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Subject: 05/15/98 - The National Midnight Star #2034

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         The National Midnight Star, Number 2034

                   Friday, 15 May 1998

Today's Topics:
                   A postcard from Neil
                  rush for the cup final
                   Majestic Symphonies
              Gaia, Vishnu and other things
                    postcard from Neil
     Re: 05/12/98 - The National Midnight Star #2030
              Spine Chilling Moments, Videos
                      Opening songs
     Re: 05/13/98 - The National Midnight Star #2031
                  Canadians and Superman
Geddy interview question #2/ Rush @ the Bradley center/ Genesis
       the 'Doh Awards, and the "we" in Hemispheres
                      2nd guitarist?
              Rush IS on a movie soundtrack.
                       ged and bass
             Re: Irvine Meadows, RTB tour...
                Slim Jim- slim on brains?
             Geddy's Bass on Moving Pictures
     Re: 05/14/98 - The National Midnight Star #2032
                  Re: Rush for cup final
       Animals during Xanadu on Roll the Bones Tour
             Say it isn't so Slim - PoW tunes
                 Re: least favorite songs
                        issue 2112
                 Terry Bazio In S. Jersey
                  monthly column updated
                 t4e concert in milwaukee
                RE: who says Subdivisions
                    "In the Mood" live
                 Another Band of Interest
                  Re: In The Mood live 

From: Paul Stone 
Date: Thu, 14 May 1998 16:44:25 -0400
Subject: A postcard from Neil

It's all well and good to show off your postcards from Neil. Great stuff.
But I find it interesting that the sender took the time to blank out his
address on the scan. Perhaps you know how Neil feels and why he no longer
takes the time to write to all the people who get a hold of his address.
Heaven forbid if a bunch of people got a hold of your address.

Paul Stone
Kingsville, ON


Date: Thu, 14 May 1998 20:55:17 +0100
Subject: rush for the cup final

hi everybody, greetings from a fanatic for almost 20 years but
never managed to see rush live, as they never play ireland. i
hope they play the u.k. again so "my life can be fulfilled".
 this is my first post but i couldn"t resist a reply to the
newcastle fan"s request for a suitable song.
  easy, in "the end" dedicated to arsenal for borrowing the
premiership from MAN UTD .they won"t do it again.
 i guess it was almost" the end" for newcastle in the 
premiership as well. (just kidding)
 i would love to hear from dedicated rush fans, what their music
means to people etc. 


From: "Danielle M. Diehl" 
Date: Thu, 14 May 1998 16:47:24 -0500
Subject: Majestic Symphonies

Does anyone out there have an opinion of this "album" (ahem)  I saw it at a
local store and tried to check it out on the TNMS website, but there is no
opinion on it out there.  Shall I shell out the $30 for it, or skip it over
in favor of the blues album _Andrew Vachss Safehouse_? 

Any private email is greatly appreciated.


From: "Chris Palo" 
Date: Thu, 14 May 1998 15:31:44 PDT
Subject: Gaia, Vishnu and other things

Dear fellow Rushians,

Ok, let's get a few things straight.  First, Gaia is a Greek goddess 
whose worship really faded out after the Dark AGe of Greece and the fall 
of Minoan Crete (800 B.C.), but was replaced by different goddesses with 
similar functions (Cybele and Bona Mater for instance). The name is 
Greek, not Latin.  The Latin name for Earth is terra and the goddess 
name was tellus.  Gaia is an adjectival substantive derived from the 
Greek word for earth which is ge (pronounced like "gay" only shorter and 
with a change in pitch, first ascending and then descending on the "e"). 
The Latins did not incorporate Greek gods but did incorporate their 
names.  The Greeks believed in gods that were anthropomorphic (i.e. like 
people) whereas the Latins belived in divine spirits (numina) that 
inhabited everything.  When the Latins encountered the Greeks, they 
simply adopted the names for their numina who were, for the most part, 
nameless.  ANd as far as this Vishnu thing goes, does Hindu theology 
have a concept of Trinity?  I'm curious because I thought this to be a 
uniquely Christian concept.  For the Christians, the Trinity is Three 
yet One, not separated, nor each other, but one substance distinguished 
not by their accidents but the fact that they are three which ultimately 
compose the One.  Does Hindu theology work the same way?  I am very 

Also, in reply to whomever wished to know what our favorite Rush 
concert-going experience was since, according to him, "every" Rush fan 
has been to a concert, well, I have not been.  I guess I'm not a good 
Rush fan.  Fact is, I rarely have time and they always come when I'm out 
of town.  It is disappointing, but, I never got to see Zeppelin live 
either and I'm still alive and well.  I apologize for the lack of true 
Rush content.  

Take care.


Apu:  "That is my God Vishnu."
Homer:  "Does Vishnu want a peanut?"
Apu:  "Please do not be offering my God a peanut."
Apu:  "I am Apu Nahasapeetapetelan."
***:  "That name won't fit on a Marquee love.  From now on you are 


From: Caroline in the City 
Date: Thu, 14 May 98 17:59:19 -0500
Subject: postcard from Neil

Hello fellow Rush freaks!

I've been reading the postings regarding postcards from Neil, and I have 
to tell you the cute little story about my husband's experience with 
Neil. My husband Ron started playing drums when he was eleven, and has 
been worshipping Neil ever since. He wrote to Neil once, and asked the 
cutest little-kid questions...even asked Neil if he was ever in a 
marching band (my hubby was in his high school marching band at the 
time). Neil sent Ron a handwritten postcard...such a thoughtful reply 
(no, he wasn't in a marching band, for those of you who are 
wondering...)! Ron still has the postcard to this day. It sits right here 
on top of our Mac G3.

I've been concentrating on graduation from IU (I did it! Yahoo!), so 
could someone please e-mail me privately and let me know the latest on 
the status of the band? Seems to me that everytime I read the NMS someone 
is saying something about them breaking up. Say it ain't so...

Have a good one, guys!


Now playing: Eric Johnson, "Cliffs of Dover"

"If a tree falls in the forest and no one's around, and it hits
 a mime, does anyone care?" --THE FAR SIDE, Gary Larson


From: "Aaron Calder" 
Date:          Thu, 14 May 1998 19:03:00 MDT7MST
Subject: Re: 05/12/98 - The National Midnight Star #2030

Hello fellow Rush-Addicts,

Recently there has been a great deal of info about King Crimson and 
Genesis, I was wondering which Kings X albumns I should look into as 
a die hard Rush fan.  I heard all sorts of positive posts about 
Kings X and I want to go and check them out, which albums do you 
NMSers recommend? And thanks for all the info about Genesis and 
King Crimson.

Aaron Calder


From: "Mikey" 
Date: Thu, 14 May 1998 18:57:52 -0700
Subject: Spine Chilling Moments, Videos

>From: The Fantabulous George Reimers 
>Subject: Re:Spine chilling moments
>Here's a few:
>1. Those low thumpy bass guitar hits before one of the choruses (I
>don't remeber which) of the studio version of Marathon.

That's the part before the second chorus... The (I beleive) tripled
staccato notes RIGHT before the chorus.  It's a shame Ged doesn't seem
to be able to play that and quickly switch to the synths live though,
but you can still hear Da MAN hittin his symbols in place of it

>From: "Mars, Mark" 
>Subject: least favorite songs - a different perspective

>My prime example is Mystic Rhythms.  For whatever reason the video 
>just ruined the song for me.  I thought it was a pretty weak video for 
>a groups of guys (namely Neil) that are offended that they even have 
>to make videos at all.  I second the thought (Neil again) that the 
>music and lyrics should conjure their own images (a basic lack of 
>imagination on the listener's part, thanks MTV).

>Lastly, I'm not sure I have seen all the videos so this might insult 
>some of the faves of some on the list.  Sorry.  What does everyone 
>else think of the videos RUSH have produced?

Yup, when I first saw the Mystic Rythms video I was like... well, what
is this?  Like Mr. Mars pointed out you get your own "video" in your
head about what the song is about, and what it sould look like... Yeah,
thanks MTV... We don't need them... I think the Boys should just shoot
their own videos and release them on Video... At least THEN we'd
actually be able to see them.
Personally, I think Roll The Bones was a brilliant video, I just can't
get enough of the "rap" part that (Yes, it _IS_ GED speaking that, not
Neil as I thought a long time ago) with the litle skeleton dancing
around and speaking to the lyrics, with that little mohawk...:)
I sit around and write little storyboards for 2112, Cygnus (Both Books),
and some other songs... Personally I think they should do a video,
perhaps rerecord them (All the story type songs) and re-release them...
maybe call the album Rush: Epics or something...
*Imitating Ben Stein*
Anyone... anyone...

Alright, I'm outtie, flame at will!!!
Until next post
Peace my fellow RUSH fans,

The guns replace the plow, facades are tarnished now
The principles have been betrayed
The dreams's gone stale, but still, let hope prevail
History's debt won't be repaid


Date: Thu, 14 May 1998 22:37:35 -0400
Subject: Opening songs

Jack mentioned in NMS 2032 that he liked to see opening songs at Rush
concerts have a "big bang" sort of feel to them. He liked Dreamland, Big
Money and SOR (I do too) - he mentioned a few choices of his own,
Virtuality included.

Virtuality is an awesome song but I would not use it as an opener. That
song rocks my world but it just doesn't make that "hello" kinda
statement. I am about to suggest a song that I have not seen mentioned
too often, and even when it's talked about it's not highly regarded.

Jack, I think "Stick It Out" would be the PERFECT opener for a concert.
I thought maybe that it would be used for the T4E tour as an opener. I
can picture it - Alex plays those first few notes and people start

Whadd'ya think, NMS'ers?? Good opener? Does anyone even LIKE this song??

Scott Wedge -
Auburn University MBA - Class of '94
"We can walk our roads together..." - RUSH


From: (Derek Tetlow)
Date: Thu, 14 May 1998 21:11:24 -0600
Subject: Re: 05/13/98 - The National Midnight Star #2031

Hello all generous Rushians!!

First off, I would like to offer my deepest sympathies to all of you
fellow NMS readers for replying to my question "What is Gaia?'.  Just
about everyone but Dr. Ruth replied to that one!
I am now fully enlighted and educated on one of the many terms for the
word "earth", but I feel like a total schmuck.  I meant to ask what is
"Vishnu" instead (I did recieve an answer to that one too); I just got
the names confused (Sorry I wasted all your precious NMS time).  My
girlfriend is a mythology teacher and a big fan too. If she ever catches
wind of this, I"M A DEAD MAN!!!  If any of you even dream about telling
her, I will hunt you down in your own kitchen, staple bologna to your
face, and choke you to death with a copy of the lyrics to Totem.

Pleasant dreams!

Derek Tetlow
Streamline Sports Video
"Simplification through Modernization"


From: Baba Ghannoush 
Date: Thu, 14 May 1998 23:16:43 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Canadians and Superman

Well, that post saying that Rush used a sample of "Superman: the movie" in
"The Camera Eye"  seems to be a further indication of Canadian musicians'
obsession with Superman.  Three examples come to mind: that sample,
"Superman Song" by Crash Test Dummies, and "Superman is Dead" by Our Lady
Peace.  Could it all be coincidence?

The angle of the dangle is inversely proportional to the heat of the beat


From: John Tyler 
Date: Thu, 14 May 1998 22:45:52 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Geddy interview question #2/ Rush @ the Bradley center/ Genesis

Here's Question #2 from the Dec. 1996 interview with Geddy in Guitar Shop mag.

GS--    On T4E, the low end sure is good and meaty.

Geddy lee--     There's a lot of bottom end there [laughs]!  In some ways,
it was a big experiment to capture the Fender sound in such an aggressive,
confident way.  I just wanted to have a lot of subsonics going, so for a lot
of the songs- like "Virtuality", "Color of right", and Dog years" I use a
detuned E string. 

(FYI-- a "subsonic" is a bass note more felt than heard)


To respond to "Gary and Rhonda" "

I was at the T4E show at the Bradley center and it was a great show the boys
were on that night and the sound ws almost good. (I've never heard a good
sounding show at the Bradley center!) 

My seat was terrible though so I went all the way to the back of the arena
to the top balcony and took a seat.  I actually saw the show better from the
cheap seats in back than my lower closer lower deck seat.  The crowd was, as
you said, more interested in counting the number of times they had seen Rush
than watching the show.  What a shame!

And finally------


I love all the Peter Gabriel era stuff and all the Phil Collins stuff up to
invisible touch.  Phil is on of the most under rated drummers around.  The
"Apocolypse in 9/8" section of "Suppers Ready" is one of the the most mind
blowing displays of precision, technique and feel I have ever heard.

The live version on "Seconds out" is even more impressive.  Because Phil and
Chester Thompson were playing in unison and matching each others fills (If
you want to buy one old Genesis album, "Seconds out" is the one to get.) 

Also in "A work in progress" Neil talks about lifting ideas from other
drummers during the "Burning for Buddy" sessions (even naming Steve Smith,
Steve Gadd, and Manu Cache (Spelling?)).  I know that Geddy likes Phil
becuase he talks about liking Brand-X's bass sound.  So why not Neil?  

That'a all for now. 

John A. Tyler

John Tyler/Racine Wisconsin

"To function efficiently, any group of people or employees must have faith
in their leader."

Capt. Bligh  (ret.)


From: Jay 
Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 00:36:23 -0400
Subject: the 'Doh Awards, and the "we" in Hemispheres

Hello Fellow Rush Fans,
        I usually don't post much but reading this newsletter the last
few days has got me mad and discouraged. First of all "the Doh awards is a
bad thread. I find it hard to put a *rating* to music. There is no good
and no bad in music. It is a matter of expression and feelings.

         As a few others have pointed out how could someone call
themselves a Rush fan and dismiss such classic songs as Bytor and the
Snow Dog,  or Madrical, or Different Strings.  These are the songs that
helped define what Rush are today. Just because you don't hear them on
the radio all the time doesn't mean that they're not great songs.

        To me I don't see how anyone could find anything wrong with their
'Waves - Hemispheres period. They were tight as a band then and they
had the chops to show it.  I wasn't that impressed with 'Pictures ( mainly
because it was the album that went mainstream and made them go too
commercial) but once Signals came out they were experimenting again.

        Secondly, on the "we" in Hemispheres/ Cygnus, is this really
that important. Maybe Neil didn't even consciously realize he
was doing this. Maybe he was doing too much drugs at the time and screwed
up. Who cares?  Remember, lyrics are only a form of poetry. And not even our
Neil is perfect.

       Well okay, I've vented my frustration enough, but I'll probably
be writing soon about a couple of other topics  ( Hint: second guitarist -
they don't need one)

                Jason B.


From: "Michael Z. Williamson" 
Date: Thu, 14 May 1998 00:27:08 -0700
Subject: 2nd guitarist?

> said:
>        I think that a great replacement or 2nd guitarist for Alex would
>be Larry Lalonde, of Primus.  If you listen to him, you can see their
>similarities, but yet, the differences..  It'd be interesting, but it
>would work.

without flaming: are you out of you're friggin' mind?!?!?!?  I like
primus, but larry is a sound-effects generator, not a guitarist, and
wouldn't know an Esus from an A#.

think I'll go grab a pork soda.

just my opinion.

haven't looked at my Vital Signs video recently, but that probably was
the Jazz bass and not the ric.  definitely flanged all to hell for that
cool sound, though.

"The Second Amendment isn't about hunting bunnies, Mr. Clinton.  It's
about Tianenmen Square."--Scott Merritt


Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 01:38:21 EDT
Subject: Rush IS on a movie soundtrack.

Tom Sawyer is on a movie called "Whatever," that was made this year, but takes
place in the '80's.  Very cool, indeed!
It was a semi- low budget film, so I doubt it would have a soundtrack release.
I almost had a heart attack when the intro to Tom Sawyer blasted through my
theaters massive sound system. I cheered outloud.
Also, tonight, on "My generation" a game show on VH1, the contestants had to
figure out what Larry Mullen Jr, and Neil Peart had in common. Needless to
say, they got the question right.  It was cool seeing his name on the screen.
It seems as if VH1 likes Rush a whole lot more then Mtv.


From: "Michael Z. Williamson" 
Date: Thu, 14 May 1998 00:52:11 -0700
Subject: ged and bass

>Nick Bruels said:
>Fender P-bass, Rick, Fender J-bass, Steinberger, Wal = 5.
>Add to that the doubleneck and the Rick 4002

(4003 actually)

>, and you get 7.  
>How many angels can dance on the tip of Ged's nose?

also the bass/6 doubleneck for APTB live, and his teardrop J bass, and
the 5-string Wal he used in the studio for Turn the Page, and the second
Wal (the red one).  I assume he has at least one spare of each, in case
of stage disaster (you can see some of them on the "rack of doom" on
E..SL video).

now, how many guitars does the maniac (AL) have?

"Bill Clinton has been sighted walking around the Whitehouse with a pair
of women's panties on his arm. Apparently it's the patch and he's trying
to quit."--Eric Knight      rush-related stickers


From: "Michael Z. Williamson" 
Date: Thu, 14 May 1998 00:53:45 -0700
Subject: vishnu

>Somebody said:
> Anyway, Vishnu, is the name a Apu Nahasapeemapetlan's Indian(as in the
>country)'s god.   If I'm correct it an elephant dressed in gold and red 
>robes with 8 arms

no, that's another god, and I misrecall which one.  Homer made a mockery
of that god in another episode.



From: mark irwin 
Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 23:11:50 +0000
Subject: Re: Irvine Meadows, RTB tour...

Another quick tidbit about the Irvine RTB show. If you were there for
the soundcheck, wasn't it incredible hearing "Analog Kid" and "Vital
Signs"? I remember thinking it was the first time I'd heard those songs
live and I almost had a heart attack in the parking lot. Then
afterwards, you could hear Ged talking to the techies until someone
turned off his mike. All bass techy-talk, but probably the closest I'll
ever get to hearing a member of the best band in the world talking, but
not being interviewed. And yes, the show was magnificent!!!!(As
Mark Irwin

"The most endangered species...the honest man..."


From: mark irwin 
Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 23:21:13 +0000
Subject: Slim Jim- slim on brains?

You can't be serious. I think that Power Windows may be one of Rush's
all time strongest albums, both lyrically and musically. What about the
bassline in "Marathon"? Or the understated strength of "Middletown
Dreams"? And "Territories" may have one of the best lyrics ever;"better
people...better food... and better beer!" You can't beat a band that can
show you a serious subject and put it in a serious tone,yet also present
it in a light fashion, ALL IN ONE SONG. And it still sounds good. How DO
they do that? They must be professionals or something...
Mark Irwin

P.S. I know this is my opinion and all: I'm not putting you down Slim.
Just trying to bring you out of the darkness, that's all.


From: "Rich Malitz" 
Date: Thu, 14 May 1998 23:26:04 PDT
Subject: Geddy's Bass on Moving Pictures

I'd like to mention this bit of info for everyone.  Les Claypool of 
Primus asked Geddy once how he got that great bass tone out of his 
Rickenbacker on the Moving Pictures album.  Geddy told him he didn't 
even use the Rickenbacker on that album, he used a FENDER JAZZ BASS for 
the entire album.  For some reason he still used Ricks on stage at that 
Rich Malitz


Date:          Fri, 15 May 1998 08:35:25 GMT0BST
Subject: Re: 05/14/98 - The National Midnight Star #2032

Newcastle humiliate the Gunners?  Some chance - so look out your copy 
of Tears or Something for Nothing Toonboy



Date:          Fri, 15 May 1998 08:56:05 GMT0BST
Subject: gaia

I am sure that all the Earth goddess stuff about Gaia is right - 
earth goddesses are like dragons - show me a culture which does not 
have one: remember the success of Christianity in converting various 
pagan mother goddesses into Mary.  Also, reaching back into the 
recesses of my O-level Latin, we did a series of classes on Roman 
life, family, death etc.  I recall that the Roman marriage ceremony 
involved the spouses exchanging vows, one of which was the wife saying 
"ubi tu Gaius, ibi ego Gaia" - where you are Gaius, I will be Gaia - 
which suggests a duality - make of that what you like.


From: Paul Smith 
Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 00:58:37 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: Rush for cup final

Ashley Davidson wrote :-

>With apologies to anyone over the pond who hasn't a clue what the FA Cup
>Final is about, but I just wondered, if anyone could advise on the most
>appropriate Rush song for NUFC as they prepare to humiliate the Arsenal!

>Suggestions please.

How about "I Think I'm Going Bald".  It certainly applies to Ketsbaia and

No, seriously - Something like "Marathon" for inspiration.....................



From: Eric Hansen 
Date: Thu, 14 May 1998 16:13:38 -0600
Subject: Animals during Xanadu on Roll the Bones Tour

Mark Irwin mentioned re: Roll the Bones tour: "During Neil's drum solo, I 
could swear that he had some of the sequenced drum sounds making animal 
noises, like a cow, dog, cat, etc."

During the first minute of the Xanadu/Superconductor medley on the "Time to 
Roll" boot, I can hear what I think is an elephant trumpeting (along with the 
expected sounds of the birds).



From: Eric Hansen 
Date: Thu, 14 May 1998 16:17:41 -0600
Subject: Say it isn't so Slim - PoW tunes

Slim said: "Apart from Big Money & Manhattan Project, they're all pretty poor."

Big Money and Manhattan Project have had more air time on Rush releases than 
anything else on that album (also on Chronicles and ASOH, and possible Retro 
II?).  Also, I seem to recall them getting tons of airplay (which isn't a bad 
thing, of course) back when they first came out.  Sure, they are great songs, 
but the last four tunes of that album don't get enough respect!   Territories 
is incredible, Middletown Dreams is one of those tunes like Mission that is 
inspiring, and Mystic Rhythms?  That tune needs no introduction!  

Spine Chilling stanza:
"It's understood by every single person
Who'd be elsewhere if they could
So far so good and life's not unpleasant
In their little neighbourhood"



From: "Chad Werner" 
Date: Fri, 15 May 1998  7:41 -0600
Subject: ilikerush

     Someone recently had this to say about T4E in Milwaukee:
     "To hear "Natural Science" and '2112' live was this Rush fans dream 
     come true... was the only Rush concert that i've seen the 
     crowd was not very responsive. Every song was met with courteous 
     applause but no real interest(if you know what I mean)..."
     Boy howdy, do I ever! I've seen Rush twice in Milwaukee ("Schlameel, 
     schlamozel....") for RTB & T4E & both crowds have sucked big time. 
     Completely uninterested snorers, they only perked up for the first few 
     notes of the Super Golden Greats by our Rush (TS, SoR, YYZ, CttH). 
     Honestly, say what you will about "making your own fun" or "being your 
     own person" (get into the show regardless of your surroundings), a bad 
     crowd does cripple a show. In between these 2 shows, however, I saw 
     Counterparts in Mpls. & it was an entirely different story. I was in 
     the 20th row & the crowd was bouncing, a couple shoes actually flew 
     through the air & people were generally having a ball. Oh, I, too, was 
     able to FEEL the pyros on the stage from the 20th row (MY Rush tingle 
     MY idea for issue 2112: (as was already posted) Leave it blank. The 
     Rush Mistress wouldn't have to actually SEND the blank 2112; just skip 
     it out of respect. I think it's a fab idea (please no more Selena 
     stuff). THEN, with Donna Halper's "halp" (sorry), get one of the Rush 
     cats to post SOMETHING for the National Midnight Star, Volume 2, Issue 
     1. Please, Donna (very nice to see a post from you BTW), let us all 
     know if you can even attempt to contact them. Or, some of you know 
     Jack Secret's e-mail address, don't you? Basically, I think that with 
     all of the people on this "inter-thingy" mailing list, we ought to 
     able to be able to put together some sort of campaign & communicate a 
     message directly to the band: "We are the thousands who love you. We 
     respect your talent. We would be forever grateful for a word or two." 
     I think that if this cannot be accomplished, this technology has 
     failed us. Let's do it! I'll help any way I can, but please let's give 
     it a shot. 2000+ Rush fans just can't be wrong!
     Very sincerely,
     Chad Werner


From: "Phelan" 
Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 10:58:37 -0400
Subject: Re: least favorite songs

>Everyone has put their thoughts in on the least fav thread.
>Here's my take on the whole thing.  The only songs that I regularly=20
>skip are the songs with videos that add nothing to my enjoyment of >the =
>My prime example is Mystic Rhythms.  For whatever reason the >video=20
>just ruined the song for me.  I thought it was a pretty weak video for=20
>a groups of guys (namely Neil) that are offended that they even have
>to make videos at all.  I second the thought (Neil again) that the=20
>music and lyrics should conjure their own images (a basic lack of=20
>imagination on the listener's part, thanks MTV).

MTV sucks....that sums it up for me :)

>With MR, I had my image and the video was not it.  This holds true >for =

>most of the non-studio videos.  Those I like, just the boys playing=20
>the music and letting us see behind the scenes.
>Lastly, I'm not sure I have seen all the videos so this might insult=20
>some of the faves of some on the list.  Sorry.  What does everyone=20
>else think of the videos RUSH have produced?

Well, all in all, they arent that bad..not as bad as some Ive seen in =
the past by other bands. I agree with you that the video for Mystic =
Rhythms was bad...but then it seems that a lot of their vids from that =
time wernt the the video for Time Stand Still.  Its =
really annoying...the "floating" band...The Body Electric and The Enemy =
Within (one of my favs) had "ok" videos.  Id have to say that my =
favorite videos are Afterimage, Subdivisions (btw, anyone know what =
video game that kid is playing? Ive played it before and I cant remember =
the name of it for the life of me), Half the World, The Big Money and =
Closer to the Heart...

Also, I just gotta say that after watching A Work in Progress, my =
opinion of T4E changed...its not as good as their others, but there are =
a few tracks that just freakin rule!!! Especially if you turn the volume =
up :)




From: Ketan Deoras 
Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 12:08:12 -0400
Subject: issue 2112

I think for the NMS 2112 issue we should all eat potatoes.  As Geddy
himself said, "Idaho rocks!"


From: Fliporama 
Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 08:28:31 EDT
Subject: Terry Bazio In S. Jersey

Hello Rush Freaks!!!

This tidbit of info came to me on the Marillion/Fish list, and I had to 
share with my fellow Rushians.  This Terry Bozio dude just RIPPED Peart 
a new asshole from a 'talent' standpoint.  Oh, he DID say that Neil was 
a nice guy though!!!!  What a consolation.  I'm writing this to this 
list so you guys can write back to this about this Terry Bazio dude.  
What makes him an expert on the talents of drummers?


last night I had the opportunity to watch Terry Bazio give a drum clinic 
/ concert at Sam Ash music in Cherry Hill, NJ... What a fantastic 
performance, what a true talent behind the kit. I was wondering if any 
other Freaks Where there?    If any of you get the chance check this guy 
out. He did several pieces off  his upcoming solo drum albums then spoke 
about theory and technique. He also answered questions. besides his 
performance, his story of his Frank Zappa audition some 20 years ago was 
very funny as well as inspiring.  One interesting note: Terry was asked 
about Neil Pert ( RUSH) and he went on to say how he thought that he was 
not that good and was very unschooled as a drummer. He did respect him 
as a person and his accomplishments.    Terry has been working with Tony 
Levin alot ... there was talk of a Bazio, Jeff Beck, Tony Levin album, 
they are trying to work it out... Also Terry is the drummer on the 
upcoming August release of the new...KNACK album, yes the KNACK album... 
He also plans to do the tour with the band in the fall of this year.... 
Just wanted to share last nights enlightening experience with all.... 
Hey New York / Jersey / Philly Freaks... Dave Torn & Vernon Reid are at 
the KNitting Factory in New York Tonight, what a show that will be.... 
Any one at last nights show , respond....FLIP / Almost Human 

UNSCHOOLED???!!!!  Didn't Neil just RE-LEARN almost every single aspect 
of his technique?  C'mon!  Where is this Bozia guy coming from? In case 
you couldn't tell, this tidbit of CRAP has floored me, and this is the 
perfect place to vent!  Thanks Rush Freaks!!!



From: Grand Designs 
Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 13:25:08 -0700
Subject: monthly column updated

Just a quick mention that the monthly "A Test 4 Echo" column at the
Grand Designs Rush Site has a new topic for you guys to tackle. Go to and click on "A Test 4 Echo" to read
and respond to this months topic.


Against the run of the mill
Static as it seems
We break the surface tension
With our wild, kinetic dreams

Visit the Grand Designs Rush Site


Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 12:33:33 -0500
Subject: t4e concert in milwaukee

Howdy all....lurking mode off......:)		
	This is my response to Gary who asked if anyone else was at the bradley
center concert. I was and i liked it very much...however... i was also at
the t4e concert at the Marcus ampitheater later that summer (my spelling is
prolly wrong, but who cares?? :0) and i liked that concert slightly better
than the Bradley concert. It seemed to me that the crowd was more
responsive to the music than the last concert. I mean, practically
everybody in my section was dancing and singing along to the music, whereas
at the Bradley center, i saw a lot of ppl drunk of their ass and most
likely stoned.....but i still enjoyed both concerts, just one more than the

Regarding the lack of female fans, it seems to me that too many females of
my age(just my opinion, no flames please) seem more into "girl-power" music
such as Sarah Mclaughlan and more pop-ish music....not that i dont enjoy
that kind of music from time to time(I reaallly know how to insert my foot
into my mouth :P) I also hoping to hear from any female rush fans in the
area to get their perspective on this.	

Signing off before NOW finds me.......... :)


From: Grand Designs 
Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 14:23:22 -0700
Subject: RE: who says Subdivisions

Regarding Neil not being the one who really says the word "Subdivisions"
in the song, and the pointer to the web page that says it was really a
newsman from Toronto....

I dont buy it. I might believe it was really Alex, since he _is_ the one
who says it live... but a newsguy from Toronto?

I seriously doubt it.

I don't buy the audio clips either... anyones voice can be made to sound
like it. Especially with the right equipment.

I still say Neil said it in the studio. (Possibly Alex and maybe even

Against the run of the mill
Static as it seems
We break the surface tension
With our wild, kinetic dreams

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From: Grand Designs 
Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 14:38:10 -0700
Subject: "In the Mood" live

rush-mgr said, concerning In The Mood live:

>>>>> [ Isn't it "cookie" or "mookie" or something?              : rush-mgr ]

I think it's both "hey cookie" and "hey pookie" (it's a quarter to

Against the run of the mill
Static as it seems
We break the surface tension
With our wild, kinetic dreams

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From: "James E. Tolve" 
Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 14:52:34 -0400
Subject: Another Band of Interest

Anyone ever hear of a band from the 70's called Renaissance?  I just
started getting into them and think they're great -- sort of a lighter
version of Yes.  Like Rush, the music has complex time changes that make
the instrumentals interesting.  The singer, Annie Haslam, has a fantastic
voice with a three-octave range.  I hear they just got back together and
are recording some new material.  While their not as heavy as Rush, they
may interest some fans.  Check 'em out!  They've released over a dozen
albums in their career.

All the best,
Jim Tolve

P.S.  Jones Beach just announced their concert schedule for the summer with
includes a triple-bill show with Dream Theater, ELP, and Deep Purple.
Yeah, Baby!

"Throughout the centuries, there were men who took first steps down new
roads armed with nothing but their own vision."  -- Ayn Rand


From: Slim Jim 
Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 15:06:44 -0400
Subject: Re: In The Mood live 

>>>>>  Lyle A James writes:
> Well, I FINALLY picked up a copy of ASOH on VHS.  During the In 
> The Mood part, I noticed that they were saying something other 
> than the traditional "Hey baby..."  It seemed to be more of a 
> "Hey ." Does anyone know exactly what they said?
>  [ Isn't it "cookie" or "mookie" or something?       : rush-mgr ]

On the UK tours, Geddy had an engaging habit of substituting a 
nickname for the local population.  For example in England, 
people from the Newcastle area are known as "Geordies", so at
Newcastle City Hall it was always "Hey, Geordies, it's a quarter
to eight..."  - I remember him doing this at Stafford as well
but for the life of me I can't recall what the local yokels are
known as there.

I can't check the ASOH video because I'm a looooooong way from 
home in New York City at the moment but on this basis it would
be "Hey, Brummies", the ASOH video being recorded in Birmingham.

A related trivia question - can anyone remember when Geddy
switched from "The way you roll them eyes" to "The way you roll
'those' eyes.."?  I always thought that that this was a bit
poncy, given that the abuse of the English language is an
important part of the rock'n'roll tradition, and not something
he should be embarrassed about.


PS  Anyone ever attend a Rush concert in Wales?  Did Geddy sing
"Hey, sheep-shaggers, it's a quarter-to-eight.."?


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