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         The National Midnight Star, Number 2118

                  Thursday, 15 Oct 1998

Today's Topics:
                    Help with Rush MP3
                  Japanese version of DS
                  weirdos, geeks & freaks
             New Rush On the Texas
                     Random Rushness
                      Album Premiere
                  Different Stages DVD?
       Rush RealPlayer 'Reaming (ur... Streaming)?
  Re: How to make a cool thing cooler?  RUSH-a-tize it!
             The Spirit Of Radio....Finally!
                Different Stages Cover Art
                   Live Spirit of Radio
                  Paul Schaeffer & Rush
              release party in Milwaukee???
                       eddy and al
                     rush and voting
               Re: plans for next project?
                      Re: Big Wreck
                 Midi of Spirit of Radio
              Re: Different Stages Pre-Order
             An old Rush fan finally returns
        car without Rush - we must resume control!
                 HELP! HELP! HELP! HELP!
     Need Urgent Rush Help in Raleigh-Durham NC area
        Why we need to contact our radio stations!
Rush getting old?  Mellowing?  A polite response to B.J. Coo
                   Stabbing Victor-ward
                   Burning for Buddy II
            limited edition uk vinyl pressing
                        ASOF # 17
                      Tour for 99??
               Rockline and Release Parties
               ATTN: St. Louis Rush Freaks

From: (The RUSH Fans Digest Manager)
Date: Thu Oct 15 13:01:32 PDT 1998
Subject: Administrivia

The radio lists and DS release parties pages are up! I've tried to update
them with all the emails I've gotten, and everything that's been posted
to NMS, so if I missed something please let me know.

 - rush-mgr


From: "Dick" 
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1998 04:05:45 +0700
Subject: Help with Rush MP3

Hello fellow Rushian,

I'm from Indonesia. I really need to hear all songs from Rush (I already
read all Rush lyrics, but never heard some songs/albums), and it's so hard
to find Rush stuff here. Imported things are just too high for my wallet.
Right now only have free internet access at my school and plenty of time.
So, maybe somebody can help me to make Rush MP3 and then send it to me, or
put it on homepage so I can download it. Anybody? Cinderella Man?......8^D

So, if you kinda want to help me, please contact me via private mail.
I got the same problem with Dream Theater songs/album. Can DT fans here
help me too?

Anyway, thank you very much.........



From: Will Holt 
Date: Wed, 14 Oct 1998 14:18:33 -0400
Subject: Japanese version of DS

Anyone know where to get a copy of the Japanese version of DS with the bonus 

In the studio version of Tom Sawyer, is Alex using his guitar to make that 
high pitched sound during the line "...friction of the..."  Or is that a synth?

Are any singles planned for release for DS that will be available for purchase?



From: Alan Willig 
Date: Wed, 14 Oct 1998 16:34:51 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: weirdos, geeks & freaks

I'm a little concerned about the statement that Alex Smith makes with
regards to Rush fans being 'wierdos, geeks & freaks', along with the
assumption that Rush fans will change the world.  In addition to not
liking to label any group of people, most of my friends who are Rush fans
are pretty normal people; accountants, professors and financial aid
administrators; everyday joes on the street.  They may be free thinkers
but this also applies to my
friends who are NOT Rush fans.  To be sure, we all change the world by our
very existence, but lets be real; how many of us have cured world hunger?

Alex, I'm sorry if I'm taking this too literally (or seriously for that
matter) but by labeling any group of people, you're exacerbating the

Al Willig


From: Javier Reyes 
Date: Wed, 14 Oct 1998 16:48:17 -0500
Subject: New Rush On the Texas

Hey Rushians,

I just heard part of the Rush Album on the radio.
It is not The Spirit of Radio,  but Overture/Temples of Syrinx
and Discovery. It's Rocking! It's like I am there! If the
rest of the album sounds like this it is going to KICK ASS!
I can not wait!

Hear it on Lubbock, TX.



From: "Erin Langley" 
Date: Wed, 14 Oct 98 23:24:33 UT
Subject: Random Rushness

I have a few thoughts, ideas, and questions. Wanna hear 'em? (No? Okay, scroll 
your ass on down!)  ;-)

First, I know I'm a little late for this thread, but I had to share a misheard 
lyric with you. It comes from Freewill: "...a prisoner in chains, a victim of 
ENEMOUS fate..."  For the longest time, I was like 'What the hell was Neil 
thinking when he wrote that one??'   :-)

Next, I'm also a young Rushian. I'm a Freshman at the University of Florida. 
Any Gainesville TMNSers? Occasionally, I'll see some guy with a Rush shirt on, 
and it's a great way to meet cool people. Of course, they're few a far 
between... It's also fun for me to be a female Rush fan because I seem to only 
run into male ones. :-)

Maybe this has been discussed on here before and I just wasn't listening, but 
the other day I heard Simon & Garfunkel's "The Sound of Silence", and I was 
surprised when they sang the lyrics "the words of the prophets were written on 
the subway wall". I thought the words were unique to Rush, but apparently not. 
Any ideas on why Rush might've adapted 'em?

Oh yeah, I wanted to add my favorite bands OTHER THAN Rush to the growing 
thread. I love:
Pink Floyd
The Doobie Brothers
Van Morrison
Smashing Pumpkins
The Doors
Rachmaninov (the composer)
Busta Rhymes (I need variety, okay?) :-)

That's all for now.


"Lose your mind and come to your senses."


From: "Michael Melo" 
Date: Wed, 14 Oct 1998 19:14:28 +0000
Subject: Album Premiere

I've just heard that they will be playing "Different Stages" in it's 
entirety on 97.7 Hits FM at 10 p.m. on November the 4th. And also
tommorow, they will be playing all of 2112 from DS. I believe this 
will happen between 5:30 and 7:30 p.m. As "The Spirit of Radio" from 
"Different Stages" was played at about this time, today. Of what I 
heard, I'd have to say was excellent. If all the songs sound the 
way "TSOR" did, this album in my opinion has the best sound quality 
of any of the live albums to date.

Mike "Mooseboy"


From: "Baron Lane" 
Date: Wed, 14 Oct 1998 21:31:21 -0500
Subject: Different Stages DVD?


Anyone gave any information on what format the Different stages
video will be released on? I'm considering a DVD player this Christmas
and would love to see it arrive in that format.

Just call me a digital video disk man.

Happy Autumn!


 -Warning : Gratuitous self-promotion ahead 


From: "B.J. Morgan" 
Date: Wed, 14 Oct 1998 21:30:13 -0500
Subject: Rush RealPlayer 'Reaming (ur... Streaming)?

Salutations Fellow Peart (Peert, of course) Praisers:

Does anyone know of any live streaming RealPlayer audio sites that
exclusively (or inclusively, for that matter) play Rush?  I just recently
have been trying out the RealPlayer phenomenon and I really enjoy being able
to download virtually thousands of radio stations of my choosing.  However,
the RealPlayer experience could be greatly enhanced if only I could find a
dedicated Rush site.  Any feedback?


B.J. Morgan

Indiana State University Drumline

Music Industry Association


Date: Wed, 14 Oct 1998 22:46:34 EDT
Subject: Re: How to make a cool thing cooler?  RUSH-a-tize it!

>From NMS 2115:
Jim Donahue writes:
"...I am preparing to cross the Golden Gate Bridge heading into San Francisco,
when what to my wondering eyes did
appear but the Blue Angels jet fighter stunt team...."

ACK!!! No, *not* stunts! Demonstration. "Stunts" and "Blue Angels" are not to
be used when describing SF's Fleet Week. Christ, we want to have the Blues
back-----we don't want the tree-huggers on our backs here in the Bay Area more
than usual, Jim.
That was a good take on the Blues over the Golden Gate, though. Not too many
finer sights in this world that seeing that. (Hint: that's why I live here).
Also, the week before, at the Stockton airshow, the F-15E demo had the sound
guy blasting "Limelight" over the speakers, before being drowned out by
afterburners, that is. So perhaps there is something to fighter demonstrations
and Rush songs. Hey, two great tastes that taste great together, or something
like that.

On another note, I saw someone post a while back about Mika Hakkinen having it
all over Michael Schumacher (we United States F1 fans are few, but rabid). GO
MIKA!!!! But if Schu gets in front, might as well tell it goodnight and hit
the lights when you leave Suzuka.

Oh, yeah. Didn't someone else ask about Signature guitars? Weren't those the
ones made in Vancouver and Alex owned half the company, or something like

BTW: late congrats to the Rush-mgrs. for issue 2112. I think the world of you
folks, so keep up the good work. But by the time the band tours again I'm
gonna need a couple of new NMS shirts, so someone start working on a new



From: "Rich Malitz" 
Date: Wed, 14 Oct 1998 20:01:52 PDT
Subject: The Spirit Of Radio....Finally!

I have just heard the Different Stages version of The Spirit Of Radio on 
my local radio station.  I have actually heard it 3 times straight since 
I taped it!  It was incredible, what great sound!  The drums sound great 
and Alex is in the left speaker and Geddy in the right to give you that 
"being in the front row" feel.  To top it off, it was from Chicago, my 
hometown!  I can't believe it.  I had heard earlier from a local DJ in 
Chicago (Jo Robinson who is flying up to Toronto to interview the band 
for a radio special, she interview them for the Test For Echo release 
party) that a some of Different Stages was recorded at the United Center 
in October 1996.  I don't know if this is all true, but Spirit was from 
Chicago.  I also agree that those who balked at "hits" being on the 
album instead of rare songs will be surprised at how great Spirit 
sounds.  I am going to call the station back and see if the DJ can play 
another track.  I am going to assume that Animate is the other one, but 
I will try for anything.  What a great day!

Rich Malitz

Hey Rush mgr.- A Cubs fan will never forget 1984, so I hope the Padres 
lose to the Yankees!  Happy for Tony Gwynn though.  Good luck!


From: "Darren Platakis" 
Date: Wed, 14 Oct 1998 23:29:21 -0400
Subject: Different Stages Cover Art

Hello everyone,

I know this would probably have come up in the near future but I'd thought
I'd get a jump on it. With all the interpretations of lyrics,
star/pentagram  etc. how about one for the new album cover. 

It's a picture of tinker toys. Two of them are side by side and the other
is aways up the pole separate. Could the bottom two represent Ged and Alex
and the top one Neil, since he joined the band after the first album?? 

Could it also represent the space that Geddy and Alex are giving Neil
considering the tragedies lately? 

Could it also mean that Geddy and Alex were the only ones to work on the

This oughta drive us nuts for awhile. 

   [ No, no and no. I have the DEFINITIVE word, from Hugh Syme HIMSELF,
     the placement of the tinkertoys HAS NO MEANING. Please let's drop this
     before we go off on extreme tangents again....            : rush-mgr ]

Darren Platakis

Cornerstone Records & Productions
13 Nello St. 
St. Catharines, Ontario
L2N 1G5

Get your copy of the new PHUSE CD "Power . Funk . Pop"  NOW!!!!


From: "William A. Gordon" 
Date: Wed, 14 Oct 1998 23:51:12 -0400
Subject: Live Spirit of Radio

WDVE in Pittsburgh played the new Spirit Of Radio from DS on Wed. 10/14,
can't wait for the release!=20


From: "David Ayers" 
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1998 00:04:14 -0400
Subject: Paul Schaeffer & Rush

As I sit here reading the TNMS with David Letterman in the background, =
it occurs to me that in 15 years of watching the gap-toothed one on late =
night TV, I have never heard Paul "I'm always happy to mention that I'm =
a Canadian" Schaeffer and his band play Rush.  Not even once!!  Has =
anyone ever heard them play or even MENTION Rush??  Was he kicked out of =
Canada for refusing to play Rush?? =20


"Most of the world's problems could be solved by giving people something =
better to do." - Anonymous


From: Thomas Gillingham 
Date: Wed, 14 Oct 1998 23:12:44 -0500
Subject: release party in Milwaukee???

Hey folks...

	Anyone in Milwaukee, or the surrounding area, planning on having a DS
release party?  I haven't heard of the Exclusive Co. staying open the night
of the release, at least no yet I haven't.  They usually DO stay open until
1am or so...they did when T4E came out (or was that for REM's new release
at the time...can't think of the name? hehe)

Anyway, if anyone IS planning a party, or knows of any record stores that
are having one in the Milwaukee area, please e-mail me privately.  Thanx! :-)

One more anyone on the list planning on buying Dream Theater's
double live album, "Once in a LIVEtime"?  Comes out Oct. 27th, FYI.

Unpatiently waiting for Nov. 10...

ICQ# 15240956

The Time Is Now!
Help Induct Rush Into The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
Send Your Letters Of Support To:

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation
1290 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10104


From: "Michael Z. Williamson" 
Date: Tue, 13 Oct 1998 23:40:50 -0700
Subject: eddy and al

(B. J. Cook) said:
>Listen to the opening guitar on "Without You," track 2 on Van Halen's
>latest album, Van Halen's not forgotten his roots in rock.
>Listen to the amplifier noise on Van Halen III's  "Without You"
>(3:29-3:49).  Not only does it defy tradition for a studio album,

one name: Norman Greenbaum.  Another:  Trent Reznor.  Another: Tony
Iommi.  Another:  Randy Rhoads.  Sorry, but rock is FILLED with
distortion on studio albums.

And amplifier noise is just an amateur's way of making people notice his
distortion.  Alex got out of that stage in 1975.  Eddy quit in 80.  I
hope he hasn't gone back to being a stoned teenager.

Alex actually uses a TREMENDOUS amount of distortion, which does not
necessarily equal noise.  It is possible to play an almost square
waveform and not have amp dirt.

Eddy is a phenomenal player, true.  But Alex is far more versatile, and 
IMO,  better. 
mike  Edged weaponry, from the stone age to the space

"Quality is a bit like oats.  If you want good, clean, fresh oats, you
must pay a fair price.  If however, you can be satisfied with oats that
have already been through the horse...that comes a little cheaper."

John P. Husvar


From: "Michael Z. Williamson" 
Date: Tue, 13 Oct 1998 23:58:18 -0700
Subject: rush and voting

Slim Jim 
"Michael Z. Williamson" wrote:
> Neil Bonfield said: 
> "Michael Z. Williamson"wrote:
 >There is an election in November....
> >>I could find no Rush content here whatsoever. This is a Rush digest 
> >>isn't it? 
> Are you saying getting involved is NOT Rush content?  "Folks have got to
> make choices.  And choices got to have voices."--Neil Peart.  Feel
> better now?  
>Your post was completely off-topic and your last comment proves Neil's
>point perfectly - I don't believe Neil isn't part of ANY problem in
>YOUR country.

Right.  Now could we have that with some grammar?

And yes, if I might offer my own 2p, getting involved in politics 
is NOT "Rush content", no matter what the views expressed in any 
Rush song might be.

Not to start a flame war (ah, hell, why not?!?!), but my family left
Britain because it was turning into an authoritarian socialist s*%thole,
worthy of a 2112 type ending (with Canada racing it for position--lived
there too, and left in a hurry).  I will stop that from happening here
by any legal means.  And that includes urging Rush fans to vote.

>> most of us will never see.  Should we start deleting anything not
>> internationally relevant?  going to be a short list.  

>It wouldn't be a short list, because most contributors have the 
>intelligence to post about Rush - an internationally relevant 
>subject.  Go and sit in a quiet room and think about it for a few 
>minutes if you have difficulty understanding that.

I apologize.  I sent a post to many of my list, and included the NMS by
accident.  I was grateful that the Rush-mgr included it--she
intelligently deleted a joke I once sent by mistake.  I certainly hope
you aren't implying the rush-mgr is impaired for allowing it through?
mike  Edged weaponry, from the stone age to the space

"Quality is a bit like oats.  If you want good, clean, fresh oats, you
must pay a fair price.  If however, you can be satisfied with oats that
have already been through the horse...that comes a little cheaper."

John P. Husvar


From: Thomas Gillingham 
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1998 00:21:47 -0500
Subject: Re: plans for next project?

In response to a post in TNMS #2117:

>Thomas Gillingham  passed this along...

>> Sources close
>> to the band say that there is a 75% of Rush making another studio album.
>> Geddy and Alex are set to do ALL the work and Neil will step in at some
>> point during the recording to fill in the drum tracks.

>Does "ALL the work" really mean ALL the work, as in writing the lyrics

To be honest, I'm not sure myself.  As I stated in the original post, I
received that e-mail from a friend of mine who has connections in the
record biz, and I *do* believe the info. to be accurate, with exception to
the changed release date from Nov. 10th to the 3rd, which is obviously not
true, yet.  There isn't really a way for my friend to find out either,
because he's just on a list with other radio show hosts, who receive the
latest info.  However, he did receive TSoR/2112 live single today, and he
ripped mp3s of them.  All I can say is...can't wait to hear the rest of DS,
if these two tracks sound this awesome! :-)


ICQ# 15240956


From: Thomas Gillingham 
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1998 00:34:16 -0500
Subject: Re: Big Wreck

Sheesh, I really need to learn to read the WHOLE digest, and post
after...instead of posting, reading some more, posting a response, etc.

Anyway, I agree that Big Wreck rocks!  First time I saw them was on Dream
Theater's November 1st, '97 HOB in Chicago show.  I'd never heard of them,
and as an opener, they received a lot of flack, but I actually liked them!
I bought "In Loving Memory Of..." (Personally, "The Oaf" has to be my
favorite song on the album, with "Prayer" and "That Song" tying for
second..heh) a few days later, and now these guys are my #3 band, behind
Rush, and Dream Theater.  I saw them again at the UW-Madison union this
past summer, as they played a free concert.  Then, just last month, they
played a tiny ass club here in Milwaukee.  There weren't many people there,
but they still rocked.  Ian Thornley is one of the best newcoming guitar
players/singers I've heard in a long time!

What I'm getting at is, if you see their CD in the record store, snatch it
up!  And, if you get the chance to see them live, for cryin' out loud, GO!

Okay, this is my last post tonight, I promise! :-)


ICQ# 15240956


From: "Dennis Pupello II" 
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1998 03:12:24 -0400
Subject: Midi of Spirit of Radio

Hey, looking for some help!  :)

I'd like to have my dad's band the Fabulous Rockers learn the Spirit of
Radio for a special event we're having next year.  (His band plays all kinds
of music, from James Brown to Sinatra to Blues Brothers to Santana to
Springsteen to Bobby Blue Bland and many latin and jazzy standards by other

They could always learn the tune by ear, but I'd rather have the sheet music
to distribute so my pianist/keyboardist father, who leads the group, could
more easily arrange it.  His band includes several horns, some of which I
envision playing the vocal melody -- the singer's gravely voice isn't suited
for the lyrics -- much like Rachel Barton did on her violin rendition.

Does anyone know of a truly accurate music transcription of the studio
version?  I know there are several .mid files on the internet, and assume
that if you load one of these into a midi program such as Cakewalk, you
could then print out the score.

However, I'm suspicious that the midi files are not actual note-for-note
arrangements of the studio version, but rather arrangements that sound good
for computer music output on a sound card.

What about notation books?  Any help greatly appreciated.


From: Danny Robinson 
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1998 02:23:19 -0500
Subject: Re: Different Stages Pre-Order

George Ruof wrote:

"I ordered the Different Stages CD from today and chose FedEx
next day delivery so I can get it on the release date.

The total cost is $31.13....


George, give them a few more days.......and the cost: $21.12.
Coincidence?  :)



From: Alexandra 
Date: Fri, 16 Oct 1998 11:58:52 +0200
Subject: An old Rush fan finally returns

Greetings, everyone!

I am pretty new to this mailing list and wanted to introduce myself.
When I was a teenager (back in the 80's), I was a huge Rush fan who
loved not only the sound of Rush, but the lyrics. As I grew into
adulthood, I fell away from Rush, but never stopped thinking of them as
one of the greatest bands. Recently, for some odd reason, I started to
have a desire to hear the songs I loved from Rush. I went and got the
Chronicles CD (I had gotten rid of all my Rush albums I had) and have
been in heaven ever since. :) I know several of you on this list have
seen Rush in concert, but unfortunately, I never have. I had the chance
to see them, though, and now I regret it. If they ever tour again, I
have made a vow that I will go to see them, no matter where they are.
Hopefully, they will come here to Europe, but if not, then I will go to
where they are playing. I am so happy to see that there are other Rush
fans out there because I have only met two fans where I live (Norway).

Also, I have been reading about the new live album release, Different
Stages, and that there was going to be an extra track on non-U.S.
pressings. I later read that there was a limited Japanese release. Are
there any special releases of this CD planned for Europe or is it just
Japan that will have a special release? Thanks in advance.



From: "Douglas White" 
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1998 09:50:07 -0400
Subject: car without Rush - we must resume control!

A car without Rush - I can't bear the thought! :-)
No Barchetta, Driven, Face Up, Dreamline, etc.???

Get yourself to the local Kmart, Walmart or Target
and for $10 get an FM transmitter that plugs into
your tape or CD player. Keep extra batteries with you,
and you can play the CD or tape through your car radio.
(sometimes, through your neighbor's car radio, too :-)

Enjoy!!  Doug (who has the complete studio catalog on
               tape in the car)


From: Perry Keenan 
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1998 09:20:47 -0500

Our local radio station in Nashville ( 105.9 The Rock) that DOES play old
RUSH standards, said they will not be playing the new RUSH because they
only play "classic rock" and, even tought the new live stuff IS the old
RUSH standards, its still "new".  Please help me send e-mail request to
them at
RUSH gets no respect in Nashville!

I will do the same for anyone that e-mail's me with their same problem.

Thanks for your help with this radio station

Perry ;)


From: David Borasky 
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1998 10:44:36 -0400
Subject: Need Urgent Rush Help in Raleigh-Durham NC area

106.1 WRDU plays a good deal of Rush, but they are undecided about
running the Westwood One premiere show.  I understand from them that
hearing from area listeners who want this will help determine whether or
not it gets played.

Please either call or email them (even if you are not in the area!!) and
request live Rush and the premiere show.  Also ask them to change their
link from ASOF to TNMS!!!!!

106.1 WRDU  
phone: 	(919) 860-1061

Dave Borasky


From: David Borasky 
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1998 10:47:11 -0400
Subject: Why we need to contact our radio stations!

See below to understand why everyone needs to contact their local radio
stations!  You can email my station (106.1 WRDU) and request the
premiere show at


> ----------
> From: 	Kaye, Chris[]
> Sent: 	Thursday, October 15, 1998 10:41 AM
> To: 	David Borasky
> Subject: 	RE: Rush rocks on RDU
> Our program directer is Bob Edwards.  If you would like to get
> everyone you
> know to e-mail the RDU site, I'll forward all of them to him.  I can't
> promise he'll run it, but it sure wouldn't hurt!!  Good luck.
> > ----------
> > From: 	David Borasky[]
> > Sent: 	Thursday, October 15, 1998 10:34 AM
> > To: 	'Kaye, Chris'
> > Subject: 	RE: Rush rocks on RDU
> > Importance: 	High
> > 
> > Is there someone in programming that I should call with my vote on
> the
> > Westwood One show?  Would it help to have other WRDU area listeners
> > email in a request for the Westwood One premiere.
> > 
> > Thanks for your time,
> > 
> > dave
> > 


From: "Paul Whiteman" 
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1998 08:56:22 PDT
Subject: Appreciation

WHile I have not posted to the NMS for some time, I wanted to take the 
chance to ask whether or not anyone has heard any purported rumors 
concerning the band's demise?
I cannot express my excitement at the upcoming live release (I'll be 
first in line here in Tacoma!)
After 20 years as a fan, a pure fan mind you - one who listens to ALL 
the cd's & not just favorites - I have to admonish those of you who 
would say "this album sucked" or "that alblum could have been better".  
Who's evolution are we talking about here?  THEY are the band, not we, 
and whatever they choose to produce WE should appreciate.  Sure, there 
have been weaker and stronger efforts for the trio, but no album has 
fallen short lyrically or philosophically.  Consider:  PROGRESSIVE means 
ever-changing.  I for one am thrilled they have not bowed to corporate, 
MTVesque pressures for commercialism.
Speaking of MTV....Why is it that those fools can't recognize GOOD music 
anymore?  RUSH certainly deserves awards...especially after 20+ years in 
the LIMELIGHT (couldn't RESIST that one!)
In the future, I have hopes of designing a class (philosophy) that 
examines philosophical trends in music...with RUSH as the focal point!
That's all for now.....
Gravity and distance, change the color of right.


Date: Thu, 15 Oct 98 09:31:16 -0800
Subject: Rush getting old?  Mellowing?  A polite response to B.J. Coo

B.J. Cook wrote in TNMS #2117:

Eddy and Alex are close in age, and they've both lasted in the music
business for close to the same number of years.  Why is it that Eddy had
the balls to get back to his roots on his latest album, with a raw, down
to earth sound, while Rush softens with every album?  What the hell's
happened to Rush?  Are they getting old?


I share your sentiments.  I hear "Time and Motion" and "Virtuality" and think,
"Damn, they can still tap into that energetic, raw power!", but for the most
part, I agree, they have mellowed quite a bit.  To me, nothing can compare to
the guitar crunch of "Limelight."

The thing is, I see this happening with a lot of bands.  Metallica, Led Zeppelin
(and now Page/Plant), Yes, Ozzy, Larry Carlton, Deep Purple, the list goes on
and on.  Maybe it's the energy of youth that enables bands to establish bold
styles and make powerful creative statements.  Age does mellow one a bit, and I
think we see this reflected in subsequent musical stylings.

We must also deal with the question of "Do bands put out material for the fans,
or are fans there to enjoy what the band creates?"  That is, what is the
motivating factor?  Perhaps Rush doesn't sit in the writing process thinking,
"Let's make sure this is something that will sell," but rather "This sounds good
to us, let's record it."  I'm certainly no expert on the band Rush, but after
listening to them for quite some time, I'm under the impression that their songs
reflect (to some extent) where they as individuals are, both emotionally and in
terms of how they see society and its influences.

The bottom line (for me) is that the "good old days" are gone in terms of the
musical sound that I enjoy the most.  The Rush with its up-front guitar sound
and extended instrumental breaks is a thing of the past.  The band, like all of
us, is constantly evolving, constantly changing its sound and writing style. 
Perhaps this is what keeps it fresh, creative, and certainly a band that runs
against the mill.  I still enjoy Rush's sound today, just in differing ways.

Remember, this is only my opinion--and who the hell am I anyway?


From: Will Holt 
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1998 12:27:28 -0400
Subject: Stabbing Victor-ward

I was listening to Stabbing Westward's "Ungod" album last night.  It is 
amazing how similar Victor sounds to this album.  This is a good thing!  I 
have all of their stuff and enjoy it a lot.  I wonder if Alex was trying to 
emulate this sound.

To all of the TNMS Yes fans, I am trying to find a sb quality bootleg from 
"Big Generator" and/or "Union" tours.  Anyone know where I can trade or buy 
one?  I would am interested in "Gimme More", "Superstar Concert Series", 
"Resurrecting Dragons", "The Perfect Union", and "Live in Montreal".  Thanks.

Getting my MiniDisc recorder ready for the DS premiere!!!



From: "David A. Cooper" 
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1998 11:15:10 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Burning for Buddy II

    Columbia house have BB II in the bargin bin - $1.99


From: Fred Pinto 
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 98 10:55:16 -0700
Subject: limited edition uk vinyl pressing

i would like to obtain a copy of the limited edition UK vinyl pressing of 
Different Stages.  can anybody offer any advice as to how someone (me) in 
california might be able to get a copy.  if anyone can get one for me or 
offer some advice on how to get one, i would be eternally grateful, and 
restitution would most definitely be in order.  please help me out on 
this one.  i'm appealing to fellow rush fans overseas to help enhance my 
collection.  many thanks in advance.  keep on rushing.
 -fred pinto


From: Jeffrey Balog 
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1998 14:05:36 -0500 (EST)
Subject: ASOF # 17

Has anybody received A Show of Fans Issue # 17 ( the one after the winter 
of 1997).  Is there anyone I can contact regarding this.  I understand 
that Steve Streeter is no longer involved with the magazine.



From: "Dave Anderson" 
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1998 11:26:47 PDT
Subject: Tour for 99??

Hello Fellow Rush Fans. . . 

     I was wondering, if Rush does decide to make another Studio, will 
they go on tour???  Would Neil feel up to it?? Just wonderin what you 
guys thought.  See ya later!! Roll The Bones!!

                          Dave Anderson
          Go to my page-


From: Emily Ridyard 
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1998 13:21:15 -0500
Subject: Rockline and Release Parties

Does anyone know when and if Rockline will premiere the new album or
parts of it in Chicago?  I know the Loop used to host Rockline, but I
don't know if they still do.

I haven't heard anything about a release party in Chicago either.
Anyone planning anything?


From: "Bryan 'Max' Dobberstein" 
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1998 14:35:48 -0500
Subject: ATTN: St. Louis Rush Freaks

I hope this makes it in in time.  Tomorrow (Fri 10/16), the K-SHE
Rocktober artist is none other than Rush.  I just talked to Favazz and
he said that CTTH and 2112, off of DS, WILL be played tomorrow.

And there was much rejoicing.

[Bryan "Max" Dobberstein]-----------------[ ]
+++++++++++++++[ ]+++++++++++++++


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