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Subject: 05/04/98 - The National Midnight Star #2024

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         The National Midnight Star, Number 2024

                   Monday, 04 May 1998

Today's Topics:
              Jman's diary and Country rush
     Re: 04/30/98 - The National Midnight Star #2022
                        Just Stuff
                        Geddy Bass
                 Speaking of "Losing It"
                     rush criticisms
                    The Ultimate Ride
                   Rush video campaign
               Re: Not-so-hot Rush sighting
                King Crimson, Gentle Giant
            Possible Rush sighting in a movie
                    Yes in New Jersey
              Rush fan missing since 3-2-98
                      Cars and Rush
                actors to play the boys...
                     1812 = 2112?????
                Julien is gone because...
                       Issue #2112
     Re: 04/24/98 - The National Midnight Star #2017
              Rush shows and improv and etc.
             Rush Stuff to Buy in Pittsburgh
                   Concertos in Europe?
                      Re: 2112 issue
           Re: The National Midnight Star #2112
                Neil - Back in the Saddle?
              Live Album and.........Video?
                    Rush plays covers
                    Actor to play Alex
                      rush unplugged
                  John Rutsey Interview 
                Re: My Generation and Rush

From: Eric Hansen 
Date: Fri, 1 May 1998 08:56:44 -0600
Subject: Jman's diary and Country rush

To Jman: now I know what I missed out on before joining NMS!  You post was 
top notch!  If there are any NMSer's in the Denver area that would like to 
get together for the next Rush tribute concert (there is a Denver tribute 
band listed on the NMS page), lets get together!  My wife saw Rush with me 
for the Presto tour and is of the belief that once is enough (heavy sigh...), 
and none of my friends are Rush fans (heavier sigh...).

Regarding Country Rush (you wouldn't believe how many posts I received on 
this...): for all of you that don't have a boot (i.e. Animated) from the 
Counterparts tour, Rush does a portion of Cold Fire in the Country Western 
style before breaking into the normal routine.  

"We like both kinds of music, Country and Western" - Bob from Bob's Country 
Bunker :)


From: Erich Schmidt 
Date: Fri, 01 May 1998 10:50:26 -0500
Subject: Re: 04/30/98 - The National Midnight Star #2022

This is the first time I have read this site and I am truly impressed. I 
myself am a huge Rush fan. Their music is simply fabulous. I would like to 
respond to>said. As I read that entry I was listening to 
Natural Science.  This is my favorite Rush song. When they played it during 
the Test For Echo tour I was in awe. This is a great site. You guys all keep 
rocking and remember"the meek shall inherit the earth."


From: "Wilson, Daniel" 
Date: Fri, 1 May 1998 13:02:57 -0400 
Subject: Thanks

Thanks to everyone who kindly responded to my plea for The Analog Kid
boot MP3, I now have two fully working copies.  Goes to show that Rush
fans really know how to stick together!!  Craig's Virtual Concert Hall
Rules, I hope after you take the MP3s off, they resurface elsewhere,
what a great service for those of us who have a hard time geting ahold
of boots.  I know it has been said a hundred times, but if you haven't
heard Rachel Barton's TSOR, you are really missing out!

Danny Wilson


From: "Hinson, Steve" 
Date: Fri, 1 May 1998 10:18:04 -0700 
Subject: Just Stuff

Hi Rush fans,

About Big Al's look alike: In the liner of CP there is a picture of Alex (in
b/w) next to the four elements pictures. For some reason this reminds me of
John Ritter as seen in "Slingblade". Hey, unlike the Elvis postage stamps,
nobody has said what era of Alex we're looking for.

About stage antics: On the T4E tour, Alex did a little "Macarena" dance
during one song. The second leg of the T4E tour (first time I've seen them
twice on one tour!), I don't remember him doing it again. After seeing them
twice on one tour, I did notice a lot about their show that doesn't change.
But still, they are one of the best performing bands, ever.

One thing I've heard from friends who I've taken to see Rush is "There was
so much music for just three guys!" I've explained to them about Rush's use
of electronic gadgetry to recreate their studio work. Most people are
impressed that they can do it so well.
 On a related note, I recently saw Yanni in concert. Yanni's music live has
a very rich texture and feel. As it should, because he has about 25 people
on stage with him. As only a true Rush fan would,
I found myself thinking that this was the only other concert I had seen that
compared with the complexity and power of a Rush show! Not bad for just 3
guys, eh?

Keep Rushin on,
The Cynical Idealist


From: "Wilson, Daniel" 
Date: Fri, 1 May 1998 13:13:19 -0400 
Subject: Geddy Bass

Quick question on the Limited Edition limited of an edition
are we talking about?  how long will it be available *new* from Fender,
a year? two? six months?  I don't have the cash to drop now, but I will
in the future, just wondering about my window of opportunity, please
private e-mail responses so we don't clutter the NMS with stuff no-one
else wants to hear about

Danny Wilson


From: John Breckow 
Date: Fri, 1 May 1998 10:39:47 -0700
Subject: Speaking of "Losing It"

Being that nothing is ever new under the sun, and I'm sure it's been 
visited a zillion times, I'll nevertheless open the following thread:

I am currently nursing a severe case of "LSOARABRB" (Last Song On A RUSH 
Album Being Really Bitchin') Syndrome.  I've been flipping back and forth 
between High Water, Mystic Rhythms, Countdown, Natural Science, etc.

But there's more.  (Pause while I light a candle, and look helpless).  I 
need help.  I . . . I can't stop listening to one of my all-time closet 
classic loves: Available Light.  That song is so, so awesome.  It's not a 
love that I'm proud of, it's just, (pause, sniffle), when "that" chorus 
riff kicks in, lines like "Chase the light around the world," Alex's guitar 
raging,  I mean how can you not beat your head rhythmically, crank up the 
air guitar, and screech "Dah - Dah - Dah, Dah - Dah De Dah!" to the 
heavens?  Huh?  Tell me HOW?

And on the third go-round of the chorus, when Neil alternates between 
smashing his symbols and thumping some floor-tom thingy (correction is 
pending, I'm certain) . . . chills, freezing hot needles, dogs and cats, 
living together . . . yes, it's bliss.  (Sob, chest-thumping, angst) Bliss 
I say!

Have I reached Nerd-vana? Am I the ultimate putz?  Yes I am.  And thanks 
for asking.

So how about it?  Doncha' just love those little gold nuggets Rush places 
at the end of their albums?  And isn't Available Light awesome?

Anyhow, until next time.  By the way, I got some really nice responses to 
the "sublime Rush experience" thread.  See, we can play nicely when we try.

And whoever came up with the "/2ush" symbol . . . bravo.  It's really 
groovy.  It only took me a month to stop saying "backslash - 2 - ush"  Doh! 

Off to the Available Light, again,


"You keep using that word . . . I do not think it means what you think it 

   [ No more rhymes now, I mean it! Anybody want a peanut?       : rush-mgr ]

P.S. - Dr. Paul Smith said that "you should try getting out on the motorway 
(freeway), putting on
Countdown (loud, natch), waiting till near the end and then "really brewing 
out".  Some guy just did that on a freeway in Los Angeles, only he took the 
"get out" part a little closer to the heart (Amen).  He climbed out of his 
truck on a freeway overpass, set himself on fire, then blew off his head 
(literally) with a shotgun . . . all on national television.  Look for the 
footage to appear on "America's Funniest Home Videos," right after a 
segment of a little kid belting his dad in the crotch with a whiffle ball 

No word on if he was listening to Rush, but I think Pink Floyd's "Brain 
Damage" would have been more likely (Oops, no offense intended, Rush Mgr . 
>. . I love them too.  Good God, I'm going to be black-balled from the NMS.)


From: Bobby and Korie Allen 
Date: Fri, 01 May 1998 12:40:41 -0500
Subject: rush criticisms

As far as criticism of Rush and their fans being the equivalent to a slap in
the face of the band members, I must take umbrage. I have been a Rush
fanatic for 18 years, and admire the band's ability, professionalism and
integrity. However, NO ONE is above constructive criticism, including the
members of Rush (ask them, I'm sure they will confirm this). Trying to limit
the dialogue to praise smacks of censorship and low self-esteem. If the
criticism is not on target, the music will bear it out. This isn't a flame,
just a reminder that these three men, although brilliant musicians, are human. 
My favorite albums are the awesome trilogy of Waves, Pictures and Signals.
The late seventies and early 80's were a period of explosive creativity, as
Rush condensed their sound. The first three albums are almost totally
unlistenable to me now. Before you flame, that is my opinion. 2112 is still
a masterpiece, AFTK and Hemispheres are classics. As far as the keyboard
influence in the mid-80's, I loved it...I hate to see a band rest on their
laurels and reproduce the same record over and over again. The music may
sound dated to some now, but they stretched their sound and reinvented
themselves. Judging by the progression of the last few albums (love the song
RTB, least favorite album) the next studio record should be a heavy hitter.
I can't wait to see you all at the tour. 

P.S. Then I feel the powerful vision
     Their fire has made alive
     I wish i had that instinct
     I wish I had that drive

Have a nice day!
Bobby Allen


From: sara olson 
Date: Fri, 01 May 1998 14:03:22 +0000
Subject: The Ultimate Ride

Hi all-
Here's a fantasy I've had for a while now:
How about a 3 hour lazy-boy tunnel ride long music video multimedia
montage of RUSH-real cool sit, high definition 3-d, of course in Bose
wrap around stereo with real deep subwoofer action and the screens are
in the tunnel you are in while strapped into a grey leather lazy-boy
going about 40 mph on rails or on a post like the new rides at Great
Adventure?  I'd pay a few hundred bucks for that experience.
P.S.-That post at the end of #2021 was way too long and had hardly any
RUSH content at all and I never want to see that again please.


From: Paul Horta 
Date: Fri, 01 May 1998 15:09:05 -0400
Subject: Rush video campaign

Hey NMS'rs,
I haven't posted in a while but I have an idea that a lot of Rush fans
maybe interested in.I was on a Mahoghany Rush website earlier(for those
of you who do not know who Mahoghany Rush is, they were also a Canadian
power trio from Montreal.Their guitarist/vocalist is Frank Marino who in
my opinion is very very underrated.He came from the Hendrix school of
playing.I suggest picking up Dragonfly: The Best of Frank Marino and
Mahoghany Rush.They are a great band.Go up on their website which is
Anyway getting back to the subject,I was on their website and they had
some sort of campaign to get two of their albums released on CD that
were never before available.I guess the guy who runs the website had
fans post their names or something and then submitted it to the record
company and got them released.So I got the idea that maybe we should do
something like that to try to get Polygram Video to re-release Exit
Stage Left,Through The Camera Eye and the Grace Under Pressure Tour
videos on VHS and Laserdisc re-released.Rush Mgr I don't have a website
but maybe you would be willing to put a section up on your website to do
this.If you need help with some one running it I would be glad to help.I
am not doing it just because I want the videos because I have all the
original videos on VHS(but I would like to have ESL and TTCE on
laserdisc)but I feel that there a lot of Rush fans that would wan't

Al Horta


From: Nick Bruels 
Date: Fri, 1 May 1998 13:08:04 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: Not-so-hot Rush sighting

> Subject: Not-so-hot Rush sighting
> I meant to get this in a while back but I forgot.

But it's such a non-big-deal that you remembered it.

> I was at a bookstore about a month ago and I noticed an autobiography
> (or a biography maybe, whatever) on Marilyn Manson. Having absolutely no
> interest in him or his music, I was still curious to see what drove him

Sure, you betcha.  You've got absolutely *no* interest in 
him at all.  Right.  I'll believe that.  The sooner you 
own up to your infatuation with him, the sooner you can 
begin to deal with it.  ObObtuse:  ;)

> to be....well, what he is today. So I started flipping through the book,
> glancing a little at the dialog (some very scary stuff) and scanning a

Scary?  You scare *that* easily?

> I noticed a picture of him sometime in his early teens around the
> early 1980's. Hideous looking thing, had the make-up, whacky hair-du -
> he looked real f###ed up (well that's MY opinion). And then I noticed
> he..... was wearing.......... (gasp) ......a RUSH "MOVING PICTURES"
> T-SHIRT!!!!!

Yay!  Just shows he had taste back then, and now, perhaps.
Maybe he's *still* a fan--no, maybe even a *bigger* fan 
than he once was!  How's that sit with you?

> For those of you who may like Marilyn Manson, I say to you: to each his
> own. 

I find him entertaining.  Funny.  Some of the music ain't
too bad.  It's an act.  Cope.  But thanks for allowing me my
own thoughts and likes.

> But I just don't like the idea of this PARTICULAR man being linked
> in anyway to Rush. But such is life and I realize it's no big deal to me

Yeah right.  It's so *not* a big deal to you that you feel
compelled to write to all several thousand RushFans(TM) 
about it.

>   I like Rush and their music, period. If someone wanted to rationalize
> from this picture that maybe Rush had some influence on this man and
> helped make him what he is today, I really don't care.

Then why bring it up?

> But still I'd like to know what all of you think of this. Has anybody
> else seen this picture?

Nope, but I'm glad to hear that, like me, he was a RushFan(TM)
who apparently went to the MP tour!  What a show--I got up
front for the first Minneapolis show.  All three guys looked
at me, and Geddy acknowledged something I yelled at him, wish
I could remember what it was.

> Scott Wedge -
> Auburn University MBA - Class of '94
> "We can walk our roads together..." - RUSH

"Or we can piss and moan about who should or shouldn't like
what we think they should or shouldn't like." - Nick


From: "Michael Mejido" 
Date: Fri, 1 May 1998 15:14:13 -0400
Subject: King Crimson, Gentle Giant

Hello folks!

This is my first post in about 3 years.  I unsubscribed after being on for
about a year, and for some reason or another decided to get back on.  So
here I am... miss me?

Anyways, I've heard alot about the bands King Crimson and Gentle Giant. 
Can anyone tell me which should be the first albums I get to sample each of
these two bands?  I'm a HUGE Rush fan (fav: Signals) and PF fan (fav:
Animals).  That ain't much info, but can anyone make a suggestion as to
which should be my first KC and GG cd's?


Michael Mejido - (
NY/NJ MetroStars TAXI Fanzine -


From: Benjamin Leimkuhler 
Date: Fri, 1 May 1998 15:47:02 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Possible Rush sighting in a movie

I was  watching a movie on HBO or something a few months ago called "Some
Kind of Wonderful."  Its about this guy and this girl who are good
friends.  Only the girl like-likes the guy, and she's also a drummer by
the way.  But the guy likes some other girl really bad, and he makes the
drummer girl mad and jealous.  You may have seen it.  Anyway, I'm not 100%
certain, but in one of the scenes which takes place in the drummer girl's
bedroom, it looks like there's a Grace Under Pressure poster on the wall.
I need to go out and rent it so I can see for sure.  

   [ I've seen it too (the movie and the poster) -- just a few weeks ago
     in fact...                                                 : rush-mgr ]

Ben Leimkuhler


From: Benjamin Leimkuhler 
Date: Fri, 1 May 1998 15:50:36 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Yes in New Jersey

I forgot to mention. Is there anybody on this list who thinks they will be
attending Yestival in Cherry Hill, NJ on 6/27-6/28 and/or the Yes Concert 
in Camden, NJ on June 27.  I'm planning to go, but I'll be going by myself
because all of my friends are too lame to dig Yes like I do.  It would be
nice to hook up with somebody while I'm there, if anybody's going.
E-mail me and let me know.  

Ben Leimkuhler


Date: Thu, 1 May 1997 17:00:23 -0400
Subject: Rush fan missing since 3-2-98

My fellow Rush fans:

My sister Suzanne, a big Rush fan as I am, has been missing since March
2nd from Albany, NY, where she is a student at the State University of

The Other night in our hometown of Ballston Spa, NY a candlelight vigil
was held in her honor, it was all very nice with what Suzanne and all
would term "sappy" adult contemporary type music, and gospel music.

The highlight of the night was when they played "Mission" which was her
favorite Rush song, it brought me to tears when I thought of the times we
listened to, discussed the band, and attended 2 concerts together (CP and
TFE), it also gave me hope listening to the profound lyrics which seemed
so appropriate to this situation, that she may return home to us.  As
much as I love the song , I can no longer listen to it without being
mover to tears.

Thanks for reading and if anyone out there is interested, we have set up
a web site at:

a spirit with a vision is a dream with a mission.


From: Caroline in the City 
Date: Fri, 1 May 98 16:28:07 -0500
Subject: Cars and Rush

Hello guys!

Jaime wrote this:

>Does anyone else have this problem?
>I'm driving down the freeway, listening to Dreamline....goind 75 
>M.P.H. one minute....and going 80-85 the next.  I'm a law-abiding 
>driver...never speed anyother time.  It's just that song.....
>Anyone else?
> Jaime

Jaime, I'm kind-of like you...certain Rush songs definitely make me 
speed. I'm what you'd call a habitual speeder, though...not a 
"law-abiding driver" like you. But every single time I've been pulled 
over and ticketed, I've had The Spirit of Radio or Red Barchetta 
blasting. Go figure...

Well, must sign off. Rush on, guys!


"If a tree falls in the forest and no one's around, and it hits
 a mime, does anyone care?" --THE FAR SIDE, Gary Larson


From: Caroline in the City 
Date: Fri, 1 May 98 16:30:51 -0500
Subject: actors to play the boys...

Hello again!

I forgot to commend those of you who nominated the X-Files guy and the 
guy from Three Weddings and a Funeral to play Geddy and Neil. I've been 
saying for years that Mulder's little computer-geek friend looks like 
Geddy! Right on, guys!


"If a tree falls in the forest and no one's around, and it hits
 a mime, does anyone care?" --THE FAR SIDE, Gary Larson


From: "Kevin E. Davidson" 
Date: Fri, 01 May 1998 17:46:22 -0400
Subject: 1812 = 2112?????

This may or may not have already been discussed, but I've never seen it
before.  I apologize if it has...

The other day I had some free time and I was surfing the web for info
about the War of 1812 (had listened to the 1812 Overture that morning,
and was inspired to look up info).  Turns out that there are some facts
about the War of 1812 which I find parallel 2112.  

Turns out that Tchaikovsky was comissioned to write music for the
commencement of some church in Russia around 1880, and for whatever
reason he decided to use the War of 1812 for inspiration.  Now if you've
ever heard the 1812 Overture, I hope you agree with me that it is a very
powerful and patriotic sounding work.  (and if you haven't heard the
whole thing in it's entirety, you should do so!)  Anyways, back to the
issue.  Tchaikovsky used the story of what happened to Moscow when the
French invaded Russia during the War.  From the info I was able to
gather, it went something like this:

As the French invaded Russia intent upon capturing Moscow, many lives
were lost in bloodshed as the Russians fought to protect their homeland.
Something like the order of *hundreds of thousands* of lives lost.  In
all of this fierce battling, they eventually made their way to Moscow
and captured it.  The Russians fled the city as the French were
overtaking it.  Now here's the part that really hits home.  From what I
could gather, this is not a "proven" fact but it's generally thought
that this is the case.  Basically, the Russians said "the hell with
this, if we can't have our homeland they SURE AS HELL aren't going to
have it" and they went in and set their beloved city aflame.  Burned
their home to the ground in order to keep the French from being able to
have it.  Talk about loyalty to one's heritage!  This makes the 1812
Overture seem even more inspirational to hear - especially gloary of the
ending sequence of the song - the church bells ringing out, the strong
and powerful orchestra blaring the folkmelodies of Russia, and finally
the majestic cannons blasting the final call of victory - pretty
powerful music here.  

Now on with the parallels between this and 2112.

In 2112, we have the "elder race" of people, who were driven from their
home by the rule of some overpowering empire - in this case, the priests
and their followers.  The elder race are forced to leave their homeland,
only to wait until they have the plan and the strength to come back in
the end and reclaim their home (if this indeed is what is implied to
happen at the end - attention all planets of the solar federation...we
have assumed control).  I find the two stories to have a general theme
common to both.

"their power grows with purpose strong
to claim the home where they belong
home to tear the temples down
home to change"

elder race <-> Russians
priests <-> French
tear the temples down <-> burn the city down
claim the home where they belong <-> claim the home where they belong

Now the tearing down of the temples relates in a way to the burning of
Moscow, the difference being that in 2112 the temples are the priests'
work, and in the story of 1812, the city was the Russians' own home. 
But nonetheless, I found this to be quite interesting of a comparison.
Perhaps there is more correlation between these two works than just the
naming convention and the little 1812 melody... just a thought.  Any


Kevin Davidson
International TechneGroup, Inc.


From: Hanstones 
Date: Fri, 1 May 1998 18:01:52 EDT
Subject: Julien is gone because...

Joseph Sims wrote: > Okay, did I miss something, or have the recent NMS been 
> Julien Daigle free for a reason? 

Yes!  He was sacrificed by the Holy-bitch at the final KAR meeting!  Puanani
then roasted him in a fire-pit while we danced naked under the Red Star.  

   [ He actually unsubscribed himself a little bit ago. *shrug*   : rush-mgr ]

"I guess it was a dream, but even now it all seems so vivid to me." 2112


From: Dan 
Date: Fri, 1 May 1998 17:04:50 -0500
Subject: Issue #2112

To the rush-mgr:

Since the song 2112 tells a sort of sci-fi story, how's about for that
issue of the NMS that we have people create original poetry and/or short
stories with a RUSH theme?

If a lot of people participate, this could get rather long, so maybe we
could start submitting them soon and then you could choose the ones you
think are the best to make up the issue.

How do the rest of you feel about that?  Kick ass or Too Lame?


"rising falling at force ten
we twist the world and ride the wind" - Neil Peart/Pye Dubois


Date:          Fri, 1 May 1998 17:15:32 +0000
Subject: Re: 04/24/98 - The National Midnight Star #2017

Dearest fellow rush fans;

I felt I wanted to post something in honor of two things.  In response 
to the truly poignant message from Martin (, this 
was probably the most beautifully written and inspiring article I have 
read.  It was so well written and I was actually looking out on this 
April 24th postings for anything that may be a sign.  A sign for what? 

	On April 24th, 1990 my brother David took his own life.  I was 17 at 
the time and about to graduate high school.  David was truly a dedicated 
Rush fan and loved Geddy, Neil and Alex.  He introduced me to these 
three wonderful guys at the tender age of 11.  Temple of Syrinx was my 
first song and I believe I imitated Geddy's voice just to get David to 
laugh.  I fell head over heels for their magic and older "kids" would be 
impressed with my musical taste.  I would explain to them that my big 
brother loves them and got me "into" them. 

	Anyway, I wanted to see if there might have been a "sign" on this 
particular posting and maybe there was.  

	After David passed away, life moved on as it always does.  It's funny 
when a new album comes out, it's bittersweet and wonderful at the same 
time. I eventually got to meet and talk with Alex at Atlantic records.  
My friend JJ worked there at the time and Alex was promoting "Victor."  
(I had posted this thrilling experience a while ago.)  He was very sweet 
and a gentleman.  I had written them a letter explaining how their music 
always helped David through tough times and how much their music brought 
us together when my brother and I couldn't really talk about anything 
else.  There was always music.  There was always Rush.  I also wrote to 
them I will continue to look at life "in the available light." I am now 
a music teacher and I try each day to instill the beauty of music in my 

Alex took the letter, I didn't write my return address.  Hopefully they 
all read it and I pray that it will give Neil and his family some solace 
at their loss of Selena. Music truly can be a source of strength and 

This was very hard for me to write, but it's nice to know I can and 
people like yourselves can appreciate it. 

G/d bless and take care, and remember to never give up. 

Jennifer Anne Friedman
(5/1/98) (SI, NY)


From: Joe Morisseau 
Date: Fri, 1 May 1998 18:22:58 -0400
Subject: Rush shows and improv and etc.

        I've been seeing quite a few posts about the lack of improv and the
same old shows on the same tour, so I thought I'd comment on it.

        While I do see where people are coming from, disliking the way Rush
puts on shows, I have to say, after all these years of them doing it, we
should be use to it by now. You know it's gonna happen, just enjoy the fact
that you still *can* see Rush. That they are still a band means much more to
me, than what and how they care to play the music I love so much. 

        Sure, it would be nice to have different songs played every night,
but they haven't done that since the onset of Rush back in '74. On occasion
they have changed the set a little on various tours, but not to any extent.
Does that mean I'm not going to go see them as many times as I can? Nope.

        I saw them 10 times on T4E, 2 in FL 1st leg, 3 in CA 2nd leg, 1 in
MA 2nd leg, and 4 in Canada 2nd leg including the last one in Ottawa. All
great shows and I enjoyed ALL of them for various reasons. Sure, they had
the same setlist, and same basic talk between songs, but they were all
totally different at the same time. Alot of it had to do with the venues
themselves. I saw the 2 FL shows in places I've never been to and Rush had
never played in before. In fact, I think the Coral Sky Amphitheater is the
first outdoor Rush concert in the state of Florida. Great show too! Being
right up front in Tampa at the new Ice Palace was a blast, especially after
the pre-show party :) Never being to a concert in CA was a trip too! I was
kinda lost there, but still had a great time!

        As for the Great Woods show, definitely the most into it crowd on
T4E I saw. Incredible. The band really was getting into it. Montreal was
insane too. Was 9th row there, and listening to all the fans who only spoke
french singing along with the songs in english (with a strong french
accent!) was plain cool :) What can I say about the 2 Toronto shows, but the
most awesome time I ever had. 4th row first night was intense, and front row
(right in front of Lerxst!) on the 2nd night was a night I'll never forget!!
Even got on the big screen during SOR :) No show will ever beat that for me.
Then, after that I decided to continue on to Ottawa as I previously wasn't
going to. Glad I did :) Scored a 10th row seat for it at the box office, and
had a great time there too.

        As for the onstage antics, they do alot of the same things at many
shows, but they also do alot of things other than the normal stuff, and
that's what I enjoy. Alex's goofiness, Geddy's playing with the crowd, and
getting to see Neil crack a smile or laugh at something. By the way, at the
Ottawa show, it was a big fat guy in a grass hula skirt that came out during
TS and was dancing in front of Neil. I think the crew sent him out there.
The boys were cracking up watching it. Then they flashed shots of the crew
on the big screen. It was totally hilarious, as were the dinosaur puppets in
various costumes at the shows.

        Like I said, I'm all for improv and different songs each night, but
I realize it isn't going to happen, so I enjoy the shows as they are. Seeing
them every tour since PeW, I am use to it. I'm just happy to be seeing them
play live! 

        Someone also mentioned improv on the 2112 Seattle show. That was
because Geddy broke a string. You can hear him re-tuning it at the end of
that improv jam. It kinda sounds like an old Robin Trower tune. Under the
Bridge or something like that. They also do that jam in the 2/18/80
soundcheck. A couple other improvs are in the 1/23/88 show and the 6/13/97
show. In the latter, Alex's wireless goes dead, so Ged and Neil do some
country! Pretty cool :)

{Rush-Mgr: Gotta say, although I like Show Don't Tell, I would have also
liked to see Scars played again after the Presto tour. Killer tune! Also
wish they would have played Cut to the Chase on CP or T4E, but oh well.... :)  }

                                It's now safe to turn off your computer...



From: (Chuck Flowers)
Date: Fri, 01 May 1998 18:26:37 EDT
Subject: Ticketmaster

My favorite Ticketmaster practice is the "service charge sliding scale." 
For example, Ticketmaster's service charge on a $20 ticket is about 4 or
5 bucks.  But for $75 Rolling Stone tickets, the service charge was
between 10 and 12 bucks.  How ridiculous is this when the Ticketmaster
employees put in the same amount of (minimal) effort no matter what the
face price of the ticket is.  This really makes me wish Pearl Jam would
have been successful in their efforts to undermine these fools.

c money


From: UberMar 
Date: Fri, 1 May 1998 18:28:26 EDT
Subject: Ick

So come back, Julien... all is forgiven, 
Speak for yourself, Bud.  I am sure I am not the only one enjoying the
SexSock- free email.
and we all respect your right
to an opinion that differs from our own. It's the right thing to do...
Well, that is true.



From: UberMar 
Date: Fri, 1 May 1998 18:34:41 EDT
Subject: Rush Stuff to Buy in Pittsburgh

Hi.  Pardon the local note.
Today I went downtown to Hari Krishna's (pardon my spelling?) to browse for
the first time in about 5 years.
For sale they had 3 different Rush posters (two different RTB, and a HYF
concert promo type of thing)  ($9 each, what a rip off, but I bought one
A RTB hat (12.99)
Many shirts ($21)
And 2112 and Rush (1st album style) logo stickers. ($3-$5)  
I was pretty happy to see it all.



From: uwe 
Date: Sat, 2 May 1998 02:10:04 +0200 (CEST)
Subject: Concertos in Europe?

Grmbl, here I am, sitting in Germany and scrolling up and down the
newspapers' concert listings. Sorry to see that there just does not seem
to be a chance. 

Now that I have waited a time far too long since the last one, does
anyone have any information about a tour to Europe? I'm on "turkey" :)

][ Uwe Hahn  Linux? Yes! ][
][ Spiel, Spa▀, Spannung: ][
][ R÷dermark, Germany     e-mail: ][


From: (Aubrey Hastings)
Date: Fri, 01 May 1998 22:21:17 -0400
Subject: Re: 2112 issue

>>I would like to cast my vote along with Craig, who said, "I think you 
>>should resend Issue 1 of the NMS. It would be nice to read some of the 
>>.original posts and see how different (or similar) they are. And it would 
>>make for a nice 'Retrospective' ".
>>I think that would be a great idea.

Cool idea!!!!

   [ Everyone can read the first issue of the NMS if they want by using the
     mail server...                                               : rush-mgr ]


From: Bex Elttil  Wrote
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 1998 17:37:23 EDT
Subject: Re: The National Midnight Star #2112

>I would like to cast my vote along with Craig, who said, "I think you should
>resend Issue 1 of the NMS. It would be nice to read some of the original posts
>and see how different (or similar) they are. And it would make for a nice
>'Retrospective' ".

>I think that would be a great idea.

Yes Please I'd love to read it, echoing, "A Great Idea!"

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R.G. Terrez


Date: Fri, 1 May 1998 23:17:14 -0400
Subject: Neil - Back in the Saddle?


Well, its great to hear that Neil may very well indeed be back in the
saddle and working on the live album packaging with Hugh. This is a very
good sign that things may proceed as previously planned (before the
"accident"). This sounds a bit selfish (of course it does), but I'm sure we
all hope that Neil can pull through this and get back to writing and making
the music we all love.

If we see a  new studio album, there was some discussion that Neil may or
may not write about his recent experiences, I hope (and believe) he will do
that in some way. I would be SHOCKED if he didn't.  In most of the
interviews done for the last few records, he has commented that he uses
personal experiences in his writing as the "seed" (Nobody's Hero - there's
more I'm sure but I'm brain dead at the moment) but he takes those "seeds"
and creates a universal theme so that "most" of the listeners could relate
to it. The song is not entirely personnel but the personnel experience is
the basis for the universal theme of the song.

That is why I THINK (why do I "think" like this) we could have another SIDE
LONG piece (or the 10-15 min. range) if he choose to do it. NOT a side long
piece about the death of his only daughter, but with that in mind, there
could be numerous ideas and points to be made that could arise from it.
Reflections, etc. Whatever, I hope you know what I mean. In response to a
"Rockline 1991" question about the longer songs and would RUSH every write
them again, he stated that it is not out of the realm of possibility if
"the idea" was strong enough and the "guys" (Ged and Al) agreed as well, it
could happen. I think if anytime was right, this could be it. This is
definitely BIG enough.

Just my humble opinion.

Let's keep the flame throwers in the garage on this one (a request, not a


"Everybody got to evelate from the norm" - Vital Signs.

I love this song. It never occurred to me that Geddy was "deviating" from
the norm in singing it this way (duh, what can you say? PSU rules!!!). Nice
one, ? (forgot who pointed that out - you know who you are). BTW, does
anyone find it remarkable that this song was in the setlist for 3 tours
(MP, Signals and GUP). I do, and glad of it, my first show ever was GUP and
that "beginning" was a great opener for the encore. I wish they'd bring it
back (instead of Limelight - boo hiss, I know).


Date: Fri, 1 May 1998 23:39:16 -0400
Subject: Live Album and.........Video?

Hello again-

Well, the live album is happening. This is great news. Lets hope it sounds
as good as Critical Mass. You all know what I mean.

There has been no RECENT talk about a potential VIDEO on the list. Video,
anyone? I'll get back to that.

But first, it appears we are getting a 2CD (not 3CD - boo hiss) set with
one being the new stuff (e.g. I see NO older material on this one at
all-nothing before Presto). There are so many great songs from these last
four albums that they will have a tough time figuring out which ones to
keep and which ones to drop as it is. They do have tape from RTB as well I
think so that's three tours. I would think since the other CD is from 1979,
this will fulfill the OLD stuff requirement. Assuming the 1979 shows will
be used, we should see Cygnus - Books I and II (if these are not on that
disc, WE all will be.......well, you know), A Farewell to Kings, and other
goodies we have and have not seen before on an official release.

>........if the above is true, then the VIDEO (there HAS to be a video, no?)
will be from the "famed" first Toronto show on the second leg, which I was
lucky enough to see with some of my Rush dudes (how's it going Dave and
Dan). As you all know, that show was filmed, with the crane and all. If the
same pattern holds (like the ASOH CD and video), we should see other songs
here not on the CD. Including older songs, the encore, the ENTIRE 2112 and
Natural Science (please if there is a GOD!!!!!) get my drift.
With the advent of DVD, this could be a 2 hour set - maybe longer (a
little). MY HOPE, is that it will be. I will, therefore, be satisfied that
both 2112 and Natural Science (which were totally AMAZING to see 9 times
each) will be available for our listening and viewing pleasure for all
eternity, as I see very little chance that they will be on the live CD.

These are my hopes and dreams. I'm curious, does anyone have similar hopes
and dreams, taking into consideration the mostly "likely" reality?



ppppssss....Not sure if this has been mentioned, but it hit me the other
day like a ton of bricks. Looking for a CD, I decided on Counterparts. I
could never understand why the RUSH name was in "lower" case letters. Well,
if you look at the album title it's plain as day. They are "counterparts".
Check it out.

rush COUNTERPARTS  (as it appears). Pretty neat. I know, I'm about 4 years
behind but hey, at least I DID figure it out on my own.

Good night.


From: DrumSci 
Date: Sat, 2 May 1998 02:22:59 EDT
Subject: Rush plays covers

Greetings fellow Rush fans. This is my first post and I'd like to address a
few different threads. I saw them twice on the T4E tour (1st & 2nd leg) and
Alex did do the same behind the amps joking. Again, nothing done by Rush seems
left to chance. I too at times have found their shows rather sterile and dare
I say...boring. Although the T4E shows were the best I had seen in years, It
would be nice to see them loosen up a bit and change the arrangements of the
songs or something. Believe it or not, I have been fortunate to witness some
unexpected spontaneity at 2 shows: back in 1982 at the opening gig of the
Signals tour they had just started a new song (Subdivisions I think) when
Geddy's new fangled keyboard rig blew up or something. They stopped and after
what seemed like eternity Neil started playing "Wipe Out!" Alex soon joined in
and they played for a few minutes until the keyboards were back on. Then last
year here in Milwaukee they had a similar equipment failure and launched into
some old rock n' roll tune (can't remember the title). Has anyone else heard
them play any cover tunes, etc. under similar circumstances?

Addressing a post a while back concerning the next studio CD as probably being
"dark" lyrically because of Neil's tragedy. If anything, I would expect the
opposite! Neil has always written about how the human spirit can overcome
whatever comes our way: "All of us get lost in the darkness, dreamers learn to
steer by the stars." like any of us, he will get through this and go on with
his life and his work.

Now that Satan thing again!!! I thought that was put to rest ages ago. While I
can't speak for the boys, if you read Neil's lyrics, the philosophy behind
them is decidedly humanist. Much like Ayn Rand and others, that man is himself
and responsible for his own actions. There are no outside forces (God/Satan)
that control him. Enough of that Red Star thing!!!

Thanks for the time...M Bettine/

"No one leaves you when they live in your heart and mind. And no one dies,
they just move to the other side"  Marillion


From: "Chris Dodd" 
Date: Sat, 2 May 1998 12:16:15 -0400
Subject: Actor to play Alex

I think Jeff Daniels (Dumb and Dumber, Fly Away Home-without the beard)
would make a great "on-screen Alex.
Now who should direct the film?


From: "Michael vieira" 
Date: Sat, 02 May 1998 11:23:29 PDT
Subject: rush unplugged

i am wondering if anybody else has a yearning the very core of their 
soul to have a rush unplugged album?  it would IMHO be incredible.  does 
someone here have the expertise to develop an online petition or 
something of that nature.  then if we collected enough support for the 
album we could send to someone who could waggle it for the boys!
hold your fire and presto touch my heart when i put them on.  especially 
since my family has just learn of my father's cancer.  he's really my 
second chance at a dad, a stepfather who loves me.  in honor of him i 
have arranged "red tide for one acoustic guitar, and i play it for him 
now and again.  those of you who don't like an album Rush have done, 
just chill out.  many times i have grown into them.   it may often be 
that rush has written something you can't relate to yet because life 
hasn't kicked enough shit out of you yet.
rush unplugged....
i am definitely nobody's hero, god bless


From: Alex Piaz 
Date: Sat, 02 May 1998 17:00:13 -0300
Subject: John Rutsey Interview 

Hi Folks!!!

Please take a look at

I think that Jonh Rutsey has turn into madness

A wave of my magic wand for all of you



From: Little Drummer Boy 
Date: Sat, 02 May 1998 21:56:57 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: My Generation and Rush

>      I could think of a million words to describe the band? What 2 words 
>      would anyone out there in TNMS land come up with??

Tom Sawyer


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