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         The National Midnight Star, Number 2126

                  Thursday, 29 Oct 1998

Today's Topics:
                    RUSH DECISION '98
                      Lots o' stuff
                    sign the guestbook
           The Spirit of the Radio in Colorado
                  re: Polar opposites...
        Premiere Broadcast in Northern California?
                    DS Premier on WNEW
                      ALL stages???
                Fancast and Aussie NMSers
       Neil at Suzuka, or Motegi, or Fuji, or.....
                         his band
    Albums Scheduled for Release with Different Stages
           Did Geddy EVER played with a pick ?
                 rivendell and dog years
          Re:Did Geddy EVER played with a pick ?
                      Rush/NHL2 Nite
        Reply: Did Geddy EVER played with a pick ?
                        Got Milk?
                  Dog Years Recalculated
     Re: 10/28/98 - The National Midnight Star #2125
                   The Spirit of Radio
                   Any Metallica fans?
                       Geddy's Pick
                      Kevin's Bacon
                        major eras
                        Music Blvd
                  UK MAGAZINE PART DEUX
                     word on Kenny G
            DS.......Amazing things (Spoiler)
            what is playing in the CD player..
                   Hemispheres article
 Rush Fan(atic) hard-to-buy-for-the-holiday's suggestion?
                     Friday premiere

From: (The RUSH Fans Digest Manager)
Date: Thu Oct 29 11:35:39 PST 1998
Subject: Administrivia

Here's an article that came via JamMusic from the Calgary Sun. Thanks to
the folk who mailed it in :-)

 - rush-mgr

"Band gives Peart time to grieve"
By DAVID VEITCH -- Calgary Sun

Rush is not in danger of breaking up.

The band is just in a holding pattern.

At least, that's the viewpoint of Alex Lifeson, guitarist for the venerable 
Canadian rock trio, which has no long- or short-term plans beyond the 
Nov. 10 release of the triple-CD live set Different Stages.

Lifeson and bassist-singer Geddy Lee are giving drummer-lyricist Neil Peart 
time to grieve the loss of his wife Jackie to cancer this year, following the 
death of their 19-year-old daughter in a car accident in 1997.

"As far as the band is concerned, we're just waiting for Neil to really get 
better," Lifeson said in a telephone interview yesterday.

"I don't think he'll be the person he was, but I think he will cope with 
life again.

"Hopefully, eventually, he'll be able to find joy in all the things he 
did in life before."

Such as, presumably, playing drums and writing lyrics for Rush.

"I got to think in my heart there are things about what we do that Neil 
really loves a lot and is not prepared to give up," Lifeson said.

But the musician admitted he and Lee, both 45, have "spent hours and hours" 
talking about the tragic turn of events. They've decided there will be no 
Rush without Peart.

"I wouldn't do it," Lifeson said. "I love working with Ged and Ged is my best 
friend.... We would probably continue working together in some form, but 
I don't think it would be Rush. It would never be the same."

Lifeson, a friendly and forthcoming interview, spoke with great gravity when 
discussing the potential end of Rush.

After all, he has spent his entire adult life in the 29-year-old band.

Conversely, he spoke with great excitement about the prospect of future Rush 
studio records and, of course, the imminent release of the band's fourth live 
album (following 1976's All The World's A Stage, 1981's Exit ... Stage Left 
and 1989's A Show of Hands).

Fans will probably be most excited by Disc 3, a previously unreleased 
concert recorded in 1978 at Hammersmith in London, England, during the Farewell 
To Kings tour.

Meanwhile, Discs 1 and 2 are live recordings culled largely from the band's 
last North American tour behind the Test For Echo album. Disc 1 ends with 
the title suite for Rush's 1976 breakthrough album, 2112.

Local Rush fans may be particularly interested in Different Stages, as the 
group bypassed Calgary on both its Counterparts and Test for Echo tours.

The band last played in the city in 1990.

"We don't play 180 shows any more," Lifeson explained. "The last tour was 
about 84, 85 shows.... I know Neil, over the years, is less interested in 
touring than perhaps he was in the past. I mean, we all go through that.

"So, we only had so many days we could work and it was a case of going to 
what's on the A-list."

Although Rush has no future plans, Lifeson ruled out any possibility of a 
compilation of unreleased material.

"We've always had a policy that we only wrote and worked on songs that were 
going to be on the records," he said.

"So we never wrote any more music or recorded any unreleased material ever."

Ever? "We've done a few things in the recording sessions, but they would 
definitely get an X-rating," he offered tantalizingly.

For lyrical content or musical abomination?

Lifeson laughed.

"Mostly lyric," he said, "but actually both when I think about it."


From: radpoco 
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 1998 15:28:41 -0600
Subject: RUSH DECISION '98


Welcome to *+*Rush Decision '98*+*.  This is our third make this
one good.  If you forgotten what Rush Decision was.......I take a poll
every September to see what the peoples *current*, favorite Rush album is
of all time.  Then I post the results at a later date.   


This all you got to do to be part of Rush Decision '98:

1. Email me at:

2. Give the full name of your very favorite Rush album that you own; the
one that you adore.

3.  Pray for your favorite album to win!


That's it...Please try to get as much people as you can.

Thank You and Good Luck!!!!!!!!

Visit my WebPage at:

ICQ #  9436041		


From: (Ryan  N Waggoner)
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 1998 16:51:14 -0500
Subject: Lots o' stuff

I know, I know...I'm sure everyone was celebrating because it's been so
long since I've pro'lly all decided I'd unsubbed.  No such
luck, people!  =) heheheh.


>...And the prophet spake, saying:


Yes, everyone else has caught this.  That's not a imperfection, though --
Geddy is deviating from the norm.  He's purposely mispronouncing it.

>...And the prophet spake, saying:


Frighteningly enough, I've thought about that, too.

>...And the prophet spake, saying...well, he was
saying something about top 10 bands, apart from Rush.

Here's my list (in no particular order past the first 2):

1)  Queen
2)  Grammatrain
3)  MxPx
4)  Pink Floyd
5)  Five Iron Frenzy
6)  Sixpence None The Richer
7)  Stone Temple Pilots
8)  Toto
9)  Kansas
10)  Buddy Rich Big Band


"Now the trees are all kept equal by hatchet, axe, and saw. . ."
           Neil Peart  ("The Trees")

PS.  You can't get rid of me that easily. 


From: Dan Menapace 
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 1998 14:38:46 -0800
Subject: sucks

If your hoping to see the live netcast in november, dont get your hopes up.
they screwed up the primus netcast bigtimehardly anyone was able to see
more than 5 seconds of it. primus was so pissed they took it off the
somincnet site and moved it to theres in real audio.


From: Kevin Barnes 
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 1998 17:51:53 -0500
Subject: sign the guestbook

Rush fans,	
	Please sign the guestbook at:

Tell me what you think of my site.




From: "Mark L. Hayes" 
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 1998 15:55:22 -0700
Subject: The Spirit of the Radio in Colorado

Hello Everybody,

TWO Things: 

1)  KILO in Colorado Springs is playing the DS release,"The Spirit of
the Radio."  Here's a thank you to them and an FYI for those who are

2)  Are there any other Rush heads out in Pueblo, CO?  Just wondering.  

Tapping the Rockies,


From: "Chris Muller" 
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 1998 18:05:35 -0500
Subject: re: Polar opposites...

Rocky Landsverk wrote:

>>could someone please e-mail a review of the new r.e.m. album? thanks. i
>>don't want to buy it if it sounds like monster.

>(chuckling to self)
>I would ONLY buy it if it sounded like "Monster". That was the first R.E.M.
>album that actually rocked. Isn't music great? It can be appreciated
>in so many ways by so many people.

That's funny, I would ONLY buy it if ALL of the members of R.E.M. were
REPLACED by John Petrucci, Dave LaRue (dregs, bass), Doug Pinnick, and
Terry Bozzio........ :-)-


From: (Michael Frenn)
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 1998 15:19:52 -0800
Subject: Premiere Broadcast in Northern California?


Anyone have any info on the broadcast for Northern California, Sacramento
preferably, but San Francisco too?

Michael Frenn


From: (Brian M Donlin)
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 1998 19:16:01 EST
Subject: DS Premier on WNEW

Attention east coast Rush fans (NY area):

November 4, 1998       10:00PM    102.7 WNEW

Heard it today on the radio.They were announcing it all day like it was
gold! First: Dave Herman, then Scottso a few times, and Carol Miller
seemed REAL excited.

 Gotta get a couple of blank tapes ready!!


 When everything's coming your way, you're in the wrong lane.


From: Fred Pinto 
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 98 16:56:18 -0800
Subject: ALL stages???

matt wrote:

>Think about it, this live 
>album has music from every major era of rush.  From the heavy 
>distorion/overdriven guitar sound on their first album, through the 
>heavy syth use in the 80's and on to the sophisticated sounds heard on 
>RTB and CP, then to the last "Stage" TFE.

i have to disagree.  with only one song from signals, one song from 
presto, and nothing from p/g, power windows, and hold your fire, i feel 
that the heavy synth of the 80's "stage" has been conveniently forgotten. 
 just like some people regret having lived through a decade with such 
mediocre music, rush seem to be pretending they didn't live it.  they 
were originally not going to include anything from signals or presto on 
different stages, while still marketing this album as "the best of rush". 
 that would have left practically the entire 80's off the cd.  but the 
point is, it just doesn't seem like there is much "80's heavy synth" 
represented on different stages.  not meant to be a flame, but just a 
different opinion.  for those of you that think this album represents ALL 
the different stages of rush, keep in mind that a significant part of 
their existence has been excluded.


From: Stuart Hodgetts 
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 1998 09:25:49
Subject: Fancast and Aussie NMSers

G'day all,

Rush mgr ; Could you please let us know what time the realtime fancast is
due using GMT, so that international subscribers might be able to plan a
time to get out of bed and hop on the 'net.  I am unsure as to how far
ahead Western Australia is from New York 7pm (EST??) what with some
countries having Daylight Savings and GMT might help. Thanx.

   [ EST is 5 hours behind GMT, so it *should* be 00:00 GMT on November 16th.
     (Tune in 23:59 GMT November 15th if that helps :-)            : rush-mgr ]

Also, can all the Australian NMSers say Hi.  We seem to be crawling out of
the woodwork, but are still poorly represented on this list.  E mail
privately if you like.

Echoing K.Haines posting - I would urge a listen to some great Aussie bands
that are coming up through the ranks;

 Powderfinger - an awesome band from Brisbane, who I am surprised have not
hit the big time after their HUGE album "Double Allergic". These guys even
sound like Rush on some songs. Definitely worth a listen (and if you like
Live, then you may also enjoy Powderfinger).

>...and of course, Silverchair.

Looking forward to interupting my Halloween party just after midnight on
Saturday and turning on all the lights as Glenn passes over Perth in the
Guess which song I'll have timed to kick in at 12.30...

Billy Oz...out


Date: Wed, 28 Oct 1998 22:36:07 EST
Subject: Neil at Suzuka, or Motegi, or Fuji, or.....

>From NMS 2125:
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 1998 17:20:14 +0900
Subject: Neil was in Japan??


>However, about a month ago, Peart suffered a motorcycle accident in Japan 
>when he wiped out a BMW High Performance bike on a race track. He suffered 
>minor injuries only.

Wow!! Was he in Japan?? On a racing??
I have not heard anything about his presence,
even though being myself here in Japan.
I wonder what race was he in......

 Ryo (a cyclist in Japan)>>>

I started wondering the same thing (as to why Neil was "testing" a bike in
Japan, not being in a race, that is....). I could be a wise-acre about it and
say that he was at Suzuka when he looked in his mirrors and saw either an F1
car or a 500cc GP bike catching him and he missed the apex of the 130R at
150mph. Nah.   ;)
I do wonder where he was at (Suzuka, Twin-Ring Motegi, Fuji, etc.) and *why*
he was there. Perhaps someone in charge of the track is a Rush fan, eh? 
And, oh, yes. Put your money on Mika. (And look closely at the TV Saturday
night. Perhaps Neil will be in the pits...)     :)



From: (Chuck Flowers)
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 1998 19:12:54 -0600
Subject: his band

>Maybe it wasn't the Elder Race.  Maybe it was the guy that actually found 
>the guitar who defeated the priests and assumed control.  Well,  him and 
>his band...

I think his band was Foghat.

>I was wondering if Geddy ever played with a pick

And Mick gave me this.......this pick.


From: Ward Bond 
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 1998 23:57:06 -0500
Subject: Albums Scheduled for Release with Different Stages

The follow albums are scheduled release the same week as Rush's Different

New Pop & Rock - November 10, 1998

Original Soundtrack, Armageddon (Columbia) [score]
Original Soundtrack, Hard Core Logo (Velvel)
Original Soundtrack, The Avengers (Compass III) [original score]
Various Artists, Sometimes God Smiles (Discipline Global Mobile) [label sampler
    w/unreleased tracks from Robert Fripp & Co.]
'N Sync, Home for Christmas (RCA)
4 Hero, Two Pages (Talkin' Loud/Mercury)
Bang Tango, Live (Mutiny)
Big Head Todd and the Monsters, Live Monsters (Giant/Reprise)
Bolt Thrower, Mercenary (Metal Blade)
Bouncing Souls, Tie One On! (Epitaph) [live EP]
Cher, Believe (Warner Bros.)
Vic Chesnutt, The Salesman and Bernadette (Capricorn)
Citizen Fish, Habit (Lookout!) [EP]
Crumbs, Low and Behold (Lookout!)
Junior Delgado, Fearless (Gee Street)
DJ Quik, TBA (Profile/Arista)
Down South Players, Now What (Restless)
T-Model Ford, You Better Keep Still (Fat Possum)
Gene Loves Jezebel, VII (Robison Records)
The Gloria Record, The Gloria Record (Crank/Epitaph) [EP]
Hive, Devious Methods (Phase 4/London)
Ill Frum Tha Soul, Black Superman (Loud/RCA)
R. Kelly, R. (Jive) [two CDs; w/Celine Dion guesting on "I'm Your Angel"]
Wayne Kramer, LLMF (Epitaph) [featuring a cover of MC5's "Kick Out the Jams"]
Barry Manilow, Sings Sinatra (Arista)
Rob Matthes, Christmas Is Coming (Mercury)
Quintus McCormick, Live at Morseland (Livin' Large)
Tina Moore, In My Vibe (RCA)
Mystikal, Ghetto Fabulous (Jive)
Portishead, PNYC (Go!Beat/London) [7/24/97; Roseland]
Pete Rock, TBA (Loud/RCA)
Rush, Different Stages (Atlantic) [live; three-discs]
Rusted Root, Rusted Root (Mercury)
Shuggie, Shuggie (Headhunter/Cargo)
Smile, Girl Crushes Boy (Headhunter/Cargo)
Spiritualized, Live at the Albert Hall: October 10, 1997 (Arista) [two CDs]
TQ, They Never Saw Me Coming (Epic)


Oh no, they'll be up against the new Cher and Barry Manilow...

Ward Bond


From: "Michael Z. Williamson" 
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 1998 00:58:01 -0800
Subject: Did Geddy EVER played with a pick ?

Laureti David asked:

No.  And certainly not in '91.  I have an interview from that time where
he states that the twangy sound he gets is from the heavy nail on his
middle finger, due to said finger being smashed when he was young. 
(Hey!  I have the SAME finger!!!!)

AFIK, Ged's sound has ALWAYS been fingers, and those little triplets he
does HAVE to be fingers.  

Sorry.  I don't know what gauge pick Alex uses.  Perhaps he dropped one
and Ged recovered it and threw it?
mike  Edged weaponry, from the stone age to the space age.  
If we can send a politician into space, why can't we send all of them?


From: "Michael Z. Williamson" 
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 1998 01:05:18 -0800
Subject: rivendell and dog years

"Brandon Erickson" said:
>>And it would have made a better basis for a song than "Dog Years."  I'm
>>glad Neil admitted to being hung over.  I'd hate to think he
>>wrote that garbage sober<

>Hey Michael, just because Neil said he was hung over when he wrote those 
>lyrics, doesn't mean that they weren't up to par.

So my standards are different.  It may grow on me.  Kinda like Speed of
love, hopefully, and not like a fungus.

>Now if you really want to wonder, "what the hell were they thinking?", 
>go listen to Rivendell.

I've listened to Rivendell.  What the hell were they thinking?
mike  Edged weaponry, from the stone age to the space age.  
If we can send a politician into space, why can't we send all of them?


From: George Of The Tested Echoes 
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 1998 22:41:32 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Re:Did Geddy EVER played with a pick ?

AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE insomnia!!!!!!!!!! I have school
tomorrow! Well, at least it's an excuse to write this...
Anyhoo, about Geddy's pick: He may not play with a pick, but members
of rock bands have been known to toss large quantities of guitar/bass 
picks into the audience as souveniers. I don't recall if Geddy did
this at the concert I saw, but I wouldn't be surprised if he does,
even though he doesn't use them.

George of the Tired and very Frustrated Echoes

"Hatred is giving what is deserved.  
Love is giving what is best for the person." -Dave Guthrie
Visit my home page at 
Trust in Allah, but tie your camel.  - Arabian Proverb


Date: Thu, 29 Oct 1998 02:02:34 EST
Subject: Rush/NHL2 Nite

Hey everybody,
   Just thought I'd come out of lurker mode to drop this tidbit. I finished
watching the Pens/Flames game and stayed up to watch NHL2 Nite and the host
was reviewing tonites games. When he got to the Hurricanes/Blackhawks game he
said about the Canes goalie, "Irbe is to the Canes, what Geddy Lee is to
Rush". Just thought I'd share.


Go Isles!


From: Nei Wyatt 
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 1998 09:57:17 +0000
Subject: Reply: Did Geddy EVER played with a pick ?

I can confirm Geddy using a pick. One of my best Rush experiences was
back on the Permanent Waves Tour, when I was lucky enough to be front
row for all five nights at the Hammersmith Odeon, London. As the last
note was struck of Xanadu, the stage lights went off and Geddy leaned
forward and pressed his pick into the palm of my outstretched hand. I
also got four used drum sticks and one of Alex's broken strings.

I can still smell the dry ice.


Date: Thu, 29 Oct 1998 07:48:19 EST
Subject: Got Milk?

Hi all,

     I just looked at the updated website.  Congratulations Rush Managers for
all the Hard  work,  It looks awesome.

     The got milk thing cracked me up.  Is this a real add???     I'd love to
get an original copy to frame for my kitchen.  

     Does anyone know what magazine/issue this ad appears in?? Please e-mail
me.  I'd really love to get it.

   [ The ad is not real, our own George Rogic designed it!       : rush-mgr ]

     Thanks for your help
Neil Poster


From: "Andrew Dearden" 
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 98 12:44:16 +0000
Subject: Dog Years Recalculated

There has been some renewed comment about Dog Years in TNMS recently, so I
thought the following might be of interest. Here in the UK, we have had some
news coverage about the country's oldest dog, a papillon aged 27. The stories
added that this was equivalent to 150 for a human. Surely, though, "In a
dog's life, a year is really more like seven", so that should be 189.
Apparently not. It seems that the "experts" have reconsidered their opinion
and concluded that a dog year is really 5 1/2 human years, so that's 148 1/2.
"In a dog's life, a year is really more like five and a half"... Doesn't
quite work, does it?

Regards from England,



Date: Thu, 29 Oct 1998 13:17:35 GMT0BST
Subject: Re: 10/28/98 - The National Midnight Star #2125

What was the point of the 'England's getst the vinyl' comment (apart 
from exposing a very slight grasp on correct grammatical usage)?
If you' are some thick Yank, do not worry, we do have CDs.  I am 


From: "Grauw, de H.(BNS SU NO)" 
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 1998 14:29:00 +0100
Subject: The Spirit of Radio


just heard The Spirit of Radio off DS on the Atlantic Website! Cool!
Couldn't blast it (at work) and the Audio wasn't really streaming but
nevertheless...Cool! The stereo separation sounds really great. Can't wait
to get the CDs..



From: "BrianB" 
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 1998 08:45:26 -0400
Subject: Any Metallica fans?

FYI, the new Metallica album coming out soon will contain a cover of Bob
Seger's "Turn The Page."  Does that, or does that not sound VERY cool?

Off topic, yes.  Interesting?  I would think so.




From: "BrianB" 
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 1998 08:45:53 -0400
Subject: Geddy's Pick

>From: Laureti David 
>Date: Tue, 27 Oct 1998 19:19:34 -0500 (EST)
>Subject: Did Geddy EVER played with a pick ?
>I was wondering if Geddy ever played with a pick ?  

On songs like "Xanadu" and "A Passage to Bangkok", Geddy played rhythm
guitar and bass pedals on his Rickenbacker doubleneck while Alex played his
solo.  DUring the rest of the song, he played the upper part of the guitar
as his usual bassist-self.



From: Al Willig 
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 1998 08:20:38 -0600
Subject: Kevin's Bacon

Matt Thurman said:

       With the release of "Different Stages" the movie "Pleasentville" 
was also released.  If anyone has seen it, does it not slightly resemble 
the story of 2112 (by a stretch? nonetheless)?  Think about it, The 
movie is about someone who has discovered something "wondrus" and brings 
it to the town "the preists". they reject it, though some people decide 
to follow it (the elders).  And so everything turns to crap and the 
elder race end's up beating the preists and taking over.  Same basic 
idea, but shoot me in the head with that quad shotgun if you want 
rush-mgr, i still think there is a similarity.

Al says:  "Footloose" also slightly resembles the story in 2112. ;-) 
Kevin Bacon brings his wundrous dancing to a small town desperately in
need of an enema.....
Al Willig			   "Overwhelmed by everything
Chief Financial Officer		     but wanting more so much."
Minnesota Institute of		     
Acupuncture & Herbal Studies		
Phone:  651 603 0994
Fax:  651 603 0995


From: Al Willig 
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 1998 08:24:36 -0600
Subject: major eras

Matt Thurman also says:

Think about it, this live 
album has music from every major era of rush. 

Al asks anyone who cares to answer:
What are the major eras of Rush, IYHO?  For you, are they separated by
the live albums? something else?  I know what I think.
Al Willig			   "Overwhelmed by everything
Chief Financial Officer		     but wanting more so much."
Minnesota Institute of		     
Acupuncture & Herbal Studies		
Phone:  651 603 0994
Fax:  651 603 0995


From: Dan Bruss 
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 1998 08:56:04 -0600
Subject: Neil/Eric

>From: Cantu Jorge E 
>Date: Wed, 28 Oct 1998 11:24:13 -0600
>Subject: Neil very look alike.
>Hi u all,
>Just briefly. 
>Has anyone noticed the similarity between the Chicago Bears Quarterback Erik
>Kramer and Neil.
>I think it's amazing.
>Check it out on Sunday.

I mentioned the same thing a couple of issues ago, but no seemed to agree.
Or if they did, they just never posted about it!  :-)


"The point of a journey
  is not to arrive."  - Neil Peart


From: "The Clayton's" 
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 1998 08:56:10 -0600
Subject: Music Blvd

Hi y'all - Clint @  wrote in the last issue
about a bargain DS from with a $10 coupon from iname.
When I checked the thing out, it only mentions 2 discs.  I would be
totally BUMMED if it showed up at my door with no AFTK!  That would be
no bargain.  Do you think because its a "bonus" disc, it didn't get
noticed?  I think I won't take my chances with that one.

If you guys haven't checked out TNMS web site lately, it is looking SO
COOL!  It has a little countdown to the release of DS, and the message
board awesome!  Keep up the good work over there!   Lara


Date: Thu, 29 Oct 1998 15:02:26 -0000

Hey guys n dolls,

I just picked up issue one of a new UK rock magazine called Classic Rock. On
page 9 a titbit about DS.

Rush to release fourth live album in November

Rush, recently seen on the Small Soldiers soundtrack with a remix of 'Tom
Sawyer', have a new triple live album entitled 'Different Stages', ready for
release on November 17 
<*is this the UK release date?? No matter I have my Japanese copy on order,
hee hee>
The first 2 albums were taken from the 1993/94 'Counterparts' and '96's
'Test For Echo' tours, and the third is from their legendary Hammersmith
Odeon concert in February 1978.
The tracks are:

Comments drum maestro Neil Peart: "On the last two tours we've been playing
at a level we've not reached in terms of musicianship, accuracy, band
tightness and excitement. On live albums it's such a hard balance. Sometimes
we make them too polished, sometimes too raw. This time we're really trying
to get everything."
The band, already notorious for their dislike of the road, have announced
that they have no plans to tour for the next two years. This is due in part
to the tragic death of Peart's wife Jackie from cancer. Classic Rock sends
it's sincere condolences to Peart.

All in all this is the first positive thing on Rush I have seen in the press
for years. Not since the early days of Kerrang and Sounds! In a recent
article in 'Q' about Marylin Manson a snide reference to his Rush T-shirt
was made........

Sad really.


Pause at a Light - Rush inspired artwork  

"The pavements may teem........"

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intended solely for the use of the individual or entity to whom they   
are addressed.


Date: Thu, 29 Oct 1998 15:22:13 -0000

Me again,

Delved further into Classic Rock. Next issue they are running an article on
Rush. I'll keep you posted....

Finally they have a bit about the 10 best live albums of all time they are:

1. Live and Dangerous - Thin Lizzy
2. Alive - Kiss
3. One More From The Road - Lynyrd Skynyrd
4. If You Want Blood....You've Got It - AC/DC
5. At Budokan - Cheap Trick
6. Strangers In The Night - UFO
7. Live Rust - Neil Young
8. Live At Leeds - The Who
9. Live After Death - Iron Maiden

and... wait for it...
10. All The World's A Stage - Rush

It had this beside it....
" Before Rush got too clever and discovered keyboards, they really could
rock, as demonstrated on 'ATWAS'. The first of what will soon be four live
albums over a massively productive career, this marries short rockers like
'Anthem' and 'Fly By Night' with epics like '2112' and By-Tor and the Snow
Dog, climaxing with the awesome 'What You're Doing'. At the end
bassist/squealer Geddy Lee can be heard extolling the virtues of the show in
question in vociferous fashion!"

Eh, quite! 

Positive-ish, really. 

All in all not bad for a Thursday afternoon.


Pause at a Light - Rush inspired artwork  

"The pavements may teem........"

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are addressed.


From: "Michael Z. Williamson" 
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 1998 10:21:47 -0800
Subject: word on Kenny G

This came from one of my newsgroups:

    "Kenny G released his Christmas album this
week. Happy birthday, Jesus ... hope you like crap!"

sigh.  Pop at its worst.  Can you imagine Rush doing bad pop?  They'd
probably sound like Aerosmith.
mike  Edged weaponry, from the stone age to the space age.  
If we can send a politician into space, why can't we send all of them?


Date: Thu, 29 Oct 1998 10:39:33 EST
Subject: DS.......Amazing things (Spoiler)

Greetings All,
    I have spent some time with DS and I must say it is incredible. The guitar
tones on the beginning of "Natural Science" are mind blowing. They actually do
the backwards masking on the vocal in the quantum leap section. I don't recall
hearing it on the TFE tour.
     Geddy's vocals on 2112 are the best I have heard him sing on live
material, man the lad can put some feeling and emotion into his voice. The
packaging is sweet, it is not in a plastic jewel bow but a triple fold paper
one. One must relay know their Rush trivial in understanding the collage of
stuff in the inner photograph 


From: Tracy Smith 
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 1998 09:51:28 -0800 (PST)
Subject: what is playing in the CD player..

Just thought I'd throw this out...I am listening to:

Tonic:  _Lemon Parade_
bought it, not sure if I am liking it

Rush:  _Signals_ and _Test for Echo_
:-) no more needed to say!

John Mellencamp: _Scarecrow_
yup, John Cougar Mellencamp. This album is fairly rocking, with some 
poignant pieces...have not listened to it for a while, so it has been fun 
to rediscover it

Pearl Jam: Vs. (Versus)

their second album, good stuff, still haven't quite connected their sound 
with Rush. Either I am daff or just not hearing what others hear as 
similarities...go figure.
"Daughter" is great, so is "Go", check it out if you haven't...

what are others listening to????



" Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help 
them to become what they are capable of being." ~ Johann W. von Goethe ~


From: Ron van de Leijgraaf 
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 1998 19:30:41 +0100 (MET)
Subject: Hemispheres article

Hi Rush-heads,

One of the prog-rock magazines from The Netherlands has asked their readers
to contribute for a CD section called the pro-rock classic album.
I'm written a contribution, which I'll submit this week. Unfortunately for
most people on this list, the article is written in Dutch, which was a
prerequisite from the editing staff, so I took the liberty of making a loose
translation in English and contribute this to the list.

Hope you enjoy,


RUSH - Hemispheres

'To be continued' was a promise Neil Peart made at the end of 'Cygnus X-1',
the closing song on the album 'A Farewell to Kings'.
Through the sister of a good friend of mine, I got in touch with the music
of Rush in 1977. She played a tape with 'A Farewell to Kings' and I must
that it sounded very pleasing to my ears. In no time, I bought all existing
LP's and the long wait for new material from my Canadian heroes began. The
wait was made bearable by playing the old records to death.
On the day 'Hemispheres' was released, I raced home from school, making a
record breaking pit stop at the local record store to grab hold of a copy of
the album. Arriving at home, a quick hello was all my family got from me and
I raced to my room to put the black disk on my turntable. The needle slowly
descended to the surface and for the next 40 minutes, my ears were devoted
to only one thing.

The first side of the LP was completely filled with the title track
Hemispheres, the promised sequel to Cygnus X-1. It surpassed the appetiser
of the previous album completely. An original, top class SF story, nicely
told and accompanied by beautiful, varied music. Bombastic symphonic pieces
alternated with melodic hardrock and lovely acoustic guitar. My mind was
still buzzing when I flipped the record over.
Side 2 opened with the heavy rock song 'Circumstances'. Both musically and
lyrically a very nice song indeed. 
Next were the soft tones of Alex Lifeson caressing the strings of an
acoustic guitar, the intro to 'The Trees'. A song built to Rush standards,
with a calm (acoustic) into, which builds into a heavy rock song. And of
course very nice lyrics written by Neil Peart.
'Things can't get any better,' were my thoughts at that moment. Until 'La
Villa Strangiato' erupted. The subtitle promised all the best: "An exercise
in self-indulgence". This instrumental is one of the best songs Rush have
ever recorded in their long career. Virtuosity on drums, bass and guitar in
a magnificent piece of music.

'With the heart and mind united in a single, perfect sphere' are the final
words of Neil Peart in Hemispheres. He couldn't have described the
perfection of this album any better. 

Ron van de Leijgraaf
When we are young
Wandering the face of the earth
Wondering what our dreams might be worth
Learning that we're only immortal
For a limited time - Neil Peart -

Home is where the harddisk is - Ron van de Leijgraaf -


From: "Frank Sereno" 
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 1998 12:53:00 -0600
Subject: Rush Fan(atic) hard-to-buy-for-the-holiday's suggestion?

LOS ANGELES (CNN) -- Philosopher-novelist Ayn Rand's manuscripts and letters 
will be auctioned Nov. 18 in Los Angeles. 

About $700,000 worth of the author's letters, drafts of articles, and novels 
totalling 5,000 pages will go on the auction block. 

The novels include Rand's literary output between 1962 and 1974, including
29 original manuscript pages from "Atlas Shrugged," one of the novels 
synonymous with Rand's name.  Included will be 61 pages of handwritten notes 
for a 1961 speech and letters to friends and colleagues. 

The Los Angeles auction, held by Butterfield & Butterfield Gallery, will be
simulcast in San Francisco and Illinois.



From: "Gary and Rhonda" 
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 1998 13:14:30 -0600
Subject: Friday premiere

Here in Central Wisconsin we don't have much as far radio goes
101.1 FM WMZK out Merill
Friday night they will have the premiere of the new Rush Cd
INTERVIEWS with Alex and Geddy starting at 9:00pm
I'll have that old record button ready to push


So if for some warped reason you are in this neck of the woods
Tune into 101.1 FM

Later Gary


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