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Subject: 06/02/98 - The National Midnight Star #2045

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         The National Midnight Star, Number 2045

                  Tuesday, 02 Jun 1998

Today's Topics:
                   Kids and Rush cont.
                    custom instruments
                     Spin Productions
                     Female Vocalist
                   Updated Visions book
                   Most underated album
                  Re: Burning For Geddy
           'Scuse me, while I kiss this guy...
     Re: 05/28/98 - The National Midnight Star #2043
                 Superman in Supernature
                     Older Rush Fans
                   The Rush for The Cup
           Camera Eye/Superman - Old Rush Story
                    Various topics...
           Rush on the radio / radio on the net
                    concert attendance
                   re: Neil look-alike
                  X-Files Rush sighting
         PLEASE HELP! - "Narpets" meaning needed
                        RUSH Radio
                    San Francisco RUSH
     Re: 06/01/98 - The National Midnight Star #2044
                   Hip in the Limelight
             Re: rush songs you hate at first
                      a new reality
    Almost cool Rush sighting that almost happened...
             Power Windows (NYC Tribute Band)
                         Rush fan
               Re: grs2: Rush on the Radio
                        Some News
                 Freddie Gruber/Marillion
                    re: Power Windows
                      Kids and Rush!
                 The Ultimate Rush Stereo

From: mark irwin 
Date: Fri, 29 May 1998 23:31:49 +0000
Subject: Kids and Rush cont.

I just taught my 4-year old how to sing the chorus to FBN! Now that's
all we hear...
Mark Irwin


From: vlado 
Date: Fri, 29 May 1998 06:02:11 -0400
Subject: custom instruments

>Sid Poole makes exceedingly good guitars. Yes, yes, YES!! I picked up my
>hand-built, custom-spec guitar from Sid last week and it is a beauty.  He
>certainly puts his heart into his art. Go on, support your local
>luthier. Totally unrelated to Rush, but I had to tell SOMEONE!

Not necessarily unrelated - the boys have had a number of custom
instruments made, right ? :-)

I agree - to get the best instrument you must spec it yourself,
as no two people are alike. Sometimes I can find something
I don't like even in a $4000 "top of the line" Tobias or Sadowsky
bass (for example).


From: greg cormier 
Date: Fri, 29 May 98 7:55:46 EDT
Subject: Spin Productions

   In NMS #2043 Scott Mcdow mentions the members of Spin Productions as the 
company that created the rear scren projections for Rush's T4E tour. The 
second name on the list is one Alan Weinrib. Is there any relation to Geddy 
or just a coincidence ? Anyone know for a fact if there is any blood 
relation between the two ?


From: greg cormier 
Date: Fri, 29 May 98 8:01:33 EDT
Subject: Female Vocalist

  Just to add my own .02 to the thread on guest female vocalist I would 
like to nominate Natalie Merchant. Anyone who has her solo release "Tiger 
Lilly" can appreciate her vocal abilities.

Realising that they only used small samples of Aimee Mann's voice for a 
couple of tracks on Hold Your Fire I'm not sure the band would want 
anything more than the same for any future endeavors. They will live and 
die by the trio format which is just fine by me !


From: greg cormier 
Date: Fri, 29 May 98 8:07:29 EDT
Subject: Updated Visions book

  In NMS # 2043 Greg Sanderson posted that it was about time that B-man do 
an updated vewrsion of the biographical book Visions. For those who didn't 
know B-man and the band are no longer considered friends. When the band was 
getting ready to release Hold Your Fire they had a.llowed B-man to preview 
it  and he took it upon himself to leak it out to his radio audience 
without the bands permission. In short B-man blew it and will not be 
authorised to do an updated book by the band. 

  I'd love to see an updated book but I'm not sure who would write it 
beyond the members of the band themselves. Anyone have any ideas on who the 
band would entrust with such a personal undertaking ?


From: greg cormier 
Date: Fri, 29 May 98 8:15:01 EDT
Subject: Most underated album

  This may of been a previous thread but what would be everyones most 
underated Rush studio Album and why ?

For me it would be Hemispheres because of the complexity and brilliance of 
the title track and La Villa Strnagiato. The other two tracks The Trees and 
Cicumstances are no slouches either and collectively they form an album 
with great lyrics and sondwriting that has endured for 20 yrs. 

What does everyone else think is the most underated Rush studio effort and 
why ? 


From: "Brian M. Beck" 
Date: Fri, 29 May 1998 08:33:14 -0400
Subject: Re: Burning For Geddy

Hope this helps!

>From: Sean Carroll/Katherine Moore >Subject:
Geddy's basses
>Burning questions for bassists/G Lee devotees:
>When (tour or album) did Geddy first use the Rickenbacker 4003? Also,
>subsequent use of this bass?
He didn't.  He used a Rickenbacker 4001, not a 4003.  The difference?  Back
then the 4001 was wired for "Rick-O-Sound" Stereo and the 4003 was mono.

As for when he obtained the infamous Rick, just after Neil joined the band
and before they recorded Fly By Night they all went out and used a portion
of their record advance to get Alex's Les Paul, Neil's first Slingerlands
and Geddy's black Rick.
>Was a Steinberger used to record New World Man?
No, that was also the Rick.  He didn't use the Steinbergers until Grace
Under Pressure, which accounts for all of the bass work on that album, and
they were used very sparingly on Power Windows, to the tune of "Mystic
>Facts only, please, no conjecture, and name your source of information.
All these questions are answered in the book, "Visions," by Bill
Banasciewicz (sp?)


From: "Chad Werner" 
Date: Fri, 29 May 1998  7:27 -0600
Subject: 'Scuse me, while I kiss this guy...

     Andrew Griffith had this to say recently:
     "I did have a friend who spent years intrigued by the line about "the
     boldest sex shop in the city"
     Har har! That's a great bastardization. I've been singing "Camera Eye" 
     in my head with that line since I read you post. There is a book 
     devoted to messed up song lyrics (called, you guessed it, 'Scuse Me, 
     While I Kiss This Guy). I don't know if there are any Rush ones in it, 
     but here's a favorite from my childhood (attn: Scorpions fans): "Here 
     I am! Rock you like a nerd again!!!" One of my neighbors would sing 
     this line over & OVER. It was hilarious. Then there was that Mr. 
     Mister song that had "Lord have mercy" in Latin in the chorus... I had 
     no idea what the hell they were saying, but I sure as shit knew it 
     wasn't  "..Carry a laser down the road that I must follow..." as my 
     good friend, Pat, suggested. I chose to keep my yap shut. Funny stuff.
     Greg Sanderson said this:
     "somebody recently posted saying they'd love to do a post-Visions book 
     on Rush.  My question is, isn't it about time Bill Banciewicz 
     (probably spelt wrong) did an updated version?  That would be the 
     Wasn't he excommunicated from the Rush camp? I don't think he'll e 
     doing an update, but I, as the person Mr. Sanderson is talking about, 
     still have an open schedule to write the book.
     Adding to the guest vocalist thingy, I do definitely agree that 
     Shirley Manson would work nicely. What about Johnette Napliotano (sp?) 
     from Concrete Blonde? Jennifer Finch or Donna Sparks from L7? Aimee 
     Mann DID work really well on HYF. I wish she would have sang a bit 
     more on TSS.


From: "Paolo Pilleri" 
Date: Fri, 29 May 1998 06:00:08 PDT
Subject: Re: 05/28/98 - The National Midnight Star #2043

This is may first post after a long time...I never got the time to 
write, and I didn't now what to write anyway...until I read the last issue...
In the last issue, "a s" said:

>Do you know how many times I have seen Rush live? Zero times.
>And the propability to see Rush live is about... zero, unless they do a 
>world tour. And even then, they wouldn't come to Finland.
>This is so depressing.
>Rush is never played on radio here, and I have seen only one of their 
>videos on TV.
>But that doesn't matter, actually. I have all of their records, and I 
>can buy tour videos (like ASOH and ESL, which I have)

Well, "a s", I'm in the same situation as you are. I do not live in 
Finland, but Italy. But this is not a question about just our two 
countries. The same problem we have allover Europe. See, the boys, from 
what I know, have come to Europe only a few times, and always in France 
or England. Now, I am so sure there are thousands and thousands of 
people allover Europe that would love to see Rush live, but theynever 
will (if the things remain the same as now). I have asked myself this 
question many times now: why this awesome Band has never taken a tour in 
other european countries? If you know the answer, please tell me it 
would be appreciated. 
Well, take care...



From: (Michael P McGee)
Date: Fri, 29 May 1998 11:36:57 EDT
Subject: Superman in Supernature

Hello all!

I have heard of those who follow the philosophy of Nietzsche referred to
as "Supermen."  I don't know if Nietzsche actually penned the name or if
it was something the academics came up with.  As I'm sure many of you
know, being a "Superman" would involve recognizing that "God is dead,"
(at least to the extent that you can't rely on Him as much as you can
your freewill) and that one's will provides the power to do something
with your life.

George Bernard Shaw, the socialist playwright, seemed to like the idea
and took it a step further in "Man and Superman" (subtitled "A Comedy and
a Philosophy").  In this he proposes his idea of Creative Evolution,
implying that as one wills one's life, one also takes part in the willing
of the evolution of mankind.  In "Back to Methuselah," he takes it so far
as to have people will themselves to live up to 300 years upon realizing
that our societies are run by fifty-year-old children.

Anyway, that's my take on the Superman thing.

As far as Supernature goes, I haven't a clue.

Until next time,


From: "Aaron Calder" 
Date: Fri, 29 May 1998 11:20:09 MDT7MST
Subject: Older Rush Fans

Why are all you older Rush fans so embarrassed about your ages?  I
think it's cool to hear about 45 year old Rush fans who have been
fans for the greater part of there life, talk about a legacy.  Just
think of all the months you've clocked in listening to Rush. Just
think if you listen to Rush for an hour every day and you've been a
Rush fan for 24 years you've spent a whole year just listening to
Rush. Just think how many years the Boys have spent playing in
concerts, not to mention all the practice and studio time.  Alex and
Geddy probably have calluses on their fingers and inch thick.  And
think of all the calories that Neil has burned playing through the
years, not to mention his biking trips through Africa.

Aaron Calder


From: (Michael P Kane)
Date: Fri, 29 May 1998 14:08:15 -0500
Subject: The Rush for The Cup

Happy Weekend, everyone.  My beloved Buffalo Sabres are now down 2 games to 
1 to the Washington Capitals in the Eastern Conference Finals of the Stanley 
Cup Playoffs, but I'm not getting nervous.  Both losses have been in 
overtime.  Stay calm, breathe deep, ahhhhh.  Any and all prayers to Lord 
Stanley on behalf of the Sabres would be appreciated.

Saw a post in TNMS #2042 (actually a "p.s." to the post) to which I totally 
agree:  The Tragically Hip is another great Canadian band that I believe many 
Rush fans will like.  I first heard them on CHTZ 97.7 (Hitz FM) in St. 
Catherines, Ontario.  Haven't seen them live, though I was tempted to travel 
to YYZ to see them open for Rush at Maple Leaf Gardens at the end of the Roll 
the Bones tour.  A buddy of mine recently (i.e., within the past year) in 
Rochester, NY.  They've got a real low-end, hard-driving, bluesy sound which 
I really like.  I would highly recommend their first, "Up to Here," as well 
as "Day for Night."  I also have "Road Apples," but it doesn't get as much 
playing time at home as the other two.  Latest word on The Hip is that they've 
signed a new contract with their new record label.  New album is due out in 
July.  Visit for more info.

Later.  GO SABRES!!!  MK

"I had my hands in the river, my feet back up on the banks.  Looked up to the 
Lord above and said, "Hey, Man, thanks. . ."


From: Brad Oldham 
Date: Fri, 29 May 1998 16:40:24 -0500
Subject: Camera Eye/Superman - Old Rush Story

Hello Rush Fans,

Did anyone ever confirm the source of the background sounds in the Camera Eye 
as being the movie Superman as somebody earlier stated?

   [ As someone posted (yesterday?), Neil confirmed it *IS* from Superman,
     he mentioned it in one of the Rush Backstage Club newsletters I 
     believe.                                                   : rush-mgr ]

A lot has been posted to NMS about both the longevity and underrated nature 
of Rush.  Here is a story that I think brings home both of those points.

The first time I saw Rush was in Dallas, Texas on the Tour of the Hemispheres, 
March 22, 1979, with April Wine opening.  Needless to say I was blown away 
and couldn't wait for the boys to return to Dallas.  Luckily, they returned 
roughly 5 months later, on August 26, 1979 as part of multi-band concert 
at the Cotton Bowl called "A Farewell to a Texas Summer" (it was on a Sunday 
and the new school year started the next morning).  The bill included Rush, 
Foghat, Pat Travers, Billy Thorpe, Little River Band and others (somewhere 
at home I've got the t-shirt with all the bands listed).

The promoters didn't list a headliner in advance and everyone assumed it was 
going to be Foghat.  As I recall the t-shirt even had Foghat listed at the 
top.  Well, the morning of the concert a local rock station, KFWD (now known 
as KTXQ-Q102) announced on a call-in show that Rush was going to be the 
headliner.  You should have heard all the idiots calling in bitching because 
they felt that Foghat should be the headliner.  Fortunately, there were also 
a fair number of Rush fans that called in telling all the uninitiated how 
Rush was going to kick ass that night and show everyone that they deserved 
the headliner slot.

By the time Rush hit the stage it was pretty late and a lot of people had 
left (as I said before, the first day of school was the next morning - not 
that that forgives people for leaving).  My friends and I got to move down 
and stand right in front of the stage.  Of course they did kick ass with a 
great set that opened with 2112 and also included The Spirit of Radio and 
Freewill from the at-the-time unreleased PeW.

Anyway, the thought of Foghat headlining over Rush is laughable, but that's 
what the masses thought would and should be the case.  But here we are 19 
years later and Rush is still kicking ass while Foghat is long, long gone.

Sorry about the length of this post.

Brad Oldham
Dallas, Texas

P.S.  Rush Mgr., I have the ticket stubs from both these shows as well as 
many other Rush shows.  Tell me how to get scanned images to you and I will 
be happy to.

   [ Great story! And now there is a brand new date on the tour dates listing,
     as well as the venue for the august show (what was the venue for the
     Dallas show in march?)  As for scanning, if you don't have a scanner
     you can always mail me the tix and I'll bounce 'em back to ya. Send
     me email... oh yeah, newspaper articles/reviews of any and all shows
     welcome!!!                                                  : rush-mgr ]

Date: Fri, 29 May 1998 19:26:33 EDT
Subject: Various topics...

Just a response to some of the ongoing threads on this discussion...

Regarding my earliest exposure to Rush and early Rush experiences...
Actually, my earliest memory of the Boys was courtesy of my older sister, who
dallied with them during the Moving Pictures/ Exit...Stage Left era, which was
also around the same time as Bob and Doug McKenzie's album.  "Take Off" was
played about as much as "Tom Sawyer" at the time (both quite a bit, since
we're so close to Toronto, and all).  But I was only nine years old at the
time, and really didn't think a whole lot about them.  A few years down the
road, my brother started getting into them and kept telling me how totally
cool these guys were.  Our cousin would make mix tapes of some of the cooler
songs and such.  But still, I was only a whipper snapper who was much more
into that cool band Def Leppard and their knew album, "Pyromania" (boy do I
laugh now).  It wasn't until the fall of my first year in junior high that I
asked somebody it they'd heard of Rush before.  His response (thankfully, as I
looked back) was: "Oh, yeah, those guys are awesome."  

So I finally decided I'd better check these guys out and give them a serious
trial run.  By that Christmas I was a died-in-the-wool fan, and haven't
stopped loving their work ever since.  I still remember that winter, when I
was first exposed to 2112, and thinking this was both a bold artistic
statement as well as really rockin' music.  There was no one group that could
ever compare, or has ever compared to the devotion I held towards them back
then. They were literally a soundtrack to my youth.

Which brings us to another topic.  Years later, my sister had a son, who lived
in the house with us.  It was the fall of '91, and Roll the Bones had just
come out.  My nephew, then only 18 months old would come into my room and want
to share headphones with me.  The torch was passed that fall when he would sit
beside me, one ear toward an earpiece, and trying to sing along to "Row de
Bow" as he said it, and his little toddler legs would bounce up and down with
glee when the "spoken word" part began.

And while we're on emotional tangents...let's bring up the most emotional of
Rush songs, while we're at it.  Losing It always held monumental appeal to me,
since it depicts the loss of an artist's abilities (something of constant
concern to an artist).  But I think 'The Pass' was many times more important
in my teenage years.  

It was "Bravado" that always holds the greatest import in my life, however.
The words "We will pay the price, but we will not count the cost" were a
mantra after a failed romance that nearly cost me my peace of mind (and a
little bit more).  Those scars always feel a bit more vivid when I hear that
song, reminding me of one of the darkest moments in my life.

Then came "Everyday Glory" giving us inspiration to "Rise from the Ashes" in
the fall of '93.  Ironically, it was the same time I had managed to rise out
of my own dark ashes, and the words continue to echo within me whenever I feel
that the mire is a little bit more than knee deep.

Literally, the soundtrack of my life....


From: "Lucas Harris" 
Date: Sat, 30 May 1998 11:40:35 -0000

>>As for Limelight, Tom Sawyer or Subdivisions not charting higher than Take Off
>>Aren't the charts based on singles sold.  I understand the songs respective
>>chart positions if that's the case.  I don't think the Great White North sold
>>nearly as many albums as Moving Pictures or Signals.

Albums and singles go on different charts. Rush is NOT a singles band.

>>Does Billboard have a website w/ archives?

Yeah...but it ain't cheap. It's actually an online service which charges you
twice. About $20 a month (US) and between $.50 to $3 for every product you
download. Check out a main branch library for cheaper searching.

Thank you for your time,
Lucas Harris
Webpage to "someday" exist at

"Men aren't lost--they just prefer the long way." --Red Green


From: "Wayne Tapia" 
Date: Sat, 30 May 1998 11:33:03 -0700
Subject: Rush on the radio / radio on the net

I've been seeing a lot of posts about the lack of Rush on the radio (at
least in the hometowns of many fellow /2ush-niks). In Seattle, KISW at 99.9
on the FM side plays lots of Rush. You can count on hearing Rush at least
once every 1-1/2 to 2 hours. Plus, on Thursdays, they play "double-shots" by
your fave artists. Cool...
The best of it though, is that you can listen to then live on the net.
Go to     You'll need Netshow (which you can download from
their site)

MORE RUSH CONTENT!!!   I recently picked up GUP on CD. Don't ask me why I
hadn't had it already....It's a long story.
Anyways, I have a 2 1/2 year old daughter that LOVES this CD!!! I think I
may have found a way to get her weaned off of that asshole, purple dinosaur!
That's all folks, see y'all later.


From: "Brian T. Peterson" 
Date: Sat, 30 May 1998 14:57:08 -0600
Subject: concert attendance

Does anyone know what the deal is with Rush fan concert attendance? I
was not at the Counterparts tour, but at one of the websites(NMS, I
believe), I saw concert attendance numbers for each show of the
Counterparts tour and Test for Echo. Now, the TFE tour had its fair
share of "sold out" concerts, but not compared to what Counterparts did.
It seemed every show for Counterparts was sold out. For TFE, according
to NMS web page figures, some venues only sold half of capacity. Since
Rush was doing an "Entire evening with Rush" show and Test for Echo was
one hell of an album(I think all the albums are awesome, but TFE is one
of my faves), shouldn't Rush fans be "packed to the max" in all of the
venues? I mean, the setlist was incredible. Where were all the Rush fans
that helped put TFE to "number 5" in the charts? Why did this tour not
have as much fan support as the previous tours? Is it because ticket
prices were so damn high? Was it because fans overall thought
Counterparts was better than TFE? I was at a TFE show, and so were a
hell of a lot of other people. But where, was everybody else? I would
appreciate thoughts anyone has on this matter.   

   [ The problem with this past tour is it wasn't promoted much (in a lot of
     cities it wasn't advertised AT ALL!) and I guess a lot of Rush fans
     just didn't know about the tour.                          : rush-mgr ]


"We travel in the dark of the new moon"


Date: Sat, 30 May 1998 19:09:32 EDT
Subject: re: Neil look-alike

  This may be a dead topic, but how about Steve Hackett (ex-Genesis guitarist)
playing Neil in the Rush movie?  Check out how they looked with longhair/
beards and how they look now, with shorter hair and clean-shaven.  Pretty
remarkable resemblance, IMO.  Although Hackett may need some acting lessons
before tackling the role...


From: "Aaron Calder" 
Date:          Sun, 31 May 1998 21:17:06 MDT7MST
Subject: X-Files Rush sighting

Did any of you X-Philes-Rush-Freaks notice during last Sunday's 
replay of the fifth season's premier that Mulder said
"The Enemy Within"? Apparantly he was refering to the conspiracy 
within the Goverment.

Aaron Calder


From: Martin Urionaguena 
Date: Mon, 01 Jun 1998 02:25:23 -0300
Subject: PLEASE HELP! - "Narpets" meaning needed

Hi, any of you could tell me the meaning of "Narpets"? I'm one of the guys
translating all the lyrics to spanish.

Thank you very much

"Rush. They must have been one hell of a band."
            Geoff Barton (2112 Tourbook)


          Buenos Aires, Argentina


From: "Borasky, Dave" 
Date: Mon, 1 Jun 1998 10:06:23 -0400 
Subject: question

I was watching James Taylor Live from the Beacon Theater on PBS Saturday
night, and his bassist was Jimmy Johnson.  Is this the same Jimmy
Johnson  that is Ged's stage right tech?

Just curious.



From: "Rein, Peter" 
Date: Mon, 1 Jun 1998 11:20:43 -0400 
Subject: RUSH Radio

Greetings from Newburgh, NY

Listeners in the Hudson Valley are also deprived of hearing "The Most
Talented and Underrated Band In The World" on the radio.  Ironically, we
have a morning show on our pitiful rock station (WPDH 101.5), called
"The Morning Rush", and I've yet to even hear Tom Sawyer escaping from
my speakers. 

I have two threads I wish to start if the masses approve: 1st-Although
there has been some discussion about RUSH being eligible for induction
into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame next year, I've yet to see a strategy
to get out the word to near sighted critics who vote on the inductees.
Here's my plan:  It's time to go mass media.  Starting today all NMS'ers
should start writing letters to the editors of their local papers
expousing the virtues of RUSH.  At the very least, the fan base will
grow, but with enough letters to enough papers, maybe together we can
wake up this "PUFF DADDY WORLD" we live in to the realities of a group
of real musicians, with real talent who have a real message.  I realize
its a long shot, but either we continue to whine, or together we stand
up and try to make a change.

As for my second thread, about a year ago I tried to get this going, but
I got a minimal response-So, here we go (vertigo!) again:  Has the
poetic writing of Neil Peart inspired you to write your own poetry?  If
so, do you believe this is a forum, in which it should be shared and
discussed.  My answer is yes!  So, I'll brave the waters and share with
my fellow RUSHaholics a brief sample of how Neil has inspired ME to

Silent Screams
Peter Rein

Hiding in shadows, away from the light,
Young children nurtured, with torture and fright.
Beaten and bruised, beliefs become battered,
How will we awaken, the souls that are shattered?

War Veteran searching for a world to call home,
Repercussions of his actions, refuse to leave him alone.
Still fighting battles that remain to be seen,
For them, life's constant journey is one silent scream.

If you wish to discuss privately, please e-mail me at the address above
or at

"Apathy inherits the terminal cause"-Peter Rein


From: "Craig Mertens"
Date: Mon, 1 Jun 1998 13:22:13 -0400
Subject: San Francisco RUSH

Finally got to check out "San Francisco Rush" last week.

My wife and I flew out to S.F. to visit friends, and the first thing I
noticed on their coffee table was a jewel case with RUSH in big letters.

"Hey! A new bootleg!" I thought.

And then I noticed the PlayStation logo. D'oh! Oh well. At least it says
'Rush' before every race, and playing it in San Fran with a Rush fan was
most appropriate.


From: "Borasky, Dave" 
Date: Mon, 1 Jun 1998 14:34:13 -0400 
Subject: Spirit

"Spirit in my psyche" - Animate

"I feel my spirit resist / But I open up my fist" - Hand Over Fist

"Catch the spirit, catch the spit." - Huck F . . . I mean Tom Sawyer




From: "Jeff Petrimoulx & Moira O'Toole" 
Date: Mon, 01 Jun 1998 11:34:23 -0700
Subject: Re: 06/01/98 - The National Midnight Star #2044

> From: Gwon Chang 
> Date: Wed, 27 May 1998 20:31:24 -0700
> Subject: Rush on radio
> Move to Seattle if you want Rush. In no particular order, this is what
> KISW plays frequently:

[list deleted]

> Anyone, if anyone cares, we
> got it good up here!!
> gc

Definitely one redeeming feature of KISW lately.  The other would have to be
"twisted tunes".  I guess, considering our alternatives here, I can put up 
with the other crap because I know I'll hear Rush fairly regularly.Moira


From: "By-Tor ." 
Date: Mon, 01 Jun 1998 14:41:08 EDT
Subject: Hip in the Limelight

Sorry if this has been answered but does anyone have a recording of The 
Tragicaly Hip performing Limelight in mp3 or ra. format? If so email me 
privatly on where I can download it. Thanks.



From: JJ Kuslich 
Date: Mon, 01 Jun 1998 12:00:50 -0700
Subject: Re: rush songs you hate at first

Cat Brissette wrote:
>Another thought...we've had the "DOH!" awards, how about "Rush songs 
>you couldn't STAND at first, and then they grew on you"?
>Test for Echo comes to mind...I first heard it off the computer, and the 
>sound quality was awful, and I thought, "I don't care if I never hear 
>this song again, it sucks!" By the time the single was on the radio, I 
>had changed my mind. The beginning of Cygnus is another, it's very weird 
>and dark and that bass line used to make me cringe...but I had a 
>boyfriend who knew I hated it and he would mimic the bass was 
>very silly and I eventually grew to love the funny sounds he made and 
>then later, the song.

I was that way with most Rush - I couldn't stand Geddy's voice.  But
eventually I grew to like it and for 10 years and counting I've been a
die-hard Rush fan.  I do have one that's the other way 'round.  I used
to like Madrigal, but the more I listened to it, the more I grew to
dislike it.  I think it's the cheesy whistley sounds that get me.  Every
once and a while, I still like it, but usually I skip over that one and
move on to...

buh-dunh-dunhnub...buh-dunh-dunhnubnub...Cygnus.  ;)  (doesn't sound
quite the same in e-mail, does it?)



From: "ron" 
Date: Sat, 1 Aug 1998 20:52:59 +0200
Subject: a new reality

Anyone interested in this cd?


From: sara olson 
Date: Mon, 01 Jun 1998 15:25:50 +0000
Subject: Almost cool Rush sighting that almost happened...

The newest Molson TV Commercial is very cool-The MacKenzies are being
their boys out in the woods in what appears to be an SCTV-style session
in Canada with a moose.  They both appear to be coolin' on da corner
onna hot summah's day with a coupla Molsons, havin a schlepp' o'de ale,
singing Great White North, I was hoping and praying they would include
Geddy's voice, but nooooooo.
The timing was perfect for Geddy to pop up and go ape with the song.
Why can't they do anything right when they are making commercials, WHY?  
Because it happens, Roll the Bones.......


From: John Biggins 
Date: Mon, 1 Jun 1998 15:37:30 -0400
Subject: Power Windows (NYC Tribute Band)

I catch them whenever I can in NYC RockNRoll Cafe on Bleeker in the Village
(all tribute bands play here...Ozzy, VH, name it).  They're
pretty good.  5 piece band (Dan Gibson, the "leader", on keyboards.  Check
out his website @ for PW
homepage & concert dates.)  Everybody plays competantly, but the drummer
kicks some serious arse!

Considering I don't know of any other NYC Tribute bands, I'd go catch 'em.
They play all the one's you'd expect and other lesser heard ones (Bytor,
Nat'l Sci, Gid Gloves)  Note:  No Cygnus II -- Hemispheres, Necromancer, or
Lamneth.  For shame!


John B. Biggins                      Cornell University Medical College
1233 York Ave; Apt 19D        Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
New York, NY   10021            Graduate School of Medical Sciences
(212)717-0158                     Student -- Program in Pharmacology

"Science, like Nature, must also be tamed
   With a view towards its preservation.
 Given the same state of integrity
   It will surely serve us well."
	-- Neil Peart; "Natural Science (III) -- Permanent Waves"


From: "Barbara Pike" 
Date: Mon, 1 Jun 1998 12:45:04 -0700
Subject: Rush fan

Is rush going to have a new album? Please reply soon.


From: Griswold 
Date: Mon, 01 Jun 1998 15:51:38 -0400
Subject: Re: grs2: Rush on the Radio

Hi.  I live in Massachusetts, USA.  I hear WCCC all the time and the
only songs i've ever heard them play were Driven and Test For Echo. When
do they play anything else?

"Hot Dogs and Kool Aid for all my men!"


From: Scott Ojala 
Date: Mon, 1 Jun 1998 15:00:18 -0500
Subject: Some News

Greetings, any truth to this?

> Sources close to the band say that RUSH's forthcoming live album looks to 
> be a triple-CD set, due out in September/October. The first two CDs will 
> contain material from the Test For Echo and Counterparts tours. The third CD 
> will NOT be material from the Permanent Waves era of the band, as reported 
> earlier, BUT will be from Farewell To Kings! Offered as a thank-you to Rush's 
> diehard fanbase, the final CD packaging will contain Farewell To Kings 
> memorabilia, including rare band pictures, ticket stubs, t-shirts and other 
> images from that era. Drummer Neil Peart is working on the artwork with Hugh 
> Syme, while bassist/vocalist Geddy Lee and guitarist Alex Lifeson complete the
> mixing and mastering process. A video will follow the CD. As for new studio 
> material, there is still a bulk of material left over from the Test For Echo 
> sessions - there were early plans for that album to be a double. The band 
> are still planning a January 1, 2000 release date for a follow-up. In terms 
> of future live shows, rumours suggest that extensive touring is questionable. 
> In related news, Lifeson plans to follow-up 1996's Victor album with Victor 
> II and is working at the Rehearsal Factory in Toronto on the record with 
> Edwin, former singer of I MOTHER EARTH...

Here is where I got this:

   [ I dunno if it's true, but sounds pretty cool! :-)        : rush-mgr ]

Scott Ojala
Internet Specialist              "I was lined up for glory but the 
DakotaConnect                      tickets sold out in advance."   
(605) 367-3613                              - Neil Peart -


Date: Mon, 1 Jun 1998 16:25:10 EDT
Subject: Freddie Gruber/Marillion

Yes! That is famed drum teacher Freddie gruber in the GAP commercial. I don't
know why they picked Freddie though.

Where does one start with Marillion? The 1st version featured enigmatic
vocalist Fish. The lyrics tend to be wordy and full of strong emotion from
this Scotsman. The music tends to be longer, dramatic pieces. A good place to
start is Fish's last CD, "Clutching at Straws." It's a sort of concept piece
that contains many of their fave songs. The band really had hit their stride
and reached their biggest popularity here in the States. Warning: Fish can be
an aquired taste. He really was more of a personality than just a singer. 

The band changed a bit with the addition of Steve Hogarth on vocals. Where
Fish wrote about epic tales, "H" tends to write more about current events. In
some ways the band is now more "pop." But they still have that Marillion
sound. They have matured and, dare I say, much of their music is extremely
beautiful and poetic. Tho they can still rock out, it's just a different
dimension. Best bets: a hard choice. Last years "This Strange Engine" or the
previous "Afraid of Sunlight" contain all the elements spoken of.

The band was originally called "Simarillion" after the Tolkien books. The
shortened it to Marillion which sort of rhymes with chameleon.

Merci,  Michael


From: Jeremy Mykietyn 
Date: Mon, 1 Jun 1998 16:34:00 -0500
Subject: re: Power Windows

>Just wondering if anyone has seen the tribute band "Power Windows" as
>they are playing near my home next week.Is it worth the trip?

I have seen PW play, and I must say they are definitely a worthy tribute 
to check out. The members are all talented musicians, and the vocalist 
has a Geddy-esque quality to his voice.  Also, they will let you request 
songs no matter how obscure; they seem to know them all! For example, 
when I saw them, they did Hemispheres in its entirety. Give them a shot...



Date: Mon, 1 Jun 1998 16:47:15 -0400
Subject: Spirit

Re: The "Spirit" thread, how 'bout this one:

"Their SPIRITS were divided into blinded, hemispheres...." -
Hemispheres, side 1

Scott Wedge -
Auburn University - WAR EAGLE!!
"Send your signal 'round the world..." - RUSH


From: "Stephanie Reigh" 
Date: Mon, 01 Jun 1998 13:56:46 PDT
Subject: Kids and Rush!

Well, I'm not really a KID kid, but 15 is pretty young for a rush fan.
My brother is 23 and he was my main Rush inspiration... Now, I do 
realize that this is not a father/daughter post, but close enough. My 
sister in between us is 21.

FUNNY STORY: I was in my kitchen, and we were ready to eat grilled 
chicken. My brother, sister, and dad were all at the table. I had a fork 
and knife in my hands, and for some odd reason I started to tap out the 
bell (or whatever... don't bother telling me what it is) beginning in 
YYZ. My brother and sister suddenly went, in unison, "denenant nant de 
ne ne nant nant..." (the guitar) I just laughed...


Do we have to say goodbye to the past? Maybe, maybe not....


From: "John Villasana" 
Date: Mon, 1 Jun 1998 16:01:47 -0500
Subject: The Ultimate Rush Stereo

I am pretty happy with my current setup.  It's warm enough for Rock & Roll,
but accurate enough to hear plenty of details.

McIntosh 250 amp
McIntosh C-26 Preamp
Tannoy PBM 6.5 Nearfield Studio Monitors
Any old CD player will do.
My soundcard is plugged into it too.

I highly recommend scanning the used market for great deals on very good
equipment.  This system cost me less than $1000.   but sounds better than a
lot of stuff I've tried out in audiophile stores.  It blows away almost
anything in Circuit City.  I'd stay away from "consumer" gear,  (i.e. sony,
pioneer,  kenwood,  aiwa,  etc.)  Go to your local bookstore or library and
scan audiophile magazines and websites to ID the good stuff,  then keep an
eye on the want-ads,  used music stores,  etc.  My amp and preamp date back
to the 60's,  but are so well made,  and designed,  that they are still
going strong,  and outperform anything I've had before.  I also recommend
going to stores that sell recording studio gear. Some studio monitors are no
more or less than brutally honest,  but some models sound great,  as well as
providing a high level of resolution.  I recommend Tannoy PBM 6.5's.  But
not any other Tannoys (unless you want to spend >1000).  They sound as good
as many audiophile speakers but can be found used for about 500 a pair.
There are some real nice sounding JBL studio monitors that are not very
popular for studio use but would be very pleasing in the less critical home
environment.  If you do your homework,  have a little patience,  and
negotiate well,  you can have the wonderful experience of realizing just how
much subtle detail goes into the recording process.  I still marval at new
details from old friends like 2112,  Ghost of A Chance...  : )

Good Luck
John (refab) Villasana


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