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Subject: 08/26/98 - The National Midnight Star #2093

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         The National Midnight Star, Number 2093

                 Wednesday, 26 Aug 1998

Today's Topics:
                 Rush & the Regular Guys
                  does rush owe us dick?
     Re: 08/25/98 - The National Midnight Star #2092
                    Re: Administrivia
                    Re: Administrivia
                  Michigan Plate 2112YYZ
                   midwest tabcon chili
                     Pass The Stones
              RE: Administrivia Issue 2092.
ABC in concert bootleg of charlotte TFE show
                    Dionysus question
                       eating crow
                 Why not "Half The World"
                    live album trakcs
         New Set List/Available Light/Bell Sound
                     Time for a Poll
              New Changes on the Set list...
                The horse is limping badly
                      Kidney Stones
                    75 minutes on a CD
                   Re:  THE ANALOG KID
                    XXIXII vs. MMCXII
                 new live album rantings
            rush sighting... er rather hearing
             Masked Rider, Victor, Remasters
             DT/ELP/DP tour - No Rush Content
                       Band Name??
              crybabies, other news, etc...
                    High school quotes
                  Re: Live Album setlist
                      RE: Education

From: (The RUSH Fans Digest Manager)
Date: Wed Aug 26 09:53:22 PDT 1998
Subject: Administrivia

Quick update to yesterday's update :-)
The two new songs "Show Don't Tell" & "The Analog Kid" are being added in
ADDITION to the setlist that was already posted. They are not replacing any

Also, I plan on putting up a link to the RNR Hall of Fame, since the nominee
process has already begun. Anyone feel like making a small banner for the
web site that others can use as well for the link? I'd like to use the
Retrospective I cover (man w/star), if anyone feels like being creative
and wants to whip up a banner for us, save it as a *high quality* jpeg and 
email to the rush-mgr account. It should say "The Rush Inductee Campaign" 
(thanks to R.G. Terrez for that idea :-)

If no one wants to be creative, then can someone scan in the CD cover at 
72dpi and email it to me (again saved as *high quality* jpeg)?   

I (horror of horrors!) have never bought either retrospective (which is 
a very large part of why there's no information about them on the nms 
web site :-) I'll get 'em one of these days...

 - rush-mgr


Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 14:57:36 EDT
Subject: Rush & the Regular Guys

There's a rock station here in Atlanta called 96 Rock. I don't listen
to them much because they play too much "geezer" rock for my taste.
Anyway, they have a new morning show called "The Regular Guys". Their
names are Larry and Eric and they're very creative & funny. Whenever
they play Rush, when the song is over  Eric does a bad but funny
Geddy impression. When they play Freewill, they go through a little
routine more or less like this:

The song ends, Eric does a bad Geddy impression.
He sings the "Each of us, A cell of awareness" line in a high screechy voice.

Larry: I like that song but I hate when we play it because I have to listen
       to Eric's Geddy Lee impression.

Eric sings some more: "Genetic blends...."

They go on like this for a while then...

Eric: People don't realize that that song is anti-religion. Read the lyrics.

While I disagree, its interesting to hear someone else's interpretation
of Neil's lyrics.

If you're in or near Atlanta, check these guys out.

Later dudes,
Chris Cosentino


From: Fred Pinto 
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 98 12:01:47 -0700
Subject: does rush owe us dick?

in one of his many annoying posts, Ryan Waggoner writes:

>Sure, I made jokes about the setlist at first, but
>I think everyone here is forgetting a *VERY* important thing here -- the
>band owes us *nothing*.  They make music for themselves, and then we buy
>it because we like it, too.  I can't figure out how people keep coming to
>the conclusion that just because we support them, and they're grateful to
>us for supporting them -- just because of that, everyone thinks they owe
>us something!!  NO!!!  And if "fans" keep acting like a bunch of whiny
>little brats who don't get their way, and refuse to give Neil the privacy
>he requests, I can't say I'd blame them if they called it quits.

to say the band owes us nothing is your opinion.  sure many would agree 
that rush owes us nothing, because they gave us an evening with rush, 
2112 in it's entirety, or whatever the reason--but i have to disagree.  
to say rush owes us nothing would be okay if they never gave us anything 
in the first place and if they couldn't touch our lives as fans like they 
continue to do.  but the fact is, RUSH has chosen to release a live album 
"for the fans", and they do continue to touch our lives as fans.  they 
ARE giving us something.  why is that?????  maybe rush thinks they owe us 
something.  maybe that's why geddy is writing a "thank you to the fans" 
letter to include in the packaging.  because they DO owe the fans 
something.  the fans have stuck with rush, when the radio hasn't.  the 
large fanbase of the moving pictures era is dwindling, and rush knows 
that they owe something to the fans that have stuck with them.  that's 
why we're getting a live album with a thank you from geddy.  and rush 
knows their hardcore fanbase will buy this album no matter what tracks 
make the setlist.  all the while, you pretend that this live album is 
some great gift rush is giving us, and that we are not worthy.  come 
on!!!  it takes a lot less work to produce a live album than a studio 
album.  and if the boys didn't go fix the original recordings and try and 
fool us into thinking they are infallible musicians, it would take even 
less work.  my point is that i think they do owe us something, and (in my 
opinion) rush also thinks they owe us something.  the fans have filled 
arenas at $25 bucks a head for years, stuck with them through 
ever-changing styles, worshipped them despite the lack of mtv and radio 
success, and made them very rich.  granted rush works hard, but they 
freely admit that they have fun with their work.  they enjoy what they 
do, unlike many people who are forced to work the less than desirable 
jobs.  they get to take long vacations from work, see the world, live in 
the limelight or hide in solitude, take bicycle tours of africa, and make 
music that affects people's lives.  i would trade my knack for my office 
job for their career and ability any day.  i wish i was given the talent 
of any of the members of rush.  i sure would be thankful to the fans.  
i'd keep writing and performing, as long as my music affected so many 
people.   i'd be grateful for the fans who make my life so comfortable.  
rush owes us because THEY CAN touch our lives in ways no other people 
can.  RUSH can make us happy and fulfill our lives with music like no 
other musicians, and they know it.  that's why they owe it to us to give 
us a little more.  sure many bands call it quits at the peek of their 
career.  these other bands are dogging fans and not using their ability 
to make the world a better place.  to me, that's wrong.  if you're a 
great painter, athlete, actress, or musician, you are in a position to 
give a great deal to the world and  you DO owe it to your fans to use the 
talent you were given.  If michael jordan quits playing basketball, he is 
dogging his fans.  he owes the fans the pleasures of seeing him play.  

my points here are many, but i think i've made them.  you might not 
agree.  you might love the setlist, but many people who are true fans do 
not like the setlist and feel slighted because of it.  and this is our 
forum to discuss it.  if you don't like it, page fucking down.  if you 
think rush is going to hear the discussions that go on here, you belong 
in a jacket that is very straight.  they don't read the nms and will not 
see this post.  i'm sorry for this post being all over the place and so 
lengthy, but i had a lot of points to make and had to do it in a hurry.  
forgive me the lack of organization, but i wanted to try to make these 
points, and i had to do it quickly.


From: Scott Neighbours 
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 15:34:27 -0400
Subject: Re: 08/25/98 - The National Midnight Star #2092

> From: "Gary and Rhonda" 
> Date: Mon, 24 Aug 1998 17:03:19 -0500
> Rush gives us a new 3 cd set and all I read about is the pissing and
> moaning about the set list..
> You pay your $40 to see the concert dont you??????
> You know damn well that "Tom Sawyer", "The Spirit Of Radio", and "Closer To
> The Heart",
> are getting played that night sometime.
> They are called "signature songs" you expect them in concert therefore you
> should expect it
> on the live album////WHAT DID YOU EXPECT??????????

Then, why were Tom Sawyer and Spirit of Radio left off of a Show of Hands?

Scott Neighbours
ICQ#: 15855074


From: Alan Edwards 
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 12:48:02 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: Administrivia

| More news on the live album; this is confirmed via Atlantic:
| The new release date is November 17th. It's been pushed back because they
| are retracking the live album, BASED ON COMMENTS THEY'VE RECEIVED FROM FANS!
| (that includes all the comments that have been posted here)

Oh, boy.  Let the egos be unleashed!

| They are going to include "Show Don't Tell" on the first disc, and "The Analog
| Kid" on the second. There is no word if they will be replacing other songs,
| or will be in addition to the track listing already posted.
|  - rush-mgr

So now I can start complaining that now I will never be able to hear the new
versions of Tom Sawyer or Spirit of Radio?  (Just kidding!)

1/2 :-)



From: Alan Edwards 
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 12:57:59 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: Administrivia

| They are going to include "Show Don't Tell" on the first disc, and "The Analog
| Kid" on the second. There is no word if they will be replacing other songs,
| or will be in addition to the track listing already posted.

So, ask yourself if the swapping of *two* songs change the setlist from

If you said "yes", then perhaps you need to take a valium and stop
exaggerating so much and lying to yourself.

It's going to be a great album no matter which songs they pick!
Perhaps NOW the whining can stop?



From: bknichol 
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 16:13:53 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Michigan Plate 2112YYZ

>On a semi-related note, my uncle and aunt are from Michigan.  The last time
>they came in for a visit, I noticed that their plate was HYF-768.  I
>thought that was pretty cool - a RUSH related plate without even having to
>pay for a vanity plate!  :-)

Well if you are anyone else is in Michigan and sees my 2112YYZ Michigan
plate give me a honk :)

"640K ought to be enough for anybody."  --Bill Gates, 1981


From: araine - Alan Rainey 
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 15:12:29 -0500
Subject: Dionysus

>>Anyone know whether 'Dionysus' Is masculine or feminine?

Masculine.  Dionysus, also known as Bacchus, was the god of wine,
agriculture, fertility of nature, ecstasy, personal delivery from the
daily world through physical or spiritual intoxication, and initiation
into secret rites.  He is also the patron god of the Greek stage.


From: "Michael Z. Williamson" 
Date: Mon, 24 Aug 1998 15:16:34 -0700
Subject: midwest tabcon chili

For my screaming fans:  I love you all!  Here's the chili conquistadore recipe:
per batch:
2 lbs coarse ground 80% lean beef or finely chopped steak, brown well
with a little flour, toss into pot, dump grease.
1 lb bacon, sliced into 1 inch squares.  cook crisp, toss into pot. 
Save enough fat to cook:
2 really large onions, diced coarse, 6-10 cloves of crushed garlic, 4
sliced jalapenos, 6 tabasco chilies, 3 red chilies, 1 habanero, 2 ancho
chilies, and 1 long green chili. Add banana peppers if you have them,
too taste.  Cook in bacon fat until onion is translucent, toss into pot.
Add 3 cups beef broth, 4 tablespoons chili powder, 2 tablespoons pepper,
2 tablespoons cayenne, 2 tablespoons cumin, 2 tablespoons coriander, 2
tablespoons brown sugar.  Simmer for an hour.

For the uninitiated, or to make a bitchin' stew, add 64 oz kidney beans,
dark red preferred, 4 cans of diced stewed tomatoes, a jar of salsa,
preferably hot, another cup of broth, and 3 oz cheese, simmer uncovered
to reduce liquid by 1 cup.

Now if only my guitar playing went over as well as the chili, burgers,
and breakfast.  sigh.  Next year... 

"Transported to a surreal landscape, a young girl kills the first
woman she meets, then teams up with three complete strangers to kill
again." -- TV listing for "The Wizard of Oz"


From: "Miers, Dan" 
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 15:31:18 -0500
Subject: Pass The Stones

In the last NMS JMan wondered if there was a Rush song somewhere that might
relate to his kidney stone problem.  With some trepidation I re-post an
early parody of mine that is absolutely appropriate.  JMan, I give you:

Carve Away These Stones!

You can eat ice cream
with remarkable zeal
Order onion rings
and fries too.

But if calcium bonds,
cholesterol congeals
Your kidneys and gal bladder
could defy you.

Carve away these stones
(Doctor please!)
Carve away these stones!
I want an operation,
Cut these monsters from my bones!


You can munch on chips
and hot buffalo wings,
drink lots of milk shakes, sip
English tea.

These all add up 
to some painful things,
just hope those stones don't pass when
you go pee!


Carve away these stones
(doctor please!)
Carve away these stones!
Do a cholecystectomy,
order lithotripsy now!


You can bet those stones
will cause you great pain.
You can drink Mallox Plus
all in vain.
When these rocks do pass
from your kidneys beware,
'cause the path just gets thin
and thinner from there!

Carve away these stones
(doctor please!)
Carve away these stones!
Cut these #$%@! buggers out!
Or I'll do it on my own!

(Repeat and fade 
 to the sound of a heart monitor beeping in the background)



PS - This is probably the only time the words "cholecystectomy" and
"lithotripsy" have ever appeared in the NMS!


From: David Huart 
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 16:38:18 -0700
Subject: RE: Administrivia Issue 2092.

Dear NMS'ers.

   When I read the reason for the live album's delay, I felt a certain
pride. I'm proud to be considered a Rushfan. Were most bands would be
interested in the bottom line and the least common denominator. But Rush
soars above, respecting their fans enough to listen, even knowing most
will buy that album regardless of the track lisitng.

   My hats off to Geddy, Alex and Neil.  Thanks you for treating us like
human beings!


PS  Hey 'Leafs!  Trade Cujo...... keep Potvin!!!


Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 16:37:23 EDT
Subject: ABC in concert bootleg of charlotte TFE show

I emailed ABC in concert like someone said to do on TNMS recently...heres
their reply....
This band has been on prior shows, unfortunately they are not presently
scheduled to rebroadcast at this time, however, thanks for your interest and
please continue to check your local listings.  Please note that no copies of
our program are available for sale or duplication.

sucks huh? prior shows??? if anyone has a tape of these "prior shows" let me
know..... anyhow as i have posted on, i own a rare taping of
the Charlotte TFE show . it is decent quality (for a boot) email if anyone is
contact me at
But as for the Different Stages setlist, i think that i now really don'
care...since we don't owe them anything, especially after what Neil's been
through in year or so...but i'll be happy as long as they keep Natural Science
on there. 

" You can surrender without a prayer, but never really pray without surrender"
Resist, Neil Peart


From: pra 
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 13:58:09 -0700
Subject: Dionysus question

>Anyone know whether 'Dionysus' Is masculine or feminine?

Dionysus (aka Bacchus [Roman]) is the Greek god (i.e., male) of wine and
general decadent partying. In a famous play, The Bacchae, I forget by
whom (possibly Aristophanes?) his followers are mad, frenzied women who
run through the woods tearing limb from limb any living thing--animal or
man--that crosses their path. (This is off the top of my head, so I may
have something wrong here--why is the Greek play "The Bacchae" [i.e.,
"followers of Bacchus"] if Bacchus is the Roman name? Maybe I'm
mistaken. Oh well, you get the general idea.)


From: "Brandon Erickson" 
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 13:59:54 PDT
Subject: eating crow

I know I am one of many who will say this, but you guys who said "stop 
whining and deal with it" probably feel pretty stupid right now,  with 
the news of additional tracks added to the live album in response to fan 
feedback. "Dealing with it" and hoping for change without action is 
merely dreaming. For crying out loud, listen to songs like "Something 
For Nothing". I think Neil and the boys would be proud of those who 
chose to voice their opinions and act upon them.

"Attention all planets of the Solar Federation. We have assumed 


From: Jonathan Fowler 
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 17:02:15 -0400
Subject: Why not "Half The World"

Dear TNMS,

    You what really sucks about the new live album is that they left out 
the song, "Half The World." They bring in songs that are on the old live 
album and put them on the new live album. They need to include all the 
new songs they did on tour on the new live album. But especially "Half 
The World."



From: Dan McConnell 
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 16:12:31 -0500 (EST)
Subject: live album trakcs

I for one am very happy that CTTH is included ont he live album - eveen
though its overplayed and really old.
The reason is that they've been keeping it fresh through the "jamming"
that they do at the end.  Ever since I first saw the live on the HYF tour,
they've had a little pseudo-improvised ending on it that I really like.
(i say pseudo-improvised because it has had a certain structure that has
remained the same)

But more to the point, the TFE tour version of CTTH was really different
than previous versions.  That jam was more extended and spontaneous -
there really was alot of energy to it, and it was cool as shit to hear
Rush actually jamming as opposed to replicating the studio versions.

And how fitting with the concept of Different Stages.  One could go back
and listen/compare all the live takes of CTTH from prev live albums and
witness the evolution.

Maybe Tom Sawyer is overkill but hey, its a signature song, and maybe
Atlantic is insisting on it because of its mainstream popularity - who
knows, it could get released as a single.  Imagine that - Tom Sawyer as a
new single in 1998/9.
(besides Atlantic has yet to make money off of Tom Sawyer)

   [ Tom Sawyer has already been released as a single in 1998, from the
     "Small Soldiers" soundtrack. Of course it's the remixed version...
                                                          : rush-mgr ]


Date: Tue, 25 Aug 98 14:11:31 -0800
Subject: New Set List/Available Light/Bell Sound

As I sat back and watched the debate over the set list unfold, I found myself
siding with the folks who are just greatful to have more Rush material no matter
what.  Needless to say, I am ecstatic over "Analog Kid" being included.  I saw
Rush at Market Square Arena in '94 (I think) and when I went to will-call (which
is located INSIDE the arena) in the late afternoon I was treated to "Analog Kid"
during Rush's soundcheck.  It was a great moment.  As someone who hardly ever
contributes to NMS, I want to thank those of you who participate, because if we
believe the manager, the revised set list is a result of everyone's posts.

On a separate thread, someone wrote recently,

>I keep hearing people mention Show Don't Tell, The Pass, and 
>Superconductor from Presto but how about Available Light?

I am right there with you.  "Available Light" is my favorite song on Presto and
another fine example (as I've mentioned previously) of Rush closing an album
with a great song (see "Vital Signs").

And finally, I question the post about the "electronically simulated bell-like
sound" in Hemispheres being the sound from a Roland Octapad - as a drummer this
makes no sense.  First, I don't think there were sophisticated electronic drums
back in 1978 and I am almost positive Neil Peart did not use them.  Second, even
if they were around and Neil Peart used them, they do not produce sound by
themselves, they simply reproduce sampled sounds which begs the question, what
was sampled.

"The focus is sharp in the city"


From: (Christopher W Lindsay)
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 17:16:09 -0400
Subject: Time for a Poll

Yes, we need another poll.
E-mail me personally and answer this question with yes or no:

Are you happy with the set list (if it does include "The Analog Kid"
and "Show Don't Tell")

My address is:
I will not count votes in list, so don't jam it with votes.  I have a program
that tallys votes and discards repeats from personal e-mails.

My guess, by a 3-1 margin, NMSers will be in favor of this setlist.

Chris Lindsay 


From: "Kegler, Nick" 
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 14:37:56 -0700
Subject: New Changes on the Set list...

I told you so.  YAHOO!  ALL RIGHT!  


From: "Smith,James" 
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 15:00:32 -0700
Subject: The horse is limping badly

Somewhere in all of the debate over the content of Different Stages it
was mentioned that perhaps the inclusion of so many hits is designed to
boost sales of Different Stages.  I believe that may be true but I also
believe that it is short sighted.  I base my opinion on my own
experience with past albums.  In fact, ESL was the first Rush album I
actually owned and it lead directly to the purchase of other studio
albums like Permanent Waves that were featured on ESL.   

I believe that if the album is good and contains a greater variety of
material and minimizes duplication of other live material, ultimately
Rush will sell more, not fewer albums.  The question is whether they are
trying to sell Different Stages to dedicate fans or potential new fans.
Since they are including TS, CTTH, etc. I believe they are targeting new
fans, because diehard fans want new material that hasn't been released
live before.  If this is true, and if Different Stages is a good album
it should lead to sales of other albums (The domino effect).  I believe
a new fan is more likely to purchase studio albums that were covered in
the live album.  The lack of any Presto songs would make it less likely
for a new fan to purchase Presto.  If the new fan becomes a fanatic like
the rest of us did, they will buy it eventually, but that's not for
certain.  And that's unfortunate because Presto is a great album.  I
also believe that by including TS they reduce the likelihood that
someone would buy ESL.  A new fan would probably want to hear TS live
and now they don't have to purchase a second album to get it.  To me
that's also unfortunate because there's material such as The Trees and
Xanadu which in my opinion is far better on ESL than the studio


From: Brad Oldham 
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 17:26:48 -0500
Subject: Kidney Stones



How about "Piss Away the Stone"?

Brad Oldham
Dallas, Texas


Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 18:26:48 EDT
Subject: 75 minutes on a CD

I've noticed a number of people complaining that the discs for the upcoming
live album are not "filled" with music, i.e. only 60 minutes long.

Nobody was complaining back in the days of vinyl when Rush albums were 40
minutes long, even though vinyl albums could hold up to 60 minutes.

The point is quality, not quantity.  As Brian Eno once said, "Brevity is the
essence of wit".  I'm sure that bands won't be putting out albums that are 3
hours long once the technology improves to that point.

Tah-tah for now....


From: Todd Garbarini 
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 18:53:40 -0400
Subject: Re:  THE ANALOG KID

    I was very disappointed to hear that THE ANALOG KID will not be on
the album.  SIGNALS was my first Rush album and I was just hooked from
that point.  I love just about every song they've recorded, and I, too,
am frustrated that I've never heard AFTERIMAGE, KID GLOVES, BETWEEN THE
DETECTOR (to name just a few) performed live.
    Gee, is it any wonder why we all collect bootlegs?



From: John Maar 
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 18:39:27 -0500
Subject: XXIXII vs. MMCXII

OK, I answered directly to Cristobal on this one, but it seems to have
developed a life of its own. 2 cents.

If the album we all know and love were called "Two Thousand One Hundred
Twelve" then I could easily go along with "MMCXII" as the Roman numeral
designator for it. However...that album was, is, and always will be
"Twenty One Twelve", hence XXI XII (note the space!). Now, if you see a
red Buick Regal GS driving around downtown Chicago with XXI XII on its
license plates, that would be me (unless someone's just stolen it ;-) ).
With all due respect to Mr/Mrs/Ms MMCXII, I'm afraid that I'd
mispronounce your last name every single time. Sorry.


P.S. "Dimlit Stages" was OK by me, but in any case I WILL spend my
     dollars for the new live CD the day it is released. Next?


From: (Paul J Ferrara)
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 20:26:39 -0400
Subject: new live album rantings

my stepfather is a long time rush fan, and he just shook his head in
disgrace when i told him of all the complaining that is going on in the
list. He said:

 "You band-wagon rush fans should be greatful that they are releasing a
new album and not criticizing the setlist. And the bit about you being
sick of the same songs being played over and over, you don't know what it
is like to goto a concert (ie. Hemispheres) and have them say 'we are
going to try a new song, this might be on our next album.' You guys need
to get a life and stop believing everything you hear. Is Alex, Geddy, or
Neil on this list? I didn't think so.. so i don't think that anything is
true unless it comes from the horses mouth"

That was pretty much what he said, i had to edit-out the unkind words...

**Disclaimer** The above stamen does not necessarily reflect the opinions
of myself.. i will accept responses but they will be relayed to him... so
dont flame me - flame him

Thankyou kindly, goodnite!

Mr. Paul J. Ferrara -- Toms River, NJ
"Si Hoc Legere Scis Nimium Eruditionis Habes"


From: (z z z)
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 15:46:05 -0500
Subject: rush sighting... er rather hearing

on saturday or sunday nights there is a pointless show about highschool
or college footbal on channel 6 (abc or cbs) and for the intro music they
play the beginning of spirit of radio, neat huh?

i'll just crawl back under my rock...

"If at first you don't succeed, it's probably someone else's fault."


From: Kevin Bohrer 
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 19:55:47 -0500
Subject: Masked Rider, Victor, Remasters

Just thought I'd throw in a little to the pile before the thoughts leave

The Masked Rider is AWESOME as long as you know what to expect.  It is
Neil's story of his biking trip through Africa.  I'm 3/4 done and I feel
as if I know so much more about Neil than from just listening to his
lyrics.  It is interesting to see his response when a "fan" (fellow
musician) approaches Neil.  At one point he talks about calling to check
in with Jackie & Selena - I just couldn't hold back the tears.  An
absolute MUST for any Rush fanatic.  Anyways, it reminds me that another
reason I love Rush so much (besides their music being worlds above all
else IMHO) is that they are NOT that popular (overplayed) and caught up
in the limelight like some other bands.  How many other drummers from a
popular band would take a bike trip like that?  I just like what they
stand, and don't stand for.

"Victor" is also incredible, again a must for a Rush/Alex fan.
Definitely some harder tracks, great guitar work, lyrics (like Begin
Again), overall a kick ass album - hope Alex puts out another.

As far as skippable songs, I've always thought I don't *skip* songs, I
just have heard some so many times that I don't need to hear 'em when
album listening (mostly all I do now).  I need to have the *other* songs
catch up in listening time!  ("Hatchet, Axe and Saw!")

The Remasters (FBN, 2112, PoW, PeW, MP, Signals - all I have so far from
BMG) are well worth the money.  FBN & 2112 have lyrics (YES!) and all
have some great added stuff, but the music sounds SO MUCH better (esp.
FBN, 2112, Signals).  I can't wait to get the others, even at normal

New thread? >> Favorite non-Rush songs, anyone?  My current favorites
are But Anyway by Blues Traveler (LOVE that harmonia & lyrics),
Single-Handed Sailor by Dire Straits (LOVE that guitar solo) and Empty
Arms by Stevie Ray Vaughn  (off The Sky is Crying-AWESOME guitar).

Any one else?

(Insert favorite Neil lyric here-too many to list)



Date: Mon, 24 Aug 1998 21:23:07 -0400
Subject: setlist

hi kids,

i don't know, i kinda like the set list and am really looking forward to
the release.

what other band gives you live albums like this,
hope everything is well,


From: Thomas Gillingham 
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 21:24:50 -0500
Subject: Rush!

Last Saturday...August 22nd to be anal retentive...I was watching the
Cubs/Astros game on FOX.  Well, in the intro music to the upcoming games of
the day...the first game previewed had "YYZ" as the audio bed.  I was quite
shocked to say the least!

Anyone else catch this?  Just thought I'd share.

Eagerly and impatiently awaiting the live album release,
ICQ# 15240956 - Digital video editing at its best!


From: Thomas Gillingham 
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 21:34:00 -0500
Subject: DT/ELP/DP tour - No Rush Content

Hey folks...

Has anyone else caught the Dream Theater/ELP/Deep Purple tour this summer?
 I saw 'em last night @ the Marcus Amphitheatre here in Milwaukee...whatta
show!  I'm not really into DP or ELP all that much, but was still blown
away by Carl Palmer's drum solo.  This was the 3rd time I saw Dream Theater
in less than a year, and every time it gets better.  They played all of
"Metropolis Pt. 1" this time, but only having 50 minutes on stage, their
setlist was limited.  However, with the time they had, they had the place
rockin'...even though only about 2,000 people were there.  I, and a friend
of mine, left the show after DP played "Perfect Strangers", and like I
said, it was a blast.

If you ever get the chance to see Dream Theater, I highly recommend buying
tix!  I wasn't a fan until I saw them at the HoB in Chicago last November.
Now they're my 2nd favorite band, behind Rush of course.
	Anyway, sorry about the lack of Rush content.

Eagerly and impatiently awaiting the live album release,
ICQ# 15240956 - Digital video editing at its best!


From: "Cristóbal Andrés Marcoleta Friedl" 
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 19:47:37 PDT
Subject: Band Name??

Hi my friends, nice to talk to you again.

My idea of posting was that someone one the NMS could help me figuring 
out a name for my band. We began to play in May and we have around 10 
rush songs including Tom Sawyer, Red Barchetta, The Pass, Double Agent, 
Half the world and Passage to Bangkok. We also play some Pink Floyd and 
Dream Theater stuffs and have 2 songs of us, but the problem is we have 
a big live presentation of 1 1/2 hour in what we call it the "Chilean 
Woodstock" :-) and when we went to put our band in the event they asked 
our band name and Surprise!! no one could give a name hehehe. It was 
really strange but so here i am one day after asking to my rushian 
friends if someone colud help me to find a name, we hope it's a Rush 
related name, otherwise i woludn't be posting here.

Thank you, see ya.

Greetings from Chile, i always wondered why they had never come here, 
it's my dream just to see them live once!! well may be god could hear 


Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 22:44:36 EDT
Subject: crybabies, other news, etc...

To all you unsatisfied Rush Fans:

Boohooo the same songs are repeated on the new live album.  Boohoo I don't
like the new title.  Boohoo why do they have to play those same songs again.
Boooohooo they should have played these songs....  Boohooo I am tired of
hearing "Spirit of the Radio", "Closer to the Heart", "Limelight".  Well then
I have one very simple solution for all your problems.... DON'T BY THE
ALBUM.... PERIOD.  What a bunch of hypocrites... You all call yourselves die
hard Rush fans then bash the band for putting out such repetitive music.
Please.... it makes me sick.  I mean what a treat.  The band is putting out a
"thank you" disc for AFTK and you all still snicker....Boohooo they should
play this instead of that... I was only 8 years old when that album came out
and I cannot wait.  Thank You guys in advance for putting out such quality
music again.  I am very excited about peeling off that wrapper when the album
is released....  Now enjoy the new album and stop bashing the contents...

In other news, whoever is going to start the new drum war about Neil and
Carter Beauford, please stop now. Both drummers are extrodinary and comparing
them or contrasting them will just start another fight and fill the NMS pages
with constant bickering that we don't need.

In advance, happy birthday to Alex.  Another year older, another year gifted.I
raise a toast of Molson to you.  Hope you have many more.

Last but not least... Rush sighting.  While driving to work everyday on New
Hampshire Avenue there is a apartment complex appropriately titled "2112"
wonder if any Rush fans live there.   That's it for now.  Stay healthy and
happy all...

"we've got a lot of things to do for you this evening.  A lot of things from
our Moving Pictures album. Right now we would like to do one of those songs
this is living in the Limelight."  


From: sberrett 
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 22:28:48 -0400
Subject: retracking!

> The new release date is November 17th. It's been pushed back because they
> are retracking the live album, BASED ON COMMENTS THEY'VE RECEIVED FROM FANS!
> (that includes all the comments that have been posted here)



Date: Wed, 26 Aug 1998 01:38:44 EDT
Subject: High school quotes


Still a sore subject with me, fourteen years later. In my high school here in
the Bay Area, the graduating seniors (as opposed to those who were merely
"enrolled") were asked to fill out a 3x5 card, designed any way we wanted,
excepting the usual sex, drug influences. I put, among
other quotes, the " I've gained some understanding of the only world
that we see...." quote from Hemispheres on my card (I was an idealistic SOB
then), which I submitted to the yearbook staff.
Little did I know that several cards, mine among them, were discovered in a
drawer in June....four months or so after the yearbook went to the printer.
So, mine never made it in. Grrrrr.



From: "John Villasana" 
Date: Wed, 26 Aug 1998 03:00:14 -0500
Subject: Re: Live Album setlist

Reguarding the widespread bewilderment over the inclusion of TS.  During the 
last four tours I saw Rush 5 times.  During each show they played TS.  If my 
memory serves me (it doesn't always),  it was allways close to the end, if 
not at the end of the show,  before the encore.  Each time I saw it the crowd 
pretty much climaxed.  When I saw it in Houston this last summer,  It was the 
wildest I have ever seen.  Neil smiled/laughed in what appeared to be 
amazement at the crowds response.  If this response was universal (it probably 
was),  then I can see how this might motivate the band to include it in yet 
another live album.

It also occurred to me that CTTH might have been included because it really 
is a beautiful song, with a profound and eloquent message,   that maybe the 
boys truly identify with.  Just a guess.  Maybe they are particularly proud 
of this one,  and they want to make sure that the message gets every chance to 
get heard.  Just a guess.

By the way,  do you guys ever read your own messages.  Does it ever occur to 
you how utterly bitchy some of you come off sounding.  I can understand 
dissapointment with the setlist,  but some of the messages are pretty 
offensive. Try to remember that everyone has favorites,  and that the band 
can't possibly please everyone.  And that they have favorites too,  that are 
probably based on a very different criteria than you or me.  If I were a 
member of Rush and I read even one issue,  I would get alienated quick.  It 
does not surprise me that the band has not embraced the list,  despite the 
tireless work,  and positive enthusiasm of the Rush mgr.

Had to air that one out.
John Villasana


From: "Chet DeBarrta" 
Date: Sun, 5 Jul 1998 01:02:03 -0700
Subject: RE: Education

Doug (Douglas Adams )wrote:
"I know all of this is well documented in the FAQs and all the swag little
Rush books you can buy, but for the newcomers or young people I will
reiterate some infermation:
If the universe is indeed not simply a bad dream ( I was reminded that it
may very well be when I saw a clip of Ronald Regan on the TV last night ) as
some philosophers have suggested, at least three people know what education
Neil, Alex, and Geddy have.  They would be Neil, Alex, and Geddy. Also, I
cut and pasted this from the Rush FAQ available at:
Alex Lifeson Dropped out of Kindergarten when he was 14 and studied to be a
television meteorologist....."
Now me (Chet):
It's quite kind of you to reprint the well known Rush FAQ on TNMS.  The
youth these days.  Unable to learn anything for themselves.  Where's their
spirit of self sufficiency?  Which reminds me of another tidbit from one of
the better unauthorized yet swag biographies on Rush titled "HSUR: Looking
Into the Little Round Mirror in the Side View Mirror to See RUSH Backwards,
Kind of, as we Whiz Through the Open Power Window of Life with the Radio on
High." by Ned something-or-other (some obscure ex-drummer.  Aren't they
all...)   The tidbit: Spirit of Self Sufficiency.  This was the original
name for the similar song from the Permanent Waves album (sorry to rehash
all this, old timers).  The original lyrics were lost when Neil continuously
folded the sheet into a fractal oragami pattern until it disappeared into
itself.  Interestingly enough, some glam rock bands of the 80's tried to
reproduce this feat with their own lyric sheets and wound up disappearing
themselves, which is why country music moved their concert tours into the
arenas.  Aldo Nova perfected this lyrical implosion trick and lost an entire
spiral bound notebook of hit songs.  Sadly he was only able to recover one
song and soon went mad.  It truly is amazing to see the wide spread global
universal trans-dimensional effect RUSH has on the whole world, let alone
everyone else.  Yeah, so anyhow, Neil rewrote the song and Alex wanted to
call it "Ghost of the Ghetto Blaster" but he got out-voted 2 to 1, which is
why Rush only has three band members.  Rumors also have it that Hugh Syme
wants them to recruit a fourth member so he could then be the "tie-breaker"
vote.  Apparently artistic concepts are not enough for him.  Or so I hear.
Well, now the youngsters are caught up and we can get back to more important
discussions:  Pentagrams and Set Lists.
Pentagrams and Set Lists?!  What a great name for a live album!  I hope
they're reading (nudge-nudge wink-wink know-what-I-mean know-what-I-mean?)

Chet "Two Lanes" DeBarrta

Lyric of the day:
"                        "   YYZ - Rush

CD now playing:  Printer Software for Epson Stylus 600 (toner deaf)
Next in queue:  They Might Be Giants  White Album  (number lime)
After next in queue:  100 free hours AOL w/ver 3.0 (file's done)


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