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Subject: 06/30/98 - The National Midnight Star #2063

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         The National Midnight Star, Number 2063

                  Tuesday, 30 Jun 1998

Today's Topics:
           St. Louis Area Rush Tribute Band???
            PoW-era Neil Instructional Tape???
Toronto Radio - Rush Friendly? / Midnight Oil (We Burn the)
                    Re: Spock's Beard
                      Rush Sighting
                  no!  not boots again!
            Re: Favorite Bands/TV Shows thread
                      Alex and Neil
                         For sale
                   Favorite Alex Solos
                     Wife Conversion!
       Windows 95 Rush Siting (not really, but....)
            Top 10 Skipable Rush Songs (IMHO)
          Presto Remastered, Favourite Alex Solo
                  Crossword clue, Pong?
                        Re: ascap 
          Rush's progression through the years?
                  Rush's VH-1 Special  
         Bill Bana.... er.... that "Visions" guy
                       best AZ solo
     Re: 06/25/98 - The National Midnight Star #2061
                   Remastering Presto?
     For those of you who save your ticket stubs... 
                   Favorite Lerxst solo
                Camera Eye in radio promo
             3 CD Packaging of new live album
               zzz NNC NZC NRC guitar modes
                      Am I too late?
                   New MST3K reference
                       2 Sightings

From: "bytor" 
Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1998 15:45:52 -0500
Subject: St. Louis Area Rush Tribute Band???

I was talking to a friend last night and the name of an old musician friend
of his came up.  I asked what this guy might be up to these days and he
said that he and his brother had supposedly started a Rush tribute band
here in the St. Louis area.

So basically, anybody here on this list from St. Louis ever heard of a Rush
tribute band out of our fair city?  The guys' names who could possibly have
started the band are George & Steve guys reading this here?

Any info would be appreciated.  Thanks.



From: "bytor" 
Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1998 15:40:21 -0500
Subject: PoW-era Neil Instructional Tape???

I received an email from someone today asking about a Neil Peart drumming
instructional tape made around the time of Power Windows.  I've never heard
of such a tape...anybody here know what's up?



From: Ray Trombley 
Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1998 17:07:13 -0400
Subject: Toronto Radio - Rush Friendly? / Midnight Oil (We Burn the)

Here is the status on Rush being played on Toronto radio stations:

97.7 WHTZ FM (St. Catherines) 3-4 Rush Tracks per Day(RT/D). Will play almost
95.3 Classic Rock (Hamiton) 2-4 RT/D Mostly the top 20 Rush Hits
107.1 CILQ (Q-107) FM (Toronto) 1-3 RT/D Not a bad selection.
99.9 The Mix FM (Toronto) I heard Closer to the Heart once. 1 Rush Track per
Month (if you are lucky)
102.1 CFNY FM (Toronto) They used to play The Spirit of Radio (it was written
about the station) and
I heard Scars when Presto was first released. The only Rush you will hear these
days is the cover
of TSOR by Catherine Wheel.
You can pick up some Buffalo stations as well that play a fair bit of Rush

(PS If you ever liked Midnight Oil (I heard a few songs from the new single
their new album will be one of their best yet - very heavy with some electronic
overtones - amazing!!)
Ray Trombley


From: (T.J. Higgins)
Date: Thu, 25 Jun 98 16:14:09 CDT
Subject: Re: Spock's Beard

Jon Dahms wrote:
> PS. Anyone else on this list into the band Spock's Beard? They are way cool.

Yes I am!  Their CD "The Kindness Of Strangers", although released in
late 1997, is my favorite CD of the year so far.  The organ work is 
fantastic.  Love the biting, sarcastic lyrics, too.  Don't care too
much for their earlier stuff, though.

Anyone who likes Kansas will like them; their name comes up a good
bit over on the Kansas list.
T.J. Higgins
Huntsville, AL
NP:  Cairo, Conflict And Dreams


From: "Todd Smith" 
Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1998 14:41:09 PDT
Subject: Rush Sighting

Hello all

As I was watching the Pantera 3 video the other day, I heard a glimpse 
of the song Limelight being played in the background. Just thought I'd 

By the way, does anybody know where I can order the Silver Sun cover of 

Thank you

"if you choose not to decide you still have made a choice....."



From: "Michael Z. Williamson" 
Date: Wed, 24 Jun 1998 14:57:54 -0700
Subject: no!  not boots again!

RE: Hemispheres tour stiff on the new live album--all the people who
said, "well, this is a boot of a 20 year old concert they're never going
to release, so how am I hurting them?"
Any more questions?

Favorite non-rush lineup:  
Stu Hamm   	Bass
Eric Johnson  	Guitar/vocals
Pick Withers  	Drums
Alan Clark	Keys
Alan Parsons	production, composition, backing instros, etc


Be wary of strong drink.  It can make you shoot at tax collectors....
and miss.   Robert A. Heinlein


From: John & Darlene Heald 
Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1998 15:03:32 -0700
Subject: Re: Favorite Bands/TV Shows thread

Other than Rush, these are my current favorite artists:

King's X/Ty Tabor
Kansas/Streets/Kerry Livgren/Steve Walsh
Wishbone Ash
Kim Mitchell/Max Webster
Jellyfish/The Grays
Richie Kotzen
Yes/Trevor Rabin
Pat Travers
John Norum
Thin Lizzy
Montrose/Ronnie Montrose

TV Shows

The X-Files
All Star Trek series
The Pretender
Earth: Final Conflict

Nice idea Al...



Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1998 19:02:22 EDT
Subject: Alex and Neil

I'm hitting and missing some of the posts lately, but TNMS #2057 caught my
interest because of the gross Neil/Alex comparisons.  (Help me fellow
drummers.)  I'll try to tone this down, because I know the comments made were
basically from less-than-knowledgeble opinion makers.

<(YOU try playin' that puppy with one foot...Neil might be the only person on
the face of the earth who could actually play that thing with only one

I can think of hundreds of young, never-will-be-known, basement drummers that
can do some pretty amazing things with just one foot, one hand, or a couple
fingers.....But let me name just one, well-known drummer:  Rick Allen.  'nuff

And by the way, even if Neil could play it with one foot, why should he?  Even
though he only has one bass drum, he still uses two foot pedals.


Let me just blow your apples and oranges theory out of the water:  So you're
comparing these drummers - BY THE NAME BRANDS they use?  At least be accurate.
Neil still uses LUDWIG drums, (as well as Slingerland, Tama, Remo and
Premier).  But he also custom finishes his drums in Indiana.  So what
difference, really, does the brand name make?  The point is, Neil uses at
least a dozen different Name Brands for his percussion set up.  Alex does too.
Every good drummer eventually creates his own set up to accomodate his
personal playing style and to complement his fellow band members.  

Yes I have. (Wichita, 1984)  And no it's not. (Tracked)  He did a fairly
decent job too as I recall.  He missed a couple licks, but never missed a
beat.  The hardest song I've seen Alex play was "Get Up" off 5150. 

Get UP, Big Fat Money, A.F.U.... at least one song off each VH lp.  The
amazing thing is Alex's skill to keep up with Eddie's playing AND still keep
in time.

This last part is totally my opinion.  I saw VH in Raleigh during their
Balance tour in 1995.  I looked forward to seeing Alex play "Doing Time" and
"Bluchitherium" live.  But he didn't.  Instead during his solo, he played
along with video tracks of himself.  Yep, overdubbed tracks.  But so what?  It
was so cool.  There was no guessing how all the sounds got mixed in or how
they got over-dubbed.  You could see, right there on the video screen, one
playing a part on the octogons, and the other timbales.  The whole percussion
ensemble was awesome.  I think it was an ingenius, imaginative, interesting,
pleasing and ORIGINAL way to do a drum solo.

"...different eyes see different things, different hearts, beat on different


From: Paul Buckley - Staff 
Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1998 19:24:41 -0400 (EDT)

>Since the rush manager started this thread, and since we have a thread
>about what TV shows Rush fans like, I would be interested to hear what
>your other favorite bands would be.  

Well since you bring it up......

Van Halen
Iron Maiden
Ozzy Osbourne
Bruce Dickinson

Some of the best talent in the world!

Maiden!!!! COPPS COLLISEUM!!!! Hamilton!  3 More days BABY!!!!

Up the Irons....



Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1998 20:07:23 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: For sale

For sale:

Poster - From ESL, concert photo in background with 6 square photos
inset, 3 on each side

Poster - circa 1980, small word "Rush" in center, top photo is
waist-high pic of the boyz, on bottom is Ged & Alex jamming away

Tour books from GUP, MP, HYF and Signals

Book "RUSH" by Brian Harrigan

Book "Rush - Success under Pressure" by Steve Gett

All items $15 each (non-negotiable but I'll pay shipping) - Buy them all
and I'll throw in a bonus! I'm not in this for greed - I could just use
a little extra scratch right now. Contact by phone or e-mail.


Scott Wedge -
Auburn University - WAR EAGLE!!
"Send your signal 'round the world..." - RUSH


Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1998 20:20:57, -0500
Subject: Favorite Alex Solos

I'm a new subscriber here, and as a working guitarist, this one 
really caught my eye.  

I'd have to group Alex's solos into two categories:  my favorite to 
listen to, and my favorite to play.  My listening favorites -- those 
which are really quintessential Alex are:

The Camera Eye
Between The Wheels
Available Light
The Pass
La Villa Strangiato  (the first solo break)

On the other hand, may favorites to play with my band are:

Distant Early Warning
Red Barchetta
Closer To The Heart

Of course, the all-time best guitar solo ever recorded is still the 
second solo in Comfortably Numb :)



From: The Reed Family 
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 1998 11:25:31 -0500
Subject: B-Man

Read the book, enjoyed it.  Thought that some of the photo's, like the
CD collection, were cheesy.

He's lost his status with the band, but by his own doing.  He is in no
position to flame any of us, or TNMS for what we do.  He stepped on his
own hot dog, and he's flaming us.

He should have stopped while he was somebody, even if it was in his own



From: "ron roach" 
Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1998 17:49:12 PDT




From: sberrett 
Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1998 22:57:31 -0400
Subject: oops

I said:

> Starting to see mention of the 1978 Odeon date again.  Could the AftK
> statements have come from a semi-fan who saw 1978 and said, "oh, yeah I
> think that's about the time AftK came out

Looks like I am the "semi-fan" !!! Sure I'll catch hell for that one. 
duh.... checking the tour date listing I see the Drive Till You Die AFTK
tour was stretched into 1978 and includes a February 1978 show at
Hemmersmith Odeon. 

My Hemispheres hopes are dashed! Oh, well. At least I can still clamor
for a full 2112!!



Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1998 23:46:40 EDT
Subject: Wife Conversion!

Like you, I'm the biggest Rush fan on earth (besides the b-man, of course!).
Unfortunately, my wife doesn't share the same musical tastes as I do (although
she did own Signals when it first came out, thank God for chart exposure ala
New World Man).

Anyway, I left Hold Your Fire in her car's CD player for a few days.  Last
night we were out driving and she tells me that she had been listening my Rush
disk and it wasn't bad (this could save my marriage folks;).  Of course, she's
only heard me play it 111 times ;), and hasn't caught the Rush bug yet.  She
did make the comment that most of the songs on HYF sound alike, to which I
commented that most of Celine Dion's songs sound alike to me.  She got my

I explained to her that Rush tries very hard to change their "sound" from
album to album, and I'm happy to say she is actually interested in hearing
more.  Hoo-hoo!


"Change isn't permanent, especially from a vending machine" Downloadable Rush Album Art 
Wallpaper, Windows Cursors & Desktop Themes


Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1998 23:46:45 EDT
Subject: Windows 95 Rush Siting (not really, but....)

Skip this if you're a Mac user (sorry Suzanne!).

PC users, if you have Windows 95B, and choose "3D flying objects" as your
screen saver, and choose "Explode" as your object style....does that red ball
remind you of the Hold Your Fire album cover?  I'm going back to my padded
room now...


"I'm really not going to say too much about what the cover says to me, but
it's nothing extremely mystical or anything. It has nothing to do with brown
rice." Dirk on the HYF album cover


From: (Michael Hannaman)
Date: Fri, 26 Jun 1998 00:21:03 -0400
Subject: Top 10 Skipable Rush Songs (IMHO)

        This quote from the latest NMS got me thinking about which Rush
songs I really can't stand.  10's about the best I can do though, because
every time I say a song stinks, I end up going back & listening to it ONCE
MORE, and saying "Well, maybe it wasn't all THAT bad".  Flame if you must,
but Al Willig's post below confirms that I'm not the only one who probably
shares these opinions.  So here's the quote, with which I couldn't agree more:

>From: Al Willig 
>Date: Wed, 24 Jun 1998 07:38:44 -0500

>Now, the only song I don't like and continually skip over is Neurotica.  I
figure I'll wait until the day the boys call it quits, give myself some time
to get over it and then listen to that song again.  I'm sure I'll find some
reason to like it.

        I physically feel pain listening to the better (or worst, in this
case) half of the last 5 or so tracks on RTB.  It's not that I haven't given
it a chance.  I *have*.  But I just can't stand Neurotica, and therefore, I
put it as numero uno on my list.  So here's the bitter fruits of my labor:

1)  Neurotica
2)  You Bet Your Life (Is it just me, or did Billy Joel do this exact song,
but it was called 'We Didn't Start the Fire'?)
3)  I Think I'm Going Bald (I double dare *anyone* to stand up for this song.)
4)  Virtuality ('Put your message in a modem...'  Give me a f*cking break.)
5)  Dog Years (Dog Poop)
6)  Everyday Glory (Yes it's inspirational, but this isn't music, it's muzak.)
7)  Carve Away the Stone (Zzzzzz...Huh?  Oh, wake me up when I don't have to
listen to filler tracks anymore.)
8)  Speed of Love (Bleck.)
9)  Take a Friend (Not god-awful, but easily skipable)
10) Ghost of a Chance (Good guitar work, but Rush *cannot* write love songs)

        Sorry if I've deeply offended anyone, but there 'tis.  Just had to
get it off my chest- it's therepeutic, you know.  Thanks for listening.


Michael Hannaman


From: "Jason B." 
Date: Fri, 26 Jun 1998 00:21:22 -0400
Subject: Presto Remastered, Favourite Alex Solo

Hi Folks,
    Just a couple lines here I'd like to write about.Well the first
thing I'd like to talk about is this talk of why Presto isn't
remastered. Now Presto was made in what, '89 and was recorded
digitally. Whereas their older albums were recorded using analogue and
made a noteable difference by being remastered.

    Second topic: favourite Alex solo--Freewill.
        I'm surprised no one has mentioned this one yet.

        See Ya .



From: Neil Bonfield 
Date: 26 Jun 1998 04:46:31 -0400
Subject: Crossword clue, Pong?

Someone had a crossword clue: RUSH (4)

Wouldn't that be BUZZ? Listening to Rush certainly gives me a buzz, and
I think that was the reason they chose the name in the first place!

Can we drop the AVH thing now? He's a drummer, he's a professional
drummer, he's a professional drummer in a world famous band. Credit
where it's due!

Slim Jim...I don't remember the tennis game being called Pong, but I do
remember I had a Prinztronic console which plugged into the telly on
which you could play Tennis, Single Tennis (!), Squash, and Single
Squash. It also had something called Skeet for which you needed some
kind of pistol! I also remember that the left hand rotary knob was
always dodgy and the little bat used to judder up and down the screen.
No-one ever wanted to play with me! I spent hours trying to trap the
ball between the bat and the wall when it would a nice Dalek type of
sound...then I discovered girls (thank goodness!).

"Trying is the first step towards failure" - Homer

Neil Bonfield


From: Slim Jim 
Date: Fri, 26 Jun 1998 11:18:50 +0100
Subject: Re: ascap 

>>>>>  "Michael Z. Williamson" writes:
> asked about:
> RE:  intellectual property   
> If you record someone else's composition, you must pay royalties to the
> American Society of Composers, Arrangers and Performers.  They pay the
> band.

Only in the US.  Rush is an international entity with fans all over
the world, and they aren't American.


From: "Pat Larson" 
Date: Fri, 26 Jun 1998 04:00:34 -0700
Subject: questions...

Fellow Rushians,

I interupt the B-man bashing,AVH competence evaluating,etc. to ask a few 

1. Is the home video "Grace Under Pressure (tour?)" available for purchase 
in VHS (NTSC)? If so, where?

2. What is the song "Prime Mover" about, according to Rush?

3. Back in the Heyday of "Roll the Bones" the CD clubs (Columbia House/BMG) 
footnoted this selection with the comment (paraphrase here) "contains 
material that some listeners may find objectionable". What is this 
"objectionable" material, because it is not obvious to me?

Keep up the great NMS, and ignore the naysayers. If they can do better, lets 
see them try.

Waiting restlessly for the next album.


np - Working Man (Natural Science)

If I could wave my magic wand...

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account at


From: (DJ Benjamin)
Date: Fri, 26 Jun 1998 07:16:05 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: :-)~

     Hey! I think I'm the only Rush fan in Miami, Florida. Am I?
     Anyways, I just wanted to know something. Anyone have the Rush LP
called "Stellar Dynamics"? I picked it up a few years ago with another
one called "Electric Ladyland" in a local record store. I now the
history of the "Electric Ladyland" LP (It's mentioned in 'Visions"). But
this damn "Stellar Dynamics", I think its an LP with just a bunch of
music dubbed off other albums. Does anyone else have this one? Let me
know :-)~

Peace, love and all that good happiness stuff. Ü


From: "Pat Larson" 
Date: Fri, 26 Jun 1998 04:16:25 PDT

Fellow Rushians,

I interupt the B-man bashing,AVH competence evaluating,etc. to ask a few 

1. Is the home video "Grace Under Pressure (tour?)" available for 
purchase in VHS (NTSC)? If so, where?

2. What is the song "Prime Mover" about, according to Rush?

3. Back in the Heyday of "Roll the Bones" the CD clubs (Columbia 
House/BMG) footnoted this selection with the comment (paraphrase here) 
"contains material that some listeners may find objectionable". What is 
this "objectionable" material, because it is not obvious to me?

Keep up the great NMS, and ignore the naysayers. If they can do better, 
lets see them try.

Waiting restlessly for the next album.


np - Working Man (Natural Science)

If I could wave my magic wand...


From: Al Willig 
Date: Fri, 26 Jun 1998 08:51:43 -0500
Subject: Rush's progression through the years?

Since the rush manager started this thread, and since we have a thread
about what TV shows Rush fans like, I would be interested to hear what
your other favorite bands would be.  A list of my favorites include:

Bob Mould/Sugar/Husker Du
Soul Asylum
Replacements (get the feeling I live in Minnesota?)
Sarah McLachlan
Indigo Girls
Semisonic/Trip Shakespeare
Roxy Music
The Clash
REM (more the older stuff)
10,000 Maniacs
The Connells

I know, I know (band x) sucks.  I love 'em.
I forgot to add Uncle Tupelo/Son Volt/ Wilco to the list.
"matthew alexander majewski" said:

AMEN, Brother!!!  Emotion Detector is one of my all time favs.

New thread...what kind of beer(wine or whiskey) do you like to drink
listening to Rush?  Me...Becks Dark(if I have the cash) or IC Light(when 
moneys tight).

Al Willig responds:
Iíve got a Rush mix of their more mellow stuff (Tears, Different
Strings, Mystic Rhythms, Tai Shan, MadrigalÖ.) and while listening to
this, I like to have a good single malt Scotch.  For everything else,
itís beer, beer, beer; preferably Molson Canadian (no ice, please)

As far as the Neil and Alex debate goes, I havenít weighed in because I
just donít care.  I was, however, stunned that it took this long for
someone to mention Stewart Copeland.  (Thanks,  I
love that he can be so damn active and yet so subtle.  Heís as much a
joy to listen to as Neil.  Very different drummers but I bet Neil loves

Al Willig says to Fred:

Iím glad we disagree on the opinions thing (I think it is possible for
one drummer/band/sugar coated candy to be empirically better.)  Itís
your opinion that it is just my opinion.  ;-)  I think itís ok for a
drummer or guitar player to weigh in if they have experience.  I think
it does give a little more credibility to their arguments.  Itís like
having you say to me that Arthur Andersen are better accountants than
McGladrey and Pullen.  If youíre not an accountant, Iím probably going
to weigh your opinion accordingly.  Sure, go ahead and have an opinion. 
But if my friend Kevin, who is an accountant says it,Ö well, you get the

Al Willig says to Jon Gilsdorf:

I had a similar experience this past spring.  Some broke into my car to
steal the 100 dubbed tapes I had in there.  What a pain in the ass!  Iím
still finding little pieces of glass.  Iím in the process of redoing all
my dubs and itís actually been kinda fun.  I had 6 Rush mixed tapes that
I get to redo; put the songs in different order; add others songs that
have caught my ear since the time I recorded them, whatnot.  I didnít
bother with the letter to the paper since I figure, anyone stupid enough
(or poor enough) to steal my dubs which probably doesnít read the

        To whoever stole tapes from a car in central Omaha on the night
of June 23:
        As I am sure you have noticed by now, most of those tapes you
STOLE are of Canadian rock group Rush.  I am glad you are as big a fan
Rush as I am.  But next time, you can go to your nearest record store
BUY their music, either on cassette or compact disk,  instead of just
stealing tapes from others.  
        Jon Gilsdorf

More of Jon:

I am almost afraid to ask, but I am just curious,
was there ever an album, when you FIRST heard it, it made you wrinkle
your nose and go "ewwwwww!"  Feel free to write me privately, or post
here, maybe it could be the start of a new thread.  

Al Willig responds: 
I didnít like PoW, HYF, RTB, or COS the first times I heard them.  With
the exception of COS, these are still not among my favorite Rush albums
even though I do like them.  Iím not a huge fan of more
keyboard/production dominated albums (RTB, PoW, HYF)

Al Willig			   "Overwhelmed by everything
Financial Officer		     but wanting oh so much."
Minnesota Institute of		     
Acupuncture & Herbal Studies		
Phone:  612 603 0994
Fax:  612 603 0995


From: "Costello, Bryan" 
Date: Fri, 26 Jun 1998 09:55:14 -0400
Subject: Rush's VH-1 Special  

In response to Johnnyg42's suggestion that VH-1 do a documentary on

With all due respect, John, I would love to see one as well, chok full
of old videos, film footage, insider interviews (regretfully, they would
no doubt approach B-man about this. He wrote a book after all!!!!!). But
if you have noticed, all of those "Behind the music" specials (that are
all so very well done), are about Rockers who have:

a) had it all & flushed it in the toilet
b) had it all & put it up their nose
c) had it all & went to The Joint (incarceration)
d) had it all & wrecked it in to a telephone pole
e) had it all & choked on vomit

Geddy, Alex & Neil do not fall into any of these categories, really.
They lack the "Jerry Springer" appeal that would earn them a VH-1
documentary of their own. They do boring stuff like have a family & are
monogamous (as far as we know). They do not beat their spouses and get
arrested. They have saved most their earnings from all of us buying
"Grace Under Pressure" and the Rush long sleeved baseball jersey that
was on sale in the lobby after the Hemispheres show.... amongst other
It doesn't look like it will happen.
Sorry folks.


PS....God forgives, Patrick Roy saves!

"Put on your Kid Gloves..........put on your Kid Gloves."   


From: David Huart 
Date: Fri, 26 Jun 1998 14:00:28 -0400
Subject: Bill Bana.... er.... that "Visions" guy

Dear NMS and B-man

    I've been an NMS subscriber since before Cp, and have made many
friends through this list..... not one of which is as nasty as Bill
Whatshisname would have you think.

    Bill, you certainly are entitled to your opinion,  but do you have
to whine so? Especially when that is one of your complaints. I for one
would have never heard of "Visions" if it weren't for it being
constantly mentioned (most often in a good light) here in the "Slander".

I know you care little but I'd be willing to bet that a fair portion of
it's sales were influenced by the "NMS".

   As I said I'm a long time subscriber, and I can recall few posts so
negative as your recent diatribe. Sheesh! Man, you are one bitter human
being who is quite full of himself. "I know more about Rush than all of
you put together" comes to mind. You should've known how to keep their
trust I should think.

    Your post might have offended some (that seems to have been your
intent), if it weren't so laughable. As it stands, most NMS'ers are
probably just laughing in pity at you, and your silly post. I certainly
am, you had it,  you lost it.

    I for one hope you do not decide to exploit the members of Rush,
with another volume. There exists another published author better suited
for the job. Having read several of Neil's writngs, seeing his honesty,
and gift of style, I consider yours better suited for the bottom of a

    Anyone like "The Young Ones"?

    Bill reminds me of Rik in this scene.

    Rik:  "Hands up who likes me?!"
    Rik:   "Why don't any of you like me?!"
    Vyvian:  "Cause your a complete bastard"

Adios NMS

small prayer uttered for Neil this past Father's day.



From: Scott Finkel 
Date: Fri, 26 Jun 1998 08:55:33 -0700
Subject: best AZ solo


At first it started out in my head like this: "that's a stupid thread.
Favorite solo. Gonna be just like all the other stupid threads about
favorite this and favorite that. Bickering. Anarchy."

Next thing I know, I'm listening to Rush in my truck, and I find myself
paying special attention to Alex's playing on each and every song. 

It got silly after that. I started grabbing different albums every day,
listening at work, on the way to work, on the way home. Searching for my
favorite Lerxst solo. 

Song names began to spin around in my head. La Villa....Natural
Science.....The Analog Kid.....Any Thing song.....

And then, when I was actually taking a break from listening to Rush, it hit
me like a bruised and sullen stormcloud.


Of course, it didn't hurt that I was actually listening to it at the time,
but I have to say, up front, that it pains me to point to a non-Rush album.
I mean, I think it might just be that Victor is so much more *fresh* when I
listen to it. (I listen to Rush ***a lot*** and always have--how many bands
can you say that about and still Love their music? not many...) 

Maybe not his best all-around solo, but my personal favorite. I'd like to
nominate "At The End." There's something about Alex playing with his son
that gives him extra inspiration. Go listen to it.

That's not to say that his Rush work isn't inspired. Not at all.

But you really can't deny that Victor is his best solo work. Because to
date, its his only one.  =)
[any news about Victor 2, anyone?]


From: "Jeff Petrimoulx & Moira O'Toole" 
Date: Fri, 26 Jun 1998 11:39:00 -0700
Subject: Re: 06/25/98 - The National Midnight Star #2061

> >>You have a team called the "Red Wings"!?  It means something
> >>fairly rude in the UK.
> It means "Hockey Dynasty" in Detroit !!!! :-)
> Later,
> Scott  (from Michigan)

It _can_ mean something fairly rude here in the US too but most of us think 
as Scott does!
Moira (whose husband's from MI)


Date: Fri, 26 Jun 1998 15:57:08 EDT
Subject: Remastering Presto?

A college budy of mine now works for PolyGram, in their remastering
This was his answer to the question reguarding the reamasters:

 The entire Mercury catalog was remastered last year. It was a project done
for Mercury at Gateway Studios in Portland, Maine (not at PolyGram's studios).
Mercury does not control Rush's albums put out by Atlantic,  and they were not
part of this project.  Those also are probably too new to be done again right
 Since the Rush catalog goes back some 25 years, it was time to redo the CDs
with newer technology.  Any more questions,  let me know.

"Better beer" NP


From: "Rick Sayah" 
Date: Fri, 26 Jun 1998 17:34:06 -0400
Subject: For those of you who save your ticket stubs... 

Got this from the Atlantic Records newsletter, sounds like if you're
fanatical enough and don't mind trading in your ticket stubs, you can get
access to soundchecks, and special Atlantic Records parties (for those of
you wondering what this has to do with RUSH, they're signed with Atlantic
Records, in case you haven't bought anything since Presto)

here's the notice:


Join up for the Atlantic Records Premium Plus Frequent Rockers Club and you
could get some great prizes!  It's simple: collect and save concert stubs
from Atlantic Records shows and mail them to us at the Record Label (Mail
stubs attention to: Tour Marketing, Atlantic Records, 1290 6th Ave, 27th
Floor, New York, NY  10104).  Redeem your ticket stubs for these wonderful

5 Stubs = Atlantic Records CD Sampler of Advance CD
10 Stubs = Access to an Atlantic Records Meet and Greet
15 Stubs = Access to an Atlantic Records Soundcheck
20 Stubs = Guest List To An Atlantic Records show in your town!

(While supplies last, stubs must be in support of current albums (i.e. no
Laura Brannigan tickets from the 80s!) meet and greet/soundcheck/guest list
accomodations at the label's discretion, please do not submit more than one
ticket per show).

When you write in, please include the following information.

Email Address:
Daytime Phone:
The last three albums you bought:

And find out what Atlantic artists are coming soon to a town near you:


That's all folks!



From: "Naves, Jack" 
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 1998 15:55:53 -0700
Subject: Favorite Lerxst solo

> I'm going with Jacob's Ladder.
I also like the solo on Here Again.



From: Phil Labut 
Date: Sat, 27 Jun 1998 10:57:29 -0400
Subject: Camera Eye in radio promo

While listening to the Tribe games here in Cleveland on
a talk/sports AM radio station (1100 WTAM), I've heard this
commercial during the breaks where the station is promoting
some awards they got in news/sports reporting. Throughout
the 20(?) seconds of this promo, they play the intro to Camera
Eye.   Hey, it gives me an extra charge while the Indians win

*  Phill L.  *  IOtech, Inc  *  Cleveland, Ohio  *
***       Beware the creeping squirrels...     ***


Date: Sat, 27 Jun 1998 13:25:28 EDT
Subject: 3 CD Packaging of new live album

> I would also guess 2 CDs together in a slim package.  This seems to be 
> more common lately over the big double-cases.  The old live material will 
> probably be in a separate package.

> I also wouldn't be surprised if these albums are not released on the same 
> date.

I would expect all 3 discs to be released together.  Neil said last spring "3
CD's for the price of 2, or however it works out."  

As far as the packaging, I've got the ZZ top Six Pack.  It is identical in
size to an old style 2cd jewel case, but it actually holds 3 cd's.  This size
case could also hold a "thicker" booklet, similar to the booklets that
accompanied the Beatles Anthologies packaging.  

Then again, I've got the Led Zeppelin live at the BBC with the bonus
interviews disk.  It comes with a "slim" 2cd case plus a single jewel case
packaged together in a box (similar to the box the Cars Anthology came in).
The problem here is there is little or no room for a thick booklet.

Downloadable Rush Album Art Wallpaper, 
Windows Cursors & Desktop Themes


From: "Marianne M. Voogt" 
Date: Sat, 27 Jun 1998 14:11:02 -0400
Subject: zzz NNC NZC NRC guitar modes

hey all you (insert band name here) fans!!!!!

this is just a question going out to all the guitarists out there, (i know
there's a lot of you).  It would namely be this:

what are the fingerings for the various modes?

harmonic minor

and also the byzantine and gypsy scales?

i know that i learned them at one point (hence the fact that i remember the
names) but i have absolutely *no* notes at all  :-(

oh, and rather, not the fingerings, but rather the intervals (ie minor
second, minor third, sharp fifth etc . . .)

many thanks

also, the project that i am working on to replace the olga is getting
there.  c'mon people, donate your tabs!!!!!

anyway, sorry for the waste of bw, but i do want to be able to teach people
to play guitar in addition to teaching them to play their favorite songs.

so, later, eh?


"When i get big i'm gonna get myself an electric guitar (laughs) when i get
real big" - Neil Young


From: (Vincent A. Desiderio)
Date: Sat, 27 Jun 1998 15:13:45 -0400
Subject: Am I too late?

My apologies if this matter has already passed...but I wanted
to say something about the "B-Man's" tirade.  Why does the 
internet bother you so much?  There's an audience of what,
5000-10,000 people who get NMS?  Pretty small compared to the
overall RUSH audience.  Maybe 1% of the information on here is
purposely meant to be misleading   Still, what's the big deal?  Granted, I don't read
each digest anymore.  I subscribe because it gets me information
about the band quickly.  Quicker than the radio and magazines,
when it comes to RUSH.

I'm not sure if you're jealous because you're not in charge of
something like this, or what you're point is.  I'm pretty 
critical of fan clubs, newsletters and the like who prey on
fans and try to make money off of artists' work.  I know RUSH
management has found NMS as a useful resource for tracking 
down those who would infringe on RUSH Copyrights.  (Yeah,
my brother's, mother's, sister's room mate told me.)

Anyway, take it for what it is, a place where people with
similar interests can voice OPINIONS.  Not unlike yourself.
And it's free.



From: "eddy Maxwell" 
Date: Sat, 27 Jun 1998 16:27:52 -0500
Subject: New MST3K reference

Hey Fellow Rushian Msties!

In the latest MST, Hobgoblins, some blond oaf was air drumming to some
music in his headphones.  Crow quips, "The true story of Neil Peart".
Hopefully, the oaf will die soon.

I got a bit behind in my NMSes, so while catching up, I wondered "Who
pissed in B-man's cereal that morning?"  Then I realized that I didn't
care, and so I stopped wondering.

Oh, cool!  The hobgoblin is going to kill the oaf!  Hoo-Hoo!  Ooh, a
Loverboy slam!  He's dead!  The oaf is dead!  :)

We all have to take the small joys while waiting for the live CD set.  I
don't think that the tentative title will stick it out (!) to the end,
but we'll see.

I picked up the Retrospecticus, er, Retrospective CDs yesterday.
They're great, IMO.  :)

Favorite TV shows:  X-Files, Law & Order, MST3K, Buffy TVS, South Park,

Ouch!  Bad 80's movies are so painful!!!!  ;)

"Why don't you beg out of your own disasters?"--the Connells


From: John Pullman 
Date: Sat, 27 Jun 1998 23:26:28 -0400
Subject: 2 Sightings

Good evening eh,

  Just saw a preview for "Small Soldiers" with 'Tom Sawyer' as the
primary song.  I didn't hear any of the remix, but it was a brief
commercial.  The second sighting is a bit more obscure.

   [ I saw the same commercial this past weekend...               : rush-mgr ]

  I was dining at Rio Bravo with my girlfriend and I heard 'Tom
Sawyer.'  I found it really odd to hear RUSH in a Mexican-type
restaurant.  Besides, the last few times I ate there, all I heard was
various Mexican music.  Quite a nice change indeed!

Take Care,


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