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Subject: 05/08/98 - The National Midnight Star #2028

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         The National Midnight Star, Number 2028

                   Friday, 08 May 1998

Today's Topics:
              Digest.0001/Vital (bass) Signs
     Re: 05/06/98 - The National Midnight Star #2026
                I'm the King of the World!
                   Rush's saddest song.
                        Home page.
            re: Phil Collins influencing Neil?
                       Neil & Phil
                 Rush sighting - I think
                  another Broon sighting
                     Heavy D and RUSH
                Least fave, RTB, Presto...
                     WHat do I THINK?
                   Geddy in Seattle? ;)
                    80's Rush - HELP!
                       TNMS # 2112
                  re: last song on album
               Subject: Issue #2112 content
        Favorite Rush songs not played in concert
                      Phil and Neil
                     Writing Credits
              Rush movie directors...AGAIN!!
              I guess I gotta say something
                   Top 10 Live requests
     Re: 05/07/98 - The National Midnight Star #2027
            RUSH sighting on ESPNetSportsZone
                   RE: Brigdge of Death
                     Rush in San Jose
                    We set our course
               Thoughts for the 2112 Issue
               your opinion counts (survey)

From: Scott McDow 
Date: Wed, 06 May 1998 21:59:38 -0400
Subject: Digest.0001/Vital (bass) Signs


Just a quick note.

The rush-mgr brought this up but maybe it didn't
get across to everyone.

If you address an e-mail to: and
type in the subject line Digest.0001 and send the
mail, you will have tnms issue#1 in your inbox
within 2 minutes.

I understand that many may consider reprinting #1
a tribute or sumthin' but why pay a tribute to
tnms (no dis intended)? Let's see a tribute to the
band! Personally I have all confidence in the Holy
Bitch/Divine Goddess's ability to deliver (no
pressure!) :-)

Just a quick question.

In Vital Signs what type of bass(es) does Ged
play in this tune? Especially during the "Tired
mind become a shape shifter" sequences. *Or*
does Ged play bass at all? Moog? In the liner
notes he's listed for instruments among other thing
"bass guitars" (pl). It's been so long since I've
seen the Vid(MTV), I can't recall. Was Steinburger
around in 1981? OK ENOUGH QUESTIONS!!!!

I'm awaiting the boot "Fear" to hit the mailbox.
It contains VS. I'm also pumped about the fear
trilogy in order, live. This boot is supposed to
be complete g/p tour video (which I've never seen).
I'm also anxious to receive "Critical Mass" a boot
from the Palace of Auburn Hills CP tour. Many here
are familiar with this one. I was also surprised
to see many from this list have been to the Palace
shows(/\/evik-Buffalo & rush-mgr-San Diego). When
you're at the Palace look me up in Suite 127.

Hey! *I'm* "Beelzebub's uncle's wife's brother"
and I was never much of softball player I prefer
chess thank you. %^)



From: Justin Kanive 
Date: Wed, 6 May 1998 23:42:56 -0900 (PDT)
Subject: Re: 05/06/98 - The National Midnight Star #2026

Just a little comment in response to several posts about Cygnus X-1. The 
Racinante is not just a horse, its also the name of a ship in a famous 
piece of literature which escapes me at the moment. The song specifically 
says, "On my ship the Racinante". Also, Cygnus X-1 is not some random 
name, it is the first black hole to be discovered, or at least the object 
most likely to be a black hole. Also, though this is about six months 
old, A cd came out at Christmas time called "Merry Axemas" put together 
by Steve Vai on which Alex Lifeson plays "Little Drummer Boy", all parts, 
bass, guitars, and drum programs. Interesting since he plays in a band 
with the best rock drummer of all time, and uses drum programming on 
"Little Drummer Boy". It's an awesome Christmas cd though.
Dennis Andrade


From: "Michael D Denney" 
Date: Thu, 07 May 98 00:03:51 PDT
Subject: I'm the King of the World!

Lucky me...
Today as I was waiting for a local Firestone mechanic to change
my oil, I drifted over to a little place we have here in town called
Grandma's Attic--kindof a second-hand store for what-not, and
found--Archives I&II on tape, in great condition (virtually new)
for $1.75 each.  I also picked up another (cassette) of Signals,
for the same price.  I'm the K--well, y'know.
			Mike D.
p.s.  Thanks to John Brekow for the pep talk today--I invite all
you guys to e-mail me anytime (it's lonely at the top)


From: "Michael D Denney" 
Date: Thu, 07 May 98 00:08:55 PDT
Subject: Rush's saddest song.

I know the saddest Rush song ever--"It's gotta be" Losing It.
Not even my previous opinion, Tears, can beat hearing about
talent, inspiration lost, tolls of life taken, etc.
			IMHO (I'm Merrily Hopping Out),
p.s.--anyone RSVP ASAP, OK?


From: "Michael D Denney" 
Date: Thu, 07 May 98 00:41:38 PDT
Subject: Home page.

I'm sending this e-mail to inform everyone that my new homepage
can be accessed at this address:
Mike Denney


From: "Robert J. Murphy" 
Date: Thu, 7 May 1998 02:52:09 -0500

     So, Neil smokes Winston Lights, huh? Somehow I imagined him smoking a
nameless cigarette with a gold dollar sign on it. But, I suppose he is a
Canadian, after all.
     We now have one more mental image to associate with Witch Hunt:
Clinton's war on tobacco. Sieg Heil, Herr Clinton!
     Maybe we could have some smokes made especially for Neil with the
Rush-pentacle logo on it. It can't be filterless though, because if he were
to light the wrong end... it would become a pentagram!!!

     Har de har har,

     Robert J. Murphy (non-smoker)


From: FlatYer5s 
Date: Thu, 7 May 1998 05:40:24 EDT
Subject: re: Phil Collins influencing Neil?

>Just bought "Selling England By The Pound", my first old Genesis album.  I
>was quite surprised at how good _some_ of Phil Collins' drumming was, and
>overall, the album sounds like it could be a classic.

>My question (as a guitarist who doesn't know much about drums) is:  Is Neil
>influenced by Phil in any way???

      As a long time Rush and old Genesis fanatic, I would very much agree
with you in that "Selling England By The Pound" IS quite the classic album.
For all of you out there who are spoiled by Rush, by that I mean being used to
having EVERY song on EVERY album being spectacular, you should pick up some
Gabriel-era Genesis.   
     Starting with 1971s "Nursery Cryme", the classic Genesis lineup was born:
Peter Gabriel, Tony Banks, Mike Rutherford, and new members Steve Hackett and
Phil Collins.  "The Musical Box" and "The Fountain of Salmacis" are two of the
many highlights on this album.  Talk about virtuosic displays of both chops
AND!  Phil Collins was 20 years old on this recording- keep
that in mind when listening to it.  Check out the double bass work on the
"rocking" section of "Musical Box".  I KNOW Neil had to be hitting the
woodshed after hearing that!!  Phil was- IS- an absolutely incredible, SORELY
underrated drummer!  
    1972s "Foxtrot" REALLY brings ALL of the members of the band into focus.
"Watcher Of The Skies" and the classic 23 minute "Supper's Ready" were both
BIG influences on Rush!   Listen to the musical similarites in "Watcher" and
"The Fountain of Lamneth".  Very similar guitar, bass, and drum interplay on
the main riffs of the 2 songs.  I've pissed off QUITE a few hardcore Rush fans
when I say that Rush came close to actually ripping off the main riff from
"Watcher" for use in "The Fountain Of Lamneth". Listen to them and judge for
     "The Cinema Show" off of "Selling England By The Pound"  has an extended
musical segment at the end which is ESSENTIAL listening for those interested
in exploring true Rush influences!!  The entire piece is in 7/8 time- ala A
Lerxst In Wonderland (La Villa  gtr solo #1), much of Subdivisions, and the
instrumental section of Marathon.  Listen to Phil's sense of phrasing  in "The
Cinema Show"- listen to his sense of phrasing and dynamics within this
complicated time signature.  Listen to how his groove just sits so perfectly
beneath the rest of the band.  Hear how his fills are both technically
challenging, yet flow so well with the rest of the music.  Then listen to Neil
on the songs I just mentioned.  Try to hear how his grooves fit so well
beneath Geddy and Alex. Hear how well his playing complements Rush's
incredible music so perfectly.   This very subtle aspect of FEEL, I think, is
Phil Collins' greatest gift to drumming AND his biggest influence on Neil.
Just the fact that Phil could play, to many, a very awkward time signature
such as 7/8 so damn smoothly and with such incredible feel and conviction in
1973, is testament to his mastery of the drum kit.  
    Then go pick up "The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway" and prepare to be
floored...  I've been a hardcore Rush fanatic since 1984- THIS album is the
one that I think ranks EASILY with 2112, Hemispheres , PerW, MP, ANY of Rush's
best!!  If you haven't heard it, GET IT NOW!!!  Then check out Phil's playing
on "In The Cage", "Back In NYC", "Ravine", "It", etc, etc...   Gabriel left
after this album's tour- the albums that followed, "A Trick Of The Tail" and
"Wind And Wuthering" are great as well.    Fantastic web site at   details the story of "The Lamb"
with several great interpretations!!   Be prepared to be sucked in...  this is
the real deal guys and gals!    Just my opinions and 2 1/2 cents...

Dan Chernow

"All we are sayyy-ing, is give PRS a chance..."


From: "Craig Mertens"
Date: Thu, 7 May 1998 08:48:33 -0400
Subject: Neil & Phil

>From: "Antony Gelberg" 
>Date: Tue, 5 May 1998 22:53:34 +0100
>Subject: Phil Collins influencing Neil?

>Hi all,

>Just bought "Selling England By The Pound", my first old Genesis album.  I
was quite
>surprised at how good _some_ of Phil Collins' drumming was, and overall,
the album
>sounds like it could be a classic.

>My question (as a guitarist who doesn't know much about drums) is:  Is
Neil influenced by Phil in any way???

Not likely:
  Neil continues to play real drums and not let someone else fill in for him
  Neil wouldn't be caught dead singing cheesy adult-contemporary love songs
  Neil did the Buddy Rich thang a few years ago; Phil is currently touring
with the Phil Collins Big Band
  Rush got the self-titled album out of the way a long time ago; Genesis
waited until what, the early 80s to get around to it

But in all fairness, SEBTP *is* a great album. Check out "Trick of the
Tail" and some pre-"And Then There Were Three" stuff, too.



Date:          Thu, 7 May 1998 14:36:40 GMT0BST
Subject: Rush sighting - I think

Can anyone confirm that in Weird Al's Nirvana pastiche "Smells Like 
Nirvana" there is a line "We're all Rush fans from Seattle/Well it 
sure beats raisin' cattle"?


From: "Ted D. Rossier" 
Date: Thu, 7 May 1998 09:31:37 -0500
Subject: another Broon sighting

Forgot this one.  In the late 80's, Broon produced IQ's album Are You
Sitting Comfortably.  There's a song on it called "Wurensh", which is an
anagram of New Rush, because that's what they thought the song sounded like.

It's a good CD, though some of the songs are a tad pop-tripe.

Ted D. Rossier
"Individually, we are a ass;
but together, we are a genius."


From: sara olson 
Date: Thu, 07 May 1998 11:54:08 +0000
Subject: Heavy D and RUSH

Warning!!-Super-extra long post!!!!!!!......SIKE!!
That's it, I want to see a 3 hour long fun RUSH movie.  Not a
rockumentary.  But maybe a goofy-RUSH VACATION etc., with some
instrumental stuff in it.   Or a multimedia spectacular blow-out 3-D
with lasers and smoke inside the 360 degree theater (with extra

"Wanna lick?...........SIKE!" Iss my ice cream.


From: (Derek Tetlow)
Date: Thu, 7 May 1998 10:03:18 -0600
Subject: Rush

Greetings from Colorado!!

Just the other day I picked up Rush at a used CD store for $4.99.  I
figured, "It's only five bucks, I don't have it, good opportunity to add
it to my collection, so what the hell!"  After listening to it for a
couple of weeks I came to the realization that it isn't half bad.
Granted, it isn't, by far, my favorite and there are a few tunes I can't
believe came out of Rush (i.e. Need Some Love, In the Mood), but I would
say for a first album of a band of future epic porportions, it portrayed
their raw style at the time fairly well. I can now see what a huge
influence Neal was both musically and lyrically to take the band in a
new direction.

Can anyone shoot me the lyrics for What Your Doing?  I, for the life of
me, cannot make out anything except "what your doing" on that song.
Geddy looses me on both the studio version and the live version.  The
echo on the CD screws it all up and he sings it way to fast on the live

Here are a few random questions I'll throw out about the band that have
been kicking themselves around in that dusty, old attic I laughingly
call my head, for a few years:

1) Does the picture of John Rutsey on Rush remind anybody of the guitar
player in Quiet Riot?  I think he's the spittin' image. (Also, Alex
looks like he was just woken up for his picture.)   
 2) Does Geddy ever play Stienbergers anymore?  Do they sound like crap
or he just moved on? (I'm a schmuck when it comes to the technical side
of music)

3)  What are the 3 snapping sounds in YYZ? (There are 10 listed
instruments that Neal plays on MP, but I can't figure out which one it

4)  Is there only a Part IV of the "Gangster of Boats" trilogy that
appears on RTB?

5)  What is "Gaia" in Totem on T4E?  My girlfriend and I tried to look
it up in a dictionary, but to no avail.  

Feel free to get back to me with any answers to these questions.

"Now I lay me down in Dreamland, I know perfect's not for real."

Derek Tetlow
Streamline Sports Video
"Simplification through Modernization"


From: DrumSci 
Date: Thu, 7 May 1998 14:54:47 EDT
Subject: Least fave, RTB, Presto...

Following the recent thread...Countdown from Signals is my least fave RUSH
song. It just plods along. I can understand what they were trying to convey,
but even live it didn't connect with me. I guess you had to be at the launch.

After having not listened to RTB in ages (years?), I pulled it out last week
and gave it a spin. Wow! what a surprise. I forgot how good it was. Bravado is
cool. So it's on my play stack again.

End of CD songs are cool (except as noted above). Available Light is a great
song that sets a mood. I can play it over and over too. Presto is a great CD,
even if the sound is a bit lacking. The Pass is one of the boys best tunes. 

Must haves for the live CD: Natural Science and Xanadu (or at least the
Xanadu/2112/etc medley). These are 2 of their best longer works that ebb &
flow and build to a climax.

That's all for now...Michael Bettine

"All art is at once surface and symbol" - Oscar Wilde


From: Paul Horta 
Date: Thu, 07 May 1998 14:52:55 -0400
Subject: Trade

Since the Rush Trader is down:
I am looking to trade Success Under Pressure for the first Rush book by
Brian Harrigan.The book is in near mint condition with only slight wear
on the spine.Anybody who would like to trade e-mail me privately.It is
for TRADE ONLY!I'm not looking to make money I only trade for items I
don't have.Thanks.

P.S. I heard that The Tragically Hip did a cover of Limelight.Is there
and CD that this on?Or is it on any bootleg?Please let me know.

Al Horta


From: "Robert Miceli" 
Date: Thu, 07 May 1998 16:05:46 -0400
Subject: WHat do I THINK?

People email me to email the NMS more often.  I'd love to but I only have so 
much info to offer.  You know what I really  think. 

 I still think Rush will release their greatest album to date.
   I think the next Studio will kick some severe ass. 
I think they should open up with the Spirit Of Radio forever
I think they should close off the show with In the Mood
I think they should improve their stage show with some props.

Rush have come to a point where, F=&^ everything and let's just have fun.  If 
it doesn't sell so what.    I'm tired of hearing oh Rush is a serious band, 
they don't need this they don't need
that, it's not about need, it's about having fun, blowing the stage up.   All 
those fans who came to T.O to see rush last summer, were very upset.
The crowd was so lame, dead.  It shocked me and I live here.  But what can 
you do?  

So we should go to the stereo, put on a Rush CD and listen to the greatest 
muscians of all time., and that's all that matters.
About Maple Leaf Gardens goodbye Party.  Personally I heard nothing of this, 
not even a closing date for the gardens.  Tonight if ALex is at the Orbit 
Room I will ask him myself. 
But when it does happen, get prepared for the craziest evening in the history 
of Any Rush concert.  IT will blow your mind away, and I will set up the 
biggest party Rush fans have ever seen.

I hope that Concert is during a snow storm.  That's  where Rush belongs..

That's what I Think?

Rob Miceli


From: "Catherine Brissette" 
Date: Thu, 07 May 1998 13:27:50 PDT
Subject: Geddy in Seattle? ;)

Hey everybody  

All this discussion of who should play the boys in a Rush movie reminded 
me of this guy I saw who looked just like Ged-
It was two weeks ago, Friday afternoon... I was at the Pacific Science 
Center, getting ready for my weekend gig of camping out with kids and 
teaching them about electromagnetic radiation and computers and 
stuff...I was outside enjoying the rare Seattle sun, sipping on a latte,  
when all of a sudden, I saw him. Medium-long brown hair in a ponytail, 
little round glasses, big ass nose, not too tall, ordinary clothes: 
jeans, tennis shoes, t-shirt, jacket..kinda unattractive in an oddly 
appealing sort of way...the only thing that kept me from dropping my 
precious caffeine was the earring, that didn't seem right.
What would Ged be doing in Seattle anyway, much less at the science 
center? Going to see see Laser Rush? ha! If it were this weekend, with 
the Blue Jays in town, that would make a little more sense. anyway. 
that's my bogus Rush sighting.

All this talk about what Rush to listen to when driving (MP is always my 
first road trip CD, though La Villa makes me punch the gas too) , having 
sex (oh come on! it's waaaay too distracting!),

What Rush do people listen to when they're down? I was in a bad funk 
recently and it got me thinking ...I have a "Tough times demand" tape ( 
Double Agent, Between the Wheels, etc) ... GUP is pretty dark...Losing 
It is pretty depressing...I happen to find Bravado depressing too, 
though I know a lot of fans think it had a positive message. I suppose I 
should be listening to something upbeat today, but I'm at work, the boss 
is in the lab today, and I'm stuck listening to NPR... If I have to 
listen to one more crappy soft jazz tune...AAAAAAAACK help me!!!!!!!!! 
:) Can't wait to get in the car and crank something that rocks.

Enough rambling. back to work.


"Reports of my assimilation are greatly exaggerated"
			-paraphrased from Mark Twain by Jean-Luc Picard 
			    "Star Trek VIII:First Contact"


From: "Daniel Ware" 
Date: Thu, 7 May 1998 14:53:33 -0600
Subject: 80's Rush - HELP!

Hey gang..
I need a little help... I'm doing the music for the slide show at my high
school reunion this summer. 10 years goes by so fast...Everyone knows I was
a huge Rush fan in HS (and still am, of course) and they are expecting me to
play some. Now, I was in high school from 84 to 88. That rules out anything
pre-GUP or post HYF, right? I've come up with "Time Stand Still" but I need
a couple others. This show lasts about an hour, so I've got to pile a lot of
music in there. I'll probably play TSS, but I need one other song that
everyone will know.. Any Thoughts???????????????????????????????? 
You can mail me privately or here on the list too..Any ideas Chad?
Cheers from New Mexico..


From: (Timmy and Debbie)
Date: Thu, 7 May 1998 16:55:17 -0400
Subject: TNMS # 2112

Hello all

   My suggstion is simple...Re: what to put in issue # 2112


End of discussion
"Faith Is Cold As Ice"


From: Jason Dolinger 
Date: Thu, 07 May 1998 16:20:55 -0500
Subject: re: last song on album

On most Rush albums, I think, the closer is absolutely great.  (Natural
Science, La Villa, Cygnus, Countdown, Between the Wheels, etc.)  In my
opinion the only albums with weak closers are Hold your Fire, Roll the
bones, and Test For Echo.  I'm sorry, but You bet your life does nothing
for me.  Probably my least favorite rush song.  And Carve Away the stone is
pretty weak for an album closer.
	In regards to Available Light not being bettered since, although I agree
this is a magnificent and emotional song, nothing closes an album for me
better than Everyday Glory.  This is such a beautiful song in my opinion,
and so powerful.  On those last lines, "We're the ones who have to fly,"
coming out of the bridge, and then the final,"In Everyday Glory," always
sends chills down my spine.  Anyone agree?

>from: "DR PAUL SMITH" 
>Date:          Wed, 6 May 1998 08:47:37 GMT0BST
>Subject: Last song on the album
>One the last song on the album thread, it is certainly true that 
>Available Light is a magnificent last track, and I do not think it 
>has been bettered since.  Vital Signs was good at the time, because 
>you knew that the band were sending us a message - prepare for change 
>  at the time, though it seems less strong now (it comes over much 
>better on the live versions I have heard).  But, after all these 
>years (still crazy) I just adore In the End: lyrically it is a bt of 
>a throwback to the first album, but taken together it still has the 
>power to blow me away, and as for the version on All the World's A 

Jason Dolinger
Northwestern University
Computing and Information Systems '00


From: sara olson 
Date: Thu, 07 May 1998 17:35:41 +0000

Hats off to the cool story from Bytor (#2027).
Anyway, personally if I were pullin' in  $1.2 million per year, I think
I'd be smoking Godiva chocolate covered, individually wrapped
refrigerated Dunhill Reds in the back seat of an air-conditioned red
Bentley Turbo R with a full drum set, rather than Winston Lights.  Why
would he smoke those junks anyway?  You might as well go all-out.
Oh, and Geddy loves Mentodent, Chicklets, Michelin MXV4 energys, and he
also drinks tap water and has the smell of Mobil gasoline in his
Yeah, I'm only kidding with all this, but,-We all know for a fact that
Geddy is a MAC freak.  And that's a fact JACK-So get out there and rock,
and rock the knot!! 

"These walls that still surround me
  Still contain the same old me
  Just one more who's searching for
  The world that ought to be"


From: Mark Kent 
Date: Thu, 7 May 1998 16:54:37 -0500
Subject: Subject: Issue #2112 content

'Scuse me whilest I shirk my "lurk" mode...

>From: "Pete & Rhonda M. Mills" 
>OK, how about this one?  Maybe a bit narrow, but appropriate I think.
>Post relatively brief descriptions of your first beginning-to-end
>experience of 2112, side 1.  I know I can't be alone in having a
>recollection of listening to the music & reading the lyrics and story
>the inside of one of my first double-albums, and basically being blown
>by such quality music and concept.

Not a bad idea.  I can remember getting 2112 shortly after I grabbed
hold of Rush during the Moving Pictures era.  While reading the album
(vinyl that is...) notes, I was floored by the concept of this
(futuristic?) story.  I also remember (at the time) actually carting my
2112 album back to my parent's house to have my mom read the story, then
I even played some of it for her.  While she smiled kindly at me, I
think she was mostly unimpressed.  In any case, I didn't let it stop
there.  I told many people about the story and played them cuts whenever
possible.  I guess it must have been the whole "mini-series" concept of
devoting a whole album to one specific theme that really impressed me.
It seemed to me (IMHO) that these guys cared alot more about their music
than just writing songs with hip beats for the mainstream.

Later in college I got around to actually reading Ayn Rand's book
"Anthem" (it wasn't that long and WAS interesting reading) to complete
my education to 2112.

>... he said re-donning lurk gear....



From: GINZ 10 
Date: Thu, 7 May 1998 18:27:09 EDT
Subject: Favorite Rush songs not played in concert

In response to Greg Cormier's posting on the top ten Rush songs he would like
to hear live, I have a list of my own I'd like to share:
These are in no particular order...

1.  Available Light
2. Middletown Dreams
3. Afterimage
4. High Water
5. Everyday Glory
6. Losing It
7. Tears
8. Entre Nous
9. Different Strings
10. Lakeside Park
And of course I must not leave out "Tom Sawyer" (Just Kidding)
It was a real treat to hear them play Natural Science and 2112 on the last
tour.  Hopefully the next tour will give us more Rush with no opening band.
Did anybody like this idea or do you like to see the opening bands perform.


From: "Lang" 
Date: Thu, 7 May 1998 19:01:08 -0400
Subject: Phil and Neil

I don't think that NP was that influenced by PC...what a revelation, a pop
star who is a great musician!!!  He could have been influenced by him, but
he did lift some beats from Phil and also Bill Bruford and Keith Moon.Can
any one pick out what drummer he was emulating the early era?

His playing got more original in the late 70's.

Nuthin' wrong with it, but it's pretty obvious.Listen to In the Cage and

I firmly believe he did it for the children, however. 

Michael Lang

everyone should listen to Hank the Dwarf


From: Brian Calhoun 
Date: 07 May 98 16:22:09 -0800
Subject: Writing Credits

Il Yung Kim wrote:

> hey-how come alex isn't given any credits to yyz in the liner notes?  who
> came up with the kick-ass solo, then?

Writing credit generally only applies to the person or persons who write 
the mainframe of the song.  Can't say I agree with it but that's the 
way it works.



Date: Thu, 7 May 1998 17:46:37 +0000
Subject: Rush movie directors...AGAIN!!

Hey there, Hi there, Ho there!!!!

Another director for the Rush movie...Mel Brooks!!!

Or, we could just have a Mystery Science Theater 3000-type movie with 
Crow T. Robot, Tom Servo, and Mike doing a running commentery on all 
of Rush's videos and some of their best live performances.  After 
all, Rush thanks MST3K in Counterparts....LOL

"Let your heart be the anchor
and the beat of your song"



From: (William B Blanchard)
Date: Thu, 7 May 1998 19:13:37 -0500
Subject: I guess I gotta say something

	Since everyone else has put in their $.02 about waht should be in
#2112, I guess I would have to agree with everyone in that the holy bitch
should reissue #1. I think it would be cool =).

"If at first you don't succeed,
Skydiving is not for you"


From: "Chris Palo" 
Date: Thu, 07 May 1998 18:43:41 PDT
Subject: Top 10 Live requests

Dear fellow Rushians,

As much as I know that I will get flamed for posting a "list" of songs I 
really want to hear live (because I have never had the pleasure of seing 
the guys live, even though I have a couple boots and all the live 
albums), I'll do it anyway.  In no particular order:

1.  2112
2.  Cygnus X-1:  Book I
3.  Cygnus X-1:  Book II  Hemispheres
4.  Distant Early Warning
5.  Double Agent
6.  YYZ
7.  Closer to the Heart
8.  Virtuality
9.  Force 10
10. Anthem

And to whoever made that "Ugh" comment about Stanley Kubrick, hold your 
head in shame.  I don't care if he did "butcher" the "Shining", the rest 
of his career is solid and damned successful.  I'd take him over James 
Cameron to direct a Rush movie any day of the f%#@ing year.

TAke care everyone!



Date: Thu, 07 May 1998 21:18:59 -0500
Subject: Re: 05/07/98 - The National Midnight Star #2027

>Since the NMS gods (and a few other lucky souls) know our beloved musician's 
>email address(es), maybe they could propose to our heroes that they compose a 
>little "diddy" (about jack and diane....j/k) for us, the mighty peonic force 
>behind their fortunes.....

>Anyone else agree?

>Ged, Neil, about a few words for the ones proud fans!!!!!

>   [ Before we get all worked up, I do *NOT* know any band member's email
>    address, any record company person's email address, or any management
>    person's email address. I do not know anyone at Anthem, Atlantic, in
>    the band or in the crew. I've never really met them at all. So if you're 
>    going to wait for me to forward this stuff to them, it ain't gonna be
>    happening!                                                 : rush-mgr ]

One phrase........

Jack Secret


From: john hock 
Date: Fri, 08 May 1998 11:15:45 +0900
Subject: RUSH sighting on ESPNetSportsZone

Hello Rush Fans!

For those of you who may not know, "The Line" is a humorous column in the ESPN
Magazine in which the writer launches into a stream-of-consciousness ramble 
in which he touches on many things that may or may not be related to sports, 
with a humorous bent.  Then, he gives a list of mock bettings odds based on 
the things he wrote about.  This item appeared in ESPN Magazine #4, which can 
be accessed via

 The Line
 By Jersey Zeke
 ESPN Magazine

              Things do have a way of getting messy when grown men play
              games. Case in point: Johnson's TKO over 'Zo, Van Gundy's pit
              bull shenanigans, Buffalo thug Rob Ray's dust-up with
              CoreStates property (but hey, at least the Sabres won). Of
              course, messiness and cleanliness are two sides of the same
              coin. Take play- off grooming in hockey and hoops. Or getting to
              first base? Every Little Leaguer knows a clean single is as good
              as a messy walk. Speaking of baseball, raise your hand if you
              weren't watching the Angels-Rays Sunday nighter while the rest
             of the family sat hypnotized in front of that Hallmark-y D&D stuff.
              Speaking of things we see but don't believe, how 'bout that hot
              start in Beantown? That can't last, can it? Especially if the
              Japanese darling of the moment continues to give his Bronx
              mates solid innings. The Red Sox aren't the only ones to kick too
              early. Did you see the Derby? As always it was the late closers
              who hit the board at the end. Maybe April RBI machine Juan
              Gonzalez will be an exception. And you don't have to be Geddy
              Lee to know that "2112" rocks harder than "Big Money." Which
              isn't to say money can't help. That's why while you can barely
              make out the two teams from where you're sitting, L.A. Jack can
              chat with the ref without raising his voice. Now there's a guy who
              knows it's all about whether you win or lose. By the way, when
              you win, make sure you go out on top. Are you listening, Bob
              Baffert? Jerry Seinfeld is. And the money's rolling in.

                     F A V O R I T E    SPREAD      U N D E R D O G
                      Larry Johnson     +35/-55         Alonzo Mourning
                     Jeff Van Gundy         6           Taco Bell Chihuahua
                         RBI record               2                   HR record
                 Bosox choke in May     13           Bosox choke in Sept.
                        Hideki Irabu              3                   Hideo Nomo
                              Walk              pick 'em                    Hit
                 Celebs at courtside      11             You in nosebleeds
                   Shaved heads for    no line           Bushy beards for 
                  Whether you win or      16              How you play the
                               lose                                 game
                    Last Seinfeld ad     300,000     Super Bowl ad rates
                        Bob Baffert                8              D. Wayne Lukas
                          Late rush                4               Early speed
                         Early Rush                8                  Late Rush
                           Rob Ray                  5           U.S. hockey team
                       Sunday Night             3                        Merlin

So, Early Rush is an 8-point favorite over Late Rush! What do you think about 
that?  Of course, it's written by a guy named "Jersey Zeke", so make of that 
what you will.

Take care,

John E. Hock


From: Joe Roberts 
Date: Thu, 07 May 1998 22:43:19 -0400
Subject: RE: Brigdge of Death

>Since there's a lot of talk about Hemispheres, I thought I'd add
>something here, though I've been a silent subscriber for about 4 years
>now.  I notice very clearly that when Geddy sings, "and the Bridge of
>Death was crossed..." it comes out like so:  "and the Brigdge of Death
>was crossed..." as if there was a typo originally.  I think it's a very
>subtle joke.  I don't know if anyone else got that though, especially
>since a lot of people were hearing some very delusional things in Camera
>Eye on this post a few years back...

 Speaking of delusional things, anyone remember the "Dog Bark vs. Wood 
Block" debate about "Dreamline" ? :^)


Date: Thu, 7 May 1998 22:28:15 -0400
Subject: Rush in San Jose

I was watching the Dallas Stars-San Jose Sharks game the other night,
sort of not paying too close attention when my girlfriend said: "wait!!
do you hear that?"

I gave it a listen and realized they were playing "Spirit of Radio " at
the game! those lucky fans, all we get at our local arena is Spice Girls
and similar crappola.  More hockey teams should play Rush, after all, the
players are almost all Canadian.

Red Wings and Rush all the way!


From: (Shawn Cook)
Date: Thu, 7 May 1998 22:40:40 -0400
Subject: We set our course

     The line before it reads "Those who did not fight brought tales of old 
     to light"
     Simple.  What makes a better story -- 3rd person or 1st person?  I 
     have always (and still do) picture some older coot sitting around a 
     campfire, telling others of the journey he took.  "To the heat of 
     Cygnus fearsome force we set a course," as to say I WAS THERE!  COOL, 
     ISN'T IT???  
     Hell, by that time in the song, half the people's brains are fried, so 
     who is gonna dispute him the storyteller?  
     I honestly believe that some things written by Neil are not more than 
     skin deep, even the epics.  However, deciding who's skin it's on it 
     the trick.  My tax contribution ($.02)


From: "Anderson, Chris " 
Date: Thu, 7 May 1998 23:23:44 -0400 
Subject: Thoughts for the 2112 Issue

Hey all,

Hopefully, no one has already posted this idea for the 2112 issue of the
NMS.  Anyway, here it goes:

We should get the Rush -mgr- to request a Rush "insider" or someone
(who represents Rush in a public relations sense) to collect postings
from NMS subscribers.  These posting would be, of course, interview-like
questions for either Geddy, Neil, or Alex about the music of Rush!!!

Once the Rush representative has collected these postings, he or she would
then give them to Geddy, Neil, and Alex and let them decide which 10 or so
questions they would like to answer and post (the answer w/ question) to The 
NMS!!!!  I mean, wouldn't it be great to somehow have Geddy, Neil, Alex 
post to the least once - on an issue so fitting as no. 2112?

There could even be a contest for this.......those with questions answered
by Geddy, Neil, or Alex get a be donated by Rush!!!  How cool!!!!

email your comments privately or post if you wish,



ps.  Rush Mgr., I hope this post (referring to the wish fro a Lee, Peart, 
Lifeson NMS appearance) does not violate any NMS rule.  Let me know if it does,


From: HerrWitt 
Date: Fri, 8 May 1998 00:20:37 EDT
Subject: your opinion counts (survey)


I'm getting a new car and have come up with three choices for the tag:

1.  YYZ  2112
2.  Barcheta
3.  I C RED3

Which one should be chosen?  Let me know (if you want).  Thanks.



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