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Subject: 07/01/98 - The National Midnight Star #2065

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         The National Midnight Star, Number 2065

                 Wednesday, 01 Jul 1998

Today's Topics:
                       Fellow Fans
                 What was Alex thinking?
                      Bits & pieces
                        Rush stuff
                      rush sighting
                 RE: Beer with Rush, YES
                    Other band thread
   RUSH Sighting : The Forest & The Trees In Win NT 5.0
                       Radio shows
            I think I'm going Bald (a defense)
     Re: 06/30/98 - The National Midnight Star #2062
     Re: 06/30/98 - The National Midnight Star #2063
               Rush + Website/Mailing lists
                    rights and wrongs
                     Tom Sawyer Remix
                     Looking for Help
                Omigod Michaels Bottom 10
            A Rush Fans "Other" Favorite Bands
                    "Favorite" threads
                   Reviews and contacts
                      Rush on MST3K
              New Thread Time . . . Oh Hell
                       Rush rival?
            The Disgruntled Postal Workers!!!
    New Rush remix of TS on Small Soldiers soundtrack
                  Nothing left to sell!
                  Comparison Guidelines
                        Rush Radio
                     Fav lerxst solo
                 In Defense of Dog Years
                    Rushian Ramblings

From: Chris Mitchell 
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 23:27:57 -0500
Subject: Fellow Fans

So good to read the notes from all those out there who like me have been
touched by the magical music of Rush.  Seems strange that the band that
captured my interest as I was struggling to pass the 8'th grade would
still be my favorite musicians now that I am 30 and have an MBA.  I have
listened to everything trying to find the same level of artistry,
inspiration, and intellect and keep coming back to Rush as nothing else
compares.  I'm sure that my freinds and family are sick hearing me go on
about Rush and quoting Neal Peart so its great that you are all out
there.  Take care.
Chris Mitchell
Tracy, CA


From: "Ayse S. Guven" 
Date: Wed, 01 Jul 1998 10:55:51 +0300
Subject: What was Alex thinking?

    I am a guitar player who wants to be a great  musician with my band
and I am a Rush-infected-music-fan.  I listen to and admire some other
bands and musicians but I always find myself returning to Alex.  I want
to share my thoughts on 2 subjects with you.

    First subject:  When you start learning guitar side of Rush (or any
of the other two instruments) you become unable to listen their integral
music which is an unwanted situation.  Of course individually all 3 are
perfect but as a whole they forge the best music I've ever heard.  It's
the most integral music modern day warriors have ever produced.  So I
developed a way to catch that integrity over the years.  (I learned a
lot from my king H.R.H. Alex so by now when I listen to a new album I
learn the songs very quickly, my style is melted in his style which is
perfect but dangerous so I consciously learn other great
instrumentalists' styles to find my way back home  of individual
style).  Now when I listen to a Rush song I try to focus more on vocal,
bass, drums, it really helps to capture the unique Rush integrity just
like in the old days before we started playing guitar.
    Rush's mystery or magic lies in their integrity, so cleverly layered
frequencies generated by bass, drums, guitar, vocal, so beautifully
shaped integral noise that we call Rush.  Of course, producer's
understanding of what this 3 guys are about plays a big role but they
had this integrity all those years before anyone.  Yes, I accept the
fact that there are really excellent instrumentalists out there, but
musicianship is a completely different thing and no other band even
comes close.  Rush's music is so integral like a perfect alloy just as
Rearden Steel.

    Second one:  This is about Alex's solos on some (in fact many)
particular songs.  For example, take the second segment of guitar solo
on "Available Light".  When you listen to that solo -just like many
other Alex solos- it is a solo that makes your eyes water, especially
that melody part played with lowered volume, I want to ask him "What
were you thinking when you played that solo?"  It makes me think that
melody bit plays in his head during a concert while he is playing a
completely different song at a very intimate moment on stage shared with
Ged and Neil surrounded by fans, lights and that burbling electric
sea...  "What was on your mind, Alex?"
    Another solo with lots of wonders is the one on "Between the
Wheels".  Whenever I listen to that solo (since 1984) it makes me think
of a winter decorated woodland, a candle lit wooden bungalow with a roof
covered with thick snow, it's snowing and a few kids are at the window,
looking outside and wondering...   I want to ask him "What was on your
mind, what were you thinking?"
    My question goes to Alex for Time & Motion' solo, the Analog Kid'
solo.  In some interviews, he rarely says "Red Tide is an angry song so
the solo had to be angry too".  The only time he ever shared his
personal visionary thought on one of his solos was during his first
Guitar Player interview, June 1980.  He talks about "Different Strings"
solo.  What that solo reminds him of is a completely different thing
from what that song is about, yet at least as deep as it is.

    Do not ask him what pickups he uses on his new PRS guitars or which
Eventide or that Digitech unit.  Instead ask him what made him play that
solo on Time & Motion.  We already know why he prefers bolt-ons or
rosewood fretboards or tc electronic units.  Let his guitar tech talk on
the king's outboard gear.  His ultimate gear is his vision of life, his
eyes, his heart and mind, his hands and his fingers.
    Someone out there who may accidentally be reading my post may also
be a friend of Alex, his golf friend or tennis friend or whatever,
please go & ask him at right time & place --I wish I could but I am a
little far 5000 miles away-- and let everybody know what Alex was

My best wishes to Alex and to people who admire Rush
Tuncer Guven
A guitar player from Turkey


From: "Grauw, de H." 
Date: Wed, 1 Jul 1998 15:05:00 +0200 
Subject: Bits & pieces


somebody wrote:
>> I think TFE is the first album not to be released on vinyl.
>You're way off there. The last album I can remember is for Power Windows.

Sorry mate, I own a vinyl HyF, and have seen  ASOH, Presto and CP Lps.

BTW, I met Alex Van Halen, he's a nice guy and IMO a good drummer. As is
Steve Smith, or Rod Morgenstein, or Roger Taylor. They serve different
purposes, that's it.

Does anybody know of Jeff Berlin's album 'Champion' for sale? My tape is
wearing out and I love it. ORC: NP plays on 2 tunes. Also, anybody willing
to part with their Dexters tape or CD? Can't get it here (Holland) and would
love to hear it.

Road story: Last friday I took the long way home, just for the heck of it.
Well, that and wanting to check out  a BMW converible in Germany. So, having
done that I still had to drive about 2 hrs to get home. In friday afternoon
traffic. Sounds tedious, but not with Temples of the Syrinx on the tapedeck.
I now know my car tops out at an even 190 km/h (118 mph, of course in
Germany and with no cars around me) and I still can sing along to Natural
Science at the same time.... great fun.

sorry for the WOB!!



Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1998 15:32:17 -0500
Subject: Rush stuff

In our last episode, elucidated:

     Things wanting to see on the NMS
        1) More rumors on the upcoming live release. This gets our blood 
     going real good when ANY info. seems legitimate.                       

I've heard that as a promotional stunt, Neil Peart will write all the
lyrics to 2112 on the head of a pin.

Hey!  B-man said it, it **HAS** to be true!  :)

Mike Kerns


From: "Ball, Bill" 
Date: Wed, 1 Jul 1998 09:17:48 -0500
Subject: rush sighting

Was flipping through channels late on Saturday night and tuned in 
MST3000.  There was some cheesy(of course) horror movie on.  There was 
a kid on the movie working as a rent-a-cop late at a factory and he 
was listening to his head phones and air drumming.  Now I cant 
remember word for word what was said, but it went along the lines of:
"Looks like he took lessons from Neil Peart"

It was pretty cool, even though it sounded like they pronounced his 
last name wrong.



From: (Craig Brennan)
Date: Wed, 1 Jul 1998 10:23:49 -0400
Subject: RE: Beer with Rush, YES

Beers to listen to RUSH to:

Rush: Budweiser (The working man's album needs the working man's brew. The
beer's cheap and does the job)
2112: Hempen Ale (For APTB and TZ. Made with real hemp. Too bad it tastes
like shit!)
Hemispheres: Black and Tan (Self-explanatory)
Moving Pictures: Pete's Wicked Winter Brew (Has a subtle raspberry flavor.
Reminds me of the crowd gathered outside the studio in the middle of winter
recording the mob scene for Witch Hunt)
Hold Your Fire: Samuel Smith's Pale Ale (This was the last album I
absolutely loved from the first listen. Same with the beer)
Counterparts: Hammer & Nail

For any Yes fans out there I'm going to see them tonight at the Oakdale in
CT. I'm expecting an awesome show. Hope it doesn't disappoint. Now the only
thing I need to do is somehow get RUSH and YES to tour together.



From: Gautam Srikanth 
Date: Wed,  1 Jul 1998 10:50:30 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Other band thread

> From: Al Willig 
> ...
> Since the rush manager started this thread, and since we have a thread
> about what TV shows Rush fans like, I would be interested to hear what
> your other favorite bands would be.

classic -- Blue Oyster Cult
           Pink Floyd/Roger Waters

modern  -- Faith No More [RIP :(]
           The Smashing Pumpkins

there are lots more, 'course, but these are the big ones.  would love to
chat with other Rush fans who appreciate some of these bands.

Gautam, who has 2 tix for YES in Wallingford, Connecticut tonight!

Gautam Srikanth  -  -
                The believer is happy; the doubter is wise.


From: "Chaz M." 
Date: Wed, 1 Jul 1998 09:31:27 -0600
Subject: RUSH Sighting : The Forest & The Trees In Win NT 5.0

Aaaalllooo RUSH fans!!!

Interesting RUSH tidbit I witnessed first hand at the Win NT demo for 5.0 &
NT server 5.5.

Let me start by saying it really wasn't much of a demo and had me dieing of
boredom at some points....


Within the demo, there came the topic of a new feature in Windows NT, that
being the concept of there being The Trees & a Forrest of The Trees.  The 
guy giving the demo mentioned that there is a bit of a problem with the 
Forrest, it's that all The Trees can't live in harmony, and he mentioned that 
RUSH fans would understand that point....and there was a slight rumbling of 
mild well as some non-RUSHes' lookin' around saying to each 
other..."Rush Limbaugh???"  He then had to clarify the band, and not the man.

It's a RUSH thing, they wouldn't understand.

Anyway, it leads me to my most harmonic convergence of the past five minutes

Now if RUSH, long ago proposed the obviousness of Neils observations of The 
Trees through public media, as brilliant as it is, with all of it's endowed 
and charming insight into oppressive situations.  And if Win NT is also 
discovering these sorts of problems in the techno world.  I, a mere earthling 
beg of you all to make this a new thread of much theoretical discussion, but 
I ask, What does it all mean????

Personal feeling on this, like if the trees can't get along in the real
world, nor in futuristic cyber ventures, like where will we be down the road 
ehh???  Certainly, much discussion on The Trees is I sit here 
pondering an American President in China trying to reform an oppressive 
government, and yet sway them into a different type of oppression fueled by 
capitalistic fire.....mmmmm?????

"And the trees are kept equal
 By hatchet, ax, and saw!!!"




From: Mike Kerns 
Date: Wed, 01 Jul 1998 15:17:34 +0000
Subject: Radio shows


We've had a vote on what were our favorite tv shows, but let's put the
thermometer in where the intellect of Rush fans can truly be measured --
radio shows.

What radio shows do we listen to?  I don't mean who is your favorite
disc jockey, we could all name Don Imus or Casey Kasum or Howard Stern
or Roy Otis or whoever.  I also don't mean music shows like King Biscuit
and other music countdown/concert shows.  I mean the intellectual side
of radio, Larry King, Rush Limbaugh, Dr. Laura, Michael Medved, Click &
Clack, Ken Hamblin, Wayne LaPierre, Tom Leikis, etc.  Also include news
shows, McLoughlin Radio Hour, NPR shows or whatever.  

Even the entertainment side of radio is fair game:  A Prairie Home
Companion, classic radio shows like Fibber McGee & Molly, The
Untouchables, The Shadow . . .  Locally produced shows count too.

What radio shows are popular with Rush fans?

My Red Barchetta is a red '85 Ford Escort Wagon with a Rush Limbaugh
bumper sticker, how's that for covering two threads with one tome?  :) 
I used to listen to the CBS Radio Mystery Theater, but I can't find
where it's on in Seattle anymore.  Also Ed Hume (from Gardening in
America tv show) has a radio show on 570 KVI in Seattle on Saturday that
is great if you're into gardening and want to talk to The Exalted Grand
Poobah of Petunias himself.  We frequently catch A Prairie Home
Companion when we go out camping.    

I understand that Ted Nugent has a talk show, could someone who listens
to it please give me a review?  If it's available via RealAudio, that'd
be even better!  Thanks in advance.

Thoroughly Pointless and Silly Rush Sighting:  At the Ivar's Fish &
Chips just off of Highway 99 in Federal Way, WA (between Seattle and
Tacoma) they have a burglar alarm.  The city requires a permit for the
burglar alarm, and the permit is posted in their window.  Their permit
number?  2112, what else!  Attention all bottomfish that swim in Puget
Sound . . . we'll serve you with tartar & chips, we'll serve you with
tartar & chips, we'll serve you with tartar & chips . . .

Mike Kerns


From: "Daniel Ware" 
Date: Wed, 1 Jul 1998 11:26:34 -0600
Subject: I think I'm going Bald (a defense)

Hey gang..
It was written:
<<<3)  I Think I'm Going Bald (I double dare *anyone* to stand up for this
Personally, I love the song. When I was Young and just getting into Rush, (
I started backwards, listening to MP and Signals first,) It was one of the
"accessable " songs to me on CoS. I still love it today. Is it out of place
on the album? Sure, but that doesn't mean it's a bad song.. 
Cheers from NM

I've got a pocket, full of holes. Head in the clouds, a king of fools..


From: "Barbara Pike" 
Date: Wed, 1 Jul 1998 11:11:33 -0700
Subject: Re: 06/30/98 - The National Midnight Star #2062

Dear Fellow Rush freaks,
I saw Van Halen in 1987. The concert was pretty good, but please dont
compair Rush to Van Helan, Thats an insult to us and the band. Also I say
"Alex Van Helan whats up with all the percussion instruments! You dont use
them . Are they for looks. or what!
Anyways can anyone tell me where to get the issue of that comic that was
dedicated to Rush, I forgot to write down the name of that comic.
Also I am in the market for new Rush paraphernalia.I live in Califoria, so
it has to be in that area.Is htere any single Rush loving female out there I
can shair my thoughts with> I am 25.


From: "Barbara Pike" 
Date: Wed, 1 Jul 1998 11:17:15 -0700
Subject: Re: 06/30/98 - The National Midnight Star #2063

Dear Rush freaks,
Rush was on VH1?? Why didnt I pick that on up?? I am madd. Does anyone know
if there is  going to be another televise show on VH1 on Rush.
Rush Freeaak


From: Lerxst 
Date: Wed, 01 Jul 1998 14:26:18 -0400
Subject: Rush + Website/Mailing lists

heya rush fanz:

Just a quick note: my radio station here in st catharines, ont canada (yes...
Pratts AND THE Lakeside Parks hometown:) said this morning they would have 
the first single from the new live Rush cd (no title given) at the end of 
August. (I presume this is the "Animate" track thats been talked about)

Also, I understand Rush has one of the, if not THE, biggest MUSIC presence 
on the net. (Somebody, correct me if I'm wrong) "The Record" magazine here in 
Canada states Rush gets the largest number of hits to their websites (imagine 
TNMS is THE major one:) more then ANY OTHER BAND PERIOD! Supposedly, we also 
have the largest mailing list of any other band also. I don't know where 
they get their numbers from, but, if true, that means WE have ALOT of power!! 
I think maybe  we should start tracking down their American and 
International record companies to push them more....BOMBARD radio and empTyV 
to play Rush (such as a direct mailing from EVERY TNMS subscriber...shit..
theyd go nuts!) I know Rush fans were pissing off the people at Rolling Stone 
by leaving all sorts of messages on peoples voice mail, and blasting them 
with comments/requests.

Why should we stop?? Who care if it pisses em off. Eventually, they'll get the
message. RUSH IS NOT DEAD. They've got the new live cd's comming out..perfect Rush remix on Small Soldiers....and all those Rush fans behind the
scenes everywhere from NBC to Microsoft.

Let's "Power to the Rush FANZ!!". It's about time these boys got some MAJOR
respect. Here in's kinda cool..because over the last few years, 
they've been recognized (Order of Canada (seeing them on the front page of 
our national paper made my day:)..Juno hall of fame...etc)

If we have this much power...then dammit...lets do it. Say, rush-mgr, for iss#
2112, can we have this full of our comments and have it forwarded to every music
oriented source in the country??? (ie. empTyV, all the music rags....record
companies, music web sites..etc??)

Anyways...we HAVE the power folks...LETS USE IT!!!!




From: "Michael Z. Williamson" 
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 13:31:08 -0700
Subject: rights and wrongs

>Slim Jim said:
>>>>>  "Michael Z. Williamson" writes:
> asked about:
> RE:  intellectual property   
> If you record someone else's composition, you must pay royalties to the
> American Society of Composers, Arrangers and Performers.  They pay the
> band.

>Only in the US.  Rush is an international entity with fans all over
>the world, and they aren't American.

true.  SOCAN covers Canada, and most countries have their own version of
this system.  We respect theirs, they respect ours.  Otherwise, no one
would publish internationally.  Then we wouldn't hear Rush in the
States.  That would suck. 
Be wary of strong drink.  It can make you shoot at tax collectors....
and miss.   Robert A. Heinlein


From: John Gerard Lupoli 
Date: Wed, 01 Jul 1998 14:59:30 -0400
Subject: Tom Sawyer Remix

How's it going fellow Rushians,
	I knew that there was going to be a remix of Tom Sawyer on the
soundtrack for "Small Soldiers." Anyway, I was watching t.v. 3 days ago
and out of nowhere, this Small Soldiers commmercial comes on. They
started playing some music and in a split second I knew they were
playing the Tom Sawyer remix. I though it was great. It sounded cool. I
yelled for my dad to come and see but then, after they showed it for
like 6 seconds, it turned off and they started playing this other stupid
song. What a bunch of cheap bastards. They couldn't even play it for 20
	Anyway, who the hell cares about Alex Van Halen drumming. He's a loser
at drumming. I still say that Neil Peart is the best percussionist of
all-time (like the Jimi Hendrix of drumming.) 

Later Rushians,
Matt Lupoli, 
Age 14



From: editor 
Date: Wed, 01 Jul 1998 14:11:41 -0500
Subject: Looking for Help

Greetings from Central Texas fellow Rush Fans.
I have been lurking about TNMS since about #1400 and have enjoyed most
of the discussions.  While I'm not so much on the "How did they get this
sound" side of the house I have enjoyed the philisophical arguments such
as "What did they mean here?"
But this is not why I'm writing today.  I'm writing because I've have
been trying (off and on) for the last few years to collect a Power
Windows promo poster (24x36 or 24x24) and have had no success whatsoever
in acquiring one.  I think have tried every commercial site and then
some on the Internet and was only able to purchase a Moving Pictures and
Signals poster from an auction.  I almost even purchased a 48x48 PC map
plotter copy of the album cover, but decided that wasn't the answer to
my quest.  So I am asking TNMS readers out there for
ideas/sites/collectors that might have a frameable copy of PoW promo
poster. Email me at if you have a lead.
Kyle Vernon
Editor Texas Rails Online


Date: Wed, 01 Jul 1998 12:07 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Omigod Michaels Bottom 10

Hey everyone out there in NMS land!

We've gone through these "skipable" tracks threads for years now and I somehow 
always feel obligated to point out that one mans dog poop is another mans gold. 

Michael writes...
        I physically feel pain listening to the better (or worst, in this
case) half of the last 5 or so tracks on RTB.  It's not that I haven't given
it a chance.  I *have*.  But I just can't stand Neurotica, and therefore, I
put it as numero uno on my list.  So here's the bitter fruits of my labor:

1)  Neurotica
2)  You Bet Your Life (Is it just me, or did Billy Joel do this exact song,
but it was called 'We Didn't Start the Fire'?)
3)  I Think I'm Going Bald (I double dare *anyone* to stand up for this song.)
4)  Virtuality ('Put your message in a modem...'  Give me a f*cking break.)
5)  Dog Years (Dog Poop)
6)  Everyday Glory (Yes it's inspirational, but this isn't music, it's muzak.)
7)  Carve Away the Stone (Zzzzzz...Huh?  Oh, wake me up when I don't have to
listen to filler tracks anymore.)
8)  Speed of Love (Bleck.)
   < ok I skip this one too>
9)  Take a Friend (Not god-awful, but easily skipable)
   < I couldn't even tell you how this one goes (bad Rush fan! Sit!)>
10) Ghost of a Chance (Good guitar work, but Rush *cannot* write love songs)
   < I wouldn't say skipable, but not a fav >

I would add Prime Mover, Heresy, Cygnus X-1 (gasp!) sorry folks, I like the part
that they teased us with on the TFE tour, but I think Ged's vocals are 

Bottom Line: Different Strokes etc.

Now if only we knew what Neil meant by "Christ, what have you done?"  :)



Date: Wed, 1 Jul 1998 15:24:37 EDT
Subject: A Rush Fans "Other" Favorite Bands

Al Willig  writes:


Hiya Rush Fans : )

This is my first post, so I just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading your
responses about Rush and other related subjects.

I would also like to share with you some of the other bands that I love to
listen to . . 

Along with Rush, these are my other favorite bands:

  Led Zeppelin
  The Beatles
  Pink Floyd
  Guns N Roses
  Dio & Black Sabbath (w/Dio)
  Stone Temple Pilots
  Alice in Chains

No suprises here  . . I am pretty much the classic rock fan with some 90's
alternative/grunge thrown in for variety.

Peace & Health,

"Veganism is an expression of reverence for all living things . . . ourselves,
our fellow creatures and our Earth."


From: "David M. Campbell" 
Date: Wed, 1 Jul 1998 15:36:19 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: "Favorite" threads

Favorite other bands:

King's X
Dream Theater
Judas Priest
Iron Maiden
Saigon Kick

Favorite Alex solo:

"Between the Wheels."  I love the emotion he puts into the final dozen
bars of this solo especially.  It builds like a sunami wave and then
crashes right at the top.  


Oh, and whoever wrote that "Everyday Glory" is muzak must be on crack.  I
love the riff in this song.  Sure, it's simple, but it has a lot of energy
and it easy on the ears.  I like this song a lot, actually.


From: Fred Pinto 
Date: Wed, 1 Jul 98 12:34:05 -0700
Subject: Reviews and contacts

Hello fellow NMSers,
i'm looking for reviews and contacts on how to get the following CD or 
CDR boots:
Virtual Songs, Currently in Vogue, Electric Ladyland Recordings, and Over 
the Europe.  Any help with review or obtaining these titles would be 
greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance,


From: "Lewis, John" 
Date: Wed, 1 Jul 1998 15:51:44 -0400 
Subject: Rush on MST3K

Hello all!
	It's been a long time since I have posted. Hope that you are all
doing well. I saw Hobgoblins over the weekend and liked the Peart
reference. Ann Sutton had mentioned that Mike had talked about Mike
referring to the year 2112. The was in the Deadly Mantis Episode. In
that episode the band was also referred to about 25 minutes into the
show. Two pilots in an airplane were searching for the Mantis. Mike
looks at the one pilot who is apparently sleeping and says, "I'm so
baked...You have to here this Rush tape!" It was classic. I know of a
few other episodes where Geddy is referred to. Talk to you all later!

John Lewis


From: John Breckow 
Date: Wed, 1 Jul 1998 13:18:27 -0700
Subject: New Thread Time . . . Oh Hell

OK Rushians, if I have to read one more post about how Alex Van Halen licks 
Neil's Toms, I'm gonna' puke blood on someone.  It's time for a new thread, 
and I'm going to take a stab here, so play along if you like.

All righty then.  So here we go.

Tonight, after watching a rerun of "Blossom" on TV, you unfortunately die 
in your sleep.  When your soul arrive at the pearly gates, St. Peter sees 
your Rush shirt and naturally assumes you're a Satanist (don't even THINK 
about going there!).  Alas, you are then sent directly to Hell.

At first, you realize that it isn't such a bad place.  The weather's 
brutal, but on the bright side, most of your friends are there.  When you 
get to your cell, the trollish prisonkeeper, his skin boiling and seething, 
informs you that you are to be chained to a pointy rock to rot for all 
eternity.  But, your one concession is that you get to select one song to 
listen to as your innards slowly fester.  But, you only get ONE song, and 
you have to listen to it over and over and over and over . . . . . forever.

So, what song do you pick?  Dare I volunteer that it doesn't even have to 
be a Rush song, but it would  be nice . . .

Sleep well tonight, and for God's sake, turn off Blossom.


"Eating all kinds of food so close to bedtime
always made him have these nightmares it seemed"
	- Genesis, "Scenes from a Night's Dream"


Date: Wed, 1 Jul 1998 16:24:37 -0400
Subject: Rush rival?

I don't know if this topic was ever brought up, but does anyone know if Rush
has a rival band kinda like the Metallica vs. Megadeth?  

oh yeah, for any Queensryche fans(i'm just starting to get into
Queensryche), email me what album is better...Operation Mindcrime or Rage
for Order....

Thank yooooou very much!



From: "Joe Russo" 
Date: Wed, 1 Jul 1998 16:30:01 -0400
Subject: The Disgruntled Postal Workers!!!

   First and foremost I love Rush!!!  They are awesome!!!!  Ok...taht =
  Check out my brother-in-laws band the Disgruntled Postal Workers.  = They
are a NJ based original rock band with a lot of Rush influnce.  They = don't
play Rush music but you can hear the influence in their music.  You can
order their self-titled debut cd directly for only $8..that includes
shipping. To order send a check or Money order made out to John Ardolina =
P.O. Box 488
Pt. Pleasant, NJ 08742
  If you want more info on the band email me direct.  They are pretty = good I
think you people here would probably like them.  They are curently = working
on a second cd.
Joe R.


From: Fred Sowder 
Date: Wed, 1 Jul 1998 16:47:48 -0400
Subject: New Rush remix of TS on Small Soldiers soundtrack

Hello, Rushians!

It's been few and far between with posts from me over the years,
but here goes:

I don't know if this has been mentioned yet, but there's a new
remixed version of "Tom Sawyer" on the soundtrack for the new
movie _Small Soldiers_.  It's remixed by someone named DJ
Z-Trip.  It has some scratching and drum-and-bass flourishes
thrown in the mix, but much of the song remains intact.  For,
the record, though, it is billed as being preformed by Rush, re-
mixed by DJ Z-Trip.

Basically, if you're a fan of modern electronica, you'll think it's
pretty cool.  If you're a rock purist, you'll think it really sucks, so
take a listen to see which camp you fall into! ;)

Fred Sowder
WRUF-FM Rock 104		The Home of Rock 'N Roll
WRUF-AM AM 850		Your Hometown Station


Date: Wed, 1 Jul 1998 16:59:10 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Nothing left to sell!

I just wanted to thank everyone for the OVERWHELMING responses I had to
my ad listing several Rush posters and books for sale. THEY'RE ALL
GONE!!! I had hoped to sell a few of these items but instead I could of
sold HUNDREDS of these items if I had more. Just goes to show you, Rush
fans are a dedicated bunch.

Thanks again to everyone who purchased my merchandise (the money is well
needed) and I apologize to all who wrote that I had to turn away
empty-handed. And last but not least, to my good buddy Nancy, see you
this fall down in "you-know-where"!!   ;)

Scott Wedge -
Auburn University - WAR EAGLE!!
"Send your signal 'round the world..." - RUSH


Date: Wed, 1 Jul 1998 16:57:02 EDT
Subject: Comparison Guidelines

All right, enough of the AVH/NP comparisons.  But I ponder; What are the
guidelines for comparisons on this mailing list?  How long did the AVH/NP
rivalry go on before the flamming began?  A couple weeks? One month, tops?
And how long does the Metallica/Rush comparison go on?  ETERNITY???  Come on
guys, what's the time limit for this?

Many people don't like the comparisons because of the apparent fights that
break out.  In moderation, I kind of like them.  They are informative,
educational, and more often than not, down right humorous.  But maybe there
should be a limit.  I suggest a  couple comparisons I haven't seen much.  Rush
and Triumph.  Power trios from Canada.  Or Rush and Queensryche.  Now that I'd
like to hear comments on.  

Naturally, I already liked Queensryche from the first time I heard Jet City
Women.  But what piqued my interest was the fact that, at least one album,
"Empire" was produced by none other than; Peter Collins.  Peter has co-
produced no less than four Rush albums: PW, HYF, CP and T4E.  Thank about


Date: Wed, 1 Jul 1998 16:57:03 EDT
Subject: Rush Radio

I have traveled all accross the U.S. and can confirm that Rush radio play is a
bit lacking.  But I just want to confirm that it is alive and kicking in the
South.  At least four radio stations in the Fayetteville, Raliegh, Greensboro
NC area readily play at least 1-3 Rush songs a day.  Typically the standard
Freewill, Limelight, Spirit of Radio and Closer to the Heart. But it is Rush.
Also, both B107 in Fayetteville, and WRDU 106.1 in Raleigh are consistently on
top of the Rush new releases.  

Finally, nothing gives me a warmer fuzzy than to hear "John Boy and Billy in
the Morning" endorsing Rush as "that legendary band from Canada." Ranks right
up there with NASCAR and Professional Wrestling.  Gives me renewed
appreciation for the term "Redneck." 

Ahoooah, ahoooah, ahoooah.


From: "Bill Bibber" 
Date: Wed, 01 Jul 1998 17:58:13 -0400
Subject: Fav lerxst solo

DblAgentX1 wanted to know what people's fav solos by Alex are. Mine is
"Analog Kid".  It just comes from nowhere and really "goes off". 
Whenever I need an energy boost, I pop that one in the CD player and
turn it up.  quite effective, for me, at least.

BillB. (but definitely not the "b-man"!)


From: Chris Walker 
Date: Wed, 1 Jul 98 14:58:47 -0800
Subject: In Defense of Dog Years

I've seen a lot of slagging of Dog Years in the past few issues.
I guess I feel obligated to defend it seeing as it's a personal
favorite. I think we all know that Neil would not put on an
album a song that is transparently foolish. Ok, yes he wrote "I
Think I'm Going Bald" and "Speed of Love", but give him the 
benefit of the doubt. I don't weigh his words lightly and during
the premiere on the radio of TFE, he called Dog Years "a feast."
We all know Neil has a penchant for word play, and DY is a fine
example of it. I admit, when I first read the lyrics and saw
"Doggie Heaven" I got queasy, but the simple fact is this song
is meant to be *fun*. And that includes silliness. Rather than
launch into a 5 page thesis detailing every chunk of word play,
I would challenge you naysayers to listen again to some of the
phrases you may be taking for granted in the song, namely my
personal favorite "with his tail between his ears". Letting go 
of the standard Peartian seriousness that one usually needs to 
listen to Rush is necessary for this tune. 

The joy of DY comes from not being serious even though it has a 
serious message, which may arguably be the point of the song 
itself. People look to Sirius.

(BTW, I can't stand the tortoise from Galapagos section myself
but mostly because it goes totally out of character from the
otherwise fun song... not to mention the metaphor is rather bland)



From: "eddy Maxwell" 
Date: Wed, 01 Jul 1998 16:53:05 -0500
Subject: Rushian Ramblings

"Hi Guys!"--Jake (Silverado)

I, too, have the HYF remaster, so it must exist.  Or does it?

Best Lerxst solo:  The Pass Dammit!!!*

I've been thinking about A Nice Morning Drive by Richard S. Foster
(kindly transcribed on the NMS website).  I always assumed that the
"gleaming alloy aircar" was driven by the local constabulatory.  In the
story, it wasn't so.  Makes one think about why people do or don't do
the things they do (?).  Hmmm....

YKYNANRAW (You Know You Need a New Rush Album When):  You get a box of
multi-plug extension cords at work and you're excited about it.  Help.

Been spinning Counterparts in the ol' CD player lately.  Haven't
listened to it for a few months.  Damn!  That's a great album!  I'm
finally getting into Everyday Glory.  The Speed of Love still isn't
there for me yet, but it's trying.

Listened to PoW last night.  Wow!  Ged's bass lines are incredible!

Valkyrie (MSTie Rushian!)

*"The Pass Dammit!!!" is a little-known reremixmastered kinda-sorta evil
scientist version that appeared only on the Satellite of Like, hence all
of the Rush references on MST2K.  ;)

"Why don't you beg out of your own disasters?"--the Connells


From: (Chuck Flowers)
Date: Wed, 1 Jul 1998 16:13:17 -0500
Subject: other

OK, my favorite other bands are:

Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Barenaked Ladies
Faith No More
Stevie Wonder
Living Colour
King's X
The Suspects
Oingo Boingo

c money


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