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         The National Midnight Star, Number 2109

                 Wednesday, 30 Sep 1998

Today's Topics:
                       Why Why Zed?
     A strange and unique impression of Bastille Day
    Rush lyrics mistaken. (plus new cathartic drivel)
                    Re: Jazz and Rock 
                WHO ASSUMED CONTROL (POLL)
                The Rush Experience For Me
                      Rust in peace
           Date formats and other such nonsense
                   Re: Rush on 8-track
                        Issue 2112
                   Rush vs Led Zeppelin
                     RUSH SITE UPDATE
                    Rush at Red Rocks
                      Fantasy Hockey
                       gimme live!
                  Re: Rush and the RRHOF
                Re: Subject :EMU/Geddy Lee
                Rush 8-track collectors !
                       Rush on IRC
             2112 Subject Matter Suggestions
                 Hall of Fame - Unlikely
                          Re ZEP
              Sending feed in 4...3...2...1
                    Rush...and beyond!
                       Hall of Fame
               re: Who Assumed Control Poll
             RE:8-Tracks/Hemispheres - Stacey
  OC CALI pimprock in the house!  (with a rush sighting)
                        MARS 2112!

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 - rush-mgr


From: Max MacPherson 
Date: Wed, 23 Sep 1998 20:21:56 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Why Why Zed?

Hello fellow nms'rs:

	Why o' why indeed.  I just recently came to the realization than
Canadians pronounce the last letter of the alphabet as "zed".  I have
heard it said like that before, but I assumed that it was just something
that big shots said to try and be cool and get attention.  When you think
about it, it really is a more sophisticated way of saying it than "zee",
don't you think?  Anyway, does this mean that that great instrumental song
from moving pictures is pronounced "why why zee" or "why why zed"?  A
while ago on the list, I remember someone talking about a live performance
where Geddy said something like "This is y y..zed".  All this time, and I
may well have been mispronouncing this song. 
	This summer I visited Toronto, and walking up to the parliament
steps was amazing.  You have got to stop by if you are there sometime. 
Unfortunately, full size postcards of the building were impossible to
find.  I guess Ill just have to go by my memories. 
	Another issue to raise:  You've probably all heard of the
spacecrafts sent into space with artifacts from earth on board.  My
question is, suppose you could put a single rush song of your choice on
board.  What would it be?  What about a non-rush song?  Just some things
to think about.


ps: Any stargazers out there ever try to spot the constellation of Cygnus
on a clear night?  I've seen it on some star charts, but I don't remember
which months it is visible.  It is a cluster of 6 stars shaped like a
cross- the northern cross.  Cygnus is also latin for "swan" 

   [ Doing a quick little search, I found that September is the best month
     to see Cygnus in the northern hemisphere. It's generally a southern
     constellation, so fellow fans in Australia probably see it much of
     year! =)                                                 : rush-mgr ]


From: (B. J. Cook)
Date: Wed, 23 Sep 1998 20:52:19 EDT
Subject: A strange and unique impression of Bastille Day

In 1976, when I first got turned on to Rush, I first heard Bastille Day
live on "All the World's a Stage."  Lifeson's opening sounded like this to me:  

Daa-di-di-di-di-di Daa-di-di-di-di-di Daa-di-di-di-di 

and so forth, with the accent strictly on the higher notes.  Some time
later, when I first heard the studio version of Bastille Day, the opening 
sounded much different to me:

Da-di-di-di-di-di-di Da-di-di-di-di-di-di Da-di-di-di-di-di-di 

and so forth.  This time, I could see what Lifeson was really doing with
the notes, the timing and the emphasis.  Upon listening to the live version 
again, after hearing the studio version, I could no longer recognize the 
timing originally interpreted by my mind.   I could only transfer the studio 
timing to the timing in the live version.  I was a little sad after hearing 
the studio version, because I began to hear the live version in the same way.  

I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this highly unintentional 
interpretation of the song.  The person, to qualify, could not have heard the 
studio version before the live version.  I got turned on to Rush in 1976.  
I am a veteran fan of 22 years.  Over the years I learned many Rush songs on 
bass, and my band played Rush for many years.  I have admired and studied 
their recordings; and, since compact disc was invented, I've heard many things 
only studio personnel once heard.  

As for this interpretation to the opening of Bastille Day, the only thing I 
could liken it to would be interpretations of two-dimensional drawings.  Take 
the drawing of a beautiful woman sitting at her vanity; some see the beautiful 
woman, others see an old woman with a big nose.  Or, with the drawing of a 
box, some see the opening on the top, others see it on the bottom.  Or, with 
the drawing of a vase; some see a vase, others see two faces looking toward 
one another.  Anyone who has studied psychology is familiar with these 

I suggest that music may also be interpreted in many different ways.  Now 
days, when I play Bastille Day live, I can usually, if I try hard, hear it the 
way I once heard it in the early days.  However, the song, after I heard the 
studio version of it, will never sound the same again to me.  The innocence 
is lost.

Incidentally, I like my first interpretation of the opening notes of the
live Bastille Day much better that the studio version.  It really sounds
wicked.  You may ask if I wish I never had heard the studio version. 
Absolutely not.  I would not sacrifice Caress of Steel for that purpose. 

It would be great to hear Bastille Day once again on a live album.  Yet,
I know Rush just wouldn't be able to muster that raw, ballsey sound heard
on ATWAS.  Those days are gone forever. 


From: Mike Denney 
Date: Thu, 24 Sep 1998 00:58:42 -0500
Subject: Rush lyrics mistaken. (plus new cathartic drivel)


I previously mistook some Rush lyrics AND the song
they came from. An idle fan took me aside and straightened me up,
though. The song? "The Camera Eye" @7:35-7:38 in the song,
where it says "Green and grey washes in the wispy white veil". I
guess it was an abstract reference to a painting, right? I thought
it said "Green and grey washes in the wispy wifing." Weird, huh?(!)
I was probably listening to too much Kate Bush. In fact, while most
Rush lyrics come to me after I think them through and listen to the song
several times, it usually takes several careful sessions of listening before
I actually get them. I think it's 'cause Neil Peart takes time to
put carefully thought-out and worded lyrics in songs. In 'Red Barchetta'
where Neil put his fiction-inspired reflections on driving the car, this
lunk-head (namely me) was probably drunk on several listenings and heard
nothing inspiring 'til I carefully analyzed the song. "Wind... in
my hair ...shifting and drifting... mechanical music..." was delivered
by me incorrectly and incoherently in drunken stupor at many parties.
"Adrenalin surge" didn't reveal itself until many hours of listening later.
"Well-weathered metal and oil...the sun, the country air"
was oft-massacred, even today (not even drunken now). The careful
placement of rhyme and well-worded (daresay 'tacit'?) lyrical notion in
rock won't be forgotten and will be sorely missed in rock if Neil quits
now. I think he could use the 'net to write for other artists, too.
He proved many people wrong in giving rock meaningful lyricism in 
and on-time, with percussionistic precision. One of the few times
he was wrong was in writing this anthemic blurb: "Cast in this unlikely
role..." :^) Au contraire, Neil (all the French I know)--it was the
role you were made for.


From: Slim Jim 
Date: Thu, 24 Sep 1998 10:52:56 +0100
Subject: Re: Jazz and Rock 


> >Don't let them hurt at all!  Ignore them.  Music is about taste, 
> >and people who put down Jazz (or any other form of music) just
> >because they personally don't like it are just ignorant.
> I agree 100% with this, but I'm curious as to how you can say the
> above.... and this:
>  ------- Taken from the National Midnight Star #2083 (08/06/98)
> >In five years, DT will be just an unpleasant memory.  In 
> >ten years they will be forgotten.
> >
> >Slim

I'll happily explain it to you then:  Dream Theater does not 
represent a 'form of music'.

Has the penny dropped?



From: Martin Urionaguena 
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 1998 12:22:26 -0300

The priests assumed control...

See ya'

           "Rush. They must have been one hell of a band."
                    Geoff Barton (2112 Tourbook)

                      Buenos Aires, Argentina


From: "Anderson, Chris " 
Date: Thu, 24 Sep 1998 09:40:52 -0400
Subject: The Rush Experience For Me

I've recently seen a few posts here on The NMS that are indicative 
of the POSSIBILITY that "Test For Echo" was Rush's final studio effort.
I, for one, am saddened by the idea.  Somehow, this idea makes
me grasp on to the music of Rush even more.  My life's memories
of how I discovered Rush and why they're important to me.....are timeless,
as is the physical existence of the music of Rush.

  I have never seen Rush in concert and I've been a fan since I was a 
sophomore in high school, all the back in 1989.  I've held on to Rush, 
AS MY FAVORITE BAND since around the time I listened to Grace Under Pressure

way back in '89 (way back to me anyway).  I remember, 
months before listening to Grace Under Pressure, seeing a vinyl copy 
of "Moving Pictures" in a palce called "The Record Exchange" in a town 
in southwest Virginia named Blacksburg (20 min. from my
hometown of Radfrod, VA).  The cover of the album was very surreal to me
and it mystified me for so long.  I could not even buy it.  It was too
That was my first impression of Rush, TOO DIFFERENT for me....however....
go forward from the winter of 1989 to the spring, when track season 

My next impression of Rush actually came
from seeing the competitive spirit in a track and cross-country foe
from this town of Blacksburg.  I was involved in a track meet against
Blacksburg, running the 800 meter, 1600 meter (1 mile), and 3200 meter (2
races.  Blacksbrug was VERY GOOD in long distance racing.  Their
track team averaged a 4min 32sec mile time.  i was frightened, but
to do better than my best (4min 55 sec mile at the time).  
Well, it turns out that they were not running their best runners in the mile
or 2-mile because our team was not historically a challenge.  One of the
"best" guys was timing races for the meet and was wearing a "strange"
shirt.  It said "Rush" and had a strange star with a naked man enclosed
by the star.  I thought it was strange, but cool....and neat.  I spoke
to a couple of people and found out that this guy could run amazing
1 mile times and was a great distance runner.  Immediately, I associated
"Rush" with the elite, the hard-working, the strange, the different, the
and the life.  I found that I was all these things
too.....or at least
wanted to be. 

 It just made sense.  That's when I really decided
that Rush was worth trying, actually listening to the music.  I
read about Rush (a Geddy Lee interview) in "Guitar" magazine.....bought 
Grace Under Pressure, learned the guitar parts, and then bought "2112"
from which the "shirt" really originated.  "2112" was like nothing I had
EVER heard...."2112" is amazing.  

That whole experience is etched in my head forever and I'll never forget it.

Since then, my understanding and appreciation of Rush's music has grown
and grown.  

I believe Rush has influenced me to believe in myself, MY BELIEFES, my
my taste in music, and to believe that I am a winner in running,work, and LIFE.
I do not worship Rush, because this is not healthy or right - in my opinion,
but I admire the "freewilled" image Rush projects and the music. 

I hope another studio album comes me the issue is not yet resolved.
I just have the greatest admiration of the talent of those three guys of Rush.

Also, I posted my wish that they can be inducted in the R&R Hall oF Fame.
There is no other option.

Take care fellow Rushians,

Chris A.

Chris Anderson
Industrial Management Engineering
AMP Incorporated
phone:  717-861-5198
audix:   717-986-4003
GO Va. Tech Hokies!!!


From: "Grigsby, Steve" 
Date: Thu, 24 Sep 1998 9:00:00 -0500
Subject: RRHOF

Gee Rush-Mgr, I'm really confused here.  Granted that doesn't take much,   
but here goes.  Why must we get 250,000 votes to get Rush nominated?   
 Don't tell me the bands/artist listed in TNMS #2108 went through the   
same hell.  Sure all are deserving that made it, but I have a hard time   
believing HOF got 250,000 votes for Bruce Springsteen.  If that was a   
requirement for all inductees, the damn thing would be empty!

Unfortunately I think it will be a long time (if ever) before we'll see   
Rush in.  I'm not so sure that's a bad thing.



From: "Donald A. Peterson" 
Date: Thu, 24 Sep 1998 10:30:58 -0500 (EST)
Subject: 8-tracks

I don't know when the last one was, but I happen to have MOVING
PICTURES and SIGNALS on 8-track.  Anyone know of GUP???

   [ AFAIK, Signals was the last 8-track made.                 : rush-mgr ]

Department of Physics	|
Notre Dame University	| (219) 631-7716


From: pankaj kataria 
Date: Thu, 24 Sep 1998 12:31:15 -0700
Subject: Rust in peace

Hi Rushiansss!!!
I see people talk a lot about Tom Sawyer, YYZ, (radio type songs!!, of
course classical songs) I mean Rush has created many other classical, a
little toooo creative, songs.. it seems some of russhians are not
actually exposed to many different cool numbers like, Bastille Day,
Fountain of Lamneth.. The natural Science etc.... or may be you still
gotta reach above the normal intelligence level......

Another thing, who the FU@K said Zeppelin & Jimmy page suck... Grow up
dudes, yeah even I don't listen to their studio CD's much, but live
Zeppelin rocks like monsterrrrrr!!! If you haven't seen the live
performance "THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME" NY(1974 ??), u haven't heard any
zeppelin yet.... so please don't!! pass any comments..
Oh yeah try Megadeth "RUST IN PEACE" .oooohhhhhh it smokes!!!!
Write me if u r a serious Rush fan!!!
so long!
Pankaj kataria

"Possibly I have seen too much-
Hangar 18 I know too much" -Mustain


Date: Thu, 24 Sep 98 11:40:07 -0500
Subject: Date formats and other such nonsense

     Cheers to all fellow Rushians,
     Herewith is my humble submission of my "10 Thoughts For the Day":
     1.  Keith wrote: " <<    One day closer to 10-10-98          Keith >> 
     Sorry, what I MEANT to say was  "One day closer to 11-10-98"...."
     I guess in Canada and the UK we'll get DS on October 11, 1998, while 
     our American friends will have to wait until November 10, 1998. :)
     2.  There have been so many suggestions for TNMS #2112: many of which 
     are thoughtful, some silly, and others down-right stupid.  (but who am 
     I to judge? :))  Really, the whole idea that issue #2112 actually 
     "means" something more than just a sequential count for the Rush mail 
     list's digest, is nothing more than something to occupy a few people's 
     minds for the weeks preceding the "big" issue.  The "event" will 
     probably mean little in the grand scheme of things.
     3.   Does anyone know the meaning behind the title of Neil's book, 
     "Masked Rider"?  Is it a reference to the way Neil wanted to tour a 
     foreign country as a 'tourist', and not as a 'rock star'?  Can anyone 
     offer any ideas?

     4.  Thanks to James for passing along the insights into the Victor II 
     project.  While I am also in the HTZ-FM listening area, I don't often 
     dial it in (my 2 year old prefers "Barney's Favourites" on the car 
     stereo right now!).  
     5.  Since The Boys are all such passionate family men, I think it 
     would be so cool to see them make a cameo appearance on a children's 
     show.  They would certainly offer new meaning to Mr. Roger's "Magic 
     6.  Like some other TNMSers, I found Victor to be kinda dark and 
     depressing in its lyrics and themes, although the guitar work kicks 
     major butt.  One of the many things we can all admire about each of 
     the boys is their flexibility and adaptability to work with many other 
     styles.  I look forward to hearing Al working with (still more) other 
     7.  I have a 3-lp boot entitled "Rush N' Roulette".  I think it's a fairly 
     common recording?  It says it's from the Chicago Ampitheatre in 1980 (MP 
     tour).  It's not TOO bad, once you get used to the quality.  I especially 
     like the rare (?) guitar solo that Al plays on side 6 during the encore.  
     Does anyone know more about this recording?
     8.  I am interested in getting some more good Rush boots, from any era.  
     Does anyone offer 2:1 trades (either tape or CDr)?
     9.  Why do non-Rush fans inevitably make some comment on the size of 
     Geddy's nose and appearance?  While he may never be a Guess jeans model, 
     at least he's not Ric Ocasek!
     10.  I'm from the lp (vinyl) generation, but have since accepted cd's as 
     being "here to stay".  One thing I miss about the lp's though is their 
     artwork.  Artists like Rush put alot of effort into their albums, not just 
     in the music, but the whole package.  "New" thread?  What is everyone's 
     favourite Rush album cover?  Or favourite album cover of any band?
     I like many Rush covers: COS, Hemispheres, PW, MP, ESL, Signals, GuP, T4E. 
      I guess my fav would be Hemispheres, just for its 'classic-ness'.
     My non-Rush fav album cover: Would have to be Sgt. Pepper.  PURE Classic.
     We now return you to your regularly scheduled program.


From: umhoepp9@cc.UManitoba.CA
Date: Thu, 24 Sep 1998 11:13:04 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Re: Rush on 8-track

I collect 8-tracks (go ahead and laugh, but it's a cheap hobby for a 
university student), and the "most recent" Rush album that I have on  
8-track is "Signals".  I'm pretty sure that if you looked hard enough,  
you could probably find Grace Under Pressure and Power Windows as well,  
and perhaps Hold Your Fire;  Columbia House continued to offer releases  
on 8-track until 1987, so it is possible.  My copy of "Signals" is a 
Columbia House 8-track that I found at a local thrift store.



There are three kinds of people:  Those who are good at math, and those 
who aren't.


From: Scott Bronson 
Date: Thu, 24 Sep 1998 10:37:53 -0700
Subject: Issue 2112


>Hey all (especially the Rush mgr), why not have issue 2112 be the end of
>volume 1 of TNMS. After which we can begin again with Vol. 2, issue 1 
>until we reach 2112, then on to volume three...hmmmmm

Kudos to Tom for this idea.  It makes sense in it's tie-in with our Rush theme,
is subtle and respectful, and does not seem egotistical or otherwise


From: "lerxst" 
Date: Thu, 24 Sep 1998 14:34:53 -0400
Subject: Rush vs Led Zeppelin

It's been consistent throughout my life that any time I have stated that =
I felt Rush outclassed Led Zep, I was attacked as delusional.  Truth is, =
Led Zep was and probably always will be more influential than Rush =
because of two things:  1) They were one of the founders of heavy metal =
rock.  2) They are more accessable to the masses because their music is =
generally simpler.  They sing about sex, love and rockin' & rollin'.  =
Rush sings about individuality, freedom of choice, personal =
responsibility and other complex ideas.  Your general pot-smoking (not =
that I didn't) lugheads can't grasp what the songs are about and they =
don't want to put forth the effort.  "TSOR" and "TS" are popular because =
they seem simple on the surface.  TSOR is about rockin' & rollin' and TS =
is about some bad-ass dude to most people, so they are readily accepted. =
 Would songs like "Red Lenses", "Anagram for Mongo", or "Animate" really =
make it into the top 100 singles?  Probably not.  Zeppelin had great =
players and I think Robert Plant is a rock singer with a crooners soul. =
(Don't believe me, listen to Fate of Nations)  Jimmy Page accompished =
some things prominently that no one else had in his time and Robert was =
a sex symbol.  However, one other major difference between Rush and Led =
Zep is this:  The members of Rush have never been content enough to stop =
trying to improve.  Neil relearned his technique as recently as 2-3 =
years ago after being recognized by many as the best for over 15 years.  =
Alex has improved his technique by leaps and bound.  Jimmy Page (as =
evidenced by "Walking into Clarksdale") has learned nothing new in 20 =
years!  I love Robert's solo stuff mostly because he left the blues and =
sex attitude on the last stage Zeppelin played.  He advanced his craft =
and changed his focus.  His latest collaboration with Page is a major =
disappointment for me.

BTW, I love Sarah McLachlan (Fumbling Towards Ecstasy if one of the best =
albums of the 90's IMHO) and would be very curious to see where Alex's =
lastest solo project went with her on board.  Yes many of the lyrics on =
Victor were disturbing, but I think Alex was trying to go a different =
direction than he usually did.  He advanced himself.


"We're mutants!  There's something wrong with us.  Something very, very =
wrong with us!  Something seriously wrong with us!  We're Rush fans"  =
paraphrase of Bill Murray


From: "Steve Lafferty" 
Date: Thu, 24 Sep 1998 21:36:22 +0100


Just a quick post to let anyone who's intersted know. My Rush site, a
collection of Rush inspired artwork, has moved. The new URL is:

Xoom has more space, nuff said. Update your bookmarks (if you had any) or
pay me a visit. I am also listed in the Grand Designs Links page check that
out, more sites that you can 'stick a shake' at.

If you like my page and are interested in contributing some of your own
artwork, drop me a line, I may put a section on the site for other artists.



"Pavements may teem....."


Date: Thu, 24 Sep 1998 18:29:03 EDT
Subject: Rush at Red Rocks

> (For those NMSers in CO)  Has Rush ever played at Red Rocks?  If
>  not, why not?

Although possibly unrelated, I was told once that Fiddlers Green is owned by
MCA records (unsure if it was MCA).  I do know that Jimmy Buffet protested
having to play at Fidder's Green a few years back (way back when), but to no
avail.  Rush played McNichols in Sept. of 82, while they could have played Red
Rocks.  This was during their Mercury days.

I have seen Atlantic Records' Robert Plant and Page/Plant a sum of three times
at Red Rocks in the summer months.  The last three times Rush has come to CO
it has been in May, and I don't think Red Rocks hosts concerts until June.  

Related story: WORST concert I have ever seen: Rush at Fiddlers Green for the
Presto tour (sound system went out in the gen admission area 1/3 of the way
into the concert).

"don't ask me...."
"WOO, GO ELWAY"....- Homer Simpson


Date: Thu, 24 Sep 1998 19:27:10 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Fantasy Hockey

Hey all, 
Don't know how many hockey fans there are in Rushland, but I came across
a really cool fantasy hockey league at    come join up if ya want
Oh yeah, Rush content.
My team is the "Detroit Barchettas"


Date: Thu, 24 Sep 1998 19:49:35 EDT
Subject: gimme live!

     Since the subject of non-RUSH live albums has gotten a lot of mileage
here lately, I thought of another thread idea along this vein....groups you
would like to see live albums from.

1. ZZ Top - this little old band from Texas has been around for as long as
RUSH and has yet to put out a live release, unless you consider the first half
of "Fandango," which is good, but doesn't really count.

2. R.E.M. - this seems like a natural, considering the status of the group
now. You would think that the label would be compiling something to keep the
fire burning since the bands demise caused by drummer Bill Berry's retirement.

3. Oasis/Kings X (tie) - although Oasis hasn't been around very long, they
still have enough material to fill a double live album if they wanted,
especially with the various  Beatles songs they've covered in concert. As for
Kings X, this is another Texas group that could broaden its fan base with a
well done live release. One of my fave boots is "Acoustic Spirits," a
compilation of three of their shows from 1990-91.

OK, 3 groups I NEVER want to see another live album from...

1. Jimi Hendrix - simply put, the most prolific dead artist in history. Nuff

2. The Doors - see above.

3. Rolling Stones - do we REALLY need a dozen live albums from this band?

Best opening on a live album:

Marillion - The Thieving Magpie (La Gazza Ladra)
     Fish and Co. enter the arena to the strains of this orchestral piece and
the impact is astounding. I was kicking myself for leaving this disc off my
top ten before, cause there isn't a bad cut on the double set. I always
regretted not seeing them live, especially since they opened for RUSH on more
than one occasion.

"And from the royal college of music, David Palmer....ummm, he's gone for a
piss, but he'll be back." Ian Anderson, introducing the band on "Bursting Out"
(also edited out from the CD release...dammit)


From: (Brian M Donlin)
Date: Thu, 24 Sep 1998 20:05:33 EDT
Subject: Re: Rush and the RRHOF

>Well, I suppose it's not too early to start thinking about RnRHoF 
>2000, is it?
>Man, this sucks!

Does anybody know if we have to  petition and such all over again or do
the already received petitions and letters carry over for next year?

   [ I'm not sure, but I'll try to find out.                       : rush-mgr ]

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A: They take the psycho path.

Q: What do you get from a pampered cow?
A: Spoiled milk.

Q: What lies on the bottom of the ocean and twitches?
A: A nervous wreck.

Q: Where do you find a no legged dog?
A: Right where you left him!


From: (Brian M Donlin)
Date: Thu, 24 Sep 1998 20:05:33 EDT
Subject: Re: Subject :EMU/Geddy Lee

>I know Neil was, but I never read or saw pictures about Ged being a chain
>smoker, or even a smoker at that.  Does anyone know this?

I've seen in the studio videos for Tom Sawyer and Limelight Geddy doing
his vocals between two Bongo drums. On one were cigarettes and a lighter
and on the other was what appeared to be an ashtray. Anyone with Through
the Camera Eye or Chronicles can see it.

BTW, does anyone know if the Bongo's are one of Geddy's studio "quirks"? 
You know, he "has to " sing standing between them, kinda like Neil trying
to really nail an entire song in 1 or 2 takes.


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From: "Lerxst-nj" 
Date: Thu, 24 Sep 1998 20:07:58 -0400
Subject: Rush 8-track collectors !

To: Sean J. and other 8 track people -
>The latest album I've seen on 8-track was Moving pictures. It's possible,
>though by that date unlikely, that ESL was also 8-track-ed. GUP definitly
>not. So the latest confirmed sighting was MP.

Not for long !, I have ESL on 8-track - Still looking for Rush (1st one) and
2112 on 8-track to complete the collection though. Any traders interested? I
think Signals was the first non-8-T.


From: Denis Simard 
Date: Thu, 24 Sep 1998 19:22:07 -0800
Subject: Rush on IRC

Hello all,

I've heard references to Rush IRC channels. Just (finally) got an IRC
client and am eager to chat with other fans of The Boyz. Would anyone be
so kind as to email me with information regarding these channels? Thanks
in advance to those who do.

By the way, I'm annoying my non-Rush- fan friends (poor, deprived souls)
with my massive salivation over the impending release of "Different
Stages." I don't get offended anymore over someone dissing The Boyz
(after all, I'm no longer a teenager, so maybe I have a more "mature"
outlook on matters of taste.......naaaaaah!). The friend who is most
vociferous in his abuse of The Boyz is one whom I took to the RTB show
here in Seattle! He likes "some Rush," and was VERY impressed with their
live show, but my crowing over THE NEW ALBUM (and providing a running
countdown) makes him crosseyed with irritation! Ungrateful bastard! Of
course, I make it my bussiness to let him know the status every day.
Just doing my part, heh, heh.

Turn Rush up! The neighbors will love it!

Denis Simard


Date: Thu, 24 Sep 1998 22:47:21 EDT
Subject: 2112 Subject Matter Suggestions

While enjoying probably 2.0 worth of chardonnay this evening and writing to
buds, I had a couple of ideas that you could request any subscriber wishing to
repond do so in a short and to the point reply.

1.	Your favorite Album.

2.	Your top 5 favorite Rush tunes.

3.	In (Rush Mgr. insert limit of # of words here) words or less describe 
your funniest and/or most meaningful Rush experience.

4.	If the band were to read a message from you to them, what would you 
like to say to them?  (Again, limitting # of words.)

As an almost 20 year-long Rush fan, I'd really be interested to here
everyone's responses.  From reading TNMS for about the past couple of months,
I'm sure ther'e'll be a LOT of interesting things to be said by a lot of you.

As for the R&RHOF non-induction, maybe next year.  I KNOW there are 200K+ Rush
fans out there.  God, I've been to every single tour through Chicago since
1978 and they pack big venues here.  Like 40K capacity.  They played the
United Center last tour.  I don't even know the capacity of it, but it's got
to be at least 60K.  Plus the guys deserve it.  I wonder -- did all the
initial names mentioned in yesteday's TNMS get that many letters, or will they
get inducted by some other criteria?  Just curious.

Pints, oops, points to ponder.

Screw you guys, I'm going home.  --  Eric Cartman


From: "Drs. Samuel A. and Marta P. Scott" 
Date: Thu, 24 Sep 1998 23:43:30 -0600
Subject: Hall of Fame - Unlikely

As much as I would love to see Rush enter the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
(deservedly), the possibility seems remote, mainly because this would
require an about-face from "rock critics" .

Essentially the same people are the watchdogs of this club - i.e., those
who made sure Rush was put in their place whenever they released a 2112,
Hemispheres, Moving Pictures, Power Windows, or Presto.

There is some degree of turnover, but Rush is downright unfashionable
when viewed panhistorically and it is difficult to imagine the governing
body overturning their systematically negative view of Rush - to the
extent that, despite all the negative reviews, they would now be deemed
fit to enter the RNR Hall of Fame.

Hopefully, this view is incorrect.

Sam Scott


From: Ron Tafoya 
Date: Thu, 24 Sep 1998 22:13:37 +0000
Subject: Re ZEP

       No rush Content:

    Kurt,  You say you were a Zepplin fan once? at around age seven.
And now you never need to listen to them again..........??   and " I
dont need to hear them anymore">>>>>>>>>       well Kurt,   I'm sorry
you feel that way.  you are just depriving yourself of some of the
greatest music ever composed.   that is like saying  I got laid once and
now i dont need to get laid anymore.

   Not intended to be a personal flame, but I just can't fathom the
thought of a Zeppliness existance.


From: "n35nsmo Maclean, John, RMC (SS)" 
Date: Thu, 24 Sep 1998 19:12:52 -1000
Subject: Sending feed in 4...3...2...1

Hello all...(especially to Rod, Nina and Armen)

Take a look at my commands new website. ( 

Does it remind you of anything?



Date: Fri, 25 Sep 1998 02:23:17 EDT
Subject: Rush...and beyond!

    I am a new member here and am surprised how opinionated some of you are.
This sucks, that sucks...come on. I thought Rush fans were a little more open
minded than that. Led Zepp. has a historical place in the evolution of hard
rock that can't be disputed. While Rush is a more artistically talented than
most, they were influenced by Zep, I belive. 
        Also, I have'nt heard homage paid to some other great bands worth
mentioning here. Like, Pink Floyd, Yes and if you get past the negative stereo
type....Black Sabbath ( There really are some good messages in their music.)
Who are we to judge? You can not like something without putting it down. I've
been listening to Rush for 20 years now and seen them 16 times and at
different points of that time I've liked all their music to varying degrees
however, my favorites still ( And will always be) their masterpieces, 2112 and
Hemisheres. Those concept albums simply can't be matched and are so deep that
the average listener cant comprehend ( or dont have the attenion span to
understand ) these great works of art.
       It is a pity that more people "don't get it" but hey, look at the world
we live in. It's not exactly a friendly place. That's what sets Rush and their
fans apart from most. It's not just Rock and roll thing. It's well thought
out, complex poetry and music and I hope the fans keep it alive well after
they retire or die ( and that day will come ), so, enjoy them and life to the
fullist. Thanks for being there. Enough of my rambling.
      Please proof-read this as my puncuation is not so some of
you might put SUCKS!!!


From: "Skurka, Michael" 
Date: Fri, 25 Sep 1998 12:22:03 -0400
Subject: Hall of Fame

I was in Cleveland yesterday on business (I'm from Chicago and I do actually
live near the "hypothetical 2112 Rush Street"), so I stopped by the RoR Hall 
of Fame to check things out.  I only had about an hour to kill, so I opted 
not to tour the facility because the admission price was like $17 or 
something ridiculous like that.

So instead I stopped by the info counter and talked to a nice lady about the
nomination process and what fans at large could do to further the efforts 
for Rush (I guess for 2000 now that 1999 ain't happening).  She gave me a 
questionnaire to fill out and mail in and said that all such things are read 
and acknowledged (she didn't know much about the Web site), and then something 
cool happened:  She said "Hey, why don't I dial you in to the curator's 
voicemail, and you could leave him your pitch!"  So I did.  While inside my 
head I wanted to do the stereotypical "Ruuuuuuussssh!  Yeah Babybee!  Kick 
ass!  Ruuuusssssh!", I thought that might not be in the best interest of our 
cause.  So instead I just said that I, along with thousands of other Rush 
fans are mounting an effort to get Rush inducted, and that the only means 
we're able to use for attacking the issue is through the Web site.  If there 
is anything else we can do to increase visibility for Rush, then please call 
me at 312-xxx-xxxx.  I thought that was the best thing to say for our cause.  

I have the guy's name and number, but I don't think I'm going to publish it
here, for fear of having 100s of dumb asses calling the number and yelling 
"Ruuuuusssh ROCKS!" into his voicemail.  That would probably be 

Anyway, I thought it was a cool story to tell on TNMS.  Rush in '00!!!!!!!



From: Graham Gibson 
Date: Fri, 25 Sep 1998 12:29:34 -0500
Subject: 8-track-tape

The last 8-track-tape is SIGNALS because I have it! I also have the rest of
them except 2 of them! First RUSH and A FAREWELL TO KINGS even have ARCHIVES!
Hope that answers some questions.


From: Brian Robinson 
Date: Fri, 25 Sep 1998 15:52:40 -0400
Subject: re: Who Assumed Control Poll

You can't "assume" control if you already have control - this would
indicate that the Elder Race came back and assumed control from the
Priests who were in control at the time.


From: Michael Tilley/Janice Conduff 
Date: Fri, 25 Sep 1998 19:14:11 -0500
Subject: RE:8-Tracks/Hemispheres - Stacey


In reply to TNMS 2108, I still have the 8-Track version of "Hemispheres" in
the original box (plastic wrap has been opened, and the tape had been
played, until the tape "flipped over").  The tape was from the 'Anthem'
label, so I've kept it all these years (The tape is in excellent condition;
I think it played only three or four times before the tape flipped upside
down).  "Hemispheres" was the first Rush concert I attended in the
fall/winter of 1978-'79 in Shreveport, LA (I have ticket stubs to all of
the Rush concerts I've attended).  Having the Flu, and a 101 degree fever,
I still enjoyed one of the best concerts I've ever attended.  What's the
tape worth to you younger, "dedicated", Rush fans?  I might be willing to
part with it (for it to be playable, the case would have to be opened, and
the tape righted).  I have been a "die-hard" Rush fan since 1977.  I
learned guitar by learning Rush songs ("In The End" was my first; After 21
years of playing, I can play "2112" through and through with my eyes
closed, and many other Rush songs seem to flow through my fingers).  After
five concert experiences, two dogs and one cat named after the influence of
Rush (Cygnus, 1982; By-Tor, 1984; Cea (Panacea), 1984), I can truly say
that Geddy, Neil and Alex will be a part of me until the day I reach
"Rivendell".  Sorry for rambling on, but I had to throw that one in.  It's
refreshing to know that so many support what I hold so dear in my heart.
Keep the faith.


Thank you Rush Mgr. for your time and dedication in keeping the "Spirit" of
Rush alive and well.  I am finishing my Master of Science degree, and I
know how demanding the academics can be.


From: (Keith Hoffman - Lord Sloth)
Date: Sat, 26 Sep 1998 04:20:28 -0700
Subject: OC CALI pimprock in the house!  (with a rush sighting)

PIMPROCK???  thats just a term some of us use to describe the fairly new
crop of bands that mix rap into their rock, punk or harcore sound. B4 you
buy the new live rush album, I recommend 2 new releases coming soon!

10-13  ZEBRAHEAD  "WASTE OF MIND"   this pimprock band recently broke
through with a record coming soon on Columbia! They are now in rotation
on LA's KROQ and have made the daily countdowns in the mix with KoRn,
Marilyn Manson, Reel Big Fish etc...  I have had the opportunity to see
Zebrahead a few times at local Clubs, and once at my school, Orange Coast
College. Zebrahead's first album came out in MAY on DR DREAM records, and
now in October they are releasing a major label debut. ZEBRAHEAD's style
is a mix of poppy punk, with rapcore. They put on a good show.

T H E  O N E  T O  B U Y!!!!
10-20  D I A L - 7  "Never Enough Time"
DIAL-7 is the SUPREME pimprock band! Mixing almost EVERY style with
hardcore and rap.  On the local scene, DIAL - 7 has a MUCH bigger
following than Zebrahead, and packs the house at every show, they put on
an AWSOME SHOW!!!!  Dial-7 was a little more cautious in their record
deal negotiation, they turned down a deal they were about to sign, for a
smaller, less risky contract, so they arent getting the same amout of
promotion as zebrahead.
I was in the studio when DIAL-7's drummer, Clammerz, was recording some
precussion tracks for an earlier version of the song "ALL I WANT". I had
never heard that song without the vocals until then, but hearing that 2"
tape rolling without the vocal tracks, on one part over and over made me
realize I was hearing something familiar!!!! I couldnt put my finger on
it at first, since I was in pimprock mode, but when I put my finger on it
I started singing "TEMPLES OF SYRINX" along with it, and the recording
engineer joined me!  so LISTEN to the CHORUS of ALL I WANT and you will
hear the musical accompanyment of 2112!!!!  This was purely
cooincidental, since no one in DIAL 7 listens to RUSH, and did not even
know it sounded like a RUSH tune, they were shocked!  But when DIAL 7 is
on stage performing that song, the vocalists arent singing anything that
remotely resembles 2112, so I never noticed till I was in the studio that
day.  EVEN if you buy "NEVER ENOUGH TIME" on OCT 20th JUST to hear the
RUSH sighting, you will be happy with the CD, DIAL 7 ROCKS!!! and they
can PLAY too!  D7 is on tour now! check the website, they may be in your
town! if you talk to them at the show, tell them you were reffered by
Keith from Harbor Greens (the complex I live in, that they used to live
in as well)
 ----- (there is also an eariler site, but it is not
current and I dont have the address handy, it is in my AOL bookmarks)

NO DATE YET:  my band KONTROL FREQ... still trying to build a following
while shopping a demo to the labels, not a PIMPROCK band, but there are
hints of PIMP in it...
  there are soundfiles and other stuff to go through as well.   We play
THIS SUNDAY (9-27) at 9pm at TUSTIN LANES in TUSTIN CA! (714)731-5022

check out these new bands! D7 and ZH are getting their breaks, lets help
them sell some units!

Keith formerly known as "LORD SLOTH"  keith hoffman all sites  keith
"Insert RUSH/Peart lyrics here" 
RUSH page:
HOMEPAGE (with links to my other pages):
KontrolFreQ page:


From: John Lupoli 
Date: Sat, 26 Sep 1998 09:27:06 -0400
Subject: MARS 2112!

Hey fellow Rushians,
	I remember you guys talking about that restaurant MARS 2112. Anyway, I
was in my 8th grade math class. Then my teacher anounce that we were
going on a field trip to New York City in early October. She said that
we were going to the IMAX theatre to watch a movie about space in the
future. Then she said,"We will then go to lunch at MARS 2112." Then I
got so excited that I yelled out,"2112!!!!" A couple of people statred
staring at me, but I wasn't embarassed because I was so excited. Only 2
kids knew what I was talking about when I said 2112.

Matt Lupoli
Age: 14
North Haven, Ct


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