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Subject: 07/02/98 - The National Midnight Star #2066

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         The National Midnight Star, Number 2066

                  Thursday, 02 Jul 1998

Today's Topics:
                more rush license plates!
                 Hold Your Fire remaster
                 I guess some never will
                VH1's Top 100 (revisited)
              Top 10 skippable rush songs...
                   Favorite This & That
                  heavy metal listeners
                   Favorite Ending/PBS
                     Non-Rush lineup
                  Next live album rumors
                   similarities, part 2
                      Favorite Bands
             Rush screensavers for power mac
                     ASoH on Rockline
             Re: Top 10 Skippable Rush Songs
Power Windows update / Free Desktop Theme application software
                    The new Live Album
               favorite (best) lerxt solos
                 All-time worst songs....
                 Lerxst bests xxthdsgdss
                    Greetings from PA
             Two or three things of interest
                 Favorite TV shows/Bands
             (No Rush Content) Floyd however!
                   Rush MP3s for trade
      bands; skippable songs; John Rutsey interview
                    re: Classic gamez
                   rush & the high end
                      rush & alcohol
             Vinyl releases.................
                    Other band thread
                     Re: Radio shows
                      The Macallan!
                      license plates

Date: Wed, 1 Jul 1998 18:06:06 EDT
Subject: setlist

I was just wondering if anyone thinks they can fit Wipeout in the set.  It is
kind of corny but I think it would be neat.


From: David Morrison 
Date: Wed, 01 Jul 1998 17:26:37 -0500
Subject: more rush license plates!

A couple weeks ago I was heading up to the airport here in Kansas City (35N
just south of 635 intersection) when a red car (Honda, if I remember
correctly) came flying by me.  As soon as he passed me, he pulled in front
of me.  I looked up and saw his '2112' Kansas license place.  He slowed
down alongside me and we gave each other a big thumbs up and a grin.  It
brightened my day (especially because I didn't have to explain my 'CLDFIRE'
license plate to him...)  So anyway, is Mr. '2112' on TNMS?  Any other Rush
'Platers in KC?  We could do a group shot some time  :~)

 David Morrison


Date: Wed, 1 Jul 1998 18:33:06 EDT
Subject: Hold Your Fire remaster

snip snip.....It wasn't remastered and I don't even know if Hold Your Fire was
because they were recorded digitally to begin with.    snip snip

Out of lurk mode; Hold Your Fire is remastered.  (I'm looking at it right now)
Note: this is according to the packaging; it has the nice clear jewel case the
says Remaster, etc.
But here's the question:  Did they actually go in and remaster the disk, or
was it already "optimized" when they produced it to begin with?  (If it was
already digital, aside from remixing, what could they do to change it?)

Anyone out there have any thoughts or ideas?

Side note: Had a near spiritual experience the other night listening to
Marathon (on the remaster)  Everyone should go grab PoW, stick it in and crank
it.  Geddy's bass lines are absolutely phenomenal!!!!!!  It'd been a while
since I listened to the song, so it hit me pretty hard.....


From: Peter Coblentzp 
Date: Wed, 01 Jul 1998 19:00:00 -0400
Subject: I guess some never will

>From: "Michael Z. Williamson" 
>Date: Wed, 24 Jun 1998 14:57:54 -0700
>Subject: no!  not boots again!
>RE: Hemispheres tour stiff on the new live album--all the people who
>said, "well, this is a boot of a 20 year old concert they're never going
>to release, so how am I hurting them?"
>Any more questions?

Yes Mike, just one:  How am I hurting them?


From: Steve Grigsby 
Date: Wed, 1 Jul 1998 18:05:14 -0500
Subject: VH1's Top 100 (revisited)

Hi All,

I've only posted once to TNMS regarding VH1's Top 100 bands and my 2 year 
old boy that loves Rush.  That same little rascal ran a green crayola all 
over the back of my Victor CD the other day!  "Time out" in the corner 
didn't help my pain much.  Man I loved that CD, great job Alex.

Anyway, It really made me angry that Rush didn't make VH1's Top 100.  I'll 
bet that even ticked B-Man off!

So, to vent my frustrations I decided to sit down and compile the list. 
 The following is VH1's top 100 bands/artist of all time - picked by the 
musicians themselves.  The top 25 seem reasonable with the exception of 

OK here we go!

100. Paul Simon
99.   Parliament Funkadelic
98.   Traffic
97.   Fats Domino
96.   Lynard Skinard
95.   Robert Johnson
94.   Dianna Ross & The Supremes
93.   The Four Tops
92.   The Temptations
91.   Gladys Knight & The Pipps
90.   Tom Waits
89.   Johnny Cash
88.   The Ramones
87.   Santana
86.   Madonna
85.   Carole King
84.   T Rex
83.   Iggy Popp
82.   Devo	Stand corrected when I placed them in the top 40 previously
81.   The Band
80.   Tina Turner
79.   Aerosmith
78.   Billy Joel
77.   John Coltrain
76.   The Bee Gees
75.   Curtis Mayfield
74.   The Velvet Underground
73.   Muddy Waters
72.   Simon & Garfunkle
71.   Rod Stewart
70.   Stevie Ray Vaughan
69.   The Pretenders
68.   The Allman Brothers Band
67.   KISS
66.   Talking Heads
65.   James Taylor
64.   Frank Zappa
63.   Sting
62.   Paul McCartney
61.   Smokey Robinson & The Miracles
60.   Earth, Wind & Fire
59.   Bo Diddley
58.   Sam Cooke
57.   Steely Dan
56.   The Kinks
55.   The Byrds
54.   The Grateful Dead
53.   Peter Gabriel
52.   Cream
51.   BB King
50.   R.E.M.
49.   Roy Orbison
48.   Van Halen
47.   Creedence Clearwater Revival
46.   Sex Pistols
45.   Crosby Stills & Nash
44.   The Jackson Five
43.   Tom Petty & Heartbreakers
42.   Nirvanna
41.   Janis Joplin
40.   Michael Jackson
39.   Miles Davis
38.   Elvis Costello
37.   Al Green
36.   Little Richard
35.   Otis Redding
34.   Buddy Holly
33.   Queen
32.   Joni Mitchell
31.   The Clash
30.   Neil Young
29.   U2
28.   Sly & Family Stone
27.   Bruce Springsteen
26.   Chuck Berry
25.   Van Morrison
24.   Bob Marley
23.   The Eagles
22.   Fleetfood Mac
21.   Aretha Franklin
20.   The Doors
19.   Pink Floyd
18.   Prince
17.   Elton John
16.   John Linnon
15.   Eric Clapton
14.   Marvin Gaye
13.   The Beach Boys
12.   Ray Charles
11.   Stevie Wonder
10.   The Police
9.     The Who
8.     Elvis Presley
7.     Missed this one! Could it be by some miracle Rush? No, probably 
Milli Vanilli
6.     James Brown
5.     Bob Dylan
4.     Led Zepplin
3.     Jimi Hendrix
2.     The Rolling Stones
1.     The Beatles

Well that does it.  Sorry for the long post Rush-Mngr.  I thought it would 
be a handy list for casual conversation, even other mailing list.  Just for 
the heck of it I'd like to mention some other cool bands that didn't make 
the list besides Rush.

ZZ Top (could have been #7)
The Cars
Def Leppard 	***VH1 Documentary***
Ozzy		***VH1 Documentary***
AC/DC		I know that's stretching it abit
Jefferson Airplane (don't for them, but should have been there, along with 
Jerry Lewis)

If anyone could fill in #7 please email me.  Later!


From: William Cary Hall 
Date: 	Wed, 01 Jul 1998 19:29:41 -0400
Subject: Top 10 skippable rush songs...

Al Willig  chose:
"1)  Neurotica
2)  You Bet Your Life (Is it just me, or did Billy Joel do this exact
song, but it was called 'We Didn't Start the Fire'?)
3)  I Think I'm Going Bald (I double dare *anyone* to stand up for this
4)  Virtuality ('Put your message in a modem...'  Give me a f*cking
5)  Dog Years (Dog Poop)
6)  Everyday Glory (Yes it's inspirational, but this isn't music, it's
7)  Carve Away the Stone (Zzzzzz...Huh?  Oh, wake me up when I don't
have to
listen to filler tracks anymore.)
8)  Speed of Love (Bleck.)
9)  Take a Friend (Not god-awful, but easily skipable)
10) Ghost of a Chance (Good guitar work, but Rush *cannot* write love

First, I'll defend those songs that I didn't like at first.  Forget
Neurotica and Bet your Life, I agree with you there.  ...Bald is a very
good song if you listen for a deeper meaning.  Its a great raw guitar
sound accompanied by a lyrical message of how much it sucks to grow old
(sorry to all the old timers, i didn't know any other way to phrase
it).  Virtuality is actually poking fun at the users of the internet who
substitute it for real human interaction (this divulged in interview,
can post if necesarry), and the music just plain rocks. Some lyrics are
used with sarcasm (I can hold the universe in a grain of sand) and
others are direct insults (vagabonds who wave between 2 passing
trains).  Dog years... See bald, and add to it that time flies in the
good (dog) years (seven years go by like one?) and drags in the boring
ones.  Everyday Glory is skippable except for the last bit of lyrics,
beginning with "If the futures looking dark..."  Those ending phrases
get the point of the song across better than the music and the rest of
the lyrics.  I'm impartial to CATS, and will disagree with you simply
because I like the multi-track lyrics.  I'll agree with you on Speed Of
Love and Take A Friend, but WHERE did you get Ghost of a Chance from? 
It's not meant to be a love song; it's saying that Love is possible even
in a world where so many things toss us around and force our hand.  You
want a love song, go to Alien Shore (kinda) or Speed of Love.

So that I may be flamed/peacefully criticized in turn, my 10 would be:
Neurotica - You Bet Your Life - Lakeside Park - Rivendell (is it getting
warm already?) -Need Some Love - Take A Friend - Madrigal - Limbo (the
only instrumental that I don't love)

Cary Hall
ICQ# 6956498


Date: Wed, 1 Jul 1998 19:40:35 EDT
Subject: Favorite This & That

Now ya gone 'n' done it!

Steely Dan
Frank Zappa
Iron Maiden
Judas Priest
Black Sabbath
Van Halen (OLD)
The Police
Led Zep
Billy Joel
Brian Setzer Orchestra

South Park
The Simpsons
The Daily Show
Match Game (If you don't have Game Show Network, GET IT!)
WCW Monday Nitro
WCW Thunder
Seinfeld (except for the last one, which sucked IMO)
VH1 Legends 
VH1 Behind The Music

La Villa (DUH!)
Available Light
Emotion Detector
Analog Kid
Losing It (wouldn't it be great if Alex COULD do that on guitar!)
Turn The Page
Between The Wheels
Natural Science
The Camera Eye
     I figured I'd limit these to 10!

   Nite Now!     


Date: Wed, 01 Jul 1998 16:50:35 -0700
Subject: Victor

There have been a couple of references to Alex's Victor recently.  I wasn't
wild about this CD when I first heard bits and pieces of it at a local CD
store (I love "listen before you buy" stores).

Anyhow, my patience wore thin waiting for new Rush, so awhile back I picked
up Victor.  I really like it.  There are several strong tracks.  This isn't
Rush, so if you get it, don't expect anything like that.  I'm not wild
about some of the synthesizers (that's a personal bias--I'd be happy to see
Rush dump synths).  I'm not an I Mother Earth fan, but I think Edwin does a
fine job on this record.  I REALLY like the song Dalbello sings ("Start
Today").  The instrumentals are really good, too ("Mr. X" and "Strip and Go
Naked")  All in all, I recommend it if you're an Alex Lifeson fan and you
can get into heavier music.  It's not all a bunch of head-banging, but this
ain't Tai Shan, either, folks.




From: (z z z)
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 15:21:32 -0500
Subject: heavy metal listeners

hi there heavy metal/rush fans.  if you really like heavy metal, i have
the ultimate boxed set for you... Grim Harvest: the Complete Metal
Massacres l-Xll.  it has some of the best bends on it, including...
metallica's first recording (with dave mustaine!!).  other notable names:
virgin steele, overkill, voivod, fates warning, divine regale, omen,
crisis, pist on, paingod, slaughter, and who could forget the band that
started their 15 year reign of terror with metal massacre #3... the
infamous Slayer!

actually, this isn't just for heavy metal lovers, anyone that wants to
broaden their musical horizons should consider ordering this 11cd box
from BMG.  i got mine on sale for $31 (regular $75!!) plus 1 half price
(Accept: the final chapter), s&h,  tax. which came to a staggeringly low
price of just over $51.  it may sound like a lot, but at $52 it would be
exactly $4/cd.  

if any of you current BMG members didn't see this in your catalog, the #
for grim harvest is 2073732.  if you're interested in the 2cd double live
Accept album, it's regular price is $18 (on sale for $5!!), the # is

now is definitely one of the better times to order, be sure to order by
mail, your order will come about a week sooner.

"If at first you don't succeed, it's probably someone else's fault."


From: Steve Grigsby 
Date: Wed, 1 Jul 1998 19:10:50 -0500
Subject: Favorite Ending/PBS

OK guys I'm through bitching about VH1, they suck.  How about a thread for 
best ending to a Rush song? Here's my top 5:

1. The Camera Eye
2. Limelight
3. Kid Gloves
4. Natural Science
5. The Grand Finale

Different subject here.  Does anyone remember a show produced by PBS called 
1985?  If I'm not mistaken the theme song for that was Mystic Rythems. 
 Maybe someone could confirm that.



From: Caroline in the City 
Date: Wed, 1 Jul 98 19:17:31 -0500
Subject: Non-Rush lineup

Mike Williamson wrote:

>Favorite non-rush lineup:  
>Stu Hamm   	Bass
>Eric Johnson  	Guitar/vocals
>Pick Withers  	Drums
>Alan Clark	Keys
>Alan Parsons	production, composition, backing instros, etc

Mike, I couldn't agree with you more! I knew there was a reason I've been 
corresponding with you! Although you could just use Eric Johnson on 
keyboards as well - the man can play the piano like no one's business 
too, ya know!

Hope everything is going well for everyone! Later!

Caroline Wise

P.S. - To add to the "Favorite TV shows of Rush fans" thread, my top two 
are The X-Files and South Park!

"Burnt out ends of smoky days, the stale cold smell of morning,
 A streetlamp dies, another night is over, another day is dawning..."
                         --"Memory", Cats


From: "Michael Z. Williamson" 
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 19:48:39 -0700
Subject: pagans

> said:
>I was surprised that such a high percentage of these people were 
>hardcore Rush fans.  I found that their attraction to the band seems to 
>be based on the depth of the lyrics and the intricacy of the music.  

Heck, half the SF and pagan crowds are diehardcore Rush fans. 
Especially the drummers.  The editor and most of the writers for JULES
(Journal of Unusual and Esoteric Studies), including the staff skeptic
(me), are Rush fans.

mike  rush-related stickers
Be wary of strong drink.  It can make you shoot at tax collectors....
and miss.   Robert A. Heinlein


From: "Miguel Farah F." 
Date: Wed, 1 Jul 1998 20:55:37 -0400 (CLT)
Subject: Next live album rumors wrote:
>1) More rumors on the upcoming live release. This gets our blood
>going real good when ANY info. seems legitimate.

Now that you ask, what *I* heard is that this 3x live CD is to be called
"All the world's left hands", which is simply a box set that repackages
the three previous live albums, though [as the name implies] it focuses
more on the oldest one.

You wanted rumors? You got rumors. :-)

MIGUEL FARAH              //
#include    //
"Trust me - I know what I'm doing."
  Sledge Hammer


From: "Michael Z. Williamson" 
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 20:01:52 -0700
Subject: similarities, part 2

Oh, and Geddy and John Illsley from Dire Straits both play Wals and
Fender Jazzes.

Be wary of strong drink.  It can make you shoot at tax collectors....
and miss.   Robert A. Heinlein


Date: Wed, 1 Jul 1998 21:28:33 EDT
Subject: Favorite Bands

Alright, I've seen alot of favorites that include the predictables such as
Zeppelin, Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Metallica; all excellent bands.  But, are there
any Grateful Dead or Widespread Panic fans out there?  
Rush is still my favorite by far, but try listening to live Grateful Dead on
one of their better nights; complex and intense to say the least.  (their
studio stuff is average; gotta dig into the live stuff.  Look for a live
version of "The Eleven.")

Anyone out there concur?


From: Hang Lee 
Date: Wed, 1 Jul 1998 21:24:09 -0500
Subject: Rush screensavers for power mac

Hello everyone!!! It's been a long time since I postedm, but I have to look
for a website that dowwnload Rush related screensaver for my power mac. I
realized that many of those screensavers are designed specifically for that
dreaded Windows.  BUt as a devoted Mac user, I need to, well, "Think
Differently. " That is what rush is all about, since 2112, that struggle to
be individualistic, unique, and non-conforming, right? So if anyone can
point me to a Rush, Power Mac screensaver, I'd deeply appreciated.


"Detached and subdivived in the mass production zone."  NP


Date: Wed, 1 Jul 1998 21:29:23 EDT
Subject: ASoH on Rockline

Dave Borasky asked: "does anyone recall if there was active
promotion of ASoH in terms of release radio specials, Rockline, etc?"

I recorded the ASoH Rockline interview with Alex and Ged (back in Jan '89).  I
just relistened to it, and got new insight into the Alex in Playgirl rumor.  I
was surprised there was some truth to it!  The deal was, Alex made a bet (with
whom he did not make clear, possibly Ged?) where he had to loose 20 lbs. in a
given time period or would have to pose for a magazine (Playgirl?), wearing a
Speedo (thats a really skimpy swimsuit, for those of you in Antarctica).
Needless to say he won the bet.

Other things worth mentioning in the ASoH interview: 
 The next album (Presto) would have the first instrumental since YYZ.
 Alex's favorite solos (through HYF): Limelight and Mission.
 Alex's hardest solo to "come up with": The Camera Eye.  He walked outside of
Le Studio in the night for inspiration, looked up at the moon, and a cloud
covered it up.
 Alex and Ged both want to do movie soundtracks, and have been approached in
the past but scheduling conflicts have prevented it.
 Rush settled on Peter Henderson to produce P/G more out of necessity than
want.  When Liliwhite dropped out, they had exhausted their search and "had to
get an album out", and settled for Henderson.  Ged said he is an excellent
engineer, but not as well rounded or artisitic as Peter Collins.  

"You got to be careful if you don't know where you're going, because you might
not get there. " - Yogi Berra 


From: Jessica Winkworth 
Date: Wed, 1 Jul 1998 21:50:36 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: Top 10 Skippable Rush Songs


Just wanted to make a few comments on this.  I'd bore you into a coma by 
defending all ten songs, but instead I'll only bore you to tears by 
defending these three:

> 3) I Think I'm Going Bald (I double dare *anyone* to stand up for this 
> song.)

Oooh, a dare :-)  And a double one at that.  Let's see, how to stand up 
for this song.  How about the fact that the lyrics and terrified shriek 
at the very beginning are absolutely hilarious? :-)  Sure, the lyrics are 
cheese -- that's the point.  And the guitar work totally rocks.

> 6) Everyday Glory (Yes it's inspirational, but this isn't music, it's 
> muzak.)

You don't like Everyday Glory???  DIE!!!  DIE!!!  DIE!!!... um, I mean... 
the music suits the lyrics perfectly.  And besides, it's too detailed to 
be muzak :-)

> 8) Speed Of Love (Bleck.)

I hereby declare myself as the only person who actually enjoys this song, 
or at least the only person who will admit to it :-)  I quite like this 
song, although I've never been sure as to why.  I think it's pretty, and 
I've always liked the drumming for some reason.

OK, I'm done, you can wake up now :-)

Happy Canada Day!



Date: Wed, 1 Jul 1998 22:32:25 EDT
Subject: Power Windows update / Free Desktop Theme application software

New images at plus FREE DESKTOP THEME

TEST FOR ECHO: I have nine new images to download from the Test for Echo album
art. Ok boyz, time for a new album (these are close to the last images from
the album art that I am able to use on my page without loss of quality at
800x600 pixels).  

RUSHITIZE YOUR PC:  (PC users only!), if you have wanted to use Desktop Themes
but haven't wanted to buy Windows Plus, you'll find a link on my Themes page
for free Desktop Theme software.  This is freeware that has been tested by our
very own Griswold, so I know it works.  It lets you change your wallpaper
background, sounds, colors, cursors, startup/shutdown screens and icons, to a
preset setting at the touch of a button (very cool, trust me!).

If is for free, its for me! - me
Coming soon to a webpage near you: by request - Presto theme


Date: Wed, 1 Jul 1998 22:32:55 EDT
Subject: The new Live Album

I was checking out The ASOF site the other day and looked at an update which
said that the new live album was going to be a total of three discs and its
tentative release date is september 22, 1998.  And again I ask if anyone can
e-mail me a complete set of Rush lyrics, if you can I would appreciate it more
than words can say.  Thank you my fellow Rushians!!!!!! 

Ps.......  Did anyone here get hold of the two burning for buddy albums, that
is if you like jazz, I found the sencond volume last week in a used/rare cd
store.  If you would like a song listing or a description of the CD simply e-
mail me!!!!
Bye Again....Joe signing off!!


Date: Wed, 1 Jul 1998 22:42:11 EDT
Subject: favorite (best) lerxt solos

Most rocking solo: The Analog Kid
Most virtuoso performance: La Villa Strangiato (duh)
But of course you guys already knew that.
Soon to come: A comprehensive list of the best solos from each album. 
Stay tuned.


From: mark irwin 
Date: Thu, 02 Jul 1998 20:03:09 +0000
Subject: All-time worst songs....

Regarding Michael Hannaman's post, I have to say, I like"I 'm going
bald"! It rocks! And it's on my all-time fave album,COS! Also, "Ghost of
a Chance" is the best song on RTB!I agree that this may be the band's
weakest album, but that song, and Alex's solo, kick ass!!!
Mark Irwin


From: mark irwin 
Date: Thu, 02 Jul 1998 20:04:58 +0000
Subject: Lerxst bests xxthdsgdss

Jason B., read your posts! I said last week that this was the greatest
song of all time!!!!! Solo, too!!!
Mark Irwin


From: (Chris Rinck)
Date: Wed, 1 Jul 1998 23:43:51 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Greetings from PA

Here in the deep, dark woods of Pennsylvania lurk many a Rushian, myself
not the least of which.  I am happy to report that the Harrisburg area
radio market (93.5 WTPA (The 
Rock Station) and 105.7 WQXA (The X) ) both play decent and beleive it
or not, varied Rush menus from the ridiculous to the sublime.  Just when
you think its all creed and Matchbox 20, along comes Subdivisions or
some other wantonly graceful contribution from north of the border.
Thank God for Rush---the defenders of the sane in an insane world of
baaaaaaad FM radio.  And I mean that in the most Eric Cartman kind of
way .......bu....bu.....bu....bu  ..baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad FM radio world.
This is the land of a jock actually named "The aptain" and, if you can
beleive it, "Jeff Spicocli".   God help us all.  Help the world by
filling the air with positive enrgy.  Call your home town radio station
and ask, NAY, DEMAND! they play more and more and more Rush.  It will
just make the world a better place.   

> + Prime Mover
>...cover.........toughy.....probably  Presto
(maybe Signals)
>...gtr solo......anyone featuring Alex Lifeson
>...memory from "the good ol' days"
>.........laying on the floor, in the dark, stoned to the bone, listening
to 2112 and saying "Woa! I can hear EVERY guitar part!"
>...memory from the "good new days" (sober since Feb 1,
94)............laying in the floor, in the dark, not stoned to the bone,
listening to (fill in name of new album here) "Woa!  I can hear EVERY
guitar part!"
>...female singer on any album ever....Aimee
>...internet newsgroup.......TNMS (thats true)
> other than Rush...YES
     (however, are there any Concrete Blonde       fans out there?)
>...Neil Peart style drummer....Neil Peart
>...way to say goodbye......




From: (Chuck Flowers)
Date: Wed, 1 Jul 1998 22:00:44 -0500
Subject: remix

I just heard the Tom Sawyer remix from that toy movie on the radio.  It
isn't drastically different, but it is a little more funky and groovy,
which is cool.  Before he played it the dj said, "This may hack off some
Rush fans, but then again, Rush fans are pretty easy to hack off."

Seems to me those who are slamming Alex Van Halen may just be a little
pissed because he makes more on a 1-year tour than most of them will earn
in their lifetime.  Could this be the musical equivalent to penis envy.

c money


From: "Chris Palo" 
Date: Wed, 01 Jul 1998 21:21:09 PDT
Subject: Two or three things of interest

Dear fellow Rushians,

Fourth of July weekend is upon me and I plan to celebrate as a true 
American by blowing up small parts of it.  NOw that's patriotism!  J/k.  
Anyways, since I've been a subscriber to NMS, I have heard many 
complaints, if you will, about the quality of Neil's lyrics from FBN to 
the present.  AS a musician myself, my first and foremost attention goes 
to the music, how it sounds, how it progresses, etc, etc.  Now, I'm no 
lyricist, I'm not a poet.  I nearly flunked a creative writing 
assignment when a poem of mine failed to "inspire".  Personally, I liked 
the poem.  It may have been unoriginal on the whole, but I liked the way 
I wrote it. Now, I'm not saying that those of you who are Rush fans like 
I am are wrong to look into the lyrics to find deep meaning.  I find 
myself doing that.  Several bands I like (see below) are no where near 
the lyrical quality of Rush.  But that doesn't make them of a lesser 
quality on the whole.  If I like what they have the same despite the 
fact that the lyric isn't rhymed or kept within a standard metre, I 
don't complain.  I think it is very unfair to expect musicians to be 
poets.  I think it is wonderful if musicians can have the best of both 
worlds, yet the truth is that most of them can't.  As Rush fans, we are 
doubly blessed and, yet, many of you still find fault where you can.  
Neil is foremost a musician, a drummer and one hell of one too.  And 
yet, he is an accomplished writer, in his lyrics, his books and several 
of his shorter prose compositions.  Credit him for this and leave it at 

Second, another Neil reference in MST3K is in "Pod People" where the kid 
is looking through the telescope with some funky drumming going on in 
the background.  I believe it is crow who says,"Neil Peart on drums."  
During a later scene with the same drumming, Crow says,"John Bonham on 
drums."  Two drumming gods mentioned in the same MST3K episode!  What a 
great show!

Third, for whomever wanted to know what TV shows were of interest to 
Rush NMSers, here are mine...

The Simpsons, Star Trek (except Voyager), Babylon V,X-files

Fourth, any Black Sabbath fans out there in Rushland?

Take care all!

"The world is full of kings and queens!  Who blind your eyes then steal 
your dreams!  It's heaven and hell."--Ronnie James Dio

It's kind of the case with guitar players.  They are the kings and the 
bass players are the ones who are victimized and kicked out of the 


From: "Radzikowski, PFC; 501st MI BDE" 
Date: Thu, 2 Jul 1998 13:23:12 +0900
Subject: Favorite TV shows/Bands

Don't know if you all meant "all time" or current for fav TV shows, but I'm 
going to do all time.

Number one by far is Doctor Who. I love sci-fi and I grew up with this one. 
Number two is Dukes of Hazzard. If you're in your late teens or early 
twenties I think you liked it too-how couldn't you. Love that car!
The rest in no particular order are Tales of the Golden Monkey, or 
something like that [anybody remember this one?--I was very young when it 
was on, a sort of "Indiana Jones" type theme.].
I am a Star Trek fan and the old series is the best but I also like Next 
Generation. DSN and Voyager [in my opinion] are a disgrace to "Star Trek". 
Of course I haven't watched it since the first seasons, so maybe that's 
Knight Rider. Another cool car.
Incredible Hulk.
Dallas [I hate soap operas and used to hate this when I was a kid, but 
recently its been playing on TNN every day and I got into it from day one. 
J.R. is the king.]
Quantum Leap
There are so many more [like Buck Rogers, Battlestar galactica, numerous 
sitcoms-Three's Company my fav]
As for current stuff, not much b/c TV ain't the same as it was when I was a 
kid, or maybe I was too shallow then to realize those shows weren't award 
Anyway the only fairly new show to interest me is The X-Files.
I have just been introduced to South park. I've heard of it but never saw 
it. My buddy here gets tapes sent to him from family of a month's worth of 
episodes. I'm addicted. I can't wait till he gets new tapes!! I can't watch 
it here b/c I'm stationed in Korea. 40 days though til I'm outta here!

Thanks for reading.
As for bands, {rock}
Rush of course. Counting Crows. Van Halen. Boston. Kansas. AC/DC. 
Aerosmith. Metallica. Megadeth. Deep Blue Something. Kiss.
Artists, {rock}
George Thorogood. Billy Joel. John Mellencamp. Bruce Springsteen.

Garth Brooks, George Strait

Sorry about the length! I make up for my weeks of absence with one long 
post! Thanks for reading anyway.
The tattoo looks great! I find myself explaining the logo to many more 
people than before!


Date: Thu, 2 Jul 1998 01:18:33 EDT
Subject: (No Rush Content) Floyd however!

You all might like this, but maybe not?  At least it's not about Al VH.

Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" broke 15 million copies total this week.
Couple that with "The Wall" which is at 22 million.  Pink Floyd is the only
band to have multiple releases which exceed 15 million.

Just in case you wanted that tucked in some gray matter.  

Andy Hudson


From: FearNo1 
Date: Thu, 02 Jul 1998 00:44:44 -0500
Subject: Rush MP3s for trade

I have alot of Rush MP3 concert recordings to trade.  The recordings
are of soundboard quality.  I am interested in older Rush songs, ie
cygnus x-1, hemispheres,etc in concert or videos/concerts converted to 
Real 5.0 Video.  Note that I already have the videos that used to be
on TNMS site.  Reply directly via email...thanX


From: "Eric A. Haswell" 
Date: Wed, 01 Jul 1998 23:54:53 -0600
Subject: bands; skippable songs; John Rutsey interview

Good day eh, and happy Canada Day to all! Allow me to address some of the
threads that have been circulating of lately.

With regards to other favorite bands (cool thread), it seems I'm a bit of a
black sheep, although there was one other fella out there with some similar

Cradle of Filth
The Cult
Type O Negative
Amon Amarth
The Gathering
Urge Overkill

Skippable Rush songs? I, like many on this list, see myself as a pure and
righteous fan who would never ever ever skip a song, oh my heavens no,
nononono . In practice of course the case is much different:
I skip songs all the time. Some of the most often cut:

Everyday Glory
Carve Away the Stone
Dog Years
Force Ten
Distant Early Warning
Finding My Way
Fly By Night
You Bet Your Life (IMHO, their worst song ever)

And forgive me if this has been covered already, but there is a hilarious
"interview" with John Rutsey at the address below. I don't think there's
any doubt that it's a fake, but my question is did Maclean's really do a
cover story on Rush (looks 1970's) or is the zine pictured a phoney too??
Looks like a raging pic of Geddy and Alex at any rate. Go check it out:

Still, I am...

Eric the Red


From: FearNo1 
Date: Thu, 02 Jul 1998 00:52:58 -0500
Subject: re: Classic gamez

With all of the recent talk about classic gamez, in case U dont know
there is a freeware app that emulates hundreds of classic games, called
MAME.  Its real nice...get it at:

And if you are interested in multiplayer games, both TCP/IP, ie quake2,
quake, unreal, etc or IPX network, ie descent2, duke3d, motoracer, 
diablo hellfire, etc, get Kali at


From: Joe Lynch 
Date: Thu, 02 Jul 1998 00:00:34 -0700
Subject: rush & the high end

I was interested in the recent thread about what systems people use to
listen to Rush. I'm pretty happy with the modest system I have: Spica
SC30 speakers, Adcom amp and preamp, Sony ES CD player (probably to be
replaced when it dies by a Sony DVD/CD player), AudioQuest cable, marble
speaker stands (huge improvement in sound). Next up is to upgrade the
Adcom with something a little more musical...

When you audition equipment, what cds do you use? I always bring along
Moving Pictures (the mobile fidelity version). First of all, it's my
favorite of all time, so the equipment I'm checking out MUST sound good
playing MP. Second, I have listened to it at least once a week for the
last 17 years; I'm pretty familiar with it.

One final note: I also have the Japanese release of MP. I liked it alot
better than the original Polygram release, but I think the mobile
fidelity release is significantly better than the Japanese (I think the
Japanese is Sony, but I don't have the disc handy). Has anyone an
opinion on which is the best sounding?


From: Joe Lynch 
Date: Thu, 02 Jul 1998 00:07:52 -0700
Subject: rush & alcohol

I've liked this thread, too.

Jacob's Ladder, on stormy nights with the lights low and the stereo
cranked up to the "piss off the neighbors" setting, is perfect with a
porter (Anchor or Samuel Smith Taddy) or stout (Guiness).

Natural Science goes really well with single malt Scotch (any
recommendations- Laphroig is my favorite so far).


From: "D.C.B.Brenchley" 
Date:          Thu, 2 Jul 1998 11:51:00 +0100
Subject: Vinyl releases.................

Just to drop in an observation about vinyl releases, everything up to 
and including Counterparts was easily available here in the UK on 
vinyl - I've got 'em all (and on CD - sad I know!). 
The packaging is same as CDs - i.e. no different extra pics or 
anything. Test for Echo however was definitely NOT released on vinyl. 
I had just bought a new turntable at the time so I was certainly out 
looking for it. I would guess this was probably the case worldwide 
since as far I can tell the UK market is your best remaining chance 
to buy new vinyl releases.



From: "Lewis, John" 
Date: Thu, 2 Jul 1998 09:01:52 -0400 
Subject: Other band thread

Hello everyone! 
	It has been real interesting to see all of your musical tastes
in this other band thread. I just wanted to compile my other favorite
bands. No of them really compare to Rush at all. Here they are:

The Who
ZZ Top
The Police	
The Doors
Talking Heads
Big Bad VooDoo Daddy
Pink Floyd
Led Zeppelin
Triumph (with Rik Emmett of course)
Blues Traveler

That's most of them. Hope you guys like. Have a great 4th everyone!

John Lewis


From: Scott Deitche STP 
Date: Thu, 02 Jul 1998 09:21:39 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: Radio shows

I like Michael Medved whenever he sits in for Rush.  He's far and away the most
intelligent man on radio.

I also enjoy the Art Bell show.


From: "The Clayton's" 
Date: Thu, 02 Jul 1998 08:57:23 -0500
Subject: The Macallan!

Lane recently posted his love of single malts, quality beer, and
listening to Rush.  I am right there with ya buddy!  You pegged my two
all time favorite single malts: Macallans and Laphroiag.  I would have
to throw in a "better beer" however, a cold draft Caffrey's.  You can
get it on tap in many places in the UK, and if your lucky, in cans in
the US.  It comes with a widget thing in the bottom of the can with CO2
to give it that extra...ummmm.  So sign me up for a wee dram of
Macallans and a pint of Caffrey's mate!

Tiny Rush content:  I may get a chance to go to Toronto this long,
holiday weekend!  Can't wait as I have never been and it is 75 degrees
there!! (as opposed to 101 here in Dallas, ugh.)

"Lit up with anticipation" until the release of this live cd!  Lara


From: (Richard Dovale)
Date: Thu, 2 Jul 1998 10:34:35 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: license plates

how about mine in n.y.


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