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         The National Midnight Star, Number 2106

                   Friday, 18 Sep 1998

Today's Topics:
                      READ YOUR NMS!
                       Alan Parsons
Administriviatrivia... "LONG LONG" time since I posted...
                     I had a dream...
           re: Rush and Producers/Trevor Rabin
                R&R Hall of Fame Induction
           Re: 2112 issue/South America's dream
                       New Producer
             On radiations of heat and light.
                       alan parsons
           Re: Not Trevor Horn (T. Heads link?)
                   Anthem loses meaning
 Looking for some answers to these questions I have found
                      Misheard Lyric
                      Rush Producer
                        Victor II
                        Victor II
                   More Heat than Light
                 Page & Plant at Redrocks
                     misheard lyrics
                 Different Stages, indeed
             Geddy quote about Marilyn Manson
                       My opinion!
                   Power Windows or HYF
                    Re: Jazz and Rock
                   Favorite Live Albums
    Re:Subject: New Rush Studio album..and sorry....:(
                  Info Requested on CD's
                 misheard lyrics part IV
                  misheard lyrics part I
                     Weapon question

From: (The RUSH Fans Digest Manager)
Date: Fri Sep 18 09:22:12 PDT 1998
Subject: Administrivia

Don't forget about The Spirit of Rush's Rush convention this Saturday!
Details are on the NMS web site, it should be a blast (wish I lived in 

And I've also heard that the first single will NOT be "Animate", but instead
"The Spirit Of Radio", released mid-October. Stay tuned...

 - rush-mgr


Date: Wed, 16 Sep 1998 20:03:52 EDT

O.K. people,  who's not being good boys and girls by reading their digests
before they post.  This mention of Tom Sawyer in The Waterboy has been going
on regularly since JULY 20th.  That's almost two months now!

RIF,  Try it sometime.


From: Alex Smith 
Date: Wed, 16 Sep 1998 17:15:09 -0700
Subject: Alan Parsons

> I'd second David Ayers' opinion that Alan Parsons would be a great =
> producer to work with Rush.  I have no doubt that he would produce the =
> "best sounding" Rush disc to date.  By that I mean clear and clean, the =
> way it sounds in the studio, rather than muddy, bright, whatever.  If I =
> may be so bold I would suggest that if you haven't listened seriously to =
> Alan Parsons/Project you might want to give him/them a try.

Alan Parsons also produced or engineered (one of the two) a certain small
album that no one has ever heard of by a little-known British prog/psych
band called Pink Floyd entitled "Dark Side of the Moon." Check them out
some day. They're really good and deserve more recognition. See, that's
what I hate, I'm into all these bands that nobody has ever heard of, like
Rush and Marillion (both true) and Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin and
Beethoven. Oh well, PF will come out with a hit one day....

Alex Smith

Subdivisions (Rush): 

"I see priests, politicians?
 Heroes in black plastic body-bags under nation's flags
 I see children pleading with outstreched hands
 Drenched in napalm, this is no Vietnam.
 I can't take any more, should we say goodbye?
 How can you justify?
 And they call us civilized." -Marillion (Fish)

"Music is a dreadful thing." -Ludwig van Beethoven


From: Ike Pigott 
Date: Wed, 16 Sep 1998 20:01:01 -0500
Subject: Administriviatrivia... "LONG LONG" time since I posted...

Does anyone recall this message, from NMS #1678, 2/26/97...?

>Rush will start their summer portion of the TFE tour in May.  They will tour
>for about 3 1/2 weeks and then take a break, then come back again in June for
>another 3 1/2 weeks of shows.
>The June dates will start with St. Louis (June 6th), and the last date of
>the tour will be in Ottawa (July 1st).  It could very well be the last Rush
>show for a LONG LONG time.

well... maybe those words didn't come back to mind until I heard about
Jackie's passing...

I do like what I'm hearing about the band NOT breaking up... R&RHoF
bands shouldn't.

Just a point to ponder...

Ike Pigott
"just a fool on television getting paid to play the fool."


From: pankaj kataria 
Date: Wed, 16 Sep 1998 21:48:16 -0700
Subject: I had a dream...

"A few nights ago I had this funny dream...

My wife and I were standed at my parents' house due to a snowstorm.  Anyway,
I hear a knock on the door and answer it and it's the boys from Rush.  Wow.
Their tour bus was stranded and they needed a warm place to stay. They spend
the night and are really glad we let them stay. I ask for their autograph,
but all I can find for them to sign is a baseball. They sign it and go on
their merry way...."




Date: Wed, 16 Sep 1998 21:55:43 EDT
Subject: re: Rush and Producers/Trevor Rabin

I have to second the suggestion of Frank ("Gestion et Consultation M.S.G."
) who mentioned Trevor Rabin as an excellent choice to work
with Rush on their next studio album.  Yes' 1994 release, Talk, is one of the
best *sounding* recordings I have ever experienced ,as well as containing many
great, extremely underrated Yes songs.  It really shows off the incredible
talents of Trevor Rabin as a producer, engineer, songwriter, guitarist,
etc.... what a talent!!

I had the priveledge of hearing Talk through top of the line equipment in a
recording studio several years ago while I was at school.  I couldn't believe
the utter crystalline clarity and bite of each instrument!  I compared it's
recording quality to several Rush cds and was completely blown away.  I had
always thought that Permanent Waves was the most balanced, crisp, and clear
sounding album...until I heard Talk!   I heard at the time that it was the
first cd recorded directly to hard disk.  If it is or not, Talk has many of
the elements that attracted me to Rush in the first place- especially
Permanent Waves, Power Windows and Hold Your Fire, sonically speaking.
Clarity, balance and POWER!!

Trevor Rabin and Rush... I kinda wish they'd ask him to join the band!  But
that's just me...  

Dan Chernow
Guitarist/Instructor/Berklee College of Music class of '94


From:  J Runnels @
Date: Wed, 16 Sep 1998 21:02:48 -0000
Subject: R&R Hall of Fame Induction

In issue 2103 Art Brown asked:

When Rush is inducted into the R&R Hall O' Fame,
what song(s) should they play? Should they allow any other inductees to jam
with them on stage? Who would you like to see play along with them? (that is
if they have the jam session in '99)

Man, what a thought!  Every time I've seen the Hall of Fame induction show
over the years I've daydreamed about the same thing.  But you know what? 
Who gives a damn what they play?  It's all good, and I'm sure they'll
choose well.  I'll have tears rolling down my face whether they play "Mary
Had a Little Lamb" or "Tom Sawyer".

As to whether they should allow anyone to jam with them; I don't think so. 
I can't think of anyone worthy.

On a side note to Simoa Drew: (No, I'm not going to flame him over the
"Hand over Fist"/"Presto" mix-up)  You're a lucky man, my wife doesn't even
pretend to listen to me when I'm trying to explain these things to her. 
"Like a pair of vagabonds who wave between two passing trains" your words
touched me bro.  

For years (about 18 now) I've tried to talk other people into listening to
Rush, but I've been largely unsuccessfull.  For the most part, I've given
up.  I used to struggle with why most people don't get it.  I mean, it
really bothered me.  But now I have a theory which helps me cope.  Maybe
it'll help if some of you guys are having the same problem.  Ready?
Here it goes:  Most people are %#@*ing idiots.  Sorry, but it's true.  

I'm a new subscriber and it feels damn good to know that there are at least
5,000 "others" out there with enough sense to get it.  

Let me know if you agree.


From: Vinicius Paulo de Seixas Filho 
Date: Wed, 16 Sep 1998 23:41:28 -0300
Subject: Re: 2112 issue/South America's dream

> From: Roberto Schiavon 
> Date: Fri, 11 Sep 1998 03:31:20 -0300
> Subject: 2112 issue/South America's dream
>     Hi,everyone!I'm in theTNMS mailing list for about 2 weeks now and
[snip snip snip]
>     I still keep one dream alive:a Rush concert here in Brasil!It
> be a different stage for the fans around here and I know that the boys
> would like it either.There is so much Rush fans in South America!We
> keep waiting.
>   "I'm not one to believe in magic but I sometimes have a

  "A spirit with a vision
   Is a dream with a mission"

  Our spirits had a vision: A Rush concert in Brazil/South America.
  Now we have a mission: Make this dream real!

  How many subscribers from South America in this list? How about we all
write letters (and ask to our friends that would like to go to a Rush
show to write too) to Rush. 

  I think that they have a great number of fans around here and perhaps
if we get organized we can convince them...

  I'm waiting reactions :)

May the force be with you!

     Vinicius Paulo de Seixas Filho
 Computer Programmer and System Analyst



From: "Jeff Brace" 
Date: Wed, 16 Sep 1998 22:17:50 -0400
Subject: New Producer

Hi all--
Just thinking about all of the suggestions for a new producer.  I'd like to
throw my suggestion into the pot.  How about Bob Ezrin, producer of Pink
Floyd's "The Wall", and Kiss' "Destroyer" and, "Revenge."  I think Kiss has
him back for "Psyco Circus".  Considering the job he did on "The Wall," and
the fact that "Destroyer" was one (if not the best) selling Kiss album I
don't think that he is a bad choice.  He has experience in the progressive
arena as well as guitar driven rock.  Supposedly, Kiss was so psyched by the
atmosphere that resulted in "Revenge," they wanted to call the album
"Destroyer II."  And, if a post from this past week is correct (that the
band likes to have artists produce their albums), then he fits the bill as
well.  He wrote or co-wrote a lot of songs on Destroyer and Revenge. He even
got along with Roger Waters.


From: "John Villasana" 
Date: Wed, 16 Sep 1998 22:39:45 -0500
Subject: On radiations of heat and light.

James Smith said:
"I know that a lot of Neil's lyrics are assembled phrases that many
people are familiar with.  Example:  "The meek shall...".  Is "Radiate
more heat than light" from Presto one of these?"

I'm not sure where the artistic roots of this phrase lie,  but I've heard it 
many times with respect to engineering problems.  I don't think it is a 
Peart origenal except maybe in the context of this song.  So maybe it 
is a Rush sighting.



From: "Michael Z. Williamson" 
Date: Tue, 15 Sep 1998 23:21:08 -0700
Subject: alan parsons

An orbital mind control laser caused "M. Jacobs" to say:

>I'd second David Ayers' opinion that Alan Parsons would be a great =
>producer to work with Rush.  I have no doubt that he would produce the =
>"best sounding" Rush disc to date.  By that I mean clear and clean, the 
>way it sounds in the studio, 

yeah, but I doubt it would be as punchy and hard.  I love Alan, but he
is a different type of music 

>Alan Parsons/Project you might want to give him/them a try.  Any of the 
>first five Project CDs would be a good choice:  1)  Tales of Mystery and 
>Imagination (the remixed version.  Orson Welles' narration in the Fall =
>of the House of Usher is scary kids!)

Does anyone remember "The Crazy World of Arthur Brown" and the song "Fire?"
Arthur Brown does the vocal for "Tell Tale Heart."  KICK ASS!

> Michael Z. Williamson, that "an orbital mind =
>control laser" bit cracks me up everytime I read it.  Take care.

You're welcome.  Too many Illuminati games sold.  I always loved the
Nuke Capable BOy Scouts, controlling the FBI, with ties to the Saucer
People and the Orbital Mind Control Lasers, who have an in on Al Gore,
anyway, the game is a scream.

Costumes, weapons and armor.  From the stone age to the space age.

With the Bill Clinton Card, roll a D-6.  On a roll of 1-3, he's a
liberal at the moment.  On a roll of 4-6, he's not.  From Illuminati: 
New World Order.


Date: Thu, 17 Sep 1998 03:24:25 EDT
Subject: Re: Not Trevor Horn (T. Heads link?)

In a message dated 9/17/98 12:18:26 AM Pacific Daylight Time, Scott writes:

 Date: Tue, 15 Sep 1998 19:42:09 -0500
 Subject: Not Trevor Horn
 	But, I also must compliment the person with this suggestion, because
 they also came up with Robert Fripp.  Imagine him and his partner, Brian
 Eno, working with Ged, Al, and Neil.  It probably sounds ridiculous to
 most, but it would be very interesting to hear what would come of it.
 Take care all.
 Scott Fabirkiewicz

Great idea to get Eno involved. I remember in the Signals tour book Ged
describes his amplifiers and refers to them as "Same as it ever was, same as
it ever was!" This of course is a line from "Once In A Lifetime" by Talking
Heads. Eno has produced them on many occasions, so if Ged possibly enjoys
Talking Heads...who knows? The results would be wild to be sure!

Cheers,   -pipe-


From: Alan Willig 
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 1998 07:51:44 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Anthem loses meaning

Before I knew what Peart was about, I heard lyrics from Anthem as:

Wonders in the world, they ROCK....ROCK....ROCK

At that point in their career, I thought Rush was just another hair band
and trying to get a cheer from the brainless.  Especially with Anthem
being followed up by Best I Can.  Silly me!


Date: Thu, 17 Sep 1998 09:30:30 EDT
Subject: Looking for some answers to these questions I have found

Hi, again, 
     Boy, lurk for years, then BAM! I am inspired.  Must be the new release
due out has got my adreneline going.   
     So last night I'm driving my daughter home from her first singing lesson
(the teacher is, BTW, a Rush fan.  Hello if you're here.)  I drive past this
adult entertainment establishment, and the billboard sais "*Canadien* Style
Lap Dancing".  Information, please.  (limited Rush content, I know, but it's
Canadian, eh?)
     Next question is : What is this place "Mars 2112" in NYC?  Any
connection?  Or just fans?  Or just coincindence?
     Okay, here's another:   While web surfing (does anyone say that anymore?)
the other night, I was looking up my favorite subject, (all together now!),
RUSH, and came across this tidbit - in 1982 (?) Neil Peart and somebody else
wrote some kind of book called "Rainbow Over the Rockies", put out by
Cumberland Press.   I found *A* Cumberland Press, but they are a logging or
mining concern.  They ain't never heerd of no Neil Peart.   Any takers on this
one? (lo siento mucho if this is in the FAQ.  I really don't remember it, and
am too lazy to look.)
     Okay, now here be some mind doodlings........
     IMHO, sending names and thanks to Anthem IS be the coolest thing anyone
has suggested so far for #2112.  No fake names, though.  
     Yesterday I had an exremely lame Rush "sighting"....there is apparently a
new insurance company called "Anthem".  
      To the guy who has the list of children's books going - here are two
tall tales I told my toddlers, "The Little Booger That Flew"  and "The Little
Piece of Corn Goes On Vacation".  
      Finally, my own misheard lyrics.  My first listen to "Nobody's Hero".
Half an ear paying attention.  "...he only introduced me to a wider
variety....".  I'm so sorry, Neil.  


From: (Christopher W Lindsay)
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 1998 10:09:41 -0400
Subject: Misheard Lyric

Behind the beauty cracks appear...

I heard "Behind the booty cracks a pear."


From: (Christopher W Lindsay)
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 1998 10:11:51 -0400
Subject: Rush Producer

Does anyone really think it will be anyone other than Peter Collins?  I
just think they are comfy with each other. 


From: "Weird Al Yankovich" 
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 1998 07:43:37 PDT
Subject: Marillion

For all you Marillion fans out there --

There will be a 3-4 week tour of the US starting in early '99



Date: Thu, 17 Sep 1998 07:44:43 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Victor II

> I have heard a bit of news about Alex's upcoming Victor II project...
> that he is again working with Edwin (does this guy even have a last name? :-)
> and also this time with Sarah McLachlan.

Does anyone else feel the way I do about this?  I though Victor sucked.
I just gave it another listen last week after playing it maybe twice when
I bought it.  The music was OK to listen to (especially the guitar ;-),
but I just don't find myself yearning for it the way I do with my Rush
catalog.  Also, the lyrics are very disturbing (to me).



From: "matthew alexander majewski" 
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 1998 07:55:31 -0700
Subject: Victor II

Alex and Sarah Mclachlan working together?!?!
That is awesome!!!  I think this is a great match.  I suggested a while ago 
that Sarah would be a great choice to do some backing vocals on a new Rush 
album.  Much like Aimee Mann did with 'Time Stand Still'.  People scoffed at 
me but I think you'll change your tune when you here her perform with Alex.  
I can't wait!!!
That's all for now...over and out.

Go Steelers!!!


Date: Thu, 17 Sep 1998 11:05:55 EDT
Subject: More Heat than Light

Someone asked about the phrase "radiate more heat than light".  This is not a
Neil original, more so it is just an observation of thermal inefficiency.
Scientifically speaking, a 100% efficient lightbulb would expend all of its
energy as light with none lost as heat (which cannot be done).  Heat loss from
a lightbulb is an inefficient loss of energy.

In my oh-so-humble opinion (IMOSHO), in the line "can't you see my
temperature's rising, I radiate more heat than light", the protaganist(?) is
angry with his situation and keeps it within for he can't come up with a
better alternative.

"Don't ask me, I'm just improvising" 


Date: Thu, 17 Sep 1998 11:05:54 EDT
Subject: Page & Plant at Redrocks

I attended the Page/Plant concert last night at Redrocks, and highly recommend
seeing them if you can.  Sure they played many Zep hits, but also many
rarities.  I mean, who would have expected them to open with "The Wanton
Song"?  Also, they did an excellent jazzy-slightly countryish version of "What
Is And What Should Never Be".  Jimmy is in top form, very clean and prosaic.

Also, not a Rush shirt was to be seen (except for one slightly worn "jack in
the box" Roll the Bones tour shirt ;)

While we're on the subject, I've got a Led Zeppelin Desktop Theme for download
on my website just go to the bottom of my
themes page.

"We've done four already but now we're steady
and then they went - one, two, three, four" - Bonzo


From: "david quigley" 
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 1998 09:38:48 PDT
Subject: misheard lyrics

applause for ' cracks a beer'- lmao - anyhow, a good friend of 
mine always used to sing along '...the undenying dream...'- is that a 
word? (;-)!!!

  keep evelating- dave


From: "S. Finkel" 
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 1998 10:02:15 -0700
Subject: Different Stages, indeed

Firstly, this whole 'new vs. old vs. middle' discussion, is perfect.
"Different Stages" indeed. Having said that, this is a post that is too
long. If you are skimming, PG-DN now.

"Smith,James"  typed:
>>Subject: New vs. Old vs. Middle

>>Jason writes in issue 2104 that he doesn't care for the direction Rush
>>has taken with recent albums and asks if anyone shares this view.
>>(pause while I put on my flame retardant suit)

>>I do share this view!  (There, I said it)

James, you wrote a good post. Really, I commend you for it. I don't usually
respond to opinion posts, because usually they're just....I don't
know.....whiny or something. But yours wasn't. You wrote about not liking
CP and TfE when they came out, and how you are a fan since about MP.

I, too, have been a fan since that time, and I just thought I'd express my
two cents, just to illustrate how two people (of similar ages, I assume)
can differ in their interpretations/viewpoints/whatever.

[so page down now, because I realize that no one cares what I think--I just
felt like writing]

It was my older brother's music. He had the 'cool' room in the house, with
a view of the backyard. My window faced a brick wall. He had the 'cool'
stereo. Mine was one of those "all-in-one" jobs. (meaning: turntable,
cassette, and radio all-in-one) *And* he had some pretty cool music coming
out from behind that closed door of his. So I snagged the album (MP) while
he wasn't home one day, made a tape of it, and the rest is history. Like
James Smith, (and most of the rest of you) I'm hooked for life. Not every
song is a winner, but Rush represents a lot to me. A lot of what can be
"right" about the recording industry. A lot of what true Artistry can bring
to another person's life. Without Rush there would have been a huge gaping
hole in my musical, philosophical, and to some degree emotional
development. (as much as music is 'emotive')

But anyway, I digress. Skip ahead to HYF. This album is great, and gels
quickly for me. Pushing the boundries again, but not too far that you can't
follow them out to synth-land with what they're doing there. (skipping the
ASoH release) PRESTO comes out--I'm in college now. Heavily anticipated
album. Flops with me. I'm *bumming* on first listen. Not the usual,
okay-it'll-take-me-a-few-listens-to-get-into-this bumming, but more along
the lines of DAMN-they-went-too-far-for-me-to-follow bumming. Borderline
crushed. (in a musical sense) The album lacks depth sonically, and many of
the tracks were just plain weak. Immediately liked Hand over Fist, and
Anagram. Show Don't Tell sounded too simple. No complexity. Scars had a
good intro, but I kept wondering how it would've sounded with some actual
punch to it. Superconductor--could NOT believe this was Rush. I was
thinking something like, "oh--my--gawd." And, of course, Available Light
was the album-closing Diamond in the Rough. The silver lining that had me
not chuck this CD in the trash. (that was then--this is now, and I like
most of the album now)

Roll The Bones comes out. Again, Heavily anticipated, but this time I'm
worried. Please, not another tinny-sounding washed out Presto. Please.
While the sound improved quite a bit, I thought the lyrics and music
improved only marginally. Dreamline--ennh, the song starts, "he's got a
roadmap..." I'm thinking, yeah. Okay. Roadmap of the stars. Kinda cheesy
(but the song does end up having some kick to it). Bravado. Wow. Still one
of my favorites. But although I liked RTB considerably more than Presto at
first listen, it was still in 'that' directional vein. It did not PUNCH
like Tom Sawyer. It did not layer itself like Vital Signs. It didn't tell a
story like Witch Hunt. Neurotica. For me, this is a worse song than
Superconductor. On first listen, I'm thinking, "how can Geddy sing that
chorus??" MAN!

Then, Nirvava.  (not the band) Counterparts comes out, and I'm
[pleasantly--ecstatically] stunned. Okay, Speed of Love, Nobody's Hero, and
Everyday Glory slow the album down a bit, but Holy Mackerel Primus fans!
(les claypool pun there) Don't get me wrong, I really like Nobody's Gyro,
especially since I lost my best friend to cancer right around that time.
And "a radiance that travels" is a lyric that shot straight through me.
(the rest of the song is "okay", but that line is brilliant! Nothing could
be more communicative of 'the speed of love') But CP will always be, for
me, the best all-around effort since MP. I know that's a tired phrase on
this list. I don't care. I feel it passionately. The sound is a perfect mix
for the content. The content is a perfect mix of pace and energy and
thought, know what I mean. I'm preaching to the choir.

So, Tasty Gecko come out, and I feel that its a blend. A blend of Presto,
and of Counterparts, and of Roll the Bones. There are elements of all
three. Maybe this is why the sound is muddy, I don't know. But that's the
best way to describe it. Muddy. Muddled. The artwork is killer! This is a
well-balanced Rush album, in my opinion. Resist offsets Dog Years, Totem
offsets Driven, The color of Right offsets Test for Echo, and there is
balance all around. Hardness, softness, AND thought. Melody, of course
rythym, and just EverythingRush.

But balance is a middle ground. It is neither high nor low. Great nor
Shitty. Don't get me wrong, I *really* enjoy Tasty Gecko, and the shows on
this tour were the best in a long time. (since Power Windows, if you ask
me, which you didn't.)

I can't wait to see where the next Set of Four takes them. I'm right there,
following along with the Changes. Bring on some more Stages.

[apologies for the length.]

	--Scott (anybody wanna buy an '88 CBR600 that is mostly cherry?) Finkel
(or how's about a 91 Landcruiser?)


From: "Frank Sereno" 
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 1998 12:13:46 -0500
Subject: Geddy quote about Marilyn Manson

I don't really know if this quote is true, but I wanted
to pass it along anyway....


Rush's Geddy Lee

"I just heard the new album [Mechanical
Animals] the other day and it sounded pretty
ordinary to me. It didn't really stand out as
phenomenal music. But I saw the video the
other day and I thought the video was amazing.
That blew my mind; I thought that was really
cool. So I think that says a lot about where
Marilyn Manson's at. It's not really about the
music; it's about the visual. It's about the
image." -- Geddy Lee, singer for prog-rockers Rush

I found this brief article at Sonicnet Music News of the World


From: Tony Autrey 
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 1998 12:22:34 -0500
Subject: My opinion!

To all of you wonderful RUSH fans....
I grew up in the late 70s and early 80s listening to my friends tell me
how much Rush sucked! They were all listening to Led Zeppelin and the
Rolling Stones. They were so blind. Personally, I think that LZ stinks.
Jimmy Page is a sloppy guitar player and Robert Plant can't sing a note
without sounding like he's having an
orgasm...(ah...ahh....ahhh....AHHH!). The band is NOTHING without John
Bonham who I feel was a very good, solid drummer. And as for the Stones,
Mick Jagger makes me sick. With a mouth the size of Cygnus-X1 ("stot me
uuuuup")....and an anorexic body in tights....heck! He can't even dance!
The rest of the band looks like they died years ago and they were dug up
for the last tour (obviously from the effects of years of heroine use).
The 3 chord songs, pointless lyrics and lack of singing ability make me
sick. I have played bass for 17 years, written several albums worth of
intellectual music and played live all over Texas and surrounding states
and it disgusts me that this simplistic crap is selling records to the
mindless masses. Music aside, the meaningful lyrics in Rush songs
out-perform anything that these bands ever put out. Sure, these bands
had their place in Rock and Roll but any musician with any REAL talent
will know what I'm talking about. (I am wearing my armor so throw your
axes if it makes you feel better.) As for Rush, I like some albums more
than others but for the most part, it's ALL good. Each of the songs
carries a meaningful statement and some kind of moral story or lesson
that we can all learn from. It's a shame that they get less airtime than
they deserve - the world would be a much better place if others would
just listen to the words. 
My favorite and probably the most overlooked Rush song is "Losing It"
from Signals. Although there is virtually no bass in this song the
lyrics move me to the point of feeling sad for the people described in
the song. It actually gives me chills to hear it! Music that truly
effects the listener in this way is very rare and never given the
popularity that it deserves because the moral majority of human beings
do not have the intellect to understand it so they don't buy it and
therefore record sales suffer. I'm sorry if Zeppelin or the Stones are
one of your favorites. I try to respect all kinds of music and I respect
these guys (Zep/Stones) for giving their lives to perform for us but
this IS a world where most of us are free to chose what we want to hear
(this lesson is described best in "Free Will") and I chose RUSH!! My
hats off to the big three!! Lee, Lifeson and Peart.....If you chose to
NOT make another album then thanks for giving us years full of wonderful
music that no other band can compare to but we all love you and hope
that you will keep blessing us with your gift! 

"Freeze this moment a little bit longer - Make each impression a little
bit stronger" (sheer poetry!)

Thanks for giving me this chance to express myself.



From: "colin burroughs" 
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 1998 15:01:31 PDT
Subject: Power Windows or HYF

   Me peorsonally I love Power Windows(my favorit album of all 
time).Then they go out and make Hyf I like force ten lock and key and ty 
shan or what ever that is but how do they make the rest of the album 
sound so much the same...Turn the Page.. High Water ..espacially on my 
dis taste list Mission ,Boring song. In my eyes it just does not 
compare.And please dont tell me to listin to it i have heard it a 
billion times..I will also say the same for Gup but i really like that 
sound because it was all so diffrent to me.And does any body have any 
thing more on that cd rom??? Thanks and please mail me back and tell me 
wich  one u like more.HYF OR POW.


From: "Brian Carney" 
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 1998 20:10:58 -0400
Subject: Zebra

Bryan Costella wrote:

>PSS: I found a righteous, mighteous out-of-sighteous web page for ZEBRA..
>the second most awesome threesome in all of music. Anyone else remember
>them? I cannot get their Cds out of my player!

I lived in Hammond Louisiana from 1979 to 1982 when Zebra was at just
breaking out of the bar scene (they were THE 3 piece band to see - Led Zep
and Rush were exact covers).

I played the drums in a three piece band at the time, called Magnum.  We
also covered Rush and really stood out in the deep south.  My band mates
and myself never missed a Rush concert (I have seen EVERY tour since 1975)
and we were pleasantly surprised to get to our seats In Baton Rouge in 1982
to find the cast and crew from Zebra seated next to us.  We later waited
out back of the arena to get a glimpse of the boys and were able to check
out the tour bus inside - the road crew has always been the friendliest! 
Finally, Alex and Geddy came out and chatted brifly, signed autographs for
the 10 or so die-hards and went on their way (Neil was bycycling back to
the hotel).  

That's it for now.



Date: Thu, 17 Sep 1998 21:11:30 -0500
Subject: Re: Jazz and Rock

Hey Slim Jim (,
	Thanks for confirming that I am not a fool.  I just started surfing the
web about a month ago, and just started meeting new Rush fans.  I have
always been bashed by Rush fans that I already know for my love of
jazz.  The only jazz most of those fans have heard, is on the Burning
for Buddy Tribute's, because of Neil's involvement, as well as Matt
Sorum (Guns 'n Roses) and Steve Smith (Journey).  They all just seem so
closed minded about it.
	I love Rush.  Their musicianship is second to none. Neil is the best
lyricist in rock, bar none.  It is the "whole is better than the sum of
the parts".  But after Rush, I love jazz!  I just have a built in
mechanism that puts myself down before anybody else does.  The insults
hurt less that way.  It's nice to see that others appreciate jazz.
	And speaking of jazz: I'm sure that all Rush fans know who Jeff Berlin
is.  He is a jazz/fusion bassist.  He has played with Bill Bruford's
fusion band in the late 70's, and also has worked with Allan
Holdsworth.  Rush fans, I'm sure, know that Neil played on a couple of
tracks on one of Jeff's solo albums.  But what you might not know is
that on another solo album of his, he has a song titled "All the Greats"
which he dedicates to Geddy, Alex, and Neil.  He also thanks Geddy for
his support in the liner notes of his latest album "Taking Notes".  Just
a fact that fans might like to know, if they didn't already.

Take care.

Scott Fabirkiewicz

Any Formula 1 fans?  GO MIKA!!!


Date: Thu, 17 Sep 1998 21:37:07 EDT
Subject: Favorite Live Albums

Ok, I'll bite. Excluding Rush albums, as I like them all (even the boots). Not
in any real order.

1. Jethro Tull - Disc 2 of the 25 Year Box - 1970 show. Incredible.
2. Yes - Keys I and II
3. Sweaty Teddy - Double Live Gonzo.
4. Neil Young - Weld (this has not been mentioned and it freakin rocks).
5. Indigo Girls - 1200 Curfews.

Different Stages rockets to the top though. 2112 live. Oh ya.

ninja dave.


From: (Brian M Donlin)
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 1998 21:50:20 EDT
Subject: Re:Subject: New Rush Studio album..and sorry....:(

>Oh ya....for issue 2112, which I know is probably too close....if we
>could gather the name of ever tnms subscriber, and ANY Rush fan in
>existence, as many as possible, and send it off to Anthem as a "Thank
>You" note, and also as encouragement for them to "keep on doing >what
>they love..", I think that would be the ULTIMATE...

I like this idea very much. Could someone post Anthem's e-mail & website
for those of us who don't know?


"If all else fails, try not to look too astonished."
                                          Theodorable (Tedd) E. Bayer


Date: Thu, 17 Sep 1998 21:53:26 EDT
Subject: Info Requested on CD's

hello -

Believe the rush-mgr - Diamonds in the Waste is TRUELY in the wasteBASKET. It
stinks. If you want a better show, the best on CD, email Chris King at He's got the best from the mid/late 70's and various 80's.
(sorry for the shameless plug rush-mgr).

To Hear Amazing Things is very good. Alex is a "little" buried in the mix but
it is the best out there so far (besides the new live album - be sure to buy
it - I know we all will). It is worth it.

The one post about Careful with that Axe, Alex - it is NOT a show from the
90's. It is the ESL and GUP video soundtracks pressed on CD. Do not be fooled.
I mean, the tracklist gives that one away. I would not trust the person
advertising this one. It may have been PRESSED in 1995.

Bootlegs are bad, blah blah blah.......let us not go there again.


ninja dave.


From: =?iso-8859-1?Q?Jukka-Pekka_Ker=E4nen?= 
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 1998 11:56:47 +0300 (EEST)
Subject: misheard lyrics part IV

This is a short one.
In 'Bravado':
"...a salmon too lofty..."

btw. Does anybody know a good site where I could find Rush-mp3's?

I'm especially interested ?  ;)


Jukka-Pekka Keranen


From: "rick dovale" 
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 1998 10:02:00 -0400
misheard lyrics part IV
This is a multi-part message in MIME format.

is it just me,or does the microsoft sound on your computer sound like =
the ending of a rush song?


From: David 
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 1998 10:22:23 -0400
Subject: Weapon question

Does anyone know if the line "an iron fist in a velvet glove" from "The
Weapon" is directly attributable to Neil, or is he quoting someone else?
 If so, then whom?
                                  Thank you,


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