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         The National Midnight Star, Number 2111

                   Monday, 05 Oct 1998

Today's Topics:
                  Fellow Homo Rushiens!
                  Signals Desktop Theme
                    rush/genesis lists
                    Re: Why Why Zed? 
             Re: WHO ASSUMED CONTROL (POLL) 
          Re: rush, zeppelin, and ... megadeth?
               WHO ASSUMED CONTROL...(POLL)
               The Constellation of Cygnus
                       Why why zed
               Young listeners/live stuff..
                       venue size?
                  RUSH party/SE Michigan
                     misheard lyrics
                     different stages
                    Rush Vinyl Single
                 Hemingway, Masked Rider
            Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame etc...
               Rush mentioned on Talk Soup
                    screwwed customers
                    issue 2112 vol 1?
                    double live albums
                hemingway, haldeman, rush
                     re: Radio KAOS
           Re: The whole Led Zep thing on here 
                    First Rush concert
                    Goldmine Magazine
                  Rush at Yankee Stadium
 Atlantis playing at the "Different Stages" launch party
                    Memorable concert
                  TMR - The Masked Rider
                 Feeling Neil's Drumming

Date: Thu, 01 Oct 1998 00:10:25 -0400
Subject: Fellow Homo Rushiens!

Fellow Homo Rushiens!

Phew!  Glad to get another TNMS.  Every time it's down I wonder if I
fell off the list or have been ex-communicated!  I liked the idea of
ending the first volume at #2112.  I am one of those who *do* think it's
an event, so yeah, whatever, I'm hallucinating.  Some are hallucinating
with me.  No, it's not as big an event as the new CD, but for us Type
A's (a**holes?) who crave more excitement than a full-time school load,
part-time job, Diff'rent Stages coming out in FORTY days (wahoo!),
broken-down cars, band practice, whining cats and everything else can
provide, bear with us, brothers.  Rush-mgr has been conspicuously silent
on the topic of issue 2112.  

Led Zep:  I also cannot imagine a Zeppelinless existence.  But
lerxst@voicenet has a good point: Rush have constantly been seeking new
expressions, while Zeppelin....sank like a lead zeppelin.  Not because
they quit awhile ago.  I love Zep, but for variety I'd much rather
listen to Rush.  In case anyone besides me hasn't noticed, Zeppelin also
has a mystical side (i.e., In the Light and yes, Stairway).  But I bet
if we tried to compare the expressions of Zep & Rush, we could name more
for Rush.  Hey, I'll start it now!

Zep:  mystical, mythical, sexual, travellin' blues-ical, instrumental, between the

Rush:   mystical, mythical, all different kinds of human relations,
instrumental, internal struggles, travelling (into black holes, by
night, by threes), science fiction, individualism, freedom of
expression, balance...

Okay, that was fun for a few minutes.

Now what is up with Animate being dumped in favor of TSOR as the single
from Diff'rent Stages?  AAAARGH!!!  Yes, dumped!!!  Now I'm annoyed.  I
thought it really took balls to release Animate as the single; hey, it's
a great rockin' song, the masses are probably not going to listen to the
words ANYWAY, but they'll hear the music, and perhaps they will, dare I
say, dance?!?!?!  So, never mind, no balls to be found.  Yup, it's
bizness, and no, it's not my money they'd be gambling with....just my
opinion here!  

And what is up with the RnRHOF?  I thought we had until the end of
October to get 250K sigs.  If not, o well, but hey folks, it was truly
inspiring there for awhile, I loved that group effort!  Rah rah rah!  If
we try it again next year YES I'd support it again.  YES I wrote to
everyone who I thought might support Rush.  YES I'd put a link on my Web
page if I had one.  YES I'd go to Cleveland to see Rush inducted and
meet all you guys!  Don't forget, yes is the answer.... 

LP cover art: Wow, do I miss the large format!  You cain't see s**t on
these little CD covers.  Yet, it's a design problem waiting to be
solved, which I thought Hugh did quite admirably with T4E.    Fav cover:
Caress of Steel.  Am I hallucinating again...or are there THINGS in
there?  Subliminals?  check it out...not so much the Necromancer but the
other one.  Like Ghost in the Machine....and you have to keep looking,
cross your eyes or take a Passage to Bangkok or something.  Least fav
cover: Hemispheres.  We all know Hugh cringes at that.  So do I.  Ugh. 
Cool type though.  

Oh, BTW, there's this shorty astronomy radio show here called Starscape
or something, and tonight they featured Cygnus.  It's best seen
September & October in the N hemisphere.  It lies right along the Milky
Way, and forms part of the Great Summer Triangle along with Lyra and
Aquila.  Like Rush-mgr said, you can't miss it, it's a big cross.  

Gotta get back to drawing my O's....huh?  Never mind.  

peace from cincinnati  --- Elise

Why are we here?
Because there's beer
Pass the brew
Pass the brew --------  not Neil


Date: Thu, 1 Oct 1998 01:31:43 EDT
Subject: Signals Desktop Theme

Happy October!

I now have a Signals desktop theme available for download at .  I have a new Retrospective 2 wallpaper
image as well.

"whatever happened to the Transylvania Twist?"


From: "Derek Watson" 
Date: Thu, 1 Oct 1998 02:37:27 -0400
Subject: rush/genesis lists

   I am a longtime reader of NMS, and have recently subscribed to a Genesis
mailing list - namely Paperlate.  A few issues ago, a couple different
people decided to make posts about how neat Genesis was for experimenting
with time sigs.

   Well, low and behold, what did we have bubbling up in the next issue?  No
less than 5 responses, from different people, on how Rush accomplished those
time sigs, but pulled it off way better (songs noted were limelight for it's
7/4-6/4 switching, jacob's ladder for it's 5/4-6/4 openings, and a few
mentions of 11/8 and 13/8 phrases).

   I know it was probably just you guys, but I liked seeing that all the

PS, no replies about how Rush "got it's love of time signatures from
Genesis"-ged, I already know.

Derek Watson


From: Slim Jim 
Date: Thu, 01 Oct 1998 10:56:46 +0100
Subject: Re: Why Why Zed? 

Max MacPherson writes:
> 	Why o' why indeed.  I just recently came to the realization
> that Canadians pronounce the last letter of the alphabet as "zed".
> I have heard it said like that before, but I assumed that it was
> just something that big shots said to try and be cool and get
> attention.

In the English language proper, "Z" is pronounced "zed".  Only in
the American version of English is it pronounced "zee".  English 
people always pronounce it "zed", nothing to do with being cool, 
anything else would be incorrect.

> Anyway, does this mean that that great instrumental song from
> moving pictures is pronounced "why why zee" or "why why zed"?

Assuming Canadians use the English pronunciation as you say, it's
pronounced with a "zed".  They mostly speak American English, but I
think this is an exception.

Regards from London,


From: Slim Jim 
Date: Thu, 01 Oct 1998 11:06:33 +0100

Martin Urionaguena writes:
> The priests assumed control...
They already had control.  It would have been 'we have regained 
control' at most.



From: "c. parker" 
Date: Thu, 1 Oct 1998 07:46:21 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Re: rush, zeppelin, and ... megadeth?

>From: pankaj kataria 

>it seems some of russhians are not actually exposed to many different
>cool numbers like, Bastille Day,

There was a rather lengthy post on Bastille Day in the very issue
in which your post appeared.  Aside from that, I'd say a large number
of people posting to TNMS have most, if not all, of the Rush catalog.
Read for a few months before posting such blanket statements.  They
may be true of the general populace, but aren't likely to be valid
for a Rush fan mailing list.

>Fountain of Lamneth.. The natural Science etc....

Natural Science is my favorite Rush song at the moment, and I've
seen quite a few other people mention it as well.  PW is a perfect
album, start to finish.

Biased?  Me?  Nah.

>or may be you still
>gotta reach above the normal intelligence level......

Is this an insult or just the result of a mistranslation (assuming
English isn't your first language)?

>Another thing, who the FU@K said Zeppelin & Jimmy page suck...

If you're going to use the word "fuck," go ahead and write it.
Replacing one letter doesn't do much...  Or you could try being
creative and use something other than a four letter word to
express yourself.

>Grow up dudes, yeah even I don't listen to their studio CD's much, but live
>Zeppelin rocks like monsterrrrrr!!! If you haven't seen the live
>performance "THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME" NY(1974 ??), u haven't heard any
>zeppelin yet.... so please don't!! pass any comments..

Well, you're the first Zeppelin fan I know of that likes TSRTS.
I think it sucks onions.  Hell, even the members of the band didn't
like it.  For decent live Zep, you'll have to stick with boots.

I think one of the problems with Zeppelin is that, as with Rush,
people (read: non-fans) don't hear their entire catalog.  I mean,
everyone's heard Stairway and Dazed, and a few have heard Levee,
but how many know That's The Way or Achilles Last Stand?  As you
put it, Achilles Last Stand rocks like monster.

I like Led Zeppelin, and I think they're more influential than
Rush, but I don't think they're better.

>Oh yeah try Megadeth "RUST IN PEACE" .oooohhhhhh it smokes!!!!

The only thing I like about Megadeth is David Ellefson.
Mustaine is a cheeseball.

 -        "those who are not afraid of monsters tend           not to leave descendents." - carl sagan


From: Martin Urionaguena 
Date: Sat, 19 Sep 1998 15:25:27 -0300

Sorry, I've changed my mind...

I agree with Brian Robinson:

>You can't "assume" control if you already have control - this would
>indicate that the Elder Race came back and assumed control from the
>Priests who were in control at the time.

So, I guess I was wrong... I guess it was the Elder Race that took control.

See ya'

           "Rush. They must have been one hell of a band."
                    Geoff Barton (2112 Tourbook)

                      Buenos Aires, Argentina


From: "Eric J Staley" 
Date: Thu, 1 Oct 1998 09:33:47 -0400
Subject: The Constellation of Cygnus

In a previous isse, Max MacPherson asked about viewing the constellation of
Cygnus.  I have seen Cygnus, and I own a part of it!
There is an Internation Stellar Registry (or something like that) in Europe
that sells ownership of stars.  As a wedding present, one of my wife's
co-workers bought us a star.  It serves as the tip of the sawn's nose.

For our honeymoon, we cruised the Western Carribean (highly recommended)
and they offered star gazing ech night.  We checked it out, and the guide
pointed out Cygnus.  We were married over Labor Day weekend, so that would
support our lovable Rush-Mgr's guess that September is the best month for

At any rate, I am the proud owner of a star in the constellation of Cygnus.
I would like to think that I am responsible for Cygnus' "mysterious,
invisible force."



From: By-Tor 
Date: Thu, 1 Oct 1998 07:29:09 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Why why zed

In response to someone's post about the way Canadians pronounce the
letter "z," yes, it's true that many say "Zed," which is also the
British pronunciation.  However, a few years back (Gosh - it may have
been as many as 8 or 9) I heard an interview with Geddy and Alex, and
they were discussing this (or, rather, joking about it) with the DJ. 
Alex said something to the extent of "Zed is the much cooler way to
say it," and so on, to which Geddy replied that the Canadian
government had changed it to "zee" like most other countries.  Alex
basically answered, "Well, screw this - I'm outta here!  That's the
only reason I was staying in Canada...Zed!"  It was hysterical at the
time - I wonder if the Rush Mgr. has that interview?  I believe it was
the record release party for Roll the Bones, and it was one of those
National DJ's who tapes the show and then radio stations can buy it
and play it if they want to.  Anyone remember that?

>...Because he was Human,
Because he had goodness,
Because he was moral,
They called him insane...   -Neil Peart

Get your free address at


From: "Daniel Ware" 
Date: Thu, 01 Oct 1998 10:06:32
Subject: Young listeners/live stuff..

Hey gang...
Matt, our 8th grade friend, wrote this..:

	Is it just me, or is anyone else heartened to the fact that Rush still
appeals to young teens? I remember I was about 13 or 14 when I first got
into rush, and now I'm 28 and still going strong.. It's good knowing that
Rush's music is not being entirely lost on another generation. Kudos to you

About Live stuff.. My favorite Rush live is Show of Hands. I do have a
question, though.. If what everyone says is true, and parts of it were
overdubbed in the studio, why was the missing line from Force Ten not
replaced? You know what I mean, when Geddy misses "Tough Times..." . My
favorite non-Rush is Marillion's La Gazza Ladre(The Thieving Magpie).
Stunning, fresh, and powerful!!!!
Marillion's Real to Reel is another Gem... 
BTW, don't forget, Marillion fans, their new album, Radiation is out on
import, and will be released domestically in the states on October 27th! 
Cheers and Cheese from New Mexico..
NP: Marillion, Radiat10n
    Rush: Power Windows (remastered)
The ship sank...
Get over it.


From: "Jason M. Dolinger" 
Date: Thu, 01 Oct 1998 15:59:06 -0500
Subject: venue size?

>As for the R&RHOF non-induction, maybe next year.  I KNOW there are 200K+ Rush
>fans out there.  God, I've been to every single tour through Chicago since
>1978 and they pack big venues here.  Like 40K capacity.  They played the 
>United Center last tour.  I don't even know the capacity of it, but it's got
>to be at least 60K.

60K?  As in 60,000?!!  The United Center holds something like 18,000.

Jason M. Dolinger
Northwestern University
OAS, AAS, LLS!               		GO CATS GO!!!!!

"You know how a woman gets a man excited? She shows up."
 Harrison Ford, Six Days Seven Nights


From: (Christopher W Lindsay)
Date: Mon, 28 Sep 1998 18:12:54 -0400
Subject: RUSH party/SE Michigan

Hello.  I'm thinking about coordinating a little get-together to celebrate the
new RUSH album.  Nothing too special, but there may be a raffle for a
popular RUSH live import "Mirrors".  I work at a used bookstore that often gets
imports, and we got a shipment of 5 copies "Mirrors" in.  The boss will donate 
one if we have a party.  Let me know if you could make it in the SE Michigan 
area.  Probably around the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area.

Conan sighting:  I didn't know that many people saw the show!


From: "Michael Z. Williamson" 
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 1998 17:10:19 -0700
Subject: misheard lyrics

An orbital mind control laser caused Mike Denney to say:
>"The Camera Eye" @7:35-7:38 in the song, where it says "Green and grey 
>washes in the wispy white veil". I guess it was an abstract reference to 
>a painting, right?

no, it refers to the green and grey stone of the buildings in that
district as seen through the fog.

>In 'Red Barchetta'
>"Well-weathered metal and oil...the sun, the country air"

"The scented country air," you mean?

"Quality is a bit like oats.  If you want good, clean, fresh oats, you
must pay a fair price.  If however, you can be satisfied with oats that
have already been through the horse...that comes a little cheaper."

John P. Husvar


From: Joe Lynch 
Date: Thu, 01 Oct 1998 15:38:54 -0700
Subject: different stages

Preliminary release info for different stages (US by Atlantic):

Street Date: 11/10/98
Catalog Number: 83122
Suggested List Price: $24.97 US 

As most of you know, pre-release info is very subject to change. This is
an excellent price for a two cd set, much less three cds, carrying
through that this recording is "for the fans."


From: "Cristiano Tortoioli" 
Date: Fri, 2 Oct 1998 02:33:26 +0200
Subject: Rush Vinyl Single

Hello everybody, It's Cristiano from Italy.
Recently I acquired a "prime mover" Vinyl single. I'd like to have some =
infos about it; The track listing is the following: SIDE A: Prime mover, =
Tai Shan; SIDE B: Distant early warning (live), New world man (Live).
The cover has a beautiful "metallic" effect and it pictures the =
juggler(I hope that's the right word, I don't have a dictionary now!) =
while rolls the three fireballs. I'm thinking about giving it away, =
because, even if (I think) it is a limited edition (or something like =
this), I don't even have a turntable, so it's useless to me (It' s the =
music that counts!), but I don't want to give it away without knowing =
its value (only to ensure a fair exchange/selling). Can anybody help me? =
Please E-mail me privately (at ).

Thanx in advance!



Date: Thu, 01 Oct 1998 17:28 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Hemingway, Masked Rider

Hi Everyone!

Just gave blood today and feeling a bit woozie, so bear with me! :)

Catherine Brissette asks...
Also the description of Hemingway's demise (depression, 
electroshock treatments that impaired his writing, and subsequent 
suicide) reminded me of the writer in "Losing It". I wonder if Neil is a 
Hemingway fan?

I was under the impression that Hemingway was exactly the who Neil was writing 
about (or at least some fictional writer whose life was very Hemingway-esque)

On another note, C# in fact, (I told you I was woozie) I just finished up The 
Masked Rider.  Now I wanna take up cycling, just not in Camaroon!  One NMSer 
asked about the use of the word "Mask."  Well it's not as simple as you 
suggested, and it would be a lengthy diatribe for me to try to explain it.  Read
the book.  Neil makes it very clear what he's talking about.  

First off, I did thoroughly enjoy the book, but mostly because it was Neil's 
book.  That's not to say it wasn't well written, it was, very much so.  Neil is 
an astute observer, and I really enjoyed his observations and tangents.  I wish 
he had had better closure with his fellow cyclers, and he never really says what
he thought about the trip, and whether it was a positive experience.  I guess I 
could infer, I just like clean endings (no reference to the night in Chad :)




From: "Michael O. Shannon" 
Date: Thu, 1 Oct 1998 18:04:37 -0400
Subject: Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame etc...

Hi Rush fans,

First of all the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame's doors probably should have
been closed years ago.  It's full.
What's the point?  Artists will just keep getting inducted until they're all
in there anyway.

Heard some derogatory talk of Zeppelin, what's up with that?  I always
thought there was  kinship between Rush and Zeppelin.  People mistook Rush's
first album as a Zeppelin album when heard on the radio.  I believe Rush has
said they were influenced by the Mighty Zep.  I don't think one can compare
Rush and Zep because John Bonham died and Zep disbanded out of respect for
their friend.  Zep became a legend, like Hendrix and the Doors etc.....You
can't compete with that.  Those bands/artists that are lucky enough to make
it to old age are making music that is different than when they were in
their 20's.

All the great bands are different and that is why they are great.  Truth be
told I like Rush very much but I don't love every album.  I don't love
Caress of Steel and I don't love Signals.  I was riding high on Rush and
then signals came was like a brick was like a yawning
chasm...Rush just sort of sailed away from me.  I know that change is good
but going from Moving Pictures to Signals was too much too fast.  To this
day I cannot listen to Signals.  I can stand Analog Kid.  But I got back
into them a bit on Grace but didn't fully get back into Rush until Presto.

I enjoyed the TFE tour alot and look forward to the CD set and video.



From: (scott chase)
Date: Thu, 1 Oct 1998 22:32:32 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Rush mentioned on Talk Soup

I just channel surfed onto E! Network and Talk Soup was discussing Chris
Tucker's appearance on the Howie Mandel Show and the Talk Soup host (aka
skunk boy) said he was disappointed about the Jackie Chan movie Rush
Hour, saying he was expecting it to be about the Canadian power trio. He
said that he couldn't get enough of Geddy Lee. He and the crew
wisecracked that the boyz were ugliest men in rock and roll (tsk, tsk).



From: "Michael Z. Williamson" 
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 1998 21:40:07 -0700
Subject: screwwed customers

An orbital mind control laser caused Fred Pinto to say:
>He sold me a Rush Hemispheres picture disc for $50 that he said was in 
>"Excellent Condition".  The album skips very badly on the first side.

sorry to hear that.  You should know, however, that you aren't supposed
to actually play a picture disc, anymore than one would actually play
with a 70th homerun ball.  They are strictly collectors items, and the
vinyl is much softer than basic black.  I have no intention of playing
mine--I just nailed it to the wall (through the hole, of course, with a

mike    chainmail pictures are up!

"Quality is a bit like oats.  If you want good, clean, fresh oats, you
must pay a fair price.  If however, you can be satisfied with oats that
have already been through the horse...that comes a little cheaper."

John P. Husvar


From: (z z z)
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 1998 21:26:08 -0500
Subject: issue 2112 vol 1?

i seriously think this is an imprudent idea, considering how many years
it took to get to 2112 the first time.  think about it.

i think skipping issue 2112 is probably the best idea.  because it leaves
it as a testament to the # and what it represents.  i mean, it's kind of
like saying "we know we couldn't do the # justice, so we decided to
respectively back-down from the challenge."  eh, eh??

"If at first you don't succeed, it's probably someone else's fault."


From: (z z z)
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 1998 21:46:54 -0500
Subject: double live albums

is it just me, or is this really a year for live albums?  first, it was
W.A.S.P.: double live assassins, then Accept: the final chapter (i own
this, ****), Judas Priest: meltdown (with their new singer, i own this as
well), i hear (eww....) garth brooks is coming out with a double live,
R.E.M. i hear is planning a live album (no doubt a double...), Rush:
different stages (predicting: ***** and a moon), not to mention whatever
else is coming out by other (dare i say) crappier groups.

as i've said before, the accept double live is excellent, you must
definitely get it.  but the new album by priest is an absolute must for
any fan, young or old.  Ripper Owens does over 2 hours worth of new and
OLD priest material!!  if you're even a remote fan, you know how awesome
"victim of changes" is when done by halford, you won't believe how well
Owens does it!  it's pure, unadulterated, unmixed, unoverdubbed,
unaltered, uncontrollable, unforgettable, undenyably Judas Priest.  when
you hear Owens say, "the following song needs no introduction," and the
first few notes of "victim of changes" start, the audience goes
absolutely ballistic!!  it's total pandemonium!!  after waiting 8 (!!!)
years for new material, in one year priest fans get not only a full album
of ALL NEW material AND a new singer that well surpasses halford, but a
double-live of Owens proving just how much better he fills halford's
shoes.  it just proves that heavy metal is not dead, but still roaming
the country looking for prey, in the form of the new priest tour!! COAST
TO COAST!!!!! (taking the southern route, damn it!!)

i suppose that's enough rambling for now.  if you're bmg members and want
the new priest album, you can either buy it now, or wait a few weeks and
get someone else to join so you can get it for free.  the bmg logo is on
the back, so i thought i should mention it....

"If at first you don't succeed, it's probably someone else's fault."


From: "Michael Z. Williamson" 
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 1998 21:52:40 -0700
Subject: hemingway, haldeman, rush

An orbital mind control laser caused Catherine Brissette to say:
> Also the description of Hemingway's demise (depression, electroshock 
>treatments that impaired his writing, and subsequent suicide) reminded 
>me of the writer in "Losing It". I wonder if Neil is a Hemingway fan?

consider the line "Where the sun will rise no more," and that
Hemingway's first published novel was "THe Sun Also Rises."

And the white beard--it was Hemingway he was describing, without a
doubt.  Now, who was the dancer?  

   [ The dancer is based on the character Shirley MacLaine plays in the
     movie "The Turning Point" (1977).                         : rush-mgr ]

BTW:  Highly recommended:  Joe Haldeman's "The Hemingway Hoax"--sf novel
where a guy tries to fake some "undiscovered" Hemingway and gets dragged
into an absinthe-induced dream WITH Hemingway.  And Haldeman can fake
Hemingway so realistically that he COULD pull off that hoax.  And the
parallels between Haldeman's career and Hemingway's are scary--both took
machine gun slugs in knee and groin, both have similar tastes in
literature, --there's about a dozen of them.
Fortunately, last time I met Joe (who plays guitar and is impressed by
Rush), he gave no indication of suicidal tendencies.  Quite cheerful, in fact.
And "The Forever War" is STILL under option for movie production.  Don't
get your hopes up; he expects Hollywood to do the same back-alley
coathanger job they did on "Starship Troopers."
"Quality is a bit like oats.  If you want good, clean, fresh oats, you
must pay a fair price.  If however, you can be satisfied with oats that
have already been through the horse...that comes a little cheaper."

John P. Husvar


Date: Fri, 2 Oct 1998 01:21:25 EDT
Subject: re: Radio KAOS

> From: Erik DePoy 
> Date: Sun, 27 Sep 1998 19:22:20 +0300
> Subject: Rush sighting during Radio KAOS tour
> Someone recently posted a concert memory to the Pink Floyd newsletter
> Echoes regarding a show from Roger Water's 1987 tour in support of Radio
> KAOS. The theme of the tour was that of a radio show, hosted by
> real-life DJ Jim Ladd. Each show featured segments where Ladd would spin
> songs or Roger's band would perform, and even featured a live Q&A with
> Roger. Before the show began as people were entering the arena, Ladd
> would play various songs from a DJ booth to warm up the crowd. The above
> mentioned concert-goer noticed that all the songs had a related theme,
> that of radio. You guessed it, The Spirit of Radio was one of the DJ's
> choices. I don't know if it was played at each show on the tour (in that
> there are plenty of songs that make reference to radio to choose from),
> but I do think that the DJ's choice was a great lead-in and helped set
> the tone for that night's performance.

Jim Ladd is still on the radio in L.A. on KLOS. He has always supported bands
that communicate as well as the boys do. In fact, he nightly challenges the
listeners to call in to build their show.  He is very much against the
programming that takes place in radio today.  Thanks for the walk down mammory
lane Erik!



From: Slim Jim 
Date: Fri, 02 Oct 1998 11:39:41 +0100
Subject: Re: The whole Led Zep thing on here 

Dom Kallas writes:

> 	Did you know that ALEX LIFESON listed Led Zeppelin II as a major
> influence on him?  I read it about 2 years ago in Guitar magazine (I
> think).  Led Zeppelin was also mentioned as an influence in the Rush bio,
> "Visions." 

Alex was clearly very influenced by Jimmy Page in the early days,  
he certainly copped a lot of Jimmy's licks anyway.


Date: Fri, 2 Oct 1998 06:47:20 EDT
Subject: First Rush concert

Hello fellow Rush fans,

     I have been reading The National Midnight Star for quite some time now
and have only posted once before.  I have a first Rush concert experience that
I should have sent long ago...Better late than never!  My first Rush concert
was durring the Grace under Pressure tour and I went with several school mates
in our senior year of highschool. I need to tell you here that I am a Little
Person and stand at 4'6" and my budies are all of average height.  Well, we
were in the 19th row on the main floor and all had lighters in the air at the
right time.  I was standing on my chair for most of the show when, half way
into it, a representative from Jam Productions tapped me on the shoulder and
urged me to follow him.  I was terrified! I thought I did something to get
kicked out! I followed him to the front row where he gave me a seat right in
front of Alex!!!!!!! I clasped the Reps hand with both of mine and thanked him
profusely as I was overwhelmed.  As soon as I stood on that chair(people were
still on the floor in front), Alex seemed to look me right in the
eyes.......and smile. Maybe my imagination, but that's what it seemed like.
Since then I have been to every tour showing in the Chicago area (some twice).
I have been a Rush fan since the 7th grade and will be for life and, just
maybe, I wil have an experience to top this one.

Thanks for listening,

Paul Dreyer
"half the world waits....while half gets on with it anyway" NP


From: Scott Deitche STP 
Date: Fri, 02 Oct 1998 09:37:31 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Goldmine Magazine

I read here a while back that there was going to be a feature article in
Goldmine on Rush.  Anyone know if it's been released or any info on it??

   [ It hasn't been released, and they are working on it.     : rush-mgr ]


From: Simon Drew (Simoa Drew) 
Date: Fri, 02 Oct 1998 11:29:16 -0400
Subject: Rush at Yankee Stadium

Hey all,

Listening to one of the Yanks' final home season games the other night, I 
heard the PA system break into "Limelight" as rookie sensation (pardon the 
cliche) Shane Spencer came to bat after hitting a grand slam.  In all my 
times at Yankee Stadium, I've never heard Rush being played ¯ so there has to 
be a good omen for Yankee fans.


ps: still plugging away at Mystic Rhythms.  Excellent, though some of the 
analyses are rather far-fetched.  She does admit that, though, in her preface.

From: (Enrico Salvini, "The Muffin Man")
Date: Fri, 2 Oct 1998 20:29:39 +0100
Subject: Atlantis playing at the "Different Stages" launch party

Atlantis, the Italian Rush-Tribute band I'm the webmaster for, will play on
November 7 at the "Factory" in Milano (Italy) for the "Different Stages" CD
launch-party thrown by CGD (Rush Italian label).
CGD also hinted at the chance of having Geddy Lee as a guest, but this will
be confirmed (or less) about a dozen days before the party.

Please visit Atlantis website at for
more info or send me an email at to receive updates as
soon as I get'em.

Oh boy, I still can't believe it!!!    :)))))))))))

******************** M O M E N T A R Y   S I G N A T U R E ********************
Please don't send me any attachment: I'm currently working on a 486 laptop
with a 14.4 modem and that makes for pretty slow downloading.
You still can visit my websites:


From: "Kurdian,  LT. Armen H" 
Date: Sat, 3 Oct 1998 15:32:53 -0700 
Subject: Memorable concert

I'd promised a then girlfriend that as I drove across country, I'd stop
off in El Paso and take her to a Rush show which coincidentally would be
there at the same time I was...great timing eh?  However, she was very
blase the whole time I was there, who knows why (which probably means
she met someone else) and I never saw her again after that.  So it
sticks in my head.

The other memorable one was going to a show two days after I got back
from Puerto Rico, which had been a miserable experience, so it was great
to see them in concert.

I have pretty good luck when it comes to Rush concerts, as they always
seem to slide in just perfectly into my schedule.

Waday daday. --Armen



From: "Eduardo E. Villanueva" 
Date: Sat, 3 Oct 1998 04:02:00 -0300
Subject: TMR - The Masked Rider

I posted this entry in issue #2061.  I'm sending it again to refresh
memories and hopefully encourage new readers...

Bon, I finally was able to finish reading TMR (too many hands on my time,
too many things on my mind).
Things to remember...
* rice with junk on it
* NP being pissed for being called "White Man!" and complained "I'm not
white - I'm beige!".
* the "Cold War" between Elsa & NP.
* Aristotle's "Happiness is an activity of the soul in accordance with
virtue" mixed with the old saying "Happiness is not a station to be arrived
at, but a mode of travel" for NP means "Happiness is a bicycle", and also
"Happiness is a paved road".  NP translates virtue to excellence, which he
argues is a luxury: "Excellence is a bicycle - but you can always walk".  I
guess more appropriate for TNMS would be: excellence is a Red Barcheta - but
you can always ride a bike!
* "Seized" water
* NP emotional reaction to the Catholic nuns singing which made a believer
out of him (well at least for 1 page).
* the memorable bus trip from Ngaounderé to Garoua (almost).
* roadblocks, checkpoints
* Anatole
* Leonard carrying the chicken and the watermelon
* couldn't find the page but it was something like: Elsa: "don't you ever
stop even for blowing your noses?", NP: "No.  We just stop to wait for
* women with calabashes on their heads!
* NP: "we were not on the map, we were nowhere, with no food or water, and
didn't know where we were going".
* NP thoughts on thinking: circular thinking, parallel thinking, etc., etc.
* "Look out!  Elephant Crossing..."
* no matter how deep into Africa they were, even when mimics & body language
was the only means of communication, Coca Cola was a known word!
* wonder how different the trip would have been without Elsa!
* remember the story is over 10 years old!
* did I forget something?
What I liked the most of TMR is to get to know NP at a more personal level
rather than NP the musician.  Definitively a work that every Rush fan must
include in their repertoire.  Would I have read it even if it wasn't written
by NP: although I had fun reading it, I doubt it.


Date: Thursday, October 01, 1998 2:40 PM EDT
Subject: 2112

I asked a friend about NMS #2112.  His reply was:
About six months ago I tried to start a thread about issue #2112.  There
have been lots of suggestions in the past as to what should be done with
the issue, but no concensus.  We'll see.
After issue 2112, I'll wait for issue 1001001


From: Ward Bond 
Date: Sat, 3 Oct 1998 08:52:53 -0400
Subject: Feeling Neil's Drumming

Yesterday I had the chance to test out a new product called the Intensor
chair which is basically an office, swivel-style chair with plenty of
speakers built in to the seat and back of the chair.  You can adjust the
chair's volume and tactile feedback to enhance the vibrations or
sensations.  The chair is marketed for use with PC/Video game systems,
stereos and home theatre.

After first testing it out hooked up to a TV for MTV & VH1, the results
weren't particularly impressive due to the signal and songs from these
channels.  I then  hooked the chair up to the CD Out jacks on a boombox I
had nearby.  Only 2 CD's were handy: a dance-mix compilation and

Wow!  The perfect album for a true test.  While any Rush album would prove
an excellent test given the band's style of music, complexity and up-front
mixes of the bass and drums, Kevin Shirley's mix for CP provides the most
"in your face" bass and drums of any Rush album.  In addition with Alex's
guitar at its grungiest, there were sure to be plenty of vibrations.

While I'm not a huge Double Agent fan, I knew right away that this should
be the first test track due to Neil's heavy pounding, the bass solos and
the songs intertwined, spoken lyrical sections.

After queueing it up and cranking it up, I sat back to enjoy the song.  It
was an amazing experience to not only listen to, but mainly to feel.  As
Neil kicked his bass drum I could literally feel in my left leg the
sensations of my leg and foot kicking the bass pedal.  As Geddy's bass
lines rippled across the chair I felt Neil's toms piercing my back.

Vocals alternated from rear speakers to the front seat speakers as spoken
lines were uttered.  Throughout the song the chair rumbled with the force
of Alex's guitar.

Overall the experience was amazing.  This was like listening to Rush on a
fine stereo and then sitting on a pile of strategically arranged speakers.
The sound is great; feeling the music is awesome!

After being blown away by Double Agent I listened to Stick It Out to see
how Alex's opening riffs sound.  As Lerxst hit those initial notes, the
chair vibrated like a hyperactive massage bed.  Intense!

Unfortunately I had other work to get to, but I've still got the chair and
the entire Rush catalog to test out...

If you're interested, the chairs are starting to appear at CompUSA stores
or check the web at or something.

Ward Bond


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