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         The National Midnight Star, Number 2096

                 Wednesday, 02 Sep 1998

Today's Topics:
              Lord Sloth's RUSH page updated
             Small Soldiers soundtrack (mp3)
                       digital man
                     Different Stages
       HS quotes, and CDR project ** PLEASE READ **
                    Toyota Sighting!!
                  Back by popular demand
                     Light & Mirrors
                        Live Sound
                     Inductee banners
                       Point taken
               Eve Plumb hates the setlist
                       KC and Rush
                   TS Remix MP3 file. 
                    Yearbook Quotes...
                     Yearbook quotes
                  Rush sighting on MTV?
What does Rush owe Us??..It's a two way street...Rush's future..
                       RUSH on MTV
                   Thoughts on Live CD
                Re: Rush and King Crimson
                   by humble suggestion
                     Points to Ponder
                    rerecord 'Rush' ?
               Prism Records - Michael Bahr
          Four things I want to get off my chest
                     Metheny anyone?
               I've heard the live album!!!
                      Rush Sighting
                   A Show Of Hands Tour
               Rush owes..../Setlist/TabCon
               Friends, Romans, Countrymen!

From: (The RUSH Fans Digest Manager)
Date: Wed Sep  2 22:41:56 PDT 1998
Subject: Administrivia

The lack of digests recently is due to the fact that yyz got moved monday
night to its new semi-permanent home (until January). Since it moved, it
ended up with a different IP address, and some DNS servers can take up to
a week to relearn the new address.

So I've avoided sending out any new issues until the new IP address has
propagated a little. If you are having trouble getting to yyz (either
the web page or through email) please be patient; it should work itself out
in the next week or so.

In other news, the RNR Hall of Fame Inductee Page is up on the NMS web page,
and the banner has been chosen! First, I want to say thanks to everyone who
submitted a banner, it was *very* tough to choose; I kept looking at the
page at different times all day Sunday!

So congrats to Tom Johnson, the winner of the banner contest! Tom, I will
be contacting you privately about your prize! Also, big thanks to Vince Vaughan 
& Jim Donahue for their animated banners, which had quotes that I stole!
(you guys will get something too :-)

What are you waiting for? Sign up and get Rush inducted into the hall of fame!

 - rush-mgr


From: (Keith Hoffman - Lord Sloth)
Date: Thu, 27 Aug 1998 04:59:52 -0700
Subject: Lord Sloth's RUSH page updated

with a few new links, one of them is to my band's page.

I would like to see some more traffic to my web rushstravaganza, check
out the rush fans page link at the bottom of the main page, I encourage
fans to contribute pics to the page in that manner ! =)  there is one up
allready of a peart license plate!

the url is in my signature file, see you there!  (its a good site for
pics, with separate pics page for dirk, pratt, and lerxst)

There is also an animated rush mouse pointer availiable for download on
the site, it is the red 2112 star that has been receiving much bandwith

Keith formerly known as "LORD SLOTH"  keith hoffman all sites  keith
"Insert RUSH/Peart lyrics here"  
RUSH page:
HOMEPAGE (with links to my other pages):
KontrolFreQ page:


From: Kate Collins 
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 1998 11:43:55 +0200
Subject: Small Soldiers soundtrack (mp3)

Hi -

For those of you into collecting mp3s, you can get the entire Small
Soldiers soundtrack at the following address (as of 8/28).

    site : 808
username : mp3box
password : mp3box
    path : /MP3_11/FULL ALBUMS/New Uploads/Soundtracks/Small Soldiers

   [ It also is available on the main NMS web page.           : rush-mgr ]



From: Iain Fisher 
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 1998 14:58:02 +0100
Subject: digital man

With all the recent talk about the analog kid was revisting the
Signals album and was wondering when digital man was last
done live.  Anybody out there know ? A great song where the
guitar really stands out.

Also rush producers  - next one has to be Todd Rundgren


From: (Jonathan A Gilsdorf)
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 1998 10:09:06 EDT

Steven Perez wrote:
     Hello All,
     I believe it would be really cool if the Boys "Re-recorded" album #1
     (Rush).  I know most of the songs have been played live before, but 
     Imagine, a new studio version of "Rush".  I guess it could be a 25th
     anniversary edition.

Would that be with or without Rutsey?

Jon G.   


From: (Tim Clemons)
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 1998 13:19:15 -0500
Subject: Different Stages

After reviewing the latest track listing, I think it's gonna be
one hell of a set!  I can't wait for 11-17!

The inclusion of TS, SOR and CTTH doesn't bother me either.

But, if I'd had any say so, I would've dropped Resist for The Pass
and Leave That Thing Alone for Half The World.  It would seem
so much more balanced that way and cover each of the four albums
since A Show Of Hands more equally.  Maybe they didn't have a 
good take of Pass and Half.  Who knows!

I'm just thankful for such a well rounded selection of live
Rush, "different stages" if you will.  

And, HOPEFULLY, there will be a video.  Maybe the CDROM rumor 
is true too!  

That's all.  Back to lurking.



Date: Fri, 28 Aug 1998 12:29:13 -0700
Subject: HS quotes, and CDR project ** PLEASE READ **

my Rush HS yearbook quote was: "You know how that rabbit feels going under
your speeding wheels..." I'd write this in the books of non-rush fans, and
they'd be like, "What the hell is that supposed to mean?" And I'd say
something like, "Oh, its nothing. You'll figure it out..."


On another topic entirely, Dennis Pupello II comments on some other
bonehead's post:
>>Ah, one must go to a bowling alley to meet someone of your stature.  If you
>>need escorting back to the lanes, I can provide this service to you.

Hey, jerk off. (that' you, Dennis) Some of us resemble that remark. I'm a
bowler. You got a problem with bowlers? You think we have below-normal
intelligence or something? Lay off man, or I'll sick my friend Lebowski on

Something else I don't have time to do but want to/will and maybe you all
can help me out with:
I want to put together a CD-R of other bands covering Rush songs.
Suggestions? MP3s sources needed for this's what I have in
mind so far:
Catherine Wheel's TSoR
DJ Z-Trip's TS (have this one already)
Help? My mind is a blank at the moment....can we get a comprehensive list
together of Rush covers? Cut and paste this part of the post and add to
it--I'll compile.

Not sure if I wanna include anything off the Tribute album--I remember
people talking about 2 really good renditions off there, tho--I'll have to
go rescan the NMSes and see which songs they are...

I think someone else was doing this recently--forgot who--if you read this
please get in contact with me. If anyone else is interested, I might be
willing to do this 'en masse' for other list members.....gee, I might even
modify the setlist if you whine enough!

Wait, I have an idea--Rush Manager--I am willing to make a "Rush Covers"
page for the NMS website (I am a web-geek by trade@jimmy's same employer)
if I can get all the info. Meaning that I'll be a funnel for you. Or was
all this already up on the "Audio Files" pages? btw, I like what you've
done with the front page.....



From: (Paul J Ferrara)
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 1998 15:36:43 -0400
Subject: IRC

if anyone is on IRC feel free to join #rush .. i channel i am hosting..
it will be up whenever i am on the computer which is mainly from like
10:00am - 5:00 pm est and 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm est.. feel free to join for
a lively conversation!

Mr. Paul J. Ferrara -- Toms River, NJ
"Si Hoc Legere Scis Nimium Eruditionis Habes"


From: "Rodd Karp (Volt Computer) (Exchange)"
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 1998 12:45:09 -0700
Subject: Toyota Sighting!!

Danny Breiner writes:

" Well it turns
out one of my best friends used that one so it all worked out. Also, when I
was a Freshman, I was asked by the senior who drove me to school for a good
quote...the suggestion I made and she used was from
Everyday People, "If the futures..."

Danny Breiner"

And Snapdad responds:

Everyday People? Is this a new Rush song?  /me thinks you've been watching a
bit too much television or something... Because when I read 'Everyday
People' i'm thinking instantly of these wack Toyota commercials I keep
seeing/hearing with this stupid catchy little song that goes along with
them...   :) :) :)

I know what you mean though Danny, just thought this unwarranted attack on
your subconscious was a bit humorous. 



From: Simoa Drew 
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 1998 15:20:03 -0400
Subject: Back by popular demand

Hey all,

I've been working in the middle of nowhere in Arizona for the past three months 
and therefore have been off the loop (and off tnms) for quite a while.  Various 
rumors are floating around concerning live albums, the death of Jackie Taylor, 
and the sets of the live albums, and the potential for a new studio release.

Could someone do me a favor and email me (privately, please) with as much 
relevant information as possible?  I would appreciate anything I can hear.

   [ A side note... you can find all this info on the NMS web page.
                                                             : rush-mgr ]



From: John Maar 
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 1998 15:09:08 -0500
Subject: Light & Mirrors

Two things...

First, given all of the recent discussion about the setlist for the
upcoming live there anyone else out there who wishes that
Rush would have performed Available Light live (I don't think that they
ever did), recorded it and then included it as part of a live release?

Second, I just picked up the 2112, MP and Sig remasters (I have all the
others, but a) I've got those 3 on MoFi UltraDisk II, and b) the prices
for those 3 were always $4 more than the others until recently). So...I
figured it was time once again to play the entire Rush discography
straight through. I'm up to Everyday Glory on Counterparts, to be
followed by Test For Echo. Here's my question...after just listening to
Double Agent, it occurs to me that the title for the Mirrors boot comes
from that song (from the "Wilderness of mirrors..." choruses). I know
that Mirrors is a Roll The Bones boot, but I just checked it, and the
copyright is 1995 and it contains a reference to the Counterparts tour
with its dates. I've always wondered where the Mirrors title came from
and this seems to be the best guess so far. Any comments?


P.S. I hope the person who designed the following sig doesn't mind my
co-opting it. If you do, please let me know. I hope that you'll accept
the imitation as the sincerest form of flattery. I think it's terrific!

John Maar                             _                  ,     ,
Senior Consultant                    [ ]       ,***,    (\____/)
Motorola University                 (   )     |     |    (_  _)
Phone:                               | |>     (     )   <__||
Fax:                              __/   \__    \___/     __||__
E-mail:         //|     |\\ /       \[]/      \[]


From: Tim Rockstad 
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 1998 13:12:03 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Live Sound

I don't care so much that they fix the "mistakes" on the live albums
as I do the glossing up of the sound.  I've never been particularily
fond of ESL or ASoH as they seem to be too "bright" sounding.  AtWaS
had a wonderful raw sound to it, perhaps too raw, deep and rich.  I
hope DS is able to produce a close to live experience and not the
"studio" live sound of the last two concert releases.

"We can walk our road together" from Hemispheres would be a great
graduation song.  I plugged for it back in'80 to no avail.


From: John Maar 
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 1998 15:25:09 -0500
Subject: Inductee banners


I know that you haven't asked for our preferences (or maybe you have and
I missed it) on the banner selection, but...I've just got to put in my
$.02 worth. First, we have some VERY creative people out there. I'm
impressed, to say the least. The one I favor is not the "best" from a
pure design perspective (the text font color clashes a bit with the
underlying "man and the star" from the Retrospective I CD), but my
emotional selection can only be the take off of the Caress Of Steel
album. I can see the concomitant tag line that will go with it.

  "From Down The Tubes to the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame"



From: John Maar 
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 1998 15:32:08 -0500
Subject: Point taken

OK, I started it, so I hope that this will end it (I've gotten a LOT of
private email on this). I accept that I'm in a minority of one (that's a
Clintonesque way of saying "wrong" ;-) ). Head nod and bow to the victor
(pun intended), Sir Mmcxii.


From: "Bryan Nyary (s)" 
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 1998 15:42:00 -0500
Subject: Eve Plumb hates the setlist

>>When you're listening to "Jacob's Ladder", does anyone else think Geddy
>>sings "The clowns prepare for battle?"  ;)

I thought there was a thread going on a while back on "misheard" Rush lyrics. 
Perhaps it's time to start it up again.

Personally, I can't listen to The Weapon without laughing when Geddy sings:
"He's a little bit afraid of dyin', but he's a lot more afraid of your lion."

And, of course, when I was a teenage bag of hormones, I always heard Geddy 
sing in Jacob's Ladder: "Follow men's eyes as they look to the thighs."

Any others out there?

And for Brian C. who was asking about Eve Plumb--I talk to her a lot and she 
hates the Dimlit Stages set list, but thinks the 3rd CD is "groovy." She 
thinks the record company is dictating what songs can and can't be included, 
Apparently she's hip to the workings of record companies since she had to 
deal with a lot of that garbage back in the Silver Platters days. If you have 
any messages for her, I'll pass them on, though she may not be too receptive. 
She's kind-of pissed at Rush fans right now since Mike Bahr stood her up on 
some bootleg CDs. Plus she's bicycling in Cameroon for the next 5 weeks.



From: John Maar 
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 1998 15:39:52 -0500
Subject: KC and Rush

> From: "Adrian Cagnani" 
> Date: Thu, 27 Aug 1998 18:41:06 -0300
> Subject: Rush and King Crimson
> Hey fellow rushians.
> Yesterday I was listening an album of my second most adored band, King
> Crimson (I think you guess who's the first), and I noticed two
> interesting things to say to NMS people:
> 1- Bill Bruford is maybe the only rock drummer as good as Neil Peart ;
> 2- Coincidently, there's a King Crimson song, on the album THREE OF A
> Is there someone else who is a King Crimson fan ?

Plenty, I'm sure. I'm a big fan, myself. Neil and Jack and Me is on
Beat, not TOAPP, but who's to argue. Anyone out there know which Neil
and Jack are being referred to? By the way, I just picked up the new
double live KC CD "Absent Lovers". It's from the last show of the TOAPP
tour and the last show of that incarnation of KC. It's terrific. Highly


From: Victor Beltran 
Date: 28 Aug 98 16:45:13 AST
Subject: TS Remix MP3 file. 

Netboys, Netgirls,

This is my first posting. I'm from Bogota - Colombia, I've been a Rush fan for
more than 10 years. In the last TNMS mentioned something about the sampler for
the Small Soldiers SDTRK. If you want to listen to the TS Remix for this movie
you can get the MP3 file available in this URL:

I'd like to read some comments about it.

I also wanted to invite you all to the RUSH Yahoo! club, Strangiato. Just go
to and join, you are all Welcome.

Victor Beltran


From: (Chuck Flowers)
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 1998 14:15:50 -0500
Subject: rasslin'

Yes, the wrestling circles are buzzing!!!

c money


From: "Adam Loch" 
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 1998 13:57:16 PDT
Subject: Yearbook Quotes...

Regarding the thread about using a Rush quote in your high school 
yearbook...I went one step further.  I went to a small private school, 
and each senior got their own "senior page", to do whatever they want 
with it.  So, along with all the other stuff on there (pictures, etc), I 
had the lyrics to Red Barchetta down the left side of the page, along 
with the "Music by Lee and Lifeson, Lyrics by Peart, Inspired by..." at 
the bottom (straight out of the MP book, pretty much).  Also, on the 
other side, I had a big paragraph listing thank you's to my friends, and 
I snuck "Geddy L." in there :-)  I'm glad to hear I wasn't the only one 
that did anything like that ;-)



From: "Bill Blanchard" 
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 1998 14:22:52 PDT
Subject: Yearbook quotes

Interesting that this thread come up now because I'm a senior this yr in 
high skool and was already thinking about what Rush quote I should use.  
I've been debating between The Analog Kid, Natuarl Science, Subdivisons, 
Prime Mover, Time Stand Still, et al.  Can anyone help me out?  Plus 
what should i identify the quote as? For example, "The point of the 
journey, is not to arrive" -should I put Neil Peart or Rush?  Email me 
or reply to TNMS.  Thx.

Wild Bill


From: "Bill Bibber" 
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 1998 17:32:46 -0500
Subject: Rush sighting on MTV?

Hey there neighbors!

	Does anyone out there watch the Sifl and Olly Show on MTV (it's on at
12:30 am M-F on the east coast).  Sifl and Olly are a couple of sock
puppets who interview other sock puppets, do a musical bit every now and
then, and also do a spoof on the Home Shopping Network called Precious
Roy's Shopping Network (or something like that).  Quite funny, if you
ask me (I know, you didn't).
	Anyway, I was in and out of sleep during one episode last week, and
there was some reference to 2112 as a fake product name or something. 
It was in the upper left of the tv screen is all I can remember, since I
was barely concious.  Did anyone else see this?  I'm trying to figure
out if I was dreaming, or if I really saw it.  

Can anyone help a guy out?


From: Seth 
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 1998 17:34:08 -0400
Subject: What does Rush owe Us??..It's a two way street...Rush's future..

Hey folks:

As far as what Rush owes us, in particular,nothing. But on a more
phillosophical level, and a more egalitarian level, it's a trade off.
Rush has provided us with years of great inspiring music, concerts, etc,
and we have religiously bought their cd's, concert tickets, etc. 

I think, 1) the argument is stupid, because the band is never gonna sit
down with 1 million+ fans and ask, ok, what do ya want? 

The band does what they do, and as the music buying public, we do what
we do. We put a little extra effort, the band does a little extra
effort.This also applies in reverse. So, I think this sums it up best,
and to argue any further is futile.

Oh, and yes, the band DOES care about what there audience thinks, to a
degree. I even have quotes from interviews, if anybody is interested, I
will post them. AND THAT was most likely one of the reasons for the
addition of tunes on the new live album. 

For those who think this "protesting" was stupid, then don't buy the
album, or hell, protest to the rec. companies that you don't like it!

Finnaly, nobody can predict what will happen next with Rush. They have
bought themselves some time with the live stuff, and that always gives
them lots of room for decisions. Regarding Neil, who knows where the
mans frame of mind is now, and thats all Im gonna say about that. If he
has retreated from Rush, he certainly has a right to. BUT, the man spent
most of his life with drumsticks in hand, and in particular, look at the
"new" Neil approach to drumming, ala' Freddie Gruber. He was VERY
excited about that, and this just may be to much a part of his life to
call it quits. BUT, for now, lets just fact, we may not hear
anything about RUsh (besides the live stuff) for a year or two. My guess
is as good as anybody's.

On that note..time to feed the kids...


City of Angels

"..Brother can you spare?
Another war..
Another wasteland..
Another...Lost Generation.." Neil Peart, Between The Wheels


From: Joshua Lusk 
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 1998 20:07:56 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: RUSH on MTV

Hello All,

	This is sort of a strange Rush Sighting.  I finally think rush got
on MTV...It was at 8:00pm on 8/28.  They finished the news up with Mix
Master Mike, and i heard that familer opening to Tom Sawyer, and he was
doing the whole turn table thing, etc...and then they cut off right as
Geddy was going "Monday Warrior..."

Any one else see this?

Joshua Lusk
"Why are we here? Because we're here, Roll The Bones" - Rush 1992


Date: Fri, 28 Aug 1998 22:03:37 -0400
Subject: Thoughts on Live CD

Your admin posting that some changes to the set list are being
considered is encouraging.  We can't wait for the CD.  November is OK if
they want to get it correct.  I'm sure they will.  A few suggestions

Please add: Virtuality, Cold Fire, Limbo (it was great live on the
second leg of the T4E tour), Available Light (all the posts are correct
 - my three boys sing it loudly in the car), Analog Kid, Losing It and
Kid Gloves.  Virtuality really captures the energy of T4E....forget the
critics....I'd love to crank it.  I remember it at Nassau Coliseum and
Jones Beach...the would be a shame not to include.  

Any word on whether there will be a video?



From: (David Watson)
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 1998 22:25:18 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: Rush and King Crimson

>From: "Adrian Cagnani" 
>Hey fellow rushians.
>Yesterday I was listening an album of my second most adored band, King
>Crimson (I think you guess who's the first), and I noticed two interesting
>things to say to NMS people:
>1- Bill Bruford is maybe the only rock drummer as good as Neil Peart ;

Agreed.  Very creative.

>2- Coincidently, there's a King Crimson song, on the album THREE OF A

Erm, the song is called "Neal and Jack and Me," and the names refer to the
Beat authors Neal Cassidy and Jack Kerouac.  Nowt to do with Rush.

>Is there someone else who is a King Crimson fan ? 

Ding.  Them and a few million other bands.

Dave Watson, Severed Heads Liberation Front (Re-release the _Stretcher_ EP!)
Swetier Balzoff (Ottawa), Ontario, Canada
My music and anime webpage:


Date: Fri, 28 Aug 1998 23:04:40 EDT
Subject: by humble suggestion

Alright first off let me say I think you all will stop griping when you hear
this album- I have the promo- EXCELLENT.
As for issue # 2112 - heres my suggestion.  
I say we all go to a music store and buy a rush product that day.  Mabey your
fav album in remaster- the retrospectives- get someone else started on Rush.
Mabey we all will get a story in Bilboard.  "The day Rush flew off the
shelves"  I know we all dont want to shell out the cash- but isnt 15 bucks
(Email me and I will give you a 3.00 off coupon from Sam Goody- I work there)
a good enough tribute to the band, to neil, to TNMS who has supported you
throughout the years?  


PS - Sam Goody carries (can order) both commercially released interview CDs of
Rush. They have to look it up in microfiche to order it- so tell them that it
is under Rush and the titles are "The story of kings" and "The Rush Interview
Picture Disk Vol.2.  

PPS- Dont abuse the coupon thing- lets not get me into trouble, Rush only!!!


Date: Sat, 29 Aug 1998 00:47:47 EDT
Subject: Points to Ponder

After being on vacation for awhile, I caught up on week's issues of The Star
in 2 days (I need a Guiness!).  Anyway...I can safely assume there is someone
from the Rush camp that reads the Star (a spy, perhaps?).  I would like to ask
you Mr. Spy to please pass along my personal thanks to the Boyz for not
telling us Rush fans to shove the new live album up our @$#%'s.  Hopefully the
Boyz realize the fans mean well!  (some of your posts were downright Nasty
about the setlist, yikes!)

A few other points from the last few issues:

Someone said Rush's first album with Neil was in '74.  This is incorrect, as
Neil didn't join until the first tour, during which they wrote Fly By Night,
released in '75.

Someone else said the "Fear Trilogy" was a joke.  This also is incorrect, and
in fact is a serious composition of three parts, planned at one time yet
written in reverse order because the easiest one for Neil to write was Witch
Hunt, then the Weapon, and finally The Enemy Within which was the most
difficult to complete.  Now, if you had mentioned Part IV of the Gangster of
Boats trilogy....

A comment on Neil being a drop out....wasn't yet another genius a drop out?
Albert Einstein, I believe.

Some of you are still complaining about this live album having another drum
solo on it.  I can tell you that today's Neil solo is far more expansive(?)
than early versions.  On the Atmospheric boot (gasp, not one of those) from
the RTB tour, he plays 30 seconds of Momo's Dance Party (from 1:10-1:40),
which is a kick ass song on its own.

And to whoever said Rush is notorious for not filling live CD's, what are you
basing this on?  AWAS is 80 minutes!  ESL is 77 minutes! ASOH is 75 minutes!



From: (z z z)
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 1998 16:29:43 -0500
Subject: rerecord 'Rush' ?

i think it's a grand idea!!!  because now they could rewrite some (or
all) of the songs on the album to fit neil's amazing, shocking,
aweinspiring(?) drumming.  just think what they could do with it, and how
much more energy they could throw into it... 
i, for one, would loke to hear a new version of working man

"If at first you don't succeed, it's probably someone else's fault."


From: "Brian T. Peterson" 
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 1998 22:57:02 -0600
Subject: Prism Records - Michael Bahr

Hello all!

Well, I've noticed several posts lately about Prism Records and owner
Mike Bahr. So, I'd like to make my point about the whole thing. 

1.) Now, as many know, Prism records has ended, for the time being at
least. In the past, Prism's main weakness was the "waiting period." This
was the result of a few titles that had an overwhelming demand, setting
a chain reaction of backlogs for every title following. As all Mike's
customers know, the main culprit was "Virtual Songs," a 3 disc set that
was time consuming to produce. I know about the waiting period, because
I was one of the many people waiting.

2.) Keep in mind, that Mike produced the bootlegs by himself, and
received incredible amounts of e-mail daily. Many of those e-mails were
in regards to "Where is my CD?" It would be difficult to produce
bootlegs when you're receiving "Where is my CD?" e-mails every second;
it would also be difficult to keep track of everybody. Mike seriously
improved the waiting period problem in the spring of 1998. Melissa Bahr
has been taking care of the shipping for much of 1998. This allowed Mike
to focus on making the cds and answering e-mail regarding current/new
titles. I contacted Melissa for much of my "shipping questions". Mike
even said on his web page to "contact Melissa about shipping concerns." 

3.) I had the "e-mail problem" with Mike just like many of the people on
this list did. There were times where I would e-mail Mike and not hear
back, and then e-mail him again, and still not hear back; when he
finally did get back to me, he apologized. Mike does get back to you,
but understand, he is one person, and you are not the only customer.
Like I said, Melissa took over the shipping again this year, so I
contacted her about shipping questions, and Mike about the bootlegs
themselves. Let Prism know your name, your address, and what you have
and haven't received. Be polite about it; they do get back to you. I'm
sure there have been a few people, judging by their Prism posts on the
nms, who have sworn and sworn and sworn at Mike Bahr via e-mail about
the waiting period. Hey, if you were a business owner, would you want to
"bend over backwards" for a customer who is cursing you? I don't think
so! I think some of you with your "fuck this, fuck that" nms posts got a
bit carried away.  
BOOTLEGS! The bootleg industry is an "underground" operation. You just
can't expect to receive your order instantly. It's fans for fans. Yes,
the Virtual Songs and Experience to Extremes backlogs were a bit
ridiculous, but it was a mistake, and Mike learned from it for later
titles. Mike is not out to screw anybody! 

5.) I was disappointed to see that Prism Records was ending. But at the
same time, I understand Mike Bahr's schedule and additional obligations.
I, like many I'm sure, will miss Mike's bi-weekly webpage updates and
high quality products. Prism Records allowed me to appreciate Rush even
more, as if that were possible. Thank you Michael Bahr and good luck!

Rush on,
"We travel in the dark of the new moon"


From: Dom Kallas 
Date: Sat, 29 Aug 1998 01:20:07 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Four things I want to get off my chest

First of all, I want to say _THANK YOU_ to whoever is involved with the
putting-together of the "Different Stages" CD Set for considering the
online Rush fans' opinions on including "The Analog Kid" after all.  The
original selection of songs was quite decent to begin with, and the
addition of "The Analog Kid" make it even better.  Moreover, it shows that
at least one person in the Rush camp is willing to read what NMSers have
to say and then do something about it.   If that doesn't show a commitment
to fans, I don't know what else would.   

Next up, I am of the opinion that Carter Beauford kicks ass.  He doesn't  
kick Neil's Ass, but Carter is a force to be reckoned with.  Please take
the time to listen to either 'Under the Table and Dreaming' or 'Crash' to
hear what I mean.   I'm no drummer, but it's obvious that Carter has a
different style of playing than Neil, but, like Neil, Carter's parts add
so much to the songs- both rhythm-wise and atmosphere wise.  

Thirdly, though Rush hardly gets radio play in the Boston area anymore, at
least other bands who have some musical connection to Rush are getting
airplay.  For instance, WBCN and WAAF both have been playing songs from
Tool's 'Aenima' album on a regular basis even though it's been close to
two years since the album has been released.  'Aenima' is one of the best
albums that has come out in the past few years because it ventures into
progressive sonic territory. 

Fourth, I'm now listening to Possum Dixon's 'New Sheets' album, which is
really cool.  If you are a fan of late-70's New Wave or Power Pop, by all
means check it out- it _ROCKS_.  The Rush connection?  The drummer used to
be a Rush fan back in the day (or so he remarked when I asked him after a
recent show).  Possum Dixon will be doing some dates with Better Than Ezra
(who also have cool songs and definite Rush influence) this fall, so
please check them out; they put on a solid live performance, and they're
nice guys if you have the chance to talk with them offstage. 

Thank you for your time... we now return to our regularly scheduled

and the world so hard to understand
is the world you can't live without
							Smashing Pumpkins


From: "Robert J. Murphy" 
Date: Sat, 29 Aug 1998 00:34:39 -0500
Subject: Metheny anyone?

     Err... hello,

     Just a referential question: are there any Rush fans out there that
like Pat Metheny Group... or am I some sort of anomaly? His stuff might not
be for most Rushians, but in a jazz context he is unique, progressive, and
very explorative. Kinda like... Rush!
     (By the way, if you're not familiar with him and decide to check him
out, stay away from albums like Zero Tolerance For Silence and Song X. Those
albums take the experimental into the nonsensical and beyond. Maybe start
off with Secret Story or Imaginary Day.)

     Curious as always,



Date: Sat, 29 Aug 1998 01:33:09 EDT
Subject: I've heard the live album!!!

Well not exactly, but I've done the next best thing...I've downloaded MP3
files from the Animated bootleg.  This is the first time that I've ever
listened to any bootleg material, so I don't know how good (or bad) they
usually are.  I have read in the past that the Mirrors bootleg is pretty good,
and I did download Ghost of a Chance because it's not on Animated.  After
listening to it, if Mirrors is considered pretty good, then Animated is great.
All the instruments are up front and clear (no long distance recording), and
there aren't any annoying fans screaming.  Geddy's voice is more nasally than
usual, however; maybe he had a cold?

So far I've downloaded Analog Kid, Bravado, Cold Fire, Xanadu, Spirit of
Radio, and Tom Sawyer (more on TS, later).  I was dissapointed that Analog Kid
was originally left of DS.  From the MP3's I've heard, Analog Kid is good, but
Bravado is better.  Xanadu is great, but it's an abbreviated version.

Now on to the DS setlist.  I'm squarely in the camp of those who DON'T want to
hear CTTH or TS again (esp. if it excludes HTW, The Pass, Cold Fire).  To
those who are defending it, I ask this question.  Do you really want three
live versions of one song and zero of another??  There won't be any more live
albums.  If they leave HTW off DS, that's it, you'll never hear it.  But as
long as we get another version of CTTH...zzzzzzzz!  Many have said we should
be lucky we're getting anything at all.  But we are, and people should
understand the purpose of a live album.  LIVE ALBUMS ARE PURELY FOR THE FANS!
THERE'S NO OTHER REASON FOR THEM!  Do you think Rush like live albums?  They
don't and they've said so in the past!  There's no creative process and it's
not very rewarding.  Do you think they REALLY care which songs get included,
as long as the recordings were good??  They put out a live album to keep the
fans who can't wait for another (if there will be any) studio album satisfied.
And the only fans who buy live albums are the hard-core fans.  I don't know
who's idea it was to include these "signature" songs, but if it was Atlantic's
in hopes that casual or new (hah!) fans would buy it, they're barking up the
wrong tree, because CASUAL FANS DON'T BUY LIVE ALBUMS!  As a result, we should
have some say (in some small way) as to what we want to hear.  I'm just glad
this forum exists so we can be heard, despite all those people who say we
should just shut up and be thankful that the gods have bestowed this gift on
us ("Thank you sir, may I have another Tom Sawyer!!")

Some people have suggested that we should wait until we hear the old songs
because maybe they recorded great versions.  To that I say, "Hey, I've been to
the concerts, and I've heard them many times, and I don't care how good they
are."  But just to show I'm open-minded, I decided to download TS from the
Animated bootleg, to see if I was wrong.  After listening to it a number of
times, I must admit...I still don't want it on the live album (cheesy
keyboards)!!  As far as Closer to the Heart goes, some people are interested
in hearing the end of the song, where Alex introduces the band.  While this
might be interesting or funny during the concert, who wants to hear that over
and over and over again??  Case in point:  Cold Fire from Animated includes a
one minute introduction where Geddy says the band will play Country & Western
music for 2 hours.  While it was funny the first three times now I need to
fast forward to the song.  Anyone who's heard Springsteen's "The River" from
the live box set will know what I mean.

If you're not interested in my take on live albums, I quote the band:

Alex, during CP tour:
"...the intention at the beginning of the tour was to record this material for
a live album, which would be our next release in the new year, since then
we've had second thoughts about doing a live album next. In fact we've had
some discussions about doing another studio record first, then going out and
touring that, pick up some other old material, we can't put Closer to the
Heart on another live album, or Tom Sawyer, it's songs like that. It has
really got to be made up of stuff, really from Presto on. So we thought maybe
it would be wiser to do another studio album, then go out and tour that, come
up with some more material, then come out with like a double CD of live

Neil, on ASOH:
"Choosing the material was difficult. We didn't want to use anything that had
appeared on previous albums, with the exception of "Closer to the Heart", as
it had that snappy "improv" bit at the end that we liked, so we decided to put
it on. Other than that, all the material is from Signals on, except for "Witch
Hunt", which hadn't been recorded for a live album previously."

Can someone tell Alex and Neil they changed the rules!!

"...and if I hear "Lakeside Park" on the radio I cringe. What a lousy song!"
Yeah, I know this quote is not in keeping with the theme of this post, but I
couldn't leave Geddy out.  That's right, he said this.  I personally like this

Thanks.  Sorry for the long post.  I hate them myself.



From: "Dave Anderson" 
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 1998 22:36:47 PDT
Subject: Rush Sighting

Dear Fellow Rush Fans,

       I was at my Highschool, and was finding my locker for this new 
year, and I past the Locker #2112.  There was Rush drawings and 
everything.  Like the Star, TFE statue.  I thought this was soo cool.  I 
think I might find out who's locker it is, and try to trade them 
lockers.  Just thought you guys might enjoy hearin that.  Bye!

                          Dave Anderson
          Go to my page-


From: John Gerard Lupoli 
Date: Sat, 29 Aug 1998 09:30:37 -0400
Subject: A Show Of Hands Tour

Hey rush-mgr,
	Was there ever a tour for "A Show Of Hands"?

   [ No. The Unofficial Rush Tour Dates Listing has its home on the NMS web
     site, and has this information in there (gee, am I starting to sound
     like a broken record? :-)                                : rush-mgr ]

Matt Lupoli
Age: 14
North Haven, Ct


From: (Sean Jones)
Date: Sat, 29 Aug 1998 09:22:29 -0600
Subject: Rush owes..../Setlist/TabCon

Just to point out....again....that the "Rush owes us/doesn't owe us" thread
seems to pop up every six months or so. What have we learned? Not a whole
lot, except that there are people out there who tend to think that the
world owes them something simply because they exist in it. It doesn't
matter if it's a new setlist, or tour dates, or whatever. There's always
someone out there who gets all pissy because it's not their version of

May I remind those of you who are pissy that Rush can't please everyone all
the time, and since most of us are fairly happy with what they chose to do,
then you're out of luck. They made most of us happy, which is the best
anyone can ever hope to do.

Setlists. Another point of contention EVERY TIME a new one comes out, be it
for the new live album or the current tour or what have you. A few points:

1) If you don't like the setlist. Don't go.
2) If you want to hear your favorite song and they're not playing it:
   a) Find a boot that's got it and be happy you have anything at all.
   b) Piss and moan about how you are "so disappointed!" about it's lack.
   c) Form a Rush Tribute band and play it yourself.
3) Once again, Rush chose the setlist to try and balance old and new, popular
   and obscure. You can't win 'em all, so don't get all bent out of shape when
   you don't.

Does anyone remember the article in which Geddy was talking about the new
(TfE) setlist? He said they came up with about 4.5 hours of music, or
something like that, and then had to go and cut songs, while keeping some
of the "fan favorites". Anyone STILL have a problem with the setlist should
try and dig that one up. Maybe you'll finally give it a rest.

For the record, I really have no problem with people wishing this or that
song was included in the setlist. I have my own list of songs I'd die to
hear live. My problem comes when people get ANGRY that their song isn't
included and get all mad at Rush and Anthem for not givin them what they

nuff said on this tired old topic. I can't believe I posted to it AGAIN.
I'm such a sucker.....

On the the 1998 Midwest TabCon! I was rather suprised to see Mike's posting
of our little shindig on the NMS here. For the record, a bunch of us (14,
plus a crowd of spectators) got together in the Chicago area and played
Rush for 2 days straight with varying degrees of success. This is our
fourth such TabCon (Tablature Convention) and by far the largest gathering
we've had. When new Con's are being planned, I'll be sure to post a few
times to the NMS for you frustrated musicians out there (and frustrated
fans who want live Rush). This last TabCon was a blast, and we'll be having
more next year, so stay tuned for your chance to play/view this rather
dubious :) spectacle.

Sean Jones

RushTab Bass Maintainer
Check out our site at


From: (Shawn Cook)
Date: Sat, 29 Aug 1998 11:02:12 -0400
Subject: Friends, Romans, Countrymen!

     This is truly the last word on the roman-numeral fiasco, and is what I 
     feel to be a fitting end to a truly ridiculous series of postings: 
     (small flame intended)
     Instead of XXIXII, or MMCXII, maybe we should break it down by digit.  
     Then we would have IIIIII.  I think that to be appropriate, don't you?
     P.S. Forgive me, mgr.

   [ Yeah, let's put 2112 into binary! *grin*                   : rush-mgr ]


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