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         The National Midnight Star, Number 2077

                   Monday, 27 Jul 1998

Today's Topics:
                        PLAN AHEAD
               Can't we all just get along?
                        RUSH test
            Re: Buenes Noches, Mein Froinds! 
               Re: tce and a rush sighting 
                    TS Goes Hollywood
              small soldiers comments on nms
                     TNMSer sighting?
                   Victor ( spare copy)
                     Unplugging Rush
                    Elepahant BUTT!!!!
                 Follow up/The Camera Eye
                 MP3 of Tom Sawyer Remix
               Re: Fav Song Endings (DW's) 
                      WHO were they?
        Neil's feelings and the UK Rush Convention
   Tom Sawyer re-mix...I hate it, and who approved it?
              Creativity = "grand " designs
                Which CD would I choose???
                 Dimlit Stage...setlist?
   Mancow Muller mentions Rush (print/internet article)
             Another one of those first posts
                 Rush midis and DT Ticket
Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater?   ---   John Rutsey @ Golds Gym?
                        DT tshirts
                 Strangers Among Us/Vinyl
                     geddy lookalike

From: (The RUSH Fans Digest Manager)
Date: Mon Jul 27 11:33:28 PDT 1998
Subject: Administrivia

Some news on the live album, courtesy of Douglas Maher:

  * "Dimlit Stages For All Ages" is still the working title

  * here is a listing of songs that have been confirmed for the live album:
    (this is not in any particular order, and this is NOT the complete listing):

    2001 / Dreamline / Limelight / Stick It Out / Cold Fire / Nobody's Hero /
    Animate / Roll The Bones / Analog Kid / Half The World / Driven /
    Test For Echo / Bravado / Show Don't Tell / Resist / 
    Leave That Thing Alone / Drum Solo / Natural Science

  * Other tracks that *MIGHT* make the album (these are still being decided):
    Red Barchetta / Freewill / Ghost Of A Chance / Vital Signs / Tom Sawyer /
    Limbo / The Pass

  * There are more tracks still TBD.
  * 2112 will be included, but it isn't certain whether it will be from the
    TFE tour, or from AFTK.

 - rush-mgr


From: "Justin Sucks" 
Date: Thu, 23 Jul 1998 11:30:37 PDT

a couple things......have any of you heard the techno remix of tom 
sawyer??? i heard it yesterday and it rocked! turntables and all! also, 
any of you hear working man, the rush tribute album! that's great too. 
they made natural science a pretty heavy song. and lastly, do any of you 
have "rush through time"? its a rush bootleg i found in my closet the 
other day. its a greatest hits album from "rush" through....i think 
caress of steel but im not sure, i'll have to check it out..



From: "Justin Sucks" 
Date: Thu, 23 Jul 1998 11:39:41 PDT

About Working Man, the Rush tribute album, I heard some of Niel's 
feedback to the CD. He didn't like it. He felt ripped off! Despite when 
Geddy and Alex thought, Neil hated it! If I was in Rush and the group of 
talented musicians who were on Working Man (Mike Portnoy annd John 
Petrucci of Dream Theater, Sebastian Bach from Skid Row, etc.) made a 
tribute album for us, I would be damn honorned! I would freak out. I 
think Neil has somewhat of an attitude about other people playing his 
songs, maybe? What do you all think? Please give me feedback at



From: "N. JENSEN" 
Date: Thu, 23 Jul 1998 13:29:18 -0600 (MDT)


The "Hastings" music store in Las Cruces, New Mexico will be hosting a
listening party for the new live Rush release.  The party will begin
officially at 11:00pm the day before the release date.  Those in
attendance can listen to the release in the store (adequate stereo system
present) before buying the discs at midnight.


1.  Free Dominos pizza.

2.  Raffle (Copies of the new release will be raffled off.  The more
raffle tickets purchased, the more copies raffled off.)

3.  Video presentation (The store has 10+ TVs, including a huge wide
screen TV, spread throughout the store.  Rush video items will be played
on the system starting at 9:00pm until the end of the party. 
Possibilities:  MuchMusic specials, Auburn Hills '94, or maybe the
official new video if there is one.)

The release will be on sale and there should be adequate quantities for
all in attendace.  More details will follow as the release date is
solidified, but the go ahead has already been given for the party.

My name is Norm and I'm the Hastings associate in charge of the listening
party.  Any questions, just email me.  Any and all are welcome, just don't
show up drunk and roudy or we'll kick you out of the store :-)



From: Brooke YOOL 
Date: Thu, 23 Jul 1998 12:48:46 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Can't we all just get along?

Uhhhh, sorry, was down in LA in the early 90's.  Couldn't help but use
that reference.  :)

OK.  So...  I wasn't going to do this.  But now it sure seems a bit

So...  I read things like "I hope this doesn't start a flame war" with
regards to both the Selena and Jackie tragedies.  In my OPINION, one
should not have to say this!

But but but...  some of you are thinking, that behavior just isn't
*rational*!  Why grieve over someone you didn't know -- I've read that
line in several recent NMS issues.

In my experience...  grief is far from rational.  in fact, I've found it
to be very IRRATIONAL.  I've seen some people express their grief quietly,
denying that anything is wrong until in solitude.  Some people just burst
out in tears anywhere.  Some people think life is unfair as a result of
Which way is the right way to grieve?  ALL OF THE ABOVE!!!  We all have
different responses.

Let me share an example...  almost two years ago (and, dammit, it was
RIGHT AFTER I got front row seats to the TFE show in San Jose...  what a
way to dampen spirits) a good friend was killed in a car crash.  Man.
What a blow.  Was I rational in handling her death?  Of course not.
Emotions are very irrational.  Worse yet...  another friend (Rush fan with
whom I went to the show -- and assuming Rush fans are a step above mere
mortals :) this says a lot), also a friend of hers, and I got into
repeated arguments over who had *known* her better.  Now, is that
irrational or WHAT?!?!?  Looking back, I can't believe how stupid I was.
But in reality, my irrational emotions were controlling my actions.

So -- I've said way too much already, some of you have hit "page down" by
now, but let me sum it up with...  everyone is at a "delicate" stage right
now.  Flame wars are sure to be rampant.  But...  let's just ACCEPT that
we are all different, that we all handle our emotions differently..  and
that it's OK to do whatever you have to do to feel good about Neil's

respectfully to all...

brooke in san fran

np: Awake, DT

For sale:  Parachute, used once, never opened, small stain.
Brooke Yool
Dept of Pharmaceutical Chemistry		Rock and Roll Marathon,
University of California, Box 0446		Sandy Eggo 6/21/98
San Francisco, CA 94143-0446			Hood to Coast Relay,
Phone 415-502-8229  Fax 415-476-0688		Oregon 8/28-29/98			TCM *or* Portland 'thon 10/4	


From: "James K. Moseley" 
Date: Thu, 23 Jul 1998 14:48:16 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: RUSH test

>For those of you who asked for the Rush Test, I'm truly interested in
>what you've come up with for 'answers'.  If you don't mind, I'd like to
>receive the completed forms back.  

>On another note, the disk on which I had the file is now corrupt.  Could
>one of you who received the text version kindly return a copy of it to

I haven't been reading for a while, so if anyone has a copy of this RUSH
*test*, I'd like a copy.  Just post it to the NMS, or better yet, send it
directly to me, if you can.


>..........."Verio Texas: The National Internet of Texas"...........
 James Moseley                                
 Network Operations                          phone: (512) 306-0700
 Verio Texas, Inc.                    


From: Slim Jim 
Date: Thu, 23 Jul 1998 21:15:52 +0100
Subject: Re: Buenes Noches, Mein Froinds! 

>>>>>  Erik DePoy writes:

> 	The same sort of effect happens during Cinderella Man, which
> I have on a couple of tapes from the Drive 'Till You Die tour.  In
> fact, it's on the 2-19-78 Hammersmith tape, which I briefly reviewed
> here a couple issues back.  It appears during the brief pause before
> the solo break.  However I have no idea what is being said, much
> less by whom.  Does anybody know what is being said, and what
> effects are being used?

Yes, I remember this from the '78 tour in England, and have a 
tape from the Newcastle show which I attended 6 days earlier.  
It's Geddy, he says "get funky!", and his voice is being run 
through a pitch shifter to make it even more squeaky than usual.

On a related note, that instrumental bit is completely off the 
wall isn't it.. a bit Weather Report-ish.  There's nothing else
like it in the Rush canon.



From: Slim Jim 
Date: Thu, 23 Jul 1998 21:20:37 +0100
Subject: Re: tce and a rush sighting 

>>>>>  Fred Pinto writes:

> apparently i was wrong.  most nms'ers and die-hard fanatics will argue 
> that it's "hallo.....morning guv (gov)".  i think that someone once 
> posted that a "guv" is a british term you use for either someone you are 
> familiar with, like a friendly greeting.  i also heard it was like 
> calling someone sir.  but being of italian decent, i have no f***ing 
> clue, eh.  if somebody would be so kind as to correct me on this one....

It's a traditional way for the lower classes to address their 
betters.  Commonly used by taxi drivers, newspaper vendors an 
the like.

Regards from England


Date: Thu, 23 Jul 1998 14:35:56 -0700 (MST)
Subject: palindrome

Anagram (for Mongo) is an awesome weave of lyrics imho.  I'd like to
see Peart do one using Palindromes.  Here's to the proposed palindrome

Do go Rush, ur Good


From: Craig Branham 
Date: Thu, 23 Jul 1998 16:46:36 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: TS Goes Hollywood

	I'm trying to avoid movies with TS in them. TS has so
many great associations for me from my teen-aged and subsequent years,
that it would be a shame to be irresistably drawn to thinking about a
bunch of computer-animated toys running around every time I hear the song.
In general I think that Hollywood cheapens great songs by using
them to pique interest in a mediocre films. It is a great way to advertise

	People here have been speculating about why so many movie-makers
have been after TS. I don't want to sound too crass, but I'd like to turn
the question around and ask why Rush has chosen to mass sell off TS at
this time. Was it a record company decision? Did the members of Rush have
anything to do with the TS "remix"?

   [ I doubt it. My guess is it was probably a Mercury/Polygram decision.
                                                              : rush-mgr ]

Craig B.


From: Joe Lynch 
Date: Thu, 23 Jul 1998 14:56:56 -0700
Subject: small soldiers comments on nms

Here's what Ryan ( had to say about Small

"...Well, I went out and bought the Small Soldiers soundtrack.  I *hate* the
remix of Another One Bites The Dust, but I already told the Queen mailing
list that.  However, I *love* the remix of Tom Sawyer..."

I had almost the opposite reaction.

I don't really care either way for the Tom Sawyer remix (apathy instead
of strong emotion?). It does make me long for the original, primarily
because it doesn't vary much from the original. The biggest difference
between the two is the mangling of the percussion, which is a big part of
what makes Tom Sawyer so great. However, it's better than 95% of the
crap on radio, plus if it expands the fan base for Rush, I can't really
knock it too much.

Another One Bites the Dust is a true remake. The remixer (I don't have
access to the disc right now, so not sure who it is), puts an entirely
different spin on the song and adds constructively to it. This one got me
to stand up and take notice; Tom Sawyer was just sort of there... didn't
really grab me.

To date, my favorite Rush cover is Rachel Barton's TSOR. She grabs the
song and makes it her own, which she had to do in order to make it work
on a violin (duh).

Joe Lynch
Valley Media, Inc.
(the One Stop Formerly Known as Valley Records)
(530) 661-7810


From: "Dan Reiley" 
Date: Thu, 23 Jul 1998 15:59:27 PDT
Subject: TNMSer sighting?

I was checking the standings on the CNN Baseball page today, and on the 
main baseball page, there's a sidebar with quotes that people send in.  
The quote they've chosen to post is about Mark McGwire and is signed 
"By-Tor"... is this one of our own?



Date: Thu, 23 Jul 1998 19:20:49 EDT
Subject: Victor ( spare copy)

Anyone on the list requiring a copy of Alex Lifeson's ' Victor ' on CD 
get in touch sometime.



From: "Pete & Rhonda Mills" 
Date: Thu, 23 Jul 1998 18:39:00 -0500
Subject: Unplugging Rush

Hey Rush-Heads!

In light of recent band-events, I've seen sitting on this thread for = about 6
weeks trying to find a cool, polite, interesting way to bring it up for
discussion.     Screw that.

I think Rush should do Unplugged as a special event / band continuance /
farewell... whatever they see fit.  Somehow, it just seems appropriate.  =
I'm not suggesting jumping into rehearsals right fucking now,=20
just whenever.  They're on a live album release, they can get away with
exposure that highlights the band's history, and a quieter return to = what
makes Rush truly great - the quality songs, lyrics, and songwriting - in
appropriately different acoustic arrangements, would be, to me, = personally

Pretty goddamn selfish, ain't it?  Well look at it this way.  Maybe it
would give the whole band a welcome option in their cycle of

I throw this out knowing full well that this event will most likely be
scheduled right after the monkeys close my butt on their way out, but = let's
hear it:

Unplugged Set Lists, anyone?   Here's my start, & it's not thought out = at

Closer to The Heart
Lakeside Park
Losing It
The Pass
Half The World
Subdivisions (sloooooow arrangement)
Broon's Bane
The Trees
La Villa Strangiato

Be imaginative.  Try to hear these songs at different tempos, with = whatever
instruments you can imagine, especially strings & woodwinds, different
vocal arrangements, arpagiated guitar lines, upright bass, Neil's wet = dream
of acoustic percussion instruments, maybe a little Hugh Syme, maybe a
little special guest John Rutsey.  Hey - since it'll probably never = happen,
what you come up with will most likely be better than reality!


Pete Mills

"I was thinking of the immortal words of Socrates when he said..., "I = drank


From: Scott McDow 
Date: Thu, 23 Jul 1998 19:47:52 -0400
Subject: lyrics


Greg Cormier asked:

>If you had to pick one Rush song that
>was the most meaningful to you in terms
>of it's lyrics what song would you pick
>and explain why?

Lately I've been on the lyrics to Witch Hunt.
my personal favorite right now is:

"Those who know what's best for us
must rise and save us from ourselves"

That really nails it for me. So often people
seem to think their way or opinion is the
only way. Such closed minds!!!!



Date: Thu, 23 Jul 1998 20:02:18 EDT
Subject: Sighting?

Okay, so my wife watches MTV's Real World, and I happened to be in the room
and sat down...

On the episode a week ago, one of the characters may have been wearing a Rush
tee shirt. It clearly said "RUSH" on the back, but it could have been a
fraternity's rush shirt. It was too quick to see very well.

Anyone else catch that?



From: Seth 
Date: Thu, 23 Jul 1998 20:01:40 -0400
Subject: Elepahant BUTT!!!!

Ummm...mann.. I thought EVERYONE would get the "elephant butt" in the
Rtb pic correct!! I guess not. See...gluteus
max=BUTT...SO..hence.."..kick some gluteus max"..??? Get It?? Kick
BUTT!!! Wow...thought you guys would get this one...


From: Steve Grigsby 
Date: Thu, 23 Jul 1998 19:11:49 -0500
Subject: Follow up/The Camera Eye

Hi All,

Just a quick follow up on the show "1985" with Mystic Rythms.  Most every 
one that emailed me said it was NBC with Connie Chung.  There were only a 
handful of responses, but let's leave it at that.

The Camera Eye thread caught my attention.  I've had my own theory for 
years, very similar to these, but I think it's "hello (to passerby on 
street)...good day (response)"  In a heavy British accent.  Just my guess.

More ramblings....I was watching cartoons with my son and noticed parts of 
La Villa popping up in a Buggs flick! I guess it's the other way around 
though, buggs tunes in La Villa...pretty cool though.




Date: Thu, 23 Jul 1998 22:59:38 EDT
Subject: Finally...

>From: (Chuck Flowers)
>Date: Wed, 22 Jul 1998 21:37:40 -0500
>Subject: Are you a TRUE RUSH FAN
>There are a lot posts talking about "A real Rush fan this," or "A real
>Rush fan that."  So what the heck is a real Rush fan. Well, a real Rush
>fan will be able to sign the statement below.

I've really had it up to hear with all the crap that I have seen over the last
month being posted on NMS. This, had me rolling with laughter. I absolutely
agree with C on this one. Need I say more?

"Better beer"


From: Glenn Duncan 
Date: Fri, 24 Jul 1998 00:55:08 -0400
Subject: MP3 of Tom Sawyer Remix

Does anyone know of an MP3 of the Tom Sawyer Remix?



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From: Slim Jim 
Date: Fri, 24 Jul 1998 07:44:29 +0100
Subject: Re: Fav Song Endings (DW's) 

>>>>>  "James Jay Jordan" writes:
> Hellooo ...
> This message will address the Favorite song endings thread, and no other.
> Please place All the World's a Stage in the CD player. Put your headphones
> on, (I'll wait).  Got em'?  Great !! Cue up Something for Nothing. Listen
> happily performing your best air ,(insert you forte here), then just as the
> last note leaves the bass, guitar, and cymbal choke ... can you hear the way
> the note leaps off the stage, hits the back of the auditorium and is caught
> by the stage mics??!!
> This has totally blown me away from the first time I listened to ATWAS !!!!!
> Has anyone else be privy to this?  It make's my skin tingle everytime I hear
> it.  WOW !!!!!

What about the guitar solo where Alex zips his plec along 
the strings just before the climax.... oh..  oh.. oooh yes..


From: Michael Bahr 
Date: Fri, 24 Jul 1998 01:51:59 -0700

Hi all!! 
	List managers, please allow this to go through... I promise there won't
be a subsequent posting of this sale to your lists and it won't become a
bother. You'll probably agree that the CDs listed in this sale are the
ones everyone REALLY wants. Thus, if this sale holds true to pattern,
everything in it will be gone within 24 hours. :)

	Well, it is time. It's time for me to sell the CDs I never thought I'd
sell.. the ones I've always loved, that I paid the most to get, that I
searched the hardest for, that EVERYONE wants the most, and so forth.
But I am less than $1,500 away from finally opening my own gaming store,
which is something I've been working and saving toward for six years,
and the time has come to make that final push. (Don't worry, I'm not
closing Prism... I'll keep doing that on the side.) Therefore, all good
offers will be accepted (quantities permitting. I have extra of a FEW
items below, but most are one-of-a-kinds in my collection) with the
emphasis on Speed.

	Speed meaning, if I accept your offer, please send right away. Personal
cheques are totally OK... believe it or not I trust most of you
nowadays. I've had very few cheque problems lately so I'm gonna have one
big leap of faith in you the collecting community. So please don't abuse
this, and please don't send a cheque if it's more than $100, for
security purposes on your side as well. I will ship these items the
moment I receive the orders for them. Well, within the hour, anyway.
They're already ready to go, I have the mailing packets here waiting to
be stuffed, bubblewrap, etc. And they're all original silver CDs. Like
from the store. Just so you know, NO CDRs are in this batch. Hopefully
the attachment will go through correctly. Here goes.


Acoustic Dreams
Another Day (Promo)
Awake (Japanese version w/Eve 3" CD)
Caught in Amsterdam '97 2CD
Caught in a Web (Promo)
Christmas CD 1996
Christmas CD 1997: The Making of FII
Falling Into Infinity (Japanese version w/TAMP demo/STM 3" CD)
3" CD from Japanese FII (an extra one) as described above
Hollow Years (European single w/You Or Me, Way It Used to Be)
Hollow Years (Japanese single w/Euro tracks plus TKH and BMS live)
Lie (European single w/To Live Forever (!!!) Another Day live & SDV)
Live (Promo, w/ Surrounded and Pull Me Under performed live)
Live At the Marquee (European version)
The Silent Man (European single w/TTT demo and Eve)

I Alone Acoustic version (Promo)

I Am I (European single w/Real World, Dirty Secret, Someone Else FBV)
Sign of the Times (European single w/Chasing Blue Sky + unplugged trx)

Critical Mass (without liners)
Critical Mass (complete, with liners)
Cygnus (still shrinkwrapped!)
Double Agent (promo)
Dreamline (promo)
Ghost of a Chance (promo w/tracks from Presto on it)
Mirrors 2CD
Signals From London 2CD

Best offers take 'em. No auction, no bullshit. Just give me a fair offer
and I'll sell to the best one sitting in my inbox the next morning.

Thanks for looking.
To offer or whatever e-mail
Or use the link on


From: "Robert J. Murphy" 
Date: Fri, 24 Jul 1998 04:20:14 -0500
Subject: WHO were they?

     Hello all,

     (Please don't confuse this with the endless condolence thread!!!)

     I've been wanting to ask this but haven't seen hope for an answer yet;
still, I'm going to ask anyway.
     The question is: *Who* were Selena and Jackie? Selena was an aspiring
artist, I
believe, but is there anything else known about her? It's was said after she
died that she was "special." How? Because she was Neil's daughter?  I'm
assuming that's NOT what was meant; but what then? Will we ever see any of
her artwork? And Jacquelyn surely had a life larger than just being a wife.
What was notable about it? What career or other pursuit made up her time?
     Maybe it's none of my business, but I'm interested nonetheless.

     Special thanks here for the Rush Mgr. while we all vent about this.



From: "Rob Hunter" 
Date: Saturday 12th September
Subject: Neil's feelings and the UK Rush Convention

Greetings from Scotland, lads and lassies......

After recently subscribing back to the NMS, I can't help but notice a 
lot of people who seem to think that it's time for Neil to quit mourning 
and get back to writing and drumming....

Sorry to say this , folks, but that is an extremely selfish attitude. As 
someone who is living with cancer at the explain, I was 
diagnosed with Hodgkins Disease in March of this year. Luckily my 
treatment is going great and I should be all clear by the end of the 
year, but there is always that possibility now in my life that it will 
come back and be more dangerous, I certainly hope not. It takes a lot of 
bloody guts to live with cancer, and I'm sure Jackie Taylor was 
dignified, brave, and 100% positive to the end, as all cancer patients 
should be......

Neil should be allowed to take as much bloody time as he needs to come 
to terms of losing Jackie,and Selena of course...let's not forget her.
And it makes me pig sick to see fans of the greatest band that ever 
walked this god-forsaken planet saying "Right, Neil...enough crying, 
let's get back to work"

My personal feeling is that Rush will continue making albums, but not as 
a touring band....I felt that watching and listening to concerts from 
the tour, especially the 30/06/97 gig in Toronto, that it was them 
saying goodbye to everyone as a live act.....but please, guys, it does 
take time to recover after a personal tragedy..Neil has suffered two in 
the past few months, so give him peace....

Right on a more happier note....for all Rush fans in the UK and 


I am of course talking about the 3rd annual Rush Convention!!!!

Venue: Leicester University, Leicester , England

Tickets on sale now priced 12...from the editor of "The Spirit of 
Rush", Mick Burnett...

If you want a ticket write to him at:

23 Garden Close,
Chinbrook Road,
Grove Park,
London SE12 9TG.

If it's anything like last year's, it should be a cracker...

Loads of Rush Videos, merchandise and bootlegs on sale, a grand raffle 
with prizes suppied by Anthem (thanks) Rush Karaoke, and to 
finish off, a 2 1/2 hour set by one of the UK's top Rush tribute bands, 
Tom Sawyer.....

So get your tickets quick, and if you meet me at the bar, mine's a 

Take care y'all,

Rob Hunter 


From: (Jonathan A Gilsdorf)
Date: Fri, 24 Jul 1998 10:32:45 EDT
Subject: Tom Sawyer re-mix...I hate it, and who approved it?

	Hello Rushians....
	Thought I'd chime in on the discussion of the Tom Sawyer re-mix
in "Small Soldiers".  I listened to the whole 6 minutes plus at a
listening station at a music store and found it AWFUL.  I was appalled,
and not amused by it AT ALL.  Why mess with a good thing?  Ugh.   A lot
of the other songs on the Small Soldiers soundtrack I enjoy, but in their
natural state, not after they have been turned into hip-hop.  I just
thank God that Puff Daddy didn't touch this song! I know I am in the
minority here, as most of the posts here have been appreciative of the
re-mix.  Now I guess kids are going to think Rush is some hip-hop group
because of this!
	Lastly, I would like to know who ultimately approved of this
re-mix.  Did Geddy, Alex, and Neil approve of this?  Or was it someone
else within their management group or record company?  I wonder if the
guys are happy with how it turned out.
	Enough rambling for now,
	Jon G.


From: Mike Forlenza 
Date: Fri, 24 Jul 1998 11:23:47 -0400
Subject: Creativity = "grand " designs

Hello fellow Rushians,

This is my first time ever writting to NMS. Well, let's see...I've been a
fan for about 15 years now and consider Rush's music a part of my life in
many different aspects. Too abstract to get into.

Something you may find interesting. I'm an Industrial Designer/Architect
and have found that many colleagues in the same field consider Rush as one
of their favorite band(s) and a major influence in their lives. Moreover, I
find myself extremely creative and cranking out "grand" designs whenever I
have them as opposed to others playing in my office. Another thing.....back
when I was in grad school, my fellow classmates and I always had them on in
the studio also. Hum?? I assume it has something to do with Geddy, Alex and
Neil being so precise and polished which is how we designers have to be to
succeed. Or another word........CREATIVITY! I'm sure many of you in other
fields can relate.

Some album recommendations I thought I might share with all of you:

I just got the new Candlebox - Happy Pills which came out on Tuesday
(7.21). Let me just say that I'm extremely impressed! It may be one of the
best ones I've gotten this year. They really took a dive on the last record
but seem to have come back to life on this one. It has
everything....typical Candlebox, a few Teslaesque rockers and the ballads.
Check it out at the record stores' listening areas if you get a chance!!

Mike Portnoy's Liquid Tension Experiment: need I say anything else?

Genesis' Calling All Stations : new singer----great voice

Marillion's This Strange Engine : not as diverse as the last two but still
provides us with the vintage Marillion sound.

ABWH: Anderson-Bruford-Wakeman-Howe---out since '89 but finally picked it
up: excellent and very diversified

One I bought during the holiday season but thought I'd include----Trans
Siberian Orchestra (TSO): Christmas Eve and Other Stories. These are the
boys from Savatage under the TSO name. You probably won't find it now; it's
usually in the Xmas section. Also, they (TSO/Savatage) have a "part 2"
coming out this holiday season entiltled The Christmas Attic.

Does anyone have any other recommendations in the progressive rock genre???
Not Floyd or Yes....have it all....almost. Catherine Wheel too.
Enough for now.

I'm not even gonna go near Neil's personal's none of my business.
To that end, we don't know him on a personal level so let's not ponder his
decisions or the future for Rush. They'll figure it out......they always do.


"A to different degrees."  -----To any Kappa Sigs out there, you
know what I mean.

Mike Forlenza
Charlotte, NC


From: "Patrick Lyon" 
Date: Fri, 24 Jul 1998 12:43:33 EDT
Subject: Which CD would I choose???

Hello Rushians...


I must say that I would *definitely* put in the 1978 show CD first and 
give it a spin.  I love ATWAS, and this one is supposed to be even 
better.  I love how raw and powerful they sounded back then.  Their 
recent tours have sounded very refined, as well as powerful.  I am gonna 
totally enjoy having another live CD from their early years.  Speaking 
of which...Does anyone have any mp3's from the early days?  Are there 
any mp3's of their songs that were not released on studio albums?  
Thanks dudes and dudettes...

Take care...

P.J. The Rush_Freak


From: Javier Reyes 
Date: Fri, 24 Jul 1998 13:25:13 -0500
Subject: Dimlit Stage...setlist?

Hey nms-ers,

Here is my guess on the upcoming live album setlist.

(?) = Any questionable songs (these songs have been on other
live albums or just long shots) Does anyone else have a guess?

NMS-MANAGER, am I close?


1.	Dreamline				
2.	The Big Money/Wipeout (?)		
3.	Driven
4.	Half the World
5.	Animate
6.	Stick it Out
7.	The Trees
8.	Virtuality
9.	Nobody's Hero
10.	Closer to the Heart
11.	2112 (?)


12.	Test for Echo				
13.	Show Don't Tell
14.	Roll the Bones
15.	Resist
16.	Leave the thing alone/Drum solo
17.	Natural Science (?)
18.	Xanadu/Hemispheres (?)
19.	Force Ten (?)
20.	Time & Motion (?)
21.	The Spirit of Radio
22.	Tom Sawyer


23.	YYZ/Cygnus X-1	


From: Frank Sereno 
Date: Fri, 24 Jul 1998 15:24:58 -0500
Subject: Mancow Muller mentions Rush (print/internet article)

For the clueless, let me preface this E-mail with a
quick description of Mancow Muller.  He's a "shock-
jock" broadcasting out of Chicago with affiliates
scattered around the USA; think of him as Howard
Stern-light.  For those who know/follow Mancow's
Morning Madhouse, I thought you might find the
following interesting.  In discussion about his recent
change of stations, he mentioned our boyz.

>From the (on-line) Friday Morning Quarterback,
July 24, 1998:

"I left because of scenery. I wanted to go where
people were hungry and willing to take chances again.
I take chances and that's why I make advances. Don't
worry, my old seven-billion-dollar corporation will be
okay. When I heard my formerly cutting edge station
playing Canned Heat and Rush, I knew it was over!
I am too young to be on a Classic Rock station just
yet. Sorry! My new station (Q101) features music by
people who are still living. I am preparing for the new

Kinda funny if you think about it; Rush has been
taking tremendous chances almost as long as Mancow
has been alive -- even to this day!  Obviously, he's
got a lot of learning left to do.

If need be, you can find the full article at --

Frank Sereno
Kansas City


Date: Fri, 24 Jul 1998 22:30:00 EDT
Subject: drumming

I'm currently faced with the challenge of proving to a friend that Neil is the
greatest drummer alive (maybe ever).  If you were to play one song (not
counting his solos), to show off Neil's ability, which would it be?  I'd have
to say either Tom Sawyer or Big Money.  Tom Sawyer needs no explanation (no
one could play that near as good as Neil).  I like Big Money, because of the
end with the drum rolls.  It shows how controlled he is and also shows of his
fast hands.


Date: Sat, 25 Jul 1998 11:18:54 EDT
Subject: Another one of those first posts

Hey fellow peoples in Rushland...

My name's neil and I've been a fan of rush for about 6 years now.  I got into
them my freshman year in high school, being a talented drummer I was placed on
cymbals in the marching band, but I still had to learn rudiments, like
paradiddles, flams, and first I had trouble getting it all down,
so my friend came over with a bunch of sheets with the rudiments all spelled
out.  But before he left, he played the drum solo from ESL....and afterwards,
I had to pick up my lower jaw from the floor, and he told me to keep
practicing.  Since then, I've been a fan of Rush.  Everything about them is
miles above other bands....the music, the lyrics, the whole package in
general.  I was able to see them on the T4E tour, and it was just awsome!!!!!
Even though I'm just 19, I like lots of other prog-rock bands from the
70s....King Crimson (the 73-74 version of the band especially), Pink Floyd,
ELP, Yes, Genesis, in addition to those, there's also Dream Theater, Black
Sabbath, Dave Matthews Band, David Bowie, The Cure, Led Zep, Van Halen (I hope
this doesn't start another flame war.....i appologize Rush Mgr if it
does....), Alice in Chains, Queensryche....the list is endless considering I
have 400+ cds.  One of those is a Rush bootleg of a concert in Pensacola from
the RTB's pretty cool, good quality and the last song
is a 13 min. medley of just about all their songs....starts off with 2112
(overture) then segues into a bit of Finding My Way, La Villa Strangiato (not
sure which section....I think it might be A Lerxst in Wonderland/Monsters),
Anthem(1st verse), Red Barchetta (picked up from "wind in my hair.."), and
concludes with the end of Spirit of Radio.  It's AWSOME!!!!!!  

As for TV shows....well there's South Park, the Daily Show, MST3K, Seinfeld,
Frasier, Star Trek (orig. and TNG), The Simpsons, The Critic, Newsradio, Just
Shoot Me, and Politically Incorrect for the news.  Well, that'll about rap it
up....take care all for now.....

"We're all insane, it's just that those of us outside the asylums know how to
hide it a little better."  Stephen King   :o)


From: Dom Kallas 
Date: Sat, 25 Jul 1998 13:36:28 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Rush midis and DT Ticket

There's a site I have encountered with a great selection of Rush MIDI
files.  It is at: 

Not only is there plenty of files, they are very much _complete_ songs
that sound great through a Soundblaster card.  I'll even venture to say
that they have the best Rush MIDIs I have encountered to date.  

In other news, I have a ticket for sale to the August 4 Dream Theater show
in Hampton Beach, NH.  Please email me ( if
you're interested in going.
Have we not one father?  Hath not one God created us?  Malachi


Date: Sat, 25 Jul 1998 18:01:43 EDT
Subject: Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater?   ---   John Rutsey @ Golds Gym?

 --Guy Hamernik said "I was surprised to see it was produced by Peter Collins,
"G/P" Producer."

Sorry Guy, you've got the wrong Peter.  You're confusing Peter Collins with
Peter Henderson.  Henderson produced P/G.  Collins produced Hold Your Fire,
Counterparts and Test for Echo.

 --Derek asked "does anyone know what the "other interests" were that John
Rutsey was persuing after he left Rush?"

I don't know if he still does it, but he was heavy into body building.  I've
an interview of '88 where Alex said he worked out with him twice a week.

"One likes to believe in the freedom..." of the internet
Rush Album Art Wallpaper, Windows Cursors & Desktop Themes


From: (Ryan  N Waggoner)
Date: Sat, 25 Jul 1998 22:36:00 -0500
Subject: MST3K

Did anyone happen to catch *this* weeks Rush reference?  (I've been away
from the show for a while, so I missed the past few, but judging from the
posts on here, this makes 3 references in 3 weeks...good news for the
band....I think (anyone who happened to catch this weeks reference will
know what I'm talking about...) )

Did anyone happen to tape the episode?  If so, you think you could
transcribe the words to Tom's little anti-pro-Canada song, and post it?

"Someday we'll find it: the rainbow connection; the lovers, the dreamers,
and me."
     Kermit the Frog ("The Rainbow Connection")
Visit my page!!  <  >


From: Jared M Rodecker 
Date: Sat, 25 Jul 1998 23:37:40 CDT
Subject: DT tshirts

Does anyone in Rushland know where I could get a hold of a Dream Theater 
shirt?  I've been all over their webpage and I can't find what I'm 
looking for.  Thanks for any help.



Date: Sun, 26 Jul 1998 19:56:57 EDT
Subject: Strangers Among Us/Vinyl

Two posts in one, now that I finally know why stuff kept bouncing back.


   Ask yourself this... You all probably see this same person
everyday. A bus driver, a checkout girl, a gas station attendant, a
paper boy, anyone. You've seen this person every day now for 5 years,
yet you never speak personally, or minimally at best. You know this
person much more than you know Neil. His or her spouse you
offer flowers ? a prayer ? sincere condolances ? NO !!! YOU GO ABOUT
YOU !!!
Actually, I do notice them.  Having spent a good part of my life being an
invisible peon, I make it a point to treat people better than I myself get
treated.  And I *do* know when my hairstylist/mailcarrier/building
guard/convenience store clerk is having a hard time, if they choose to confide
in me, and I *do* care.
You make a good point, though, about this whole grief thing. 
If you want to do something, do SOMETHING.   Put a lil something good back
into the world, for the good that daily is taken from it.   


I have a picture hanging on my wall of dogs playing poker.   Actually, it is a
picture of dogs cheating at poker.  The name of the picture is "A Friend in
Fine art, really.
This weekend I bought Moving Pictures on vinyl and noticed that it is the
EXACT same picture the movers are moving.
This is about the coolest thing I have seen this week.
The dogs are cheating.  That just kills me.  
Anybody else out there just get a HUGE charge out of vinyl?  The sound, the
art, the liners?  The skips, crackles, and pops?



From: (Chuck Flowers)
Date: Sun, 26 Jul 1998 19:40:07 -0500
Subject: geddy lookalike

I have recently seen the best Geddy lookalike yet.  He is an actor in the
movie Smoke Signals.  I do not know his name but he plays the radio d.j.
at the reservation radio station.

c money


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