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Subject: 06/22/98 - The National Midnight Star #2057

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         The National Midnight Star, Number 2057

                   Monday, 22 Jun 1998

Today's Topics:
                      Alex Van Halen
                    Flamewars, anyone?
              To The Fire That Lit itself...
           Rush in our nation's capital twice!!
                       Fav TV Show
                       TV Show Poll
         Afterimage - music supporting the lyrics
                   Old and New (again)
                        alex sings
                The sorry state of radio.
        Rush in small arenas, Doug's message, etc.
               Rush on soundtrack...sort of
                      various stuff
                   arizona radio shows
              Apple Sauce, I mean, Applause
                        Re: Xanadu
                One of many, I'm sure....
                      Rush sighting
                     Who is the B man
                RE: Track Speed on Xanadu
                      Animate single
                  Rushme's news - False
     Re: 06/18/98 - The National Midnight Star #2055
     Re:  Can there be an intrinsically "best" band?
          The Breadman Baketh---"BAKING NATURE"
                Alex vs. Peart = Bonham???
             Re: The Fire that lights itself

From: (The RUSH Fans Digest Manager)
Date: Mon Jun 22 10:22:16 PDT 1998
Subject: Administrivia

Well, the NMS site is back up. The mp3's are gone, as well as the RV 
full-length videos. All the other RV files should still be there.

And I can tell you definitively that on the new live album: Disc 2, Track 1
is "Test For Echo".

 - rush-mgr


From: (Ryan  N Waggoner)
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 1998 15:54:41 -0500
Subject: Alex Van Halen


Umm....let's see..."Without You" could give a beginning drummer problems.

No, really though...there's his drum solo on 'LIVE: Right here, right
now', there's "Pleasure Dome" from the F.U.C.K. album (hey, that's the
acronym, folks...and that's how Eddie refers to it, plus it's just easier
to type...), umm..."I'm The One" (unless you happen to own a double-bass
peddle  ;) ) (YOU try playin' that puppy with one foot...Neil might be
the only person on the face of the earth who could actually play that
thing with only one foot...)

That's about all I can come with.  That's embarrassing.  Roger Taylor has
more difficult stuff than that, and *he* doesn't steal drum solos!!  :)


"Someday we'll find it: the rainbow connection; the lovers, the dreamers,
and me."
     Kermit the Frog ("The Rainbow Connection")
Visit my page!!  <  >


From: (Ryan  N Waggoner)
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 1998 16:26:28 -0500
Subject: Multi-tracking 


Anyone who doesn't believe that should check out their 1975 album (and
probably the most popular) 'A Night At The Opera'.  On top of Brian May's
*fantastic* guitar harmonies, multi-layered vocals abound in this album
(particularly the acapella section of "The Prophet Song"), sometimes with
mind-blowing spectacualrity (is that a word?  ;) ).  This isn't an album
that you can adjust the balance and have an
*always* have vocals coming out of BOTH speakers, and the vocals coming
out of one speaker are oftentimes *completely* different than the vocals
coming out of the other.  While not exactly the all-time most
musically-complex album, this should be checked out by *anyone* who can
appreciate multi-tracking (or even wants to hear just how complex you can
get with it...)


"Someday we'll find it: the rainbow connection; the lovers, the dreamers,
and me."
     Kermit the Frog ("The Rainbow Connection")
Visit my page!!  <  >


From: (Ryan  N Waggoner)
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 1998 16:18:42 -0500
Subject: Flamewars, anyone?

Guys, I don't know how much my opinion matters, you suppose we
could STOP FIGHTING and maybe try for a bit of PEACE for once???  I'm
starting to get REALLY sick of unsubscribing from lists about my favorite
bands just because people simply can't stay on topic and talk about THE
BAND, *NOT* themselves.  Is it too much to ask that, even though we're in
the midst of legal troubles, we stop fighting with eachother?  I've left
the Van Halen Mailing List (the offical list) because of huge flamewars,
and I've left People of the SouthWind (the Kansas mailing list to which
at least one member of the band *was* subscribed, until *he* left because
of flamewars, and then about half the list followed).  Please, stop
fighting, everyone, so I don't have to add NMS to the list.  I love
Queen, but I don't want the Queen Mail Server to be my *only* mailing
list I subscribe to...

Thank you, if anyone actually listened...


"Someday we'll find it: the rainbow connection; the lovers, the dreamers,
and me."
     Kermit the Frog ("The Rainbow Connection")
Visit my page!!  <  >

I now return you to your regularly scheduled flaming...


From: GM&C 
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 1998 05:48:36 -0500
Subject: To The Fire That Lit itself...

Not sure where Doug get's his figures (70/30 in favor of  his original
emotionally negative multi-faceted post about the egotism, laziness and
arrogance of RUSH fans) but I think that the main idea(s) of his original
post (nothing like the points made in the last issue of TNMS) that I last
addressed  was (were):

1) RUSH as a band is in danger of declining in popularity and this is
partially due to, if not mainly attributed to, their play on Radio.

2) That we as RUSH fans don't do enough to support the band in the fast
paced highly competitive super-media markets of today.

Now it seems, past offenses are in attempt of being smoothed over by a
"requalifying" post (which didn't even mention the original statements, but
tried to back them up.

Really, I could not care less normally, but so many people are so worried
about whether or not RUSH gets enough radio play and I think that no matter
where you live (save a few precious exceptions, Seattle, San Antonio) we
would all like to hear more RUSH on the Radio that we hear now, but you
can't force taste on the mindless massive media machine or the masses that
it serves. I understand that Doug is somehow involved in radio, and can see
how they could permeate the airwaves as well as they used to, and I think
we all agree...but they are not as hungry to promote, just as we are (most
of us) a few years older and have better things to do than argue with some
dj about why WE think they should play RUSH instead of BUSH this time
around. I also think (MHO) that more than ever before the band knows they
can continue their career on their terms (still) and enjoy success making
music they can be proud of...and even rest on their laurels with one of the
most devoted fan bases ever. Radio did alot for RUSH in the earlier days,
but I doubt if they want to keep up pace with all the new band's and their
desire to be over-promoted into the or dying via mass
radio/mtv exposure. What would they truly have to gain?

So if the questions are....

A) Do I think that RUSH deserves to be in the hall of fame?
my answer=YES

B) Would I be pissed if it didn't happen?
I'd be disappointed for the band, 'cause they deserve every bit of
recognition they get, but it would kinda be like Jethro Tull beating
Metallica out at the Grammy's for the first ever heavy metal
grammy...."Yeah, well, what do the masses/establishments know about good
music anyway, especially rock music."

C) Would I be mad if the local radio station weren't playing the "new cut"?
I wouldn't even know, because the one thing from either of the earlier
posts from Doug that I agree with is..."radio has its head up its ass..."
So I don't listen to the commercialized media machine that is radio,
especially to get MY music because if I had waited to hear my RUSH on the
radio, I'd still be wating for 2/3 of the songs to get played...and most of
those as we know are the good ones.  But I tell you what...I'd have the
album the day it was out, tell all my fellow RUSH fans to get it, and then
get my tickets to the show the minute they went on sale.

Lazy? Arrogant? Egotistical? I beg to differ, though Doug retracted those
claws for the second letter (I guess to boost the 70/30 ratio he had
recorded from the first lame post.)

As far as selling shows and albums....they may not command the audience in
some towns that they used to (don't understand the posts as they usually
sell out here in Houston) but they don't promote that way anymore and I
don't think that they want to promote the rest of their lives away. They
seem to have done very well (Better than they could've imagined?) in the
music business and you know we got what we wanted....and we'll be there to
get whatever they offer as they continue. But we can't live vicariously
through them. They can't tour forever and we should cherish what we have.

RUSH will never become queensryche (was a fan while they were around) as
they are infinitely more original,more talented and have stood the test of
time. They will never be YES as that band could never keep it together with
a consistent lineup (though I still see every show, which are mostly sold
out as well, and the shows are still some of the best musicianship around
to be seen....coming soon too, yahoo! regardless of lineup) and to think
that Radio play in the late nineties can save them from this fate more
readily than the years of great albums, hard work and the dedicated (though
sometimes cynical and silent) fan base seems absurd...though once again, a
good rush tune on the radio is a good thing.

Big show? Lasers? Screens? Yeah, that stuff was really important to me when
I was like 13, and I'm not knocking it bacause I know a lot of people go
for that...but hearing the music and seeing the boys in person is what I
think the concert is about. And their fan base is a little more mature now,
not to mention the albums they put out. I can go see that other crap at the
planetarium light shows....(which have a laser RUSH show I might add, or
they did not long ago)
Personally, I would love to go and see them at a venue that holds 4,000 as
you stated, or even less....the more personal the better. I'd pay more to
see a smaller, more personal performance from the boys, probably a lot

And Pink Floyd? Yeah, the show was good, but all the fanfare seems like
kind of an old comfortable crutch to fill the void of the missing
watters.....I think they are hoping the little mtvidiots won't know the
difference so they won't mind paying for the nostalgic super-expensive
lesser product without I said, the show was good, but
doesn't compare to say, the show when "Animals" came out. Sure they had
lights and films and stuff then too, but it wasn't the main focus...more
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 1997 18:44:36 -0400
Subject: Rush in our nation's capital twice!!

I am an avid Red Wings fan, but I must say, the management of the
Washington Capitals must be cool, during game 3 of the Stanley Cup finals
at the MCI center they played "Freewill" and during game 4 they played it
again , then later played "TOM Saywer"  The Linesman dropping the puck
must be a fan too because he waited longer than normal to drop it and the
songs played longer.

Congrats to the Wings on 2 consecutive Stanley Cups, way to go!


Date: Thu, 18 Jun 1998 19:15:07 -0400
Subject: Fav TV Show

Someone posted about Rush fans listing their favorite TV show. I have no
idea how a favorite TV show and Rush have anything to do with each other
but what the heck:

Mine?  "Friends"

And while I'm holding your attention (albeit temporarily), let's tone
down on the b-man crap. This stuff is not healthy for us. Take a deep
breath people. Speak an opinion? Sure, I'm all for it but gee whiz - 24
million pages worth of hateful bickering wears out my "scroll-down"
button and does NO ONE any good.

The NMS. Rush. The music. Neil, Alex and Geddy. New album coming.

"It's the music, stupid."

Scott Wedge -
Auburn University - WAR EAGLE!!
"Send your signal 'round the world..." - RUSH


From: (Christopher W Lindsay)
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 1998 17:27:57 -0400
Subject: TV Show Poll

Thanks for the e-mails about fav. shows!  I thought it may have been a
dumb idea, but with the response I've received....

I'll start adding up the private e-mails and I'll count any in post. 
I'll give you running totals, and after a couple of weeks (or when I stop
getting them), I'll produce the results.

Thanks again!


Date: Thu, 18 Jun 1998 19:47:38 EDT
Subject: Afterimage - music supporting the lyrics

The Mystic S wrote: "have you ever heard another song that conveyed an
image(that ran along a theme with the lyrics)so well?"

Many, many moons ago, someone posted how the guitar solo of Limelight works
itself to a cresendo then fades away, similar to how a rockers career brings
him into the limelight, then he doesn't want to be in the limelight, then he
fades away, etc. (it was better when he told it!).

Although there are many, one song has made an impact on me as having music
which I feel tremendously adds to the lyrics is Afterimage.  The instrumental
break in the song is pure emotion and makes you FEEL what the singer (the
survivor) is feeling.  After the initial vocals and the beginning of the
instrumental break (2:25), the survivor is trying to come to terms with his
friend's death, represented by the almost melancholy, plodding, pulsating
keyboards.  After being unable to come to terms with the death, the person
feels denial, and after failing a few times to control itself (as it "barks"),
we hear the guitar finally break out in anger (3:16).  After this initial
outburst, the guitar continues in a aggressive stance, and is joined by what
are now aggressive keyboards (3:46), representing the frustation over a
sensless tragedy and the inability to come to terms with it.  The music
provides the mood to fully appreciate the words "try to believe, but you know
its no good; this is something that just can't be understood."


"This just can't be understood..."


From: William Cary Hall 
Date: 	Thu, 18 Jun 1998 19:49:43 -0400
Subject: Old and New (again)

I've actually given this a lot of thought, and I think a big part of
whether or not we prefer the new or old is related to our musical
prowess.  Personally, I couldn't play chopsticks.  Never picked up any
instrument except for a trumpet in Junior High.  And then, there's this
guy who lived across the hall from me at school who plays guitar and

My favs - Power Windows, Test for Echo, Grace Under Pressure, Presto

His, going by the ones he owned/played - AFTK, Permanent Waves, MP, COS,

Anyone else seen this happen?

By the way, I like/own all the albums.  Still, FBN is a slow mover in my
Cary Hall
ICQ# 6956498


From: "M. Jacobs" 
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 1998 21:04:00 -0500

I never thought I'd post a Rush sighting but I've had 2 (of sorts) =
recently and since nobody I know would really give a damn I figured I'd =
force them on you good people.  First, I've got the Rush 95 screensaver =
on my machine at work.  Well I'm in the next cubicle over and I'm =
hearing my director talk to my manager and out of the blue my director =
says "hey, that's Neil Peart".  Well of course I had to make sure I =
heard him correctly, and I had, so I walk back over to my desk and say =
"Len, I'm impressed."  Then he proceeds to tell me what a cool show 2112 =
was.  Amazing.  Second, we moved recently (so I'm about a month behind =
in reading TNMS) and one of our neighbors has plates that say "SYRINX".  =
Is the driver on this list perchance - MO plates in Parkview?  That =
would just kill me.  By the way, to Douglas Maher, I really enjoyed your =
post on the sad state of radio.


Date: Wed, 17 Jun 1998 00:38:28 EDT


>and to the guy or girl who posted
>that Rush doesnt need the lazers or screen show to make the show.i  >have one
>word : BULLSHIT.the lazers and the screen make Rush ,RUSH!.do >you really think
>people would file in and out stadiums to see pink floyd for just the

Yeah they would...and I would be one of them. Because I like their =
music. Admittedly, the show is a part of it. But if it was all about the =
smoke and mirrors, then I wouldnt buy their CDs, Id go to Disneyland for =
the Laser Shows...

> way.NO WAY!people know damn well >what to expect at = a
>Rush show.they pay thier hard earned $$$$ to see a sick of =
>putting down the big production shows.i pay alot of money to see >these shows i
>want the works while im being moved emotinaly to the music and  >lyrics.thats
>why Rush sells tickets,thats why PINK FLOYD sells tickets.

>bottom line:test for echo tour was a better tour by 100% because of = >the
>show.counterparts lacked it live.the sound wasnt as good live for that = >tour
>and the lighting wasnt.why?howard wasnt there!!!!!! he came back >and = did an
>incredible job.hey yes i know the setlist was amazing but the lights = >and
>lazers were a welcome sight.Rush is an experience,not just a trend >of  players
>who have no clue how to put on a show so lets just go out there and = >play and
>say good night.hell no!!! i want the film!!!!! i want the fire!!!!! i want the
>lazers!!!!! i want the smoke!!!!!! i want the crowd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! call me
>old fashioned,call me an asshole i dont care,its just my opinion.

Personally, Id rather pay my money to go see a band whose music I enjoy. =
One thing about Stevie Ray Vaughan that I always thought was so very =
cool was the total lack of a show. It was him, his band, a few amps, and =
his guitar on stage. But when he started playing, you didnt care about =
lasers or smoke or whatever. Now, that might be a little like comparing =
apples to oranges, but I would rather pay to see someone play and watch =
them play and listen to the music rather than look at the effects. =
Heaven for me would be to see Rush or Genesis or whoever else play in a =
small club. Or get as close to the stage as I can. Because I find Alex's =
fretwork and Neil's drumming and Ged's playing to be far superior than =
any lighting effect. Maybe thats because Im a musician (trying anyway). =
But to an extent I think that too much effects and razzle-dazzle take =
away from the music




Date: Thu, 18 Jun 1998 22:20:31 EDT
Subject: alex sings

i was at the Albany, New York show and remember Alex singing the majority of
closer to the heart on the counterparts tour- I thought I was crazy


From: "Fred Sowder" 
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 1998 23:45:02 -0400
Subject: The sorry state of radio.

Hey, all!

First of all, sorry for the crossposting, but there has been talk
of the lousy state of commercial radio on both the Rush and
Sarah McLachlan mailing lists.  As someone who has worked
in radio for almost 9 years, I'm probably even more ashamed 
of this than most.

I just wanted to say that I'm trying to do something about it.
As a part of my master's thesis at the University of Florida,
I will be studying the effectiveness of ownership consolidation
and widespread programming consultation within the radio field.
(My apologies to the likes of Donna Halper, but I don't think
either is quite effective, especially as of late.)

The background to my study and research can be found at the
following URL: .

Any feedback and other comments sent privately would be 
much appreciated.  Thanks for listening.

Fred Sowder         Broadcast Media Buyer   Promotions Director      Spec*s Music                  WRUF-AM/FM
AOL IM: PhredKid      
Phred's place:  always open...never a cover:


From: "Dan Kelley" 
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 1998 23:46:54 -0400
Subject: Rush in small arenas, Doug's message, etc.

I do agree that Queensryche and Yes selling only 4,000 seats in a 20k seat
area is a joke, HOWEVER, call me old fashion but Rush can stick the smoke,
the lazers, the films up their Canadian rear-ends and I would STILL go see
a show.  It's simple - the music is just that good - period.  Rush doesn't
need all that crap to put on a good show musically.  Sure it adds to the
theatric-type atmosphere that people have come to expect when you spend
$30+ to go see a show.  Maybe this is the reason that shows DO cost 30 or
more dollars.  That's too bad cause put them in a 5,000 seat theater, bag
all that other crap, and lower the price to $10-$15 I would see them
everytime.  What Doug is saying is that the fans are *expecting* to see
this other stuff else they will be disappointed and not go the next time.
Not this fan and these really aren't the true fans that appreciate Rush
musically.  Doug is saying that this is needed for the fair-weather fan to
show up.  I do agree that it is nice to see something other than the music
for high cost of the ticket.  Like I said, lower the ticket price, put them
in a small theater where there is NO bad seat in the house, and I would
prefer this over a crowed 20K+ seat arena where you have to stand on your
6' tall friend's shoulders to see anything any day of the week.  Guess it's
"all show or no go" for most folks and it's too bad that rock music has to
be an attraction because of "the show" instead of the music.  Guess the
music really *IS* that bad for some of these newer bands ... but not

Chow for now.
Dan ...


From: "Nobody" 
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 1998 21:23:13 -0700
Subject: Rush on soundtrack...sort of

I really only skim TNMS most of the time, so I don't know if this was said
anywhere or not, but there is going to be a remix of "Tom Sawyer" on the
"Small Soldiers" soundtrack.  It's being done by some guy named Z Trip from
out here in Tempe, AZ.  I'm surprised no one has ever covered this song
before.  Why does it have to be a DJ remixing it?  Just thought I'd share.



From: "Alex Smith" 
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 1998 22:04:48 -0700
Subject: various stuff

hi y'all,

just got back from a week-long school drama trip to london... awesome! i
picked up five marillion cds, a magma cd (weird), hawkwind (just as wind),
and, to top off the progressive stuff, the beastie boys' "licensed to ill"


before i left, i posted a note to the NMS about ayn rand. in that post i
said that rand was basically equivalent to nietzsche (sp?) and she had gone
from libertarianism to near-fascism. i was wrong. my knowledge of rand was
spotty at best, and i, having never read anything by rand except for
_anthem_, had a false conception about her ideas. thus, i take back that
message and issue an apology to all you randians out there in cyberland.


someone mentioned favorite TV shows. here are mine:

none (i don't watch tv anymore. i used to love seinfeld, simpsons, south
park, x-files, star trek, et al, but i've just gotten really sick of tv in

i'm going to write a movie one day about my teenage life (which is still
going on!), and i'm trying to think of a good soundtrack. here are the
tracks so far:

marillion-forgotten sons
ozzy-crazy train
dream theater-pull me under
live-selling the drama
beethoven-ninth symphony choral
new order-true faith
pop will eat itself-cape connection

finally some questions:

1. are there any new order fans out there? i know rush and new order are
about as far apart as you can get in the spectrum, but i think new order is
pretty cool!
2. anyone heard of pop will eat itself? i love them!
3. has anyone ever made audio recordings onto VHS tape? tell me about it,
because i'm thinking of making some *very* long mix tapes!

making a marillion mix tape. current track: assassing

Alex Smith
"Sometimes a view from sinless eyes
 Centers our perspective
 And pacifies our cries
 Sometimes the anguish we survive
 And the mysteries we nurture
 Are the fabrics of our lives."
  -Dream Theater


From: "Alex Smith" 
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 1998 22:12:57 -0700
Subject: arizona radio shows


i know i'm cross-posting this to two different lists, but oh well...

are there any arizona rush/dt fans out there who know of any prog
rock/metal/whatever radio shows? i live in tucson, but i can pick up some
phoenix stations at night if im lucky.

ive heard kxci (91.3) has a prog show, but im not sure when its on.


Alex Smith


From: Dennis Pupello II 
Date: Fri, 19 Jun 1998 01:47:05 -0400
Subject: Apple Sauce, I mean, Applause (Christopher W Lindsay) wrote:

>I have been curious for a long time about what RUSH fans watch on TV.  If
>this has been done, I apologize.  I was thinking that if anyone types
>their fav. TV show, I will generate a list and give final results.  If
>this sounds lame, don't contribute, but I think it'd be pretty
>interesting.  I'll start with my fav. show.

>Fav. TV show:  Law and Order

Okay I'll bite.  My favorite TV program is the Larry Sanders show.  "Do you
think Iggus could say, 'Hey now!'?"

A lot of people don't get -- or care for -- the sardonic humor, the wry
wit, and the Hollywood in-jokes, but I totally dig it.

There's nothing like Ryan O'Neal getting bitched out by Farrah Fawcett, or
Noah Wylie and Mandy Patinkin trading verbal jabs about E.R. & Chicago
Hope.   Where else could you see former Men-At-Work singer Colin Hay
laughing it up about his lazy eye?  What other show has a main character
whose primary concern is whether his ass is too wide?  Not to mention David
Duchovny being sexually attracted to Larry, Ellen DeGeneres frenching
Larry, or George Segal as a washed-up actor trying to squeeze himself onto
the anniversary show final segment (paralleling real life, before Segal hit
it big with Just Shoot Me).

Segal, wanting to jump on stage: "Now Artie?"
Arthur points one finger up in the air, testing the wind.   Uh huh.

I'm sorry Hank, you're not doing the voice of Hercules, that part went to
Tate Donovan.
Hank: "What?  I take a shit bigger than Tate Donovan."

Sadly, the final episode was broadcast last week.  From now on, only
re-runs.  Then again:

And though it's just a memory
Some memories last forever

Dennis Pupello II
Technology Division
City of Brooksville
personal email:
work email:
WWW personal:
WWW govt:
Efnet IRC: #quake, #deathmatch: YyzSinned, YyzDen


From: "James Screaton" 
Date: Fri, 19 Jun 1998 10:14:01 +0100
Subject: Re: Xanadu

Hi All,

Jason R Flynn" wrote.

>>Subject: Track speed on Xanadu
>>It appears that the boys recorded the
>>song at a little slower tempo than they wanted, and the track was slightly
>>sped up in the mixing.

> I have no reason not to believe what you're saying, except to simply
> wonder why Rush would have done something like that at all?  Doesn't it
> make sense that if the song were sped up in the mixing, the drums would
> sound *just* a little bit different, and Geddy's voice would be a little
> higher too?  Maybe I'm totally wrong here, but it's pretty easy to tell
> in Geddy's voice if it's too high or too low--say on some bootlegs that
> are a hair too fast or too slow.  Perhaps what they did is simply record
> the song in a different key or with the instruments tuned differently.

I always thought that Geddy's voice DID sound different on Xanadu.
It does seem to be pitched higher than his normal voice. Compare it to the
version on ESL ,and you'll see what I mean.

>>You'd think
>>with all the digital technology available today, they could speed up the
>>of the track without changing the pitch of the song.

> This, I'd say, is COMPLETELY impossible.  I don't claim to know about
> today's technology, but dealing with sound reproduction seems to be a
> fairly simple concept--you have music which contains notes at a certain
> frequency.  If you change the speed of the music you change the
> frequency of the notes (thus changing the # of waves per second), and
>finally the pitch is affected.

Nothing is impossible. Yes if you speed up the music, you increase the
frequency, but
you can adjust the two independantly with digital audio tools. You can
certainly increase
the pitch of something, and stretch the note out to last the same amount of
time. The note
doesn't sound the same though (I think the term is aliasing, if I remember

The only reason I can think of is that the song needed to be speeded up to
fit on the album,
although I don't think AFTK is particularly long, even for a vinyl album.



From: "Chad Werner" 
Date: Fri, 19 Jun 1998  7:32 -0600
Subject: One of many, I'm sure....

     I'm sure many, many NMSers have opinions on that "Visions" guy based 
     on his recent posting. I could go into how offensive & pretentious the 
     post was. I could "bring" up the, well, sloppy speling. punctuation & 
     rather odd "use" of quo"tat"ion marks. But, instead of picking apart 
     his post, I will say this: at one time, I really wanted to find a copy 
     of his book. I've never read it. Now, I'm sure I don't want to.
     Is the NMS as bad as that "Visions" guy thinks? I'm not sure. Yes, 
     it's catty, but I've found frequent use & entertainment in it. For me, 
     it is serving its purpose. For him, it is not, but that is no concern 
     of mine.
     I, along w/ the majority of the NMSers, support the band by buying 
     their shit & going to their concerts (multiple times). If a band (any 
     band) expects more than that out of their fanbase, that's too damn 
     bad. From what I've read about Rush, THEY don't expect anything more 
     out of us. Why should I care if a fellow fan thinks what I do for Rush 
     isn't enough? It is NOT our implicit job to market Rush. They have 
     people that do that for them. If these people aren't doing their job, 
     Rush ought fire their lame asses. I am not a radio programmer. I might 
     call a station to request a song because I HAPPEN TO WANT TO HEAR IT. 
     But, why would I make a fool of myself by telling the radio station 
     how it should be run? That would be, in a word, stupid.
     So, I'm sorry "Visions" guy. Your rally rings hollow with me. Your 
     fiery accusations are all bluster. Rush, whose music I truly do love, 
     does not give life. My job, my personal relationships, MY LIFE all 
     deserve care & attention. Rush is but a small, albeit quite enjoyable, 
     part of it all. Different strokes for different folks....


Date: Fri, 19 Jun 1998 08:55:32 -0400
Subject: Rush sighting

I just came back from Walmart,where my bill came out to $ 21.12  ;-)


From: "Pierre Tessier" 
Date: Fri, 19 Jun 1998 09:26:21 EST
Subject: Who is the B man

   Salut la gang, 

   I would just like to know who the heck is  B-Man. 
  (Pardon my lack of knowledge).

   Rush on the Radio
   Not much happening here in Ottawa Canada
   We have two Rock stations here and I do ear a couple of Rush songs 
   per week, but it is the usual.
   Spirit of the radio
   Tom Sawyer
   Fly by night
   closer to the heart

   My question,   do you guys know of any Rush internet only radio 
                         stations or stations that plays a lot of 
                         Rush on air and send there signals (visions 
of a dog and a fire hydrent comes to mind here) on the net???

>...Living comes much easier once you admit you'r dying...    Dream Theater



Date: Fri, 19 Jun 1998 10:11:18 EDT
Subject: RE: Track Speed on Xanadu

Hello, all...

I don't know whether or not the tempo of live "Xanadu" was altered, but I can
offer some information about the feasability.

>>>>>>You'd think with all the digital technology available today, >>>>>>they
could speed up the tempo >of the track without changing >>>>>>the pitch of the

 --This, I'd say, is COMPLETELY impossible.  I don't claim to know ---about
today's technology, but dealing with sound reproduction ---seems to be a
fairly simple concept--you have music which contains ---notes at a certain
frequency.  If you change the speed of the music ---you change the frequency
of the notes (thus changing the # of waves ---per second), and finally the
pitch is affected.

Not so anymore.  In the old days, when tape was used to accomplish this
(Strawberry Fields Forever, anyone?), the above paragraph holds true.  It even
holds true when dealing with newer digital equipment, as long as it is the
sample playback rate that is being altered.  Anyone with a digital delay has
surely had many countless hours of brainless fun playing with that
characteristic.  Heh.  But, with digital technology, it is possible to alter
pitch or tempo without directly affecting the other.  Instead of altering the
playback rate, the computer actually alters the wave itself.  A shareware
Windows program that does this is Cool Edit, by Syntrillium Software.  It's
fun to play with, and comes in useful when recording with my band.

I doubt this type of processing could be effectively used on Xanadu, though,
because it gives the wave a bizarre character--it's not very realistic.
However, speeding it up sounds much better than slowing it down.  :)

Take care,


Date: Fri, 19 Jun 1998 15:38:35 +0100
Subject: Animate single

Re the rumoured release of Animate from the forthcoming album, if this is
true has anyone any idea whether the UK record company will also be
releasing it, given that British radio is probably as guitar orientated now
as it's ever likely to get (not that it's good, just that it ain't gonna
get any better)


From: Ghost 
Date: Fri, 19 Jun 1998 11:31:48 -0400
Subject: Rushme's news - False

I just got a message back from Anthem Entertainment.  I had sent them the
news flash that "Rushme" posted here yesterday.  Their reply was:

"None of the statements below are true.

The 3 disc live album will be released sometime in the fall."

That is all.

   [ Just an aside, they said the same thing about some info we had on 
     Counterparts (I believe), and it turned out to be true anyways. Record
     companies "lie" when it suits them... What's funny is the original post
     had the release date September 22nd, Anthem says all the info is false,
     yet then says it'll be released in the fall. September seems like the
     fall to me... :-)                                       : rush-mgr ]




From: "George Rogic" 
Date: Fri, 19 Jun 1998 11:39:17 +0000
Subject: Re: 06/18/98 - The National Midnight Star #2055

Dan sez...

>Please, no mas, no mas! "Visions" was more than enough. There are only so
>many fish in the world that need wrapping!




From: Fred Kessler 
Date: Fri, 19 Jun 1998 11:19:31 -0500
Subject: Re:  Can there be an intrinsically "best" band?

Al, I agreed with you before but now I will have to disagree with you.  I 
still think that no matter how good a band may be technically in musicianship, 
imagery, symbolism, and story-telling ability or whatever else you named in 
your response, it still is only a matter of opinion how good a band is 
relative to another band.  

First of all, most of the things you mentioned above are themselves nothing 
more than opinion.  Sure, Rush has received many awards for their outstanding 
musicianship, but how do you rate style?  A painter may have technically 
flawless paintings, but that does not mean that I will go out and pay $36 
million for one, like people are doing for Van Gogh paintings.  When he first 
started doing his paintings, I am sure people were quite shocked and were 
wondering just who let this retarded boy get ahold of the paintbrushes.

>>and it is clear he is a better lyricist

To you and me he is a better lyricist.  Others may not like his particular 
style of writing those songs that we have come to love.

>>Musicianship:  Well, just look at the number of awards Neil, Alex and Geddy 
have received for musicianship vs. how many the >>members of Bryan Adams band 
have received and, IMO, my point is made.

If you are going to bring up a question like this, then you better be able to 
answer a question that Bryan Adams lovers will ask you:  How many albums has 
Rush sold, and how many has Bryan Adams sold?  Or better yet- you brought up 
Bryan Adams, but let me ask how many albums has Rush sold, and how many has 
Michael Jackson sold?  Don't get me wrong, I don't believe this to be a fair 
estimate of a band's skill, but you have to admit that when someone says that 
MJ's album Thriller sells 34 million copies that this is still some pretty 
strong ammo for their side of the argument.

This kinda reminds me of my brother-in-law and his friend.  They both love 
single-malt whiskey and go to tastings all the time.  I would consider both 
of them to be experts on this important field.  Yet they never agree on 
which whiskey is better.  If brand X was made the technically perfect way, 
with computers controlling just the right amount of humidity for storage 
and fermentation or whatever you call all of that liquor-making terminology, 
it does not mean that it is automatically better that the stuff that was made 
in my basement that I used a dirty sock to strain all the excess crap from.  
It is probably more likely, but not automatic.

Anyway,  I still believe that Rush is, by far, the best band in the world.  
Possible the universe-that remains to be seen.  I just think, though, that 
I am stating my opinion when I say that.



From: Scott Finkel 
Date: Fri, 19 Jun 1998 10:03:39 -0700
Subject: The Breadman Baketh---"BAKING NATURE"

Thanks to everyone who sent me "atta-boys" for my B-man response! I'm
pretty sure that Bill is probably a flame troll at this point. (for those
of you that don't know what that is, it means he's probably not even
reading all the responses--he just posted to the list and bolted--so as to
avoid having anything resembling an intelligent conversation)

How many people think that Senhor Bill might be the cause of NMS homepage
legal woes? oh yeah, "the less said about that in digest, the better."   =|

Aaaaannnndd now, to commemorate the B-Man's posting to the list with all
his insight and attitude hanging out for everyone to see, here's a little
something that monsignor franklin insipred me to key......

Baking Nature
 ----- ------
An eclair from a bakery office
Cream-filled letter to the fans-that-see
To a God, a king, a B-man's plate
A captain of Pastry
To the sprinkles and the glazing --
Can't everybody see?

It ought to be Baking nature --
I mean, the digests where we write!
Let's mock about this senseless freak --
We all site slanderous trite
I know delivery guys have no patients --
But the Breadman's got no right

I know you're haughty --
You know I've no shame
We're both too crusty
To be calling out names
I'd like some maple-bars
But you don't have a clue
We shan't go on thinking
Your denial was true
Donuts are blameless
But not when they're glazed
We light the pilots -- while we're kneading the dough

Folks have got they're opinions --
And opinions got to have minions
Wheat is basically healthy
Conventional writers eat clay
Well, we read about the exceptions
In the NMS one fine day

It ought to be Baking nature --
At least, that's why I love the heel
"Now I lay me down in Bread-land" --
I know B-Man's not for real
I thought we might get closer --
But I'm ready to bake with corn-meal

To say you're different, and to say we're to blame
It's hard to bite day-old bread the way that it came
Too many vapid fans keep us feeling so mighty
Too many editors keep sending back our writing
It's hard to take the heat --
It's hard to eat bread
To slight the writer -- while we're frosting the cakes.



From: "Richard Coppel" 
Date: Fri, 19 Jun 1998 13:13:17 -0400
Subject: Alex vs. Peart = Bonham???

Any of his songs that he plays shuffles in like in the song "I'm the One"
Please tell me you have the stamina and coordination to play a good double-bass
shuffle. Besides, Alex is more of a John Bonham fan than a Neil Peart fan. Look 
at the similarities: Drums: Bonhan-Ludwig, Alex-Ludwig, Cymbals:Bonham-Paiste,
Peart- Zildjian and now D.W. Stlye:Bonham- Rock, Alex-Rock, Peart-Thinking
person's Rock
(progressive, intelligent, I don't know)  The point is that your comparing
apples and oranges.
What drummer is original??? Oh yeah have you ever heard "Hot For Teacher" Live?
Probably not so I guess you will never know if it was "Tracked".  

> Maybe so but Alex still sucks.  With the exception of "Hot for Teacher" (which
> the stiff probably tracked) name a tune that requires a decent amount of skill
> on the kit to play.  Good luck!


From: "Nicholas  Kurihara" 
Date: Fri, 19 Jun 98 14:01:25 EDT
Subject: Re: The Fire that lights itself

>Date: Wed, 17 Jun 1998 00:38:28 EDT 

>1.if Rush wasnt inducted this next year into the hall of >fame would not most 
>of you bitch and rage about this?my answer=yes 

 I would certainly be upset, but I wouldn't be raging.  Rush is important to 
me personally, but I don't need to see them inducted to know that they're 
good.  Being inducted would be great, but again, I wouldn't be surprised if 
they're not.  Just remember who is voting.  One interesting thing of note, 
if you go to the Rock Hall of Fame web site, they have a list of the Top 500 
songs of all time, and Spirit of Radio is on there, so maybe someone voting 
cares about them.

>2.if you went to see Rush at your local arena that sat >19,000 people and there
>were only 6,500 people there would you not feel >embarrased?pissed? my 

 I think it would take away from the atmosphere of the event, but I wouldn't 
let that bother me or let it ruin the fun.  I've been to plenty of small 
shows and they were great.  It might be more intimate.

>3.if a new Rush album was being released in september >which it is of sorts and
>say it was a studio album and the local radio station in >your market didnt 
>play the first cut off of it,would you not call then to >the station and rage 
>and be pissed because you wanted to hear it? my answer >=yes 

 I can't really say, being that I don't listen to the radio anymore.  I've 
gotten tired of hearing a Rush song, a Yes song, then some crappy Bad Company 
song.  (no offense to Bad Company fans.)

>im saying this because we need to let the programmers and >the people at 
>mtv and vh-1 and radio etc...that there is still a massive >market for Rush.if 
>we do not call in and tell them once and awhile about this >i hope you enjoyed 
>seeing Rush and listening to new Rush when it comes out >because it wont happen
>ever again if we dont. 

 I agree with you, but I'm quite cynical when it comes to MTV people.  I 
think we should form some kind of movement of "good" music, encouraging fans 
to go out and try other things and prevent MTV and the like from telling 
them what they like.  I'm 19 years old, and that's what I did.  I went out 
and listened to different things to find my own thing.  I was one of a few 
kids in school who liked Rush.  I'm just rambling here, but I think a good 
target audience for Rush to go for is the 18 to 24 group.  People here in 
college seem more open to new things.  College is said to be the time when 
people you stuff and think.  I'm either right, sorta right, 
or a complete moron.

>to the guy or girl who posted 
>that Rush doesnt need the lazers or screen show to make >the show.i have one 
>word : BULLSHIT.the lazers and the screen make Rush >,RUSH!.

 I'm sort of in the middle of this.  I go to see Rush because I want to hear 
the music.  When I first got into Rush, it wasn't the special effects or 
lasers that got me into it.  It was the music.  Only.  On the other hand, I 
would miss the lasers because I think Rush uses them so well.  Some bands 
go a little overboard with them.  Special effects should be used solely to 
enhance either the music itself or the artist's message, which I think Rush 
does especially well.

Music affects each of us in a different way.  I think everyone is entitled 
to their own opinion, and this is mine.  I think as long as everyone is 
given the proper chance to hear Rush, they will.  Great music will always 
survive and find new fans.  I'll stop here before I take up a whole issue.

Nick Kurihara


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