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         The National Midnight Star, Number 2086

                  Tuesday, 18 Aug 1998

Today's Topics:
         AIM, Album Title, HHGTTG, radio, etc
                    Points to Ponder
Pics from 11-1-96 Milwaukee show?  Also, comments/?'s about 
                       mood music
                     Live Disk...Why?
                  Rush vs. Beastie boys
                     Different Stages
        Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Bass.  A follow up.
                     new live albums
                 live cd/possible TO show
                    Dream Rush Box Set
             The Grand Design Rush Site Quiz
             I wrote Anthem.  You should too
                    Re:New Album MUSH
                         The Piss
                   Looking for rarities
                      ATTN Mike Bahr
             greatest drummer in the world!!
   Lack of Presto on Live Album, Comment on Live Album
                         Box Set
                You gotta be kidding me!!
                New album, in defense of..
                    Live Album setlist
                     Re: Live album 
                         kings x
                      Rush Tattoo's 
                Radio City Music Hall '83
             Come on, Let up on the live set
               Reason for Live Album Songs
                      New Thread!!!!
        Re:  Geddy in Queen and Rush vs. Hollywood
                 Could this be a put on?
                 new live album songlist
             pent (angles) (agrams) (house) 

From: "Steph R." 
Date: Fri, 07 Aug 1998 21:46:15 EDT
Subject: AIM, Album Title, HHGTTG, radio, etc

  1) My AOL instant messanger name is Bufflystar. (if you don't mind 
talking to a 15 year old)

  2) Different Stages- Fabulous improvement. Much better than Dimlit.

  3) It has suddenly come to my attention that several of the menbers of 
TNMS are fans of a Science Fiction Writer, Douglas Adams. E-me if you're 
a fan! If not, you should pick up his book... Hitch Hiker's Guide to the 
Galaxy. (great sci fi work... comedy)

  4)What does the radio know that I don't? I heard Finding My Way, Time 
Stand Still, Distant Early Warnings, and Subdivisions (2ice!) all on the 
radio in the past four days... I  never hear Rush on the Radio!

  5) I will be driving next summer (yeah!) and I am planning on 
springing for a personalized plate. My choice?  AF2K RTB  (my two 
favorite rush albums)

In the CD changer yesterday:
The Cure-Galore
Stabbing Westward-Darkest Days
Squirrel Nut Zippers-Inevitable
Rush- Exit... Stage Left
Black Lab-Your Body Above Me

(sounds really cool when you hit the "random" button)


"Everything about me is a lie. At least it feels that way when I look in 
your eyes..."

"Vigilante themes and a cheap guitar, I am my own Movie Star."

"Well, you just don't get it."

(which one is the rush line?  $200 to the person that can name 
band/album/song title of each...)    :op

PS I'm sure this has been mentioned before.. anyone notice in the song 
"The Big Wheel" it says leap of fate and twist of faith... (it's 
actually supposedly the other way around)

PPS I listen to Victor then I listen to T4E and I notice Rush undertones 
in Victor... or are they Victor undertones in Rush? I guess it's just 
Alex undertones in everything..... :)


From: (Christopher W Lindsay)
Date: Sat, 8 Aug 1998 17:15:54 -0400
Subject: Points to Ponder

attn: rush mgr, feel free to edit, just something different for the
newsletter, thanks!

For years, I use to listen to the many RUSH tunes, and at times, some
observations would enter my mind and cause me to always think of them
whenever I hear a particular song.  For the sake of variety (after all,
it's the spice of life), here are some thoughts...

1) Half the World:  When Ged sings "like a torn up photograph", it
reminds me of Jim Croce's "So I had to say I love a song." 
Wierd eh?

2) "The Pass"  The opening bass twangs are very similar to "Witch Hunt" (
the beginning, after "torch lit hill)   In fact, it's very
similar--almost like they copied it)  Makes you wonder if a similarity in
theme exists too?

3)  After the second to last chorus in "Virtuality" the guitar jam makes
me think of 2112.  Again, similar theme or a string of the theme similar?

4) "Hemispheres" prologue, anyone listen to the part when at the stop of
the arrangement, Neil hits that one "ping" right before getting into the
serious jamming, turn to another person and hit their head.  My
girlfriend hates that!

5) "The Camera Eye"  Anyone else think that Ged burps instead of "morning
Sorry guys, had to add it to the list.

6) "Between the Wheels"  Anyone wish they ended that song differently?  I
love the keyboard, chinese symbal, chorus during "Wheels can spin you
around, wheels can take you down..."  That music would been great to
finish, IMHO only!

7) "By-Tor and the Snowdog" on ATWAS:  I always crack up when Ged's voice
is temporarily drowned out by the guitars in the beginning.  Why?  Just
the energy that they showed--I don't know it just cracks me up.

Does anyone else have these tidbits?  Share them.

8) "Freewill" on ESL, during "Genetic blends..." Ged sounds like a
chipmunk.  Relax flammers, I honestly think he milked his high voice at
times.  He even mentioned in interview (sorry I can't remember which)
that "Dog Years" allowed him to have fun and jump in that high octave

9) Who doesn't say "Jacob's Ladder" like Ged does on ESL?  I do.  

10)  When I die and go to heaven (agnostics/atheists--wherever) I will
spend eternity playing three parts of three RUSH songs.  The jams in "The
Camera Eye" before Ged starts singing, "Jacob's Ladder" after the
synth-middle, and the end of "Prime Mover."

11)  Lastly, the last tidbit that I think of when I listen to a lot of
their music, "why are they not considered one of the most talented music
groups ever, I will not ever know."


Rush Sighting:  Tampa Bay vs. Detroit, baseball game a few weeks ago,
played "Limelight" in between during a pitching change and warmup, got
through solo, before it stopped, I think.

"It's closing time...."

Hard core Triumph fans:  please e-mail me, I have a question for you.

"This is the end...beautiful (rush fans) the end...."


From: (Jonathan A Gilsdorf)
Date: Sat, 08 Aug 1998 20:46:21 EDT
Subject: Pics from 11-1-96 Milwaukee show?  Also, comments/?'s about 

Hello there everybody...
	I was just wondering if anyone out there might have some good
snapshots from the November 1, 1996 show at the Bradley Center in
Milwaukee, WI.  If so, I'd like to purchase some reprints from you at a
reasonable price.  Please contact me at this email address if you do.
	I also have some comments and questions about the "Time to Roll"
CD.  It is a collection of live performances from Rush's 1992 "Roll the
Bones" tour.

	1.  Why is "Freewill" cut short?
	2.  As for the "Spirit of Radio"/"Anthem"/"Red Barchetta" medley
at the end of the CD, was this the way Rush performed it, or was that a
medley invented by the makers of the CD?
	3.  It is kinda interesting to hear the clapping in "Spirit of

That's it for now, L8r on.
Jon G.


Date: Sun, 9 Aug 1998 15:53:26 EDT
Subject: mood music

Aloha fellow Rushians!
     Just thought I would disengage lurker mode before it got permanently
stuck and figured that my birthday (Aug 10) was as good a time as any to post
     Like most fans, Im eagerly anticipating the new live set and hoping that
they release it with a different title. Im sorry, but "Dimlit Stages for All
Ages" just doesn't cut it for me. I'm trying to let it grow on me, but so far
nothing has taken root. Also, to answer the question as to which disc hits the
CD player first? AFTK tour, without a doubt...but more on that later.
     Also, I'm just heartbroken for Neil for the two losses he's had to suffer
in the last year. At the time it happened, I was about a month behind on NMS
and I have to thank Eric for letting me know when he did. It encouraged me to
catch up and I have been current (at least within the week) since. I just
can't help but wonder WHAT is going thru that genius mind of Neil's and what
direction he will take. Whether it's the end of RUSH or not is purely his
decision and one I will stand behind either way. Nuff said on that...
     OK, by now those of you that haven't hit the scroll down button are
probably wondering if I have a point to make or if I'm just rambling. Well,
maybe a little of both. :o)
     I listen to a wide variety of music (it helps that I'm a DJ), but time
and time again I find myself coming back to RUSH because of two simple
reasons. First and foremost is the pure emotional response that it illicits in
me, not to mention the images from my past that it seems to conjure up
whenever a specific song comes on. Also, it is hard not to marvel in the
technical excellence that the boys strive to achieve and be overwhelmed at the
amount of music that three people can make.
     Let me give you an example of mood enhancement. Sunday I was driving back
from my mother's in Conroe back to my home in Houston, about an hour away. I
popped in my cassette of Chronicles that was cued up at "A Farewell to Kings".
During the acoustic guitar intro, I was driving out of the subdivision (no pun
intended), filled with lush green trees along a golf course. Just as the tempo
kicked in, I pulled out onto the feeder road and accellerated to get on the
interstate. When the next song ("The Trees") came on, I was crusing thru the
final thick patch of trees before hitting the urban sprawl of Houston. Of
course, driving to "The Spirit of Radio" (IMHO the best concert opening song)
"Red Barchetta" and "Limelight" was enjoyable as well, each causing the foot
to get a little heavy on the gas pedal. Ultimately, what was an hour drive
seemed like a mere 10 minutes! 
     As for certain songs bringing back memories, at least half the RUSH
library will take me back to a specific moment in time or a special place and
most likely cause me to smile. Of course, a song like "Subdivisions" always
makes me think of the dreaded HS experience, but others are not so obvious.
     When I listen to "Cygnus X-1", the ending where Geddy strains to sing
"Every nerve is torn apaaaaaaaart!" ALWAYS reminds me of the time that my
buddy Derek was giving me an atomic wedgie as I was going back upstairs to
stop the tape (I was recording it at the time) just as Geddy was wailing and
the song was almost over. I have to sit back and laugh that at the time I
could have easily hit that high note right along with him....hehehe


     OK, so what RUSH song takes you back to a time or place that has
absolutely no relation to the song whatsoever? I can't think of a weirder one
for me, although "The Fountain of Lamneth" always conjures up images of a
memorable mushroom trip, but we wont go there....

In the CD changer:
RUSH - Freefall (bootleg)
Plant/Page - Walking Into Clarksdale
Aerosmith - Nine Lives
RUSH - Experience to Extremes (bootleg)
Fleetwood Mac - The Dance


From: "msutton ." 
Date: Thu, 13 Aug 1998 17:25:58 -0600
Subject: Live Disk...Why?

Why are they (Rush) Repeating so many tracks from other live disks?  I
hate to complain and I will buy the disk but why do we need these songs

    The Trees / Closer To The Heart 2112 / Freewill /
    The Spirit of Radio / Tom Sawyer / YYZ

Do they think they will sell more disks to the casual buyer with these
songs included?  If so it is the right choice for them but for us (the
fans who wanted to hear more) it is the "same old thing".  I do not even
like the choice of 2112 as I would rather have something like The Analog
Kid, Cold fire, Presto stuff, Roll the Bones stuff, ect.  In short, I
would have liked less "Radio" songs and repeated songs.  Don't get me
started on Closer to the can they put that song on this
disk?  Have we not heard it enough.

At least the bonus disk has a few unheard tracks.

I will buy the disk but I am still disappointed :(



From: Michael Keene 
Date: Thu, 13 Aug 1998 17:58:04 -0700
Subject: Rush vs. Beastie boys

Long time lurker, first time poster. I figured that there is enough room
here for my two cents' worth, so here goes!
I would be interested to know whom else takes offense at the total
ignorance and stupidity "Mixmaster Mike" or whatever the hell his name is
has said about my heroes. I remember the same type of crap happened in the
mid-eighties when Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue said, "I am from a different
school of thought than to think that Geddy Lee is the best bassist in the
world". Can anybody actually take a washed-up, eighties "band" on a reunion
tour seriously? While all of the poseurs from my teen years were busy
listening to "Fight for your Right to Party" we fellow Rush fans knew where
good, real, authentic music was to be found. Any comments?


From: "Rich Malitz" 
Date: Thu, 13 Aug 1998 21:58:21 PDT
Subject: Different Stages

I am writing with a lot of dissapointment tonight.  The setlist that has 
been unveiled is not making my day.  I thought Cold Fire, Analog Kid, 
Half The World, and Show Don't Tell were locks.  Also I thought Lakeside 
Park would make the 78 show.  Instead it's only for the "hits."  The 
Spirit Of Radio, Freewill, The Trees, and Tom Sawyer again?  Closer To 
The Heart for the 3rd time??  Why didn't they just give us a 4th version 
on the 78 show?  This is not right.  Now, if a box set comes out with 
all the bonus stuff, all is forgiven!  I am happy as anyone about the 
whole Different Stages project, and I love ALL the songs including the 
"hits", but as a fan of ALL the songs I would like live versions of 
everything if possible.  In other words give the newer stuff a release 
too.  A full video of the Toronto Test For Echo show would also help a 
LOT.  We would get Virtuallity, Half The World, etc.  I wonder if others 
agree?  I think they do!  Damn you SRO and Anthem!  You better put out 
that box set!  ;) LOL
October 6th or Bust!


From: "John A. Tyler" 
Date: Sat, 15 Aug 1998 00:49:26 -0500
Subject: Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Bass.  A follow up.

In order to finally settle the question once and for all I called a Fender
Product representitive.  I used to work at a Fender dealership so I got the
direct number from them.  

The Rep. I talked to called down to the production floor and had one of the
prototypes that Geddy actually personally OK'ed brought to him so he could
inspect it.  (The prototype was made in the custom shop at Fender America.)
 He assured me that the inlay was real, as was the binding.  Although he
agreed that it was awfully thin.

He said I was the third person who had called about the Japanese made
production model, so he was suspecting that Fender Japan had pulled a fast
one on us.  He then called the american overseer of Fender Japan to ask him
about the bass.

Neither the Rep. nor the Boss had seen a Japanese made Geddy J-bass yet
personally.  But they both planned on making it a priority.  They said that
the early first run of any instrument can have problems, but that this was
no excuse for this kind of stuff.

I gave them a grocery list of problems that had cropped up with my
bandmates GL model.  So they called him and he had a new Geddy Lee model in
a couple of days.  At least they were honest about it, as Fender usually is.  

If You have a problem with a Geddy Lee model J-bass I recomend calling
Fender and working with them to get the situation cleaned up.  They are
pretty good about it, and of course you'll be happier with your bass


John A. Tyler


From: Eric Gumtow 
Date: Fri, 14 Aug 1998 01:26:34 -0500
Subject: new live albums

After looking at the final track listing for the new in-concert CDs, it
appears to me that we have roughly one CD of new material and one CD of
old (ie., appears on a different in-concert CD) material.

Personally, I would have liked more new material, but I believe the band
has a reason for selecting old material.  The reason is the same reason
why Retrospectives I and II came about.  The songs will sound more clear,
and the lesser fans which buy only a few CDs will be able to have a more
complete set of Rush songs.

As for the bonus CD, all but Xanadu, A Farewell To Kings, Cygnus X-1,
and Cinderella Man are covered on All The World's A Stage (and Xanadu is
on ESL).  I don't know what to think of it, except that perhaps the band
knew it wasn't a great CD, and hence it was labeled "bonus."

I don't believe the box set rumor at all.  Geddy said during Rockline
after TFE's release that they never finish a song which doesn't make
it onto the final release, and therefore a box set from Rush would never
happen.  I believe his words were, "If something unforeseen should happen
to Rush, a plane crash, that would be the end.  We don't have any old
tapes laying around in the studio," if memory serves correctly.

For all the other Univeristy of Texas NMS subscribers (there ought to be
plenty of us, since we're the biggest university in the nation population
wise)-- I'll be milling about Jester Center after move-in on the 18th.
I'll be wearing my tortoise and hare Counterparts shirt once a week or so
for a while.  Say something if you see me.

Eric Gumtow


From: Jeffrey Balog 
Date: Fri, 14 Aug 1998 09:06:12 -0500 (EST)
Subject: live cd/possible TO show

According to the local NY radio station, the only track not from the T4E 
tour on the first 2 discs is Bravado.

Does anyone know if a live video planned?

A local NJ radio station is giving away a Toronto concert weekend (Aug 22 
 23).  One day is a day of music from Canadian artists.  The other is a 
really "big" Canadian band.  Could it be Rush?  WDHA plays a decent amount 
of Rush.  Anyone have inside info.  If it is Rush, I would sure be 
interested in travelling up to TO (its been over a year since the Molson 
Ampitheatre shows.

   [ If I had to hazard a guess, I'd say your "big" Canadian band is The
     Tragically Hip. They're going out on tour very shortly to support their
     new album...                                              : rush-mgr ]



From: "Jonathan Patil" 
Date: Fri, 14 Aug 1998 09:42:12 EDT
Subject: Dream Rush Box Set

Here are three more discs rush could release as part of a 
massive box set (including their planned live album)
Rush might have actually been doing us a favor leaving out 
certain tracks for their live album.. the ones that didn't
make the cut would be used here to simulate a live show setlist:

Track #   - Song   -  Tour

Disc I:
01. Show Don't Tell   (RTB)
     (/w long intro)
02. Analog Kid        (CP)
03. Half The World    (TFE)
04. Cold Fire         (CP)
05. Time & Motion     (TFE)
06. The Pass          (RTB)
07. Where's My Thing  (RTB)
08. Ghost Of A Chance (RTB)
09. Limbo             (TFE)
10. Scars             (PRE)
11. Double Agent      (CP)
12. War Paint         (PRE)
13. Superconductor    (PRE)

Disc II:
01. The Camera Eye    (SIG)
02. Body Electric     (GUP)
03. Enemy Within      (GUP)
04. The Weapon        (GUP)
05. Witch Hunt        (GUP)
06. Red Lenses /      (GUP)
     Drum Solo
07. Middletown Dreams (POW)
08. Grand Designs     (POW)
09. Prime Mover       (HYF)
10. Lock & Key        (HYF)
11. Digital Man       (SIG)
12. Vital Signs       (RTB)

Disc III:
01. Bad Boy                (RUSH)
02. Not Fade Away          (RUSH)
03. Working Man            (RUSH)
     (/w Bytor Jam)
04. Here Again             (RUSH)
05. Need Some Love         (RUSH)
06. In The End             (RUSH)
07. Hemispheres:           (HEM)
       I - Prelude
      II - Apollo/Dionysus
     III - Armageddon
      VI - Cygnus
       V - The Sphere
08. Circumstances          (HEM)
09. Natural Science        (PEW)

Your thoughts?


From: Grand Designs 
Date: Fri, 14 Aug 1998 10:18:16 -0700
Subject: The Grand Design Rush Site Quiz

Added a new quiz to the site. That makes two.

Against the run of the mill
Static as it seems
We break the surface tension
With our wild, kinetic dreams

Visit the Grand Designs Rush Site


From: (Clator Butler)
Date: Fri, 14 Aug 1998 10:45:25 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: I wrote Anthem.  You should too

I'm a firm believer in strength in numbers.  Rush has really goofed, in
my opinion, in rehashing ten-or-so songs we already have on other live
albums (2112 doesn't count) and leaving off so much good stuff on this
new release.

So, I took time to engineer a tracklisting based on the T4E setlist, ans
swapping in unreleased songs from the previous two tours in place of the
material we know and love.  I then shuffled some selections to make more
sense CD-time-wise, and came up with the following.  I put it in a
letter to Anthem and mailed it yesterday.

I'm attaching the letter.  Feel free to use it, sign your name to it,
and mail it as well.

P.S. Don't send fan mail to this address, as it gets ignored or
returned.  This is a business address for Anthem.
 -snip here--

Anthem Records
189 Carlton St.
Toronto, ON M5A 2K7

To whom it may concern:

This is my second letter to Anthem regarding Rush's upcoming live
release.  I've actually come up with what I feel to be a more
appropriate tracklist, basically by taking the entire setlist from the
last leg of the T4E tour, then pulling out previously released songs and
replacing them with previously un-released songs.  This tracklisting
spilled over onto three CDs.  So, I moved "2112" to the beginning of
Disc 3, and moved those four tracks to the end of disc 2.  The entire
tracklist really works this way.

I used the remainder of disc three as "Thank You Fans" material that
hasn't been released before, which could be scrounged from tapes from
the 70s, keeping in line with the original concept of the TYF material.
Here is what I came up with:

Disc 1
Thus Spake Zarathustra
Stick It Out
Half the World
Cold Fire
Ghost of a Chance
Double Agent
Nobody's Hero

Disc 2
Test for Echo
Show Don't Tell
The Pass
Roll the Bones
Leave That Thing Alone
drum solo 
Natural Science 
Time and Motion
Where's My Thing
Analog Kid
Vital Signs 

Disc 3
"Thank You Fans" Material:
2112 (1997 version)
Cygnus X-1
A Farewell to Kings
Cinderella Man
The Necromancer or The Camera Eye

Please consider these changes before pressing the CD.  This entire set
would be a true "thank you" for the fans.

Consider an entirely separate release for "Greatest Hits Live" as a
single CD, culling other songs primarily from the past two tours (read:
outtakes from the new CD).  Songs like:
Tom Sawyer/Red Barchetta/YYZ/The Spirit of Radio/Freewill/The
Trees/Closer to the Heart/
The Big Money/Subdivisions/Force Ten

Again, this is just a suggestion, but one from a fan who anticipated
this live release only to have news of its tracklisting disappoint


 -snip here--

|L. Clator Butler Jr.         |The power to destroy a  |...But I'm   |
|         |planet is insignificant |trying real  |
|A rational, romantic,        |next to the power of the|hard to be   |
|   mystic, cynical idealist  |Force.                  |the shepherd.|
|Our last, best hope for peace|         --Darth Vader  |     --Jules |
|      Information on my album release:        |


Date: Fri, 14 Aug 1998 11:17:51 EDT
Subject: Re:New Album MUSH

Hello all,
    Man oh Man. I can't believe how safe Rush play it.

               Closer to the heart (for the third time)
               Tom Sawyer- (Awesome- I never heard that one live-hahahaha)
               Limelite ( Enough- I was hoping for "Open Secrets" silly me)
               Spirit of Radio ( Whatever!)

     I guess after seeing Rush a gazillion times and the frustration of seeing
the same ole songs year in and year out, I should be used to this, but it
still irks me.
For the life of me, I can't imagine a band that is so talented and really
doesn't need radio or MTV, but they let still them rule the live set lists and
live albums. Oh well, Disc three should be alot of fun and 2112 and Natural

Suggestions: Geddy if your out there, please add these to the new album, I
didn't get very many presents for Christmas last year and these songs would
really, really   would make me feel better. 

Cut to the chase
Digital Man
Tai Shan
Middletown Dreams

     And the men who hold high places, should be the ones who start, 
          avoid a cheap Vasectomy and NUKE closer to the heart.

 Sorry, the new set list just bummed me out.



From: "Wilson, Dan" 
Date: Fri, 14 Aug 1998 11:19:01 -0400
Subject: The Piss

The Piss   (sung to "The Pass")
Written by
Doug and Danny Wilson   (Doug)    (Danny)

	> Drunk swagger into the men's room,
	> Waiting for the open stall,
	> But the drunks are passed out on the floor
	> Blocking the urinals and all
	> You try the parking lot,
	> But the cops are waiting there
	> Dumpster sure to get you a ticket
	> You have no time to spare
	> ... And now you're pissin' on a neighbor's hedge
	> Staring down at your stream of pee.
	> Can't believe you have to go again
	> Drinking beer isn't what it used to be!!!!!
	> All of us have pissed in the bushes,
	> Even chicks have taken a squat
	> All of us have pissed on a tire
	> Even times you may have forgot
	> Pull 'em down, take it out, and wet it down
	> Wizzin' on the neighbor's hedge
	Pissin' out your truck bed
	All those beers with their foamy head
	> Don't turn around and look at my girl by the tree......


From: (Clator Butler)
Date: Fri, 14 Aug 1998 12:04:09 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Looking for rarities

I'm planning a compilation, and need the following items:

Buddy Rich Memorial Scholarship Concert video featuring Neil Peart 
"O Canada" as performed by Geddy Lee at the 1994 All Star Game 
"Battlescar" by Max Webster, featuring Rush 
"The Little Drummer Boy" by Alex Lifeson
"Fancy Dancer" by Rush ... best recoring available
"Vital Signs (live)" from the "New World Man" single
"Bad Boy" from the boot "By Tor '74" specifically
"Not Fade Away" Rush original single
"You Can't Fight It" Rush original b-side

Flawless copies only (CDR or Hi-Fi Stereo VHS acceptable)
(Or, if you trust me with your originals, I promise the upmost care and
prompt return)

|L. Clator Butler Jr.         |The power to destroy a  |...But I'm   |
|         |planet is insignificant |trying real  |
|A rational, romantic,        |next to the power of the|hard to be   |
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From: Jason Dolinger 
Date: Fri, 14 Aug 1998 09:03:41 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: ATTN Mike Bahr

Mike Bahr, where the hell are you?  I'm still waiting on my copy of
Virtual Songs.  It was sent out over a month ago according to your
webpage.  I've sent three e-mails in the last month and haven't heard
from you.  Please write back.


P.S.  Sorry to have to do this here rush-mgr, but I'm getting desperate.

Jason Dolinger
OAS, AAS, LLS!               GO CATS!!!!!

"I had given all that I could take,
And now I've only habits left to break,
Tonight I'll still be lying here surrounded,
In all the light..."  Mike Portnoy, Images and Words


From: Jon & Shonna White 
Date: Fri, 14 Aug 1998 10:31:55 -0600
Subject: greatest drummer in the world!!

Hey fellow RUSH fans,,,first time posting!!!!!!!

 Is it my imagination,,,or is neil becoming really muscular????
 He looks bulky to me,,,,,oh well he still the best!!!!!


From: "Anderson, Chris " 
Date: Fri, 14 Aug 1998 12:48:24 -0400
Subject: Lack of Presto on Live Album, Comment on Live Album

Hey Rushians out there,

Why aren't there any songs from Presto on this
live album?  I am sure someone has brought this
up before, I just had to let my $0.02 out..but think about this:

On each of the previous three live albums, there was at least
one song from each of the studio recordings made between the (then) current
live album and the live album before.  


 LIVE -   All The World's A Stage 

AFTK (studio), Hemispheres (studio), Permanent Waves(studio), MP (studio)

note:  Xanadu/CttH, Trees/Villa, SpiritRad/Freewill/J'sLadd, TS/Rbar/YYZ
were all on ESL.

     Exit Stage Left (live)

The case concering ATWAS is different since it covered Rush (Rush's First)
through 2112.

A Show of Hands :


Signals (studio), Grace (studio), PW (studio), HYF (studio)

note:  Subdivisions, DistantEarly/RedSect, BigMoney/Mara/ManProj/Mystic,
were all on A Show of Hands.

Anyway, Presto just got shafted I think.  I don't understand this at all.
Now, granted, I don't even know which Presto songs were ever played
from 1989/90 through 1997.  Still, some Presto song (live) could have been
put on this live album.  Oh well, we can't be all perfectly pleased...just
an opinion and an observation. 

Otherwise, maybe this live album is meant to break some of Rush's former
traditions down a bit.  Including loads more material is a new, different,
great thing.  I commend the Rush camp/rec. company for this move.
It will be extremely interesting to hear the live stuff coming out of the
AFTK days.

Take care,

Chris A.


From: "Anderson, Chris " 
Date: Fri, 14 Aug 1998 12:52:44 -0400
Subject: Box Set

Just went to The NMS:

Maybe the box set will cover the missing
Presto and Signals stuff.  Two of my favorite
albums....well, any Rush album is my favorite album!!


Chris A.


From: Robert Rocke 
Date: Fri, 14 Aug 1998 14:57:25 -0400
Subject: You gotta be kidding me!!

"Unfortunately" to put it mildly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please tell us all you're kidding, rush mgr, and that you're "hiding" the
real track-listing so we can all be surprised on release-day.

I gotta say the song selection REALLY bugs me.
To turn down some great newer and as yet unrepresented live tracks like
Cold Fire, Ghost of a Chance, The Pass (which we always heard introduced as
"one of their faves!") , not to mention The Analog Kid which like Limelight
would have been a nice inclusion from earlier "stage" material.  
Well to turn this great stuff down for yet another rendition of Tom Sawyer.
Christ, we've got it on three movie soundtracks this summer already!!!
(I know I know, that's a completely separate matter, Mercury decision, etc.
BUT still--)

I know, I know, the flames are gonna come aflying, but think about this
I for one am sick of Tom Sawyer, and to be honest, I don't think The Spirit
of Radio has nearly the energy it once did when they now perform it live.
Don't get me wrong, I love those songs--so don't doubt my
"fan-raderie"--but even The Trees and Closer to the Heart (which at least
continues to be different in the variations on its closing "jam") have
already been "seen" on live albums.  I would MUCH prefer some of these
other (admittedly more recent) GEMS!

Do you think that they're just not happy with what they've caught on tape
as being representative of a truly "best" performance of these songs???
Or is something else going on here???

Suffice it to say that I am very disappointed.  It looks like I'm gonna be
down in the village soon doing some bootleg shopping that I was passing on
(no pun intended...actually, f$@# that: PUN INTENDED!) because I thought
I'd get Rush's "definitive" version on the new live album...

Sorry about the vehemence (I'm very java-ed up right now), but I stand by
my criticism very strongly...

I got the heat shield on flame on...

 -Rob Rocke.

>I've also heard that a box set might be in the works, with the tracks that
>didn't make the live album (Vital Signs, Ghost Of A Chance, Half The World,
>The Pass, The Analog Kid, Double Agent, Show Don't Tell)

Why not have just put them on the live album?
They REALLY had alot of room with those two full CD lengths...


From: "Daniel Ware" 
Date: Fri, 14 Aug 1998 13:41:14
Subject: New album, in defense of..

Hey gang...
Craig recently stated, :


Ok, while I agree with some of what he said, I do take issue with a couple
of songs. I love hearing CTTH live. Call it a sickness, but it just gives
me chills. I know it's on ESL and SOH, but it's just not a live album
without it. At the same time, Tom Sawyer is, for some reason, on an
upswing, and seems to be finding a new audience. Why not? Far from
overrated, it's a kick ass song, that I can listen to over and over again.
In fact, you'll find that most people who don't like Rush, do like Tom
Sawyer. I'd even go so far as to say that they ought to release it as a
single this fall to capitalize on its new found popularity. If I had any
money, I bet that they do just that... When they do, and it again becomes a
hit, I'll be back to say "I told you so!" :o)
Until then, Make mine Marvel..
Cheers from New Mexico..


From: Brett Gentzel 
Date: Fri, 14 Aug 1998 15:39:02 -0400
Subject: Live Album setlist

To all those who've been bitching about the "repetitiveness" of some of
the live album tracks:

1)  I agree with you.  I don't particularly want to hear another "live"
(with studio overdubs, no doubt) version of TS, YYZ, CttH, etc.  And I
would _love_ to have legitimate versions of the Pass, Analog Kid, Vital
Signs, etc.  HOWEVER,

2)  NONE of you has even remarked about the fact that we'll be getting
the first book of Cygnus, A Farewell to Kings, the By-Tor/Xanadu combo,
and _Cinderella Man_ (which absolutely _smokes_ live)!  My guess is that
the band assumes that the 3rd disc will MORE than satisfy the hard core
fans.  Which leads me to my final point...

3)  If you want to look at this from an extremely pessimistic point of
view, the band shouldn't (oughtn't, doesn't) give a crap about what we
say or think, because they _know_ that we're going to buy whatever they
produce.  So, they need to create an album that is marketed to the
widest audience possible; and yes, that means including Tom Sawyer and
Closer to the Heart instead of the Pass and Vital Signs.

Let's face it:  Rush has never exactly done things the way we, the hard
core fans, would like them to do it
(play-Totem-and-Between-Sun-and-Moon-live-dammit).  I'm not the
surprised in the slightest that the tracklist is what it is.  I'm just
RELIEVED that Natural Science made it!



From: Slim Jim 
Date: Fri, 14 Aug 1998 21:02:12 +0100
Subject: Re: Live album 

>>>>>  "Craig B. Berwaldt" writes:

> The Trees...again
> Closer to the Heart...again. Will this overrated song ever die?
> 2112. Not even in the right key. 
> Freewill...again.
> The same drum solo...for the most part.
> The Spirit of Radio...again
> Tom Sawyer...again. See Closer...
> YYZ...again.

I've always felt that the band's most popular songs (Closer, Tom 
Sawyer, Xanadu) were way over-rated.  I never really liked any of
them, though I'm starting to like Xanadu, after twenty years..

Actually I can't believe my vinyl copy of A Farewell To Kings is
twenty years old.



From: (Chuck Flowers)
Date: Fri, 14 Aug 1998 14:19:10 -0500
Subject: kings x

I have a little news for you King's X fans out there:  The new album will
be out in early October.  I have heard 3 or 4 of the songs and it sounds
like King's X will satisfy us once again.  Additionally, Doug Pinnicks'
new album, under the name Poundhound, is out and it is very good as well.
 It does not stray too far from the King's X sound and any fans will like

c money


From: Roscinante 
Date: Fri, 14 Aug 1998 16:37:34 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Rush Tattoo's 

I've wanted this tattoo for *ages* and could never afford it, but, now for
my 31st birthday this saturday Aug. 8, family and friends chipped in, so
I've got the butt-naked-dude-warding-off-a-moon-and-star on my left calf

I saw briefly a thread about Rush tattoos. I'm curious who else has a Rush
tat?  (Email me if you prefer)

I'll have to get pics and find someone with a scanner.. I'll post them
when I do :)

All that is gold does not glitter..                            .
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Roscinante (                        I[[[[[[[[]]]]]]]]I


From: Joe Morisseau 
Date: Fri, 14 Aug 1998 16:44:02 -0400
Subject: Radio City Music Hall '83

Hi there....

Robert Velez wrote:

     "Was anyone as fortunate as me to have seen Rush back in 1983 at
Radio City Music Hall in N.Y.C. ? They played (5) nights and previewed
3 songs from Signals which they had just completed but not released.
They were Subdivisions, New World Man, and The Analog Kid ( one of my
all-time favorites)."

        I wasn't at any of these shows, but I can say that it was not
Signals songs they previewed (they did that in Florida '82 which I saw). The
3 songs previewed at those 5 NYC dates were for Grace Under Pressure.
Namely, Red Sector A, The Body Electric, and Kid Gloves. There are various
recordings of them out there from the shows played there. The Signals tour
was already over in May of '83, while these dates were played in September.

        I bet it was pretty amazing to see them though! :)

                                It's now safe to turn off your computer...



Date: Fri, 14 Aug 1998 16:45:37 EDT
Subject: Come on, Let up on the live set

Hey all, For the most part, you all seemed pissed over the live set...why? I
think it looks very impressive. Yeah another version of "Tom Sawyer," but
hasn't the song come along a lot since 1981 when it was put on "Exit...Stage
Left" and wouldn't it also be kind of neat to put in a CD and hear "Moving
Pictures take 38." I think it will be cool. As for "The Spirit of Radio," I
don't think that any of you could say that the newer versions of this is not
excellent. "The Trees," two words: Guitar Solo. And how can some of you flame
"Closer to the Heart?" It's like Kiss and "Rock and Roll all Nite," it's their
damn anthem ('anthem of the heart and anthem of the mind').
I'm not saying I'm not disappointed about the leave off's ("The Pass," "Show
Don't Tell," and so on) but the band don't have to release another live album,
their is no law saying so. Plus they are giving us a show from 1978. I mean
that alone would be great. "Cygnus X-1 Book One: The Voyage." Is this a dream,
pinch me? Plus we do have "Natural Science," "Dreamline," "Bravado," Lets talk
about the songs we do have, feel thankful for new versions of old classics,
and wonder about the leave off's and leave it at that. If nothing I want to
thank Geddy, Alex and Neil, for yet another addition to their amazing
catalogue. Sorry if this makes anyone angry, but that's what I feel, and
that's what I need to say.     Rob

"Who took that canary and fed it to the neighbors cat" Larry Williams "Bad


From: "_DEFAULT" <>
Date: Fri, 14 Aug 1998 15:52:25 -0500
Subject: Reason for Live Album Songs

I thought I'd share with you all some reasons why the live album is =
going to have "repeats" instead of some newer songs with no live =
versions out there.  I do work in the music business, but this is only a =

1) This is the first "Live" album released by Atlantic Records by Rush.  =
The record company, as we should expect, wants to make money.  They know =
they have a better chance of selling it if it included "Tom Sawyer", =
"Free Will", etc.

2) Although it will be a three disc package, it will sell as a two disc =
price, but that's STILL expensive.  Although most everyone on the =
mailing list will buy it, the general public is still likely to shy away =
(this is true with all live albums, especially double ones).

3)The "Bonus" disc is gonna cost Atlantic extra money as well.  I'm sure =
Rush is shelling out money for it as a "thank you to the fans" but odds =
are Atlantic is footing a big part of the bill.

4)Since Rush made it big in the early eighties, their albums have ALWAYS =
followed a trend, which is all the die hards buy it when it first comes =
out, the sales drop off EXTREMELY SIGNIFICANTLY in the weeks that =
follow.  When Atlantic signed them in 1989, they were hoping to end this =
trend, but alas it remained the same.  (These are actually A. Lifesons =
words, not mine).

5)The sad thing about the music business today is it is very competitive =
and record companies are ALWAYS trying to milk the cow for all it's =
worth.  I'm not bashing the record companies, it's very similar to the =
way free agency is now in major sports.  If a team won't sign Mike =
Piazza for $14 million a year, some other team will.  It's tough.

So don't be TOO upset, or I should say don't be mad at the guys in Rush. =
 I'm sure they didn't have quite as much say as possible.

Having said that, I must digress and add that I am ticked off about =
nothing from "Presto" making the cut.  Does anyone else feel this is =
their BEST work since "A Show Of Hands"!?  I'd be happy with just ONE =
song, but this is an injustice!  Let's hope they change their minds on =
this one!

Peace, Clem


From: (Ryan  N Waggoner)
Date: Fri, 14 Aug 1998 15:28:10 -0500
Subject: New Thread!!!!

With all this talk of tracks that have been left off the live album, I
got to thinking about tracks that *I* would like to hear live versions
of, and then I got to thinking that this would be a cool thread idea. 
So, if you would all join in -- what tracks would *you* like on a live
album made just for you?  I'm thinkin' 10 tracks will make a nice live
album (that's all the longer ATWAS is, and it gives you plenty of room to
mess with tempos and lengths of songs and such, plus I don't want to see
30-track compelations taking up precisious space...).

So, here's mine --

Show Don't Tell
The Analog Kid
I Think I'm Going Bald
Here Again
The Camera Eye
Carve Away The Stone
Available Light
Cygnus X-1: Book II
Entre Nous

Okay...there's my list...anyone else got any ideas?

"Someday we'll find it: the rainbow connection; the lovers, the dreamers,
and me."
     Kermit the Frog ("The Rainbow Connection")
Visit my page!!  <  >


From: "Chris Palo" 
Date: Fri, 14 Aug 1998 15:16:46 PDT
Subject: Re:  Geddy in Queen and Rush vs. Hollywood

Dear fellow Rushians,

Salvete et Xairete!  

I know Galahad is a big Queen fan (so am I coincidentally), but I have 
Live Killers *and* Sheer Heart Attack and I can assure everyone out 
there that John Deacon (one hell of a bass player) does not look 
anything like Neil or Ged.  First, the wardrobe question.  John Deacon 
has a very individualized wardrobe.  In the seventies, it was overalls, 
with bell bottoms.  In the eighties, it was nice shirts with ties.  I 
don't think Ged or Neil ever came close to looknig like him with 
possible exception to the hair (which John Deacon cut in the late 70s).  
Besides, if you look at the liner for Sheer Heart Attack, you can tell 
instantly that it wouldn't be Ged for the fact that John is playing a 
Fender bass and we all know that Ged wouldn't start using one until MP.

And as for Hollywood using Rush for movie trailers, I don't think we 
should all get hyped up it.  I'm sure Rush gets a royalty check (their 
lawyers probably made sure to that).  And besides, who, honestly, sees a 
movie because of what song is used to promote it in the trailer?  God 
knows, I don't.  I mean, how many of you who like Blur's "Song # 2" and 
Smashmouth's "Walking on the Sun" to go see Starship Troopers and Wag 
the Dog?  Rush is popular, but the use of TS is not to make us go see 
the movie at all. IT's good filler material, not that I am according TS 
to the status of a "filler" song, for the movie, which is the main 
focus. But for those of you who like poetic justice, wouldn't it be 
interesting if the soundtrack for Waterboy or Small Soldiers outsold the 
movie itself?  Unfortunately, these look like good movies and are not as 
bad as Whitney Houston movies, where the soundtrack always outsells the 
movie itself.  So the soundtracks won't sell as well as the movies, but 
at the same time, we should acknowledge that Rush is really moving into 
more people's music collections.

Take care!

Chris Palo


From: "Kegler, Nick" 
Date: Fri, 14 Aug 1998 15:27:53 -0700
Subject: Could this be a put on?

I'm a Rush fan from waaaay back to the beginning.  I too am embarrassed by 
the lack of creativity in track selection for the upcoming CD.   But... 
 over the years, and you know this as well as I,  Rush has always had 
little inside 'jokes' on things.  Remember the Fear 'Trilogy', album 
photos, fake plays on names and words?  Maaaaybe the 'set list' is just 
something that is fuel to another joke or just a misdirection to get people 
off their backs while this project is finishing development.   Parish the 
thought that a 'paragon of virtue' like a record company, wouldn't lie. 
 (Wink, wink.)  EVERYTHING that you hear in the media is gospel, isn't it? 
 Didn't listing to Rush over the years make you want to spend more time 
with creative thought and have an open mind that always looks at more than 
just one side?  Just food for thought.  The set list could be totally 
different than the 'official' one.  And wouldn't be a wonderful surprise, 
that if you walked into your favorite music store and picked up the new 
Rush CD and it was totally different from what you thought it would be! 
  Gee... like Rush has never surprised us or treated us to something 
different before.  I guess we'll all know when the day arrives.   All the 
best, - Nick


Date: Fri, 14 Aug 1998 18:33:29 EDT
Subject: new live album songlist

I agree with alot of people that "Different Stages" songlist needs to have
more songs from their last four studio albums. Mainly I think this is because
every one of their live albums have songs from the four studio albums before
it, Rush would be breaking traditition by including way too many songs from
their past. They need to include a few from Presto if they want a true live
album. As for the drum solo, I'm glad they are including it because it has
gone through many changes(for the good), and so now I can show my drummer that
Neil truly is the best, because he kicked ass at the T4E tour drum solo! 
       Anyhow, another subject of importance is the new fame Rush has had on
movies and radio. So far, Rush will be on three movie soundtracks, ironically
all are Tom Sawyer. On local radio stations around the Carolinas, I'm guessing
because this new found fame of Rush , they have played the hell out of Tom
Sawyer!! (I've at least heard it 11 times total so far this week!) Also Rush
was on VH1 at 1:30 a.m.east. time this morning on pop-up video with the
"Canadian Invasion" theme. While what those little annoying bubbles were
saying half the time was a load of shit, it still was pretty cool to see the
best band in the world be on mainstream cable TV for a change. Anyhow, I hope
they change the songlist some , I'm happy for seeing my faves on there so
far(Natural Science, Dreamline), again as i said earlier, they still need to
include more recent material from their last four albums than another
"greatest hits-live" type album. I wish they would stop pushing the date back
though. I can just remember a short while ago when it was late sept...... boy
how things change so quickly??? I'm outta here
Chris "Lerxst-man" Honeycutt


From: (The Rinckster)
Date: Fri, 14 Aug 1998 18:43:44 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: pent (angles) (agrams) (house) 

Geez, thanks guys!! I really never paid attention to which way the points went.
You know, just as soon as we get all that goat blood mopped up I'm gonna
to have to check that out!!

serenity  courage  wisdom  just for today


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