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         The National Midnight Star, Number 2082

                  Tuesday, 04 Aug 1998

Today's Topics:
                     palindrome power
         Re:To hate or not to Hate Dream Theatre
                 jkriegel wrote..........
                      Dream Theater
                        I'm on AOL
                  "The Pass" on CP tour
                     Re: rush covers
               Re: Subject: eddie vh and mj
                     Re: Great Solos
                    Top 100 Solo List
  Re: rush covers the spice girls--with 6 feet of dirt 
  Re:  rush covers the spice girls--with 6 feet of dirt
                  Was Neil in Queen????
                Fender Geddy Lee jazz bass
              Dream Theater and Empty Tremor
                   Guitar World Top 100
                        Tom Sawyer
                 the voice of dissent...
              Natural Science?...on or off?
              Another VIVA VARIETY post. . .
                     Natural Science?
                    Live album tracks
            RE: More news on the live album...
                  TOP TEN FAV. TV SHOWS
              Neil on Politically Incorrect?
                       The Greatest
  Let's put the Rush-DT comparisons to rest, shall we? 
                  Need Bravado Tablature
     Re: 08/03/98 - The National Midnight Star #2081
                     Rush Wave Files
                     Signals remaster
                  Dream Theater and Rush
                 Re: Burning for Buddy 2

From: (The RUSH Fans Digest Manager)
Date: Tue Aug  4 17:36:14 PDT 1998
Subject: Administrivia

For the paranoid among you, no "Natural Science" did NOT get dropped off the
live album setlist; my copy/paste didn't quite grab it all... so do not panic,
NS *IS* on the live album.

Doug was kind enough to send in the partial setlist of the 3rd live album,
from the AFTK tour:

   Something For Nothing / Cygnus X-1 / Cinderella Man / A Farewell To Kings /
   Working Man / In The Mood

He also mentioned that there is a CDROM package in the works. It supposedly
will contain trivia, live footage, videos, interviews, a history on the band,
and a game. 

Perhaps THIS is why they had me take down the RV files from syrinx? (as if 
seeing the RV version would cause a SINGLE SOLITARY Rush fan to NOT buy the 
CDROM, hah yeah right)

 - rush-mgr


From: "Michael Z. Williamson" 
Date: Sun, 02 Aug 1998 19:54:26 -0700
Subject: palindrome power


>Excuse the legnth... I just wanted to demonstrate the possibility to 
>create an interesting piece of lyrical work with the use of palindromes. 
> Here are a few palendromes LINES on a *vaguely* similiar topic...

As I said:  mildly amusing but contrived.  It is certainly a clever
trick, but who really wants to listen to Ged or anyone else belt that
out in the key of G?


Vote for anarchy!  It's better than no government at all. --Walter Myszcinskj


Date: Mon, 3 Aug 1998 21:58:44 EDT
Subject: Re:To hate or not to Hate Dream Theatre

Touchie subject huh?
     I have to say that I don't hate Dream Theatre, but I feel they are a
major let down...........
I loved "Images and words", but I did not like the shift to metal like Chunk-
a-Chunka on the" Awake" album. That's probably why Kevin Moore left and that
was a huge nail in the coffin for that band. I think that the sucess of "Pull
me under"laid the ground work for the Awake album. Bad call.
   The best example for why Rush would never make that kind of mistake is
compare Moving Pictures to Signals. They did not milk the previous success,
instead the moved on and the moved on again with Grace Under Pressure.
    They have not stopped moving ever since. I still like bits and pieces of
every Dream Theatre album, but until the learn what being a progressive band
is from the heart and not by a billboard chart, they will be lucky to remain
second best.



From: (The Rinckster)
Date: Mon, 3 Aug 1998 22:14:07 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: jkriegel wrote..........

jkriegel wrote (another of my now famous paraphrases)  "kiss, foghat,
together, back in the day"...........i recall my brothers fond memories
of lock haven university (lock haven PA) in the early seventies at the
kiss blue oyster cult rush show!!!!!    how bout them nuggets, boyz??!!
wat kind of coin would that cost today, huh?!      btw, if u hav never
seen boc, U R KILLIN YORSELF!!!!!    last boc show i caught found this t
shirt at the sale table "blue oyster cult: on tour forever"   fuckin a
tweety bird marshall stack they are!!!    anyhoo, i was a roadie for ten
years (do not pursue that as a career) and had a partner for many years
hu (I'll hav 2 do som homework here)  i beleev played a gig wyl w/ uriah
heep that featured the boys.     now i certainly put in the good word
for oc, but if u hav never seen uriah heep, well,  then..........
but just picture the day......   mom, dad....i'm going down to the forum
to see uriah heep and rush.....see you tomorrow b  (next week)    mom,
dad....i'm goin down to the coliseum to see rush kiss and, oh, yea,
those godzilla guys, blue oyster cult..........nowadays waddya, dad....i'm goin down to the peace park to see the liith back at ten!.......heaven help us all (LOL!)

serenity  courage  wisdom  just for today


From: "Adam Loch" 
Date: Mon, 3 Aug 1998 21:26:08 -0500
Subject: Dream Theater

> While they are superb musicians, I absolutely detest their music.
> In my opinion, it's souless, unlistenable drivel.
> They might be better "technically" than Rush, but to me, Rush is a far
> superior band.
> Music is about songs and feelings, not about how fast your hands move,
> or how "trained" your voice is.
> Am I alone on this? Or does anybody agree?

Pretty strong comments, I would have to say I disagree with some of them.
Try to catch DT live sometime (they play small clubs, awesome shows), if you
think they are "soulless", or listen to "Falling Into Infinity", it is a
much more mature album.  There are plenty of people who have criticized Rush
over the years for being all chops, and no soul, and that's because they
don't really know the music.  We all know that's not true.  You have to
remember that DT is still a relatively young band, and they've gone through
lineup changes already in their short existence.  DT is technically amazing,
but Rush is better at crafting music, and much of that is songwriting, and
experience.  To quote Geddy from the booklet in Chronicles,

"I think the writing stage is the most rewarding; everything else revolves
around that.  I don't think that was true 10 years ago, it was playing

I love DT, but I can say that they are still in the "playing" stage, where
that is the most rewarding part.  I believe that their songs get much better
musically every give them a few years.  Its a little unfair to
hold them up to Rush at this point, I think its pretty safe to say that Rush
is almost everybody's favorite band on this list, and nobody is going to say
they like DT better.  Plus, Rush has a lot more experience, they've been
making music a hell of a lot longer.

I don't know if there is a point to this whole message, I just needed to
express MHO on this, as a DT fan.  But I would say for those who think Dream
Theater is drivel, try out "Falling into Infinity" (borrow it from a friend
or something) before making a judgement, and give them 10 more years before
trying to compare them to Rush.


P.S. Please flame me personally if you feel it necessary...the NMS really
doesn't need more flames.

P.P.S.  I would say that DT's song structures are more influenced by Yes
than Rush.

Adam P. Loch


Date: Mon, 3 Aug 1998 22:56:50 EDT
Subject: I'm on AOL

I'd love to chat...what a great idea!


From: Dom Kallas 
Date: Mon, 03 Aug 1998 23:27:23 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: "The Pass" on CP tour

Not to be too pompous about it, but I was at the second Worcester Centrum
show on the CP tour (March 12, 1994).  I know for certain that they did
not play "The Pass" that night.  The only track from 'Presto' they played
was "Show Don't Tell" complete with inflatable rabbits and animation.  
	Hope this clears some stuff up.

Have we not one father?  Hath not one God created us?  Malachi


Date: Mon, 20 Jul 1998 02:31:46 -0500
Subject: Re: rush covers

My suggestions for Rush covers would be:

Billy Thorp's "Children of the sun"
Head East's "Never been any reason"

Analog Kid


Date: Mon, 20 Jul 1998 02:26:52 -0500
Subject: Re: Subject: eddie vh and mj

>From: Scott McDow 

>Yes. I  couldn't believe it then and still can't believe it now!
>Must've been the cash.

Actually he did it for free. "Just for fun" he thought know one would
find out he did it. I guess the joke was on Ed.


Date: Mon, 20 Jul 1998 02:37:44 -0500
Subject: Re: Great Solos


>I think his greatest solo is found at the emotive end to Soliloquy or
>maybe even Presentation.          

I second that and add "Analog Kid"'s solo to the list.
   ...---...Analog Kid


Date: Mon, 3 Aug 1998 23:45:24 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Top 100 Solo List

Hi all,

I wouldn't sweat the injustices of the recent Top 100 Solo List too much.
These lists are all bulls**t anyway. If you want a big shocker (too me
anyway), the recent Top 100 Books of the Century (or whatever it was called)
in USA TODAY excluded anything from Ayn Rand (such as "Atlas Shrugged" or
"The Fountainhead")!! Now THAT'S an injustice, as anyone who has read "Atlas
Shrugged" can attest. 

Speaking of Ayn Rand...I have read several of her books now, and I'll tell
you how I got turned on to her. One day I was in the bookstore, and I was
thinking I wanted to read one of the classics (get some culture you know -
ha). Anyway, I go to the classics section and there is "The Fountainhead" by
Ayn Rand. I think to myself - "I know that name - she was mentioned in the
credits for 2112. Cool! I think I'll buy this, it must be a good science
fiction novel..." - duh - what I dork I am!! I am very glad I read it however...

The new and improved NMS web page looks great!




From: Slim Jim 
Date: Tue, 04 Aug 1998 07:58:15 +0100
Subject: Re: rush covers the spice girls--with 6 feet of dirt 

 "Michael Z. Williamson" writes:

> I vote for the Hendrix version of "All Along the Watchtower," Ged
> clobbering the bass, and Al with doubleneck and slide having at it, Neil
> improving the original drum line and taking it into the damn
> stratosphere.

At least Alex would play the right chords, unlike the Edge 



From: (Ryan  N Waggoner)
Date: Tue, 4 Aug 1998 01:51:18 -0500
Subject: Re:  rush covers the spice girls--with 6 feet of dirt


Well, I love the idea of a Cream tune, but NSU would *not* be my first
choice.  (Believe me...I love the just doesn't seem interesting
enough for Rush to be able to work with it.)

Actually, I've always wanted to hear *anyone* cover "Tales Of Brave
Ulysses", and I can't think of a better band for it than Rush!  (But can
Geddy get his voice down that low?  ;) )

For a second tune, I'd have to say "Bells Of Saint James" by Kansas. 
It's really a great tune, and I'd love to hear what Rush can do with it.

Third, I'm gonna have to say probably "Keep Yourself Alive" by Queen. 
Once again, I just want to hear what they could do with it.

Now, I'll have to stretch for a forth tune, and say either "My Name Is
Mud", "Jerry Was A Racecar Driver", or "Tommy The Cat" by Primus.

Or, who knows...maybe just the full version of In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida.  ;) 
(Imagine the drum solo *this* time!!!!  :) )

"Someday we'll find it: the rainbow connection; the lovers, the dreamers,
and me."
     Kermit the Frog ("The Rainbow Connection")
Visit my page!!  <  >


From: (Ryan  N Waggoner)
Date: Tue, 4 Aug 1998 01:50:51 -0500
Subject: Was Neil in Queen????

I'd like all the Queen fans on this list to break out your copies of the
Hollywood Records 20th anniversery editions of the album "Live Killers". 
Look at the page with all the pictures on it (when you first unfold the
liner notes).  The top row of pictures, third from the right.  John
Deacon (with long hair) playing his bass.  Is it just me, or is that a
*dead ringer* for Neil Peart (Fly By Night-era)?  

You need further proof?  How about this?  "John" (if that's his real
name) is the quiet one in the group, never talking to anyone, and simply
wanting his own privacy.  But by all accounts of people who've been
friendly to him, he's a very friendly person.  There's also another
picture of "John" on the very right of the page, very bottom picture in
the far-right column, which shows "John" with his hair cut, and he once
again looks like Neil Peart (this time Roll The Bones-era)!!!  Also, you
never see them both in the same place!!!!!!!  HAHAHA!!!!!!!  =)

(Oddly enough, for any MxPx fans there might be out there, in the liner
notes to Teenage Politics, there's a picture of Yuri in which he looks
like the *spitting image* of Robert Redford!!)

One more thing, since I'm on the subject of pics...doesn't anyone else
here think they could've gotten a better picture of Neil playing his
drums for the AFTK liner-notes/inside cover?  I'm sorry, but I laugh my
ass off everytime I see that picture, because it looks like he's about to
fall off his throne drunk or somethin'!!!  And neither Alex *or* Geddy
look that goofy...why just Neil?

"Someday we'll find it: the rainbow connection; the lovers, the dreamers,
and me."
     Kermit the Frog ("The Rainbow Connection")
Visit my page!!  <  >


From: "John A. Tyler" 
Date: Wed, 05 Aug 1998 02:25:50 -0500
Subject: Fender Geddy Lee jazz bass

I got my first look at the Geddy Lee Jazz Bass today.  The bassist in my
band bought one and I have to say that I really like it.  It sounds great,
better than his real 76 Jazz bass.  Those pickups area absolutely slammin'.

As for the painted on fret markers that was a common practice for Fender
during the 70's.  Not all basses got the mother of pearl or the black
inlaid markers.  Anyone who has studied Fender knows that there are nothing
if not inconsistant when it comes to features and options.  

The craftmanship of the GL jazz bass that I saw today was by far a bargain
for the price that my friend paid.  (About half of the price that he paid
for his 76.)  

He played it tonight all though our session tonight, and has declared it
his new main bass.  Not bad considering that it's his sixth.  After playing
it for a while myself and listening to it all night, I give it a big thumbs

The hard part.  Not buying one for myself!

John T.


From: "Patrick Sebel" 
Date:          Tue, 4 Aug 1998 10:07:15 MET-2DST
Subject: Dream Theater and Empty Tremor

Hi all,

I saw some messages about Dream Theater and as a DT fan, 
wanted to throw in my few percents.

 Scott McDow  wrote

>Couldn't have said it better myself. I'm not saying
>they can't play, it's obvious they're very talented,
>but they sound as if they all riff at the same time.
>As I've said here before, too much for the senses.

Well, too much for the senses is just very objective. For my senses 
the music is just great. I think DT is more progressive as compared 
to Rush, but I guess everybody has his own definition of true prog 
music. I guess Rush is just different prog, but from a viewpoint 
of song structure and (as I would call it) "stability" of songs, Rush 
is far ahead (of DT and any other band in the world).

If you don't think DT is too much for the senses and you think your 
senses can have somethng more, I would like to recommand Emty Tremor. 
Their debut album Apocolokyntosys is compared to Images and 
Words from DT, but this young band from Italy certainly have their 
own style. I would say their album is even more prog than DT. If you 
would like to hear something from them and challenge your senses, 
look at their fanclub's page for some sound samples (from 
Apocolokyntosys and their unreleased album) at

I was really blown away when hearing their album for the first time! 
I would say as must have for true prog fans!



From: "thomas oderwald" 
Date: Tue, 04 Aug 1998 03:10:41 PDT
Subject: Guitar World Top 100

Hello fellow NMS'ers,

Just a quick FYI on the so-called 'Top 100 Solos' list. It seems to have 
been a reader poll conducted earlier this year. Therefore the results 
should tell you more about the people who read GW and give a crap about 
such lists. For Lerxst to rank at 94 (and Zappa to rank at 60, Santana 
to get only 1 entry, etc.) while Pantera gets 3 or 4 entries has, IMHO, 
no bearing on what the actual top 100 guitar solos are. That actual list 
exists in the hearts and minds of each and every one of us. 

I look at the list so that maybe I can get turned on to something I've 
perhaps never heard before. But it still pissed me off that Working Man 
was the only Rush to find it's way to the article.

Rush-MGR: Nice job and thank you for this informative and sometimes 
amusing forum!

That's all I got for now.



From: "Jose A. Ramirez" 
Date: Tue, 4 Aug 1998 05:21:34 -0500
Subject: Tom Sawyer

I waited a few posting to see if anybody noticed that 'Tom Sawyer' was =
played in another great movie this summer. The movie,"Whatever" plays =
'Tom Sawyer' in a party scene most of us can releat to.

Wow, that's 3 movies this year featuring the same Rush song! Kind of =
wierd, huh?=20


From: "Chad Werner" 
Date: Tue, 04 Aug 1998  7:58 -0600
Subject: the voice of dissent...

     Someone said recently that the title of the upcoming live album ought 
     not to be a topic on the NMS. Why not? It's very valid topic, if you 
     ask me. So here it goes.... I said before that I really do like 
     "Dimlit Stages for All Ages". I really do. I said before that it has 
     multi-level meaning, and it does if you think about with a 
     light-hearted, yet critical mind. Besides the neat-o meaning(s), it 
     sounds cool. A little different, but refreshing. Someone correctly 
     questioned if "Dimlit" is actually a word. Well, no. To be correct, it 
     should be "Dimly Lit Stages for All Ages", but "Dimlit" sounds better. 
     Words are only "correct" after they are used by people for a time. 
     Now, there is talk about the title being "Different Stages". It seems 
     to meet with more approval here on the NMS, but I don't like it. It's 
     bland. I'll take either title because I'm pretty confident that the 
     packaging & song list will be superb. My greatest fear, title-wise, is 
     that the words "cyber", "virtual" or "net" will be used. Please. 
     Don't. If you're listening, please. Don't. Please.
     P.S. Bob Mould has a song called "Compositions for the Young & Old". 
     That would be a cool live album title for Rush; especially when you 
     consider the fanbase.
     P.S.S. To all getting bent out of shape over the 100 greatest guitar 
     solos, don't sweat it. Those lists are good for laughs; nothing more.


From: Javier Reyes 
Date: Tue, 04 Aug 1998 08:30:32 -0500
Subject: Natural Science?...on or off?

What happened with 'NATURAL SCIENCE'? it still on or off the cd set?

   [ See above.                                                : rush-mgr ]


Date: Tue, 4 Aug 1998 10:13:23 EDT
Subject: Another VIVA VARIETY post. . .

     This is probably the hundreth post on this but as a NMS member it is in
my oath to report all RUSH sightings, right?
     Since the show, their season premier, was in Vegas, they made some jokes
about the origins of gambling.  One game they mentioned was called "GOLDRUSH."
They said, "you answer questions about the rock group Rush and win Nazi gold."
There was also a joke about goats, methinks.  There, it is reported for all to

     Forgive me if some of the details are not exact, I was in the middle of
gettin' a foot rub. . .   :)


From: Paul Alexander Bartlett <>
Date: Tue, 04 Aug 1998 10:15:00 -0400
Subject: Natural Science?

Hey All!

I must say that I am somewhat disappointed that Natural Science appears
to have been cut from the live album. It looks like 2112 will be from
the TFE tour, which makes sense, since it is complete, but why include
another Tom Sawyer over something new? We're already going to get a
bunch of stuff on the Hammersmith CD that has been released on ATWAS and
ESL (Another CTTH! In the mood! AAAGH!). I can appreciate the importance
of this show in their career, but a show from the hemisphere's tour
would allow for more previously unavailable live material, such as
Hemispeheres and Circumstances, although A Farewell to Kings, and
Cinderella Man would be great. I'm not too hot on Cygnus X-1 at the
moment... some parts are great but a little overblown. I'd also like a
live version of The Camera Eye, but they'd have to go back to the MP
tour to get the complete version.

I was adding up the time for the two CD's based on the track listing,
and I knew that if they included 2112 on the newer CD's that they would
limit what they could put on from the 'being considered' list. Let's
hope that they fit 75 minutes onto each CD. They used to argue that they
didn't include material that they wanted to because of space limitations
on LPs. Well, the sound quality of CD's doesn't deteriorate if you fill
them up, and the manufacturing process is so reliable that they don't
get many rejects (there used to be many more rejects if they put much
more than 70 minutes on a CD). So here's hoping for 225 minutes of
Paul Bartlett


From: Michael  Skurka 
Date: Tue, 4 Aug 1998 10:33:07 -0400
Subject: Countdown

     I recall that "Where's My Thing" was used in a
     promotional video for the Canadian Air Force (or
     whatever the proper name is)....does anybody know
     if "Countdown" was ever used in any capacity by NASA?

     If not, we should add it to our long list of
     "Unrecognized Uses for Rush Songs That Would Have Made
     The World a Better Place".  We can put it on the list
     right after "Why the hell wasn't LVS on the Top 100
     Guitar Solos list?"



From: "Ted D. Rossier" 
Date: Tue, 4 Aug 1998 10:43:13 -0500
Subject: Live album tracks

Ack!  What happened to Natural Science?!  It's on the web page list, but not
this one.  I was *really* looking forward to finally having a live version
of my favorite song on CD (I don't do boots).  Bummer if they decided to
leave it off.  It was the highlight of part II of the T4E concert.

   [ See above.                                                : rush-mgr ]

Would be nice if they'd include Subdivisions, too.  But that's already on
ASOH, so.

Ted D. Rossier


From: "Will Holt" 
Date: Tue, 4 Aug 1998 12:16:43 -0400
Subject: RE: More news on the live album...

What happened to 'Natural Science'?!?  That would suck if they didn't
include that one!  Please tell me this isn't the case rush-mgr!  I like
_Different Stages_ for the title and it even conforms to the stage theory
for their live album titles.

   [ See above.                                                : rush-mgr ]

I have always thought that 'Heresy' was a good showcase for Neil's drumming
ability.  I haven't even attempted to play this one on drums.  It also shows
that he is able to incorporate many influences into his playing; even a
rhythm he heard while sleeping on a rooftop in Togo.  Another good one is
'Bravado' especially the fills at the end.



From: (Christopher W Lindsay)
Date: Tue, 4 Aug 1998 10:22:31 -0400


0)  A ton of shows 				1 votes
9)  A 1/2 ton of shows			2 votes
8)  Drew Carey/Beavis and Butthead		3 votes
7)  Law and Order/Millenium 			4 votes
6)  Frasier/Myst. Science Theater  		5 votes
5)  Newsradio/Babylon 5			6 votes
4)  Seinfeld/Friends				7 votes
3)  X Files					8 votes
2)  The Simpsons			                10 votes
1)  Southpark			                14 votes

I have list of people who contributed shows that made it to top ten, if
anyone wants to e-mail and discuss shows with others, e-mail me
( for some addresses.

For mult. shows, I divided it by # of selections and ranked it A thru
(whatever), and combined with other mult. picks that matched it, would
constitute a point.  So, actually over twenty people chose Southpark, but
X Files had 21people, yet were among HUGE lists.  Any shows that aren't
new went into a diff. pile.

Star Trek and DS9 (I think it's off now) had 11 votes
Star Trek The Next Generation had 12 votes

Thanks for submissions!  It's interesting to see the diversity among RUSH
fans, of course with those who think COS is the best album (moment of
shock) I can understand the diversity.  Take care!  And contribute to the
threads because the newsletter needs something to fill it up! 
 -------- End forwarded message ----------


Date: Tue, 4 Aug 1998 12:52:21 -0400
Subject: Neil on Politically Incorrect?

I know how you guys hate rumors. I'm not too fond of them myself but, I heard 
a rumor that Neil was on politically incorrect. Can anybody confirm/deny.  
What was talked about?

   [ Yes Neil was on. He didn't say much, probably two sentences' worth of
     stuff (he kept getting interrupted).                        : rush-mgr ]

Also, awhile back I was watching My Generation on VH1 and there was a
reference to Rush.
The question entailed: what do these artists have in common.  Phil Collins,
Neil Peart, and someone else.
And the contestant responded right by answering drums.  Just some FYI.
Lately too, I have been having to put up some defense about Rush and the
red star of 2112 and their
classic symbol with the man and star.  I have had alot of people tell me
that Rush is devil music all because
the star is slightly resembling a pentagram.  Well I told those ignants to
listen to their lyrics.  You can't understand
anything until you've experienced it.  And obviously, they are closed
minded and haven't experienced Rush.  I think
the song Witch Hunt explains it all, don't you think?  Any ways, it's not a
pentagram.  It's not drawn the same
way.  The corners aren't interconnected.  It's just a star in a circle.
"The red star of the solar federation" is all it is
supposed to represent.  I would be curious however, to know how  Neil came
up with that symbol.  Maybe its a reference to the Soviet Union in some
way. I don't know.  In a way Rush hasn't stop using this reference
either I think.  Look at how many songs contain Red in the title.  -Rush
fan for life

"Rising, falling at force ten. We twist the world and ride the wind."
 Neil & Pye


From: (J J Davidek)
Date: Tue, 4 Aug 1998 11:58:00 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: The Greatest

Just a few minutes ago I was listening to 101 KLOL in Houston and they
played a double shot of Rush.  After the 2nd song the dj came back and
said that they were "the greatest rock band ever to grace the earth"
then she said she's looking forward to hearing some new music from them.  
I was shocked to actually hear her say Rush was one of the greatest.  I
must agree with her.



Date: Tue, 4 Aug 1998 10:53:37 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Let's put the Rush-DT comparisons to rest, shall we? 

Greetings fellow Rush freaks,

     I cannot seem to comprehend all of the ad nauseum comparisons
which are continuously made on the NMS regarding Rush and Dream
Theater.  To be completely honest, outside of the fact that the two
bands are lumped under the genre title "progressive rock", there are
no real similarities.  Dream Theater has more complex musicianship (in
most respects) than Rush, while Rush simply writes catchier tunes. 
Rush is of course by far the better of the two (in my humble opinion,
which is like an asshole, everybody's got one) but what is the point
in wasting everyone's time with the comparisons?  Just relax and
enjoy, or don't, the choice is ultimately yours.  Later.
"Oh my God, they've killed Kenny!"


From: (Christopher W Lindsay)
Date: Tue, 4 Aug 1998 12:58:14 -0400
Subject: Need Bravado Tablature

To all those guitar players out there (bassists included), I'm trying to
play "Bravado" on piano.  Therefore, I need someone to help me out by
giving me some notes/chords.  See, I can play by sound, but for I can't
seem to figure out what key that is in.  Please, if someone could just
send me the key signature and notes, I'll figure out what octave and
stuff.  Thanks!!

IMHO:  The name of live album, "For every (sad) son of a bitch"   
I hope they put "Red Barchetta" on the live album, I love how Geddy just
improvises the ending with that bass.  RUMOR:  This guy that sells
Bootlegs, and knows that I'm a huge fanof Rush, informed me that one of
his distributor pals swore that "The Pass" was played along with "Vital
Signs" at a couple of shows during CP tour.  He saw a bootleg of it, but
it's real bad audience tape.  He said they probably played it for the
sole reason that it could be put on an upcoming live album.  See, this
guy that distributes imports and bootlegs to small music store markets
also said that the reason why they probably didn't use songs from RtB
concerts was because too many soundboards were being sold or stolen
(that's why so many RtB bootlegs exist).  Again, this is rumor only--only
comes from the mouth of a man who knows the bootleg industry.


From: Jesse N Zamudio 
Date: Tue, 4 Aug 1998 14:07:39 -0700 (MST)
Subject: Re: 08/03/98 - The National Midnight Star #2081

well im not sure what im doing here, or who gets this but im learnin.'
alrighty then. Rush is the most incredible band in history. 

Why? well listen here,ive seen more live bands then one could ever count,
everyone from VanHalen, tom petty, eric clapton,rage against machine,
primus(6x, awesome),satriani,Aerosmith, rolling stones,311,ozzy, and you
name it.

MY POINT?? Next to Rush they all Suck!!

Long Live the Three Crazy Canadians!!!!

Thanks for the platform to be obnoxious.  


From: "Kegler, Nick" 
Date: Tue, 4 Aug 1998 14:47:46 -0700
Subject: Rush Wave Files

I just got a new PC with Win98 and would like to have any .wav files of 
Rush songs emailed to me (if you could spare a few minutes for another 
fan!)  Any Rush song or snipit of one of their songs would be good.  As 
long as its really clear.  I really like YYZ, I guess all of the 
instrumentals (The Trees, etc.)  Quiet or Rock'n doesn't matter.  If you 
could help me out, I'd really appreciate it.  Thanks for your help!  -Nick 
  I'm at:


Date: Tue,  4 Aug 1998 18:40:11, -0500
Subject: Signals remaster


This thread is probably long extinguished, but I just wanted to add 
my endorsement to the Mercury remasters. I got Signals yesterday. If 
asked which Rush album is my favorite, I have to pick Signals for 
sentimental reasons. Subdivisions was the first Rush video I ever saw 
(9th grade), and the LP was the first one I got (a Christmas present 
from my stepmom and dad. It helped pass the Christmas blizzard of '82 
in the grandest style). Its themes of adolescent suffocation in 
suburbia and of adolescence as a metaphor for technological and 
political upheaval struck a chord in me that still resonates today. I 
always thought the narrow stereo picture, squashed dynamic range, and 
claustrophobic mix were puposeful musical choices. When I bought the 
album on CD a few years later, the sound of the transfer served to 
reinforce this.

I was unprepared for how dramatically different the remaster would 
sound. The stereo perspective is very vivid and three-dimensional. 
The guitars chime, sing and roar. The drum sound is very crisp, and 
the synth-bass notes rumble. I played my original CD and could not 
believe the difference. One is a hologram, the other is olive drab 
wallpaper. I can hardly wait to hear the other remasters in 
comparison to their older counterparts. WOW!!

Happy listening,



From: Cristiano Tortoioli 
Date: Wed, 05 Aug 1998 02:06:33 +0200
Subject: Dream Theater and Rush

Hello everybody, It's Cristiano again.

Reading the NMS I've noticed that the old "Dream theater is good, Dream
theater is bad" thread has been re-debated. I'd like to add my 100 Lire
(I'm italian, you know!); I absolutely LOVE Dream theater, I've seen them
live two times, and the last time I've also met them (great people, very
friendly and warm). Now you might say "Hey, this guy loves 'em, so he'll be
everything but objective". Yes and No. I've written in their defence, but
I'd like to state that they're actually "borrowing" riffs from Rush and
other bands. Want some examples? Here they are:
The middle section of "Innocence faded", before the solo is basically the
"wind in my hair..." section from "Red Barchetta"
The verse bass riff in "6:00" is very similar to the "a quantum leap
forward..." part from "Natural science". DT copying Rush? I don't think
so... I mean... In the prog-rock kind of composition there are
can call them cliches, like playing drums in 7/8 and keeping the ride bell
straight on the eights so that it moves between downbeat and upbeat at the
end of any measure. Put on a Yes, a King Crimson  or an ELP album; chances
are you'll find some similarities... But I see I'm deviating from the basic
thread... sorry ! ;-)
I absolutely don't agree with the other NMSer who says DT is slightly ahead
of Blind guardian and Symphony X. That's because while the guys from those
two bands are extremely gifted as musicians, DT has developed an unmatched
skill in arranging their songs (of course that's a personal opinion);
they're light years away from those other bands, followed by their close
friends, Fates warning (their drummer is the new Neil, hear "Inside out",
you'll see!). I really think DT and Rush are similar... When Rush started
playing they were  drinking from the "hard rock" pool that existed at that
point... Led Zeppelin, Hendrix, Cream (names given from king Lerxt in an
interview). DT drank from the same which were flowing new
waters... Iron Maiden, Metallica, Megadeth, even Frank Zappa, Rush and the
whole prog movement; basically you play what you hear, and as Rush did,
they are synthesizing all their musical knowledge and also adding their own
personality to compose their stuff. I can understand many of you can't
stand the heavy sound of the band, but I can also imagine that in 1975
"Bytor and-you-know-who-he's-white-and-furry" sounded a little bit too
heavy and "out there". DT are young... let them grow and you'll see... take
a listen to "falling into infinity", they sound extremely mature and many
of you will reckon many "Rushy" moments (definitely Mike Portnoy, the
drummer, ate bread and Hemispheres when he was a child). Rush is great..
no... wait... RUSH IS REEEEAAAALLLYYY THE GREATESTEST (double superlative)
BAND IN THE SOLAR FEDERATION, so it's obvious they've influenced many
younger musicians... Look at DT in this way... They're the most gifted sons
of daddy-Rush, and they'll carry and pass the torch of PROGRESSIVE ROCK
(drums begin to roll... sounds of distant fanfares)to keep its flame alive
to enlighten the youngest generation to come (now a choir of 139 children
in white robes begins to sing "Alleluja"); the dark times of the
brit-two-chords-and-a-melody-so-simple-but-beautyFoul-pop in the black days
of indus-grung-alterna-quack-bark-wuoulw-spatapam-rap-ska-rock...who will
go to the teenager (reversed baseball hat, HEAVY jacket also in the middle
of an african summer, and a pair of the-fabric-is-enough-for-three-pairs
jeans) give him two good slaps on the neck behind and slip in his walkman
some great prog tape? who? who? WHOOO? EH? (two white dressed man come in a
strange car with a silly noisy flashing light on the roof, put a nice new
white jacket on him and carry him away in a comfortable "stuffed" room,
while the children are still singing the end of "marathon" (asoh version).



From: "The Caulfeild's" 
Date: Tue, 4 Aug 1998 20:34:50 -0400
Subject: Re: Burning for Buddy 2

In response to the Burning for Buddy post....

First off, I AM a serious Rush fan, but perhaps more accurately, I would
classify myself a MUSIC fan.  That said, the Neil Peart productions of the
Buddy Rich Band 2 volume set (to date), is nothing short of impressive.  To
me, it serves both as an excellent introduction to big band jazz (aka
'swing'), and also illustrates the diverse prowess Neil has with laying
down a rhythm, no matter what genre.  I would not recommend these sets for
someone wanting to hear Neil's drumming (he only plays on one track on the
second set as well - but it's the longest one!)..... I WOULD recommend
these albums to someone wanting to expand their musical horizons, and at
the same time, show a little support for a project that one of our dear
Rush boys has done an admirable job with.




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