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         The National Midnight Star, Number 2157

                   Monday, 14 Dec 1998

Today's Topics:
             Lotus Land has been updated. . .
                      BROTHER FARLEY
                    re:  prism records
                    japanese force ten
                      Rush Remasters
                    Teacher Guy Survey
               R&R HOF, ASOH vido review...
              Macs will be obselete by 2005
                      Re: Your name
                DS production & BMG discs
This subject title was written at 00:12 of the entire writing process
                       Re: Rockline
                       Guitar World
                      Prism Records
                       Japanese DS
                    BMG CDs (reprise)
                     RE: Hall of Fame
             Re: Response to DS performance 
                     Re: Production 
                       Double necks
                    The Rhythm Method
                    "RUSH" Plate in NH
                     Metallica covers
                        RE: DS ECD
                Just to feed my curiosity
                    The Mandlebrot set
                       Hall of Fame
                        Jart Music
                     Bark at the Moon

From: "Michael Z. Williamson" 
Date: Thu, 10 Dec 1998 20:21:20 -0800
Subject: grammer

>Imanaz Holl said:
>>Michael Z. Williamson
>>Subject: grammer

>Here's a guy who sends a post berating someone else's grammar, and yet 
>he can't SPELL grammar correctly in his subject line.  Cure: Quit 
>sending posts ... or is it postes ;)

It's called sarcasm.  You'll probably study it when you get to 7th
mike  Edged weaponry, from the stone age to the space

Mathematically, I'm certain there are gun-control proponents who are not
paranoid, phobic, or irrational.  I just haven't met any yet.
(MAY have met one--the jury is now in chambers.)


From: "Michael Z. Williamson" 
Date: Thu, 10 Dec 1998 20:41:23 -0800
Subject: suburban

>Gary and Rhonda asked:
>   Oh, the price per pound for a Chevy Suburban is about 1/4th that of a 
>new Chevy Corvette...better get that Sub!  OK, but do you regularly pull
>houses around town for your job?

no, but several hundred pounds of steel, long tent poles, and a wife and
kid.  I NEED a suburban.  Be a sport and buy one, then becuase you don't
want it, can I have it?

ORQ:  My station wagon can only carry 9 people to a Rush
concert--another reason to get a suburban.

Friendlily sarcastic, not flaming:

mike  Edged weaponry, from the stone age to the space

Mathematically, I'm certain there are gun-control proponents who are not
paranoid, phobic, or irrational.  I just haven't met any yet.


From: "Michael Z. Williamson" 
Date: Thu, 10 Dec 1998 20:54:15 -0800
Subject: BMG

>>William MacDonald said:
>Michael Z. Williamson  writes:

>besides which, BMG products have their licensing stamp on them, and the
>band gets less of a take, and the sound quality is inferior to standard
>run disks.

>>How have you arrived at the conclusion that the sound quality of BMG
>>products is inferior to "standard run" disks?  A CD is a CD, and 
>>digital is digital.  Manufacturers don't make separate CD pressings for 
>>retailers and marketers like BMG or Columbia House.  If you disagree, I 
>>invite you to prove me wrong.

BMG is based about 3 miles from me.  I've gotten stuff from them and
compared.  They work much like a book club (also based here), they buy
rtights for a fixed fee, and produce their own product.  The case has
their own ID code on the back.  The sound level is much lower.  The
quality I can;t say, the player was not good enough.  They may have
changed this policy--it was 3 years ago I fell for it.  But they are
cheaper due to lower overhead--production cost and rights,
specifically.  and from a collector point of view, book club and cd club
versions are generally worthless.

mike  Edged weaponry, from the stone age to the space

Mathematically, I'm certain there are gun-control proponents who are not
paranoid, phobic, or irrational.  I just haven't met any yet.


From: Brian 
Date: Fri, 11 Dec 1998 22:4:14 +0800
Subject: Lotus Land has been updated. . .

Lotus Land has been updated. New Pix and "My Lucky Rush Shirt" have been 
added. See me with my trophy winning fish!

Also, my boss/cousin heard the interview and told me about it 
yesterday morning. He was a little vague and led me to believe the Boys 
actually called it quits, but after reading the digest, Geddy's answers are 
still too ambiguous to get any hard facts. 

Ahh, it's Friday. Off to the bar I go.

Don't forget to visit Lotus Land, 19 people visiting so far since 12/10.


Lotus Land : Another Rush Tribute Page
Personal Page
Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most.


From: "oro" 
Date: Fri, 11 Dec 1998 20:26:30 -0700

ABOARD!!   If any of you would like to welcome him aboard just e-mail me
and I'll forward them to him..    ORO


From: Chris Delp 
Date: Fri, 11 Dec 1998 20:34:57 -0700
Subject: re:  prism records

> From: "Jason M. Dolinger" 
> Sorry Ben,
>       A good portion of us have been ripped off by this piece of shit.  I sent
> him $75 for Virtual Songs last August!  That's right, 15 months ago.  I
> delt with all of his excuses and backlogs, always re-assured by his lines
> like,"Every one of you will get your cd's even if I have to sell my
> mother's soul to the devil."  I truly thought his business was legit.  I
> guess it was at one point, and he had a huge business, but he decided to
> drop off the face of the planet and rip off all those who were still
> waiting.  If I ever saw this guy I would kill him.  I very nicely
> corresponded with him several times over the lasy year and a half, and he
> explained his circumstances.  Well as of this summer he's disappeared, and
> isn't replying to any e-mail.  I guess the joke is on us.  Just try and
> forget about it.

ive been waiting for the balence of my order too. i got part of it, but i im 
in for about 80 bucks. im not too worried though. if i dont get my shit or a 
refund sooner or later, ill put in a call to the attormy general of az, and 
ill be sure pass that info along. i know the location of his bussiness and 
other tid bits that should make him pretty easy to find. just think how the 
IRS would appriciate this knowledge! i estimated several thousand dollars of 
income buy his back log lists, as well as the fact the his cost per disc was 
definatly no more than 2 bucks a peice.



From: Scott McDow 
Date: Fri, 11 Dec 1998 22:41:37 -0500
Subject: japanese force ten


Thanks for the mp3 of force ten, sounds good. Not worth
$65.00 imo. When did they play japan??....

Anyway, where in the tracklisting does force ten fall? Anybody?

   [ I remember that it's track 10 on the second disc :-)        : rush-mgr ]

cockatoos, good one slim



From: "Mark Mars" 
Date: Fri, 11 Dec 1998 22:55:49 -0600
Subject: Rush Remasters

I have all the Remasters; except 2112, Moving Pictures, and Signals =
which are the Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs Gold Disks.  I got them all =
from BMG (what a deal) and replaced all the originals I had (gave those =
away to friends in need of Rush and they love them).  Anyway, I looked =
an "official" release of Hemispheres Remaster and mine looks, sounds, =
feels, and tastes the same as the real McCoy.  The best part is the =
liner notes of some of the earlier albums, a must have for anyone.

Oh, by the way, the Gold Disks are better in my opinion.  They just need =
to do the entire catalog.



From: Joseph Lotti 
Date: Fri, 11 Dec 1998 23:14 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Teacher Guy Survey

In response to the Rush teacher guy's survey results

Identity/Self Image (13)

I realize you didn't all the responses but please tell me that someone
suggested "War Paint" for this category!

Joe L.


From: Benjamin Leimkuhler 
Date: Fri, 11 Dec 1998 22:19:03 -0600 (CST)
Subject: R&R HOF, ASOH vido review...

I have a couple of things to say in this post.  First of all, in response
to Pete's post about Rush in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and how he
would rather that Rush wasn't inducted, I have to say that I agree with
you totally.  I really don't consider it an honor to Rush to be in the
HOF.  And I'm sure Rush doesn't consider it an honor either, and they
could probably care less if they were inducted or not.  HOWEVER, part of
me does want them to be inducted because I PERSONALLY want them to be
recognized publicly.  I want bragging rights to use against those who
don't like Rush, and who believe that the HOF actually is an honor.  I
want to know that at least they won't be REJECTED by the HOF.  What would
give me the most pleasure would be for Rush to be nominated, and then at
the induction ceremony, when it's time to do the customary thing and
accept the "honor," for Neil to denounce the R&R HOF for the joke that it
is, and then disrespectfully decline the nomination.

On another note, I think I am going to go out and buy a second copy of DS
to use as a backup.  This is because disc 3 is only a limited time bonus
disc.  Someday if my disc gets broken, scratched, lost or whatever, I may
not be able to go out and buy another one.  So I think we all ought to go
out and buy our backup copies now, and also increase DS sales in the

During the week when Showbiz Today was supposed to air the Rush interview,
they DID air a feature/interview on Phish.  I wonder if someone mistook
Phish for Rush.

And lastly, back in about 1989, when I was at the orthodontists office, I
was reading a People magazine and I saw an review in there for the ASOH
video.  So I ripped it out and it has been in my desk drawer for 10 years.
I have been meaning to post that review to the NMS for several years. Here
it is:

Even those who don't usually enjoy Rush may find this 14-song concert
video by the Canadian power-pop trio to their liking.  The band plays its
hits like "Big Money"  and "Tom Sawyer" tightly and with a fuller
sound than threesomes customarily get.  Sharply edited, the video
integrates performance footage with computer graphics, film snippets and
animation.  A Show of Hands also clears up one nagging little 
microcontroversy.  Those who have only heard Rush's recordings may well
have doubted that a voice as high strung and impossibly zippy as Geddy
Lee's could actually issue from a human throat.  Seeing - and hearing at
the same time - is believing.  And witnessing the hatchet-faced singer
screeching out these songs on stage in Birmingham, England, should serve
to convince at least some Rush sceptics. (Polygram) --- D.H.

Ben Leimkuhler


Date: Mon, 07 Dec 1998 23:01:34 -0500
Subject: Re: Your name

Hey, my name is Matt Maholchic, and I'm a teacher.  The other day I was so 
bored at a faculty meeting that I actually graphed RUSH's albums.  I e-mailed 
my buddy with the results.  Here is that e-mail, thought you'd get a laugh...

I was in a staff development meeting on Wednesday and was so incredibly bored
I did what I haven't done since college...actually GRAPHED Rush's 20 albums
on a 1-20 scale, 1 being the best.  Here are my results:

1) Moving Pictures (Best blend of drumming, writing, hot licks and keyboards
out there, coupled with super songwriting.  The album with which all that
Rush ever wanted to be blended like a beautiful musical eclipse...)

2) A Farewell to Kings (The ultimate Rush song- 'Closer to the Heart'- the
first epic song- 'Xanadu'- and the angry rage of 'A Farewell to Kings,' one
of the top 5 Rush songs ever...along with very underrated songs like
'Cinderella Man' and 'Madrigal'...rounded off by 'Cygnus', the weird prelude
to 'Hemispheres'...this album was about three years ahead of its time

3) Signals (some say too many keyboards...maybe, but the strength of the
songs is only matched by 'Moving Pictures', especially 'New World Man' and
'Analog Kid'.  'Subdivisions' powers it, 'Losing It' is melancholy artistry,
and 'The Weapon' is full of symbolism).

4) Permanant Waves (Has 'Spirit of Radio' and 'Freewill', enough said...the
rest of the album is good...this is the album that they wanted 'Hemispheres'
to be).

5) Presto (Rush's most underrated album, but incredibly addictive once given
a chance...all the songs on the record are great, and this is Peart's best
drumming since 'Hemispheres').

6) Counterparts (This is Rush's 'Synchronycity'...half power trio social
conciousness, half paen to the pain of divorce and the never-ending mystery
of what makes men and women so different.  Of all of Rush's 90s
return-to-rock records, this is the best).

7) 2112 (The culmination of Rush's early attempts to be a concept band).

8) A Show of Hands (Rush's best-sounding live record)

9) Test for Echo ('Counterparts' part two, this is full of awesome rock and
roll and some phenomenal lyrics, particularly 'Half the World', 'Resist' and
'Dog Years').

10) Hemispheres (A little self-indulgent on the first side, but musically the
band's most creative album, and obviously 'The Trees' is one of their top
five songs).

11) Different Stages (This is a brilliant collection of live work from the
last two years...nice to see the band return to old warhorses 'Natural
Science', 'Analog Kid' and 'The Trees'...nice to see, finally, a version of
'Limelight' on a live record...could have substituted 'Red Barchetta' for
'Tom Sawyer' and made it even better.  '2112' in its entirety was a NICE
surprise, but they play it in G now instead of A...:) Geddy's not a young man
anymore and his voice can't take it, it would appear...the 1978 show has a
terrific 'A Farewell to Kings').

12) Hold Your Fire (A lot of people didn't like this record because this is
Rush's last record before the 'Roll the Bones' comeback...but beneath the
layers of synthesizers are some great songs.  'Force Ten', 'Time Stand Still'
and 'Mission' all push for spots on the 6-10 section of a RUSH top ten songs

13) Power Windows ('Territories' is maybe the ultimate Neil Peart showcase
song, while 'Big Money' and 'Marathon' are sound concert favorites.  'Emotion
Detector' and 'Manhattan Project' are terrific poems put to music).

14) Roll the Bones (The first of Rush's return to their roots, this record
has an exceptional first side, but peters out on the second side).

15) All the World's a Stage (A sweet taste of the band's 70s show).

16) Fly By Night ('By-Tor and the Snow Dog' is the band's early attempt at a
'2112', but 'Fly By Night' is still going strong on radio and 'In the End'
and 'Beneath, Between and Behind' are signs that this band is NOT Led

17) Caress of Steel (This is basically the b-side of 'Fly By Night'.
'Lakeside Park' and 'Bastille Day' are power songs, and the 'Necromancer' is
a weird distraction).

18) Exit Stage Left (Good songs, but whoever mixed the album was stoned).

19) Rush (This is Led Zeppelin).

20 Grace Under Pressure (Rush's black album, released in the Reagan vs. the
Evil Empire/"The Day After" early 80s...this is the band's weakest effort,
with dinky drums, a feeble attempt to sound like a mainstream 80s pop band
like Night Ranger or Journey, and pessimistic, Floydish songs about the
aftermath of the dreaded global nuclear prom.  Let Floyd play Floyd...Rush's
only song that conveys their message is 'Kid Gloves'...the only song that
doesn't leave you with an impulse to slash your wrists).


Date: Fri, 11 Dec 1998 22:14:23 -0800
Subject: DS production & BMG discs

>I feel that production on DS is piss poor.
>Where is the clarity and room for dynamics that I
>hear in other bands live recordings.  The mix sounds just like the audio
>mix of the laserdisc of ASOH.  That was also produced by Geddy.  I think
>Geddy should stick to bass instead of sitting in front of a sound

Whoa, are you listening to the same album as the rest of us?  Anyone else
feel this way?  I'd like to know what your example of a better sounding
live album is?  Or am I missing the sarcasm?

As for the BMG CD's, I've got some of the remasters from them, and some
from the stores.  I sure can't hear where the BMG ones sound any worse.  I
think that what people have posted about them being manufactured
independently from the ones sold in stores is correct, but I think the
standards have much improved from the past.  They certainly now contain all
of the graphics and printing on the discs that the "official" ones have.
So I'm curious, is there anyone out there who has actually noticed inferior
sound on BMG discs of the last few years?



From: "Imanaz Holl" 
Date: Sat, 12 Dec 1998 06:23:14 GMT
Subject: This subject title was written at 00:12 of the entire writing process

To make this an official Rush sighting, the twelve second time stamp is
coupled with twenty one words in this sentence.

WOW, that makes 21 and :12 ... ooohhhhhhhhhhh.

But besides meaningless Rush sightings, my real problem is with those people
who actually counted that first sentence to make sure there were 21 words
there.  BECAUSE it's those same exact people who I need to talk to here.  TIME

There I said it.  I mean, really it's pretty scary thinking about the time and
energy going into time stamping certain sections of a song to make your point.
 Here is the most tragic case example:

>From: Brian Darr 
>Subject: I believe 2112 is 21:12 on DS!!!
>Hey Rushland,
>I have been talking to a few people after I recently posted on the
>NMS about the DS version of 2112 being 21 minutes and 12 seconds.  Most
>people have added the time of the separate sections and get something over
>21:12.  However, if you take into account the amount of fade out applause
>after the Grand Finale I believe the time of the actual song from
>beginning to end on DS is 21:12!  Can someone with some patience and a
>stopwatch confirm this?  One thing we need to agree on is when the song
>actually endds before we can try this (I believe it is when Alex's guitar
>stops after the final "we have assumed control"  Later- Brian

I can only assume that somebody is in need of help, or in need of more
socialization.  It is quite apparent that one has a lot of free time when one
attends Adelphi for their higher education.  

But you'd think this type of insanity would end here ....

>From: "Smith,James" 
>Subject: My two cents (6 times)
>And for whoever asked if 2112 is actually 21:12, it's not.  It's a few
>seconds longer.  If I recall correctly it's 21:35.

"If I recall correctly" is a phrase that indicates a casual knowledge of
something.  "If I recall correctly" means that I think it's that, but I may be
wrong.  However, the end of this sentence goes "... it's 21:35".  THIS
indicates a specific, even obsessive, knowledge of the facts.  So, he's trying
to look casual, but we all know he sat there with his stopwatch (because the
CD player divides each song up and doesn't give you the total for 2112), and
OBSESSIVELY figured out the TIME!!!!

Time stamping is a disease and should stop right now!!!  The only people who
really need to Time Stamp are the BAND MEMBERS who are playing the songs and
need to index it accordingly.  Spend the time and energy it takes to time
stamp, and pet your dog, notice how much the children have grown, or bathe.

Imanaz Holl

This message took exactly 21:11 to write ... DAMN ... JUST MISSED IT!!!!!!


Date: Fri, 11 Dec 1998 22:26:43 -0800
Subject: Re: Rockline

>From: Joe Benson 
>Date: Wed, 9 Dec 1998 18:05:35 -0800
>Subject: Rockline
>Geddy & Alex will be Bob Coburn's guests on Rockline (or perhaps the new
>Rockline#2) the third week of January.
>rock on! jb

Thanks, Uncle Joe!  For those who don't know, Joe Benson is a long-time DJ
on Los Angeles radio, and is currently the morning voice on Arrow FM 93.1.
One of his fellow DJ's is Bob Coburn, the original host of Rockline.  I was
thrilled to hear on the station yesterday that Rockline was finally
returning to LA, and that Mr. Coburn would once again be hosting.  He has
an extensive knowledge of rock & roll from his many years on the air, and
his Rockline shows were always well done.  (And, he once bought me a beer
at a Rik Emmett show, but that's beside the point...)

The promo on the air said that Rush would inaugurate the return of Rockline
on Jan 20.  Looking forward to it!  I see that as a very good sign that
they would bother to do a live call-in show 2 full months after the release
of DS!  Perhaps they'll be ready to talk of the future...



From: John Lupoli 
Date: Sat, 12 Dec 1998 12:09:41 -0500
Subject: Guitar World

Hi Fellow Rushians,
	Wow. I recently checked out my site, and the counter says that I have
had over 1,000 visits since September 2. I would have never thought that
a 14-year-old like me would be able to create a popular Rush site. And I
owe it all to you guys. Thanks for coming to my site. My site would be
nothing without the help and inspiration of you guys. (that also
includes rush-mgr.)
	Anyway, I was recently at my drum lessons (which I get at a music
store) and I was thinking about the issue of Hit Parader with Geddy Lee.
As I was in (the name of the store is Minotti Music) I saw that they got
the new issue of Guitar World Magazine. The guy at the front counter
(who's a college kid named John) who's a friend of mine,  saw me staring
at it. He knows that I really like Rush so he told me that there was a
Rush article inside. There was. There were pictures of Geddy and Alex,
interviews with both of them, and there was also some guitar tabs. They
were talking about the new album. Another friend of mine said that he
saw an interview of Alex Lifeson in Guitar Magazine. 

Matt Lupoli
Age: 14
North Haven, Ct


From: "Pat Larson" 
Date: Sat, 12 Dec 1998 04:26:54 -0700
Subject: Prism Records


First, a Rush hearing. I heard Entre Nous on the radio for the very first time 
the other day in St. Louis on 97.1. They play "80s rock that rocks". It is a 
mix of 80s hair metal and groups like Rush(lots),LZ,etc. I always thought that 
Entre Nous was a radio "natural".

>>P.S.  Is anybody out there still waiting for any CDs from Prism Records.
I'm still waiting for him to fulfill an order I mailed on May 5th.>>

I am waiting as well, but 'only' since July. I pulled this from the latest 
Prism website update, dated November 12 :
 "By now, many of you have your CDs, and of those that do not, many more are 
mere days or weeks away. My goal of having everything done and shipped by 
Thanksgiving is still within reach, and even if everything goes straight to 
hell, I'm still gonna be very close. "

So the bullshit just keeps coming, although I would love to her from somebody 
that has recently received their order. I noticed that the e-mail address has 
also disappeared. Can somebody send it to me? I know that it will change 
anything, but I will get the chance to send flames if I get in the arsonist 

I am thankful that all my other dealings with bootleg CDs have worked out well.

bootless in STL


np Malice-In the Beginning...


From: John Maar 
Date: Sat, 12 Dec 1998 17:10:05 -0600
Subject: Japanese DS

I just checked CD Connection ( They list the
Japanese version of DS for $53.00 and the domestic version for $20.49.
Shipping is usually around $3 and is waived for orders over $100. I've
bought a LOT of CDs from this site, always with great service. If your
order is over $100, but they can't get one particular CD, they still
waive the shipping fee even if your total order falls under $100. The
site may look a bit "no frills" but the search engine works great and
pages load VERY fast (they don't waste any time on CD graphics unless
you ask for specific info on a specific CD. CD Connection also have the
lowest day-to-day prices I've found anywhere. Compared to CD Now, Music
Boulevard, et al., they are hard to beat.

John Maar                             _                  ,     ,
Senior Consultant                    [ ]       ,***,    (\____/)
Motorola University                 (   )     |     |    (_  _)
                                     | |>     (     )   <__||
                                  __/   \__    \___/     __||__
E-mail:         //|     |\\ /       \[]/      \[]


From: William MacDonald 
Date: Sat, 12 Dec 1998 18:24:33 -0500
Subject: BMG CDs (reprise)

Dan Miers  wrote the following regarding BMG CDs:

>Someone recently refuted Michael Williamson's (he of the orbital mind
>control laser) assertion that music club discs, especially BMG, are of a
>lower quality than direct-label produced discs.

>It is obvious, first, that the discs one receives through BMG are not the
>discs issued by the record company.  Just pull out any disc you've ever
>ordered from BMG and you will see printed on the disc the phrase (along the
>lines of) "Manufactured under license for BMG Music Service."

I will not dispute this statement.  However, I ask you to reexamine the
above.  The phrase in quotes says "manufactured under license *FOR* BMG,"
not "manufactured under license *BY* BMG."  BMG is a marketer, not a
manufacturer, of CDs.  In addition, this simple phrase is stamped on the
back of the CD to preclude retailers from buying the CDs (at reduced
prices) and selling them in their stores.  Other than this phrase, the CDs
one buys from BMG and retailers are identical.

>Historically, though not as much anymore, I think, these discs also
included inferior
>packaging, often not including the booklets issued with the record company
>release.  BMG manufactured discs did (do?) not contain any customized disc
>painting, just plain discs with printed track lists.  I haven't bought from
>BMG in years, so this may have changed.

I have been ordering from BMG since 1991 and have received nothing but the
same quality CDs I would expect from a retailer.  The packaging is
identical, the booklets are identical, the labeling is identical (save the
phrase identified above).  There is no skipping, no increased noise, no
defects of any kind.  Perhaps the one problem that can occur when ordering
from BMG is cracked jewel cases, but this is a rare occurrence and can
occur in any type of mail-order chain, not just BMG.

>The reason BMG can offer its discs at such a low price is that they are not
>selling the, for example, Atlantic release of "Different Stages."  BMG has
>purchased the license to manufacture that disc on it's own.  This must be 
>cheaper for BMG or they wouldn't do it.

Incorrect.  BMG has purchased the right to *market* the CD on it's own.  If
they, per your example, are not selling the Atlantic release of "Different
Stages," why does the Atlantic label still appear on the CD?  Furthermore,
the prices of CDs that BMG sells are, in general, not cheaper.  They cost
between $14.95 and $16.95 each.  However, they have an introductory program
to lure consumers by offering 10 or 11 CDs for the price of one.  They
don't count on the fact that some consumers join up, get their 10 CDs, and
then jump ship.  Rather, they count on keeping customers after this
introductory offer so that they will buy CDs at regular prices.  However,
BMG is not losing any money with this introductory offer.  CDs are very
inexpensive (from a wholesale cost point of view).  The CDs you and I buy
at "regular prices" have an incredibly high profit margin.

>How the disc is manufactured, i.e. a digital pressing of a digital copy of
an original, I don't know, but I can
>speculate it is not of the same quality as the direct-label release (again,
>if it were, how could it be cheaper?).

You can speculate all you want, but you will be wrong in the end.  Again,
BMG has the right to market the CD, not the right to manufacture it.  And
again, the CDs are not cheaper (see above).

>Collectors have shunned BMG products as worthless because they are not
>legitimate releases.  I had a friend describe it to me as trying to claim a
>Memorex recording of the White Album is as valuable as the original LP in
>its original packaging.

Your friend has poisoned your thinking.  BMG is not making a "bootleg copy"
of released CDs and then selling them for their own gain.  This would be
illegal.  BMG is marketing the CD in a way that is separate from a retail
outlet.  Think of it this way...The record company can choose to sell its
CDs through retailers only.  But the record company enlists the help of
marketers like BMG to help widen the distribution of the record.  BMG has
to pay for this right, but as long as it can sell CDs at a rate that
outpaces the licensing fees, BMG makes money.  The record company wins
because more of a particular artist's record sells, more people get
interested in the music, and therefore more people are likely to buy future
releases, thereby making the record company even more money.

>You guys can re-awaken the "1's and 0's are 1's and 0's" debate if you'd
>like.  I'm just saying the customer should know that BMG did (does?) not
>trade in "authentic" releases. 

>Enough for now.

Hopefully, this is enough.  But somehow I don't think so.



From: Rob Pagano 
Date: Sat, 12 Dec 1998 20:39:47 -0500
Subject: RE: Hall of Fame

Hey Pete , hate to say it but I think if
anyone's IQ needs raising, it's obviously yours and not the reader
base of TNMS.  Since you had such a problem with my "suggestion" of
ribbons maybe you should take the time to actually READ my post to
see that I was making a JOKE.  But apparently my joke was far too
subtle to sink into your thick cranium.

Furthermore, if you think Rush doesn't belong in the ROR HOF then maybe
you ought to take it up with the management of the NMS Website, since
it's their campaign.  Maybe you ought to simply stop reading TNMS.

Just because the idiots that select members for the Hall have made
crappy decisions in the past doesn't mean that bands who are legitimate
"heroes" of the genre do not belong there.  Rather, you should try
thinking of it as us doing our part to point the HOF in the right

The baseball HOF has made some crappy decisions in the past and has
avoided many good decisions, but it doesn't make it any less of an honor
to be selected.  And the people who give out the Grammy Awards have made
some HORRIBLE decisions in the past, but if Rush was to win one I think
we would all be proud that "The boys finally got their due".

Just because Rush do not SEEK recognition doesn't mean they shouldn't
GET any.  Most geniuses are rather humble and self-effacing, and say
that their talent "is no big deal, really!" but deep down inside they
find it very gratifying when other people appreciate them.  They just
don't brag about it.

So if we want to honor our favorite band by pushing to get them
inducted, you should let us.  If you don't, then fine just step aside.
I'm sure all the RUSH TRIBUTE WEBSITES out there take up PLENTY of
bandwidth on the internet (mine included), but if someone told us not
to do it because "90% of the bands with tribute sites are losers, and
the other 10% are mainstream appealists", guess what?  I doubt any of
us would take our sites down.

Think about it.


Each of us, a cell of awareness, imperfect and incomplete, genetic
blends with uncertain ends, on a fortune hunt that's far too fleet.


From: Slim Jim 
Date: Sun, 13 Dec 1998 13:44:40 +0000
Subject: Re: Response to DS performance 

> >Yes they can, but since we pay to listen to them, whether on a CD 
> >or at a concert, we have every right to criticise if we don't like
> >it.
> If you don't like it, don't listen to it. Complaints are -let's face
> it- annoying. Rush recorded it, Rush released it, if you don't like
> it, don't listen to it. Just stop bitching.

Sincere criticism is not 'bitching' and in any case the part of my 
post which you quoted was a response to someone who seemed to think
that any kind of criticism represented an affront to an artist's 
right to record a song in the way they see fit.

> P.S. Sorry if I come off as an asshole. I'm just sick of people
> spending multiple issues about how awful it is that Alex didn't
> sustain a note or how they didn't have a guitar solo in Natural
> Science or how they shouldn't have put Neil's drum solo on it. This is
> a Rush FAN list, not a Rush Criticism list. If you don't like DS, take
> it to a used record store, get some money for it, and buy something
> else.

It seems like your post consists essentially of negative criticism of
negative criticism in general.  So, if you don't like what people
post here, unsubscribe and read another mailing list ;)



From: Slim Jim 
Date: Sun, 13 Dec 1998 13:54:07 +0000
Subject: Re: Production wrote:

> I feel that production on DS is piss poor.  Here is what I think they
> should have done:>>
> < criticizes the way RUSH plays the song needs to rethink.  THEY CAN
> Yes they can, but since we pay to listen to them, whether on a CD 
> or at a concert, we have every right to criticise if we don't like
> it. Slim>>
> Hmmm, maybe Matt & Slim can get together and produce a hit CD! They
> seem to think they know everything . . .
Au contraire - I haven't offered *any* criticism of DS myself as far
as I can remember.  My post was intended only to defend the right to
express sincere criticism, and should not be taken as a criticism of
DS in itself.



Date: Sun, 13 Dec 1998 11:17:25 EST
Subject: Double necks

I was wondering about the photo collection in DS's liner. What a great
collection of memories.  It's also really neat to see what the band considers
reminiscent of each particular album (and of their lives) as you look thru the
liner layout.  

But my question is where are the shots of Geddy and Alex with their double
necks?    There is alot of memorabilia from that era in the liner and I'm just
surprised that this angle of their playing didn't make it into the "DS
archives" the band has so graciously displayed. The double necks were part of
their calling card back then or so I thought.  Why weren't they in the liner?
Any thoughts? I haven't seen anything on this here.

What made me think of all this is that my brother handed me an old black and
white 8x10 the other week from a late 70's Rush show (Hemispheres?) where he
and his friend had front row seats and a camera. (don't ask why I wasn't
there. ^%##&*$) This picture he handed me was an awesome shot of Geddy and
Alex jamming with their doublenecks, and in the background is a decent view of
Neil behind his drum cage with the 2 red Rush stars on the front of the
drumkits,  the chimes hanging to the right side.  What a great picture.   :)
(Scanner should be coming at Christmas...)  Does anyone know of a reason the
double neck shots wouldn't have been used for the liner??  Is there any
stories that go along with this?

To change the subject, at one of the TFE shows that I saw, (in lovely Camdem,
NJ) the backdrop screen had a close up camera shot of the little stuffed
dinosaur (I think) they had sitting on stage on one of the amps, with a note
leaning against it that said "Not bad for 3 old dinosaurs".  Well, the crowd
went wild at this when it was shown. Geddy turned around to the screen to see
what the crowd was reacting to, and when he saw that shot, he just started
laughing. Did this happen anywhere else on the TFE tour?  Just curious, I've
never seen mention of this particular stage prop.

"Sweet memories, flashing very quickly by, reminding me, and giving me a
reason why..."  A.Lifeson


Date: Sun, 13 Dec 1998 15:36:21 EST
Subject: The Rhythm Method

Hey -

I have read with great interest people's thoughts and opinion on the new RM.
Without wishing to appear too much of a drum-bore, I'd like to make a couple
of points.

First, I agree that the 2/3 section near the beginning is a respectful to nod
to Max Roach, who I guess did this kind of part many years before Bozzio?  I
don't know, but certainly it is like The Drum Also Waltzes.  Perhaps it is
even a nod to Bill Bruford....?

I was interested that someone thought that RMii was less athletic than RM from
HYF tour.  I certainly agree that it is more "musical", but there remain some
pretty scary moments of athletisism in my opinion.  Isn't this part of the
illusion that Neil has talked about?  The way sometimes what he is playing
seems simple, compared to an obviously wild drum part.  To be honest though, I
would say that the truly impressive features of the new solo are the
incredible limb independence displayed, and the way it sounds like a
percussionist playing, not "just" [excuse the expression, I can't think of a
better term here] a kit player.  Of course, that's probably because Neil is
such a good percussionist, for a kit player.

A question to all the drummers / better listeners than me out there:  in the
DS solo, some 4+ mins in, Neil plays part of Scars.  Before he starts to play
a snare back-beat [with a trigger?] on 2 and 4, he is playing the
tom/percussion voice part.  At this point, is he playing some snare notes into
the part......?  Or is it the snare buzzing?  Or is my hi-fi broken?  Or have
I gone mad?  

For what it's worth, to me, RMii simply beggars belief.



From: Peter Norwood 
Date: Mon, 14 Dec 1998 09:58:06 -0500
Subject: "RUSH" Plate in NH

Is the owner of a New Hampshire license plate that says RUSH out there?
I've seen your car a number of times...just curious.



From: "Chris Palo" 
Date: Mon, 14 Dec 1998 07:07:29 PST
Subject: Metallica covers

Hey Rush-heads,

I got in late last night to catch the last 45 minutes of MTV Metallica 
Covers?  Did anyone see the complete show?  Does anyone know if they did 
Xanadu or any Rush song at all?  The reason I ask is because someone 
mentioned that this was one of Hetfields' favorite or something like 

You know, considering how much I am angry with Metallica's new mater 
ial, they still can put on a good show and rock ! (at least when they 
are playing other people's stuff).  As much as I hate them for selling 
out, they are still musicians of the highest caliber.

I humbly apologize for the lack of Rush material.

Rush on!



From: Craig Brennan 
Date: Mon, 14 Dec 1998 10:27:17 -0500
Subject: RE: DS ECD

>The third CD on DS should be an enhanced cd?

>Why doesn't my PC understand it?
>It shows only the audio tracks but nothing else.

>I hope it's not Macintosh crap!

Ok, here's what you need to do. Remove the CD from the drive (Be carful not
to damage it) and insert it back into the protective cardboard holder. Turn
off your machine. Unplug the computer. Put it back in its box. Take it to
your nearest PC dealer and tell them you're too stupid to own a computer.



From: Alvaro Graves 
Date: Mon, 14 Dec 1998 13:17:53 -0400
Subject: Just to feed my curiosity

Hi rushians,

     Just to feed my curiosity.. Can somebody tell me who is the fastest
guitarrist in the world? How many notes per minute?.... I know, I know,
speed doesn't implies quality, but , I would like to know how fast a human
being can be. Oh, BTW, How many notes per minute does play Alex?

Another question: Anybody knows if exist something any bootleg where rush
plays "hemispheres"?



From: "Will Holt" 
Date: Mon, 14 Dec 1998 11:56:52 -0500
Subject: The Mandlebrot set

I was watching a show on PBS called "Colours of Infinity" that was about =
the Mandlebrot set.  This might have been mentioned before but the =
fractal image in the t4e packaging is an image of the Mandlebrot set.  =
Mandlebrot was interviewed during the show and he said that the whole =
set viewed at that scale would stretch to the star 'Sirius'.  Sound =
familiar?  How does this tie into the concept of testing for echo?  =
Well, the colors in the set reflect whether the numbers they represent =
are heading towards infinity (and at what rate) or heading towards zero =

My favorite track on DS is 'Animate'.  Too bad Geddy says, "...his =
sender part..."  Sounds like he was about to say "selfish part" and then =
remembered it was supposed to be "tender part".  My favorite disc is #2. =
 I think I like the RTB tour version of 'Bravado' better than the CP =
tour one.

I love Neil's ride cymbal work on tracks like LTTA! and RTB.  Lots of =
triplets thrown in making the song flow a lot more.  His timing has =
incredible fluidity on the t4e tracks.  He doesn't have a stiff or =
mechanical feel in his playing at all when compared with the CP tracks.  =
I also love the sound of his snare on the t4e tracks.  It makes that old =
Slingerland on the CP tracks sound very mediocre.  He has lots of =
mess-ups in the solo but it is incredible nonetheless.

Did Rush ever appear on Rockline like they were supposed to?

    [ They'll be on Rockline on Jan 20.                           : rush-mgr ]



From: "nancy salmon" 
Date: Mon, 14 Dec 1998 09:48:30 PST
Subject: Hall of Fame

Warning:  Flame Wars May Result From This Post.

I have to agree with Pete, I'm not sure I want to see them in the HoF. 
It's nice to think that RUSH would get the recognition that they 
deserve, and don't get me wrong because I definitely think they deserve 
it, but pushing them into the Hall of Fame really changes nothing.   It 
won't make the existing fan base any more loyal, how could we be?  If 
their being placed in the Hall of Fame would make me a more loyal fan, 
then shame be on me.  

I cringe when I read about you guys who trade in your old CDs when you 
buy remasters.  I couldn't do it.  Of course it helps that I have a 
teenage son who I now don't have to share with, but I still couldn't do 
it.  Some releases, I have three copies of.  And, I really cringe when I 
go into used stores and see traded in CDs (Counterparts does NOT belong 
in a used CD bin).  So, I think I'm a fairly loyal person and nothing 
will change that. 

Will making the Hall of Fame bring in new fans?  I can't see that.  

Does RUSH need that kind of new fan, the kind who jumps on a bandwagon 
because someone showed up in the crappy Hall of Fame?  I can't see that 
either.  If someone is a serious music fan they'll give them an honest 
listen and evaluation, and probably don't pay attention to the HoF 
anyway!  As far as RUSH and the fans, they obviously have more to deal 
with now with us loyal types than they need or want sometimes. I shudder 
to think about having to leave my country or move from my home to keep 
my privacy.  

So, what would ranting and raving and pushing them into the Hall of Fame 
accomplish?   To my thinking, nothing. 

It  used to really bug me that they get so little radio time, and so 
little 'critical' recognition.  Now, I see that it truly doesn't matter.  
We love their music, they know that.  We are loyal to them, they know 
that.  It's a pure, unadulterated relationship.  Isn't that enough?

Flame away guys.  I'm a big girl, I can take it.



From: "nancy salmon" 
Date: Mon, 14 Dec 1998 09:52:03 PST
Subject: Jart Music

Hey you'se guys,

Anyone have any info or experience in dealing with Jart music?  I'd like 
to have my $60 worth of CDs now, or at least a human to answer the phone 
when I call.



Date: Mon, 14 Dec 1998 13:52:02 +0000
Subject: Bark at the Moon

Hey, I was wondering if anybody out there has a scanned image 
of the wolf howling at the moon from the T4E album/tour book.
It's a beautiful piece of art that I wanna add to my website.
As with Rush, I love dogs and wolves just about as much as they do.
(Limelight video/"Dog Years"/T4E "Limbo" dog which might be 
Neil's/T4E wolf)
The Hell with cats! hehe just kidding.
Well if you got it, send it my way.   Thanks


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