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Subject: 05/18/98 - The National Midnight Star #2035

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         The National Midnight Star, Number 2035

                   Monday, 18 May 1998

Today's Topics:
             yet another idea for issue #2112
                         RE: T4E
                         Owe us?
     Re: 05/13/98 - The National Midnight Star #2031
                        Issue 2112
                      emotional Rush
              overdue Rush and Dream Theater
     Issue 2112 should NOT be about Selena in any way
                    Band info searches
                    Geds Vital Basses
               Re:  Chilling moments.......
       05/15/98 - The National Midnight Star #2033
           Instant Rush Chick (just add water)
                   re: in the mood live
                   talkin' technical :o
                       #2112, etc.
                      in the mood...
     Re: 05/14/98 - The National Midnight Star #2032
                       Kid Gloves 
     Re: 05/15/98 - The National Midnight Star #2033
                 Re: A postcard from Neil
               The Man of the Match Awards
                       warm-up acts
                     Re: ged and bass
                     In the Mood live
       Subdivisions, Fan Enthusiasm, Opening Songs
              Naked man  and other ramblings

From: (The RUSH Fans Digest Manager)
Date: Mon May 18 10:36:02 PDT 1998
Subject: Administrivia

If you missed the Pop-Up video show this past weekend, VH1 is reairing the
episode THIS Thursday, May 21st at 11:30pm EDT. I've also put the video up
as an RV file on the NMS home page. I would've added "O Canada" as well
but forgot to upload it this morning!

In other web news, the trader is back up and working, and look for lots of
changes in the coming weeks!

 - rush-mgr


From: Grand Designs 
Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 15:06:23 -0700
Subject: yet another idea for issue #2112

How about issue #2112 containing the following:

1. a short paragraph from the rush-mgr(s) recognizing that _it is_ issue

2. the main part of the newsletter can list the names of all people
currently subscribed, lined up in 2 (or even 3) vertical columns, kind
of like a guestbook.

A similiar idea was mentioned, using everyones e-mail addresses instead.
But that is just a gold mine for spammers. With real names (or even
"screen/Internet names") there's nothing to worry about.

This may require someone to act as collector of the names to be
listed... everyone who wanted their names to be listed on issue #2112
would simply e-mail it to the chosen collector. The collected names can
then be sent, via e-mail, to the rush-mgr(s).

Since the rush-mgr(s) have their hands full with sending out normal
issues of TNMS, I'd be glad to act as collector of the names of those
who wanted to be listed on issue #2112. My current job allows sufficient

What do you guys think?

Against the run of the mill
Static as it seems
We break the surface tension
With our wild, kinetic dreams

Visit the Grand Designs Rush Site


From: Robert Dittrich 
Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 14:15:45 -0500
Subject: RE: T4E

>From: "Ball, Bill" 
>Date: Thu, 14 May 1998 15:07:01 -0500
>Subject: T4E
>Don't really know what the explanation is.  I was certainly not one of
>the people who "sat" back and watched.  I yelled every word to each
>song and stood the entire show.

Funny. This is exactly the kind of thing that irritates me most at Rush 
shows: people who scream every word, thus (most of the time) murdering the 
melody and (even worse) drowning out Geddy. These same people insist on 
standing the whole time, blocking the view of the fans behind them. I've 
taken to flicking live cigarette butts at these people, in the spirit of 
their own idea of courtesy.

> The people in front and in back of me
>didn't move the entire show.  I sat with a group of friends that made
>as much noise as possible.

The people around you were probably fighting to keep from throttling you.

> Sadly we could see down about 10 rows and
>see everybody sitting.

Did it ever occur to you that some people sit for live theater?

> I don't have any gripes with sitting for the
>show.  Everybody enjoys concerts and shows in there own way.  But I
>would have loved to have moved down 10 rows closer and switched with
>the people that were sitting and talking with each other instead of
>being "in tune" with the show.

As if those that bellow the words loudly are somehow more "in tune" with a 
virtuoso performance. This is rich.

  Rob Dittrich


Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 18:42:53 +0100
Subject: GAIA

i could be wrong, but gaia might be the supposition
that all things in the cosmos are interrelated, connected
together in some type of cosmic masterplan.


From: "Rod Breton"
Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 12:15:07 -0800
Subject: Owe us?

 "Rush Mgr:
   Would it be possible to get the guys to help us on this one?  I really
think they owe us something here..." What do they owe us? This is such patent
Bulls**t it's not even funny. The band does not OWE us anything,and it is the
height of arrogance and selfishness to  say that they do. Better that you just
enjoy the music and keep your opinions to yourself,it is crap like this that
really piss off people like Rush and sour them on anything having to do with fan
interaction. Because you bought some records and tickets and so forth they OWE
you their time? What a load of crap! You paid them for entertainment, they
entertained you...What more is there to this transaction? Not a goddamn thing!



From: "Jeff Petrimoulx & Moira O'Toole" 
Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 12:28:37 -0700
Subject: Re: 05/13/98 - The National Midnight Star #2031

> From: (Jody Worthen)
> Date: Tue, 12 May 1998 09:02:12 -0700
> Subject: Issue 2112
>      After reading post after post of suggestions for issue #2112
>      it appears that the only answer has escaped most of us:
>      Print the *entire* story/lyrics from the 2112 LP album cover.
>      Many of the owners of the CD have never seen it!
>      Stealth mode ON.

YES! YES! YES!  I have heard other people talk about it but I only have the cd!

   [ Um, the story & lyrics are both on the web page, under the 2112 album. 
                                                                : rush-mgr ]


From: Griswold 
Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 15:31:01 -0400
Subject: Lexrst?

Call me country bumpkin, but what is the signifigance of the pseudonyms
Dirk, Pratt, and Lerxst? Im an idiot, make me not stupid. :)

"Hot Dogs and Kool Aid for all my men!"


From: "sandra sweets" 
Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 12:32:49 PDT
Subject: Issue 2112

Hey everybody!  I don't usually post but do follow all the posts in this 
great e-mail community.  Something occurred to me.  All you have been 
talking about the issue 2112 and getting the boys to write to it, and 
the gracious rush-mgr keeps repeating that she has no connections to 
make this happen.   Rush-mgr, I understand what you are saying!  My 
question is this, who is this guy Rob someone who says he knows them so 
well.  HEY ROB!  Get busy boy!  Go meet Alex and share a few donuts and 
let him in on what is going on here.  With all your connections surely 
you can snag us a few words from him!  I mean, these good guys gave you 
an award, EARN IT!  Can't be that hard!

Yeah, I'd love to see a post, a REAL post from them.  Rob, you are the 
only one who knows these guys personally from what I gather from your 
posts.  Let's see if you can do it!

Thanks for listening!

And BIll, who IS Nancy?


From: Paul Horta 
Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 15:29:39 -0400
Subject: emotional Rush

My sympothies to you Dirk on losing your father.I think Tears is a very
emotional song and also the lyrics to Afterimage are about losing a
friend or someone special to you.
Some other emotional songs:

Losing It
Tai Shan
Available Light
Nobody's Hero

I hope you will be able cope with your fathers passing and remember that
time heals pain.



From: Paul Horta 
Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 15:54:14 -0400
Subject: overdue Rush and Dream Theater

These are some Rush releases that I think are way overdue:
1-Live Album(pending)
3-Book (what happened to that Mystic Rhythms book that was supposed to
come out)
4-Another video compilation(I think this one should have the band
talking about their history ala Kiss X-treme Closeup or the Black
Sabbath Story)
5-Live Video
6-The Re-releases of their out of print videos(Exit,Camera Eye,Grace)
And of course their New Album(Have to wait a while for that one though)

I saw Dream Theater last Thursday(May 7) at the Birch Hill nightclub in
Old Bridge,NJ.Excellent show.While they were playing the intro to Trial
Of Tears John Petrucci played some bars of Xanadu(the volume swells in
the beginning of the song).I had to smile.Did anyone else who went catch
that?While I was entering the club I had my Roll The Bones shirt on(the
one with the skull head popping out of the box)and I heard someone say
"Roll The Bones cool"and I looked up and it was 2 guys waiting to get
in.I said "Thanks" and they said something like "Great tour"I thought
that was pretty cool.It just got me thinking of all the cool Rush fans
I've met over the years.Doesn't it seem like when you go see a Rush
concert it's like being there with 10,000 of your friends.

Until Later,


From: BRAVADO 69 
Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 16:02:16 EDT
Subject: Issue 2112 should NOT be about Selena in any way

I must comment on this one.  Let me state at the top that I am not trying to
be heartless or insensitive.  I hope that comes through here.

Selena died a year ago.  It is time to move on.  It was terribly sad, but
Selena has nothing to do with Rush.  She was never a topic of discussion prior
to her death.  Rush has always gone to great lengths to keep their private
lives private.  When she died, many of us sent messages of sympothy or
contributions and that was very nice and very appropriate, but that is where
it should stop.  

Selena was not in the public eye.  She was not a part of the band and was not
a part of our discussions.  There is no reason why we should continue to act
as though we were truly affected (note the difference between affected and
upset) by her death.  It is insulting to her family to act as though we are
truly grieving for her a year later.  We all feel badly for Neil but let's
leave it at that and stop pretending that she touched our lives in any way.
That's not right and very offensive to Neil and his family.  I am sure he
appreciates the outpouring of sympathy, and I am equally sure he would be very
offended to see fans act as though we are affected by her death because we all
know that we are not.  We are not Neil's friends.  We don't hang out with him.
We don't know his family.  We have not been invited into his private life.
Face it: we are fans and that's all, not his friends! 

Issue 2112 is a celebration of several years of this digest and it should be
special and reflect the band that we have been such big fans of, and has
played such a big role in our lives.  These guys don't read the NMS.  A
tribute to Selena doesn't mean anything to them.  Neil wouldn't even see it.
So who are we doing it for?  Us?  Why?  No one here ever met her or spoken to
her.  No one here had their lives altered or affected by her death in any way.
No one knew who she was before she died.  It was a terrible tragedy, but it is
a terrible tragedy to the 1,000+ of young  people who die every day.  To us,
Selena is no different than anyone on the news because she never touched our
lives. Neil never let her be in the public eye.  

Making issue 2112 about Selena is self-serving and acting self-important.
Stop pretending that she played a bigger role in OUR lives than she did, and
that Neil is your buddy or your pal and would be grateful and impressed by
this tribute.  He's not gonna know and he wouldn't be if he did.  This digest
is about us and the band and issue 2112 should reflect that.


From: (Michael Hannaman)
Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 16:09:24 -0400
Subject: Band info searches

        Let me first say that I don't want this to encourage pestering the
band members in any way, shape, or form, as it's not only illegal but it's
incredibly disrespectful.  I just wanted to point out, though, that it's not
all that hard these days, with the enormous variety of search engines and
people finders out there.  Doing some simple name searches under Weinrib,
Peart, and Zivojinovic turned up some pretty surprisingly plausible info.
Just for example, I found the address and phone number of both someone with
the last name Peart and also the name Jackie Taylor both living on the same
street in St. Catharines, ON.  No, I'm not going to call them, and don't
write me about how you can get this info, but I just thought it was
interesting and really kinda spooky how easy it is to find this stuff, even
'unlisted' stuff, nowadays with just the slightest bit of effort.

Michael Hannaman


From: (Jack Mevorah)
Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 16:17:17 -0400
Subject: Geds Vital Basses

This is an equipment post ... mostly basses!  So beware!

In issue 2032 Nick Bruels  posts:

> > From: (Jack Mevorah)
> > Subject: Vital Bass
> >
> > In issue 2028 Scott McDow  queried:
> >
> > > In Vital Signs what type of bass(es) does Ged
> > > play in this tune?

> > It's his Jazz ... he used it live too.  The rest is the Mini-Moog
> > through the Yamaha 1010 delay (and Alex & Neil, of course).

> What the?!?  You mean you think the bass line was recorded
> with the Mini-Moog?  I don't even think there's any synth
> parts that were from the Mini-Moog at all, let alone a bass
> line.

I didn't mean to mislead ... I neither think nor intended to imply that
the bass line was accomplished with the Mini-Moog (nor did I mean to
imply that Alex or Neil played bass during the recording of that tune).
The inclusion of the Mini and Alex and Neil was merely a brief &
light-hearted elaboration on the rest of the instrumentation used.

As far as the Mini-Moog is concerned; if I remember correctly,
the entire synth part was accomplished with the Mini, Roland Digital
Sequencer, and Yamaha E1010 delay.  Though it could have been the
OB-1,  cause he used to have that hooked to an Oberheim sequencer
and it was typically used for weird sounds and sequenced parts, but for
some reason I remember reading that it was the Mini set-up ...
ah well, whatever.

> > The Steinberger didn't make its appearance til the end of the
> > Signals tour.  OK!

> Correct, my previous claim that Geddy didn't play one "until GUP"
> stands corrected, though GUP was the first (and only) album he
> recorded with one.

You are CORRECT, sir!

Basses, basses.  I love basses.  Shall we get carried away?  Sure:

> 4002 gets mentioned as a studio bass, but I don't recall
> mention of the 3001.  Doh!  From the AFTK tourbook
> (thanks again to the rush-mgr!):  "Other basses include a
> Rickenbacker model 3001 and a customized Fender Precision with
> a treble pickup added and wired in stereo and cut down to tear
> drop shape."  I'd wager he's playing the 3001 in that photo...

>... and I would think you're right about that being the 3001 - I don't
believe the 4002 was issued until 1980 or so -- I'll have to look at the

photo when I get home, but you'll be able to tell for sure if you check
number of control knobs on that bass.  The 4002 has 4 (like the 4001)
but the 3001 only has 3 - and if its not too dark a picture, the 4002
has 2 pickups and the 3001 just one..

Ged sed:
"I have a 4002, which has low-impedence pickups and a beautiful ebony
fingerboard.  It has Schaller tuning pegs on it, and I've had a Badass
bridge installed.  I sometimes use the 4002 in the studio.  I also have
a 3001, which has a single low-impedence pickup and a thick, heavy
body.  It's got a really meaty sound.  I haven't found too much use for
it in recording, and I don't use it live, but at home I use it a lot for

writing and jamming."                                      Guitar
Player, June 1980

As I recall - the basses go something like this:

Conora Bass (pre-Rush),
Hagstrom Bass,
'69 Fender Precision (c.1978 cut-down to tear drop and run stereo),
Rickenbacker 4001 (mono/stereo - double pickup),
Rickenbacker 3001 (mono - single humbucking pickup),
Rickenbacker 4080/12 (4001 and 480 12-string guitar - black),
Rickenbacker 4002 (mono/xlr - 2 humbucking pickups),
Rickenbacker 4080 (4001 and 480 6-string guitar - white)
'72 Fender Jazz (purchased in 1979-'80 for $200.00 from a pawn shop),
    among the many J's he has is one fitted with a Hip-Shot for detuning

    the E to D.
Steinberger L2,
Wal 4 string (2 - black & red),
Wal 5 string
and somewhere in there is a Jeff Berlin Paladium bass ... but he can't
recall having used it either live or recording.

Well.  There it is.



From: Danny Robinson 
Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 15:48:05 -0500
Subject: Re:  Chilling moments.......

One of the songs that gives me those inspirational, spine tingling
chills is "The Pass"......during the last FIVE notes of the guitar
solo.....right before Geddy starts in on 'No hero in your tragedy.'
Man, it's like five seconds of immortality.  It just makes me wanna
drive fast and go bowling.  You know, the same effect that Marisa Tomei
has on you.

Oh yeah, I also have an UNOPENED copy of 'Hold Your Fire' on vinyl if
anyone wants it.  :)  It's not autographed or anything......but you can
see that red cover from miles away.  It's truely one of the most
beautiful things I have ever seen.  You know, like Marisa Tomei.



From: "Phelan" 
Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 16:53:58 -0400
Subject: Re: 05/15/98 - The National Midnight Star #2033

>From: (Lyle A James)
>Date: Thu, 14 May 1998 14:52:28 -0400
>Subject: In The Mood live
>Well, I FINALLY picked up a copy of ASOH on VHS.  During the In The Mood
>part, I noticed that they were saying something other than the
>traditional "Hey baby..."  It seemed to be more of a "Hey ."
>Does anyone know exactly what they said?
>   [ Isn't it "cookie" or "mookie" or something?              : rush-mgr ]

I always thought it was "Hey Ellie" or something like that...Elley...

Oh just i have to go watch it again :) wait..I say that like its
a bad thing :)


From: Babybean2 
Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 16:55:32 EDT
Subject: Instant Rush Chick (just add water)

Stuart writes:
<<...What am I saying!!!!!!!!??? 

Give her the flick.  ;->>>>>

How to Create a Rush Chick:

1) Take her on a long road trip
2) Forget to bring any music...oh wait! You DO have these RUSH CDs !
3) Play Hemisperes...starts out so pretty...kinda eases her into the groove.
4) Point out that Geddy is not only singing and playing bass...but is playing
keyboards as well! Have her marvel at his mastery.
5) Point out Neil's unusual and complex technigues and time signatures....and
how he makes it seem so effortless.
6) Show her a picture of Alex Lifeson! LOL 
7) Next play A Farewell to Kings...and then on to all others.
8) Have her read the lyrics as you drive.
9) When you arrive at your destination, make wild passionate love to her

10) You now have your very own "Rush Chick". ENJOY! worked with me!

Ellen <-----reformed :o)


From: Jason Dolinger 
Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 15:51:42 -0500
Subject: re: in the mood live

>Well, I FINALLY picked up a copy of ASOH on VHS.  During the In The Mood
>part, I noticed that they were saying something other than the
>traditional "Hey baby..."  It seemed to be more of a "Hey ." 
>Does anyone know exactly what they said?
>  [ Isn't it "cookie" or "mookie" or something?              : rush-mgr ]

I think it could be on ESL where they are saying hey cookie.  On ASOH, it
always sounded to me like they were saying "Hey Allie"  Who knows?

Jason Dolinger
Northwestern University
Computing and Information Systems '00


From: Tom Mueller 
Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 15:03:59
Subject: talkin' technical :o

	Hey team,
	I love these sorts of posts!  I don't understand 96% of it - other than
the letters = notes or keys or sumpin' - but no one on the other 5 music
MLs I read even discusses the composition of songs.  This is just neat to
see, like the excerpt about Neil's drumming and time sigs.  Thanks!

>orchestrated song. What's wrong with "Time and Motion?"

[Hang on it's long and it's got some technical stuff in it...:)]

Granted, TCE is a killer song... Granted at least 95% of Rush songs kick
all ass, but I have a problem with "Time and Motion" Don't get me wrong,
T4E is a great album, but I've got a problem with the chord structures
that Alex uses during the verses almost make me cringe... (bear with me
we're gonna get techincal now)  I don't have a problem with the first
set of chords that he appreggios (Dm11 [X530XX], and C#b5 [X430XX]) but
the second ones at the lines "Fill them up with precious cargo" he uses
these sickening intervals, and it just sounds horrid (Fm9 [X860XX] and
Fm9/E [X760XX] just make my stomach turn, whenever I play it I can hear
it, and whenever I've got the CD in, I can hear it too, but it's burried
inthe mix so it's not that bay... just the fact that he's using a minor
2nd in a ringing appreggio makes it all the more worse... and the
solo... personally, I detest the solo... It just isn't pleasing to my
ears... that's all... 

Tom Mueller
Milwaukee, WI

"Christopher Robbin decided on
 a diabolical plan to kill Pooh"
  Crow T. Robot, 'The Deadly Bees'


From: (Kevin M. Corr)
Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 17:05:27 -0400
Subject: #2112, etc.

A blank issue as a moment of silence for Neil's daughter... I'm all for it.

For all those folks who are still hoping and praying one of the boys will
post to TNMS -- it just ain't gonna happen.  Although it is too bad that
they don't have a rapport like, say, Dream Theater and their fans on the
"Ytse-jam" (I'm not on that mailing list, mind you).  DT even mentions
them in the liner notes for _A Change of Seasons_.  For some insight into
what RUSH thinks of fandom and the 'Net, see Limelight or Virtuality.

To the /2ush fanatic who made the connection between The Camera Eye and
the scene in Superman -- bravo.  Stuff like that is one of the main things
that makes this list worthwhile.  Little things we can point out to each
other, so that already great songs suddenly become even better.  Now, if
somebody can just figure out what the frag is being mumbled in the middle
of Alien Shore...  ;)

And to the fellow who was wondering about the music videos, there's a tape
that's a companion to CHRONICLES.  It has the videos for Closer to the Heart,
The Trees, Red Barchetta, Limelight, Subdivisions, Distant Early Warning,
The Big Money, Time Stand Still, & Lock and Key (I might have forgotten one).
IMHO, you can do without it, because the videos are all pretty cheesy.

/2ush listening assigment: take a moment to appreciate how much better the
live version of La Villa Strangiato (on E...SL) is than the studio version.
Particularly "A Lerxst in Wonderland."  Anyone disagree??

/\/ e v i k

 "You see black and white
  And I see Red (Wings) --
  Not (St Louis) Blue(s)!"


From: "Daniel Ware" 
Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 15:30:40 -0600
Subject: in the mood...

Hey gang....

rush-mgr said, concerning In The Mood live:

>>>>> [ Isn't it "cookie" or "mookie" or something?              : rush-mgr ]

I think it's both "hey cookie" and "hey pookie" (it's a quarter to

Personally, I always thought it was Cookie, and then Boobie. Seriously, I did...
Have a great weekend all!!Wish I still got a Summer break...

Cheers from New Mexico..


From: "David M. Fornalsky" 
Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 16:40:06 -0500
Subject: Re: 05/14/98 - The National Midnight Star #2032

>>How many others have "rush sucks" written somewhere in their yearbook.<<

Ahhh! Yep. They could smell a Rush fan a mile away. I've got a few
of those in my yearbook....Class of '87 FWIW.

 - Dave


From: "Costello, Bryan" 
Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 17:48:16 -0400
Subject: Kid Gloves 

Hey Y'all!

Long time contributor, first time reader, uh, I mean....other way
around. A few notes I felt compelled to contribute.

The Best Guitar album?..... no question, P/G. It was produced by Peter
Henderson of Supertramp fame, and at a point in their career where they
were truly indulging in over the top keyboard production & all, it was a
breath of fresh air. Of course, it did little to recapture the huge
legions of fans that got on board for MP, and promptly got off at
Signals. For "New World Man" & "Subdivisions"  weren't as cool as "Tom
Sawyer" & "Spirit of the Radio" (how could they be? The radio didn't
play them as much....right?). 

But Mr. Henderson knew a good thing when he heard it (Alex), and here it
is 14 years later, be thankful that we have "Grace Under Pressure". I
saw that tour in Wichita, KS, where I was going to college. It was the
best time I have EVER seen them. Gary Moore warmed up for them, he was
killer, too.

So for Guitar albums....It is "Grace under Pressure", which also
contains their most overlooked/awesome song, "Kid Gloves". If ANYONE has
a live version of this on a bootleg CD, please rsvp.

"Kid Gloves" should have been a hit single! 
"Kid Gloves should be playing on every FM station regular rotation
today, as "Sawyer" & "Spirit" do. The fact that it isn't shows you that
the folks at Mercury couldn't put the old "Peacepipe" down long enough
to promote this band properly. 
"Kid Gloves" needs to be brought back on the next tour! (emphasis added)

Yours in Allegiance,

Bryan C
giant Sandman mark

P.S. Does anyone know if a similar forum to this exists for the only
other band that matters...METALLICA?


From: Cygnus X-1 
Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 18:24:09 -0700
Subject: Re: 05/15/98 - The National Midnight Star #2033

>Oh (again), no ending song stinks except You Bet Your Life.

>And I agree with the poster who said that "Face Up" is the quintessential
>throwaway song. RTB is bar far the weakest album as a whole in the entire
>Rush catalog. There are 3-4 not so great songs on it. Although it was a
>great tour. I miss the bunny's.

I loved those songs! You have to love any song with "be-bop or a one drop
or a hip hop light pop metalist" in it, it just sounds really cool. I also
really liked the play on words they had in that song, they Neil (this is my
interpretation anyway, maybe I'm dead wrong) was being very literal in
saying you bet your life, in everything you do you have to bet your life to
one degree or another. As far as Face Up goes, I can't really say much for
it except that I like the upbeat speed of the song, it has a lot of good
riffs and drum fills, I like the overall drum beat of the song (I'm a
drummer after all, who better to listen to than Neil Peart?) and in general
I think it just kicks some ass. I will give you that RTB seems to be their
weakest album, but seeing how much I like that album I don't think that it
was very weak at all. 

On a personal note, I'm new to TNMS and I'd just like to! =)

Cygnus X-1


From: Nick Bruels 
Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 16:21:56 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: A postcard from Neil

> From: Paul Stone 
> Subject: A postcard from Neil
> It's all well and good to show off your postcards from Neil. Great stuff.

Yes it was quite cool, thanks to whomever it was (sorry, I 
forget) for going to the trouble!

> But I find it interesting that the sender took the time to blank out his
> address on the scan. Perhaps you know how Neil feels and why he no longer
> takes the time to write to all the people who get a hold of his address.

Neil didn't give out his home address to a fan list.

> Heaven forbid if a bunch of people got a hold of your address.

Indeed.  I blank out the address in the photo of my home
linked from my html files (read: "on my website").  What's 
your point?



From: grs2 
Date: Sat, 16 May 1998 00:24:20 +0100 (BST)
Subject: The Man of the Match Awards

Dear All,

Thanks once again for all of the debate (both positive and 
negative) regarding the D'oh Awards.  I feel that the time 
is now right (and the alcohol content in my blood is now 
high enough) to write the sequel - the Man of the Match 

Once again, I refer back to an interview with the Gedster, 
where he said that on many occasions they've had one song 
on an album which has pretty-much summed up that album in 
its entirety.  My interest here is NOT in that particular 
song.  Rather, it is in the song which, though not THE 
song of the album, is defintitely a killer song off of that 
particular album.  It seems to me like there is always one 
such song, in the same way that there is always a song of 
the album and a D'oh song (not everyone would agree with 
this theory, of course).

However, with this in mind, I would like to present my take 
on the Man of the Match Awards, for Best Song in a 
Supporting Role (I've also included the song of the album 
in this list, under the abbreviation:  SOTA)

Album:	Rush	Song:	Working Man
SOTA:	Finding My Way

FMW most definitely sums up the whole mood of the album - 
it's a killer lead-off track and it epitomises everything 
we'll see later on.  However, we all know that WM is the 
money.  Completely.  No question.  Hence the award.

Album:	Fly By Night	Song:	Anthem
SOTA:	Fly By Night

One trend we'll see here is that the SOTA is quite often 
(predictably) the song from which the album title is taken. 
In this case, Anthem far outshines FBN in terms of musical 
prowess, but the latter scores points just for being so 
goddamn catchy.

Album:	Caress of Steel	Song:	Lakeside Park
SOTA:	Bastille Day

Lakeside Park is so evocative (Geddy may cringe about it 
these days, but it's definitely a early ancestor to Time 
Stand Still, emotionally speaking).  Musically, it falls 
short of BD, but still, the feeling's there.

Album:	2112	Song:	Something For Nothing
SOTA:	2112

No surprises for guessing the SOTA on this one, and it'll 
be a repeated trend for the next couple of discs.  SFN 
gets the award for being just too plain ballsy and managing 
to shake off the tear-worthy atmosphere left behind by 

Album:	A Farewell to Kings	Song:	A Farewell to Kings
SOTA:	Closer to the Heart

A bit of a turn-around, this one.  CTTH was the SOTA simply 
in terms of it's classic status, but AFTK is by far the 
unsung hero on this one, heralding everything that would be 
great about Rush albums for the next 4 years or so.

Album:	Hemispheres	Song:	The Trees
SOTA:	Hemispheres

The concept song wins the SOTA, but the contest for MOTM 
was a close-run thing between The Trees and La Villa.  The 
Trees clinches it simply for being extremely hard-rocking 
and having an intro which would be aped by Catherine Wheel 
on their current single, Broken Nose.

Album:	Permanent Waves	Song:	Freewill
SOTA:	The Spirit of Radio

Second tracks get the MOTM award on more than one occasion, 
but none more deservingly than Freewill, which gets it for 
Geddy's kickass bass, and that impossibly high vocal in the 
last verse.

Album:	Moving Pictures	Song:	Limelight
SOTA:	Tom Sawyer

Once again, SOTA goes to the classic, but Limelight is 
simply the ultimate early-80's Rush song.  Hooky Stop-start 
time signatures, underlayered synths, an intelligent topic 
for discussion and kickass riffs from Alex.  Oh, and let's 
not forget Neil's killer drum-workout at the end.

Album:	Signals	Song:	The Analog Kid
SOTA:	Subdivisions

Another second track for TAK, once again well-deserved for 
such a moving synth-layered chorus in-between the up-tempo 
hard rock - the resurrection of TAK in the CP tour showed 
that it could still hold it's own.

Album:	Grace Under Pressure	Song:	Between the Wheels
SOTA:	Distant Early Warning

No question about the SOTA, as I've heard Ged quoted as 
naming DEW in that capacity.  Why BTW?  Well, pure and 
simple it's a question of guitar solo, Al's being the best 
he's ever done, and will ever do.  Hence BTW scoring over 
the more obvious choice of Red Sector A.

Album:	Power Windows	Song:	Marathon
SOTA:	The Big Money

The SOTA seems to be more and more frequently the first 
track on the album, but MOTM duties go to Marathon on this 
one, simply for having such an uplifting message, conveyed 
through a chorus that soars from one key to the next as the 
song fades away.

Album:	Hold Your Fire	Song:	Force Ten
SOTA:	Time Stand Still

TSS gets the SOTA award for being the most popular single, 
defining HYF for a lot of people.  However, Force Ten 
stands out as a superb piece of focused tension, not least 
worthy for the intensely short amount of time in which it 
was put together by the boyz.

Album:	Presto		Song:	The Pass
SOTA:	Show Don't Tell

SDT was always the major vehicle for Rush's 'new sound' on 
Presto, what with the jazz-rock feel to it, Alex's 
acoustics, Neil's more-laid-back drumming and the best damn 
solo Geddy's ever done.  The Pass wins MOTM for being able 
to shove all that musicality aside and just be emotional - 
no wonder Geddy introduced it as one of their faves on the 
RTB tour.

Album:	Roll The Bones	Song:	Dreamline
SOTA:	Roll The Bones

Dreamline is simply THE killer track on RTB.  RTB, the 
song, may be catchy as all hell, and also still tends to 
get heavy airplay on rock radio stations in the USA, but 
Dreamline will always be the defining song on that album 
for me.

Album:	Counterparts	Song:	Between Sun & Moon
SOTA:	Animate

Animate DID define CP.  No question, but BS&M was a step in 
a new direction which paid off in spades, not least in the 
most hook-laden Rush-song in a decade.  BS&M was proof that 
a song could be poppy, catchy, and most importantly 
intensely musical.  If only the Spice Girls had heard it...

Album:	Test For Echo	Song:	Virtuality
SOTA:	Test For Echo

Lastly, T4E is quite obviously the quintessential song on 
that album.  However, Virtuality outshone everything else 
on T4E (almost eclipsing the title track) simply in terms 
of its uncompromising hard-rock riffs, intense drumming, 
frenetic bass-work and sexy (yes, sexy) vocals.

And that's it.  Hopefully that should dispell a few rumours 
that I'm a die-hard Rush-hater, and who knows?  Maybe it'll 
even spark a bit more debate about the music of Rush.  
After all, that's what this list is for, and that's why 
I've posted both the D'oh Awards and the Man of the Match 

Testing 4 Echoes,

Greg Sanderson

P.S.  Is that new Garbage album the bomb, or WHAT?!?!?!? :) 


From: "Costello, Bryan" 
Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 19:29:18 -0400
Subject: warm-up acts

I got a hold of NMS #2, to see who flamed who from issue #1, and a
discussion broke out on warm-up bands. For what it is worth, here are a
list of the bands that were with Rush everytime they came to
Atlanta....or when I saw them in the Midwest when I was in college!  

March 1977-The Omni. They warmed up for Blue Oyster Cult. Reo Speedwagon
came out first. Who were they?

Dec. 1977-The Fox Theatre. Cheap Trick & The Motors.

April 1979-The Fox Theatre. Raggedy Anne, a local band who later
regrouped as "RIGGS". They had one LP on Warner Bros., a song on the
Heavy Metal soundtrack, and 4 or 5 songs in the movie
"Nightshift"...none of which made the soundtrack.

Jan. 1980-The Omni. Max Webster

Dec. 1981-The Omni. ? some crappy Canadian band. You got me on this one.

March 1983-The Omni. Jon Butcher Axis, after Golden Earring cancelled.

June 1984-Kansas Coliseum, Wichita, KS. Gary Moore

Fall 1984- The Omni. Fastway (what an awesome band)

Spring 1986-Kansas Coliseum. Blue Oyster Cult. (what a difference 9
years makes)
*this was after Marillion cancelled out of the whole frickin' tour!!!

Fall 1987-Omni. MSG....The McCauley/Schenker group.
Jan. 1988- Oklahoma City. Tommy Shaw (pre-Damn Yankees)
May 1990-The Omni. Mr. Big
March 1992-The Omni. Primus
Feb. 1994-The Omni. Candlebox
Dec. 1996-The Omni. Rush! doing 2112 finally!

There ya go. I thought some budding archivist or historian might dig
this. The Omni was torn down in Summer of 1997. It was built in 1973,
and had become quite the toilet by the 1990' skyboxes, ya know?
The last concert there was Metallica, in April of 1997. 

The paper published a list of OMNI facts, and had the top 10 bands
ranked by # of OMNI appearances. The Dead were 1st, Rush was 10th. And
they even left two of these shows off the list!

Metallically yours in Allegiance,

Bryan C
giant Sandman mark

P.S. Zebra was an awesome band! Triumph could've been.
and on the subject of 3 pieces, any one remember "Belfegore"? They did
one LP on Elektra and had a killer video of people running for their
life, that truly left one exhausted just watching it. If there is a CD
Fairy, she can bring me that CD for knocking out someone's teeth. 

>...and The Washington Capitols will drink from the Stanley Cup.


From: Nick Bruels 
Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 16:31:01 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: ged and bass

> From: "Michael Z. Williamson" 
> Subject: ged and bass
> >Nick Bruels said:
> >Fender P-bass, Rick, Fender J-bass, Steinberger, Wal = 5.
> >Add to that the doubleneck and the Rick 4002
> (4003 actually)

Actually, the 4002 back in the H-PeW-MP era, whereas the 
4003 is the redesigned 4001.  I'm not aware that Geddy has 
one.  The 4002 was a different one from both of these.
> >, and you get 7.  
> >How many angels can dance on the tip of Ged's nose?

Meaning, of course, it's kind of pointless to try to count 
up all his basses.

> also the bass/6 doubleneck for APTB live, and his teardrop J bass, and

Teardrop P-bass, actually...

> the 5-string Wal he used in the studio for Turn the Page, and the second
> Wal (the red one).  

Right you are!

> I assume he has at least one spare of each, in case
> of stage disaster (you can see some of them on the "rack of doom" on
> E..SL video).

He did in fact tour with a Rick in several post-Rick
tours, I've seen his rack in person.  One Rick, the 2
Wals, no apparent spares, at least not backstage.

> "Bill Clinton has been sighted walking around the Whitehouse with a pair
> of women's panties on his arm. Apparently it's the patch and he's trying
> to quit."--Eric Knight

At least he's not vomitted on the trousers of any foreign

   [ Please let's keep political commentary out of the NMS, I get enough
     of that elsewhere!                                      : rush-mgr ]


From: "Ted D. Rossier" 
Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 19:26:05 -0500
Subject: In the Mood live

It sounds to me as if, on the ASOH vid, Geddy and Alex are each saying each
other's names, as in "Hey Geddy (Alex) it's a quarter to eight..."


Ted D. Rossier
"Individually, we are a ass,
but together, we are a genius."


From: "Mikey" 
Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 20:51:34 -0700
Subject: Subdivisions, Fan Enthusiasm, Opening Songs

>From: Reg 
>Subject: does Neil say subdivisons? and a signals question
>It's has a pretty convincing set of clips and a story that it wasn't
>Neil saying subdivisons in that song, and that It was a Toronto
>reporter, check it out I ithink I'm convinced

No, it Is Neil it is confirmed in countless interveiws with the Boys,
although Lerxt does it live...:)

>From: "Ball, Bill" 
>Subject: T4E

>Don't really know what the explanation is.  I was certainly not one of 
>the people who "sat" back and watched.  I yelled every word to each 
>song and stood the entire show.  The people in front and in back of me 
>didn't move the entire show.  I sat with a group of friends that made 
>as much noise as possible.  Sadly we could see down about 10 rows and 
>see everybody sitting.  I don't have any gripes with sitting for the 
>show.  Everybody enjoys concerts and shows in there own way.  But I 
>would have loved to have moved down 10 rows closer and switched with 
>the people that were sitting and talking with each other instead of 
>being "in tune" with the show.

I have to agree also, we had to sit at our venue cause the people in our
section were high on crack all night and I didn't need to start a fight
with a bunch of guys sitting behing me who thought that they had spent
40 bucks on a ticket to get high and put that nice turpentine smell in
the air in out section...

>Subject: Opening songs

2112?  Maybe The Spirit of Radio?  Personally I loved having Dreamline
as an opener for this tour.  And maybe The Big Money?  How bout starting
the first set with Natural science... you know the part where the
electric guitar comes in. You know, Part I, Tide pools, where the lyrics
"wheels within wheels, in a spiral array..."  Now tell me that that
wouldn't be the Almikey ass kicker!
There are others obviously, Virtuality would be a good one... And Half
the World... Okay, enough on this...:)

Peace my fellow RUSH fans

The guns replace the plow, facades are tarnished now
The principles have been betrayed
The dreams's gone stale, but still, let hope prevail
History's debt won't be repaid


From: "Jeff Brace" 
Date: Sat, 16 May 1998 00:48:26 -0400
Subject: Naked man  and other ramblings

Hi all--

I while reading the local paper, I came across this headline:  NAKED MAN
FOUND SHOT.  Yup sad to say, its true.  Evil has triumphed again!

In another Rush sighting, I saw two busses from a company called NEW WORLD.
One, had a picture of earth.  The other had a picture of a red planet, with
a ring around it.  Could this be the Red Star of the Solar Federation?  If
you're driving the along the I-95 or I-85 corridor along the east coast,
watch out for it.

In yesterday's paper (15 May), it was reported that the Genesis boxed set (I
think it is titled "The Gabriel Years") will be out 2 June.  It will have
the obligitory rare and live tracks only available in the set.

Has anyone thought of this (or do I have too much time on my hands)?  As
everyone has speculated the title for the new live album, the titles of the
live albums have some connection with performing live.  However, each of
them also represents another art form. ATWAS was obviously from Shakespeare.
ESL is a quote from a cartoon.  A few issues back, there was discussion if
anyone saw the three puppets on the T4E tour.  ASOH could be another name
for a puppet show.

There was some discussion about the clearity of T4E.  Is this disk DDD?  I
don't recall seeing this mentioned.  A couple of the previous disks were
DDD.  The band is the only one that I can think of that has recorded in DDD.
If the disk isn't DDD, has anyone heard why not?

I celebration of issue 2112, I suggest that instead of having an actual
post, everyone play 2112 the day after issue 2111.  Crank it at the office.
Crank it while you do yard work or barbeque.  Crank it in the car.  If you
hear it, take a minute and see who is playing it.  Who knows, maybe those of
you who have written that there are too few female fans could be proven
wrong. Those who thought that Rush ceased to exist would be pleased to find
that the and is still putting out quality music after all these years.  Take
the time and Introduce yourself, and maybe make a new friend.

Yup. Way way way too much time on my hands!

Thanks for letting me post,


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