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Subject: 06/04/98 - The National Midnight Star #2049

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         The National Midnight Star, Number 2049

                  Thursday, 04 Jun 1998

Today's Topics:
                         Re : NMS
                   The Rush Chronicles
                   Narpets para Martin
                     Blind Rush fans?
                     My Red Barchetta
               Clsoer To The Sabres Hearts
    Your Own Red Barchetta / Rush and Kids / King's X
                         T4E tour
                   Re: VISIONS Reviews
           'Scuse me, while I kiss this guy...
                A to B, Different Degree's
            Re:Athletes & Rush pt. 84-NMS#2046
                       U2 Vs. Rush
                      VH1's Top 100
                    A Farewell To CDs
                  Geddy's X-File Cousin
                       my rush page
                  re: Didacts & Narpets
                        Aimee Mann
         re:  Caroline's "Your own Red Barchetta"
                    Visions and B-Man
                      Rush in Norway
            RE:re: If You're RED your're DEAD
                       Iron Maiden
                    B-MAN CONFUSION!!
     Re: 06/02/98 - The National Midnight Star #2045
               In vain to search for HONOR
     Re: Hold Your Fire through Power Windows (#2048)
                 Iron Maiden Time sigs...
                      He's too busy
                        A Rush EP?
                   Addicts and Parents
              rush = alternative, warcraft 2
                   RE: My Red Barchetta

From: (The RUSH Fans Digest Manager)
Date: Thu Jun  4 14:16:27 PDT 1998
Subject: Administrivia

I did a BIG goof! The Japanese scans were provided by the kindness of 
DAVE WELLER, for the show Rush did in Tokyo. Why I keep confusing him and 
Jim is beyond me... sorry Dave!! 

But if you want Rush collectibles, either one has a ton of unique stuff 
for sale!

 - rush-mgr


From: Paul Buckley - Staff 
Date: Wed, 3 Jun 1998 16:38:53 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re : NMS

>Maiden is basically washed up, Rush is still going strong.

Read your post about rush - Iron Maiden!!!!

I was with ya all the way up until you said Iron Maiden was washed up!!!!
Maybe in America...

In Europe and South America Iron Maiden is Selling out especially in

I am in Canada...I payed $22 to see rush....I am paying $35 to see

And Maiden has almost sold out their copps colliseum show in Canada as
well..for June 28th.

so I'm gonna have to disagree with that one...




From: "Bryan 'Max' Dobberstein" 
Date: Wed, 03 Jun 1998 16:08:38 -0500
Subject: The Rush Chronicles

> P. S.  This is a first post from a reader for several years, I actually
> helped produce a newsletter for Prodigy readers years ago called "The
> Chronicles".  Any former subscribers out there?

Subscribe?  Hell, I wrote for the thing.  Those are some old ghosts
you're digging up Dreamline. :)

|When a writer is staring out a|
|window, he's working.         |
|	-Neil Peart-           |


From: "The Clayton's" 
Date: Wed, 03 Jun 1998 16:43:08 -0500
Subject: Narpets para Martin


" Narpets"   is an anagram for parents.  Mama y Papa.  "Didacts" is a
rearranged addicts.  I think you guys are mui bien (mucho bueno?) to
translate this stuff.  The music is so powerful, but the lyrics are
awesome!   You are great to translate and share with others.

My son Alex, who just turned 5 thinks "It's my turn to drive."  Just to
contribute to the kiddie lyric thread.  He keeps saying that he wants to
go see Rush.  Don't we all?

Later, Lara


From: Pete 
Date: Wed, 3 Jun 1998 18:29:45 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Blind Rush fans?

>>   [ The problem with this past tour is it wasn't promoted much (in a lot of
>>     cities it wasn't advertised AT ALL!) and I guess a lot of Rush fans
>>     just didn't know about the tour.                          : rush-mgr ]
>Exactly!  If not for TNMS, I don't know when I would've heard about the
>tour.  I know several people who went only because they heard via the net.
>The local paper didn't mention it until the week of, and coming up with $40
>and a ride in just a couple of days is, for many people, a bit much...
>Maybe the NEXT tour (hint to Rush's management) will be well-advertised.  I
>have missed Rush in the past because I just didn't hear about it...

There's an old saying that goes something like this, "Better to keep quiet
and have people think you're stupid, than to open your mouth and remove all
doubt."  C'mon guys, are we supposed to believe that TRUE Rush fans (or
NON-Rush fans, for that matter) didn't know about this tour?  Even if I
hadn't been on the Net, I still would have had the initiative to find out
about, and then go to the eight TFE shows that I went to.  Rush follows
every CD with a tour!  Duh!

Peter    GO SABRES!!!!!!!


From: broon 
Date: Wed, 03 Jun 1998 18:38:12 -0400
Subject: My Red Barchetta

My RED BARCHETTA would be a 1995 Acura Integra.
And yes the obvious song was the first song played.

But living in the "Great White North (east)", I drove it home from the
dealership (new) only to park it for a week under 3 feet of snow.

(Caroline you little sassy so-in-so you beat me to posting this thread
!!! I think you need to be punished !!!)

Don't forget not to forget.


Mac OS8 = Windoze 2010 (if it can be released)


From: Pete 
Date: Wed, 3 Jun 1998 18:38:11 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Clsoer To The Sabres Hearts

>From: brogdene 
>Date: Tue, 02 Jun 1998 22:55:05 -0400
>Subject: Caps!
>Well, they lost the game, but they played Rush as a filler whilst
>waiting for a face-off. Just one more reason the Sabres are gonna lose
>this series. :-)
>ed brogden

Hey Ed, they played Rush in Marine Midland when the Capitals won also.  I
guess that means the Sabres are going to win the series.  And, if you look
closely at the TFE tour program (yes, for you who don't know yet, Rush did
tour after TFE), you'll see several photos from the CP show at The Aud.
Slam dunk for the Sabres.  Rush Dominates!


If at first you don't succeed, lower your standards.


From: David Gracey 
Date: Wed, 03 Jun 1998 16:11:35 -0700
Subject: Your Own Red Barchetta / Rush and Kids / King's X

This is my first post.  I'm relatively new to the list, but I've been a
Rush fan for close to 20 years now.  I remember hearing "The Spirit of
Radio" when it first came out in '79 or '80.  I was in elementary school
back then.  From that point on, I've been a diehard fan.  I'm 30 years old
now and Rush is *still* my all-time favorite band.

Anyway, when I turned 16, I bought my first car: a 1974 MG Midget.  I fixed
it up really nice and had it painted bright red.  One of my favorite
pastimes was driving around with the top down in my own "Red Barchetta"
while listening to Rush.  I don't have that car anymore (couldn't afford a
full-time mechanic), but I always think about that car every time I hear
the song.  I loved that car.

I have a 2-year old daughter now and believe me, she is getting her share
of Rush as we drive around town in my Black Honda Civic Barchetta.  All
indications suggest that she loves the music of Rush too.

And, for those of you interested in King's X, I recommend "Gretchen Goes to
Nebraska" and "Out of the Silent Planet".



Date: Wed, 3 Jun 1998 17:31:36 +0000
Subject: T4E tour

Hey there, Hi there, Ho there!!

The only reason I knew about the T4E tour coming to Boise, ID was 
because my little sister's ex-boyfriend and his dad like Rush and they 
happened to hear a radio spot promoting the concert.  I immediately 
called the BSU Pavillion's box office and heard on their recording 
that, indeed, An Evening with Rush was scheduled for May 19th, 1997.
The next day, I heard the radio spot myself.  The big thing was that 
it was the first time Rush had been to Boise(Or anywhere in Idaho, 
for that matter) in 12 years and that they were going to play 2112 in 
it's entirety.  So...I got to see my heroes in concert without having 
to drive 4 hours to Salt Lake City, UT!!


"I'm a professional, eh..."
                     -Geddy Lee


From: (StarScape International)
Date: Wed,  3 Jun 98 17:40:49 PST
Subject: Re: VISIONS Reviews

>Upon reading the book, I found it ironic that a high caliber band such as
>Rush would allow such juvenile, idealistic writing to be published as *the*
>biography about the band.


>Visions is too... hmm. Too obviously written by a groveling fan,
>IMO. One too many cheesy lyrics references.

Be this as it may, what other reference exists that covers the three in such

And how many FAQs have been beefed-up over and over again simply from the book's

In other words, how much would we NOT KNOW were it not for VISIONS?

And I never remember the "B-Man," as he's called, making any claims to being
anything other than a fan who got close...thus the tone of his book, I suspect.

Yes, I agree:  Too bad a serious journalist didn't have a piece of VISIONS. 
Although right now, 1998, might be a good year to start a definitive work,
seeing as the odds of Rush being through look pretty high.
Thomas Puckett Advertising, Inc. - 702.798.5300, Main - 702.798.7772, Fax


From: "Chad Werner" 
Date: Fri, 29 May 1998  7:27 -0600
Subject: 'Scuse me, while I kiss this guy...

And I always thought it was "The pope takes up shop in the city." Gotta 
get my hearing checked......



Date: Wed, 3 Jun 1998 21:07:20 EDT
Subject: A to B, Different Degree's

I just noticed somthing today I though I would share with all of you.  I was
looking through my comic book collection (including The Defenders comic
dedicated "To Alex, Neil, and Geddy of Rush, And the Rock N Roll comics
featuring Rush) and I came across my Beavis and Butt-Head collection. And for
the first time I noticed that Rush Counterparts was mentioned in it. Just
thought I would mention it.  Also I would like to second the nomination for
Natalie Merchant as a female singer...I have all of the 10,000 Maniacs and
Natalie solo albums...She is incredible...One last thing, For those of you
interested in hearing the song "Bad Boy" that Rush played live in '74, I just
made a wav. of the entire song, It has the Proffesor on the drum kit, and it
is really cool. 
Also I noticed this thread...Water...examples...
Here Again (Like a mountain river bleeding)
By-Tor and the Snowdog (Across the river Styx...)
Lakeside Park
Into Darkness (Fording the River Dawn)
There are tons more obviously, Just wanted to point out a few...Neil once
commented "We come from water...the source"...I guess he want's everyone else
to know


From: Ryosuke Yasuhara 
Date: Thu, 04 Jun 1998 11:03:41 +0900
Subject: Re:Athletes & Rush pt. 84-NMS#2046

To add from Japan, not only from his outfit and unique charactor,
"Animal" Leslie was very well-known and good relief pitcher
while he played in one of the professional baseball teams in Japan.
I recall the footage through TV program that once he recorded his 
own song in studio wearing Rush T-shirts!

Speaking of baseball player, amongst those who like baseball in Japan,
Wallen Cromatie(sp?) is also very famous as good and impressive 
professional baseball player once played in Japan.
Of course, his name can be found on the back of "Signals" cover!



From: "Anderson, Chris " 
Date: Wed, 3 Jun 1998 22:54:46 -0400 
Subject: U2 Vs. Rush

I think, long ago, like maybe two years ago *when I lurked only* 
someone on this list compared Rush with U2.  I would like to comment
on comparing these two bands and defend U2 against the attacks from
a Brazilian NMSer.

You can't compare these two bands to find similarities...except in one
instance, these bands are BOTH true to their art, the art of music.
Rush has high integrity in musicianship, technically if not emotionally.
Rush is not "emotionally" saturated *IMHOP*  In other words, their
music nearly prefectly blends emotion and cold-calculated
a certain degree.

Now, most of us will say U2 is none of that.....and, this is true.  But,
U2 has high quality musicianship in another way - they are emotionally
"saturated".....every note, every lyric (in The Joshua Tree era at least)
was full of soul!!!  Yes, soul!!  U2 always said they wanted to make soul
music....well, they did!!!!!

One more thing, Rush is not really associated with a religion while U2 is 
leaning heavily in the realms of Christianity.

This is how I feel about these two bands personally.  Rush's music is
intelligent in my mind and I find a certain kind of comfort in that - their
music has helped me mold a good outlook on today's society.  BUT, U2 is 
more emotional, more searching, more "me", and more "real."  I can identify
with U2 because I think they believe in much the way I do myself.  With
I feel the lyrics are more meant for the everyday dealing with
people....from other
religions, etc in everyday life like at school or work (we should put
aside at those places).  U2 is, well, more sacred to me.....

This isn't getting much of anywhere.  Anyway, I just want to sum it all up
by saying that I like U2 and I like Rush; which kind of music (and message)
I like more ...well, I can say I like U2 more on the message side of things.
Rush is, hands down, the BEST in musicianship!!!!!

Defense of U2;  Hey out there, U2 is not popful, U2 is not horrible, U2 is
obviously not for you but don't shun them!  Bono NEVER bad-mouths people 
and he (and the rest of the band) only wish the best for each  and everyone 
on earth - not just U2 fans.  Now, while I can't guarantee Bono listens to 
2112 or Moving Pictures once a day, once a week, once a month or ever.....I 
can say that he(and U2) would say they respect Rush if they were asked what 
they thought of Rush (I'm sure they've heard of them).

(Sorry Rush Mgr. if this post seemed kind of U2-leaning; but, I've mentioned
Rush numerous times on WIRE (the U2 listserve) - I even had some good 
responses....oh, and U2 is like neck and neck with Rush for being my favorite 

Take care all,

Chris A.  

ps.  Just curious, are there any other U2 fans or "WIRElings" on the NMS?


From: "Grigsby, Steve" 
Date: Wed, 3 Jun 1998 22:00:00 -0500
Subject: VH1's Top 100

Hello there,

I'm going to "cut to the chase".  After being somewhat disappointed with   
the "Limelight" pop-up-video.  I waited hours to see Rush finally get a   
little respect on VH1's Top 100 Artist/Bands of All Time, after all this   
one was being picked by the musicians themselves ... right?

Well, unless they showed up in the top 15-30 or so (missed some of   
those), they didn't make it.  Now, IMO, the producers of that show should   
be thrown to a pack of wild wolves.  Let's add the host Kevin Bacon for a   
little flavor.

I guess that as time goes by, the list will change.  Only the greatest   
make that list ... hmm.  With all due respect, Nirvanna - number 42?, and   
(take a deep breath) ... The Clash at #31!  Even more ridiculous was Devo   
in the top 40, yes that's right ... Devo.

OK, I'm finished complaining.  On a lighter note, in response to the   
"Kids and Rush" post my son (26 mo. old) keeps saying "mus-mus" (music)   
in the car.  So I turn on the radio .... "No! ... mus-mus daddy he   
says!". So I put on Moving Pictures and he smiles from ear to ear, and   
says "yes daddy mus-mus"!  No kidding  folks!

Steve Grigsby


From: "dean stahl" 
Date: Mon, 01 Jun 1998 21:59:32 PDT
Subject: A Farewell To CDs

(Notice: First post in a year or so.)
This is why I like to make a copy of my CDs, then play the copy and put the
orginal back in it's case. Oh, and, it's perfectly legal, as long as it's
for your own personal use. :) With blank CDs from $0.70-2.00 per cd, and
writers as low as $250, it's become very affordable.
If anyone wants a recommend, I use a Phillips CD-R (SCSI) on a Windows NT
system, works like a charm.

PrimeMove A.K.A Microserf
Web Designer / Graphic Artist / NT and 9x-based Network Administrator
Primary E-Mail:
Secondary E:Mail:

"Arrg, tripped on the ethernet cable..."


From: "Jeff Brace" 
Date: Thu, 4 Jun 1998 01:04:15 -0400
Subject: Geddy's X-File Cousin

Hi all--
For those who haven't seen Dean Haglund of the X-Files (playing the role of
Geddy), check out this months Yahoo Magazine with Gillian Anderson on the
cover.  There are a couple of articles and pictures of the Lone Gunmen.

I was also wondering what type of rock stations play Rush.  Are they
straight away classic rock, playing all pre-80's music, or are they a
mixture of classic/new rock, playing classic and bands such as Alice in
Chains.  I've noticed that one station in town that plays classic/new rock
will play any era Rush, but the Straight away classic station will play only
SOR, TS and CTTH.  Just wondering.



From: "Alex Smith" 
Date: Wed, 3 Jun 1998 22:17:43 -0700
Subject: my rush page

Hey y'all,

I have constructed a Rush web page called "Subdivisions." It's full of band
info, lyrics, sound and video files, midis, tabs, et al. I'm still working
on it, of course, but I can finally show what I've done to the public!

Please visit:


Alex Smith

(sig deleted for rush-mgr's sake)


Date: Thu, 4 Jun 1998 02:11:13 EDT
Subject: re: Didacts & Narpets

Jason wrote "Change the letters of Narpets and you get Parents.  Didacts,
coming from "didactic" (the same in French, possibly the same in Spanish?)
teachers.  So Didacts & Narpets is Teachers and Parents.  I hope this
helps.  I doubt you'll be able to translate an anagram into spanish and
still make it relevant, but good luck."

I would add a different spin that I read (I believe the Professor was quoted
in a magazine from the 70's) that didacts= ADDICTS, you are correct on the
narpets though.  Cheers, Tom (The T in KTEL)
"Don't ask me, I'm just improvising"


From: "Hegemann, Ted" 
Date: Thu, 4 Jun 1998 01:47:59 -0500
Subject: Aimee Mann

Since we're on the subject of Aimee Mann (awhile ago)...   In addition
to TSS does she also sing on Open Secrets?  I've never heard of her
singing on any other songs but every time I hear OS I swear that I hear
her voice on the "ohhhhh-ohh-ohh-ohhhh's" at about the 4:00 mark.  Am I
hearing correctly or do I just need to schedule an appointment with my

Go Jazz -- 1 down, 3 to go!

Turbo Ted

"Is it an optical illusion, or does it just look like one?" 
My buddy Robert


From: Cliff and Pam Wheaton 
Date: Thu, 04 Jun 1998 01:03:00 -0600
Subject: re:  Caroline's "Your own Red Barchetta"

Hi all!
I couldn't resist this one!!! My "red Barchetta" is actually a '95 Ford
Crown Victoria!
Although it's green & white instead of red, complete with meter,
toplight  & 12 disc cd changer:) An evening with Rush broke this in!!!
See it below:)
Just braggin'

Ps: Rush mgr-I found my stub from Moving Pictures tour & do have my TFE
stub as well-want scans of them?

   [ But of course! All ticket stubs are welcome at the temple of Rush...
                                                                  : rush-mgr ]

      Pam Wheaton             Cliff Wheaton
  ____/----^----\____       The greatest tool
From: Sean Carroll/Katherine Moore 
Date: Thu, 04 Jun 1998 02:35:54 -0600
Subject: Visions and B-Man

> I wish to make a public apology to Suzanne, aka, aka
> I help her with the hordes of mail she gets sometimes, and I
> mistakenly posted MY opinion of the book "Visions" under her screen name. As a
> result, SHE received a very, VERY nasty email from someone purporting to be
> Bill Banasciewicz. 

Karen, I wanted to post a reply to your opinion on Visions and then
apparently I forgot about it. To put it briefly: You took the words
right out of my mouth.

I received Visions as an unexpected gift (through the mail) from a
distant friend, and make no mistake, I was thrilled and blown away that
such a book *existed* the first time through. Later, it became apparent
that *way* too much of the book was about Banasiewicz's adventures
following the band, this at the expense of more objectivity and broader
scope. And the lyrical references weren't just cheese - they were

I'm very curious about the purported reply from B-Man. He does a bit of
whining in the book about certain interactions of his with Rush, so I
wouldn't be all that surprised if it really was him. He comes off (in
Visions) as a little, um... high-strung. Feel free to e-mail it to me
privately - and you too, B-Man! Love to hear from ya! (heheh) Hey, we
didn't say we hated the book, now, did we? Thanks for trying.

Sean Carroll -


From: Patrick Dennis 
Date: 04 Jun 1998 07:22:52 -0400
Subject: (U)

I am spending the spring/summer in Toronto and just found out that Alex
is part of a concert here on June 9. It is part of the annual North by
Northeast Music Festival (NXNE98). The White Ribbon Concert kicks off
the eventand features the following in a benefit concert: Alex Lifeson
of Rush, Jeff Martin of The Tea Party, Edwin formerly of IME, Todd Kerns
of Age of Electric, Sean Verreault of Wide Mouth Mason with the house
band The Dexters (famous for their Orbit Room jam sessions) as well as
Colin James and other "Special Guests". The Show is at The Phoenix
Concert Hall and benefits the White Ribbon Campaign, enlisting men to
stop violence against women.

Patrick Dennis__(
LVC_Cost Estimating_(p) (313) 323-0623 (f) (313) 248-9486
Oakville WIN126 Launch (p) (905) 337-4332 (f) (905) 337-4314


From: grs2 
Date: Thu, 4 Jun 1998 12:52:54 +0100 (BST)
Subject: Rush in Norway

Dear All,

Don't know how many Norwegian subscribers we have on the 
NMS at present, but I just thought I'd let them know that 
the Elm Street Rock Cafe in downtown Oslo appparently plays 
Rush on the stereo - check it out! (The info. comes from my 
fiancee, who lives in Oslo, is still unconvinced that Rush 
are the best band in the world and prefers the Smiths!).

As some of you may recall, I had posted my intention to 
provide an analysis of why there are no D'oh songs on Power 
Windows.  I've now decided not to, simply because all you 
need to do is stick it on the CD player and you'll *know* 

Testing 4 Echoes,

Greg Sanderson

P.S. I don't wanna start a war or anything, but my personal 
opinion is that CoS is Rush's most under-rated album 
because it's their worst.  If it wasn't for Bastille Day, 
that CD would never leave my CD rack.


From: (Sean M Morrison)
Date: Thu, 4 Jun 1998 08:41:12 -0400
Subject: RE:re: If You're RED your're DEAD

     In #2047 Dustin Clingman wrote:
     [The references to the Cold War in songs like "Distant Early Warning" 
     and "Red Sector A" point to a world on the brink of nuclear holocaust 
     and totalitarianism.]
     I must disagree with the point about "Red Sector A".  That song is not 
     about a world on the brink or totalitarianism.  Instead, "Red Sector 
     A" provides us with a snapshot of the horrors of the Nazi Holocaust 
     through the eyes of a victim that is ever so close to freedom.
     "Are we the last ones left alive?
      Are we the only human beings to survive?"
     Interviews with Holocaust survivors revealed that when freedom did 
     come at the end of the war, a great many believed that either they 
     were the only survivors of the war, or that very few people were left. 
     "For my father and my brother, 
      It's too late.
      But I must help my mother
      Stand up straight."
     When freedom came, the survivors still had a great deal of dignity 
     left.  Despite their poor condition, many survivors walked out of the 
     concentration camps through pure strength of willpower and dignity.
     A song such as "Red Sector A" clearly demonstrates, once again, the 
     depths and thoughfullness that is behind most of what RUSH has 


From: "David M. Campbell" 
Date: Thu, 4 Jun 1998 09:56:50 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden washed up?  In your opinion, of course.  Have you heard the
new album, Virtual XI?  It's actually a return to form for them, after X
Factor where they were finding their way with a new singer.  Iron Maiden
will never be washed up, as long as they continue to write albums and
tour.  I don't think the departure of Adrian was a big problem for
them...they were very successful before he ever joined, and his direction
was never in the Maiden tradition anyway.  He was an excellent songwriter
and guitarist, and contributed a lot to their late 80's sound, however.

Up the Irons!



From: "Teebagy, Steve, BMG - Boston" 
Date: Thu, 4 Jun 1998 10:54:25 -0500

I'd just like to add my 5 cents on this whole B-Man confusion. A close
friend of mine is personal friends with Bill and through him I have met
Bill myself and the whole Hold Your Fire thing is a crock!! He never did
anything like that. It's a bad rumor. I've heard this sraight from Bill
himself. "Why would I do something foolish like that", Bill said. He had
a great relationship with Alex and Neil but more so with Geddy. They
were pretty close friends. Bill in short said the reason he & Rush no
longer communicate is something personal that he won't share with
anyone, and has nothing to do with some leaking of Hold Your Fire to

As far as Visions II goes , I agree with someone who posted that Neil
should be the one to do it!!!



From: Ward Ruth 
Date: Thu, 04 Jun 1998 13:39:43 -0400
Subject: Re: 06/02/98 - The National Midnight Star #2045

> From: greg cormier 
> Date: Fri, 29 May 98 8:07:29 EDT
> Subject: Updated Visions book
> When the band was getting ready to release Hold Your Fire they had a.llowed 
> B-man to preview
> it  and he took it upon himself to leak it out to his radio audience
> without the bands permission. In short B-man blew it and will not be
> authorised to do an updated book by the band.

I always wondered what happened to the B-man. I heard the radio show that 
you are referring to. In his book he mentioned some of the shows I was 
at and also the petition to play in Philadelphia back around 1978.


From: Max MacPherson 
Date: Thu, 4 Jun 1998 14:18:05 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: In vain to search for HONOR

Hey everyone!

>Who Knows? Maybe Red is Neils Favorite

Maybe.  All of the "red" songs made in mine too a while back.

>No way these are my shorts ... these bend.
> David Lister

>I'm really getting good at this lying mode.
> Kryten

Wow! Another Red Dwarf fan out there.  I love that MARVELOUS show!  I have
every episode up to series VII on tape.

>The 2112th issue should be a compilation of all the posts that contain
>suggestions about what the 2112th issue should contain.

Boy! That would be a rather lengthy issue!

Now to my main point.  For all you Madrigal fans out there, does the line
go "in vain to search for Order, or i v t s f Honor?  The lyrics say
order, but listening to the song, it sounds more like honor.

Also, as you may have guessed, I just got the remastered AFTK as well as
MP and P/G.  I have had the hemispheres album for about a year now, and
listening to Cygnus X-1, book 1, and then listening to hemispheres, is
really an amazing experience.  Cx1 seems to enhance Book II more that if
Book II were to be listened to alone.  Also, you can hear heartbeats at
the end of the song very faintly.

Max MacPherson


From: (David Whiteman)
Date: Thu, 04 Jun 1998 14:20:08 -0400
Subject: Re: Hold Your Fire through Power Windows (#2048)

> I, just yesterday, purchased the remastered HYF CD, and it holds one of my 
> (now) favorite Rush songs, "Time Stand Still."  Anyway, I couldn't help 
> getting a kick out of the pun "hold your fire" (which would usually mean 
> "don't shoot"), and the picture of the man juggling the flaming balls 
> inside the CD liner.  Then I noticed that the far left window on the 
> building behind the man was open and had a couple of televisions, just 
> like the room the kid on Power Windows is sitting
> in.  At least now we know what he was looking at, but I really don't think he
> needed the binoculars.  So I want to know, does Rush do this a lot?   Have
> connections between different album's covers/CD liners?

Also, that picture includes the fire hydrant from Signals, and the clock
over the restaurant is set to 21:12.  Who knows whether those newspapers
on the front steps have "Dewei Defeats Truman" on them or why the Statue
of Liberty is in the top right window of the restaurant building?  I
know this has been discussed before (maybe in the FAQ), but I'm not sure
of the other album connections here.  (I think the 15 signifies the 15th
album of Rush)  I guess this all would be easier to see on a large
record album instead of a small CD booklet. :-)

If you haven't noticed already, there are lots of references on Exit
Stage Left as well.

   [ If I'm not mistaken, the FAQ has a ton of things you can find in the
     HYF picture...                                            : rush-mgr ]

David Whiteman                          Applied Reasoning
Warning: Contains Aspartame             111 Corning Road, Suite 220
whiteman at        Cary, NC 27511-9231
ICQ# 12178974                           919-851-7677


From: "Wilson, Daniel" 
Date: Thu, 4 Jun 1998 14:23:10 -0400 
Subject: Iron Maiden Time sigs...

In TNMS wrote:

>> Ive noticed a few descrepancies on this statement:
>> Losfer Words is written in 6/4 (or 12/8 depending on how you look at it)
>>  The Duellists is also in 6/4 (12/8)
>>  And in the Rime of the Ancient Mariner, right before the slow bass /
>> narrative part, the time signature changes from 4/4 to 6/4 (12/8), I
>> think it changed back to 4/4 and then back to 6/4 (12/8) and then back
>> to 4/4 at the end of the song... I'll have to find my notes to tell you

****I don't listen to Iron Maiden, but 6/4 and 12/8 are entirely
different.  Music does not translate fractions like math.  12/8 is a
triple pattern group as    123    456    789   101112  which is often
counted in 4/4 where three eighth notes get the beat, more like 6/8
123    456.    6/4 is literally 6 quarternotes to a measure and is
duplex meaning that  two eighth notes get the beat,   COMPLETELY
DIFFERENT.  Like I said, I don't listen to Iron Maiden, but they are
probably playing in 12/8  because it is more common, and 6/4 is usually
reserved for slow art song type passages....not very popular in any of
your "electric band" type of music (meaning anything besides orchestral,
some jazz, and "band" (schools)music)  Not saying that it has never been
used, it is just not as widely used.  If it has a triplet feel, it is
12/8  if it is just 6 quarters per measure, it is 6/4.  What Rush does
so well, is alternate back and forth between triple meters and duplex
meters, anyone can play entire passages in different time signatures,
it's the switching that makes it unique.  A lot of metal bands do this,
so I'm sure it runs wild in Iron Maiden songs, which is good, it marks
musicianship.  Think of Zeppelin's "The Ocean".  That is a prime example
of a song that switches back and forth between meters.  It gets really
interesting when you break away from meters based on 2  3  or  4  like
5/8 and 7/8 which have long beats vs. short beats ala "Natural Science"
12    12   123    12   12   123   or   12   34   567    12   34    567.
Not flaming here, it's just that Music Education Degree rearing its ugly
head, couldn't let the meters go by.

Danny Wilson


From: "Borasky, Dave" 
Date: Thu, 4 Jun 1998 14:32:09 -0400 
Subject: He's too busy

> 	From:	"Michael Z. Williamson" 
>	Date:	Tue, 02 Jun 1998 14:29:40 -0700
>	Subject:	fakes?
>	Anyone heard from Mike Bahr at ALL?  I've been waiting most of a
> year for E2E and haven't heard from him in weeks.

Mike says he is swamped with a backlog of emails.  (I am #192 for E2E)
Don't mind the fact that he constantly has time to read and post on!  Too bad he puts out an excellent product, it really
takes the edge off one's bitching ;-)


At least we can get a "Darkeness and Light" discount!!!



From: N 
Date: Thu, 4 Jun 1998 11:28:27 +0100
Subject: A Rush EP?

Hi All!
Something's been buggn' me.  I swear to God that I remember seeing a =
Rush EP of Signals that contained only 4 songs (one I think was a live =
cut...).  Does anyone know about it?  Any info?  Album ID?  Is it even =
in print?  Or was I suffering from 'brain fade'.  Let me know.  ~ =


From: GM&C 
Date: Thu, 4 Jun 1998 02:13:58 -0500
Subject: Addicts and Parents

Did I hear this here, or is it in the FAQ, or is this just some tidbit I
heard somewhere? I saw the FAQ and the thread earlier about this, but no
one has mentioned it as of the latest thread and I don't know where I got
this but...(am I rambling yet?)

didacts = addicts
narpets = parents

Addicts & Parents....

Barking commanding voices shouting almost inaudible demands between wild
percussive and violent measures finishing with an provoking and ironic,

just wondering where i heard this or did I make it up, I don't think so.
Your thoughts rush-mgr?


From: (z z z)
Date: Thu, 4 Jun 1998 14:03:15 -0500
Subject: rush = alternative, warcraft 2

>I will second COS as the most underrated Rush album.  I would also like
>to add that I think COS is the definition of alternative rock.  Not that
>canned 'alternative' crap they play on stations around the country
>today; true alternative rock.  Release that album in 1992 and it's all
>over the college stations.

i heartily agree, if rush re-release a few of their albums they could
really put themselves in the "LImelight."  in omaha, one of my friend's
acquaintances(?) bought T4E a month or two after it was released because
of the cover, and he hadn't heard of them (he thought they were a new
band!)  suppose Rush released, say Spirit of the Radio, Tom Sawyer, A
Farewell to Kings, Working Man, and What You're Doin' as singles (with
the re-release of the albums hot on their heals) and put some $ into
advertising them?  maybe (gasp) a "modern" music video for the songs,
some t-shirts, and a few television appearances... they'd make it big on
the music scene in a blink of an eye.  

if there are people that actually listen to hanson (eww.....
::shudder::), spice girls and other crap like that, they must be really
desperate for good music.

another thing about the warcraft 2 codes concerning rush: you may be
right about "hatchet axe and saw," but i hadn't heard THAT code until a
couple of months ago.  because the code is just "hatchet," but it could
just be that they shortened it because it was too long.  of course, if
they shortened that, why not the cars' "every little thing she does?"

think about it

"If at first you don't succeed, it's probably someone else's fault."


From: N 
Date: Thu, 4 Jun 1998 12:18:46 +0100
Subject: RE: My Red Barchetta

The song goes great with my Red Ducati 900sp !  (Except when it rains!  =
Then I take my red Jeep Wrangler. :) ) Any other 2 wheeled riders out =
there?  What are you riding today? And what Rush song stick in your mind =
while you are riding.  You know... the song that you only know the =
chorus of so you have to sing it over and over in your helmet until it =
goes away.  (I think its called 'Musicosis'.  ).


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