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Subject: 06/17/98 - The National Midnight Star #2054

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         The National Midnight Star, Number 2054

                 Wednesday, 17 Jun 1998

Today's Topics:
                     To Rush lawyers
                     My Red Barchetta
          Page/Plant/Seattle ROCKS/Troy McClure
                    foolish U2 comment
                       video games
                 One for those interested
               My little red Barchetta....
                 CDs and Keyboard update.
            daily events/sitings into Rushland
           Never before seen photos of Rush!!!
                 Live Album Latest Rumors
                  Degarmo meets Cantrell
                  time & motion- part 2
  Re: Deprogramming my 6 year-old ( response to Al)
                     OLGA comparison
                   the web of intrigue
    weird Rush experience (Car crash with a "rushian")
     RE: 06/16/98 - The National Midnight Star #2053
                  Re: A Work In Progress
             One-liners for Van Halen Concert
     RE: 06/16/98 - The National Midnight Star #2053
                 speaking of soundtracks
                Bill Banasiewicz 
                  Track speed on Xanadu
                Closer to the Heart--Alex
              The Masked Rider at
            Never before seen photos of Rush!
                Rush Now On A Soundtrack!
     Re: 06/16/98 - The National Midnight Star #2053
                 B-Man and his character
                      Rush hearing...
           Fw: SEX (ahh yes to yes, YES, YES!!!)
               super 2112- thanks to A.Smith

From: (The RUSH Fans Digest Manager)
Date: Wed Jun 17 11:10:26 PDT 1998
Subject: Administrivia

I've been gradually moving stuff over to the new nms site at,
it doesn't have a main page (yet), but all of the files under the HTML
tree are there. Some of the GIFs are there as well, all those for the 
tourdates. We have a severe space limitation on the temporary server, so
there's a lot of multimedia stuff (mostly realvideo) that won't be moved
over until we get the final server up to snuff.

The tourdates listing is up and working completely, and thanks to Jeff
we now have a TON more early dates (mostly 1977), as well as concert
attendances for many of those shows.

I also added in a bunch of ticket stubs, you can see the updated tour
dates listing at:

As always I'm looking for ticket stubs for any show that doesn't have one,
and newspaper previews/reviews for the shows. 

 - rush-mgr


From: Martin Urionaguena 
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 1998 22:19:05 -0300
Subject: To Rush lawyers

Hi, I'd love to know that the Rush lawers can read this:

C'mon ! Rush lawers, can't you do your real job, instead of puttin up
barriers to the REAL freedom of expression? Actually, we are just promoting
three musicians and their work. These three guys are the ones contribuiting
to your income...

I know...I know...the Law is the Law...   but... get yourself something
more important to do...

"I find no absolution
In my rational point of view
Maybe some things are instinctive
But there's one thing you could do
You could try to understand us
We could try to understand you..."

(send the bill to me for the Neil's lyrics quote)

Thank you


                       Martin Urionaguena
                         Buenos Aires


From: Martin Urionaguena 
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 1998 22:33:35 -0300

Greg Cormier wrote:

>   When you listen to a Rush song you have the benefit of both great music 
>and great lyrical writing to help portray what the band is expressing to 
>it's audience. With this in mind what would be the Rush song that best 
>paints a mental picture based on both the music and the lyrics in 
>For me it would be "Witch Hunt" because whenever I hear this song I can 
>picture the mob gathering to lay judgement on those that don't conform to 
>the laws of the day. I can picture the incensed mob carring out it's 
>pre-ordained duty while justifying it's actions without any sense of 
>remorse. This may come off sounding over dramatic but this is exactly the 
>mental picture that I get when listening to "Witch Hunt".
>Anyone else have a defining song which best paints a mental picture ?  

Definitively, they are:

2112, Losing it, Red Barchetta, and Middletown dreams

See ya'

"Rush. They must have been one hell of a band."
            Geoff Barton (2112 Tourbook)


          Buenos Aires, Argentina


From: (Ryan  N Waggoner)
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 1998 20:03:37 -0500
Subject: My Red Barchetta

My Red Barchetta happens to be a '93 teal Chevy Cavilier.  True, it's not
even red, but it's about as close as I can afford to get...


"Someday we'll find it: the rainbow connection; the lovers, the dreamers,
and me."
     Kermit the Frog ("The Rainbow Connection")
Visit my page!!  <  >


From: Brent Hitterdal 
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 1998 21:57:00 -0400
Subject: Page/Plant/Seattle ROCKS/Troy McClure

Saw Page/Plant on Saturday in Fargo ND and those guys can still put on a
show - Plant even had a couple of age jokes.  Hearing Page play that riff
from No Quarter was worth the price of admission.  Alex still has my
favorite style though.  The older albums with longer song formats that
allowed him to play some more extended up front guitar pieces put away the
title for him.  IMO Hemispheres/Permanent Waves/Moving Pictures were the
best three consecutive albums ever put out by any band - anyone else with a
favorite sound that Rush (or another band) developed over a few albums?  I
like almost all of their stuff, but that era is when what they liked
playing was closest to what I like to listen to (moods aside).  

Another earlier post was right on saying that the chorus/chorus/guitar
solo/chorus format can get old.  Its not that a song with that format can't
be good (see:  Limelight), but if it doesn't use it it automatically gets a
star for originality (see earlier Alex comment as well).

Flew into Seattle last week for a two day conference at the Evil Empire
(Microsoft - kidding).  The first song after picking up the rental car -
Circumstances.  The first song I hear last time I was there was Lakeside
Park (or Bastille Day I forget - one of those songs from my favorite Rush
album).  Heard Working Man as well - which seems to have been put on fairly
heavy rotation at stations wherever I have been lately - heavier than Tom
Sawyer.  Seattle radio rocks.

Non-Rush Content for Simpsons fans - From the complete list of classic Troy
McClure appearances (a friend emailed them all to me).  If I meet someone
who is a Rush fan or a Simpsons fan chances are we will get along.  It's
the only series TV show I watch:
"Calling All Quakers" (with Dolores Montenegro) 
"Leper in the Backfield" 
"The Greatest Story Ever Hulaed" 
"Good-Time Slim, Uncle Doobie, and the Great 'Frisco Freak-Out" 
Self help:
"Smoke Yourself Thin" 
"Get Confident, Stupid!" 
Do-it-yourself videos:
"The Half-Assed Guide to Foundation Repair" 


coming soon... phantom power


From: (Chuck Flowers)
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 1998 20:09:37 -0500
Subject: foolish U2 comment

>I think that would be the response of most NMSers regarding U2 today

I think that you are wrong!!!

That remix of Tom Sawyer sounds pretty cool, hopefully it is an
interesting and different take on the song.

c money


From: Scott McDow 
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 1998 22:07:26 -0400
Subject: video games


Mr. Hanstones wrote:

>...must submit that Tempest was once the King
>of video games.  During a time when all games
>were still emulating Space Invaders (i.e. Galaga,
>Galaxian, Centipede), along came Tempest with
>the first 3-D graphics available (albeit lines on
>xyz planes) and those ooh-so-cool sounds.  Next
>came Battlezone, the 3D tank game, but Tempest
>was once the undisputed king (at my local 7-11,

Tempest rocked, although I can see why it doesn't
translate well to today's standards. I'm 31 years.
I remember reading Neil's tour memoirs (from
PeW?) mentioned Ged, Lerxst and possibly Skip
and Larry playing video golf in the tourbus all
the time.



From: (DJ Benjamin)
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 1998 22:16:38 -0400
Subject: One for those interested

I live in Miami Florida. I listen to a radio talk show down here on A.M.
when I drive to work. The show gives out numbers to thier callers, for
various things, not really much meaning to it. Anyways, I was in my car
and they gave away the number "2111", well  had to stop and call to try
to get "2112". I got through, and of course they had to put me on hold
for the longest. Well this guy calls in on a mobile phone and asks for
the number, well, the DJ's called for a Rush Trivia Contest between me
and the guy. I go first and ask the guy who was the original drummer for
Rush -- he did'nt know it! He then asks me the name of Neil's book about
his trip to Africa (Masked Rider). I then asked the name of the boy who
"supposedly" was in the "Distant Early Warning" Video, letting him know,
it really wasn't Geddy's, but basically asking the name of Geddy''s son.
He said "You win, if you know the answer to that, you can have the damn
number". Ha Ha.------ So what is Geddy's son's name? Anyways?  

Peace †


From: "Shawn Quirk" 
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 1998 20:06:14 PDT

hi all,
        I have some rather sad news about the way the death of our 
friend, mr. peart's daughter was handled by some radio d.j.s.
         First, let me start at MY begining of this matter. Last night i 
was on a chatroom, and my name is rushfanyyz. someone asked me if i had 
heard neil peart's daughter had died, and i said yes. He then told me 
about how some local dj's in his hometown of Dallas had made a big joke 
out of the whole matter! A lot of rush fans had called up and told them 
to fuck off, which i think anyone of us would have done the same. Man, 
if that happened around here, i would have gone down to the station 
         Now, i don't care what you think about Neil Peart or Rush, but 
we're talking about a human trajedy here, and i find it hard to belive 
there could be anyone so heartless in this world. I suppose these guys 
proved that the bottom of the barrel isn't necisarrily the worst, 
because if you pick up the barrel and look underneath, you'll find...
         These guys!


Date: Sat, 06 Jun 1998 12:10:44 -0700
Subject: My little red Barchetta....


>...I don't think there are any NMS'rs out there who
own a REAL Ferrari-Barchetta  /  Fiat-Barchetta........>>>

I know this has no Rush content, but then again, half the posts don't either!
Dirk, NONE of us have a real Barchetta. There were only 39 or so made, and of
those (mostly racers) were crashed and/or rebuilt into different
configurations by Ferrari. If you do see one, get a picture of it, because I
can assure you that you won't see another one ever again. The one I saw at the
Monterey Historic Auto Races a few years ago won the 1949 24 Hours of Le Mans
and was worth between $750k and $1 million. And that was a bargain then.
The others that survive are essentially museum pieces.
(And that reminds me. The link I gave Randy for the Rush FAQ is outdated. I'll
find another photo of it and post it so you can see what a Barchetta looks
like. Cute little buggers, they are...)



From: "Erik 'Starblazer' Stearns" 
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 1998 22:28:58 -0500
Subject: CDs and Keyboard update.

Hey guys,

	Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who responded to my questions
about the keyboards and Cd's.  I haven't had a chance to go through all
the info yet because a very good friend of mine is in the hospital
because of a heart attack and stroke.  So I've been trying to balance my
usual routines with seeing what I could do for his situation. 

	I found all the CD's except the Gun CD.  And yes, the CDNOW.COM site
helped tremendously.



	An Open mind is the thriving of a society while 
the closed mind is the downfall of the same.  For 
in Saroks's words, "The spear in the others's heart 
is the spear in your own.  You are he."

 - From the "Freedom" Speech to Larion's Congress


From: "Cristóbal Andrés Marcoleta Friedl" 
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 1998 20:47:42 PDT
Subject: daily events/sitings into Rushland

In response to what events make me turn my mind into Rushland, obviously 
when i'm connected to the Internet and looking my email and searching 
the net and knowing all the world etc. "Virtuality" comes into my head 
and i play it over and over again. The same thing  happens in a cloudy 
and dark day, yes that right "Jacobb's Ladder" just imagine that scene, 
the clouds, the wind and the song in the background, just Amazing.That's 
all for today, i would like to know others people thoughts too, don't 

Bye, greetings from Chile.

"Angel in my armor, Actress in my role"


From: Grand Designs 
Date: Tue, 16 Jun 1998 00:17:36 -0700
Subject: Never before seen photos of Rush!!!

I'd like to announce a (yet another) section to the Grand Designs Web
Site at:

There are some very interesting photos of Geddy, Alex and Neil...
backstage... in 1977 !!!
Kudos to Mike Filsinger who contributed the photos !!!

These will truly provide a "blast-from-the-past".

Against the run of the mill
Static as it seems
We break the surface tension
With our wild, kinetic dreams

Visit the Grand Designs Rush Site


From: sberrett 
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 1998 23:36:29 -0400
Subject: Live Album Latest Rumors

The most recent postings are claiming that the new live album will be a
3CD set with 2 from TFE/CP and one from AFtK, not Hemispheres.

In regards to the 2CD from TFE/CP I say with as much vigor as e-mail
text can provide... YES! This opens up some new possibilities of what
might be included! The entire 2112? ohhhhhh, baby.   The much better
1996-97 live version of Red Barchetta? Analog Kid from CP?

Now, in regards to the AFtK rumor as opposed to the HEM rumor, I say
NOOOOOOOOOO!  Don't take me wrong, I'll take whatever I can get from
RUSH, and 3CD's (dare we mention the long shot rumor of 4CDs?) is a
windfall!  But I for one prefer the Hemispheres possibilities over the
AFtK possibilities.  I am REALLY hoping the band delivers the missing
link in Rush live recording history... a QUALITY SOUNDBOARD RECORDING OF
LIVE HEMISPHERES! I ache for this. All boots have failed me here quality
wise and I have them all. 

For your consideration I submit the setlists from the AFTtK (Drive Till
You Die) Tour. This is from Brandon's great site below

A Farewell to Kings Tour Setlist
Bastille Day
Lakeside Park
By-Tor and the Snow Dog (abbreviated) >
A Farewell to Kings
Something for Nothing
Cygnus X-1
Closer to the Heart
2112: Overture
2112: The Temples of Syrinx
2112: Discovery
2112: Presentation
2112: Soliloquy
2112: Grand Finale
Working Man (abbreviated) >
Fly by Night (abbreviated) >
In the Mood (abbreviated) >
Drum Solo 

Cinderella Man

Cin.Man, AFtK and Cygnus excite me but otherwise I'm not too jazzed up.

Tour of the Hemispheres Setlist
A Passage to Bangkok
By-Tor and the Snow Dog (abbreviated) >
Something for Nothing
The Trees
Cygnus X-1 (abbreviated) >
Hemispheres: Prelude
Hemispheres: Apollo/Dionysus
Hemispheres: Armageddon
Hemispheres: Cygnus
Hemispheres: The Sphere
Closer to the Heart
A Farewell to Kings
La Villa Strangiato
2112: Overture
2112: The Temples of Syrinx
2112: Discovery
2112: Presentation
2112: Soliloquy
2112: Grand Finale 

Working Man (abbreviated) >
Bastille Day (abbreviated) >
In the Mood (abbreviated) >
Drum Solo 

some gems in there people!  SOLID gems!



From: Andy 
Date: Tue, 16 Jun 1998 00:34:05 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Degarmo meets Cantrell

Chris Degarmo (formerly of Queensryche), will be the touring guitarist for
Jerry Cantrell (still with AIC? and solo).  He is on the tour with
Cantrell and Metallica.  If these guys cut an album together, we could
have something amazing.


Andrew Miller				Resigning himself to the unknown
ytsejam@Udel.Edu			he drifts off into sleep.  He
					wakes in a cold sweat with a
					strong urge to vomit.
						-question...Who is HE?


From: The Mystic S 
Date: Tue, 16 Jun 1998 14:56:51 -0400
Subject: time & motion- part 2

Since I got great response from the last time & motion topic, I decided
to proceed with #2!

So as I sit here listening to the very song of which I am speaking, I

the incredible imagery that accompanies this song- was the intention
there all along? (I mean, how can you not get the image in your head of
a train rolling along at ever- increasing speeds?  If you never caught
that- take another listen.)  Did Neil write the lyrics first, and they
were able to sift through their cache of stuff 'till they found a riff
that worked?  Or did Neil wrap his brain around what he heard in the
music, and come up with lyrical accompaniment?  Which came first, the
chicken or the egg?  And, lastly, have you ever heard another song that
conveyed an image(that ran along a theme with the lyrics)so well?

ok, I'm waiting.


From: John and Darlene Heald 
Date: Fri, 05 Jun 1998 20:45:31 -0700
Subject: Re: Deprogramming my 6 year-old ( response to Al)

After my public de-pantsing regarding Deprogramming, (cheers, John!) I
should probably be treading slowly back into the NMS, but what-the-hey.  

Rand said "Man is an end in himself, not the means to the ends of others.
He must exist for his own sake, neither sacrificing himself to others nor
sacrificing others to himself."
(Key phrase there is "nor sacrificing others to himself.")

James, would you say that the above stated philosophy, de facto, would
support Social Darwinism?  Because this is what I’ve taken from Rand and
I cannot support this posture in myself, others or governments.  IMO,
Objectivism, while the philosophy goes deeper than Libertarianism, can
not be separated from Libertarianism since it’s position supports
Libertarian views.  

I realize I waded into an area that could have been served well using
private e-mail but I’ve seen a number of posts regarding Rand and I
thought others my be interested in this thread.  

Lastly, Alex states:

"individualism is extremely important, but not to a fanatical degree that
others suffer."

You said:
Again, anyone who follows individualism to the degree that they are hurting
others is following the Nietzche model for individualism, not Rands.

I would disagree with this in that through inaction (Social Darwinism),
Randians would be hurting others.

Fred wrote:
Al Willig was responding to some negative posts about country music.  I have to 
agree with Al in what he says.  I am also not a fan of country music, or 
Marilyn Manson, or Shania Twain, or whoever else is the artist slam du jour 
on this digest.  All I know is that if somebody says that artist X is the 
greatest artist in the world, they are correct.  Correct because they are 
stating their opinion on a matter where only opinion exists. 

While I am glad to have someone agreeing with me, I have to wonder if
what you’ve said above is correct.  Is it possible for one band to be
better than another; empirically and not just in opinion?  Everyone can
and should have an opinion on which band they like the best but I would
argue that one band can be better than another.  Example:  Rush v. Bryan
Adams.  Lyrically, you will not get an argument that says Bryan Adams
writes better lyrics than Neil Peart.  Bryan Adams writes almost
exclusively of love; unrequited and otherwise.  Neil has written maybe 5
songs on the subject of relationships over 15 albums.  (don’t hold me to
the 5 songs, I don’t have the albums in front of me)  So, would Neil’s
breadth of subject matter alone make him a better lyricist?  I say
‘yes’.  Now throw in the imagery, symbolism, and storytelling ability
and it is clear he is a better lyricist.  

Musically:  I will state right up front that I have no musical training
so I cannot ‘talk the talk’ but will put it this way.  Take the
compositions of Rush and Bryan Adams to 100 people trained in musical
composition and ask them to comment on the depth and breadth of the
compositions and 99 out of 100 will say that Rush has better written
music (the 1 dissenting vote would be from Bryan Adams)

Musicianship:  Well, just look at the number of awards Neil, Alex and
Geddy have received for musicianship vs. how many the members of Bryan
Adams band have received and, IMO, my point is made.  

So, I would say that you could prove, empirically that Rush is a better
band than Bryan Adams.  

Anyone out there think I’m fulla s_ _ _

John wrote:
First of all Al, do you have a sense of humor? 
(Al,...please remember this reference "private

Seems I’ve already forgotten this reference.  Oops!  Luckily, I can
still laugh at myself.  


Al Willig			   "Overwhelmed by everything
Financial Officer		     but wanting oh so much."
Minnesota Institute of		     
Acupuncture & Herbal Studies		
Phone:  612 603 0994
Fax:  612 603 0995


From: "Michael Z. Williamson" 
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 1998 14:01:45 -0700
Subject: OLGA comparison

RE:  OLGA>  Sad to see the legal weasels trying to take anything that
bears a resemblance to a 3rd hand copy of a copyright.

My industry has the same--remember the Klingon (TM) knife with the
pop-out guards on ST:III??  Kit Rae at United Cutlery designed a similar
knife, with a similar logo.  Paramount claimed TM violation.  The logo
was changed.  They attempted to claim patent violation, even though they
had no patent on the Klingon(TM) knife.  They lost, as a knife with such
a design can be documented in the 16th century.  So finally they
claimed--get this:  That "Bird of Prey," being the name of the knife,
and the name of a Klingon(TM) class of ship, was a trademark, and ANY
use of "Bird of Prey" violated their rights.  So, anytime a documentary
on raptors is broadcast, the producers theoretically owe Paramount
money.  Rather than fight a 3rd ridiculous suit, United changed the name
to the Phoenix.  Nice irony there.

Klingon(TM) is a TM owned by Paramount Pictures, all rights reserved. 
It's use here is for educational and illustrative purposes.


AS far as band pictures, etc, on Syrinx web page, I'd encourage the
Rush-mgr, possibly backed up with a large petition, to try to get
permission to use them, provided a note to the effect of "used by
permission, all rights reserved, (C) 19XX by Anthem etc..." is attached
to each.  I think the boys would be willing.  All we have to do is
convince the lawyers.

Let us invoke the magic of the great Donna Harper.  Perhaps she can

"The first thing we do, we hang all the lawyers." William Shakespeare   rush-related stickers


From: "Michael Z. Williamson" 
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 1998 14:13:51 -0700
Subject: the web of intrigue

> [ As I said, I don't KNOW what the lawyers were talking about. They 
>     mentioned "pictures" and other than the tourbooks I can't think of any
>     pictures that they would say were copyrighted by Rush (I don't think
>     pictures from magazines would count).                    : rush-mgr ]

if those pictures in the mags came from band archives, they would retain
the rights to them.  Basically, ANY picture used in ANY major
publciation belongs to someone.  But insist the lawyers clarify each
picture individually.  It costs them time and money.

"Oh my God!  Verhoeven killed Starship Troopers!  YOU BASTARD!"
BTW:  the preferrred version of Joe Haldeman's "The Forever War" is
out.  Anyone who loves or hates the military needs to read it NOW.


From: (Chuck Flowers)
Date: Tue, 16 Jun 1998 13:48:12 -0500
Subject: pub

I have to agree with you Peter.  If someone is complaining because they
were weren't aware that a band they want to see is playing in their area,
they just didn't look hard enough.  There is plenty of info out there.

c money


From: "Remis Ramos" 
Date: Tue, 16 Jun 1998 15:44:46 CLT
Subject: weird Rush experience (Car crash with a "rushian")
     Well, not a BIG car crash... The last Friday I borrowed the car to 
my brother, and when I went to my usual friday night rehearsal, a guy 
bumped the car by the back. I stopped, and when I took my bass to blast 
his head, I noticed that the license plate of the car was...


     "I can't hit this guy..." was my first thought. I asked him if he 
knew Rush, but the guy looked me with a blank face, gave me money for a 
new paint and got lost, horrorized. (He thought that I may kill him...) 
My brother, also a Rushian, understood all. But he will never lend me 
his car again!

      Visit the RITUAL webpage!  (My Progresive Thrash band)

                                       Remis Ramos C.


From: Robert Dittrich 
Date: Tue, 16 Jun 1998 14:46:03 -0500
Subject: RE: 06/16/98 - The National Midnight Star #2053

>From: "Bill Banasiewicz" 
>Date: Sat, 13 Jun 1998 01:10:01 EDT
>Subject: A Work In Progress


> I
>know more about this band than "all" of you folks at the National
>Midnight Slander combined!

Except, apparently, what upsets them.

>And from some of the "garbage" many of you write, you don't deserve to
>see them!

Boo hoo hoo. Don't begin a collective assault against the list at large, 
then threaten us with not talking to us any more.

>      I am currently working on a couple of non-Rush related book
>idea's. Believe it or not, my fascinating life goes far beyond "the
>greatest band in the world." There are so many good stories, that have
>nothing whatsoever to do with Rush.

Yes, but how many exclamation points will we have to wade through in order 
to read them? "Visions" was useful. This rant does not become you.

Hugs and Kisses,
  Rob Dittrich


From: (T.J. Higgins)
Date: Tue, 16 Jun 98 15:24:40 CDT
Subject: Re: A Work In Progress

B-man wrote:
>  Do yourself a favor people, ENJOY WHATEVER WORK'S RUSH HAPPENS TO GRACE 
> US WITH, because at this point in time, it's all icing!  Look to the 
> POSITIVE, PEOPLE. Don't dwell on the negative! I know for some of you, 
> this will be a hard concept to grasp, but give it a try! Who knows, you 
> might even like it! Get Rush into the Hall of hold the key 
> to the door......KNOCK IT DOWN!!!  

Absolutely.  I urge everyone to go to and 
check out the well-organized campaign going on there to get GFR into 
the Hall.

> Go listen to all of the songs you 
> supossedly hate another 111 times, and re-analize them!!! In my 
> humble opinion, there are NO bad Rush songs.....I love them 
> ALL.....(honest)  so shoot me! 

Rush's songs are like sex:  none of them are bad, there are just some
that are better than others!

Thanks for the note,
T.J. Higgins
Huntsville, AL
NP: Savatage, The Wake Of Magellan


From: (Ryan  N Waggoner)
Date: Tue, 16 Jun 1998 14:59:23 -0500
Subject: One-liners for Van Halen Concert

Here's all I could come up with...hopefully someone will find something

"Rhythm Method, anyone?"

"Where's Dirk and Lerxst, Pratt?"

"VH = YYZ?"

"5150 = 2112?"


"Someday we'll find it: the rainbow connection; the lovers, the dreamers,
and me."
     Kermit the Frog ("The Rainbow Connection")
Visit my page!!  <  >


From: "Turner, Karl J. (EXCH)" 
Date: Tue, 16 Jun 1998 16:37:16 -0400
Subject: RE: 06/16/98 - The National Midnight Star #2053


2 things :

First thing we do, kill all the lawyers !   Famous quote, or sensible
course of action ?   Who cares.
That'll be a bummer (do people still say that?) if the sound bytes
disappear.  Hearing them prompted me to purchase albums I'd never heard
before.  Hemispheres & COS in the case of Rush.  Also hope we don't also
lose the tourbooks.  Most of us got into Rush around MP or later.  I've
enjoyed reading them on the NMS, and hope many others get to do so in
the future.

OK, Everything must go.  I've vinyl LP's of Signals, AFTK & Permanent
waves, covers in very good condition, with the records nearly MINT. AFTK
even has a gatefold cover. I haven't owned a turntable in years, thus
I'd like to see them get a good home.  I'll let the whole set of 3 go
for $25, including shipping.  That's all 3, just give them a good home
is all I ask.  I've fallen into the 80's/90's CD trap, and it'll be
partially my fault if vinyl completely disappears off the face of the
Earth. Well, Marilyn Manson'll probably still wear it.  E-mail me if

Drive defensively & may the Lord be your companion !

Karl Turner      


From: Gwon Chang 
Date: Tue, 16 Jun 1998 13:34:21 -0700
Subject: speaking of soundtracks

What's happening

In the Uma issue of Premiere there is an ad for a movie coming out
called "Whatever". In the sidebar detailing its soundtrack, Rush is
listed, but the song isn't. The movie aparrently is based in the '80's
so figure something from then. (Aimee Mann is also listed.)



From: "Flynn, Jason R" 
Date: Tue, 16 Jun 1998 15:42:02 -0500
Subject: Bill Banasiewicz 

>From: "Bill Banasiewicz" 
>Subject: A Work In Progress
>                 "Draft" for the 2112 edition.
>                   MEMO FROM A HIGHER OFFICE
>[...rant deleted...]

Every time B-Man makes some derogatory sweeping comment about TNMS or us
loser-fans, he turns around and says something genuinely kind about the
band or Rush's career.  Man, I don't know whether to think B-Man has
learned from his mistakes and accepted his situation maturely, or if he
will cry over spilled milk for the rest of his life pushing others down
that he might climb.  Did you pick up on that--a cheesy and (not so)
cleverly hidden Rush quote--just like the thousands B-Man weaved in
every chance he got in Visions.  

I remember reading Visions several times in the early '90s thinking what
a wonderful treasure of information the book was, while at the same time
cringing at how poorly written it was.  It is a cherished book, B-Man,
and for that I thank you.  But before you write anything else about Rush
or another band, please take a few lessons in grammar, spelling and



From: "Flynn, Jason R" 
Date: Tue, 16 Jun 1998 15:54:46 -0500
Subject: Track speed on Xanadu

>Subject: Track speed on Xanadu
>I assume everyone has noticed that Xanadu is not in tune with the rest of the
>songs on the A Farewell To Kings album.  

Why on EARTH would you make an assumption like that.  Not only have I
not noticed that about Xanadu, I've never heard of anyone else noticing
it either.

>It appears that the boys recorded the
>song at a little slower tempo than they wanted, and the track was slightly
>sped up in the mixing.  

I have no reason not to believe what you're saying, except to simply
wonder why Rush would have done something like that at all?  Doesn't it
make sense that if the song were sped up in the mixing, the drums would
sound *just* a little bit different, and Geddy's voice would be a little
higher too?  Maybe I'm totally wrong here, but it's pretty easy to tell
in Geddy's voice if it's too high or too low--say on some bootlegs that
are a hair too fast or too slow.  Perhaps what they did is simply record
the song in a different key or with the instruments tuned differently.

>By any chance (and I know this is highly unlikely) did they fix this problem
>when they produced the remastered version of A Farewell To Kings?  

If they did this intentionally in 1977, why do you think they'd attempt
to "correct" this "problem"?

>You'd think
>with all the digital technology available today, they could speed up the tempo
>of the track without changing the pitch of the song.  

This, I'd say, is COMPLETELY impossible.  I don't claim to know about
today's technology, but dealing with sound reproduction seems to be a
fairly simple concept--you have music which contains notes at a certain
frequency.  If you change the speed of the music you change the
frequency of the notes (thus changing the # of waves per second), and
finally the pitch is affected.




From: "Flynn, Jason R" 
Date: Tue, 16 Jun 1998 15:57:37 -0500
Subject: Closer to the Heart--Alex

>Subject: Merry XMAS to me
>P.S.  I was at the Counterparts show at the Pond in Anaheim, Calif. and I
>could have sworn that Alex sang CTTH that night not Geddy.  Does anyone else
>remember that?
>   [ Alex sang the chorus, Geddy still sang the majority of the song.
>                                                             : rush-mgr ]

I agree with rush-mgr!  Alex jumped in with the "Closer to the heart,
closer to your heart, closer to your house, a closet in your house..."
lines.  Not that I was at the Anaheim concert, but he did do the same
thing at several other shows.



From: "John Merrick" 
Date: Tue, 16 Jun 1998 17:43:14 EDT
Subject: The Masked Rider at

It's been a long time since I've posted and I don't get to read all of 
the issues so if this is old news, sorry.

Anyway,  The Masked Rider can be ordered online at

It's like but with books for anyone didn't know.  Later,



From: "Rob Godwin" 
Date: Tue, 16 Jun 1998 18:08:11 -0500
Subject: Rush Now On A Soundtrack!

I saw in Premiere magazine an ad for the Whatever soundtrack that says it
features a Rush song.  For those with a long memory you might remember that
someone posted that they saw something about that movie and heard "Tom
Sawyer" in either an ad or the movie itself.  I work at Blockbuster Music
and know for a fact that this soundtrack comes out 6/23.  I thought I'd
never see the day Rush was on a soundtrack.  I'm glad I'm wrong.  Check the
"Whatever" soundtrack out next Tuesday.

		Until Geddy is a cover boy for Sassy magazine,

				Rob G.


From: Mark and Cara Rickard 
Date: Tue, 16 Jun 1998 19:10:17 -0400
Subject: Re: 06/16/98 - The National Midnight Star #2053

At 11:19 AM 6/16/98 -0700, you wrote:
>From: Michael Brown 
>Date: Tue, 16 Jun 1998 08:20:36 -0700
>Subject: Subdivisions voice
>I case any of you haven't seen it, go to the following web site to find
>out who really said "subdivisions" in the song. It really made me laugh
>but its genuine!

Of course, I listened to this. This is THE coolest thing I've read on TNMS.
Now that I hear Mark saying it, of COURSE it's him. I used to watch the 10
PM news on CITY every damn night - it's amazing that the signal travels
relatively clearly all the way to Erie, PA. Anyway, there you have it,
folks. The boyz lied to us. :)

Mark Rickard
"The way the big wheel spins"


From: William Cary Hall 
Date: 	Tue, 16 Jun 1998 19:46:26 -0400
Subject: B-Man and his character

Sorry, but I do not slander others in a public forum.  This is the
honest to God truth.  Bill, you may feel that this forum is a pathetic
example of a fan base.  That is your opinion, so be it.  I won't hold it
against you.  But you contribute to this as well.  Anyone here like
Boston, the band?  Say so and Bill will feel compelled to tell you how
much they suck.  No lie, i posted one line about Boston on NMS and got
three emails from Bill saying they sucked.  My opinion of Bill is that
his opinions don't matter, to anyone.  That's my story, and I'm sticking
to it.  
Cary Hall
ICQ# 6956498


From: Chad Mitchell 
Date: Tue, 16 Jun 1998 19:35:43 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Rush hearing...

Anyone else notice that the music guy at the Washington Capitals' arena is a
Rush fan?  In both games played there during the Stanley Cup finals, they've
played "Freewill" during play stoppages.

Chad Mitchell - a.k.a. the Man of 1000 Faces
"Doctors get to bury their mistakes, Architects can only advise their client
to plant vines."
						-Frank Lloyd Wright
NOW PLAYING:  Iluvatar - "Children"


From: "Robert J. Murphy" 
Date: Tue, 16 Jun 1998 19:46:55 -0500
Subject: Fw: SEX (ahh yes to yes, YES, YES!!!)


Question: So, umm, is 'Between Sun and Moon' on Cp about sex? I'm expecting
a divided reaction here. Some may say "you're WAY off" and others will say
"duh! what *did* you think it was about?" as if it were that obvious.

Maybe the original form of the lyrics by Dubois reveal a more clear answer.
Someone posted it a while back, but I think I lost that one.

And while I'm at it, what the hell is that picture of just below the lyics
to BS&M? Corral? Moldy paprika? What?!

ahh, say yes to self esteem! (and say no to Nethaniel Branden)



From: Max MacPherson 
Date: Tue, 16 Jun 1998 20:53:02 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: super 2112- thanks to A.Smith

Hello Everyone,

"Alex Smith",  recently posted a "super" 2112
version incorporating this song as well as cygnus x-1 books 1 and 2.  Grat
idea.  Last night it had me thinking and I have come up with an extension,
incorporating parts of other songs into this original idea.  It lasts
about 101 minutes, and fits good on two sides of a 110 minute tape. Here
it is.

Side 1-
I.  Ending bells of By-tor and the Snow Dog
II.  Necromancer Pt 1
III.  Necromancer Pt 2
IV.  Bytor & Snow dog (without bells)
V.  Necromancer part 3
VI.  2112 overture
VII.  In the valley
VIII.  Dict. & Narp.
IX.  Temples of syrinx
X.  Discovery
XI.  Presentation
XII.  No one at the Bridge
XIII.  Oracle: the dream
XIV.  Hemispheres prelude

Side 2-
XV.  Apollo/Dion.
XVI.  Armageddon
XVII.  Cygnus X-1 Book 1
XVIII.  Cygnus: Bringer of balance
XIX.  the sphere
XX.  Panacea
XXI.  Soliloquy
XXII.  Bacchus plateau
XXIII.  Xanadu
XXIV.  The grand finale
XXV.  The fountain
XXVI.  Ending bells of By-tor and the snow dog

Now for an explanation of how this all fits together.  The "3 travelers"
in the necromancer are the 3 original founders of the priests of the
temples of syrinx.  The necromancer tells of a time when they were not in
total control of society.  The were weak, under control by the nec, which
can/may symbolize the elder race or their strong leader, when it was them
who held the power.  BT & tSD is placed after pt 2 to introduce the
character of by tor who would save the 3 travelers from the necromancer.
So its the snow dog and necromancer; symbols or representations of the
elder race vs. the 3 travelers and by tor; symbols or representatives of
what would become the formidable priests of the temples.  The necromancer
is obviously told from the perspective of the priests and bytor, their
liberator.  "the men are free to run now the labyrinth below"  Thus those
three travelers founded rulership of the priests of the temples

"and the meek shall inherit the earth"
The hero of the story is then born, in "in the valley" He is introduced to
the world and is full of innocence and wonder.  Then come along the dicts
and narps, other wise known as the priests of ttos that put a dark cloud
over the innocence.  Discovery and presentation follow and have the same
meaning they do in the song.  After the rejection of the heros "wonderful
device" he discovered.  He begins to feel alone, depressed, and with out
any guiding hand to show him the way.  These feelings are in "no 1 at the
bridge"  Then along comes the dream

Seeing how the elder race was expelled from their planet and cast away,
the hero sees images of art, and creative expression that the society he
was brought up in would not allow.  He now saw that there was some thing
more to life, awaiting the day the elder race would return to destroy the

In the next part of his dream, He lived through the cygnus story:
traveling through a black hole to become the god of mediation, bringing
peace to a conflicted world.  Here he sees how one individual, himself can
have great power and influence on society.

Finally in panacea, the idealic quality of the world(s) he has experienced
in his dream are realized.  Panacea is a symbol of his dream.  The final
line, "my heart will lie beside you, and my wandering body grieves."  This
means that his heart and soul is tied to the nature and hopes of his
dream, but when he wakes up, he will be sucked back into the oppressive
society of the priests.

Waking up, he realizes how miserable things are and his lifeblood spills
over.  Bacchus plateau is the honoring of the heros death after he dies
and others heard about his confrontation with the priests.  One of the
themes in the song seems to be about contribution or giving to society.
"there's not much more to give"  The hero gave as much as he could.  At
the reception, with wine from the cask of 45, mourners realize this and
see the invaluable contribution this person has made, a step towards
social change.

Xanadu- This song creates the feel of the afterlife where our hero has
departed to.  Once he reaches it, he becomes imprisoned there never able
to leave.  Like many people longing to know what death or the after life
is like, the only way to know about it is to actually die, and once this
happens there is no returning to the "living world" to tell all your
friends about it.  

Finally the 2112 crisis is solved with the elder race? Assuming control.
However once change occurs it can often be confusing even if it is change
for the better.  The fountain explores these themes.  Having a mission,
reaching it, but being tired, confused, and exhausted from the journey.
"the point of the journey, is not to arrive"  Also, the goal, set out in
"in the valley" by one individual, what ever that goal was, has developed
into a goal shared by all by the time "the fountain is reached".  This is
a goal or dream of humanity in general and not necessarily liberation from
the priests.

"still I am" Our hero will never be forgotten by society.

Well, that is just my take on things.  By taking all of these songs apart
and recombining them, some have taken on new meanings.  This is definitely
double album material.

Thanks for listening everyone,

Max MacPherson 


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