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         The National Midnight Star, Number 2153

                   Monday, 07 Dec 1998

Today's Topics:
        Metallica paying tribute to Rush... again!
                  My two cents (6 times)
                  Rush and English class
                    Here's what "fits"
        Kansas City Radio interview w/Alex 12/1/98
                     Fave tune of DS
              Feverish reflections of Stages
                   Rush on Conan again
          Neil Peart Quote about the Rheostatics
            Rock the vote - no, Rush the vote!
                     Peart's Beliefs
                Q107 Interview w/Ged+Alex
                    Strange Rush dream
                Response to DS performance
                     Live Digital Man
              "Scars" in "The Rythym Method"
                  Record MP3's from CD?
    Rush and King Crimson and Yes and Genesis and etc.
                         E weakly
                   Thanks to Rob Miceli
                       Don't steal
                    The rhythm method
                     Rush ScreenSaver
                      quiz followup
                 Conan O'Brien and _2112_
                       Rush and BMG
                   easy CD's, argument
           Reply to..."Quiz from the Archives"
             Different Stages Radio Premiere
             Answer to Quiz from the Archives
                2112 is in a different key
                    A true statement!
                   another vocal group

From: "Kurt Fritzsche" 
Date: Wed, 2 Dec 1998 18:09:48 -0500
Subject: Metallica paying tribute to Rush... again!

Howdy folks...

I know someone posted in the Dec. 1st digest about Rush references in the
Metallica booklet included with Metallica's latest release, "Garage Inc."
I'll post them here for any interested parties.

	The first one comes from Brian Tatler, who was the guitarist for a band
called Diamond Head (one of Metallica's early influences).  Tatler says of
Diamond Head's music, "Lars [Ulrich, Metallica's drummer] would be there,
hanging out while we were laboring over arrangements.  We'd spend all day
writing songs, arranging sections, and [Lars] probably thought that was
the way bands write.  We didn't worry about how long a song had to be.  It
came out however it felt right, whether it was three minutes or ten.  We
probably got the idea from things like 'Xanadu' by Rush, and Led
Zeppelin's 'Kashmir'.  We liked epicness; we wanted things to be grand."

The other one I found comes from Jason Newsted, Metallica's bassist since
1986.  Jason is quoted as saying he "...had a 'big hero-worship thing' for
Rush's Geddy Lee and was dead into Lemmy from Motorhead because 'he was
playing distorted bass, fast, with a pick.'"

	As Metallica albums go, it's not my favorite, but it definitely displays
Metallica's talent for covering other bands' songs while giving them a
slant of their own (some of you may have heard a Metallica cover of Bob
Seger's "Turn the Page" recently).

	All for now...

ICQ:    1914859


From: "Smith,James" 
Date: Wed, 2 Dec 1998 16:07:28 -0800
Subject: My two cents (6 times)

Being a subscriber of TMNS I clearly don't agree with the review of DS
given by Entertainment Weekly.  However, I was thinking about it
recently and had a thought I'd like to share.

Imagine you just don't care for Rush.  Never have.  You like music of
all kinds, but Rush never appealed to you.  You never discovered their
magic like the rest of us did.  Then you're given the task of reviewing
their latest album which contains THREE AND A HALF HOURS of unusual
arrangements, in your face guitar, hyperactive bass and drums, vocal
stylings that you don't appreciate and a 20+ minute science fiction
story.  By the end of it you'd probably HATE Rush for making you waste a
fair piece of your life listening to this bombastic, self indulgent
recording.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  I'm surprised it even
got a C+ under the circumstances.

Other thoughts...

Has anyone been stuck by the massive growth that took place between 1978
and 1997?  The contrast between the playing styles, the songwriting, the
maturity in Geddy's vocals, the leads, everything is just so mature in
the newer material.  I really like the contrast.  I find it a lot of fun
to listen to two pieces of the album and try to connect them.  It's the
same three people in the same group playing practically the same songs
but the sound and the feel is just so different between the two.

In the DS retrospective booklet there is a setlist from T4E.  It's too
short to be from the regular show.  Was that from the Blind Date gig
they did for Molson?

Favorite moments:
Intro and outro of LTTA
"Miles of yellow tape"
Opening verse of Natural Science
A Farewell to Kings

Lastly, the finale to RTB is great, however the version I've hear from
bootlegs during the RTB tour is even better.  It has even more energy
and stops instantly for "...because we're here".  Check it out if you

And for whoever asked if 2112 is actually 21:12, it's not.  It's a few
seconds longer.  If I recall correctly it's 21:35.


From: John Richardson 
Date: Wed, 02 Dec 1998 19:06:32 -0500
Subject: Rush and English class

Inspired by >>Bill Mayes  "That Rush teacher guy"<<

I did my part to bring Rush into the classroom back in 1986 while in 10th
grade. The teacher let us do our paper on just about anything we wanted, so
long as it pertained to literature. This was my opportunity. Finally an
assignment I could get into 100%. I could have taken the obvious course and
written about how Rush integrated Shakespeare into their music via
"Limelight", but I was aiming high. I bought a copy of Anthem by Ayn Rand
and read it, comparing it to Neil's tale in "2112". I pointed out
similarities and differences, literary elements, etc. I topped it off by
lending my "2112" album (yes, vinyl!) to my teacher and insisting she listen
to it (while reading the lyrics, of course) to get the full effect. I got an
A+, needless to say. I don't think anyone else in the class thought of doing
a multimedia "english paper", let alone one with such a kick-ass soundtrack.
I mean it. To this day I get real chills while singing along to,

"Just think of what my life might be
 in a world like I have seen!
 I don't think I can carry on,
 carry on this cold and empty life. (Ooohh No!)

 My spirits are low, in the depths of despair.
 My lifeblood spills over."

Bill, you're obviously a cool guy. I'm a big supporter of music in the
classroom. Keep up the good work.


From: Pete 
Date: Wed, 02 Dec 1998 21:17:45 -0500
Subject: Here's what "fits"

>Oh, one thing I've been meaning to mention... some songs from the older
>tours may not have been included because they didn't "feel" like the rest
>of the album! Several people have already mentioned AK as "feeling" like it
>didn't belong, so perhaps The Pass, Scars, Double Agent, etc. just didn't
>seem to fit with the rest of the songs. Think about it.
> - rush-mgr

I've harped on this before, but I'll say it one more time.  Would it be so
impossible for Rush to take one (at least) nice soundboard show from each
tour, press that sucker up on CD and issue it?  Is that too much to ask?
It would take no work at all.  Then all you non-bootleggers would have a
chance to hear the songs that didn't make the cut on the first live
offering in NINE years.  

Oh, I forgot.  If Rush did that, then the recordings wouldn't be
absolutely, positively perfect and free of errors.  Oh my god, wouldn't
that just be a tragedy!!!  I'll guess I'll just go on enjoying the bootlegs
which include all the songs that just "didn't fit".

   [ You have to remember that up until just a few years ago, making a 
     soundboard recording of EVERY show was a very laborious process. They
     might've been able to do all the CP & TFE shows, but before that...
                                                                : rush-mgr ]


From: "Frank Sereno" 
Date: Wed, 02 Dec 1998 19:01:25 -0600
Subject: Kansas City Radio interview w/Alex 12/1/98

While driving to work Tuesday morning, KQRC-FM surprised me with a live phone 
interview with Alex.  The station consistantly plays the heck out of the boyz, 
yet they squandered a golden opportunity.  The jocks (read: DJ's) had 
absolutely no friggin' clue as to what relevant, important questions to ask. 
*sigh*  So much for good ole' show preparation.

I still can't believe what I heard yesterday morning.  Actually, I'm 
embarrassed for the station and Kansas City.  The majority of the conversation 
revolved around what Alex was doing with Kiss back in the mid-1970's or how 
good a golfer Alice Cooper is.  Seriously.  Sex, drugs and golf -- and it 
wasn't even close to becoming humorous or enlightening.

Here's what I found truly sad.  While still discussing why the band wasn't 
"backstage getting laid anymore," one of the jocks assumed this was due to 
the boyz having wives.  He then began probing Alex for the number of years 
each band member had been married.  As you can guess, he nonchalantly asked 
about Neil.

Alex hesitated for a second and replied in a bitter tone.  I can't recall the 
specific answer because I went nuts.  All I can remember was something like, 
"he was married XX years," and nothing else.  That was it.  I turned down the 
volume and began screaming at the damn radio.  I couldn't believe they were 
asking such idiotic, insensitive questions.

I then turned off the radio in shame.  Poor Alex....

If I would have known earlier, I would have taped it.  Anyone else here in 
KC/Topeka/St. Joe get a tape for transcription?  I know a few of you are 
still cringing as well.  I'd like to hear/read the rest to know if anything 
good came out of the miserable interview.  If I get a copy, I'll make the 
transcription myself if necessary.

Frank Sereno
Kansas City


From: "Alan N" 
Date: Wed, 2 Dec 1998 22:46:34 -0500
Subject: Fave tune of DS

OK, after getting this CD from my wife on my Nov. 11 b-day, it ( well, one
of three disks )
has been in my car CD player ( and home when I get the chance ) since then.
I have listened,
loved, and listened again.  It's live, it's not studio, but I think it's
about the best LIVE cd/album
I've ever owned. Really.  I've got a LOT.  Anyway so on and so forth... I've
just got to comment
on the ONE thing that just stands out about this CD.  Test for Echo.  First,
I'm a guitarist and
keyboardist.  But the T4E cut on this CD with the 2 sections of Neil's
double bass ( maybe more
with synth triggers, who knows ) is just the most awesome sounding thing
with more power and
emotion than I think I've ever heard!  I was not lucky enough to see them on
the T4E tour, but I did
see CP's..  It was awesome.  But the sound quality of this cut ( T4E) is
just too much !!
I would have loved to been about 25 rows back from the stage right under the
coverage of the
main PA.  Judging from the sound on the CD, I bet these two "riffs" on T4E
just about blew
people out of their seats!



From: Aset 
Date: Wed, 02 Dec 1998 22:19:59 -0800
Subject: Feverish reflections of Stages

I couldn't buy DS when it came out because I had a kidney infection and a
103 degree (F) fever for seven days.  But oneday, near the end of my
illness, I dragged myself out of bed and got it on sale at my cool local
record store:)  I definitely needed a moral booster!

At the time of this writing I've only listened to the first disk and my
head is still spinning:)  Had trouble doing the CDRom part.

Anyway, the trip to the store tired me out, so I laid down in bed, put a
banana around my eyes to block out the daylight, and blasted it on my CD
player.  And Ohhh man, I was swept away.  It was truely a spiritual

Have you ever met someone and asked them if they like Rush and they say,
"Oh, yeah,"?  And you ask them what's their favorite song and they name the
few songs that get played on the radio?

It's like, no!  Do you LIKE Rush?  Do you live and breath each and every
paritcle of every song they play?  Do you know each song inside out, upside
down and every single facet, but are still finding new suprises every one
of the 1000+ listens to each song?  Does the music become a part of you and
do you become a part of the music?   Does the music make your spirit soar
and soul dance?  My body was too tired to dance, but my soul sure did!

And as "Closer to the Heart" came to a close, I relived the fist leg of the
TFE Tour which I caught in Sacremento, CA:  Before the show some guy who
had been in San Jose the night before, was walking around with a smug look
on his face and said, "You're really going to enjoy the show."  (I had
plans to go and find him and beat him senseless if I didn't - no chance of
that, though.  They could play Tom Sawyer for two hours and I'd be in heaven)

Anyway, they had been playing for a long time by the time they played
"Closer", so I assumed it was going to be the climax of the first set.  But
no - they went into 2112 Overature.  And I'd seen shows where they played
the Overature and the Temples of Syrinx.  So I assumed that Temples would
be the climax of the first set.

I didn't start listening to Rush until 1985 and was disappointed the first
time I heard ATWAS and realized that they didn'lt play the entire 2112 on
that tour. So I was startled when the lights didn't come up after Temples
and there was the soft tinkle of a waterfall.  I nearly dropped to my knees
in stunned amazement as The Discovery began...

*Note:  I wrote all the above week before last when I was still sick.  I've
been out of town since I got better and just got this chance to put it on
the computer.  I also haven't had time to read the back issues that have
collected in my mailbox, so has anyone else had problems with the CDrom?
Is there a solution or do I have a defective disc?  Please email me
directily, incase this is a dead issue.  Thanx

Crystal Calligraphy		(916) 773-8175		PO Box 1213, Loomis, CA 95650		


From: Colin Miller 
Date: Thu, 03 Dec 1998 00:55:03 -0800
Subject: Rush on Conan again

I was watching Conan on Wednesday night the 2nd, and I heard a
reference to 2112. So I turned up the volume a little and heard
"Something For Nothing" Then the obligitory joke about the album title.
It was how Max had recorded an album in the 70's titled 2632. Lame.


"Try Me, I Rock"


From: Ray Trombley 
Date: Thu, 03 Dec 1998 07:31:52 -0500
Subject: Neil Peart Quote about the Rheostatics


"Canada's answer to R.E.M. only without an attitude."


"On the musical frontier, the Rheostatics are the giraffe, working on a level
that the rest of us can only dream of, and with a
clear view of what lies ahead."


"My favorite band, period. If everyone knew of the Rheostatics, the world would
be a better place."


"Canada's best band. They should be pictured on the $10 bill."


"The best band in Canada"


"This brilliant "Group of Seven" of rock create epic, resonant anthems of CAN
CONsciousness. A glorious noise informed by
the incredible scale of our landscape."

Michael Barclay-id Magazine

"...keep in mind that the Rheos on an off-day are ten times as interesting as
anything Spin or Rolling Stone canonizes."


"...the single most accomplished Canadian pop group of the decade. The closest
thing this generation has to the Beatles..."


"Rheostatics are responsible for some of the most eclectic, intelligent and
truly Canadian music to come from this land in the last
five years."

*** If anyone is interested in checking out the Rheostatics I would recommend
either 'Melville' or
'Whale Music' (Neil Peart plays percussion on a few tracks)


From: "Douglas White" 
Date: Thu, 3 Dec 1998 09:43:04 -0500
Subject: Rock the vote - no, Rush the vote!

Straight from Rush: the Vote at

Best song from each studio album:
(votes, album, song)
14 AFTK, Xanadu
14 2112, 2112
11 PeW, Natural Science
09 Rush, Working Man
09 PoW, Mystic Rhythms
09 FBN, Fly By Night
08 CoS, The Fountain of Lamneth
07 MP, The Camera Eye
07 Hem, La Villa Strangiato
06 Sig, The Analog Kid
06 RTB, Roll The Bones
06 GUP, Distant Early Warning
05 HYF, Time Stand Still
05 Count, Nobody's Hero
04 TFE, Totem
04 Pre, Show Don't Tell

Top 15 songs from the whole Rush (studio) catalog:
14 AFTK, Xanadu
14 2112, 2112
11 PeW, Natural Science
09 Rush, Working Man
09 PoW, Mystic Rhythms
09 FBN, Fly By Night
08 CoS, The Fountain of Lamneth
07 MP, The Camera Eye
07 MP, Limelight
07 Hem, La Villa Strangiato
06 Sig, The Analog Kid
06 RTB, Roll The Bones
06 RTB, Ghost Of A Chance
06 Hem, The Trees
06 Hem, Entire album
06 GUP, Distant Early Warning
06 CoS, Bastille Day

Worst songs:
13 FBN, Rivendell
09 CoS, I Think I'm Going Bald
08 2112, Tears
(others on this list are surprising...)

Think these results are wrong? well, then, cast YOUR vote(s)!!!
Also pick best/worst album and cover art. 

ORQ: " we ask the price of the land..."


From: "Krishna Donepudi" 
Date: Thu, 3 Dec 1998 10:39:23 -0500
Subject: Junoon

Hey everyone,

I have a Pakistani friend who insisted that I listen to a Pakistani rock
group named Junoon.  Well, I gave them a listen and they are awesome.  Very
progressive.  If anyone wants to check them out, go to .  Their bassist is American
(dominating bass lines like Geddy).  Of course, the lyrics are not in
English, but they are worth a listen.


Krishna Donepudi


Date: Thu, 3 Dec 1998 16:39:07 EST
Subject: Peart's Beliefs

Hey listers,

I have been reading every post for the last couple of months, and have managed
to remain just a reader, but having read a post that bothered me, I am moved
to post:

"nickb" made some comments about Neil's beliefs, and in doing so made mention
of the fact that some people could not qualify their statements on praying for

Well being a Christian and listening to the music of Rush can be difficult at
times.  I have a deeply profound love for God, and being a Christian is not
always the easiest thing to do.  However, one of the most fundamental issues
of Christianity is love and compassion for fellow man.  If everyone is
entitled to believe in what he/she wants, then I offer up to you this shampoo
simple explanation for the prayer offered to Neil, by myself and others on
this list...

Christians believe in the healing power of prayer, and the believe that God
hears and answers those prayers.  Just because Neil may not share those
beliefs, doesn't mean that God won't hear and answer our prayer that Neil's
suffering is eased, and that his "spirit" does not remain broken.
As opinions go, you may not subscribe to this idea, but I wonder that if we
started to believe that that prayer didn't work, would we also stop trying to
share the "gospel" as it were with those who do not yet believe.

Having said all that,  I will tell you that I do listen to Rush all the time,
I enjoy the music, and even have a great time at their shows.  And if there is
one thing that I have learned from the boys, it is to not close my mind to
anything, because anything can happen.

I know we try not to burn TNMS time on theological discussion, but I think it
is good to hear all three sides of the story.

Oh, btw I cannot wait for the video!

Till next time,



From: "James M." 
Date: Fri, 04 Dec 1998 03:22:22 -0500
Subject: Q107 Interview w/Ged+Alex

I put the entire interview from Q107 w/ Ged + Alex from Thurs., Dec. 3
(half an commercials) in the ".au" format (I only have a
486..can't do Real Audio or MP3's) at (no
WWW in front of TomCochrane). Best .au player out there is Cool Edit
available free at . The sound is "radio a.m-ish"..but
it is only voice..soo..and it is only about 4 megs in size for half an
hour worth of conversation!! Enjoy...


"You can fight..fight without ever winning..
But NEVER EVER without a fight"

Neil Peart, Rush, Resist

"DESTROY ANAL RETENTIVENESS: Rid yourself of spell checkers
and day planners.." JM


From: James Gibbon 
Date: Fri, 04 Dec 1998 14:52:44 +0000
Subject: Strange Rush dream

I had a really odd dream last night.. I somehow travelled back in 
time to my first Rush concert in June 1977 at Newcastle (England).
I managed to get a seat in the front row, somehow.. after the 
support band (Stray, I seem to remember they were quite good) left 
the stage, one of their roadies handed down one of their guitars
to me.  It was a black SG with only one pickup.. still plugged in.

Anyway for a laugh, I decided to crank out "Spirit of Radio",
knowing that it wasn't due to be written for another two years and
none of the audience had heard it .. then I had a cold thought..
Alex & Geddy  would be able to hear it over the PA and would never
write a song they'd already heard before..

The dream was so vivid that I had to check my copy of Permanent 
Waves when I woke up to make SOR was still there...



Date: Fri, 4 Dec 1998 12:14:25 -0600
Subject: Response to DS performance

Sorry for flames, but the guy who criticizes the way RUSH plays the song =
THEY WROTE THEM. Have you ever played the same stuff over and over for =
years on end?  It gets a little boring.  IMNSHO I think they are trying =
to breathe new life, creativeness, and skill into old material.  I play =
in a band called "Einstein's Playground" that does a lot of RUSH covers. =
 It is our belief that we must play them EXACTLY like RUSH.  RUSH =
however, can do what they want with their own songs.

"You can be the captain, and I will draw the charts. Sailing into =
destiny, closer to the heart"



From: Todd Thomas 
Date: Fri, 4 Dec 1998 12:08:47 -0700 (MST)
Subject: Live Digital Man

Digital Man is perhaps my favorite Rush tune. According to TNMS #99, it
was only performed live on the Signals tour. But that list doesn't include
tours after Presto. Has Rush performed Digital Man live since then? I know
they did not perform it at the T4E show at Fiddler's Green in Colorado
last year.

Does anyone know how the band feels about that song? Do they not like it,
or is it just one of the many songs that doesn't make it to the set list
for whatever reason?



Date: Fri, 4 Dec 1998 14:28:17 EST
Subject: "Scars" in "The Rythym Method"

 James Smith mentioned: "in "A Work In Progress" Neil Peart states that the
drum solo is a good place for him to experiment and take chances in a

Its also a place for him to play some of his drums bits from songs not played
live.  I know of two, but there may be more.  For example, this "Rythym
Method" features Presto's "Scars", from 5:31 - 6:03.  Its very obvious,
especially the fills from 5:54 - 6:03.  In addition, we get "Momo's Dance
Party" from around 4:10 - 5:30 (this tune reminds me of Weekend at Bernies II,
where the voodoo bewitched Bernie dances whenever music is played).

I can't believe someone said he can do without "Leave that thing Alone!"  To
my ears, that song is the epitomy of Rush's musical prowess, and each
instrument and musician is showcased.  Neil is simply incredible with his
fills, Geddy's superb mini-bass solo's are in the forefront, and that guitar
solo of Alex's literally gives me shivers, the way is "soars" and keeps
getting higher and higher.  I wonder if they get as much of an adrenaline sure
when playing it as I get when hearing it.  I only wish that for Different
Stages they had blended "Thing!" the "Rythym Method" similar to "YYZ" on ESL. 

Thanks to all of you that answered my question regarding Hammersmith.  And by
the way, the Clash song I mentioned is titled "White Man in Hammersmith
Palais", from their 1st album.

Hanstones <- for best results, go here


Date: Fri, 4 Dec 1998 14:30:52 EST
Subject: Record MP3's from CD?

I've got this idea of doing a mix of "La Villa Strangiato/YYZ/Where's My
Thing/Leave that thing Alone" in the style Jimmy Page did for the "Bonzo's
Montreaux/Moby Dick" remix (if you're a Zep fan and haven't heard it, you'd be

Is possible to recordMP3's  from CD then cut/paste one MP3 into another?  I
have Winamp and can't figure out how to go about.  Am I crazy for even
attemping it? ;)

Hanstones <- here's my thing


From: "Anderson, Chris " 
Date: Fri, 4 Dec 1998 15:05:35 -0500 
Subject: Rush and King Crimson and Yes and Genesis and etc.

I really, really don't mind if Rush is not as commercial as they once
were.  Just think about this people, us fans of the "prog scene" or
the "prog metal scene" (whichever group you want to belong to) is
as tightly knit as it ever could be or will be.  Much of the thanks
can go to newsgroups like this one (for Rush) and others for
bands like Yes (Notes from The Edge), King Crimson (Elephant Talk),
etc.  Please, forget the charts and remember that numerous
odler acts are experiencing the same plight.  Do you think
Robert Fripp of King Crimson has EVER cared about his chart
standings with his Eno, projeKCt, or KC albums???  Do you think
Jon Anderson stays up at night because his new age ramblings
don't top the charts????  No, they don't care and Rush won't either
and we fans shouldn't.  Face it, liking Rush's music is not a popular
choice for people in general but we shouldn't care because Rush
will not sink so quickly that they can't continue to write
material and tour in support of it.  Rush will go on
as long as they enjjoy what they are doing and ARE ABLE.  Back to
the "closely knit idea".  We are closely knit relatively speaking and
it's much harder for a fan base to dissipate once it feels like "family."
I would not say it's a cult; hopefully we don't center our lives on this
handful bands (or just Rush).  The following is like rooting for the home
in sports or something.  

Those rappers, country singers......they will live quickly and die quickly.
They will be an afterthought in years to come.  The memories of Rush
will live on in those who dared to go us.  This is something
special, the appreciation for music....for the music of Rush, among the
of others.  It's music, it's life, just enjoy it and free yourself of the
society we exist in.  I emphasize "exist" because I don't subscribe to music
the way that society wants, I subscribe to "freewill".  I live my own

Chris A. 


From: "Michael Z. Williamson" 
Date: Thu, 03 Dec 1998 15:07:19 -0800
Subject: sales said:
>For fact, I know that RUSH's contract with Atlantic is not a multiple 
>record deal.  As we all know, since moving from Mercury to Atlantic 
>Records in the US, the boys have not had a «big selling» album.  Presto, 
>Roll the Bones, Counterparts and Test For Echo all sold around 600,000 
>copies: gold certification.

This is partly due to the fact that CD's rarely get damaged enough, or
wear out enough, to replace, the way tape or vinyl does.  The reason
Pink Floyd's DSOTM sold so well for years was that people played it
until it wore out, not that new people were listening to it.  

mike  Edged weaponry, from the stone age to the space

Mathematically, I'm certain there are gun-control proponents who are not
paranoid, phobic, or irrational.  I just haven't met any yet.


From: "Michael Z. Williamson" 
Date: Thu, 03 Dec 1998 15:17:38 -0800
Subject: E weakly

So, a friend of mine raises parakeets (yes, this is Rush-related; bear
with me).  She has bred a variety that have head feathers that give them
a mop-top, over the eyes, Beatles look.  Hilarious.

Entertainment Weakly reviewed Rush rather badly.  But let us recall that
this is the publication that thought Buns n' Poses Abuse Your Protrusion
was about the greatest rock album of all time.  They thought Starship
Troopers was as good as Star Wars (it bombed in four weeks, which was
still too much damage to RAH's reputation.  Thankfully, his widow made
them take his name off that piece of refuse.  Director Verhoeven
deserves to be castrated with a rusty spoon for treating one the classic
SF stories in that fashion.)
So, The reviewer claims that the drum solo "ain't happening."  Obviously
not.  It was neither juvenile thrash bang nor straight 4/4 time, so it
wen't over his 2nd grade mentality.  He claimed 2112 and NS were
"masturbatory."  Obviously.  It sounded to me like Alex was having an
orgasm during both, and I sure as hell was.

So, I have found an appropriate use for EW--lining the bottom of Dusty's
Parakeet cages so the Beatle-looking birds can shit on the critic... 
mike  Edged weaponry, from the stone age to the space

Mathematically, I'm certain there are gun-control proponents who are not
paranoid, phobic, or irrational.  I just haven't met any yet.


From: Peter Norwood 
Date: Wed, 25 Nov 1998 11:58:09 -0500
Subject: Thanks to Rob Miceli

I want to say a public "thank you" to Rob Miceli for his hospitality
towards me at The Orbit Room on the night of the 13th.

I was in Canada on business, and took the opportunity to see Toronto.
As luck would have it, Alex was there that night.  I met him shortly
after dinner while things were still calm, and expressed a brief

The place got very busy and crowded, but I did also get to meet and chat
with a few really big fans.  It was a great experience.


My jaw dropped when I read this letter regarding Alex's appearance at the
Orbit Room on 13 NOV.  I was also in Toronto for the weekend and convinced
the friends that I was with to check out the Orbit Room.  I had been there
before in the summer one evening and my girlfriend and I were 2 out of a
total of 10 people in  the room (including the band;it was a Tuesday).
Anyways, my friends and I arrive at about 11 pm and discover a line.  The
line spanned the length of the stairs so we decide to wait for a bit.  We
get to the front of the line, finally (there were tons of dudes weaseling
their way in) and a real nice woman was controlling the door.  Well, my
friends (not Rush fans) found out about the $5 cover and didn't want to go
in after that :(  If I had know Alex had been there that night I would have
pleaded my case a little stronger :(  Oh well, maybe he had already left by
that time.  One bonus that night was the cute blonde taking money gave me a
kiss when I was able to provide a cigarette.  So it wasn't a complete loss

Robert Boots
"You can fight without ever winning, but never ever win without a fight"
 -Neil Peart


From: Jose Ramos 
Date: Fri, 4 Dec 1998 16:29:18 -0500 
Subject: Don't steal

Hey Denimking,

How about actually paying for the CD's?  You can join BMG during one of
their promotions and order 11 CD's for the price of one!  Do you mean that
this is not a good enough deal?  If you do it this way, with the shipping
included, you probably will pay a total of $40 for 12 CD's.

I think you are a total asshole and I'm sure no one took you seriously.
Your parents should have taught you better.



From: Jose Ramos 
Date: Fri, 4 Dec 1998 16:32:36 -0500 
Subject: The rhythm method

Here is the final word (yeah, right).

I don't think a concert or a live album would be complete without the drum
solo, but in my house, it will be the most skipped song on the disk.


"When I want your opinion, I will give it to you."


Date: Fri, 4 Dec 1998 16:37:12 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Rush ScreenSaver

Hi all,
 Anyone have a link to the webpage that has/had a copy of the Rush
Screensaver for Windows 95?


"Love means having to say you're sorry every five minutes."


From: "Gianelos, Thomas" 
Date: Fri, 4 Dec 1998 16:39:45 -0500 
Subject: quiz followup

This is in response to the quiz about what Rush song was on TV.  I don't
remember the name of the show but I remember that it was a news show (
Dateline type thing ) and it was aired on NBC.  The song was Mystic Rhythms
though and I used to love to hear the song in the beginning.




Date: Fri, 4 Dec 1998 17:05:39 EST
Subject: Dylan

> the surge of pure adrenalinistic sonic resonation, 
> which might cause someone like Jakob Dylan to 
> discharge all over his plastic Fender."

This really, really, really, made my year!!! :)  It almost makes up for all
the poor reviews we've seen.

And bravo to the poster of the Prime Factor parody, nice job!


From: David Frank Singleton 
Date: Fri, 4 Dec 1998 16:59:39 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Conan O'Brien and _2112_

Since I am a Community Advisor at the University of Missouri-Columbia,
and an insomniac, I was up watching "Late Night with Conan O'Brien." They
were doing a comedy bit about the 1998 Baseball season and they were
talking about Cal Ripken's consecutive games played streak ending.

Conan said, "In honor of Cal's streak ending at 2112 games played, we
would like to play a track from the album "2112" by the Canadian group

And they started to play the song "Something for Nothing..." until someone
told Conan that Cal's streak ended after 2112 games played. He looked
disappointed, and said that he was looking forward to playing the song...

Just a cool rush sighting from a New Yorker living in the Midwest...


David Frank Singleton
Community Advisor, Barton House
285 Smith Hall
404 Kentucky Blvd.
Columbia, Mo 65201
(573) 771-3479


From: (z z z)
Date: Fri, 4 Dec 1998 16:36:08 -0600
Subject: Rush and BMG

FYI, BMG carries all of Rush's official albums, even Chronicles.  they
haven't started carrying DS yet, but they do have everything else (except
that other compilation released many years back, name is escaping me...)

if you need any #'s for Rush albums from BMG, just ask me, i have a
complete catalog.  one of my friends has an almost complete catalog of
Columbia House, so i suppose i could get those too.

"If at first you don't succeed, it's probably someone else's fault."
Rush?  They suck.  Different Stages?  Yeah, that rocks!  Rush did that? 
No way!


From: (z z z)
Date: Fri, 4 Dec 1998 16:54:12 -0600
Subject: easy CD's, argument

ok you high-horse bastards, you think you're so good?  you're saying that
i steal CD's?  you can f/cking kiss my a$$!!  i don't get mad very often,
but when someone accuses me of something i haven't done, especially
stealing, i think i have a right to get totally pissed!!  i wouldn't bet
against the fact that half of you (if not more) that wrote in and
preached your goodness are going to actually try to get CD's that way. 
if you really meant what you said, no offense.  but you have absolutely
no right to call me a mail fraud.  and if you didn't read the entire
post, then you have no right to even say anything about.  because, if you
did read it, you would see that i said that i DON'T encourage getting
CD's in that way.  i have payed for every one of my CD's (except for
gifts and prizes from radio stations), and if any of you think i'm lying,
that's your own damn problem.  but to write in and say that i'm a liar
and a thief?  i'd say that's more fraudulent than anything i've said
could be done.

for future reference, be careful when you play with fire, you don't want
to get burned by your own flames

"If at first you don't succeed, it's probably someone else's fault."
Rush?  They suck.  Different Stages?  Yeah, that rocks!  Rush did that? 
No way!


From: "Michael F. Hernandez" 
Date: Fri, 04 Dec 1998 17:14:27 -0600
Subject: Reply to..."Quiz from the Archives"

I believe that one of the shows to use a RUSH song in its opening was...

    Show:    48 Hours - (Weekly Documentary) - CBS - Late 80's

    Song:      Mystic Rhythms


From: Brent North 
Date: Fri, 04 Dec 1998 16:46:13 -0700
Subject: Different Stages Radio Premiere

For all of you who missed the Different Stages Radio Premiere or had the
displeasure of having to listen to it in Real Audio, I have fairly nice
quality MP3s of the interview portion of the premiere available for
download on my site at:

The total size of the interview is approximately 7 megs.
Rush-Mgr:  Feel free to stick these on syrinx if you feel like it.
Also, for those who don't know, you can listen to the rebroadcast of the
Fancast at the Digital Arena featured at Atlantic Records web site:


From: "Jim+Sibel" 
Date: Sat, 5 Dec 1998 02:38:52 +0200
Subject: Answer to Quiz from the Archives

Thank you all for your expedient replies.  I appreciate the level of =
inputs.  The answer is pre-Dateline on NBC (1985-6).  Of course the only =
reason worth watching the show was to hear "Mystic Rhythms".  You were =
proud to know it was aired nationwide.  Although at least 70-80% of the =
viewers had no clue where the tune came from.

DS is out of this world, billboard cannot rate what it cannot =


From: "Robert G. Fenimore" 
Date: Fri, 04 Dec 1998 20:20:47 -0500
Subject: 2112 is in a different key

I don't know if anyone noticed, but 2112 on the new album is a whole
step lower than the studio version.  Probably why Geddy can hit most of
the notes.  Not complaining, though, cause it definitely kicks ass.  I
would rather hear the high vocals in the wrong key than watered down
vocals in the right key.

"what can this strange device be?"


From: Michael Allan Leach 
Date: Fri, 04 Dec 1998 20:58:05 +0000
Subject: A true statement!

December 4, 1998

To all Rush fans,

I want to make a statement: Rush is a band for those who use their
brains.  Yes, this is true.  I'm 28 years old, so when I observe today's
artists' that have record contracts, I must stratch my head in wonder. 
Marilyn Manson?  Come on man!  This guy, nor his band, have enough
talent in their big toes to hold a candle to Geddy, Alex and Neil.

When I speak to true Rush fans, [not those who like "Tom Sawyer" only] I
leave thinking to myself, "Self," [you see, that is what I call myself]
"...that was a smart individual I just conversed with."  But when I
speak to those young juveniles who admire those idoits who can't hold a
tune, but are making millions, I have to wonder what is wrong with

Thus it is written; so it shall be.

Michael Allan Leach
Deputy Sheriff--Drug Task Force
The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office
Kenneth W. Fortune, Sheriff
Monticello, Florida


From: Brooke Yool 
Date: Fri, 4 Dec 1998 21:19:32 -0800 (PST)
Subject: another vocal group

Hey folks --

Thought I'd alert you to a GREAT group.  I know that we are a
collective group of many different musical interests and tastes;  and
I figured that as music aficionados, some (or most) of you would
appreciate great vocals.

The group is called M-PACT! and they're a 5 piece a cappella group
from Seattle.  Their repertoire ranges from jazz to funk to everything
else.  They are 100% a cappella and AMAZING!  They make incredible
sounds with their mouths...  each time I've seen them live, their main
vocal percussionist does a drum solo with his MOUTH...  and it sounds

With no further ado, I'll tell you how to get hold of some of their
tunes...  THeir new CD is called "2," and I
suggest you listen to the sound clips "Rain" (whoa, amazing texture),
Fantasy (great arranging), and If We Try (just all around happy
sounding).  Though ALL their material rocks, these are among my

These are great guys who have become friends of mine...  and their
vocals are class-act.  CHECK THEM OUT!

brooke in san fran

What did the fish say when he swam into a cement wall?  

Brooke Yool


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