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         The National Midnight Star, Number 2110

                  Thursday, 01 Oct 1998

Today's Topics:
                My weird Neil Peart dream
A possible additional addition to the 2112 questionnaire/suggestion
                    Growing with RUSH
                       Hall of Fame
     Where's John Rutsey?...(plus a Geddy encounter)
           Rush sighting during Radio KAOS tour
                 Live Album Release Date
                       hall of fame
                  Rush in the Classroom
         RUSH sighting on The Conan O'Brian Show
                 Conan O'Brien plays Rush
             Atlantic Records-RUSH-Live ALbum
               Rush Audio On Nightly News!
                 Rush on Internet Jukebox
            warning:  Alan Kotzer sold me shit
                     re: "Hey Cookie"
                      Conan O'Brien
                         NMS 2112
                Late Night with Cal Ripken
                      Mystic Rhythms
       Re: Hemingway, 'evils of technology', thanks
             The whole Led Zep thing on here
               Rush  beyond and beneath... 
           RE: 2112 Subject Matter Suggestions
                       Geddy Speaks
                 Where Rush packs 'em in
              Late Night with Conan O'Brian
                  Rush on Conan O' Brien
                     Rushed in Space
           Cygnus the Swan (aka Northern Cross)
        STILL plans for year 200 studio release..
              Release dates  USA vs. Canada

Date: Sat, 26 Sep 1998 10:59:17 EDT
Subject: My weird Neil Peart dream

here's my dream i had last night

check this out

It starts out at some music academy near Toronto 10 or 15 years from now.  I
walk into an empty music hall that is meant for the drum/percussion classes.
But there is only one drumset there, and an old man sits behind this huge
drumset, and guess who it is? Neil Peart. I walk over there in front of the
stage and he seems to be playing Xanadu or something. He justs keeps playing
until he's done, and I then start appauding him briefly.
 I walk up onto the stage and I say something like "You're Neil Peart,
drummer of all-time, aren't you?" He thens laughs to himself, then says "Well
yes I was once regarded as the greatest.....years ago."  I then say " RUSH was
my favorite guys inspired me and many, many countless others. You,
Geddy and Alex were so awesome!" He then replies, "Yeah, those were some good
times...ol' Ged and Lerxst were great companions and musicians. " 
He thens looks off to the right as if he's thinking back to those days.  I
ask something like "What happened back in 1998 when your wife Jackie died and
also your daughter died months earlier, and you never came back to the public
again?" "Well , losing the greatest two things in my life was and still is
difficult..." He then gets out a small photo of him, Jackie and Selena. "I
couldn't go back to RUSH after all that." He thens takes the picture and puts
it above his snare drum or something, as a small tear comes to his eye. I then
ask "What happened to Geddy and Alex?"
   "Geddy went on to do some solo work as well as becoming a producer...Alex
went on to solo work as well, as well as making his Victor albums a success. I
think he's now a repesenitive for Gibson guitars and Marshall guitar
I then say " That's great...I just couldn't imagine what losing you wife and
daughter within a year can do to you..."  He then says "I couldn't imagine how
it would be either...until it happened to me..." Another tear comes to his
as he looks off to the right again....
then the dream ends...weird huh?


Date: Sat, 26 Sep 1998 11:07:36 EDT
Subject: A possible additional addition to the 2112 questionnaire/suggestion

How 'bout this for 2112?  What is your most memorable Rush concert moment?


About 6 years ago (about 26 years old), I had tickets to see the show at the
Rosemont Horizon in Rosemont, IL.  I believe it was the Hold Your Fire
Tour...anyhow.  I had these nosebleeder seets and I heard on the local radio
station, at the time the Loop 97.9, that this bar in an out-of-the-way suburb
was having a Rush night.  I thought to myself, I've really got to get better
seats for this show.

So, my friend, Mike, and I set out to go to the Rush Night. We dutifully
filled out our entry forms.  The night progressed at a snail's pace.  They
finally got to the point where they announced the winners of the five packs of
front row tickets they had to give out.  MY NAME WAS PICKED FIRST!!!!!   I
JUST ABOUT HAD A F!@#%ING STROKE!!!!!!!!  Rush has consistently been my
favorite band for just shy of 20 years, to date.  Needless to say, we almost
ran out of there with my FRONT ROW RUSH TICKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Before I won the tickets, my friend and I made this vow that if either of us
won the tickets, the other would take the other.   I had to make the
disclaimer, though, that if my boyfriend (of 4 years) wasn't able to go (he
had his first gig with this band he was jamming with scheduled for that same
night), that I'd take him. boyfriend now husband ended up going
with me.  He did not play at that first night's appearance.  Then the band
kind of kicked him out because of it.  And they were all Rush fans too.  What
you have done in his shoes?  I don't think they ever understood.  Front row
for Rush.  How could you turn that down?  Well, my bud Mike got pissed.
Neither of us really expected my husband to not do his gig.  Anyhow, after I
won those tickets, I felt this euphoria ... like if I would die the next day,
I felt that I would not regret having not done everything I promised myself
I'd do.  

The show was so amazing.  Talk about making eye contact with them while
they're playing your most favorite inspirational, lifeblood tunes -- matching
Geddy word-for-word,  watching Alex play ....  watching Neil -- just feet away
 - go bonzo on the drums, etc.  Really.  This is a True Rush Fan's fulfilled
dream.  That was my moment of Zen.  It is memorialized in my bedroom via a
picture of me, the DJ from the Loop at the time, Bob Skafish (SKAY-FISH), and
some intern geek and the winning stub.  I sometimes get this irrational
feeling that I should put this away in a safe deposit box in case the house
burns down.  Screw the rest!  It's the photos and shit like that that really

"An orbital anal probe caused to say, "am I cooked?"

Dude, you're well done.  :)   :)    :)      :)    

JUST KIDDING.  Read your email from me Dude!  No.  He's not cooked.  He's
hooked.  Like all of us are.  It pisses me of when I hear people whine that
can't get into the band past Singals.  It's as if they're unwilling to open
their minds to the trip that Manhattan Project takes you on amongst.  Like
Mission.  The underrated Chain Lightning.  If you're a true Rush fan, you'll
recognize and respect the musicianship and craftsmanship this band evotes in
ALL of their songs.  Sometimes you need to give the album a couple of more
listens to get it.  Or maybe read the lyrics.  And if that's not enough to
convince them, then they obviously don't know what they're missing and screw

I think the reason why we all would like more people to be this interested in
Rush is because we'd probably rather hear more obscure Rush tunes on the radio
than what they usually play.  Like here in Chicago all the Rush that they play
is Tom Sawyer, Spirit of Radio, Limelight, once in a while Working Man, when
T4E came out, they played T4E and Driven.  Why is it that Chicago radio sucks
so badly?  The only decent stations here never last long or are on very late
at night and the signal is too weak.  That's why I rarely listen to the radio.
Just in my car on the way to the train or store.  If I'm roadtripping, the
tapes come with.

Well, I'll spare you all any further gory details of my obsession with
Rush..........for today.
Okay.  I'm finished now.

"Screw you guys, I'm going home."  Eric Cartman


From: "Mr. Iowa" 
Date: Sat, 26 Sep 1998 12:22:40 -0700
Subject: Growing with RUSH

To those of you who like only the earlier material, the newer material ,
or anything in between, I don't understand any of you.  Rush IS a
progressive band and that means changing and growing with time.  No band
can put out the same material album aafter album and expect anyone stick
with them.  They've been this successful fort the very fact that they do
change and progress.  Sure some of their songs are better than others
but all of them kick ass in my opinion, and I have grown with them as I
get older and my outlook on life changes.  Rush is the one constant in
life even through the changes and to the guy who said we have been lucky
to have them (if it is truly the end) I agree with you 100%.




From: RUSH3 
Date: Sat, 26 Sep 1998 16:34:34 -0400
Subject: Hall of Fame

Who really cares about the damn rock and roll hall of fame?  It's like
Rolling Stone magazine.  It's a bunch of musical snobs.  "F" 'em!


From: Carmine Corrente 
Date: Sat, 26 Sep 1998 17:57:36 -0400
Subject: Where's John Rutsey?...(plus a Geddy encounter)

I'm sure this question has been asked here at least a thousand times,
but I'm new to this list, so here goes......

Does anyone know what became of him, or better yet what he's doing these days?

Just curious!


P.S.  Geddy Lee likes Starbuck's coffee.....iced latte, to be exact.  I
saw him back in April at the Starbuck's in Toronto at Yonge & Steeles.
He walked in just as I was receiving my coffee (latte, not iced) and
ended up standing right next to me to place his order.  After a
neck-cracking double take, I decided that I just had to say hello and
express to him how great an influence Rush has been on me.  I went on to 
tell him how much I enjoyed the T4E Toronto show, and said goodbye after 
expressing my sympathies for Neil and family.  The whole time, a little
voice in my head was telling me, "Make it quick...this poor guy must get 
these intrusions all the time....".  Good thing, because that little
voice turned what could have been several minutes of his time (or even
hours if I had it my way!) to a mere 15 seconds.  Then, as I sat to
enjoy my coffee, Geddy took his coffee to go, and left the Starbuck's
parking lot in a black late-model Audi (I couldn't make out the exact
model....anyone out there know?)  Needless to say, it made my day!


From: "Jamie K. Ng" 
Date: Sat, 26 Sep 1998 23:43:11 -0700
Subject: UK/Bruford

"If I may ask, my source says the band Bruford existed
from late '78 to early '81. Can somebody fill me in with
album titles from this band? I'd like to check it out. Also
some background on Allan Holdsworth. I know he
played in a band named UK with John Wetton, Eddie
Jobson and Bill Bruford. Was Allan involved in anything
notable prior to UK (my source is obviously limited!)

Could somebody fill me in on what album(s) UK put out?"

There are 3 UK Albums that I know of:

Danger Money-1979
Night After Night (Live)-1979

The first album had Bruford, Jobson, Wetton and Holdsworth
The second album had Wetton, Jobson, and Terry Bozzio=20
The last album was recorded live in Tokyo in 79 with Wetton, Jobson, and =

I've got one Bruford album called "One Of A Kind" from 1979. The players =
are Bruford, Holdsworth, Jeff Berlin, and Dave Stewart. The track I =
really like is called "Fainting in Coils". The lyrics of that song are =
taken from Alice in Wonderland.

I don't have much info on Holdsworth. I've seen some of his solo stuff =
around, but never picked it up.

Hope this helps out a bit.


From: Erik DePoy 
Date: Sun, 27 Sep 1998 19:22:20 +0300
Subject: Rush sighting during Radio KAOS tour

Someone recently posted a concert memory to the Pink Floyd newsletter
Echoes regarding a show from Roger Water's 1987 tour in support of Radio
KAOS. The theme of the tour was that of a radio show, hosted by
real-life DJ Jim Ladd. Each show featured segments where Ladd would spin
songs or Roger's band would perform, and even featured a live Q&A with
Roger. Before the show began as people were entering the arena, Ladd
would play various songs from a DJ booth to warm up the crowd. The above
mentioned concert-goer noticed that all the songs had a related theme,
that of radio. You guessed it, The Spirit of Radio was one of the DJ's
choices. I don't know if it was played at each show on the tour (in that
there are plenty of songs that make reference to radio to choose from),
but I do think that the DJ's choice was a great lead-in and helped set
the tone for that night's performance.

Erik DePoy
Lyubertsy, Russia


From: Jean Paul Picard 
Date: Mon, 28 Sep 1998 12:41:13 -0400
Subject: Live Album Release Date

This was posted in the news section for the week of 9/28 on

RUSH's Different Stages is now set for a November 3 release. The
tracklisting has been updated and will now include two more songs: 'Analog
Kid' and 'Show Don't Tell'. A home video will follow as well. Sources close
to the band say that there is a 75% chance of Rush making another studio
album. Geddy and Alex are set to do ALL the work and Neil will step in at
some point during the recording to fill in the drum tracks. The band are
still plan a year 2000 release. Finally, word has it that the trio are
going to be nominated for the Rock N' Roll Hall Of Fame...

Is there anybody who knows if the release date is in fact Nov. 3rd
now?....and what do they mean when they say that Geddy and Alex are set to
do ALL the work....does this mean lyrics too?


From: Rocky Landsverk 
Date: Mon, 28 Sep 1998 10:04:50 -0700
Subject: hall of fame

sorry, i should have done this long ago. i asked the publisher of goldmine
magazine why rush wasn't on the nomination list this year, and he said this
new nomination list is for 1998. they aren't inducted until 1999, but this
is the 1998 induction roster. so rush isn't eligible until next year (1974
plus 25 years), which would mean next fall, they should be on the nomination


Rocky Landsverk - Associate Editor / Sports
Krause Publications


From: "Chris Palo" 
Date: Mon, 28 Sep 1998 10:16:19 PDT
Subject: Rush in the Classroom

Dear fellow Rushians,

Hey, hey!  I just had a divine revelation this weekend.  I am a grad 
student at the University of Missouri @ Columbia and I am the graduate 
assistant to a professor who teaches Classical Mythology.  I have 
offered to take a couple of the lectures, which deal with Apollo and 
Dionysus.  So while I was preparing what I was going to say, I thought, 
"My God!  Hemispheres would work perfectly!"  So I think that I will use 
at least a few moments from the song to differentiate between Apollonian 
and Dionysian mentalities.  Do you think thi s is a good idea?  Or am I 
really going overboard?

By the way, does anyone know of a website where I can get bass 
tabaltures from Victor?

Also, are there any NMSers here in Mid-Missouir.  If so, are any of you 
musicians?  I've been looking for people to jam with and everyone around 
here has the most terrible taste in music.  

One last thing, as loyal Rush fans we always go nuts during 2112 by 
raising our fists in the air and yelling "Hey."  Does anyone know when 
this tradition started and why?  On ATWAS, there is no exultant "heys", 
but on my video copy of ASOH and my boots from the TFE tour, everyone's 
doing it.  What happened?

Thanks.  Chris


From: (P L C)
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 1998 01:10:22 -0400
Subject: RUSH sighting on The Conan O'Brian Show

Hey all,

I ran to the computer as fast as possible.  I was just about to shut the
television to go to bed.  The Conan O'Brian show was on.  He and his
sidekick were doing some skit.  Anyway, Conan was mentioning that Cal
Ripken just recently broke his consecutive games played record (2,136 or
something like that).  Then Conan said something along the lines
of...."In tribute we will now listen to some music from the 70's classic
album 2112 by RUSH."  They started to play a clip from Something For
Nothing.  Then a stagehand came on and whispered into Conan's ear that
Ripken's record was 2,136.  Conan expressed concern because he was so
looking forward to hearing RUSH and that classic album.  Then Max
Weinberg, the band leader, suggested (for the punch line) that they play
an album he recorded titled 2,136.  Conan then just said "Moving right

I know this sounds sort of convoluted but I was so astonished to see this
that I could barely remember the entire skit. Plus, it's so rare for me
to even watch Conan.  After all, I'm not his biggest fan.

I'm curious to see how many people write in to report this one.  I doubt
I'm the first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



From: Generalissimo 
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 1998 12:27:14 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Conan O'Brien plays Rush

Given the nature of this list, I'll bet that I'm the 1,000,000,000th
person to post this information, but here goes anyway:

Last night, during a segment honoring the Baseball season, Conan O'Brien
did a bit in which he said "To honor Cal Ripkin's 2,112 game streak, we're
going to play a track off of the 70's hit album 2112 by the band Rush"  He
then held up the album, and then started to play "Something for Nothing"
A tech then came up to inform him that Ripkin's streak was actually (I
think this is right, don't quote me folks) 2,632.  O'Brien stopped playing
the tune and said "Oh man, we were really counting on playing the song to
kill some time, what are we going to do?"  At which point Max Weinberg
said "Hey Conan, back in the 70's I recorded an album, called 2632" HE
then held up the album (which had his face on it).  O'brien then said "So
anyway..." and got on with the bit.

Man oh man, what a night that was.  Conan O'Brien, BAseball and Rush all
rolled up into one.  It was a veritable Breakfast Burrito of

Ben the Bassman "Holy Cow!" Cirillo

               +    +                     
____________/  o    o   |          
BASSMAN                 }   Yo soy El Presidente      
____________   o    o   }     
	       +    +	     
VICTOR: Just add /victor, makes it's own sauce

From: Tim Henderson 
Date: Mon, 28 Sep 1998 22:24:00 +0000
Subject: Atlantic Records-RUSH-Live ALbum

Got this E-mail today. This is sent out by Atlantic Records, how to
subscribe is posted at the bottom of this post. We all knew the date,
but hey, here it is in black and white.

 Digital Spew #55  9/28/98
 Upcoming Releases

 *November 10*
 Rush "Live" (Atlantic)
 Welcome to the New Spew! To unsubscribe from Digital Spew, please send
mail to  with the word
SUBSCRIBE as the body of your message.


From: Sue 
Date: Tue, 29 Sep 1998 09:09:39 -0400
Subject: Rush Audio On Nightly News!

Hi everybody, this is my first post - I want to say that it's nice to have
a place to go and be with "my own kind"!

I just wanted to share something that happened about a month ago (before i
found thms).

The top-rated 6:00 local news (Action News, Philadelphia) was hyping a
feature-type segment about commuting nightmares.  During the smoggy street
scenes, guess what comes blaring out of my Zenith?  Lo and behold, it was
WORKING MAN!  And it wasn't just a little sanitized snippet either, it was
from the beginning to about after the first chorus. Talk about 'some kind
of pictures on the sense o'clock news'!!!!!  :)

Maybe there is hope for the world after all?

If someone has posted this already (like I said, I'm new here), sorry for
being redundant.


Date: Wed, 30 Sep 1998 12:47:10 EDT
Subject: Rush on Internet Jukebox

If you haven't discovered it yet, check out

After you download the free application, it displays what looks like a car
radio with 7 preset buttons.  You can choose from 100+ channels of music,
audio streaming technology.  Anything from baroque and alternative country to
music soundtracks are available.  My favorite is "Progressive" because it
plays a lot of Rush.  The player displays the song, album it's being played
off, and the next two artists coming up. You need an internet connection, so
my work LAN is great - turn it on and put it in the background.  It does
encounter Net Errors and net congestion that makes it break up and cut out at
times but it's cool none the less.  

On the progressive channel you'll hear lots of Rush, Dream Theater, Yes,
Kansas, Marillion, King Crimson, Bela Fleck, Genesis, Queensryche, King's X,
and more.  Has anyone ever heard of Altura or Lemur Voice - both interesting
rock along the lines of DT.  I seen them play Rush off of Chronicles mostly,
so you get a good mix, along with ESL, RTB, Signals, and 2112.

6 weeks til Stages!!!


From: Fred Pinto 
Date: Mon, 28 Sep 98 18:22:22 -0700
Subject: warning:  Alan Kotzer sold me shit

Hello NMS'ers,
I just want to warn you to beware of buying shit from Alan 
Kotzer(  He sold me a Rush Hemispheres picture disc 
for $50 that he said was in "Excellent Condition".  The album skips very 
badly on the first side.  He admits (after the sale) that he only tested 
part of it before he said it was in "excellent condition", and now he is 
telling me that all sales are final.  He sold me defective shit, and he 
might try to do the same to you.  I just want to warn you of this since I 
saw his ad on the Rush Trader, so no other honest customers get screwed.  
Beware!  Don't buy from this guy.  He will tell you something is in 
Excellent Condition without testing it thoroughly to see if it really is. 
 Don't waste your money and find a better collector to buy from.
Fred Pinto


Date: Tue, 29 Sep 1998 12:25:14 -0500
Subject: re: "Hey Cookie"

Hmm interesting.  I always thought he said "Hey groupie"....afterall
rush is a rock band...and yes even geddy has (well probably *had* ;-))
groupies ;-) wrote:
Hey cookie it's a quarter to eight and I feel I'm in the mood."  I didn't
really check out the name who put the post in regards to this lyric, yet I
agree.  Just thought I'd let you know.

O.K. - Hanstones, excellent!  I'm sure everyone else is writing the same
thing, yet I just thought I'd let you know idividually.  Well here's what I
got to say about the new information.  I've somewhat been in the dark and
reading my nms' lately, so if this is old news - so be it.


Date: Wed, 30 Sep 1998 04:57:39 EDT
Subject: Conan O'Brien

Hey Rush-mongers!

I hope you all were watching Conan O'Brien on Tuesday night...they were
talking about baseball and all of a sudden Conan brings out a CD of 2112 and
starts jamming to "Something for Nothing"!

Very nice to know that he has such good taste!

Don Quist 
President of the "I Hate Fry's Electronics" campaign (If you've been there ya
know what I mean!)


From: Mark Alan Greenwald 
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 98 17:15:49 -0000
Subject: Thanks

Geddy, Alex and Neil;

Thanks for all the memories. There are at least 2112 of them.

Including the time I posed as a media photographer for Impulse magazine 
during the Counterparts tour just to meet you guys and was escorted from 
the hotel three times in one evening by the sound engineers. *sigh* I 
tried hard.


Mark Alan Greenwald                  Phone: (901)-448-6650
Univ. of Tennessee-Memphis             Fax: (901)-448-1333
Dept. of Ophthalmology              e-mail:
920 Madison Ave. #915                   or:
Memphis, TN 38120                      web: (Imaging)

                   "I think, therefore iMAC:


From: The King of Norway 
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 1998 19:28:40 -0700
Subject: NMS 2112

I really like the idea of just beginning again at Vol. II issue 1 when we get 
to 2112.  It seems a lot less complex than previous ideas.

Joel Foreman


From: John W Connelly 
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 1998 19:56:09 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Late Night with Cal Ripken

Just in case I'm *not* the hundredth person to write in about this...

Last night (9/29/98), as part of his pre-guest tomfoolery, Conan O'Brien
played part of "Something For Nothing" from the 2112 CD in honor of Cal
Ripken's record 2112 consecutive major-league baseball games...  until a
stage manager stopped him and told him the *real* record number. 

| John W. Connelly | "If you choose not to decide,  |    |
| Cognitive Psych. |   you still have made a choice"|+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+|
| U. of Pittsburgh |                - Neil Peart    ||


From: Simao Drew (Simoa Drew) 
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 1998 11:02:19 -0400
Subject: Mystic Rhythms

hey all,

I'm in the middle of reading Mystic Rhythms: the Philosophical Visions of 
Rush, and am absolutely entranced by it.  Yes, it can be a little dry at 
times, and there ain't no pictures, but the analysis and explication carole 
price does are incridible.  I'm seeing connections and conclusions to songs 
that i had never thought of before.  For example , I had never considered a 
connection between "Xanadu", "Time Stand Still", "Turn the Page" and 
"Limelight", but now I can see how those songs are thematically connected 
and it deepens my already zealous appreciation of the group.

thaks to Rush manager for letting me know about the book.

ps  please feel free to email me if you'd like to talk about some of the 
writing in Mystic Rhythms

From: "Catherine Brissette" 
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 1998 17:18:58 PDT
Subject: Re: Hemingway, 'evils of technology', thanks

Hey everybody!

Rush sighting...
I was sick this weekend and there was nothing to do, so I watched some 
biography on Ernest Hemingway on A&E. I heard the phrase 'grace under 
pressure' used about 5 times in descriptions of Hemingway. Also 
Hemingway was quoted as saying "To endure, one must last" which of 
course sounds a lot like the line in "Marathon" ('First you need 
endurance...). Also the description of Hemingway's demise (depression, 
electroshock treatments that impaired his writing, and subsequent 
suicide) reminded me of the writer in "Losing It". I wonder if Neil is a 
Hemingway fan? I personally don't like the "less is more" minimalist 
approach Hemingway took to writing, or the stripped down minimalist 
approach to writing song lyrics that Neil seemed to take on TFE...I 
liked the metaphors, alliteration, internal rhymes, word play, and 
texture of previous albums better. Though now that I think about, TFE 
did grow on me and most of the lyrics are quite good...never mind. 
but I probably will always cringe when I hear 'chasing cars in doggie 
heaven' !

Another lame Rush sighting...I was behind a van for "Surge" the new 
power crap drink, and it had 'feed the rush!' printed on the back, and 
the rush was written like Rush on RTB...

"Evils of technology"...I keep hearing that phrase, or seeing it, in 
interviews and articles about Rush...I never thought their music was 
anti-science or technology, more like a cautionary tale... anybody else 
got an opinion on this?

And thanks for the NMS, I have met some great people thru here, got some 
music and other goodies..what a great forum! other than one friend, I'm 
the only Rush fan I know. "Nowhere is the dreamer or the misfit so 




From: Dom Kallas 
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 1998 21:16:00 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: The whole Led Zep thing on here

>...mkay, here's my take on Led Zep: Pro and Con

PRO:  Led Zep has made its impact on rock music from both a sales and
artistic point of view.  Based on what I've heard, they did play well
together even though individual members seemed to go all over the place
when given half the chance (Bonzo's drums, Robert's wails, Jimmy being
Jimmy, and John Paul Jones' bass thumping).  
	Did you know that ALEX LIFESON listed Led Zeppelin II as a major
influence on him?  I read it about 2 years ago in Guitar magazine (I
think).  Led Zeppelin was also mentioned as an influence in the Rush bio,
	And if you are unsure on Led Zeppelin's creativity, just take one
listen to "Achilles' Last Stand" off of 'Presence.'  This is an epic song
that Rush ought to have done...  It's one of my favorite tunes.

CON: The reason why people cringe upon the mention of Led Zep is that they
have become simply overplayed on rock radio, unlike Rush.  I guarantee you
that your local classic rock station plays Led Zep at least once a day. 
(I know that WZLX in Boston does.).  Wailing voices and pounding drums and
corrosive guitar riffs can only go so far...  Familiarity breeds contempt,
no matter how good a song is.  
	In short, Led Zep is great, but only in measured doses... ;p  Take
the time to listen to them, and please remember that their sound laid the
foundation for Rush and many other rock 'n' rollers since.  

and the world so hard to understand
is the world you can't live without
							Smashing Pumpkins


From: pankaj kataria 
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 1998 21:40:57 -0700
Subject: Rush  beyond and beneath... 

Babegoo wrote::::

    I am a new member here and am surprised how opinionated some of you are.
This sucks, that sucks...come on. I thought Rush fans were a little more open
minded than that. Led Zepp. has a historical place in the evolution of hard
rock that can't be disputed. While Rush is a more artistically talented than
most, they were influenced by Zep, I belive.
        Also, I have'nt heard homage paid to some other great bands worth
mentioning here. Like, Pink Floyd, Yes and if you get past the negative stereo
type....Black Sabbath ( There really are some good messages in their music.)
Who are we to judge? You can not like something without putting it
down. I've...."
Yes agree with u.. goo (whats your name anyway)>>
Well I have paid homage to Zeppelin, Jethro tull, Frank Zappa, Pink
Floyd...before, though just in few words...
I believe it takes more brains, natural science, genuine penchant, and a
desire for honest world to fullllyy!  understand RUSH.
So long!

Pankaj Kataria
RUSH : Oh so glad I got into them now, 'cause 2morrow(next life) I will
be a dog chasin lambs and cows in Alaskan fields!


From: Lyle Knickrehm 
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 1998 17:52:58 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: RE: 2112 Subject Matter Suggestions

To Emster2112:

While I agree that the United Center is a cavernous place, I have been
there many times (just last Thursday for the Blackhawk Season
Ticketholder Party), and it DOES NOT hold anywhere NEAR 60,000 people.
I hope you were meaning to exaggerate or just plain joking in the
first place. 

It's more like 17,000. Check the Tour Dates Listing on the NMS site
for the exact amount. The only place around Chicago (GO CUBS!) that
holds near 60,000 is Soldier Field. Alpine Valley (East Troy, WI) and
the World Music Theatre (Tinley Park, IL) are probably close to 40,000
when fully loaded.

That's my take.


P.S. I like the way that rush-mgr is letting us sweat out the Issue
2112 thing until the last possible moment. Or maybe she just hasn't
had time to make the decision yet?!! :>


From: Donna Halper 
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 1998 21:50:52 -0400
Subject: Geddy Speaks

Well, for the baseball fans among you, Geddy was on the radio yesterday
doing an interview by phone for the "Classic Daily" Show, and the subject
was baseball, which is his passion, as you probably know.  He predicted the
Yankees will go all the way, and said he will undoubtedly be at some of the
games, so maybe those of you who are lucky enough to have tickets will see
him there!


From: "Mr. Iowa" 
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 1998 19:05:06 -0700
Subject: Where Rush packs 'em in

As for the R&RHOF non-induction, maybe next year.  I KNOW there are 200K+ Rush
fans out there.  God, I've been to every single tour through Chicago since
1978 and they pack big venues here.  Like 40K capacity.  They played the 
United Center last tour.  I don't even know the capacity of it, but it's got
to be at least 60K.

The largest arena in North America, for Hockey and Basketball (I'm not
talking about domes) is the Molson Center in Montreal.  It opened in
1996 and has a capacity of  21,273.  The United Center in Chicago is the
second largest  (roughly 20,000).  When you get in to the 50,000 seating
range you're looking at domed stadiums (Superdome,Silverdome,Metrodome
etc.) which hold much more than that, not arenas.  But yes, Rush do pack
them in.  I saw them two years ago at the San Jose arena and they packed
it in there too.  I know it's hard to actually estimate the size of a
venue.  I personally know that the Molson Center is the largest arena
because I was there in August and took the tour.  Unfortunately I didn't
get to take pictures of the arena floor because Celine Dion was in
pre-production for her tour.  That sucked the big one.  Just thought I'd
pass the info along.

Carl in California


From: Bill Nadir 
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 1998 00:54:49 -0700
Subject: Late Night with Conan O'Brian

    I am pretty sure many of you will mention the comedy skit on "Conan"
tonight that included the playing of "Something for Nothing" by Rush.
Conan talked about how Cal Ripkin Jr. supposedly sat out one baseball
game putting an end to his record of consecutive games played.  Conan
said that Cal played 2112 games straight and started playing "Something
for Nothing," and then was cut off when he learned that the real number
was 2632 games played by Cal Ripkin Jr.
    It was just great to see Rush played on national TV.  It is also
interesting that Rush was mentioned about 3 times as being "that '70s
rock band."  I guess few people even know that Rush had any albums after
Moving Pictures.



From: Ketan Deoras 
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 1998 22:11:38 -0400
Subject: Rush on Conan O' Brien

Hey fellow Rush fans!  I was just wondering if anyone else was watching
Conan O' Brien last night (Tuesday the 29th) and was lucky enough to hear
the few seconds of "Something for Nothing" being played on the show for the
joke during the baseball skit.  I thought it was pretty damn cool.  For
everyone who didn't see it, Conan was celebrating this year's baseball
season and said, "In honor of Cal Ripken's 2,112 consecutive game streak,
we're going to play a cut from the classic 70's album by Rush--2112."  They
then started playing a few seconds of Something For Nothing and were
interrupted by someone saying that Ripken's streak was much longer, 2,632
or something (i can't remember now) and Conan said, "Oh what a bummer, that
sort of ruins everything--we were just going to let this song by Rush take
up a few minutes of the show", and then Max Weinberg said he had made an
album in the 70's called 2632 and held up an album with his face on it and
Conan simply said, "moving on..."  It was pretty cool though to at least
hear a few seconds of Rush on the show though!  
Carving away the Stone,


From: Anna 
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 1998 21:23:47 -0500
Subject: Cygnus

Max asked:

> ps: Any stargazers out there ever try to spot the constellation of Cygnus on a
> clear night?  I've seen it on some star charts, but I don't remember which 
> months it is visible.  It is a cluster of 6 stars shaped like a cross- the 
> northern cross.  Cygnus is also latin for "swan"
>    [ Doing a quick little search, I found that September is the best month 
>      to see Cygnus in the northern hemisphere. It's generally a southern 
>      constellation, so fellow fans in Australia probably see it much of 
>      year!  =)                                                 : rush-mgr ]

Actually... I'm gonna dispute that, being somewhat of a stargazer myself :)
It *is* best visible in the northern hemisphere in the late summer/early fall, 
but it's a northern constellation. I think you're maybe thinking of the 
Southern Cross?

   [ Ah yes, a case of reading one thing, and thinking another. It is a 
     NORTHERN constellation, but it can be seen by much of the southern
     hemisphere as well.                                    : rush-mgr ]


"All of us get lost in the darkness
 Dreamers learn to steer by the stars" ~ The Pass ~  Neil Peart


From: "DJ Benjamin" 
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 1998 19:35:05 PDT
Subject: Halllooo

Good Day, Boyz and Girlz. This Rush Fan is picking up and moving to 
Knoxville, Tennessee (career move) Anyways, the road trip will be filled 
with plenty of Rush Tunes. I hope there is a decent radio station up 
there (I am moving from Florida). I wanted to thank everyone who 
e-mailed me the Dream Theater Album Lists ( I recieved over 50 
responses!!) The clock is ticking, 11-10-98, ahhhhhhhhh! Can't wait for 
that live Album.

Flying By Night Right Outta Here,

Dennis J. Benjamin

"Ouch, Dammit............" -- man hitting his thumb with a hammer


From: Stuart Hodgetts 
Date: Thu, 01 Oct 1998 10:53:28
Subject: Rushed in Space

G'day all,

Just wanted to put in my 2 aussie cents worth (actually, not worth jack
shit at the moment compared to the US!) and vote for Tom's suggestion about
issue 2112 being the last of Volume 1 of the NMS.  Good idea!!

Concerning Max' suggestion in #2109 about Cygnus and Rush in space, I would
have to suggest New World Man.  I wonder whether any Rush broadcast from
earth has reached those Vegans yet...
And we can see Cygnus just fine down under - if only the clouds would
bugger off!!

Billy Oz...out


Date: Wed, 30 Sep 1998 22:53:49 EDT
Subject: Cygnus the Swan (aka Northern Cross)

Subj: Cygnus the Swan (aka Northern Cross)	
Greetings, Rush Fans
      As an amateur astronomer, I am fairly familiar with the night sky. As a
Rush fan, the many astronomical references are a joy to see. Neil's writing 
has always been an inspiration to me. 
    To take up the matter of Cygnus, it's a large constellation located in the
northern sky (hence it's alternative designation as the Northern Cross) that 
is visible from spring as it rises in the east to autumn as it sets in the 
west. It is primarily a summer constellation because it is is visible all 
night during the summer months. The bright star, Deneb marks the head of the 
cross. Deneb is from the arabic meaing "tail" and marks the tail of the hen
or swan as she is referred. Vega, in the constellation of Lyra along with
Altair in the constellation of Aquila along with Deneb form the summer 
triangle. If you go out and look up this month around 8:30pm, you should see 
Deneb almost straight up, with Vega a bit towards the west and Altair a bit 
to the southwest. To the east, you will see Pegasus rising in the sky. It is 
marked by it's most prominent feature, the "great square of Peagasus." It is 
4 stars that look like a square, or if  it's rising in the east, more like a
basball diamond. 
     So if you "set a course just east of Lyra, northwest of Pegasus" you will
fly "into the light of Deneb." The milky way runs right through Cygnus so you 
will sail across it. In the middle of the constellation is a star with the 
greek letter desitnation "Eta." Not far from Eta Cygni is a star whose 
catalog number is HDE226868. This star is 9th maginitude, visible in a 
telescope or good binoculars. It is around this star that the suspected black 
hole, Cygnus X-1, orbits. 
     One other thing, there is a Southern Cross that is only visible from
"down south." Crosby, Stills and Nash mention it in their song of the same 
title, "Southern Cross" which is on "So Far" CD. 
    So kiddies, get out your binoculars and have a good time. Put on the head
phones and sit under the stars and listen to Rush. "Get Busy!"

Christopher Walsh
Long Island, NY


From: James 
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 1998 23:22:53 -0400
Subject: STILL plans for year 200 studio release..

This is an article from The writer, "Metal" Tim
Henderson, is very credible, and has written for the Toronto Star and
Globe and Mail, and was one of the first to announce the 3cd live album
with the "Odeon" show (July, 1997). I'd say THERE IS a fairly good
chance of the year 2000 studio is the article:

RUSH's Different Stages is now set for a November 3 release. The tracklisting 
has been updated and will now include two more songs: 'Analog Kid' and 'Show
Don't Tell'. A home video will follow as well. Sources close to the band say
that there is a 75% chance of Rush making another studio album. Geddy and Alex 
are set to do ALL the work and Neil will step in at some point during the 
recording to fill in the drum tracks. The band are still plan a year 2000 
release. Finally, word has it that the trio are going to be nominated 
for the Rock N' Roll Hall Of Fame... 

Anyways...positive news..:-)




Date: Wed, 30 Sep 1998 23:41:25 EDT
Subject: Release dates  USA vs. Canada

Is it true that the release date is different for Canada? What are the actual
dates of the release and do we have a final song list??



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