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         The National Midnight Star, Number 2138

                   Friday, 13 Nov 1998

Today's Topics:
        Geddy's Voice at Hammermsith/AFWTK - 1978
                       DS in the UK
               bass technique + instruments
               DS - Yelling during 'Driven'
             Am I missing something from DS?
                  the crazy enhanced CD
                        AFTK 4:22
       funny overdub in Cinderella Man????????????
                       Cygnus 1:18
                      Ice Cold Beer
                    Geddy's technique
                 new CDs, and such......
                  Different Stages Rocks
                  DS: Sound & Packaging
                         RE:  DS
                   Fountain of Lamenth
                       Enhanced CD
                You know...Another Review
                    makin' whoopee!!!
                       World Series
        Hammersmith '78 Cygnus X-1 and Stonehenge
                 2112 - a full step lower
                     Different Stages
             Different Stages Observations...
                 Natural Science from DS
                     "The" Analog Kid
                      Re: DS stuff 
                     Different Stages
              Re:  Box set and concert video
              Going one step further. . . .
       DS--I heard my scream!/Quit your Bitching!!!
                    Tinker Toys Cover
Kids shirt on Odeon sleeve...Ged comment in Cinderella Man
                 take it off shake it off
               GEDDY's Faves are mine also!
                      DS Great Woods

From: "Anderson, Chris " 
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 07:57:07 -0500
Subject: Geddy's Voice at Hammermsith/AFWTK - 1978

Hey Rushians,

I've noticed something about Geddy's voice on the Hammersmith Set
of DS and the "A Farwell To Kings" album.  It seems to my ears that Geddy
was really using his voice in an odd way, maybe even forcing it to go
in this "odd way."  His voice sounds very "razory" and screechy but not
the way his voice sounded high-pitched/screechy on 2112 ot ATWAS.

Has anyone else noticed how Geddy's voice is so different and much
more screech (and almost kid-sounding) on AFTK and the Hammersmith set?

I mean, I knew that Geddy had to tone down a little bit from the 
crazy screaming he did on 2112.  However, just listen to how Geddy
says "by" or "sky" during "Xanadu."  He sounds VERY strange.  His voice
has always puzzled me anyway I guess.  To expand on this, listen to his
phrasing of some of the older stuff like 2112 or "The Spirit of Radio" on
Stages.  He also sings "be unfurled" during the "Temple of Syrinx" part of
2112.  His phrasing on this line "be unfurled" is STRAIGHT FROM a song
off Power Windows (though I can't quite place the song right - mayeb someone
could help me????)  I think it might be Territories or some other song.  His
on Limelight is strange also..."in _ the _ Limelight."  He actually uses two
phrasings in Limelight.  By the way, when I say phrasing I mean, basically,
he annunciates some of the lyrics.  I don't  know if "phrasing" is the
proper term or not.

If anyone has an opinion about Geddy's voice on DS set 1,2,3 or the
1977-1979 period,
please email me.  Thanks.



From: "Eric J Staley" 
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 08:34:32 -0500 wrote:

"Let's print some negative reviews!!!  I am certain they're being sent
to you, but your so biased you afraid to upset someone.  What ever
happened to free speech?"

I've read this nonsense too many times before.  If a grocery store refuses
to stock pornographic magazines, are they violating anyone's right to free
speech?  No.  If a store owner refuses to allow a neo-nazi to post a flier
in his store window, is he violating anyone's right to free speech?  No.
If Rush-Mgr refuses to post negative reviews on TNMS, is she violating
anyone's right to free speech?  No.

You are, obviously, entitled to your views.  Additionally, you are entitled
to submit them to this digest.  But, your Constitution does NOT say that
Rush-Mgr is bound by law to include them in the digest.

   [ I will add that I *rarely* censor posts, and probably allow way too much
     leniency for some readers' tastes. I certainly don't censor posts 
     because they are critical of the band!                    : rush-mgr ]


P.S.  My apologies for this non-Rush-related post.  I can assure you that
it will be my only post on this topic.
P.S.S.  Don't even get me started on the right to bear arms!


Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 13:40:17 -0000
Subject: DS in the UK

Hey folks,

I am listening to Xanadu (may all time fav) right now on My US import copy.
It's lunchtime Friday 13th and I have my CD Walkman with me......

All I can say is....

"Fuck My Chips"


Pause at a Light - Rush inspired artwork

"The pavements may teem........"


From: Craig Welton 
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 08:58:08 -0500
Subject: bass technique + instruments


Brad wrote>

>I saw the TFE tour and I couldn't believe the unconventional way that
>Geddy was playing the bass.  It seemed as if he was playing the bass
>just like a guitar in that he was "paddling" the strings with his hand.

>That's the best way I can describe it.

Good description.  I belive another Ged-head on the list called it a
"pick-finger" technique (sorry can't remember the name).  He strikes the
strings on the down and up stroke ala using a pick and an alternating
picking style.  The debate is ongoing, does he hit with one finger or a
combo.  I was lucky enough to be 2nd row right in front of him at Jones
Beach last tour, and can vividly remember Ged using the technique with
one finger alone ( Animate, bridge like section - "My counterpart, my
foolish heart ...").  Other times (CTTH jam) he had his whole hand
clawed and was furiously wailing. Obviously, it sounds great a generates
a "new" sound for the master.  I think it became prominent on
Counterparts, in fact isn't that when he switched back to the Jazz
Bass?  Hmm... So I tried the technique (I think I've got it pretty good
now after like three months of refining my aim to only pick one string)
on a Jazz, Wal, Steinberger, Rick and Modulus (for fun).  I found it
sounded best on the Jazz, a good rattle and strong tone and worst on the
Wal.  In my opinion, he may have switched basses as he developed the

    Which brings me to DS.  Fantastic, the best live Rush recording. I
think Ged's Fenders and Alex's axe lineup (PRS and a Les Paul I believe)
made a huge impact along with superior recording equipment.  Yes they're
great performances, but I think the instruments do make a difference.
Worth the wait.



From: "Flynn, Jason R" 
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 08:18:54 -0600
Subject: DS - Yelling during 'Driven'

>From: "Zelenak, Gregory" 
>Subject: DS - Yelling during 'Driven'
>The line  "It's okay Alex, shake it off!"  The guy may be referring to right
>before Geddy's bass solo, Alex was having some guitar problems and their is
>a really high pitch sound.  You can hear it if you are really listening for
>it.  I was at the Chicago show and I think Alex then changed guitars during
>Geddy's solo (anyone else remember?)  I also remember reading somewhere that
>Alex had the same problem the night before in Milwaukee.

I was in row 2 the night before right in front of Alex at the Marcus
Amphitheatre in Milwaukee and he did have major problems.  Actually it
started with Stick It Out, just before Driven.  Right when SIO began, at the
opening sequence there was no guitar sound.  It's funny to watch him
immediately look to the right at Jimmy Johnson who's in total panic mode,
and both Ged and Neil are looking over like "oh boy this sounds bad."  Alex
fiddles with a few nobs and 8 beats later... no guitar, only bass and hi-hat
clicking along.  Alex is mouthing words off stage like, "it ain't working!"
Frenzied fix it things going on at stage right, another 8-beats.... nothing.
Finally Jimmy runs out with another guitar and they pull a super-fast guitar
switch, plug him in and finally... guitar!  The crowd offered an applause of
appreciation and it was obvious that Alex was a bit miffed.  This was right
before Ged came in to sing "Trust to your instinct."  Anyway, that song
ended and Ged introduced 'Driven' to which Alex rips into the opening guitar
riff only to be stunned once again by complete silence.  He just stopped and
kind of slouched in disgust and disbelief.  His worst nightmare.  JJ does
something else and Alex tries it again but it's still broken.  At this point
he just stopped and JJ comes out on stage and it's clear there's something
major wrong.  Geddy starts talking about how Alex spent all day golfing and
forgot how to play with his 'thing'.  "His thing is broken."  We all got a
kick out of that.  Then Geddy starts playing a little "country and western
music" improv' and Neil joined in to stall for a minute.  JJ and Alex
finally realize that there's nothing wrong with the guitar, it's the
transmitter thingy the guitar plugs into on his back.  So they undo it all
and hook up a new one and plug it in and Alex finally strums a loud open
chord to which there is... sound!  The crowd cheered and Alex raised his
arms in triumph.  Way cool.  They went on with Driven and there were no
other problems all night.



From: "Steve Thibert" 
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 09:24:55 -0500
Subject: Am I missing something from DS?

Did I get a bad copy of DS?  The label on the outside says one of the CDs is
enhanced with a note "See details inside" - I opened up the package, and
it's a tri-fold cardboard CD holder, with one loose CD holder for the 3rd
disc - I did not find any information about the enhanced CD, and there was
no booklet - did a booklet of some sort come with the disc?

Also, the DS commercial was on the Howard Stern show a couple of days ago,
but I missed it!  I went to the bathroom, and when I came back in the room I
got a half a second glimpse of the tinkertoys on the screen!  Damn!

It's great being at a concert that many of the songs on DS were recorded
from, specifically Great Woods Amphitheater for 2112 and LTTA!

Please let me know if I am missing something from my CD package via email,
and I'll rip CD Universe a new asshole :-)



From: Tom Beaudoin 
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 09:37:19 -0800 (PST)
Subject: the crazy enhanced CD

Hi, folks: long time no post for me, though i've been hanging around on 
this list for about 7 years and my Rush parodies from several years back 
can be found on the NMS website.  My question: is the clusterworks 
"laser show" supposed to go along with the audio from the first CD?  i 
have a Dell pentium 200 (not a Mac), and i can only get the "light show" 
to play along with new-agey clusterworks music.  Is there some secret 
trick to getting the special effects to respond to the Rush music?? 
Otherwise, it seems like a great waste to me.



From: Tom Beaudoin 
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 09:52:05 -0800 (PST)
Subject: AFTK 4:22

I was intrigued by the recent suggestion in TNMS that Geddy sneezes 
around 4:22-4:23 on AFTK on the 3rd disk of DS.  I don't think it is a 
sneeze, though: it sounds like a fuzzy cymbal hit.  I'm curious as to 
what others think.  And why would Geddy sneeze into the microphone?  



From: Tom Beaudoin 
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 09:54:36 -0800 (PST)
Subject: funny overdub in Cinderella Man????????????

Hey -- speaking of Cinderella Man on the 3rd disk, what does Geddy (or 
someone) say right before the bass solo (at 2:19) ?? Something like "me 
funky!"  Was that overdubbed later by Geddy this summer as a joke??? 



From: Tom Beaudoin 
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 10:07:29 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Cygnus 1:18

What is that guy yelling on Cygnus, disk 3, at 1:18??  And isn't the 
cackle right before that hilarious? I wonder if this was a "Spinal Tap" 
moment for someone: the smoke, the mystery... if only the Boys had been 
inside 3 giant pods.



Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 10:27:39 EST
Subject: Ice Cold Beer

Did you fellow beer afficianado's notice what Ged says in "Working Man":
"When I get home at 5 oclock and take myself out a Watney's Red Barrel" -
check it out, first I thought he flubbed, but he definately sings it.

"Better Beer" <---- go there for DS wallpaper!


From: Pat Lynch 
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 10:30:54 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Geddy's technique

As a bassist, I use whatever technique it takes to get the sound I'm
looking for...Closer to the Heart kindof jams at the end, and Ged wants
that rather heavy sound, so that technique is used...someone mentioned
"Driven" earlier, and that is played completely different than almost
anything else we know Geddy for as well.

I like to play with sound on my bass, so that means that for a more
"bassy" sound I move up towards the neck. for a little more trebele I move
down towards the bridge...I use the strings to "bounce" my hands off of
while slapping and popping, and even hammer on the higher octave when
slap/popping in octaves to give it a 32nd note feel, its whatever
goes...whatever sounds cool, even effects come into it at times, I always
loved how cool Chris Squire's bass work sounded on "Tormato", and alot of
that was done with alot of flange on the bass....

I understand exactly what you are talking about, and yes, I'm sure many
bassists do that to get that specific feeling and effect ;)

(ps, the only thing I *won't* do is play with a pick...or a drill like
Billy Sheehan (who is awesome on the Explorer's Club album))


Pat Lynch
Systems Administrator					Rush Networking


From: "Keith Reedy" 
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 10:37:45 -0500
Subject: new CDs, and such......

The new CD rocks!   2112!  Natural Science!  Cygnus!  Analog Kid!
I saw the "big" show twice.....both were great.  Once was in Dallas and the
second was Great Woods, Mansfield Ma.  That is where they recorded 2112!

The enhanced CD program runs great at my house.....a piddley P166, 64 megs,
and win98.  At work I have an HP Kayak XW, the machine kicks butt with duel
400s and 512 of memory, and NT 4.0......the program doesn't run.  Go figure.
I'm not sure what the source of the trouble is, I have not had time to look
into it.

I will say this though, the program is damn cool, even though I thought the
light patterns played to the songs on the CD.

Till next time.......
no quote needed


From: "Gary and Rhonda" 
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 10:43:53 -0600
Subject: Different Stages Rocks

Hello All!!!

I bought "Different Stages" the day it came out sometime around 4:00pm at
our local Walmart!
$23.45....(should have gone to Best Buy)...
I bought the LAST ONE they had.....funny that they did'nt put it the new
release section.
I asked the lady working the register in the music department if they had
sold many and she said
they had put 10 out that morning ((I HAD TO ASK))!!!
I wonder how well this fantastic live compilation will do as far as
I guess no matter how well it wont get what it truly

I have put all my other CDs away and are comfortably resting in their
respective place in my CD tower
and I have all the paperwork for DS strewn about my stereo

CDS in my stereo
1. Rush...Different Stages...Disc 1
2. Rush...Different Stages...Disc 2
3. Rush...Different Stages...Disc 3
4. --------------------------------------------

Bye All......thats a fact from Nome to Rome


From: Craig Brennan 
Date: Wed, 14 Oct 1998 12:08:44 -0500
Subject: DS: Sound & Packaging

I listened to DS at work on tuesday. I think it sounds awesome! Just one
thing...I don't know if it is my crappy work headphones or not but it
seemed that the guitar was coming mainly from the left channel and the bass
from the right. But I could hear the drums in boths ears. Did anyone else
notice this or do I need to make an ear appointment?

The other thing I found moderately annoying is the third disc being in that
slim, loose package. I'm afraid of it falling out everytime I open the
case. So what I did was take the booklet out and put the third CD in a
seperate jewel case with it. I am going to scan in the picture of the
Hammersmith Odeon and use that for the back of the jewel case (instead of
cutting up the original to make it fit). For now I'm using the RUSH concert
pic-on that piece of paper explaing the picture maker-in the back of the
jewel case.

A lot of people are complaining about Closer To The Heart (CTTH) being on
yet another RUSH live album but I have to say that it sounds awesome and is
one of the highlights of the album for me. What a great jam! Discovery (in
2112) is another highlight. I could have lived w/o Tom Sawyer again but
otherwise I'm very, very satisfied.

I played it for my lady on Tues over the phone line but, for some reason I
just couldn't understand, she wasn't all that excited. Women...hmmph!*


*Disclaimer: The expressed or implied opinion stated above is the result of
years of personal experience and daily interaction with one particular
female and do not reflect an assumption that ALL women are incapable of
getting "excited" by RUSH. Any perceived association with female
subscribers of this list in particular or with the general population is
purely coincidental. This opinion remains the sole property of the author
and cannot be used in whole or in part without expressed written permission.

Craig Brennan
Senior Graphic Designer

Pharmedica Inc.
257 Route 80
Killingworth, CT 06419
860/663-4060 x132


From: "Chris Palo" 
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 09:25:20 PST
Subject: RE:  DS

Hey Rush freaks,

I cant' say much more than what has already been said of DS, except that 
I have been totally blown away.  I played it for a couple people who 
*doubt* that Geddy is  one of the best bass players in the world.  I 
think that "Driven" and CTTH maybe alter ed their opinions slightly.  
Great live compilation, I'm very happy.

AS for  the fold out, I was curious as to why no memorabilia from FBN or 
CoS were present.  I personally like both albums and  I wondered why 
they weren't represented.

   [ It's quite possible they couldn't find anything, or don't have anything
     left... :-)                                                 : rush-mgr ]

And as  for you whiners about songs that didn't fit your "standards,"  
everything Rush does will have its critics.  There's no pleasing 
everyone, so quit bitching  because you thought the liner notes weren't 
up to par, or "animate" was played too slow.  If you're that 
disappointed, why not give your set to some Rush fan who hasn't gotten 
it yet, for free!  That charitab le act would make up well for your 

For Anthem on Disc 3, I keep hearing Geddy say "know your crazy life is 
where you want to be."  Am I hearing this right, or is his inflection 
just off?

Rush on! 



From: Jose Ramos 
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 12:52:38 -0500
Subject: Fountain of Lamenth

Hey Rush heads,

In reply to Fred Pinto's raving lunacy the other day:

Fred urged us all to buy all Rush CD's.  I already own them all.  I must
agree with you, Fred, that Caress of Steel totally kicks ass.  Even the
title of this third album is awesome.  Think about it "Caress of Steel."

I think every song on this album is spectacular.  Like most Rush fans, I
could do without "I think I'm going bald," but otherwise, it is by far my
favorite album to listen too even after 24 years!

The very first time I played it and heard the awesome beginning licks of
"Bastille Day," I was hooked.

"Lakeside Park" is a very good song, IMHO.  I think the guitar playing is
excellent, but of course this is no expert's opinion.  Just a fan.

I have said in this forum many times that one of my favorite Rush tunes is
"The Necromancer."  I think it is still one of Rush's most raw sounding and
kick ass tunes in their entire repertoire.  The middle part where Lerxst and
Ged pound on their guitars is sooooo classic and hard sounding.  In the last
part when Ged starts singing and then fades out into Alex's solo is so
awesome, it still brings goose bumps to my skin every time I hear it.  (Too
bad my wife doesn't feel the same way!)

Finally, "The Fountain of Lamneth," IMHO is the best concept side Rush has
ever done.  (bring on the flames!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)  Not to take away anything
from 2112, which of course, I think is awesome too.  I totally love The

For anyone who is a relatively new Rush Fan or just a casual one, go out and
Purchase Caress of Steel.  I guarantee that you won't be disappointed.  Do
not buy it on tape because they mix up the songs and Fountain isn't in it's
entirety on the b side.  Buy the CD, open a bottle of wine, or whatever your
pleasure, set the volume to your threshold of pain (or your neighbors), lay
back, and enjoy.


PS - love different stages, just love COS more.


Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 13:15:40 EST
Subject: Enhanced CD

Ok, I finally got it to work.  You have to change the color settings to High
Color (16 Bit) . . .

Thank you all that emailed me to say you also had problems, I thought I was
alone.  Everyone agreed, as I do, that the CD kicks big ol' butt without the
little program.  Thank you Alex, Geddy and Neil, you never cease to amaze with
your music.  I am always blown away at the concerts when it sounds as good --
what am I saying? -- better than the studio version.  Thank you for capturing
that on 3 (THREE!) cd's.



From: Chris Clements 
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 11:31:24 -0700
Subject: You know...Another Review

Greetings Rushians!!

By the themes of the last couple digests, it looks as if everyone is either 
deaf or hoarse after the long awaited release from the greatest band in the 

Haven't posted in a while... blah... blah... blah.

Some deep Rush thoughts on the new CD that perhaps may not come to bear. 
 Many listeners and subscribers over the next several weeks will no doubt 
completely dissect the playing abilities of our three heroes.  E-mail's 
will be sent back and forth by skilled and not so skilled musicians 
wondering, "How'd they do that?"  Rather than giving a play by play review 
of the entire CD, I would like to offer a thought on one aspect of the CD 
that, to me, is a wonderful testament to Rush's longevity and perseverance.

Geddy's voice.

A couple years ago, some guy named "Snowdog" wrote in this digest that 
Geddy should be replaced by another singer, that his voice just didn't hold 
up to the days of 2112 and Permanent Waves.  This, due to a somewhat 
different vocal performance on TFE.

I responded in kind, declaring that such an assertion was patently 
ridiculous and Ged's voice was as good as it ever was, and perhaps even 
better.  I detailed his use of different vocal styles over the last three 
albums and concluded that if any rock vocalist's v-cords had stood the test 
of time, it was Geddy's.  Maybe some of you remember this discussion.

Ah, yes... the redemption comes and reality is revealed.  Different Stages 
is a rousing, unbelievable accomplishment in the vocal development of Geddy 
Lee.  It is no wonder that he produced the album himself?  Could the 
deciding factor for selecting specific tracks coincide with his excellent 
vocal performance?  Chicago! Chicago! That happenin' town!

On 2112, Geddy really pulls out the stops and hits many of the high points 
that many thought he would never sing again.  Yes, he doesn't screech like 
the 70's (as evidenced in the Hammersmith Odeon performance) but he hasn't 
since Permanent Waves anyway.  His vocalization changed with Moving 
Pictures and has remained rather constant (except for an amazing 
performance on Power Windows).  After all, he's in his forties.  Every rock 
singer alive has had to change styles somewhat in order to meet the tests 
of age and vocal longevity (Bono and Robert Plant come to mind).  Usually, 
there is an album or albums that highlight a vocal shift or comfort with a 
different style (for Bono, "The Unforgettable Fire" for Plant, maybe 
"Houses of the Holy" but I'm open to suggestions).

On DS as a whole, Geddy's vocal performance is bar none - especially on the 
older tunes.  You would never know that much has changed since the days of 
old.  Tom Sawyer, Spirit of Radio, the Trees - Geddy attacks each song 
where the listener has feelings of 1982 again.  Having been a fan first of 
Ged's singing before I recognized or understood Rush's musical athleticism 
(I was only ten, after all), DS is a rare treat.

So go back under that rock Mr. Snowdog.  DS has what Rush fans have been 
waiting for : Redemption, exultation, jubilation and Animation.

Take a bow, Mr. Lee.  You deserve it.


When the dust has cleared
And victory denied
A summit to lofty
River a little too wide
If we keep our pride
Though paradise is lost
We will pay the price
But we will not count the cost


From: Simoa Drew 
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 13:34:59 -0500
Subject: makin' whoopee!!!

Hey all,

GUESS WHAT.  I HAVEN't BOUGHT DS YET!  Yeah, doesn't it suck?  No, i'm not a 
wierdo or someone who listens to just TS and RTB.  Actually, I placed an 
order through amazon, then ersases it because I thought i would go to Best 
Debt later on that night.  Didn't happen.  But after reading NMS 2136 and 
just revelling in the good cheer, I'm zipping off to the nearest music store 
(a half hour away) and buying the album.  

With all due respect to the jazz giants I worship, I simply love this band and 
all that they've done.  I also agree with the person who said that Rush fans 
have to be the most dedicated (besides Dead fans) and persistent out there.  
maybe because we know we're supporting an underdog.

I'm speeding, not driving, to the music store NOW!!


From: Simoa Drew 
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 13:35:56 -0500
Subject: World Series

Hey all,

I know this is three weeks too late, but did anyone catch the background La 
Villa during the introduction to the third game of the series?



Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 10:15:28 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Hammersmith '78 Cygnus X-1 and Stonehenge

Is it just me, or does anyone else out there get an 
unshakeable mental image of Spinal Tap's "Stonehenge"
during Cygnus X-1?  

"No one knows who they were, or, what they were doing..."

ObDuh:  This album rocks.  The cd-damaging packaging sucks.
I too am having trouble with the ClusterWorks thingie, but
I attribute this to the lack of a sound card in the machine
I'm currently using at work.  ClusterWorks' website sucks.
They're not worthy of the hard work and dedication that Rush
puts into their own product, IMNSHFO.

I like all the Geddy Rickenbacker jamming in London a lot.

Back in 1976, great computers often did fill halls. 


$18.88 at Fry's Electronics in Wilsonville Oregon wasn't a
bad deal at all, though I'm loathe to patronize such a
civil-rights abusing corporation.  Anyone that's been there 
knows what I mean:  their workers who want to search your
receipt and merchandise as you leave the store.  Under the
Uniform Commercial Code of the USA, merchandise becomes the
personal property of the customer at the moment of sale, not
upon leaving the store's property.  Fry's has *no* right to
inspect your personal property, and their tactic of asking
to do so when you leave their store amounts to a violation 
of your right to a protection from unreasonable search. 
Next time you're at Fry's you can refuse to show them your
receipt and merchandise.  You can sue them for false arrest
if they detain you without reasonable cause.

If you've never been to a Fry's, well, good for you.


Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 14:39:15 EST
Subject: 2112 - a full step lower

Probably not too surprising given the lower range in recent years that Geddy
has sung but did anyone notice that 2112 on DS has been dropped by a full
step? Instead of the first two notes being E to A, it's now D to G. I thought
something sounded odd when i first heard it so I grabbed my bass and sure
enough it had been dropped a full step. He does sound stronger on the high
parts but this appeared to be a first, at least on recorded material.



Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 15:17:12 EST
Subject: Different Stages

Hello fellow NMS'ers!

I purchased my copy of DS on Tuesday at Best Buy for the incredible price of
$16.99 plus the freakin' 8.5 % sales tax to the state of California.  GREATEST
CD purchase I have ever made in my life.  I loved the great sounding quality
of the live recordings.  I sure wish they had decided to take pieces of other
shows than mainly focusing in on Chicago.  Don't get me wrong, you guys
rocked!  I was moved to tears knowing that the album was dedicated to Neil's
late wife and daughter.  Very classy, sincere, and heartwarming.

Ryan ( wrote:
> I was able to take advantage of seeing them on tour - 4 times between the
'two' >TFE tours.  Saw them in Albany on opening night, at the FleetCenter and
the next >night I saw them in Hartford, and when they came back, I saw them at

I too went on the multi tour Test For Echo tour!
  Nov. 26, 1996 - Great Western Forum in Inglewood, CA
  Nov. 27, 1996 - Great Western Forum in Inglewood, CA
  Nov. 29, 1996 - America West Arena in Phoenix, AZ (8th row floor on Alex's
  Nov. 30, 1996 - UTEP Center in El Paso, TX
  May 10, 1997 - Glen Helen Blockbuster Pavillion in Devore, CA
  May 14, 1997 - The Rose Garden in Portland, OR (loudest of all the shows!)

   [ I was at all the shows you were at, except portland. And did I say that
     for the November San Diego show I had front row? :-)          : rush-mgr ]

Gregory ( wrote:
> It's pretty cool to know that I was "at the show" where they took a lot of
>the songs from.  Guess it made the drive from Minneapolis, MN worth it!!

My sentiments exactly when I made the roadtrip to Phoenix and El Paso.  I flew
up to Portland strictly for the concert!  Big hearty Geddy Lee "Thank
youuuuuuuuuu's" to Bill Holbert ( who hosted me in
Phoenix and drove us to El Paso and to Mazen Fadel ( who hosted
me in Portland!  You guys sure embolden the fact that Rush has the greatest
group of fans anywhere!  I hope everyone buys a copy, hell refer your friends
and family.  Take care everyone.

aka Wonger
Ontario, CA

"He's got a star map of Hollywood..a list of cheap motels..all along the
Dreamline (Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, Neil Peart)....disc 1, track 1!!!!!!!


From: "Flynn, Jason R" 
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 14:30:45 -0600
Subject: Different Stages Observations...

>Subject: Different Stages Observations...
>I'm about 3 or 4 listens through, here are a couple thoughts.
>The Jam at the end of Bravado makes a former average song a GREAT song.

Average?  Some people just don't get it.


PS Nothing personal, Ken


From: "Flynn, Jason R" 
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 14:35:15 -0600
Subject: Natural Science from DS

>From: Robert Robbins 
>Subject: Natural Science from DS
>I was listening to Natural Science off of DS and I noticed that Geddy
>sings the...
>Wheels within wheels
>verse twice.. (back to back). I know they repeat the chourus again of
>Analog Kid at what should be the end but did they always sing that NS
>verse twice or did Geddy screw it up???

Yeah that's it Robert.  Geddy screwed up and the band kept playing but
somehow they all ended the song at the same time.  And somehow they decided
to put a screwed up version of N.S. on the album.


PS Yes all three of them played it that way every time.


From: "Flynn, Jason R" 
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 14:46:50 -0600
Subject: "The" Analog Kid

>From: "JK74" 
>Subject: "The" Analog Kid
>Anyone else out there notice that on DS The Analog Kid is listed as =
>Analog Kid without the THE?  I wonder why.  Hum....

For the same reason that A Farewell to Kings is listed as "Farewell to
Kings", and Leave That Thing Alone! is listed as "Leave That Thing Alone",
and Stick It Out is listed as "Stick it out" (ALLCAPS but 'lowercase caps'
for the I and O--like the 'lower caps' in CttH and Farewell to Kings but in
RTB the T is an 'uppercase cap' as are the F in Something For Nothing and in
Test For Echo, and the O in TSOR) and The Spirit of Radio is listed as
"Spirit of Radio" on Exit...Stage Left.


(P.S. I'd go on but I don't want to come off as nitpicky...)


From: "Russell J. Thorpe" 
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 15:46:47 -0500
Subject: Packaging

Quit the damn bitching about the packaging.  Just do what I did.  Get some
old jewel cases, or buy some new empty ones from your favorite record
store.  Place the fucking CD's in there, and shut the hell up.  Then you
can encase your Paper cover in lucite, and put it on a shelf next to your
bowling trophies and pictures of your Grandmother.  If you people would put
as much energy into thinking as you do bitching, we would all be better off.
Russell J. Thorpe
Systems Administrator
Toyo Seat USA Corp.
ph. (810)724-0300 ext.148
ISO 9001/QS-9000 

   [ I *LIKE* the packaging. I have quite a few cardboard cases, they don't
     bother me at all. The 3rd cd is separate, quite possibly to be removed
     at a later date, but you can also put this on your cd rack as its own
     cd. You can't tell me you don't have ONE cd single in a cardboard 
     sleeve sitting up there?                                    : rush-mgr ]


From: Slim Jim 
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 21:05:53 +0000
Subject: Re: DS stuff wrote [about DS]:

> things i didn't like 
> 2112: all the parts previously played on an accoustic were played on an 
> electric 12string, verry unsetteling at first, but it still rocks

Note that there's no acoustic guitar on the ATWAS version either.



From: "David M. Campbell" 
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 16:13:23 -0500
Subject: Different Stages

I will probably receive major flames for writing this, but I for one really
don't like live albums at all, and will not purchase Different Stages.  I
really only own two live albums...KISS Alive II and Exit Stage Left.  I like
watching live videos of concerts, and also like attending shows, but I can't
seem to get into just listening to live recordings of songs that I already
have and that, in my opinion, sound better in the studio than live in

In fact, many live albums are put out by record companies just for something
they can make money from while their bands are taking a long break between
records.  Judas Priest just released a new live album, for example, one
album after replacing Rob Halford with Ripper Owens.  I mean, who needs
this?  I am a huge Priest fan, but I see no need for this.

So cheers to everyone who enjoys this new live album from Rush.  But I won't
be this excited until a new studio album comes out.



From: TCG 
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 16:29:20 -0500
Subject: Re:  Box set and concert video

Just wondering if there is going to be a box set of DIFFERENT STAGES and a 
concert video.  Any info would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!



From: (Ryan  N Waggoner)
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 16:01:53 -0500
Subject: Going one step further. . . .

In my opinion, DS is better than just the best live album Rush has ever
released.  It's the best live album *ANYONE* has ever released, beating
out even "Live at Wembley '86" (which it's pretty dang hard for me to say
something kicks more ass than somethin' by Queen, let alone the best live
album Queen ever did).

Reminder: this is my opinion.  But DS is simply the best live album I've
ever heard in my life.


These are not my pants.


Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 17:03:36 EST
Subject: DS--I heard my scream!/Quit your Bitching!!!

I was at the Dallas (actually I was at both shows)  but I was there when The
Trees was recorded.  In fact my bro-in-law was in from Vegas with me.  The
trees has a little significant meaning for us.  From His Virgin show in Vegas
Roll the Bones tour in June 1992.

I am not going to tell you.

I have 2112-discovery going on right now!  This Set rules!  I havent even
gotten to the Hammersmith set yet.  Maybe tonite.

Different stages (to me) really brings out the feel of Rush Live.  IF they
never tour again it would break my heart.  But I have this and I would live

Thank you RUSH!

>>>>>>>>>>>'m right here stumpy.  and i maintain that this album would be a
great deal better if the track listing included songs that have yet to appear 
on a live album that were played over the last four tours such as the 
pass, vital signs, prelude, double agent, war paint, scars, limbo, 
virtuality, time and motion, half the world, where's my thing, ghost of a 
chance, cold fire, show don't tell, analog kid, or <<<<<<<<<<<<<

Who keeps on Bitching?

make me sick!

I have to say that I was praying that Tom Sawyer would make it on this album.
Mainly because live on this tour was the raginest version I have ever

I feel so lucky.  You should too.  Shut up and thank God for each new thing we
get from our favorite band.  

At this point in their careers, BEGGERS can't be choosers!

I will always consider myself a begger as long as RUSH are still releasing
material for us.  Make no mistake, they are still doing it for us!

On to other fun stuff.  I was on the phone with my Bro in  law  Telling him
how killer this new CD was.  He was tired after a long day on the road (truck
driver)  he was pumped and decided not to wait until this weekend to get it.
He left late at night and even drove his wifes truck because his doesnt have a
CD player.

the things we will do for the music we love.

Thank you RUSH!
Gerry Zobrist


From: Brian Robinson 
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 14:39:33 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Tinker Toys Cover

It seems obvious to me the single tinker toy and the two tinker toys
together on the cover represent the two concert recordings 
1978 Tour is 1CD          = the single tinker toy
TFE/Counterparts is  2CDs = the two tinker toys together


From: "hopeflguy" 
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 17:46:25 -0500
Subject: Kids shirt on Odeon sleeve...Ged comment in Cinderella Man

Ok...since we are all caught up in the DS hysteria, I am gonna join =
in:-) Umm..first off..the kid who is getting tickets from Ged on the =
Odeon show..his shirt says "f-II-k"..which is obviously, A Farewell To =
Klingons..errrr.Kings..(sorry trekies). And Ged sounds like he is saying =
"Make it funky"..or something similar in Cinderella Man.

   [ Ok, ok, I can't believe that no one's mentioned the colored dots on the
     back of the cd; they correspond with the color of ink printed on each
     cd. I've been a bit slow this week, and just figured it out this 
     morning looking at them :-)  And DAMN I wish I had those newspaper
     ads & reviews for the website, argh! (anyone catch Geddy's NASA pass when
     they saw Columbia lift off? Or the baseball player on the GUP backstage
     pass? or the 3 turtles throughout the collage?)            : rush-mgr ]

Just also wanted to comment....PLEASE stop 1)Complaining about the =
%$#@&* packaging...and if you opened the package and dropped the 3rd =
disc, well, what kind of a..(I WON'T say it...I wish to be =
nice..heh).2)If Rush where to use plastic jewel cases for these, the =
price may have been fairly more expensive 3)People complaining about all =
of the "glitches" in this song or that..or 2112 should not have been =
played in a lower key.....GAFL! My God, it seems like, how many Rush =
fans does it take to change a lightbulb? 20...1 to change the bulb, and =
19 to criticize.
In other words, just enjoy the damn thing.....especially considering the =
descent price and all of the "goodies" inside. Remeber, they DIDN'T have =
to release this album in the first place....but, being Rush, as Ged =
say's in the liner notes, they are showing their "thank's" to the fans =
for their (our) continued support over the years.
Most bands wouldn't even give two $#@%'s about their fans.=20


"Imagination is more important then intelligence"
Albert Einstein

"Hope IS Eternal" JWM


From: Taj Dickinson 
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 17:47:28 -0500
Subject: take it off shake it off

clean the wax outa your ears people.....he's saying "shake it off
Alex"...not "take it off Alex" :)


Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 18:11:11 EST
Subject: GEDDY's Faves are mine also!

Hi Everybody (Hi DR. Nick)
     I just got done reading the Liner Notes interview with Geddy. This was
the best one yet. I couldn't believe it when he said The WHO- Live at Leeds
and YES- Relayer were his favorite albums! I always thought Relayer was one of
the best YES albums out there! As far as The WHO,  W O W !!! The WHO is tied
with our boys as my favorite bands!!! How cool is that! I also like PRIMUS a
lot too!
     Once again our faithful RUSH-MGR keeps us informed on this breaking story
that is  R U S H.
        For now,
  Natural Science is my fave song on DS, with Driven a close second


Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 19:00:20 EST
Subject: DS Great Woods

Hello all,

I was among the thousands of fans who saw Rush play at Great Woods
(Massachusetts) on June 23, 1997, and I'm quite pleased that at least a
portion of that show made it onto Different Stages.

I was glad that Geddy's comment after 2112, "We'll be back in twenty minutes
after some brain surgery" made it onto the album... I got a good laugh when
first heard it at the concert, and now I can listen to it over and over and
over... asked:
>>>>Some early reports claimed that The Rhythm Method had been recorded at
Great Woods (Mansfield, MA). But, according to the album insert, it was
recorded in
Chicago.  I'm inclined to believe the album insert but, can anyone confirm

Ray, I believe the jacket comments. The Rhythm Method at Great Woods got
people clapping along in time to parts of it, but I don't hear that on the DS
take.  (I wonder why they decided to use the Chicago version of the Rhythm
Method, when the Great Woods version had more audience involvement...)

Of the 3 shows I saw from TFE, my favorite was the one I saw in Hartford, CT
on November 10, 1996.  That didn't make it onto the album.  But these things
are pretty subjective.

Anyways, it's a really great 3 and a half hours of music that'll give us years
of listening enjoyment.



From: "msutton ." 
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 17:11:38 -0700
Subject: Headphones

Edgar asked:

> what are the best Rush tunes thru
> headphones? I know I personally have partial hearing loss from
> late-night sessions. Songs that stand-out are, "Natural Science", "Vital
> Signs", "The Weapon" and "Middletown Dreams" (need headphones to fully
> appreciate the guitar on that one..)

I agree 100% with "Middletown Dreams".  Al's guitar work is amazing
especially through headphones on this track.  "Mystic Rhythms" is also
kind neat as there is a lot going that is much easier to hear with



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