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         The National Midnight Star, Number 2115

                   Monday, 12 Oct 1998

Today's Topics:
    Information for "Different Stages" Japanese press
                   Re: Bumper Stickers 
          Theory on the November 3 release date
              Re: Who assumed controll!!?? 
                    Re: For the fans? 
           Rush and other mailing lists........
                      2112 issue...
                       Geeze Louize
                  Tragically Hip/Victor
               Get Together in SE Michigan
              dire straits and bill bruford
    How to make a cool thing cooler?  RUSH-a-tize it!
              Two other great Canadian bands
                 We have assumed control.
                      A vs. B vs. C
                        T4E Video
             2112, the year, not the digest #
       Hall of Fame, Rolling Stone etc. etc. Yawn!
                    signature guitars
              First cut of Different Stages
   Different Stages listed on and
                      consumer alert
                 Different Stages single
               2112  caught in the midddle
                  Rush Car Window Decals
            Different Stages - Advanced Orders
                       re:Rush News
All of the people interseted in the sticker and pin ignor what was sent before
  I have made the oddest discovery with a movie and Gup

From: (The RUSH Fans Digest Manager)
Date: Mon Oct 12 10:01:17 PDT 1998
Subject: Administrivia

Lots of news to catch up on!

First, the NMS website has undergone yet another face lift! Only the main
page is redesigned so far, but we'll gradually be going through and fixing
up some of the other pages as well. We have on the page now a new NMS
logo, the Different Stages banner (found on Atlantic's website), and a TON
of information about the Artists Against Racism auction! which leads me to...

AAR is having another benefit auction, and again they have a bunch of Rush
stuff, including a drum head autographed by Neil, TFE tourbook signed by all,
and a white guitar signed by Alex! Check them out at ""
The auction starts on October 18th and runs until the end of November, bids
are via email, so don't miss out!!

On to Different Stages... we have our first glimpse of the cover from the
banner on the NMS website. Looks like the tinkertoy rumor was correct after
all :-)  The date looks to be set in stone now as November 10th (which I
believe is smart, since Nov 3rd is the U2 box set that's being sold FIRST
WEEK ONLY with a bonus single, it would easily eclipse DS sales).

There will be an album premiere for DS with Alex & Geddy, most likely on
the evening November 9th. More details when we get closer to the date. They'll
also have a Rockline interview (not sure who'll be doing it), but no date 
yet. And I've heard that VH1 will be showing ads for DS so KEEP YOUR EYES
PEELED! (and if anyone manages to score a copy, give me a holler cuz I'd love
to put up an RV/QT file of it :-)  I would guess that MuchMusic might also be
showing the same ads...

And read the next post below for some info on the Japanese release of DS!

 - rush-mgr


From: (SUZUKI Jun'ya)
Date: Mon, 12 Oct 1998 17:08:01 +0900 (JST)
Subject: Information for "Different Stages" Japanese press

Hello all Rush fan,

I'm SUZUKI Jun'ya, the maintainer of The Sphere: Japanese Rush 
www site.

I got following information for "Different Stages" Japnese press 
from East West Japan who distribute the Rush albums in Japan.

The release date for JPN press (AMCY-2891-3) will be 11/15 and
the price is 5,000 yen.

And this JPN press has "Force Ten" as bonus track on disc 2!
The track list is:

Disc 2:
        Test For Echo/ The Analog Kid/ Freewill/ Roll The Bones/        
        Stick It Out/ Resist/ Leave That Thing Alone/   
        The Rhythm Method (Drum Solo)/ Natural Science/ 
        Force Ten/ The Spirit of Radio/ Tom Sawyer/ YYZ

Disc 1 and 3 (live at Hammersmith) is the same as the US press
informed on the NMS Home Page.

Also has CD size replicas of AFTK and T4E tour books for the 1st 
press bonus (this is JPN press only, as well).

Hope this information helps you,


| # # | # # # | # # | # # # | # # | # # # | | # # | # # # | # # |
        SUZUKI Jun'ya
  Master's Proglam in Biosystem Studies, University of Tsukuba


From: Slim Jim 
Date: Fri, 09 Oct 1998 00:44:03 +0100
Subject: Re: Bumper Stickers 

"colin burroughs" wrote:
>  I have ready supply of rush bumper stickers signals hemispheres 2112 

I have a question - how come you refer to "fenders" in American
English when we (Brits) call them "bumpers", yet you still talk
about "bumper stickers", not "fender stickers"?  

Just curious,


From: Dom Kallas 
Date: Thu, 08 Oct 1998 19:57:54 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Theory on the November 3 release date

I have my ideas on why Atlantic is rescheduling the release of 'Different
Stages' to November 3.  Sony will be releasing the much anticipated _4 CD_
Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band rarities Box Set on November 10.
Though 'Different Stages' is rumored to cost about 25 US dollars, I
suppose that people will buy the Rush set or the Bruce set, but not both
(an XOR condition in Digital Logic terms...), at least in that first week.
	Also complicating things is the U2 B-sides and rarities
collection, which will be coming out at that time.  I heard that there
will be a special 2-CD set on sale for the first week and then a single CD
thereafter.  Hopefully this will not impact the sales of 'Different
Stages' too badly...

People always turn away from the Eyes of A Stranger
Afraid to know what lies behind the stare
						"Eyes of A Stranger"


From: Drew Eckhardt 
Date: Thu, 08 Oct 1998 18:34:21 -0600
Subject: Re: Who assumed controll!!?? writes:
>So if they're so happy in their other place, as the oracle shows why 
>would they want to come back to some mideval tech-world where music is 
>not allowed?  

The United Nations in general and America in particular are in the 
habbit of rescuing "opressed" people.  I see no reason why things 
would be different in some hypothetical future society, especially
one imagined by Neil Peart while in his cynical Ayne Rand phase.

>It is entirely possible, but if they were so advanced, why would they 
>not come in peace?  

We know that the elder race retains space flight, and is not hobbled
intellectually and/or artistically.  Beyond that, they may be
no more advanced than we are today.

Perhaps one of the elder race's politicians needed to flex his muscles
to distract his constituency from other problems,  or they over
populated their planets and needed more room.

Whatever happened, the Finale makes our hero's death extremely ironic.

>instead they barge in on 
>the solar federation, and say "this is mine, we have assumed controll"  
>without a battle even!!! (we know that the preists did have space travel 
>because the song says "attn: all planets" a plural, meaning more than 
>one, thus they controll the stars too) 

The priests' land (or all of the planets for that matter) could have 
lost that capability.

Personally, I suspect that the adventerous members of humanity made 
a mass exodus to the stars, leaving behind the sheep-people too 
afraid to leave their home and the bureaucrats unwilling to give
up their power.

To better control the people, the power mongers created a religion.  For
the same reason, the people may be denied access to technology like the
people in Vernor Vinges' _The Peace War_.  Alternatively, things have 
declined in the absence of the creative thinkers.

Our hero learns how things should be, can no longer live with the 
status quo, and either kills himself or just dies of despair.  

In an ironic twist, the elder race returns as prophecied.


From: Drew Eckhardt 
Date: Thu, 08 Oct 1998 18:35:38 -0600
Subject: Re: For the fans? writes:
>As opposed to other recordings that AREN'T for the fans?
>Who else would it be for?

The ignorant masses who buy whatever the media tells them too?

For those who do, no explanation is necessary.  
For those who don't, no explanation is possible.


From: "Michael O. Shannon" 
Date: Thu, 8 Oct 1998 18:03:54 -0400
Subject: Rush and other mailing lists........


I belong to the Led Zeppelin mailing list as well.  Rush is mentioned
occasionally but of course Zeppelin Rules on the Zep list.  I belong to the
Kinks mailing list.  Rush is not really mentioned.  Zep is sometimes, due to
the controversy over whether or not Jimmy Page played the guitar solo and
possibly came up with the riff to You Really Got Me back in 1964.  But other
than that it's pretty much The Kinks rule.  I think you're getting the idea.
We are on a Rush list here.  And Hanson, I mean Rush, rules.

You can't compare Rush to Zeppelin's solo careers.  You can compare Rush and
Zeppelin up to the late '70's, but Led Zeppelin is a totally different
animal than their solo careers.  Some groups just mesh well together.
Zeppelin were excellent together.  The Beatles were excellent together.
Pink Floyd were excellent together.  But none of their solo projects could
match their heydey.  It's just like Rush.  If a member of Rush had died the
other two would have possibly tried to carry on solo careers but it would
never have been able to match the music that Rush had made together.



From: Alex Smith 
Date: Thu, 08 Oct 1998 18:05:04 -0700
Subject: AMEN

> "Conform or be cast out." We chose the latter. I don't think anyone that has 
> been so inspired by Rush's music hasn't stood up for what he or she believed 
> in at some point, am I right? We were willing to be unpopular because of what 
> our experiences taught us was right. In high school most of us did this! Like 
> Rush, we were ahead of our time.

> In this issue 2112, celebrate what the 2112 album represented. Celebrate the 
> day you didn't buckle and cave in to be popular. Celebrate the day you took 
> everybody on because you KNEW you were right. Celebrate artistic freedom, 
> larger bank accounts be damned.   Because the day you do is the day you are 
> individual-and free.

AMEN, mein gott! I am a senior in high school and, because of Rush, have
become the most outspoken individualist and defender of personal freedom at
my school. I have been given plenty of shit for not fitting in, but
actually in the long run I think I have gained a good deal of respect from
many people for not going along with the latest faddish teenage bullshit.
Subdivisions is my anthem, and the MASSES be damned; as long as I have a
couple of good friends and act as I well as I can towards everyone else, I
feel good and I feel, well, proud for being able to resist.

Rush is not a band for the average Joe on the street. We Rushians ARE
different, we ARE weirdos, we ARE the geeks and nutheads and nerds and
anti-hipsters and dreamers of the world, we ARE passionate about what we
believe in, we ARE individuals, we ARE NOT afraid to fight convention for
what is right, we ARE everywhere in small numbers, we ARE the types who
truly can change the world for the better.

The people who do not like Rush because they don't like Geddy's singing
style or their sound or even the pretentiousness" of the lyrics are
perfectly fine in my book. They ARE thinking for themselves. They do not
like Rush because they have a real reason, but they fit into our philosophy
just fine even if they don't like the band. The band is not what is
ultimately important: it is the message, the stories and morals and ideas
they have given the world.

Alex Smith

Subdivisions (Rush): 

"I see priests, politicians?
 Heroes in black plastic body-bags under nation's flags
 I see children pleading with outstreched hands
 Drenched in napalm, this is no Vietnam.
 I can't take any more, should we say goodbye?
 How can you justify?
 And they call us civilized." -Marillion (Fish) 

"Music is a dreadful thing." -Ludwig van Beethoven


From: Zelenski 
Date: Thu, 08 Oct 1998 19:09:51 -0700
Subject: 2112 issue...

I've got a great idea for the 2112th nms issue!!

I say that we forget the idea of devoting the whole issue to paying
tribute to the band.  Instead, we pay tribute to the National Midnight
Star!!!  Maybe we could include some kind of history of the nms or

Just a thought.



From: Dennis Benjamin 
Date: Thu, 08 Oct 1998 23:55:28
Subject: Geeze Louize

Hello out there in Rush land. 32 days until the new album comes out? :-) I
have just transferred to the Knoxville, Tennessee area and I have my
personalized license plate on order (can you guess what it may be?)

New internet service provider too. Mindspring Rulz.

Catch ya later.


From: James M 
Date: Fri, 09 Oct 1998 00:03:01 -0400
Subject: Tragically Hip/Victor

Heya rush-kies...

To rush mgr and the guy going to see the Hip, take it from a Canadian,
you will have a GREAT time.(Especially if Gordie goes into his "killer
whale" bit during New Orleans is Sinking..heheheh..but..he hasn't in a

Oh ya..just to add my "Victor II" news...supposedly Alex has most of the
material written and recorded, but is delaying it due to the release of
D.S. There was supposedly (?) talk of a name change from Victor..but he
has decided to stick with it, since he has brought in alot of outside
help again. I wonder if we will hear some of the stuff he was ready to
put on T4E??

Oh ya....and I got an email that there is a bunch of stuff signed by
ALex for the Artists Against Racism aution, but I just don't know the
date. It will supposedly be just like last year. Keep ya posted.




From: (Christopher W Lindsay)
Date: Tue, 6 Oct 1998 00:13:40 -0400
Subject: Get Together in SE Michigan

I have only received 2 people expressing interest in SE Michigan area.
Ypsilanti/Ann Arbor area is where we are shooting for the get together.
A contest/raffle for the popular import "Mirrors" is on the agenda at the
get together celebrating "Different Stages" release.  If you think you can
make it, e-mail me.  The more people we hear from, the cooler the 
arrangements I'll make.  

I was thinking of the following:
 -Donkey circumsising
 -Showing of my 2 year ols nephew's artwork
 -I will show my naval lint collection
	*  (I just got a genuine '74 Andrew Lindsay pink fuzz)  Andy's my
And to top it off...
 -"Name that toupee"

Come on, and join us--won't you?   It'll be fun!


From: "Michael Z. Williamson" 
Date: Wed, 07 Oct 1998 23:35:06 -0700
Subject: dire straits and bill bruford

>Andy Golborne said:
>There was one album after this called "Gradually Going Tornado" which 
>has Alan Clarke on guitar.

The keyboard player from Dire Straits plays guitar?????

mike   rush-realted stuff
"Quality is a bit like oats.  If you want good, clean, fresh oats, you
must pay a fair price.  If however, you can be satisfied with oats that
have already been through the horse...that comes a little cheaper."

John P. Husvar


From: mark irwin 
Date: Fri, 09 Oct 1998 22:23:17 +0000
Subject: YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats! From another San Diegan, how about those Padres?! Way to
go-and may you be around til' 4224!!!!!
Mark Irwin


From: "Jim Donahue" 
Date: Fri, 9 Oct 1998 00:29:43 -0700
Subject: How to make a cool thing cooler?  RUSH-a-tize it!

Okay, so how often does this happen...

There I was there I was there I was in - - my car.  My sunroof is open, the
sky is clear and the air is comfortably warm.  It is Thursday, October 8 at
about 4pm.  A fabulously clear warm day.  I am preparing to cross the Golden
Gate Bridge heading into San Francisco, when what to my wondering eyes did
appear but the Blue Angels jet fighter stunt team.  It is Fleet Week in the
Bay Area, and the Angels are out in force, preparing for the big weekend
shows.  The weather was so nice for S.F. that things began to seem almost
unreal: surreal.  The jets thundered past and spiraled straight up over
Alcatraz Island when I realized that this "movie" that I must be watching
needs a soundtrack.(!)  I scramble for a tape, pop it in and lower the
(power) windows.  I had my cheesy tape of live songs from ESL and ASOH all
mixed up (what was I thinking when I made this???).

Anyhow,  Mystic Rhythms blares from my speakers and the traffic grinds to a
creep as we all stare at the skies.  The Angels complete a huge loop and
come out of it just yards above the bay waters, and then scream straight
towards us.  The jets rip over our cars and climb  straight up.  I'm arched
almost backwards, looking up through the sunroof screaming something like
"YES!" in a macho, Top Gun kind of way.  The jets reach the peak of their
climb and split away form formation just as Mystic Rhythm ends and Freewill
starts (my fade-in sucked, btw).  It was truly an exciting experience.  I
actually sat there thinking, "I have a Rush moment to share with TNMS"!
Esoteric, thought I, and what better folk to share this with than you all.
Oh yeah, so I lose sight of the jets as they disappear around the steep
nearby hills.  Halfway across the bridge (did I mention the weather was so
warm and clear?!) two of the jets buzz the bridge, lower than the tops of
the suspension towers.  Freewill's still playing loud and strong.  One jet
buzzed past about 500 yards away.  The second one buzzed directly overhead
again, going so fast that I did not hear its deafening roar until it dove
further down and was halfway back to Alcatraz, practically surfing on the
bay.  The burners were so loud on that jet that for a moment I could not
hear the music.  Just like a good Rush song, these rockets with wings demand
your attention.  And get it.

Well, at least I have weekend plans now.  So I'll see you all around Pier
39, Sunday, oh say noonish?  You won't miss me.  I'll be the 30 year old kid
wearing a faded Presto T-shirt tapping YYZ on my son's bike helmet.  :)

Jim Donahue
"da-da da da da-da da da da dada da..."  YYZ


From: Neil Bonfield 
Date: 09 Oct 1998 04:26:35 -0400
Subject: Huh?

"Michael Z. Williamson"  wrote:
>There is an election in November.
>Tomorrow is the last day to register in most places.
>You may vote absentee if not present that day--ask your county clerk how.
>If you don't vote, I don't want to hear you complain. (I love to
>complain--  ...  blah-de-blah  ...

I could find no Rush content here whatsoever. This is a Rush digest isn't
it? Not a political rallying tool. This is also a very international
digest, so not all of us have elections in November. Let's talk about
Rush, please!

Does anyone else have the weird sensation when singing along to studio
albums of singing the 'live version'. Geddy does mix the vocals up live
quite a lot. One example is Limelight (pick a boot, any boot), where
Geddy intones upwards at the start of some lines. I find myself doing
this also (I am usually alone in my car, so it's not usually a problem!).

Also, someone mentioned that they used to have problems with the intro
to A Passage To Bangkok, where they thought the riff started on an off-
beat. I don't find that with APTB, but I do get it with Cold Fire. I
almost have to concentrate to pick up the beat - weird!

BTW, I thought what rush-mgr did for digest #2112 was cool. Quite right -
a celebration of the digest, rather than the band. After all, isn't EVERY
digest meant to be a celebration of the band??

'Trying is the first step towards failure' - Homer

Neil Bonfield


From: Scott Deitche STP 
Date: Fri, 09 Oct 1998 09:34:32 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Two other great Canadian bands

There are two other great bands from the great white north I've been listening
to a lot of:

Artificial Joy Club - Their cd "Melt" is abut a year old, and it rocks (so
cliched).  They have a great female singer, and an even better sense of humor.

Moist - I picked up "Silver" while visiting New York City a few months back for
$0.25!!!!!!!  The best quarter I've ever spent.  The cd is great and I know
they have other ones out.  Anybody listen to them??  Recommendations on their


From: Ben Hansen 
Date: Fri, 09 Oct 1998 09:52:51 -0400
Subject: We have assumed control.

Fellow travelers,

I've been watching this discussion for some time now and felt compelled
to share my experiences.

My first exposure to Rush was 2112 and came at a time in my life when I
was struggling with personal identity.  I felt as if my life was being
ruled by my own set of priests and that no matter how much I struggled I
couldn't escape the control of everything and everyone around me.

As I listened to 2112 I was experiencing the pain and inner turmoil of
the character in the song and felt my own desire to take that final step
away from the pain... I was immersed in the cries of anguish 'My life
blood...Spills Over."

Then the announcement "Attention all planets of the Solar
Federation..."  suddenly brought me back to an earlier glimmer of hope
"Their power grows with purpose strong, to claim the home where they
belong".  YES,  The elder race returns triumphant to reclaim their
natural home and release all of the people from their complacency.

I realized that this song is about survival NO MATTER WHAT.  Each day
since has taken me on a journey of discovery that has been the greatest
experience of my life.  Sixteen plus years now and I still revel in the
statement "We have assumed control."  Because I have assumed
control...Of my life.

One of the beauties of music is that it will influence each of us in
some unique way.  However this song, or any other, speaks to you is
right FOR YOU.  Don't expect even one other person to travel with you on
that most personal of journeys.

Just a little,
on the matter.

Ben Hansen
Systems Engineer
CMHC Systems Inc.
Dublin, OH, USA


Date: Fri, 09 Oct 98 10:57:40 -0500
Subject: A vs. B vs. C

     Alex recently posted:
     "> Assuming Canadians use the English pronunciation as you say, it's
     > pronounced with a "zed".  They mostly speak American English, but I
     > think this is an exception.
     When the Swissair 111 crash happened, I watched CNN, which was showing
     footage from the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company) about the crash. 
     The only thing I noticed is that most of the Canadian pronounciation 
     and such is American, but there were a few instances where it sounded 
     kinda British.  Any friends from up north care to comment on this? I'm 
     kinda curious about it."
     To Alex et al ->  
     As a Canadian who is currently working in Dallas, and who has also 
     worked for 7 months in Chicago, I feel I can offer a few comments on 
     The Canadian spoken English is quite similar to that in the US or UK, 
     until you start talking about governments, taxes, and financial 
     investments. :)
     The dialect is quite different, with many Canadian commentaries ending 
     in "eh?" (no kidding), and different accents depending on the region 
     of Canada you come from.  For example, Maritimers have quite a 
     different speech from those folks on the Prairies.  However, this is 
     no different than the British or American speech, which also has 
     differing accents in their various regions (eg. You don't hear "y'all 
     in Illinois).  Personally, I noticed no difference in the speech heard 
     in Illinois (US midwest) to that I grew up with in Toronto, although 
     my US co-workers claimed to notice an "accent" in my speech.
     British folks I've worked with have a few unique terms for common 
     items ("boot" is a car trunk, "brolly" is an umbrella, "cheers" means 
     hello, thanks, and see ya, depending on the context, etc).  I guess as 
     far as the spoken word is concerned, us Canucks have adopted a closer 
     speech-style to the Americans than our British forefathers.  Where we 
     may come across as sounding British is in our newscasts; Brits and 
     Canucks love the news (but not the tabloid stuff that is so dominant 
     on US airwaves :)).  The few Canuck newscasters who do sound American, 
     have in fact, been recruited by major US networks (case in point: 
     Peter Jennings of ABC).
     I don't pretend to be a linguistics expert, but that is what I've 
     noticed from my experiences.  
     And to throw a bit of Rush content on this, "YYZ" was written by a 
     Canadian rock group, and is a reference (as we all know) to Toronto's 
     Pearson Int'l Airport's flight code.  Therefore, the correct 
     pronunciation is "why-why-zed".
     I seem to recall many debates on this very same thread about 2 years 
     ago here on TNMS?  Hopefully, we can accept the fact that Rush is a 
     Caandian band with global-reaching influences, and keep the many 
     subtle differences that exist between countries off this list.  As 
     fellow Canuck Dan Aykroyd says, "There are still some things that make 
     us all the same; you, me, them, everybody...."  (This may be a good 
     time to listen to 'Territories' while you drive to Blockbuster to rent 
     the 'Blues Brothers' again :))
     Cheers to all,


Date: Fri, 09 Oct 98 11:08:05 -0500
Subject: T4E Video

     Greetings all,
     I am aware of the few official Rush videos out on the market (is it 
     just ESL and ASOH?), but I am looking for their music videos (ie. not 
     concerts); in other words, the ones that are shown on MuchMusic and 
     other such cable channels (VH1, MTV, etc.).  In particular, I'd love 
     to track down the T4E video, as an old buddy of mine played a role in 
     it, and I still haven't seen it.
     If anyone can direct me to where I could find this (or any other Rush 
     song videos), or better yet, if anyone could make me a copy, I'd be 
     extremely grateful.


From: "Daniel Ware" 
Date: Fri, 09 Oct 1998 10:51:40
Subject: 2112, the year, not the digest #

Hey gang...
this isn't something I spend a lot of time thinking about, but just now I
wondered what life will be like in the year 2112... I kind of wonder if a
small group of people, with a keen interest in very old music styles, will
gather together and have a listening party for 2112? I mean, we listen to
classical music from centuries ago, so it stands to reason that in a
hundred years, people will still be listening to Rush, right? 
Damn, sign me up for one of those cryogenic thingies.. I want to be there
when it happens.. Ironically, some of our kids and grandkids may just make
it that far.. I think we should all put together a time capsule, and leave
instructions to be passed down through our families that they be opened on
a specific date in 2112...inside would be a copy of 2112 and some sort of
CD player.. I'm sure CDs will be out by then... 
I guess that sounds a little crazy..It's friday, and I need a beer...
Ah well..Any thoughts, people..?
Cheers from New Mexico..
The ship sank...
Get over it.


From: "Robert Ashley Davidson" 
Date: Fri, 9 Oct 1998 18:18:15 -0700
Subject: Hall of Fame, Rolling Stone etc. etc. Yawn!

Why is anybody bothered about whether or not Rush are written about in
Rolling Stone? If you don't like the paper, or disagree with it's "anti-Rush
bias", then don't buy or read it, and encourage everybody else to do the
same. I cannot understand why all the fuss about Rolling Stone. Why not put
energies into stopping the massacres in the old Yugoslavia?

We all love the music of Rush, but that's it. We fell in love with the
music, it's not a doctrine, I'm sure the three band members are more than
happy with the rewards and adulation they have received from people who
appreciate what they have given the world.

This is not meant as a flame, but let's get a grip!

Looking forward to Different Stages or (whatever it's called) immensley.

Ashley Davidson.


From: "Russell J. Thorpe" 
Date: Fri, 09 Oct 1998 12:17:02 -0400
Subject: signature guitars

Remember those great Stratoesque type guitars Alex used on the HYF
tour?  I think the company's name is Signature.  Anyhow, I found one at
a local music store here where I live(Huntsville, Alabama).  It was used
of course.....and the vendor didn't know very much about it.  He just
knew it was an "Aurora" model.  It's kind of a deep crimson color, and
has a Floyd Rose on it.  The name "Kent" is engraved on the 12th fret. 
I'm left-handed, but I bought the son-of-a-bitch anyhow.  Does anyone
know the parent company of whom makes these guitars?  Or does anyone out
there know any other info. about Signature guitars?  I have tried to
hunt down info. on this axe.....but to no avail.  I would like to get my
hands on a lefty model......the sound does somewhat shred.  :)


As far as I know, Signature was a Canadian guitar manufacturer who went out
of buisiness in the late 80's or so.  That was when Alex started plying
(and endorsing) P.R.S.  I may be wrong about signature, but it seems like I
read it in an interview with Alex in Guitar fot the Practicing Musician.

Russell J. Thorpe
Systems Administrator
Toyo Seat USA Corp.
ph. (810)724-0300 ext.148


Date: Fri, 9 Oct 1998 12:26:49 -0500 
Subject: First cut of Different Stages

Hey I just heard the first cut off Different Stages on the radio. While it
was "Spirit of Radio", a song that many feel shouldn't be on a CD again, it
was different enough. Alex makes some minor changes to the solo that make it
worth while. Then again I'd pay to hear Alex tune up. Looking forward to
						Jimi Hartnett


From: Will Collier 
Date: Fri, 09 Oct 1998 13:28:17 +0100
Subject: Different Stages listed on and

Here's an early sighting... "Different Stages" is being listed by for pre-release purchase.  They're asking $22.49, and quoting
a list price of $24.97.  On the other hand, there's no cover image, and
the (very brief) text calls it a "2-CD set". is also listing the album, calling it a box set.  They're 
asking $22.47.  

Both list the release date as November 10...

 -Will Collier


From: (Chuck Flowers)
Date: Fri, 9 Oct 1998 12:38:49 -0500
Subject: consumer alert

This is just to warn you about the new Depeche Mode singles collection
(ripoff).  It is all previously released material on 2 discs.  So whats
the problem?  Lack of music.  The first disc has ten songs and lasts 41
minutes and the second disc has 11 songs and lasts only 55 minutes.  That
leaves about 39 unused minutes on disc one and about 25 unused minutes on
disc two.  That's over an hour of unused space.  Most artists' cd's of
new material go at least an hour these days and they don't even go an
hour on their greatest hits discs.  Considering the high price (20 bucks)
of this package, I really feel ripped off.  Does anyone else get pissed
when a greatest hits package comes with wasted space?

c money


Date: Fri, 9 Oct 1998 14:53:40 EDT
Subject: Different Stages single

I was just curious, the single for Animate was supposed to be released at the
end of last month, and I haven't seen it, heard it, or heard anything about it
yet.  Anybody have any info?


P.S.  Can't wait for the album!!!!!


From: "Michael Z. Williamson" 
Date: Thu, 08 Oct 1998 13:59:04 -0700
Subject: sig


>Remember those great Stratoesque type guitars Alex used on the HYF
>tour?  I think the company's name is Signature.  Anyhow, I found one at
>a local music store here where I live(Huntsville, Alabama).   Does 
>anyone know the parent company of whom makes these guitars? 

Signature WAS a Canadian company.  Another famous player of their
instruments is David Gilmour, although he basically stuck it in his
The company is now defunct--hold on to that sucker, it's worth a buck or

"Quality is a bit like oats.  If you want good, clean, fresh oats, you
must pay a fair price.  If however, you can be satisfied with oats that
have already been through the horse...that comes a little cheaper."

John P. Husvar


From: "Chris Palo" 
Date: Fri, 09 Oct 1998 13:29:53 PDT
Subject: 2112  caught in the midddle

Dear fellow Rushians,

First, to the rush-mgr., thanks for all the hard work.  Each and 
everyone of us applauds you for your efforts both above and beyond the 
call of duty for any Rushian.

Second, since we have come to issue 2112, I've been doing a lot of 
thinking about 2112 itself, and it does not center on who  assumed 
control of what. Isn't that obvious by now?  I'm sure that most of you 
have noticed the connectors between FBN and COS as well as between AFTK 
and Hems.  In the former, By-Tor was the thematic character connector 
and in the latter it was a thematic connector about Cygnus.  Now, 2112 
stands great alone, but has anyone maybe tried to find some conection to 
the FBN/COS or to the AFTK/Hems. albums?  I haven't come up with 
anything definite, but here is what I do have;  that the pilot of 
Roscinante in Cygnus X-1 is either a member of the elder race or maybe a 
fugitive from the priests before they are overthrown.  Now I realize 
that this is a big, big, big stretch, but it gives me much to  think 
about.  So am I crazy or not?  Love to hear from you.

Also, since everyone now is going on about what issue they want to see 
next, i have my preference, 2865, by adding 2112 to 753, the date of the 
founding of Rome, which is my area of study.

And just out of curiousity, any Rainbow fans out there?  




From: Chris Walker 
Date: Fri, 9 Oct 98 13:33:05 -0000
Subject: Rush Car Window Decals

I tried to send this once before but I think I got the wrong address...
My apologies if this is a repeat post.

Anyway, does anyone know where I might find (assuming they exist) one
of those car window decals (the white-line kind like the ones of Calvin
peeing) of the 2112 star&man logo? I am also looking for the Queesnryche
logo if possible. And if these don't exist, does anyone know where I
buy some of that same type of sticker in like a sheet so that I can
make my own?

 Chris Walker


Date: Fri, 9 Oct 1998 16:35:27 -0400
Subject: Different Stages - Advanced Orders

     Hey Gang!
     I just thought that you would like to know that Mass Music is 
     accepting advanced orders for Different Stages.  Their address in the 
     internet is as follows:
     Total cost including S&H is $23.98 ($21.49 + $2.49 S&H).
     I already ordered mine.

Date: Fri, 9 Oct 1998 15:59:11 -0500 
Subject: re:Rush News

Only 17K will be distributed??  Thats not that many.  What other songs 
will be on it?  This prob will be the only classical CD ever added to my 
voluminous CD colleXion.

Will the video also include the Cygnus tour footage?? wrote:
Congrats to Rush-mgr and the inspiration of this Jimmy Lang on issue
#2112! May you have 2112 more issues under your belt just think not to
far off from beating Cal Ripkens streak!HAHAHA.Anyways look for great
music Come April 16,1999 from Invsisible Symphony A Classical Tribute To
Rush to be relased.Now Vital Signs will be added and 17,000 cd's will be
pressed due to demand.A website will be out by Christmas and and sound 
clips and a pre-order site will be there also.

Different Stages video release first week of December


From: "Chaz Mattson" 
Date: Fri, 09 Oct 1998 15:12:35 PDT
Subject: Pooooooopeeesshhhhhhuuuuuuueeeeeeeee!!!!!


A modern day warrior
Gen some vibe
Todays RUSH Manager
Creates the Vibe

(Righteous momentary fill)

No the NMS is not for rent
To any god or government
Always hope for the best content
You know RUSH fans gen the scent

(hypnotic momentary fill)

The world is... 
The world is...
Love & Life agreed...
Maybe as the priest are wise...

Exit our Hero the RUSH MGR
He gets by with a view
And he really deals with the 
       friction of our daze...



From: "colin burroughs" 
Date: Fri, 09 Oct 1998 15:32:43 PDT
Subject: All of the people interseted in the sticker and pin ignor ...

    Due to the over  anticipated demaned and they are tough to suppli i 
will be raising prices.( I know i would fell screwd but the requests 
keep coming in).I am sorry but for some thing that is in mint condition 
scince 1980!My rates are (for the last time) for 1 6$ and for all 4 
20$.The list includs 2112,signals,hemispheres,and the cover for 
rush.they all are very nice.And for whos interested the signals pin is 5 
dollars.This does not inclued shipp and hannd please american money.On 
monday i will mail my address.Not for safty but i just moved and dont 
know my address right now. thanks and any questions just mail me.Please 
ignor what was sent origanally.


From: "colin burroughs" 
Date: Fri, 09 Oct 1998 16:00:24 PDT
Subject: I have made the oddest discovery with a movie and Gup

the other night watching Night Mare on Elm street in the guys room he 
had a poster with the gup cover art on it and i want radio 
staions made this an offical rush zone i have heard by tor to all of 
permanant waves wierd hu i think 40 some songs


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