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Subject: 05/20/98 - The National Midnight Star #2039

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         The National Midnight Star, Number 2039

                 Wednesday, 20 May 1998

Today's Topics:
               Unwanted Taurus Augmentation
                Re: Geddy's Rickenbacker 
         In The Moooooood & a trivial question ?
    In The Mood Live, Man of the Match, 2nd guitarist
                        Thank you!
     Re: 05/19/98 - The National Midnight Star #2037
                  rush on my generation
                 Subdivisions, In The End
 Short article on Geddy and Neil in Bass Player Magazine
                  temple computer system
                      Luke warm news
                    video remastering
                       morning guv
                       Re: King's X
                       hey whoever
                  Peart *** Mullen, Jr.
                    Limelight on VH-1
     Re: 05/19/98 - The National Midnight Star #2037
                  Kings X, Led Zep, Rush
     Re: 05/19/98 - The National Midnight Star #2038
              Guest Female Vocalist: Shania
                      Bradley Center
                  Re: Re Opening songs 
             Re: a Deep Rush Though for you 
Re: The National Midnight Star #2036. Rush's biggest *hit* 
       Re: chorus and al and ged and joni and jaco 
               Re: in the mood (TNMS #2038)
              The RUSH Ferrari Matchbox Car!
              Re: Hello...Morning Gov #2038
           The mother of TNMS faux paus!, #2112
             Rush, the guy, and the group...
                   David Spade and Rush
                   Women in Rush songs
                       Issue #2112

From: (The RUSH Fans Digest Manager)
Date: Wed May 20 10:12:07 PDT 1998
Subject: Administrivia

Woo hoo! O Canada, The Pass & Show Don't Tell are now up in RV on the NMS
web site! Aren't there two versions of SDT? I believe the one I have is the
one with "conceptual footage"; and as always, if anyone has BETTER copies
than mine and would be willing to loan them out to me, I'd be grateful!

Also if you have any videos I don't (the other SDT for example) that'd be
cool. I have Chronicles & Through the Camera Eye, so don't offer vids off of
there (I know I haven't put them all up yet, I'm getting to it!). And if you
happen to have Stick It Out from Beavis & Butthead, lemme know.

Oh, forgive the occasional downtime of the trader page, it's running on and we've been having some problems with the httpd on it (it'll die
for no reason, actually we know what the reason is, a screwed up chat thing)
so just bear with us. Hopefully we'll be able to turn the chat off in a week
or two.

 - rush-mgr


From: Slim Jim 
Date: Tue, 19 May 1998 22:18:11 +0100
Subject: Unwanted Taurus Augmentation

>>>>>  Sean Jones writes:

> >It was done by tapes. The same way the beginning of 2112 was done.
> >They didn't start using Taurus pedals until AFTK.
> It was done by tape, but they WERE using Taurus pedals on the 2112
> tour.  When Geddy switched to guitar on A Passage to Bangkok, he used
> the taurus pedals for the bass line (sort of. It was just bass notes).
> He was quoted in an interview with Keyboard magazine on this.

They started using Taurus pedals shortly after ATWAS so technically
not the '2112' tour.  There aren't any evident on ATWAS itself.  

The Taurus pedals were a real pain for the first few years they
were used IMO.  Geddy couldn't leave them alone and used to ruin
'Lakeside Park' and a few other classics by adding excessive 
zoopity-zoo sound effects where none was required, usually over
Alex's most tasteful and subtle rhythm parts.  A particular
grave offence was his practice of drowning out the delicate
acoustic guitar into to 'Closer to the Heart'.  In later years, 
he learned to practice a little restraint and discretion.



From: Slim Jim 
Date: Tue, 19 May 1998 22:27:02 +0100
Subject: Re: Geddy's Rickenbacker 

>>>>> writes:

> The Rickenbacker(s) that Geddy played in the 70's and early 80's were 
> the 4001 models.  The 4003's weren't produced until the late 80's
> /early 90's.  Geddy's double necks were just variations on the 4001
> theme (Made for the Gedmiester himself, I believe).  He had(has) 
> several Ricky's, but they were all the same model.

Not quite - in addition to the 4001 he also used to play a Rickenbacker
3001, and can be seen playing it backstage in a photo in the AFTK
tour programme.



From: broon 
Date: Tue, 19 May 1998 17:51:06 -0400
Subject: In The Moooooood & a trivial question ?

The "hey whomever " on ASOH is Elle.
Supermodel Elle McPhearson.

I believe this is refered to in Bill B's authorized biography.
or I read it in something similar.

Alex has an infatuation with beautiful women (what red blooded guy
doesn't ?)
and this is his way of expressing himself.

It has been many things through many tours.
I even remember a Philly show where several names popped up, but I
don't remember them specifically.

I love every song they have ever played. And I mean every one !!!
(even Tai Chan)
However Tom Sawyer, Spirit and Closer live have become rather
redundant don't you think ?

I wonder if the band feels the same.

I'm curious.
(perhaps this is in the FAQ's)
What song has been performed live (in it's entirety) the most ?

Just wondering, and I have a bet on it.


Hey, 10 bucks is 10 bucks.
(Geddy Lee - Bob & Doug McKenze The Great White North)

MAC OS8 = Windoze 2010


From: "Mikey" 
Date: Tue, 19 May 1998 14:52:44 -0700
Subject: In The Mood Live, Man of the Match, 2nd guitarist

>From: "Phelan" 
>Subject: Re: 05/15/98 - The National Midnight Star #2033
>>From: (Lyle A James)
>>Subject: In The Mood live
>>Well, I FINALLY picked up a copy of ASOH on VHS.  During the In The Mood
>>part, I noticed that they were saying something other than the
>>traditional "Hey baby..."  It seemed to be more of a "Hey ."
>>Does anyone know exactly what they said?
>>   [ Isn't it "cookie" or "mookie" or something?              : rush-mgr ]

>I always thought it was "Hey Ellie" or something like that...Elley...

I'm prety sure that it's hey Ellie as well, I only remember, cause a
friend of mine watched it with me (He's not a huge RUSH fan or anything,
but he likes some of their songs and this is one of them), anyway, He
was a little dissapointed cause they don't say "Hey baby it's a quarter
to eight..." , and it does sound like Ellie.  I may be wrong, so let me
know... I can picture hundreds of Rush fans putting their ASOF videos in
their VCRs in unison...:)
Ah, the beautiful sound of RUSH...

>From: "Ted D. Rossier" 
>Subject: In the Mood live

>It sounds to me as if, on the ASOH vid, Geddy and Alex are each saying each
>other's names, as in "Hey Geddy (Alex) it's a quarter to eight..."

Now THAT might be right... *grabs his ASOH video to watch in a little

>From: grs2 
>Subject: The Man of the Match Awards

Well, I"ve got a few areas of dissagreement on this list...:)

>Album:  2112    Song:   Something For Nothing SOTA:   2112

I think you got it backwards on this one... 2112 is the Almikey RUSH

>Album:  A Farewell to Kings     Song:   A Farewell to Kings 
>SOTA:   Closer to the Heart
>Album:  Hemispheres     Song:   The Trees SOTA:   Hemispheres

Personally, I think Cygnus X-1 is #1 on AFTK, followed by (a close
second) Closer to the Heart, then AFTK... and on Hemispheres, The title
tune is first, followed by (again, a close second) La Villa Strangiato,
with The Trees and Circumstances tied for third...:)

>Album:  Permanent Waves Song:   Freewill SOTA:   The Spirit of Radio

No way... Spirit is the driving force behind PW... And once again (I
think it's just me) but I don't care too much for the Freewill solo...
I'm not going to go into this any further, but I think Jacob's ladder
would be the second one on this album

Album:  Signals Song:   The Analog Kid SOTA:   Subdivisions

Well, no complaint here...:)

>Album:  Grace Under Pressure    Song:   Between the Wheels 
>SOTA:   Distant Early Warning

Well, I don't know about this one, Red Sector A is pretty cool and
all... I would have put it at #2... with DEW being a close 3rd...:)

>Album:  Power Windows   Song:   Marathon SOTA:   The Big Money

Right on the Money... The Big Money that is...:)

>Album:  Hold Your Fire  Song:   Force Ten SOTA:   Time Stand Still

NOOOOO way... not even close... Mission definatley #1... especailly with
the part "If their lives were exotic and strange, they would likely have
gladly exchanged them for something a little more plain, maybe something
a little more sane..." and Prime Mover being the #2 on that one...:)

>Album:  Presto          Song:   The Pass SOTA:   Show Don't Tell

Naa... IMO It would be Presto (with the wonderful usage of Ged's vocal
range, not to mention the music and the lyrics) and Scars (for the cool
funky music and the lyrics)... Not to mention Hand Over Fist, and
Available Light... The entire album is too good to worry about Who's

>Album:  Roll The Bones  Song:   Dreamline SOTA:   Roll The Bones

I don't know... RTB is a cool song but I think Bravdo would be the #2

>Album:  Counterparts    Song:   Between Sun & Moon SOTA:   Animate

Animate #1, Everyday Glory #2...

>Album:  Test For Echo   Song:   Virtuality SOTA:   Test For Echo

Three words: Half the World... I know it probably gets too much airplay
everywhere else (I wouldn't know, the only radio stations that play Rush
around here are the Classic rock station, that only play the mainstream
old stuff, and the Rock station, that is alternative now , but still
plays a few cool songs from Floyd, Sabbath, Rush and others... And they
don't play anything newer than Signals...:(  the bastards...
Although you can definatley ehar where the mandola was used (Lerxt
brought that one in from his solo project Victor) they music is nice and
happy... it's a pleasure to listen to and to play...:)  Although HTW is
a great song Virtuality would have to be #1, with HTW second...:)

And about the secod guitarist... why not me?  *L*  Yeah, that'll happen,
I'd be too excited about meeting the Boys, without having to worry about
getting all the chord structures and melodies right...*L*
Anyway... sorry about the lengthy post... Just had a lot to say about
the Man if the Match "awards"



The guns replace the plow, facades are tarnished now
The principles have been betrayed
The dreams's gone stale, but still, let hope prevail
History's debt won't be repaid


From: (Stephen M M Gold)
Date: Tue, 19 May 1998 18:59:10 -0400
Subject: Thank you!

     Thanks to the Rush-Mgr. for the Pop-Up Video information. I caught
it Sat. evening, and it was cool. I'd never seen that video before. I
seem to remember a Rush video, for "Tom Sawyer" I believe, from MTV's
early days, with the lads in concert. Geddy singing into the non-keyboard
microphone and was bathed in blue/green light; or was that the video for
"Red Barchetta"? Anyway, thanks!!


Steve  :-P


From: Brian Calhoun 
Date: 19 May 98 14:17:26 -0800
Subject: 2112

 >  [ Um, the story & lyrics are both on the web page, 

And also beautifully restored for the inlay of the remastered CD.  If 
you don't have the remastered 2112 yet, it's more than worth the 
ten bucks... trust me.



Date: Tue, 19 May 1998 20:02:05 -0700
Subject: Re: 05/19/98 - The National Midnight Star #2037



From: "Michael vieira" 
Date: Tue, 19 May 1998 17:13:11 PDT
Subject: moog?

could someone please tell me privately what the heck a moog is?
and does anyone else think that the remastering of "into the darkness", 
of the necromancer wrecked the texture?  what i mean is that there are 
alot of forward and backwards guitar parts on that song.  they seem to 
me to be more separated from each other than on vinyl or even the normal 
cd.  imho they sound more like anguished, sorrowful spectres when the 
parts are tight together.
love you guys,
hi mar,
michael the platapus


From: (z z z)
Date: Tue, 19 May 1998 19:12:50 -0500
Subject: rush on my generation

today i was watching my generation, and the category 'gimme three steps'
was picked for 1983. any of you that have watched the show should know
what that is, so i'll stop at that.  the three albums were Signs(!?),
Permanent Waves, and Grace Under Pressure. 
now, i think they can be forgiven for pretty much any of their other
errors, but incorrectly naming one of Rush's big albums?  that's absolute

does anybody know how to get a hold of the people that produce my

"If at first you don't succeed, it's probably someone else's fault."


From: "Mikey" 
Date: Tue, 19 May 1998 17:41:58 -0700
Subject: Subdivisions, In The End

>From: Scott McDow 
>Subject: subdivisions/other music
>>From: Reg 
>>Subject: does Neil say subdivisons? and a signals question
>>No, it Is Neil it is confirmed in countless interveiws with the
>>Boys, although Lerxt does it live...:)
>I think it's a triggered "effect" although King Lerxst mouths it in
>concert. Who triggers it? Anybody?

No, Lerxt says it... he doesn't sing it...
He did the same thing on this tour as well...:)


I agree on that statement Scoots... *LOL*

[enter a little more technical stuff]

Okay... I need some info on this... I was working on "In The End" and
During the guitar solo (at approx. 4:22 on the CD) It sounds like the
guitar that is bending the A a full step to B is doubled by a Kazoo!!!
REALLY!!! lsiten to it... like RIGHT NOW... and tell me... if that is
the case, I need to program my digital processor (Digitech model 2112
[*grins*]) to make that noise as well... any suggestions on how I can do
See, that wasn't that bas was it? *grins*



The guns replace the plow, facades are tarnished now
The principles have been betrayed
The dreams's gone stale, but still, let hope prevail
History's debt won't be repaid


From: Scott McDow 
Date: Tue, 19 May 1998 21:10:48 -0400
Subject: caress

>Is a Caress of Steel really a good thing?
>Alan Fattarini

When a caress of steel (cymbal, guitar string)
sounds like The Nec or TFOL the answer is
yes... really good


From: (Chuck Flowers)
Date: Tue, 19 May 1998 19:56:44 -0500
Subject: lenny

Anybody pick up the new Lenny Kravitz album yet?   If so, does it jam?

c money


From: "John Villasana" 
Date: Tue, 19 May 1998 21:49:18 -0500
Subject: Short article on Geddy and Neil in Bass Player Magazine

 This short article was part of a special issue of Bass Player entitled:
The Great Rhythm Sections:


"When you think of RUSH you don't think of a sedate rhythm section" said
Geddy Lee in December '93.  Indeed,  while many other rhythm sections
specialize in earthy simplicity,  Lee and drummer Neil Peart excel at quite
the opposite:  exciting,  intricate,  highly orchestrated parts that keep
you on the edge of your seat.  True survivors of the mid-70's progressive
rock movement,  RUSH managed to hold onto it's fans (and grow considerably)
throughout it's 80's heyday and on into the 90's.  Part of the reason is Lee
and Pearts tightness and cohesion;  they provide a solid foundation - albeit
an angular twisting one - for the band's explorations of odd time signatures
and epic concepts.
    Few songs have steered more budding musicians toward the bass than
RUSH's biggest hit,  1982's "New World Man."  A masterpiece of four minute
craftsmanship,  the tune has an on the edge vibe that seems to intensify
from beginning to end.  Geddy's charging ,  breakneck eighth-notes and
offbeats are solidly welded onto Pearts eighth-note kick figures and offbeat
ride patterns.  Peart - the hands-down favorite Musician Who Doesn't Play
Bass in BP Readers Polls - is the consumate drummers drummer,  forever
painting fresh textures and colors without obscuring the other instruments
or vocals.  "Over the last couple of years Neil has learned more than ever
how to excercise restraint"  said Geddy in '93.  "He understands that there
is  a time and a place to do the things he does."  The same could be said
for Lee - and it's this energy that makes the RUSH rhythm section so
    While Lee and Peart are superb at laying it down under a verse or
chorus, their greatest moments come when the song's excitement peaks,
especially during Alex Lifeson's soaring guitar solos.  Geddy's grinding
tone (courtesy of various Fender Jazz,  Steinberger,  Rickenbacker,  and Wal
basses over the years)  forms the perfect firmament when the rhythm guitar
drops out.  Meanwhile Peart helps fill the harmonic void with tasty beat
turnarounds,  intense syncopations,  and zingy cymbal work,  as showcased on
such classics as "Limelight" and "YYZ."
    Rush has become more soulful over the years,  but the exciting
rhythm-section interplay still comes to the fore - especially at their live
shows,  which continue to sell out arenas 25 years after the bands debut.


From: Scott McDow 
Date: Tue, 19 May 1998 23:01:51 -0400
Subject: temple computer system


>not everyone in the universe uses a PC!
> - rush-mgr

Didn't everybody know this digest is run on
the TCS (temple computer system)? In the
year 2112 they were old, but for us 20th
century types they're the bomb!



From: HerrWitt 
Date: Tue, 19 May 1998 23:50:11 EDT
Subject: Luke warm news

I spoke briefly with Herns on Sat at the Van Halen show in Chi (as I said I
would).  He even remembered me from Rush shows.  Anyway, after some lite light
talk, I asked him about the closing of MLG and the rumoured Rush show to close
it out.  Howard said he'd heard about MLG but has NOT heard about a Rush show.
Granted, he has been in Australia for about a month with VH, so maybe that
hasn't been brought up to him yet.

Howard is a good guy and I probably could have talked lighting with him til
the proverbial cows came home, but he had a show to do.  Maybe next time...


Go Real Madrid!


From: "Michael Z. Williamson" 
Date: Tue, 19 May 1998 00:06:02 -0700
Subject: video remastering

>grs2  said:

>Time Stand Still and The Big Money were great 
>ideas, but the technology at the time was somewhat lacking. 
>Wouldn't it be great if, in the spirit of remastering 
>that's going on in the Rush world at the moment (and also 
>owing a great deal to the re-release of the Star Wars 
>Trilogy) some of those classic videos were given the 
>re-master treatment

well, my brother-in-law works for Industrial Light and Magic.  He's not
a Rush fan, and not very high up, so he can't help.  But I can tel you
that  CGI from ILM costs up to $1 million a minute of finished video.  I
don't think that's in Anthem's budget.  I WOULD love to see it, though.

BTW:  reshooting of some live action scenes for the Star Wars prequel
has commenced.  We are still looking at a release date this time next
year.  That may change, of course.

   [ I heard it was May 25th 1999...                         : rush-mgr ]

"Support the use of low-yield nuclear devices by local law enforcement
authorities."---Mad Mike


From: "Michael Z. Williamson" 
Date: Tue, 19 May 1998 00:09:22 -0700
Subject: morning guv

>greg cormier said:
> I just purchased the remastered 'Moving Pictures" CD and during "The 
>Camera Eye" at about the 9:00 mark you can clearly hear the words 
>"Hello.... Morning Gov". tHis was something that was not discernable on 
>the original released CD. Does anyone else hear this on the remastered 
>CD ? 

I don't have the remaster, but can clearly hear it on my old CD and

mike     rush-related stickers


From: "John E. Heald" 
Date: Tue, 19 May 1998 22:29:35 -0700
Subject: Re: King's X

King's X were heavily influenced by the Beatles, especially the hooks
driven three part harmonies found on their first four albums. The thing
that has always amazed me, like Rush, is the fact they can pull it off
live. I've seen them play numerous times, and they are one of the
biggest sounding three-piece bands I've ever heard. Recently, someone
asked which album to check out first. My vote would be cast for
"Gretchen Goes to Nebraska", with their "S/T" release coming in second.
It's all really good, so it doesn't really matter ;-) I'd love to see
Rush and King's X on tour together. That would be an incredible show.



From: "Michael Z. Williamson" 
Date: Tue, 19 May 1998 00:25:43 -0700
Subject: hey whoever

I have all three official live videos and both live discs.  I hear "Hey
cookie" on one, "Hey ellie" on one, and "Hey, ruby" on the third.  given
the bubie//alex/geddy//cookie interpretations, I think we can figure out
the possibilites from there.

"Yes, Mrs. Lincoln, but apart from that, how did you enjoy the
play?"--alleged reporter question.


From: "Elias Granillo, Jr." 
Date: Tue, 19 May 1998 22:41:44 -0700
Subject: Peart *** Mullen, Jr.

> From: Dan 
> >From: greg cormier 
> >
> >  I read in an earlier post that there was a question on VH1's "My 
> >generation" show which asked what do Neil Peart and Larry Mullen Jr have in 
> >common. Besides the obvious fact that they both play drums for their 
> >respective bands I don't know. I didn't get to see that episode but am 
> >curious as to what the answer was if anyone would be willing to oblige.
> I would think that both of them being drummers was the commonality that VH1
> was looking for...but I could be wrong!  :-)

VH-1 has its virtual head up its very corporeal ass. Peart and Mullen may
both beat skins with woods, but otherwise, they have nothing in common. I
hate U2 (a very overrated, commercialism-eptimozed marketing machine called
a *band*), so before I start ranting "Larry Mullen, Jr. sucks and couldn't
be bestowed the honor of sniffing Neil's underarm after an outdoor summer
Rush show in 108-degree weather," I guess I'll just end my post here.



From: Ramin Abtahi 
Date: Wed, 20 May 1998 01:44:35 -0400
Subject: Limelight on VH-1

Did you guys see Limelight on VH-1 pop up video for Canadian artists?  I
couldn't believe it.  I fell out of my chair.  VH-1 could have been a
little more flattering though.  But still I'm beside myself that they
actually did one for Rush.  We should all email and thank them and
encourage them to do more on Rush.  I have already written and asked
them to do some type of profile on Rush like a "Behind the Music" or a
"Legends".  It will probably never happen but it's good to let them know
how good this band is and how other people should find out how special
they are.  What do ya think?


Date: Wed, 20 May 1998 02:00:37 -0400
Subject: Re: 05/19/98 - The National Midnight Star #2037

>>> "Bill Clinton has been sighted walking around the Whitehouse with a pair
>>> of women's panties on his arm. Apparently it's the patch and he's trying
>>> to quit."--Eric Knight
>>    [ Please let's keep political commentary out of the NMS, I get enough
>>      of that elsewhere!                                      : rush-mgr ]
>Awww.  I'm a Democrat and I even I thought it was funny. :)

I guess political humor is only bad if the target of the humor is
someone who is not a Conservative or a Republican. Where is the outrage
when people trash Rush Limbaugh??  Methinks the Rush manager is
censoring posts according to her own twisted beliefs.  What a shame she
doesn't see fit to abide by the first amendment.

   [ This'll be the last post in this thread, I only left it in to make a 
     point. Who cares what my political beliefs are? Who cares about political
     crap in the NMS? You can get that elsewhere. Watch CNN, look at their
     web site, subscribe to a few mailing lists. And in case you haven't
     noticed, this is a moderated digest. If I decide it doesn't belong in a 
     RUSH DIGEST, then I take it out. Period.                   : rush-mgr ]


Date:          Wed, 20 May 1998 08:38:38 GMT0BST
Subject: Kings X, Led Zep, Rush

Kings X?  Check those Led Zep riffs on Kingdom Clone 
sorry Come.  Beatles influence - Oasis too.  Rush content? - Rush 
forever - happy?


From: "Ed" 
Date: Wed, 20 May 1998 00:52:20 +0000
Subject: Re: 05/19/98 - The National Midnight Star #2038

> And I said I like Primus.  Never said I was a fan.  Where's the cover of
> TSOR and YYZ?
>   [ I have the cover of TSOR in RealAudio format someone emailed to me a 
>     while ago (I just rediscovered it). Haven't listened to it yet, but I'll
>     see if I can stick it up on the web site.                     : rush-mgr ]

There is a portion of Primus playing YYZ at the start of their first 
CD, "Suck on This."  Primus have also been know to cover Cygnus X-1.
One of my greatest concert mouments last year was at a Primus show. 
Brain was doing an awesome drum solo and Larry LaLonde walks over to 
him and hands him a beer, Brain takes the beer and drinks the whole 
thing without missing a beat!  And then, he starts playing like all 
hell and the drum set just exploded into flames!!



From: Andrew Dearden  (Tel \(01606\) 
Date: Wed, 20 May 1998 10:50:07 +0100
Subject: Guest Female Vocalist: Shania

My nomination for new Guest Female Vocalist would have to be Shania Twain.
Number one she's Canadian, which is appropriate. Secondly, she's a good
looking gal who would be very welcome in a video. Last but not least she is a
fine singer. Her main problem, IMO, has been the really lame lyrics in her
own songs. It would be great if our Neil could give her something to sing
which would do justice to her voice.



From: "Brian T. Peterson" 
Date: Wed, 20 May 1998 03:25:01 -0600
Subject: Bradley Center

I was at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee on November 1, 1996 as well. I
wonder if I walked by any of you. I was born in northern Wisconsin, but
I've lived in Montana most of my life. I have an aunt, uncle, and
cousins living in Milwaukee. So, a friend and I flew to Milwaukee to see
Rush and we stayed with my relatives. It was a kickass trip! We hit the
Miller brewery tour(second time) while we were there. 

Overall, the concert audience didn't seem really "into it." If I recall
correctly, most of the people stood for the majority of the songs, but
with their arms folded and not doing too much. Personally, I was singing
along like a freak and pretending to play guitar. The friend that came
with me was fairly new to most of Rush's music, so he didn't know many
of the words, but he thought the concert was incredible. I had a third
ticket available so I sold it to one of my cousins. My cousin was not a
Rush fan, and remained quiet throughout the show, but the following day
he felt the need to listen to "Driven" over and over again. "Brian, play
that Driven song again." In front of us at the concert were three male
teenagers, probably about 16, who were going crazy the whole concert;
they were air drumming, air guitaring, singing, etc. I thought it was
cool to see some real young Rush freaks. (Although their constant "high
fives" were getting somewhat obnoxious.)

Do any of you who saw Rush at the Bradley Center remember some of the
things Geddy said between songs? I believe there were a few times he
changed his voice into a Scottish accent. For example, right before
"Driven" he said in a Scottish voice, "We'd like to play a Scottish song
for ya right now. This is called Driven!" I found this to be amusing,
but does anyone know what the joke was behind this? Did this happen at
other shows? Also, was it just me, or did "Dreamline" seem much louder
than the other songs Rush played at the Bradley Center? It seemed like
the audio crew, or whatever the hell you call them, determined that
Dreamline was too loud so they "turned the volume down" for the
following songs. Hell, Geddy's bass was so powerful on the first part
that I could barely hear, "He's got a road map of Jupiter, . . ." Maybe
I'm screwed in the head.

In closing, I cannot begin to explain how excited I was to be at the
Rush concert in Milwaukee. I know you all understand what I mean. It was
a fun trip and a wonderful memory. I thought the power trio played well! 

Cheers from the middle of nowhere(Montana, of course),
"We travel in the dark of the new moon"


From: Slim Jim 
Date: Wed, 20 May 1998 11:23:27 +0100
Subject: Re: Re Opening songs 

>>>>>  John Parks writes:
> All I have to say is that "Anthem" IMHO would be the best 
> opener for a Rush show.  It would certainly have that 'big bang'
> effect to get things going.

Yep, it was the opener on the Hemispheres tour, and you're right.


From: Slim Jim 
Date: Wed, 20 May 1998 11:27:13 +0100
Subject: Re: a Deep Rush Though for you 

>>>>>  Talmahera2 writes:
> Is a Caress of Steel really a good thing?

If it refers to the caress of Alex Lifeson's fingers onto
the steel strings of his Gibson guitar, thereby caressing
the ears of his devoted listeners, then - yes.


From: (David Whiteman)
Date: Wed, 20 May 1998 06:34:18 -0400
Subject: Re: The National Midnight Star #2036. Rush's biggest *hit* 

> If I remember correctly 
> New World Man has charted the highest at #21 (I think this is close)
> on the US Billboard pop charts.  Did "Take-Off" chart higher than NWM? 

You do remember correctly.  And yes, "Take Off" charted higher (#16, I
David Whiteman
Sr. Member, Tech. Staff
Applied Reasoning (
(919) 851-7677


From: Slim Jim 
Date: Wed, 20 May 1998 11:40:55 +0100
Subject: Re: chorus and al and ged and joni and jaco 

>>>>>  "Michael Z. Williamson" writes:

> Alex got into chorus effects because Jaco Pastorius was in le Studio
> with Joni and had one of Fender's first chorus amps.

Alex makes extensive use of chorus effects on the first album, which
wasn't recorded at Le Studio if I remember rightly - so I don't think
we can credit the late great Jaco Pastorius with this.



From: (David Whiteman)
Date: Wed, 20 May 1998 06:45:04 -0400
Subject: Re: in the mood (TNMS #2038)

>and I've seen them play in the mood only once live - power windows at the 
>myriad in OKCity - I swear to geddy it sounded like he said "hey boobie"
>as well as the various other "hey..."
>sounds like they changed it up - possibly according to city as slim jim 

Actually, my bet is that they change it per tour.  I think they did "baby"
for a while, got tired of that, moved on to "cookie", then moved on to
"boobie" in the GUP/PoW era (I believe I heard him use that one on the GUP
tour video), and then more recently "alex/geddy".
David Whiteman
Sr. Member, Tech. Staff
Applied Reasoning (
(919) 851-7677


From: (Mark J. Lanzilla)
Date: Wed, 20 May 1998 07:34:37 -0400
Subject: The RUSH Ferrari Matchbox Car!

HEY ALL!! Just a quick note to let you all know that my supply of these
no-longer made cars is dwindling fast!!
SOOOO--- for any you are still interested in getting one=====just e-mail
me for the details!!!!


From: "The Perfect Game" 
Date: Wed, 20 May 1998 09:34:28 -0500
Subject: Re: Hello...Morning Gov #2038

>  I just purchased the remastered 'Moving Pictures" CD and during "The
> Camera Eye" at about the 9:00 mark you can clearly hear the words
> "Hello.... Morning Gov". tHis was something that was not discernable on
> the original released CD. The remasters are definitely worth the money for
> me. Does anyone else hear this on the remastered CD ? 

Contrary to the FAQ maintainer, "Hello, Morning Gov" is so clear as to not 
really be debatable.

It was clear to me on the album and even more clear on the regular CD (just 
heard again yesterday).  I don't own the remaster.

What's even better is that I came up with this all by myself, without hearing it
from someone else.  What's cool is that OTHERS have come to the same 
conclusion (like yourself).

It's pretty clear.
 The Perfect Game -
 Part of the Gamestats Network -
 Serving enthusiasts of computer baseball simulations


Date: Wed, 20 May 1998 07:25 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: The mother of TNMS faux paus!, #2112

Poomoble writes...
> From: Donna Halper 
> Date: Wed, 13 May 1998 17:13:25 -0400
> Subject: Does Rush Read Us?

You met Geddy? Cool! When did this happen?

Doh!!  Perhaps a reading of Visions is in order.  I bet Poo gets a lot of his 
namesake for this one! :)  I'm laughing my @ss off right now.  I'm getting 
visions (no pun intended) of Frodo and Gandalf and company journeying back home 
trying to explain to Butterbur that Aragorn is the King.


PS.  Issue #2112 should simply be yet another excellent edition of The National 
Midnight Star.  If not, then maybe the rush-mgr(s) can reprint their favorite 


From: "Daniel Ware" 
Date: Wed, 20 May 1998 08:30:34 -0600
Subject: Rush, the guy, and the group...

Hey gang...
It was recently written....
<<<<<< a caracature of the big fat radio talk show host doing the dance under 
>the stick.
> Wonder if the cartoonist is a fan?

Or Mr. Limbaugh?  It doesn't sound much like it.  But a lot of us are :)>>>>>>

In all truth, Rush(the guy) has lost a lot of weight (see an episode of Drew
Carey this last season)  Since he, at one time, was a rock and roll DJ in
the 70's, I'll bet he is, or at least was, a fan of the band, for perhaps as
simple a reason as they share the same name. That is his real name, BTW...
Cheers from New Mexico..


From: Tom Mueller 
Date: Wed, 20 May 1998 11:12:51
Subject: David Spade and Rush

	Hey team,

	Did anyone else see the HBO comedy special, 'Take the Hit'?  Davis Spade
does a couple of lines about a friend's mom singing like Geddy... Dave even
recites a line from 'The Spirit of Radio.'  I laughed, anyway. :]
	Can't recall the exact lines off the top of my head, but I can stand to
watch the show again to copy 'em down for anyone who asks...  :]

Tom Mueller
Milwaukee, WI

"Christopher Robbin decided on
 a diabolical plan to kill Pooh"
  Crow T. Robot, 'The Deadly Bees'


From: Tom Mueller 
Date: Wed, 20 May 1998 11:40:29
Subject: Bravado

	Just listening to the song while reading NMS :]
	Got a major chill down the spine hearing that single guitar note at the
end of each line, starting with "and if the music stops" [guitar rings] -
WOW.  Then catching the mood of the song, I realized that Geddy's bass line
is one the SADDEST (emotionally!) sounds I've ever heard.  Comparable to
Barber's Adagio for Strings.

See ya all later (why are we here?)  :]

Tom Mueller
Milwaukee, WI

"Christopher Robbin decided on
 a diabolical plan to kill Pooh"
  Crow T. Robot, 'The Deadly Bees'


Date: Wed, 20 May 1998 12:47:53 -0400
Subject: Women in Rush songs

In response to the thread mentioned about Aimee Mann singing on HYF and
what woman would you choose to sing with the boys on a new Rush song:

Madonna? HELL NO!! Sheryl Crow? Well, maybe.....But I was thinking that
since the boys are Canadians maybe they'll stick with their own country
folk. I was thinking Alannis Morrissette - she's from Canada. Sound

Better yet, imagine Geddy taking John Travolta's place and singing with
Olivia Newton-John in "Grease"! Now THAT would be the coolest thing I

>...."Geddy Zuko"??? OK - I've lost it.

Scott Wedge -
Auburn University MBA - Class of '94
"We can walk our roads together..." - RUSH


From: "Miers, Dan" 
Date: Mon, 18 May 1998 14:31:00 -0500
Subject: Issue #2112

I'll throw my sombrero in the ring on this debate...

I have to agree with GranDesigns on this one....while Rush is the reason WHY
the digest exists, the list's subscribers and rush mgrs are HOW it exists.

I support the idea of issue #2112 containing a list of all subscribers
(names, screen names, nicknames, whatever), beginning with the rush mgrs,
followed by each subscriber's city and state/country of residence - to
chronicle the breadth of Rush's impact.

I think that get's more to the spirit of the digest than anything else
suggested so far.

Submitted for your approval,


"All the midnight bargains have been struck
between the Southern beaus and their belles..."


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