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         The National Midnight Star, Number 2140

                   Monday, 16 Nov 1998

Today's Topics:
                     re:  Enhanced CD
                        guitar tab
                        Hoda & DS
             "That's OK Alex, shake it off!"
                     Pictures of Neil
                 Actually the best I own
Searching for quintessential Rush songs: an exercise in brutal honesty
       ALERT ALERT Non-DS Post :-) Geddy henpecked?
                       Wot ze say?
           Yet another Different Stages review
                     Chicago Concert
  Possible answer to the "Shake it off..." question....
                 rush songs on headphones
                Re: DS: Sound & Packaging 
                 Stung by Sting comments
              Victor sequel and enhanced CD
             DS Packaging and Clusterworks :)
             DS replies/Hisashi Hoda mistake
                Tinker toy representations
                   shake THIS off buddy
            ... Five Stars (and a stick-drop)!
                Enhanced CD To Rushaholics
                        3 turtles
                       My DS input
                  DS: The Rhythm Method
           Totally unbiased [ahem] review of DS
                  Is 2112 21:12 on DS?!

From: Thomas Perry 
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 1998 11:01:24 -0500
Subject: re:  Enhanced CD

I too had questions regarding the interaction between the artwork and
"Different Stages".  Here is the response I received back from the
author, Hisashi Hoda:

> My only question is that I was under the impression the program worked
> in conjunction with the Different Stages music?

The Different Stages music doesn't have relations with ClusterWorks
Enjoy the image and sound of ClusterWorks, please.



Hisashi Hoda      Voyager Japan, Inc.


From: Jim 
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 1998 11:23:22 -0500 (EST)
Subject: guitar tab


I was just wondering if anyone could point me in a direction where I could
find either a transcription or tab of the song "Fly By Night" for
guitar???????I don't care whethor it be free off the net or having to buy
a book from a publisher I just really want that song!!!!!!

Jimmy Filicky,Jr.


From: Tom Mueller 
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 1998 13:45:29
Subject: Hoda & DS

	Hey team!!!!!
	DS for $19.99, what a deal!  3 albums, and a brilliant computer-art
program for free!  My girlfriend and I played with Hoda's masterpiece on
her PowerMac for almost an hour... didn't even bother with the Rush portion
of the disc (after I had a chance to play the first 30 sec of Dreamline :]
).  We agreed that Hoda's art was worth the price all on its own.  In the
last 5-6 TNMSs there've been 7 comments on Clusterworks: 3 neg., 4 pos.
[Not counting the "It doesn't run" comments. ;) ]

Clusterworks is a very good creation.  I have to believe that either Hoda
donated it to Rush, or the band is paying for it themselves - because we
consumers sure the heck aren't!  Is there any other musical artist that has
included FREE artwork software with a release?  Rush is simply elite.

Oh, and the tunes kick butt too! Although I caught myself thinking, at the
start of 2112, "Hmmm, that sounds kinda like Overture..." =:^o

Tom Mueller
Milwaukee, WI

"At all times, he has the look of a man hit by a fish."
  Crow T. Robot, 'The Puma Man'


From: (Jonathan A Gilsdorf)
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 1998 12:43:38 -0800
Subject: "That's OK Alex, shake it off!"

Hey everybody...
	While listening to "Driven" on the live CD, at about 1:56 of  you
can hear someone in the background say, "That's OK Alex, shake it off!" 
I wonder what that was all about?
	Exiting Stage Left,


Date: Sat, 14 Nov 1998 14:18:57 EST
Subject: Pictures of Neil

Alan N. said:

>Now as to Neil in the second story window.
>I'm sorry, but I don't see it!  This guy looks more like the lead
>singer for Jackyl than Neil!  He's got long hair ( brownish looking from
>blown up B/W scan, and NO mustache ).
>When has Neil had NO mustache?

WITHOUT a mustache??  Hmm!  With the exception of CP, how about the band
pictures in every album since Permanent Waves (at the least; I stopped looking
further back), and the ESL, P/G, and ASOH videos.

Is that enough?


From: "Tom Palisi" 
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 1998 14:21:45 -0500
Subject: Actually the best I own

I haven't written to TNMS in years.  I had to today after having =
listened to "Different Stages" inumerable times already.  So many of you =
have already done it, but I must, too:  Thank you Geddy, Alex and Neil!  =
I honestly can say this is the best CD/album I have ever heard.  =
Sonically it is superior.  I also love the raw, live energy they were =
able to capture.  Unbelievable.

One thing in particular that brought me back to Holmdel, NJ -- Freewill. =
 I was fortunate enough to have 3rd row seats in front of Geddy.  Near =
the end of the song, Geddy is jamming like there's no tomorrow.  At the =
time, I thought, "He is truly incredible."  Well, listening to it again =
on DS brought back every emotion I felt during that song.  I can't get =
over how they captured their live performance.

Thanks guys!


Date: Sat, 14 Nov 1998 15:25:09 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Searching for quintessential Rush songs: an exercise in brutal honesty

While reading the interview excerpt of Ged in a recent TNMS issue, the
question--which songs qualify as Rush's best?--came to mind.  In the past I
have learned to Resist, the "Don't Go There" light blinked in my brain,
heresy anxiety caused other thoughts to distract this initial temptation.
But now, I decided to take the plunge. Conclusions drawn have not changed
which are remain my favorites.  

To me, the best Rush songs are those that combine strong songwriting and
strong performance on equal ground.  There are Rush songs that favor
songwriting to the music in which the band's performance complements the
words or serves as a soundtrack to what Geddy sings.  A few are Countdown,
Entre Nous, Time Stand Still, AfterImage, Carve Away The Stone and Manhattan
Project.  When hearing these songs, what comes to mind first--the lyrics or
the music?  The lyrics.  The reverse also occurs in some Rush songs.  Lyrics
have been overshadowed by performance.  A perfect example is their first
album and Tom Sawyer.  For the best Rush songs, it's hard to make up my mind
what stands out more, lyrics or performance.  

The first album was more of a performance album considering the quality of
the lyrics were below par to all their other albums.  

Fly By Night gave two lyric-dominating songs Rivendell and Making Memories
and two songs that had good marriages between words and music, In the End
and especially By-Tor & the Snow Dog.  My vote's for By-Tor as one of their
best songs because of the songwriting elements: a protagonist, an
antagonist, more tension than plot, and resolution.  Putting metaphors to
the side, it is not something we can say, yes I can relate directly to this
(unless you have two dogs that don't get along).    

For Caress of Steel, I considered Bastille Day to be a good marriage but the
lyrics are not as thought-provoking or as engaging as The Necromancer.  But
even with the Necromancer, the performance seems more supportive than part
of a quality hybrid with the lyrics compared to the next album.  Lakeside
Park is more for the words too.  

2112 stands also as one of their best songs because the quality of the
lyrics matches the quality of the music.  The storyline transcends By-Tor
because it involves people in difficult circumstances.  It's also in
first-person which brings the listener closer.  It is something we can
relate to, man vs. institution.

Xanadu has engaging lyrics but seems to fall short compared to the music
with all of Neil's toys and the double neck guitars.  There's a musical
harmony that may have been composed to support the lyrics but instead dwarf
them as a mere structure that the music encompasses (i.e., are you more awed
by the words or Alex with his double-neck, Neil banging his tubular bells
and Geddy wowing the keyboards?).  Under my scrutiny, Closer to the Heart
stands alone as the only Rush song that crossed the bridge from a
lyrics-dominated song to a performance one as demonstrated on recent tours.
Cygnus X-1 is a toughy but lyrics seem to transcend this song into something
the music could not match due to limitations of technology in 1977.

Hemispheres also has such a strong storyline that it seems to take center
stage throughout Side 1 except for Alex's solos, the Prelude and the return
of Cygnus. Using a numerical ratio, this would be about 65% dominance in
lyrics to 35% music.  Where Hemispheres misses across the span of the side
of the record, The Trees hits the mark as one of their best because of the
storyline that's rich in metaphor, enough to keep a discussion about this
song going for a number of NMS issues.  It also succeeds in showcasing each
of them as accomplished musicians in a much shorter duration of time than

Permanent Waves continues in the vein of Trees with Spirit of Radio, Free
Will and Natural Science.  Entre Nous and Diff'rent Strings are more
lyric-dominated and Jacob's Ladder the opposite.  

Moving Pictures also produced a few of the best Rush songs to be recorded
with Limelight, Red Barchetta and The Camera Eye.  

After Moving Pictures, the advent of technology in music steered the band
away from reaching this zenith (or perhaps this was not what the band was
searching for in songs).  While the songwriting continued to improve,
weaving wider and wider tapestries, the music--caught in its keyboard
phase--soundtracked the words (Marathon, Subdivisions, Red Sector A,
Mission) and still took a few albums to catch up.  The only song that
brought performance and lyrical content together since 1981 has been Animate
due to the punch style of the wording and performance.  

Some songs came close since Presto but compared to songs I already marked as
their best, they don't stand a Ghost of a Chance to:

By-Tor and the Snow Dog
The Trees
Spirit of Radio
Natural Science
Red Barchetta
The Camera Eye

To qualify these songs, only their lyrics set them apart from one another.
2112 is unique because of its strong storyline and because it involves
people compared to The Trees, By-Tor and Red Barchetta (trees, dogs and cars).  
Limelight is also as unique as 2112.  These are the only lyrics about being
musicians.  While other songs (Time Stand Still, Resist) can be about Neil
or the band or all of us, Limelight portrays them as what's it like being on
stage, a more sophisticated view than "Life's Been Good To Me So Far" by Joe

For the remaining songs, The Spirit of Radio and Natural Science and The
Camera Eye are about radio, how society treats Nature, and observing people
in cities. None of these capture the power of "Yes, I can relate to this" as
directly as Free Will, one of their most powerful songs recorded musically
and lyrically. A close second is Animate for its content.

So in a nutshell, 
                Story Songs     The Band        Unique          Others (Tie)
                2112            Limelight       Free Will       Spirit
                The Trees                       Animate         N.S.
                By-Tor                                          Camera Eye
                Red Barchetta



From: "Edward R. Brogden" 
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 1998 16:23:46 -0500
Subject: ALERT ALERT Non-DS Post :-) Geddy henpecked?'s disclaimer cracked me up - Fortunately, my wife
likes Rush NOW, and FORCES me to continue buying tix for Rush shows, but
there was a time .....  I have adopted Rumpole of the Baileys "She Who
Must Be Obeyed" as her official title for those of you that ever watched
that wonderful BBC series ...... of course, I am King of my castle and I
do as I wish ...... hey, she told me to say that! ..... my home life is
a constant re-enactment of the Princess Bride, you hear "As You Wish"
said all day long ..... leads me to speculation on how our boys are at
home ......

I have this image of Geddy trying to watch a Jays game, and suddenly he
hears from the other room "get out here and fix this stupid garbage
disposal, it broke down again". Or, maybe Alex is on the phone with
Sarah McLachlan working out new songs for Victor II, or maybe talking to
Atlantic getting a report on the successful release of DS, and gets a
"Did you pick up the milk like I asked you?" I somehow imagine they are
probably like me, and just say yes dear.

A man has to know his limitations.

I don't know. It made ME laugh.


As if to prove my point -  as I am typing this, my wife literally lapped
a post-it on my shirt with a list of stuff to buy at Home Depot, for the
painting I have to do this afternoon. I really don't believe this
>........... this really just happned. Oh well, guess I run DS in the car

But of course, the next thought this line led me to was too sad to
ponder - Neil, my heart STILL goes out to you -

Please, any good playwrights who want to take a shot at this ........

ed brogden


From: "George D. McCallion" 
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 1998 20:32:40 -0500
Subject: ClusterWorks

I think the software included is a nice compliment to the 3-CD Set.
Rush made a wise choice.

The Japanese web site for ClusterWorks is pretty nifty, too. I urge
others to check there as well.


George D. 'Merlin' McCallion, Research Chemist
Division of Metabolism
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Post Office Box 143
Bala-Cynwyd, PA 19004-0143

Office: 1.215.590.6894
Fax: 1.215.590.3364


From: (Brian Shaffner)
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 1998 18:04:21 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Wot ze say?

Hi all, 

Anyone else out there afflicted with the same problems I have?  Can't
get the DS cds out of the player and can't turn down the volume while

IMHO, I think one of the greatest highlights of the whole set is the
final song on cd #3.  What a smokin' version of Cindarella Man!   (Not
one of my favorite songs previously)  Just one question...  Can anybody
make out what Geddy says just before the solo section?  



From: David Panian 
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 1998 17:15:55 -0500
Subject: Yet another Different Stages review

Now that there's something new to talk about, I'm coming out of the shadows
to give my take on DS.

One word cannot describe it. No way. Oh, sure, "wow," "amazing,"
"excellent," "awesome," and "stupendous" come to mind, but that's not
enough. This album is too good for words to describe. It's best described
by how engrossed you get in the music, whether it's air-drumming/guitaring
or lip-synching or just zoning out so that people have to shake you to get
your attention when you have your headphones on at work. That's the sign of
a truly top-notch album.

I'll get my gripes out of the way first, because they have nothing to do
with the music. I don't like that the third CD is lose. I'm thinking of
just putting it in its own jewel case. I'm also afraid the paper won't hold
up. I like to take CDs with me to lots of places, and I just see the edges
getting worn and that'll make it look kinda shoddy. I could get a CD
carrying case, but I like to have the booklets with me, too. Sometimes I
just have to look at Hugh Syme's artwork and re-read the lyrics.

Then again, this kind of packaging allows for a few more pictures. I love
the way Hugh worked in all the Tinkertoy stuff. I haven't gotten into any
of the symbolism, but I like to read what other people come up with.

One writer asked when Neil has ever not had a moustache, and I say, off the
top of my head, Roll the Bones and Presto.

As for the music, during Geddy's solo in Driven, I think the fan shouts to
Alex, "That's okay, Alex! Shake it off!" I'm guessing Alex was probably
making some face like he was upset that Geddy was grabbing the, um,
limelight. Alex goofs around during shows like that. I really want to get
seats on his side of the stage whenever they tour next. I could've gotten a
close seat on his side for the t4e stop at Pine Knob, but I decided it was
a little too expensive and I had already seen them at The Palace, and they
didn't change the setlist enough for me to go again. I'm kinda wishing I
had gone because no one's sure if they'll tour again, though I'm thinking
they will, especially if Rob Miceli's source is correct.

Well, okay, no music stuff just yet. A couple more artwork notes. I love
the picture of Neil and Peter Criss! A friend and I did the Kiss make-up
thing for Halloween for taking his kids trick-or-treating, and I was Peter,
so that was a nice surprise seeing that picture. My friend was Ace. That's
the same friend who introduced me to Rush, by the way. Maybe next year I'll
go as Alex. Right now I could do his hair length from t4e/Victor, but with
more of the Counterparts body.

I also think this album is *not* brought to us by the word "the." It's been
pointed out that the second track on Disc Two is Analog Kid instead of the
way it is on Signals as The Analog Kid. But they also called the venue that
recording came from as Palace Auburn Hills. It's actually The Palace of
Auburn Hills. Sure, we know where it is and all, but it's not like they ran
out of room. But, since I was there and my voice is on the track somewhere,
I can live with it.

I also love the picture on the sleeve for the third disc. That is too damn
funny, especially Geddy scalping tickets and Alex being dragged off in the
straightjacket. I had to look for Neil, but I found him up in the windows
of the second-floor lobby (if the Odeon is that kind of venue, and it looks
like it is).

As for the sound, you can kinda tell the difference between the outdoor
venues and the indoor arenas. The crowd is more distant in the arenas,
kinda like one big mass of sound, while the outdoor places, especially
Chicago, you can hear individuals, which is cool. It almost makes it sound
like you're on stage, hearing what the guys are hearing.

It's also cool that they did the stereo so Geddy is to the crowd's right
and Alex is on the left, like they really are live. That's a very nice
touch by Geddy and Paul.

One thing I love about this album is how you can hear just how good all
three of them are at their instruments. Especially Geddy. On the studio
albums, I always have to listen four or five times before I start hearing
all the stuff Geddy is doing, but with this one, you can hear him just
kicking it on the bass.

I like that they added Geddy's intermission thing about going to get some
brain surgery. I remember that from the t4e show at The Palace.

I also love the jam at the end of Closer to the Heart. When I saw the song
was going to be included, I was kind a bummed, but I love this version. I
also got to thinking that even if they had used a cut from the CP tour that
that would have been fine, too, especially if they had Alex giving the
locale-specific introductions for the band (at the show I saw, I think he
introduced Geddy as Ted Nugent, Neil as Sparky Anderson and he was Lee
Iacocca) and he also changed the line from "Closer to the heart" to "Closer
to your house/A monster in your house/A closet in your house." Alex is so
damn weird, but in an extremely amusing way.

One thing I was hoping for with the track list was maybe a couple more
songs from the Presto-t4e era, like Ghost of a Chance and/or Virtuality,
but listening to the first two discs is like being at a real Rush concert,
complete with the old standards. Tom Sawyer really does rock on this album.
I like that you can hear the cute, animated young lady from the video intro
doing the counts into the song. Spirit of Radio is excellent, too, though,
being a Michigander and a Detroit sports fan, I'm a little irked that Geddy
had to mention Chicago, but I'll let it go. And Geddy's intro into Resist
with the Scottish brogue is cool, too. Alex's sound is a little updated,
too, showing the influence of his work in Victor and t4e on older solos.

Man, what a great album.

I'm also very impressed with the clarity of the Hammersmith show. Did Terry
Brown do a great job recording that, or what? I'm going to have to listen
for Geddy's sneeze in A Farewell to Kings. Hearing Cygnus X-1 live is a
treat, too, and the trio of Working Man, Fly By Night and In the Mood is
excellent, and the edit of the drum solo is very nicely done, too. You can
tell there was a solo starting, but only if you know what to listen for.
The first time I listened to it, I didn't notice it, but the second time, I
thought it sounded like Neil was getting into a solo. I don't miss it,
though, because the Rhythm Method-1997 is one great solo.

Well, I can see I'm taking up most of the NMS here, but I've said my share.
Sorry for taking up so much room, but since I haven't posted in quite some
time, I guess I just had a lot of stuff bottled up.

Thanks for letting me ramble.

Later, David


From: "david quigley" 
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 1998 19:47:35 PST
Subject: DS

Thanks to the 'three wise men' for the incredible gift!!!!!
The guitar is 'beefier' than I expected and it just plain ROCKS.
I've been a fan since MP and think the whole thing is just 'Beautiful'.  
And I am paricularly glad to hear Cygnus X-1, when Alex 
kicks in, the sound is monstrous!!! Can't get enough of DS for now,
thanks Ged, you did a great job. (;-0).

'what you love is your own power, what you live is your own story...'

 DQ in Seattle


From: David Benkert/Seton Technologies
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 1998 22:26:29 -0600
Subject: Chicago Concert

First time post - thought it was a cute story.  I have seen Rush on every 
tour since Moving Pictures and my dad (who is now 66) has been asking me to 
get tickets for him the last few tours, but always after I had already 
gotten mine and asked my brother or whatever.

Well, I finally got tickets for the two of us to go see Rush and luck would 
have it that it was the Chicago show that represents a majority of the the 
new DS cd.  I bought him the CD and he was psyched.  He has been listening 
to it all week.

Just thought I would share - I thought it was cool anyway.  I guess there 
is definately no age limit to a Rush fan :-)


From: "Matt Calder" 
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 1998 23:58:12 -0500
Subject: Possible answer to the "Shake it off..." question....

Hello all-

First of all, let me say that I've been a subscriber to TNMS for about 2 =
1/2 years, since a few months before TFE. Now, I may have an answer to =
the "It's ok, Alex, shake it off...." question. Maybe I'm nuts, but this =
might be it.

If my memory serves me correctly, a subscriber commented in a posting =
that something was thrown onstage at one of the shows, hitting Alex, and =
that Alex was professional and gracious despite that. What the person =
said was thrown, I don't recall. A beer can or something? Could it be =
that this happened at that show, and this may be what's going on there? =
Does anyone else recall reading that in a TNMS issue back then? Please =
let me know. Send comments to  please. So long for =

Matt C.


From: Joe Lynch 
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 1998 23:15:07 -0800
Subject: rush songs on headphones

>what are the best Rush tunes thru headphones?

Moving Pictures, especially the gold disc. Pick a song, any song. Also
great for checking out stereo equipment.

During stormy weather, nothing beats Jacobs Ladder at high volume. It
works better cranked up so the receiver lights flicker at peaks, but my
apartment manager didn't agree, so headphones had to do. I agree with
Natural Science, too.


From: Drew Eckhardt 
Date: Sun, 15 Nov 1998 04:47:45 -0700
Subject: Re: DS: Sound & Packaging writes:
>I listened to DS at work on tuesday. I think it sounds awesome! Just one
>thing...I don't know if it is my crappy work headphones or not but it
>seemed that the guitar was coming mainly from the left channel and the bass
>from the right. But I could hear the drums in boths ears. Did anyone else
>notice this or do I need to make an ear appointment?

In concert, Alex is on the left, Neil the middle, and Geddy on the 
right.  According to Geddy, this is intentional.  You'll also notice 
that the drums are in back, vocals up front, and crowd all arround.


From: "David Ayers" 
Date: Sun, 15 Nov 1998 10:14:45 -0500
Subject: Stung by Sting comments

Just want to drop in my $.50 worth (inflation, you know) on the Sting =
thing.  #1: I disagreewith you on your evaluation to Sting's work.  I =
would gladly listen to "The Soul Cages" rather than any Police album =
except maybe "Ghost In The Machine."  TSC is a darkly brilliant and =
personal piece of work that displays the breadth of Sting's skills as a =
writer.  "Ten Summoners Tales" is nearly as good, but not quite as =
impressive, but still on par with nearly anything the police recorded.  =
I wish I enjoyed his early solo work as much.
As for DS, smack me if you will, but I have not yet purchased it (Hey!  =
Best Buy is a hour away from me and I just haven't had the opportunity =
to go yet, but I will) However, I am very enthused by the responses I =
have read and I look forward to a wonderful listen.



From: "Alex Vowles" 
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 1998 18:20:26 -0800

Yes, that's right. I've been off work for two days and spent the entire
weekend in bed/on the couch with a bad cold, maybe some kind of evil virus
and had an infection in the left ear. It was gross. I've been a fan since I
was 17 (MP), and have bought every album on release day since HYF. While my
illness prevented me from working, it could not prevent me from buying DS.

So on the evening of Tuesday, November 10, I staggered off and caught a
SkyTrain to Metrotown. I have only one chain that I prefer to buy CDs from
but I like to price check being the poor student I am. 

I go into a place called Future Shop. I walk around for a few minutes and I
can't see anything about a new live RUSH CD. I figure I must be delirious
from the antibiotics and the painkillers so I ask an attendant who wears a
tag, proclaiming that she is a "music expert",  where I can find the new
RUSH CD. She looked straight into my Tylenol 3 w/Codeine eyes and told me,
"There is no new Rush CD." I incoherently said something to the effect,
"Yesh, theresh a new shedee, I mush have it. Must have new RUSH CD." At
this point I became very faint and almost passed out; I had to clutch onto
a shelf to prevent myself from falling over. She takes me to the section
marked "R". I must admit they did have most of RUSH's albums. I looked at
her and said, "I have all of these on LP (up to and including "Hold Your
Fire") and CD, I want the new one called "Different Stages". The music
"expert" had heard of no such thing and I think she was pretty glad to see
the "drunk" or "stoned" guy with snot dribbling out of his nose and a wad
of cotton in his ear leave the store. I was not exactly a good ambassador
for the band or the fans, was I? Later she took a coffee break with her
store friends from "The Gap" and most likely spoke of the lunatic who was
looking for a "new" RUSH CD. "God, these RUSH people are insane," she
probably said, "Why can't they be normal like us, cinch their belts and
like get into dance music?" Most likey she had no idea of what an LP is.
"It's that black plastic thing that your parents put on a record player."

The next five minutes walking to A&B Sound in the crisp, clean autumn air
cleared my groggy, Tylenol 3 w/codeine head. I walked into the store and
guess what, "Different Stages" was one of the feature albums (no wonder
this place is my place to shop, sorry rsh-mgr). It was the featured pick of
a store manager who calls himself "Metal Ron" or "Metal Frank" or "Metal
Bob". Can't remember the name but what I do remember is the word metal. I
am so tired of trying to explain to people that you cannot categorize RUSH.
I was in no mood to get into semantics with "Metal Whoever" (the guy
would've thought I was a crack addict or something and I would have been
thrown out of the store, clutching my brand new "Different Stages" CD
collection, no doubt). 

I bought it and paid $17.99 CDN. With tax it came to $20.51 CDN. In
American funds that works out to $13.29. My favorite neighbors south of the
49th parallel can come here, buy DS and reclaim the 7% federal sales tax,
bringing the cost of "Different Stages" to $12.48 U.S. 

In issue #2132 From: "PAUL SMITH"  wrote:

>I think I read in the NMS a couple of copies ago that DS is going to
retail in the UK at UKú24.99.  Is this >right, because if so, then you can
change 'thank you to the fans' to 'fleece the fucking halfwits'.  That
>works out somewhere over US$40 I reckon.  Can anyone confirm/deny?

I e-mailed my cuz in London but no response so far so I don't know . I'm
two or three issues of the digest behind, so I am not aware if anyone has
responded. 24 pounds is steep. By now, you've forked over the cash and are
enjoying DS as much as I am. RUSH/Anthem are not fleecing the "fucking
halfwits" in the U.K. The Brits are too smart to have the wool pulled over
their eyes. As memory serves correctly only Hitler was able to do that and
your ancestors caught onto that little charade. Everyone is fleecing the
Brits, including the Brits! One pound fifty for a coffee? 55 to 60 p for a
litre of petrol? Get outta town! Why are you paying that much for petrol
when today (prices fluctuate here) I'm paying 15p a litre?

At $17.99 CDN plus tax = $20.51 means "Different Stages" is 7 quid and 95

Enough currency conversion! I had the album cranked last night (ear is all
better) and it is *awesome*. It is the BEST. ASOH was great but DS blows
all live recordings out of the concert hall. DS will set the standard for
live recordings in the future. This will become the standard for other
musicians/bands but lest we forget who, like in so many other instances,
set the standard.

 "JR: So, Alex, you pretty much just sat back on your ass the whole time
and let Geddy and Paul do everything. Is that true?" 

Lighten up people. I don't know the inflection in her voice but she was
probably tryng to be funny and the Leif man has a good sense of humor. If I
were a woman I would be attracted to his butt and I would jokingly put
emphasis on the word ass in an interview :-)

This post was too long, sorry. Haven't posted since late 1994 so maybe I'm
entitled, or perhaps not.

Alex Vowles


Date: Sun, 15 Nov 1998 10:57:40 EST
Subject: Victor sequel and enhanced CD

It was nice to see that Alex was following up with a new solo album for '99.
I was even more interested to see that Sarah McLachlan will be on it.  Now
maybe Mr. Lifeson can find his way into VH-1's rotation.

The enhanced CD is cool.  PC users, please note that after it is installed,
you can then selected it as a screen saver.  Turn off mouse control for way to
get it off when you get back to "work."

As far as the couple of flames I received calling Bravado and average song
prior to the live version.  When you look at the complete Rush song bank, do
you put Bravado into the same category of TSOR, CTTH, 2112, LVS, TheT, X, BM,
DEW, SubD, Fw, WM, BTatSD, LimeL, YYZ and oh yeah, TS?  <--don't flame me, I'm
sure I missed a couple...
It's an average song compared to other RUSH songs!  But then again EVERY rush
song is above average than anything else.  Ok, I see your point. :)


Date: Sun, 15 Nov 1998 11:07:40 EST
Subject: DS Packaging and Clusterworks :)

I just wanted to make a comment about the packaging.   I think it's just like
a miniature record album from the old days.  Remember the spectacular pieces
of work you used to be able to open up and enjoy?    I thought as I was
opening it up that it was just like a tiny album.

And the Clusterworks program.  How cool.  I've played it and you've got to
check it out.  If you don't have access to a computer that can run
Clusterworks, at least ask a friend to borrow theirs. I've disovered some
pretty cool things about it. I ran the program and was like okay -- this is
cool. Is there an ending to it? So I went to exit and couldn't and thought I'd
have to reboot and was swinging my mouse around like crazy and then discovered
a tool bar at the bottom of the screen. It allows you to adjust the effects.
The program also allows you to be interactive with it. Just move your mouse
around and check it out. I love this! Thank you so very much Rush! What a cool
program. The background music sounds as if Geddy could have had some input.
Anyone know if he did? 


From: Dan McConnell 
Date: Sun, 15 Nov 1998 12:40:20 -0500 (EST)
Subject: DS replies/Hisashi Hoda mistake

> What's Neil doing up there on the seond floor?  Is he holding something?  He
> might be giving us the finger?!?! 

it looks like he is just holding on to one of the vertical bars and
possibly grinning.  But my question is, is that Neil?  I thought maybe it
was Alex and it is Neil being hauled away in a straightjacket.
can't tell - both have short hair and clean shaven.  but its more in line
with Alex's personality, it seems, to be the one being hauled off.

> What's the device on the left of the collage (with a wire hanging off)?

Thats a Morley pedal  - but I'm not sure for which effect?  the pedal is a
continuous control pedal, so it could be a volume pedal, sustain pedal, or
maybe vibrato.  i notice there are a few buttons on it, too.  Morley makes
good distortion pedals, but I don't know how or why a distortion would
have continuous adjustment controls.  (could be a wah wah too, like the
old cry baby wah)
> I love the album, but am, too, disappointed by the packaging.  This is the
> first paper case I've ever owned, and it's really annoying.  The CDs will be
> scratched to hell.  The other thing is that in the first copy of the CD I

its not the best packaging I've seen, but typical of paper case sleeves.
I don't think the discs will scratch if you're careful.  I have several
discs in similar sleeves and all are in perfect shape.
However, I am bothered by the loose Hammersmith Odeon - I've dropped it a
half a dozen times already.  It just slides out of the bottom of the case.

I would have liked to have seen a few "new" pics in the packaging.  Alot
of the old pics are already published in Visions, but, hey, why
complain about something that trivial?  the music rocks and thats more

About the Clusterworks program - pretty cool inclusion, but it seems that
Hisashi Hoda is mistaken about one thing:  He states that there are 2
kinds of perception, one based on movement and the other on static images.
Well, the scientific fact of the matter is there is no such thing as the
perception of static images or of static perception.  All perception,
visual or otherwise, is based on movement.  Without movement, there is no
perception.  Of course, this doesn't take away from his artistic
accomplishments with the Clusterworks program, but the scientist in me
just had to speak up.

> >   Let's print some negative reviews!!!  I am certain they're being sent
> >to you, but your so biased you afraid to upset someone.  What ever
> >happened to free speech?

you seem to be strangely prejudiced that there are a whole bunch of
intimidated fans who hate DS but are afraid to speak their mind?  why do
you think this?  DS is the best live album I have ever heard.  it contains
3 cd's worth of most of the best of Rush's music, and it wasn't tinkered
with much in post-production so its a good record of what the Rush
concert is like.  excuse me, but you're weird.

hey fun - its been months and months since I last posted- just
realized that. 


From: "Chris Palo" 
Date: Sun, 15 Nov 1998 10:16:14 PST
Subject: Tinker toy representations

Friends, Rushians, Coutnrymen, lend me your money! (i need it)

Someone mentioned that they were looking for how many tinker toys they 
could find.  I have found around 18 individual ones, so I guess that 
means six sets of three, though a couple were found individually.  I.e. 
the picture on the liner notes shows the back of a man's jacket with 
only one of the three tinker toys visible.  Has anyone tired to find the 
significance of the number.  Numerology, especially anc ient, is a hobby 
of mine.  Is ther e supposed to be an exact number or  what?  I'll keep 
looking, but 18 is my count.

Also, regarding "neil" looking out the window.  I do believe it is him 
and I think that he is just grabbing the bar with his hand and the index 
finger is slightly protruded, falsely looking like he's either holding 
soemthing or saying       
"F&%# you" in his non-verbal way.

T hat's all for now.


P.S.  Anyone know of a boot where I can find "Witch Hunt" live?


Date: Sun, 15 Nov 1998 13:24:43 EST
Subject: shake THIS off buddy

Will the moron who felt it necessary to tell Alex to "Shake it off" during
Geddy's solo on "Driven" please stand up so we can all kick your ass? Thank
BTW, DS is easily the best of the four live albums RUSH has released, but then
again, is anyone surprised here? Just wish the third CD wasn't just shoved in
the packagaing like a unwanted stepchild, its MUCH too good!


From: "Drs. Samuel A. and Marta P. Scott" 
Date: Sun, 15 Nov 1998 12:34:07 -0600
Subject: ... Five Stars (and a stick-drop)!

I have been thoroughly enjoying all the input on DS, including
references to the nuances.

On that subject, am I the first to point out that Neil drops a stick at
1:39-40 of AFTK (he stops playing the hi-hat)?  He takes two seconds to
replace it. Nice recovery.

And the English fan periodically gawking "Professsaaa!!!!" during
Cygnus. :-)

Listening to Neil circa late 1978 is scary. Such a reminder of the god
he is behind the drums. The tightness of that recording raises my flesh.
The instrumental command is genuinely creepy. Even the fiercest of
critics have to listen to that and go, "Jesus."

As just one of many many examples, note the blazing, angular 2-second
fill at 3:33 of Anthem. What can you say but, "Jesus".

Does it get any better than this?

Virtualy any angle you would choose to take renders this CD a 4.5-5 star
masterpiece. If RS gives it 4, I'd be very happy - and not surprised at

Like the rest of NMS, I am just uniformly blown away by the whole thing.

This isn't just subjective partisanship - just look at the first
published reviews coming in. DS is by far the best live Rush collection.
I would say it ranks with the best rock-and-roll live releases of all

Sam Scott


From: rodney beeson 
Date: Sun, 15 Nov 1998 11:33:08 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Enhanced CD To Rushaholics

Carl asks: "I got the impression that the Clusterworks program is
supposed to be able to be used along with the cd.  All I can ever get
to work is the little
built in music and sounds.  Anyone know how to get it to play along to
Different Stages?  I'm puzzled, and I think a lot of us are."
I had the same problem - the first time I got it to work I got only
the built in soundtrack.  You have to start the CD player before the
Clusterworks program to get the CD music. To fix it, I started the CD
player (under start menu, go to programs, accessories, entertainment,
then CD player.)  That starts the CD.  If you do not have the
Clusterworks pop-up on your screen to start, go back to start, then to
programs, where Clusterworks should have it's own icon if it is
installed.  I hope this works for you!

Mary Jo Plews

From: rodney beeson 
Date: Sun, 15 Nov 1998 12:40:49 -0800 (PST)
Subject: 3 turtles

I posted this question on the NMS message board - no response to date.
 Maybe I'll be able to ask on the fancast - what is the significance
of the 3 turtles on the collage? 


Date: Sun, 15 Nov 1998 15:56:30 -0600 (CST)
Subject: My DS input

Well, I decided I'd better get into this mix, since two of my friends
have gotten into this.  My story is long, but i just feel driven to tell

I live in Wisconsin.  Somewhere in the first part of 1997, I was talking
to a friend of mine, who I met through the NMS, who lives in CT.  I was
talking about going out there to visit her.  I was thinking about visiting
sometime in late June-early July.  We had made up tentative plans, but
nothing final.

Then she found out that Rush would be playing at Great Woods the same week
I was talking about coming out.  Great Woods was about three hours from
where she lived.  If she could work out camping accomodations, would I
like to go to see Rush?  If not, she would go to a different one that was
a little closer to her a week later.

That decision took me about all of two seconds.  I had already gotten
tickets to the Milwaukee show, but of course I would not be adverse to
going to see them twice.  I was already slightly disappointed because I
would not be going to the Chicago show.  Two Rush shows within ten days,
one of them with a friend that I never thought I'd ever get to go see Rush
with, due to the distance.  She went and got tickets for us and her
brother, another huge Rush fan.

You can probably guess the rest of the story.  I loved the Milwaukee show,
and only 75% of it was because I was 20th row.  When Geddy said at the end
of the show that maybe they'd see us again sometime, I couldn't resist
yelling, "In ten more days!"  I just loved knowing that I wouldn't have
much longer to wait.

I now find myself kicking myself for not finding some way to get to the
Chicago show, which was a day after the Milwaukee show.  But I am
extremely happy to know that I did get to the Great Woods show.  At the
time, I couldn't say which show was better, Milwaukke or Great Woods.  My
view wasn't as good at Great Woods, but the show may have had just a bit
more intensity.

And now, thanks to this cd, i can relive that entire experience again
(when I am not kicking myself for not going to Chicago).  The three-hour
ride there, with the windows wide open and the music cranked, singing
Natural Sicence and parts of Dark Side of the Moon.  Wandering the Great
Woods parking lot, hearing Rush blaring out of dozens of cars.  The laid
back attitued everyone semed to have there, unlike the Milwaukee show,
which seemed less of a group atmosphere than just small groups of
individuals who just happened to be there for the same hting.  Watching
the passeres-by, looking to see how many NMS shirts we could spot.
Standing on the railing that divided the lawn seats, straining to get my
best view of Neil.  Noting that, near the end of 2112, the sun was setting
behind the crowd, opposite the stage, and not knowing which was more
magnificent, watching the band on stage with their lazer show, or watching
the bright red sunset with 2112 playing in the background.

This cd just brings back all those memories, not just of that day, but of
my entire trip.  I'd like to thank Rush (not like they're reading this or
anything) for including those songs from Great Woods.  I already had very
fond memories of that trip, but now they will forever be enhanced by the
opening notes of 2112.

(Now I take a deep breath, return to the real world, and hope that I
didn't embarass myself too badly.)

Oh, yeah, the rest of the recording is excellent.  I really like the third
disc, which has quite a few songs that I never had live versions of,
especially Cygnus X-1.  The quality was not as good, the drums weren't as
clear and crisp as I would've liked, but I'm not complaining, keeping in
mind the era in which it was recorded.


"All of life can be broken down into moments of transition or moments of
                          G'Kar of Babylon 5


From: Kevin Haines 
Date: Mon, 16 Nov 1998 09:44:51 +1030 (CST)
Subject: DS: The Rhythm Method

Finally managed to lay my hands on DS on Friday - had to wait for it to
be imported...try paying AUS$55 (US$34.10). But I've come to expect

I really like the progression of The Rhythm Method between each live
album - Neil really mixes it all up & even though there are lots of
the same elements, it's always interesting and fresh. Has anyone else
noticed that there are elements of "Momo's Dance Party" (the end
credit music from "A Work in Progress") in the DS version? Very cool.

| Kevin Haines                                ( |
everybody got to deviate from the norm - Neil Peart


From: "Craig G." 
Date: Sun, 15 Nov 1998 16:36:57 -0700
Subject: Totally unbiased [ahem] review of DS

Hello fellow Rush fanatics!

Well, I've gotta admit I don't post here very often anymore, but right
now I'm overly compelled. I'll also be the first to admit another live
album didn't have me very excited. That said, I just bought DS, and to
say I was totally blown away would be the understatement of the century.
So, kindly excuse my babbling for a minute...

The Test for Echo set is absolutely wonderful, with the complete 2112
being worth the full price of this package alone. The other song that
immediately caught my ear was The Analog Kid, Lifeson's lead on this gem
is beyond stupendous. But, being the extremely old and gray Rush head
that I am (I first saw the boys live in 1976), I couldn't listen to more
than 4 or 5 songs from the TFE sets before the temptation of throwing in
the Odeon disc set in...

This Odeon disc... well, I haven't been this happy since seeing the boys
from 4th row center during the TFE tour. An hour later, I still have
goose bumps on the back of my neck the size of fucking golf balls. THANK

Packaging? And you call yourself Rush fans? Get over it, get off you
ass, and go out and get DS. RIGHT NOW!

"... Put your message in a modem, and throw it in the cyber sea." -Neil


From: Brian Darr 
Date: Sun, 15 Nov 1998 20:23:07 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Is 2112 21:12 on DS?!

Hey Rushland!  I looked at my clock in my car when the DS version of 2112
began and ended, and noticed that it was about 21 minutes.  Can someone
with a more accurate way to time the lenght of the song find out if my
hunch is correct?  Wouldnt' t it be cool it the time was 21:12?!

Brian Darr----------------------------------E-Mail:
"The more we think we know about, the greater the unknown" (Neil Peart, 1985)


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