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         The National Midnight Star, Number 2113

                  Thursday, 08 Oct 1998

Today's Topics:
                         A dream
           More on Bruford and Rush vs. Led Zep
         Rush lyrics game --
                FREE BEER AND EASY WOMEN!!
                   RUSH sighting in MLB
                 Issue 2112...2112 issue.
   Bruford / UK (very small Rush connection included!) 
               bass tabulature for u Chris
                       hall of f***
                 doubts about your dream 
                  Rush at a wedding????
   Would the guy with a 4-CD box idea please stand up?
               Turning people on to Rush..
             Different Stages release tidbit
                 My kids' first Rush....
               Congratulations to the NMS!!
                        NMS #2111
               Hello vs burb debate solved!
                     Bumper Stickers
                     2112 or bust...
                 Who assumed controll!!??
              Congrats to the NMS,Rush News
                  Just received this...
                      For the fans?
                 My Contribution to #2112
                     The Masked Rider
                 screwwed customers reply
                 Led Zep vs Rush Part II
                   stars for sale here!
           And The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth

From: Aset 
Date: Sat, 03 Oct 1998 19:01:44 -0700
Subject: A dream

I went to see "Rush Hour" the new Jackie Chan movie.  And although I liked
the movie, I couldn't really understand why it was called "Rush Hour".
Somebody mentioned it in the first 20 minutes, but it didn't have anything
to do with the plot.  What does this have to do with Rush?  Nothing.

But Friday morining I was dreaming that I was turning on a radio, when at
that precise moment my clock radio alarm went off and the radio station was
playing Limelight.  I woke up confused and bemused, but after I got my
bearings, I decided that being woken up by Limelight (or any Rush song for
that matter) was good luck!:)  It atleast put me in a good mood.


Crystal Calligraphy
Get your Custom Crafted Artwork at Rush quotes done
with glee!!!


Date: Sun, 04 Oct 1998 02:25:36 -0500
Subject: More on Bruford and Rush vs. Led Zep

Hey Folks,
	To add to list of albums by Bruford that was made in an earlier post by
Jamie K. Ng, besides "One of a Kind", there was also "Gradually Going
Tornado" and "Feels Good To Me".  On FGTM, the Bruford, Holdsworth,
Berlin, and Stewart line-up was present.  On GGT, John Clark replaced
Holdsworth on guitar.
	Bruford also has played in a jazz band called Earthworks.  They have
recorded 3 studio albums, "Earthworks" (1987), "DIG?" (1989), and "All
Heaven Broke Loose" (1991).  Bruford uses his electronic drum gear in
quite an experimental way on these albums.  But they are very good.
	IMHO the person ("lerxst") who commented on the differences between
Rush and Led Zep, hit the nail right on the head.  Rush is very much
complex listening for rock.  Page and Plant, in their Zep days, were
great songwriters.  They came up with good heavy metal, with the sexy
attitude, and very catchy hooks and bluesy riffs.  Rush has always
progressed to become better musicians and challenge themselves, where
Led Zep (though their talent would show) were out to sell albums and
become rich.
	I also like the idea of Sarah MacLachlan singing on Victor II.  I feel
"Surfacing" and "Fumbling Toward Ecstasy" are great albums.  I also feel
the first Victor album was great, too.  Yes it was dark, but again it is
a musician and songwriter trying to challenge himself and experiment
with new sounds and ideas.  Isn't that what side projects are all
about?  Trying new things?  I think it's great!
	Another comment: to the young 14 year old (John Lipoli), GOOD FOR
YOU!!!  It's great to see a young man develop great taste in music at
such a tender age.
	Yet another comment: to Derek A. Reece and your info on the fantasy
hockey league, YOU STOLE MY TEAM NAME!!!  Well, that is if I had a
fantasy team to name.  Detroit Barchettas.  Nice ring to it.  Long live
my fellow residents of Hockeytown!
	And finally my last comment: to "Professor" Brian Robinson, brilliant
deduction!  So maybe the Elder Race did in fact come back and assume
control.  I never looked at it that way.  Brilliant!
	Until later.  Take care.

Scott Fabirkiewicz

Mika's has got Schumacher right where he wants him! HA HA!!


From: "Gumtow, Eric" 
Date: Sun, 04 Oct 1998 01:55:43 -0500
Subject: Rush lyrics game --

I've created a Rush lyrics game on my computer.  To play, go to

The game is played like this: you are given 20 random lyrics from
any song and any album, and 10 songs for each lyric.  You must choose
the correct song.  Your score is calculated using how many correct
answers you supplied, how long it took you, and on the difficulty
of your test.  The difficulty of your test is calculated by how many
spaces your lyrics had (ie., the summed length of the lyrics), and on
if your lyrics contain the name of the song or not.  If your score is
one of the 10 highest, you can enter into the Rush lyrics hall of fame.

The server this game is on is actually my PC in my dorm room.  So a
good time to play the game would be when I'm not using my computer--
like when I am in class, usually from noon to 6.  When I see this post
come out I'll leave my computer on overnight for a couple nights.
Also, I'd appreciate it if no one tried to jack with my computer.

I got ALL the lyrics from the Rush/NMS web site.  Any mistakes found
should be blamed on the Rush-mgrs :-). will
expire when the semester is over in December, so if you're reading
this after that you missed the fun!

Eric Gumtow


From: "Michael Z. Williamson" 
Date: Sat, 03 Oct 1998 18:22:26 -0700

Now that I have your attention, please note the following:

There is an election in November.
Tomorrow is the last day to register in most places.
You may vote absentee if not present that day--ask your county clerk how.
If you don't vote, I don't want to hear you complain. (I love to
complain--I'll be voting chicago style--early and often.(joke))(And
watching the polls here, with a court order to our local union boss to
NOT interfere this time.  Backed up with Special Deputy status and a
gun, and an additional sheriff's deputy if need be.(not a joke--this
_will_ be a fair election))

"If you are part of a society that votes, DO so.  There may not be
anyone you wish to vote for.  But there is sure as hell someone you wish
to vote against."  Robert A. Heinlein.

mike--"I'm an immigrant, and I vote."

"Quality is a bit like oats.  If you want good, clean, fresh oats, you
must pay a fair price.  If however, you can be satisfied with oats that
have already been through the horse...that comes a little cheaper."

John P. Husvar


From: Andrew Mazzola 
Date: Sun, 04 Oct 1998 19:32:08 -0700
Subject: RUSH sighting in MLB

While watching the opening of FOX Sports Baseball coverage of the
Houston/San Deigo game they where playing Vital Signs. That is one
great  you don't here much any more.


From: Kurt Smith 
Date: Sun, 04 Oct 1998 22:40:07 -0700
Subject: Issue 2112...2112 issue.

Every time I read the NMS, I think it. "Boy, I thought I was the biggest Rush 
fan." Little did I know. Most of you are just as devoted as I. I own every 
release except the Remasters, I've seen them live "only" 14 times, not to 
mention countless posters, magazine articles, and that B-Man book. You guys 
are right there with me.

Casual fans (are there any?) don't discuss what the voice in "The Camera 
Eye"'s second verse is saying. People who sort of dig "Tom Sawyer" don't talk 
about what the 1-0-0-1-0-0-1 in "The Body Electric" is supposed to represent. 
Those who drone about how great "Rush used to be" don't speculate whether 
"Half The World" should be on the forthcoming live CD. 

Do we carry it too far? Who's to say? We listen to Rush a lot. Some people 
smoke cigarettes. Others keep track of home run races. Rush music is 
just-unusual, that's all.   It's never in 4/4, you can't dance to it, the 
lyrics are cerebral, and the band members don't behave like typical rock and 
roll burnouts. It's not mainstream by any stretch, so how did Rush manage to 
gain so many starstruck fans?

It's because we understand what it's like to be different. Wasn't 
"Subdivisions" the turning point for so many of us? The feeling of being cast 
out, of not being part of the "in" crowd, of being dreamers in boring suburban 
communities. Sometimes it's because of looks. Maybe it's offbeat personality 
quirks. For some reason or another, you, or I, or Geddy, Alex, and Neil, 
cannot relate to the majority, and they can't relate to us.

Imagine if everybody just fell in line. The President cheats on his wife and 
lies about it, it's acceptable now, let's all do it. Your co-workers slack 
off and do subpar work, you might as well too. Fifty thousand fans scream 
at the umpire, he should change the call. Not a very pleasant thought, is it?

"Conform or be cast out." We chose the latter. I don't think anyone that has 
been so inspired by Rush's music hasn't stood up for what he or she believed 
in at some point, am I right? We were willing to be unpopular because of what 
our experiences taught us was right. In high school most of us did this! Like 
Rush, we were ahead of our time.

In this issue 2112, celebrate what the 2112 album represented. Celebrate the 
day you didn't buckle and cave in to be popular. Celebrate the day you took 
everybody on because you KNEW you were right. Celebrate artistic freedom, 
larger bank accounts be damned.   Because the day you do is the day you are 
individual-and free.

And the world is safe for a great Lerxst solo.


From: "Andy Golborne" 
Date: Mon, 5 Oct 1998 09:14:51 +0100
Subject: Bruford / UK (very small Rush connection included!) 

>>"If I may ask, my source says the band Bruford existed
>>from late '78 to early '81. Can somebody fill me in with
>>album titles from this band? I'd like to check it out.

>I've got one Bruford album called "One Of A Kind" from 1979. The players =
>are Bruford, Holdsworth, Jeff Berlin, and Dave Stewart. The track I =
>really like is called "Fainting in Coils". The lyrics of that song are =
>taken from Alice in Wonderland.

Yes, check out 'Hells Bells' on that one for immaculate drumming and, well,
everything really. There was one album after this called "Gradually Going
Tornado" which is also excellent but is somewhat marred (IMHO) by Jeff
Berlin's singing on a few tunes, and has Alan Clarke on guitar. The band's
first album I can't recall the name of but Holdsworth plays on it and it
has a picture of Bill and a gong on the front, and I think had a tune
called Beelzebub on it which features impossible bass lines. There was also
a live album called the Bruford Tapes. I did have them all way back when
but, well, you know how it is.
I saw Bruford in 1980 in Liverpool University when they toured for GGT and
they were stunning. I remember him being centre stage with a shitload of
rototoms (I was well into druming then). Jeff Berlin was incredible on the
bass and Alan Clake was a bit awesome as well. The keyboardist Dave
Stewart. was the bloke who did a single called "It's my Party. . . " with
Barbara Gasciogne or something lke that. I think. (Alan Clarke went 'on' to
join Cliff Richard's band. I remember him with them doing an amazing
version of "Lucille" of the Tube. Honest.)
Oh, and Brand X were the support, but Phil Collins was off touring with
Genesis for Duke at the time (I know this coz I saw them about a month
before in the Liverpool Empire) , but don't ask me who was in that band.
There is a CD out which is a sort of Bill Brufords greatest hits on it
which features stuff from this band and UK and some of his King Crimson
A Jeff Berlin album did feature our Neil on it so there's my Rush



From: pankaj kataria 
Date: Sat, 03 Oct 1998 15:23:35 -0700
Subject: bass tabulature for u Chris

 Chris u wrote>>'

By the way, does anyone know of a website where I can get bass
tabaltures from Victor?

well heres one website that might be of help to u

keep kikin!


From: pankaj kataria 
Date: Sat, 03 Oct 1998 15:17:46 -0700
Subject: hall of f***

SOmebody wrote>>
Who really cares about the damn rock and roll hall of fame?  It's like
Rolling Stone magazine.  It's a bunch of musical snobs.  "F" 'em!
Thanks whoever u r, yeah just give a sh** about this hall..... SO after
reading your comments I think I am gonna drop my plans of going there
when visiting Cleveland in next 2 week time...



From: pankaj kataria 
Date: Sat, 03 Oct 1998 15:13:00 -0700
Subject: doubts about your dream 

whoever u r wrote:
It starts out at some music academy near Toronto 10 or 15 years from now.  I
walk into an empty music hall that is meant for the drum/percussion classes.
But there is only one drumset there, and an old man sits behind this huge
drumset, and guess who it is? Neil Peart. I walk over there in front of the
stage and he seems to be playing Xanadu or something. He justs keeps playing
until he's d.................................
ask something like "What happened back in 1998 when your wife Jackie died and
also your daughter died months earlier, and you never came back to the public
again?" "Well , losing the greatest two things in my life was and still is
   "Geddy went on to do some solo work as well as becoming a producer...Alex
went on to solo work as well, as well as making his Victor albums a success. I
think he's now a repesenitive for Gibson guitars and Marshall guitar
amplifiers." I then say " That's great...I just couldn't imagine what losing 
you wife and daughter within a year can do to you..."
ok thats weired! real weired. ha ha.... I have doubts about your dream
did ya make it up, dude????



From: "Teebagy, Steve, BMG - Boston" 
Date: Mon, 5 Oct 1998 11:08:45 -0500
Subject: Rush at a wedding????

Hallooo fans of the Rush camp,

I was at my friends wedding this weekend & instead of having numbers
assigned for each table, each table was a different group (i.e.- The
Areosmith Table, The Rush Table The Beatles Table etc.) So being the
Rush fan that I am he sat me at The Rush Table. On each table was a
cartoon drawing of each band. Cool idea huh!! My friend who got married
is also a Rush/ music fan, hence the idea. So, this guy at my table was
bashing Rush all day, saying the only song he know was Tom Sawyer b/c he
hadn't listened to them in years. HALOOO buddy wake up! He was saying
that he would rather be at the Areosmith Table b/c they were better. Now
don't get me wrong I like Aerosmith but they don't even compare to Rush
in the least.  Anyway, just though I'd share a funny story w/ everyone
while we are waiting for the live album!!!



From: (Enrico Salvini, "The Muffin Man")
Date: Mon, 5 Oct 1998 18:51:26 +0100
Subject: Would the guy with a 4-CD box idea please stand up?

A few dozens issues of of TNMS ago, someone posted his idea for a 4-CD box
track-listing which included all kind of stuff from "Not fade away" to "The
Green Knight" and everything in-between and beyond.

If you're reading this, could you please contact me privately at
 with a copy of the list?
I really need it because there's this chance that Geddy might be the guest
at the CD-launch party in Italy and, since I work with the cover band which
will play at the party, I might have an inside track to score an interview
and that was a matter that I meant to address.

To all the other NMSers: please do not send me endless lists of questions to
ask Geddy. I don't know if he'll be there for sure and I already have a
pretty extensive interview planned. If you really, really have A SINGLE
QUESTION to ask (and please don't make it "Does Neil have cancer?", "When
will you play xxxxxxxxxx?", "Are you catholic or ******?", "What the naked
guy means?" or something that you can find in the exaustive FAQ section of
the NMS website), go ahead and send it, but mails with more than one
question will be deleted unread. Well, after I peeked at'em to see how many
questions you squeezed in. I'll choose a dozen questions out of whatever
amount I will receive and if the interview will ever happen you will receive
credit for the question.
The interview, and let me stress *IF IT WILL EVER HAPPEN*, will be put on
line on Atlantis' website in three or so parts.

Thank you,

******************** E M E R G E N C Y   S I G N A T U R E ********************
Please don't send me any attachment for the time being: I'm momentarily
working on a 486 laptop with a 14.4 modem and it makes for pretty slow
You still can visit my websites @


From: "Daniel Ware" 
Date: Mon, 05 Oct 1998 14:46:39
Subject: Turning people on to Rush..

Hey gang..
If this makes the issue, great, if not.. Well, it's still a good story..
Back in highschool, my favorite teacher was my English teacher for my
Freshman and Senior years.. I probably learned more from him than anyone.
My love for Rush was already fully developed by the time I was a frosh and
I had made a friend with a Junior who was also quite a fanatic.(had a
Rickenbacher, didn't know how to play it). Little by little, we got Mr.
Padilla interested in Rush. We made tapes of albums for him, and I even
bought CoS for him one Christmas. You've got to know Jim to realize that
this is a guy of quirks, who is very picky about things. So if he likes
something, he really gets into it.. Come 1997, and the Power Windows tour
comes to Albuquerque..A gaggle(yes, gaggle) of us make a big poster on a
sheet, and head to the areana for the show.. The next day, Jim, who was a
Benedictine Monk before teaching, praises the show as close to a religious
experience as he's had in years.. Pretty high praise coming from a man,
formerly of the cloth...
That's my story.. Just thought I'd share... 
Here's to the future of Rush, and beyond..
Cheers from New Mexico..
The ship sank...
Get over it.


From: Brett Gentzel 
Date: Mon, 05 Oct 1998 16:44:12 -0400
Subject: Different Stages release tidbit

I have seen the pre-order sheet that the record stores receive (as have
countless other NMSers)... we've pretty much heard everything of
interest, including the price posted last issue ($24.98).

One cool thing, though, is that the order sheet says that the three disc
set will fit into ONE slim-line jewel case.

just so you know (and aren't rearranging your collections to accomodate
a fat disc holder),

"I prefer a band like Phish from America, and bands that are stretching
out. We don't get much of that in England at the moment. A band like
Phish has a huge following in America; they actually blow out and use
free-form technique, which is what we do when we play."
 - Robert Plant


From: "Kevin L. Kitchens" 
Date: Mon, 5 Oct 1998 16:56:01 -0400
Subject: My kids' first Rush....

Hope this gets into #2112 or whenever :)

Exposed my kids (8 and 5) to their first Rush last night.  Had 
"Leave That Thing Alone" playing in the car and the kids were just 
a jamming together.  My 5 year old said he was going to hurry into 
his room to turn the radio on, not thinking it was a CD and 
dissapointed when I told him it was.

They 'rushed' into the house and told my wife about the cool music 
they were listening too.  I came up the stairs with grin and 
identified the artist, to which she rolled her eyes...

Well, one step at a time. :)


Kevin L. Kitchens, PEI Programming, Lithonia, Georgia
PEI Programming:         
The BEST Installer: WISE   -Info: 
The BEST Grid: SpreadOCX   -Info:


Date: Mon, 5 Oct 1998 16:09:09 -0500
Subject: Congratulations to the NMS!!

Oh man!
We just made it to number 2112!!
I wonder if the boys can be informed about this and that perhaps they can
say something to us NMSers...
After all we are a bunch of people that really have a respect for this
number and mainly because of the band's great, perhaps greatest of

Rush-Mgr Have you thought of something? Can anything like this be done (the
guys saying something about issue 2112)?

Anyway, Congratulations NMS!! Let's keep it up, shall we?

Cheers from Mexico City,



From: The King of Norway 
Date: Mon, 05 Oct 1998 17:18:59 -0700
Subject: NMS #2111

Just a note for By-Tor, who posted a message in NMS #2111.  "Cinderella
Man" was written by Geddy, not Neil.  You might want to change that sig.
file of yours.

Joel Foreman


Date: Mon, 5 Oct 1998 17:56:52 EDT
Subject: Hello vs burb debate solved!

I'm sorry to bring up an old topic, but...
I have solved the Camera Eye "Hello" vs. burb debate! It is definitely
"Hello, morning guv", (which I believed from the start) but to prove
it I must bring up another old topic: bootlegs. When you listen to the
Camera Eye on a bootleg, you can clearly hear Geddy say "Hello, morning
guv...". He continues the conversation but it's hard to make out what
he says. Some of you may listen to the bootleg and still say that it
sounds like a burb. But, if it was an accidental burb, why would they
reproduce it live in concert?!

That's my 2 cents for today.

Quotes of the day:
    "It depends on what your definition of 'is' is". Bill Clinton

    "Here's what I wanna know: how can a Mexican lose the ball in
     the sun?". Harry Caray

Later dudes,
Chris Cosentino


From: "colin burroughs" 
Date: Mon, 05 Oct 1998 15:01:32 PDT
Subject: Bumper Stickers

 I have ready supply of rush bumper stickers signals hemispheres 2112 
and rush 1 album on them plus the signals pin.i have all of these plus 
many other to me if interseted.Oh and i can get a show of 
hands vinly and some others all in good conditin and stickers are in 
about mint condition...

Get Your Private, Free Email at


From: "Glen M. Young" 
Date: Mon, 5 Oct 1998 18:13:16 -0400
Subject: 2112 or bust...

>..well I hope I posted in time to make number that feels =
better...  :)


From: "Matt Thurman" 
Date: Mon, 05 Oct 1998 15:29:59 PDT
Subject: Who assumed controll!!??

      Several people have voiced oppinions that it could not be the 
preists who "assumed controll"... well whose left? the elder race could 
have come back, "They left are planets long ago, the elder race, still 
learn and grow"  So if they're so happy in their other place, as the 
oracle shows why would they want to come back to some mideval tech-world 
where music is not allowed?  It is entirely possible, but if they were 
so advanced, why would they not come in peace?  instead they barge in on 
the solar federation, and say "this is mine, we have assumed controll"  
without a battle even!!! (we know that the preists did have space travel 
because the song says "attn: all planets" a plural, meaning more than 
one, thus they controll the stars too) what would you do if a neighbor 
came up to you and said, "I assume controll of your car" you'd beat the 
living F*** out of 'em right? well, we can safely "assume" that because 
a battle did not take place, that it was not the elder race.  who's 
left?  that's right the preists!!!  See it's a song and therefore is 
subject to poetic lisence.  I think that it is merely a restatement of 
the obvious, the red star controll all life in their domain, why? 
because they have assumed it.  At the end of the song the preists are 
not regaining control.. it is there for effect, or to martyr-ize the 
character, he died, because the all knowing preists laughed at him, 
mocked his little discovery, and threw him on his way.  it would be like 
them making an example out of him "see no matter what you do we are in 
control" and this little ant was no exception.....  this is my theory,  
i do not mean to offend all you who think it was the preists, i'm just 
throwing in another view into the mix

 "you know how that rabbit feels, going under your spinning wheels"


From: douglas maher 
Date: Mon, 05 Oct 1998 18:36:36 +0000
Subject: Congrats to the NMS,Rush News

Congrats to Rush-mgr and the inspiration of this Jimmy Lang on issue
#2112! May you have 2112 more issues under your belt just think not to
far off from beating Cal Ripkens streak!HAHAHA.Anyways look for great
music Come April 16,1999 from Invsisible Symphony A Classical Tribute To
Rush to be relased.Now Vital Signs will be added and 17,000 cd's will be
pressed due to demand.A website will be out by Christmas and and sound 
clips and a pre-order site will be there also.

Also look for Victor follow up in late March of 1999.

Different Stages video release first week of December

Different Stages limited Vinyl edition from the UK

Geddy Lee or Alex Lifeson interview on the show i work on,15 min call in
coming in late Oct. or early Nov.

Stay tuned!!!!! Happy 2112!!!!!

Douglas Maher

The NMS assumes control.


From: Thomas Gillingham 
Date: Mon, 05 Oct 1998 18:35:50 -0500
Subject: Just received this...

Hey all:

I just got this tonight (Oct. 5) from a friend of mine who has his own
public radio show in Madison, WI called the Mosh Pit (those of you in
Madison may have heard it... Mondays from 11p-2a on 89.9FM WORT).  Anyway,
since he does this radio show, he's gotten a lot of record company contacts
over the years (example: I have yet to pay for a ticket to a Dream Theater
concert, and I've seen them 3 times on the FII tour.)

Here is what I sounds pretty legit to me.
RUSH's Different Stages is now set for a November 3 release. The
tracklisting has been updated and will now include two more songs: 'Analog
Kid' and 'Show Don't Tell'. A home video will follow as well. Sources close
to the band say that there is a 75% of Rush making another studio album.
Geddy and Alex are set to do ALL the work and Neil will step in at some
point during the recording to fill in the drum tracks. The band are still
plan a year 2000 release. Finally, word has it that the trio are going to be
nominated for the Rock N' Roll Hall Of Fame.
Everything sounds honest to me (can't tell for sure if the R&RHoF info is
accurate, but even this information doesn't say it's 100% true, thus the
"word has it...").  Hopefully, some people out there can breathe a sigh of
relief!  rush-mgr: obviously check this information out before posting it.
I just wanted to post this because I believe this information to be true.

That's all folks...less than a month to go now! :-D

ICQ# 15240956

The Time Is Now!
Help Induct Rush Into The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
Send Your Letters Of Support To:

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation
1290 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10104


Date: Mon, 5 Oct 1998 19:49:16 EDT
Subject: For the fans?

>>carrying through that this recording is "for the fans.">>

As opposed to other recordings that AREN'T for the fans?

Who else would it be for?


From: Alex Smith 
Date: Mon, 05 Oct 1998 17:35:56 -0700
Subject: canadian

> Assuming Canadians use the English pronunciation as you say, it's
> pronounced with a "zed".  They mostly speak American English, but I
> think this is an exception.

When the Swissair 111 crash happened, I watched CNN, which was showing
footage from the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company) about the crash. The
only thing I noticed is that most of the Canadian pronounciation and such
is American, but there were a few instances where it sounded kinda British.
Any friends from up north care to comment on this? I'm kinda curious about it.

Alex Smith

Subdivisions (Rush): 

"I see priests, politicians?
 Heroes in black plastic body-bags under nation's flags
 I see children pleading with outstreched hands
 Drenched in napalm, this is no Vietnam.
 I can't take any more, should we say goodbye?
 How can you justify?
 And they call us civilized." -Marillion (Fish)

"Music is a dreadful thing." -Ludwig van Beethoven


Date: Mon, 5 Oct 1998 20:31:24 -0400
Subject: My Contribution to #2112

    Once upon a time in 1976, a young lad who was brought up on KSHE 95 =
in St. Louis Mo.. listened to the complete version of 2112. A magical =
time when FM radio played without regard to the wants and need of =
advertising. His brother told him that this was nothing less than the =
usual flash in the pan "Glam Rock Band".As most younger brothers do, the =
young lad ignored his elder brother.
    Needless to say this "Spirit Of Radio" was forever to make memories =
to last a lifetime. As fate would have, the young lad moved to a =
far-away place where he was denied his freewill to tune to those =
shimmering airwaves. Only on few and rare occasions he would be treated =
to a 90 minute cassette of the invisible airwaves that he so longed for. =
A most treasured day this was when he heard the announcer speak of a =
complete midnight debut of the mythical and mysterious epic =
"Hemispheres". A dark and forlonging wish of ages past. One problem, the =
cassette was in the possession of his elder brother, who had to eat his =
words when I had heard him play this magical piece repeatedly. "Glam =
Rock Huh"?
    Now nearly 23 years later, the Passage to Bangkok has spanned over
three generations.
    A shame not to be recognized by the R&RHOF. Who cares! We All still =
have everything that these three TRULY GIFTED musicians has provided =
over the tenure of 30 years.=20
    As you read this remind yourself, HMMM, issue # 2112.
    A legacy that cannot be foretold by many,
    A testimony that we have all shared and experienced,
    Thank You's and support to stand the test of time,
    Tip your hat to Geddy,Alex and Neil
    The test of time has been mastered...
    For us all to witness.

    In A Single...

    Thank You.....GOODNIGHT!


From: Ed Barnes 
Date: Mon, 05 Oct 1998 19:51:37 -0500
Subject: The Masked Rider

> First off, I did thoroughly enjoy the book, but mostly because it was Neil's
> book.  That's not to say it wasn't well written, it was, very much so.  Neil 
> is an astute observer, and I really enjoyed his observations and tangents.  
> I wish he had had better closure with his fellow cyclers, and he never 
> really says what he thought about the trip, and whether it was a positive 
> experience.  I guess I could infer, I just like clean endings (no reference 
> to the night in Chad :)

Yup, great book!  I read the entire book in one sitting while having my brakes
completely rebuilt.  I even sat there another 15 minutes after the car was ready
finishing the last few pages!  I agree that it gives one the urge to go cycling,
avoid drunken soldiers, drink grapefruit soda and eat "rice with junk on it".  
In fact, I am eating "rice with junk on it" as I type this! ;)

I agree with you about the closure.  He makes his feelings about his fellow 
cyclers pretty plain but, I was left wondering about Leonard.  He was the 
cyclist that Neil mentions the most often but, tells us the least about.  He 
never really gives his opinion about him.  I also wondered if any of the 
cyclists recognized him before finding out who he was.  From what I gather 
about Neil and the importance he puts on his privacy, he'd probably DREAD 
cycling with anyone who subscribes to this list, eh?  "Ummm, Mr. 
Peart, who do the Oaks and the Maples represent? " as Neil cycles 
away as fast as he can while screaming maniacly...


From: Fred Pinto 
Date: Mon, 5 Oct 98 18:05:31 -0700
Subject: screwwed customers reply

A parabolic brain manipulation light beam prompted mike williamson to 

>>An orbital mind control laser caused Fred Pinto to say:
>>He sold me a Rush Hemispheres picture disc for $50 that he said was in 
>>"Excellent Condition".  The album skips very badly on the first side.

>sorry to hear that.  You should know, however, that you aren't supposed
>to actually play a picture disc, anymore than one would actually play
>with a 70th homerun ball.  They are strictly collectors items, and the
>vinyl is much softer than basic black.  I have no intention of playing
>mine--I just nailed it to the wall (through the hole, of course, with a

while i already have a red vinyl hemispheres album as well as the basic 
black vinyl, adding the picture disk to my collection was, indeed, for 
collecting purposes.  but the fact that i know it is scratched takes away 
my ability to (in good faith) re-sell the item in "excellent 
condition"--the condition i was supposedly purchasing the item in.  the 
guy that sold it to me misrepresented the goods that were for sale, and 
considering the guy has many more items for sale on the rush trader, i 
thought the information might be of some value to somebody out there 
considering buying an item from him--be it standard vinyl, a picture 
disk, or a cd.  his list of items for sale is extensive and it includes 
items that are all listed in "excellent condition".  after confronting 
him with the lack of "excellent condition" on the hemispheres picture 
disk,  i was informed that he only tests part of the album and "assumes" 
the rest is fine.  a seller shouldn't "assume" that the rest is fine.  
listing items in "excellent condition" when you don't know if they are 
entirely in "excellent condition" is misrepresentation.  i thought that 
someone on the nms who might possibly be considering buying something 
from this guy would appreciate the fair warning.  sure this album will 
never land on my turntable again, but it would be nice to know it is 
hanging on my wall in the "excellent condition" i paid for.  if he listed 
the item as "shitty condition--has a big fucking skip in the middle of 
hemispheres", i would not have bought it.

thanks for the information though.
and by the way, do you have any advice on how to get magic johnson's 
signature back on my stanley cup soccer ball that i caught at the 
superbowl.  i used it in a pick-up game and it wore off--dammit.


From: "David Ayers" 
Date: Mon, 5 Oct 1998 21:08:59 -0400
Subject: Led Zep vs Rush Part II

Michael O'Connor wrote:

> "Heard some derogatory talk of Zeppelin, what's up with that?  I always
> thought there was  kinship between Rush and Zeppelin.  People mistook  Rush's
> first album as a Zeppelin album when heard on the radio.  I believe Rush  has
> said they were influenced by the Mighty Zep.  I don't think one can  compare
> Rush and Zep because John Bonham died and Zep disbanded out of respect  for
> their friend.  Zep became a legend, like Hendrix and the Doors  etc.....You
> can't compete with that.  Those bands/artists that are lucky enough to  make
> it to old age are making music that is different than when they were in
> their 20's."

I just want to clarify my position in regard to Led Zeppelin in case =
there are any misconceptions.  I do not dislike Led Zeppelin or question =
their aesthetic value as a rock band.  Nor is the point that the band =
broke up after about 10 years lost on me. However, I make my comparisons =
based upon the work of the band members after Zep broke up.  Jimmy Page =
put out 2 albums with The Firm (more a Paul Rodgers effort I believe and =
only the first one was real quality), 2 (I think) uneventful solo =
albums, and now 2 albums with Robert Plant (both highly disappointing =
IMHO).  Robert Plant put out 6 imaginative, highly original and =
progressive albums then he got together for some regression sessions =
with Jimmy.  Oh, I almost forgot that Honey Drippers thing.  While it =
was reasonably cute, I think they left their names out of the credits =
for a reason.  John Paul Jones did some things, but I didn't hear them, =
so I can't comment.

My point is the main members of Led Zep have, over the past few years, =
shown that they have nothing new to offer musically as a unit.  Rush =
continues to be vital without lineup changes or pandering to the masses. =
 Ask yourself what motivated Page/Plant to record again?  Without =
Zeppelin, there might have been no Rush,and for that I think we owe them =
a debt of gratitude.

The only band on the planet that ever truly sucked on a cosmic level was =
Milli Vanilli!


"There's something wrong with us.  Something very, very wrong with us!  =
Something seriously wrong with us!!  We're Rush fans!" - paraphrase of =
Bill Murray


From: Scott McDow 
Date: Mon, 05 Oct 1998 21:19:49 -0400
Subject: stars for sale here!


>There is an Internation Stellar Registry (or something like that) in
>Europe that sells ownership of stars. - Eric J Staley

I used to own the Internation Stellar Registry (or somthing like that)
but had to close down for tax problems. What I can do is offer a
one time offer to any here who are interested. Cash only. I have
many unsold stars left and need to liquidate. e-me

Favorite album covers: CoS and p/g. Lots of subtle stuff. I personally
will admit to spending hours scrutinizing them both. Of course, as Elise
put it, taking a passage to bangkok or something might have something
to do with it.

I will also admit to taking a small hiatus from Rush lately (gasp)...
The Tragically Hip have invaded my music rotation. Thanks to
the rush-mgr (Oct. 20, San Diego, 4th & B if you didn't get
tickets yet) and some others here for the recommendation! You
know your in deep when you start looking for songs you *don't*
like by a band. My wife and I caught their show in Grand Rapids
Mich. and had a blast! Downie owns the stage. See 'em if you can.

   [ Hey, I'll be at that Hip show (if I ever get down to 4th & B to get
     tickets.. ;-)                                               : rush-mgr ]



From: Stuart Hodgetts 
Date: Tue, 06 Oct 1998 09:27:34
Subject: ASOH

G'day all,

I have a copy of ASOH on VHS Pal (will play on UK and/or Aussie videos)
that has one or two stereo "cut outs" on Big Money.  The picture is fine
and the video is in otherwise perfect condition.  The video has only been
played about 10-12 times over about 4 years.  I bought a replacement copy
recently and was going to tape over the old copy (blasphemous, I know), but
then thought somebody might find a use for it.  I haven't decided whether
to just ask for postage to whoever wants it or for a few bucks/pounds to
replace the tape - but the way the aussie dollar is at the moment, it would
only cost about 50 cents (US) or 35 pence (:-

If you think you might have a suitable "new home" for this, E mail me

Wonder if this posting makes it into the holiest of NMS issues.....

Billy Oz...out.  


From: "Frank Sewald" 
Date: Mon, 5 Oct 1998 20:52:00 -0500
Subject: And The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth

Hi Gang,

Wow, it's amazing to consider that the digest has actually made it to the
*magic* Rush number.

How many years has it been? It seems like only yesterday that all of us were
decrypting the meanings behind the "CounterParts" cover, or having huge
discussions on the meaning of "The Pass". I've certainly enjoyed listening
to what everyone has had to say, although it's probably been more than a
year since I made any comments myself.

How about a huge round of applause for the Rush-Mgr, without whom none of
this would be possible. Thanks a lot for the time and devotion you've given
to this list and all the other aspects involved.

Now I'm just going sit back and wait til the release of the Live Album,
leaving you with a few variations of the subject that I really get a kick
out of...

 Frank S

"You know the meek are going to get what's coming to them"

"The meek shall inherit nothing"

   [ Show me how and I will, I'll get out of here... I'll start climbing uphill
     and get out of here... (couldn't resist)                  : rush-mgr ]


From: "Eduardo E. Villanueva" 
Date: Mon, 5 Oct 1998 22:05:15 -0300
Subject: 2112

If you've come back from the future to read issue #2112 to see if there's
something special here, I guess by now you've figured that it is just
another regular NMS issue like any other.

But, I hope the band members themselves publish something here and prove me


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