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         The National Midnight Star, Number 2139

                   Monday, 16 Nov 1998

Today's Topics:
                     DS is wonderful
                   Re: the kid's shirt
                       DS packaging
                       Tinker Toys
               Different Stages Reviews...
                    Enhanced CD No Go?
               Re: Natural Science from DS
                The packaging controversy
                     the kid's shirt
               Cinderella Man - Suprise !!!
                 RE: Geddy Lee interview
     Re: funny overdub in Cinderella Man???????????? 
                    Re: Ice Cold Beer 
                 A few thoughts about DS
                     Different Stages
                 Geddy Lee loves RELAYER!
                 Meaning of the DS colors
                   A Farewell to Kings
                  Rush in Pleasantville
                  CTTH on DS Controversy
              Geddy's cold during AFTK tour
               Rush Calendars for your PC!
               DS-WHAT ELSE BLA BLA BLA...
                      latest column
                   Re: Thank You Rush 
               DS Observations & questions
            Problem with Clusterworks Program
                       Blown away!
               Significance of DS Cover Art
       Re:  8-tracks a few thoughts on DS
                      Re: AFTK 4:22
   Problem solved - three discs and a cardboard sleeve
                  Ged's Voice at the HO

From: (The RUSH Fans Digest Manager)
Date: Mon Nov 16 09:49:42 PST 1998
Subject: Administrivia

Thanks to Ryan Park, Mark Graham, Russ Karlberg, Carl Kolek, Alan Parrott,
Kevin Kitchens, Jason Bryer & Cary Hall, I now have all the original RV
files BACK UP on the NMS web page! Thanks to everyone else who also offered
their copies! :-)  

The fancast was last night, and *I* thought it was great! It was not quite
what I expected, the main interview was on Realvideo, with the questions
and (very short) answers typed in the chat room. The only thing the chat 
room was really good for was to submit questions. Atlantic's web site claims
they will reshow the interview, if I find out when I'll post the info here.
My video & audio were completely fine once the interview started, I didn't
get disconnected once (which was a miracle considering my connection at home
is crap). Nothing earth-shattering was discussed, but just to see Alex attack
Geddy was worth it! (the transcriber in the chat room described it as "Alex
attacks Geddy and begins to hump madly" (he was answering the question how
they've managed to get along so well for so long). 

They were on for over an hour. The sound was a bit muffled at times, and it
was REALLY hard to hear if more than one person was talking at the same time,
but overall I'd have to give it two thumbs WAY WAY up. The questions were 
mostly OK, nothing too blatantly stupid (what does yyz stand for? what is the
trees about?). And Geddy did say that he is going through lots of videos 
from the TFE tour and would like to release a DVD to accompany DS.

When they reair it I'll tape the audio (if anyone has had success with saving
a streaming RV file lemme know) and at least transcribe it. And yes, I'm
still working on the album premiere :-)

 - rush-mgr


From: (Carl H Sederholm)
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 17:34:01 -0700
Subject: DS is wonderful

I just got my hands on DS and it rocks! I couldn't stop listening to it
(even though it does take quite a chunk of time to get through all three
cd). It was cool to sort of rediscover songs like Stick it Out and Show
Don't Tell. I tend to listen to Hemispheres and Moving Pictures the most
often, so some of these later songs don't get lots of play around here.
Hearing the crowd throughout the cd was great too, it really had a great
effect on the energy of the music. I also have to say that I like this
live album better than ASOH in many ways--it seems more "live" somehow.
One final note: Geddy's playing is stunning on this cd. Not that I ever
doubted before, but he just seems to be all over this recording and I
love it! Makes me want to stop practicing the guitar and get into the

Salt Lake City, Ut


From: "Joseph Ornelas" 
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 16:35:44 -0800
Subject: Re: the kid's shirt

>Subject: the kid's shirt
>i think his shirt says  Y2K, with the 2 in roman numerals....

Maybe it's a sign.  There's always that rumor that Rush's new studio album is
coming out in 2000...

Joseph Ornelas


From: "Mark D. Ehlke" 
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 19:04:42 +0000
Subject: DS packaging

Hello fellow Rush fans,

I've read plenty of complaints about the packaging already.  Why 
don't you people pick up 3 empty jewel cases?  They only cost around 
a dollar.  That's what I've done with my boxed sets. 
(including Genesis: Archive, which is the best set ever)  
Three discs is pretty close to a boxset, anyway, so do what I do.  
Also, someone was wondering what Geddy said at the end of 2112.  I'm 
pretty sure it's "We'll be back in 20 minutes, afer some brain 
surgery."  Another thing--what the hell was that guy thinking who 
said that all these reviews are one-sided.  DS kicks ass!  A fact's a 
fact from Nome to Rome, boy! 


From: "The Clayton's" 
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 19:10:35 -0600
Subject: Ditto...

To Mike Lowe who said "Anyway, I really enjoyed certainly
brought back some warm memories for me.  I hope we have the opportunity
for 4 more studio
albums and another live album around 10 years from now."  Ditto, all the way.

And, to Adrianne Bosco, I too was at that Great Woods show with my
husband.  We were Texans transplanted to Rhode Island for a wee while,
and did we ever luck out!  10 rows back from Geddy, aghghghghgghh!!!
So, we have heard alot from Chicago and Great Woods.  Where are the
folks hollering from Dallas (where I live now), Toronto, Detroit and
Miami?  I think maybe that by my good fortune, the shows in Mass and
Chicago were shows of the century.  I'll tell ya,  when they had
intermission, I accidentally spilled my newly purchased shoes on some
guys shoes.  He said "That's ok, you really got into 2112 didn't you?"
I replied that I had nearly had a heart attack.  What I was thinking was
much more personal and sexual in nature, but I didn't want to blurt that
out to a stranger in front of my husband!  It was true, of about 8 shows
that I have seen in Texas, the show at Great Woods was the rockinest by
far.  I'll count my blessings!

And one last quicky note:  Has anyone noticed before Resist on DS that
Geddy says it is influenced by the country of Scotland (in a pretty good
accent, I might add)?  We were living in Scotland when T4E was released,
and that brings back great memories for me!!

Play DS LOUD!!!  On the headphones!!  Later y'all, Lara


From: "The Clayton's" 
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 19:20:17 -0600
Subject: Tinker Toys

I have to agree with whoever said the tinker toys have many meanings to
the cd:

Jackie and Selena page, probably Neil, Jackie and Selena.

   [ Nope.                                                   : rush-mgr ]

Back cover:  lends itself to AFTK, and then two later tours.

Big Totem pole thing:  all praise the priests of Rush, gods to us all,
no matter what other gods we may worship!! (take this one lightly ok, I
am not cultish or any freakier than the rest of you, except Julienne
Daigle.  whatever happened to him...)

Also, I agree that the guy's shirt who is hauling Alex away in front of
Odeon says "Jolly Teabag Body Guard"  Don't ask me why, my eyes suck!,
But I don't think Neil is flipping us off, I think it's pointer we see

Enough of that!!  Later, Lara

ok, ps Spell check wanted to use "dangle" for Daigle.  Those of you who
remember Julienne will laugh!


From: Kurt Smith 
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 20:24:56 -0800
Subject: Different Stages Reviews...

Hi everybody-

Just thought I'd share some reviews I heard through my various

"I really like it. Really..." - Cindy Crawford
"This album is almost as good as Snapple (beeelch)..." - Howard Stern
"I was busy listening to this album when I killed my-I mean, when my
wife was killed..." - O.J. Simpson
"This is very definitely a live Rush album..." - Al Gore
"Jo Robinson's got some nice jugs..." - Bill Clinton
"I haven't heard this album yet but I know it's not good..." - my
"Well worth a day off..." - Cal Ripken Jr.
"These guys made my name known!!" - Rush Limbaugh
"D-ff-r--t Sta--s is great!" - Vanna White
"I sure wish I could play as well as Alex Lifeson..." - Eddie Van Halen
"It clearly says Rush, and 'live' on the cover..." - Al Gore
"New Rush release? Abort! Abort!" - John Glenn
"Maybe Rush do Beatle song, I get new cow!" - Yoko Ono
"Neil says it better than I could..." - Carl Jung
"A bonus CD? Why didn't I think of that? I could be 1/3 richer!" - David
"Can I buy this album with my Visa card?" - Paul McCartney
"You can hear people cheering in the background..." - Al Gore
"Rush was our biggest inspiration..." - Eddie Vedder
"Four-and-a-half stars..." - Rolling Stone (wow!)
"Two Thumbs Up!" - Siskel & Ebert
"Me. I. Me. Me. I. Myself. Me." - Phil Collins
"Now you know the real reason for the lockout..." - David Stern
"If your husband continues listening to this CD, it's time to dump
him..." - Ann Landers
"Sorry, we're closed. New Rush album out..." - Denny's Restaurants
"The lead singer says 'Thank you' a lot and you can hear people
cheering..." - Al Gore

As for meself, I'm still digesting it all. Can you believe this
thrill-packed package was only $20?!? I tapes the whole thing, been
listening to it in my car since Wednesday morning, just now finished
Round 1. I'll just start by exclaiming how generous Rush is. Wow. This
is a lot of great, great music.

I particularly am blown away by the bass solo in Driven, the Discovery
portion of 2112, Natural Science as a whole (drum fills followed to the
letter!), and the heavy sound of Roll The Bones. That's just from one
listen! This is a fantastic set, I don't know how to keep it from
consuming my life for the next few weeks.

Rush is the greatest rock band in the universe!



From: "Frank Sewald" 
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 19:34:56 -0600
Subject: Enhanced CD No Go?

Hi All,

Has anyone had any luck with the Enhanced CD portion of the new album.

No matter what disc I put into my computer, it only comes up as an audio CD.

Other than that, it is an incredible album. I'm quite pleased with the
results, and I wish I could find a poster-sized image of the back of the
Hammersmith CD holder.

 Frank S


From: Tommer 
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 20:04:10 -0600
Subject: Re: Natural Science from DS

Someone wrote:

I was listening to Natural Science off of DS and I noticed that Geddy
sings the...

"    Wheels within wheels
    In a spiral array
    A pattern so grand..." ( you know the rest) :-)

verse twice.. (back to back). I know they repeat the chours again of
Analog Kid at what should be the end but did they always sing that NS
verse twice or did Geddy screw it up???


When I saw 'em in Milwaukee on the TFE tour, Geddy sang NS that way here as
well, so I think they planned it that way.  Maybe just to give an old song
a different feeling when they performed it live.  Just a thought  :-)


ICQ# 15240956

"I can learn to resist...anything but temptation..." - Neil Peart, 1996


From: Tommer 
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 20:13:35 -0600
Subject: The packaging controversy

Okay...since practically everyone is sayin' how much they hate the
packaging, let me be the first to say that I *love* the packaging!  It's
different, nothing like anything else out there, which is what Rush has
always been and done, so why should they stop now just to satisfy the fans?
 As you all know, they've never done anything to satisfy anyone else but
Rush, themselves!  So, I say again, why should they stop now?

Also, this could very well be the last LIVE album Rush releases.  I know it
sounds painful to hear (believe me, I hate thinking, "the last Rush..."
ANYTHING!), but more than likely, it's true.  So, I think we should all
appreciate what Rush have given us.  Hey...they coulda made you pay the
extra $10 or $15 for that third disc ya know! ;-)

Cheers all,

ICQ# 15240956

"I can learn to resist...anything but temptation..." - Neil Peart, 1996


From: "The Clayton's" 
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 00:19:26 -0500
Subject: the kid's shirt

In response to:

i think his shirt says  Y2K, with the 2 in roman numerals....>>

I was thinking "y" something "k" and don't know why I couldn't see "II"
I think you got it buddy!


From: Benny 
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 20:27:16 -0600
Subject: Cinderella Man - Suprise !!!

What the funk is up with Geddy's voice on DS: Cinderella Man.

Crank up your stereo (or headphones) to Disc3 - Track 11.

Pay attention starting at time=2:19 where Geddy sings "... Manic
depressive who walks in the rain ..."  then get ready --- at 2:19 Geddy
turns into one of the chipmunks when he shouts "MAKE IT FUNKY ...."
right before the jam portion of the tune.

I don't know what special effects device he has on his voice - - but I
just about crapped my pants.
It is now the high point of that particular song.

There are a couple other strange noises occurring in that song providing
some extra audio-titilation !

DS Rules !!!!  And I don't even mind the packaging - ha -ha,

Benny Schroeder


From: Benny 
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 20:32:10 -0600
Subject: RE: Geddy Lee interview

>From the last part of the interview:
>>  LN: Your music collections on fire, which one do you save?
>>  GL: Relayer by Yes.

To all BASS player fanatics.  This is one of my favorite albums
featuring bass.  Chris Squire's bass is really aggresive and way up in
the mix.  Actually his sound (from that era) is really close to Geddy's
70's bass sound.  Squire was also a Rickenbacker player !

Anyway, I would highly recommend this album.

I was shocked to see Geddy's answer at first - - but it makes sense when
I give it some thought.

check it out -
Benny S


From: Slim Jim 
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 1998 02:55:45 +0000
Subject: Re: funny overdub in Cinderella Man???????????? 

Tom Beaudoin wrote:
> Hey -- speaking of Cinderella Man on the 3rd disk, what does Geddy (or 
> someone) say right before the bass solo (at 2:19) ?? Something like "me 
> funky!"  Was that overdubbed later by Geddy this summer as a joke??? 

No, it wasn't!  I remember it very well from the AFTK tour 
concerts I attended (at Newcastle City Hall).

Geddy says "Get Funky!" (through a pitch shifter I think).  Come 
to think of it I still have a home-made bootleg from 14/2/78, it
will be interesting to compare it with the Hammersmith show from
DS recorded six days later.

Also, it's not really a bass solo, is it .. ?  More an 
instrumental section played by the whole band.

Actually although it's great that live material from way back when 
has been made available, I'm a little disappointed that it's from 
the AFTK tour which remains my least favourite live Rush memory.  
They seemed to be going through the motions a little.  I remember 
that the Hemispheres tour a year later was *much* better, the 
group had come through the slightly awkward (IMO) transitional
AFTK phase, and everything gelled together a lot better.



From: Slim Jim 
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 1998 02:58:22 +0000
Subject: Re: Ice Cold Beer wrote:
> Did you fellow beer afficianado's notice what Ged says in "Working Man":
> "When I get home at 5 oclock and take myself out a Watney's Red Barrel" -

!!  Unlikely to win the respect of beer drinkers in the audience with
that line.  I'll have to check my own AFTK tour tape and see if he
sings "take myself out a Newcastle Brown"..



From: (B J C)
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 22:17:32 EST
Subject: A few thoughts about DS

1.  The Hammersmith cover: For some reason I assumed it was Geddy's son
standing next to him.

2.  The main cd jacket, "In loving memory...": The three tinker toys
represent Neil (on top) separated from his loved ones, Selena and Jackie
(on bottom).

3.  Solution to bonus cd falling to the floor upon opening: Get a virgin
jewel case and re-release the cd and put it in order with your other Rush
cds, that is, between "A Farewell to Kings" and "Hemispheres" albums.  

4.  Just can't pry Set 3 from the walkman.  That performance could have
stood very well on its own merit, had they chosen to release it any time
before hand.  

5.  I've never gotten so much for so little money.  Rush isn't in it for
the money, or the fame.  They're about music.  That is what sets them
apart from the MTV mindset.  Do we really want them to be popular in the
mainstream?  Do we care if Rolling Stone fails to acknowledge one of the
greatest rock bands in history?  Rush is special to me precisely because
they are free from worldly contamination of unrestrained commercialism.

Barry J. Cook  


Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 22:18:49 EST
Subject: Different Stages

Hello fellow NMS'ers!

I wrote:
>I too went on the multi tour Test For Echo tour!
>Nov. 26, 1996 - Great Western Forum in Inglewood, CA
>Nov. 27, 1996 - Great Western Forum in Inglewood, CA
>Nov. 29, 1996 - America West Arena in Phoenix, AZ (8th row floor on Alex's
>Nov. 30, 1996 - UTEP Center in El Paso, TX
>May 10, 1997 - Glen Helen Blockbuster Pavillion in Devore, CA
>May 14, 1997 - The Rose Garden in Portland, OR (loudest of all the shows!)
> [ I was at all the shows you were at, except portland. And did I say that
>   for the November San Diego show I had front row? :-)          : rush-mgr ]

You are the man of course Rush-Mgr!!!

   [ Not last time I looked! :-)                                  : rush-mgr ]

Question to everyone out there.  When will the accompanying Different Stages
video be released?

aka Wonger
Ontario, CA

"He's got a star map of Hollywood..a list of cheap motels..all along the
Dreamline (Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, Neil Peart)


From: Benjamin Leimkuhler 
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 21:34:47 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Geddy Lee loves RELAYER!

One of the coolest pieces of information about Rush I have heard all year
is that Geddy Lee would save Relayer from a fire if he could save only
one.  Relayer is one of my alltime favorite albums, period.  I never would
have guessed that Geddy has the same appreciation for it.  I have never
heard him mention Yes as being one of his favorite bands or Chris Squire
as being one of his favorite bass players.  Heck, I figured Geddy Lee had
never even HEARD Relayer.  That just made my day.  Now I love the album
even more.

Ben Leimkuhler


From: "Randolph Mack (Hello!)" 
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 23:02:37 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Meaning of the DS colors

> [ Ok, ok, I can't believe that no one's mentioned the colored dots on the
>    back of the cd; they correspond with the color of ink printed on each
>    cd. I've been a bit slow this week, and just figured it out this
>     morning looking at them :-)                             : rush-mgr ]

 I can't believe it either, especially with some of the wild theories
being thrown around about the tinkertoys.
 According to the scematic on the back of the case, Tinkertoy #1 (yellow)
is Stage 1, #2 (red) is stage 2, and #3 (blue) is stage 3. Also on the
back, there are colored dots pertaining to each disk next to the track
listings; the dots are yellow (disk 1), red (disk 2), and blue (disk 3).
 Thus, the tinkertoys correspond to the disks.
 Do the colors mean anything? Doubtful, at least to me. Just primaries, an
attarctive design concept. What really got me speculating was the *space*
between the tinkertoys.
  It seemed to me that Rush has *four* (maybe five) stages, and that the
space represented a stage not represented in the CDs: the 80s. Consider
the albums recorded in the 80s (PW was recorded in 79, released in 1980,
so it doesn't count) and the songs from them on DS: MP: 2, Signals: 1,
GUP: 0, PW: 0, HYF: 0. So the missing space, almost exactly a tinkertoy in
height, represented the 80s stuff (perhaps chronicled satisfactorly on
ASOH to them).
 This made sense until I studied the scematic. Unforuntately for my
theory, the tinkertoys are labeled 1-2-3, not 1-3-4. Doh! Also, there's
the problem of the pre-2112 period, which is stage naught (0), or one,
whatever, and also the problem that disk 3 is stage 1, chronologically.
Oops. So I guess the artwork is mostly just artwork. Shucks. :)
 (Whatever it is, it's definitely not about Neil's tragedy. I think that's
a completely wacked (and inappropriate) suggestion. IMHO)

>      or the 3 turtles throughout the collage?)            : rush-mgr]

 "Time crawls", no? :)


 "Life in nature is solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short."
		 --Thomas Hobbes, 1691

 "Just like my cat Spinoza." --Randy Mack, 1996

*        |             WheatBread Magazine             |        *
*        |      "All the Fits We Knew to Print"        |        *
*        |        	       |        *


From: "Matt Calder" 
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 23:41:59 -0500
Subject: A Farewell to Kings

A Farewell to Kings thought:

Why would we want to find the mimes to lead us closer to the heart? ;-)

(It's funnier if you try to get a mental picture)

Matt C.


From: Ed Lovell 
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 1998 00:13:03 -0500
Subject: Clusterworks

I found a couple things out regarding Clusterworks:

1) If you start your CD player and _then_ start
ClusterWorks, you can watch a light show while listening to
any CD.  You can turn off the built-in ClusterWorks music on
the menu.  It doesn't appear the music has any effect on the
show, just move your mouse to the music :)

2) There are a number of very cool settings if you move your
mouse to the bottom of the screen.  The settings bar scrolls
left and right, also.

Wouldn't you think they'd have included some instruction for
using the program?? 8^)

Ed "A Lifetime of Questions"


From: (Ryan  N Waggoner)
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 1998 00:22:26 -0500
Subject: Rush in Pleasantville

At the risk of pissing some people off for starting a new thread this
soon after the DS release --

My best friend (and a former TNMS list member) and I went out and saw
Pleasantville this evening, and after the movie, we started discussing
it, and parallels with Rush songs.  (This, while listening to DS...the
conversation was intersperced with comments such as, "I'm gonna crap my
pants, it sounds so good!!")  Anyway, he saw quite a few parallels with
2112, which he explained to me (somehow, I missed most of them), and I
saw quite a few....well, not exactly parallels, but "Witch Hunt" kept
popping up in my head the whole movie.

My question -- has anyone else who's seen this movie thought of any other
Rush songs that might somehow be related to it?


These are not my pants.


From: (Michael P McGee)
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 1998 00:38:36 EST
Subject: DS

Heard the entire DS version of 2112 on the radio today!  I couldn't
believe it!  Quite a commercial "classic rock" station, too.  Maybe it
was a "rogue DJ."  Hopefully he's not out of a job.

Natural Science is simply incredible.  I have always loved it, and now
love it even more.  For me, witnessing it live was the greatest concert
moment ever, seconded only by the Hemispheres Prelude during the CP tour.

Is it jus me, or does YYZ sound *so* heavy?

Cygnus X-1 live?  Are you kidding me?  Anyone who complains about this CD
should be shot.

Resist is just plain beautiful.  I don't understand why this song wasn't
played 24 hours a day on the radio.  It comes off better on DS than I
thought possible. (Speaking of hits, does anybody care to speculate as to
why Half the World didn't make the cut?)  Also, according to Geddy,
Resist was inspired by a Scottish what?

I was jamming right along with By-tor and the Snowdog when they stopped
right in the middle?  Was this the way the song was performed all those
years ago?  It just seems strange to me that Rush would start a song and
not finish it.

DS favs: Natural Science, Resist, Analog Kid, Roll the Bones (comes off
so well), LTTA, RM (Is it really physically possible to do all this with
just two hands and two feet?  Are any sampling, or
recording-layers-as-you-go-techniques employed?  I watched it on the
screen-saw it with my own eyes-but still can't believe it.), Farewell to
Kings, Cygnus X-1, Cinderella Man.

And The Tinker Toy Award goes to (Song most drastically better live than
studio): Nobody's Hero


Date: Sat, 14 Nov 1998 00:22:55 -0600
Subject: Waterboy

Hey folks, it has been a long time since I posted...and I dont intend 
to start anything this time...(By the way, those of you, and three of 
you in particular know who you are, who decided to email me threatening 
messages via an "anonymous" email account, you may want to A) Not list 
your name with the server....B) AT LEAST go through a firewall!!!)
But enough about that....I just got back from seeing Waterboy with Adam 
Sandler...REALLY STUPID, BUT REALLY FUNNY...and even more important, 
the finaly scene, when Bobby Boucher is supposed to save the day, what 
comes blasting over the Sony Digital Surround Sound but none other than 
Tom Sawyer!!!! I had no idea...but it is like putting on your favourite 
jacket you have not worn in a while, and finding a 10 dollar bill or 
something...  WHAT A BONUS...  I told the person I went with that this 
movie went in my book from ROCK ON!!!!

DS Note...anyone notice the random high-hat when geddy starts singing 
in Natural Science?  GREAT ALBUM....

Gotta love them...


From: mike 
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 1998 00:52:41 -0600
Subject: CTTH on DS Controversy

  I have been a RUSH fan for 15 years and seen several shows.  My wife
works long hours and inevitably our four year old son is subjected to
RUSH nightly as I complete household chores or office work.  One evening
when preparing the CD player for my usual routine he quoted a line from
CTTH and requested to hear it.  Needless to say, I was thrilled.  Now,
(among other RUSH tunes) he regularly requests CTTH and with help can
recite the lyrics.

My point is CTTH may be an old friend to most of us but the new/younger
fans may find CTTH or TS a turning point in their appreciation for
RUSH.  So, let it be.  If Geddy wants CTTH on DS;  I say Thank You!

I remember riding in my father's car listening to Buddy Holly on 8 track
when I was a kid and will always be a Holly fan.  I appreciate the
opportunity to do the same for my son.


"summmer's oing fast... nights growing colder... children growing
up...old friends growing       older...freeze this moment a little bit
longer...make each sensation a little bit stronger...  experience slips
away..." Neil Peart, Time Stand Still - 1987


From: "Farshad A, Dailami" 
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 23:57:34 -0700
Subject: Geddy's cold during AFTK tour

Hi folks,

Just reading the TNMS and there seemed be a couple of observations made with
regards to Geddy's voice during the show that appears on disk 3 of the new
release (BTW, incredible ... that's all I gotta say).

If you caught the broadcast a couple of weeks ago before the album (can I say
album still? does that date me?) was released, you will recall Geddy and
Alex's account of what happened that particular night they recorded the
show. Geddy had a cold and his voice was givin him trouble, so, he ended up
phrasing things a bit differently. Yes, his voice does sound scratchy, a bit
rough. But,
also as they both said, the quality of the musicianship on that particular
take was just right ... right enough to make on to this last release. Someone
mentioned that they thought they heard Geddy sneeze in the background during
Xanadu. That *could* very well be the case, considering Ged's state of health.

Just my $0.02 worth.



From: Grand Designs 
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 1998 01:54:11 -0800
Subject: Rush Calendars for your PC!

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From: Roberto Schiavon 
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 1998 05:15:58 -0200

Fucking awesome collection of songs and performances!!!!! And fucking
hard to handle package! What a beautiful voice of Geddy in the Bravado
and Cinderella Man versions! What a Rushier version of Roll the Bones!
What a lesson of drumming in the rithym method! What a lesson of swing
in YYZ!  What a "show and tell" in the AFTK cd!What a lesson in how to
be an honest band even with 24 years on the road! I must say, I can't
help but envy the guys that, in this list, talk about how much Rush
concerts they attended... I would give at least a finger to see a Rush
concert, but I  live in South America, what can I do?
                               See you...
PS: for that guy that told that "Limelight" and "the Analog Kid" are
horrible in this cd : Well, at least it made laugh! Thank you...


From: Grand Designs 
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 1998 02:26:26 -0800
Subject: latest column

Our monthly column, Signals, has been updated over at the Grand Designs
website. All are welcome to participate!

Respond to our Different Stages survey!


From: Drew Eckhardt 
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 1998 03:12:19 -0700
Subject: Re: Thank You Rush writes:
>For those of you who haven't had the chance, do yourselves a favor and
>listen to DS through a good set of headphones.  This is the best
>sounding album I have ever heard and it really comes to life in a
>quality set of headphones.  

Throw it on the high-end system of your choice, and you will be 
surprised at the sound stage.   They've done an asesome job picking
up the venue ambiance, with the crowd coming from all over and 
really adding to a "you are there" experience.

There's also the bass impact that you can't get on head phones.

I've got it running at 80dB, and can't wait until daylight when
I can crank it.

>I love the sound of this CD, it's raw but so clean and crisp.  

The performances are exceptional, the recording and production 
is excellent (presumably Geddy had a lot to do with this), 
and what they've done with the crowd is unique.

Two thumbs up.

 - - Home Page
For those who do, no explanation is necessary.  
For those who don't, no explanation is possible.


From: "T. Slovik" 
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 1998 08:35:23 -0500
Subject: DS Observations & questions

KEN DEE'S QUESTIONS (some answered)

Neil on the second floor isn't holding anything except the bar on the window
he is poking his head through. Why the second floor ???

Good call on the sneeze in AFTK. LOL
Take it off Alex !! LOL

Ditto on Bravado. I heard that live as it is on this tape at that Philadelphia
show. AWESOME !!!

The device upper left collage is a Wah Wah pedal by Morley.
Gives the guitar sound in Cinderella solo.
Crybaby is another type.

Other questions...don't have answers.

Why the turtle on the lower left collage (and again above Neils "chimes").
Conventional wisdom might say "PRESTO" however...this would not be
cronological. The same turtle appears in the correct spot later in the

Anyone notice the tinkertoys in the crate in the picture of Neil reading a
book just below and left of those same chimes?

Misspelled band name in the "SPRO" ad clipping near the "shudder" 8-track. N A
Z A R A T H ???

Who is on the GUP access pass (Near the chimes again) ? and why is it out of
sequence ?

   [ This is a baseball player, but damn if I remember his name. I think it
     lists Rush on the back of his baseball card... someone will post his
     name I'm sure.                                             : rush-mgr ]

Curious...nothing from FBN or CoS ??? or AtWaS or ESL yet SoH gets mentioned???

What is so interesting in the picture on the Technical credits page ? Al
pointing, Neil looking (stoned ?) (what is in his hand ?) Ged looking at
Camera?  Pehaps the answer lies in the reflection in Als glasses.

Does Al own any other stage clothes ? Every picture (current) Has him in the
same shirt & pants (sometimes shirt is open with another underneath. Geddy at
least changes to flannel in one shot. I saw them 3 times this tour. Philly
twice and Phoenix once. Again Al in black. Now I have a question. I am an
amateur musician. I have played in small clubs for years. IT GETS HOT UNDER
THOSE LIGHTS !!! And we only used 30 at most.  They use 3-4-5 times that.
BLACK LEATHER PANTS with a BLACK VELOUR or is it velvet SHIRT ??? WOW !!!

Monolith pic.
The guy in the white t-shirt has no right hand.
His hand re-appears to the right over the head of the slightly grey haired 
There are a bunch of midgets at the same place. Or fans standing in a hole.
There is an Afro American near the foreground. Is this to be politically
correct ? I am not racist at all I just have observed over the years that Rush
does not appeal to this nationality. Don't flame me for that one.

One last observation...

Lets see how many Tinker toys we can find in the MONOLITH picture.
1. shaved into the back of dudes head
2. silkscreen on back of jean jacket
3. Earring on shaved head dude
4. white t-shirt
5. Tattoo on arm of white t-shirt guy (where's his hand?)
6. Monolith


Don't forget not to forget.


Put your message in a modem and throw it into cyber sea.


From: Gail Larsen Peterkin 
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 1998 08:02:35 -0600
Subject: Problem with Clusterworks Program


I haven't posted in a long time, or even kept up with the digest, but I
wondered if someone out there could help me with a technical problem.  I
just got DS, of course, and installed the Clusterworks program on my
Windows 95 computer.  It installed okay, but, when I try to run it, the
program crashes.  I've tried to launch it from the Program menu and from
the Control Panel, and I've tried to use it as a screen saver.  Each
time it crashes, and I get the message "Clusterworks STUPA caused an
invalid page fault in module CLUSTERWORKS STUPA.SCR at 0137:004152fl"
from screen saver mode OR "Clusterworks STUPA caused an invalid page
fault in module  at 0000:0b75fc5d" from the regular start menu.

The helpful fatal crash menu suggests contacting your software
manufacturer!  So I tried to contact the WonderLab web site, only to
find it was still under construction.  There were no instructions how to
e-mail or otherwise contact technical support.  If you have any insights
or ideas about how to solve this technical problem, please let me know. 
I'm dying to see it!  BTW, has anyone else had this problem?

Other than that, I love DS!  I also enjoyed reading the transcript of
the interview with Geddy Lee.  I like Live at Leeds and Relayer, too. 
Thanks for posting it.

Thanks for your help,
Gail Larsen Peterkin


From: "Daniel O'Halloran" 
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 1998 08:17:05 -0600
Subject: Blown away!

It's funny how things work out...

I went with 2 friends on a lengthy road trip from Winnipeg, MB, Canada
to Minneapolis (8 hour drive) then the next day to Aurora Ill, where we
crashed at my sister's place. We attended the show at the New World
Music Theatre. Funny, this was our first time seeing Rush (although we
are long-time fans, they have soemthing against Winnipeg, I guess!!). My
buddy FREAKED when I told him that most of the DS material (excluding
the bonus disc) were from that show!! He got excited because he was sick
during the show and couldn't really enjoy it.

Hopefully if there is going to be a live video package, it would be from
this show. I don't know if they videoed the whole thing or what.

On a side note, it's funny the non-musical things you remember from the
show: A guy beside my sick buddy eating an ENORMOUS slice of pizza which
almost made my buddy puke. Also a guy in front of us who got totally
drunk/stoned. His buddy kept having to support him and he kept reaching
for the stage like it was in 3D or something!! He also made a chilly
night much colder for himself by letting loose of his bladder half-way
through the 2nd set!!!

Dan O'Halloran


From: "Craig Branham" 
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 1998 08:22:01 -0600
Subject: Significance of DS Cover Art

><the liner notes (which are kinda hard to get to imho) there is a yellow,
>red, and blue bar on the track listing page. Some of you music fans out
>there may be able to think of another album that had these three colours
>prominently in the artwork.
>_Synchronicity_, The Police
>Well, _Synchronicity_ was the end for another excellent band (I love that
>album), and it incorporated those VERY SAME COLOURS!!!>>

    Yes, but yellow, red, and blue are the three primary colors. I
think that's why they were chosen by both bands to represent the
members--only the three can create a full "palate" of colors when
mixed. It can't be a sign that Rush is breaking up because they used
the same three colors in the square-triangle-circle picture in the
1993 CP sleeve art.

    I have a point to raise about the photos in the DS packaging,
though I'm going to raise it carefully to avoid being threatened by
the "bitch-slap" guy from the last digest. While I think pasting the
tinker-toy logos into all those photos suits the band's quirky sense
of humor, and it makes the packaging somewhat more interesting and
challenging to look at, I would have rather that Hugh Syme hadn't
doctored photos of the band. Rush can do whatever they like, of
course, but it seems to me that pasting a contemporary logo into a
photo from 1978 is like drawing a mustache on a cave painting, in
magic marker. In the case of the long memorabilia photo--which is
super cool (I had forgotten what the label on the 2112 LP looks
like!)--it cheapens all of those great artifacts to know that some in
the collection have been manipulated.

    One final note, I really miss NP's wonderful prose. Geddy's liner
notes are heartfelt, but IMHO his words lack NP's wit and grace,
almost painfully so.

Craig B.


From: "bytor" 
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 1998 08:37:25 -0600
Subject: Re:  8-tracks a few thoughts on DS

Jay "I'll never complain about CD's" Roberts recently waxed nostalgic when
he stated:

>>Even more nostalgic is the 8 track!  I remember that the 2112 8-track used to
click over to the next track right as Grand Finale got going!!   For those of
you who don't know about those dinosaur days,  an 8 track was engineered so
that the music slowly faded out, the track clicked (there were actually 4
tracks), and the song faded back up.  They tried to arrange things so that a
track's end was a song's end but it was not always possible.  Torture it was
for 2112 and definitely a different stage!<<

Man, how I hated those 8-tracks!!  For a couple of years after buying
"Hemispheres" on 8-track, I always thought that there was a 'break' during
the title-track after 'Dionysus' going into 'Armageddon'...that is where
the track clicked over.  I never heard the unadulterated version until a
couple years later when I saw the boys on the PeW tour.  Also, at the
beginning of "La Villa...", the track clicked over after 'Buenos Nochas...'
 Boy, those things sucked big time.

Which brings us exactly 20 years later...

I cannot help myself not to listen to this new live album *completely
cranked up*!!!!  I've heard alot of live albums in my day, and I simply
can't think of one that matches the production value of "Different Stages".
 And while some may complain about the packaging from a practical
standpoint (the loose Hammersmith disc, cardboard sleeves, etc), you can't
tell me
that the artwork and layout isn't anything less than stellar!!  Hugh Syme
just gets better with age.  I will ask this, though:  if any of our
graphically inclined Rushians out there come up with some nice scans
suitable for jewel cases, please let us know...I'd be interested.

And finally, since I don't have a CD player in the car, I had to make up a
90-minute tape of some of my personal faves from DS.  So for those who may
need to follow suit, here's the set of songs I used:

Side One:

Analog Kid
Natural Science
Spirit Of Radio

Side Two:

Nobody's Hero
Closer To The Heart

Each side is approximately 43 minutes in length.

Just my random thinks...



From: "Craig Branham" 
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 1998 08:46:13 -0600
Subject: Re: AFTK 4:22

> I was intrigued by the recent suggestion in TNMS that Geddy sneezes 
> around 4:22-4:23 on AFTK on the 3rd disk of DS.  I don't think it is a 
> sneeze, though: it sounds like a fuzzy cymbal hit.  I'm curious as to 
> what others think.  And why would Geddy sneeze into the microphone?  

    It wasn't directly into the mic, but off to the side, the mic just
picked it up. In all of the recent interviews posted here, GL has said
that the reason this show was never released until now was that he
wasn't satisfied with his vocal performance. He said that he was
suffering from a cold that night, and that he had to adjust his vocal
phrasing to compensate. 

    It's amazing to me what high standards Rush have for their
performances. Although sometimes I hear the odd mistake at their
concerts, I really have a hard time distinguishing the subtle nuances
between performances that Rush trouble themselves with. But then,
that's why they're the musical gods they are.

Craig B.


From: "Brad M. Parmerter" 
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 1998 10:50:36 -0500
Subject: Problem solved - three discs and a cardboard sleeve

I love the packaging - although it will be put in a protective sleeve
and the discs will be put into two jewel cases -

(or maybe it's
he has clear double slimline jewel cases for 2 cds (like the new marillion
remasters) and order one from him for the first 2 discs and then put the 
1978 show in a single case.

problem solved.

Brad-alexmeister vonBastille


From: Gregg Jaeger 
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 1998 10:57:55 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Ged's Voice at the HO

In regard to Chris Anderson's comments about Ged's voice - if I recall 
correctly Ged said in the premier show that he had a cold.


Gregg Jaeger, Ph.D., Guest Researcher
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