get'n freaky".  A 
giant disco ball, like the one from the last Pink Floyd tour, comes up 
in the middle of the crowd, and Rush breaks into their version of Disco 

Can you dig it?


Go Seattle SuperSonics!


From: "Todd Smith" 
Date: Sat, 25 Apr 1998 10:31:11 PDT
Subject: songs

Hello all
I've only been a Rush fan for a short period of time, but a couple of 
songs have stood out to me:
Closer to the heart(great lyrics and music)
La Ville Strangio(I love the way it comes together)
Something For Nothing(It has a powerful sound, thanks to the drum work)
Free will(I just like this song)

Thats my two cents!



From: Jack Hesse 
Date: Sat, 25 Apr 1998 18:10:52 -0600
Subject: Prog., personal relevance, etc.

Hi everybody.

Someone wondered about Rush songs that we can relate too personally, or have
some kind of relvance to our lives.  Well, here's my quickie list: 

Subdivisions:  Be cool or be cast out, indeed!
Mystic Rhythms:  So many things I think about, when I look far away.
Grace Under Pressure:  Most of this album seems to reflect emotions and 
themes that occur in my life.  One of my favorites!
Circumstances:  These walls that still surround me still contain the same 
old me.
Tom Sawyer:  His reserve a quiet defense, riding out the day's events... 

Someone asked about Rush being progressive.  Someone else asked what
progressive means.  As a new fan of progressive music, I'll try my best to
give my opinion and maybe some insight on this whole mess. 

Progressive music, to me, means music that goes above and beyond what is
popular.  That can be done in any number of ways.  Commonly, it refers to
music that is exceptionally talented (i.e., good players), or well
orchestrated or composed, or exceptionally thoughtful.  Sometimes this means
using different, less-common instruments.  Sometimes this means playing
really interesting or difficult passages.  Sometimes this means writing
longer songs (i.e., not constraining yourself to the pop 3-to-5-minute
format).  Sometimes this means writing in different time signatures.  Almost
by definition, progressive music is not very popular.  The general public
does not seem to be very interested in music that is challenging or radically
different than what's popular. 

Hey!  If you wanna know more about progressive music, check out this site: ... Or this one:

So what Rush do I think is progressive?  Now that I've heard much more of the
VERY broad spectrum of progressive music, I'm sorry to say that not much of
their music seems very progressive to me anymore.  Caress of Steel was their
first attempt at art-rock and progressive music, but to me, doesn't really
work.  Musically, it's not much different than their contemporaries.  2112
was a much better approach.  It takes the listener for a very nice
hard-rockin ride.  As someone mentioned, from 2112 thru Moving Pictures are
good examples of progressive rock.  And they're very good records too! 
Hemispheres is my personal favorite (it's got the long story-song, the
challenging musicanship, the expressive and colorful instrumental, etc.
etc.).  Right around the very late 70's and early 80's there came a new wave
of progressive music, which Rush followed very nicely.  They used a lot of
the sound of this kind of music (listen to all them synthesizers!), but the
music itself seems to be more closely related to the popular music of that
time (The Police come immediately to mind; the band even admits to this). 
But hey!  This is just my opinion. :) I think Rush got really progressive
with Hold Your Fire, though.  They really hit the books hard and made some
really fabulous, intricate songs.  Since then, they've been kinda doing their
own thing, but their own thing seems to be mirroring recent developments in
popular rock, and not pushing those boundaries as much as in earlier years. 

But maybe that's just me!

Oh, and by the way .. Rush roolz!

 - Jack


From: "Palo, Christopher John" 
Date:        Sat, 25 Apr 1998 18:24:23 CST
Subject: King Crimson and Rush

Dear fellow Rushians,

In response to Chris Anderson's query regarding King Crimson's influence
on Rush, I have a few comments.  First, there is no doubt in my mind
that such influence exists.  The sound which Rush developed in the 1980s
with songs like YYZ, Red Lenses, Presto (the whole album) and others
sound much like King Crimson to be a coincidence.  If you wish to
confirm my theory, please listen to KC albums like the Great Deceiver ,
Discipline and Three of a Perfect Pair.  The similarities are very
striking.  Second, from numerous interviews with Neil Peart which I have
read, Bill Bruford is constantly cited as one of his favorite drummers.
It's no coincidence that the two worked together on Burning for Buddy.
And since such a relationship exists, there is probably little doubt
that Bruford's techniques have made a lasting impression on Peart.
However, I'm not a drummer.  For those of you that are, feel free to
correct me (nicely, though!).  Just a few thoughts.  Take care.



From: "Patrick or Avalyn Parker" 
Date: Sat, 25 Apr 1998 22:20:36 -0700
Subject: Defense and Covers

I'm the guy who wrote a few editions back that I love Alex and believe he
never should be replaced. I also wrote that (though not in these same
words) if Alex got hit by a bus, it would be cool to see what Joe Satriani
or Steve Vai would sound like as a replacement (though Alex could never
really be replaced). I mentioned that I admire the speed and precision with
which Satriani and Vai play.

Somebody else then posted a message saying, "quickness and precision aren't
the same as music." A guy named Curtis then came to my defense and
described what great musicians Satriani and Vai are. I want to thank Curtis
for that. He pointed out, rightfully, that Satriani and Vai produce music
that boasts plenty IN ADDITION to quickness and precision. Their quickness
and precision simply are strengths, in my opinion. What's wrong with that?

Yes, quickness and precision are not music. By the same token, where would
music be WITHOUT quickness and precision?

Just because I remark on a musician's wonderful quickness and precision
(and that's all I did) does not mean I don't appreciate other aspects of
music. And it does not mean that that particularly quick and precise
musician has nothing more to offer, musically. Sheesh!

OK, I'm finished being huffy. On to something less contentious. I don't
know if this has already been introduced as a thread, so please forgive me
if it has. Here goes: What non-Rush song would everyone like to hear Rush

I know, I know, Rush doesn't play covers, right? I know, I know, we want to
hear Rush play Rush. I know, know, we don't want eight minutes of
invaluable Rush concert time taken by Rush playing another band's song. We
want to hear Rush music. I'm with you on all that.

So don't take this question ultra-seriously. Have fun with it. I'm just
wondering, given Rush's style, soul  and musicianship, what would simply be
INTERESTING to hear if Rush was to play it, just for fun? Pretend you just
sat (and stood) through a day-long concert at which Rush has just finished
playing every single song they've ever put out. And then, Geddy yells,
"Hey, we've got time for just one more! What do you want to hear?" What
would you yell?

(There's a good question in the above paragraph: How many hours of music
has Rush put out? How long WOULD the concert be if Rush played every song
they've ever recorded?)

(And here's another important question: What would happen if God and
Superman got in a fight?)



From: MrQ 
Date: Sun, 26 Apr 1998 03:29:07 -0500
Subject: AUSTIN, TX Tribute Band - May 2nd Show!!!!!

Yes Austin, Texas has a Rush Tribute Band!  Their name is JUICE and will be
playing at the Texas Bar & Grill THIS Saturday(May 2) from 9pm-1am. 

			Answers to Questions you may have :)

 - There are three of us and we play the respective instruments, keyboard 
		and sound f/x's included!
	- We will be playing material from 2112 to Counterparts with a heavy 
		emphasis on the AFTK through Signals era.
 	- Yes we will actually be playing 3 hours of pure Rush!
	- And we are LOUD and try our best to play with the energy and emotion 
		that Rush does.

Questions comments: e-mail mrq@mail.utexas or

Don't have a clue where Texas Bar & Grill is?  email:

	Hope to see you there and don't hesitate to come up and chat with
us...we're Rush fans just like you.   - dave (MrQ)


From: The Reed Family 
Date: Sun, 26 Apr 1998 05:05:30 -0700
Subject: Sounds

Away from normal habitat, but in one quite familiar....

I was listening to RUSH with an old friend last week.  He just happens
to be a recording engineer and producer and his credits include Blues
Traveler, among others.  Anyway, he basically stopped listening to RUSH
in 1984.  He says that he still likes the songs, and that the
musicianship is wonderful, but that the special effects that are
employed in the recording of the songs detracts from the actual sound of
the songs.

His case mostly was supported by all of the albums pre '84, when Terry
Brown was doing the co-producing.  I asked him to explain his point.  He
has a recording studio in his house, so he routed a CD signal into it,
and started his demonstration.As it was, he illustrated the drum sound
on A Farewell to Kings, and how clear and direct it is, and then the
drum sound on Counterparts, with all of the reverb on the snare.  His
point was that it is amazing that Neil goes to all the trouble that he
does to find the best sounding drum kits, and then in the studio,
doctors their sound so much.

After all of the changes that RUSH have gone through in the past 10
years, working back to the trio oriented music, maybe it would also be
nice to hear them remove all of the special effects and rely on their
musicianship for this next album.  What rule has been written within the
band that prevents them from working with Terry Brown again?  They have
used Peter Henderson on different occasions.

I do agree that the sound on the earlier albums was much cleaner, and
that progress has brought them to the point that they are now, where
there is much more sound in the songs.  Maybe he has a point....

I hope this is readable, as my son is trying to get on the keyboard and
I don't have time to proofread and correct.  Responses appreciated,
privately and in post.

Jim Reed


From: Grand Designs 
Date: Sun, 26 Apr 1998 13:09:41 -0700
Subject: Attention all newbies to the Rush Federation!

We have assumed control (of the links) !!!

Just thought anybody fairly new to the web would appreciate a definitive
listing of links that we've put together at the Grand Designs Rush Site.
Just go to

We've even rated the sites and listed them in order of their ratings.
Missing and outdated links have also been removed so all the links are
currently active.

If your not on the list (although we think we may be close to having
them all) you can use the form at the bottom of the page to submit your

Against the run of the mill
Static as it seems
We break the surface tension
With our wild, kinetic dreams

Visit the Grand Designs Rush Site


From: "Freewheel Burning" 
Date: Sun, 26 Apr 1998 14:55:03 -0400
Subject: That preacher fellow...

referred to in #2017:

>>On it, some preacher is telling an audience about the horrors
of rock and roll. Eventually he came to Rush and the Man-in-the-Star thing,
spouting the "obvious" satanic meanings, blah, blah, blah...But then, much
to our suprise, he starts ragging on Hemispheres. He shows the audience a
picture of the cover and tells how the naked man on the one side of the
brain represents Satan, while the guy in the business suit is our
He then explains that the "devil" is reaching out across our brain to
our innocence, blah, blah, blah.. I don't think there have been many times
I've laughed that hard. The best part was that this guy was speaking with
that Southern Evangelist type of voice you see in the movies.. What a
Anyone else hear this tape before... Wish I had a copy, just for occasional
comic relief..<<

> one Michael Warnke.  At least, I think that's who it is.
Warnke, known for his book "The Satan Seller", was once involved in Satanic
ritual, possessed by demons, wrote on the wall backwards with feces, etc.,
and "turned his life around" from having a great position in the Satanic
church to humbly serving God. 
I'm pretty sure that's who it is, anyway...of course, if I'm wrong, an
unshelled member of the peanut gallery will surely salt me.

Chronic Hysteria


From: UberMar 
Date: Sun, 26 Apr 1998 16:25:12 EDT
Subject: Pittsburgh Radio Station Played 2112

I was in the car on Friday and hit the preset for 88.3 (I think it's a college
and was floored to hear the beginning of Overture!   They played all the way
through to Soliloquy before I had to get out of the car, so I am assuming they
played the whole side.  Wow.
I've heard everything from death metal to techno on this station but this is
the first Rush I have heard them play.  Keep it up.


"Bearing a gift beyond price - 
Almost free"


From: Hanstones 
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 01:17:01 EDT
Subject: Update on the Power Windows web site

Attention all planets of the Solar Federation....

I have finally added something substantial to my page, the Permanent Waves
Desktop theme.  It rocks!  I have had it ready for awhile, but had a few
technical difficulties getting the site ready.

For those of you new to the NMS, my site celebrates the album art of Rush.
The site includes high quality Rush images for use as wallpaper (every single
album cover, as well as some of the liner images), as well as the largest
collection of MIDI's, Rush cursors and Windows 95 Plus! Desktop Themes you
will find.


"'Cause for strangers and arrangers
Constant change is here to stay"


From: Neil Bonfield 
Date: 27 Apr 1998 04:40:45 -0400
Subject: A pound of obscure...

I was watching Hollywood Sex last,, not really
WATCHING it. In fact, I was doing something else completely...really.
Someone else was watching another room. Aw heck, I was looking
at the pictures, ok! Anyways, this guy on there is an adult cartoonist
of sorts, and draws black & white strip cartoons for mags n rags I
think. Well, in one this woman was, well, 'being seen to', and drawn on
the wall behind her was a sketched Rush poster! It had 'RUSH' underneath
three guys heads. I had a chuckle.

So, now everyone is using Floyd sigs just to get a comment from
rush-mgr! You won't find me doing anything like that!

'I'm gonna cut you into little pieces'

Neil Bonfield


Date: Sun, 26 Apr 1998 18:21:56 +0100
Subject: Tragically Hip

Having been recomended to try out The Hip by someone at one of the Rush
Toronto shows last year (see, there is some Rush content!) I've been pretty
swept away by the Day For Night CD. However, I know sod all else about
them. Anyone else, especially UK based readers, who are into this bunch,
please email me privately.- I've checked out some web sites but would like
more first hand info- have they toured here, etc etc.

Any help gratefully appreciated



From: "=?iso-8859-1?q?R=D6NNQVIST,?= GREGER" 
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 12:22 +0200
Subject: Review copies


I'm doing reviews in some various magazines:

* The forthcoming webzine "Sonitus" (
* The Norwegian magazine " "Tarkus"
* The Swedish fanzine Wanted
 And I also have contributed some reviews to the website Prog Net

I wonder if there is any progressive/symphonic e.g. groups out
there who wants their records reviewed in some of the
aforementioned places?

Kind regards,

Greger Ronnqvist
Risselasvagen 66 B
833 35  Stromsund



From: "bytor" 
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 05:29:59 -0500
Subject: The Actor Who Should Play Neil In A Movie

I know it's been awhile since this thread has come up, but I saw an actor
last night who is the *absolute* dead ringer for Neil Peart.

Alright, so I'm watching Siskel & Ebert last night when they start a review
of a new movie called "Sliding Doors" (two thumbs down, by the way).  They
cut to one of the male lead characters in the movie and I'm telling you, I
look at him and think "Man, that's Neil Peart!!"  The actor's name is John
Hannah.  I believe he may be of Irish or Scottish descent (very strong
accent) or he may have been "acting".  In either case, he is the perfect
candidate to play Neil in a movie.  I plan to do some searching to see what
other films he may been in.

So now that we have Neil and Geddy cast (didn't someone recently say that a
walk-on character on the X-Files resemble Geddy?), anybody know who can
play Big Al?

Just my random thinks...



From: "Pierre Tessier" 
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 09:33:44 EST
Subject: Rush in Ottawa Canada July 4th 1997 Last Show


 We were at the Corel center on July 4th for Rush's last concert of 
their TFO tour.

Antics.............not from the guys kind of, but a quy jumped on 
                      stage and started to dance, much to my surprise 
                      he was not removed immediately.
                      I did not see Geddy or Alex signal security
                      to let him dance,  but they must have because no 
                      one touched him. He danced like crazy and the 
                      croud enjoyed this very much. It went on for a 
                      good 3 minutes then he was escorted off the 
   I thought (and the croud too, seing their enjoyment) that Rush was 
pretty cool to let this happen.

Question...........They played 2112 from A to Z live for US in 
Ottawa, now I need to know if they played it anywhere else on their 


Living comes much easier once you admit your dying    (Dream Theater)


From: David Huart 
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 13:40:21 -0400
Subject: re: riverside what??

Hello Rush fans,

Ted Gudermuth writes:

>If this was in reference to some other venue I sincerely apologize for my
>spelling/stadium lesson, but I felt motivated to defend a stadium where I
>attended not only vintage Rush and Kiss concerts, but watched Charlie Hustle
>and the Big Red Machine take the 75 series from the hapless/clueless BoSox.
>It is made out of concrete; you got that part right. And it sucks overall,
>you got that right too.


     I do not mean to be a butt,  but I do not remember when Rush played
at Cinergy Field/Riverfront Stadium (home of the Reds/Bengals).   I have seen Rush every trip into Cincy since PeW,  but never at
the house that Sparky, Rose, Bench, Morgan, Perez, Concepcion, Foster,
Griffey, Gullett, Billingham, and Bourbon built, and pummeled their 70's
opposition in.

     I think you are referring to Riverfront Coliseum, now "The Crown".
Rush has played that venue almost every tour since MP,  but Pete Rose
never got one of his 4256 (??) hits there. The Crown, like it's
counterpart, Cinergy Field,  is a steel reinforced concrete structure
and does suck as far as acoustics go, and The Crown is much to small for
baseball. However, put a real sport like hockey in The Crown and now
you're talking!  : )

      The Crown (then Riverfront Coliseum) was a stop for the "We'll
step on you to see the Who" tragedy and it was after that when alot of
venues and bands did away with festival seating. I did see Rush in
Dayton at Hara during the HYF tour,  and it was definitely festival
seating, which suprised the hell out of me, because like you Ted, I
assumed Rush was through with that type of seating.

      The stadium has housed the likes of Paul McCartney (and Linda, may
she rest in peace), The Stones, and The Beach Boys, but I do not recall
Rush ever playing there.

   Sorry to ramble Ted,  Take it easy.



From: Aaron Drake 
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 15:16:48 -0400
Subject: front row

> [ One gets very VERY lucky, and knows a guy who is also very lucky who
>   wins front row tickets and doesn't know anyone in town to bring but you!
>   ;-)                                                         : rush-mgr ]

or you have a photo pass....and while you are up front before the show see
a fellow NMS'er who gives u his front row ticket stub so after you dispose
of the camera you can go back up the the front row :)


From: Mark Weber 
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 12:39:10 -0500
Subject: Hmmmm

> Wow man, You are so cool.  If you are getting sick of posts, unsuscribe.  I
> personally am getting sick of all the people that bitch.  Some folks won't
> post anything but bitch lists about other posts.  If you don't like it,
> don't read it.   You have a scroll bar in your mail program.... USE IT!  Of
> the many people on NMS, I am sure that you can't get everyone of them to
> agree with every post.

Sorry, couldn't resist.  :)



From: "Russell J. Thorpe" 
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 15:57:59 -0400
Subject: 2112 Star

	I can't believe how many people gave my dumb post about "the star" this
much attention.  In all actuality, the star really represents an opressive
society.  I don't know how many people remember the Soviet Union and
Communism.  Their symbol, was a RED STAR.  Same as China, Vietnam, and just
about every other communist country.  

	The next question is this:  Which author is it that Neil Peart (the
lyrical genius in Rush) worships?
Ayn Rand of course (also given credit of sorts in the liner notes of 2112).
 Now what is her politics? Severe anti-communism/socialism.  It just so
happens that the book ANTHEM involves that type of goverment.  The story of
2112 parrallels Anthem. 

	Now it is very clear to see what this star which the naked man (is this
the same naked man who represents the creative/artistic half of the mind on
Hemispheres?) is shunning away from.  It is in fact a symbol of the
socialistic, anti-technology goverment represented in Anthem, and 2112.

Russell Thorpe


From: "Russell J. Thorpe" 
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 16:04:03 -0400
Subject: Re: 04/27/98 - The National Midnight Star #2018

>From: "Wayne Tapia" 
>Date: Fri, 24 Apr 1998 11:21:28 -0700
>Subject: Rush as a back-up band?
>You know how sometimes solo artists will use established bands as back-up
>for tours or limited engagement shows (for example: Chuck Berry w/ the E
>street band, Eric Clapton w/ The Robert Cray Band, that sort of thing). I
>was listening to Peter Gabriel's "Secret World Live" CD the other day, and
>thought that it could be kind of cool to see the boys backing someone like
>Gabriel. Any other Ideas from out in Rushland?

"If you ever call me Francis...." :)

>"...I'll kill you..." Psycho from "Stripes"

This would be cool, but I would like to see them back up Peter Gabriel in a
one time production of The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway.  Taht would be the
absolute coolest thing I ever saw.

just  a thought,

Russell Thorpe 


From: Eric Hansen 
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 13:17:58 -0600
Subject: Take Off on Chronicles

I was reading issue 98 from 1989, where there a post announcing the upcoming 
release of Chronicles.  The post even had correct catalog numbers.  Included 
in the post is a songlisting (included below), which is identical to the 
actual release except for one change.  Apparently at the last minute, Take 
Off (which was supposed to fall directly after Limelight) was axed so that 
Show Don't Tell could be added.  

Does anyone know why?  There is no info in the FAQ.

"It's a beauty way to go"
DISC 1 - Find my Way/Working Man/Fly By Night/Anthem/Bastille Day/Lakeside 
Park/2112 (a) Overture, (b) Temples of Syrinx/What You're Doing/A Farewell To 
Kings/Closer To The Heart/The Trees/La Villa Strangiato/Freewill/The Spirit 
Of Radio
DISC 2 - Tom Sawyer/Red Barchetta/Limelight/Take Off featuring Geddy Lee/A 
Passage To Bangkok (Live Version)/Subdivisions/New World Man/Distant Early 
Warning/Red Sector A/The Big Money/Manhattan Project/Force Ten/Time Stand 
Still/Mystic Rhythms (Live Version)


From: Danny Robinson 
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 15:15:10 -0500
Subject: Re: stooges

> From: (Chuck Flowers)
> Date: Fri, 24 Apr 1998 15:22:46 EDT
> Subject: stooges
> By the time I saw Test For Echo for the 3rd time, I was
> quite bored with it all (were you bored too, Codeman?) because I knew
> exactly what I was getting.
> In addition to using the same jokes, they also use the same set list for
> the entire tour (with maybe 1 or 2 substitutions along the way).
> Although I will always still catch Rush shows when they are in my area,
> it is not as much fun as some of the other shows that I really look
> forward to.  My favorite bands to see live (such as FNM, Bosstones)
> always come in with the crowd wondering what they are gonna see and hear
> different that night.  Maybe half the set list is written in stone and
> the other half is written right before the show.   This makes the
> anticipation many times greater for me and that is an important part of
> the concert-going experience.  I feel like Rush is a well planned
> theatrical production and have lost much of what Rock & Roll is to me:
> spontaneity and live improvisation.  I think they are the greatest
> recorded group ever, but the live show is somewhat lacking.
> c money

*********************** say you were bored by the 3rd time you saw the T4E tour?  And you
fell like Rush is just a well planned theatrical production and have lost much 
of what Rock & Roll is to YOU??  Which by the way you said was spontaneity 
and live improvisation.  Let me break it down for you a little so you can 
understand the workings of a legendary band that dictates your unruley ass.

    1.  Rush is NOT a hippy rock band like The Greatful I doubt very
seriously that they care if you follow them all around the country and want them
to put on different antics every night just for YOU.  Get a life.

    2.  As for your dumbass self-centered comment, "Rush is a well planned
theatrical production and have lost much of what Rock & Roll is to me".....hmmm.
Let's see here.......seeing as how Rush's shows are very technical and
complex(more then you could ever know), where timing is everything, and it takes
very precise and expertise planning just to make a single element come to
life.....I would say they do pretty damned good.  So don 't EVEN compare their
shows to  The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Tiffany, etc....whoever you said.  It's 
not so easy to change around songs or stop and do a comedy relief special 
JUST FOR YOU  when you've got all the timing, triggers, and computer sequences 
in place for a "well planned" show for the evening.

    3.  Someday all bands will strive for this level of excellence.....and the
company that will bring it to you..........AT&T.  You dig?



From: Michael 
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 16:42:14 -0400
Subject: Rush on Pop Up Videos

Hey there!  I noticed the bit about Rush appearing on VH1's Pop Up videos.
The company that does the show for VH1 is Spin the Bottle, Inc. Their
website is, and they have better information
than VH1.  Here is the listing for show #81.

SHOW #81 - Canadian Invasion
Sunglasses at Night		Corey Hart 
Cuts like a Knife		Bryan Adams
Limelight			Rush
Keep on Rock'in		Neil Young 
Tears are not Enough   	Northern Lights  

The current list (from 4/27/98) of show dates is through 5/10/98, and
there's no show #81 listed.  Perhaps we'll get it later in the month.....

Michael		ICQ Number:  7171069

>....A clean room is a sure sign of a broken computer....


From: "Darren Platakis" 
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 17:30:14 -0400
Subject: Re: Maple Leaf Gardens 

Sorry for the lack of Rush content.

In response to all the posts regarding MLG. Although I do not know if/when
Rush would play Maple Leaf Gardens when it closes, I do know that the
Toronto Maple Leaf organization has purchased the Toronto Raptors
(basketball team) as well as the new arena being built (The Air Canada
Center) and both teams will be playing there. It just needs some minor
tweeking to suit it for hockey as well. Both teams are expected to move
into the new building approximately Jan/Feb 1999.

If Rush played it would probably be one massive charity show for The United
Way like many of their concerts in Toronto. Who knows, maybe they'll host

Exibition stadium is useless and will be torn down. Talks between Exibition
Stadium and the Leafs broke down around November of last year. The fate of
MLG being torn down is still up in the air.


From: "Darren Platakis" 
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 17:30:14 -0400

Sorry for the lack of Rush content.

In response to all the posts regarding MLG. Although I do not know if/when
Rush would play Maple Leaf Gardens when it closes, I do know that the
Toronto Maple Leaf organization has purchased the Toronto Raptors
(basketball team) as well as the new arena being built (The Air Canada
Center) and both teams will be playing there. It just needs some minor
tweeking to suit it for hockey as well. Both teams are expected to move
into the new building approximately Jan/Feb 1999.

If Rush played it would probably be one massive charity show for The United
Way like many of their concerts in Toronto. Who knows, maybe they'll host

Exibition stadium is useless and will be torn down. Talks between Exibition
Stadium and the Leafs broke down around November of last year. The fate of
MLG being torn down is still up in the air.

   [ Ah, Exhibition Stadium is NOT the same as MLG. I've been told by several
     people that MLG is a historic landmark of a sort, and cannot be 
     demolished. It might possibly become a museum... but it will never be
     used for concerts again.                                      : rush-mgr ]

"Regardless, when the question arises as to what should be done with the
Gardens, any answwer should include a couple thousand pounds of dynamite."

There was also a rumour being thrown around that the Toronto farm team
would move from St. John's Newfoundland and play at the Gardens as well as
turning it into an opera house. EEK! needs massive acoustic adjustments.

Darren Platakis

Cornerstone Records & Productions
13 Nello St. 
St. Catharines, Ontario
L2N 1G5

Get your copy of the new PHUSE CD "Power . Funk . Pop"  NOW!!!!


From: Caroline in the City 
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 98 17:59:15 -0500
Subject: Rush-related tattoos and a stupid Rush quote...

Hello all!

It's been a while since I last posted, so here I am...

I have a Rush-related tattoo. You know the design on the Counterparts 
lyrics booklet? It's also on the back of the CD jewel case. I'm talking 
about the picture called subjective's the picture with the 
Pac Man-looking things - that is the easiest way to describe it. When you 
look at the design, you see an upside-down triangle that isn't really 
there. It's actually a psychology-related symbol (I'm a psychology minor 
at Indiana University). It demonstrates the Gestalt theory of 
closure...the other shapes in the picture suggest the triangle is there, 
and your mind closes the image for you. Anyway, enough with the 
textbook-sounding stuff. I have that tattoo on my right ankle. It's about 
1.5 by 1.5. I also have one other tattoo, but this one has nothing to do 
with Rush. It's in the center of my lower back, and it's the symbol of 
the snake from the show Millennium.

And now for the absolute dumbest Rush quote I've ever heard. This came 
from one of my former coworkers. He's the kind of guy who listens to Top 
40 stuff (Spice Girls, Mariah Carey...blecch!), and he doesn't have ANY 
working knowledge of classic or progressive rock. Right before the Test 
For Echo tour, I was talking to this guy about music. I mentioned that 
Rush was still tops on my list. He shoots me this COMPLETELY snotty look 
and says, with all the authority in the world, "Come on, Caroline! They 
broke up for a reason!" When I finished laughing at him, I informed him 
that I was going to see them in the next month, and that they were doing 
a tour for their newest CD. I made fun of him until he apologized for his 
blasphemy! I told him he was doomed to rot in Kenny G hell...

Rush on, guys!


P.S. - Tell me I was dreaming, but did I actually see a post of someone 
defending the little Hanson rat-boy drummer? Say it ain't so...

"If a tree falls in the forest and no one's around, and it hits
 a mime, does anyone care?" --THE FAR SIDE, Gary Larson


Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 19:44:12 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Geddy Lee Limitid Edition Fender Jazz

Does anyone know if this has been released to dealers yet and how
"limited" it really is?  Please let me know.  I have never been too much
of a Fender fan but this is Geddy we are talking about.  Dream Theaters'
John Myung is also releasing a signature bass this summer (Yamaha).

Thanks in advance,
Darren Overcash  

"How can you keep your head and not go insane, when the only light at the
end of the tunnel, is another train?" (Mike Portnoy, Dream Theater)


From: Ward Bond 
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 98 19:56:47 -0400
Subject: Can't Wait 'til 2000

Sorry, but I can't wait 'til 2000 for the next new Rush material.

Is there a chance they are thinking about a live album for later this 
year, a new studio album for release in early 1999 and then another 
studio album for January 2000?

That would definitely be more like it.  Otherwise, they might need to do 
something they've never done before, like put one or two new studio 
tracks on the live album...

>From September 1996 (T4E) to January 2000 would be the longest wait ever
for new studio Rush...  arghhhhhh!!!!

   [ And last year they went through a very difficult time...    : rush-mgr ]

Ward Bond


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