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         The National Midnight Star, Number 2135

                  Thursday, 12 Nov 1998

Today's Topics:
                    Geddy's Technique
                Different Stages-thoughts
               new live cd...the review...
            gold, platinum, & different stages
                     DS good and bad
                      DS engineering
             different stages - what else?!?
                    Another DS Review
                        DS ROCKS!
                     different stages
Transcription of Neil's "A work in progress" and "The Story of Kings"
                     DS, first listen
Different Stages of Minutiae in 78 Concert Sleeve Artwork
              Tinker Toys and the Professor
                        More on DS
                   Knoxville Rush Fans
                      Boomer & Rush
                       Wanted:  CDs
                  Geddy's Bass Technique
           DS Radio Premiere and other DS stuff
          What a surprise, I'm writing about DS
                  Count the Tinker Toys
                    Different Stages 
                  Unexpected use for DS
              Sting AOR sellout or AOR prog?
                   "Hey" during 2112??
    re: The cover was divided into blinded Hemispheres
                        Rush NEWS
              DS Crowd Interaction + Sneeze
                  Re: Japan DS question
         Naysayers ... come let me bitch slap you

From: (The RUSH Fans Digest Manager)
Date: Thu Nov 12 10:49:55 PST 1998
Subject: Administrivia

I plan on putting back up the realvideo files I had before the web site got
moved... but I don't have them any more! So if anyone has them and can put
them somewhere so I can get them back on to syrinx, please LET ME KNOW! 
(even if you just have one or two, anything is better than nothing!)

It's kind of urgent I get these files back on line today or tomorrow at the 
latest... (I'm talking about the full-length videos, like for "Driven", 
"Roll The Bones", etc, NOT the RV interviews)

 - rush-mgr


Date: Wed, 11 Nov 1998 16:13:11 -0700
Subject: Geddy's Technique

Continuation on Ged's technique:

I saw the TFE tour and I couldn't believe the unconventional way that
Geddy was playing the bass.  It seemed as if he was playing the bass
just like a guitar in that he was "paddling" the strings with his hand. 
That's the best way I can describe it.   For example, on a song such as
Closer to the Heart when Geddy is jamming, he is "paddling" the strings
of his bass--his finders were close together and he was making a
fanning motion with his hand so that the strings were being plucked on
the up and down motion of his fingers.  I've never seen a basist do this
before.  Does anyone understand what the hell I'm trying to say?  
To any bassist out there:  do any of you play like that?


From: Generalissimo 
Date: Wed, 11 Nov 1998 18:20:25 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Different Stages-thoughts

OK, all 8 billion of you are doing this, so I'll keep mine brief...

DS- listened to most of it-yay!!!
Packaging- Kind of annoying- the way nothing holds together.  The artwork
is good, tho

and, final thought... Most of the TFE stuff was taken from the Chicago
show at the World.  I was at that show... Does this mean I'm on a Rush

Ben The Bassman "Excited to hear Geddy wail 'CHICAGO!!!'" Cirillo

               +    +                     
____________/  o    o   |          
BASSMAN                 }   Yo soy El Presidente      
____________   o    o   }     
	       +    +	     
VICTOR: Just add /victor, makes it's own sauce


Date: Wed, 11 Nov 1998 19:07:34 EST
Subject: new live cd...the review...

What can be said about the new Live collection that probably won't be said by
a hundred other users on board here?  (Probably nothing...)
I partook of a privelidge I rarely use in my job (which involves a large
amount of driving, for stretches at a time...where my activities would be
difficult to keep track of) and stopped off at a Borders Book and Record Store
(who, graces would have, were selling the three disc set at a measly
$17.99--bonus!) and grabbed it for the remainder of the journey...

"Dreamline"  pounds out the opening disc...with far more brutish power than
was recorded in the 'Roll the Bones' format, and a stellar, ambushing guitar
solo, which has made the song that much better since the studio
version..."Driven" gives us a far more rugged, guitar-oriented take on the
song, with even greater intensity than that given on 'Test for Echo'...and it
seems to be a running trend for most of the new songs, such as "Animate" (with
some great drums and bass...and a wailing, almost animal-like sounding
guitar)...older songs which have been staples of the Rush set, however, don't
seem nearly as inspired...I guess when you play some songs over a thousand
times, it's hard to squeeze out any new drama from the thing!  The version off
of 'Exit...Stage Left'  of the "The Trees" in my opinion was a thicker, more
muscled creature than the understated one we hear on this disc (the bass line
alone on the earlier one could make you pee if you had it up loud
enough)...and "Closer to the Heart" while entertaining with its slightly
varied ending seems a little bit "been there done that."   So the new songs (I
thought Bravado was awesome) definitely make the set worht listening to...

Disc two seemed a little less potent...and it doesn't seem that it could be
attributed to the choice of songs (all good ones), but moreso in
delivery..."Analog Kid" of course has the shredder of a guitar solo, but you
get the same from  "Signals" with a little bit slicker precision than this
guy.  "Freewill" as usual, comes off sounding a bit too slow (a complaint I
have for any live version of it, as well as "Show Don't Tell").  "Test for
Echo" and "Stick it Out" are passable...but nothing you haven't already heard
before...but highlights would have to be "Roll the Bones" (with a little bit
more MEAT on its bone than its studio counterpart) "Natural Science" and
"Resist".  The last three songs are all standards that you'd expect to hear in
any live scenario...and they're good...but nothing don't cream
yourself hearing yet another live version of Spirit of Radio....I will say
that it seems of the two lengthy opuses "2112" and "Natural Science" that
there was some definite gutsy attention towards the hardcore fans (as the Echo
tour seemed to be geared toward)  This version of "2112" while magnificent on
a historic scale, isn't quite so inspiring in its pure musical
aspect...however the additional solo work performed by Alex during the
"Discovery" portion are worth everything else (I got a boner just from 45
extra seconds of guitar wanking).  And "Natural Science" seemed to get a boost
just from the sheer gumption of their breaking out such an obscure piece fromt
their reportoire (every fan I know had their jaw hanging on their chest when
the first chords opened up to THAT tune being performed in concert two years
back)...the trio really seemed to take their talents for a spin and (bug-eyed)
SHOW OFF for a change with that tune...

Disc three is really just a gift for us hardcore fans who would smother every
thing we ate with Rush sauce if there was such a was great hearing
a well-charged version of "Farewell to Kings" and "Cygnus x-1)...but it seemed
like the rest you could have gotten off of any bootleg, or ATWAS and not have
noticed much (and this might have just been my stereo acting
up)  the sound quality seemed a little to be desired...

Final tally?  I will say I liked this Live comosium MUCH better than 'A Show
of Hands' and it's right up there with 'All the World's a Stage'...but I still
think of 'E...SL' as being the grand expression of Rush live albums....and
this piece doesn't change that for me...even with the bonus third disc...
Would I suggest it to a non-hardcore fan...yes...If I knew they were genuinely
interested in the band...and were more familiar with only studio versions of
their new material (cause that's what really stands out on this thing)...but
most younger audiences will hear the third disc and say "What's so special
about this" (no respect for history!)...and a rehashing of songs like
"Limelight" (yes, I know it's never been on a live set before...but I'VE heard
it a few kabillion times) don't make this piece any more nostalgiac...


From: Fred Pinto 
Date: Wed, 11 Nov 98 16:29:19 -0800
Subject: gold, platinum, & different stages

attention all rush fans who do not own all rush's albums.  get your asses 
out to your local music stores and buy the rest of these albums.  last 
time i checked seven rush albums are yet to be certified platinum (eight 
actually, counting different stages).  rush, caress of steel, hold your 
fire, presto, roll the bones, counterparts, test for echo, and different 
stages are all certified gold, but none are certified platinum.  let me 
assure you that if you like rush, these albums belong in all of your 
collections.  you can't truly call yourself a rush fan until you have 
learned to love the fountain of lamneth on caress of steel.  if you have 
caress of steel and think it sucks, give side 2 a few more listens and 
hear the roots of such epics as cygnus, 2112, and natural science.  every 
rush album deserves to be certified platinum.  consider yourself "called 
out" if you don't own all rush albums.  get out and buy these beautiful 
collections of music.  do yourself a favor.  charge it if you must, but 
get these albums today.  they are all fabulous.  and if you're waiting to 
buy different stages, don't wait any longer.  buy it today.  let's get 
this fu*ker into the top 10.  it's excellent live rush, and despite the 
repeats on its set list, it still kicks ass.  if lapsed rush fans go to 
the record store next week, see different stages on the top 10 wall and 
check out the track listing, then they actually might pick it up.  it's 
your opportunity to do something for rush.  you could help boost the 
sales of this album by buying it NOW.  i'm calling on all of you mother 
fu*kers to step it up.  now quit reading and get your ass to the store!


From: (Chuck Flowers)
Date: Wed, 11 Nov 1998 18:38:21 -0600
Subject: DS good and bad

After listening to Different Stages, I have a few personal observations
and opinions:

 Bravado, Cinderella Man, Dreamline, and Leave That Thing Alone sound

 Analog Kid and Limelight sound horrible.

 That slower version of Animate that they play live pales in comparison
to the original.

 Natural Science suffers tremendously with the keyboards missing at a
certain point..

 Paper-only packaging (foldouts) stinks.

 The drum solo is really long.  That's cool.

c money


From: Alex Smith 
Date: Wed, 11 Nov 1998 17:43:01 -0700
Subject: DS engineering

> I've listened to the recording I made of the album premiere several times
> and I've noticed that they've removed the drum solo from the end of the
> WM/FBN/ITM medley on the AFTK disk.  They did an amazing job because it's
> virtually undetectable unless you know to expect it.

The engineering throughout the whole album is really quite good--tracks
recorded at different concerts in different years, even, blend together
seamlessly! It doesn't have any of the fades typical of most live
albums--it just flows, even though it isn't representative of one concert
like the Dream Theater set last month....

Alex Smith

"Seeing is believing, hearing is receiving—
Deaf and blind world, I don't believe in,
Blinded by light, flattened by sound,
Over and out--underground.
Down here, talk to us, we'll hear,
The future will heal, walk with us from here."
 -Pop Will Eat Itself

"To love another person is to see the face of God."
 -Les Miserables


Date: Wed, 11 Nov 1998 17:13 -0800 (PST)
Subject: different stages - what else?!?

Picked up my copy at Sam Goody (hated to do it, but I was there and it was 
there etc.) for $20.99.  Not bad at all IMHO.

A couple points...
>...I don't mind the non-standard paper holder.  In fact I kinda like it.
>...Love the artwork and liner stuff esp. the montage of stuff in chronological 
>...I chuckled knowingly at "despite the inherent weirdness of our music"
> of yet, I can't get the enhanced stuff to work
>...Wasn't expecting the solo in Dreamline.  I love it!  All the TFE shows I saw
the sound wasn't nailed down yet, and the solo was kind of a distorted blur.
>...Bravado with its "concert" ending is simply incredible
>...Killer ending on CttH
>...overall sound quality is excellent, I'm going to enjoy this one for a long 

What does Geddy say after 2112?

I was happy (in a way) to see the Afterimage quote and dedication so prominantly
displayed.  Neil has been so understandably private recently, I take this to 
mean that maybe he is, or at least in the process of, becoming ready to take his
place in Rush (and the world).  Maybe even start to reveal more of himself 
though his lyrics, interviews etc.  I find him fascinating, and while I cannot 
begin to comprehend his loss, as an outside observer in his life (i.e. diehard 
Rush fan) I am very curious as to how this will affect his work.  Any thoughts?



From: Tracy Smith 
Date: Wed, 11 Nov 1998 17:23:08 -0800 (PST)
Subject: DS

Got my copy late last night, thankful that Blockbuster stays open til 10 
p.m. (had to pay more than the folks picking up their copies at Best :-)

This is the first time I have bought a RUSH album the first day it was 
available and I am glad I did.


Tracy Smith

" Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help 
them to become what they are capable of being." ~ Johann W. von Goethe ~


From: "Doris Stevens" 
Date: Wed, 11 Nov 1998 20:39:45 -0500
Subject: Another DS Review

    I know you are going to see a hundred DS reviews, so here is another =
one.  On November 10, I decided to cut school and go get the new Rush =
album, I had to make sure they didn't sell out.  Plus I got too antsy.  =
I figured I would go get the CD, listen to a few tracks, and go back to =
school.  Well, unfortunately, or better yet, fortunatley I was so =
mystified by the CD's power, I did not go back to school.  I spent the =
rest of the day listening to the album and then sitting there in shock =
of what I just heard. =20
    I attended a T4E show in Indiana, but hearing DS felt like I had =
just heard Rush live for the very first time.  I got so into the CD, I =
started to cheer with the rest of the crowd after every track.  It is =
damn good.


P.S.  Even the "I hate Rush-ers" at my school enjoyed the album.


Date: Wed, 11 Nov 1998 19:29:28 -0500
Subject: DS ROCKS!


Don't even know where to start, but after so much time waiting for new
material my eyes watered when DS started on my CD player.

This is Rush in concert.  Raw.  You can tell its three guys playing.  And
the sound is awesome.  I was personally at one of the venues of which a
song was features and believe me, it brought back some good memories.

Hurray for Geddy on getting an awesome sound out of it.

Talk to you guys later,  I've got ot get back to those awesome songs!

Have fun everyone,


From: (Chris Checchia)
Date: Wed, 11 Nov 1998 21:34:14 -0500 (EST)
Subject: different stages

I'm not usually a big fan of live albums,but all the anticipation of
Different Stages got me pretty excited.Well I definitely was not
disappointed by the album.On first listen three songs really jumped out
at me."Driven","Closer to the Heart" and "Natural Science" impressed me
the most.Now let's bring on the video.


From: "Rodrigo Faustini" 
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 00:35:12 -0200
Subject: Transcription of Neil's "A work in progress" and "The Story of Kings"

Dear Rushians around the world:

I'd like to know where on the net I could find a transcript of Neil =
Peart's speech in his instructional tape "A work in progress" and/or the =
interview CD "The story of kings". I can understand English very well, =
but there are several passages on them I simply can't understand...=20

Thanks in advance for any help on this.

Cybernetic greetings,=20

Rodrigo Faustini

[Sent on November/11/98]=20
      E-mail: ""       =20

   "Don't sell your dreams for small desires"


From: (The Rinckster)
Date: Wed, 11 Nov 1998 21:42:08 -0500 (EST)
Subject: DS, first listen

I cried, man.

serenity * courage * wisdom * just for today


From: "Rob Godwin" 
Date: Wed, 11 Nov 1998 20:57:02 -0600
Subject: Different Stages of Minutiae in 78 Concert Sleeve Artwork


I know how many of us like to dissect the meanings of different Rush
album covers (the interior of HYF anyone?).  Let me submit some areas of
scrutiny that so that we collectively arrive at some conclusions:

1.  What does the DYU 502V on the truck symbolize?
2.  What are the words on the shirt of the guy hauling Alex off to the 		
3.  What are the numbers/letters on the kid's shirt? (TFE maybe?)
4.  Can the 2 posters on the 2 different posts in the middle be read and 
    if so what do they say?
5.  Alex is portrayed as crazy.  Geddy is a ticket scalper.  What role 		
    does Neil play?  Why is he in that window smiling?

I'd love to see the answers.  Our esteemed Rush Manager should make it a
contest and give out a NMS shirt to the person who can found out the most
answers.  Happy hunting and when you hold your fire around me be sure to
steer clear of my curtains.

					       Rob G.----The Phonolog Kid


From: "Michael F. Hernandez" 
Date: Wed, 11 Nov 1998 21:22:14 -0600
Subject: Tinker Toys and the Professor

"You're still here?..."

Being that this is my first posting, I cannot begin to say how much RUSH has
meant to me over the twenty years that I have been a fan.  When I listened
to the crisp and unprecedented recording of "Different Stages", a barrage of
memories flashed by.

For those of you who have been lucky enough to view Neil's "A Work
In Progress" video, I'm sure you were as impressed as I was.  Throughout 
the entire video, I was elevated to a state of elation and concentration not
felt in a long time.  In view of the fact that I have not been fortunate to 
attend more than a handful of RUSH shows, viewing the video filled a small void 
in my life.  As the credits for the video were rolling by, I kept saying to
myself..."That was F*****G awesome!".  What I saw next completely blew
me away.  My feelings of excitement turned to sadness as the photo of
Jackie, Neil, and Selena was displayed...then, it slowly faded away.
Although it is not possible for most of us to experience Neil's grief,
the photo gave me a very small taste of his losses.

We may never discover the formal meaning and/or representation of
the Tinker Toys.  However, could the paired Tinker Toys represent
Jackie and Selena while the isolated one represents Neil?  After all, the
release of "Different Stages" is dedicated to the memories of Jackie and

Neil, Godspeed!...We miss you and sincerely thank you for your
lifelong contributions.




From: "Anderson, Chris " 
Date: Wed, 11 Nov 1998 22:37:34 -0500
Subject: More on DS

Hey Rush People,

I have some more remarks to make about this DS

First of all, I converted a couple of totally musically-ignorant
dudes to like Rush by having them listen to DS!!!  It was amazing,
they loved it all!  They want to buy DS or one of the compilation

The DS disc is important to me as it's the first RUSH album
I've bought while subscribing to the NMS.  It's nice to see
enthusiasm for Rush from so many other people.  Outside
of the two friends I converted, no one I know likes Rush enough
to have bought any of their albums......maybe this will change.

This collection has heart and soul; admittedly, I had a lot of trouble
seeing the heart and soul in Rush's second and third live album
releases.  The crowd cheering THEIR HEARTS OUT, especially after
Neil's drum solo (The Rythym Method), is actually very heart-warming
for me.  The third disc shows the delligence of Rush even in their young
stage as a band.  I cannot believe the sound of the third disc, the bass is
SO cool, the guitar soars, and the drumming is VERY tight and heavy!!!!!!

I recently read a post about Rush's popularity; well, don't worry about
Rush has the longterm strenght still.  While MC Retard sells a one-spot
three million, Rush has been selling more and more of each and every
album from the past 25 years!!!!  I believe that if younger "Rush-followers"
such as Dream Theater and Queensryche continue to concentrate on their
music....they will last just as Rush has.  Rush is responsible for opening
the doors for these bands (and others) and Rush's ability to put outa
QUALITY live album
after 25 years is only part of the proof.  Rush continues to hold the doors

Tonight (11/11), I bought "The Story of Kings" interview disc of Rush
Alex.  Alex talked about Rush's work ethic, the friendship in the band, and
the passion
for making music.....his interview truly left a NEW
and EVEN STRONGER  - LASTING impression on me concerning Rush.

They've earned their respect from us the fans.  "No matter what they say
(Rolling Stones/MTV),"
Rush's music will live on through us and others who see the talent, the
work, the honesty, and the heart this
band (and music) represents.

They are honestly the coolest band on the face of this earth...RUSH

Thank You!  GOOD BYE MTV!!!!!!!

Chris A.


From: "Douglas Ruth" 
Date: Wed, 11 Nov 1998 22:48:03 -0500
Subject: Knoxville Rush Fans

Hello all,   =20

    103.5 WIMZ Knoxville will air "Legends Live" this Saturday night =
starting at 10 pm Featuring new live Rush, Aerosmith, and Black Sabbath. =
This is why they are truly the Classic Rock that Really Rocks!



From: "David Ayers" 
Date: Wed, 11 Nov 1998 23:08:47 -0500
Subject: Boomer & Rush


Our boys have succeeded in proliferating the highest levels of network =
TV, it seems.  During halftime on Monday Night Football (you know, the =
one where the Steelers are kicking the ka-ka out of Green Bay) Chris =
Berman sung the praises of Vinnie and the Jets to the tune of Tom =
Sawyer.  While I despise the association between Vinnie Intercepteverde =
and Rush, I enjoyed hearing them during the "Big Show."  Now, maybe we =
can get them a gig on the Super Bowl?



From: (Christopher W Lindsay)
Date: Tue, 10 Nov 1998 23:22:46 -0500
Subject: Wanted:  CDs

To any RUSH fan who can offer assistance to another RUSH fan:

Recently, my car got broken into and my radio and all my RUSH cds
were stolen.  I know some of you bought the re-masters and have the
old ones remaining.  I was one!

If there is anyone who could give a poor college student a break on
some cds, please let me know.  Thanks!


From: "Joe Roberts" 
Date: Wed, 11 Nov 1998 23:30:12 -0500
Subject: Geddy's Bass Technique

In response to all the posts regarding Geddy's bass playing techniques:

I've been playing bass (& listening to Rush) for about 11 years now, and I
can tell you that, when he plays live,  Geddy's right-hand plucking
technique (and even, sometimes, his left-hand fingering) would make several
bass instructors I know cringe in disgust.  Especially when he doesn't
alternate his plucking fingers!  My bass teacher would have broken my thumbs
if I ever did some of that stuff!  But the proof is in the pudding, and
Geddy sounds _awesome_ live, no matter how unconventional his style may be.



From: Brent North 
Date: Wed, 11 Nov 1998 22:06:36 -0700
Subject: DS Radio Premiere and other DS stuff

I got a chance to record the radio premiere on a VHS tape (SP mode) and
the sound quality was great.  A big thanks to whoever it was that
suggested the idea.  I indexed it and put it onto 2 CDs and it is a nice
addition to my collection.  The program as a whole was well done except
for the rude and cheesy comments that were occasionaly made by Jo
(quoted from memory)
"Does the world really need a new live rush album?"
"So Alex, you just basically sat on your *ASS*?"
"Rock on my brothers!"

As for the Different Stages -- I think it r0x! But who doesn't?
My only complaint is with the enhanced portion of the CD.  I'm not going
to say that it's plain stupid, but, wouldn't we all have enjoyed
pictures, videos, or at least something that has to do with the band?
It also doesn't seem logical to put the 3rd CD in its own sleeve unless
they are adding it just as a limited time bonus CD and plan to not
include it with the others after some period of time -- But then I don't
think that is going to happen.

Long Live Rush and the TNMS,
Brent North


From: "Jeremy Chrzan" 
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 00:01:54 -0500
Subject: What a surprise, I'm writing about DS

Well, this is my first post and i don't want to be annoying so i'll keep =
it short.=20

This album is terrific. A culmination of a career of work on 3 small =
disks. 2112 amazing. Cygnus X-1 (my favorite song of all time) superb. =
That 1978 disk is just amazing. I can't believe ged had a sore throat =
for that concert cause it sure doesn't show. They really did a number on =
this album. Mad props to RUSH for this one... they've made us all very =
happy campers.

I just want to express a tiny bit of discontent w/ the album though. #1, =
i agree that the packaging sucks. I think that's a given though. (Yes, i =
did drop the 3rd disk as i opened it) #2. i think we all would have =
preferred to hear force 10 than have a crappy graphics program that's =
about as lame as they come. #3. I didn't even know there was a book till =
today, and i've had the disk for 4 days now. Again this is a packaging =
thing though.

Ok, back to praise and worship.=20
I'm huddled around the RUSH alter in the form of a red pentagram =
and..... oh never mind...

Thanks for hearing me out


"Attention all planets of the solar federation, we have assumed control......."


From: Christopher Murray 
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 00:15:42 -0500
Subject: Count the Tinker Toys

Hi All,

Well, we all knew it wouldn't take too long to start deciphering the artwork
so I'll be one of the first to bite.

Things that I've noted

1)  I'm up to 15 tinker toys buried in the artwork.  Can't seem to find the
(I'm figuring 16 tinker toys for 16 studio albums - unless there are only
15 for the 15 albums with Neil - this makes some sense)

If anyone is interested where I have found them, send me some mail and I'll
post in next issue  Wouldn't want to ruin everyone's fun.  Although by that
time I'm guessing someone will have already listed them all.

2)  Geddy, Alex, and Neil all appear on the Hammersmith CD jacket artwork
	Geddy scalping the tickets
	Alex getting hauled away in a straightjacket
	Neil up on the second floor peering out the window

3) One of the dimensions on the back of the CD case is (2112)^3

I wonder if the dimensions and equations on the back amount to anything.
But I won't be the one to try.  There is a limit.  The way I figure it,
Hugh probably puts some stuff in there that looks like it means something,
but is garbage, just to watch us waste time trying to decipher it.  I know
I would.

Also, I wonder what it says on the shirt of the guy who is hauling away Alex.
Looks like "Lonely something something something"



From: (Ryan  N Waggoner)
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 01:21:00 -0500
Subject: Different Stages 

First off, my opinion of DS -- it's incredible.  Well worth the wait, and
*VERY* much worth the $11.68 I paid for it.  (In case anyone
pays to join Replay at Sam Goody...  :) )

Secondly, I must admit...I'm very touched by the dedication to Jackie and
Selena.  As I pulled the plastic wrapping from the paperboard, I thought,
for no real reason, "I bet the thank you section would have been kind of
hard for Neil to write...."  And then I open it, and see the dedication,
and a tear just came to my eye, honestly.

Thirdly, I *love* the paperboard packaging, and I actually think the
single, unattatched third CD is cool.  I've never seen any other band do
something like that, so it's uniquily Rush (for now), I guess.  :)  Call
me crazy, but I love the packaging.

Now, on to picking on certain people....

>...And the prophet "Bryan 'Max' Dobberstein"  spake,


Dang it!!  I'm *glad* they didn't make 2112 all one track.  I've been
hopin' and wishin' for years that they would eventually track all the
sections seperately.  I got my hopes up when they did the remasters.  So,
I'm glad they finally did it!!

>...And the prophet spake, saying:


I *love* this!!!  I keep reading comments like this, and I can't help but
wonder where all the people that were bitching about the setlist went
to...  :)

>...And the prophet Alex Smith  spake saying:


Woah...  *Mr.* Rush-Mgr.? there somethin' goin' on that I
don't know about?  ;)


Three words:  "Behind My Camel".  Can you honestly tell me that's better
than Yyz?  


At risk of getting off topic, I was under the impression that the Police
never offically broke up.  They just sort of failed to ever make it back
into the recording studio.

Also...there's a green stick holding those three tinker toys.  Green
typically symbolic of new life.  So, perhaps Rush sees this period as an
opportunity to start anew, and explore some totally new and different
musical ground?

>...And the prophet Alan Edwards  spake, saying:

<<2112:  Anyone else bugged by the fact that it is played in a lower key?
 I've heard it twice now, and it still bugs me.  I hope I get used to it
because it is interfering with me being able to enjoy it.  Funny, I
didn't even notice it when I saw Rush on the T4E tour (San Jose, CA)!>>

Personally, I like the lower key.  I feel it gives a darker, edgier feel
to an already-dark and semi-edgy story.


"And when I leave, I don't know what I'm hoping to find; and when I
leave, I don't know what I'm leaving behind."
          Neil Peart  ("The Analog Kid")


From: "Grauw, de H.(BNS SU NO)" 
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 09:33:00 +0100
Subject: Unexpected use for DS


I'm one of the poor people still waiting for DS.. Hopefully today or
tomorrow through CD Universe, it won't be in stores until next week (that's
the line now, it changes every 24 hrs.)

Anyways, I wanted to congratulate Martin from Buenos Aires on finding
another use for DS... Pfizer stock has been falling as people flock to
record stores everywhere to pick up DS 

Seriously, can someone elaborate on the stereo splitting? Bass right, guitar


Hans, who's hoping DS'll do to him tonight what it did to Martin on tuesday


Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 03:51:42 EST
Subject: Sting AOR sellout or AOR prog?

Alex Smith wrote: 

>The next year, the Police broke up--with some bitter acrimony--and Sting went
on >to do a bunch of solo musak :-( and conquer the world with AOR shit,

>Come on, which would you rather listen to, "Don't Stand So Close to Me" or
>"If I Ever Lose My Faith In You"? 

I agree that Sting has conquered the world (being one of the most successful
recording artists of all time), and his style has been labeled as AOR, but
take a listen to the album containing "If I Ever Lose My Faith In You"- Ten
Summoner's Tales. 
 There is some honest to goodness progressive rock on this little piece of
work!  Tell me that this album doesn't contain as many uses of odd meter as
ANY album by Rush.  You can find some snappy uses of 7/4 in "Love Is Stronger
Than Justice" and "St. Augustine in Hell".  Check out the brilliant, flowing
5/4 groove on "Seven Days".  
 Ex-Zappa drummer extraordinaire Vinny Colaiuta had a big hand in the more
progressive time sigs which were used on this album, but it was Sting who
wrote the songs.  Most impressive about all this is that the songs WORK as a
whole and even average listeners can follow them!  I even had my mom (who
knows nothing about odd times) tapping along in 5/4!!  That is the elusive
charm of odd times- to make it sound like it ISN'T an odd time.  Geddy himself
once said that in a magazine interview regarding the 7/4 time of
"Superconductor", something to the effect that when he can get the crowd
dancing along in 7, it always brings a little smile to his face.  
Hey- at least Sting didn't RUIN his brilliant band before he quit it and
became a huge megastar like a certain bald, British drummer and singer....

Dan Chernow
Guitarist- The Robies
Check us out at
Phoenix, AZ

No cool lyric quote, but I'm wildly air guitaring Alex's solo in the 5/4
section of "The Trees".  Oh hell yeah...


Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 04:08:12 EST
Subject: "Hey" during 2112??

I've seen Rush over a dozen times since the Hold Your Fire tour, and have
heard the boys play 2112 Overture/Temples of Syrinx on every one of those
shows, I believe.  I, for one, at every one of these shows shouted (at the top
of my lungs, of course) "RUSH!!!", at the time when I figured everyone else
was also shouting "RUSH!!!" (at the top of their lungs, too).  I don't think I
was alone in this somewhat more *suitable* yell, either.  Of course, I may
just be completely wrong too.  I saw it as a little tribute to the band, THE
band actually... What do you, fellow Rush freaks, think?  "RUSH!!!" or "Hey"? 

Dan Chernow
Guitarist- The Robies
Check us out at
Phoenix, AZ

Still no cool lyric quote, but now I'm air drumming along with Neil over the
6/8- 7/8 section of Jacob's Ladder.  Absolutely jaw dropping....


From: (David Whiteman)
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 07:29:54 -0500
Subject: re: The cover was divided into blinded Hemispheres

> I mean, how many
> naked butt guys do we need in our CD collection?

Two, if you have also purchased the great Yes album, "Going for the One".

David Whiteman
Applied Reasoning
whiteman AT AppliedReasoning DOT com
ICQ# 12178974


From: "Robert Miceli" 
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 07:57:04 -0500
Subject: Rush NEWS

Well people, aren't we all happy.  Different Stages is out and it is a 
really good package.   Excellent CD.  i sorta enjoyed the London
though, the Crowd was just great!

Now, this news is brought to you buy me.  I was at the Orbit Room, Alex 
Lifeson bar about 1 month ago, an I had a conversation with a
friend.  And he ha told me that Neil is much better, he was actually mountain 
climbing in vancouver.  Cool, NEIL just don't break a leg!!

Rush is not going to call it quits, they do have plans for the future.
They plan to go in the studio In March and a have a new studio album Dec 31 
1999.  new years EVE.  Now offcourse this is not
carved in stone, but trust me it was from a very reliable source.

I aksed him if I can reveal some of this news to the NMS, he said
sure.  the fans need to know.  
If anyone wants a picture of myself and Alex please ask, it's the
latest shot of him.

Rob Miceli


From: Craig Branham 
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 07:08:17 -0600 (CST)
Subject: DS Crowd Interaction + Sneeze

	It must be one benefit of high-tech digital recording or
mixing that on DS you hear not just the constant white noise 
of the crowd cheering, but you can also hear individual crowd
members yelling things, giddy with enthusiasmos and controlled
substances. I was getting a contact high just listening to it! I mean,
the only way they could have captured the live concert experience more
faithfully would have been to bottle up the potsmoke, and have someone to
come and step on your toes and spill their beer on you. I guess there's
always hope for DVD.

	Since ESL, it has been traditional for about 30% of the crowd to
yell, "Go Geddy!" during the pause toward the beginning of YYZ (and in
fact, you can hear someone yell it on DS), like the guy on the ESL. Now
will people start yelling "It's okay, Alex! Shake it off!" at every show
during the bass solo in Driven? Is the person who yelled this on the list?
Does anyone who was at the show remember what Alex was doing during this
particular bass solo? I wonder if that guy had ever imagined in his
wildest dreams that he would be immortalized uttering that stuff on a live
Rush album. Chicago was lucky.

	Another interesting unplanned live moment is on the Hammersmith
Odeon disc, when Geddy sneezes during AFTK, around 04:22 into the song.
The Hammersmith show, BTW, is a real gem. I'm so glad they decided to
include this disc because it really fills in some blanks in Rush history.
After hearing the disc you can really understand how live versions
of songs eventually took shape for later tours. I never imagined I would
ever hear the whole of Cyngus X-1 live, it does indeed almost bring you to
tears. I agree that it would have been even better if they had kept the
drum solo in, but I'm not complaining at all.

Craig B.


From: (SUZUKI Jun'ya)
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 13:36:15 GMT
Subject: Re: Japan DS question

At Mon, 9 Nov 1998 13:18:05 -0500 (EST), Peter Beshuk wrote:
> Anybody know the answer to this:
>   The syrinx website describes the Japan DS
>   release as having 1 extra song.  But I've seen several print ads in 
>   Goldmine describing it as "+2".  Is it 1 or 2 extra songs?
>    [ I've only seen "Force Ten" added to the Japan release.    : rush-mgr ]

A few month ago, east west japan announced "Japan release has
*two* extra songs" (they did not tell what songs the discs will
have), but finally it was *one* extra song, "Force Ten". 

Then, Japanese release does not have enhanced part. So Japanese
Rush fan also have to purchace both Japanese and the US release 
DS... :^(

Take Care,


| # # | # # # | # # | # # # | # # | # # # | | # # | # # # | # # |
        SUZUKI Jun'ya
  Master's Proglam in Biosystem Studies, University of Tsukuba


From: Glenn Duncan 
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 08:58:06 -0500
Subject: Naysayers ... come let me bitch slap you

For those who feel that DS is bad, or say things like: "why did they add
that song again," "what the f*ck is up with that stupid screen saver
program," "they played this in a lower key," "I almost dropped the Odeon CD
because it was loose" ... dudes get a grip, get a life, quit whining.  I'd
bitch slap you myself if I could.

Different Stages is about the only live album I have been excited about,
and the picture of Geddy scalping his own tickets and the live version of
Cygnus X 1 is worth the price alone.  This is a great release, and Geddy
deserves most of the credit for the quality of this album.  The whole thing
is perfect and very well done.


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