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         The National Midnight Star, Number 2094

                  Thursday, 27 Aug 1998

Today's Topics:
                   Comments du Jour....
                     Producer Wanted!
                     New Track Times
                    Neil vs. the world
                       a few things
                    my yearbook quote
                       Test of Echo
                      prism records
                 ATTENTION ALL RUSH FANS!
         setlist, universal panacea, presto, keys
                    RE: Administrivia
                Only record three nights?
             Roll the Kidney Stones, get busy
               A call for rational thinking
                    Just a thought...
               Re: Response to Derik Tetlow
                  high school year book
                       Keep whining
                 Favourite non-Rush Songs
                    High School Quotes
                    Chilean Band Names
Re:  New live album re-tracking & Rush laser show (DREAMLINE)
     Thoughts on the setlist et al--a little late...
The Different Stages Setlist and What The Hell Is The Matter With All Of You?
                  Prog live album spurt
     Re: 08/26/98 - The National Midnight Star #2093
                      2112 - a sign
         Working out to Rush and Dionysus's Dick
            Rush & Angel.... A Helluva Band! 

From: (The RUSH Fans Digest Manager)
Date: Thu Aug 27 10:51:02 PDT 1998
Subject: Administrivia

I've already gotten a few banners for the Inductee Campaign sent in, if you
want to check them out go to:

If you want to send in a banner, it should have the following: use the
Retrospective I cover (man w/star), the words "The Rush Inductee Campaign" in 
it, and be about the size of the others on the web page. Email it to me as a 
gif or jpeg (if jpeg, save as high quality).  I'll be making the final
decision this weekend and putting up the web page.

The designer of the chosen banner will get a prize (not sure what yet, but
I'll think of something), just for saving me the trouble of having to be
creative! :-)

 - rush-mgr


From: "Chad Werner" 
Date: Wed, 26 Aug 1998  7:21 -0600
Subject: Comments du Jour....

     With the impending live release, I've been reading the Rush Mgr's 
     opening info with anticipation. Well, what do you know? In today's 
     issue, the Rush Mgr lets us know that the DS set list is going to be 
     rearranged to include (at least) "Show Don't Tell" & "Analog Kid". Mgr 
     also let us know that our comments on the original setlist affected 
     this change (how much we'll never know). To whoever from the Rush camp 
     that is paying attention to this little mess we like to call the NMS, 
     thank you very much. We appreciate it.
     If Mgr was right (that OUR comments counted), I think we (myself 
     included) have been put in our place. Many of us taking part in the DS 
     "discussion" have said that our comments are futile because the Rush 
     camp doesn't care what we think. If this info is correct, they care... 
     a little.
     Which leads me to... Just what does Rush OWE us, the hardcore fans? 
     Almost everyone that has bothered to comment on this has stated 
     emphatically that don't owe us A DAMN THING. Really? How do you 
     figure? We have given them a lot. They've been in business for, what, 
     24 years, and we've made that possible. If our support disappeared in 
     1984, so would've Rush. We've put a lot of money in their pockets, and 
     our support has given them the financial freedom to "do whatever they 
     want". Anyway, if they truly were simply making music for themselves 
     only, why press CDs? No matter how much recording freedom they have, a 
     contract limits creativity ("once the music leaves your head, it's 
     already compromised"). But, they continue to release albums & tour. 
     They may be doing it for largely personal reasons, but they obviously 
     want others to hear the work. They are well-known perfectionists, and 
     they don't release crap. They care enough to make sure each record is 
     the best it can possibly be for release to their fans. I feel they OWE 
     us quality products & that is what they've given us throughout the 
     years. Based on the fact that they're including songs on DS that WE'VE 
     asked for (if Mgr's info is correct), they also feel that they owe us 
     a quality product. It is a fair exchange: Our money & support for 
     great albums. This is the way it ought to be.
     "you're soaking in it"


From: "Kurt Geltz" 
Date: Wed, 26 Aug 1998 07:09:18 -0600
Subject: Producer Wanted!

Sam Scott said:
"If Rush took a huge chance and brought in some young, hot-to-trot
producer (or an old one - anyone but Peter Collins) - they might sound
like Rush yett substantially "fresh" (e.g., when they first brought in
Ruper Hine)."

I couldn't agree more!  I have been wanting these guys to go out and find
someone really innovative and totally un-Rush-like to come in and produce,
engineer and mix an album.  I really think that Peter Collins was good for
some of their works but really seemed to lose his luster on Test For Echo.
How about somebody like Don Fleming who has impressed me with excellent jobs
on The Screaming Trees' "Sweet Oblivion" and the Posies' "Frosting on the
Beater".  He adds a real "Crunch" to bands and I think it would be
interesting to hear how he and the boys would combine their sounds.  Brendan
O'Brien is another producer who really seems to refine and strengthen
albums.  He worked on the last Matthew Sweet Album.  Even though I'm not a
fan of their music, both Trent Reznor and Rob Zombie have done wonders on
both mixing and re-mixing and could add a little spice to the Rush mix.  And
then there is the God of all producers, Rick Rubin, who has really created a
sound all his own.  Just some random thoughts and wishes for a new album.

Kurt Geltz


Date:  Wed, 26 Aug 1998 09:54:01 -0500

Re: Rush and Tool
There have been quite a few Rush/Tool comparisons floating around and I must 
say that I agree to a certain degree.  I have always had a respect for Tool 
because they play a more progressive type of music than most of what's out 
there now.  They are truly an amazing band.  There have been some comparisons 
to their drummer, Danny Carey, and Neil, especially by Tool fans who have 
seen them live.  Having seen Tool recently in Maine, I have to agree.  It's 
nice to see Neil as the measuring stick for other progressive drummers out 
there.  While the styles of the two are very different, the complexity that 
they bring to each other's band is very similar.  In addition, the three 
instrument players in Tool often sound like 4, 5, or more people, while the 
same can be said for Geddy, Neil, and Alex.
While I have been into Tool for a great while, I gained a greater appreciation 
by reading through Maynard James Keenans lyrics which can be found on the 
band's unofficial page  Unfortunately, the genius of his 
writings are often overlooked because the lyrics aren't contained in the CD's, 
unlike Rush, which (thankfully) includes them.  The duality of Maynard's 
lyrics and how he makes you think that there's more than just the surface 
words, remind me of how I felt after reading Neil for the first time.
Sorry for the long post and the minimal Rush content.  Glad to see the 
inclusion of "The Analog Kid" on the live disc!


From: sberrett 
Date: Wed, 26 Aug 1998 08:15:23 -0400
Subject: New Track Times

Based on the rush-mgr's news that Show Dont Tell & Analog Kid are on the
live set, and following the track listing at ghost's site

here is the new disc time listing for the 1st 2 discs of the live album
(times taken from my To Hear Amazing Things boot and my Animated boot):

intro			1:30
dreamline		5:01
limelight		4:19
driven			4:23
animate			6:24
show don'tr tell	5:15
thre trees		5:27
closer to the 		5:14
bravado			6:30
nobody's hero		5:02
2112			21:31

Test for Echo		7:03
Freewill		5:37
roll the bones		5:53
analog kid		5:05
stick it out		5:05
resist			4:26
drum solo		8:18
natural science		8:09
leave that thing	4:47
spirit of radio		4:56
tom sawyer		5:35
yyz			5:07

Looks  A LOT  better than it did. And I, for one, am much happier. We
have proven that beggars CAN be chosers! So I say......... we still got
plenty of room here guys!!! How about Half the World added to disc one
and The Pass added to disc two.  While were at it, Vital Signs from RTB
would also fit on Disc two!!! Then it would be PERFECT!

Sorry to push the issue! Just hoping!



Date: Wed, 26 Aug 1998 07:09 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Neil vs. the world

Hey everyone, 

Alot of talk on the Neil vs. Carter Beauford topic lately.  I'm really not 
familiar with Carter Beauford (he's with the Dave Matthews Band, right?), but if
a number of TNMS drummers have vouched for his excellence, I'll take their word 
on it.  The problem I have is saying that so and so is more technical or 
whatever.  Even though you're looking at them through experienced drummers eyes 
and ears, you are still only examining their published work (and live concert 
experiences, of course).  Is the complete measure of technical skill evident 
from this?  I doubt it.  Maybe it does since Neil used to be very fond of 
putting as much stuff into his drumming as was humanly possible, and I can't 
speak for Beauford.  So maybe you can.  But if a certain song called for a 
simple 4/4 beat, Neil would give it that.  And then someone would here that and 
say "so what's so technical about this Peart guy?"  

As far as playing each others material, or playing other peoples material in 
general...I would be greatly surprised if either drummer couldn't play the 
others' songs.  I'd be surprised if any professional drummer (like a session 
drummer) couldn't play either of their songs.  It's not the playing that makes 
these guys great, it's the composition!



From: "Penna, John:" 
Date: Wed, 26 Aug 1998 10:27:06 -0400
Subject: a few things

good day, eh....

i, too, was very happily surprised on RTB tour when they started the
Analog Kid.  it was great.  the best part
was looking around at some the younger fans and they were unfamiliar
with the song.  it struck my friends and i
as funny.

what to do for ISSUE #2112:    NOTHING!  skip it.  go from issue 2111 to
2113.  let it stand for some kind
of collective moment of silence for various things -- all the years of
great RUSH music in general, a tribute to Neil's 
daughter and wife, simple respect.  they're giving us the "bonus" live
CD as a thank you, this could be our "your welcome"


the mad immortal man......


From: "Bill Bibber" 
Date: Wed, 26 Aug 1998 11:21:51 -0500
Subject: my yearbook quote

Someone asked, so I'll throw mine into the fray.  
Back in '85, when I was just about three or four years into the
development of my extremely cynical point of view, I used, "Living in
the Limelight is the universal dream, until we are struck between the
eyes by the big time world."

I'm still dreaming, and so far, have yet to be struck.

'til then,


From: "matthew alexander majewski" 
Date: Wed, 26 Aug 1998 08:43:14 -0700
Subject: Test of Echo

Greetings friends!

Is there anyone on this list that lives in West Mifflin, Pa. and has a 
license plate with the intials:  ASOH10 ?  Is this a coincidence or does this 
stand for:  A Show Of Hands, Tenth song on the CD?  Anyone?  Test of echo...

As far as people whining about the new set list...isn't that what this list 
is about?  Discussing, analyzing or critizing(hopefully, not too much) our 
favorite band.  That's why I signed up!  And if you read the most recent NMS 
our WHINING has paid off!!!
How could you not be disappointed that nothing was included from Presto???  
That album is great, some of their best material ever written.


Lonely things like nights I find end finer with a friend.  -you know who.


From: "Bill Bibber" 
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 10:00:02 -0700
Subject: prism records

The following appeared on TNMS #2092:

"From: Chris Delp 

> someone wrote
> >>"Mike Bahr, where the hell are you?  I'm still waiting on my copy of 
> Virtual Songs.  It was sent out over a month ago according to your webpage.  
> I've sent three e-mails in the last month and haven't heard from you.  
> Please write back. "
> he runs a business and is blowing off everyone.  his website updates are
> full of shit.  he has not sent out almost all the orders, or people like
> you and me would have gotten them.  it's been six weeks since i ordered
> i wouldnt be suprised if a very a strong supproting reason for mike
> bahrs retirement is that so many of you worthless boot collectors are so
> over wrought with paranoia and harrass him so much that hes just sick of
> it. this is a message to all on the net who collect boots. DO NOT SEND

Mr. Delp:

I'm sorry you feel this way.  Unfortunately, there are some people out
there who would simply like the courtesy of a response, when they have
sent their hard earned dollars in good faith.  I think most people do
understand that these things take time, but it is human nature to want
an explanation when progress is slower than they expected.  To call
these people stupid and offer to "provide the service" of kicking them
in the teeth, is asinine. By the way, since you think these people are
"stupid", I think I'll call you out on something that even a reasonably
intelligent person who speaks the English language should know.  If you
are going to tell someone they are a piece of shit, it is spelled
"you're" a piece of shit, not "your".  It makes you look stupid when you
call people stupid and you don't even know the basics of your native
tongue. I also think you're an idiot for your violent point of view,
even if you are entitled to your opinion.  This is my opinion:  We don't
need you here.

thanks for your time folks,


From: Eddie DelGaudio 
Date: Wed, 26 Aug 1998 12:26:28 -0400

I've been an avid RUSH fan since 1976.  I've seen them perform 35 times in 7 
states throughout the US, 6 times in CANADA and 3 times in the UK.  Why I do 
not claim to be an expert, I do know a little bit about RUSH and their music.  
As far as I'm concerned, every album RUSH delivers is a blessing for fans 
and musicians alike. 

For the past several months there have been too many complaints about why 
songs like TS & CTTH keep reappearing on their live albums.  It occurs to me 
that there are reasons why these songs reappear.  In retrospect, the CP & TFE 
tours were some of  RUSH's best.  Every aspect of these tours from lighting, 
sound, staging and instrumentation achieved new levels of quality and execution.

As musicians, RUSH has always put alot of thought into each album.  Throughout 
the process of producing the DIFFERENT STAGES album, RUSH had the laborious 
task of listening to and choosing what songs best represent their live 
performances.  The way they perform songs like TS & CTTH today, are far 
superior than the way they did 15 years ago.  There is also the factor of 
continuity.  A continuous state or quality of work which they have achieved 
throughout their history, which can now be celebrated with a new 3 CD live 
album, and as bonus they give us a throwback from the old school days of 1978.  
What else could you aks for.



From: "Catherine Brissette" 
Date: Wed, 26 Aug 1998 09:30:20 PDT
Subject: setlist, universal panacea, presto, keys

Hey everybody

Awesome news about the new setlist! Analog Kid, woohoo!!!!

I have these two tapes called "Universal Panacea", which include 
everything from "Not Fade Away" to "Cold Fire" and also includes some 
real gems like "Kid Gloves" (Geddy says something about 'this is 
probably going to be on our next album' and his vocal line is different 
than the studio version) "Prime Mover" and "the Camera Eye"
Problem is the quality is really bad. I think what I have may be a copy 
of a copy of a copy....
Anybody out there have any info on this, where it's from, is it 
available on CD, who made it??? Please email me privately:

ALSO I noticed the CD Boot page doesn't list any from 'Presto'...there 
must be SOMETHING out there. ???

My two cents on the keyboard issue... 
I love them, maybe it's because I'm a child of the Eighties or because 
my high school sweetheart wrote and recorded a song for me on keys (I 
have great memories of him showing off playing Van Halen's 'Jump' and 
lots of stuff that would melt any girl's heart...)
I know Geddy's no Rick Wakeman but I like the texture the keyboards add. 
I was disappointed that the last couple of albums have been so bare. I 
know they wanted to get back to the power trio thing and synths and keys 
are out of musical fashion. But still... I really love that whole 
space-agey sound like on GUP.

Have a great day!

ever try to annoy people by getting a cheesy song stuck in their heads? 
I have a Crosby Stills and Nash song stuck in my head, don't know the 
title, that one about "what have you got to lose?" and the little birds 
"chestnut brown canary ruby throated sparrow" that ends with the little 
happy 'doodoodoodoodoo doo doo doodoodoodoo'...

heh heh heh :)



From: "Will Holt" 
Date: Wed, 26 Aug 1998 12:35:19 -0400
Subject: RE: Administrivia

"The new release date is November 17th. It's been pushed back because they
are retracking the live album, BASED ON COMMENTS THEY'VE RECEIVED FROM FANS!
(that includes all the comments that have been posted here)"

This is the coolest thing I have ever heard!  Is Rush the greatest or
what!?!?!?!  Rush must be happy that their fans would prefer these tracks
over the "standards".

Hey rush-mgr!  Any word if "Animate" is still going to be released Sept. 1?
Is this an official single release that will be available in stores or is it
just for radio stations?

Is there any documented proof that ASoH contains overdubs?  Did any of the
band members admit to this?



Date: Wed, 26 Aug 1998 10:46:30 -0700
Subject: Only record three nights? wrote:

> Has it occured to anyone on here, that most recordings for live albums are
> usually done only over the course of three to at MOST five nights?  If during
> those nights,  no material off of Presto was played to band's satisfaction, it
> would certainly be their right to decide to leave that material OFF the cd!
> Likewise, maybe the examples of "Analog Kid" weren't performed to the band's
> high standards, and were therefore nixed...and maybe, one of those "tried and
> true" numbers that the hardcore fans are panning for being "redundant" after
> being on all the other live albums (and for the record, Tom Sawyer was ONLY on
> ESL unless you count the versions on video--which I'm NOT) was actually a real
> ripping version that they are all proud of putting on again.
I would disagree with your assumtion that the band would record "ONLY
over the course of three to at MOST five nights."  This might be the
case for some other groups, and even for Rush in the seventies, but
there was a smattering of tracks from many different shows on ASOH, and
in this age of inexpensive, portable digital recorders, such as the
Tascam DA-88, it is Verrrry easy to hook up three of these units in
unison, and make a 24-track recording of each and every show, good or
bad.  And being in a band I am fairly certain that another reason to go
this route is to catch that "perfect" performance, flawed or not, where
everything came together perfectly and, maybe, even had a bit of happy
inspiration.    The other reason for taping every night is that all
sorts of problems happened, like the night that Rush played in Phoenix
in Dec. 1996 and for the first five-or-so songs Alex was going nuts
because there was a short in this foot pedals.  Could you imagine
setting aside three nights and having technical problems plaguing them
all three nights?  (Better make it FIVE nights).

    Just a thought.

    The Deck-man


From: "Anderson, Chris " 
Date: Wed, 26 Aug 1998 13:51:01 -0400
Subject: Roll the Kidney Stones, get busy


Like kidney stones suck and stuff!!  I had one a year ago
and I thought that I was going to DIE!!!  Eventually it
went ws a MAJOR relief!!!  Drink tons of water.

I suggest that you listen to 'Presto' (the song).  Very
calm/nice song to help deal with the kidney stone!!!!
Tai Pan is a good song too!!

Good luck,

Chris A.


From: Pete 
Date: Wed, 26 Aug 1998 14:51:31 -0400
Subject: A call for rational thinking

>Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 18:26:48 EDT
>Subject: 75 minutes on a CD
>I've noticed a number of people complaining that the discs for the upcoming
>live album are not "filled" with music, i.e. only 60 minutes long.
>Nobody was complaining back in the days of vinyl when Rush albums were 40
>minutes long, even though vinyl albums could hold up to 60 minutes.

Dear KMK, put down your crackpipe and try to focus for, oh, say, thirty
seconds.  Live albums and studio albums bear absolutely no resemblance to
each other (well, now that I think about Rush's overdubs and so on.......).
 You see, studio albums necessitate creativity.  Live albums only reproduce
what's already created on the studio album.  Therefore (really focus here),
it takes alot more work to fill a 75 minute CD (or in your flawed example,
a 60 minute vinyl LP) with new material than to fill two 75 minute CD's
with live taped, rehashed songs.

By my count, Rush played 160 minutes of music each concert of the TFE show.
 Using simple math, that's more than enough to fill 150 minutes on two 75
minute CD's.

Please think before posting such illogic.

P.S. - After wading through numerous left-wing facist protesters outside of
the Tabernacle last night in Atlanta, I was treated to a great Ted Nugent
show.  He was total energy for two hours.  Try to see him if you can.


Date: Wed, 26 Aug 98 14:41:43 -0400
Subject: Just a thought...
     Hello All,
     I believe it would be really cool if the Boys "Re-recorded" album #1 
     (Rush).  I know most of the songs have been played live before, but 
     Imagine, a new studio version of "Rush".  I guess it could be a 25th 
     anniversary edition.
     What do you think?


Date: Wed, 26 Aug 1998 14:38:10 EDT
Subject: Re: Response to Derik Tetlow

Alex is from Fernie, B.C. which is about 40 kilometers from Cranbrook, B.C.
near the Alberta border.



From: "Kevin & Vickie" 
Date: Wed, 26 Aug 1998 14:03:29 -0500
Subject: Drummers

It is well known that drummers have BIG........imaginations!!!!  Whoever
thought that "ding" in Hemispheres was electronically produced and played
with an Octopad has a bigger imagination than even me.  Everybody knows
that is the classic sound of a crotale that makes that "ding".  You can
even see this crotale in pictures of Neil's setup during that time.  There
were no octopads around at the time of Hemispheres release.  If you have a
video of the CP tour, watch Neil and see what he hits for that "ding". 
Voila, one crotale coming up!!!!!!!


Date: Wed, 26 Aug 1998 15:07:37 EDT
Subject: high school year book

well i was on year book staff when i was a senior in high school back in 88
and named our year book "Time Stands Still" pretty cool huh. also has any one
seen me driving in los angeles my plate is RUSHRKS give me a honk if you see
me but i probley wont hear you cuz i am always crankin rush on my system in my


From: "Miers, Dan" 
Date: Wed, 26 Aug 1998 14:16:37 -0500
Subject: Bell-Sound

In today's NMS, pondered:

"I question the post about the "electronically simulated bell-like sound" in
Hemispheres being the sound from a Roland Octapad - as a drummer this makes
no sense....etc"

Since it was my post he was responding to....

It was a joke.  More specifically, a take-off on a unecessarily tiring
debate that occurred on this list a long while back (hopefully never to be
repeated again)

I apologize for my failed attempt at humor.


"The Pope has a shop in the city."


From: Jose Ramos 
Date: Wed, 26 Aug 1998 15:18:46 -0400
Subject: Keep whining

Fellow Rushians:

You know, I really thought that after we found out about the two new tracks
on the DS album that people would STOP WHINING.  I still hear people crying
about the songs they'd like to hear (read: Jonathan Fowler & "Half the
World").  Anyway here's what I want to hear, in case anyone gives a DAMN.

THE NECROMANCER.  But I wonder if it's ever been played live at all?!?

I've been listening to Rush for almost twenty years now.   (My God!  That
means I'm old, doesn't it?) I never would have dreamed of complaining but
all you crybabies made me do it.

P.S.  Jonathan, I didn't mean to single you out!!!   
(-:}    <----- left handed smiley face with a toupee  (I'm lefty but still
have all my hair)


Date: Wed, 26 Aug 98 14:22:27 -0500
Subject: Favourite non-Rush Songs

     New thread? >> Favorite non-Rush songs, anyone?
     Any one else?
     Here's some of my current ones:
     Shining in the Light - Page/Plant
     'Tightrope' or 'Little Wing' - SRV
     Pocahontas - Neil Young
     Mmmmbop - Hanson 
     (just kidding! wanted to see if anyone reads this stuff... :))


From: "Smith,James" 
Date: Wed, 26 Aug 1998 12:40:03 -0700
Subject: High School Quotes

I did include a Rush quote in my high school yearbook.  "Wave after wave
will flow with the tide, and bury the world as it does.  Tide after tide
will flow and recede, leaving life to go on as it was."  I was thinking
that basically that none of this mattered.  My high school had been
around for 60 years and this was just one more group of 18 year olds
moving ahead with life.  We like to think we're special, different.  In
detail, yes we are, just as every wave that has ever crashed upon the
earth is unique.  (How many waves have crashed on the shores of earth?)
As a group, we were not.  Just like all the tides are similar, one to
another.  It ties right back to Circumstances with "The more that things
change, the more they stay the same." And it ties forward to Tom
Saywer's "Those changes aren't permanent".


Date: Wed, 26 Aug 98 14:32:18 -0500
Subject: Chilean Band Names

     A TNMS'er in Chile wanted suggestions for his band....
     How about these:
     "Chile Lightning"
     "Passage to Chile"
     "Working Amigos"
     "Analog Amigo"
     "The Spirit of Chile"
     Good luck!


From: Eric Gumtow 
Date: Wed, 26 Aug 1998 15:03:12 -0500
Subject: Rockline

Monday the 24th the members of Better Than Ezra (BTE) were the guests on
Rockline.  About halfway through a caller asked them a question about
Rush.  Here's a brief synopsis:

It had something to do with the guitarist giving Rush a ride to a show in
the early 80's (Moving Pictures tour, I think).  It turns out that Alex
and Geddy's limo driver did not show up that night (I guess Neil was riding
his bike).  Being the big fan BTE's guitarist was, he was hanging out by
the band's hotel prior to the show.  Since Alex and Geddy had no way to
make it to the show, he gave them a ride in his '78 Toyota.

A little later BTE's guitarist played the beginnings of Red Barchetta,
The Spirit of Radio, and Limelight live on Rockline.  He also commented
that if things persisted he would be playing Cygnus X-1 by the end of the
program.  Then the host said he heard him playing La Villa Strangioso [sic]
before Rockline began.

Also, a few months back when Third Eye Blind was on Rockline, the bassist
joked that his fish's name was Geddy Lee.  Not as intersting as BTE's
story, but interesting nevertheless.

BTW, the addition of The Pass and Analog Kid to the new live album makes
it much better, IMHO.  If I could have picked two songs to add, those would
have been them.

Eric Gumtow


From: Todd Garbarini 
Date: Wed, 26 Aug 1998 16:17:51 -0400
Subject: Re:  New live album re-tracking & Rush laser show (DREAMLINE)

    Wow - just yesterday I was bemoaning THE ANALOG KID's absence from
the new live album, but evidently it will be included.  I hope so,
though I'd much rather see the actual listing myself than rely on these
posts because who really knows for sure?  I'm glad that something
positive has come of our rantings!  :)
    Has anyone seen the laser light show featuring DREAMLINE?  I love
that song and would love to hear comments from those of you who might
have seen it.  Thank you.



From: Kurt Smith 
Date: Wed, 26 Aug 1998 16:31:20 -0700
Subject: Thoughts on the setlist et al--a little late...

Howdy Rush fans and other Carnation Instant Breakfast Consumers-

Okay, having realized that my last two posts have been sent to the wrong 
address, I'll update them as best as I can-if they seem outdated, oh, get bent.

The only complaint I have about Tom Sawyer being on the new live album is 
that it hasn't been performed any differently since its birth. That's kind of 
odd, since you'd think of all the songs they tire of playing (and hearing), 
this one would near the top of the list. The intro is pretty cool, so it's 
not a big deal.

Nothing wrong with another Peart solo, I think it's a highlight of past live 

(I do wish something from Presto was included, because I do really love that 
album, and the Presto tour was one of my favorites. Show Don't Tell and The 
Pass are great live and are two favorites of mine. I also still wish they did 
War Paint.)

 ---I put this above here paragraph in parentheses because I wrote it before 
the good news. For all of you who got the band's attention, please disregard 
my second post on this topic.

Some definite cool stuff, though. Natural Science? Anybody expect to hear 
that one on the Virtual Tour? Bravado-very cool. A fine, fine guitar solo at 
the end of that one.   Let's not forget Dreamline, just because it's a given 
doesn't stop it from being great.   And The Analog Kid was a very pleasant 
surprise on the Counterparts tour, so that should definitely be included (has 
been, thanks again).

I had a chilling thought today. Does anybody know how Rush's copyright deal 
with Mercury works? I believe some of their integrity has been compromised 
with these Retrospective releases-that makes three Best Of compilations 
including Chronicles. I know I don't have to buy them, but it still bothers 
me, because they seem like unnecessary cash cows.

But the main reason I ask is this: is it their decision? In other words, do 
they own their own songs? If they don't, could some asshole record exec sell 
them to (shudder) BURGER KING? Anybody who has seen the Smoke on the Whopper 
commercial knows what I'm talking about. Please, if somebody out there could 
clear this up for me, it would help me sleep at night. I'm not joking.

Stay hip everybody (A modern day Whopper...I think I'm gonna PUKE!)


From: Kurt Smith 
Date: Wed, 26 Aug 1998 16:32:57 -0700
Subject: The Different Stages Setlist and What The Hell Is The Matter ...

Hello everyone-

I know I just posted about this, but now I'm getting annoyed.


                        Love, Kurt


From: "Bill Blanchard" 
Date: Wed, 26 Aug 1998 14:12:08 PDT
Subject: Prog live album spurt

Anyone notice that the next 3 months are gonna be huge for prog fans?  
Rush has a 3 CD live album coming out, DT has a single (double?) live CD 
coming out, and Fates Warning has a live album coming out.  It would be 
awesome to have a Rush/DT/FW tour together, but then again that's only a 
wet dream =(.

Wild Bill


From: Fred Pinto 
Date: Wed, 26 Aug 98 14:28:38 -0700
Subject: Re: 08/26/98 - The National Midnight Star #2093

In a message dated 8/26/98 12:40 PM, wrote..

>Rush will continue to be a positive musical influence to me, regardless of
>whether they break up tomorrow or keep slogging on for another twenty
>years. Their music and their message mean so much to me, and to have them
>throw all of that away because someone says they have to do it "...for the
>fans" would be incongruous to the last twenty-five years.

you make some very good points--i think i was speaking for myself as an 
individual and how i would like to be in their position, possessing such 
a gift.  and given such a gift, i would be very compelled to continue 
passing that gift along to those who really, truly appreciate it.  of 
course, my take on this issue is mine.  i'm entitled to think how i do, 
and because i would give more of myself in i were the talented one, i 
expect more from rush.  i could be wrong about myself--their life 
experiences are so foreign to me, i might find a loss of motivation 
inhibiting my desire to continue.  that being the case, i can understand 
rush no longer performing. 

however, my position on them owing us better tracks on the live album is 
based on the fact that rush's core fans want half the world and the pass 
on the live album.  we will definitely be happy with whatever rush does, 
but we really want new live material.  and if that comes in the form of a 
box set, then that's fine with me.  just make it available to your 
hardcore fans who buy everything and still want more.  i don't think it's 
asking a lot of the boys.  the material is recorded, and it's probably 
been worked on beyond that (considering all the possible tracks that were 
dropped from the live album).  many fans have indicated support of the 
setlist as is, while in the same breath wondering why analog kid was 
dropped or presto isn't represented.  it's like they're talking out both 
sides of their mouths.  i intend to buy different stages no matter what's 
on it, and a box set if one is to follow.  but i'm not going to tell you 
that i'm ecstatic about the tracks on DS, when i feel rush could've done 
a better job with the selection process.  granted i don't know all the 
facts, maybe the tracks i wanted turned out bad.  but i don't buy that.  
rush fix the recorded live material anyway, so don't tell me every 
recording of double agent is so bad they can't release it.  they have a 
number of recordings to work with, so that's hard to swallow.  what i see 
is that rush has chosen the mainstream songs as a way of boosting sales, 
knowing the hardcore fans will still buy it.  the bonus disc is great 
even though it's very similar to ATWAS, and the thank you letter to the 
fans is very nice, but the opportunity to do something more for the fans 
by including the less radio friendly tracks was passed up by rush, and 
that is a disappointment.  another good way to thank the fans would've 
been to inlcude the cold fire's instead of the tom sawyer repeats--or do 
both and throw another disc on their and make this release a box set.  
that would have been a true thank you and a class act from one of the all 
time class acts of rock music.


Date: Wed, 26 Aug 1998 17:52:09 EDT
Subject: 2112 - a sign

Here's just a neat little thing I experienced Monday: It was the first day
of classes here at the University of Florida, and I didn't exactly know
where I was going. So I asked God to point me in the right direction, which
He/She did... I found the classroom with no problem. Its room number? 2112.
I always knew God was a Rush fan.


P.S. Anyone ever heard of Moxy Fruvous? -- another fun Canadian band.


From: "The Clayton's" 
Date: Wed, 26 Aug 1998 17:00:55 -0500
Subject: Working out to Rush and Dionysus's Dick

Hello out there - I have recently acquired a walkman that has made my
workouts so much more fun!  Never seen 45 minutes on a treadmill go by
so fast as when I have Test for Echo cranked!  I bop away and am sure
that the folks behind me are wondering what I am listening to!  My
question is what do you guys listen to, specifically Rush tunes, to get
motivation?  I was in a dilemma as I made tapes from CD as to what to
leave off in order to fit a 45 minute tape side (one benefit to 45
minute albums/CDs).  For instance, Cut to the Chase ROCKS, but the tempo
isn't there if you need the speed (If you pick up the beat, you can
forget about the heat).  On the other hand, Hand Over Fist, a mellower
tune, has the beat to keep me going.  Territories and Grand Designs have
been alot of fun too.

To the person who wondered the gender of Dionysus:
I will never forget my first semester at the U of Houston.
Architectural History class with a Brit Professor.  He was showing
slides basically to illustrate phallic symbols in art and
architure..."See here how all of the warriors shown have helmets that
appear to be penis heads.  And here is Dionysus with his dick in his
hands."  I tell ya, being a chick of 18 at the time, my chin dropped to
the desk, but I never wondered whether Dionysus was a guy or a gal.  He
was evidentially the Greek or Roman god of love, or sex, or
*something*.  Enough said
Later on y'all, Lara


From: "Costello, Bryan" 
Date: Wed, 26 Aug 1998 18:57:01 -0400
Subject: Rush & Angel.... A Helluva Band! 

I have been experiencing some very STRONG 70's flashbax brought on by
watching "The Brady Bunch" with my 9 year old sister (I am 35). I have been
in love with Eve Plumb since I was 8 (notice I said EVE & not Jan Brady). If
she is on this list, or anyone knows how I can get a hold of her, I will be
your best friend for life. I know she would really like me if she got to
know me.

As I was saying, listening to Hemispheres & AFTK brings back an awesome
onslaught flavors & images of 1977 & 1978, like reading Circus & Creem
magazine cover to cover. On a whim I did a search for 1 of my all-time
faves, a band called "ANGEL". Anyone remember them? I found a couple of
killer/diller WebPages for them, and have since pulled out all their CD's (5
studio & 1 live one) and have spent the last few weeks reacquainting myself
with these guys.

Yes, they were an awful lot like KISS, their label billed them as "The White
KISS" for awhile (I remember Triumph was advertised as "KISS without makeup"
for their first US LP), but their is an awful, awful lot of Angel that is
incredibly progressive as well. Perhaps not to the degree of Rush (but
close), but a lot like a Dream Theatre. Does anyone know if DT has ever
alluded to Angel as any kind of influence? For if you listen to songs like
"Feelin' Right", "The Tower" or "The Fortune", one could easily vision DT
pulling the trigger on those tunes.

Furthermore, has Rush ever played a bill with Angel? I am sure with all the
outdoor stadium shows of the late 70's that Nugent & Aerosmith headlined,
some of y'all have had to have seen Angel, or a show with those two on the
BTW, Creem & especially Circus used to ALWAYS do stories on Rush. For a
period there around MP, either Rush & Billy Squier took turns being on the
cover of Circus. Are there any web sites out there that has those articles &
more importantly those covers & pics scanned?  Any info on these requests
would be most appreciated. 

Especially the Eve Plumb action!!!!!

yours in allegiance,

Bryan C  


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