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         The National Midnight Star, Number 2155

                  Thursday, 10 Dec 1998

Today's Topics:
                       Hall of Fame
                          DS ECD
                        NO SUBJECT
             Different Stages stuck in Japan!
            Close Encounters of the Third Kind
      RE: I was there!/ Geddy's bass solo in Driven
            Different Stages UNSTUCK in Japan!
                      red Barchetta
                    Rush Chart Update
                 DS Review and Interviews
               re: 2112 in a different key
               Re: My two cents (6 times) 
             Re: Response to DS performance 
                      Re: E weakly 
                  a few minor sightings
          Re: The Analog Kid v/s The Digital Man
                    The Tragically Hip
                    The Article Thing
             Christmas gifts for Rush Fans...
                        free CD's
               DS Review in the Tufts Daily
           A previously posted Geddy interview
                     Re: 2 Questions 
               Buzzing on Hammersmith disc
                Grace Under Pressure Video
           2112 as an Alarm Code/Pedals or Keys

From: (The RUSH Fans Digest Manager)
Date: Thu Dec 10 10:00:37 PST 1998
Subject: Administrivia

The QT version of the commercial has been fixed. I also forgot to flatten
the file, so only macintosh users would've been able to see the one I uploaded
yesterday (hah hah to those with pc's :-)

I'll try to dig up the information where I purchased the Japan version of
DS, but there's no guarantee they'll have any left. I ordered it waaaaay 
before it was released...

And can we please not flame each other, talk about fraud, theft or the
president just for one digest? *sigh* (I should make every day a "no tolerance"

 - rush-mgr


From: Rob Pagano 
Date: Tue, 08 Dec 1998 02:01:58 -0500
Subject: Hall of Fame

Ok, this post is going to be SOMEWHAT tongue-in-cheek, but I am actually
half-serious about it!

Okay... you know how EVERY YEAR around this time, people start having
these "Ribbon Campaigns" for all sorts of topics.  When I was in high
school, it was red ribbons to support Students Against Drunk Driving.
Later it was yellow ribbons to support the Gulf War Veterans, pink
ribbons to support breast cancer victims, and so on and so forth.
EVERY YEAR there's a new ribbon.

So why don't *WE* organize a ribbon campaign, it could be called the
RED STAR RIBBON campaign to support "Getting Rush Inducted Into The
Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame".  We could go out and tie black ribbons
with red pentagrams to the antennas on all the cars.  Go up and down
your local main street, hit all the parking lots (especially the malls),
then stick flyers under people's car wipers, in their mailboxes, etc.

We're bound to get some media attention sooner or later, and especially
at this time of year.  So whaddya say?  Anyone know where we could get
several thousand black ribbons with red pentagrams on short notice?

Like I said, tongue-in-cheek, but I'm half serious.  TNMS wants to get
250,000 electronic signatures, and they only have about 5000 so far.
I'm sure that must include just about everyone on this mailing list,
but where are the other 245,000 signatures going to come from?  Are we
going to have to teach our dogs how to use email so they can register
for the electronic petition too?

If the idiotic "Powers That Be" don't want to listen to reason and DO
THE RIGHT THING, how will we ever get OUR BAND awarded the honor that
they so justly deserve?  Keep in mind that these are the same idiotic
powers that gave a grammy for Best Instrumental to some crap song (from
The Police I think?) instead of YYZ back in the early 80's.

How can a band with a 25-year history, 16 studio albums, and 21.5
million units sold (57th on the all-time list) be consistently ignored
like this?  Even the damn record company ignores them, AND WE STILL
make the albums go GOLD.

I didn't even know this until I contacted the Recording Industry Assn
of America (, but EVERY SINGLE RUSH ALBUM,
including the live albums, including the two compilations (Chronicles
and Archives), have ALL GONE AT LEAST GOLD.  And 13 have gone either
Platinum or Multi-Platinum.  They're 13th on the list of ALL-TIME MOST
NUMBER OF GOLD AWARDS.  (See a pattern of "unlucky 13" emerging here?)

Something just ain't right here.  I felt it in my gut already, and now
that I satisfied my penchant for STATISTICS, I feel it in my brain too.

C'est la vie.  In the meantime, do everything you can to campaign for
Rush's inclusion in "The Hall", and check out my new RUSH TRIBUTE page
at the address below.  Now that I'm armed with all these statistics
from RIAA, I'll just HAVE to find somewhere to post them on my site.
Maybe later this week.   :-)


 Each of us, a cell of awareness, imperfect and incomplete, genetic
 blends with uncertain ends, on a fortune hunt that's far too fleet.


From: =?iso-8859-1?Q?Jukka-Pekka_Ker=E4nen?= 
Date: Tue, 8 Dec 1998 11:15:32 +0200 (EET)
Subject: DS ECD

I haven't read TNMS for a while, so I'm not sure if this has been
solved already...

The third CD on DS should be an enhanced cd?

Why doesn't my PC understand it?
It shows only the audio tracks but nothing else.

I hope it's not Macintosh crap!

That's all..
Jukka-Pekka Keranen


From: Neil Bonfield 
Date: 08 Dec 1998 05:09:42 -0500

>Anyway, the trip to the store tired me out, so I laid down in bed, put a
>banana around my eyes to block out the daylight, and blasted it on my CD
>player.  And Ohhh man, I was swept away.  It was truely a spiritual

I didn't know bananas could do that! Too funny! 8)

Neil Bonfield


From: Javier Reyes 
Date: Tue, 08 Dec 1998 09:07:38 -0600
Subject: Different Stages stuck in Japan!

Here is latest on the Japanese Import:

Siren Disc just wanted to update everyone regarding 
the Japanese release of Rush - "Different Stages (+1)".  We have
contacted out Japanese supplier to find out the status of this item.
As of 12.08.98 we have not received this item in stock.  We 
have sent a fax over to Japan and are awaiting their reply.

We appreciate your patience and we will inform you of any information 
as soon as we get it.  

Thank you,


From: Jose Ramos 
Date: Tue, 8 Dec 1998 10:33:19 -0500 
Subject: APOLOGY

Hey Rush heads:

My sincerest apology to Denimking for stating that he is a thief and should
not steal or commit mail fraud.  I realize that my statement was improper
and hasty.

I did not realize, Denimking, that you were only telling us how to steal,
not telling us to steal.  Your disclaimer at the end showed me the error of
my ways.

Once again, my apologies.  I guess that you are not a thief or a fraud.  I
guess you are merely a cop-out, loser scum-bag who can't even own up to his
own mistakes.  We all make mistakes, Denimking.  The mark of a true
gentleman and mature adult is one who can admit that he was wrong.  

Flame all you want, dude.  I am confident in my abilities, and back up
everything I say unlike you of meager cerebrum.  For once in your life,
stand up for what you say and be a man!

Once again, your parents should have taught you better.



From: "Gary and Rhonda" 
Date: Tue, 1 Dec 1998 14:37:03 -0600
Subject: Ramblings

>From #35 to #97 ???????
I think our band is truly dead in America (not in our hearts of course)..
I swear that if it were not for TNMS I would'nt have even known that
"Different Stages" was released..
No flyers, no advertising, NO NOTHING !!!!!
Maybe in the bigger cities but here in the great center of
Wisconsin.......NOTHING !!!!!
   Yes.  Rush has lost 80 pounds, but so have his ratings, 80psi of hot air,
   that is.  Thank goodness for that.

   Oh, yeah, the band.  Well, strike it up for America.  Non-car sales exceeded
   car sales for the first time last month in the US as well.  Which just blows
   for those of us who realize just how practical F-350 4x4 w/ dualies and a
   super cab pickup truck are not for just plain ol' driving to and from work,
   and instead foolishly choose to hold on to our little Japo or Euro sports
   cars, and wish that more people drove them instead to and from work...

I do wonder why the record company does'nt market the CD like they do other
artists ????

   Just look at American buying trends of the past few years...
   "More is better". "Newer is better than old".  Rush is old.
   Almost geezer old.

   Oh, the price per pound for a Chevy Suburban is about 1/4th that of a new
   Chevy Corvette...better get that Sub!  OK, but do you regularly pull
houses around town for your job?
Don't get me wrong.....I am surely not saying Rush should "sell out"...NOT
AT ALL!!!!
BUT #35 to #97 ??????   ....This is a MUST cd for even the modest Rush fan
!!! (for lack of better terms).
   Yeah, it is.  But too many people are too much into trying to find the
   next "In" thing, be it Leanne Rhymes, Puffy Daddy, Pat Boone, or whatever,
   and be associated with it until it starts running out of steam.  Sort of
   like a musical stock market with too many people invested, as
   it were, in hyper-aggressive "growth" funds and overinflated Internet
   stocks.  Except unfortunately there isn't a musical equivalent of a
   S&P 500 (that Rush would be a part of) to keep all the hypsters
yeah Yeah I's a LIVE 3 CD's not expected to sell as
well....BUT STILL !!!!!
For a band with such a huge fan base I figured that sales would be much
I think it's pretty obvious that the "word" is NOT out !!!!
THANK YOU CANADA.....for keeping these guys in business...
   Yes, the word is NOT out.  But at least it's selling at Costco (of course,
   that could be a bad sign in and of itself).  I'm sure the new Bruce Hornsby
   (for example) double-disc release, which is really good, by the way,
   is withering on the vine also, even though there have been a few TV
   commercials pumping it...

   On the plus side, let's compare Rush to a cookie...

   Rush, the Malomars of rock bands...

   I wonder where the pressures to NOT push Rush are?  are they from the band?
   Are they from deals that Atlantic has signed with other bands that require
   so much more investment in energy, effort and $$$ from Atlantic that
   prohibit them from really lifting much of a finger for a band like Rush?
Oh well that's my thought for the day


From: "Ralph Huffnagle" 
Date: Tue, 08 Dec 1998 11:37:42 EST
Subject: Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Sorry if someone noticed this already, but it sounds like Neil is 
playing the 5 note melody from "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" at 
the beginning of Xanadu from DS.  Then he plays another melody from a 
song I don't know the title to.  Can anyone figure that out.

Ralph Huffnagle


From: "Al Willig" 
Date: Tue, 8 Dec 1998 16:02:17 -0600
Subject: RE: I was there!/ Geddy's bass solo in Driven

Rob Pagano  said:

RE:'s post asking about Geddy's bass solo in

I was at the Meadowlands show in December '96, and I distinctly
remember Geddy doing a bass solo in Driven that was very similar to
what's on DS.  Of course I can't remember it EXACTLY, but I do remember
hearing him do the "echoing" notes which are on the CD starting at 2:00
minutes into the track.

As for the guy yelling "Shake it off Alex", I think it may have been a
reference to the fact that Geddy was doing a solo instead of Alex for
once... Could be???

I write:

I was at the show in Chicago from which Driven was recorded.  Alex's =
guitar feed goes out shortly before the solo.  It also goes out again =
towards the end of the song.  I find it hard to believe Ged would have =
chosen this particular performance over one where Alex's guitar feed was =
working if there wasn't something unique (Ged's solo) about the =
performance.  I accept that this premise could be flawed.


Al Willig                                      "Overwhelmed by =
Chief Financial Officer                      but wanting more so much."
Minnesota Institute of      =20
Acupuncture & Herbal Studies =20
Phone:  651 603 0994
Fax:  651 603 0995


From: Javier Reyes 
Date: Tue, 08 Dec 1998 17:11:56 -0600
Subject: Different Stages UNSTUCK in Japan!

Latest and greatest news about the Japanese Import:

Siren Disc is pleased to announce that Rush - Different 
Stages will be released late next week.  

If you notice the price has risen to $55.99.  This will not affect 
those of you who have placed a pre-order for it.  The price of 
$55.99 is only for those who did not place a pre-orde.r  If you 
pre-ordered this item we will be honoring the pre-order price.

Once again, thank you for being patient,

Javier I. Reyes
Oller Engineering, Inc.
CADD Manager
Certified Asbestos Inspector & Management Planner

e-mail address:
website address:


From: Tony Autrey 
Date: Tue, 8 Dec 1998 17:49:36 -0600 
Subject: red Barchetta

Hey everyone! I found a site that has an actual red Barchetta. It's made by
Maserati. This car is newer than the song so I'm sure that there are more of
them (unless of course the car was named after the song). If I'm not
mistaken, Fiat made one too. If anyone knows of others or if the word
"Barchetta" has a specific meaning, post it or let me know privately. I know
this might seem like an ignorant pursuit to some of you. I'm just trying to
understand Neil's motivation in that song. Besides, it's really an
incredible car! Take a look....

"To keep it as new has been his dearest dream"

Tony Autrey

PS. I'm all for the TNMS convention in Toronto. Count me in!!


From: greg bager 
Date: Tue, 08 Dec 1998 17:23:00 -0800
Subject: Bytor

can anyone tell me the answer to the following....

on BYTOR/SNOW DOG from ATWAS; the later middle part of the song has a
very slow Alex solo bit...which sounds incredibly like JIMMY PAGE's 
solo off SONG REMAINS THE SAME soundtrack and any LEDZEP boot from the
seventies featuring Dazed and Confused, specifically the cello bow
interlude action.

did ALEX ever use a cello bow like JIMMY PAGE????  if not how was that
effect created on the BYTOR???


From: PELEZone 
Date: Tue, 8 Dec 1998 22:38:59 -0500
Subject: Rush Chart Update

This is the latest Rush Chart Update:

Different Stages: (US Album Charts)

This week: #142, Last Week: #97, 2 Weeks ago: #35
Peak: #35, Weeks on Charts: 3

In Canada the album fell from #12 to outside the top 20 in its second week.

The Spirit of Radio (US Mainstream Rock Singles)

This week: #28, Last Week: #28, 2 Weeks Ago: #34
Peak: #27, Weeks on Chart: 6

Ward Bond


From: "Greg Sanderson" 
Date: Fri, 04 Dec 1998 12:20:33 PST
Subject: DS Review and Interviews

Well, I managed to pick up not one but *two* new magazines with Rush 
pieces in them.  The first one I'm going to transcribe for ya is a 
complimentary review taken from Classic Rock magazine:

Different Stages
8 stars out of 10

With the precision of master craftsmen, Rush follow a quartet of studio 
albums with their fourth live release.  The Canadian trio's previous 
live albums have celebrated the recent past by concentrating almost 
exclusively on their immediate studio predecessors, thereby neatly 
drawing each chapter of their history to a close.  But on this occasion, 
as the title suggests, the band acknowledge the days of yore with a host 
of old favourites scattered among newer material as they dip in and out 
of their history at will.
'Different Stages' forms a three-CD set, with the first two discs 
consisting of material drawn from the band's tours to support their two 
most recent studio releases, 'Counterparts' and 'Test For Echo'.  Disc 3 
represents a trip way back to the band's 1978 Hammersmith Odeon Show.
Its the latter that will be of greatest interest to the completists, but 
truth told its a bit of a disappointment.  All the old favourites from 
the early days are here, from 'Working Man' to the much maligned 'By Tor 
& The Snow Dog'.  However, in comparison to the refreshing treatment 
that hoary old classics such as '2112', 'Tom Sawyer' and 'Closer to the 
Heart' receive over the course of the first two discs, the '78 gig 
sounds its age.
So then to the first two discs themselves.  While 'Presto' is almost 
ignore completely - 'Show Don't Tell' is its sole representative - the 
band concentrate more on 'Roll The Bones' and the harder-edged material 
of their two most recent releases.  For all the criticism they attracted 
for their experiments in the '80s with a panoply of keyboards, you could 
argue that Rush have prolonged their existence as a result.  But the 
comparative shunning of 'Presto' and the complete absence of any tracks 
from 'Hold Your Fire' (a contender for the band's best album of the 
'80s) suggest that Rush will not be heading down that particular 
synth-lined avenue again.
There's no doubt that Rush as a band have matured beautifully.  The 
playing on the first two discs is awesome, with bassist Geddy Lee's 
performance standing out in particular.  While his famously manic vocals 
have calmed down over the years, his bass work becomes increasingly 
virtuoso.  And while we're on the subject of musicianship, Neil Peart's 
drum solo reaches a level of invention that mere mortal rock drummers 
can only aspire to.
If ever there was a justification for live albums, the first two-thirds 
of 'Different Stages' is it.  Altered arrangements, extended sections 
and the sheer intensity of playing make this a very worthy companion to 
its studio cousins.
Given the band's increasing reluctance to tour and the personal 
tragedies that have befallen Peart recently, the prospect of Rush 
returning to these shores to play live seems unlikely.  In the 
circumstances their fans would be well advised to savour the delights of 
this collection.

Not too shabby, eh?  Look out for transcriptions of interviews from the 
above magazine and also Bassist Magazine (Geddy made the cover, it's a 
killer photo of him!) - these transcriptions will soon be hitting an NMS 
issue near you...

Greg Sanderson


From: "John Hager" 
Date: Wed, 9 Dec 1998 01:05:57 -0500
Subject: re: 2112 in a different key

Robert G. Fenimore wrote:
"I don't know if anyone noticed, but 2112 on the new album is a whole
step lower than the studio version.  Probably why Geddy can hit most of the
notes.  Not complaining, though, cause it definitely kicks ass.  I
would rather hear the high vocals in the wrong key than watered down vocals
in the right key."

    Is this guy a drummer? I though I was the only drummer who could notice
the change of key (not to say I would know what key either the original or
live version was in!)
    But when I noticed the change of key was in concert here in Atlanta. It
almost sounded TWO whole steps lower! The first few riffs from Alex's guitar
sounded to me like he had broke a string or something.  I quickly realized
that it was just in a different key and just got lost in the song, so I
didn't even think about it until the release of DS.
    Anyway DS is the best live album I have ever heard, and I plan on
listening to the drum solo every single time the album is played (to the
chumps who won't and are criticizing the professor). Also I was very pleased
to see the space shuttle stuff in the pictures. I grew up 10 minutes from
Cape Kennedy and have seen it all of my life, so it was cool seeing it so
connected with RUSH!


[Ladies and Gentlemen, the Professor!]


From: Slim Jim 
Date: Wed, 09 Dec 1998 10:48:53 +0000
Subject: Re: My two cents (6 times) 

"Smith,James" wrote:

> Other thoughts...
> Has anyone been stuck by the massive growth that took place between 1978
> and 1997?  The contrast between the playing styles, the songwriting, the
> maturity in Geddy's vocals, the leads, everything is just so mature in
> the newer material. 

I would say the most striking growth took place between 1976 and 
1981 - six short years!  Don't forget that Moving Pictures was 
nearly *18* years ago, and I can't honestly say that I think they
have grown very much since then, musically speaking.

Regards from London, England, near Europe


From: Slim Jim 
Date: Wed, 09 Dec 1998 11:20:36 +0000
Subject: Re: Response to DS performance wrote:
> Sorry for flames, but the guy who criticizes the way RUSH plays the song =

Yes they can, but since we pay to listen to them, whether on a CD 
or at a concert, we have every right to criticise if we don't like



From: Slim Jim 
Date: Wed, 09 Dec 1998 11:31:19 +0000
Subject: Re: E weakly 

"Michael Z. Williamson" wrote:
> So, a friend of mine raises parakeets (yes, this is Rush-related; bear
> with me).  She has bred a variety that have head feathers that give them
> a mop-top, over the eyes, Beatles look.  Hilarious.

I had a friend with a similar interest.  I don't think she breeds 
parakeets, but she's had a cockatoo.



From: Danielle Diehl 
Date: Wed, 09 Dec 1998 15:58:02 -0600
Subject: a few minor sightings

Well there is the usual of seeing Orion in the sky "surrounded" by a circle
of bright stars with the center red star of Beteguelse (Beetlejuice), or
reading Don Quixote and learning the name of his nag "steed".  However a
funnier one was in my Income Tax I textbook, there was a problem with a
woman named Donna Harp.  Not quite Harper, but close enough.  And she was
in the film industry, not the radio industry.

Weird huh

Danielle Diehl
Financial Assistant
Cell and Molecular Biology
Chicago Campus
Phone 3-3242


From: Rob Pagano 
Date: Wed, 09 Dec 1998 17:21:15 -0500
Subject: Re: The Analog Kid v/s The Digital Man

Alvaro Graves  had an interesting point about
the Analog Kid vs. the Digital Man.  Alvaro, I've wondered that myself
many times!  Anybody have any ideas?

P.S.  Alvaro, don't worry about your English.  It seems fine to me, and
actually it's better than SOME people I can think of, for whom English
is supposedly their native language!  :-)

=Each of us, a cell of awareness, imperfect and incomplete, genetic
=blends with uncertain ends, on a fortune hunt that's far too fleet.


Date: Wed, 09 Dec 1998 17:22:55 -0500 (EST)
Subject: The Tragically Hip

   I am going to see the hip in the middle of feb.  I was wondering if
anyone would be willing to tape some of there songs for me so I 
recognize some of the stuff.  I would provide the tapes and package
and return postage.  Just let me know.


From: (matt voss)
Date: Wed, 9 Dec 1998 17:37:21 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Production

I feel that production on DS is piss poor.  Here is what I think they
should have done:

Plan a two night stand a couple of months after opening night with a
professional live music production company.  In those two months, the
band would have time to master their live sound.  The production company
records, then mixes the CD with the band and a renowned producer (Steve
Lillywhite, David Hentschel.)  My point is:  let someone who does this
for a living take care of a live CD.  All of these recordings were taken
from Rush's own soundman (Robert S.) and mixed from ADAT's.  It's no
wonder why the CD sounds so compressed and noisy.  How hard can three
guys be to record??  Where is the clarity and room for dynamics that I
hear in other bands live recordings.  The mix sounds just like the audio
mix of the laserdisc of ASOH.  That was also produced by Geddy.  I think
Geddy should stick to bass instead of sitting in front of a sound


From: "Mark L. Hayes" 
Date: Wed, 09 Dec 1998 15:49:20 -0700
Subject: The Article Thing

Dear All,

I guess the time has come for me to explain myself.  I wrote the little
clip about artists abusing articles in their band names and song titles
that went like so (if you will allow my to quote myself):

>Rush Friends,

>Dare I add fuel to the fire?  There is yet another missing article.  I
>do not mean articles of clothing or stolen goods in general. Rather I
>mean definite and indefinite articles.  Not only is "The" missing from
>"The Analog Kid" in disc two, but the "A" is missing from "A Farewell 
>to >Kings" in disc three.

>As I study the artistry behind the musicians, I find that once you make
>it big, you have an unofficial license to add or remove articles
>(a,an,the) whenever you deem fit.  Another example that comes to mind,
>is The Smashing Pumpkins.  On the early albums, "Gish," "Siamese 
>Dream," and "Pisces Iscariot" (B-sides), they call themselves simply 
>"Smashing Pumpkins."  From "Mellon Collie..." on, they are now "THE 
>Smashing Pumpkins."

>Tendancy for public performers to the think that a they are above an
>laws of the grammar is quite sad commentary on their profession. A
>article is not the something to be the trifled an with.  A Pink Floyd
>or The Led Zeppelin or even The Metallica would never do such a thing.

>I love The Rush,
>Mark Hayes

Anyway, it was meant to be a joke.  In my own strange, sarcastic way, I
purposely misused articles (dropping them, adding them, using them
incorrectly) in the last paragraph in order to make the point that I
didn't think it was that big of a deal whether or not articles were
included in song titles. My purpose was not to rip on people who do
think that it is important.  I was just playing around.  I was in a
weird mood and started typing. 

Since then I have gotten more than one response personally, and I have
seen further posts regarding the same.  That is an obvious clue to me
that it wasn't very funny.  Any time you have to explain your joke, that
means it sucks.  My apologies.  In the future, I will keep my bizarre,
and obviously lame attempt at humor to myself . . . (and there was much

M.L. Hayes


From: "Kevin L. Kitchens" 
Date: Wed, 9 Dec 1998 18:29:18 -0500
Subject: Christmas gifts for Rush Fans...

Here's some ideas that you can pass to people trying to find you 
the perfect Christmas gift this year (or any year).

* A clock permanently set to 7:45.
* A replica Olympic torch
* A razor
* A book by Samuel Clemens
* Baking Soda and Vinegar
* An A, a B, a C, a D, an E, an F, and a G.
* An Alfred Hitchcock film with Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak

I'm sure there are more...but I'm tired... :)

Kevin L. Kitchens, PEI Programming, Lithonia, Georgia
PEI Programming:         
The BEST Installer: WISE   -Info: 
The BEST Grid: SpreadOCX   -Info:


From: "Michael Z. Williamson" 
Date: Tue, 08 Dec 1998 18:48:47 -0800
Subject: free CD's

>Thomas Oderwald said:
>>Paul Ashley wrote...

>>" 1. One post suggested a way to "take advantage" of a music store 
>>chain by taking your old CD in and lie about it being 'broken' or 
>>'skipping' to exchange it for a copy of the enhanced CD!  This little 
>>"upgrade" scheme is out right theft!"

> which I reply...

>It is most definitely NOT theft. 

No, it's fraud.  Falsely representing something for gain.

>What I described is merely using the policy of the store to your 

Bill Clinton's defense lawyers hgave a job for you!

>It in NO WAY harms the business. 

They return it to the MFR, who then does not compensate them, as it it
not part of their shipment.  The store loses money.  Unless you are
claiming they replace worn out disks as a "customer service?"  Heard of
this, but have yet to see a store actually do it.

>The only harm this does is that it tends to annoy some of the store 
>employees, but even they know that it does no harm to their business. 
>The store experiences no 'shrink' in the inventory.

they have one less saleable copy, and not due to mfr defect.  That is a
reduction in inventory.  You claim to have worked in retail.  You should
know this.

Besides which, it is dishonest.
mike  Edged weaponry, from the stone age to the space

Mathematically, I'm certain there are gun-control proponents who are not
paranoid, phobic, or irrational.  I just haven't met any yet.


From: Joe Benson 
Date: Wed, 9 Dec 1998 18:05:35 -0800
Subject: Rockline

Geddy & Alex will be Bob Coburn's guests on Rockline (or perhaps the new
Rockline#2) the third week of January.

rock on! jb


From: Taj Dickinson 
Date: Wed, 09 Dec 1998 22:01:19 -0500
Subject: yyz

Saw something funny today. I went over to to see if maybe they
had the Japanese version of DS. I was looking at the part where they
list all the tracks and noticed that instead of YYZ being the last track
on Disc 2...we now have XYZ :)


From: Dom Kallas 
Date: Wed, 09 Dec 1998 22:39:05 -0500 (EST)
Subject: DS Review in the Tufts Daily

If all the less than positive reviews of DS have been getting you down,
you should check out this article.  This is taken from The Tufts Daily,
the daily newspaper at my school, which doesn't have a whole lot of Rush
fans. For the record, I didn't write this article, but it's really cool
anyway.  Enjoy! 

					Electronically Yours,

Rush displays diversity in new 'Different Stages' by ADAM MACHANIC Senior Staff Writer The music of Rush has evolved and transcended musical barriers over the years in a way that few bands have been able to match. From early heavy metal anthems to later progressive rock hits, the band has continued to change and grow, never allowing its music to become stale. Rush's newest album, Different Stages, could not be more aptly named. This live three-CD set contains music from every stage of the band's career. Further, it documents the musicians' superior skill as live performers. From a band that is known for ten- month-long, 200-show-tours, Different Stages is a description of a way of life for the members of Rush. The first two disks are comprised of the best versions of songs from over 100 live performances recorded during the Test For Echo tour in 1997. Rush has never been known as a band to disappoint an audience, and this collection of songs is quite amazing. Half of the songs offered are taken from more recent albums such as Test For Echo, Counterparts, and Roll the Bones. Also included, however, are the band's most popular radio hits -- "Closer to the Heart," "Limelight," "Tom Sawyer," and "The Spirit of Radio," as well as memorable renditions of less-known Rush songs such as "The Trees," and the "2112" suite in its entirety. The fact that the members of Rush are able to balance such a diverse amalgamation of songs is further testament to how they have managed to remain popular for over 25 years. Somehow, the electronic-infused "2112" sounds good when paired with a mournful "Closer to the Heart." The contemporary rock sounds of "Test For Echo" compliment an epic "Freewill." Everything manages to mesh, and only the most perceptive listener can tell that the music spans such a long time period. The first disk is not purely music; it also contains a CD-ROM component. The ClusterWorks program that is included seems at first like a strange accompaniment for Rush's music. It is best described as an interactive work of art. As the user moves the mouse around the screen, showers of pixels form in various psychedelic patterns, responding to user input. Likewise, notes begin playing in a way that is all at once subtle, minimalistic, and yet somehow perfect for what happens on the screen. ClusterWorks has dozens of user-modifiable settings, including a screen-saver mode. Although the idea sounds strange at first, the program soon becomes highly addictive. Regardless of the fact that it has nothing to do with Rush, the program recalls laser-light shows, an early Rush staple. Its continually morphing textures draw a parallel to the ever changing music of the band. Either way, the program is really, really cool, and that's probably the reason that it was included. The true gem of "Different Stages" is the third disk. This is a recording of a single concert at the Hammersmith Odeon Theater in London from February, 1978. A much younger version of the band delivers an energy that somehow is not present in the live tracks on the other two disks. The music is more raw, more intense, and somehow more real. Included are Rush favorites such as "Bastille Day," "Working Man," and "Fly By Night." Both seasoned Rush fanatics and new listeners should find this disk to be especially enjoyable. As this is Rush's fourth live album, there were doubts that it would live up to the quality and reputation that the band has built for itself over the years. All doubts have been shattered. Different Stages is yet another masterpiece amongst so many other albums that Rush has given its fans over the years.
________________________________________________________________________________ Look at where all this talking got us, baby - Live "white, discussion" ________________________________________________________________________________ ---------------------------------------------------------- From: Benjamin Leimkuhler Date: Wed, 9 Dec 1998 22:38:40 -0600 (CST) Subject: A previously posted Geddy interview I remember about 5 or 6 issues ago, someone posted an interview with Geddy Lee. It was the one where, at the end, he started talking about the meaning of The Spirit of Radio, and about how the corporate battle is over and we lost, and how all radio is for is to pummel you to death with the same song every hour. I was talking to Slacker, the night DJ on 99.7 KY in Kansas City, and he said that he can't play as much Rush as he would like because "all the corporate bullshit." I told he I would send him a Geddy Lee quote on that subject, if I could find it. If anybody still has that TNMS issue, or knows where I can find that interview on the web, please let me know. Or, if you would be willing to type out that last part about The Spirit of Radio and the corporate bullshit, and e-mail it to me, I would be much obliged as well. Thanks, Ben Leimkuhler P.S. Is anybody out there still waiting for any CDs from Prism Records. I'm still waiting for him to fulfill an order I mailed on May 5th. ---------------------------------------------------------- From: Slim Jim Date: Thu, 10 Dec 1998 10:35:54 +0000 Subject: Re: 2 Questions wrote: > > 1) How long has Rush been using intro music at the start of the > concert? ie, 3 Stooges on Signals, P/G tours, Cartoon guys on > HYF, Presto tours, RTB?, 2001 on CP/T4E tours. When did this > start and what was it? On ATWAS, you get the "Alright, will > you please welcome home....RUSH!" intro, then on DS Disc 3 > from the AFTK tour, a similar announcement. What did they do > on Hem tour? PeW? MP? The 'Tour of the Hemispheres' featured much the same opening announcement, at least in Newcastle, England. > 2) When did the rear projection screen start? My first concert > was Signals and it was in full force then. Anybody know or remember > when and how this started, ie, what kinds of stuff did they show > during which songs? Well, I remember an interview conducted with Alex in June '1977, by Metro Radio (Newcastle, NE England) wherein the interviewer congratulated Alex on their tremendous light-show presentation. Alex replied by saying thanks very much, but actually due to constraints imposed by playing much smaller stages in England, they had not been able to bring their rear-projection stuff over with them. The first time I remember rear-projection being used in England was on the brief tour they did before PeW (much bigger halls by then). I remember the Starman being displayed during 2112, but for the life of me I can't remember what else was shown. Slim ---------------------------------------------------------- From: Date: Thu, 10 Dec 1998 07:59:34 EST Subject: Buzzing on Hammersmith disc Has anyone experienced a buzzing sound on the Hammersmith disc from Different Stages? I've ruled out noise in my system. It is most prevalent on the less dynamic portions of Something for Nothing. It seems to come in and out, and is not part of the songs. Do I have a defective disc, or is this just an anomoly due to the age of the original master tapes? ---------------------------------------------------------- From: Date: Thu, 10 Dec 1998 09:59:57 -0600 Subject: Grace Under Pressure Video Does anyone out there have an (extra) copy of the Grace Under Pressure = Video, or know where I can get it. According to the 2 billion people = I've talked to about it, it isn't in publication anymore (and hasn't = been for a long time now) and the only way I'll find it is if some store = (or individual) happens to have a copy lying around. It can be a used = tape, but it has to be an original. I have a duped copy (how many = generations old I'll never know) and it sounds and looks terrible. = Please help, I've been looking for this video for two years now. "You can be the captain, and I will draw the charts. Sailing into = destiny, closer to the heart" Max ---------------------------------------------------------- From: William MacDonald Date: Thu, 10 Dec 1998 11:27:38 -0500 Subject: CDs Michael Z. Williamson writes: >besides which, BMG products have their licensing stamp on them, and the >band gets less of a take, and the sound quality is inferior to standard >run disks. How have you arrived at the conclusion that the sound quality of BMG products is inferior to "standard run" disks? A CD is a CD, and digital is digital. Manufacturers don't make separate CD pressings for retailers and marketers like BMG or Columbia House. If you disagree, I invite you to prove me wrong. Bill ---------------------------------------------------------- From: (mconsani) Date: Thu, 10 Dec 1998 11:22:40 -0500 Subject: 2112 as an Alarm Code/Pedals or Keys Hi Rush-heads: A temporary library that I set up in uptown Manhattan needed an alarm code, so, naturally I chose, yes you figured it out. I love the sound that Geddy gets during the chorus of Xanadu, ie. 9:20. Is this played with the Taurus Pedals or from the Keyboard? Mark "the Librarian" Consani ---------------------------------------------------------- To submit material to The National Midnight Star, send mail to: For administrative matters (subscription, unsubscription, changes, and questions), send mail to: or There is a mail server available for back issues of the digest. For more info, send email with the subject line of HELP to: These requests are processed immediately, and you should have back a response within a few minutes. Any problems please direct to the rush-mgr. For those of you on the World Wide Web, the Rush home page is: The contents of The National Midnight Star are solely the opinions and comments of the individual authors, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the authors' management, or the mailing list management. Copyright (C) 1998 by The Rush Fans Mailing List Editor, The National Midnight Star (Rush Fans Mailing List) ********************************************* End of The National Midnight Star Number 2155 *********************************************

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