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         The National Midnight Star, Number 2130

                  Thursday, 05 Nov 1998

Today's Topics:
                       DS on radio!
                 How good is Alex....etc.
            Live version(s) of Spirit of Radio
                     Censored Records
                   Music of the Spheres
            Different Stages surround encoded?
               Different Stages Enhanced CD
                     RECORDING RADIO
 Jo Robinson's Interview with Rush on the Loop in Chicago
                    Rush Chart Update
                      Radio premiere
          Re:al Audio crapped out @ 8:45PST  :(
                       Rush Talent
                       ROB HALFORD
                   DS......DEBUT COPIES
         The release date of the the Japanese DS
                    Re: AFTK on vinyl 
                   DS UK Vinyl release
             King Biscuit, website, ALex's SG
     DS premiere on 93.5 WTPA (central Pennsylvania)
                Chicago on the Live Album
     Different Stages Review in a Brazilian Newspaper
            Rush Returns to South Park Parody
                     DS World Premier
                 Different Stages Primere
         DS premiere--Geddy & Alex / Donna Halper
                       Mtv vs Rush

From: (The RUSH Fans Digest Manager)
Date: Thu Nov  5 10:39:42 PST 1998
Subject: Administrivia

Hope everyone caught the album premiere last night! I, like many of you,
resorted to listening to it through the internet (I was listening to Rock 103
in Tenessee!) If you also used RealAudio or Netshow to hear the broadcast,
take the time to send a quick email to the radio station you listened to
and thank them! Tell them how great it is they have an internet feed, how
your local station plays crap, and you got their station info from the NMS
page :-)

I got the whole show (minus 2 min or so when my computer crashed), and am
transcribing it. I could also record it, but the main reason you listen to
these album premieres is to hear the music, and the music is not very good
quality. I *will* be recording the interview once I get my radio copy (on
Sunday) though.

More news... the DS ads will begin running on VH-1 starting tomorrow, so get
those vcr's ready! I've heard that it's a neat ad, and features the 3
live versions of CTTH! Geddy & Alex were also interviewed for CNN's "Showbiz
Today", which should be running next week. This show airs Monday - Friday from
2:30pm - 3 Eastern time, 11:30am - noon Pacific. Their website is at:

but unfortunately they update it every day with the show that's running
THAT DAY (so we'll have no advance warning). They also will be transcribing 
the segment on their website (no pictures though). You can also order VIDEOS
of this show, so everyone should be able to see it (info is also on their
website). I'll put it into RealVideo when I get it taped.

And there will be DS reviews in both Entertainment Weekly and People coming
soon, so be on the lookout!

Some more info on the fancast, taken from the Atlantic website:

       Nov 4, 1998

       On November 15th, in conjunction with the release of their
       multi-disc live set,"DIFFERENT STAGES," Rush members
       Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson will visit New York City and
       the newly opened Atlantic DigitalArena Studio for an online
       fan text chat and a special, direct-to-web online
       "FANCAST" -- moderated by renowned music journalist
       Lisa Robinson. The event kicks off at 7 p.m. (EST) with the
       half-hour Lee/Lifeson text chat, available via SonicNet's
       Yahoo! Auditorium ( The "FANCAST"
       forum, which begins at 7:30 p.m., will feature a
       question-and-answer session with Robinson and a look
       back at the band's extensive video archive. "FANCAST"
       events are available via the Atlantic web site at 

I'm assuming here that the actual fancast part will be in Atlantic's "Digital
Arena" studio, on their website. I believe that Rush is the first artist
in their DigitalArena! For international readers, EST is 5 hours behind GMT.

*whew* I think that about covers it. I only transcribed about 40% of the 
interview last night before I got too tired, but I'll be sending out a
special edition after this with what I have. I'll try to get the rest of it
done tonight. The actual show was over 2 hours, so if your radio station is
going to be playing it this weekend and you have your tapes ready, make sure
to pause it during a few of their LENGTHY commercials so it'll all fit!
(I'm thinking it was ~2 hours 10 min)

- rush-mgr


From: George Of The Tested Echoes 
Date: Wed, 4 Nov 1998 14:42:23 -0800 (PST)
Subject: DS on radio!

Heard 4 songs on the four-play (4 songs at 4:00) on WRBR (South Bend).
Wow! Best live Rush recordings I've heard! Limelight is, well, fatter.
Roll The Bones ^%$%ing GROOVES! Working Man is its typical wonderful
self, and TS is beefier. Definately a must-buy.
Also, in response to all this "How good ARE Geddy and Alex?" Alex is a
genius. If there's a cliche in the world of guitar, he does NOT use
it. I wonder where he comes up with half of what he writes (Show Don't
Tell, Jacob's Ladder (That weird Cdim), etc.). Geddy is easily the
best bassist out there. He has probably influenced more bassists then
anyone else out there. One of the most common things I've heard said
about him is, "How can he sing and Play bass like that at the same
time?" Add to that the fact that he's a keyboardist...


"My moral standing is lying down."
                       -Nine Inch Nails, "The Only Time"
Visit my home page at
Sometimes I just wish it were greener on my side.  - Chris Loncar


Date: Wed, 4 Nov 1998 18:52:44 EST
Subject: How good is Alex....etc.

We all know Neil is the best.... Geddy is the best rock bass player.....and
Alex was named to the 100 Greatest Guitar Players of All-time in Guitar World.
For me, Alex is very underrated because he was one of the first to use volume
swells (way before Eddie Van Halen) also his feel and sound is very unique.
Alex for his time is probably the best not only because Hendrix and Page are
OVERrated as hell, but also that Lerxst was doing stuff never heard at the
time (La Villa Strangiato). But you also have to think of it this way....HE IS
course). If Alex was in lesser great band, his talent would show alot more.
Anyhow, just thought I'd get my opinion in.....
"King Lerxst"


From: "ron roach" 
Date: Wed, 04 Nov 1998 16:37:18 PST

hey RUSHian's,
IT's Wednesday night and RUSH will be premiering on radio staion 99.9, 
KISW in Seattle on Kathy Faulkner's Ultimate CD side. Also, I'm trying 
to find a station up here in Seattle that will carry the interview on 
the west___ one radio network. Help me!!
 As a side note, in my CD changer is
1) Rush , Retrospective 1
2) Rush Retrospective 2
3) Kiss Greatest
4) April Wine-Nature of the Beast
5) Triumph-Thunder 7
 "you can't get something for nothing"!


From: "Joseph Ornelas" 
Date: Wed, 4 Nov 1998 18:56:13 -0800
Subject: Live version(s) of Spirit of Radio

With the release of DS upon us, we now have two official live album versions of
SOR (personally, this is one Rush song that cannot be overplayed).  I'm sure by
now, that most of us have heard the DS version somewhere (radio, 'net, etc).
After hearing it myself, it occurred to me that the cheering crowd after the
"...concert hall..." line might not be a stock sound as used on the studio
version.  Is the crowd in Chicago actually cheering at the right moment in the
song to match the studio version?  How about back on E...SL?  Anybody know?

Joseph Ornelas

"For the words of the profits were
 written on the studio wall..."


From: G Zelenski 
Date: Wed, 04 Nov 1998 19:13:36 -0800
Subject: Censored Records

I'm sorry this is not rush-related, but music related...
I just bought the new Monster Magnet album Powertrip. It's pretty good.
All the bad words are censored out of the record. Does anyone else have
this album? Is your copy censored, too. I'm not talking about "Tractor"
with all those bleeps. "Bummer" has all the f -words taken out, for
example. I bought this at Wal*Mart, and I know they pressure record
companies to edit 'innapropriate' lyrics and artwork from albums.
To add some rush content to this post-  Do we have anything to worry
about with Different Stages? Would there be anything that Wal*Mart would
want to censor? Maybe tinker toys are too suggestive or something.



From: Aset 
Date: Wed, 04 Nov 1998 19:32:24 -0800
Subject: Music of the Spheres

The guy who introduced me to Rush, always claimed not to like the Analog
Kid because he didn't know what Neil meant by "The music of the spheres".
It always seemed silly to me to hate a song just because you don't know
what the writer meant.  To me it's what the song means to you, not the author.

But anyway, yesterday I was reading a book and the author gave a quote that
might help (this is about the Pythagorean view of how the cosmos worked):

 "The Pythagoreans said that the bodies which revolve around the center
have their distances in proportion, and some revolve more quickly, others
more slowly, the sound which they make during themotion being deep in the
case of the slower, and high in the case of the quicker; these sounds, then
depending on the ration of the distances, are such that their combined
effect is harmonious."
 Alexander of Aphrodisias - lived in Alexandria, Egypt 3rd century BC

Sounds like a "music of the spheres" to me:)
Crystal Calligraphy		..."wind in my hair		shifting and drifting..."		-Peart


From: "Rick Pali" 
Date: Wed, 4 Nov 1998 22:35:02 -0500
Subject: Different Stages surround encoded?

I'm listening to the Different Stages album premier as I type and am
noticing some strange things from the surround channels. Some of the music
is back there at low levels, but once and a while something gets louder
(like the guitar solo in Driven), and there's just tonnes of crowd sounds
back there when a cheer comes out of the crowd.

Does anyone know if this CD was actually surrounded encoded, or is my
decoder pulling out surround information that actually doesn't really exist?

Alienshore Film Reviews


From: "Krishna Donepudi" 
Date: Wed, 4 Nov 1998 22:39:18 -0500
Subject: Different Stages Enhanced CD

Anybody been to CDNow's Rush page recently?  They have two different
Different Stages.  One for $17.48 after 30% off and the other for $21.99.
The latter has a DVD / enhanced 3rd disc.  What is up with that?  Anybody?

Please reply by email.



From: "Gary and Rhonda" 
Date: Wed, 4 Nov 1998 21:52:06 -0600
Subject: Premiere

Hello all.....

As I type this the premiere of Different Stages is on and I must say
(as "Working Man" from disc 3

Hey rsh.mgr?
What IS UP with radio in Southern California?????
I can't figure out why San Diego or Los Angeles won't play it
and yet a station from Merrill, Wisconsin plays it..
I'm just suprised that's all!!!!

MY GOD THIS IS AWESOME....THe version of "Fly by Night" is

I don't know if I'm gonna last untill the 10th.......

Bye for now


From: Alan Edwards 
Date: Wed, 4 Nov 1998 20:05:36 -0800 (PST)

Please, if someone still has a chance to record the broadcast:
Yes, HiFi VHS tape gives you an exceptional quality audio track;
But, PLEASE, record it in SP (2 hour) mode--and then share!  ;-)

I read in a HiFi mag a few years ago that the signal-to-noise
ratio of 2-hour mode HiFi approaches that of CD (90-something dB).
BUT the 6 hour mode is a completely different story.  It *may*
be better than Casette, but not by much (from memory).

For 2-hour shows like this, just use one of those new T-160
tapes, they will record 2 hours and 40 minutes in SP mode.
You wont miss a thing!

If anyone gets a VHS recording, PLEASE drop me a line and I'll send you
a blank!  San Francisco Bay Area radio SUCKS!

 Alan in Fremont, CA


Date: Wed, 4 Nov 1998 23:49:41 EST
Subject: Jo Robinson's Interview with Rush on the Loop in Chicago

Hey Chicagoans!  I just confirmed the info I received last night regarding Jo
Robinson's Interview with Rush.  She did the interview a few weeks ago in
Toronto.  The interview will run for about an hour and is to be aired on
Monday evening, Nov. 9, 1998 at 9:00 p.m. Central on the Loop, 97.9 FM.  Those
are all the details I could get.  I tried to ask if they were at least going
to play the new cd or parts thereof that night as well.  The response I got
was that the details haven't been finalized and that was all they were allowed
to divulge at this point in time.  Promo commercials haven't been finalized
yet, so just tune in to the Loop and listen for more details.  I sound like a
damn commercial.  There.  My good deed for the day.  Enjoy!  I will be.  :)


Date: Wed, 4 Nov 1998 23:49:41 EST

Hey Chicagoans!  I just confirmed the info I received last night regarding Jo
Robinson's Interview with Rush.  She did the interview a few weeks ago in
Toronto.  The interview will run for about an hour and is to be aired on
Monday evening, Nov. 9, 1998 at 9:00 p.m. Central on the Loop, 97.9 FM.  Those
are all the details I could get.  I tried to ask if they were at least going
to play the new cd or parts thereof that night as well.  The response I got
was that the details haven't been finalized and that was all they were allowed
to divulge at this point in time.  Promo commercials haven't been finalized
yet, so just tune in to the Loop and listen for more details.  I sound like a
damn commercial.  There.  My good deed for the day.  Enjoy!  I will be.  :)

To magnetic North
The point of a needle
Moving back and forth

>From the point of entry-
Until the Candle's burned
The point of departure-
Is not to return...

Anything can happen!

OK S.S----- S.?  :)


From: Ward Bond 
Date: Thu, 5 Nov 1998 00:23:01 -0500
Subject: Rush Chart Update

Time for chart updates again:

Nearly 19 years later, The Spirit of Radio returns to the charts.  TSOR
debuted in this week's Mainstream Rock chart at #36.  The chart is based on
radio airplay and singles sales.

Chart History:

5 years ago, this week, the #2 album in the U.S. was Counterparts.  This
was Rush's highest album chart position ever!

Ward Bond


From: "eddy Maxwell" 
Date: Wed, 04 Nov 1998 23:24:18 -0600
Subject: Radio premiere


Grand KickAss Kudos to the rush-mgr and all those who made the
NMS msg board on the website possible.  It was so great sharing
our feelings as we were listening to the netcast.  HI! to all who
were there--Dogbert, Scoots, Xhamlin, Slowdog.  We managed almost
60 messages in 2 hours.  Not bad!

Special thanks to Brian Andonian for posting that WRIF was
playing the premiere.  Since it is an Eastern time station, I
didn't have to stay up til midnight to hear the broadcast (I'm in
Central Time).  "It's on Central Time!"

Livin' High and Livin' Fine


"I can learn to resist anything but frustration
 I can learn to persist with anything but aiming low
 I can learn to close my eyes to anything but injustice
 I can learn to get along with all the things I don't know"--Neil


From: (Chuck Flowers)
Date: Wed, 4 Nov 1998 22:58:20 -0600
Subject: atlantis

>The best part of the CD has to be the picture of her on it....(can you
say nudity?)

Alanis Morissette naked is not nudity, it's just plain gross.


Date: Thu, 5 Nov 1998 00:23:21 EST
Subject: Re:al Audio crapped out @ 8:45PST  :(

Somebody please quote what the guys said about Rush's future. My connection
got dropped at the commecial break right before, and Vegas stations wouldn't
carry quality programming if they got paid to.



From: (Paul A. Mayden)
Date: Wed, 4 Nov 1998 21:53:58 +0000
Subject: Rush Talent

Bonjour Rush mates! Been checking out TNMS for a bit now and I figured I
throw my 2 cents in about the talent of Geddy(Gary) Alex and Neil. As for
Neil, it's pretty much a gimme that he's a drumming god. What I like
about his playing now is he seems to be playing WITH Geddy and Alex. Not
over them. Probably has a lot to do with his simplified drum kit. I do
somewhat miss his incredible business from the early releases, like on
Tom Sawyer for example where he was EVERYWHERE, but I like how he's
locked in with the others now. It doesn't seem like Geddy and Alex are
having to try to "keep up" so much anymore. Maybe I was just hearing
things before but as a musician I think I have pretty good ears.

Alex I think is one of the most underated guitar players out there. I
think a lot of that is because he's TOO GOOD! A lot of mediocer players
compensate by show boating the few things they can do well. Like some
players can't play rythym for crap but can rip on a certain pentatonic or
ionian scale solo and so they do it every song. After awhile of hearing
it over and over people will say, "wow! he sure can shred!" and say he's
awesome. But what else can he do? The same goes for great rythym players
who can't solo worth damn. ie James Hetfield from Metallica. Those
players can create awesome rythyms but stand them alone and that's all
you've got. Which is fine as long as they hook up with other band mates
to make up for their lapses. But Alex now! Years of being the only guitar
player has really rounded him out as a player! He does so many things
well that no one thing stands out and so his true talent may not get
recognized because of it. Just listen to his soloing on Working Man. Or
Analog Kid. Or La villa Strangiato. AMAZING! And then listen to his
rythem playing on songs like Xanadu, or Lime Light! My God! And his use
of effects in near legendary. I truly believe that Alex, although he gets
plenty of respect, deserves so much more from us in the guitar playing
world. My hat's off to ya Alex!

Last but not least is Geddy. It's hard to describe his playing. He amazes
me! Even more lately. He too seems to have settled back and is playing
more with the band instead of on top of them. Earlier on it seemed he
played bass more or less like a second lead guitar and left it for Neil
to hold the beat on his own. I play guitar and bass and when I switch to
bass it's hard for me to sit back and groove sometimes because the guitar
instincs try to take over. I read in the rush history by the B-man that
Geddy started on guitar so that might be where that came from. But I
loved it anyway! He's so fluid and accomplished you would just listen in
awe. But now I listen to the whole songs in awe because the bands more in
sync than ever before. And the Gedster still RAWKS! Just listen to Driven
for proof of that.

I saw some posts wondering if Geddy ever used a pick. I remeber reading
in a guitar mag (a long time ago, can't remember which one) that he said
he never really has. But he said he got his right thumbnail ripped out
once and when it grew back it came in really tough. So he can use is
thumbnail as a pick when he wants. I don't know if that qualifies as
using a pick or not. I guess technically it does because it's the same
motion and you'd hear the attack of his nail just like a pick. It's
interesting to note that he doesn't play bass with his fingers the way
most bass players do anyway. If you watch most players, (me included)
they'll rest their thumb on either the bridge or a pick-up and use the
index and middle finger pretty much exclusively to play the strings.
Geddy uses the "classical guitar" technique where he'll play the lowest
sounding string with his thumb and the other three strings with his
index, middle and ring fingers. Watch any classical guitarist and then
watch Geddy and you'll see what I mean.

Anyway, I'm done rambling! Remember to have fun and to hold the red star
proudly high in hand!

Jean-Paul      Check the sites below. If you like Rush you'll probably
like this band!!


From: Roberto Schiavon 
Date: Thu, 05 Nov 1998 04:05:22 -0200

    What the hell Rob Halford is doing in the cover of the new Dream
Theater live cd ? It seems that he's regreting something...

 It's so hard to wait for a new Rush record when the release date is
coming, now waiting for a new live record with 3 cds, "A Farewell to
Kings-era" show and all!I'm dying here!


From: FearNo1 
Date: Thu, 05 Nov 1998 00:49:31 -0600
Subject: YES!!!

Its kinda amazing.  I have been getting (nad have been meaning to
read) The National Midnite Star for weex...but I have been pretty busy 
at work.  I also have tried to access the web site from the old 
syrinx.umd no avail (the search engines still lists the 
url at syrinx).  So I finally found out the new URL, and wouldnt u know 
its the nite of the album premiere..thanx for the info!  Since I am in 
chicago, I just *knew* it was gonna come on here!  So I ran thru the 
house looking 4 a blank tape...couldnt find one (I wanted to encode the 
program in Real audio) I gave up.  The program was coming on at 
11pm chicago time, I scanned the dials for the next luck!  
Needless to say I was pissed!!  So I went back to TNMS web site and it 
also contained linx of radio stations streaming the program over the net 
via Real player!  I listened to it from a station in atlanta, then later
from a station in seattle-this was in stereo.  Long 
live the net!  BTW, I am also gonna send this email to the Real guys, 
the atlanta radio station, in addition to TNMS (
The ironic thing is that from the interview geddy said that about 75% of
the Test For Echo songs were recorded in chicago, since chicago had
the loudest crowdz.  I was at both shows in chi ofcourse


From: (SUZUKI Jun'ya)
Date: Thu, 5 Nov 1998 17:44:26 +0900 (JST)
Subject: The release date of the the Japanese DS

Hi all,

The release date of the Japanese DS was moved to Nov. 26.

Take care,


| # # | # # # | # # | # # # | # # | # # # | | # # | # # # | # # |
        SUZUKI Jun'ya
  Master's Proglam in Biosystem Studies, University of Tsukuba


From: Slim Jim 
Date: Thu, 05 Nov 1998 10:37:56 +0000
Subject: Re: AFTK on vinyl 

"Norwood Evans" wrote:
> Hello..I was recently at a thrift store and guess what I found in front 
> of the old LP's. A vinyl of AFTK for that I got for a Quarter!! Does 
> anyone know of the actual value this is? The record is pretty much 
> scratch free and in good shape. The cover is a bit worn but is in good 
> shape as well. Thanks for any help given. 

Not any great value, I don't think, but a good buy for a quarter!

> Because he was human..Because he had goodness..Because he was moral...
> They called him insane.  NP AFTK

Not NP but GL in fact.



From: "Heath, Martin" 
Date: Thu, 05 Nov 1998 10:37:51 +0000
Subject: DS UK Vinyl release

Rich "Cannibal Surf Boy" Harding said:

> Has anyone personal confirmation of this DS UK Vinyl release yet?

I rang Vivante, an audiophile record mail order company that I have used in
the past and they have a good knowledge of the record industry.  They 
investigated and a couple of days later when I called back, they said that 
there was no trace of this. It would probably have to be around six LPs 
(wonderful!), and this would therefore be quite a thing (especially compared 
to a crummy paper CD effort). Since Atlantic/Warners have even stopped making 
the Led Zepplin LPs, Vivante reckon that it is improbable that they would 
make this for Rush.

I also rang Atlantic records marketing department (0171 938 2181) and the
lady there said that on her system, only a CD version was scheduled for 
release (3 CDs - no mention of multimedia stuff). That also meant that there 
was no cassette version.

I hope this is eventually proved wrong, but I'm not holding my breath.



ORQ: "rabbit".


From: "James Jay Jordan" 
Date: Thu, 5 Nov 1998 07:59:21 -0500
Subject: Immortality

Helloooo ...

Imagine!!  Finding out your finally "immortal for a limited time" !  After
being a fan for 21 years, 20 shows, a million dreams with a Rush soundtrack
>... and now ... finding out you're at one of the shows and three tracks of
DS !!!!!!!!!!!  I was four feet off the floor !!!!!!!!

Thanks Rush and thank God (insert the one of your choice or non-choice
here)for putting us here at this time in history to witness this musical

The show: June 23, 1997
The venue: Great Woods, Mansfield, MA
The songs: 2112, Leave That Thing Alone, and The Rhythm Method.  Being a
drummer makes the latter all the more special knowing I witnessed it with my
own eyes!!

Be well all!

         James Jordan
     Web Design Coordinator
SIS - Sprintout Internet Services
     Providence, RI 02903
ICQ me at 11701395


From: Peter Beshuk 
Date: Thu, 5 Nov 1998 08:26:57 -0500 (EST)
Subject: King Biscuit, website, ALex's SG

A few comments on recent posts:

1. The King Biscuit show-
I'm pretty sure this recording is an edited version of the GUP video
soundtrack. I used to own this CD and I thought this was the case.  I later
read the same thing on some website dedicated to Rush bootlegs.  There are at
least 3 King Biscuit CDs around.  They have different broadcast dates on them
but are all the same recording.  I also own some of the recently released full
length KB CDs and they're good.  KB usually made very good recordings of
complete shows and distributed edited version (with commercials inserted, etc)
to the radio stations.  I suspect there will be no KB release of the Rush
show, perhaps because KB didn't record it in their normal fashion (i.e. it's
the GUP video soundtrack).

2. At the top of the Syrinx website there are two rectangular pieces of
artwork.  I was wondering if they have some official source or are Rush-Mgr

   [ These are originals done by a friend of mine, Leigh-Ann. She's been 
     helping out with the graphics... she also did the Horizons logo, the
     "in loving memory" and a new graphic that I'm putting up on the "preview"
     page.                                                     : rush-mgr ]

3. Alex's SG - I remember a picture in the AFTK tourbook of Alex sitting in
the middle of about 8 guitars.  I *think* there is no SG guitar in that group.
Of course, that's about 20 years ago.  I don't think I've ever seen a picture
of him playing one.  Check Alex's equipment list in the later tourbooks.



From: "Anderson, Chris " 
Date: Thu, 5 Nov 1998 08:38:17 -0500 
Subject: DS premiere on 93.5 WTPA (central Pennsylvania)

WOW!!  DS is going to be a seriously kickin' article of music!!
I told myself (and the NMS) that I would not listen to any premieres
or audio clips of DS.....but I did anyway.  It was nice to hear Alex
and Ged speak about Rush and the live stuff.  It was disheartening
when Geddy was asked about Rush's prospects of continuing.  I don't
think they'll go back to recording anytime soon but it didn't sound
too bad..... "extended hiatus" translates to "we'll be out for a while."
It'll be 2000 at least, IMHO.

On to DS, 2112 sounded so very, very classic and special, to bad
Geddy can't scream like in old days, but it'll be okay.  The Hammersmith
stuff seems extremely fresh and of high quality sound-wise.
Heck, all of the songs....whoa.  Just can't wait six more days!!!!

 Chris A. 


Date: Thu, 5 Nov 1998 08:55:54 EST
Subject: Chicago on the Live Album

Glad to hear that Geddy thought the Chicago show at the World was something
special.  I was afraid it was just the strange green substance being


From: "Guilherme H. A. Hashimoto" 
Date: Thu, 05 Nov 1998 12:00:51 -0200
Subject: Different Stages Review in a Brazilian Newspaper

I've found this today; it's a review of DS that appeared in a brazilian
newspaper called O Estado de Sao Paulo. I'm giving you a (rough)
translate of this; sorry for my english. The URL is listed at the end of
the post. By the way, O Estado sucks!!! What a stupid reviewer guy!!!
Well, see by yourself!

Begin of Translate:

Rush remembers progressive rock in triple CD

'Different Stages' register last year's tour in USA and rescues a 1978
London show

Canadian trio Rush releases, at 17,  the fourth live album of its
career. The triple CD Different Stages brings performances from the
American Tour last year and a 1978 show from London. Formed 29 years
ago, Rush has established a reputation of antological performances, but
has never played in Brazil, Nor has plans to do so. Bassist and singer
Geddy Lee explains, by phone, that the band is waiting for drummer Neil
Peart, who has lost his 19 years old daughter in a car crash, to
recuperate [I couldn't find a better aproximation here; sorry]. For
instance, live performances only at the CD.

Geddy Lee researched more than 100 hours of live recorded performances
at the group archives to get the repertoire of Different Stages. "It was
like a retrospect of our career", says, nostalgically. "We have the bad
habit of recording our shows, it's not a creative process, but a painful
one; to hear these performances is to pass by a evaluation test - to
know if we've got better or worse".

When dedicating a entire CD to the 1978 show, Rush invites the listener
to evaluate its evolution. The bassist admits that he hated that
recording, made for BBC, and forgot even the existence of the tape, left
somewhere in his home. Time has not made the [recorded] show get better,
but has valorized the repertoire of that time, superior of Rush's last

In the 70s, the trio still have not fell into synthesizers and eletronic
effects, that have remarked their 80s albums. "We've started this band
when we were 15", notes Lee. They have become respected musicians,
playing progressive rock during the punk era. The bassist remembers
London, in 1978, as a city full of 'mohicans'. "Punk has legitimated
us", he says. "[Heavy] Metal has become sophisticated compared to that
rustic music".

Against the [Music] Encyclopaedias, Lee does not believe that the punk
movement killed the progressive [rock]. But Different Stages is
nostalgic. There are the classics of an era - Closer to the Heart,  Tom
Sawyer and Fly by Night, and the seven parts of 2112 suite. The live
retrospective shows that neither Rush does progressive rock the way it
used to be.

End of Translate.

The URL (it's in Portuguese):

I'm only sending this as a curiosity, and my personal opinion is:
there's a lot of stupid critics anywhere, and here in Brazil is not
different. But, anyway, O Estado is one of the 2 top newspapers here,
and is interesting to see that Rush is there, even in a not-so-good
review, to say the least. If there are some Brazilian fan out there that
saw the review, too, please drop me a line if the translation has
problems; if you say: don't you know what dictionary means, I'll answer
you: donīt you know what 'the boss is coming' means?

Sorry for the lenght of the post. Rush-mgr, keep your great job!

That's all, folks.

Guilherme Hashimoto.


Date: Thu, 5 Nov 1998 14:47:43 -0000 

Hi folks,

I was up at 3 am to listen to the DS Premiere on RA (WRIF in Detroit, thanks
rush-mgr for the Different Signals page. Had to type in the URL tho'
couldn't find a link, stoopid me) and I have a few observations.

Being from the UK I found this intriguing. I only got into the Net about a
month after T4e was released, so I missed that one. Lots of commercials
(adverts) mostly for local gigs in Detroit area. Ged and Al must have
recorded their interview in about 10 minutes. Nice to hear them though. A
bit grim on the next album front, I guess Neil still needs some time. 

Real Audio quality was mono but you could still hear how good the songs are
going to sound. 2112 is intense. I have never heard it so good. I have had
the luxury of hearing it on 2 T4e boots but the second-leg tour version
played at the Premiere was unbelievable. Other highlights were Ged's
'unique' phrasing on the '78 stuff. Wait till you hear Working Man. "Take
myself out a Watney's Red barrel" indeed. Heh heh. A couple of years ago
someone made a connection between us Rush Fans and Monty Python. I kind of
got a kick out of the "bleedin' Watney's red bleedin' barrel" connection. 

Cool as you guys say. Can't wait -  the album is gonna be so frikkin'


Pause at a Light - Rush inspired artwork  

"The pavements may teem........"

sorry about this below. The Scottish Office has a new toy. Blame B Gates....


From: "matthew alexander majewski" 
Date: Thu, 05 Nov 1998 06:51:08 -0700
Subject: Bootlegs


I was looking into buying a couple of boots from a web-site called 'Scarred 
Records'.  Does anyone have any experience with them?  I'm thinking about 
picking up the 'Spiral' and 'Signals from London' bootlegs.
Please e-mail me privately if you have any info.


From: "eddy Maxwell" 
Date: Thu, 05 Nov 1998 10:17:26 -0600
Subject: Rush Returns to South Park Parody


Went back and read an NMS 2124.  The "Rush Returns to South Park"
parody is one of the funniest things I've ever read.  Pete and
Rhonda Mills "together are a genius"!  They were right on the
money with the whole South Park dialogue, action, everything!!
Nice Empire Darth/Luke reference too.  Hey, maybe it wasn't
Neil.  Maybe it was John Hannah from Sliding Doors and Four
Weddings & a Funeral?  The world will never know...

Rush On!


P.S.  The premiere last night kicked ass!!

"I can learn to resist anything but frustration
 I can learn to persist with anything but aiming low
 I can learn to close my eyes to anything but injustice
 I can learn to get along with all the things I don't know"--Neil


Date: Thu, 5 Nov 1998 12:18:08 EST
Subject: DS World Premier

I, too, must ask if anyone recorded the premier and would be willing to make a
copy for me.  I am in the Chicago area and you've probably heard what happened
to us.  Please let me know.  Thanks!

The sleep is still in my eyes
The dream is still in my head


From: Max MacPherson 
Date: Thu, 5 Nov 1998 12:35:16 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Different Stages Primere

I'm sure that 90% of the posts in this issue will have this subject, but I
just want to share some of my initial thoughts of the new live album*3. 
First, I think that all of the songs will sound much better when listened
to with the whole album than individually.  The Spirit of radio has been
playing for the past few weeks, but that was it.  It's good to hear some
of the other material.  Its a truly great live sound, the audience is not
to obnoxious, but they do show their appreciation and devotion to Rush.  I
think that geddy's voice was great on all of the songs from the recent
tours and shows that he still has his classic high pitched voice.  What
was all that about geddy not being able to hit high notes anymore?  I
would have to disagree with that.  The temples of syrinx was great and I
loved the new way it was sung with a different melody.  A couple of those
"shivering moments": In the overture and temples, the audience responding
with a "hey" after certain chords.  Amazing!  Someone was asking why this
was not done on ATWAS, and I think that it was primarily because it was
the tour in support of 2112 and the trend had not caught on yet.  Another
great moment was at the end of Test for echo as geddy closes with
EEEEEEEEcho!  With regards to the third live cd, It sound like ATWAS from
the songs they played.  I'm sure the rest of it will be great but I was
kind of hoping that working man would be in its entirety.  They did a
medley sort of thing and switched to fbn somewhere in the middle if the
instrumental section of the song.  Oh well.  Overall, I was impressed and
cant wait to get this album.  A local radio station is giving away copies
this weekend.  One thing about the premire is that there seemed to be
something missing with out neil there.  I remember listening to part of
the TFE premere and it seemed like a bigger event.  I am looking forward
to bravado, animate, Natural science, and everything else on this album
when it comes out.  Take care all. 

 Max MacPherson

The Meek have assumed control when the priests inherit the earth.
 2112 in some alternate universe.   


From: Chris Engebo 
Date: Thu, 05 Nov 1998 09:37:53 -0800
Subject: DS premiere--Geddy & Alex / Donna Halper

I suppose this will have been reported to death by now, but I just thought
I'd throw this in.

The album premiere was great fun.  Can't wait to have my copy.  Of course,
the tracks they played were wonderful--Driven may have been my favorite
(Geddy's solo blows me away), but all of 2112 live was pretty nice too.

Something I found noteable was that the interviewer (Jo Robinson? or
something like that) asked Geddy about the future of Rush.  He said (I'm
paraphrasing here) they don't have any plans at all, they haven't talked
about the next album, and they are on an extended hiatus.  I didn't tape
the premiere, but that's about what he said in a nutshell, if memory serves
correctly (it WAS late...)

I take this to mean that the reports of their plans to hit the studio this
spring "have been greatly exaggerated," to steal a line from Mark Twain.

Silver lining to every cloud... maybe an extended hiatus will prompt Geddy
to do a solo project, e.g. a jazz funk album.  I've long imagined him doing
something along those lines.  Maybe even a straight ahead, Coltrane-on-bass
thing...  I'd love to hear him play an upright electric.  Maybe DONNA
HALPER could put a bug in someone's ear :)



From: (jeff)
Date: Wed, 4 Nov 1998 17:06:45 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Mtv vs Rush

   Checked out today for their list of upcoming releases.  Every
talentless rap band was mentioned but guess who was nowhere in sight.
According to Mtv, Rush doesn't have an album out next week!  Where's the
respect.  Fellow Rush-heads, please take action upon this pathetic
"music authority."  Send them a piece of your mind through E-mail.


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