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Subject: 09/03/98 - The National Midnight Star #2097

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         The National Midnight Star, Number 2097

                  Thursday, 03 Sep 1998

Today's Topics:
                     Re: TNMS #2094
                 Kind of a Rush sighting
                    First time post!
                  78 Show on Boxed Set?
                Nugent show Rush sighting
                  Girl with Rush-Tshirt
         Does anyone here own "Test Drive" boot?
                    Freewill question
              Last 2 cents on this:  briefly
                   Stupid question. . .
            "Another damn post from *him*..."
                     The Masked Rider
                  The Temple of #Syrinx
               Re:Boogie Nights/Beach Boys
                      Roman Numerals
                       more on dick
                     Yearbook thread
                Carter Beauford/Neil Peart
                       Quake2 skin
                 talking about goosebumps
                  New thread possibility
                  Here's a new thread...
                    A Tyranny of Fans?
                        An Omen!!!
                   Power Windows Update
                        Issue 2112
                    yearbook quotes...
                    English convention
          As plain as the nose on Ged's face ??
     Re: 08/28/98 - The National Midnight Star #2095
                   Re: Metheny anyone? 
                    live album changes
                  Leave That Thing Alone
  How I got into RUSH, and why I want TS on the LIVE CD
                "Misheard" Lyrics, TABCON
         METHENY  &  short note from list lurker
                     Metheny fan here

From: (The RUSH Fans Digest Manager)
Date: Thu Sep  3 10:41:43 PDT 1998
Subject: Administrivia

The RNR Hall of Fame inductee page is up, sign up and pass the word! If you
run a Rush website, feel free to use the logo on your page with a link back
to ours, we need as much support as we can get!

Album-related news: I have heard rumors of a live video to complement the
album, but it would not be released at the same time; the video would be
out a month or two later.

 - rush-mgr


From: Thomas Gillingham 
Date: Sat, 29 Aug 1998 13:39:16 -0500
Subject: Re: TNMS #2094

Somone named Kevin wrote:
well i was on year book staff when i was a senior in high school back in 88
and named our year book "Time Stands Still" pretty cool huh.

When I was a junior in high school, back in '92, our yearbook was also
titled "Time Stands Still" and for the same reason...the yearbook staff
editor, president, whatever you wanna call 'em, was a huge Rush fan.  You
can imagine my glee that year when I found out what the title of the
yearbook was going to be!!  Just thought I'd add that.

So, it's *definitely* November 17th for the new live album release date,
huh?  Ack...2 1/2 more months of waiting?!?!  "WHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE"  huh
huh. ;-)

ICQ# 15240956 - Digital video editing at its best!


Date: Sat, 29 Aug 1998 15:01:32 EDT
Subject: Kind of a Rush sighting

I was watching "The Jackal" with Bruce Willis & Richard Gere last night.
During the part where Bruce is in Canada having a huge piece of machinery
loaded into his minivan, one of the guys helping with the loading is a dead
ringer for Neil.  You only see him for a split second, check it out and let me
knoe what you think.  Also, the movie is decent.  Cheers, Tom


From: "Gregory T. Gehrke" 
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 18:18:50 -0700
Subject: First time post!

Greetings all,

     First of all, I am an 'older' Rush fan.  I've listened to them
since they began (riding to school with my oldest brother & sister) back
in '74-75. This was in the state of Colorado & we would get the radio
station out of Denver,it would play 'Working Man & FBN & several other
tunes from those two albums. I've followed them their entire career and
can honestly state that they have been a HUGE influence in my life!!!(By
the way, the radio station was 96X--don't know if it is still around)

     The local station here plays alot of Rush--The station programmer
is a Rush fan. As the station had large gaps in their Rush
collection(budget) I bought & donated all the missing cd's for
them!!(about 10) Needless to say I am now on the 'A' list there now!!

       I am now 36 & jam to all of rush!  keep rocking guys!!!

Gregory T. Gehrke


Date: Sun, 30 Aug 1998 12:44:02 EDT
Subject: 78 Show on Boxed Set?

Someone said: 
>Why include a live set from 1978 in the 3CD set if they plan on releasing a box
>set?  It would make more sense to include it in a box than a "new" live album.'

I agree with you.  Usually, something like the 78 show would be reserved for a
boxed set to get those of use who have every release want to buy it, right?
So, if there is going to be a boxed set, what "gift for the fans" will it
contain, or will it just be another Chronicles?

Btw, Rush-mgr, I still prefer Holy Bitch over Digest Godess, especially when
we get to read your wrath!

   [ Bend over, you get a spanking for that! heh                : rush-mgr ]



From: Pete 
Date: Sun, 30 Aug 1998 17:15:27 -0400
Subject: Nugent show Rush sighting

>Bryan C
>****Oh yeah, the guy standing next to me at the Nugent show was wearing a
>Rush "Starman" T-shirt

Bryan, if you were standing directly behind the soundboard, then you must
have been the guy standing next to me.  I was at the show, stood right
behind the soundboard and was wearing a black Starman shirt.  The Nugent
show was great and I echo your sentiments.  It sure is a small world.



From: "Jan Estling" 
Date: Sun, 30 Aug 1998 23:15:55 +0200
Subject: Girl with Rush-Tshirt

Hejsan Svejsan!

My little Rushsightning last saturday that i told=20
you about last time was fun....I had a small party...and we started
to listen to The Who Quadrophenia videolive...and then Steve
Hackett...Max Webster.....and at 21.00 i turned over to=20
TV4 and we watch the program "New Years Revy"....and i told
my friends that a suprise would apear soon...21.30 at last! the=20
girl with the Rush T-shirt did her monolog...and all of my friends=20
get wild...What a girl! and we have never starred so much to a girls
breast like this time (because of the rushloggos ofcourse!!!)..the
10 min. she did had nothing to do with Rush...but it was fun...
after  the program we listned to COS....Signals...GUP...and get drunk!!!

On wednesday the 2 of September at 20:00 UTC...12 noon PAC...2pm C stand = etc.
i  am playing bass in a band called ALBERTH...its a musiccontest and the  winner
gets a free recording.... the final is on the 26 of september....if you 
want to see it live at internet this wednesday .....the place is called 
BOLAGET and the = adress..

We are a trio and this night we will play
3 acoustic sort of powerpoptunes...Thunderheart
There she goes and Battlefield

Take care Rushians!!!

swederusher "lex rushon"=20


From: (Jonathan A Gilsdorf)
Date: Sun, 30 Aug 1998 18:37:17 EDT
Subject: Does anyone here own "Test Drive" boot?

Hey there fellow Rush fans....
	Was just wondering if anyone out there owns the "Test Drive"
boot.  Is was recorded on Nov. 21, 1996 at Arco Arena in Sacramento, CA. 
I took a test listen to it, but the sound quality seemed poor.  I dunno
if that was because the listening station I used had shitty headphones or
what.  Anyways, I thought I'd consult with my colleagues here on the NMS
before I buy it.  Is it worth the $49.95 the store is asking for it?
	Please email privately about your opinions on this.
	Exiting Stage Left,
	Jon G.

PS:  This boot contains "Half the World".

   [ The Sacramento show was NOT a good show. Couldn't tell you about the
     sound quality of the boot though...                        : rush-mgr ]


From: (Christopher W Lindsay)
Date: Sun, 30 Aug 1998 23:09:25 -0400
Subject: Freewill question

In the song Freewill, Neil says, we have freewill, the ability to choose.
"You can choose..."

In Entre Nous, he says in the last verse, "some we would not choose, but
we're not always free."  Like we may not choose, but we still are forced
to do it?

Is this a contradiction?

I'd say respondants, post your response! or e-mail me, whatever
Only if it's interesting and more importantly, NICE.


From: (Christopher W Lindsay)
Date: Sun, 30 Aug 1998 23:05:24 -0400
Subject: Last 2 cents on this:  briefly

I guess I just feel that if the average fan demands certain songs on
albums, then the artist compromises his entire reason for making music. 
That is, the artist should graciously offer what he believes his best is.
If the fans start demanding (I know that sounds strong, but it emphasizes
my point) songs, then they are no better than the record company who
demands that "Tom Sawyer" and "Closer to the Heart" be on it.
I think the pendulem should sway more towards the artist's wishes.

Remember:  "One likes to believe in the 'freedom' of music"


From: (Ryan  N Waggoner)
Date: Mon, 31 Aug 1998 12:58:12 -0500
Subject: Stupid question. . .

I'm sure most of you will consider this to be an extremely stupid
question, either because I'm the one who's asking it, or because I call
myself a "true Rush fan", and yet I don't know the answer.  If you happen
to fit in this catagory, please page down.  I don't feel like getting
thousands of flames just because I asked a simple question, okay?  I'm
rather sick of being flamed every time I say anything, and the only
reason I stay on the list anymore is because of Rush-mgr's posts. 
(Something *intellegent* on this list!)

Okay...for those of you who apparently *don't* hate me, here's the
question -- I know Neil has done the Burning for Buddy CDs, and I know
Alex has done Victor and Merry Axemas.  So, aside from producing, have
Neil or Alex done any side projects worthy of picking up?  (I don't
consider just playing a bit part in the background of some song on a CD
something worth picking's like collecting everything by The
Beatles to add to your Eric Clapton collection, just because Clapton and
Harrison were friends.)

Also (and more importantly), does Geddy have any side projects to speak
of?  (Once again, aside from producing.  And, also, aside from "Take
Off".)  Anything?

Thank you.

"Someday we'll find it: the rainbow connection; the lovers, the dreamers,
and me."
     Kermit the Frog ("The Rainbow Connection")
Visit my page!!  <  >


From: (Ryan  N Waggoner)
Date: Mon, 31 Aug 1998 13:12:55 -0500
Subject: "Another damn post from *him*..."

I know that's what you were probably thinking when you saw I had a post
in here.  You're all probably getting sick of my little jokes and stuff
("The clowns prepare for battle", and such...), but I remember it wasn't
too long ago when we would *all* talk about stuff like that!  This list
used to be so much FUN!  Talking about Geddy's deoderant during the
Olympics?  It was a blast, remember?  Like a party everytime you checked
your e-mail (except you usually didn't wind up with beer stains on your
rug afterwards, and you almost never had to worry about how you got home,
and who the girl next to you was...  ;) ).  It was fun!  

What happened?

It seems like now everyone has something to complain about, and if one
person says too much, half the list hates them (it's not just me this has
happened, to, either...I've it done to others).  If someone tries to make
a joke and lighten the mood, the get death threats (well, okay, not quite
*that* bad, but it may as well be).  It's *almost* as bad as People Of
The South Wind (a Kansas mailing list I un-subbed from) was -- I got more
flames than you can imagine, just because I said I was a Foo Fighters fan
(and we'd actually started talking about Foo Fighters before I said this,
because someone mentioned their cover of "Carry On Wayward Son").  It's
seriously almost that bad on here, people.  At least, I think it is.  

Why can't we try and get back to the fun this list used to be?  Why do we
have to be so serious?  I mean, we should be celebrating!  We've got a
new live album coming out in a few months!  It doesn't *matter* what's on
it, it matters that we're *getting* it!  We've heard rumors of a boxed
set, and a CD-Rom!!!  We shouldn't be complaining about how much these
might suck if they happen...we should be celebrating just the fact that
theirs *rumors*, and maybe the excitement will get back to
Anthem/Atlantic, and these things will actually happen!!

And, in the meantime, we should all be trying to remember that Rush
*only* takes themselves seriously in their music, and even has fun with
*that*, and we should lighten up and remember what made this list

"The clowns prepare for battle...."  ...well, *I* thought it was funny. 

"Someday we'll find it: the rainbow connection; the lovers, the dreamers,
and me."
     Kermit the Frog ("The Rainbow Connection")
Visit my page!!  <  >

PS.  *NOW* you can all flame me.  All flames will be prompty ignored. 
*OR* (if I'm feeling especially devious...) I'll forward each flame to
everyone else who flames me.  :)


From: Tracy Smith 
Date: Mon, 31 Aug 1998 11:29:34 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: The Masked Rider

Just received my copy and am enjoying it. It is funny to learn 
alittle more about Neil through his writings. Gosh, he has a sense 
of humor!!! :-)



Tracy Smith

" Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help 
them to become what they are capable of being." ~ Johann W. von Goethe ~


From: (Paul J Ferrara)
Date: Mon, 31 Aug 1998 16:09:09 -0400
Subject: The Temple of #Syrinx

A new Rush IRC channel has opened on dalnet! If you are on dalnet, simply
join #syrinx. Channel will always be open for rushfreaks to chat and
enjoy themselves! If you are interested in becomming an OP, please e-mail
me privately.

Mr. Paul J. Ferrara -- Toms River, NJ
  Founder- The Temple of #Syrinx (Dalnet)
"Si Hoc Legere Scis Nimium Eruditionis Habes"


Date: Mon, 31 Aug 1998 21:16:20, -0500
Subject: Re:Boogie Nights/Beach Boys

It was interesting to see another Boogie Nights fan out there. Great 
Movie, fun soundtrack. I would, however, like to make my displeasure 
known regarding this otherwise astute person's comment about the 
inclusion of "God Only Knows" by the Beach Boys.

Dramatically, the song is included because it answers the movie's big 
ending question:What is going to become of all these people?--God 
only knows.

Am I the only Rush fan out there who is also knocked out by the 
genius of Brian Wilson? I hope not. "God Only Knows" is considered by 
many (Paul McCartney among them) to be one of the most beautiful 
songs ever written. The album from which it is taken, "Pet Sounds", 
is regarded as a landmark recording of the twentieth century by 
critics and fans alike. It set standards for harmonic complexity, 
vocal arranging and instrumental arranging that are still being 
strived for today. It stretched the limits of the studio technology 
that existed at the time (instrumental tracks were recorded on a 4-
track Scully machine, bounced to a single track of 8-track tape, 
where seven tracks of vocal harmony could be then laid down. The 
original album was mixed in mono.)

The Beatles themselves cite "Pet Sounds" as the single biggest 
inspiration for "Sgt. Pepper".

Also, it marked a definite departure from the whole surf/car thing. 
Look at the cover--not a single beach bunny in sight. Listen to the 
words, all about the loss of innocence and the angst teens feel when 
they know they're becoming adults. Sounds like Neil's concerns on 
Signals and half a dozen other Rush albums.

Alex mentioned in a Presto-era Guitar School interview that before he 
became a Hendrix fan, he was a Beach Boys fan.

If you Rushians out there are going to own one Beach Boys record, I'd 
reccomend "Pet Sounds". Fantastic soncraft, sterling musicianship by 
a veritable who's who of session greats, unbeatable production and 
breathtaking harmonies all written, arranged, conducted and produced 
by Brian Wilson.  It's been remixed in stereo as part of a 30th 
annniversary boxed-set. 

I listen to this album at least once a week, then I have to go lie 
down for a while...

Love and Music,


From: Jose Ramos 
Date: Mon, 31 Aug 1998 09:38:01 -0400
Subject: Roman Numerals

In TNMS #2095, Michael Williamson writes:
>We say "Nineteen ninety-eight," but it is still written either IIMM, or

	In fact, Michael, the only correct way to write 1998 in roman
numerals is: MCMXCVIII.  The other two are incorrect.  IIMM is incorrect
because you can not subtract one number from a number that is more than two
letters higher.  (You can subract I from V or X; or subtract X from L or C;
or subtract C from D or M).  For example: to write the number 49 in Roman
numerals, you may think it is proper to express it as IL, but it is not,
You must first represent 40 and then 9.  Therefore you would express it as
XLIX (XL=40, IX=9).  
	In addition, MCMLXXXXVIII is incorrect because you can not use the
same letter more than three times consecutively.  Otherwise, you would see
1900 written as MDCCCC as well as MCM, right?  That is why the number 4 is
written as IV and not IIII.  (Interestingly enough, the Romans thought that
the highest single letter they would need to represent anything would be
M=1000.  Actually this will serve for another two thousand years until
MMMCMXCIX or 3999.  What will happen in the year 4000?  The Y4K dilemna?)
	Finally, Michael, for any number you are trying to represent in
Roman Numerals, there is always only one correct way to represent it.  If
you follow the rules I stated above you will find only one way to represent
any number.
	I apologize for the long winded response, but I just wanted it to be
correct.  It is also not my intention to appear "snooty" or derogatory.

It's 9:25 Monday morning so I am "begin(ing) the day with a friendly voice."
Peace Michael


From: Fred Pinto 
Date: Mon, 31 Aug 98 11:17:16 -0700
Subject: more on dick

> From: "Sweetwater" 
> Date: Wed, 26 Aug 1998 19:26:38 -0400
> Subject: Does Rush owe us "dick"

>Fred Pinto, in TNMS #2093, is on the soapbox hawking the suggestion that
>Rush owes us more than they are delivering because they were born with
>exceptional talent and ability and because we fans have stuck by them when
>MTV and the radio have not.  

i think you got that right.

>My HO is that Different Stages *is* a great gift they are giving us, and it
>is good to hear that Atlantic is adjusting things to make it even better.

why are they doing that??  because enough fans were not pleased with the 
"great gift's" setlist
>To those who bleat that studio tweaking to perfect minor flaws in parts of
>a live performance is some form of chicanery, please feel free to pick up
>an "unauthorized recording" or download a live MP3 of one.   

been there and done that--will continue to do it.  thanks for the tip and 
for showing off your wide range of vocabulary.

>The fact is,
>the boys aren't trying to "fool us into thinking they are infallible
>musicians"; they are as humanly close to infallible as it is.  

not another goat who subsrcibes to the "rush can do no wrong" mentality?  
come on!  when you say something that ridiculous, you lose all 

>Who would
>one point to who can play bass with his feet, keyboards with his hands and
>sing complex full throated vocals over it all in near perfect sync other
>than Geddy? 

i don't get what you are saying--in english next time please?

>Is there a better drummer out there?  

in your HO, i guess not.

>And Alex starts with a
>difficult score to begin with and rarely misses the mark.  

not!  you are blinded by your love for the music if you believe this.

>For that matter
>how many 3 person bands are there of any caliber at all?

the police and nirvana come to mind, but you'll just reply that "they 
couldn't keep it together, so they don't count".  DON'T SAY THAT.  DON'T 
THINK IT.  cuz you would never say such a thing after rush calls it 
quits.  you'll talk about all that rush gave you.
and if i say green day, you'll tell me that they suck, or they're just 
making noise or something similar to what rush's critics said in the 70's.

>In terms of what we have done for Rush, they could and would be a lot
>richer if they succumbed to the temptation to feed the public pop-pap for
>increased radio play. 

possibly, but they would no longer be together if they went down that 
road.  they probably would've lost the love.

> Instead they give us originality, which is way more
>difficult than putting up a good basketball game, (with all due respect for

like i said before, when you say things like that, you lose credibility.  
let me guess, you don't think there are any skippable rush songs, do you?

>One the one hand Fred says that we hard core fans have stuck with Rush when
>MTV and the radio haven't, and so they owe us; on the other he won't allow
>them to include their most popular tunes on their live album as a way to
>reach more audience.

not what i said at all.  i just want the other tracks that so many other 
people want also.  i could care less if they include tom sawyer and 
closer to the heart if they ALSO would include half the world, the pass, 
etc.  THEN, you would here no "whining" from me.  by the way, my whining 
helped you get show don't tell and analog kid, so thank me already.

>Look everyone, if you've got such a problem with the setlist that you want
>to bitch and moan endlessly, stick by your principles and don't buy it! 
>What's that, you are going to buy it anyway?  Well then chill out and save
>the pointless whining on and on and on.  

it's not pointless, friend.  it made a difference, which you're too 
ignorant to notice.  yes, i'm buying it.  i would prefer different 
tracks, but i still want to have the more obscure live tracks that ARE 
included (especially show don't tell and analog kid).  my principles were 
to voice my opinion in a forum that is made for voicing my opinion.  my 
principles were to tell it like it is, and i did--to which i have an 
email box full of emails that say things like "thanks for telling it like 
it is man" or "great post".  these emails also bag on people that think 
rush is sooooo perfect and they can do no wrong.  sorry if you fall into 
that group.

>If any band has done it all for their fans, it is Rush.  They don't *owe
>us* "dick".  

and as i always say, this is your opinion and i have mine.  we all know 
what they say about opinions.  you have convinced me of nothing, except 
that there is another "rush can do no wrong" apostle out there.

>By the way, studies have shown that those who dwell on what they don't have
>suffer far more health problems and die younger than those who appreciate
>what they have.  

thanks for the trivia--can  you name the study?  was it done in your own 
head where you live or was it done in the real world that is going on 
without you and leaving you behind as you sit there and wait for rush to 
continue doing everything perfect?

>Live longer, appreciate RUSH!

"live fast, die young, leave a good looking corpse"  (borrowed from some 
famous person who is not named neil peart).



From: Fred Pinto 
Date: Mon, 31 Aug 98 15:07:11 -0700
Subject: vinyl

any word on a vinyl pressing for different stages?


From: Ally Serio 
Date: Mon, 31 Aug 1998 19:46:00 -0400
Subject: Yearbook thread

Re: the yearbook quote...

Yes - during my Jr. & Sr. yrs of high school, I was quite the 'rabid' fan.
So, to close the quote, I immortalized my fanhood by inserting into my Sr.
quote the thought provoking question (w/ answer):
"Why are we here.....Roll the Bones"

To this day, I think there are a mere few of my classmates who have
forgotten who my favorite band & mentors were/are.


BTW Rush Mgr - thanks for all of the energy you expend on TNMS

PS  Attended the Van Halen show in Richmond - LOTS of Rush t-shirts there :)


Date: Mon, 31 Aug 1998 15:53:56 EDT
Subject: Carter Beauford/Neil Peart

I just wanted to say I saw the Dave Matthews Band at Walnut Creek in Raleigh,
N.C. Saturday and Sunday night.  A good friend was staying at the hotel where
the band was and I got to see a couple of the members but didn't see Carter, I
was hoping to talk to him and ask him if he knew of Rush and what he thought
about them, especially Neil.  I find it hard to compare them, they are both
very good.  The icing on the cake was I taped both shows with my new Tascam
DA-P1 from great seats.  

I was an analog kid but now I am a digital man


From: (Aubrey Hastings)
Date: Mon, 31 Aug 1998 14:36:54 -0400
Subject: Quake2 skin

Alright fellow rush fans.

I sem to remember a long time ago that the adminstrator of this site
some others play Quake2. 

Well guys, I gota  skin oyu all might like to look at or use!  

Try it folks.  We rush fans range in all ages and interests. SO i know
someone out there will look at it. 

Get it here at my page.  It is near the bottom on the main page.

Have fun and let me know what yall think.

 southern rush fan


From: "a s" 
Date: Sun, 30 Aug 1998 22:28:16 PDT
Subject: talking about goosebumps

I was driving with my datsun, and I was listening to a collection of the 
best rush songs (like driven, alien shore, natural science and the 
analog kid)
Then, Xanadu started playing.
First, it was quite silent (the intro, i'm learning to play it on my 
guitar. It's quite easy, actually :) so I turned the volume up...way up, 
so I could hear the slient guitar parts over the rumble of the engine.
And then,
drums and bass kicked in. I could feel the bass and drum on my back! The 
steering wheel vibrated with the music!

Actually, I had tears in my eyes, it was that powerful.
Living here in Finland, I have zero change to actually see Rush live, so 
I can only imagine how powerful experience can a real live Rush concert 

(Hey Geddy, Alex and Neil! If one of you see this posting, in behalf of 
all Rush fans in Finland, PLEASE come here to play!) 

(with just a few errors in my writing, logging off..


Date: Mon, 31 Aug 1998 08:36:30 GMT0BST
Subject: correction


On my best live albums thread, I of course meant that Yessongs was 
superior to Yesshows, and not the other way around as stated.




Date: Mon, 31 Aug 1998 08:32:34 GMT0BST
Subject: New thread possibility

One of the delights of being an insomniac (there are not many, but 
the sunrises are pretty), is that all kind of stuff goes through your 
head.  The other night, I thought of a potential thread, so bear with 
me - if you do not like it, torch me, I can take it.

Here is the plan.  The forthcoming live album got me thinking about 
the seventies and early eighties, the golden age of the live album, 
before video came along.  The live lp was a real event, though I have 
to say that the boys have so far not really produced the live goods 
on vinyl.  So, I have put together my top live lps.  Here we 

1. Genesis - Seconds Out: As far as I know the only band of that 
generation to have produced four live lps.  This one is the consumate 
live performance, though heavily supplemented with overdubs.  The 
sound quality is magnificent and so is the playing.  I wore my first 
copy out.  Much better than the first Genesis Live, the subsequent 
Three Sides and the rip off fourth/fifth live number.  

2. Be Bop Deluxe - Live! In the Air Age.  Rush link here for you 
close followers.  Complete with extended ep - check out Maid in 
Heaven and Sister Seagull.

3. UFO - Strangers in the Night.  Another Rush connection - even a 
mention in the thanks section on the sleeve.  Powerful live stuff.  
Like Seconds OUt the studio material takes on a different life and 

4.  Thin Lizzy (sob) Live and Dangerous.  Far superior to the 
lacklustre Life Live (or vice versa).  That version of Still in Love 
with You, Rosalie etc.  Crackles with energy.

5.  Cheap Trick - Live at the Budokan.  In Kamikaze yellow no less.  
Saw these boys a couple weeks back at Rock City in Nottingham, and 
they still have it.  Budokan's only weakness is the crowd noise - 
apparently 20,000 screaming Japanese six-year olds.  

6.  Yesshows - if only for Siberian Khatru and And You and I live - 
beats Yessongs, though the live version of Ritual on the latter is 
very jaaazzzz (great...nice...)

7.   Queen - Live Killers.  Knocks the spots off Live Magic and the 
dreadful  Live at Wembley.  Rocking version of We Will Rock You to 
open, and side three more or less given over to singalongs - Freddy, 
what a showman.

8.  U2 -  Under a Blood red Sky: I still reckon this is the album 
which really made them.  It was almost the last of its kind, as 
spectacle began to take over from rocking out, but it showed that 
Bono and co. knew where they had come from.

As I say, I cannot find room for Rush here.  I am going out on a limb 
here and as you reach for those torches I am donning the asbestos 
suit even now.   I should really like to know what you think.  But if 
it is too tedious, do not bother.  How does that sound.

Finally, listened to the Rhythm Method the other night and finally 
realised where I had heard that jazzy drum section which closes the 
piece - anthologists should check out Miles Davis' Porgy and Bess.  
Contrapuntal?  You decide.




Date: Mon, 31 Aug 1998 17:55:42 EDT
Subject: Here's a new thread...

Here's a new thread...

What lyrics from any ONE (and ONLY ONE) Rush song do you feel
captures the essence of what Rush means to you?

For me it would be:
"All this machinery making modern music
Can still be open hearted...
>...One likes to believe in the freedom of music."

Rush has used much "machinery" in their music over the years, such
as synthesizers, sequencers, electronic drums, etc.  While this
"machinery" can sound sterile or emotionless, Rush has always been
able to use it in such a way that keeps the emotion of the song

As for freedom, Rush has always made the music that THEY want to
make.  If you've read "Visions", then you know what happened after
COS flopped. The record company was pressuring the band to make a
more commercial record. Of course Rush did what they wanted to, and
they have 2112 to show for it.  I don't love EVERY Rush song. But 
when I listen to (or skip over) the ones that I dislike, I can
respect them for trying something different and for making the song
that they wanted to make.

That's my 2 cents for today.

Quote of the day: "Would you check my ass for abnormalities?"

Later dudes,
Chris Cosentino


From: Richard Ferrie 
Date: Tue, 01 Sep 1998 05:49:41 -0400
Subject: A Tyranny of Fans?

At the risk of being flamed well into the next century, I feel compelled to
say that the last few months have not been the finest moments in the
history of this digest (no fault of the rush-mgr!) or of Rush fans in
general. With the family tragedies, the complaining about the upcoming live
release, and the constant trashing of other bands/players and others
opinions, the digest has taken on an immature, selfish and unenlightened
tone that does not do any justice to the band that we allegedly so admire.
That tone ultimately makes us look silly and pretentious, and reflects
poorly on the band as well--the one thing I would hope we'd want to avoid

What's missing most lately? Support. Support for a band, that speaking
personally, has given my life a great deal. Support for three individuals
who have defied odds and oddsmakers by being honest about what they
do--honesty which they've always shown to the fans. Support for a band that
in the twilight of their careers, deserves every bit of admiration and
success they've received.

Look at the Kiss web site. The Kiss news groups. Sure, they have opinions,
conflicts, controversies--but when these guys release an album or mount a
tour, the fans as one kick in and support the band. They hound the record
company. They call the radio stations. They flood the airwaves with
requests for Psycho Circus.

What have we done? Not much by comparison. We've whined a lot about not
having every song we wanted on the live album. We've whined a lot about
respect, and whether we're "owed" something. Sure, I like having TAK and
SDT on the album. But I also respect the guys' decision, for whatever
reason it was made, to leave them off initially and include some of the
standards. (I'd buy a live version of TS and CTTH if they put them out once
a year!) The music industry is a BUSINESS. Our guys have still got to
deliver. They've got to sell albums. I'm sure they had valid musical
reasons for the set list as originally announced. They wanted to put their
best forward, as usual, for all fans--old, new, and those we hope to bring

Certainly, everyone is entitled their opinions. People disagree and that's
fine. But I think we're missing a large (and more urgent) goal: keeping the
band going! I would like to see Rush make music until they (and us) are
old, happy folks living out their lives in retirement. It occurs to me that
the possibility of this welcome scenario gets less likely the more the fan
base seems reduced to a bunch of goofs in desperate need of lives. The
record company will not be impressed. The band will not be impressed. And
I'm sure the vast majority of you are not impressed, either.

So, please. Ease up a bit. Grow up a bit. I'd hate to see what may be the
last chapters of a great story asterisked by a tyranny of fans who don't
realize how good they've had it.

Richard D. Ferrie


Date: Tue, 1 Sep 1998 08:26:34 EDT
Subject: An Omen!!!

This is the 100% truth, I swear!

Yesterday afternoon I picked up my new vehicle from the dealer.  After signing
the paperwork, he gives me the keys, I get in and fire up the willing engine,
and what should be on the radio but Tom Sawyer.  Now, what are the chances of
that, eh?



Date: Tue, 1 Sep 1998 08:24:07 EDT
Subject: Power Windows Update

Just letting you know the Power Windows website has had an update (finally).
You'll find some screen savers, as well as my new Presto desktop theme.


Downloadable Rush Album Art Wallpaper, Windows Cursors & Desktop Themes
"I watch their images flicker, bringing light to a lifeless screen"


From: (Christopher W Lindsay)
Date: Tue, 1 Sep 1998 09:25:41 -0400
Subject: Issue 2112

Is there any way that issue 2112 could fall on the same day as the live
album is released?


From: "david quigley" 
Date: Tue, 01 Sep 1998 16:25:47 PDT
Subject: yearbook quotes...

My fellow Rush fans and I as seniors back in '86, took control of the 
layout for our yearbook and recieved permission to print the lyrics for 
'Subdivisions' throughout the color photo pages of the 'Klahowya'- don't 
ask.  Still rushin' 2day, I actually recorded 3 Rush tracks from CD to 
an old (ancient) reel ro reel. Looking forward to the live version of 
AK, for that was the song I wanted the guys to play at my first show- 
GuP tour, Tacoma Dome.

 '...from the glowing tongues of candles, I heard her whisper in my 
ear...'- Marillion

  see yaz!!


Date: Tue, 1 Sep 1998 22:36:07 EDT
Subject: Neil

I feel sort of dumb for asking this but I heard from 2 different people a
couple of weeks apart that Neil's wife had died of cancer in August of this
year.  I was very sad to hear it but when I did a little research and checked
my ever growing cache of unread NMS's and online newspapers I found nothing.

I wouldnt have given it a 2nd thought but I heard it again and both of these
people are RUSH fans and said they heard it on the radio (one in Vegas and one
in LA).

Please tell me it isnt true.  EMAIL ASAP, please

Gerry ZOBZ


From: Zahid Hassan 
Date: Wed, 2 Sep 1998 16:38:42 +0000
Subject: English convention

Well we've resigned ourselves to the fact that Rush (tight fisted gits) are
not ever gonna come to the UK - and hence there is to be a Rush convention
(without Rush) @ Leicester University on the 19th of September.  Now
Leicester is 100 miles north of London.  It's pretty damned far.  There's to
be archive footage, Rush tribute band etc.  So if you guys wanna come and
get a British Airways flight and come to the convention - well - we'll be
proud of you!!!!
If it attracts more people then we'll try to get the Spice Girls in as well.
Ok ??????????
Aka Zed


From: Ted Freeman 
Date: Wed, 2 Sep 1998 14:44:02 -0400
Subject: As plain as the nose on Ged's face ??

1.  Rush release a "setlist" for the new live album.

2.  Loads of posts on TNMS complaining about it.

3.  Rush release an updated setlist for the new live album.

Now  >WHAT<  was the name of that last studio album again !!!

On a totally different subject.  Anyone out there from the Birmingham area
that's going to the UK convention at Leicester in Sep. & needs a lift, mail


From: Jesse N Zamudio 
Date: Wed, 2 Sep 1998 19:23:07 -0700 (MST)
Subject: Re: 08/28/98 - The National Midnight Star #2095

Iam so sick of hearing this Carter Beauford, Neil Peart comparison.

1. two words: Natural Science
2. I have CP, and tfe on excellent video and the improvement of Neils
drumming is nothing less than insane. The fluidity and precision is
3. DMB's music is great, im a big fan with all of their CD's. But the
music is so wide open that CB can do whatever the hell he wants! He is no
doubt an incredible percussionist, but listen to the music! Its a hell of
a lot easier to do what he does with DMB than to try and nail down the
unforgiving timing and disciplined movements that GL, and AL bring to the
4. Out of all the great jazz,fusion, big band, and latin percussionists in
this world who in hell could ever get remotely close to the TFE Rhythm
Method? Watch it over and over (God knows I have ) and try to comprehend
this machine...uuhh..I mean man.
5. Live version Red Barchetta- rock drumming doesn't get better than this.
6. Lyrics , Lyrics, Lyrics
7. The visit at NASA was a reunion for Neil.
8. O.K. you think of something as cool as "Mystic Rhythms".
9. Is it me or is Red Sector A just the quintessential example of timing?
10. He's Canadian.

Hope that wasn't too painful!
Remember "If i'ts not Rush, It's CRAP !!!"



From: Slim Jim 
Date: Thu, 03 Sep 1998 16:01:47 +0900
Subject: Re: Metheny anyone? 

>>>>>  "Robert J. Murphy" writes:
>      Err... hello,
>      Just a referential question: are there any Rush fans out there that
> like Pat Metheny Group... or am I some sort of anomaly? His stuff might not
> be for most Rushians, but in a jazz context he is unique, progressive, and
> very explorative. Kinda like... Rush!

I love his stuff.  Was listening to "Are you going with me" 
when I read your post!  Also dig John Scofield and John 

Regards from Tokyo,


From: "Brian T. Peterson" 
Date: Thu, 03 Sep 1998 01:03:24 -0600
Subject: live album changes

I am extremely pleased with the changes in the live album. I would have
preferred "The Pass" over "Show Don't Tell," but I'm just glad that
Presto received representation. The addition of "Analog Kid" was great
too. So, apparently, someone is listening to us. Cool! Hey Rush-mgr, is
anyone in particular from Rush/Anthem/Atlantic monitoring the nms? 

I absolutely love the song "Resist"; I think it's awesome that Rush
decided to put it on the live album as one of the three songs from T4E.
I like Half the World, but I feel that "Resist" was a much better

I think TS, CTTH, SOR, and Freewill were included to give the album a
more "full concert" representation. Afterall, it's a 3 disc album, it
makes sense to me.

The live album will kick ass!!!

"We travel in the dark of the new moon."


From: "Brian T. Peterson" 
Date: Thu, 03 Sep 1998 01:07:18 -0600
Subject: Leave That Thing Alone

Rush mgr, are you sure that the order of the setlist on the NMS is 100%
accurate? Shouldn't the "Drum Solo" follow "Leave That Thing Alone?"
I mean, LTTA goes right into the drum solo. How could they actually be
separated on the setlist when the drum solo begins in the last notes of

   [ *shrug* I only post what I hear, I don't have a copy of it if that's
     what you're asking ;-)                                  : rush-mgr ]

"We travel in the dark of the new moon"


From: "Craig S. Truebenbach" 
Date: Thu, 03 Sep 1998 08:38:10 -0500
Subject: sorry

Sorry... I just HAD TO respond to this:

>   [ Yeah, let's put 2112 into binary! *grin*                   : rush-mgr ]

Craig S. Truebenbach
Department of Chemistry
5430 Stevenson Center
Vanderbilt University
Nashville, TN 37235
phone (615) 343-6087
fax   (615) 343-6366


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