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         The National Midnight Star, Number 2119

                   Friday, 16 Oct 1998

Today's Topics:
                 iam canceling the orders
                Interesting RUSH sighting
            Witch Hunt Sparks My Imagination!
                   HYF on vinyl/artwork
                  Chicago Rush interview
                      Re: Cover Art
                    debut on my B day.
                   Hot metal and oil...
                Different Stages Radio CD
                        My top 10
        Different Stages at Power Windows website
                     different stages
            High pitched noise in TS and, RTP
             RE: Different Stages Cover Art 
                     Radio Broadcast
                    Re: more on less 
      FW: THE NEW Dream Theater and Rush LIVE ALBUMS
                the great tinkertoy debate
                misheard lyrics - sort of
                       eddy and al
              "Official" Listing at Atlantic
            Bruford/Dire Straits/Leeds United
        The guys arguing here: QUIT YOUR BITCHING
              weirdos, geeks, and freaks...
     Re: 10/15/98 - The National Midnight Star #2118
                   Rush on Letterman..
                    Seattle Rush fans
               Rush on the Radio in Chicago
                        DS - TSOR
              Advance DS Singles in Chicago
                        Mars 2112

From: (The RUSH Fans Digest Manager)
Date: Fri Oct 16 14:04:03 PDT 1998
Subject: Administrivia

I've heard that the VH-1 ads will start at the beginning of November, the
album premiere will be November 9, and the Rockline appearance will 
probably be the week after the album is released.

I also found out that they no longer make tinker toys. Hmph.

 - rush-mgr


From: "colin burroughs" 
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1998 13:15:26 PDT
Subject: iam canceling the orders

This blows I cant follow through on my planes as excepted.Sorry any mail 
i get well be returned with postage sorry.DS cant wait.


From: Jim (
Date: THURSDAY 10/15/98 6:00pm EDT
Subject: Interesting RUSH sighting

While doing a paper for school, and using i was
looking up the definitions of words, halfway through the paper, i took
a short break and came back and put some RUSH on (Red Barchetta in
case your wondered) i stared for a while at the screen while listening
to red barchetta, and put in "Peart" just wondering if this meant
anything other that "the most influential drummer in the history of
music" and i waited for a second i look at the screen and it says "1
definition found" i quickly scroll down and see this:

                peart \Peart\, a. [A variant of pert, a.]
   Active; lively; brisk; smart; -- often applied to
   convalescents; as, she is quite peart to-day. [O. Eng. &   Colloq.
U. S.]

i was suprised at the definition, which describes Neil's personality
which was suprising, and as far as a convalescent goes, it means "A
person who can recover from sickness or debility"

Hopefully this is a true statement as to the personality to the real
after the tradegy of his daughter and wife, seems coincidental that
this definition connects to him so well now.


 "I believe in what i see
  I believe in what i hear
  I believe that what im feeling

  Changes How the World Appears."     -- The Professor           

From: Art Brown 
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1998 18:23:48 -0400
Subject: Witch Hunt Sparks My Imagination!

One of my all time favorite Rush songs is Witch Hunt. The lyrics of this
song start my imagination flowing, which brings up this question:

> From whose point of view is this song written? Is it from a horrified
on-looker's point of view? Or maybe a from a victim-to-be of the mob as
he/she sees them coming, or even from a member of the mob who wants to leave
the scene but can't for fear of his/her own life. Anyway--my imagination
gets carried away sometimes, but what do you all think?

> From someone about to pee in their pants in anticipation of Diff.
Stages-Live, take care!


From: Art Brown 
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1998 18:41:40 -0400
Subject: HYF on vinyl/artwork

I have a question about Hold Your Fire on vinyl. My all time favorite piece
of Rush album art is the "Hobo Juggling Fireballs" from HYF. Is the artwork
on the LP/vinyl version the biggest size ever produced with all the
background Rush references showing? (for example the power windows, fire
hydrant, etc)

   [ There is a color poster of the juggler, but to make it 24 x 36 some
     of the background got cut...                             : rush-mgr ]

The reason I'm asking is that I'm looking for a copy of HYF on vinyl with
the album art in good condition (I don't care if the LP itself is in good
condition or not). I want to cut out and frame the juggling hobo for my
cubicle at work.

One thing I need to know, though. Does type cover any part of the image?
(song titles, credits, etc.)

If anyone has a scratched up HYF LP but with the jacket in good condition,
PLEASE e-mail me privately at Thanks a bunch.


PS: in the CD player---"Perennial Favorites" by the Squirrel Nut Zippers
(now there's a band for the Horizon spot on the NMS web site!  Yee-Haw)


From: Dave Dudik 
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1998 18:47:33 -0400
Subject: Chicago Rush interview

Hey.  I was in Chicago over the weekend and a female dj on the Rock 103.5
FM said she was going to Toronto this weekend to interiew the band about
DS, and that the entire concert would be released about the time of the CD
release, but it sounded like some of it might be aired live perhaps...  I
don't live in Chicago so of anyone out there has I chance, I'd reccommend
taping it or something.



From: "Darren Platakis" 
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1998 19:32:49 -0400
Subject: Re: Cover Art

> Subject: Different Stages Cover Art
> Hello everyone,
> I know this would probably have come up in the near future but I'd thought
> I'd get a jump on it. With all the interpretations of lyrics,
> star/pentagram  etc. how about one for the new album cover. 
> It's a picture of tinker toys. Two of them are side by side and the other
> is aways up the pole separate. Could the bottom two represent Ged and Alex
> and the top one Neil, since he joined the band after the first album??

*** snip snip ***
> This oughta drive us nuts for awhile. 
>    [ No, no and no. I have the DEFINITIVE word, from Hugh Syme HIMSELF,
>      the placement of the tinkertoys HAS NO MEANING. Please let's drop this
>      before we go off on extreme tangents again....            : rush-mgr ]

OOPS!!! Looks like I pushed a button :) Atleast now we know. 
Forgive me rush-mgr.

   [ I just don't want to get in to a discussion of how the wheels 
     represent the band members, the position & colors & what they mean...
                                                                : rush-mgr ]

Signing off,

Darren Platakis
Cornerstone Records
St. Catharines, Ont.


From: Grand Designs 
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1998 19:26:07 -0700
Subject: debut on my B day.

>> I've just heard that they will be playing "Different Stages" in it's
>> entirety on 97.7 Hits FM at 10 p.m. on November the 4th.

Nov. 4th? Now that's a birthday gift!

Against the run of the mill
Static as it seems
We break the surface tension
With our wild, kinetic dreams

Visit the Grand Designs Rush Site


From: "Bob Fritch" 
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1998 19:41:38 -0400
Subject: Hot metal and oil...

The song Red Barchetta still has the catch even nearly 20 years later.
Does anyone know who Richard Foster is? He is given some kind of credit =
for Red Barchetta.

   [ He wrote the story that Red Barchetta is based on, "A Nice Morning Drive".
     The story is on the NMS website (under rush-related transcriptions).
     A side note... RF contacted me, oh maybe a year ago, via email and said
     how he found the story on our website. He said that it was wonderful
     that someone had used his story as the basis for a song... he never even
     KNEW that Rush did this until now! He went on to say he'd be getting a 
     copy of Moving Pictures to check it out :-)                  : rush-mgr ]

We used to play a game with Rush lyrics. I would "chat" 2,3 or 4 words =
and a friend would name the song... this would be fun to do on a chat =
window someplace on the TNMS web site...

>...the melody


From: "Brant Waldron" 
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1998 17:26:24 PDT
Subject: Different Stages Radio CD

Just thought I'd share some info with my fellow Rush fans out there.  I 
work for my college Radio Station (WMWC Mary Washington College) as a DJ 
and a CD reviewer.  We got the Different Stages single release in over 
the weekend.  Don't know if this has been posted already, sorry if it 
has.  I haven't had a chance to read the last issue.  Anyway the CD has 
a cool wooden tinkertoy thing on a long vertical pole.  The inside has a 
big group of people looking at a rendetion of the same.  The CD has 
Spirit of Radio and the full 2112.  The 2112 version is amazing.  It is 
I think actually 21:12 long.  It has some excellent non studio standard 
guitar work in after Discovery.  The CD is great.  Being the great Rush 
fan that I am, I of course played the full 2112 on our show last night.  
Thats about it, can't wait till the CD comes out.  The station will 
probably get it early, but don't know.  I'll post it if we get it early.

Brant Waldron


From: "Chris Dodd" 
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1998 22:46:00 -0400
Subject: My top 10

Inspired by David Ayres' posting his top 10 faves, I'd like to share =
mine as well. It's always nice to see what other Rush fans have been and =
are listening to.

Rush - goes without saying
U2 - Brilliant
Fish/Marillion - both singers, all albums
Saga - They were progressive when progressive wasn't cool
           ...kinda like King Crimson
Talk Talk - From New Wave into atmospheric bliss
Luka Bloom - Irish singer/songwriter that will bring tears to the eyes
Sarah Mclachlan - Voice of an angel, heart of gold
Hothouse Flowers - Music that inspires
Toad the Wet Sprocket - Songwriting for the everyday person
Sonia Dada - (a group) blues/R&B/rock/soul/gospel

Honourable mention goes to the following (cause it's so hard to have =
just 10!):

The Fixx - where "alternative" really started (OK...the Cars too!)
China Crisis - pure 80's
Del Amitri - feeing down?
R.E.M. - I know...EVERYBODY says them...but they're really good!!!
Michael Hedges - Jimi Hendrix re-incarnated only white with an acoustic =
                           R.I.P., Mike
The Saw Doctors - Irish, rock, great!
Pink Floyd - the biggest sound
Shawn Colvin - just listen to "I Don't Know Why" - you'll understand
Tori Amos - for letting me explore the feminine side of the cosmos
Live - young, but very powerful
INXS - what pop/rock is-was-and should always be
Psychedelic Furs - my British invasion

After 10 years in music retail I've had the chance to enjoy sooo many =
great artists.
I hope you will share your faves too.

Take care, Chris


Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1998 23:23:12 EDT
Subject: Different Stages at Power Windows website

Finally, we have a glimpse of the Different Stages Live album cover.  If you
haven't seen it yet, check it out at the Power Windows website, which has a
new look (you could say I "tinkered" with it a bit, with more changes to come
shortly). When available (November 10th), a variety of 800x600 pixel wallpaper
images from the album art will be available for download, with a Desktop Theme
to follow shortly thereafter. In the meantime, I have the cover image
available for download.  Its only 2" high, but great for tiling as your
wallpaper. It actually looks pretty cool, as the tiled tinkertoy shafts line
up, making it look similar to an abacus.

Check it out, and don't forget to check back sometime shortly after November


From: stephen 
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1998 22:00:11 -0500
Subject: different stages

imagine my surprise and delight when i saw that people were honestly and openly
posting about D/s on the national midnight star.  imagine my chagrin when i
realised the talk was about the new live album !  ; `]    <--- stephen smoking a
cigarette and winkin'.

oh, come on, rush-mgr, you KNOW any new rush album cover is fair game to talk
about here !  tinker toys, though ?  used to play with 'em when i was a kid. 
what, no meccano's ?!?  but then always was a lego man myself.

   [ Hey I had tinker toys, lincoln logs, a lite brite, shrinky dinks,
     a thingmaker 2, weeble wobbles, and LOTS of legos. Have I dated
     myself yet? :-)                                             : rush-mgr ]

stephen melnyk
regina, saskatchewan

what's the difference between a ham sandwich and sex?
you don't know?
wanna go for lunch?


From: "Rich Soto" 
Date: Fri, 16 Oct 1998 02:08:44 -0400
Subject: High pitched noise in TS and, RTP

To answer the question...
>In the studio version of Tom Sawyer, is Alex using his guitar to make that 
>high pitched sound during the line "...friction of the..."  Or is that a

The noise is feedback from the ringing & held E5 chord played by Alex on his
guitar which is struck after "...eyes are wide" vocal.

 Rich Soto

Do you play guitar, bass, drums, or keys?
Then visit the Rush Tablature Project right now!!!


From: Guy Walker 
Date: Fri, 16 Oct 1998 01:37:38 -0500
Subject: RE: Different Stages Cover Art 

 Where do you get this stuff?
 "the space that Geddy and Alex are giving Neil"...give me a break..
>This oughta drive us nuts for awhile. 
People actually sit around and think this stuff up...that's what drives me

The best part of the post was the rush-mgr's input.
It was the voice of god.. (or Gods..take your pick)
   Hugh Syme HIMSELF you say...DAMN..if you aint d' man..there isn't one!


Date: Fri, 16 Oct 1998 02:37:24 EDT
Subject: Radio Broadcast

Hey, does anyone know when, and more importantly WHERE they are going to
broadcast the album premiere with Geddy and Alex? I'm going to be in Toronto
that weekend, if you know what I mean. PLEASE, and info would be grand.


In Ged We Trust.


From: Slim Jim 
Date: Fri, 16 Oct 1998 10:37:21 +0100
Subject: Re: more on less 

Chuck Flowers wrote:

> If it is such an idiotic argument (frankly), then why is the
> industry standard to fill up every bit of possible space when
> issuing Best Of packages.  The precedent has been set and if
> a label does not live up to that, then they deserve to be
> slammed.

It's not an "industry standard", at all.  It may be "not 
uncommon", and there is certainly a "precedent" - but there is
no obligation to cram a CD to capacity just because it's
possible, any more than there was an obligation to make vinyl
albums an hour long, because that was certainly possible too.

> Besides, when did compilation albums  comprised wholly of old
> material begin to incur lots of production costs, artistic
> creativity, performance, and studio time.

Whenever you buy recorded music, you are still paying for all of 
those things, not the physical cost of pressing the CDs.  If you
don't believe me, try phoning Atlantic.  Tell them that you 
believe that the production costs of "Retrospectives 1" have been 
adequately recouped by sales of the original albums now, and ask
them if they will let you have a few copies for the manufacturing
cost (less than $1 each I reckon).  Let us know what they say.



From: "Tully, Anthony J" 
Date: Fri, 16 Oct 1998 06:03:25 -0500
Subject: FW: THE NEW Dream Theater and Rush LIVE ALBUMS

This is a previous post to another newsletter, but I havr been listening
to the Rush albums and they are brilliant!  It will definately be worth
the wait.  I know alot of this info may already be familar to alot of
you out there, but I thought I would post the track listings as per
promo tapes I received.



> -----Original Message-----
> From:	Tully, Anthony J 
> Sent:	01 October 1998 16:29
> To:	''
> Hi all,
> Anthony here, long time reader first time poster, actually I lie I've
> only been reading for the last couple of weeks.  Received a couple of
> goodies from my flatmate who works at EastWest Records here in London.
> I met him after work as we were going to the Terry Bozzio clinic in
> Reading and he says to me, "I've got a couple of goodies from States
> side."  He pulls out 4 tapes - direct from master copies of DT's "Once
> in a Livetime"(1 tape)  and the new Rush "Live" album(3 tapes) on
> chrome tape.  He only had the 2nd CD on tape so that was all I heard,
> hopefully he'll get the first CD on tape tonight.  Anyway I'll give a
> track listing of the 2nd CD as was listed on the tape:-

   [ Big review of new DT album deleted, if you're on the ytsejam list
     you should've already seen it ;-)                      : rush-mgr ]

> I had an even briefer listen to the Rush albums, probably the first 2
> songs on each tape.  Killer!  This is huge.  Rush fans are going to
> love it.  Great production and Peart is in fine form.  Great sound
> overall.  I'm really wanting to get back home and have a good listen
> to this album.  Anyway here's the track listing:- 
> Disc 1.
> 1.Dreamline 2. Limelight 3. Driven 4. Bravado 5. Animate 6. Show Don't
> Tell 7. The Trees 8. Nobody's Hero
> 1. Closer to the Heart 2. 2112 Overture/Temples of Syrinx
> /Discovery/Presentation/Oracle:The Dream/Soliloquy/Grand Finale
> Disc 2.
> 1. Test for Echo 2. Analog Kid 3. Freewill 4. Roll the Bones 5. Stick
> it Out 6. Resist 7. Leave that Thing Alone
> 1. Neil's Solo 2. Natural Science 3. The Spirit of Radio 4. Tom Sawyer
> 5. XYZ
> Disc 3.
> 1. Bastille Day 2. ByTor and the Snow Dog 3. Xanadu 4. A Farewell to
> Kings 5. Something for Nothing
> 1. Cygnus X-1 2. Anthem 3. Working Men 4. Fly by Night 5. In the Mood
> 6. Cinderella Man
> Disc 1 has some intro music,  the theme from 2001.  The disc starts
> similarly to a Show of Hands, but not as long. Disc 3 was recorded in
> London.  They announce this before they tear into Bastille Day.  I'm
> hanging to get back home to hear this in its entirety.   
> Bring on those release dates.  Hope this tides over those info hungry
> people out there.  Cheers.
> Anthony Tully
> TFAMM - London
> Texaco Ltd
> ph: (44) 171 719 4856
> fax: (44) 171 719 5151
> E-mail:


From: David Borasky 
Date: Fri, 16 Oct 1998 08:29:22 -0400
Subject: the great tinkertoy debate

though the esteemed rush-mgr has spoken about the tinkertoy placement on
the cover, i would like to present one possible (and believable)

The two that are grouped together are the 2 DS discs from the recent
tours.  The lonely disc is the AFTK show.  Related, but from another
time, distanced from the others.

Sorry, rush-mgr, but I can't imagine that Hugh placed the pieces in that
configuration on a whim!

Waiting for the 10th of November,



Date: Fri, 16 Oct 1998 13:38:22 GMT0BST
Subject: misheard lyrics - sort of

Often heard on the no73 bus:
'Watch his every move, shoot the conductor'

found myself singing the following the other day, at the photocopier 
  as you do.

'Hey cookie it's a quarter to eight
I think I'm in the nude'.

Sad man. 

Only nine weeks to Christmas, so British readers, get those sprouts 
on now!!!



From: "Michael Z. Williamson" 
Date: Tue, 13 Oct 1998 23:40:50 -0700
Subject: eddy and al

one name: Norman Greenbaum.  Another:  Trent Reznor.  Another: Tony
Iommi.  Another:  Randy Rhoads.  Sorry, but rock is FILLED with
distortion on studio albums.

And amplifier noise is just an amateur's way of making people notice his
distortion.  Alex got out of that stage in 1975.  Eddy quit in 80.  I
hope he hasn't gone back to being a stoned teenager.

Alex actually uses a TREMENDOUS amount of distortion, which does not
necessarily equal noise.  It is possible to play an almost square
waveform and not have amp dirt.

Eddy is a phenomenal player, true.  But Alex is far more versatile, and 
IMO,  better. 

Hold on a second!.......
Put down the crack pipe!
Are you nuts? What do mean grouping Randy Rhoads as an amateur?  Randy
Rhoads was one of the best guitarists ever.  Maybe you should listen to YYZ
again.  I think that Alex must have been enjoying "Blizzard of Oz" back
when they were recording MP.  That solo has a lot of Randy Rhoads
influence.  Also, I guess if only amateurs use "amplifier noise", that
would make Jimi Hendrix an amateur. Also Jimmy Page, Adrian Belew, and
Steve Howe to name a few.

I can agree with your statement that Alex is better than EVH.

Russell Thorpe


From: Joseph Lotti 
Date: Fri, 16 Oct 1998 10:11 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: "Official" Listing at Atlantic

Hey Guys/Gals!

Has anyone noticed that the Atlantic Records website track listing for DS
DOES NOT include Analog Kid or Show Don't Tell?  I thought they had
recently posted this - has this been up since before the change? -
Or is there going to be no change?

I know beggars can't be choosers but I will be somewhat disappointed
if neither of these tracks make the CD after thinking that they were

   [ The tracks are there. Atlantic is missing a few screws I think...
                                                                  : rush-mgr ]

Joe L.


From: "Andy Golborne" 
Date: Fri, 16 Oct 1998 15:14:50 +0100
Subject: Bruford/Dire Straits/Leeds United

>>Andy Golborne said:
>>There was one album after this called "Gradually Going Tornado" which 
>>has Alan Clarke on guitar.

>The keyboard player from Dire Straits plays guitar?????

Ah, no. now you see you are getting all confused here. It was actually 
Alan Clarke the ex Leeds United football player who played in Bruford.


From: Jose Ramos 
Date: Fri, 16 Oct 1998 10:32:11 -0400
Subject: The guys arguing here: QUIT YOUR BITCHING

TO the two guys arguing about politics (Michael Williamson and Neil


I'm sure we have all posted things which had no Rush conent.  I am guilty of
it.  We have also all posted our opinions.  (Read the DS setlist constant

If you're going to talk politics let's get one thing sraight:


I think America has seen enough of Slick Willie and his troops.  I certainly

I apologize to all of those who do not care about politics and return you to
your regularly scheduled programming.

    [ And on that note, the election is now over.                : rush-mgr ]



From: "Daniel Ware" 
Date: Fri, 16 Oct 1998 11:06:09
Subject: weirdos, geeks, and freaks...

Hey gang...
Got to chime in on this one...I kind of agree with what Alex Smith said...
I remember when I was first into Rush, Middle/high school.., I hung around
with other Rush fans and as I remember, we were the Chess team, played
Dungeons and Dragons, lived, ate and died Dr. Who, Monty Python and Blake's
7, etc... I know that we had the long(ish) hair, and wore concert T-shirts
with the sleeves that went to the elbows.. I remember that most of our
peers considered us not quite the "geek squad" but we were close enough.. 
I also remember that when I joined the football team, my "freak" friends
kind of distanced themselves from me a bit.. I remember that it hurt quite
a bit, that they would go out or have a little party and not invite me all
the time... 
Just goes to show that the knife cuts both ways..
Cheers from New Mexico..
The ship sank...
Get over it.


From: Tracy Smith 
Date: Fri, 16 Oct 1998 10:03:53 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: 10/15/98 - The National Midnight Star #2118

I am so jealous!

I am reading posts from people who have radio stations playing the new 
album. Nope, not here in Southern California. I am lucky if I hear a 
rockblock that, yes, you guessed it, plays Tom Sawyer and Spirit of 
Radio. Love those songs, just wish they'd play some of the other Rush 
songs. There are a few others to choose from...oh, I am being mean!

KLOS 95.5FM use to play more Rush, but not in the last few years. 
They are it for music that would be considered 70s-80s progressive. Here 
in Southern California the choices and the variety have been whittled 
away and it royally sucks. 

Little surprise I have a CD player at home (one of those portable stereo 
types, low budget but it works!) and one in the car. That is the best 
purchase I have ever made for myself. There is always a Rush CD in my car 
player, sometimes two. I am actually thinking of having all 6 CDs be Rush CDs. 

Ok, thanks for letting me vent that my radio airwaves are crappy and 
don't have the variety they use to. I am glad other NMSers have had the 
chance to listen to the new album! My day will come in November :-)
And, I know I am lucky to have what airwaves I do have here in South Cal.

No more griping from here!

Glad to see more female Rush fans posting! Read the Masked Rider. It is 
very interesting and gives you a different and more complete sense of 


Tracy Smith

" Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help 
them to become what they are capable of being." ~ Johann W. von Goethe ~


From: "Daniel Ware" 
Date: Fri, 16 Oct 1998 11:11:59
Subject: Rush on Letterman..

Hey gang....
David recently wrote..:
 As I sit here reading the TNMS with David Letterman in the background, =
it occurs to me that in 15 years of watching the gap-toothed one on late =
night TV, I have never heard Paul "I'm always happy to mention that I'm =
a Canadian" Schaeffer and his band play Rush.>>>>>>>

I too have wondered why they never play Rush, when they always seem to play
classic rock pieces... I'd love to hear them play Red Barchetta, or SotR...
Then again, they may have played some over the years.. As faithful as I am
to Letterman, I've probably missed more shows than I've seen over the last
what? 15years....
Cheers from New Mexico..
(still leaving, but can't stop posting)

The ship sank...
Get over it.


From: "Catherine Brissette" 
Date: Fri, 16 Oct 1998 10:22:32 PDT
Subject: Seattle Rush fans

Hey guys

somebody please email KISW!! Why aren't they playing anything off DS??? 
I sent in a request and they just plyed the old version of Limelight. 
Come on! I'm dying here. I don't have a computer to listen to some other 
station on Real Audio and I can't hear MP3's or .wav files or whatever 

Help!! There must be some other Rush fans in Seattle. Make some noise!



From: "Miers, Dan" 
Date: Fri, 16 Oct 1998 14:42:17 -0500
Subject: Rush on the Radio in Chicago

I doubt this will make it out to the world on time but if it does...

97.9 FM (The Loop) will feature Rush as the Roctober feature artist of the
day on Saturday, October 17.  They did not indicate in their promo that
tracks for Different Stages would be spun for our pleasure.

The promo for the band was pretty funny, describing Rush as, "Alex Lifeson,
Neil Peart [pronounced "Pert"] and a guy who can open a bottle of Molson
with his nose."

Anyway...if you are in the Chicago listening area and near your radio
Saturday, tune in the Loop.  

Yes will be the band of the day on Sunday.  A prog rock back to back bonus.




Date: Fri, 16 Oct 98 15:50:50 -0500
Subject: DS - TSOR

     Hey y'all,
     After seeing the postings start to pop up from people who have heard 
     the DS version of TSOR, I decided to listen to the radio today, 
     instead of the usual (playing Rush on the CD-ROM)....
     Lucky me.  HITZ-FM played it this a.m.  
     Like someone had said earlier, this single brought back memories of 
     the release of ESL back when.  However, unlike the version on ESL, 
     this DS version seems, somehow, different.  Not being a musician, or 
     even someone who can engage in a technical discussion of music, I can 
     only comment on a song's "feel".  
     So after one listen, I felt that the DS TSOR sounded like it was being 
     played by a band who have had it in their repertoire for 19-or-so 
     years.  This is not to say that it sounded 'weak'; I just think that 
     the ESL version sounded 'fresher', with a bit more of the original 
     'edge'.  On a postive note, I did like the production of the DS 
     version, what with the channel separation of bass, guitar and drums.  
     And I was especially keen on Geddy's bass lines (but then, I've always 
     tuned an ear for his bass...).  
     If the rest of DS lives up to the same quality as heard on TSOR, I'd 
     say we're in for yet another Quality Rush album (but who would expect 
     anything less?).
     Signing off from ground level in Toronto.


From: "Miers, Dan" 
Date: Fri, 16 Oct 1998 14:57:29 -0500
Subject: Advance DS Singles in Chicago

I just spoke with folks at 97.9 (The Loop) in Chicago.  They indicate they
have the advance single of DS containing Limelight and selections from 2112
(Discovery, Oracle).  While someone earlier confirmed the 2112 content, this
is the first mention of Limelight I have heard.  I'm inclined the DJ I spoke
to was just, well, wrong.  Everyone else seems to have TSoR, I doubt the
Loop got a different disc than everyone else.

They say that they haven't spun the 2112 material yet, but will likely get
it on the air tomorrow (Saturday, October 17) as part of the Roctober
feature artist of the day activity.

Keep your ears peeled.



From: John Lupoli 
Date: Fri, 16 Oct 1998 16:44:10 -0400
Subject: Mars 2112 

Hi fellow Rushians,
	I got back from my field trip to New York on Wednesday. Of course I
brought some Rush Cds with me on the bus, but is was a good thing I
brought more than one pair of batteries. My mom bought me some cheap
batteries that ran out really fast. 
	Anyway, we got stuck in RUSH hour trafic, so we were 15 minutes late to
get to the Lincoln Center. Once we got there, we RUSHED to the top of
the place to get to the IMAX theater. We missed a lot of the movie. We
were watching "L5: First City In Space". It was in 3D. 
	Then after that, they made us walk to MARS 2112. It took forever to get
there. It was so cool. I saw I sapceship and some Martians. Then we went
through this tunnel of rock to get to our seats. My service wasn't good
at all. I sat at a table with 3 frinds of mine. We ordered before
everybody around us, and they got our food way before we did. I was
thinking that we weren't going to get our food until it was 2112.
Finally it came. I had a cheeseburger with fries and an orange soda. It
was pretty good. Then we all had some cookies and cream ice cream. My
friends dared me to ask one of the waiters if the restaurant had benn
named after the Rush album "2112." I asked but he said," No, but that is
a coincidence. It's called 2112 because that's the year when we will
have a city on Mars." Then, since we had to wait so long to get our
food, we couldn't go on the space ride or go into the arcade. As we were
leaving, a Martian followed me and my friends out into the street. My
friend kept on screaming at it so it would go away. Then I think it
mumbled to me,"What's his problem?" I just said, "That's just the way he
is." Then he turned around and went back to the place.
	Since we had to walk back to the Lincoln center, we missed a lot of the
second movie called, "Everest." This one wasn't as good, being that it
wasn't in 3D. I wish I can go back to MARS 2112.

Matt Lupoli
Age: 14
North Haven, Ct


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