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         The National Midnight Star, Number 2107

                  Tuesday, 22 Sep 1998

Today's Topics:
                Re: Power Windows or HYF 
                    Re: Jazz and Rock 
                     The Masked Rider
             Issue #2112, Animate, Victor II 
                     microsoft sound
                 Deviating From The Norm
                   Opinions are like...
                        Victor II
                     The end of Rush?
                     misheard lyrics
            Rush on the box & a few questions
               Rush reference in Babylon 5
                     San Diego visit
                  Top 5 TNMS intro bands
                 Y-Y-Zed boot correction
                    More on producers
                Geddy producing Victor???
              Will we ever hear rush in DTS?
                  whoops link correction
                    Rush sighting....
                       My opinion!
              Second Nature-Hermans Hideaway
           Fave live albums (Rush and Non Rush)
                       Rush address
             best way to find Rush on the web
                      The Cargo Cult
                    catching way up...
                         Victor 2
                      Waterboy Shame
                     Rush Convention

From: (The RUSH Fans Digest Manager)
Date: Tue Sep 22 10:14:43 PDT 1998
Subject: Administrivia

I finally got a copy of the book "Mystic Rhythms the Philosophy of Rush"
(apparently finally got more in from the publisher). I haven't
really read through it, but it reminded me a lot of my AP english test:
"compare and contrast these two poems..."  I don't think I will get a lot
out of this book, not my taste. However, if you were looking for it, try
amazon -- I don't know if any bookstores will end up carrying it, although
you might be able to special order it through them.

Most of the songs discussed seem to be PeW - GUP, although I do remember
"Red Tide" & "Time Stand Still" also being used. I'll post a list of the
songs covered tomorrow; the book is divided into several chapters, each one
with a "theme", and the songs are used to explain that theme.

 - rush-mgr


From: Slim Jim 
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 1998 18:52:32 +0100
Subject: Re: Power Windows or HYF 

>>>>>  "colin burroughs" writes:
>    Me peorsonally I love Power Windows(my favorit album of all 
> time).Then they go out and make Hyf I like force ten lock and key and ty 
> shan or what ever that is but how do they make the rest of the album 
> sound so much the same...Turn the Page.. High Water ..espacially on my 
> dis taste list Mission ,Boring song. In my eyes it just does not 
> compare.

Well that's OK, but it's just a matter of taste.  For me, Turn the 
Page and Mission are the only two really good tracks from Power 
Windows and HYF put together (though I quite like The Big Money).
Different strings etc.



From: Slim Jim 
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 1998 19:00:36 +0100
Subject: Re: Jazz and Rock 


> 	I love Rush.  Their musicianship is second to none. Neil is the best
> lyricist in rock, bar none.  It is the "whole is better than the sum of
> the parts".  But after Rush, I love jazz!  I just have a built in
> mechanism that puts myself down before anybody else does.  The insults
> hurt less that way. 

Don't let them hurt at all!  Ignore them.  Music is about taste, 
and people who put down Jazz (or any other form of music) just
because they personally don't like it are just ignorant.

> It's nice to see that others appreciate jazz.
> 	And speaking of jazz: I'm sure that all Rush fans know who Jeff Berlin
> is.  He is a jazz/fusion bassist.  He has played with Bill Bruford's
> fusion band in the late 70's, and also has worked with Allan
> Holdsworth.  Rush fans, I'm sure, know that Neil played on a couple of
> tracks on one of Jeff's solo albums.  But what you might not know is
> that on another solo album of his, he has a song titled "All the Greats"
> which he dedicates to Geddy, Alex, and Neil.  He also thanks Geddy for
> his support in the liner notes of his latest album "Taking Notes".  Just
> a fact that fans might like to know, if they didn't already.

Didn't know that!  But I saw Jeff Berlin ten years ago, playing 
with John McLaughlin at a Jazz festival in the North East of 
England - he was great.  



From: "Ted A. Latner" 
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 1998 15:27:43 -0400
Subject: The Masked Rider

I just finished "The Masked Rider", and I'd like to strongly recommend
it to anyone who hasn't read it yet.  (If you haven't already heard,
it's available from

Apart from being a fascinating story about his bike trip in West Africa,
the book also gives tremendous insight into Neil's personality.   If you
like his lyrics, read the book!!

  Ted L.


From: James MacLachlan 
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 1998 15:50:28 -0400
Subject: Issue #2112, Animate, Victor II 

Rush-mgr, PLEASE respond to this post. Is there ANY WAY for us to send
off a GIANT thank you note with all of our (and any rush fans) sigs to
Anthem? I know you have the R&R hall of fame thing going, but I think
this would be a little more intimate, and maybe show Anthem that this
"Internet" thing isn't such a bad idea??? Just imagine..we could get
Rush fans from all over the world...and I think it would be a REAL boost
to their morale right now, which is obviously in a deep slump due to
Neil's personal tragedies.

   [ I have no idea. I've never spoken to anyone at Anthem.      : rush-mgr ]

Regarding Victor II, don't expect anything until AT LEAST next year. The
note I got from an Anthem contact was that this year was going to be
taken up by a few Rush projects, obviously Different Stages, but, the
word is that there will be a live video accompanying it out before
X-mas. I have not heard anything about this "box set" thing. I was also
told that Alex is having to pay for the next Victor project himself
again, and it is not one of the record companies "high" priorities right
now. So....I really wouldn't get my hopes up for any Victor stuff
soon..but it might be a nice filler next year.

Also, one last thing, Anthem records confirms on their "fanline"
(416)(923-5855) that the first single WILL be Animate. But...these guy's
change their minds as much as their underwear..he..soo.

Ohh ya...and one last thing...I did hear on Q107 from Toronto, that Ged
is looking for a band to produce. Supposedly, he was supposed to work on
the next "Change of Heart" record (a Toronto band..Ged's nephew is/was
the bassist), but the band broke up before the project got off the
ground. Soooo....who knows where he will pop up next? Maybe he will
produce Sarah McLachlan's next record..(HAHAHA...Just
kidding....please..this is just fictitious. It would be interesting



From: "Brandon Erickson" 
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 1998 12:57:15 PDT
Subject: Marillion

Hey all!

A lot of people are talking about Marillion I've noticed. While I 
haven't been a devout fan, I do have "Clutching at Straws" and the 
greatest hits compilation, "Six of One, Half Dozen the Other". My 
question is, which vocalist do you prefer, Fish or Steve Hogarth (I 
think thats his name but correct me if I'm wrong)? Fish definitely had 
his own style, but Steve has more of a lyrical quality.

Here is my Rush content: Misheard lyric from Red Barchetta- " far 
outside the Wire with my white hair down to my waist."


From: "Brandon Erickson" 
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 1998 13:07:17 PDT

>> Does anyone else feel the way I do about this?  I though Victor sucked.
I just gave it another listen last week after playing it maybe twice when
I bought it.  The music was OK to listen to (especially the guitar ;-),
but I just don't find myself yearning for it the way I do with my Rush
catalog.  Also, the lyrics are very disturbing (to me).<<

I am glad that someone pointed out the disturbing nature of the lyrics 
on some of the songs on Victor. While I enjoy the album for the most 
part, I feel some songs go a little to far with trying to shock you, 
like "Don't Care" and "The Dance". I can't see what purpose Alex had 
with these lyrics. They certainly  aren't uplifting like most of Peart's 
lyrics usually are. But hey, I guess he is experimenting. I just program 
the ol' CD player to skip those songs, even though Les Claypool plays on 
"The Dance".  Other than that, the rest of the album kicks some 
guitar-playin' butt.


From: "Bill Bibber" 
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 1998 16:11:44 +0000
Subject: microsoft sound

Rick Dovale wrote:

"is it just me,or does the microsoft sound on your computer sound like =
the ending of a rush song?"

Rick - when where you in my office?  How did you get onto my computer?
I don't appreciate this invasion of my privacy.  Now I know who's been
leaving all the crumbs on my keyboard.  Please cease and desist



Date: Fri, 18 Sep 98 16:11:59 -0500
Subject: Deviating From The Norm

     J Runnels wrote: "...For years (about 18 now) I've tried to talk other 
     people into listening to Rush, but I've been largely unsuccessfull.  
     For the most part, I've given up.  I used to struggle with why most 
     people don't get it.  I mean, it really bothered me.  But now I have a 
     theory which helps me cope.  Maybe it'll help if some of you guys are 
     having the same problem.  Ready?  Here it goes:  Most people are 
     %#@*ing idiots.  Sorry, but it's true.  I'm a new subscriber and it 
     feels damn good to know that there are at least 5,000 "others" out 
     there with enough sense to get it.  Let me know if you agree."
     To J Runnels ->  I guess I come from a similar past as yours.  I have 
     also been an avid Rush fanatic for the past 18 years, and whenever my 
     devotion to the band was revealed, it seemed to alienate me.  While I 
     didn't let it 'bother' me too much, I was certainly aware of the lack 
     of general acceptance of Rush amonsgt my peers.  Eventually, we all 
     grew up; my friends may still not like Rush, but they can appreciate 
     MY devotion to them.  My own musical tastes have widened, but I still 
     maintain a close connection to Rush.
     You ask why people don't "get" Rush?
     In my opinion, Rush may be a difficult listen for most people.  Try 
     for a moment to step back and listen to a Rush tune like you have 
     never heard them before (this would be difficult for a long-time fan). 
     They have odd signature beats and rhythms, and challenging guitars and 
     keyboards.  You certainly wouldn't expect to hear a Rush tune 
     re-arranged by Muzak over your local K-Mart sound system. :)
     Some critics label Rush as "progressive rock".  I've always thought of 
     them as "intelligent rock".  While I don't think non-Rush fans are all 
     "%#@*ing idiots", I DO think that to be an avid Rush fan requires a 
     higher-than-average degree of intelligence, and an appreciation for 
     music that "deviates from the norm."
     Peace to all,


From: "Daniel Ware" 
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 1998 14:29:31
Subject: Opinions are like...

Hey gang....
Tony Recently wrote:
>To all of you wonderful RUSH fans....
>I grew up in the late 70s and early 80s listening to my friends tell me
>how much Rush sucked! They were all listening to Led Zeppelin and the
>Rolling Stones. They were so blind. Personally, I think that LZ stinks.
>Jimmy Page is a sloppy guitar player and Robert Plant can't sing a note
>without sounding like he's having an

FINALLY!!! Someone with enough balls to say they don't like LZ and the
I too can be counted amoung those.. I just don't like the sound of the
Stones. Sure, they've got some classic songs that I like to hear, but for
the most part.. They just don't appeal to me..
As for Zepplin.. I grew up around a bunch of guys who listened to nothing
but Rush, Marillion, Zepplin, and a few others while we played D and D...
Try as I might, I could never really get into them. Here again.. Some great
songs that I don't need to list, but after a while, they started to get on
my nerves.. On the other hand, I do think Page is an amazing guitarist, but
for me, that's just not enough...Sorry, and Hats off to Tony.. Don't slag
us too hard please..:o)
Cheers from New Mexico..
The ship sank...
Get over it.


From: "Chris Palo" 
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 1998 13:45:04 PDT
Subject: Victor II

Dear fellow Rushians,

Victor rocked!  I thought it to be some of the most refreshing approach 
to music taken in a while, rather than everyone ripping off everyone 
else.  Alex showed his true colors in that Album--lots of guitars, loud, 
lyrics which aren't great, but aren't sh*%@y. Hey, 2 out of 3 aren't 
bad.  I thought Alex was trying to help usher in a Neo-Black Sabbath Age 
(Black Sabbath is my fifth favorite band).  Now what does he do?  He 
teems up with Sarah MacLachlan, whose music I absolutely despise (IMHO).  
Oh man, can this mean that Victor II will be more sentimental, less 
loud, concentrate more on vocals and just suck overall?  I guess I will 
just have to wait and buy the album, but it seems he's really pulling a 
180 going with her.  Of course, I don't know how much influence she will 
have on the record, so maybe my assumptions will not come to fruition, 
but I think it's a dangerous combo.  Here's an idea that I know will not 
come true.  Why doesn't Alex work with Ed Vedder from Pearl Jam instead 
of Edwin? I like Edwin, but I know Vedder is a Rush fan and Alex is a 
Pearl Jam fan.  NOw that would kick ass!
Later everyone!  

Chris Palo

Go Chiefs!  Hey Rush-mgr, Chargers are coming to town; I don't think 
many will be leaving after my defense is done with them.


From: "Brandon Erickson" 
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 1998 13:55:36 PDT
Subject: Production

Hey arm-chair producers, mixers, and engineers:

If Presto is too "bright", why don't you adjust your equalizer, or at 
least turn down the treble! I know you guys are going to flame me for 
this, but what the hell are you talking about? The band members have a 
hand in producing as well, and I think the production compliments the 
feel of the songs very well. It wasn't supposed to be a "punchy" album.
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From: Paul Horta 
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 1998 16:51:14 -0400
Subject: The end of Rush?

I was listening to WDHA 105.5 in New Jersey(which plays a lot of Rush)
and they usually have a rock report every hour.They gave some news on
Rush,here's what they said:

Geddy Lee says that there are no future plans for Rush right now.He also
said that it's been a pleasure working with Neil and Alex.He also said
that they can't continue touring a young bands schedule.

I may have misquoted a couple of words but it was along the lines of
that effect.I still think they'll be back but probably not for a while.I
was still kind of sad when I heard that though.



From: Paul Horta 
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 1998 16:55:56 -0400
Subject: Producer

I think a great producer for the next Rush album would be Flood.He's
worked with Depeche Mode,Smashing Pumpkins,Nine Inch Nails,U2.It would
be interesting.
Brendan O'Brian would be cool to.



From: (Chuck Flowers)
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 1998 15:29:17 -0500
Subject: zebra

In the middle of winter, the trees are bare and the bears are

c money


From: "Brandon Erickson" 
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 1998 14:46:33 PDT
Subject: misheard lyrics

Sorry, I know this is my 4th posting today (I usually sit back and read, 
but I feel like saying something today). I was just at the misheard 
lyrics site and they had one for "The Trees":

The real lyrics were: 
       ...and the oaks just shook their heads 

       But I misheard them as: 
       ...and the folks just shit their beds 

       The embarrasing moment of revelation: 
       It was my wife - I was trying to educate her in the
       subtle nuances of Rush's music - she didn't find the
       lyrics very subtle until I pointed out her mistake - she
       laughed so hard she almost fulfilled her own lyrics! 

       Age when I realized how wrong I had
       been: 33 

       Misheard by: William/Michelle Elliott 

William, if your out there, I fell out of my chair laughing!


From: (Derek Tetlow)
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 1998 16:03:03 -0600 (MDT)
Subject: Rush on the box & a few questions


At work we used to listen to a station here in Boulder, CO called KBCO
and after hearing The Indigo Girls and Talking heads for about THE
SEVENTEENTH MILLION TIME, we decided to switch stations.  After a little
surfig we came across a halfway decent classic rock station (103.5 The
Fox) that was playing all their cool songs in alphabetical order.  Low
and behold there was about 2-3 songs from our three gents north of the
border!!!  I was blown away because I can think of one other occasion
that a station around here played Rush.  The songs were Freewill, Closer
to the Heart, and one other that I can't remember because I was so
flabergasted.  When I left work they were on the letter L, so I'm sure
Limelight and the most well known Tom Sawyer will be played.

On to my stupid questions file:

1)  (For those NMSers in CO)  Has Rush ever played at Red Rocks?  If
not, why not?  It's such a great venue and an excellent place to see a

   [ Nope. Have no reason why though, could be a number of things
     (size, location, time of year, $$ the venue costs to play...)
                                                                : rush-mgr ]

2)  I heard a rumor that Neil was on "Politically Incorrect" with Bill
Mayer a little while back.  Has anyone seen it or does anyone have a
copy of it?  I trust that Neil blew away the feild with his knowledge
and superior intellect.  Love to get a copy if possible.

   [ Yes and yes. There was a transcription done by our faithful Puanani
     in one of the digests a few years back, I've been meaning to put it up
     on the website but it needs a lot of html work.  Neil didn't say much
     during the show anyways (he was usually interrupted)     : rush-mgr ]

3)  Does anyone know of a place or person that sells Rush materials,
such as concert hats, shirts, tour stuff?  I'm looking for a black T4E
hat that has gold writing on the front and the stone creature on the

   [ Try the Rush Backstage Club (link is on the Rush/NMS web site under
     Merchandise)                                             : rush-mgr ]

4)  (I never got this one answered and I know it's a "cheesy" question,
but it's just to satisfy my own morbid curiosity) What was the last Rush
album on 8-Track tape, if they ever stooped that low?  My girlfriend
says they probably went from vinyl directly to cassette.

Thanks for allowing me to ramble!!

"Don't sweat the petty things and don't pet the sweaty things."
Stephen Wright

Derek Tetlow
Streamline Sports Video
"Simplification through Modernization"


Date: Fri, 18 Sep 1998 19:46:23 EDT
Subject: Rush reference in Babylon 5

Did all you Babylon 5 fans out there watch the season 4 episode "The Exercise
of Vital Powers", which was rerun on TNT this evening?

If so, perhaps you noticed during one of the conversations between Garibaldi
(Jerry Doyle) and Mr. Edgars (Efrem Zimbalist Jr.), that Mr. Edgars said:

"Nobody takes power.  They're given power, by the rest of us.  Because we're
stupid or afraid or both.  The Germans in 1939, the Russians in 1917 and 2013,
the Iraqis in 2025, the French in 2112."

That could be taken as a double Rush reference:  the song "Bastille Day" is
about a French revolution, and of course "2112" is the year in which the song
"2112" takes place.

J. Michael Straczynski is the show's producer and primary screenwriter.  Maybe
he's a Rush fan.  Or maybe it's just a coincidence that he put a Rush
reference in the dialog.



From: "Rocket" 
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 1998 19:11:12 -0500
Subject: San Diego visit

This modest man from Missouri will be working in San Diego for a couple of
weeks in October.  Any fellow Rushians there have any tips on where to hang
out or cool places to visit?  email me at



From: (Ken MacRae)
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 1998 22:21:17 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Top 5 TNMS intro bands

The top 5 bands I have been intoduced to through the TNMS  ( new thread ?? ) :

1.  Kings X   (absolutely awesome ...)
2.  Dream Theater   (it took a while but they are way up there on my list now)
3.  Grammatrain  ( wow ... just discovered them, great stuff )
4.  Faith No More  ( "Wild Weird Stuff" and lovin every minute of it )
5.  Catherine Wheel  (  Just really starting to warm up to them )

>...Ken, the Rushosapien
"Why push for perfection
when I'm making successful mistakes ?"

>...The Tragically Hip


From: Amy and/or Casey Voce <>
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 1998 22:23:58 -0400
Subject: radiate

In response to the two letters from Fri, sept 18
 About the phrase "...radiate more heat than light."
 I beleive it is an old saying referring to someone who is blustering;
 talking a lot of grandiose stuff without actually saying much, not
"shedding any light on the subject."
 It would certainly go along with Presto's theme.
                                 Thank ya'll
> P.S.:  This is my first posting, and I just want to say the, first, my
> favorite RUSH album is Permanent Waves,(Love that filtered rock), and
> second, that it's great to see that there are
> lot of other RUSH fans. (In Abilene, they're few and far between.)


From: davidg 
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 1998 23:33:02 -0500
Subject: Y-Y-Zed boot correction

I erroneously posted that the "Y-Y-Zed" comment by Geddy was on the =
"Signals from London" boot.  It is actually on the "Moving Pictures =
Story" boot.  Sorry for my discombobulation!!


David Garcia ~ Dallas, Texas                                           =20

"Mom always said, 'Don't play with your androctonus.'"



From: Grand Designs 
Date: Sat, 19 Sep 1998 00:38:46 -0700
Subject: Zebra

someone said:

>> I lived in Hammond Louisiana from 1979 to 1982 when Zebra was at just
>> breaking out of the bar scene (they were THE 3 piece band to see - Led Zep
>> and Rush were exact covers).

I remember seeing Zebra live at Pelham Bay Park in the Bronx (in the
late 80's). They were still pretty new on the scene, but man did they
ever put on a show. They were at the top of this "stair-like" platform,
about 20 feet higher than everybody else. It was pretty windy from what
I can remember and they had the smoke machine going pretty good. What an
atmoshere that night.

I remember being pretty much awe-struck at the show they had put on and
the exactness of their Rush and Zeppelin covers. Randy Jackson had the
vocals down pat and the drums, bass and Randy's guitar work was perfect.
Literally perfect.

They were, I think, my first live concert by a non-professional band.
And the best yet, too.

Hats off to Zebra.

Against the run of the mill
Static as it seems
We break the surface tension
With our wild, kinetic dreams

Visit the Grand Designs Rush Site


Date: Sat, 19 Sep 1998 02:53:05 -0400
Subject: More on producers

Hey, How about Todd Rundgren? I think he could add a new twist to their =
portfolio. What ya think? He's an accomplished artist, been in the =
business for years. Also worth mentioning is Jeff Lynne, now that would =
be cool!


From: "Robert J. Murphy" 
Date: Sat, 19 Sep 1998 02:05:23 -0500
Subject: Geddy producing Victor???




From: "Robert J. Murphy" 
Date: Sat, 19 Sep 1998 03:58:40 -0500
Subject: Will we ever hear rush in DTS?

       Hello,  Hello,
Hello,                Hello,
     Hello,     Hello,

     Browsing for CD's recently I found a special edition of Yes' Open Your
Eyes CD that was specifically designed for home theater surround sound.
Unfortunately, I don't (yet) have a home theater, but the idea interested me
and I did some digging on the net and found a site for the DTS company (DTS
hardware/software 'reads' the digital info and the amplification/projection
of sound is left up to someone else; like THX.) There is a list on the site
for CD's that have been re-mastered or originally recorded for surround
sound; for example Alan Parsons 'On Air' CD ( the link is: .) UNFORTUNATELY there
is not yet any Rush available for audiophiles, but if we were to make enough
noise, maybe, we could get a couple of CDs like Moving Pictures or 2112
remastered for home theater. ("WHAT?! You want us to have to buy those CDs
     Can you imagine being (((:-- SURROUNDED ---:))) by that scary voice
theater sound!!! I'd probably wet myself!




From: "Robert J. Murphy" 
Date: Sat, 19 Sep 1998 04:08:22 -0500
Subject: whoops link correction

I forgot the 'T' in entertainment on the link for DTS CD's
The link is:


From: "Nathan Crowell" 
Date: Sat, 19 Sep 1998 11:37:33 -0400
Subject: Rush sighting....

Well, I never thought I would have one of these worth mentioning...but...

I was dropping my daughter off at daycare this past tuesday and we were
listening to 'Signals'. "The Analog Kid" had just ended as I drove past an
empty lot. Walking towards me on the roadside was a guy about 17-ish with a
tie-dyed rush shirt on (1st album print). here's the strange part - as is
passed him, he pulled his baseball cap down over his eyes! It took a few
seconds for the synchronicity of the event to sink in.....

You just shouldn't see sh*t like that before your first large Dunkin' Donuts
coffee in the AM....

"We will pay the price / but we will not count the cost." - Bravado


From: Tony Autrey 
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 1998 12:22:34 -0500
Subject: My opinion!

 Personally, I think that LZ stinks,
Jimmy Page is a sloppy guitar player and Robert Plant can't sing a note
without sounding like he's having an
>...Music aside, the meaningful lyrics in Rush songs
out-perform anything that these bands ever put out.
>... Each of the songs carries a meaningful statement and some kind of 
moral story or lesson that we can all learn from. 
>...My favorite and probably the most overlooked Rush song is "Losing It"
from Signals. Although there is virtually no bass in this song the
lyrics move me to the point of feeling sad for the people described in
the song. It actually gives me chills to hear it! 
>..."Freeze this moment a little bit longer - Make each impression a
bit stronger" (sheer poetry!)

Hi Tony,
  I could not agree with you more!!  I grew up listening to the same 
comments about Rush (about the same time also), so I listened to LZ for
not that it was a complete waste of time, but I think I would have
much more if I had dedicated some listening time to Rush back then.  
Oh well, it's never too late, I can still enjoy the chills I get when 
I hear 'Leave That Thing Alone' and of course 'Losing it'. 
In regards to your comment, "this lesson is described best in "Free
and I chose RUSH!!", well SO DO I!! 
(Wonderful post BTW!)

Laurie (AKA Rushgirl)


Date: Sat, 19 Sep 1998 15:37:22 EDT
Subject: Second Nature-Hermans Hideaway

                   SECOND NATURE
                                Returns to
                    H E R M A N S   H I D E A W A Y

                                  September 23rd 1998  Wednesday
We will be playing a 45 minute set at 7:15 sharp. We will be cutting back our
performances in order to start writing and recording our first Cd. Their may
be a couple of shows before thanksgiving. After that we probably will not be
performing until April. So if ya want to catch us live, here's your chance! We
have plenty of free tickets for this show. you can pick them up at Angelo's
Cd's or e-mail us. I'd recommend that you call and reserve them before driving
there. (303)798-6378 or (303) 337-1399
    Hermans Hideaway 1578 South Broadway  (303) 777-5840

e-mail us at:

Visit our web site:


From: "John A. Tyler" 
Date: Mon, 21 Sep 1998 01:54:04 -0500
Subject: Fave live albums (Rush and Non Rush)

As far as the Rush live albums I have to go in this order

1:  A show of hands
2:  Exit... stage left
3:  All the worlds a stage

As far as other favorite live albums these are not in order.  

Joe Jackson Live 80-86  Four bands, four tours and new versions of every song.

Peter Gabriel Secret World Live,   Mind blowing!  Artistic songs,
theatrical presentation, and unbelievable musicianship.  (Bassists take
note, you get to see Tony Levin and his "Funk Fingers" in action.)

Genesis Seconds Out,  Great performances of classic Songs.  Phil Collins
vocal performances are outstanding, even of the Gabriel era material.

Bob Mould Poison Years,  OK, so the whole album isn't live.  The live
versions of Poison years and Shoot out the lights are worth the price of

Honorable mention...

I have a videotape of the David Bowie 50th birthday pay for view special
that is very cool.  Not truely an album but still a great live performance
captured for ever.


John A. Tyler

"There is a theory which states that if ever anyone discovers exactly what
the universe is for and why it is here, it will instantly dissapear and be
replaced by something even more bizzare and inexplicable."
"There is another theory which states that this has already happened." 
 Douglas Adams, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe 


From: (James a Johnson)
Date: Sun, 20 Sep 1998 02:36:22 -0600
Subject: Rush address

About a week ago someone was saying something about a 2112 Rush St. in
Chicago, so I opened up Streets 98, and searched for 2112 Rush St. in any
state, I found one, it is 
2112 Rush St.
Anderson, SC
I thought that was pretty cool

Also RUSH sighting
Tonight when I was at work some guy came through my checkstand wearing a
Test for Echo t-shirt.


From: Grand Designs 
Date: Sun, 20 Sep 1998 13:21:10 -0700
Subject: best way to find Rush on the web

At the Grand Designs Rush Site, we've put together the largest, most
comprehensive listing of Rush sites on the Internet. We've scoured the
web and collected the best (and worst) that the web has to offer a Rush

Each site is rated and organized according to its' rating. Highlights
too! You can even add _your_ Rush site to the list if it's not on the
list yet (unlikely!)

A definite bookmark for your daily journeys through all the Rush sites
out there. Never lose that URL again!

Check it out at and don't
forget too bookmark it.

Against the run of the mill
Static as it seems
We break the surface tension
With our wild, kinetic dreams

Visit the Grand Designs Rush Site


Date: Sun, 20 Sep 1998 23:21:17 -0400
Subject: The Cargo Cult

Hi folks!  I've been working on this parody for a while, and when I
spoke to the friend that it was inspired by the other day, and he DENIED
that he was even a member of the Cargo Cult, the whole song just fell
together and finished itself.  It's true, this guy does own most of this
stuff.  And he's a Rush fan!  Rush-mgr, if this is worthy of inclusion
in the By The Fans page, I'd be honored.  (I think.)  To the tune of

The Cargo Cult

I've got twelve cabanas
In a kitschy style
Yard sale or Walmart
Big Lots or K-Mart
Shop with me now for a while

I've got a beat-up motorcycle
Pink flamingos on the lawn
Vibrating pillows
Cartons of No-Doz
Whatever shape it's in, nothing's too far gone

I believe that what I see
Is exactly what I own
But if I could get into the house
I'd bring some more stuff home

Got so much Cargo, don't know what I'll do
Cargo's coming to me
Can't give it back to you
Living for my Cargo, piled everywhere
I worship Cargo
While the neighbors stare

I've got a fleet of Red Barchettas
My preference in cars
Clothes that don't fit me
A ferret that bit me
Crystals, candles, books, incense, glowing stars

I've got red plastic eyeballs 
That spin around and chime
Thoughts of divestation
Fill me with consternation
House is gettin' smaller all the time
 ---that's why I believe---

Got so much Cargo around me
Give me your Cargo, it satisfies me

Sweet shopping cart, swing low, fulfill me

More laughter in the NMS!  Hope you like it.  --- Elise


From: Will Foy 
Date: Mon, 21 Sep 1998 02:28:55 -0400
Subject: catching way up...

as we approach the fateful TNMS #2112, and as i catch up on most of this
summer's posts....

was thinking how neat it would be when rush tours again, if we, as a
fanbase, got to pick the opener, just for kicks.  not like that'll actually
happen, but, something to ponder.  and this artist would have to represent
say, a more modern, not necessarily more radio friendly band, but one
that's known by that target 14-28 year old audience so lamented in some of
this summer's earlier msgs.... 

of course, i'm going ahead and violating my own rule here, but just as a
thought, how about Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals.  Ben Harper is a
gifted guitarist w/ his Weissenborn[sp?] guitars and array of well-utilized
effects, and the Innocent Criminals are an excellent combination of bass
and percussion, though perhaps not Peart-standard-issue... it would be neat
to see Ben harper and his percussionist [ Juan Nelson i believe ] join in
if all parties decided it could be neat for them to play together....


namaste, will

"Now I know the difference between gold and brass" - Ben Harper
Will Foy - Davidson '96 - Phi Gamma Delta              __
will.home -> GoHeels GoWildcats GoBraves  /  \
GibbDrollVerticalHorizonEverythingSealAgentsOfGoodRootsEdwinMcCainBand  |e:|


From: =?iso-8859-1?Q?Jukka-Pekka_Ker=E4nen?= 
Date: Mon, 21 Sep 1998 10:26:10 +0300 (EEST)
Subject: Victor 2


When I bought Victor I hated it at first.
One day, I was reading Arthur C. Clarke's book 'Rama 2' and 'Victor' was
playing in the background.

Because the book is quite long, it took me a whole weekend to read it.
And during that time I heard the album about 200 times.

Suddenly, I started to like the album. 
Now I love it.

Oh boy!
Victor 2!
I can't wait!


Jukka-Pekka Keranen


From: (StarScape International)
Date: Sun, 20 Sep 98 23:16:58 PST
Subject: Waterboy Shame

We've waited "X" number of years to have a Rush tune in a feature film, and what
do we get?


All this time only to have Rush on the bill with Adam Sandler (insert a quote
from Shakespeare at this point---preferably one filled with great lamentation
and gnashing of teeth).

If this doesn't serve to firm-up the general public's view of Rush as a dated,
goofy band that only stoner nerds and pre-pube boys can rally around, I don't
know what will.


Thomas Puckett Advertising, Inc. - 702.798.5300, Main - 702.798.7772, Fax


From: Neil Bonfield 
Date: 21 Sep 1998 08:21:31 -0400
Subject: Rush Convention

I went to the Rush Convention in Leicester at the weekend - it was
pretty cool to be surrounded by so many fellow Rush fans. The day was
well organised by the Spirit Of Rush guys - a hearty 'Thanks' to you.

The big screen was showing rare and vintage video footage, promos,
interviews, etc. all day. Then we got to hear several tracks from
Different Stages - and I tell you it's gonna knock yer socks off!
Apparently this was an exclusive first for SOR, so it was great to be
there. There was also a terrific raffle with lots of prizes donated by
Anthem - a platinum MP disc and a pair of NP's drumsticks to mention a

Rush tribute band Tom Sawyer provided the backing to Rush karaoke - much
admiration for the volunteers! Then Tom Sawyer played a set of old and
new Rush.

All in all a great day - I didn't win any raffle prizes, but the
drumsticks were handed back to be auctioned off for the Selena/Jackie
fund, and - well, my bid won!

Neil Bonfield


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