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         The National Midnight Star, Number 2143

                 Wednesday, 18 Nov 1998

Today's Topics:
                   Tardy on Hammersmith
       Clusterworks need the DS disk in the drive?
      DS packaging costs (a new take on the subject)
                 We're suffering - no DS!
                  different stages video
                  Geddy's taste in beer
                     Different Stages
                  RE: Turtles/Tortoises
                       Enhanced CD
                Closer to the Heart on DS
                      D/S dabblings
                  "Play it again, daddy"
                        Re: y || k
                No Meaning to Tinker Toys!
         DS Album Cover: response to Chris Murray
                      The Age Factor
                       Who's Momo?
                       tinker toys
           "alternative" to Clusterworks for pc
        Re: Different Stages - Prerecorded vocals?
                        yes I can
              Metallica pays tribute to Rush
                      Lerxst sound?
               Re: Fwd: ARTROCK FOR CHARITY
                 Vocal on The Analog Kid
      Quality Rush Songs (is there any other kind?)
                    Re: The NMS #2142
           Feeling like being really there - - 
                          y II k
      "Natural Permanent Stages, Different Science"

From: "Michael Jenkins" 
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 13:11:28 -0600
Subject: Tardy on Hammersmith

Am I the only one that thinks Geddy comes in rather late on most of the =
songs on the Hammersmith CD?  I mean, it sounds like he is concentrating =
more on the playing and less on the singing.  While I love the raw sound =
of it, the lateness of all the vocals makes it heck to sing along =
with+ACE-  Maybe this was something that he mastered later in his =
career?  Anybody agree with me here?  Anyway, other than that, this =
collection is lovely.  I'm not too much on live recordings, although ESL =
was one of my very first Rush albums.  Now, for the obligatory packaging =
content:  Yeah, the packaging is different.  But, I like it.  It almost =
appears to me that the 3rd disk was added without requiring a redesign =
of the packaging.  I solved the +ACI-fallout+ACI- problem with some =
cheap Velcro Dots from Wal-mart.

Thanks for the live stuff boys.  You never cease to amaze me.



Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 14:18:24 EST
Subject: Clusterworks need the DS disk in the drive?

I enjoyed the Clusterworks program, but have one problem: why do you have to
have the Rush disk in the drive to use it?  When I try to launch it w/o the
disk in, it says "this program will only work with one of the CDs from the
Rush "Different Stages" Anthology installed in you CD-ROM drive."  

This really blows?  Is there another way to install the software so the disk
isn't needed.  I'd like to use it as a screensaver but I sure as hell am not
going to take the disk out of my stereo!

"For best results play this album" - Fly By Night liner notes <-- Rush desktop wallpaper


Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 14:20:27 EST
Subject: DS packaging costs (a new take on the subject)

I know this has about been beaten to death, but I have a few comments on the
Different Stages packaging.  Although I am not in the music biz, I am in the
graphic arts biz.  The bottom line is that whatever is mass produced is
typically automated and therefore cheapest (i.e. plastic jewel cases), so I
don't think Rush payed less for the Different Stages pageing.  On the
contrary, it may have cost more as it is certainly less automated to produce
than a standard jewelcase printed brochure (I like to see a machine that can
insert a cd into the package as found in DS).

The Hammersmith disk may be loose because it may be a limited pressing, which
is easily accomplished package-wise through a simple change in the film of the
next printing of the cover.  In fact they may have already been printed.

Personally, I love the look and feel of the paper cases, similar to the album
covers of old (but they do get a little banged up).  I have a few paper cases,
Sting's "Soul Cages' and the first four U2 releases as well as "Actung Baby"
come to mind, and always thought of them as unique.  "Actung Baby" was first
released in paper and then in plastic, so if you hold out awhile, "Differnt
Stages" may eventually be in a plastic jewel case.

Van Halen's "Live Right Here Right Now" is 2cd's and came in a paper case with
four panels, and 2 jewel case style plastic panels glued to the paper where
you store the cd's.  The problem here is there can't be any graphics printed
where those CD's go, right?  

On the other side of the coin, I have a limited edition of Led Zeppelin's 2CD
set "Live at the BBC", which has a limited 3rd CD of various interviews.  The
3cd's are in two slimline plastic jewel cases inside a stiff paper box (like
the Car's Anthology set came in: the size of an old style 2cd jewel case).  It
would have been nice if "Different Stages" was in 2 paper cases contained
inside of a paper box, with a unique paper jewelbox just for the 3rd CD, but
I'll take it anyway it comes.  

Hanstones <--- Rush Desktop Themes


From: Gregor Prahl 
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 14:24:01 -0500
Subject: We're suffering - no DS!

It wasn't not a good thing for us Europeans to read the NMS for the last
week. Everybody is extremely excited about DS and how good it is, and in
Europe (at least in Germany) the release date has been postponed twice! So
we don't have it yet, we don't even know what it looks like exactly (of
course, no advertising or promos).
It is now scheduled for Nov. 23rd. Does anybody know why ? My record dealer
said that even you guys in the U.S. shouldn't have it yet, as DS isn't on
the U.S.-List of his distributors.

Well, I guess we'll have to wait and stand the suffering from reading the
NMS until it's our turn,


#no clever signature#


From: "Carl Fossum" 
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 11:27:00 PST
Subject: different stages video

does anyone know if it is confirmed that the different stages video is 
going to be dvd only?
if it is it would be a shame since there are many rush fans like me who 
cannot afford to buy a dvd playerand would be seroiusly dissapointed by 
a dvd fromat only video.

>.....speaking of videos... if anyone can help me get a copy of exit 
stage left on vhs-i would be much obliged-send me e- mail and we can 
discuss details...thanks   mrhys1

"...and if love remains though everything is lost we will pay the price 
but we will not count the costs"


From: "David M. Campbell" 
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 14:28:23 -0500
Subject: Geddy's taste in beer

In Working Man, Ged was probably saying "ice cold beer."  After all, it was
a Canadian company (Molson, I believe) that created the ice-brewing process,
which results in a lager with almost no flavor at all (if you ask me...).

Personally, I think Ged should have said "nice warm ale," but I don't think
a "Working Man" would want anything fancy...just cold and alcoholic.  I
would have said a "Victory IPA" or maybe a "Dog Fish Head."



From: William MacDonald 
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 14:31:20 -0500
Subject: Different Stages

Hello all...

Am I the first one to recognize that the "RUSH" font on the cover of
"Different Stages" (and on all three discs) is EXACTLY the same as that on
the cover/CD of "Moving Pictures"?

By the way, "Different Stages" kicks serious @$$...



From: Max MacPherson 
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 15:21:11 -0500 (EST)

With a special thanks to who e-mailed me this solution,
change the color settings on your computer to 16 Bit, which is high color.
I'm not sure why this works, because the requirements say 256 colors, which
is what my computer was originally set at.

Enjoy the show!



From: Dan Bruss 
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 15:05:24 -0600
Subject: RE: Turtles/Tortoises

>From: Cary Hall 
>Date: 	Mon, 16 Nov 1998 02:16:30 -0500
>Subject: The three tortoises...
>Anyone else catch that in the memorabilia collage?  The three tortoises
>representing the boys' nice steady pace in making it this far, as
>opposed to the hare attitude of most bands?
> -
>Cary Hall
>ICQ# 6956498

Well, if symbolism is a must, then that might make a pretty good theory.
On a more superficial level though, maybe those are just plain old garden
variety Galapogosian tortoises!


"The point of a journey
  is not to arrive."  - Neil Peart


Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 14:07:30 +0000
Subject: Enhanced CD

Hey there, hi there, ho there!

I had problems with the enhanced CD, but then I found the web site 
for the company who made the enhanced portion of DS.  They have a 
great tech support page

Good luck!!

"Don't ask me...I'm just improvising..."


Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 14:07:30 +0000
Subject: Closer to the Heart on DS

Hey there, hi there, ho there!

I don't know why people are complaining about Closer to the Heart 
being on DS.  I know it was on the last two live albums, but you've 
gotta admit that the version on DS is much "livelier" than on the 
other two albums.  They really rock out on this version.  The only 
thing that was missing is Alex introducing Neil as Karen Carpenter...

"Don't ask me...I'm just improvising..."


From: (Paul J Ferrara)
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 16:11:15 -0500
Subject: D/S dabblings

WOW!! Isnt this the greatest Rush CD  Released this year?? :)

i dont know if anyone noticed, but if you look closely in the sleeve of
the hammersmith disc, you can find all the band members:

Geddy (frontmost left) appears to be scalping tickets or something

Neil ( in the window to the right of the sign) looks out the window

Alex (Right) getting hauled away in a straitjaket

i suppose how i could go on to the present trail on how this relevates to
neil's loss or something.. btw it was stated that the tinkertoys have no
meaning.. kida like the trees but that didnt stop a huge debate anyhoo..

and the fancast was ok.. the realvideo was verry choppy and the audio
incomprehensible at times.. i would have liked to see more questions
awnered and only one question per person.. no multiple question crap

oh well.. at least we got to see em! :)

Mr. Paul J. Ferrara -- Toms River, NJ
 E-Mail-   AOL/AIM- EchomanX1  ICQ- 12436578
"Si Hoc Legere Scis Nimium Eruditionis Habes"


From: Alan Edwards 
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 14:32:41 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Clusterworks

B.J. writes:
| It's a cool little program that combines 3-D pointillism with musical
| tinklings.  I was thrilled with it.  Unfortunately, your required to have
| the one of the Rush live CD's in the drive to make it run.

I was able to use Apple's Disk Copy to make a disk image, mount that image
and, voila!  No need to keep DS in your drive.  Yeah, it's pretty trippy.

| It also is
| supposed to accompany the live album as it go through various chord
| progressions.  It's kind of like a personal laser light show to go with the
| greatest live album Rush has ever put out!

If you mount a disk image instead, you should be able to use any CD
to trigger the effects.

 Alan in Fremont, CA


From: "David Lombardo" 
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 17:02:11 -0600
Subject: "Play it again, daddy"

How a RUSH release can pull a willing listener into their
world...all i can say is DS pulled me in!  As i was
listening to disc 1 in depth, especially 2112, it reminded
me of earlier experiences (2112, MP, SiG, PW) when i was
mesmerized at what i was listening to for the first time.  I
listened to disc 2 the next day & got to the Rhythm Method.
It was a Saturday morning and my 7 year old daughter was
drawing with crayons in the room with me (Sat. a.m. cartoons
aren't what they used to be).  as soon as RM was finished,
she said "Play that again, Daddy...i like that!".  i
willingly obliged, & she told me that she really liked "that
part...that's my favorite" (the vibra-phone sounding part).
this remind anyone of the lyrics to Chained Lightning? - - -
reflected in another pair of (ears).

when i opened the cd and read the dedication, i got choked
up too.  very appropriate for this release.

for those of you counting the Tinker-Toys:  are you
including the ones on the actual cd's themselves?  funny how
red, yellow & blue are also Superman's colors (yep, i'm the
Supes nut...Camera Eye, anyone?)

last but not least, a fun tid-bit.  on two of the
Tinker-Toys (it's clearest on the actual front of the whole
package), the side holes (especially on the yellow & blue
ones) look like hearts, cuz of the angle they are at.  not
insinuating anything, just an interesting observation to

happy DS listening to all,
david ;-)


From: Andrew James Embler 
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 15:04:56 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Re: y || k

> I think the kids shirt says fIIk not yIIk. fIIk means Farewell To (II is
> roman numerals for two) Kings. Get it now. What would the yIIk mean
> anyway.

Perhaps he's fortelling of the year 2000 (y2k :-) ) computer problem?



Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 15:04:46 -0800 (PST)
Subject: No Meaning to Tinker Toys!

Wasn't there an authoritative statement here recently by
the rush-mgr that there is no hidden meaning to the tinker
toys thingie?  Maybe this should be a FAQ...


Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 16:11:33 -0700
Subject: DS Album Cover: response to Chris Murray

>First, the Tinker Toy design on the front obviously
represents the band members. It's interesting to see that
one of the round toys is separate
>and above the other two.  I'm guessing that this was no
mistake and it
>serves to represent Neil who is often aloof from Geddy and
Alex.  Neil is
>the yellow toy, Alex and Geddy are the red and blue toys. 
(or maybe
>arranging the toys this way made for better placement for
artistic value).

An emphatic no.  I recall reading in a previous NMS a while
ago that 
Hugh Syme has admitted himself that there is absolutely no
meaning in the
tinkertoy design
Totally disagree.  Go back and look at every album cover. 
To say that there is absolutely no meaning in this particular
cover is to assume that there has been absolutely no
meaning in any cover.  What about the three satellite dishes
on the cover of test for echo?  What do they represent?  I
admit that I don't know, but I still believe that a great deal of
thought was put into this album cover and I also believe that
with the cover of Different Stages, the artist is continuing his
theme of depicting the trio. 



From: "Reid, Bruce" 
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 18:38:34 -0500
Subject: Hearts?!?!?!

Jose Ramos  Wrote:

>One question I have, though. No one mentioned that there are hearts in the
>side of the tikertoys. It's been a while since I played with them, but for
>the life of me, I can not remember there being hearts in the sides. Take a
>close look. I thought this definitely symbolized Neil's loss. But I think
>the cover of a new album wouldn't be the place where Neil and the boys
>want to symbolize it. But why the hearts then?

Well I am going to have to put this dog to rest. Jose, I don't mean to
flame, but you have to put the pipe down for a while.

Those are not hearts. They are simply the holes viewed at an
The tinker toys are not square. You are looking at a circle on a
cylinder..This makes it eliptical. Sorry Jose....

I am having problems with the clusterworks program. I only see the tracks
listed, no executables for installing clusterworks. *sigh*


Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 18:57:56 EST
Subject: The Age Factor

      Not to be rude to any of you fellow Rush fans,but i was just wondering
how old you guys are. I have searched high and low to find another teenage fan
such as myself.(im 16) And i've had little luck other than some of my closest
friends. I wish more people my age would be more inclined to listen to Rush
rather than rap or country. Oh well! i can always dream.


From: Martin Urionaguena 
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 21:55:59 -0300

I was checking present pictures of the Odeon, and I guess it's a real 1978 never couldn't be February... the t-shirts just don't
fit in
there... brrrr....!

See ya'

"Rush. They must have been one hell of a band."
(2112 Tourbook)
Martin Urionaguena
Buenos Aires


From: "Michael F. Hernandez" 
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 18:53:53 -0600
Subject: Who's Momo?

    In reference to "Momo's Dance Party", does anyone know who Momo is?


From: "Ryan Miller" 
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 20:41:16 -0500
Subject: tinker toys

Someone wrote:

>One question I have, though.  No one mentioned that there are hearts in = the
>side of the tikertoys.  It's been a while since I played with them, but = for
>the life of me, I can not remember there being hearts in the sides.  = Take a
>close look.  I thought this definitely symbolized Neil's loss.  But I = think
>the cover of a new album wouldn't be the place where Neil and the boys = would
>want to symbolize it.  But why the hearts then?

I don't think they are hearts on the side of the tinkertoys.  However, =
they look like hearts given that the pieces have an indent running along =
the edge, and looking at one of the circles from the side distorts the =
shape making it appear like they are hearts..


From: "hopeflguy" 
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 21:28:19 -0500
Subject: "alternative" to Clusterworks for pc

Heya folks:

I got this really cool program from the same people who put out cool =
edit. It's a shareware screen saver program called "Kaleidoscope 95", =
and you can get it at, and its is VERY cool. It creates these cool =
colourful "laser-light" effects IN SYNC to the music!! So you can put on =
ANY album you wish...but works JUST AMAZING with DS. Another great ='s a small program, and can even run on a 486 pc. All's you =
need is your sound card hooked up to your cd-rom. Insert DS...flip the =
program on..and ENJOY! Cool thing ALSO get to choose from =
HUNDREDS of different coloured patterns, shapes...angles..etc. The ONLY =
annoying thing is, since it is shareware, the dang "Buy This Now" banner =
pops up every 5 minutes, but only stays on for about 20 secs or so. I =
love it...hope you guys do to....enjoy!!



From: "Joseph Ornelas" 
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 16:42:21 -0800
Subject: Re: Different Stages - Prerecorded vocals?

>From: Egils Kaljo 
>Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 11:25:24 -0500
>Subject: Different Stages - Prerecorded vocals?
>My apologies if this has been talked about here before, but
>on some of the songs on DS the vocals sound distinctly
>different, sounding as if they had been previously recorded,
>particularly on Show Don't Tell (the "show me don't tell me").

Sounds like Alex, if you ask me.  Maybe Neil too.

Joseph Ornelas

"Show me don't tell me" - Geddy, Alex, and maybe Neil


From: "Michael Z. Williamson" 
Date: Mon, 16 Nov 1998 21:55:35 -0800
Subject: answer asked:
What's the device on the left of the collage (with a wire hanging off)?

if no one has answered yet (I've been out of town), it is a Morley
volume control pedal.  That's how Alex accompishes the volume swells he
is famous for.,
mike  Edged weaponry, from the stone age to the space

If we can send a politician into space, why can't we send all of them?


From: "Michael Z. Williamson" 
Date: Mon, 16 Nov 1998 22:12:32 -0800
Subject: ohmygod

Il Yum Kim said:
i think his shirt says  Y2K, with the 2 in roman numerals....

You're right!  This menas 2 things:
1)  they WILL have another album, as promised, in y2k, and
B)  they beat us to that whole time-traveller-solipsism-bootleg
debate--the kid got the shirt at the y2k concert and came back in time
to catch the hammersmith show!  So, does the kid look like anyone anyone
mike  Edged weaponry, from the stone age to the space

If we can send a politician into space, why can't we send all of them?


From: "Michael Z. Williamson" 
Date: Mon, 16 Nov 1998 22:32:34 -0800
Subject: yes I can

The Rush Digest Goddess said:
You can't tell me you don't have ONE cd single in a cardboard sleeve
sitting up there?   

I don't have ONE single cd in a cardboard sleeve sitting up there.  Nor
two.  Not any at all.

Until now. 
mike  Edged weaponry, from the stone age to the space

If we can send a politician into space, why can't we send all of them?


From: "Kurt Fritzsche" 
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 22:51:55 -0500
Subject: Metallica pays tribute to Rush

	I was reading "Metallica:  Fuel and Fire", a collector's guide to
Metallica, and the book includes a brief timeline of Metallica's history.
Here's an interesting excerpt taken from that timeline:

"1980:  Obsession split up, but James [Hetfield] and Jimmy Arnold start a
new band, Syrynx [sic].  They get Jimmy's brother Chris on drums, Kenny
Eichert on vocals, and Warren Heyman on bass.  Their set consists entirely
of Rush songs."

Aside from the misspelling (or maybe it was intentional) of 'Syrinx', I
thought that was a pretty cool tidbit.  If anyone is interested in more
info about the book, feel free to email me.

ICQ:    1914859


From: "Kurt Fritzsche" 
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 22:56:02 -0500
Subject: Lerxst sound?

Hey, all you guitar virtuosos out there...

I have a Fender (Squier) Strat and a little 10-watt amp, and I was trying
to copy Alex's "jangly" sound during the opening moments of "Leave That
Thing Alone".  Has anyone been able to duplicate that pretty well?  My
attempts don't give me enough of a ring--the tone comes out sounding too

Email me if you know of a setup that can produce this sound--preferably
one as unmodified as possible (like the knobs/pickup selector on the
guitar and maybe the tone on the amp)... thanks!

ICQ:    1914859


From: "Michael Z. Williamson" 
Date: Mon, 16 Nov 1998 22:45:11 -0800

> Greetings everyone,
> I'm pleased to announce that ENVISION will perform
> at  ARTROCK FOR CHARITY onDecember 12th,
> at the Highland Theatre
> 826 West Market St. in Akron, Ohio.
> Featuring an impressive line-up of some of the best
> tributes in the country, and a chance to help those
> in need, you won't want to miss this exciting event!
> The bands:
> ENVISION- the Classic YES tribute. Critically acclaimed
> for their accurate recreation of the complex YES sound.
> TRILOGY- the Emerson, Lake, & Palmer tribute.
> Featuring Mark McCutcheon on keyboards, this band
> captures all the sound and fury of E.L.P. live.
> AFTERIMAGE-the tribute to RUSH. This power trio
> really packs a whollop.
> PAUL FAYREWETHER- Legendary for his theatrical
> recreations of vintage GENESIS, PETER GABRIEL,
> The charities:
> Project St. Nicholas Returns- responding to letters
> written to Santa, this organization provides help to
> children and thier families who are in despair.
> The letters are received from the U.S. Postal Service,
> and the help they provide is done annonymously.
> Hannah Rose Fleming- an 8 month old girl who recently
> received a liver transplant. Her family is in deperate
> need of help to cover medical bills.
> Good Samaritan Hunger Center- supplies food and
> other non-parishable items to those in need.
> We are asking patrons to bring 2 cans of food with them.
> Ticket info:
> Tickets are just $10 adv / $12 day of show, and are
> available at all Quonset Hut locations in the
> Akron/Canton/Cleveland area, the Highland box office,
> or can be mail ordered from me.
> Please Email for ticket ordering / hotel info.
> Regards,   -Matt Riddle

mike  Edged weaponry, from the stone age to the space

If we can send a politician into space, why can't we send all of them?


From: Benjamin Leimkuhler 
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 22:07:00 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Vocal on The Analog Kid

Is the version of TAK on DS supposed to be the same one that is on the
pro-shot Auburn Hills video bootleg from the Counterparts tour?  Because I
did some close A/B comparisons between DS and my video, and I can say
without a doubt that they are not the same vocal performance.  Anybody
else out there with this video or the Critical Mass CD (I believe they are
the same show) needs to check this out.  Either Geddy borrowed a vocals
from a different night and slapped them on top of the instruments from
Auburn Hills, or he re-did some parts in the studio.

Also, I know I am going to get reamed for this.  First let me say that I
love the new album.  I have no complaints with the packaging or the
setlist.  But I am unhappy with the way they performed some of the songs.
On Closer to the Heart during what is supposed to be the chime part, it is
sorely lacking that low D bass pedal that can be found on E..SL.  That
bass part is largely what makes the chime interlude sound good, and I
think it sounds like shit without it.  And that toy bell sound he's using
has to go too.  What wrong with a good chime sound.  On Limelight, the
last super high squeaky note of the solo is supposed to sustain all the
way up until "those who wish to be."  Alex doesn't do that anymore.
That's part of the song.  That's the way the solo is played.  You don't
just leave that shit out.  Natural Science is missing a synth part during
certain parts of the song.  Again, that part needs to be there.  It's part
of the song.  That's the way the song goes.  And on 2112, especially
Finale, Neil is supposed to do a fast roll with the double bass and toms,
which is supposed to be followed by a cool bass run from Geddy (this is at
19:20 - 19:26 on the studio version, and at 14:19 - 14:25 on ATWAS, and is
on every bootleg version of it that I own).  This was the biggest
disappointment of all.  I even remember being a bit miffed about this
omission when I saw them live 3 times on the TFE tour.  Again, that stuff
shouldn't be left out.  It's parts like that that make me love those songs
so much.  All those double bass fills and bass runs, and especially the
interaction between Geddy and Neil that you hear on the classic renditions
are what make me say to myself "this is the most kick ass band on the
planet.  I think if they're going to "brink back" classics like that, they
need to play them like they played them back in the day.  Some deviations
from the original version are good, like the end of Bravado, the end of
LTTA, Alex's solo on Discovery, the bass solo on Driven, the extra chorus
on TAK...  Those were changes for the better (TAK is debatable).  But the
deviations/omissions that I'm complaining about were not for the better.
It's seem like they just don't think those parts are important, and
they're just not bothering to play them.  But to me, they are part of the
song, part of the way the song goes.  Oh yeah, and Geddy's solo on
Freewill is not nearly as stellar as it was from Permanent Waves through
the Signals tour.  He never really starts dealing.  There's no high
fretting like there was on E..SL.  Its mostly just eighth notes, which I
could play.  That solo doesn't say "I am Geddy Lee and don't even fuck
with me on the bass, because I can smear your ass all over the stage with
this solo" anymore, like it used to on E...SL and all my bootlegs.
Those are my complaints about the way the songs were performed.  But other
than that, I love the album.  I think it sounds great.  I listen to it

Ben Leimkuhler

Oh yeah.  Alex's guitar covers up Geddy's bass too much.  I usually can't
hear it apart from the guitar unless I'm listening with headphones.  Then
I can hear it.  And Geddy's bass sound doesn't have enough bass it in.
It's mostly fuzz and fart sound, with not enough bottom, or roundness.  
And Neil's bass drum gets lost in the mix most of the time.  You can
usually feel it, and you know its there, but there's no slap to help the
sound poke through the mix.  The bass drum sound from the Counterparts
tour comes through a little better.  I hear the bass drum better on most
of my bootlegs.


From: "David Ayers" 
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 23:29:20 -0500
Subject: Quality Rush Songs (is there any other kind?)

Derek wrote that the following are, in his estimation, the BEST Rush =
songs recorded.

By-Tor and the Snow Dog
The Trees
Spirit of Radio
Natural Science
Red Barchetta
The Camera Eye

He presents his case by discussing the balance between high musicianship =
and meaningful lyrics as his criteria.  However, I feel that he does =
injustice to the material produced after 1980.  I can certainly =
understand an old Rush fan's bias towards longer, story-telling pieces, =
which would logically lead to discounting the 80's & 90's material, but =
I feel that there are plenty of songs from that time period that deserve =
equal consideration.  Hence:
Consider "Between The Wheels"  Easily listenable without the lyrics, =
which, I believe, is a testament to the musical quality of the piece.  =
In addition, the lyrics, while dark, brilliantly portray the emotions =
that were prevalent during this historically dark time in Rush history.  =

Consider "Middletown Dreams"  What a wonderful base line this song has =
and the rest of it keeps pace with the atmospheric style established on =
this album by "Manhattan Project" and "Mystic Rhythms."  Also, we get a =
first taste of the shorter, episodic style or story-telling that Neil =
would later use on such songs as "Nobody's Hero", "War Paint" and =
"Dreamline."  Rush often stated that they were trying to become more =
concise and to shorten their stories.  Neil used this method to tell =
brief stories in order to remind us of our differences and then reveal =
the similarities that underlie the differences.
Consider "Turn the Page" A refined, yet frequently blistering display of =
instrumental talent.  The music portrays the feel of barrelling down a =
spiral in constant motion, while using brief pauses to represent those =
moments of rest, when we look down just before taking the plunge.  The =
lyrics contain those wonderful Nuggets of Neil Wisdom that we so love.
Consider "Dreamline"  This was the most direct, basic rocker that Rush =
had produced in a while, but it touched upon our basic desires to =
explore and be free.
Consider "Alien Shore"  The variations on musical themes alone is enough =
for me to love this song.  They play the three verse sections in three =
great ways and it makes me wonder what wonderful variations they could =
create on their classic works.  The lyrics say more with less in ways =
achieved by few of their songs and probably none prior to 1980!

I realize that these songs do not fit your criteria, but I enjoy all of =
them as much and some more than those listed by you and I'm led to =
wonder if you could enhance your enjoyment by adjusting your criteria =
for judgement.


"You want the truth?  You can't handle the truth!!"  (find the other "A =
Few Good Men" reference in this post!)


From: "Carl Fulli" 
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 21:56:13 -0800
Subject: Re: The NMS #2142

Tom Beaudoin 

"I'm quite disappointed and will quickly de-install Clusterworks from my =
computer.  I'm interested in responses from others on this issue."

Are you angry?  I get the impression that you are and are making a =
statement by "de-installing" the program.  For crying out loud, how can =
you be disappointed in something that is a bonus?  That means that it is =
free!  I'm sure they put it on the CD for YOUR pleasure!  And YES Geddy =
probably thought it was cool!  Give me a break, you're de-installing it =
because you're so disappointed in something that most people feel is a =
free gift.  Lighten up and enjoy the whole package.  Christmas came six =
week early for some of us and just might not come for others.=20
DS is awesome in every way!

Carl D. Fulli


From: Hugh Costello 
Date: Wed, 18 Nov 1998 19:00:54 -0800
Subject: Feeling like being really there - - 

>   I don't go to Rush shows expecting
> perfection, nor do I expect a live album to feel "perfect".  When I
> listen to a live album, I want to feel like I'm at the show (not that I
> don't already)!  I feel a little cheated- I've heard much better
> versions of Limelight and Analog Kid in places like MSG, Nassau
> Coliseum, Toronto, Great Woods, and Philly ( I was at the taping for
> Bravado).  I wonder why they did this..........

I've only ever once got the feeling of being at the live show from one album 
and that was a Rolling Stones double-lp bootleg named Garden State '78 
recorded at Passaic, New Jersey on their Some Girls tour.
In comparison to record company releases of any band's live albums, this Stones
album sounds absolutely raw and really THERE!! Official releases of live albums
sound very much more "rounded" and "tame" against this one. If you've ever 
heard it, I'm sure you'll agree with me.
When I first got it in the early 80's I took it in to a local radio station and
they were so blown away by it that they played the whole album non-stop.

Having said that, I'm still thrilled with my DS purchase. Have listened to all
three cd's three times in a row. That killed nine hours and 2 litres of 
bourbon and noise control only came round twice.

Hugh Costello
The Shugmeister
Rush Rocks On!


From: Chris Sadlers 
Date: Mon, 16 Nov 1998 18:06:25 -0500
Subject: y II k

Greetings fellow Rush-heads...

While my ears are still bleeding from too much DS listenings at higher than
recommended volumes, I think I have been able to come up with an alternate
theory to Chris Sadlers' yllk question.

Think geek, Chris...
	yllk = Y 2 K
You know that our boys are techno-freaks [especially Ged], so I am betting
that that is what is on the kid's shirt.  Although your explanation does
seem logical too.

Ummm...what does it mean when you have gooey gray stuff oozing outta your

I think the kids shirt says fIIk not yIIk. fIIk means Farewell To (II is
roman numerals for two) Kings. Get it now. What would the yIIk mean



From: "L & W Mahler" 
Date: Wed, 18 Nov 1998 01:21:41 -0500
Subject: "Natural Permanent Stages, Different Science"


    I went over to the local Newbury Comics and purchased the new live Rush
3 cd set for $18.99.  In contrast to Strawberries price of $25.99, Tape
Worlds $26.99 and Spinnakers $21.99 I think I have an excellent purchase
that sounds quite nice.  In fact "Different Stages" is the best live concert
cd that I have heard since KISS Alive! from 1975.  The first dozen rows of
audience sound weaved into the music as it should be heard from
somewhere, anywhere in the concert venue is the approach that I like best
and RUSH has delivered a quite excellent package.

"A simple kind mirror, to reflect upon our own.  All the busy little
creatures chasing out their destinies.  Living in their pools, they soon
forget about the sea..."

    I do have some questions about some of the songs.  During the end of
"The Trees" it sounds as if there was another song to start during the end
of "The Trees" or perhaps the ending could have been smoother and with more
finesse.  Was that planned? The entire 2112 recording took place in my home
state of Massachusetts
and I do remember the reviews of the show.  2112 needs an outdoor setting to
really be appreciated.  During the ending of 2112, Geddy rushed the
announcement of the bands break while the sound effects were still going,

 "Wheels within wheels in a spiral array."

    I still manage to let my imagination go with me when listening to Rush.
It is one of those moments and things I cherish about this music over most
others.  Interestingly enough, most people enjoy the music they hear from
most artists when the music is forefront and the bands name has yet to be
discovered.  "We Are One" by KISS is one of those songs.  "Roll The Bones"
is another.  The other day a dry cloth car washer person was listening
through the car windows to the rap part of the song.  She was rather busy
for there was another car yet was far from relaxed like she turned out to be
after I had to go through the wash a second time and was able to watch her
demeanor before she saw my car coming through again.  "Roll The Bones"
really has effects.

"A quantum leap forward, in time and in space."

    I appreciate the approach to RUSH music over the years that RUSH has
come forth with.  Each album seems to be a diary of the raising of the RUSH
family.  From reading different lyrics from each album every stage of
raising a family is
brought to us the listeners.  Over at two pages of mine, one called "W. O.
M. P." and the
other called "Musicality", Rush songs are present.  "Natural Science" is a
favorite and the song lyric
content in contrast and in conjunction with the studies of the human brains
with computer operating systems, the song "Natural Science" is befitting.

"The mess and the magic, triumphant and tragic, a mechanized world out of

    The other day I found myself getting irate at what I thought was a
persons attempt  to show me that persons
ability to use "toys" that are most likely used within a military level.
Those "toys" include advanced Windows type operating systems that I can
safely say only those with high level authority have.  As I was attempting
to post to the usenet the whole I. S. P. and all that I was doing was
subject to some rather intricate developments  The person I refer to, "Mr.
M" also is a private businessman and develops as he will.  Maybe the I. S.
P. and my work was malfunctioning due to my own doing and not he  Many
people have wondered and few have asked why some family members never are
face to face.  As I was chatting about that and other developments  in a N.
F. L. chatroom of the EFNet / IRC, I remember two things. What I said seemed
to be reflected by the New England Patriots performance thereafter and one
word I typed came back in a unique way afterward.  While having to reboot
the computer and shower, I was thinking of that one word.  When I came back
to the computer, the mouse had failed to load properly but all the other
functions were working.  That  is only one of dozens unrecorded and recorded
by me.  There is a natural science to thinking via the brain and watching
correlating events via computer.

"Art as expression, not as market campaigns, will capture our attentions.
Given the same state of integrity, it will surely help us along."

    I remember last night while giving a ha ha ha to myself and my wife for
a bill statement states I have credit to me, I heard Mr. M laugh from where
ever he is.  After rebooting the computer for the new Outlook Express 5 to
take effect and while the two antivirus systems were checking out the
computer, the Windows 95 intro music seemed to laugh as well.  I remember
telling a Mr. Donovan of Norfolk, Virginia about that last night via email.
Today on my way to the registry, I heard a Mr. Donovan of somewhere on Cape
Cod speaking with lower Cape Cod d. j. named Kat about something not so good
and then something excellent.  While at the Registry of Motor Vehicles stood
a woman who's very existence reminded me of both the d. j. and a woman a
thousand miles away.  Today at work a man named Bill came to me and asked
"what is Norfolk" in Jeopardy terms.  Tonight at work, on my way to go home,
my employer seemed to mimic that same noise my computer made, the same sound
that Mr. Donovan of Norfolk, Virginia was told of.  In fact, Mr. Donovan was
the only person made aware of that.

"The most endangered species, the honest man, will survive annihilation.
Forming a world, state of integrity, sensitive and strong."

    I can stay here and type about my life, your life for a long, long time.

"Wave after wave will flow with the tide, and bury the world as it does.
Tide after tide will flow and recede, leaving life to go on as it was...."

Thank you RUSH.


William K. Mahler


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