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         The National Midnight Star, Number 2132

                   Friday, 06 Nov 1998

Today's Topics:
            Grace Under Pressure ! ( Mika ) !
                        how tough?
        questions from answers to questions that...
                        missed it
                   Blue ribbon for RUSH
            I'll tell you how good Alex is...
                     R U S H  vs. MTV
                    How good is Alex?
       DS Giveaway on 98.9 The Rock in Kansas City
                   Rush on Speedvision
                       I have DS!!!
               Comments on the Premiere/Jo
        Christmas in november, (& hell on earth!)
                   DS show listings...
                     Nice price - not
                        SOR Crowd
                Mood of DS album premiere?
                      CNN Interview
                    DS - Radio Preview
                      Geddy's style
                 Obscure DS observations

From: (The RUSH Fans Digest Manager)
Date: Fri Nov  6 10:36:56 PST 1998
Subject: Administrivia

I didn't get a chance to go through the rest of the tape, but I'll 
send it out tomorrow.

Also, KIOZ (Rock 105.3) in San Diego is having a "win before you can buy" 
weekend giving away copies of DS, listen via realaudio while you're at work:

Someone forgot to pay their domain fee to the Internic, so their website
is not resolving, use the link above to go straight to the realaudio feed.
(their phone # is 619-570-1053) If you win anything from them let me know!

Be on the lookout for a GREAT review of DS from the new issue of Rolling Stone
(which should be out in the next week or two). The CNN Showbiz show posts
what's on for today on their website early enough that I can check it before
I leave for work. If I see the Rush interview on that day I'll send out a 
quick note to the digest, it'll only give you a few hours notice but I think
they *do* reair the show later in the day. And on the video... I've heard from
an official source that they are working on a DVD version, NOT VHS. No other
info at this time...

I've also moved all the DS information on the NMS page to its own page off
the main one, I'm going to be putting links to bunches of articles and 
everything else as I get them. Speaking of articles, here's one that's from
the Vancouver Sun posted yesterday!

 - rush-mgr

The Vancouver Sun -- November 5, 1998

"New live album a cross-section of Rush history"

TORONTO (CP) - It's not unusual to hear the name Rush spoken in 
reverential tones alongside the likes of giants like Pink Floyd, Aerosmith 
and Black Sabbath. 

Indeed, as one of the most quietly influential bands of the last two decades, 
Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart have put an indelibly Canadian 
stamp on the face of hard rock. 

Next year will mark the 25th anniversary of Rush, Canada's premier hard 
rock power trio, and their new three-CD live album (to be released Nov. 10) 
is a pretty good sample of the material they created in those years, Lee 
said in an interview. 

"To me it's a pretty broad perspective, even though everything was recorded 
on the (1993) Counterparts and the (1996) Test for Echo tours," says Lee, the 
group’s famously shrill-voiced singer and bassist. 

Different Stages Live is the 22nd Rush album, and although it's a celebration 
of the band's career its release follows the most tragic period in Rush 

Peart, the group's virtuoso drummer and chief lyricist, lost his 19-year-old 
daughter Selena Taylor in a car accident last year. This year his wife, 
Jackie Taylor, died of cancer. 

It's still too painful for Lee to want to talk about, especially considering 
the depth of the friendship that he, Peart and Lifeson have shared over the 

The band has not announced any intention to call it quits, although their 
label has asked fans and media alike to give Peart privacy. 

"We've weathered a few storms together," Lee says softly. 

"I think it's apparent that we have a great respect for each other. The fact 
that you can watch each other grow, know intimately all the faults that we 
all possess and still enjoy being in each other's company is a true test of 

The new live album includes a long-lost, full-CD recording of their appearance 
at London's Hammersmith Odeon during the 1978 A Farewell to Kings tour. 

The concert tape, which had been in Lee's basement for 20 years, is a 
reminder of just how much history the three have shared. From the sci-fi 
concept album 2112 to the hit-generating Moving Pictures to the sleek Test 
for Echo, Rush has revamped its sound to reflect the times. 

But the respect they've earned as some of the most technically superb 
musicians in rock music has remained a constant. That too is rooted in their 
ability to communicate, Lee says.

"Twenty-five years. It's kind of a miracle in a way. It's based on a solid 
relationship, a great respect for each other and a desire to focus on the 
music and nothing else - not to allow financial matters or personality 
disorders to get in the way. That's hard but we’ve been able to do it. 

"I think after a few tours, when we had some adventures together, that we 
kind of got into each other's heads a bit. It's only through ups and downs 
that friendships are really cemented." 

One other thing has always been a Rush trademark, Lee says - their inability 
to create a flamboyant public image. Rush will always be known for Lee's 
voice, Lifeson's furious lead guitar and Peart's uncanny skill with 
percussion. Always modest and unassuming, the three never trashed a hotel 
room, or got hooked on drugs or courted scandal. 

"We never got too far in that area," Lee says with a laugh. "We failed that 
subject at rock 'n' roll school and we exceeded at the technical side. 

"We were terribly inept at forming some form of acceptable, sexy image of our 
band. We were musicians, just trying to play and make the coolest music we 
could dream of making. 

"Some people are born to it, we're not. I think we get embarrassed too 


Formed: 1969, Toronto 

Members: Geddy Lee, bass and vocals. Alex Lifeson, guitar. Neil Peart drums 
(replaced original drummer John Rutsey in 1974). 

Real names: Geddy Lee: Gary Lee Weinrib. Alex Lifeson: Alex Zivojinovich. Neil 
Peart: Neil Peart. 

Albums: RUSH (Moon) 1974, Fly By Night (Mercury) 1975, Caress Of Steel 
(Mercury) 1975, 2112 (Mercury) 1976, All The World's A Stage (Mercury) 1976, 
A Farewell To Kings (Mercury) 1977, Hemispheres (Mercury) 1978, Permament 
Waves (Mercury) 1980, Moving Pictures (Mercury) 1981, Exit...Stage Left 
(Mercury) 1981, Signals (Mercury) 1982, Grace Under Pressure (Mercury) 1984, 
Power Windows (Mercury) 1985, Hold Your Fire (Mercury) 1987, A Show Of Hands 
(Mercury) 1989, Presto (Atlantic) 1989, Chronicles (Atlantic) 1990, Roll The 
Bones (Atlantic) 1991, Counterparts (Atlantic) 1993, Test For Echo (Atlantic) 
1996, Different Stages (Anthem) 1998. 

Quote: "When we make a record we have a lot of fun, it could be 25 years ago. 
The quality of humour has shifted a little, but it's nonetheless just as 
recurrent. Alex and I still have great fits of laughter when we're working 
on parts, where we have to stop and go out of the room." - Geddy Lee. 


From: pbs 
Date: Thu, 05 Nov 1998 19:06:42 +0530
Subject: Grace Under Pressure ! ( Mika ) !

This message is for all formula 1 fans on theTNMS, though an outright schumy 
fan I think Mika
deserved it. He always had his mirrors full of Red Ferrari & yet fought it 
very bravely. For a
change F1 has had a deserving champion, the previous two years have been 
somewhat a dissapointment.
I don't think either Hill or Jack had it in them. They were winners by default.
I guess next year it's going to be Ferrari 1&2 for most of the races.



From: "Michael Z. Williamson" 
Date: Wed, 04 Nov 1998 15:48:04 -0800
Subject: how tough? asked:
> just how good ARE Geddy and Alex?  Are they the in the undisputed upper 
>echelon of those who play their chosen instruments as is Neil, or are 
>they just very good players?

I don't play much bass, so I won't answer even though I have an
opinion.  As far as guitar, I find Alex harder to play than EVH for
example.  I'd call that upper echelon.
mike  Edged weaponry, from the stone age to the space

If we can send a politician into space, why can't we send all of them?


From: "Michael Z. Williamson" 
Date: Wed, 04 Nov 1998 15:51:26 -0800
Subject: questions from answers to questions that should never have been ...

> but then, i may get hit by a bus tomorrow....and then, would you do?  
>without me?

With the solipsistic universe being what it is, you exist only as a
fragmentary figment of my imagination, with no corporeal substance. 
Your sole interraction with me is as words on a screen.  Therefore, your
discontinuation of your nonexistence would affect me not at all.
mike  Edged weaponry, from the stone age to the space age.
If we can send a politician into space, why can't we send all of them?


From: (song youson)
Date: Thu, 5 Nov 1998 16:16:08 -0500
Subject: missed it

Can someone summarize what was said in the DS premiere?
I was in Philly area and checked both so called Rock stations but neither
aired the program. Also if you have a recorded copy could I possibly get



From: "ron roach" 
Date: Thu, 05 Nov 1998 13:17:35 PST
Subject: Blue ribbon for RUSH

Greetings RUSH friends, The Premiere was fantasticblue ribbon material, 
not to metion the outstanding finale with 2112!!! The only thing I was 
nervous about is that during 2112, is the right channel went out for 
about 20 seconds. I hope this was just an engineering problem from the 
source  of broadcasting and not part of the actual CD. Did anyone notice 
this? As for the mention that MTv does'nt show RUSH having a new 
release, Well if your name isn't Puff Daddy or Madonna, then you might 
as well forget MTv. Plus, they are too interested in all thier shows 
they have on now to notice talented music! Get your head out of you butt 
MTV; ,was being polite there ;)
Also, why does'nt Rolling Stone mag ever have RUSH related material? 
They must be hanging with MTv. Another thought while I was listening 
last night. Does anyone ever think that possibly one of the "Power Trio" 
might subscribe to NMS and perhaps have ever posted?? huh, huh?? 
(looking around for the smiling cat)
I say go for the extendedhiates Guys, because you know your true fans 
will ALWAYS be here waiting for your harmonious knock on our ears and 


From: Guy Walker 
Date: Thu, 05 Nov 1998 17:43:56 -0600
Subject: I'll tell you how good Alex is...

 I've been playing 17 years..been threw 2 years of music
school..yada..yada..yada,(not to tute my own horn) my clame to fame is..
I can play most anything...( some of that lagato Vai stuff gives my
pains..but I CAN tell you what he's doing)  I'm a mimic..if I hear it I can
do it...
all these dumb bands that have come out in the last 10 problem!
        My point...
 There's shit Alex is playing that boggles me...not so much tech. but in a
feeling... an expression,a tone that can only be acheved in the fingures.
Alex does things that other guitarist don't do..not because there not good
enough..but because there not creative enough. Alex is truly on of the most
inovative,and talented rock guitarist of our time..there is no two ways
about it. My only regret is that the people who run the Music Mag's,are so
clueless about MUSIC..that thay put Alex in top 100..instead of top 10!



From: "T. Slovik" 
Date: Thu, 05 Nov 1998 19:23:54 -0500
Subject: R U S H  vs. MTV

I have alway's been irritated by MTV'S lack of support for Rush. Why ?


MTV aka. The Rap Network, The Brainless Network, The un-Real World Network,
The Roadkill Rules Channel Basrely shows Music anymore.

Unplugged was the best thing they've done in along time, and even that's a
thing of the past. HELL EVEN UNPLUGGED WENT RAP !!! Wasn't LL Cool J on
unplugged ? Not that I have anything against other styles of music, but
c'mon...unplugged rap ? WHAT THE HELL IS NEXT ???  Tony Bennet was cool
unplugged though.

I'm so sickened by the typical lack of attention to our beloved 3 by the
mainstream music rags. Rolling Stone, MTV, etc.etc.etc. Rush as many more fans
than Cool Phat Luke oh who the hell ever will ever have, yet they're still
ignored. Why ? Does anyone know ?

So here you go I did some homework and dug up a few e-mail addresses for
complaining to.  I guess it would be up to our great manager and keeper of the
flock if it is ok to mention TNMS in our letters. Please don't if she say's
not to. She don't need any heat.

Rolling Stone   No e mail but....(212) 484-1616 is the main office in NYC.

Have Fun Kiddies !!!
Lest all buy DS on release day and give the boys incredible sales figures.
Hell buy a copy for all your friends, co-workers and elderly relatives too !!!
I am. At worst,  enhanced disk #1 could be used a doily under my grandfathers
ashes !!!

and no this is not a dig at their ages. They act far far younger than I am.


Don't forget not to forget.


Put your message in a modem and throw it into cyber sea.


Date: Thu,  5 Nov 1998 19:41:02, -0500
Subject: How good is Alex?

As a guitar player for more than fifteen years, with a degree in 
music, I would just like to say that I think Alex is a fantastic 
player. He is technically every bit as good as Jeff Beck, Steve 
Lukather or any other highly respected chopsmeister. He is certainly 
more creative and musically well-rounded than many. Starting with 
AFTK, he showed a desire and ability to avoid the standard rock 
guitar cliches. His style has grown and changed over the years. The 
solos on Working Man and Kid Gloves sound like the work of two 
totally different-minded players.

 Aside from being a creative and engaging soloist, Alex is one of the 
few players in the hard-rock realm to also be a skilled texturalist a 
la Andy Summers or David Torn. Check out the cool parts on GUP and PW 
to see what I'm talking about.

Most importantly, Alex is a MUSICIAN first, and a devotee of his 
instrument second. This is evident in how he orchestrates parts to 
fit around his talented bandmates. He has a real talent for editing 
to essentials, for never overplaying (The solo on The Pass, anyone?). 
He is a fine songwriter, something your average string-mangler isn't. 
The songs he co-writes with Geddy reflect a wide varienty of 
interests and tastes. The fact that Rush have never made the same 
album twice should clue one in on just how fertile his imagaination 

Alex is the embodiment of what any real musician should strive for--
technical excellence, avoidance of convention and cliche, versitility 
and mastery of compostitional craft, bound together by passion and 
enthusiasm. He is more than just a good guitar player---he's the 
whole package. The fact that he is so criminally overlooked speaks 
well of his abilities as a BAND MEMBER, and not so well of the 
musicality of people who ignore the virtues he posesses that set him 
apert from the "shredder of the month club". Many alterna-naifs would 
do well to listen and learn.

Nuff said,

"Jazz isn't dead... it just smells funny."--Frank Zappa



From: "Russell Gillett" 
Date: Thu, 05 Nov 1998 19:36:55 CST
Subject: DS Giveaway on 98.9 The Rock in Kansas City

For anyone living near the Kansas City area, station 98.9 is having a 
"win it before you can buy it" weekend. They are giving away copies of 
Different Stages every hour. (You have to be caller #3.) Also, all the 
winner's names will be put in a hat & one will win an autographed RUSH
poster! (How they pulled that off, I'll never know.) The giveaway starts 
at 5 PM central time during the station's "Drive at 5." You can get more 
info at their website:

See ya & hope you win,

Russ (2112)


Date: Thu, 5 Nov 1998 21:25:43 EST
Subject: Rush on Speedvision

While channel surfing today, I caught the tail end of a show called
Speetracks, where they play music videos that have to do with cars and speed.
I caught the last half of Driven!  I think that's the first time it's been
played in the US (in my area anyway).  I'm checking into when it will air
again, and I'll let y'all know.  If anyone out there's got a connection to
Speedvision, tell them to rerun this episode sometime.


Date: Thu, 5 Nov 1998 21:36:40 EST

Thanks to WEGR in Memphis, TN for netcasting the DS premiere in RealAudio
stereo sound on Wednesday night.  (I believe KISW in Seattle, WA was to do the
same.)  Since our local station here in Indianapolis (WFBQ) didn't plan to
broadcast the program until Sunday night, these stations (and others) did us a
real service -- thank you, thank you, thank you!

A couple thoughts:

  Wow!  Even with the sound quality over the Internet not being that great, I
was very impressed with the selections I did hear.  (I even purchased the
RealPlayer Plus in anticipation for the program.)  I'll be one of those people
in line at midnight on the release date should "Tracks" (a fine local CD
store) be open for business.

  I thought Geddy and Alex handled themselves very well and with class in the
interview, and I found their comments to be enlightening.  Usually, it's the
interviewer who makes the performer(s) look uneducated ;-)!  Here, just the
reverse:  "So, Alex, you pretty much just sat back on your ass the whole time
and let Geddy and Paul do everything. Is that true?"  Ouch!  At least some of
the participants in the interview were well-spoken.  I also agree with the
comments made in today's "TNMS" that it just didn't seem right for Neil not to
be present for the interview.

  Regarding the comments from the writer concerning the "concert hall" segment
from the live version(s) of "TSOR", I would assume that the cheering from the
crowd is coming from the actual fans present at the show.  As with the
"Hey!"'s during "2112", people just know instinctively that they're supposed
to stand up and cheer at that point in the song.  It's just become one of
those Rush concert traditions.  Even if artificial cheering were piped in, I
don't think it would be loud enough to drown out the actual crowd noise.  I
also was very pleased that the piano was back in the "DS" version, unlike in
"ESL".  I think it really adds.

  In response to yet another message from today's newsletter, I agree that
"Driven" was a real treat.  I'd forgotten how good the song sounded on the
tour in support for "T4E".

  Chicago fans, you lucky dogs!  I'll do my best to make the 3 1/2 hour trip
there next time to see the band live.  The atmosphere at Rush concerts here in
Indianapolis is always electric, but the mood in Chicago just seemed
incredible.  It's a great feeling to see everyone standing for the entire
show, knowing the lyrics to every song (similar to the amazing experience of
seeing Pink Floyd in Madrid, Spain back in 1988.)

  Subscribers to "TNMS" who live in central Indiana: please call and write
WFBQ [(317)239-1095/] to urge them to play more Rush music.
Actually, let me make that "more *and more varied*" Rush music.  There
certainly are many more of the band's songs worthy of airplay.  (Thank
goodness for Jay Baker, who seems to be a Rush fan, or we might really be in
trouble.)  I still think WTTS [(800)923-9887/] in
Bloomington, IN is the station in the area with the format most compatible
with Rush music.  I'm puzzled as to why the station doesn't play anything from
the band.  If not for this fact, the station is the best in the region.  It
plays a lot of quality music from other artists; I figure progressive music
from Rush is right up its alley.  Oh, well -- perhaps we should be happy that
we hear anything from Rush at all based on some of the comments from others
writing in.

  Keep up the great work, Rush-Mgr!  You're a true warrior!  (That's it for


Date: Thu, 5 Nov 1998 21:54:04 -0600 (CST)
Subject: I have DS!!!

 Hi all. It's Thursday and thanks to a good friend in the record biz, I got 
DS today!!! It is really awsome! You all will be very pleased. For all you 
people who complained about CttH being on this album, you will eat your 
words!!! The "jamming" they do at the end of the song really rocks!!! Geddy 
is just INCREDIBLE during this. To me, that's what Rush is all about, great 
"jammin". RTB and Bravado were also very well done. As was Show Don't Tell 
and Analog Kid.  I liked the packaging as well. The 3rd disk is in a seperate 
sleeve. On that sleeve Geddy, Alex and Neil are all doing something kind of 
funny but I don't want to ruin it for you. Anyway, I'm going to give it 
another listen. I hope you all enjoy it when you get it (believe me, you 
                                           All the Best,

rumor mill: my friend in the "biz" told me that Rush might be releasing a cd
in '99 that will contain songs that didn't make it on DS. A cd rom was mentioned
as well. This is all to come out together to commemerate their 25th anniversary.
However, this is just a rumor and nothing is concrete. When or if anything 
becomes official, he'll let me know and then you'll all know:)     


From: "Michael Z. Williamson" 
Date: Wed, 04 Nov 1998 22:45:27 -0800
Subject: jimi.alex.jimmy

> said:
>also his feel and sound is very unique. Alex for his time is probably 
>the best not only because Hendrix and Page are OVERrated as hell, 

page, yes.  Hendrix....well, Hendrix was doing stuff that wasn't
duplicated for 20 years, and with only reel-to-reel, distortion, and
  He gets so overplayed because the record company owns his estate. 
They screwed his father out of it.  The man was beyond genius, beyond
sane, and VERY intelligent when not doped out.  I'd say it is impossible
to overrate him.  If you think so now, wait another ten years for
everyone else to catch up.

>but also that Lerxst was doing stuff never heard at the time (La Villa 
>Strangiato). But you also have to think of it this way....HE IS

agreed--he loses credit by comparison
mike  Edged weaponry, from the stone age to the space age.  
If we can send a politician into space, why can't we send all of them?


From: Roberto Schiavon 
Date: Fri, 06 Nov 1998 02:28:13 -0200

         I'm a brazilian guy too and I only can reiterate Guilherme's
     comments about the local press.About two weeks ago, the other "top"
     newspaper Guilherme told about did an interview  with Geddy Lee, in
     wich the stupid "journalist" asked Geddy about the rumours of Neil
     Peart having AIDS !!!!!!!!!! In the end, he wrote: " Geddy said
     that Neil's health is good". I mean, there's really a lot of Rush
     fans here in Brazil, and like all the other fans, we know what this
     band is about and everything, but the local press just keep on
     humiliating us in front of the Rush members! They asked the guy to
     interview Geddy Lee, but the idiot gave all the impression of even
     not knowing about what happened in Neil's personal life in the last
     two years. He didn't do any little research to talk to Geddy. The
     interview happened only to perplex the fans around here. I wonder
     why Rush never played here... I don't have enough english to find a
     word to describe how I felt when I read it and I was thinking that
     it was almost too humiliating even to tell it in this place, but
     when I read Guilherme's message I decided to do it.The guys do
     interviews with Rush very rarely and when they do they ask the guy
     if Neil is sick... I wonder if it happens often in other countries,
     I mean, specificaly with Rush.

     PS: We do have a few magazines SPECIALIZED in music here in wich
     people know what they are talking about, like "Rock Brigade", for
     instance, but the big newspapers doesn't worth nothing when the
     subject is music.
                                   See you.


From: (Marnie Andrews)
Date: Thu, 5 Nov 1998 23:48:49 -0500
Subject: Comments on the Premiere/Jo

I thought the CD sounded great ! It's been almost 2 years since I heard
the TFE tour (didn't *see* it because everyone was standing and my 5'4"
just couldn't win) so it was really nice to have my memory refreshed.

MANY thanks to all who sent in info about Real Audio feeds, and MANY more
thanks to the RUSH Mgr for putting the info on the web site.

However....what is up with Jo Robinson? I didn't really like her TFE
interview, especially her dumb question to Neil about his dog. But this one?
for example:
Jo : 'Does the world really *need* another live RUSH album?'

What kind of question is that? Seemed kind of insulting, if not just
plain stupid.

But what I found even more insulting was her question to Alex:
'So you sat on your *ASS*....?'  with a lot of emphasis on the ass.
OK, maybe he wasn't that involved, but it really sounded rude.

[please note these are not exact quotes, I'm just quoting from memory.
Dangerous, I know.]

As for the future of RUSH, I'm glad Geddy answered honestly. He could
have been elusive (i.e. "we'll see"), but he wasn't. I'm still saddened
by it....I'd like to know that they felt more possibilities for the
future...but I do understand.



From: "John A. Tyler" 
Date: Fri, 06 Nov 1998 00:18:50 -0600
Subject: Christmas in november, (& hell on earth!)

I was at the radio station that I work at today when I got a message that
one of our DJ's was looking for me.  Our station is a Hot AC format so I
rarely get exciting musical news at work.  But...

I walked into the office and spotted a little white cardbord CD package
with those now familure wooden logs on it!!!  

An advance copy of DIFFERENT STAGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I freaked.  "A resounding "You the Man!"  Echoed through the radio offices
scaring the hell out of the staff.  (I did appologise later.)

After thanking him for bringing it for me.  (It was sent to a college
station where he also works, not to our station.)  I ran to a studio to
crank it up on the monitors and enjoy a real listening experience.

Just then my pager goes off.  I was working in news department for our TV
station this afternoon, not in the radio section.  I had to go out and do a
live shot for TV.  Which ment spending the next 4 hours away from any kind
of CD player.  Talk about hell on earth!!!!

I studied every pic in the CD (The sleeve design is great!)  and looked
over all the interesting stuff that they put in the collage during any
second of free time.  But, I really was suffering because I couldnt listen
to it.

Finally I got out of there, went back to the station, jumped in my truck
and drove home with the CD player cranked!  

I'll report more on the disk tommorow but for now I'm savoring every moment
of music on these disks, and loving every minute of it!

John Tyler

"Excuse me, Does anyone else think this is weird?"---Neil Peart, Rush, Test
for echo liner notes.


Date: Fri, 6 Nov 1998 01:27:59 EST
Subject: DS show listings...

question....i have a copy of the DS cd and was looking over the cities where
the songs were taken have "The Rythm Method" as being recorded in
Mass., when on the booklet it has it as being in Chicago at the World
Amphitheater. Now, is this the same place as World Music Theater in Chicago?
and i want to make a correction on an e-mail i sent earlier.  The Cluster
Works, isn't performed to any Rush song, my mistake.  I guess i shouldn't of
been playing w/it earlier when i had Rush on in the background and a nice buzz


Date: Fri, 6 Nov 1998 08:49:16 GMT0BST
Subject: Nice price - not

I think I read in the NMS a couple of copies ago that DS is going to 
retail in the UK at UKŁ24.99.  Is this right, because if so, then you 
can change 'thank you to the fans' to 'fleece the fucking halfwits'.  
That works out somewhere over US$40 I reckon.  Can anyone 
Yours in penury
(PS, before I get flamed, of course I would be willing to sell my 
house and auction my wife into slavery just to hear Rush, etc...)


Date: Fri, 6 Nov 1998 04:49:00 EST
Subject: SOR Crowd

Joseph Ornelas wrote,

>After hearing it myself, it occurred to me that the cheering crowd after the
>"...concert hall..." line might not be a stock sound as used on the studio
>version.  Is the crowd in Chicago actually cheering at the right moment in the
>song to match the studio version?

The right moment??  When he says "concert hall," you cheer!  Nothing to it!
Happens at every concert I've been to, except last tour they didn't use the
huge white lights that really light up the crowd.

Anyone notice a preponderance of bass in the DS version of 2112 (and even SOR
too).  Seems like they mixed it pretty heavy...take a listen to Soliloquy.

My Presto CD is upside down!!  To be able to read the title on the spine, the
CD must be flipped over so that the cover is facing down.  Go figure.

I don't know about a lot of people, but I just don't understand the need to
pre-order your DS from CDnow or some other website.  What's happened to the
five minute ride to your local music store.  If you're in the middle of the
sticks or from outside the U.S. or Canada where you would have trouble finding
it, I understand.  From reading most of the posts, however, it seemed more
like "Hey, I'm paying an extra ten bucks to have my DS sent by airmail, but at
least I know I'm gonna get one in case they run out.  See what a big fan I
am."  No need for flames, it just seems like much too much trouble.  Maybe I'm
spoiled by living in the NY area where I can drive five minutes to any of 15
different places to buy it. 

Great job on the website, rush-mgr!!



Date: Fri, 6 Nov 1998 08:55:36 EST
Subject: Mood of DS album premiere?

 Hey all...long time reader, occasionally submitter...
   I missed the DS album premiere, that pounding sound you hear is my head
against the wall. Anyway thanks to our fearless leader I have been reading the
transcribed question is to those who listened to this. What was
the mood during the interview? During most interviews I've heard Alex and Ged
are really loose and funny. Case in point during the DS premiere when the this
question was asked 
     "JR: So, Alex, you pretty much just sat back on your ass the whole time
and let Geddy and Paul do everything. Is that true?"
  It is hard to get a feeling what Alex's response was on paper, was he
replying in a good mood?

Just trying to get a feeling of the interview.


Tony Moretta


From: "Michael Tilson" 
Date: Fri, 6 Nov 1998 10:32:11 -0700
Subject: CNN Interview

My guess is the interview on CNN's Showbiz Today will show on the day where
they tell about the week's most prominent releases.  For those who have
never seen this segment, they usually show 4 or 5 new releases, play a
short clip from the album, and they have a 10-15 second sound bite from an
interview conducted with the artist(s).  I'm hoping it will be longer than
this, but since this is the normal treatment, this is what we can probably
expect.  Plus, it's a step forward that Rush is on there at all (although a
brief sound bite of "The Spirit of Radio," studio version, was heard on
Showbiz Today about a month ago).

Unfortunately, I don't remember what day of the week they have this segment
on.  I don't think it's on Tuesday, which is kind of strange, but I may be
wrong on this matter.

"Anything can happen"


From: (mconsani)
Date: Fri, 6 Nov 1998 12:47:32 -0500
Subject: DS - Radio Preview

Hi fellow Rush heads:

Overall, I was impressed by the versions of the songs, Ged's vocal 
range, and sonic texture of the recordings.  And the audience(s) sound 
fantastic too! Below I submit my reactions to some of the songs featured 
on the broadcast:

TSOR - Blows away the ESL version!  

Dreamline - Not my favorite Rush tune but it grew on me a little more 
thanks to this new live version.

Limelight - Awesome guitar solo!  Makes up for the fact that it wasn't 
featured on ESL.

Driven - Great Geddy work - bass and vocals really kick ass here.

WM/FBN/ITM Medley - This brought me back to my high school days.  Sounds 
a lot better than ATWAS.

T4E: I liked the tones/voices/sounds that Alex was getting out the axe.

Analgog Kid:  Really smooth, bright, rendition of what seems to be a 
little muddy on Signals.

Freewill:  Seemed a little slow...they needed to pick it up a bit, I 
thought. But the bass solo was hot, as always (my favorite Ged licks) 
and Ged's vocals on the money, even during the "cell of awareness " 

CTTH: The best version yet.  Crisp guitar, cool jam at the end.

2112: I'm thrilled it's featured on DS, after all, this is that music 
that got me into Rush in the first place.  But I thought that Discovery 
was a bit strange for the first minute or so. Oracle, Soliloquy and the 
grand Finale were outstanding.

I felt teased when during some of the discussion we heard a piece of 
Neil's solo in the background.  The solo has always been a highlight of 
the shows for my brother and I.

Feel free to email me privately if you like.

Mark "the librarian" Consani  


Date: Fri, 6 Nov 1998 13:02:21 EST
Subject: Geddy's style (Paul A. Mayden) wrote:

>> Geddy uses the "classical guitar" technique where he'll play the lowest
>> sounding string with his thumb and the other three strings with his
>> index, middle and ring fingers.

As a bass player I must disagree. I have watched Geddy VERY closely on videos
and in concert. On the Presto tour I was front row, right between his main
mike stand and his keyboard setup. Which is IMHO the perfect spot. I have seen
use his thumb like a pick to strum the strings, but I don't believe he uses a
"classical guitar" style as you state. Geddy usually plays bass in the
traditional way: using his index and middle fingers to play while resting
his thumb on one of the strings or the body of his bass. He does occasionally
use his ring finger in addition to the first 2. He does this when he needs to
play something really fast that's too hard with just 2 fingers. A perfect
example is "Prime Mover": the very beginning where the bass comes in. I
him do this in concert and I was amazed. I've seen Billy Sheehan do this when
he needs to play a group of fast triplets. There's a great shot of it in the
old David Lee Roth video "Going Crazy".

Another thing that Geddy does is he moves his picking hand closer to the neck
a more bassy tone, and closer to the bridge for less. Usually, when he moves
towards the neck, he makes a fist with his thumb extended, and he plucks the
strings with his index finger. It does look like he's using his thumb but he
is not.

Feel free to disagree with me because I love talking about this stuff.

Quote of the day:
"God damn it! You listen to me you big nosed freak son of a bitch! You're gonna
sing this song like I wrote it or I'm gonna shove this drumstick so far up your
ass that when you smile your teeth will say 'Promark'!"  a drunk Neil Peart
(just kidding, of course)

Later dudes,


From: "Michael Tilson" 
Date: Fri, 6 Nov 1998 11:13:26 -0700
Subject: Obscure DS observations

I was fortunate enough to catch the DS radio premiere here in Phoenix on
Wednesday.  I was listening with headphones, and I have a few observations
that might have not been picked up without headphones.  I highly recommend
that people take their first listen with headphone, unless you have a
kick-ass stereo, which I do not.  If you want to discover this stuff for
yourself, page down.


1.  The crowd was unbelievable.  There's almost a bootleg quality to the
crowd (I'm talking about a first class bootleg, not a crappy one where all
you hear is the crowd).  You can pick up individual yells, even while songs
are being played.  I just know a lot of people who were at the Chicago show
(and others on the CDs) are going to be listening to this and suddenly hear
themselves yelling.  The most noticeable thing hear was during Geddy's bass
solo during "Driven."  Someone is yelling something like "Shake it off
Alex."  I don't know what the person was talking about since Alex was

2.  Neil's drums are exceptional.  Geddy and Alex also shine, but Neil's
performance is what really struck me.  In particular check out "2112."  I
don't remember if it was Part 4 or Part 5 (or both) but you could hear
everything Neil was doing.  He was really jazzing it up on the snare drum
(for lack of a better term).  It gave the song a whole new sound.  I really
didn't notice a huge difference between TFE and CP concerning Neil's new
style.  But DS is different.  I completely agree with Geddy's remarks
during the interview that while Neil's changes were not a drastic change
musically, everything seems to flow better.  I can't quite put my finger on
it, but I could definitely feel it.  Everything was so clear and fluid.

3.  Geddy's voice was dead on.  Okay, this isn't an obscure observation,
but I wanted to comment on it.  I remember on the TFE tour stops that I saw
his voice was dead on, especially the second show I saw at the Woodlands
Pavillion in Houston.  I think if shows just how dead on Geddy is that they
could take 70% of the songs from one performance.  I frankly expected that
the recordings would come from 12-15 different venues.  And not only did he
hit the high notes, but he didn't strain to hit them.  It sounded
effortless.  The vocal performance from the three songs heard from disc 3
was also good.  Geddy commented that he was phrasing things differently due
to his cold that night, a point that is obvious on "Fly by Night," where he
is intentionally late on about 50% of the lyrics.  But I liked it on the
first listen.  It gave a different feel to the song.

I could give a couple other opinions, but this is going to get too long. 
The sound seperation was fabulous.  Listening to it on radio, I can
honestly say I have not heard a live album with this type of sound.  I
can't wait to listen to the CD, which will sound even better!

"Anything can happen."


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