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         The National Midnight Star, Number 2092

                  Tuesday, 25 Aug 1998

Today's Topics:
                      Animate Single
                   more on live albums
              whine and cheese??  your turn
                   Mystic Rythms Video
         Keyboard Shmeeboard, where's the music?
                keyboards as instruments..
                       MWTC, others
               Rock Under Strange Hypnosis
                     SHUT UP ALREADY
      all this bickering about the new live album...
                     Available Light
                 Neil vs. Carter Beauford
               No "platinum" since Mercury
                    Rush License Plate
                     2112 Inspiration
                    Live Disc Pattern
                    Peart Vs Beauford
                     Live Rush album
                    Ghost of a Chance
           hello all Finns! Heippa Suomalaiset!
              a RUSH fan's alternative band
                     Pass the Stones
          kid at kmart parking lot.story and...
                    RE: License plates
                      Still needed:
       Possible answer to one of Derek's questions.
         Rush Could Definitely Use Some Dynamics!
                     Rush on 8-track
                      prism records
           In defense of "Different Stages"....

From: (The RUSH Fans Digest Manager)
Date: Tue Aug 25 11:30:04 PDT 1998
Subject: Administrivia

More news on the live album; this is confirmed via Atlantic:

The new release date is November 17th. It's been pushed back because they
are retracking the live album, BASED ON COMMENTS THEY'VE RECEIVED FROM FANS!
(that includes all the comments that have been posted here)

They are going to include "Show Don't Tell" on the first disc, and "The Analog
Kid" on the second. There is no word if they will be replacing other songs,
or will be in addition to the track listing already posted.

 - rush-mgr


From: Sean 
Date: Mon, 24 Aug 1998 10:20:12 -0500
Subject: Animate Single

I, as many other have expressed, was also disappointed that songs such
as "The Analog Kid," "Vitals Signs" and "Red Barchetta" (with Ged's
kick-ass bass lines) were not included on the "Different Stages" final
track list. However, does anyone else think that songs such as those and
others that had been mentioned as possible, but didn't make the final
cut (i.e "The Pass," "Half The World," "Cold Fire," etc.) may be
included on the "Animate" CD single? I reference the "Subdivisions" (or
maybe it was "New World Man"?) single with the "Vital Signs" live b-side
as a previous example of Rush doing this.


From: Fred Pinto 
Date: Mon, 24 Aug 98 11:10:47 -0700
Subject: more on live albums

shawn wrote...

>To all of you who are a bit upset over them putting all the "backbone 
     songs" on the live album (TS, CTH, LImelight, etc.):
     Come on, would a Jimmy Buffett concert be a Jimmy Buffet concert if he 
 >    doesn't play Margaritaville?  Of course not.  Same thing here.

to this i say--"would a show of hands (the album, not the video) be a 
show of hands without tom sawyer????"  DOOOOOOHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
no tom on asoh.  a great live representation of RUSH without tom sawyer, 
spirit, or the trees.  this is not a flame, but rush HAS previously 
released a live album without the backbone songs (more or less), but 
rather choosing MOSTLY songs from the previous 4 albums--and THAT album 
kicked ass.  as i said before, it took balls to leave those "backbone" 
songs off asoh.  where are those balls now?


From: "DJ Benjamin" 
Date: Mon, 24 Aug 1998 11:12:36 PDT
Subject: Hello

Any NMS'ers near Eugene Oregon? I am in Eugene for business, and it is 
boring here. I saw the television ad for the bird clock, 2112 was the 
last four digits :-) I did get to see "Raiders of the Lost Ark" on the 
big screen here though, something I would'nt get to see in Miami. 



From: Fred Pinto 
Date: Mon, 24 Aug 98 11:41:53 -0700
Subject: whine and cheese??  your turn

some jack-ass wrote

>To everyone who expresses disappointment with the upcoming DS setlist:

>Would you like some cheese to go with the Whine? Perhaps a nice Gouda or
>Munster would suit you.

>PLEASE STOP **WHINING** ABOUT THE SETLIST! There is nothing you can do to
>change it -- I can't believe the EGO of some people!! (esp. the guy who
>wrote a letter stating his own setlist, and could they please look at it
>before they press the cd?--Jeeze!!) 

>Rush, Atlantic, and SRO Anthem, or whoever is responsible for the content,
>is going to do whatever they damnwell please! 


whatever guy!  this list is to discuss likes AND DISLIKES about things 
related to rush.  the "whining" you referred to is as justified as your 
crap about us needing to deal with it.  i think you'll find that you are 
in the minority if you're pleased with the setlist, and if you don't want 
to hear about it here, then we'll be happy to show you the door.  
obviously there is nothing we can do about it, but as loyal fans who pay 
good money to listen to rush(which results in them being sickeningly 
rich), we certainly have a right to bitch about the forthcoming setlist.  
we paid for that right.  it's not our egos that are the problem.  your 
ego, thinking we have no right to disturb your happiness by discussing 
it, is the problem.  where do you get off???
so whoever is responsible for the setlist will do what they please.  yes, 
they will.  but if i don't like it, i am allowed to bitch about it.  the 
nms exists for these discussions.  if you'd rather know what's in my cd 
player than what i think of the live album, just ask. but don't tell me 
shit i already know.  "i can't change the setlist????"  "oh my god, i 
thought if i bitched about it, it would magically change."  pull your 
head out and eat some of that cheese your offering, cuz you're the one 
who needs to DEAL WITH IT!!
p.s. the setlist sucks!


Date: Mon, 24 Aug 1998 13:08:40 -0700 (MST)
Subject: Mystic Rythms Video

Anyone ever notice Alex's hands as his and geddy's image is projected on
the manikin on the Mystic Rythms Video. ;-)


From: (Jack Mevorah)
Date: Mon, 24 Aug 1998 15:14:19 -0400
Subject: Keyboard Shmeeboard, where's the music?

> >>>>>  "Michael Z. Williamson" writes:

> > >  IMHO, the use of keyboards is what tainted Signals for me
> > >  and a lot of people at first.
> >
> > I'm aware of this but never understood it.  How is a keyboard
> > less of an instrument?  How is Geddy less talented a composer by
> > nature of the instrument he uses?

> It's just a matter of taste.  Keyboards, for me too, are
> less of an instrument than stringed instruments like bass
> or (particularly) guitar - because the manner in which the
> note is made on a guitar allows for much more personal
> character to come through.  You can mute in much more
> creative ways, you can bend, add vibrato, and the same note
> can be played in different places on the fretboard to give
> different voices.  You can also pick the string in
> different places.  You can slur the note.  You can add
> harmonics.

> The player is responsible for creating the note on a guitar
> (or bass) in a much more intimate way, with much more
> control than on a keyboard where the notes are essentially
> 'typed'.

Somebody should tell this to Herbie Hancock ... Slim?

> One other point - undoubtedly Alex's & Geddy's guitar *
> bass skills are massively superior to Geddy's keyboard
> skills.

The problem appeared to be the subtraction of buitar and bass
rather than the addition of keyboards.  Geddy has, on more than
one ocassion, said he is a bass player first, singer second, and
keyboard player absolutely last.  This doesn't take from the
contribution keys have made as an element of countless Rush
tunes for more than twenty years.

> Slim



From: "Daniel Ware" 
Date: Mon, 24 Aug 1998 13:47:32
Subject: keyboards as instruments..

HEy gang....
I'm sorry, but I can't remember who said this:
<<<less of an instrument than stringed instruments like bass 
>or (particularly) guitar - because the manner in which the 
>note is made on a guitar allows for much more personal 
>character to come through.  You can mute in much more 
>creative ways, you can bend, add vibrato, and the same note 
>can be played in different places on the fretboard to give 
>different voices.  You can also pick the string in 
>different places.  You can slur the note.  You can add
>The player is responsible for creating the note on a guitar
>(or bass) in a much more intimate way, with much more 
>control than on a keyboard where the notes are essentially

I wouldn't say this around Mozart or Beethoven if I were you... Then again
they're dead, so I guess it doesn't mater...:o) Seriously, not a flame
here, but Keyboard players like Keith Emerson, Rick Wakeman, and
MArillion's Mark Kelly have some serious emotive qualities in their music,
IMHO.. Try listening to a computer generated song, and them have an actual
person play it for you. My old college roomate, who now plays for the top
blues band in Austin (gratuitous WC Clark plug), has one of those whiz bang
korg keyboards that does just about everything but wipe your nose. I had
the arguement about emotive instruments with him once, and he had me listen
with my eyes closed to the difference, and by God, there it was. The
prerecorded song on the keyboard sounded perfect, but lacking a certain
soul.. When he played the same piece, WOW, what a difference. Perhaps not a
technical, but more expressive and emotional... Try it, it works..
Cheers from NEw Mexico..
Jesus is coming..Look busy


From: "Miers, Dan" 
Date: Mon, 24 Aug 1998 15:26:25 -0500
Subject: MWTC, others

Hi-dee hoooo TMS!

Just thought I'd drop a line because I had a pretty cool weekend at this
thing we called the Mid West TabCon '98.  For dern near 48 hours 13+
musicians from all over the Midwest (and NY for a precious few who really
enjoy bus travel) assembled to celebrate the music of Rush by, as the
creators of South Park would say, "impersonating it....badly".

Honestly, it was a blast and only three or four songs were mercilessly
butchered.  But heck, when you assemble a lot of unacquainted amateurs (and
Sean) together to knock off some of the most complicated rock an roll music
and have one take to give it your best shot, anything beyond total crap is a
victory.  One of the highlights of the weekend was finding the answers to
some of the great questions debated on this digest.

#1 The "Ding" in Hemispheres:  It is neither a crotale or a triangle, but
rather an electronically simulated bell-like sound triggered on a Roland
octopad.  End of discussion.

#2  Overplayed Songs Suck:  Not true.  Some of the biggest hits with
spectators (musicians and friends alike), and most energy filled
performances of the weekend, were on Tom Sawyer, Spirit of Radio, The Trees
and (I imagine since I missed it) Closer To The Heart.

#3  "Burps" or "Morning Guv" in The Camera Eye:  I don't know about anyone
else in the room, but I didn't hear anything....

#4  South Park and Seinfeld:  You can never have too much of either....and
both are even funnier at 2:00 am.

#5  Everyone needs Ovaltine.

Anyway...I'd say it was a big success and it was great fun meeting a number
of people whose NMS posts I have enjoyed over the years.

In other news...In response to John Caulfield's suggestion in the recent NMS
about Rush usage in yearbooks...I was a little malcontent at the end of my
Senior year.  Quote at the end of my yearbook entry, "When I leave I don't
know what I'm hoping to find, and when I leave I don't know what I'm leaving


PS - Michael Williamson makes some kick-ass chili!   Thanks Mike!


From: "Jan Estling" 
Date: Mon, 24 Aug 1998 22:51:37 +0200
Subject: Rock Under Strange Hypnosis

Hej! Alla Rushister!! (swede)!!

About embarrassing records....ABBA!!..(Michael)
I have the first single  and first LP from 75`..and
i loved it...! a early group name of ABBA was FESTFOLKET
(in english THE PARTYPEOPLE)...well enough of that..the same
year i discovered Fly By Night!!!!..and you know the rest....

Today when i was reading the newspaper something=20
catch my eyes....hoops....what !!! a girl with a RUSH-tshirt!!
( a black T-shirt with the Hemispheres and 2112 logotypes)=20
She was in a play of so called New Years Theater
(sort of comic amateur theater that every big city in Sweden
have around New Year)...she is doing some parody of something...
Well  im going to watch it on TV at Saturday......

Another comic program in Sweden called "Glenn Killing i Manegen"
have a parody of a soundcheck man..he is a hardrocker and have made
a list of the of 10 best drummers in the world...Glenn is saying "Who is the=20
number one on the list...." The soundcheck man says.." Its Neil Peart from the
Canadian power trio Rush"...(showing the list to the audience) and some people
in the audience going wild...then Glenn confirms "You heard it Neil Peart from
the Canadian power trio Rush is nr one!!"=20
(Nr two was Alex Van Halen)..enough of this small Rush sightnings in =

Memorably Rush songs on a special happening....
Well  i  was searching all over town for a girl that i was
deeply in loved with at the New years night 91/92...i found here
at 03.00...and we laughed and get crazy to 07.00..then i remember
that we eat some ice-cream at Mc-Donalds..urgh!!...We were drunk = ofcourse
We went to my place...i put 2112 on....and a special song for this mood = was
ofcourse Tears....We layed there on the sofa and were kissing and = hugging..
and...she just wanted to here Tears all the time.... i remember that i =
played it 8 times ( on my record player)....after that night we were not 
seeing = each other for months and we never get together again..beacause it 
was to much = feelings It took me 4 years to get over (enough of this 
memory..its a long story)

"I have more than a right. I`m not a public
figure, i never wanted to be, never asked to be,
never tried to be, never worked to be. =20
So i have more than a right to a private life."=20 =20 NP....around 82=B4

" A working man with his Dog years behind him"...Swederusher "Lex = Rushon"


From: "Gary and Rhonda" 
Date: Mon, 24 Aug 1998 17:03:19 -0500

Rush gives us a new 3 cd set and all I read about is the pissing and
moaning about the set list..
You pay your $40 to see the concert dont you??????
You know damn well that "Tom Sawyer", "The Spirit Of Radio", and "Closer To
The Heart",
are getting played that night sometime.
They are called "signature songs" you expect them in concert therefore you
should expect it
on the live album////WHAT DID YOU EXPECT??????????

Considering all that is going on with the band we should be happy we are
fucking getting anything at all......


Flame on........


Date: Mon, 24 Aug 1998 18:55:18 EDT
Subject: all this bickering about the new live album...

I've seen an awful lot of posts referring to the apparently "weak" setlist
involved in the upcoming live album...but let's remember to be a little fair,
as well as a little realistic...

An awful lot of people are crying about how "such and such" favorite song has
been omitted from the lineup of the cd...most notably, how there is no
material from "Presto" represented anywhere...but let's stop and take a look
at the situation.

All the recording for the first two discs was done over the course of the last
two tours (Counterparts, and the summer half of the T4E tour).  Those who were
at the last two tours will doubtless notice that there weren't a lot of Presto
material performed--T4E had NO material from Presto at the two shows I saw,
and during the Counterparts show, only "Show Don't Tell" was played.  Only a
handful of dates during the Counterparts tour had "The Pass" on the setlist.
In essence, few chances to make a good recording of anything off of why do you wonder that none made it on the CD?

Has it occured to anyone on here, that most recordings for live albums are
usually done only over the course of three to at MOST five nights?  If during
those nights,  no material off of Presto was played to band's satisfaction, it
would certainly be their right to decide to leave that material OFF the cd!
Likewise, maybe the examples of "Analog Kid" weren't performed to the band's
high standards, and were therefore nixed...and maybe, one of those "tried and
true" numbers that the hardcore fans are panning for being "redundant" after
being on all the other live albums (and for the record, Tom Sawyer was ONLY on
ESL unless you count the versions on video--which I'm NOT) was actually a real
ripping version that they are all proud of putting on again.

I am a hardcore fan as well...and I would have loved to have heard the Pass
live on the cd, as well as "Analog Kid" and "Show Don't Tell" ...but the
bottom line is, it is up to the band to decide what the best material of their
shows' harvest was most suited to the cd...I think we need to put a little bit
more faith in the boys than we are showing...


Date: Mon, 24 Aug 1998 19:43:58 -0400
Subject: Available Light

I keep hearing people mention Show Don't Tell, The Pass, and 
Superconductor from Presto but how about Available Light?  Not 
too many people mention anything about that song and of all of the 
songs that stand out in my mind from that album is that one.  If 
anyone remembers my post on the Analog Kid, I found that, that 
song is the most noticeable.  For some reason it just sticks out in 
my head.  Same goes for Available Light.  Maybe its me but some 
songs strike me in a different way.  I have never been known to go 
the way of the masses and this may prove it even further.  Later


From: "Chris Muller" 
Date: Mon, 24 Aug 1998 19:42:15 -0400
Subject: Neil vs. Carter Beauford

Thank you Sam Scott - I think you really did this debate justice.  You
managed to objectively (and accurately) weigh the strengths of these two
drummers.  Neil certainly had a huge impact on my own playing, and I love
Rush's music, but Carter Beauford certainly surpasses Neil on almost every
technical level.  (and I say this from my own 15 years of playing, in many
bands, etc.... so, if anyone wishes to flame me on this point.  :-)-  But
as Sam stated so clearly, being technically superior is not the only aspect
to being a great player.  Neil's application of his tremendous talent is
amongst the best there is.  Neil is my personal favorite. 

It was so refreshing to see a post on the TNMS that does not ignorantly
slam another great musician.  So many people need to wake up.... maybe
learn to play....practice...

Chris Muller  


From: "Drs. Samuel A. and Marta P. Scott" 
Date: Mon, 24 Aug 1998 19:26:05 -0600
Subject: No "platinum" since Mercury

"During their time with Atlantic, they've yet to score a Platinum

This is an interesting (and accurate) Rushtoid.

The halt to Rush's general string of platinum albums (the cessation
actually began with HYF, a very mediocre record in terms of "freshness")
is a result of changing musical climate.

Although Rush does follow trends to a limited extent, the band's
acknowledgement of mod styles is fairly superficial - they remain
largely Rush, to a stubborn degree (much like the Stones) . They don't
know what else to do but be Rush. The band is also aging (mid-40s is on
the old side for a "rock" band).

If Rush took a huge chance and brought in some young, hot-to-trot
producer (or an old one - anyone but Peter Collins) - they might sound
like Rush yett substantially "fresh" (e.g., when they first brought in
Ruper Hine). Ain't gonna happen. The band is not concerned with sales
marks. I hope to God we see another Rush studio album, period.

"Meanwhile, after they left Mercury, that label enjoyed the
Multi-Platinum success of Chronicles and they've gone back to mine their
old catalog again with the remasters and Retrospectives.  Atlantic is
probably dying for a payoff hit from the band.  And the band's contract
may be coming up for extension or renegotiation.  This will be the fifth
album with Atlantic; how many are they under contract for?"

Rush entered into a 3-album deal with Atlantic beginning with Presto.
TFE was produced under a new, single album contract. They are presumably
continuing on an album-by-album basis. Probably they don't even have a
signed contract yet for the next studio release, because internally,
they are not sure certain they'll be making one.

Sam Scott


From: Tim Henderson 
Date: Mon, 24 Aug 1998 18:17:10 +0000
Subject: Rush License Plate

Spotted in San Diego, Calif. Red Celica? with 2112YYZ License Plate.

   [ Heh, that would be mine. Were you the guy on 163N that said "2112"
     as he drove by last week? :-)  And yes, it's a red Celica.    : rush-mgr ]


From: "Nathan Crowell" 
Date: Mon, 24 Aug 1998 21:26:53 -0400
Subject: 2112 Inspiration

Just to nit-pick, the inspiration for 2112 was *not* "The Fountainhead", as
proclaimed by (someone?) in TNMS #2090 - it was "Anthem". Read it, it's
almost the same story.....

also, I'm perfectly happy with the live album setlist - I refer anyone who
calls something by Rush bad to Woody Allen's comments about sex ("Even when
it's bad, it's still pretty good.")

Nate Crowell
"He's not afraid of your judgement / He knows of horrors worse than
           your Hell" - The Weapon


From: "msutton ." 
Date: Mon, 24 Aug 1998 20:06:13 -0600
Subject: Live Disc Pattern

I think what most of us are saying or thinking when we complain about
the new live disc's set list is that the Rush that we once knew is no
longer with us.  What Rush is that?  For me it is the Rush that was
consistent!   If we look back on the bands previous efforts we find a
pattern and for most of us it was a pattern we could live with.  The
pattern is as follows:
    -  Music from last four studio albums
    -  A couple of old classics that slipped by the previous live disc
            - For example
                   On Exit Stage Left - Passage to Bangkok and Beneath,
Between & Behind
                   On A Show of Hands - Witch Hunt
    -  Maybe one repeat (Closer to the heart last time and 2112 this time)

The above is what we expected from the new live disc.  So imagine our
shock when we see the new set list and the pattern was shot to hell.  No
Presto songs and many many repeats.  Of course the pattern was already
broken by this being a 2 disc set with a bonus disc for a grand total of
three discs.  But this, I think, made the shock even worse as people
were really getting excited and pumped up for something they thought
would be the "be all and end all" of live Rush discs.  While there are
some great things about this disc set (Natural Science, Cygnus X-1, ect)
it is not all that we hoped for.

In short:  Some of us expected a pattern and were totally shocked at
what we saw and needed to vent.  I really do not see this as "whining",
as some people put it, and feel that it is nice to see other who feel
the same. I actually do not mind reading opinions that are opposite to
mine because sometimes it makes me sit back and rethink my position and
come to an overall greater understanding.

PS   For all of those who say Rush does not owe us anything - I agree -
but I also think we do not owe them anything.  Sure they produce great
music but I also produce money for that music, it is a two way street
not a one way street.



From: (Paul J Ferrara)
Date: Mon, 24 Aug 1998 21:56:21 -0400
Subject: Dionysus

Anyone know whether 'Dionysus' Is masculine or feminine?

Mr. Paul J. Ferrara -- Toms River, NJ
"Si Hoc Legere Scis Nimium Eruditionis Habes"


From: dan roveto 
Date: Mon, 24 Aug 1998 22:08:29 -0400
Subject: Peart Vs Beauford

To who compared Neil Peart .vs Carter Beauford, I am a fellow drummer 
myself, and I would like to add a couple things to the argument, Carter 
Beauford overdubs drum parts on studio recordings.  That is how he gets 
alot of those strange off beat patterns.  When I have seen Dave mathews 
live, alot of that extravagance is not performed, not enough limbs and 
speed.  So don't get down on yourself for not being able to do his parts, 
neither can he.  Also on the same token, it is really impossible to say who 
is the "best" at anything.  Surely I can name things that Carter Beauford 
can't do that Neil Peart can, and Vise Versa.  Expressing music is a way of 
expressing one's self.  Comparing people is like comparing apples and 
oranges.  So many people used to say how great John Bonham was.  I used to 
think he was the most over-rated drummer ever.  Nothing he does is that 
difficult.  But he complements Led Zeppelin's style so well.  Sure Neil 
Peart is better technically than John Bonham, but would Neil Peart make an 
improvement to Led Zeppelin?  I don't think so.  Just another stupid 
opinion from someone who thinks it might count.

By the way, the setlist, IMHO, I really think........  HaHa, I won't do 
what every other person has done.
Thanks, Dan
Visit Pope Joe's website
Also you can ICQ me at 13237850
If you don't have ICQ you should get it.


From: Brian Darr 
Date: Mon, 24 Aug 1998 23:31:31 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Live Rush album

With all this talk about many people being upset about the discs being too
short on the upcoming live album, I am reminded of something interesting
that happened to me recently.
	I was in a used CD shop, and I saw a copy of "Greatest Kiss" (A
collection of digitally remastered Kiss classics from the 70's).  It said
on cover of the pamphlet that it was "for promotional use only" It was the
demo.  I bought it, liked it, but was dissapointed at the fact that only
56 minutes of music was on a disc that could hold over 75 minutes.
Anyway, a few weeks ago I saw the official release which contained more
songs than the promo did.  I bought it.  It had over 76 minutes on it.  I
thought this was more like it.  
	Given that all that people have seen thus far are demos, isn't it
possible that the official release will have the 6 or so more songs that
it seems to have room for?  I will love the live album, but I will be
dissapointed if they don't utilize all the possible space they could on
the first two discs.  Why limit them to 60 minutes each when there is
space for more?  It seems like they have an opportunity to include new
live versions of the old stuff while not limiting the amount of material
from recent albums.  
	They could still add a few more songs and still have some that
will be only for the video.  

Let's write Anthem records (or should we write Atlantic?) and ask that the
album have 75 plus minutes on each of the first two discs!!!!  ARE YOU

Brian Darr----------------------------------E-Mail:
"The more we think we know about, the greater the unknown" (Neil Peart, 1985)


From: Guy Walker 
Date: Mon, 24 Aug 1998 23:43:09 -0500
Subject: Rockline

 I'm listening to it now,and better than ezra are playing Rush.


From: "Dennis F. Pupello II" 
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 01:37:50 -0400
Subject: Ghost of a Chance

Amy Moseley Rupp  wrote:

>I couldn't help but wonder if Neil didn't WANT some songs (eg Ghost of a
>Chance) on the live album.  Live.  Alive.

Good point.  Seems like that song would be an incredibly painful reminder.

Have to say though that the mp3 boot of Ghost of a Chance is just great.  To
my ears, Alex is in total command of his chops, and the solo is awesome,
better than the very good studio version.

Thankfully live songs like this one and Cold Fire are available via mp3.

Buenos nachos.


From: "a s" 
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 01:32:30 PDT
Subject: hello all Finns! Heippa Suomalaiset!

This message is bilingual.


I think this is the first list written in Finnish on this list?
Am I right?

Kuulkaas kaikki Suomalaiset Rush-fanit!
(attention all Finnish Rush-fans!)

Tietaako kukaan, mista saisi Rushin bootleggeja suomesta?
(does anybody know how to get Rush boots from Finland?)

Kirjottakaa suoraan mulle, Alkaa tukkiko listaa.
(write directly to me, don't jam the list.)  

That's it.


From: (Keith Hoffman - Lord Sloth)
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 02:07:59 -0700
Subject: a RUSH fan's alternative band

Hey hey! Lord Sloth here!   (taken from Primus, as a version of "hey hey!
Bob Cock here!")

on a previous post I may have mentioned my band's web page, well since
then it has been updated with fairly clear wav files of clips from 3 of
our songs, in raw demo format (8 track analog, 1/4").  If anyone wants to
hear them, hit the site!

bass players be prepared, some of the bass lines are processed through a
synth bass processor!

These songs were written in the studio, and they keep getting better with
time as we play them in rehearsal, anyone who knows about being in bands
should know that songs are not usually recorded until they have been
played live for a while, well we did it backwards because we had the
studio and equipment at our disposal, and we wanted to have a demo real

the next time we record them, it should sound much better, but they sound
fine now.

I am being brave, since I know some of you are elitists, and may give a
bad review for the sake of giving a bad review, but I am willing to take
that risk!

Remember, this is alternative music aimed at today's crowd, it just so
happens that a rush fan is behind the bass!

once again

rave reviews should be posted and CC'd to me, but generally it is best to
use the email link on the site to reply with comments about the site or
the music, there is even a form to enter your address and comments if you
wish to be added to the mailing list, and all emails received via the
main email link on the page will be added to our emailing list


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From: Flame 
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 07:39:37 -0500
Subject: Pass the Stones


I woke up at about 4 a.m. on Monday morning to excruciating pain.

Just....BOOM. All of a sudden, I'm awake, in serious distress. The first
thought that went through my mind is that my appendix had burst or something
because the minute I stood up, I went down to my knees bent over in agony.

Managed to fall back asleep....something I ate?

At 9 a.m. I was in the doctor's office about ready to vomit and almost in
complete tears because of the pain...did a urine sample, blood...and guess
who has a kidney stone? Or something to that affect, anyway.

So...this has been a really pleasant day. I'm dealing with the pain now I
know what it is.

Apparently it's just a waiting game now....I'm playing the "pee in the
screen" game" waiting to win the jackpot. I hope my number comes soon!

Is there a  Rush song that applies?

How about.....a rendition of "Roll the Bones"....something like....

"Pass the Stones?"



"I am made from the dust of the stars
 and the oceans flow in my veins..."


Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 09:07:02 EDT
Subject: kid at kmart parking lot.story and...

I remember back about 1985?? I was waiting in a k-mart parking lot
near Geneva Illinois for my dad.? (visiting)
There was a pudgy overweight kid about 10 ? yrs old playing air-drums
out side his parents car jamming to his new tape of Rush. 
either Rush-rush, or FBN
I said something to him about how good rush is, and he agreed. 
I told him to get the newer albums and listen to the lyrics.
Also , in about 86? a very late night news show played the intro 
to Mystic rhythms as their closing song. That woke me right up.. 
Probably one of nbc,cbs or abc. PW had been out for probably over 7months? 

Just thought I would let you all know of my new very small Rush page. 
at =
This is from my main page at=
The pic i beleive is from GUP in Bloomington MN concert with my smuggled 
in sisters 410 camera in my sock. (Those long skinny cameras.)


From: Dan 
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 08:30:06 -0500
Subject: RE: License plates

>From: (Shawn Cook)
>Date: Fri, 21 Aug 1998 18:08:03 -0400
>Subject: An entire state of Rush sightings!
>     Hi gang,
>     Some DOT manager here in Virginia decided to start with ZZZ-9999 for 
>     the standard issue liscense plates and work backwards.  Now, I live in 
>     a state where about 10,000 cars' plates start with YYZ.  I think they 
>     had to skip over YYZ-2112 -- don'tcha think?
>     -Shawn

On a semi-related note, my uncle and aunt are from Michigan.  The last time
they came in for a visit, I noticed that their plate was HYF-768.  I
thought that was pretty cool - a RUSH related plate without even having to
pay for a vanity plate!  :-)


"The point of a journey is not to arrive." - Neil Peart


From: (Clator Butler)
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 09:56:50 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Still needed:

I've been promised most of the cuts I'm looking for from most of you, or
have acquired into my own collection.

I still need the following tracks:

O Canada: Geddy at the 1994 All Star Game

The Buddy Rich Memorial Scholorship Concert video
   (Featuring an extended version of Cottontail with Neil playing a drum
solo on a 4-piece trap set.)

If you have high-quality stereo VHS copies, that will be fine.  If you
trust me with your originals, I promise a prompt return.

e-mail me at if you can help.  Thanks.
|L. Clator Butler Jr.         |The power to destroy a  |...But I'm   |
|         |planet is insignificant |trying real  |
|A rational, romantic,        |next to the power of the|hard to be   |
|   mystic, cynical idealist  |Force.                  |the shepherd.|
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From: "Daniel Ware" 
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 09:33:24
Subject: Possible answer to one of Derek's questions.

Hey gang...
This is in answer (hopefully) to one of Derek's questions... 
I believe Moving Pictures was the last on 8 track, but Signals MAY have
been on 8 track too. I remember driving around in my friend's VW bug, and
we found a garage sale selling a stack of 8 tracks. Included was MP,
Hemispheres, and 2112. We couldn't pass up the opportunity....Hope this
Cheers from New Mexico..
Jesus is coming..Look busy


From: "Anderson, Chris " 
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 11:53:26 -0400
Subject: Rush Could Definitely Use Some Dynamics!

>>but they've lost something in the area of dynamics.  Why
not have a quiet song, or a song with a keyboard lead?  I don't want an
album full of it, but it would add variety.  Resist was, I think, an
attempt to add dynamics, but I don't think it was a very successful
attempt. Musicians of their calibre should have the freedom to stretch
out and really play, to allow a piece to develop. We don't need to force
20 minute 'epics', but surely they must be forcing themselves to stick
to the 4-6 minute range now.  Listen to a good jazz album, and you'll
find that the time required to explore various musical ideas varies.<<


The posting you made to TNMS was great.  I too believe that Rush needs
to approach music a little differently.  I get the impression, however,
that the guys
of Rush are very much "left-brain" oriented.  They could get out of this
line of thinking by taking a more "King Crimson/Fripp-like" approach to
their music.  Still, though, they could branch out more by using more
acoustic instruments but with STRONG rhythm and possibly some keyboards here
and there.  The Rush albums always have a very "limiting" format....their
albums as a whole don't venture out too much from song-to-song.  I LOVE
Rush's music still...    If they were to go back to epics or change up things
a bit this time out, it'd be awesome.  

Here's some food for thought:

It seems (through Rush's history), that they have changed (dramatically)
about every fourth/fifth album.  2112 to AFTK (some good major change),
Moving Pictures to Signals (some more major change), HYF to Presto (MAJOR
change), Test For Echo to ?????? (again, we'll see some big changes!!!)


Chris A.   


From: "Bryan Nyary (s)" 
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 11:58:00 -0500
Subject: Rush on 8-track

Derek Tetlow asked in TNMS #2090 what was the last Rush album released on 8-
track. The FAQ may list release numbers for vinyl/cassette/8-track, but if 
not, I can report that my dad bought me Moving Pictures on 8-track in 1981. I 
remember there were splits in YYZ and The Camera Eye. 


From: Chris Delp 
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 10:00:02 -0700
Subject: prism records

> someone wrote
> >>"Mike Bahr, where the hell are you?  I'm still waiting on my copy of
> >>Virtual Songs.  It was sent out over a month ago according to your
> >>webpage.  I've sent three e-mails in the last month and haven't heard
> >>from you.  Please write back. "
> >
> > he runs a business and is blowing off everyone.  his website updates
> >are full of shit.  he has not sent out almost all the orders, or people
> >like you and me would have gotten them.  it's been six weeks since i
> >ordered

i wouldnt be suprised if a very a strong supproting reason for mike bahrs
retirement is that so many of you worthless boot collectors are so over wrought
with paranoia and harrass him so much that hes just sick of it. this is a 
message to all on the net who collect boots. DO NOT SEND YOUR MONEY OR TAPES 
IT AGAIN. if any one is planning on ripping you off (and those of you like me 
who have truly been swindled will know what im talking about.) you will not 
beable to contact them, they will not throw up a smoke screen site, they will 
not continue to reply on your email, they will not give you there real 
address, and they will not give you their real name. mike bahr has made an 
honest effort on his part to make available a high quality set of unique rush 
boots. and for those of you like the fellow who wrote the above, all you 
deserve is a kick in the teeth. id be happy to provide this service to you. 
your a peice of shit. its maybe your just to stupid to realize that home boot 
production is not going to be like buying a soda at circle k, or that when 
somebody -a person- is attempting something of this nature it means that you 
are not dealing wiht corporation central, but a humanbeing, or maybe your 
sooo stupid that you didnt even check out ol' mike enough (and it only
would have taken 2 seconds) to find out that delivery time is long and quality 
is high. in short you (the person who wrote the above quote) and all the 
people like you who are too imature to deal in boots on the web, you suck 
and i hope you get ripped off so badly that you stop listening to rush and 
go back to your dick cheese radio top 40!


From: (Jonathan A Gilsdorf)
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 14:31:32 EDT
Subject: In defense of "Different Stages"....

OK everybody,
	After reading enough criticism about "DS", I feel the need to be
one of the few to defend it.  I think people need to realize that this
COULD BE Rush's last official collection of music.  Are you going to rip
it just because some songs you wish were on it are missing?  Or because
we are getting some of the same songs again?  Yeah, I wish a couple songs
were on there that aren't, and I could do without "Stick it Out", but I
am not going to let a couple omissions put a damper on my enthusiasm and
anticipation for this live release.  Maybe there is something special
about the versions of "CTTH" and "Sawyer" that they felt these songs
should be included again.  And, just think, perhaps these live versions
on "DS" COULD turn out to be you favorite live version.  Please have an
open mind about this.  And besides, were people really shocked "CTTH" was
included?  C'mon, it is pretty much the anthem of Rush.
	One of the reasons we love Rush is they have always done what
Geddy, Alex, and Neil wanted, not anybody else.  We as the fans, just
happened to like the music they turn out.  So, they (maybe Geddy mostly?)
have decided what songs are to be included.  Remember, we are not owed a
thing by these three men.  This is another point I believe has been
forgotten in the criticisms of the track listing.  And, besides, we ARE
getting a 1978 concert CD as a bonus.
	Anyways, I know some of you are thinking "Well, if this IS Rush's
last official release, they should have done a better job with the track
selection."  To that, all I can say is "Well, that is your opinion, but
some of us are actually looking forward to this."  Besides, I personally
think the entire "2112" with all 7 parts is going to be worth it, no
matter if it was played in a lower key, slowed down a bit, or whatever. 
In concert, it was quite the experience for me.
	There is a possibility of a concert video coming out, as I
understand the last Toronto show had many more cameras than usual. 
Perhaps some of the songs "missing" from "DS" will make the concert video
(like "Half the World".)  
	I'll just close by saying that obviously, I am very much
anticipating and anxious for this compilation.  I will treasure it
always, as the T4E tour gave me my first two opportunities to see Rush
live (11-1-96 in Milwaukee, WI, and 6-7-98 in Bonner Springs, KS).  I
hope I am wrong, but these may have been the last times I have seen Rush
as well.
	Exiting Stage Left,
	Jon G.


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