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Subject: 07/10/98 - The National Midnight Star #2073

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         The National Midnight Star, Number 2073

                   Friday, 10 Jul 1998

Today's Topics:
                  keep it brief, please
       Message from "Rich the Drummer",Memphis,Tn.
                     Fireworks Thread
             Condolences to the Peart family
                   My last word on Ted
                       Finding Rush
                       Andy Miller
                     Presto remaster
              2112 Overture cover and others
                  Grief and tragedy 101
               Picture of Jackie and Selena
                Neil's loss and his loves
                  Gracias, mein froinds!
        Feel bad for Neil;can't wait for live set
                         Re: LP's
                     New Studio Album
                    Peart Condolances
                     Tribute to Neil
                      Quick Question
                    DELETE references!
                       End of Rush?
                       RUSH'S FINAL
                   We are a Groovy Lot
                  Just thought I'd Share
     Re: 07/09/98 - The National Midnight Star #2072
     Let's quit speculating/ reiteration of good post
                        Real Quick
                    First in a series

From: Fred Pinto 
Date: Wed, 8 Jul 98 16:04:06 -0700
Subject: keep it brief, please

Steph said
>condolances to Neil, but I won't beat it into 
>the ground... 

thank you, steph for not beating it into the ground as so many nms'ers 
feel it necessary to do.  i don't get why so many people are compelled to 
post their long winded condolences to Neil here, when he is the last 
person who would read the nms (especially at a time like this).  it's 
asinine to send your condolences to Neil through this medium.  he'll 
never get it.  he doesn't want to read them.
after the Selena tragedy, he was bombarded with pages of our thoughts, 
condolences, etc.  which is probably why the Peart family is having no 
service, no charity, and no place to send flowers for this tragedy.  as 
fans, we should understand that Neil appreciates his privacy and would 
rather not hear from us now.
and the speculation that Rush is over is so disgusting.  at a time like 
this, one would hope the vultures could give that thread a rest for a 
little while.  the grieving is okay, praying for the family and the souls 
of the deceased is very thoughtful, but hypothesizing that Rush is over 
at a time like this is appalling and the assholes that have been 
discussing that thread on the nms should have their "hard drives shoved 
up their asses 2112 times so i can post it as a Rush siting"--(i borrowed 
that quote from somebody else because i found it quite appropriate.  
sorry, but i don't remember your name to give proper credit.).
i will definitely upset a number of people with this post and will 
probably be thoroughly flamed, but something needed to be said.  let's 
give Neil the privacy he deserves, and let's not make his wife's passing 
an nms thread.  to show respect, we should keep our condolences and 
thoughts on the matter extremely brief, as steph did.  most nms'ers feel 
pretty much the same.  we're all grieving, and we all wish the best for 
Neil.  we also know that others are grieving as well, so let's just leave 
it at that.


Date: Thu, 9 Jul 1998 00:10:05 EDT
Subject: Message from "Rich the Drummer",Memphis,Tn.

I just learned of Jackie's Passing,I can only sit and cry.
No one knows what NEIL PEART and RUSH has meant to me for the last 25 years.
I can only sit and cry....


From: Martin Healey 
Date: Wed, 08 Jul 1998 19:47:50 -0500
Subject: Fireworks Thread

I recently went to a show in Madison, WI called "Rythym and Booms."  It was
about 45 minutes of fireworks choreagraphed to various selections of music.
This year included some sappy stuff like Candle in the Wind 97, but also had
a tribute to the Beach Boys, the Williaqm Tell Overture (Lone Ranger Theme),
and the 1812 Overture complete with Howitzer cannons at the finale.

I figure that if they can do the Beach Boys, why not Rush?  So wanted to get
a thread started on this.  There are two things I would like to have included:

1.  What songs would be best with fireworks?
2.  What types of fireworks would you use?

My dream would of course be 2112 with shaped fireworks showing the star of
the Solar Federation.  Another good long one would be Hemispheres with
willow tree shells at the part of Cygnus.
It's OK to be open minded, but not so open that your brains fall out.
Martin Healey
Iowa-Grant High School


From: Lester Godsey 
Date: Wed, 08 Jul 1998 16:44:37 -0700
Subject: Mark

I read the below comment from a few issues ago and laughed my ass off:

> I would like to know the person who would flame and/or insult the rush-mgr 
> for not immediately posting about Neil's wife. That way I could personally 
> shove his hard drive up his ass 2112 times and post it as a Rush "sighting".

I can (sad to say) totally picture some pissed off guy ramming a Seagate
up and down some poor guys anus.  Now that would be a Rush citing worth
sharing!  Maybe you could post it on the website.  I debated on whether
or not I would mention the crap that has happened to Neil, since I
didn't last time.  Personally, I find that whatever emotions that I feel
in regards to the situation is best appreciated in whatever spiritual
form we choose.  For everyone who is writing to the NMS about it, I do
not doubt their sincerity of their condolences, nor am I really upset
that they are posting them to the NMS.  Personally, I try to imagine how
Neil would feel.  My best guess (guess obviously being the case since I
have never met him or talked to him) would be that he would not want it
publicized or even talked about in conversation involving strangers so
that is why I try to keep it to myself (unsuccessfully this time).  Not
trying to say that even who isn't following this logic is wrong, just
giving my opinion.  

Lester Godsey
Support Systems Analyst - Information Technology
Arizona State University East
(602) 727-1025


From: "Fred Sowder" 
Date: Wed, 8 Jul 1998 20:15:50 -0400
Subject: Condolences to the Peart family

Gee, after two years of lurkdom on TNMS, here I am posting
three times within a single month...go figure!

Anyway, some words of solace for Mr. Peart and family
from his own hand:  (From "Everyday Glory")

"If the future's looking dark, we're the ones that have
to shine."

"Though we're the ones who live in trying times, we're
the ones who have to try."

(Can't you tell I've been listening to Counterparts a lot

Speaking of the Counterparts album, while out in California
and driving south on the PCH near the Santa Cruz area, a
very cool rock station actually played "Cold Fire."  Quite amazing
since I've never heard that song on the radio before, besides on
Rockline, of course.  The station at which I work is a proud 
affiliate of the forementioned syndicated program. :)

Waiting patiently for the new live album,
                             "The Spirit of Radio"
Fred Sowder         Broadcast Media Buyer   Promotions Director      Spec*s Music                  WRUF-AM/FM
AOL IM: PhredKid      
Phred's place:  always open...never a cover:


From: "S. Stewart" 
Date: Wed, 8 Jul 1998 21:37:39 -500
Subject: My last word on Ted

"Rutherford, Jim"  Wrote;

> Ted criticizes the U.S. government because he thinks it tramples our
> constitutional rights -- and will continue to do so if we allow it.
> And the IRS DOES engage in illegal and unconstitutional activities
> -- the latest round of congressional hearings on this subject bears
> this out. Ted certainly does not advocate blowing up government
> buildings; in fact, he has honorary badges from a number of law
> enforcement organizations. This is not something policemen would
> give a terrorist. S. Stewart was having a knee-jerk reaction here. 
You are correct and I wrote that poorly .  Ted has NEVER advocated or 
ecouraged people to blow up buildings.  My intent was to show that 
listeners MAY interpret his anti-government sentimenat and take 
extreme measures to "correct" things. It was an off the cuff comment 
on my behalf, but in the example of Oklahoma city some psycho
 did just that!  No I'm not saying that this was done after listening 
to Ted but Mr. McVay got his motive from somewhere.

>>Unfortunately Ted doesn't call any other musicians and talk about
>>life on
the road 'yada, yada, yada.'

> Not true! I know for a fact when I guest-produced his show that he
> talked with Tommy Shaw. And I also know that he recently had Steve
> Tyler and Joe Perry of Aerosmith on his show, too.

As well as the list of artists that
"Crisp, Leslie S"  has supplied.

> These are just the guests that I have heard:  Don Dokken,
> Tommy Shaw, Jack Blades, Gary Hoey, Steve Vai, Queensryche, Kenny
> Wayne Sheppard, Alice Cooper, Grand Funk, Eddie Money, Rick Medlocke
> (Lynyrd Skynyrd), Johnny Lange, Aerosmith, Metallica, and our very
> own Alex. Alex called in from somwhere on the road during the TFE
> tour (Chicago, maybe). They talked about Alex's piloting experiences
> and the legal aspects of the recording industry. He has guests on
> all the time, but I don't listen too much nowadays, his show got
> real old, real quick. I only listne if I know he's got someone on
> that I want ot hear. One good thing about his show though, it has to
> be th easiest show to call in to. I have spoken to Dokken, Gary Hoey
> and Queensryche when they were on.

My phrase "doesn't call" should not have been taken literally.  Sure, 
I heard him talk to Derik St. Homes and Sammy Hagar as well, but 
those calls were few and far between.  I was a loyal listener for 
Ted's first year on the air and never heard half of the above 
artists.  I am not going to dispute this, I just never heard them 
that's all.

> Ted doesn't think everyone should love him. But you have to
> appreciate the fact that he urges people to stay off drugs and
> alcohol (he personally sponsors a Kamp for Kids program that takes
> inner-city kids into the wilderness for a couple weeks so they can
> learn about nature) and to be active in the political process -- and
> he emphasizes that everyone by and large is responsible for his own
> life.

Two of things that I actually DO agree with Ted on.  Those being
proper wildlife management through reponsible hunting and his stance 
on drug and alcohol abuse.

Personally I don't really dislike Ted but I will not listen to him 
time and time again talk about the 1st and 2nd amendments of the US 

He is one hell of a guitarist, I'll give him that much!  He was my 
favorite artist until I started hearing Rush back in 1980.  After 
hearing the boys music and lyrics I was hooked.

I don't believe in good luck.  
I believe in hard work. 
>... myself


From: "Julie Rudd" 
Date:          Thu, 9 Jul 1998 08:23:41 GMT
Subject: Finding Rush

My brother brought home a copy of the newly released Archives and said 
to me "You've got to listen to this!"  When, three days later, I 
finally escaped his manic clutches, all I could do was totter around 
muttering "I love Rush, I love Rush": and I have done ever since.  

By the way, I've got RTB and Presto on vinyl.  I could have got TFE 
too, but it was far too expensive!

Also, Rush-mgr, I hope you unsubscribed those people who harrassed 
you.  I would have done!


Date:          Thu, 9 Jul 1998 15:04:36 GMT0BST
Subject: Andy Miller

Andy Miller wrote that the weird thing is we did not know Neil's wife 
had cancer.  What fucking right do we have to know? Jesus H.

Sorry for the expletive Rush mgr.



Date:          Thu, 9 Jul 1998 15:10:16 GMT0BST
Subject: Presto remaster

I know Presto has not been and is unlikely to be remastered, but it 
bloody well should be.


PS> I am currently listening to Available Light over and over


From: Paul Horta 
Date: Thu, 09 Jul 1998 10:51:41 -0400
Subject: 2112 Overture cover and others

Hey Ryan thanks for mentioning the cover of 2112 Overture by Paul
Roraback (drummer from Grammatrain).If anybody wants to order that cd
you can go up on the HM magazines website:

The name of the cd is The Mother Of All Tribute Albums and also includes
Doug Pinnick from King's X and other artists covering different songs.

I would also like to list some other Rush covers that have been done
over the years:

What You're Doing: Skid Row(from B-side Ourselves) - Pretty good version
and an appropriate choice for Skid Row (imagine them trying to cover
Hemispheres or something along those lines-I don't think so!!!)What
You're Doing fits more of Skid Row's style.My rating:3 & 1/2 stars out
of 5.
Closer To The Heart: Fates Warning(from Working Man tribute) - I
included this one because it's the only cover done by an actual band on
the tribute.An excellent version done by an excellent band.One of the
best versions on the album.I actually would have prefered them covering
a more complex song such as La Villa or Natural Science but a good
choice none the less.Rating: 5 out of 5
Closer To The Heart: Jaymz Bee and The Royal Jelly Orchestra(from
Cocktail:Shakin' and Stirred) - The weirdest and most twisted cover I
have ever heard.It is done in a jazz lounge type of way and sounds
nothing like the original which gives it its charm.The singer seems to
be singing in the same key as Geddy.Cool if you like weird
stuff.Rating:3 out of 5
Anthem: Yngwie Malmsteen(from Inspiration) - Although Yngwie is a great
guitar player he kind of butchers this song with unnecessary soloing
where it doesn't belong.But to be fair I like this version better than
the one on the tribute album which I think is horrible(and I happen to
love George Lynch).Rating 2 out of 5
Tears: Dream Theater(from Christmas fan club cd 1996 only available to
fan club members) - Another excellent cover by another excellent
band.They stay very faithful to the original.Again I love the song but I
wish they would have chose something different because they are capable
of playing something a lot more complex.I heard they have also done Yyz
but I have never heard it.Rating 5 out of 5
The Spirit Of Radio: Catherine Wheel(from Like Cats And Dogs-hidden
track not listed on cd)I love this version!They do it in their own way
which is an alternative grunge style but it works well because they
tuned it down to fit Rob Dickinson's vocal style.Slightly rearranged and
still kicks ass.Rating 5 out of 5
The Spirit Of Radio: Rachel Barton(from Stringendo:Storming The
Citadel)This is a great classical violin version and an excellent song
choice.She has great chops on the violin covers the song very
faithfully.Other notable covers from Metallica,Megadeth,Pantera,Led
Zeppelin etc.Highly recommended.Rating 4 out of 5
Xanadu: Silver Sun(from To Much,To Little,To Late)This is such a great
arrangement.It is cut down to about 4 minutes and is done in a garage
punk-pop style.Check this band out if you like that style of music.They
are from the UK.Rating: 5 out of 5
Tom Sawyer: Death Organ(from Universal Stripsearch)I haven't received
this cd yet but will comment on it when I do.
2112 Overture: Paul Roraback(from Mother Of All Tributes)Same as above.
Subdivisions: Groove Daddys(from Sunburn???)I have seen this listed in a
past issue of A Show Of Fans magazine and have tried to locate it but
have been unsuccessful.If andybody has any info on how I can get this
please let me know.

There have also been little snippets of Rush songs such as:
Primus doing YYZ intro to Tommy The Cat
Barenaked Ladies doing TSOR and Tom Sawyer on Grade 9
The Tragically Hip doing Limelight

If I have missed one please let me know.Later


From: "Dan Huffman" 
Date: Wed, 8 Jul 1998 16:11:48 -0700
Subject: Grief and tragedy 101

I don't often post, but I figured I had to given the constant barrage of =
posts about Neil's recent loss.

At the risk of sounding didactic, let's go over the finer points of =
grief and tragedy in human existence.  To begin with, if anyone on this =
list HASN'T lost a loved one to any sort of illness, age, accident or in =
any other way, speak up now.

I thought so.

Now...moving on to the "Dealing With It" aspect of this phenomenon:  My =
observations among my own family have been that losing a loved one to =
disease is hardest on those who are most dependent on the loved one.  =
For example:  my paternal grandmother was so dependent on my grandfather =
that when he died, she continued talking about him in the first person =
for some time, and to this day (20 years later) harbors much pain and =
suffering over his death.  He was a lifelong smoker and suffered for =
years from cancer and emphysema before expiring, but she chose not to =
prepare herself mentally or emotionally. =20

What I'm saying is this:  People who lose loved ones, even more than one =
in a short period, are capable of dealing with the loss in many ways, =
depending on how they've prepared themselves mentally and emotionally.  =
We all grieve, save for the most mentally ill among us, when persons =
dear to us die.  But I think that those of us with the smallest bit of =
preparation fare much better than those among us who refuse to face =

Another example:  my stepgrandmother on my mom's side was of Mexican =
ancestry.  She had barely a second grade education, and family was =
everything to her.  When my grandfather died, she closed up into a =
grief-stricken shell, and would cry merely at the mention of his name.  =
Now this is not to say her nationality had anything to do with it, but =
it's easier to see how she got set up for that personality, given a =
childhood in poor surroundings and the lack of a formal education; =
family was her beginning and ending, and when he died, she felt =
worthless.  She died about three years after him, sad and lonely.  =
Nothing we said or did for her seemed to allay her grief and loneliness.

And so, my point is this.  Our favorite percussionist is formally =
educated, comes from a strong nation with a solid public education =
system, is well-traveled, articulate and an accomplished artist of many =
talents.  Many of the songs he wrote deal with issues of profound depth, =
not the least of which was "Afterimage", dealing of course with the loss =
of the band's close friend.  He's a thoughtful and gifted individual =
whose experience summed up would far exceed the collective experiences =
of a large percentage of the members of this list, including my own.  =
Chances are he was prepared (cancer is not the fastest-moving ailment) =
even before his daughter's accident occurred; if anything, that would =
have been the more difficult issue to deal with in any family similarly =
afflicted.  Do you REALLY think Neil Peart was totally dependent on his =
wife for his total existence, and thus will collapse into a shell?

Whether Rush continues is not even slightly interesting to me at this =
point.  What I'd like to see is a concerted effort on all our parts to =
keep the posts light and totally outside the scope of the band's =
personal lives, save for personal encounters and information they have =
volunteered on their own.  Surely all of us must realize that none of =
the band members probably even read the NMS.  Who's got time to read a =
fanzine when you're busy making life happen as a world-renowned rock =

Neil Peart will grieve, and will recover, as do most people who wish to =
do so.  He may even feel relieved as his wife's suffering is ended. Look =
at the survivors of the Holocaust or any war to see those who have lost =
everything without warning.  I think we ought to just quit worrying =
about him and move on.  Keep your thoughts and prayers for him private.

Flames cheerfully ignored. =20

Dan Huffman


From: Greg Steele 
Date: Thu, 09 Jul 1998 11:29:21 -0500
Subject: Picture of Jackie and Selena

Hi Everyone,

Just got through watching Neil's video "A Work In Progress" and noticed
the very last image on the video (tape 2) is a picture of Neil with his
arms around Jackie and Selena.

I guess a picture IS worth a thousand words.

Greg Steele
Toronto, Ontario


From: jeffrey tyma 
Date: Wed, 08 Jul 1998 23:20:28 -0700
Subject: Neil's loss and his loves

Hi all,
 It has been a long time since i have posted here. I have benn thinking of
Neil a lot since the news. I only can think of him in silence and offer no
more. Death is always hard. All who read here have lost someome. We all no
words can truly help. All we can do is offer condolences as I do to Neil. I
only know that I we must appreciate who we love everyday because they could
be gone tommorrow. I can't say how I would deal with the loss of my wife if
it happened, but I know how much she is to me and I too her.
    As far as flaming the managment here. That really pisses me off. They
were not even obligated to tell us of Neil's loss, but they did because
they know we love him in a special way and that we can greive for him.
  Now a perspective on the future and don'ttake this the wrong way. In some
ways I will be suprised if Neil calls it quits. The reason is he loves very
much what he does.
We all do in life. If he does quit I truly understand. Whatever happens to
the band their music will always be one of my loves and is eternal. 
 I will close with I really like the midnight star and the majority of the
fans post here. Rush fans are truly are unique group.

Rush fan forever,
Jeff Tyma


From: (Stephen M Gold)
Date: Wed, 8 Jul 1998 19:07:49 -0400
Subject: Gracias, mein froinds!

Hey all,
     Thank you to all who mailed me about the Megadeth song (and I got a
lot of 'em). About Neil, I can't begin to imagine what he (Geddy and Alex
too) is feeling. I wouldn't blame the guys if they called it a career. 

"We're linked to one another
 By such slender threads"


Steve G. 


Date: Thu, 9 Jul 1998 11:15:43 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Feel bad for Neil;can't wait for live set

Greetings fellow Rush freaks,

     First, a few words about Neil Peart.  To begin with, I am
absolutely flabbergasted at the incredible tragedies the man has had
to endure over the past year. Being a rock drummer myself, and with
Neil being a great influence on me and my personal favorite musician
on this or any other planet, I feel almost a personal attachment to
him and feel for him.  He can never begin to know what his playing has
meant to me over the years both on vinyl and in concert, and I send
out my deepest sympathies.  On to other stuff.                    I
simply can't wait for the new live album.  Seeing the band a total of
five times between the "Counterparts" and "T4E" tours, I am primed and
ready for a quality recording of the many cool songs performed. Add to
that the fact that I heard about the possible third "AFWTK" tour CD,
and we're talkin' some serious shit!
"Oh my God, they've killed Kenny!"


From: John Gerard Lupoli 
Date: Thu, 09 Jul 1998 14:24:59 -0400
Subject: Re: LP's

Hi fellow Rushians,
	Janell Heffner wrote: Just wanted to set the record straight on the
LP's...I have everything up to and including CP.  I never did find a
place up here that sold records like the place I had at home!!!  So
maybe I just missed it.  But anyway, there have been LP's released for
everything but TFE.
	Well anyway, in case for those of you who didn't hear me the first
time, Test For Echo was released on vinyl. I have never seen it on vinyl
but it is mentioned during part 8 of the TFE World Premiere interview
with Neil Peart ( They say it was
out only for a limited time. It was probably only released in Canada. 

Matt Lupoli
North Haven, Ct


From: John Gerard Lupoli 
Date: Thu, 09 Jul 1998 14:43:00 -0400
Subject: New Studio Album

Hi Rushians,
	Since the new studio album is going to take place on the first day of
our new millenium, I think that it should have a futuristic title. Just
like the epic songs (2112, Bytor Trilogy: (Bytor/Snow Dog, The
Necromancer), Cygnus Trilogy: (Cygnus X-1, Hemispheres) from the '70s.
Since Bytor & the Snow Dog had a sequel (The Necromancer), and since
Cygnus X-1, Book 1: The Voyage Prologue had a sequel (Cygnus X-1, Book
2: Hemispheres), I think that the new studio album should have a sequel
to 2112. Maybe it could be called "2212" or "3112". That would be pretty
cool. It would tell about what happened after those aliens took over the
Solar Federation. 

Later Rushians,
Matt Lupoli
Age: 14
North Haven, CT

CONTROL!"- Voice of Neil Peart


From: "Mark Balsley" 
Date: Thu, 9 Jul 1998 15:57:29 -0400
Subject: Peart Condolances

It's amazing that some people feel such a bond to music that they need =
to send flowers and things of that nature to someone they didn't even =
know.  I can't understand why.  I'm not heartless, but what impact does =
it really have on our lives, people?  If you do anything, offer up a =
prayer to the God of your choice for him and his family, and move on.  =
And if you just HAVE to send a donation to someone, send it to the =
American Cancer Society or similar organization in your country.  If you =
want to help, help find a cure.



Date: Thu, 9 Jul 1998 18:19:34 EDT
Subject: Tribute to Neil

Today on 96.9 WLAV in Grand Rapids, the afternoon DJ made a tribute to
Neil.... He mentioned what happened last August and last week.   He played
AFTK in memory of Neil's wife and daughter.  Thought you'd like to know....


From: "M. Jacobs" 
Date: Thu, 9 Jul 1998 18:00:16 -0500
Subject: Quick Question

Hey there,
Sorry in advance for the limited Rush content.  I'm debating a satellite =
dish (DirectTV, Primestar, Dishnetwork) vs. cable.  Anybody have any =
words of advice/experience with a dish?  Please email me directly.  With =
a dish I can get Much Music, which from what I've seen here shows a lot =
of Rush videos & news(?)  I was wondering if could work in Rush somehow. =
 Thanks for indulging me.


From: Scott McDow 
Date: Thu, 09 Jul 1998 19:04:14 -0400
Subject: tth


Well, after a two week layoff due to multimedia
hardware crash and the lack of wherewithal to
correct the problem, I'm back up and runnin'.

The first thing I did was check the NMS website
for updates on the live release only to be shocked
by the news I found (like many others here on the
list, I'm sure). NP will be back... I don't mean to
seem selfish, but he has a tremendous amount of
physical and mental energies to release, and I'm
sure he'll pour some of that energy into music of
some form or another...

For those interested about The Tragically Hip,
their new release, "Phantom Power" has a US/CAN
release date of July 14th, tuesday. The radio
special is July 10th, friday, and will be carried
on many Canadian radio stations. This is a snip
from the tth-newsletter regarding web sites for the

>The following web site sites will be carrying
>the show live using Real Audio and starting
>at 7 pm EDT.
AOL Canada.

Thats all.



From: Alan Edwards 
Date: Thu, 9 Jul 1998 16:42:29 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: DELETE references!

I vote that the manager of this digest simply delete all articles to this
list that even mention the personal tragedies of any of the members of
Rush.  It's none of our business!  The statement from SRO confirms that
this is Neil's wish also.  Please, let's show some respect.

You (only those of you who would post such things) are embarrasing me,
again, as a Rush fan.  And please, stop the wild speculation on the future
of Rush.  We'll find out when we find out.  We all know that we don't
want the end to come; but we also all know that if it does, there's
nothing we can do to about it.  There's no point in us discussing it.
If the members decide to retire, I thank them and wish them all the
best--they've earned it.

Leave those things alone.

 Alan in Fremont, CA


From: Guy Hamernik 
Date: Thu, 09 Jul 1998 17:56:52 -0500
Subject: End of Rush?

I think it is stupid and naive to believe that the end of Rush is near.  
Sometimes getting back to something you like to do with people you like to 
be with helps ease the pain of sad experiences like this.  

Cancer can be an incredible burden on the survivors, and in terminal cases, 
death can be a relief to watching your loved ones suffer.

Neil is a great communicator, although he does it more with written word 
rather than spoken.  Every day is a new experience, and I'm sure he learned 
something from this.  Maybe he will want to express this in some way, much 
like he did in "Afterimage," or "The Masked  Rider."

Just don't assume that their music career is over.


From: (Christopher W Lindsay)
Date: Thu, 9 Jul 1998 20:00:05 -0400

Just a quick noter for y'all to pnder.

Whether RUSH calls it quits or not is not what I'm concerned with (well
it kinda is, but I digress).  Anyways, let's just hope they don't pull an
Ozzy or Bob Segar, or Pink Floyd and say, "we're done, we're retiring"
and then a coupla years later, come back.  

I hope RUSH just doesn't do anything.  Maybe every coupla years make
another live album, book, concert, whatever.  I just hope they don't
declare, "The End."

The End,


From: John Gerard Lupoli 
Date: Thu, 09 Jul 1998 20:10:33 -0400
Subject: vinyls

Fellow Rushians, I need your help,
	Does any Rushian know a home page I can go to that has an INDIVIDUAL
picture of every rush vinyl (or almost evry rush vinyl)? I'm desperate
for finding pictures. These pictures must be a picture of a vinyl
wrapped in plastic or something so you can tell it is a vinyl and not a

Matt Lupoli
North Haven, Ct


From: "John Breckow" 
Date: Thu, 9 Jul 1998 17:23:52 -0700
Subject: We are a Groovy Lot

Nick B. asks "What do you think your prayers would really do for him

Well, fortunately, Nick, that's not for us - or you - to determine . . .

Everyone deals with grief in their own way, and I firmly doubt that anyone
is "taking advantage" of Neil's situation by voicing their condolences,
whether they're offering prayers to God, Zeus, Satan, or Santa Claus, it's
the effort that matters.  And you certainly do not have the right to so
easily dismiss anyone's motives or tactics.

By the way, if you think Neil doesn't appreciate people's thoughts and
prayers, then you can be certain that he doesn't appreciate your being
offended "for" him.  How does you misplaced hubris differ from anyone

I can't believe that in the face of a situation like this, we are still
subject to people's self-aggrandizing agendas.  Gee, all we need now is for
the B-Man to drop back in with some of his inane comments.  That's my prayer
for the day.

What the Hell are we doing?


From: Lester Godsey 
Date: Thu, 09 Jul 1998 17:27:59 -0700
Subject: karaoke

This was asked by Joe Lynch:

Has anyone seen or done rush karaoke? 

In some little bar in Tempe, AZ (not downtown), I was drinking with my
sister and her friends.  There happened to be karaoke that night and I
was looking at the list of tunes.  Of course I looked to see if there
was any Rush, but really doubting there would be.  To my surprise, there
was 1 Rush tune available.  What was more surprising was the tune . . .
Nobody's Hero.  I couldn't believe it. So, like a dipshit, I tried
singing it.  I belong to a somewhat small minority (I believe anyway) of
trained musicians who can't hold a tune in a bucket.  While Geddy's
range is not what it used to be, it sure was rough on me.  I was in the
"head tone" range (I think that's what it's called) so fast I was
getting dizzy.  Maybe it was all the liquor that it took to stand up in
the first place and sing.  Afterwards, after a few pity claps from those
sloshed customers, I proceeded to drink more till I got hammered.  Among
the audience there were a few rednecks (nothing against them mind you) .
Can you imagine singing the first line to them?  "I knew he was
different in his sexuality".  Like I really cared but, it was an
interesting experience overall!  

If I could sing I would love to sing "Time Stand Still" or "Manhattan

Lester Godsey
Support Systems Analyst - Information Technology
Arizona State University East
(602) 727-1025


Date: Thu, 9 Jul 1998 20:43:23 EDT
Subject: Just thought I'd Share

I just thought I would share an experience I had at a Rush concert. When I was
12 I got to see Rush for the second time. It was the Roll The Bones tour. A
few things happened at this concert that I thought some of you might find
funny or interesting. At first, as my dad and I were walking up to the
entrance of the arena the song 'Fly By Night' was playing loud and strong. I
thought, amazing, why would they be playing the band outside of the arena
before the show. Then it hit me, the whole way through the opening act (Eric
Johnson, who at the time I was'nt familiar with, but have since bought
everything he has done. ) the song 'Fly By Night' was coursing through my
head...Beauty, it really helped the time pass. Then during the admission my
dad and I went to get the obligitory tour shirts. We both got the same (like
we did for the Presto tour) so that neither one of us would want to wear the
other one's shirt. Then the arena got dark and I knew that it was time to
rock. The band started with 'Force Ten' and I don't need to tell you, Omaha
Nebraska freaked out. It was amazing. Later on in the show, when I heard the
all to familiar acoustic opening of 'Closer to the Heart' it was time to hold
up that little friend of concert go'ers everywhere, the bic lighter. About
half way through the song, the lady next to me looks over and asks, "What's
the name of this song?" I was so shocked I burned my finger (I did'nt realize
how bad it hurt until after the concert). Sadly the concert ended. I started
to get up and my dad told me too sit back down. I found out why twenty minutes
later when we were standing directly in front of Neil Pearts drumset. A roadie
even let me touch the bass drum...that moment sealed my fate, I knew I wanted
to be a drummer.   That was my story, any one else have an interesting story
to tell about a Rush concert.
Also to those who asked if there were any Megadeth fans on the list, I'm a big
fan of the band. I seen them on both the Youthanasia and Cryptic Writings
tour's... amazing. People who have'nt heard Megadeth, I suggest you give them
a try.

Have a great day all of you crazy RUSH   The Snowdog


From: STAR 
Date: Fri, 10 Jul 1998 09:50:57 +0900 (JST)
Subject: Re: 07/09/98 - The National Midnight Star #2072

Rush Editor:  Thanks for your hard work with the NMS.  Now, a request:
could you simply not include anymore references to Neil's tragedy.  I feel
really disgusted when I read the crap people are writing.  There have been
some sane voices amongst the nonsense, but not enough to keep me from
feeling ill. Or maybe, like one subscriber has done, I should avoid reading
NMS for a couple of weeks. Or a couple of months.  Seems like some of this
bullshit keeps coming back.


Date: Thu, 9 Jul 1998 20:52:15 EDT
Subject: Let's quit speculating/ reiteration of good post

For those of you that have speculated or implied that Rush is breaking up,
please refrain unless you have some details to support your implication.  
This is how rumors get started.  
I doubt anyone really knows anyway, and it does no good to assume that they
will call it quits.

And confidential (but not really!) to Patty Patterson, the world needs more
people like you!!!  I think we should all take her words of advice to heart...

Just to reiterate her point, here it is again; 
WHAT CAN WE DO?   If you really want to do something...there are
thousands of lonely, desperate people out there who NEED someone as nice as
YOU!  You can call your local radio station or newspaper for a list of
agencies in need of volunteers.


Date: Thu, 9 Jul 1998 21:07:10 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Various

I caught a glimpse of the MTV show "My Generation" just today. Had a
category on there about surfing the internet. The category was called
on, the clue was "". The guy from the class of 1993 got it
right and guessed Rush. Good to hear that some of the younger folks (I'm
class of 1984) know about Rush, even if it is Tom Sawyer.

Speaking of TS, still waiting for a commercial on the "Small Soldiers"
movie tp play the song - seen some commercials for it but haven't yet
heard TS.

No real urge here to comment on Neil's tragedy, except to say my
feelings were echoed in Donna Halper's post in NMS 2072 - good one

(Hey Nancy!)

Scott Wedge -
Auburn University - WAR EAGLE!!
"Send your signal 'round the world..." - RUSH


Date: Thu, 9 Jul 1998 21:08:49 EDT
Subject: Real Quick

Someone said defend why you like a certain song...I would like to defend why I
like the song Nuerotica. Not only does Geddy play, probably some of the best
bass lines I have ever heard in this song, and sing a truly enchanting vocal
melody, but the lyrics are great. Get past the hatred for rhyming and listen
to the lyrics, maybe pull out a dictionary and find the meaning, you may find
that this song is'nt half as bad as some of you say it is.....Just my
opinion....Rob "The Snowdog"


From: Alex Gray 
Date: Thu, 9 Jul 1998 22:06:26 -0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)
Subject: First in a series

As no one could reasonably be expected to remember, a while back I came up 
with the idea that I would go through Rush's studio albums and record a 
cover of one song from each, in chronological order.
Then I mentioned my evolving choices for the song from _Rush_ over a post 
or two.
Then, a few days ago, I mentioned that I had, in fact, finished one.

Now, the moment some of you might have been waiting for:


>...has been digitized into a .wav file...
>...weighing in at nearly 7 megs.

Needless to say, that puts a slight crimp in my plan to make my covers 
available over the Web - for one thing, UGA only gives each student 5 megs 
of disk space.  Is there anyone who'd be willing to FTP-host this thing, 
and maybe my subsequent efforts?
Is there another fairly basic way to record sound that results in a smaller 
file without sacrificing too much sound quality?  Would it help if I 
converted it to .mp3 or something?

At any rate, I have posted an 11-second preview of the track to my website. 
You'll notice that I sang it down an octave from the original.  Few people 
can equal the young Geddy's distinctive vocal performance; in my case, it 
was simply a matter of range (I _can_ hit those notes, but I can't 
_screech_ them - or anything else, for that matter).

At any rate: anyone who has suggestions or disk space, please email me.  
The URL of my homepage, where the preview of my version of "What You're 
Doing" can be found:

Coming up, ah, _fairly_ soon: the next in our series, a cover from FBN.  I 
had the opposite problem from _Rush_ in terms of song selection: I can 
think of at least _four_ songs from FBN that I like enough to learn and 

btw all these recordings are DDD.  Recorded and mixed on Minidisc, mastered 
on Pentium.

Alex R. Gray,

"Son, a woman is a lot like, uh... a refrigerator!  They're about six feet
tall, 300 pounds, they - make ice..."
                                  - Homer Simpson


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